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Originally posted by Makaveli2020

Jagex made a huge move of making the amulet to be a standalone bis slot item, to then only backtrack to appease the loudest, yet the minority of the community.

100 to 0 real quick.

This decision in particular was largely driven by the survey data to try and cut through some of the 'vocal minority' potential, distribution for the question around the Amulet's crafting requirement was significantly more negative-leaning than for any other question on there so we felt a change was warranted.

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Originally posted by 5erenade

Seriously? We don’t need another slash weapon. Give us a crush weapon. Arraxor Cudgel maybe? Lmao.

Give us a cudgel tree! Especially since you guys are obsessed with spiders.

Have made the team very aware of this feedback. For the time being, the aim is to deliver on a usable DPS halberd since it's been asked about for ages and the survey broadly supports it, but Crush absolutely needs some love and is something we'll be looking to in the future. Cudgels are cool, wouldn't mind seeing new weapon classes come out like polearms, greathammers etc. like have been suggested by others!

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Originally posted by Aeglafaris

I feel like making the Amulet of Rancor upgrade component untradeable seems to serve no purpose other than forcing whoever gets the drop to jump an extra hurdle to sell it. Is there a reason why we can't just make both the amulet and the component tradeable?

The DT2 vestiges are like this too, making you break down the respective rinf and get the chromium ingots to make the new ring before you can sell it. It's a bit annoying.

Is it really so bad if someone who wants to sell a drop they get can just sell it?

Edit to clarify I'm talking about the amulet

We absolutely could make both tradeable. I think this kind of approach comes off the back of some of the annual surveying we do where players in general view the idea of 'non-combat skills benefit my combat activities in some way' (in this case, GP/hr) quite favourably and it gives a stronger incentive for main accounts to level those skills even if they're not looking to snag a max cape any time soon.

Totally agree that the DT2 rings have some extra hurdles that make them a little tedious (having to chat to an NPC about them, break the ring down, get the ingots) and the aim here is that the only 'hurdle' is using the drop on a Torture without so many extra steps.

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Originally posted by ISpelRong

The survey is so unappealing, I tried to fill it out but the constant scrolling back and forth is a major annoyance so I gave up. I feel like anyone without a super loud opinion just wouldn't bother with it.

The embedded version for sure isn't ideal, especially on mobile. Tough trade-off because the Likert Scale questions (the matrices of statements/topics) are actually really valuable to the team. Hoping we can get some better surveying tools spun up soon and move away from Forms soon because I agree they're not ideal.

That said, the initial survey sits at nearly 20,000 responses from a huge variety of player-types so we're still able to get useful and statistically significant feedback out of them!

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Originally posted by ChibiJr

If the amulet of rancor is going to be crafted out of a torture, just for the sake of my immersion can we get the option to craft it out of a normal zenyte amulet as well? It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me that you specifically need a torture when it's already an enchanted amulet.

Think we could absolutely allow for Torture -> Rancor and then something like Zenyte Amulet -> Venomised (idk if this is a word) Zenyte Amulet -> Rancor. Doesn't hurt!

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Originally posted by Mrkonijntje

When is this boss coming out?

Likely towards the end of Summer or start of Autumn, can't give a specific date at this stage though!

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Originally posted by CanisLupisFamil

Are there any plans to do a general skilling rebalance? Things like zenyte, glory, runite feel way too high level for when you would want them on the account and crowd out room for higher level expansions.

I think following the reception to our most recent rebalancing that we'll absolutely explore other rebalancing projects in the (not too distant) future and something like this makes for a really strong candidate to target so long as we can toe the line where high skills still feel impactful and important and we're not just lowering iconic requirements that lead to people blasting through the game faster!

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Originally posted by Kresbot

were kind of strongarmed into it by the Torture's requirement

so because you made a weird decision in the past by needing almost a level 99 in a skill to make an item that will eventually be outclassed (as is happening now) its impossible to fix it?

It's not impossible at all, we just don't want to go and rejig long-standing requirements for the sake of a single proposed reward. We'd rather take a 'batch' approach to look at what space could be made and what stuff doesn't make much sense. We're worried that it might erode some of the value for players in something like 'I'm so glad I grinded out 93 Crafting for my Torture' if there's a potential that we just decide 'Actually we want to make something better and now the Torture only requires 85', so just trying to be conscious of the sentiment you sometimes see expressed (though tongue-in-cheek) that the best way to play is just wait until the game gets easier.

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Originally posted by quenox

Not related to this blog, but will we see a GameJam summary blog soon? Always enjoyed those historically

GameJam blog (and hopefully stream) is in the works as we speak! Think Mod Blossom is working at gathering everything up to share with you all, a lot of more small-scale QoL features, and weirdly a lot of bank improvements this time around! That said, the #OSRSGameJam hashtag on Twitter/X still holds most of the info if you'd rather refresh yourself sooner!

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Originally posted by EuphoricAnalCarrot

When are you guys doing the wintertodt and gotr QOL poll?

Working on the blog for this over the course of this week, so it should make its way to players soon, hopefully next week but perhaps the week after!

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Originally posted by adustbininshaftsbury

Did you guys see the suggestion to allow the player to walk through webs with the Aranea boots equipped? Would give them a bit of flavor.

Yeah this is something we're taking a look at since we're not sure if it's possible at this stage, but if it is possible then we'll look to add it as a feature - just that we want to poll it as-is first and then do that investigation since implementing it might prove time-consuming.

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Originally posted by LezBeHonestHere_

45 Range strength on the halberd? Can you throw it?

Looks like I missed that while making the updated images, will try to get it updated - good spot!

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Originally posted by Enpera

Why doesn't this just get polled, isn't that exactly what the whole system is for ..

Question 1: Do you want this necklace in the game? Yes/no

Question 2: If yes should this be a standalone drop or an upgrade to torture? Standalone/upgrade

Have been talking through this approach this morning, it's likely something we'll look to do for the poll next week just to put it in the players' hands and see where it shakes out!