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Hi! I’m finally back to OSRS and I’m finally kinda committing to getting gud. I’m interested in knocking out some ToA and CoX someday but I’m really interested in what bosses I can do in the meantime to help boost my fundamentals and help the bank out. I’ve done the gwd bosses, all wildy bosses, zulrah, vorkath and barrows. I’m currently working on SOTE so I can knock out some gauntlet. Any tips on what bosses to learn/recommendations for a decent gear for ToA would be appreciated.

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you can already do toa man. just go send it. it’s not that scary. without knowing what your bank is like it’s hard to recommend gear but i started learning with 150 invocations and probably 50m worth of equipment

Preach! I think I managed to do a low invocation run on less than 50m gear and if I can do it with my level of skills you should have no problem ☺️