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0s do you remember these guys
8s I'm yeah while Gothic sleeps I'll tell
11s you about this week's update hi I'm only
14s trails and welcome to the old school
15s RuneScape Channel I have the great honor
17s to be talking about one of the most
18s legendary quests ever created on this
20s game while Gothic sleeps our fellow
23s Gamers over on RS3 have been raving
25s about this one for ages and some of you
27s might even remember doing this Quest
29s yourselves in 200 eight but this time it
32s might be a bit more old schoool IFI you
34s better wait until we start talking about
36s the rewards spoiler alert they look
38s insane I'm sure you've all seen this
40s turtle shell looking thing on all
42s announcements and pictures of this Quest
44s but what is it unfortunately it doesn't
46s mean old school RuneScape is getting a
48s Ninja Turtle expansion soon it's
50s actually the stone of jazz the thing
53s single-handedly responsible for the
54s creation of runes and thus magic in the
57s world of gillor I'm not going to go too
59s deep into the lore because poison potion
61s already made a fantastic video last week
64s so I strongly recommend you check that
65s one out because it's a beautiful story
67s especially right before bed good
71s night right so what do I need to do
73s before I start this Quest no room
76s crafting levels nice oh 66 agility
80s [Music]
86s well all right done what else 72
91s thieving right might as well try this
92s new Vore thieving method at least is AFK
95s two days later I'm ready wait I got to
99s do all these quests
103s too two weeks later I start the quest by
108s talking to Ivy sophista in Taverly all
111s right here goes nothing the majat seem
114s to have their eyes on the stone of jazz
116s and it's my job to prevent them from
117s getting to it because if they get their
119s hands on it no one can predict what
121s they'll do with the power so I guess my
123s first job is to locate the stone and I'm
126s sure that'll just go swimmingly
129s right okay how did this happen then bro
132s calm down with the magic spells I got to
134s protect against this boss guy first yep
138s don't think I'm getting to that stone
139s anytime soon I've just had enough I'm
142s running see you never
145s again okay I did get some nice Armor
147s after killing them maybe they won't be
149s aggressive anymore when I wear this next
150s time I go in we all know that Quest NPCs
153s aren't always the brightest when it
154s comes to this
155s stuff no way it actually worked what a
159s bunch of idiots huh what was that ladies
162s and gentlemen I have returned with some
164s valuable in what are all you guys doing
167s here Terell gumml that dude from dream
171s enter that still doesn't know how armor
173s Works in this game where is this going I
175s thought I was done after infiltrating a
177s hideout killing a bunch of enemies and
178s getting valuable information on the a of
180s the stone of
186s jazz yeah this seems about
191s right whoa what's going on I'm on a star
195s floating and space where am I the gothic
200s symbol is this where he sleeps we could
203s use his help that's for sure guess I'll
205s try and find a way out the air thing
207s goes here water ow that's hot and Earth
214s that should be the last piece of the
215s puzzle frankly I don't even know how I
217s solved it but let's move on oh another
220s cave what a
222s surprise
224s [Music]
228s wait that's the stone of jazz I can't
231s believe I found it if only I could just
235s touch it
240s H wait it was all a
243s dream okay I've calmed down and taken a
246s look at the blog so let me go through it
248s so I can give you guys the proper
249s information about what you can expect
250s from this Quest and the rewards it's a
252s Grandmaster quest which means it's on
254s the same level as dragon slayer 2 desert
256s Treasure 2 monkey Madness 2 and a couple
258s others that also means it's not going to
260s be a walk in the park in this little
262s story you just saw I didn't have to face
263s any bosses but you can be assured that
266s those will pop up when you're doing the
267s quest yourself along with the return of
269s the legendary tormented Demons back in
272s the day these used to work as the
274s Demonic gorillas but they've been
275s reworked in RuneScape 3 these are the
277s source of the iconic Dragon claws but
279s here in Old School we had a poll and you
281s guys decided they should drop something
283s else so in comes the tormented synapse
285s and the bone claws so while we're here
287s let's talk about the rewards the synapse
289s is a tradable unique drop that can be
291s used to craft the three new demon Bane
293s weapons the emberlite the purging staff
296s and the scoring bow the emberlite as the
298s name suggests will be an upgrade arite
300s and as such you'll need a fully charged
302s arclite and 74 smithing to craft it so
305s maybe spending 3 months killing M shins
307s in the catacombs might finally be worth
309s it for those sweet ancient shards so
311s tormented synapse plus arite makes Ember
314s light but how much better is it overall
316s it has increased stab and slash accuracy
319s as well as a better special attack in
321s case the enemy is a demon it lowers the
323s attack strength and defense of the Enemy
324s by 15% of their base level plus one if
328s the enemy is not a demon it'll lower it
330s by 5% of their base level plus one if
332s that all sounds too technical for you
334s it's basically a 5% increase over the
336s Arc Light so definitely worth on those
338s curus tasks next up we got the purging
341s staff and all you need is a tormented
343s synapse and 74 crafting to make it
346s what's special about this one is that it
347s autoc casts comat spells from the archa
350s spell book and on its own you might say
352s that's not too spicy well what if I tell
354s you it doubles the bonuses of every
356s demon Bane spell you reckon we can melt
358s scoo with Mage now additionally it also
361s has a special attack when used the staff
363s will cast the highest available demon
365s Bane spell at your Target and when
368s killed will restore 25% of your special
370s attack energy plus the delay on your
372s next attack will be reduced by three any
375s smart gamers in comments maybe know when
376s a last minute purging staff switch to
379s kill the enemy will be useful let us
381s know and then my personal favorite the
383s scorching bow look I might be alone in
386s my opinion here but doing God Wars with
388s melee wasn't really my thing when I
390s finally got my BofA from the corrupted
391s Gauntlet using the range methods just
393s felt so much more fun than just standing
395s there and taking tons of damage on top
398s of that as an Iron Man by the way it
400s took me way too long to get that stupid
402s bow so I couldn't do God Wars uh sorry
405s but you've chosen to restrict yourself
407s so why are you complaining stop saying
409s something to me that makes perfect sense
412s anyway the scorching bow made with a
414s tormented synapse and 74 Fletching has
417s really good range accuracy and strength
419s it also has 30% increased accuracy and
421s damage against demons plus a special
423s attack the spec will bind your enemy for
426s five ticks while dealing one bonus
427s damage and if they're a demon that turns
429s into a 20 tick bind and five bonus
432s damage now am I the only one here being
434s Mega excited to complete the quest get
436s the synapse and then start doing zamy
437s God Wars without having to grind the
439s corrupted Gauntlet for a year Count Me
441s In Baby and last but not least we have
443s the bone claws made the bridge the gap
445s in melee spec weapons at the moment we
447s have the cheap and cheerful dragon
449s dagger versus the monstrously expensive
451s Dragon claws now as the name suggests
453s the bone claws will work similarly to
455s the dragon claws while giving you a
457s chance to inflict burn on your target
460s while burnt the target will be dealt one
462s damage every four ticks for 40 ticks in
466s null nerd terms that is 10 damage every
468s 24 seconds but here's the kicker it can
471s stack up to five times I'm really
474s excited to see how this is going to be
475s used and there we have it everything you
477s need to know to start while Gothic
479s sleeps a quest that is available in game
482s right now don't be scared and get at it
484s you might be able to get yourself one of
486s these new awesome weapons I was only
488s Trails for the old school RuneScape
489s Channel My Links will be in the
490s description and if you like clue Scrolls
492s or hardcore Iron Men then you might want
493s to come check out my channel if you
495s haven't already check out the previous
496s lore video we made about the stone of
498s jazz maybe you'll discover how it is
500s imprinted in the Guardians of the rift
502s I'll see you next time and Happy
503s questing