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It keeps saying incorrect username / paswsword and I've tried everything I can think of and could found online including:

  • Upgrading to a Jagex account
  • Setting up an email under account communication
  • Account linked to steam, even tried unlinking in case that had something to do with it

I can login to the RuneLite website as well as the runescape / jagex site and of course through the normal steam launcher no problem.

I had another character on this email prior to this that worked fine which were created before OSRS were on steam but I made a new character on the same mail and upgraded to a jagex account which it weren't before and after that I can't even login to the old character on RuneLite

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30 days ago - /u/Jagex_Melora - Direct link

Hey u/sprouze

I can confirm what u/Jambo_dude has said below, if you've upgraded to a Jagex account, you can only access that account via the Jagex Launcher.

Here are the tips provided in our FAQ, for ease :)

  1. Head to the Jagex Launcher and log in to your Jagex account
  2. Click the drop-down next to the 'Play' or 'Install' button 
  3. Choose 'RuneLite' 
  • If you haven't already downloaded RuneLite press 'Install' and you'll be directed to the official RuneLite website
  • If you already have RuneLite installed, the Jagex Launcher will look for it in the folder in which it was originally installed. If the files have been moved the Launcher won't be able to find them. Try reinstalling RuneLite using the RuneLite installer.

Let me know if you're still having problems outside of this!

- Jagex Support