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Originally posted by Noksdoks

So with this all info released, does it seem possible to do a raid solo without max gear and no invocations on? The raid seems super cool and i dont want to miss out on it bcs i dont have friends to play with.


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Originally posted by Baruu

Any info on what the small top right box is? The one that changes from 0/5/14/34?

It's the number of invocations currently selected!

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Originally posted by Aurarus

Very cool- I'm really hoping for a lot of unique modifiers (extra adds, new attacks, additional mechanics) instead of just modifying values like defense or health

Will happily confirm that invocations are a lot more interesting than just stat boosts!

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Originally posted by FlyingVulpix

As you work your way up the ranks and surpass 50 Raid Level, you'll be in with a shot at earning the Lightbearer and Osmumten's Fang.

Will the menu show the breakpoints for all the items or is it lightbearer/fang at 50 and everything else at 150? Is there a point that items become even more likely to be gotten?

Just to save you a re-read: 'The chance to gain a unique item, and the quantity of the normal loot you receive, is also boosted at higher Raid Level. This means there’s always an incentive to challenge yourself if you want to get your hands on that sweet, sweet loot!'

So to answer your questions:
- Breakpoints are shown for Normal and Expert mode runs. However, once your raid level surpasses 50 you'll see the highlight around the Lightbearer/Fang which indicates that they can be reasonably obtained at this difficulty.

- Even if something can be reasonably obtained, unique chance scales with raid level. So it's always going to be worth pushing yourself for better odds assuming you're getting consistent completions!

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Originally posted by IKOZAE

Will there be a bank nearby/inside the raid to gear up at?

There was a stream recently where we showed some concept art of the Lobby area, including a very polite Bank Camel!

Playtesters reported minimal (but not 0...) spitting while they were gearing up, hopefully this is reassuring!

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Originally posted by Graardors-Dad

Man this doesn’t explain shit lol. Are invocation just scaling like cox or do they introduce new mechanics or possibly detrimental thing to your player like not being able to use boosts in the raid.

It's not like CMs.

Perhaps we'll release a couple of them before TOA opens, but revealing all would kill so much of the mystique and magic of release day!

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Originally posted by ZukMyZik

Can you explain this? They both seem to contradict each other. One says you can only get it after surpassing x raid level. The other one says you can get it regardless?

Essentially at the breakpoints indicated, should you see a unique - it's well within the realms of realistic to expect to see one of the highlighted items. Getting one of the items that isn't highlighted isn't something you should ever realistically expect, but it's not completely impossible.