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Originally posted by NuggetHighwind

Where cannon rat?

He's too powerful for this tier of content.

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Originally posted by Alakasham

We were spoiled by Cannon rat and the tied up Rat King, kind of wished the team would have stuck or tried to implement those designs more. Looks like a Rat Bear more than anything

I will say, I've seen the newer direction the concept is going in and I prefer it to the original as the newer concept we'll be adding include elements from the original design.

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Originally posted by Armthehobos

Using a boss as a training method is pretty creative. The unique item attachment to give those weapons a significant boost is a pretty neat way to give low level players a way to train combat that also teaches simple boss mechanics and helps get away from the dismal NMZ/Crab meta that has been established.

Glad to hear you're liking it :) It's defo something new but hopefully it's good direction!

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Originally posted by oxero

The only thing I don't like about this is the charges on the weapons. Why have it? This doesn't need to be a GP sink and if you're basically guaranteed the drop before your next kill, what purpose are the charges for? Is a rat focused weapon really so strong you need charges on it? Rats are not something you kill often later in the game.

Everything else is welcomed, it would be a good entry to hopefully teach newer players or players that have never done PvM before some of the basics, and I like the idea for combat XP rewards for a more intensive training strategy.

That's fair, I can feedback to the team if you and other think the charge system isn't preferred here, as that's just what consultation is for :)


For the context on why: we included the charge mechanics as this would keep this method self-contained. If the spine is easily accessible because it has a low drop rate due to being a consumable, more players get access to that item sooner. The idea is to give players just enough charges to maintain it so the untradeable drop feels good when you get it and players enjoy seeing the drop rather than leave it in the bank to become a... fossil.

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Originally posted by Lewufuwi

I thought the Perilous Moons dungeon was meant to be the Mid-level PVM boss announced at the summit.

Overall this idea seems good, but xp rewards from the boss does not sit well with me.

Nah, these were always separate entities, but just happen that we spoke about Perilous Moons before this :)

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Originally posted by StoereMan

The rat bone mace has an attack speed of 3 in the infographic, making it a way better option than the swift blade. Was this intended?

It was intention as these weapons can only be used at the boss itself.

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Originally posted by DunneRight

I want a pet for this boss really bad, please Jagex 🥺

We felt like having a pet from this boss kind of goes against what we want this boss to achieve as it's meant as a learning boss/alternative to NMZ & Crabs and giving it a pet might incentive people to just come at it for the pet.

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Today we’re diving into Varrock’s sewers for an audience with the new king of PvM combat…