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We're kicking off 2023 with the first of the year's Quality of Life Polls!
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Originally posted by stoutshako42ref

Can the player farmed stackable nightshade be used in Herblore?

Yes, they can be used in Herblore as well :)

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Originally posted by NoobHUNTER777

I think Hans or the Lumbridge guide would also make good replacements to Hatius Cosaintus

The Lumbridge Guide already has a lot of dialogue already on there for beginners so adding an extra thing for him to say, feels like it would be too much.

And why would you want to move Hans, he's getting his daily steps in!

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Originally posted by Dezruction

While the team is reviewing QOL updates, could we please look into removing the ability to barrage Players while not in the wilderness? Currently while doing TOB if your teammate is in the area of the crabs during maiden they take priority over the crabs and can cause you to miss your freezes. While it is easy to avoid this, when it happens it is really a bummer.

When in the Nylo room is another area where this happens often. It's really frustrating waiting for your barrage to go off only to realize you clicked one of your fellow players.

Also, could the ability to barrage a thrall be completely removed? I've only had it happen once and pay attention ever since, but that shouldn't really be an option. I had a teammate spawn a thrall right where you clump the crabs at Maiden and the thrall took priority over the crabs.

Added this to our QoL suggestions list - no promise it'll be soon but I'd like to improve this. Had a quick discussion on how we could dev it and it's viable.