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I used my ISP's in-house mail, and they shut down their mail service, so i lost access to a bunch of accounts. One of them is my jagex acc...

I can't recover my jagex account and they are still taking money from my paypal, no matter what i do i get a response thats clearly from a bot.
They just shut me down even if i send them my transactions ID's...
Even sending an appeal to stop them from taking money is impossible, i had to block jagex from paypal.

The help FAQ section of the website is just telling me to ask the email provider, but there is none anymore?!

No matter what proof i provide they still wont help me, i am a GIM and took our dharoks set and ACB. It's now stuck =(

Anyone that's in the same situation? No clue how i am supposed to get it back, support are just telling me that i can't access it due to social engineering.... Feels like a flaw in the system

f*ck me man, posting on reddit is my last resort -.-

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19 days ago - /u/Jagex_Melora - Direct link

Hey u/sigge00

Unfortunately, the advice you've received from others is correct, with a Jagex account, there is no manual way to recover it.

Jagex accounts were created with increased account security in mind, and as part of this approach, we acted on player feedback to remove the old account recovery system due to concerns about historic data compromise from other websites being used by hijackers.

While we appreciate your RuneScape character(s) are your main focus here, this ultimately is something you will need to contact your email provider about (as the service has been stopped, I would recommend reaching out to the ISP directly) regarding accessibility to your email address and subsequently your Jagex Account.

I understand that this is frustrating, but there's nothing we can do to intervene in this case.

With regards to your PayPal account, we're unable to remove PayPal information from an account, but you can do it by following these instructions:

  • Log in to your PayPal account at www.paypal.com
  • Click the cog icon in the top right to access your settings.
  • Click "Payments" > "Automatic payments"
  • Find Jagex in the list of pre-approved payments.
  • Click "Cancel" next to the 'Status' section.
  • Click "Stop Pre-Approved Payments"

- Jagex Support