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I am so disgusted and shocked by the pathetic support that jagex has offered when all I have seen for weeks now is everyone accounts getting hijacked or false banned for rwt Including hard core iron Man.

Then to wake up yesterday and see that my account was banned when I can swear on my life in court I have never broken a rule . I am now offering jagex $5000 for proof that I broke any rule on my account to get it banned which I will donate to any charity !

I dm yes. But I have never broken a rule !!

My rsn: onetruevikin

I have over 10 famous streamers who will back me.

To win the $500 give away blow this up to get justice !!!! Comment like. Share.

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12 months ago - /u/JagexTwisted - Direct link

Assuming that your $5000 came from real-world trading as that appears to be what the ban is for and it is correct.