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603s calling all heroes is back and we have
605s thousands of Heroes that are answering
607s the call I am tala joined by door and we
610s are so excited to bring you the day one
612s of Swiss sages of the radiant hero major
614s 3 and it is the last major where you can
617s earn
618s these for the Challenger that's right
621s we're playing in pretty much as
623s important game as ever as it's the last
625s chance for a lot of these teams to
626s really get in before the championship we
627s take a look at our calendar this has
629s been a long and arduous year but it has
632s led us up to you see right there in
635s December we're in major three the last
637s shot for these teams to get points and
638s qualify before the championship or maybe
641s they could try and get in before that
642s lcq but let's be real tala that is going
645s to be a blood
647s bath yeah and we have a lot of history
650s between these teams thus far six teams
653s are going to qualify off circuit points
655s and the last of them are going to be
657s decided today and you want to talk talk
659s a little bit about what we've seen so
661s far and how those points stack up yeah
664s so the points are really tricky because
666s the points are tracked by players and
668s the players all mix around and you only
670s count your two best majors and your two
672s best minors so some players are coming
674s in having played more Majors than others
675s some players can gain more points than
677s this from this particular tournament
679s than others it's a little bit of a mess
681s but I I last night I went I consulted
683s the ancient texts the ancient TOS of
685s calling all heroes and I went ahead and
687s did the math if you really want to look
688s into it check my Twitter I've got a
690s whole spreadsheet there of this but as
692s it stands these are the current point
693s standings between these teams ESS
695s ethereal Standing Tall Above the Rest
698s with
699s 10,600 having won the last three calling
702s all heroes events in the distance seems
704s to only be widening with them in the
706s rest of the
707s competition and I mean we have basically
711s five teams that are almost guaranteed a
712s spot unless some kind of Miracle is
715s pulled off between the places of 6th to
717s 11th there's still that chance of
719s players who aren't or teams that are not
721s on this graphic in the top eight just
723s yet and remember it's only the top six
724s so as it stands if this major didn't
726s exist nyxl Embers they would be in they
729s would be qualified but we never know and
732s like you said the top two major the most
735s points gained from the two of them some
737s people stand to uh gain more points so
740s it is definitely very very complicated
742s here and a lot is on the line yeah so
745s with that being said let's go ahead and
746s take a look at our format and what these
748s teams are fighting for as well because
751s there's a lot more on the line than just
754s circuit points and if you want to get to
755s those prize pools you've got to get
757s through this Gauntlet day one and two of
759s Swiss play six rounds are going on it is
761s six games at first to two that you got
763s to get through and I'll be real those
765s first twoes they go so quick tala you
768s have got to be on your toes when you're
769s playing games as fast as this yeah and
772s we also have that map order we are going
774s to be starting off with the uh control
778s map as all always going to hybrid and
780s then flasho so seeing a bit of that
782s flasho in competitive as well map poool
786s it's going to be Arctic Peninsula Busan
788s and Samoa for control hybrid Kings Row
790s and Midtown and flasho we're looking at
792s new junk City and surasa I do like this
795s map Pool though it's a it's a little
796s trim it's a little slim compared to
798s sometimes you'll normally see like you
799s three or four in each of these but with
802s the number of matches that these teams
803s have to play with the amount of prep
804s they need to do for now five different
806s map types I like it a lot it gives them
808s a very Focus idea and there's still
810s plenty of diversity here in terms of
812s comps that you can try to force on these
814s different Maps there's kind of something
815s for everybody in every map type so this
817s feels really really good to me but again
820s with all that said and done that's how
821s they get there let's take a look at what
823s they're actually playing for this
826s prizing it's good stuff it's good stuff
828s this time first place 5K second place
831s walking away with half that third and
832s fourth still walking away with their
834s pockets full down beneath that though it
837s is just circuit points but for some of
838s these teams that means life or
841s death yeah and we also have a bit of a
843s richer prize pull as well because of
846s that partnership with be quiet don't we
848s D yeah huge shout out be quiet they are
851s giving away two first place six PC cases
853s and six power supplies second and third
855s and fourth are not going away
857s empty-handed though some really sick
858s stuff so just some extra incentive to
861s perform well in this final
863s major it's definitely going to be a very
866s exciting one so now we are looking at
869s the two teams that we're seeing in the
871s first round of the Swiss stages and it's
873s going to be Fable a team that we saw on
875s that top eight graphic I think currently
878s in the fifth place spot versus meow for
881s pocket yeah meow for pocket I think are
884s here to show a good time and honestly I
886s think they can put up a pretty solid
887s fight looking at that roster but for
889s fable there's a lot on the line them and
891s wisp are kind of the only two teams that
893s even remotely reachable in terms of
895s points by some of those like you were
897s talking about seventh through 11th teams
899s so getting through Swifts stage clean I
901s think is very much uh the way that Fable
903s would like to do this because that kind
904s of guarantees them their spot by doing
908s so and looking at some of the viewer
910s incentives as well we will be giving
913s away some 10,000 free Chipotle Burritos
917s o along the course of the event so look
919s out for that and those shouts in the
922s chat I I feel like an OverWatch Oprah I
924s got I'm tossing burritos check on your
926s chairs there's Contender skins while
929s you're at it there's discounts for stuff
931s oh man it it feels good but of course
934s you can get those Contender skins
935s specifically far and Moira for watching
937s so all the more incentive to keep it
939s open in a separate tab watch get
942s involved we got Rising going on at the
944s same time on top of that of course the
946s the big the bad the main series is going
948s on but the rising series is also we've
950s got a competition here for all the same
953s people it's up slightly lower in terms
956s of the SR range that we're looking for
958s in terms of how the those teams are
959s competing and they've got kind of the
960s same
962s format yeah so you know we are just
964s looking at you get a skin you get a skin
967s maybe you get a burrito and also on top
970s of that we've got a lot of torney days
972s for you so looking at this wait day one
975s and two this weekend it's just round
977s robin the Swiss stages until we get into
980s the playoffs bracket next week which is
982s first
986s two yeah really important stuff winner
988s take all prising for that one less less
990s points less math to be worried about so
992s we keep things simple for the rising end
994s of things but like you were talking
995s about we got a match to get to now meow
998s for pocket versus Fable things are
1000s starting off on Antarctic Peninsula
1002s which means I think a lot of sick action
1004s with the composition that's been kind of
1005s brewing in the background as of late if
1007s you watch World Cup you got a little
1008s snippet of what's going on in terms of
1010s the
1011s meta now we're moving kind of into the
1014s sigma brawl Meta and it is going to be
1016s definitely really interesting Bastion
1018s has had you know his moment in the sun
1020s had a lot of that play honestly I think
1023s my cat has heard meow for pocket is
1025s playing and and now it's very over
1027s excited about the fact that we are about
1029s to see some cats on streen he's me
1031s meowing and it's all of a sudden just
1032s pawing but Fable like we said very
1035s experienced already in the top five
1038s practically guaranteed a qualification
1040s from how it stands unless we have some
1043s sort of upset some really big miracle
1045s being pulled off by the lower uh lower
1047s parts of this teams me for pocket mostly
1050s more of a Content creation team here I
1052s mean they have content creators on their
1054s team but I'm not sure that necessarily
1055s means they're here to create content
1057s outside of trying to set up an upset
1058s here it'd be really impressive but it's
1060s tough into Fable right because you're
1062s talking about D you talked about Sigma
1063s coming in you talked about Bastion kind
1064s of rotating out which is funny because
1066s like bastion's rotated out for everybody
1068s except for when you're playing against
1069s Winston then you just go back and
1071s install lock it and win the game so he's
1072s just keeping Winston in jail for the
1074s most part but that bastion's been for
1075s the most part swapped out to a sojourn
1078s and you talk about sojourn with these
1079s two rosters there's one player I'm
1082s really really scared of and that is Arya
1084s on Fable dear God do people fear arya's
1090s sojourn Arya definitely a player to
1093s watch out for and we're looking at Avery
1097s as well on the sigma and speaking with a
1099s few casters shout out to CB Avery is a
1103s very strong Sigma player and this meta
1106s does kind of favor uh playing right into
1109s their hands of their um of their picks
1112s so fables roster snar joining over from
1116s nyxl previously nyxl Academy and they
1119s also picked up Kopi as well also
1121s previously nyxl Academy so they have
1123s definitely have a lot of Heavy Hitters
1125s being added to this roster and not just
1128s in the player section but you check up
1130s there coach tensa well-proven coach
1133s along contenders calling all heroes and
1135s the like you talked about SN joining the
1137s team we had a we had a saying in
1139s contenders don't mess with the schn and
1141s it is absolutely going to run true today
1143s this roster is lined to the brim with
1146s experience in strong players but over on
1148s the other side we should not be snuffing
1150s our noses at them now for pocket despite
1153s the fun name it's here to take
1157s names we going to see how they play into
1161s this meta as well don't know too much
1163s about them in terms of scrims and
1165s competitive experience but definitely
1167s nothing to turn your nose up against and
1170s let's see what they can set up here with
1172s the team called meow for pocket against
1175s Fable some uh team that has proven
1177s themselves quite a bit thus far and have
1179s added a lot of Firepower yeah I think
1182s the big thing to watch here is
1183s specifically just being able to go even
1185s in that hit skan match up Kylie has her
1187s work cut out for Nemo same thing in the
1189s tank line being able to match Avery is
1191s going to be a bit of a tricky one and
1193s then Haley and M allian I think I'm
1194s really interested in in this backline
1196s right two people who are super involved
1197s in the community Haley doing the Social
1199s Media stuff Eman also streaming
1202s constantly I think she's actually live
1203s right now go sport go do all the good
1206s things especially if you want some good
1209s Baptist POV but I want to know looking
1211s at this roster looking at the heroes
1212s they've selected they kind of give us a
1214s little hint towards what they like to
1215s play towards what they want to play and
1217s this doesn't necessarily scream
1219s confidence staring at like a sigma brawl
1221s mirror with the heroes that they've
1223s teased with us I especially when you are
1226s playing like far they're kind of teasing
1228s like a far Mercy kind of composition
1231s which I think is very unlikely is
1233s actually going to get played especially
1234s since you have sojourn on that other
1236s side you have the rail gun and that one
1239s shot uh potential with the right click
1241s it is just going to be a really tough
1242s matchup in general to be playing against
1245s such consistent DPS when you are playing
1247s that flyer comp and considering that
1249s we're starting things off on Antarctic
1251s Peninsula which wasn't chosen by either
1252s team randomly chosen at the beginning of
1254s the tournament so we do get that going
1256s it is completely unbiased uh this I
1258s think both very well for fable if you're
1260s talking about Maps where that particular
1262s Sigma composition looks really really
1264s good all three of Antarctic Peninsula
1267s play fantastically labs to Icebreaker uh
1270s to the third one it is going to be a of
1273s a tough job getting past that Sigma
1275s shield in stopping the soj from taking
1277s those really powerful off
1279s angles yeah for sure and I'm definitely
1282s excited to see what comps we're going to
1283s see on the side of meow for pocket like
1286s what we were teased I'm unsure if that's
1288s going to come out but if it does it's
1290s definitely going to be an interesting
1291s matchup and not going to be quite
1293s playing in The Meta and I'm also
1294s wondering if we're going to see that
1296s doomfist come out we saw a little bit of
1298s it back in the World Cup as well a lot
1301s of that doomfist being played in the
1303s finals and I'm curious if that might
1305s come into play because they do doomfist
1308s does typically play very well into the
1310s sigma yeah and he plays pretty well on
1312s this map so if they want to dive I think
1314s that's the way that they want to do it
1316s is with the doomfist just with again the
1317s existence of Bastian and soj being
1319s decent enough into Winston Winston just
1321s struggles against the particular meta
1323s composition right now but should the
1325s opportunity arise I don't think meower
1327s pocket are going to deny that chance
1329s anytime soon but as we pop in let us
1332s know real quick in chat who you guys
1333s think this one is going to be taken by
1336s cam meow for pocket take Maps off of
1338s fable put some cracks in the armor or
1341s will it be a swift victory for a team
1343s that wants to set themselves up for a
1345s championship run yeah Fable definitely
1348s wants to put themselves in that position
1350s just locking themselves in very
1351s important matchup for them a lot more on
1354s the line than it meow for pocket
1356s currently in the 16th Place standing in
1360s terms of circuit points it's definitely
1362s going to take a huge miracle for them to
1364s be able to get into those top standings
1367s qualify for all those circuit points and
1369s be able to get into the qualification
1371s spots yeah I mean qualification spots no
1374s but I don't think 16th kind of tells us
1376s again with with the way the points where
1378s the story of like how close these teams
1380s are I think the aler pocket is certainly
1382s closer to Fable than 16 would have you
1384s believe given that some of the players
1385s on this team just don't necessarily have
1387s circuit points from maybe not competing
1389s or missing tournaments or having
1390s performed poorly in them in the past so
1393s they certainly got a shot here on
1395s Antarctic Pena but it really does come
1396s down to where we start I think that sets
1398s the tone for this because this map that
1400s we're staring at right now Labs I think
1402s does Bode pretty well same goes here
1405s underground things get a little bit
1407s trickier this composition as dive opens
1409s itself up more but should we start
1410s things off on Icebreaker the map with
1412s the big boat the big yellow ship I think
1414s the dive composition is kind of out of
1416s the question in terms of at least
1418s starting the series off and you know you
1419s always want to start off on the right
1421s foot so for me for pocket they're kind
1422s of praying to not start in that one
1424s particular
1427s place looking at these compositions as
1430s well we're really moving away from that
1432s Winston Tracer Sombra and the Sombra
1434s rework as just wait till next patch oh
1437s yeah wind oh no Trac is that Tracer buff
1441s is terrifying 5.5 to6 oh my God it it's
1446s daunting the only thing keeping that
1447s away is like Bastion keeping Winston off
1449s but who knows they'll probably just
1450s shove another dive tank in with it and
1452s call it a composition but for now we
1454s don't have to deal with it now all we
1456s have to figure out is what we're playing
1457s on this map which we've been teasing for
1459s quite a while the flythroughs are pretty
1460s but it's time to get into the game Fable
1462s versus meow for pocket opening up
1463s calling all heroes major three pogs in
1466s chat and I want your eyes to the screen
1469s we start our roll out don't even blink
1472s cuz blink and you might miss it these
1475s games go by incredibly fast especially
1477s with the pacing that we're seeing in The
1479s Meta thus far so starting off on is this
1484s Icebreaker the big yellow ship I don't
1486s know we're good we're not in a boat
1487s we're underground and this is where
1488s things feel very good from me for pocket
1491s there is a a pretty significant
1492s potential to dive here even when teams
1493s were playing things like ratra Rush the
1495s Winston was fairly notable but it looks
1498s like they want to throw a mirror into
1500s the mix that far Mercy that you T teased
1503s earlier though is certainly still alive
1505s Crystal rain as it popped up with Haley
1507s swapping off to the Lucio rain swapping
1509s in what looks like a May pick look like
1512s we're going full mirror here and I I
1514s love this from Fable actually if we look
1515s at the other side of our screen we see
1517s Lime Locking in a Bastion that might
1519s stay they're debating whether or not
1521s they want to run it because they know
1522s Nemo's on the other side and there is a
1524s potential for Winston out of me for
1526s pocket so if that line swaps over to
1529s Bastion let's do this would be
1531s interesting but it wouldn't be effective
1532s necessarily what Meer pocket are running
1534s they've got one of their own okay well
1537s sticking with the symmetra this is
1538s certainly good when you're going up
1540s against that Sigma on the other side
1542s getting early control of that High
1543s Ground lime with the symmetra taking
1545s down Crystal rain now without the
1547s immortality field cool down as well
1549s people uh are in a pretty good spot meow
1552s pet a bit more dangerous here and
1554s they're only able to get rid of that
1556s immortality field on the other side as
1558s they battle for that control as Point
1560s unlocks I got to say bit of a rock paper
1562s scissors win here for fable in terms of
1563s the DPS when you talk about sojourn when
1565s you talk about the symmetra in the
1567s Bastion rolling out on the Bastion kind
1569s of only wins if the other team is trying
1571s to run that dive into you meanwhile
1573s Fable aren't necessarily trying to do
1574s that the pick does bode well that is a
1577s really nice pick for mea pocket's side
1581s they're feeding a lot of that shield and
1582s sigma though as the Bastion from up top
1585s still contesting over on the point and E
1588s is able to find Avery now without the
1589s tank in the fight they have to kind of
1591s wrap around the symmetra trying to stay
1593s alive lime it's getting in from the back
1595s line nicely done to take down Nemo 200
1598s hp has never looked so tanky that was
1601s the biggest pocket I've ever seen Z
1602s Panther charged up an entire
1604s amplification Matrix on lime's health
1606s bar alone just holding right click and
1608s preing on that symmetra how did Fable
1611s get through that I was getting ready to
1612s congratulate n for pocket on cleaning up
1614s a fight nicely after only getting one
1616s pick but last here we are another play
1618s playing into a deficit of Ultimus a
1620s significant one at that if they will
1621s play aggressively here there is very
1622s little meow for pocket can do to counter
1624s it yeah meow for pocket might be called
1627s meow for pocket but lime was definitely
1628s meowing with the way that they were
1630s getting healed amp Matrix now out from
1632s Fable over on The High Ground wild the
1634s blizzard comes through on arya's side
1636s two two ultimates already used from
1638s Fable while the an Matrix comes out a
1641s little bit later from emth Avery however
1643s finding Crystal rain Nemo quick to
1645s follow quick fight from Fable clean
1647s things up a pretty cheap one at that two
1649s ultimates to win a fight meanwhile the
1650s other team still managed to use the
1651s implication Matrix that's a trade you're
1653s happy with and the execution looks
1655s fantastic as well teleporting Arya into
1657s the backline to get that cleaner
1658s blizzard off is something that we're
1660s really looking for nowadays and Fable
1661s absolutely na it now though is meow for
1664s Pockets opportunity they've got
1665s ultimates but they don't want to spend
1666s all of them and they need to flip the
1668s point
1670s here trying so hard flip now they do
1672s have that blizzard in play they have
1675s both of the sound barriers it goes down
1677s and the blizzard as well onto that High
1679s Ground lime however still finding value
1682s Haley taking down Z Panther have to rely
1684s on fopi to try and keep the team up but
1686s that sound barrier is still in question
1689s they're still dancing around that point
1690s now the flux coming through in the sound
1692s barrier to take all of that over Health
1694s onto the team Arya comes in clutch just
1697s in time it doesn't look like meow for
1699s pocket is going to make it and they all
1701s go down like dominoes yeah Fable dealt
1704s with that really nicely meow for pocket
1706s I I like the order that they the
1708s ultimates I like that they soaked up
1710s that gravitic flux with the sound
1711s barrier to start things off but they
1712s couldn't follow up on their own blizzard
1714s properly Fable did a great job of
1716s pulling their Baptist away making them a
1718s really difficult Target to Target down
1720s with the immortality field and then
1722s simultaneously kind of diving the
1724s opposing side keeping players away from
1726s that blizzard zoning off the DPS from
1728s being able to follow up on it properly
1730s which yes made for a messy fight but a
1732s messy fight is better than a fight where
1733s your entire team just gets frozen up so
1735s Fable more than happy with that and then
1737s we're able to make maintain their space
1739s and use it to win the fight following
1741s now though we head on over to Icebreaker
1743s where that far can actually come out and
1745s I'm actually starting to think that me
1746s for pocket are going to be pretty happy
1747s about this given the availability of the
1749s far and they're seeming uh Inc content
1752s with the sigma
1753s composition yeah I mean actually lime
1756s sticking onto the symmetra here giving
1758s them a lot of free reign to play that
1760s far up because they don't have that hit
1762s scan DPS you only have that may that can
1764s kind of spam the right clicks up at the
1765s sky but otherwise it's basically un
1767s tested so now they have the mercy in
1769s play as well going up over the top far
1772s trying to find some damage but it's emia
1773s first of all this far though is going to
1776s have so much Zone control even though
1778s yes you lose that Baptist this is far
1780s from over like you said there's
1781s basically nothing to deal with it on the
1783s other side we've seen players in
1784s contenders turkeys yazon and the like
1786s absolutely tear through back lines with
1788s this and you see the pressure alone is
1789s forcing the supports to both have to
1791s look at this far which means that lime
1793s isn't getting healed which means that
1794s Avery isn't getting healed you're losing
1796s on both fronts of the this fight if
1798s you're Fable and they're forced Away by
1801s the sheer massive rocket being thrown
1803s out that was really nice from Crystal
1806s rain and they're going to flip that
1807s point very very quickly Crystal rain
1810s very close to the rocket barrage already
1812s just from the damage Boost from the
1814s mercy and Haley is really quick to
1815s follow up onto that Valkyrie as well not
1818s going to be as easy though now you've
1819s got the Tracer soj on the other side a
1821s lot more hit scan availability for fable
1824s still nothing that directly takes this
1825s far out though let's be real it's done
1827s Ash it's not a widow it's not a Hanzo
1829s something with burst damage that can
1831s instantly take it down in order to take
1833s one shot at this far you have to charge
1835s up an entire rail gun with the soj so
1838s those shots are kind of few and far
1840s between this doesn't necessarily solve
1842s the problem of Crystal rain to
1844s me yeah I mean it's also you could
1846s potentially take out the Cassidy
1848s potentially take out the ash here but
1850s it's not as much Mobility with those two
1853s and now the rocket barrage comes through
1855s immediately Crystal rain goes down the
1856s resurrection could come out with the
1859s valkyrie from Haley now the amp Matrix
1862s on Z Panther's side trying to force them
1864s through they're able to take down Nemo
1866s from Arya though and Fable is should be
1868s able to flip that point over off the
1870s back of it yeah a little bit of an
1872s optimistic barrage from Crystal rain I
1874s do like a good ground barrage uh and I
1876s think with the assistant of the sigma
1877s Shield it might have looked a little bit
1878s better than it did but nevertheless a
1880s failure and execution is not a failure
1882s of the idea in total now kaca still have
1885s plenty left to go as well and they
1887s didn't really spend too many ultimates
1888s in that previous fight but neither did
1889s Fable and the big thing that Fable have
1891s going for them because they're running
1892s that Lucio instead of the mercy is a
1893s significantly more powerful ultimate in
1895s their back pocket in that sound barrier
1897s they will have a counter to the flux
1899s meow for pocket will
1901s not flux should come through now from
1904s Avery just to hold them off lots of
1906s damage going on to Kylie but they're
1908s able to stay alive noi Now using that
1910s sound barrier to try and hold on to the
1912s point but it's flipped over by Mal for
1914s pocket now Crystal bra seeing if they
1917s can get some fre R over the skies neemo
1919s falling from Al for pocket though Avery
1921s on a tear with this Sigma now Arya is
1924s the only one to fall from Fable and the
1926s rest of the team for M for pocket being
1927s chased down by Avery okay keep going yep
1931s just stagger them out yeah again
1933s considering the situation that they were
1934s in M pocket didn't play it badly they
1936s almost got away from the flux on SK but
1938s Nemo's health bar never really recovered
1940s from that 50% damage that it took and
1942s now still a similar position to last
1944s fight having to attack in with this far
1946s a lot more difficult than defending
1949s using those High walls around the point
1951s for cover is not nearly as easy when you
1953s need to move past them at some point in
1955s order to gain that space you see now
1957s Crystal rain moves forward into no man's
1959s land and subsequently Fable start
1960s hunting her
1962s down like blizard immediately coming
1964s through from line trying to freeze out
1967s Nemo we see Crystal rain however taking
1969s down C Panther while Haley falls into
1971s support for us before the amp Matrix
1973s comes out right before Z Panther went
1975s down though and it's allowing the rest
1977s of fable to just get their picks on
1979s through emth falling and there is no way
1982s that they're going to be able to touch
1983s this point really well done by Fable I
1985s mean the space control I think was the
1987s big thing for me understanding where
1989s those power positions are on the map in
1990s both of the maps that we played showed
1993s their ability to focus on two three
1996s things at once at times especially
1997s playing into Chrystal re far which did
1999s do a lot especially at the start of the
2001s map they showed an ability to not get
2003s too distracted they can throw one or two
2005s players at this duel and meanwhile stuff
2007s up the entire rest of the pump of Meer
2011s pocket in a choke point stopping them
2013s from getting into any real supportive
2014s position for that
2016s far yeah this was really nicely done
2018s good adjustments at the start of
2020s Icebreaker when we saw Crystal rain
2022s first come out with the far and the
2024s mercy pocket it was so nicely done to
2026s try and get early control and they were
2028s able to flip the point quite a few more
2029s times when they were able to play that
2031s far but the adjustments coming out with
2033s the hit scan with the sojourn uh Tracer
2036s for a second but eventually going back
2038s to the may just really really strong
2039s Ground Control yeah and I do wonder what
2042s would have happened had they not lost
2044s that fight where the ground barrage was
2045s went for because honestly again the
2048s sojourn is solid into the far you get
2050s one shot every once in a while but on
2051s that map in particular building rail gun
2053s is kind of no small feet because you're
2054s shooting a sigma Shield or there's just
2056s a bunch of walls in your way stopping
2058s you from actually being able to charge
2059s it so how they not won that fight I do
2062s worry a little bit about what Fable
2064s would have actually had in terms of
2066s things that could deal with that far
2067s which very realistically could be a
2069s thing as we head over to our next map
2070s type I believe it's hybrid Kings Row and
2072s Midtown are on the table in terms of
2075s picks from ya for pocket what do you
2076s what are you thinking they want to lean
2079s towards on to that next map Kings Row
2082s versus m well I mean Kings Row does lend
2084s well into those longer range poke
2087s compositions and like you said Arya
2089s really good on the sojourn and Fable
2091s winning that last M I feel like meow for
2093s pocket might actually want to lean a bit
2095s more towards Midtown where you can play
2097s Closer brawl compositions that far might
2099s be a little bit more viable as well you
2102s can play it on Kings Row but I feel like
2104s on Kings Row you're really kind of
2105s looking at those poke compositions a
2107s little bit more especially on that first
2108s point capture yeah the opportunities I
2111s think here are are kind of similar for
2113s both Maps the difference that you see
2115s especially like the playability of far
2116s isn't much between the two of them
2117s there's like a little room on each map
2120s if you wanted to try it but I'm not sure
2122s it's something they want to really stick
2123s to they showed us that they were willing
2124s to play the Bastion I'm sure they've got
2126s a symmetra a soier a available to them
2128s if they want to swap over to that and I
2130s think that's more the route where we're
2131s going to end up going with these two
2132s maps being in the pool regardless of
2134s which one gets picked I think it's going
2135s to be a bit of a change of strategy from
2137s meow for pocket they've got the far they
2139s could lean into it if they really wanted
2140s to they did see some success but by and
2142s large I think they're going to try and
2143s find this mirror because they did find
2145s some Success With It on the first map
2147s and I do think that they have what it
2148s takes in terms of fight planning ability
2150s and execution to actually get it done
2152s it's just been that Fable or that one
2154s step ahead each time yeah the pacing has
2158s been a little bit good and I'm wondering
2160s if they're able to like snowball these
2162s Maps forward as well I feel like on
2164s Midtown it's really easy to lose that
2166s first point defense and all of a sudden
2168s you have that cart almost under the
2170s bridge and almost that second point so
2173s let's see what's going to come out from
2174s them it's going to be Kings Row so we're
2177s looking at that map pick for meford
2179s pocket of course it's going to be King's
2181s Row like midtown's pretty and all but
2183s it's Kings Row you pick it when you see
2185s it there's there there was no question
2187s ever about what map was being picked
2189s here and again it plays well for the
2190s sigma composition I think this map Pool
2192s in general just plays kind of into the
2194s metac comp particularly well so the
2196s switches that you can make aren't
2198s particularly significant there's a
2200s chance we see the kind of spaghetti
2202s thrown at the wall to see what sticks
2204s and we just see a dive composition I
2206s again this comes less to the map type
2210s less to the match and more to the actual
2212s format right now because best of Threes
2214s we were talking about at the beginning
2215s of the broadcast they go so so fast and
2218s I have seen teams that should make it
2220s far in tournaments get wiped off the
2222s face of the planet in a matter of like
2223s two Swiss rounds of best of three
2225s because if you don't make the
2226s adjustments quickly and drastically at
2229s that at the right times the series can
2231s go Ary really fast and so there's an
2232s opportunity from me for pcka to
2234s recognize hey look we don't think even
2236s with minor adjustments small switches in
2239s the DPS role that this Sigma thing is
2241s going to work out for us we're out of
2242s lives at the best of three you get one
2244s more chance at this they could just
2246s break out full d in a situation like
2248s this because their backs are against the
2250s wall so early on and I appreciate it
2252s when a team is willing to do that
2253s because again it shows an understanding
2255s of this best of three format that it is
2257s very different in terms of the
2259s adjustments you make to a best of five
2262s one thing about kings's row is that it
2263s is a hybrid map so we do have the
2266s possibility here of having a tie it
2269s technically is first to two quote
2271s unquote and a hybrid map it's very
2274s unlikely you don't see it very often but
2276s there's the possibility of having a draw
2279s and if we if we get a draw if we get a
2282s draw today tala I will come on on one of
2284s the other days that I'm not even
2285s supposed to be on it's been 10 minutes
2287s eating a Chipotle burrito on broadcast
2289s okay you're going to I will I will just
2291s sit there and eat a burrito in the back
2293s of the broadcast like I like promise if
2296s we see one draw today pinky swear it's
2299s been so I I pinky swear it's been so un
2301s prevalent in OverWatch 2 it took him
2303s what like 3 months or something to get
2304s one in the OverWatch League it took
2305s contenders oh my God it took contenders
2307s like 9 years to get a map draw but
2310s imagine if we get one today it would be
2312s a miracle but you know what that's what
2314s calling all heroes is all about so Kings
2317s bro will be the the site of our maybe
2320s final showdown here from meow for pocket
2322s unless they can pull off something
2323s drastic the more I think about it the
2324s more I just wanted to go dive I want to
2326s say screw it I want to say just but I
2327s feel like it's not the Winston dive
2329s though it's the doomfist dive that you
2331s have to watch out for because doomfist
2333s may be a little bit less survivable than
2335s Winston but if you have have that solid
2338s uh solid backline then you should be
2340s able to keep that wind uh that doomfist
2342s up and playing really well into the
2343s sigma as well which we know is Avery's
2345s pocket pick we know Avery is very
2347s comfortable on the sigma and Fable seems
2349s to be really comfortable just going
2351s around and playing around that Sigma
2353s composition with the sojourn Arya is so
2355s comfortable with and this backline from
2357s Fable also very very strong and very
2360s survivable on the Lucio and Baptist I I
2363s have to check the stats but I'm not sure
2365s if fopi and the panther have died like
2367s at all it's maybe one or two across the
2369s entire Series so far they've been
2371s virtually Untouchable
2374s at that's a bit of a problem for him but
2376s as we were talking about there is the
2378s opportunity for that far Crystal Reign
2379s easing it Haley could hello use this
2383s life Weaver instead of the mercy to
2385s pocket the far they're using it to get
2387s the sigma up to The High Ground oh cute
2389s little cute little shield for the
2391s Widowmaker I'm here for
2392s it yeah we're just going to we're going
2395s to take that Widow up well they they
2397s knew what was coming they're not going
2399s to risk that and it's just the Hanzo
2401s again I
2403s mean back to the mercy we saw the life
2406s Weaver just for a second to get up to
2408s that high ground but otherwise it seems
2410s like pushing past this choke point
2411s though very very rested from Al
2414s pocket I mean that's the name of the
2416s game right get the far up the hotel and
2418s then once far has the hotel she can use
2420s it for cover so you'll see now the
2422s statue the hotel both kind of serve as
2425s vertical covers for her to
2427s Mo Le right around need to find a way to
2430s get on top of this so though and that's
2432s the big problem they need to solve in
2433s these upcoming moments but Kylie doesn't
2435s make it any
2436s better oh my God wait Haley was just
2439s resurrecting inside of that
2441s so just the soj damage and dies to it
2444s instead of getting that Resurrection off
2446s Fable getting a lot more space now to be
2448s able to fully meow for pocket back into
2450s their spawn yeah the big thing isn't
2452s necessarily just the fight win it's not
2453s just the time it's the ultimate
2454s Advantage they've garnered in the
2455s meantime you see about 20 20 to 30% on
2457s average ahead of me Al for pocket save
2459s for that far that's building up a
2461s barrage relatively
2467s quickly now
2469s looking oh okay that was really nice
2472s shot and now Arya going down they have
2475s to find some way to get the damage out
2477s deal with this far up above but meow for
2479s pocket they have Kylie on the ti ground
2481s spam shot way and now contesting over
2484s the rocket barrage coming through
2486s Crystal r doesn't really get much done
2488s with that and it seems like they should
2489s be able to P going to come back for fun
2492s Arya Arya had what what I like to call
2495s losing the Hanzo Lottery there you just
2497s happen to be like crossing a sight line
2499s the Hanzo the Hanzo doesn't care Who's
2501s down there they're just lobing arrows
2503s hoping to hit something and Arya
2504s unfortunately caught it with their mouth
2507s which happens from time to time mfra
2509s pocket though now have a big opportunity
2511s to step in they've got a lot of
2512s ultimates but they need to kind of
2513s string them along pull out that sound
2515s barrier early from
2519s fopi fopi still building up to it while
2523s the valkyrie already available but a
2524s little bit less powerful of an Al really
2526s valuable for that is Crystal rainbow
2529s taking down Arya again once again the
2531s DPS line now the first fall and go for
2534s the gravitic flux there is no way to
2536s sustain fa through this bobia need to
2538s come in somehow with the sound barrier
2540s but it's going to be the amp Matrix this
2543s going to shred through the health Avery
2545s still able to take down Kylie they weave
2547s in and out through this barrier the
2548s regroup from B support line is just so
2551s strong Haley has to find a way to keep
2554s the health up emia going down and there
2556s is not a lot of strong feeling to come
2558s through from that Mercy Arya spamming
2560s down Nemo now and me for once
2563s again falling short of this tap again
2566s some really impressive stuff from Avery
2567s just like disengaging the blizzard all
2569s the way back on onar Peninsula when the
2572s flux came out when the aggressive play
2574s came in for me for pocket Avery comes in
2576s counter flug holds that space forward
2578s and then regroups with the supports to
2580s push through hotel and find the backline
2582s really amazing stuff but now they've got
2584s to deal with the rest of the ultimate of
2585s barage namely of which picks off two
2587s there's a chance to get back in with
2589s this overclock though yeah the disruptor
2591s shot trying to Zone off now getting rid
2594s of the immortality field already forcing
2595s the cool down they haven't quite gotten
2597s rid of Nemo just yet and Arya is low on
2599s The High Ground ging a lot of time
2602s though with the rail gun however kyy is
2604s going to make sure to clear out that
2606s choke point they should be able to get
2607s at least one tick here but there's a
2609s possibility of the re-engage especially
2610s since you still have bopi with the sound
2612s barrier in the back pocket blizzard
2614s comes through immediately and now so
2616s does the sound barrier Nemo no place to
2618s run no place to hide and we have already
2620s a tank down from the AL for pocket now
2622s the rest of them should fall apart like
2624s Domino's Haley falling right after
2626s Crystal rain and now it's The High
2628s Ground contention which lime is going to
2630s have no problem getting up to they have
2633s to try and keep the overtime alive
2635s there's a touch there but the team
2637s entirely falling there is no possibility
2640s it is zero ticks from meow for pocket
2643s and Fable have set them up quite win
2645s condition yeah and you see just the
2648s difference in terms of compositions that
2649s comes out there at the end right it's
2651s not just a a difference of oh we're
2652s we're running something different it's
2655s look the far Mercy comes at a cost and
2657s that cost is expensive sound barrier is
2659s one of the best ultimates in the game
2660s and meower pocket kind of being down a
2663s super powerful ultimate in terms of the
2665s ultimate economy all the time has hurt
2667s them a number of times already in in the
2670s factor of two maps and there at the end
2672s you see it that sound Berry blizzard
2674s engage is just brutal there's no way you
2676s get away from it now me out for pocket
2678s of try got to try and defend a
2680s 52.7%
2682s take it's a it's a Hail Mary for sure
2685s for the team in
2686s Orange it's a tough one for me out
2690s pocket for sure while Fable they are
2692s sitting so comfortably and map up all
2695s they need to do is get get those two
2697s ticks on the board and then they win
2700s this one over I said there was a
2702s possibility of a draw but I don't think
2704s that possibility is there anymore they
2707s want to win this one out clean I'm
2709s trying to ask everybody it's taking no
2712s prisoners for fa which honestly makes a
2713s whole lot of sense in terms
2715s of what this means for them this Swiss
2717s stage I was talking about if they just
2719s get to the bracket if they just get a
2721s little bit of the way through it they
2723s secure their spot in the
2724s championship they're looking at things
2727s quickly moving out on the soier May
2729s nothing new for this team but whether or
2730s not they're able to deal with this Hanzo
2731s far the immense amount of poke damage
2733s coming at them will be the question they
2735s have two options one poke against it try
2737s to duel out those DPS heroes or put all
2740s of the focus on Nemo and push this Sigma
2743s back where he came
2746s from line needs to keep this Sigma alive
2749s Arya already falling very low but Kylie
2752s taking down lime first apry forcing the
2754s position forward trying to get them back
2756s back and the immortality field comes out
2758s to save a now while the Shields coming
2760s through as they back off and disengage
2763s waiting for that next push as the cool
2765s Downs come back Arya however going down
2768s Z Panther should be able to get some
2769s damage down from the back line using the
2772s moon boots and lime now switching over
2773s the echo that was really nice stuff by
2775s Nemo absorbed the pressure at first
2778s waited for the rest of fable to go dive
2779s the back line and then pushed Avery off
2781s of the point perfect read of the ebb and
2783s flow of the fight and wi the focuses on
2785s that Sigma but it's not stopping anytime
2787s soon yeah now we have that Echo to put a
2790s bit more pressure up from above as well
2792s and Arya switching over to the ash
2794s instead dealing with this Fara quite
2797s well in the air when you have that hit
2799s DPS you already see Crystal rain having
2801s to go back valkur coming through as the
2803s amp Matrix from Emily looking to save
2806s off the pressure and force a bit of
2807s positioning as well they're trying to
2809s dive into the hotel noi going down
2811s that's going to stall out people a bit
2812s longer yeah the ash deals with the far
2815s but it doesn't deal with the h that kind
2816s of does the exact opposite but they
2818s don't have to deal with either of them
2819s it's the sigma going down Nemo's gone
2821s and the house of Cs begins to
2823s crumble yeah without Nemo this is such a
2826s tough fight suddenly the immortality
2828s field already out and we have lime just
2831s morphing into that far with the
2833s duplicate seeing if they can find a
2835s little bit of damage here we have
2837s Crystal rain trying to go for the rocket
2839s barrage but it is not enough Emily has
2841s taken out of the range of the
2842s immortality field Nemo looking to try
2844s and get something done with Ball but it
2847s is not enough a with a clean 20 two
2851s ticks on Kings Row are able to win out
2854s the first round of switch Swiss stage I
2858s mean it was a nice attempt at the ho
2859s they got a couple of clean fight wins in
2861s there and honestly I think again their
2863s their recognition of win conditions
2865s their plans coming into the fight were
2867s both really good for meow for pocket at
2870s the end of the day I just think it came
2871s down to execution and mechanics where
2873s Fable just Rise Above the Rest and let's
2875s be real with ourselves you look at Fable
2876s roster you expect them to out mechanic
2879s out execute most teams
2882s here they have a lot of added Firepower
2885s between last major and this one I mean
2888s Fable kind of not really the hugest name
2891s in the last major but in the minor we
2893s saw a lot of them playing together Avery
2896s especially being kind of the core of
2898s this Fable roster and now with the added
2900s fire power of Kopi and you have Arya
2903s obviously on a tear as well it is just
2906s really good really good stuff out of
2909s this roster and I'm really excited to
2911s see who is going to be our Chipotle MVP
2914s for this match we have one for every
2917s single match up of today now we'll find
2919s out who that mvp is coming up just after
2921s this break you guys stay
2928s [Music]
2935s tuned
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3114s my
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3125s welcome back we have just completed the
3127s first round of Swiss stages for day one
3129s of the radiant Heroes major 3 and we
3132s just saw a banger match from Fable
3134s versus meow vers for pocket where Fable
3138s were able to take it 20 on the first two
3141s maps of Antarctic Peninsula and Kings
3143s Row looking at the match replays
3145s definitely pretty intense on Fable side
3148s and there were some moments of
3149s Brilliance coming out from malur pocket
3152s as well but at the end of the day it
3154s just seemed like Fable they were able to
3157s claim the victory yeah the the
3159s coordination was there from y for pocket
3161s but it was as well for fable and that
3163s individual capability we see out of the
3164s dpsm tank line of fable really shown
3168s through today ARA Li and Avery were all
3172s immense problems in terms of damage
3174s output and creat pressure on the
3176s opposing side to the point that MEF for
3177s Paka just couldn't deal with it and of
3178s course you know credit where it's due to
3180s the support line of fable but I think
3181s their job was relatively easy today in
3183s terms of the fact that there was just no
3185s pressure on them thear was shooting at
3187s them every once in a while but outside
3188s of that it was a pretty straightforward
3191s help out with the damage for the Baptist
3192s to keep the team alive on Lucio but that
3194s leads us to our MVP quick little drum
3197s roll it is of course Avery I mean who
3201s else when you talk about raw damage
3203s output and maintaining I think what was
3206s basically Perfect Space against the
3208s opposing tank you saw every little bit
3212s of Sigma that you wanted to today out of
3213s Avery and I think they're going to be
3215s very scary moving forward in the
3216s tournament I mean one death in six
3219s minutes I mean credit to the support
3220s line as well here but it was such good
3222s spacing especially in that very first
3225s round when we saw the engage come
3227s through it looked like all was lost when
3229s the entire DPS line of fable went down
3232s Avery was able to disengage on that push
3235s on through from y for pocket even while
3237s separated from the support line from
3239s fopi and uh pan and they were able to
3243s get through the hotel and re-engage
3245s without even a single tick and that was
3246s just artfully masterfully done by Avery
3249s yeah they did it time and time again
3251s regardless of situation defending
3252s attacking on the map whether they were
3254s taking space or trying just to hold it I
3256s feel like there's a really great
3257s understanding of the ebb and flow and
3258s not just of the composition but also in
3261s terms of how the composition plays into
3264s other ones CU I think it's one thing to
3265s know the meta match up versus The Meta
3267s matchup it's another thing to be ready
3269s for a far to be thrown at you just
3271s completely at random and deal with it
3272s perfectly like Avery did so some real
3274s credit do but there were five amazing
3276s players on Fable side and one of them
3278s being Arya who we're going to talk to
3279s now in our Chipotle Real Talk
3282s interview so hello Arya are you with us
3286s how are you oh my God I'm with you guys
3287s in the room hello hello oh my God hello
3291s welcome so that was a great match that
3294s you just played how are you feeling
3297s pretty good uh we felt really confident
3299s going into it feeling confident for the
3300s for the next two
3302s weekends yeah I mean it seemed like you
3304s guys were pretty confident going in just
3306s because of the meta I think you of all
3308s people feel pretty comfortable with this
3310s thing shift towards soier and just as
3312s major three hits that's got to feel
3313s pretty good no yeah I mean people were
3316s playing Bastion still last uh last
3319s tournament and I was still playing
3320s sojourn and doing well so this is even
3324s better
3326s yeah for sure and I mean you said you're
3328s feeling pretty confident for this
3330s weekend and the next one I'm wondering
3332s is there anyone that you are really
3334s excited to see or really want to play in
3336s this tournament thus far uh yes it is um
3341s what is what they call themselves this
3342s tournament Michael wave I need them to
3345s go down I must defeat them they're
3348s evil Michel okay okay you're now mortal
3352s enemies we have it on broadcast don't
3354s worry yes
3356s okay so are you are you like the
3358s protagonist here or are they the villain
3360s or are did you hear that yes tala that
3362s was not a that was not a that was a very
3364s evil yes they are evil for sure evil
3368s mastermind okay
3370s okay no but I mean this tournament for
3373s fable I I think is very important it not
3375s only secures your spot in the
3376s championship I believe you have to do I
3378s think kind of just on par for what we
3380s expect out of you uh to get that
3382s qualification spot into the championship
3385s as well there's an amazing prize pool
3387s and a meta that suits you I want to know
3389s what drives you in particular Arya for
3392s this particular major is it the
3393s qualification is it the prize pool is it
3395s trying to play well in a meta where you
3397s feel like you can really show your
3398s skills off at their best what is it yeah
3401s I mean for sure I I love showing off and
3403s showing everyone what I'm capable of um
3406s but most of all I just like empowering
3409s um you know all of the underrepresented
3412s G genders through the tournament and so
3414s something like this is always really
3415s nice to to compete
3417s in that is really awesome to hear and is
3421s there anything that you would really
3422s love to play this tournament that might
3424s not be in the meta I know for your squad
3427s specifically you kind of have it playing
3429s into your hands the soier in meta the
3431s sigma for Avery I mean it's looking
3433s really good but is there anything that
3434s you would really love to
3436s see
3438s um yes but we have we don't want to
3441s reveal our cards yet so but yes okay I'm
3444s not
3445s so so what you're saying is they have to
3447s follow the twitch Channel and stay tuned
3450s for more calling all heroes right
3451s absolutely
3453s yes we got big surprise on the horizon
3456s but Arya thank you so much for popping
3458s in for the interview of course thank you
3459s for having me all right bye
3462s bye well I would love to see what
3464s they're cooking in the kitchen right
3465s Exar it's they're Brewing some secrets
3467s in that
3468s cauldron a couple Chipotle Burritos you
3471s know a little Arya littley and we get
3473s they got to throw in the salsa the
3477s exactly it's definitely going to be real
3479s fun to see what they're cooking up but
3482s Fable versus meow for pocket Fable
3484s coming out on top very clean 20 Avery as
3487s the Chipotle match MVP and that
3490s interview with Arya you know I think
3492s it's really nice to see so many people
3494s coming out answering that call and being
3496s able to inspire underrepresent agenders
3499s over here in gaming yeah and that means
3501s that there's more OverWatch on the
3503s horizon of course we've got three best
3504s of three coming today that's the first
3506s ofm down but there's plenty more
3507s OverWatch to be played so make sure your
3508s eyes are glued to your screens your
3509s butts firmly planted in your seats cuz
3511s we'll be back round to a
3517s [Music]
3534s Swiss
3538s [Music]
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4313s w
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4342s he
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4346s [Applause]
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4372s d
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4582s oh
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4762s yeah
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4852s yeah
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4882s a
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4912s oh
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4942s o
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5011s [Music]
5021s [Music]
5036s [Music]
5048s bit of an extended break but no worries
5050s we are right back with the round two of
5053s Swiss stages over here in the radiant
5056s Heroes major 3 I am epitomes once
5058s against joined by door and we are so
5060s excited for this next matchup that's
5063s right I mean we're getting two of the
5064s top teams here at calling all heroes how
5066s could you not be excited for drainers
5069s versus Michael wave two teams that I
5071s think not only are exciting for their
5073s position in the standings but also what
5075s they bring to the table in terms of
5077s things we'll actually get to see in game
5079s this should be a whole lot of fun yeah
5081s you might have heard Michael wave's name
5084s over in the last matchup where we heard
5086s Fable win and Arya saying that she
5089s thought Michael wave they were the
5091s villains in this story so I'm excited to
5093s see what they're going to be bringing to
5094s the table drainers on the other side
5097s currently third place in the standings
5099s they made it very far as well in the
5102s last calling all heroes minor so this is
5105s an exciting one yeah no matter who you
5108s consider the the villains in the story
5110s both of these teams are kind of
5111s non-conformist when it comes to the meta
5114s as well on one hand a team that wants to
5116s play Ry and nothing else on the other
5118s hand a team that let's play something
5119s that is I mean arguably a Teensy bit
5121s more meta in the doomfist but still very
5124s far off from what we've actually gotten
5125s to see today which is Sigma Sigma
5127s Sigma yeah Sigma thus far but we're
5130s switching things up we're getting things
5132s really spicy for this second match up
5134s today looking at both of these rosters
5137s as well it's going to be a really
5140s exciting one they have so much Firepower
5142s on both sides but also the standings
5144s thus far in the Swiss stages let's go
5147s and take a look at the specific roster
5149s of microwave death on DPS Zoe back
5152s backing them up Maron tank is somebody
5155s to be feared maybe I I don't think
5157s there's any odds we get a look at the
5159s hog rework it's just not been proven
5161s particularly competitive but should it
5163s be there Mario's the person to watch
5165s ajmr and wi back that lineup up with one
5168s of the most impressive support lines I
5170s think in all of calling all heroes those
5171s two are going to be a Powerhouse
5174s backline yeah this is a really
5176s impressive support line and I actually
5178s remember when speaking to Mari before
5181s she said that she really enjoyed playing
5183s the sigma and like the hog I feel like
5185s is a little bit troll but this team
5188s they're definitely going to be bringing
5190s us a treat on the other side of drainers
5193s they are what we probably know as the
5195s Reinhardt team thus far they really are
5199s committed to that Rin braw yeah drainers
5201s recently put up a pretty solid
5203s performance in the flash Ops tournament
5206s got to watch a little bit of their run
5207s they did fantastically there lining this
5210s team up par Senna backing that up
5213s Kindred still supporting this team
5216s Kindred somebody you should absolutely
5217s keep your eyes on Zep and Lane oh my God
5219s that's a whole lot of hog oh wow did
5223s they I think they they were really
5225s trying it would have it would have
5227s looked really great if we could have
5228s just like you know Kindred like the
5230s junker Queen in the middle and you have
5232s like the hogs on all sides yep whole lot
5235s of Australia in that roster too you know
5238s they're all from junker town you know
5240s how it is yeah yeah the junker roster
5244s and drainers I mean this roster the
5246s heroes that they're teasing here a
5248s little bit troll but I think when you
5250s see what they are going to be actually
5252s running in the match it is going to be
5254s really impressive and definitely I mean
5257s it's not quite three Hogs and a junkrat
5260s and a junker Queen but is something that
5262s you probably will have the similar
5264s reaction to yeah and for me what I'm
5267s looking at we talked about the tanks
5268s being a little bit less than normal in
5270s this match up at times but when you have
5272s have powerhouses like Kindred and Mari
5274s tanking for these teams I start to look
5276s at the backline what can we offer up to
5279s those tanks to actually get them through
5280s these fights Zep and Lane are going to
5282s have their work cut out for them because
5284s again that backline for the opposing
5286s side especially with Wile on it going be
5288s real tough business to deal with yeah
5290s lots of competitive experience on both
5293s sides especially in the tank and when
5295s tank is such a powerful role in
5297s OverWatch 2 especially in this Sigma
5299s meta it's really so dependent on how
5301s well you can play quote unquote Sigma
5304s but then when you have these two teams
5305s both kind of wanting to switch it up
5307s it's a lot more tough a lot more
5309s competitive yeah and I think the map's
5311s going to bode pretty well for that we're
5312s starting things off on Busan here in
5314s round two of the Swiss stage and I think
5316s that just opens up all kinds of
5318s possibilities for fun compositions
5319s whether you want to run a dive whether
5320s you want to run a rush there's I I think
5323s plenty of flexibility brought to the
5324s table by Busan as well as map Variety in
5327s those actual submaps that offer
5329s abilities for you to run whatever you
5330s want or try and kind of focus on one map
5334s and maybe Flex on another over to the
5336s other team's
5339s composition just I think that Busan is
5341s such a good start for both of these
5343s teams and really seeing if you're going
5345s to be running that brawl composition and
5348s on the other side the dive and I think
5351s with definitely a backline like the one
5353s that you have for Michael wave you can
5356s play a dive so well especially since you
5358s know that backline is going to be well
5360s protected and very survivable it's not
5362s going to be as much of a weak point as
5363s it may be if you have a weaker support
5365s line yeah and I mean there is one one
5368s mild concern and it look look it's as
5370s mild as it comes here for microwave but
5372s I don't know if you've heard Legend
5374s exactly of wickah Wednesday but it isn't
5377s wiah
5378s Wednesday that's important Wick a 100%
5382s win rate on Wednesdays in contenders
5384s outside of Wednesdays total crap shoot
5387s nobody knows not wickle Wednesday so I
5389s think Michael wave may have a little bit
5391s of a tougher time here against against
5392s drainers and uh wiah in particular has
5395s got to make sure they've got their
5396s thinking cap on because she is going to
5398s be probably locking in a fair bit of
5400s Lucio here and is going to be important
5402s to actually keeping this team moving
5404s forward wo with Saturday W wo W water
5408s day W water day the W stands for w it's
5413s a stretch but may but maybe it
5416s works uh well it's raining so Wick a
5419s water day okay okay
5423s bars we're we're just bringing through
5426s all the all the days of the week okay
5428s any of them have the name starting with
5430s s let's just think for put our thinking
5432s caps on for a second w a one day I don't
5435s know like we could just put it at the
5437s beginning of all of them if we really if
5438s we really want to we can just make that
5440s happen exactly maybe you could also say
5444s maybe it's a w
5445s weekend oh oh that's a good one and then
5449s there's wi week days as well so now all
5450s the days just belong to Wi
5453s I think pressure we're letting her get
5455s too powerful we got to slow this down we
5457s yeah we got to just that's why she like
5459s government assigned
5461s Wednesdays oh we got big stuff coming up
5463s this map though wickah being one of them
5465s but of course alongside Busan got some
5468s special stuff in tuned if you guys are
5469s feeling hungry I know it's lunchtime in
5471s certain parts of the US make sure you
5473s get your free 2,000 Chipotle Burritos
5475s that's not 2,000 to one person you guys
5478s I need you to share appropriately but
5480s the bowls and burritos are out now
5482s texture R
5484s a232 to
5486s 888222 to get your shot at those 2,000
5489s free Chipotle burritos and bus will be
5491s giving them out throughout the stream
5493s both today tomorrow the days in the next
5496s rounds as well of the actual bracket
5498s itself so do not miss out on any of the
5500s streams especially if you're feeling
5502s hungry and
5503s lucky I mean it's around lunchtime over
5506s here on the West Coast and if you're
5508s looking for a burrito lunch this is the
5510s perfect opportunity so go go ahead and
5512s text that as soon as possible so you can
5515s get your free burrito from Chipotle
5518s especially if you're a Chipotle lover
5519s this is like such a philanthropist
5521s OverWatch broadcast we're giving away
5523s Contender skins there's like the drops
5525s going on there's like battle pass XP I'm
5527s not sure if that's
5528s on and then you get a burrito check
5530s under your seats there's like keys to a
5532s car or something but there's no actual
5533s car it's just keys and now we actually
5536s get some good OverWatch to go alongside
5538s it I'm hoping for big stuff here as we
5539s start off on Bo on the question is of
5541s course what sub map we start on I don't
5543s think it matters too much for these two
5545s teams I think they are intent on running
5547s exactly what they are intent on running
5549s regardless of the the particularities of
5551s the situation but maybe we can change
5554s the texture of that in terms of the DPS
5555s run alongside it possibly the support
5557s line of may change depending on which
5560s map we get as well I think the big thing
5562s to look for is likely whether wika is
5565s running on luciao or possibly something
5567s to kind of support the other support so
5569s to speak in like a b is always a
5571s possibility as well well as we get a
5573s little pause here coming into game
5574s number
5574s one y pause right out the gate but
5578s giving us a lot more time to speculate
5580s about what these team compositions are
5582s going to look like but it seems like we
5585s are going to be starting out on no this
5587s is still just the flyover sorry I fooled
5590s myself but for the compositions if we're
5592s looking at dive I think we still are
5594s going to see that sojourn just because
5596s of how much teams are favoring that one
5598s shot potential but for the secondary DPS
5600s it's going to be have to be someone that
5601s is is going to be able to follow up on a
5604s dive if they're playing it so I don't
5606s think it's going to be that may as a
5607s secondary I would love a little bit of
5610s echo for either of these teams into the
5612s doomfist into Ryan into junker Queen and
5615s whatever your your brawl preference
5616s preference is eeko is fantastic at
5619s applying a ton of pressure to those
5621s tanks and the focusing beam is kind of
5623s the name of the game in that regard once
5624s they drop below half HP I don't care who
5626s you've got in your backline whether or
5628s not it's Wick a Wednesday that Tank's
5630s getting beamed down and it is a big
5632s problem if you've got a player who's got
5633s it in their back pocket Echo can
5636s basically shred down any tank at a
5638s certain HP thresold I think there's a
5641s possibility that we see the Genji as
5643s well but I don't know do you think that
5645s they're going to take out that good old
5647s Tracer Sombra at any point in time if
5650s they do stick with a hardcore dive I
5652s mean most teams haven't really liked the
5654s new Sombra all that much I mean we saw
5656s like some Effectiveness with it in the
5658s world cup and install situations and
5660s kind of when it's unexpected but I don't
5662s any teams are really implementing it too
5664s quickly right now but after those
5665s ultimate changes come through maybe they
5668s will starting things off though it's
5669s Sanctuary open things up I think a map
5671s that microwave were actually pretty
5673s happy with ready for battle well looking
5676s at the St propositions this is what
5678s we've been waiting for the doomfist on
5681s Mari and it is not troll it is not a
5684s troll but Kindred matching the doomfist
5687s that is a surprise because in the last
5689s minor we saw drainers play a lot of that
5692s Reinhardt composition with a symmetra to
5694s kind of close that Gap in between the
5696s teams that and make up for it in the
5698s brawl comp but now matching the doist we
5701s don't know how this is going to go yet
5703s yeah this is a map peculiarity right
5705s it's p on Sanctuary it's one of the
5707s longest range control points in the
5708s entire game playing Reinhard on this map
5711s even with the SIM TP is kind of just
5712s hellish right you're just like walking
5714s at the enemy team 24/7 it feels really
5716s bad so for this map in particular we get
5718s Kindred on the doomfist but I doubt
5720s it'll stay that way with Mari being more
5722s comfortable on this pick though you have
5723s to give a slight L up to
5726s Michael drainers they're time trying to
5728s around get that damage down sen with
5731s flank onari but so with the first KCK
5734s and Z that's going to leave a huge sword
5736s spot in the back line but it's actually
5737s just a trade between two supports death
5740s and Senna also trading one for one
5742s without the backline of Michael wave
5744s they're still able to keep alive and
5746s stay on that yeah despite the the lack
5748s in Anna they're managing to run drainers
5752s out of the point here at least get that
5753s first HCK going up and first tick in
5755s matchups like this matters so much
5757s because both these teams can keep that
5759s point tick going for so long even if
5761s they lose the fight the percentage gain
5763s by that first team is
5765s immense curious about this geni versus
5768s racer match up as well we see Zoe trying
5770s to go one to one with car here getting a
5772s bit of damage but now Mari going down
5774s early because biotic n that is amazing
5778s now we're looking at a team without a
5781s front trying to make a way into their
5783s point kindri just doing a lot of
5786s disruption here on the DPS line while
5788s the anti of microwave back I mean you
5792s lose your tank that's kind of just the
5793s fight even in dive competitions like
5795s this that can play those Messier fights
5797s actually M wave have to be careful they
5798s don't overextend here yeah they
5799s absolutely do it was a punch forward by
5801s Mari that sent him there and Keith just
5804s you know valiantly followed and caught a
5806s pulse bomb for their efforts to save
5808s their tank hello
5810s there um Nano in two of these a back
5815s pockets but in terms of ultimate economy
5817s trainers are a little bit of a leg up
5819s hreds almost onto that meteor strike but
5822s they're missing their DPS
5824s ultimates big Advantage for Mich wave in
5826s terms of having that DPS UL available N
5829s oade is a very scary threat the drainers
5832s have to deal with but like we said this
5834s is a very long map it is not so
5836s impossible to disengage nanoade just
5838s because of the distances that you can
5840s keep that Genji away at especially if
5842s you get a first pick on Mario again this
5844s is the doomfist player in the lobby and
5846s they can first pick two fights in a row
5848s now now they're just forcing the fight
5850s with the overclock though this is
5852s amazing this is so well done with the
5854s Nano overclock and now death just
5856s finding so much living up to their name
5858s with that rail gun and flipping that
5860s point over despite Mari going down first
5862s a really good clean up from Michael
5865s wave not a fight they should have won by
5868s any means but drainers I think just got
5869s a little cocky after their initial tank
5871s instead of holding the space to step
5872s forward and into the welcoming arms of a
5874s whole lot of ultimate microwave because
5876s they only spent two still have plenty
5878s left for this fight draer don't
5879s necessarily have a super combo to finish
5881s with but with Scarlet down becomes a lot
5882s more POS yeah Scarlet going down Keith
5885s the ab that vulnerable so now without
5887s the support line Michael wave how do you
5889s hold on to this Mari getting separated
5891s as the deist that is just never both
5894s well Senna looking to hold on in the 1 V
5896s one against Zoe getting a bit of that
5898s deflection but still can't stay alive
5900s and that's a bit of a stagger on top of
5902s it I feel like I'm witnessing like a
5904s wild west tool both teams have been
5905s holstered for like two fights yeah they
5907s spent the the Nano overclock but
5909s drainers they don't over invest either
5911s they get the first pick they only spend
5912s Nano so now we have two teams with
5914s ultimates holstered ready to let go a
5917s barage of abilities that realistically
5919s either team could fall
5922s to really careful with the positioning
5924s here when they're trying to agress on
5925s toi just making sure to stay in the Los
5928s and very aware of those Sidelines now he
5930s sleep onto Zoe as that Dragon Blade
5933s comes through the rally from Scarlet
5935s tries to keep Zoe alive and force them
5937s through flip that point over but a
5939s little bit later Zep turn throws out the
5941s rally of their own and that overhal is
5944s going to help that team a bit more par
5946s however getting stunned now the BG to
5947s One V one Z comes out on top such a
5951s messy fight break versus Doom Mari with
5953s 80 HP just lives through it Kindred
5955s comes in gets the pick it's Tracer
5957s versus Z on point 2v one now and zo's
5959s got a clutch we just buy time for the
5961s rest of team can they get the blinks
5962s onto the point to proc overtime no
5964s santic picks off Zoe as she blinks
5967s through a 100 to 74 a massive
5971s upset for microwave and drainers
5974s drainers taking away the doomfist M this
5976s was in all of Busan the one map where
5979s you would give microwave a significant
5981s Advantage because of their capability on
5983s the doomfist composition because the
5985s rinhart doesn't play well at all on
5987s Sanctuary Kindred even flexes over to
5989s the tank and yet it's a disaster for for
5991s Mich wave Mari gets first picked what
5993s three fights in a row on the doomfist
5995s you would never expect that out of Mari
5997s but nevertheless here we are we shift on
6000s over to Mecha base and Kindred staying
6002s on the doomfist I expected it on
6005s Sanctuary but to get a shift to the
6008s doomfist on on Mecha base is wild for
6012s drainers but I guess it might just be a
6014s stick to what's working mentality for
6016s them right if they're already winning
6017s the game there's no need to shift over
6019s to that signature composition quite yet
6022s yeah I mean it's also a part of not
6024s bling to reveal the cards a little bit
6026s too early they are well known to play
6028s that competition and maybe they just
6030s don't want too much of that VOD footage
6032s now starting off the second map it seems
6034s like drainers are looking to get that
6036s first point capture right as unlock Mari
6042s over forward Scarlet over extends though
6046s microwave getting kicked apart on this
6048s High Ground look at this they're taking
6050s bits off the turkey bone from
6052s Thanksgiving last week like this is pick
6055s after pick after pick for drainers
6058s Michael wave don't know where to look
6059s there's a Genji behind them a doomfist
6060s in front of them and and somehow like a
6062s brri ends up in their backline at the
6064s same time this is ridiculously
6066s impressive traded aggro by
6069s drainers have such good control right
6072s now and they're switching over to the
6073s Genji pick on far as well and it's
6075s already 80% up to the Dragon Blade this
6077s is such good pacing on the ultimate and
6080s we talked about the sigma Doom match up
6082s a little bit here and doomfist does play
6084s well into the sigma like we said before
6086s I mean Kindred gets a little bit of
6087s Health G down but there's just so much
6090s sustain coming from Diner's side par
6092s might be in a little bit of Danger
6094s trying to escape oh no par is fine yeah
6097s and again it's that long sideline for
6098s the Anna the traded aggro I was talking
6100s about when par is getting pushed out
6102s that's when Senna and kred look to dive
6103s in and then right as they go down it's
6105s the blade coming out again this rotating
6108s of the aggression from drainers allows
6110s them to tank that damage allows them to
6113s eat that aggression from Michel wave and
6115s completely absorb it firing back with a
6117s counter punch stronger than other yeah
6120s that was just so clean from par the
6123s sport right there from zepter as well
6126s keeping the sustain up making sure that
6128s Inspire is being pro it is just so well
6131s coordinated on this second duck map from
6133s trainers and their ultimate tasting Is
6136s So Good Michael wave they need to find
6137s something to counter they have that
6139s blizzard entally but immediately forcing
6141s out the immortality field from Keith and
6143s now view left once again that b piece
6146s vulnerable the dive goes down the meteor
6148s strike as well Keith Falls and now they
6150s have to rely on that on carlet on the
6152s Lucio but there's just no time they're
6155s just being walled out but they can't get
6157s into the point you you know the anime
6159s fights where like the person's basically
6161s just a line across the screen and
6162s they're like Ping ponging a million
6164s places that's what drers are and
6166s microwave just like trying to keep up
6167s but they they have no clue the five
6169s members of drainers rotate so so quickly
6171s and so often that microwave doesn't know
6174s where the target is at this time they
6175s zero in on that an in the backline but
6177s not before death is traded out on
6179s trainers cut off the rotation most of
6182s microwave but we'll see if they can
6184s actually capitalize if things get dirty
6186s the dive composition plays a lot better
6189s Diner's in a fantastic position here to
6191s finish off Mario he's only got 250 HP
6193s the bra just holding sheld for dear life
6194s Mario's able to pick them off before
6195s going down with 18 HP they are not long
6197s for life either draer and Kindred on the
6200s Doom is finish off the opposing side in
6205s no more than two maps on the compeition
6209s that they were touted de
6211s playing and I mean I there is just no
6215s way toate how well drainers played this
6218s second submap but that first map they
6220s were able to take it away Kindred I felt
6222s like had such good awareness of those
6224s sight lines of the length of that first
6226s Sanctuary map as well where the Anna was
6229s positioned and making sure to stay in
6230s within line of sight and that the
6232s brigita was always there to make sure to
6234s save off that pressure from the backline
6236s when both of them were playing that dive
6238s and it we talked a lot about the
6240s backline of Michael wave and how strong
6242s that could have been but I feel like the
6244s backline of drainers cannot be
6246s understated they did incredibly well on
6249s Busan yeah their positioning was dead on
6251s I mean you know they came in with a plan
6252s here but I have to give credit where D
6254s like you talked about the first sub map
6255s was like it was good but realistically I
6257s think you could put a lot of that down
6258s to overextensions by microwave and Mario
6261s in particular who again you expect to
6263s perform very well on the doomfist No No
6264s shade like normally extremely good but
6266s getting first pick three times in a row
6268s yeah that's going to lose a submap for
6270s you right and then you look over at the
6271s other side map number two completely
6273s different story fing Michael waiver came
6275s in with a strong plan they came with a
6276s good composition from the sigma and they
6278s got picked apart I mean drainers took
6282s them for a walk there there was no way
6285s that they could look that was the
6287s appropriate way to look when dealing
6289s with dive coming from this many angles
6291s incredible stuff from drainers I cannot
6293s overate it and I'm still honestly not
6295s even 100% sure this is what they would
6297s normally run on that map I think if they
6299s lost that first map decisively in the
6300s doomfist mirror I think there's a very
6302s strong chance that we saw something like
6304s a Reinhardt like a junker Queen on Mecha
6306s base but because they won that first map
6308s and they said hey look if we get
6309s mirrored here we we know we can win like
6312s there's no reason to go for this swap
6313s again because that doomfist composition
6314s does play so well into the sigma like we
6317s see here yeah I mean and they were able
6320s to force down the cool downs from the
6321s Baptist especially so effectively and
6324s when they were trying to rotate in with
6326s the gravitic flux and the sound barrier
6329s they just got cut off at the knees and
6330s then all of a sudden you have Mari
6332s trying to sustain into this doomfist and
6334s they were able to find one but the rest
6336s of the squad rotated in so quickly just
6338s really nicely done from drainers it was
6341s really impressive now we have some
6342s head-to-head death versus Senna s doing
6345s just a little bit more damage but the
6347s elims and the final blows that's really
6350s the sword Point here on Busan yeah I
6352s mean I think this is like it's a weird
6354s difference right because they're both of
6356s course doing the damage but one of them
6357s is doing a lot more damage into the
6358s backline Senna of course with those
6360s eliminations I think likely just pulled
6362s ahead in the second map more than
6363s anything it was probably pretty even
6365s coming out of Busan but the second that
6367s second map came up Inc Senna had
6369s basically Infinite Space to do whatever
6371s they wanted that's when things become a
6373s real problem with the soj because I
6375s imagine I mean death spent most of their
6376s time just like shooting a doomfist right
6378s that's a lot of that damage which unless
6381s the doomfist dies it's basically
6382s non-existent right so this is not
6385s necessarily a function of like who's
6386s better at soj so much as you see the
6388s effects of how much space each player's
6390s team respectively were making and just
6392s how much more there was for
6396s drainers is just going to be I'm I'm
6399s really interested to see what hybrid map
6402s they're going to pick onto this next one
6404s I mean you said is Midtown really an
6406s option we all love and know King's Row
6409s but seeing how that first map when maybe
6411s they want to I no I think it's Midtown
6413s actually like yeah Kings Midtown okay
6417s forw map but Midtown for Ryan cter curse
6421s I would say would have been a little bit
6423s worse for the Reinhardt but okay we're
6425s going King's Row I mean it look it's a
6428s classic Reinhardt map it is a very good
6430s Sigma map there there is of course that
6432s I thought Midtown was going to come out
6433s though because it kind of counterpicks
6434s drainers a little bit more effectively
6436s but if the reinhardt's not what you're
6437s worried about if you just want to play
6438s to your strength and your comfortability
6440s I do think Kings Row does make plenty of
6442s sense I think it was just shaky footing
6445s from Michael wave they weren't expecting
6447s to lose that first sub map and after
6449s that when they switch over to the sigma
6450s the Doom composition just plays so well
6453s into it and that backline felt like such
6455s a sore point they were always being
6457s isolated especially with the dive
6458s compositions and sigma just wasn't able
6460s to effectively protect them in that comp
6463s now moving on to Kings Row I'm wondering
6465s if we see something similar especially
6467s out of Michael wave because they are a
6469s team that has been playing a lot of
6470s doomfist in the
6472s scrims I I don't know man you've got to
6474s be so shaken up the second you lose the
6476s Doom head-to-head when you're the Doom
6478s team is like you you just start
6480s panicking you know so you pull out a
6482s sigma in the next map and then the sigma
6484s doesn't work and now you're like well
6485s what do we do now man like now they play
6487s the Reinhardt now they now they play
6489s Reinhardt over yeah that would be the
6492s real giggy Chad move come on Mari come
6495s on no it's back to the Doom okay I don't
6498s this do this junkrat real junkrat real I
6501s mean junk I I like junk on Kings I like
6503s Hanzo more Hanzo is just better junk to
6505s be mostly realistic but okay yeah so as
6509s expected drainers making SP this was the
6512s worry though with Kings Row and it
6513s always was right when you pick Kings you
6515s open up to the rinhart Midtown little
6518s bit longer ranges a little bit harder
6519s for the Reinhardt to properly get in in
6520s a lot of those
6522s situations but here on Kings drainers
6524s are kind of free to do whatever they
6525s want while they won that doomfist mirror
6526s prior and I'm sure they're probably
6528s comfortable running into that mirror
6530s they hear it on on the other side and
6531s they swap to what's comfortable for them
6532s after that map one is passed it is
6534s gloves
6538s off or not wait a minute wait why do
6541s they do this they swwa to like three
6542s different compositions and right at the
6543s last second back to the okay the
6545s justification here being we beat you on
6547s the doomfist before we'll beat you on do
6550s it is it is that straightforward as
6551s Larry the Cable Guy would say if it
6553s ain't broke don't fix it okay yeah let's
6556s go after that backline but par
6558s immediately gets slept this is really
6560s well done from Michael wave to defend
6562s that backline scarlet and Keith now
6564s already opening up the picks and this is
6566s what they expect to do again a large bit
6568s of the pain was just slight
6570s overextensions by Mari that were being
6572s punished by drainers really effectively
6574s if they have in between those Maps a
6576s quick little hey just reel it back in a
6578s little bit it's an easy fix it is an
6581s easy fix in theory and they can just
6582s peel away this drainer dive I feel a
6585s little bit like we know doomfist Buffs
6588s are coming we're practicing we're ready
6590s for the next next
6592s patch a traded oh Keith eats it is it an
6596s onog Gap does Keith go down oh Keith
6598s goes down it's an autogap santic wins
6600s that duel kred gets into the backline
6602s and now it's the problem I mean how does
6603s microwave ever come back from this 3v5
6605s they're getting hunted down and I don't
6607s think there's any real recourse shot
6610s they they're just all in this little
6612s Corridor and what a whip shot that was
6614s just like a long rying yeah
6617s yep well they're they have pretty much
6620s have to let go of this point they don't
6622s really have a good way of getting back
6623s to it especially with the immobility of
6625s the back line thus far and that's very
6628s easily headed onto that second
6632s capture card unlocked on the second
6634s Point let's take a look at the ultimate
6635s charge because that's what really tells
6637s us the story of this one who has the
6639s ultimates to break or hold this choke
6640s point honestly it looks pretty even the
6642s big difference though is that the Nano
6643s is a lot closer for santic which means
6645s that the nanoade is a lot closer to
6648s being online though with this meteor
6650s strike Mari might be able to get
6651s something done by going far into this
6653s backline and trying to seek out someone
6654s like a setic like a
6656s Senna we're almost able to take down
6658s Kindred but the retreat was there now
6660s stuck into the choke seeing how they try
6662s and get through Zoe does have a dragon
6664s blade and they're going to go for it
6666s trying to get onto that backline par
6668s however with the Dragon Blade of their
6670s own taking down both death now Scarlet
6672s left over has the rally but isn't able
6674s to use it it's drainers all the way able
6677s to get the team kill and now push past
6679s that first
6681s oh it's really bad it so it came down
6683s ultimates who got to break that choke
6684s point it was like 10% ahead on Nano for
6687s santic that that did it that made the
6688s difference but on the other side
6691s microwave they spent they spent blade
6693s they don't have nanoade for this fight
6695s they don't get there like oh we get our
6696s one back after you use yours they're
6698s going to have to try and Nano overclock
6699s which again not always so easy but death
6702s looked good on it before Zoe down though
6704s now 45 it's more disasters falling apart
6706s here for Michael
6708s wave now kindri gets that high ground
6711s with the meteor strike I mean you get
6713s the meteor strike out of Kindred at the
6714s very least but look at the pacing
6716s they're still having that overclock they
6718s still have that rally on the other side
6719s both support ultimates but what are they
6721s supposed to Nano here especially now
6724s that the overclock goes through you see
6726s that Nano go through both support
6727s ultimates use saving off all that
6729s pressure but drainers they are just
6731s using that rally death is able to take
6733s down zepter now relying on santic for
6735s the sustain Santa goes through and
6737s drainers they're going to have to back
6738s off of this one lots of deflection but
6741s with that anti Michael way finally
6743s stopped the bleeding yeah bit of
6744s miscommunication on Diner's side they
6746s knew the Nano overclock was coming and
6748s it looked like most of the team tried to
6750s disengage but Zurn was like no we're
6751s rallying we're going in we're going to
6753s kill
6754s this and then it was just z turn and all
6757s of a sudden things got really awkward uh
6760s but theage idea was pretty good right
6762s try to make real quick yeah yeah exactly
6766s could have bashed out but again this is
6768s a minor missing play now an overclock
6771s forward from Senna looks to punish what
6773s they think is overextension on Mari and
6775s they do get Mari but nothing more oh my
6778s God wait trainers they were able to get
6780s one but the way that santic was dancing
6782s around with Senna in that little
6785s Corridor and was able to win that one
6787s out even with the overclock active
6789s nicely done by
6791s keep now as the dust settles from a very
6794s awkward fight actually get a couple open
6796s coming back online the Nano blade is not
6798s there for drainers the Nano boost is too
6800s far to make it a reliable combo so it's
6801s likely a dry blade in with a regular
6803s engage and there's no real response from
6804s microwave they're just going to have to
6806s try and deny this Blade the value that
6808s it probably deserves but if par can find
6811s one with the blade here it will be
6813s enough yeah par I mean has been really
6815s good on these blades Kindred first of
6817s fall that's going to be another stall
6819s though they don't want to engage this
6820s fight without tank the disengage comes
6822s through and the antibiotic nade already
6824s being used yeah a lot of random kills
6827s that I mean realistically shouldn't be
6828s happening just small overextensions in
6829s theal
6830s whether it be nerves or miscommunication
6832s it is errors but they're constantly
6835s being punished both teams are diligent
6836s and looking for opportunities to catch
6838s other players out but the name of this
6840s fight hasn't really changed it's all
6842s about that initial
6844s blade oh the anti lands onto the players
6847s and there's just the followup from Mari
6849s nicely done santic already down par
6852s looking to trade something back that's
6854s actually good Mari now falling drainer
6856s should be able to engage easily and
6858s there's par with the blade now being
6860s anti having to disengage a little bit
6861s further blad's going to run out without
6863s a pick but there's still that flank
6865s potential Scarlet however finding
6866s Kindred now without a tank as Mari is
6868s coming back from a closer spawn both
6870s rallies looking to try and force the
6872s fight forward it's a really messy fight
6875s now three players of ders this rally got
6877s no value I mean Zep popped it and just
6880s like was forced to back up the entire
6881s time they thought they had numbers but
6883s microwave with a spawn Advantage were
6885s the ones who had it in the end and now
6886s look at the ultimate situation it's
6888s desperate for drainers nanom meteor
6889s strike is is nothing in the face of Nano
6892s overclock meteor strike for the opposing
6893s side how do you win this fight you need
6895s to find a pick but it's not happening
6897s santic is the one getting picked off
6900s yeah santic falling with the Nano in the
6902s back pocket still 30 seconds left over
6904s death however raining Hellfire from
6907s above able to get a few lot of damage
6909s down with that overclock Kindred however
6912s as the rest of the squad is being
6913s separated Now using that meteor strike
6916s looking for the pick trying to chase
6918s down death can't find instead going for
6921s the re-engage now looking for death take
6924s down God oh take down the so but it's
6928s not enough they're stunned and now
6930s overclock or the overtime comes through
6933s they're trying to use zepter to try and
6935s get through they need some kind of sound
6937s barrier need some kind of sustain
6938s they're dancing around that point the
6940s team is coming back now now the
6942s overclock comes through from Senna finds
6943s Scarlet they're taking down one of the
6945s supports already now they just need to
6947s find Zoe Zoe is forced to back off and
6949s they should be able to capture at this
6951s point mari's coming back on through
6953s trying to dive onto that back line but
6955s there's no ultimates to come through
6957s it's just a dry fight and both sides
6959s Kindred is able to take down the tank
6961s without tank now Michael wave they have
6962s to find some way to force themselves
6964s forwards but there's no ultimates
6965s nothing in the back pocket and they're
6967s able to finally capture that second
6969s Point trainers have got it and they they
6971s got to be thinking Senna time and time
6973s again for that initial opener right the
6975s the so and was kind of your only chance
6979s at getting in there and boy did they now
6982s Michel wave set to defend a one minute
6984s time egg this seems very doable
6985s considering that they've been playing
6986s good OverWatch for pretty much the
6988s entire rest of the map I I have had very
6990s few complaints about the way this team
6992s has been playing but the swaps across
6994s the board are a plenty over to Winston
6996s for microw wave over to the junker Queen
6998s for Kindred a very powerful pick in
7000s their hands how do you out brawl this
7002s when they've got a sound barrier to
7004s engage on you with yeah Zep was able to
7007s build up that sound barrier so quickly
7009s and now santic building up the kitune
7011s rush as well they're forcing the tempo
7013s as far forward as they can with those
7015s two ultimate sound barrier immediately
7017s going down as Zoe Pops that Dragon Blade
7019s how are they supposed to find a pick
7021s here oh but Senna goes down and now you
7024s have Zoe in the back line trying to
7026s contend with these two supports and
7027s they're able to find all of them Zoe
7030s immediately clutching that back with the
7032s team kill it it's an ultimate disaster
7034s again I mean they spent sound barrier
7036s for a blade like that the Nano still
7040s there Nano monkey is now the problem
7042s that diners have to deal with and if you
7044s look at the the percentages at the top
7045s of their thing there's no check marks
7047s there's no shiny blue thing there's
7048s nothing to deal with this Nano Winston
7050s or the Nano oh overclock the Nano
7054s overclock comes through Mari immediately
7056s takes down par DPS line down Zurn goes
7058s down Kindred has nothing to sustain and
7060s they get 40 m in to third point this is
7065s not bad at all on Michael wave side you
7067s were kind of seeing them starting to
7069s come together they're try they're
7071s getting the coordination and it seems
7073s like they're getting a lot more space as
7075s well a few small overextensions on drer
7077s side heavily punished yeah I well I mean
7080s I think the difficulty is one of two
7083s things one is that the Nanos on
7084s microwave side have been insanely
7086s effective because death has just been a
7088s monster uh when they've been pocketed
7090s for a lot of this right but then on the
7092s other side drers just couldn't get a
7093s clean fight engage on B I mean it it I I
7096s think they would hold themselves to the
7098s fact that it probably shouldn't have
7099s taken them that long to get that one
7100s fight right they had blade they weren't
7102s proactive enough with it they got
7103s engaged on they got engaged on again and
7105s then they got picked in their time bank
7107s just got chipped down to nothing so B
7110s was just kind of a particularly ugly
7112s point for drainers and they know they
7113s can clean it up here because again there
7115s a team that we know has the capability
7117s to put up some really solid OverWatch
7119s when you're playing in these Doom
7120s mirrors you can't really take anything
7121s for granted okay I think they found out
7124s monkey was working so they're going to
7126s be sticking with the Winston pick here
7132s I like it on the attacking side on
7133s defense the problem is the attackers
7135s will just swap Bastion but on attack the
7137s Defenders don't really have that
7138s privilege so it does feel a little bit
7140s more warranted in this
7143s position yeah so-called freethinkers
7145s when they see a monkey as soon as they
7147s get that reset off it's going to be
7148s Bastion in but drainers they can't
7150s really be afford to let that go over on
7153s the defense Kindra still on the
7156s doomfist seeing if they can get
7158s something done early
7161s yeah the Poke battle again one that I
7163s I'm giving a slight Edge to death too
7165s because they've been so fantastic this
7168s mapers looking for the magic that made
7170s Mecha base work but I'm not sure they
7172s can find that consistent tradeoff of
7174s aggression in the dive that they were
7175s able to when the point was a little more
7178s circle
7179s shaped yeah with the walls to climb on
7181s over Senna however finding that pick
7183s Keith also taken down par as a trade but
7187s if you want to trade DPS for DPS they
7189s can do that they don't mind Mari still
7191s looking on The High Ground Keith having
7193s to peek out and away for a little while
7195s looking to get the sight lines onto the
7197s enemy Anna and get land that anti does
7200s so goes down oh that was nicely done I
7203s mean Keith ruined Senna the anti nade
7205s hit into the followup it was funny cuz
7207s Mari went to dive after the anti nade
7209s and it was dead before they hit the
7210s ground it was there was no recourse for
7213s the soj and a clean Fight Win does bode
7216s well for uh for Michael wave here I
7218s think a lot of that comes down to them
7219s that early pick right because that pick
7222s comes through you know you have spawn
7223s Advantage as the attacking side so they
7225s reset quicker they gain the space and
7226s then used it to find another pick on to
7228s Center there's not really too much else
7229s to it now it's about getting through
7230s that choke and trying to utilize the
7232s ultimate advantage that they've garnered
7233s because again they have that Nano they
7235s have that overclock drainers can't
7236s really step up here and microw wave know
7238s it ah that Kindred mirroring the Winston
7242s now but they weren't able to get the
7243s sight lines has Kindred dropped in and
7245s now santic goes down immediately to
7247s Keith this is just a support trade and
7250s the Stagger as well should allow them to
7252s get a lot of progress on this point he's
7254s a bit of a problem I'm not going to lie
7256s that's that's two really useful picks
7258s coming out from an an and it's only
7260s making the ultimate situation worse it's
7262s not like this damage is being healed up
7264s it's just picks right so the sports
7266s aren't really getting old charged
7267s drainers aren't moving towards any
7269s answer to what microwave are about to
7270s offer up whether it's on the soj or the
7272s Winston it will be
7274s dangerous yeah Senna and death in this
7276s one V one you have to give the edge to
7278s death I mean they are getting the Nano
7280s overclocks here as well but it's just
7282s the value that they're able to get from
7284s these overclocks Now Keith having that
7286s Nano in trying to keep death alive for
7290s the fight now using the overclock trying
7291s to shred through the health of the Nano
7294s Winston able to get out with the Primal
7296s Rage but still an ultimate expended for
7298s nearly no value and now you have an Anna
7301s just isolated oh my God Zurn comes in
7303s time death goes down though and the
7305s rally from both sides staving off the
7308s pressure there's the primal rage to come
7310s through as well and Par finding Scarlet
7313s still a very messy fight bubble goes
7315s down dancing in and out and drainers
7317s finally come out on top real nicely done
7320s by drainers I mean it was a defensive
7321s fight for them they wanted to just play
7323s a little proactive gain that space and
7325s then keep Kindred alive through the Nano
7327s because you're trading it for a nano
7328s overclock on the other side it is
7329s efficient for drainers now they're up
7331s two DPS ultimates to one yes there's a
7334s Primal Rage there for Mari but the DPS
7335s ultimate a little bit more impactful in
7338s this situation
7339s see if they can leverage that into
7341s another fight win
7343s here they really zeroed in on trying to
7345s get sanx out of that fight and Z came in
7348s just in time to take down death which
7349s really snowballed that fight for Diner's
7352s favor now looking for another defensive
7354s fight with both the ultimates in the
7356s pocket Mari has the Primal Rage to get
7359s things started but it's going to be
7361s death to once again start the engagement
7363s par needs to find some way to engage
7366s back but they cannot par immediately
7368s goes down to Scarlet and santic is only
7371s going to be able to trade back with a
7372s kill but it doesn't stop Michael W from
7375s pushing forward yeah I think santic
7376s going down here kind of kills any chance
7378s of a recontest save for maybe a absolute
7381s final second one is that a monkey going
7382s down oh I thought for sure that was an
7385s environmental now it's Mari continuing
7388s the storm forward for Michael wave a
7390s two3 time back at the end of be here and
7392s the jugle off absolutely no contest for
7394s you no sh 4 minutes on the clock two
7398s ultimates a nano and a Blade with
7399s Diner's name on it to send this card
7402s over the victory box yeah Michael wave
7405s they have such good Pace every single
7408s fight after fight they've just been
7410s snowballing and you have Kindred trying
7412s to peek in but they just get shredded so
7415s quickly especially with death on this
7417s ter it's not quite a Bastion but that
7419s soj can still put out the DPS at close
7422s range in these dive style compositions
7425s melave have got to be more proactive we
7427s can't we can't keep holding neutral we
7429s have had an ultimate Advantage alas they
7432s they wait they buy their time and it
7434s just means that they lose a player early
7436s s is able to step forward with the Nano
7438s boost microwave kind of miss an
7440s opportunity for an early nanoade along
7443s with that aggression I want to see a
7444s proper dive here unless they're trying
7446s to wait it out for like Nano overclock
7448s on death which has been really
7449s consistent for them I I see no reason to
7452s not be proactive in this
7454s instance yeah they I mean Zoe has also
7458s been doing some magic here and there is
7460s the Nano blade Zoe going in on the
7463s backline it is just immediate how does
7465s kindred stay alive how does kindred
7467s sustain the Primal Rage just a second
7470s too late and there is nothing to do for
7473s drainers Michael wave taken King's
7476s Row nicely done it was a bit of a slog
7479s at the end of the day to get that cart
7481s to where they want it to be it felt like
7482s neither team wanted to look for
7484s proactive fights which was kind of weird
7486s considering the way that the the first
7488s map went which is kind of both teams
7491s juggling claim over the proactive fight
7495s now on Kings roow there was a lot of
7496s situations where we saw teams with
7498s ultimate advantages being unwilling to
7500s kind of step forward and make that all
7502s in play on the dive composition but at
7504s the end of the day that's what it
7506s actually took to win the map that final
7508s play stepping up being the team to all
7511s in on the dive and send that nanoade in
7513s was what won it for Michael wave and
7514s honestly I think that's what won it for
7516s a lot of their fights they were
7517s proactive in their defensive B and I
7519s that was one of the best that we've
7520s actually seen them over the course of
7521s the series and then proactive with that
7523s final C take it's really nice to see
7526s yeah they really found their footing in
7529s this map and I think they might be
7531s running a lot more of the doomfist and
7534s the Winston and I mean the wind the
7536s doomfist really found the footing here
7538s as well Kindred felt like they were just
7541s a little bit of a step behind Mari she
7543s was able to get a lot of value on this
7546s doom vist and now headed on to the next
7548s one we looking at a flash point now yeah
7551s and flash point I think actually plays
7553s super cool because I think both these
7554s teams can actually run exactly what they
7556s wanted to if you want to play that Ry
7559s into the doomfist it's absolutely there
7561s the map plays well for Russia if you
7563s want to play the doomfist M plays great
7565s for doomfist as well and I'm sure that's
7568s exactly what Mari wants to go to Mari
7571s like you said uh a bit of a Redemption
7573s run on the doomfist and I have to give
7575s credit where it do it was a lot better
7576s than it looked on map number one yeah
7579s and the DPS of of Michael wave as well
7583s felt like they were on fire during Kings
7585s Row especially on that attacking side
7587s where they were given so much space just
7589s being able to follow up and the backline
7591s as well the entire of the entirety of
7594s Michael waves team they really shaped up
7596s during this map last map we were giving
7598s a lot of credit to the support line of
7600s drainers and I think that Michael wave
7603s maybe didn't like being shown up like
7604s that no in in map number three I think
7607s it's going to be even harder to to
7609s consistently throw that back in Michael
7611s wave's face because the map counter pick
7613s isn't necessarily a strong on flasho in
7615s all the talk that I've had with Pros
7617s with contenders players with calling all
7618s heroes players the general consensus
7620s with flasho is that getting M pick on
7622s flasho it it matters to some degree
7624s right there's some kind of change in
7626s play style across the maps but because
7628s there's so many points on each of the
7629s map and the points can play so
7630s differently and so varied kind of on
7633s average you're feeling pretty similar
7635s about most of them and so if I'm microw
7637s wave I'm saying okay yeah we won that
7639s and they get the map pick but it's not
7641s the end of the world whether we go
7642s surasa or whether we go junker toown
7644s kind of immaterial at this point for
7646s what comps are going to be played and
7647s how the map's going to kind of go down
7650s yeah Sasa we haven't seen the Reinhardt
7652s composition out of drainers yet and
7654s that's basically what they are known for
7656s so I'm wondering if we're going to see
7658s the uh the Reinhardt just yet serasa and
7662s these flash point in general those long
7664s rotations with the Reinhardt it can be a
7666s little bit difficult to close that Gap
7668s so you kind of need to bring out a few
7670s supplementaries you bring out the Lucio
7672s you bring out the Baptist yeah I I
7674s expect JQ a little bit more than I
7676s expect the Reinhard here just because
7677s the JQ has that better sustain has the
7679s range to deal with some of the trickier
7681s issues that surasa on certain points can
7684s offer up uh they could kind of swap back
7686s and forth depending on what point
7687s they're on but I don't see them
7689s realistically doing that but like you
7691s said whether it's the Reinhard whether
7692s it's the junker Queen I think this is
7693s where we go back to Our Roots if we're
7695s drainers and we try to get that brawl
7697s through yeah I'm wondering as well if we
7701s are going to see um if we are it's
7704s there's no way to tie on flasho if I'm
7707s correct so we are we are not going to be
7709s getting the burrito eating from this
7711s matchup at least we're done with the
7713s hybrid you're you're safe you're safe
7714s door this map can go very long though I
7717s I I did a bit on my stream when I was
7719s co- streaming where I put a marshmallow
7720s in my mouth while I was casting for
7722s every elim on a map and I I've done it
7724s for a couple map types now it's never
7725s fun right but doing it over the course
7728s of a fivepoint flash point map might be
7731s the most hellish experience I've had in
7733s my entire life okay it you look like a
7735s chipmunk by the end so it might not be a
7737s it might not be a draw but this map can
7740s go very very long and for honestly for
7743s the sake of this series for what these
7745s two teams have been putting up they
7746s deserve a whole match both of them have
7748s I I think had their shaky moments but
7750s adapted phenomenally to both their own
7753s play style and the way this this match
7756s is shaping up because it's a very
7757s unorthodox map adaptation
7759s is the name of the game and it's only a
7761s three map series normally we talk about
7763s adaptation on the scale of five map
7765s Series right over the course of a big AR
7767s but over three Maps we've seen what like
7770s a bajillion different compositions
7771s offered up we saw the sigma we saw the
7773s doomfist we saw the Winston various DPS
7775s changes behind them and we know the
7777s Reinhardt is still on the table and it's
7779s only been two maps so far there is so
7782s much this series so I hope we I hope we
7785s get all five here it deserves all five
7790s there
7792s [Music]
7793s was yeah well we are starting on surasa
7797s as soon as possible and these long
7800s rotations like we're talking about the
7802s adjustments that can come out from
7804s flasho it's a little bit shaky because
7806s neither team really has spawn advantage
7809s on these points it's more like if you're
7810s losing then you rotate to the next point
7812s a little bit quicker and it's harder to
7815s counterpick in these types of
7817s matchups yeah it well I think it's a
7820s little bit harder to counter pick just
7821s because you don't know your team is or
7823s what the opposing side's going to come
7824s out on both teams have shown so much
7825s flexibility and so much willingness to
7827s come out we talk about like okay to me
7830s in my opinion this is probably time to
7832s like look at something like the junker
7833s Queen and try and stick to your guns but
7836s for these teams and what they've been
7837s playing remember they played a match
7839s before this so that kind of plays into
7840s their psyche as well and what they think
7843s works today there is entirely the chance
7845s that drainers come back out on the
7847s doomfist right that they try to mirror
7848s that map composition again there's
7850s entirely a chance that we get the sigma
7852s composition coming out again it's all
7854s kind of up in the air at this point and
7857s it's not just the technicalities of
7858s what's good on this map what's good in
7859s this match up it's also what are these
7861s teams feeling comfortable on right now
7862s where do they feel that they're
7864s struggling the most and what can they do
7866s to kind of supplement that as much as
7870s possible I mean the junker Queen
7872s composition that we saw at the very end
7873s of King's Row where we saw the junker
7875s Queen come out with Lucio KIRO I think
7878s that was kind of a good shout to force
7880s that pacing forward that they needed
7882s they needed that kind of tempo but
7883s because Michael wave had already built
7885s up so much momentum especially Zoe
7887s already having the Dragon Blade and
7889s already in the backline just in the
7890s faces of the KIRO of the Lucio and there
7892s was no way for them to sustain through
7894s because they didn't have the ultimates
7895s up it was a really tough one for
7898s drainers to try and pull back at the end
7900s now headed on to this next one it's a
7902s symmetra to get them out and instead
7906s Tracer miror and it's a racer from
7909s drainers drainers relied pretty heavily
7911s on that nanoade to get them fight wins I
7913s I would understand it if it was Michael
7914s wave and Zoe swapping right because Zoe
7917s didn't really get many Nanos on the on
7918s the Genji you're not really playing
7919s towards it but they were playing towards
7921s pars Genji Now where's this Nano going
7924s off onto Senna now Senna wasn't getting
7926s them before so now it's a new test that
7928s they kind of have to pass to prove that
7929s they can use that ultimate
7931s effectively had dead fight a little poke
7933s fight see if one of these teams can get
7934s a pick far on the back foot getting
7935s forced away on the Tracer but Zep who
7937s goes down first
7939s and now once again Michael wave are able
7942s to get value onto the back line and the
7944s tank Santa finding a way to stay alive
7946s zoing getting so much healing from the
7948s back line and they have to find a way to
7950s make sure santic doesn't get isolated by
7953s this geni oh oh the deflection on the
7955s sleep that was so good from zoee I mean
7958s this Genji has been shaping up to look
7960s so good for Michael wave and I like it I
7963s I love a Genji that can play without
7964s Nano I I always talk about uh Sparkles
7967s Genji being kind of the originator when
7969s he was playing on the Dallas fuel of
7971s like throwing in naked blades and
7972s instead just ning somebody else on your
7974s team and like blad yeah if if you're if
7976s you're Genji gets one with the naked
7977s blade great if he just doesn't die and
7979s make space great like this is what zo is
7982s doing a lot of the time and doing it
7983s really effectively being a great
7984s supportive Genji player and setting up
7986s plays for the rest of the team I mean
7988s that's a bit of what we saw from par on
7990s Busan but ever since the attacking first
7993s point of King's Row we haven't seen Har
7996s have that same kind of brilliance and
7998s now we have the Nano boots already
7999s coming through from Keith it's on to
8001s Mari and it's just to make sure that
8002s they hold on to this point as rers
8004s funnel in through the choke trying to
8006s get rid of Zurn but they're going to
8008s stay alive Mari needs some sustain needs
8010s some way to get back into the losos of
8012s the supports and it's going to be the
8013s meteor strike from kred to take down
8015s Keith Keith goes down but it's not in
8017s time for the flash point they have to
8019s rotate to the next one instead and
8021s already they've already invested the
8023s rally into a point that they lost I'm
8025s going to like hesitantly throw out a C9
8027s question mark but but I'm not 100% sure
8029s was I think it I think it was just a bit
8030s of a messy fight microwave though get
8033s first di at that next Point are we
8035s typing are we typing can I can we un
8037s chat did they type oh I always want to
8038s know I want the juice I'm I'm such a I'm
8041s such a a drama farmer I love I love
8044s seeing the smack talks but nevertheless
8046s a reality television host look man you
8049s seen these players you know them for so
8050s long you just you just want to know what
8052s they're saying you know Michael wave
8054s though got that double DPS all loaded up
8056s on the other hand though drainers have
8057s the Nano boost so see can use it more
8059s effectively or if the bri can disengage
8061s these ultim effectively with that
8063s rally yeah I mean it was just
8065s unfortunate in the in the rally fight as
8069s well losing it in the last one now Zurn
8070s are going to go ahead and Pop That rally
8073s force them through both support
8074s ultimates now coming as Kindred is the
8076s nanoboost target s is able to take down
8079s Keith and now death as well Mari going
8081s off the edge and now Michael wave they
8084s are falling over themselves like
8086s Domino's par looking to clean up the
8088s last pit yeah really nicely planned by
8089s drainers they knew they were playing
8091s into a team that wanted to dive them
8093s they knew they had the rally Advantage
8095s microwave pressing all their jump
8096s buttons the response Rally from Zep turn
8099s piece of cake the respond with a couple
8100s more ultimates to make sure the health
8101s bars go down and everything goes to play
8103s now it's about holding though and into
8104s that Zoe blade it's not so easily
8109s done fishing for some kind of damage
8111s here already sticking Mari however with
8114s the power block is going to save off a
8116s bit of that damage from the stick and
8118s Par unfortunate doesn't get a pick off
8121s of that but draer still in good position
8123s they're already on 50% on the point but
8126s Kindred getting very low okay yeah just
8130s isolated there's nowhere to go and this
8132s should be a pretty quick clean up here
8133s for Michael wave the nice part being
8135s that they ninja hold that blade so they
8137s have the opportunity to Nano blade but
8138s again I it seems like their prerogative
8140s is to just not right throw it on Mari
8142s throw it on death they prove equally as
8144s effective and just let Zoe try and play
8146s for the
8147s one
8148s four ultimates for Michael wave now both
8151s up into the next fight 50% on the point
8153s the progress is looking good and they
8157s are trying to extend forward and cut
8159s them off at a bit higher points the
8161s blade is here it seems like Keith has an
8163s agreement with Zoe we're going to go
8164s ahead go for that nanoade once that next
8166s fight starts and Mari looking to isolate
8168s out Kindred already getting very low
8170s there's the power block and the Dragon
8172s Blade comes through immediately Z goes
8174s down what a sleep from Keith such an
8177s effective Duo here and that's going to
8179s be a clean up for a second
8181s Point wasn't it wasn't even the sleep
8183s from Keith it was San's deflected oh my
8187s not again not again yeah it's another
8190s one I think we just I think we just
8192s unbind our shift button if we're uh the
8195s drainers on right about now unlucky
8197s stuff but nevertheless you know Zoe's
8199s feeling good about that first nanoade of
8200s the day finally getting such an
8202s important resource in being able to do
8203s so much with it imbus you with a
8205s confidence unlike any other Michael wave
8207s now
8208s two points to their name are one away
8210s from flipping this series after a
8212s disappointing first map they will have
8213s brought it all the way back for a
8215s reverse sweep and a first pick on a par
8217s bodes well for that
8219s narrative yeah par going down early now
8223s Senna has to be RI on to put out the
8225s deep but keep's going down to kred that
8227s is a good shout from trainers that the
8229s meteor strike going down Mari finding so
8231s much value santic and Z both going down
8235s what can drainers do against this power
8237s is the only one left alive and they're
8239s actually almost flipping that point over
8241s but Mari is able to chase him off
8243s wouldn't have seen combo from
8245s Mari the entire punch gets the power up
8248s on the Block the reset with meteor
8250s strike finishes everybody off credit to
8252s Zoe for timing the dash through as well
8254s to lap on even more damage on top of
8256s that but some really really impressive
8258s doomfist play again night and day from
8260s map number one for Mari what an
8261s incredible
8263s turnaround yeah I mean Mari it feels
8266s like it's like kind of a warm up you
8267s know and they've just been ramping up
8269s getting better and better every single
8271s map and she's doing well but now the
8272s anti she's in a little bit of trouble
8275s needs to try and get out get the support
8276s but Kindred is able to finish off Mario
8278s good stick from bar and now Keith goes
8280s down drainers they should be able to
8282s clean up this point and flip this point
8284s over y nice little fight for drainers
8287s they're a little bit more efficient with
8288s their ultimates now coming to next one
8289s though it is back to dead even rally up
8292s against the Nano boost and again that
8294s Nano boost we saw it last time go on to
8296s Kindred was a Target for it but in a
8298s very very different position they were
8300s the ones with rally now that microwave
8302s have rally throwing the Nano boost onto
8303s Kindred likely isn't going to kill
8304s anything because of that extra armor
8306s coming from The Brak so they have to be
8308s very careful with their application of
8310s this ultimate if your drainers if you
8312s want to find Effectiveness with
8317s it or not or or you just get a that
8320s works too okay yeah sure I was going to
8323s say maybe a good anti could get them to
8325s pick here but they're just going to
8327s start things off Mari how for taking
8328s down T is not too much value especially
8331s when you kind of have basically your
8333s entire support line missing while
8336s drainers they do have both of these
8338s support
8339s ultimat that double support ultimate now
8342s they're feeling pretty comfortable they
8343s can throw that nanab boost in without
8344s feeling bad about leaving their backline
8345s alone the anti- is huge the rally
8347s response from drainers is absolutely
8349s there though and now zep's getting in on
8351s the action oh that was such an all in
8355s from Michael wave immediately staved off
8357s by the port line nicely done now they
8359s finally secure their point and they can
8360s breathe a little bit more now but it is
8362s not over yet still match point for this
8365s next flash point for Michael wave
8367s drainers they need to hold on to this
8369s momentum I like this for Michael wave
8371s though in in trading their rally in that
8373s fight they got rally and Nano boost now
8375s a significant ultimate Advantage for
8377s Michael wave and they're they only need
8379s one point it's not like they need their
8380s ultimate advantage to extend beyond that
8382s they have nanoade to take this and first
8384s tick on flash point is so important so
8386s if they win that if Zoe pulls off
8387s another 3K it is a desperate situation
8390s for trainers oh zo close to getting seta
8393s and goes down Mari now finding so much
8397s value Kindred is the only one to take
8398s down death and they have no support here
8402s Kindred going to be taken down
8404s immediately first capture chicken dinner
8406s there for
8407s Zoe and now microwave are in a beautiful
8410s position yes trainers can come in with
8412s ultimates but by the time microwave come
8413s to retake it will be last fight if
8416s microwave find a pick God forbid in any
8418s of these situations drainers while their
8420s hopes of winning this one might just go
8422s down the drain Kindred pops up looks for
8423s an
8425s engage oh now the anti is so good the
8429s meteor strike comes down santic Falls z
8432s has to find some way to sustain this
8434s squad Kindred falling as well no tank
8437s and trainers this is looking like last F
8439s territory for them Michael wave such
8441s good picks good use of the ultimates but
8444s this is kind of a neutral for the next
8445s one death might be having an overclock
8447s coming up but otherwise they don't have
8449s anything Senna has an overclock of their
8451s own and it's really going to be the
8452s Battle of that soers s's got to get it
8454s done but death starts up with the opener
8456s s now needs to pull off a miracle in
8458s this fight tries to respond an anti-
8460s gives them an opening now slowly
8462s extending for they have to be careful
8464s not to go too far or else they enter the
8465s realm of trainers but now we enter
8468s solely the realm of death and
8470s destruction overclock means even more so
8473s is picked out of the sky a win for
8476s Michael wave and first sweep on the
8480s series Michael wave what a win and death
8484s what a play living up to their name they
8487s are indeed death the angel of death you
8490s might say if you see their name up in
8492s that kill feed you know they're coming
8494s for you next this was an excellent combo
8497s by Mari you can see why they were called
8499s the doomfist team as we were heading
8502s into this one why Mari is the doomfist
8504s tank of this tournament calling all
8507s heroes be sure to see more of Michael
8509s wave you heard them say that they might
8511s have been the villains of this
8513s tournament they're evil as they said
8515s playing the doomfist as Fable said and
8517s you can see exactly why they're evil
8520s masterminds I'm not sure I've ever seen
8523s such an anime Arc over the course of
8525s only three Maps like what a return to
8528s form for microwave they played three
8531s different compositions they showed tons
8534s of different stuff they played it all
8536s fairly well and on top of trying all of
8539s those things over the course of only
8540s three Maps which again that's that's
8542s like crazy these days to have swapped
8544s comps that many times in just three Maps
8546s like that to have started off let's be
8550s real floundering it was it was like they
8552s got rolled in map number one to then
8555s turn around and have this degree of form
8557s by map number three to have the ability
8560s to pull your team back to mentally stay
8562s in it that long over having tried that
8565s many things and bashed your head into
8567s the brick wall wall that many times only
8568s to finally see it crumble at the end of
8571s s of a my God the the sheer Constitution
8576s this team must have mentally in order to
8578s stay in it that long yeah I honestly
8581s feel like I just saw this team power
8583s crawl back into the just back into the
8587s light you know because they were like
8588s coming into it they were kind of we knew
8591s that they were going to play the
8591s doomfist we weren't really sure which
8593s one of them was going to come out on top
8595s this is very close after all overall
8597s standing third and fourth this might
8598s even be considered a little bit of an
8600s upset from Michael wave considering they
8602s are fourth in the standings while
8603s drainers is third it's a very small
8606s marginal difference but the difference
8608s is still there and now Michael wave
8610s they're going to pull ahead I don't
8612s think anybody's uh upset about that
8615s match and haven't gotten to see at least
8616s all three Maps maybe one of the teams is
8618s but you know what we only get to talk to
8620s the victors right now when we get back
8621s it's your Chipotle match MVP in your
8623s Chipotle Real Talk
8626s interview
8633s [Music]
8657s [Music]
8662s [Music]
8686s oh
8689s [Music]
8707s [Applause]
8707s [Music]
8719s [Music]
8726s [Music]
8748s [Music]
8752s [Applause]
8758s [Music]
8771s [Music]
8776s la
8777s [Music]
8806s for
8808s [Music]
8853s after such a banger series we know you
8856s can't wait to find out who the Chipotle
8858s match MVP is for this one and I am
8861s really excited to announce it is Zoe we
8864s saw Zoe play a lot of that Genji and it
8867s was so good and so solid especially in
8870s that last match with some really
8873s exciting plays to come through I feel
8875s like this is the kind of Genji as well
8876s that can go so hidden under the radar I
8879s love talking about supportive DPS
8881s players it it they've throughout history
8883s I think gone underappreciated but being
8885s able to play Genji without having Nano
8887s for your blades being able to find those
8888s right dive timings with your tank and
8890s back up your sojourn at the right time
8892s Zoe was there constantly she was a real
8896s issue for the opposing decided to deal
8897s with even if she wasn't necessarily
8898s always in the kill feed which absolutely
8901s she was in that final map what a
8903s performance from the Genji to close
8905s things out deflex left right and Center
8907s as well two deflected sleeps for a
8910s couple of style points as well I I think
8912s there may be a boat in here somewhere in
8914s this little replay package for that be
8916s quiet silent play of the
8918s day I mean Zoe just did so well on these
8922s Maps the deflected sleeps were just the
8924s cherry on top of the cake that allowed
8927s them to reverse sweep this and we also
8930s have a few head-to heads for you we
8932s cannot understate the value that the
8935s entirety of Michael wave was having
8937s especially their DPS line you saw their
8939s name in The Kill feed quite a bit and I
8942s mean if you look at the head-to-head
8943s between death and Senna death getting a
8945s lot of those overclocks a lot of value
8948s from the Nano boost as well you know I
8950s want to cast our minds back after the
8952s first map we pulled up this exact same
8954s graphic and it was flipped around the
8956s enti entire different way right it was
8959s sna getting the brunt of it and it was
8961s largely because again the space that
8962s their team was making for them lot of
8964s credit to the team but of course the
8965s sojourn backing up did well death on the
8968s other hand felt more like the tip of the
8970s spear for their team and that's what I
8973s feel like was so impressive about
8974s putting up numbers like this was that
8976s death was the one engaging death was the
8977s one getting the end boost there was a
8978s lot of pressure on death shoulders to
8980s hit those shots because they 100% would
8982s not have had the the same position to
8984s follow up on had death not not put in
8987s the performance that they did in those
8989s aggressive situations and having to make
8990s the first
8992s move now we are going to have time for
8995s the interview as well we get to speak to
8998s one of these lovely players that we see
9000s on screen right now and it's going to be
9002s death on the line with us to see what
9005s they were thinking what the thought
9006s process was going into that last match
9008s so hey there death how are you
9011s feeling hi I'm good uh how are you for I
9014s guess how are you all doing we're doing
9017s great it's it's w a water day you know
9020s yeah it's always a good day to cast some
9022s calling on Heroes uh death I imagine
9024s that was either fun or or really
9026s strenuous for you to be completely
9027s honest I think I want to start this
9029s interview off and and take kind of
9030s chronologically because it was a ride
9033s for us but I imagine it was even more so
9035s for you guys so let's start off with map
9036s number one because I think we can agree
9038s it it was a bit of a rough one to start
9041s things off on Busan start me off with
9043s the first submap because you guys go
9044s doomfist into doomfist you guys are
9046s known for bringing that doomfist
9047s composition out and to get beat out with
9049s it pretty readily not once but after
9051s swapping over to the sigma composition
9052s as well getting beat on that how is that
9055s for you guys mentally and where were you
9057s at following map number one were you
9059s floundering looking for a solution or
9061s did you still have some confidence that
9063s you could pull it back despite getting
9064s beat on what it's to be perceived as
9066s your signature
9068s composition um so first map we kind of
9070s like just went into it thinking uh we're
9072s going to play like default we're going
9074s to keep our Tempo the same blah blah
9076s blah blah blah just like kind of play
9077s our game uh and then we realized
9079s drainers was playing a lot faster than
9081s us taking a lot more angles and we uh
9083s decided that if we want to beat drainers
9085s because drainers is a really good team
9087s uh if we want to beat drainers we're
9088s gonna have to play better we're gonna
9089s have to play faster and uh be proactive
9091s uh so in first map we kind of were lazy
9094s LAX uh didn't really know what to expect
9096s um and we kind of like almost beat
9098s ourselves in a way uh and then for the
9100s second and third map uh of course we
9102s started playing faster we started being
9104s more proactive taking angles calming a
9105s lot more um I think the environment of
9108s the team was like really kind of like
9110s almost like wow that just happened uh
9112s for the first map like we just got beat
9114s um and how do we come back from that uh
9116s we saw Molly's dad typing in the chat
9119s and we all kind of giggled about it and
9120s that was kind of like our spark almost
9122s um and uh so he was like go Molly uh
9126s with a whole bunch of hearts and we all
9128s kind of giggled about it and laughed and
9129s said like you know what we're gonna do
9131s this and we're gonna we're gonna hunker
9132s down and we're gonna beat this adversity
9134s and we're gonna uh we're gonna win this
9136s game so
9137s I that's the kind of thing you only get
9139s in calling on Heroes I swear I mean
9141s following that you guys did pull off the
9143s turnaround and by map number three you
9145s guys were in control of the series did
9146s you did you know it at map number three
9148s or were you not taking anything for
9150s granted um I mean when we got to map
9154s three we was like we tied it up and we
9156s knew that it's either go like do our die
9158s here um and we just put our foot on the
9160s pedal and didn't let go um we tried to
9163s run drainers for everything that way we
9164s could and uh we got away with a lot of
9166s it and so um I mean yeah just pedal to
9169s the floor
9171s so that is really impressive I mean we
9174s basically we were saying we were
9175s watching an anime Arc you know from that
9177s team that was basically got beaten right
9179s at the beginning and then all of a
9181s sudden you have the power crawl in map
9183s two slowly gaining more ground and then
9185s in map three you are just a fully
9187s powered team and that was really amazing
9189s to watch so thank you for such a good
9190s series on stream and headed forward
9193s going into this tournament a little bit
9195s further we know that on our last
9198s interview with a member of fable Arya
9201s she was saying that you guys are evil
9203s you have any response to
9205s that
9206s um H I want to say that while we may be
9212s evil in the eyes of some people in the
9214s eyes of other people we might be you
9215s know like the protagonists and like the
9217s good guys or the good girls or good th
9219s and thems um but in general uh I think I
9224s don't think we're evil I think we got
9226s some there's some internet uh internet
9229s opposition on the other other side of
9231s fable but I think all in all I think
9233s it's good fun so yeah so is there anyone
9237s that you are really excited to play
9239s against in this tournament anyone you
9241s want to potentially think that you want
9242s to beat or think you can
9245s beat um I'm excited to play against wisp
9249s um I really the Wisp Embers team uh I
9251s know a lot of those people I was on the
9252s team with them during Rift or bumblebees
9255s the prior uh and just excited to play
9258s them and see how it turns out um I think
9260s Molly fish7 is going to beat moving fish
9262s s but that's just my prediction so
9267s okay well I mean it's big predictions
9269s for the future of the tournament but you
9271s guys got more games to go so go ahead
9273s and get on to him congratulations on the
9274s win it was a hard fought one but
9276s unfortunately fortunately depending on
9278s how you look at it there's more
9279s OverWatch ahead of you thank you have a
9282s good day you as well you as well all
9285s right tala that leaves us with a very
9287s long series having been played but the
9288s good news for that is because it was
9290s such a long series that means that all
9292s the other games have kind of been played
9293s out by now let's go and take a look at
9295s the standings and see how the Swiss
9296s stage is starting to shake out for most
9298s of these teams unsurprisingly to
9300s literally everybody Timeless ethereal is
9302s sitting at two and zero alongside four
9305s other teams at Vancouver Titans blue uh
9307s kunoichi cgl nyxl Embers also known as
9311s wisp you heard them talking about it
9312s right now with death Michael wave as
9315s well at 2 and0 but those one one teams
9317s do not take them for granted these
9319s onetoone teams I mean every single Squad
9322s in this tournament is such a force to be
9324s reckoned with but coming out on top
9326s Vancouver Titans blue we were talking
9328s about it a little bit earlier with those
9330s circuit point standings they're kind of
9332s right on the edge of qualification so
9334s definitely a very good start for them
9336s here in the Swiss stage yeah for the
9338s name of any team wanting to get in over
9341s top of fable over top of nyxl Embers
9343s you're looking at their head to head so
9344s VT blue versus nyxl Embers versus Fable
9347s there two very important matches that
9349s can go on in the Swifts stage and we'll
9350s keep our eyes peeled for him you guys
9352s should as well though cuz like I said
9353s round three of Swiss is coming up in
9355s just a
9362s [Music]
9375s bit
9376s [Music]
9388s [Music]
9405s my
9417s [Music]
9430s [Applause]
9435s he
9438s [Music]
9442s [Applause]
9458s [Music]
9465s y
9471s [Music]
9489s [Music]
9495s he
9497s [Music]
9517s [Applause]
9518s [Music]
9525s yeah
9527s [Music]
9533s [Music]
9545s [Applause]
9546s [Music]
9555s you
9566s [Music]
9582s [Music]
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9636s [Music]
9649s [Music]
9666s [Music]
9674s oh
9686s [Music]
9746s [Music]
9756s [Music]
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9787s if you enjoy sitting down and being
9788s comfy while you watch your call and all
9790s heroes boy to have a deal for you Noble
9792s chairs use code radiant for 10% off help
9795s support the broadcast as well as get
9797s yourself a comfy place to sit while you
9799s watch
9800s it yeah and we are getting nice and
9803s comfortable maybe even pull out some
9805s popcorn for the last Swiss Sage matchup
9808s for day one of radiant Heroes major 3 I
9811s am incredibly excited for this one we
9813s saw a great best of three series and now
9816s we're going to see another one Timeless
9818s ethereal versus Vancouver Titans blue
9821s and I swear this is the exact same
9823s picture that they use for Michael wave
9826s it's a it's a great cat no it's a great
9829s cat are you kidding me regardless of the
9832s the seriousness or lack thereof of the
9834s the team pictures Timeless ethereal
9836s don't don't let them fool you this is
9838s the most dangerous team in col they
9840s don't mess around they have won they do
9842s three calling all heroes events back to
9845s back to back that is two minors and a
9847s major and the gap between them and
9849s everybody else is only widened and you
9851s bear up against this team that seems
9852s like a wall that seems like a mountain
9855s and you look at them like their monsters
9856s and then they pick all Lucio for their
9858s hero portraits and you're wondering dear
9860s God what is going on in their
9862s minds all they do is mess around but
9865s when it comes down to the game they are
9867s not messing around at all they are so
9870s serious about winning this one out and
9872s Vancouver Titans blue we talked about it
9874s a little bit before the break they are
9876s right on the cusp of being in that
9878s qualification cut off they're currently
9880s seventh in the standings and the top six
9883s qualify so this is incredibly important
9886s matchup for them while Timeless ethereal
9888s it's almost as if they basically have
9890s their spot secured the last three
9892s calling all heroes events Timeless
9894s etheral won every single one I mean it's
9897s really tough for any team to even touch
9899s them even the team in second place
9901s points wise is kind of calculated not
9903s necessarily out of it but for the most
9905s part nobody can touch this team not to
9907s mention you've got to beat him if you
9909s want to touch him and nobody can beat
9910s this team either the last team this or
9912s the last time this team showed up in
9913s bracket they went undefeated not a
9916s single map dropped through the entirety
9918s of the bracket stage so like you got to
9920s be very very careful with how you take
9923s them on but I think there's no greater
9924s test for Vancouver Titans blue who need
9928s a massive Victory they are sitting
9929s outside of that top six right now the
9931s top six that qualify to go on to the
9933s championship if they want to do so it
9936s will take placing somewhere along the
9938s lines of second or third and beating
9940s both Wisp and at least one of these
9942s other top teams while they're at it and
9944s this is absolutely a start to proving
9946s that they can do that that they can hang
9948s with the best of the best that they
9949s deserve to go to that
9951s championship and Vancouver Titans blue
9953s with what they're teasing right now it
9955s seems like they're leaning into that
9957s Sigma M we we literally just can't make
9959s predictions with the hero tease that we
9961s got from from Timeless ethereal because
9964s they were like yeah we're all we're all
9966s Lucio but we know from this that
9968s Vancouver Titans they can lean into this
9971s very Pokey meta or kind of play that
9973s Sigma brawl yeah I think both these
9976s teams are at the point where they have
9977s the flexibility to kind of lean into
9979s whatever it is that they want to do I
9980s think most of that change comes in the
9982s DPS line but I'm scared if anything of
9985s that Timeless DPS line bun and wisps oh
9989s goodness gracious you have your hands
9991s full if your Vancouver Titans blue I
9993s think trying to play a pokey style is
9995s asking for a death sentence you need to
9997s take this team head on and you need to
9998s fight them as a team because
10000s mechanically I think they can outclass
10001s virtually everybody here yeah Timeless
10004s ethereal also just so so much tournament
10006s experience between the roster that they
10008s have it feels like it's so impossible to
10010s touch them but we're going to see what
10012s comes up on this very first map and I'm
10015s curious what compositions we're going to
10017s see come out of Timeless ethereal we saw
10019s a little bit of that doomfist maybe a
10021s little bit unique in The Meta control on
10023s Samoa is that first M yeah Samoa I think
10026s again doesn't change too much control is
10027s going to play out pretty well for Sigma
10029s compositions and the brawl kind of no
10030s matter how you want to shake things down
10033s but it comes down to the teams and how
10034s they want to play it the big things that
10035s we want to point out we'll kind of do it
10036s on a map by map basis again Samoa is
10039s relatively new and each of the points
10040s does Play Pretty differently but each of
10042s them also has an analog over on another
10045s map somewhere the one that we're looking
10046s at right now that High Ground over on
10048s the far side kind of what we're looking
10050s at then there's of course the kind of
10051s City centeres circular point that is
10054s also available to these teams both of
10056s which the signal composition has the
10058s opportunity to play at range play a
10059s little pokier on I think what we're
10061s looking at though is the tanks on this
10064s particular map to be able to shift their
10066s game plan depending on the architecture
10068s of the map and also depending on what
10070s the team wants to do whether they want
10072s to get in aggressively or play further
10074s back with poke starting off here we get
10076s to go to that circular point I was
10078s talking about earlier be playing more
10080s towards the coastal side of this map if
10082s they want to play the Poke game and more
10083s towards that interior far side if they
10086s want to get things a little bit more
10088s down and dirty if they want to brawl
10089s things
10091s out okay well everyone on Timeless
10094s ethereal has a named bu except for V
10097s just the fun fact of the day as we get
10099s things started over here Timeless
10101s ethereal from what they're teasing us at
10103s the beginning it seems like it's going
10105s to be the Sigma versus Sigma composition
10108s but it's going to be more Broly with the
10109s may as a secondary and what I can only
10112s assume is going to switch over to the
10114s sojourn after they get the initial
10116s symmetra CP and so it's exactly what I
10118s was talking about I like this from
10119s Vancouver Titans blue I was talking look
10121s trying to dual bun and wisps on
10124s DPS for virtually anybody look Von and
10126s what you're you're you're great you
10127s probably can hold your own but there's
10129s no need to risk it they can fight as a
10131s team and they will both teams move
10133s towards that Brer side of the map that I
10135s was talking about though Timeless
10136s ethereal get a bit of a better position
10138s as they can play off the mega pack
10140s that's in the Polynesian League
10142s building yeah cat already falling very
10144s low early into this first brawl and
10146s having to kind of disengage around the
10148s point falling just weaving in and out of
10151s this Shield while the disruptor shop
10153s comes out from Timeless ethereal and you
10155s can see from the health bars that
10156s they're basically almost all full health
10158s sniper getting isolated a little bit
10160s they're going to need some help whsp
10161s it's able to take down phone and all of
10162s a sudden all that damage that was coming
10164s through is just shredded now bun zoning
10167s out that Sigma able to force out the
10169s immortality field and that cool down
10171s goes through CLA Goes Down clean for a
10174s Fike from Timeless ethereal I think you
10176s can actually attribute a lot of this to
10177s the roll out of the teams Timeless
10179s etherial got to that Polynesian League
10180s building like 5 10 seconds before VT
10183s blew both of them CTP to which I'm not
10186s sure what VT blue did that made them
10189s that much slower getting there but times
10190s theal were very quick and they got a
10192s much better position for it now they get
10193s to hold this spawn this is something
10195s that is uh becoming fairly common on
10197s this map it's a good spawn hold
10198s opportunity forces the team to take two
10199s fights if they want to take that point
10201s and time has plenty of room to disengage
10203s things like this amplification Matrix
10205s should they
10206s want yeah they I mean they force the
10208s positioning force them a little bit far
10210s back and they gain a bit of ground oh
10211s the gravitic flux this hits so many of
10214s them that is so good they have to force
10216s out the immortality field here but they
10218s also get to take the space so far back
10220s and they have nowhere to run this wall
10222s is so good it's the sigma 1 V one but
10224s sniper just had more Health to begin
10226s with and sniper once again oh s almost
10230s back into the spawn oh don't emote don't
10232s emote no oh no
10234s stop Halo chill out please oh no she and
10239s they're making a Snowman in their spawn
10242s KN knock it over Vancouver Titans blue
10245s your it's your Canadian right to not
10247s have a snowman built on
10249s you going oh God it is a nightmare now
10252s for cat who backs away a sound barrier
10254s set by BT just trying to keep themselves
10256s alive in their own spawn but it is a
10259s nightmare of a fight yeah the
10261s immortality field does come through whsp
10264s has to pick out the overlock and sniper
10266s actually finally does get shredded a lot
10268s of damage being done here but saona is
10270s able to get over the top of that mayw
10272s and try and Chase down with not going to
10274s have to get done here but still going to
10277s go back and Bun still trying to harass
10279s them back into their spawn not going to
10280s work now the overtime activated on the
10282s point at 99% waiting for the regroup
10285s from sniper it's actually a hamster ball
10287s that comes through trying to see what
10289s the Hammond can get done the disruption
10291s onto the backline but Halo going down
10294s they need to not get distracted too much
10296s otherwise you might get shot in the side
10297s of the head by so but instead they do
10299s deal with it beautifully Vancouver
10301s Titans blue they they smack back no you
10305s may not Build a Snowman in our spawn
10307s they say we draw the line there Halo
10309s though doesn't care flare and now it's
10313s just about getting a clean engagement
10314s off time etheral which they do with the
10315s help
10316s of oh bun that was really nice but K
10319s down saona and now where is the backline
10322s for VT blue they are nowhere to be found
10324s chase down the May yep and whs takes
10327s that one down there should be able to
10329s clear this first
10332s point over time down and okay time are
10335s uh making some work of this map so far
10339s but I will say the spawn advantage of
10341s the spawn Camp thing that they were
10343s doing less effective on some of the
10344s other Maps here on
10346s Samoa that was definitely a tough watch
10348s for the first one Vancouver Titans blue
10350s I Hope they've got more in store here on
10352s this map this one a little less uh
10355s symmetra focused on the first roll outs
10357s this High Ground that we're staring at
10359s on the back side of the point is vitally
10361s important whichever team can gain
10362s control of that and get their DPS or
10364s support set up there is going to feel
10366s pretty good about their odds of winning
10368s that first fight BT blue though may try
10370s and circumvent that with a doomfist pick
10372s and cause him havoc in the backline yeah
10374s whis's already getting a lot of damage
10377s down very early and this is just so
10380s nicely done thus far but I mean bun has
10382s already gotten a lot of damage as well
10384s for anyone who's curious 3,600 which is
10387s quite a bit now rolling out onto this
10390s map they're already on that High Ground
10392s over on the right side of the map
10394s getting into that little room but FN
10395s being taken down early by phone and now
10397s sniper isolated from the rest of the
10399s squad not sure sniper can get out nice
10401s start for Vancouver Titan okay Vancouver
10404s tit blue yes they win the fight I want
10405s to say great job because it's important
10407s for them how did Timeless get to the
10409s roll out point so much quicker again
10412s just go check the map because it's
10414s really important how quick to make that
10415s roll it happen and they're so
10416s significantly quicker every single time
10419s I I don't know it's a point cap for VT
10421s blue though and we can talk about the
10422s roll outs later this is uh a little bit
10425s iffy for Timeless now as the percentage
10427s begins to tick up no they were
10429s practicing their roll outs for sure it's
10432s important that you do you should yeah V2
10435s blue now have a choke point to hold they
10437s get walled off but cat gets pick on bun
10439s and this is the advantage of getting
10440s this High Ground early did do get to
10442s hold the opposing team to these choke
10444s points etheral is going to have their
10445s work cut out for them trying to push
10448s up this is really good from BT blue thus
10452s far does get a little bit low and
10455s they're trying to isolate out sniper
10457s once again able to get a little bit of
10458s that Health back as they regroup with
10460s the support line and now we're going to
10462s have cat back off a bit more still not
10464s quite the ultimate but Claire has that
10466s amp Matrix from Vancouver Titans blue to
10468s potentially force a little bit of
10470s positioning and there's the am matx come
10472s through the gravitic flux from cat to
10474s follow up on the rest of them and now we
10476s know exactly where bun is hiding in that
10480s little corner not really many places to
10483s go just okay in a corner a little over
10487s all right that SI by by VT blue what
10489s they actually called for there was back
10491s up from the choke point so that Timeless
10493s etheral had to walk into the choke point
10495s where they're more susceptible to the
10496s flux from cat and then that game plan
10498s just went basically perfectly for them
10500s now time to the on the back foot VT blue
10502s won that fight with only one ultimate
10504s and now you have to play on
10505s amplification Matrix on The High Ground
10507s and a blizzard as you walk their choke
10509s what a nightmare for
10512s Timeless yeah I mean the pasting of the
10514s ulates is so good the grick flux does
10516s come through from sniper to try and come
10519s uh force them through but sound barrier
10520s immediately just negates all that damage
10523s the blizzard both of them coming out and
10526s look at sniper or cat just being
10528s isolated by the blizzard whsp with the
10531s overclock is able to get so much value
10533s off the back of buns blizzard and the
10535s DPS line from Timeless ethereal finally
10537s clean things up right as it hits 98% I
10540s mean that's a play you only get to make
10542s If You're Timeless ethereal only
10544s timeless get to make that play cuz they
10546s had nobody they had a blizzard and a
10548s souljour in a prayer against like five
10550s people but because you have bun Whispers
10552s on your team it's just like you can try
10554s that you can do that that's like not
10555s unreasonable VT blue had the upper hand
10557s the entire rest of the fight but
10559s fortunately they still do have 98% to
10561s work with in an overclock of their own
10563s if they can just get past this sound
10565s barrier yeah sound barrier is out by
10569s Halo and it's going to allow so much of
10571s them survive that was such a good save
10574s from Halo to keep Timeless ethereal in
10576s the fight and now the overclock from
10578s what finds no value IM mortality field
10580s has been forced out that cool down is
10582s gone and seona just overextends over the
10584s wall and gets shredded by bun Halo
10587s looking to try and push a few of them
10589s off further away from the map and it
10591s seems like the point isn't going to be
10593s touched at all nicely done from Timeless
10596s superial no dude z z man's my goat did
10599s you see that amplication Matrix shoved
10601s in the inches between the May wall and
10603s the building's wall that save that's
10605s what saves sniper not the sound the
10607s sound barrier came after yes it help but
10609s the emmo was put into the smallest of
10612s crevices to have Los on that Sigma that
10613s was insane now they've got more
10616s ultimates to actually take on BT blue
10617s Here and Now BT blue I mean you can
10619s engage with the flux you can engage with
10621s the implication Matrix but those both of
10623s those can be disengaged if time let play
10624s their cards
10626s right BL from cat try and start things
10629s off it forces them out of the choke
10631s point but we still have ultimates coming
10633s through sniper now having the G of clut
10635s there's the immortality field as well
10637s but the blizzard is going to finish
10639s everything off where is player going to
10641s go it seems like they might be able to
10643s escape for a second but whisk comes
10645s through just in time with the overclock
10647s and now it's the spawn hold time they're
10649s at 92% they want to fight this forward
10652s operation stop all touches is a go cat
10655s looks like they may have skimped past
10658s the majority of time is oh my God that
10660s close H the large hit box of wrecking
10662s ball though does Bode over the time not
10666s sure it buys any more than that though
10668s for a team that has been put down by
10670s Timeless ethereal relatively un
10672s ceremoniously but you got to get through
10674s kind where 2 here there is a chance with
10676s that sound barrier and the somra coming
10678s back here for BT BL T have overend but I
10680s think they've recovered quite nicely by
10682s utilizing that High Ground yeah saona
10685s came in clutch with the sound barrier
10687s but I don't think it's going to be
10688s enough what gets taken down and then
10691s Timeless the seral they are going to
10693s finish off some no in a 2
10697s fashion I'm just glad the second map
10700s didn't look like the first Vancouver
10701s Titans blue got a really solid hold in
10703s there utilize The High Ground some
10704s awesome fight planning going down the
10707s fact that this play here is what it took
10710s in order for Timeless to bring it back
10712s like that's good that means you're
10714s pushing Timeless to the brink when you
10715s make them make plays like this in order
10717s to be get yeah when they are forced to
10720s play to that level I mean Vancouver
10722s Titans they definitely had timeless
10724s ethereal for a moment on the back foot
10727s on that second submap and it looked for
10729s a while like they were going to be able
10730s to make it to the third submap but
10732s unfortunately or fortunately that was
10735s quite a play from the DPS line and we
10737s already talked about how they have such
10740s good raw mechanics and so much
10742s tournament experience bun and wisp it's
10744s so hard to get past the two of them yeah
10746s and you're going to have to try it for a
10747s second map remember it's a first to two
10750s there is very little time to figure out
10751s exactly what you want to do Kings Row
10753s and Midtown are the picks of choice here
10756s for Vancouver Titans blue I look I've
10758s been wrong every time I've predicted
10760s this map granted the differences between
10761s Kings and Midtown are they play somewhat
10765s similar for the most part but I do
10768s suspect it's probably Kings just for
10769s comfortability sake and also I think the
10771s opportunity to go back to that symmetra
10773s is not unwelcome for Vancouver Titans
10775s blue I think they can play it pretty
10777s well it's just been a matter of roll
10779s outs ironically being the difference and
10782s then on top of that just not being in
10785s winning positions always having to
10786s attack in on Timeless but if they can
10788s play that smra composition come off on
10790s the front foot for a fight come off
10792s ahead for a little bit they're great at
10794s holding that
10796s position yeah I mean that was just
10799s really it was we talked about the roll
10801s outs as well when you're both kind of
10803s coming from the same place and it's like
10805s there's the same amount of distance but
10807s somehow you they come out faster even
10809s though you're playing the same
10810s composition what's going on there and
10812s that's not really going to be as much of
10814s problem on a hybrid map because you have
10816s so much time to get in position if
10817s you're on the defense so at the very
10819s least there is that yeah that issue has
10821s been solved I don't know I don't want to
10822s like dive too deep into it because it is
10825s like it's a niche topic it's not the
10826s most important thing ever but like they
10829s were just weirdly like significantly
10831s faster I have no clue what it was but
10833s nevertheless we take a look at the
10834s head-to-head here Z versus Claire in the
10838s Damage Done DPS Baptist yeah I mean to
10842s be fair we say we say d DPS but did you
10845s see that immortality field I I need a
10847s replay on that at the end of the series
10849s or something just something in slow mode
10851s that was one of the best Emos I've seen
10853s in a tournament in a fat minute not to
10855s mention the DPS to back it up but let's
10857s be real when your team's holding that
10858s far forward you expect a little bit of
10860s DPS to come out of your B yeah the B I
10863s mean especially the amp Matrix that were
10865s being charged out up quite a bit being
10868s able to just Spam so much damage through
10870s that and the amount of space that was
10872s given to that backline now headed on to
10875s map two it is going to be uh it's going
10879s to be Vancouver Titans blue map pick and
10881s were you saying Kings Row do I have a
10883s Kings Row I'm thinking Kings I don't
10885s think the difference matters all that
10887s much to be honest like the the game
10888s doesn't change I think we're saying
10889s Sigma V Sigma for this and the
10892s adjustments that Vancouver Titans need
10893s to make are largely in just kind of
10895s patching a couple holes in the ship but
10897s none of those holes were going to sync
10898s it on their own at the very least right
10901s it's mechanical differences it's slight
10903s positioning alteration
10904s but by and large time I think have
10906s ridden on top of a lot of their
10907s mechanical prowess and then also the
10909s tank play has been so so good from
10912s sniper who has I think positionally
10915s gotten some very very good positions
10916s especially playing into a May that was
10918s doing a great job of Walling them off
10920s doing that is
10922s tough yep headed on to Kings Row three
10925s kings rows in a row going into the next
10929s one and seeing that Sigma I'm not going
10931s to be surprised seeing a lot of that
10932s sojourn as well may as the secondary DPS
10936s I'm thinking might be switched over to
10938s something more dive heavy maybe we're
10940s going to see a little bit of that Ekko
10942s or the Genji which we saw on the last
10944s map of Kings Row but I am not entirely
10947s sure if these DPS players are going to
10950s be want to switch more to something that
10952s seems like a dive rather than a brawl
10955s yeah I mean for once I you I have been
10958s known to be the proprietor of like
10959s pulling the red lever and going for the
10961s the big swap sooner rather than later
10964s especially in best of Threes right but I
10967s don't for once I don't think it's time
10970s like I know Vancouver's blue just showed
10972s me enough in that one map for me to
10976s think that like okay this is probably
10977s the best comp for them to do this on
10979s when they're playing well when they're
10980s on the front foot they know exactly what
10982s they need to do to win the fights it's
10984s just come down to aim and space and the
10988s smaller bits of the EB and flow of the
10990s fight for Sniper being able to make
10992s maybe a little bit more space for their
10994s team to get some action with but by and
10996s large I do think this is kind of the
10998s Prime edition of Vancouver Titans blue
11000s they're just going up against an
11001s opponent that kind of has no equal at
11003s this point in time yeah I mean Timeless
11006s ethereal they have been so dominant in
11009s the calling all Hero circuit thus far
11011s like we said winning the last three
11012s calling all heroes events and it's not
11015s even just winning the events it's
11016s winning them dominantly on a 26 map win
11020s streak if you consider them a
11022s continuation of Washington Timeless so
11026s if they win this once again 27 map win
11033s streak only gets bigger yeah imagine
11035s they make it through imagine they make
11037s it through this bracket clean oh man
11039s yeah I mean as if they weren't a big
11041s enough problem already I'm not sure who
11043s can actually put a dent in the armor
11045s again like VT blue they made them make
11049s that overclock play which I think is a
11051s good sign but with the best of three
11054s there's only so much time to pull this
11055s thing back they're going to try it again
11057s this time with the same composition so
11059s again like I said they feel like it's
11061s working I feel like the the puzzle
11063s pieces are there for it to work all they
11065s need is a little bit more of that junis
11067s W all they need is a a little sprinkle
11069s of some magic from the DPS from the tank
11071s line finding those picks finding those
11073s smaller advantages that kind of snowball
11076s over the course of the map if they want
11077s to get it done little opener shot though
11079s from whis will be the start there not
11081s somebody you want to Peak
11084s just ignoring the sigma at the very
11087s first moment actually seeking for the
11089s Widow a little bit longer why not let's
11091s force it forward but sniper is actually
11093s going to be the one to get that first
11095s honestly sniper switching over to that
11098s DPS and Bun now on the tank as well so
11101s we're seeing some M play out of sniper
11104s and now they've already forced them off
11106s the point okay B two for Titans blue
11108s they had good defensive positioning they
11110s had everything they needed but they are
11112s just falling apart I think the fact
11114s alone that bun is on tank here is
11116s probably just stun locked VT blue out of
11118s the a point like you see that and you're
11120s just like okay you can have it we got to
11122s we got to take some time to react to
11123s this
11125s one should be
11127s yeah yeah they're trying to recover from
11130s it they're forcing them very far forward
11132s and there's some overextensions from
11133s Timeless material for sure but they
11135s should still be able to cap the point
11137s fully that's the payload and they should
11139s be onto the street space now grapple up
11142s from whis who look at the create a quick
11144s little clip here put some people to
11147s sleep make a bid towards that be quiet
11149s silent play of the day but a last VT
11152s blue back up to the choke the nice part
11153s here for Timeless is that well I was
11155s going to say they have to break choke
11156s but if this Sigma gets walled off like
11158s that I don't think they're uh they're
11159s going to have nearly as hard a time of
11161s doing so especially with Wisps in on the
11163s flank wait is that a that's the craziest
11166s ant Matrix I've ever seen they zman
11170s amplification mat passed the enemy team
11172s so that the flank Widow could use
11174s it yeah that was I mean there is some
11177s crazy coordination happening on Timeless
11179s etherial side whis unfortunately doesn't
11181s get that pick off the flank going for a
11184s really sneaky play you know trying to
11186s snatch away that silent play of the day
11188s but they do see that bapti and aren't
11190s able to get the pick here now with saona
11192s toting down the sound barrier as this
11194s lizzard comes through and the gravitic
11196s flux right as the sound barrier Runs Out
11199s fun is actually getting very low and now
11201s wall off there is nowhere
11204s bu to
11205s go did did the grapple go off then they
11208s got rocked the I don't know that was
11210s awkward for whis but nevertheless make
11213s Titans blue I I only offer up one word
11215s of warning is that is don't overextend
11216s in Timeless they will punish you but for
11219s now they've got a choke point to hold
11221s which is fantastic for them into the
11222s Widowmaker the Widowmaker has a way
11224s harder time breaking this than something
11225s like the sojin that can kind of
11226s overclock and slide through no well my I
11230s have I don't have a cat named butt but
11232s my cat is currently griefing me and I do
11234s not know what is going on but now back
11236s into the game we're looking at Vancouver
11238s Titan slooh still holding this point
11241s Timeless theal trying to force their way
11243s through bun on the other side of the
11244s choke but whis's unable to find the
11246s finishers right now can't really find
11248s the picks out cat getting very low saona
11251s has to go ahead and get the amp it up
11253s from Lucio to try and keep the tank
11255s alive while phone is locked into this 2v
11258s one with sniper not a lot of places to
11261s go ice block already used but sniper is
11263s able to find saona and without the
11265s support that may goes down yeah time the
11267s will now finally break that choke point
11269s Titans BL took some some decent time off
11271s the bank but now things get a little
11273s easier for the widowmakers these
11274s Sidelines are far far more favorable for
11280s wisps Street space finally locked out of
11283s that choke point and they're able to get
11285s through inching closer the second
11290s Point sound can't deal with both Lu and
11294s the blizzard is a bit of a problem here
11295s for VT blue or rather th etheral so the
11298s blizzard comes out they try to disengage
11299s it but the wall alongside it is
11301s fantastic another blizzard though it's
11302s bit of a winter wonderland and here on
11304s King's Row cat drop low the immortality
11306s field keeps everyone up it is the same
11308s game we started out on except now Halos
11310s down sand sound barrier BT blue hold the
11314s weapons in their holster namely that
11316s flux and the overclock but they don't
11318s want to overextend now having played
11320s their cards too close to their chest
11321s means that bone goes down to a flanking
11323s whis and it gets
11326s worse sniper able to
11330s finda still can't build up to that sound
11333s barrier and now you just has Whisk on
11335s the Widow flank spamming down the shots
11338s from behind and all of a sudden VT blue
11341s they crumble it seems like this should
11344s be a second Point capture but they
11346s should be able to re-engage at the last
11348s second they're not going for it though
11351s Al's having a bit too much fun with the
11352s Emos this game
11354s yeah Halo is uh I I love it I love it
11357s she's great Halo's payload
11359s princess she's been playing a good game
11361s on L like all jokes aside Downes play FL
11365s out no response Rock and the most of the
11367s damage eaten by the kinetic grass oh not
11370s the drink oh God into the with cat cre
11373s right off the edge oh cat losing cat
11376s early is so devastating for Vancouver
11379s Titans blue especially with the amount
11380s of uh momentum that Timeless Imperial
11382s has for already build up what is trying
11385s to answer overclock has already gone and
11387s not able to find a pick with it D Man
11390s however the DPS bapti of the game is
11392s able to find so much value and just
11395s spamming away at the shots amp Matrix
11397s still in the back pocket can force the
11399s positioning forc them inside of their
11401s spawn and whis has such a good high
11403s position now with the gravitic Lu there
11406s is nowhere for VT blue to go where are
11409s they supposed to go and with sound
11411s barrier now through this is the only
11413s thing that can get them out of their
11414s spawn and force them past choke point
11416s but wisp is just left unchecked
11420s above jump in whis wants a piece of what
11423s right now oh we get the duel we get the
11425s Widow duel this is what really matters I
11427s don't care about the map results I don't
11428s care about the series results who wins
11429s the Widow duel he get what he get no no
11434s duel instead just a map finish the
11437s Timeless score yeah I can't get to it in
11441s time I mean what was pretty scared as as
11443s soon as they heard one of those shots
11444s from whis headed their way now a full
11448s capture with 2 minutes left that is so
11451s good for Timeless ethereal and it seemed
11453s like Vancouver Titans they were having
11455s this moment of Brilliance in the straet
11456s space when they were able to keep them
11458s in their choke point for so long despite
11460s the ultimates despite the amp Matrix for
11462s the flanking Widow Timeless seem to be
11464s stalled but then all of a sudden the
11466s momentum goes and it goes and it goes
11467s and it's a snowball rolling down the
11469s hill and it's an avalanche and VT blue
11471s just get buried
11475s now good luck you have to match that
11477s smile a tall out for VT blue but again
11480s there' have been good fights moments of
11482s Brilliance for
11483s them time etheral stay on the Widowmaker
11486s which I think is actually really good
11487s for VT blue it's one thing on the
11488s attacking side to say hey you know what
11490s we can just like keep respawning in
11492s taking pot shots at you on the
11494s Widowmaker but in defense if the
11496s Widowmaker dies like she's not coming
11498s back for the next fight you basically
11500s have one death on attack you can die and
11502s then like try again at the shots a
11505s little bit riskier here so whis is going
11507s to be have to be very on top of the
11510s Staying Alive game more so than the
11512s finding picks game though with a May
11514s being the other DPS and there being a
11516s lack of General damage per second I do
11519s think there is some pressure to also hit
11521s shots at the same exact time so just a
11523s lot of weight put on this Widowmaker
11525s shoulders and slightly unreasonable
11526s amount especially considering that VT
11528s blue yes you're pushing them over but
11530s they are no
11532s pushovers yeah they're already through
11534s that first choke point they're headed on
11536s they do not care about the damage that
11538s they are taking and trying to get into
11540s the good position on The High Ground
11541s whsp is just spamming done quite a few
11543s shots and Venom mine also doing a little
11545s bit of damage get letting them keep an
11547s eye on that Lucio but now whis having to
11550s reposition already there's that
11552s immortality field from Timeless aerial
11554s that's been destroyed they need to keep
11555s bun up somehow and they're just hiding
11558s leaving in and out of the shield making
11559s sure to continue contesting now walled
11562s off pacify away through and sustain that
11565s tank still bun is staying alive wellcat
11568s it's a different story Z man eventually
11570s takes down that Sigma and now they're
11572s going to clean up the rest of
11574s them yeah I mean once the Baptist went
11578s down that was the real problem for them
11580s I think a lot of the onus right now
11581s though is on cat what and phone you need
11584s to be just utterly destroying bun bun
11587s has no damage to throw back at catw and
11590s phone is up to the Widowmaker to find
11592s pix and you know what here's a little
11594s quiet play head shot get the
11596s amplification again on the first shot
11599s though in a great wall to deny the
11601s Widowmaker any space now this is the Go
11603s Button they need to move forward in time
11605s but they don't nobody gets forward
11607s enough the wall cuts off half the team
11609s in rotation in time with etherial
11611s completely circumvent the plans that V2
11614s have yeah this is just a widow 76 from
11617s whisps as well I mean that was such a
11620s good amp Matrix once again trying to get
11621s the SEI plays whis does whiip a little
11624s bit at the very beginning but they're
11626s still able to get the shot on the
11627s Baptist and then it's where you supposed
11629s to go the disruption shot is going to
11631s stop whis from being able to get a lot
11633s of value from that high ground but this
11635s still another stinky flank play seeing
11638s if they read into this one but it
11639s doesn't seem like they do especially
11641s since cat goes down they don't want to
11643s force themselves out of Spawn we should
11645s remind ourselves buns on tank snipers on
11647s me she they're emoting is That's Not
11651s Your Spawn you're not allowed to do that
11654s we finally down but cat falls for it
11657s they don't have a tank it's 45 it's
11659s still not a great fight here for BT blue
11662s you have a Widowmaker emoting in Your
11665s Spawn and you still don't win the fight
11668s still they're able to take down bun
11670s finally and it seems like Timeless
11671s etheral are going to be punished for
11673s their for their troll
11677s actions
11679s unless there is a a recontest here is it
11682s good I'm not not exactly sure about that
11684s one they could R contestant third points
11687s they going for
11691s second I mean Halo's here to speed in
11693s bun it was it was really iffy they W
11695s they didn't taxi bun which is why I was
11697s so confused but nevertheless go in an
11700s application is available on the backside
11702s to kind of supplement this push losing
11705s too many players early I don't think
11706s it's something they're going to go yeah
11708s that fight was very messy for Timeless
11710s ethereal and it felt a little bit
11711s disjointed between the front and back
11713s line just a bit of Mis unication here
11716s and Timeless AAL they they flew too
11717s close to the Sun with the with the
11719s emoting in the spawn hold it was it was
11722s a little
11724s messy now 308 on the Block for a second
11727s Point hold with still playing with fire
11730s still running this
11732s Widowmaker on a massive DPS for them
11734s they hit they rely on those picks coming
11735s out from whis if they want to get
11737s anything
11738s done but it still seems to be working
11740s out pretty well for him first Corner
11742s fight steps up implication Matrix
11743s available for CLA as well as a blux
11746s following it if they want to go for it
11747s and there won't be any sound barrier to
11750s counter when C presses that Q
11753s button yeah now there's that lizard from
11756s sniper and it's just going to allow di
11758s theia to go on a tear there is nowhere
11761s for a cat to go really well done from
11763s Timeless etherial to just completely
11765s stop VT blue in their tracks they were
11768s not expecting that play from sniper yeah
11771s it was an instantaneous response to the
11776s matrix's to opportunity beactive maybe
11780s you can't spend time hunting down this
11781s Widowmaker you just have to avoid her
11783s sight which they do beautifully taking
11785s that side lane I love how whis has like
11787s a personal Lucio as well to help with
11789s rotation into further flank positions
11791s this is insane the Bastion out from BT
11794s blue though now starts to move forward
11795s on the time of the serial and they flip
11797s the map using the flux do so even more
11799s The Rock connects with a little bit too
11801s late yeah and now Halo taking down saona
11805s after that sound barrier has already
11807s been used wh finding the head shot onto
11809s what this should be the nail in the
11811s coffin cat is just getting shredded and
11814s even though the Bastion is putting out
11815s damage so much is being sucked in giving
11818s Sigma those Shields out the immortality
11821s field now for Claire they are in danger
11823s CLA falling without the B piece where's
11825s the sustain for the tank it is nowhere
11827s to be found Timeless ethereal with
11830s another fight win toppling VT blue feel
11833s like this is a horror game for vtv like
11835s they move forward through these tiny
11837s dark hallways getting poked at from side
11839s to side then eventually they just get
11841s like shout out ASP in Five Nights at
11843s Freddy's jump scared from like some
11845s angle that wisps isn't supposed to be on
11847s by wisps it like what do you do yeah you
11849s just like peekaboo and then you run away
11852s and then now The Horde is chasing you
11854s this is a
11855s nightmare like Halo is really trying to
11858s go in for like the Goomba stomp on this
11860s entire team another map flip on on this
11863s squad look at this you just have Halo
11865s looking for a flank as a Lucio and now
11868s CLA only has the amplification Matrix
11870s they do have that Bastion Alti the
11872s artillery strike and there's the
11873s artillery strike to come through but bun
11875s so much value from the gravitic BL what
11879s can BT blue do at 30 seconds left on the
11883s clock and another team Kill from
11884s Timeless bual I feel like we need a
11886s counter for them I mean into amp Matrix
11888s and blizzard when you're just trying to
11890s I'm just trying to make it out of Spawn
11891s man in time theyel say n no no no no you
11894s you pay the troll toll you got to you
11896s got to walk through the blizzard first
11898s you got to kill whis you got to find
11900s some way in not easy oh God that'll do
11903s it at least there's Revenge at the end
11906s of it all everyone's trying to touch
11908s Point does anybody actually two one
11911s saona did they touch they did overtime
11914s out from cat immortality Fields four on
11916s to the man but Timeless ethereal are
11918s just too good nobody can match this team
11921s now 27 and0 and in the last 27 Maps they
11924s Kine themselves towards the top of this
11926s whis
11928s stage this is insane I mean we were
11930s talking a little bit about how the Widow
11933s on the defense if she died once it's
11935s unlikely that we see heren out again but
11937s whis doesn't care whisp knows their
11939s limits and they are able to play to them
11942s beautifully and especially on this
11944s defensive half we we saw a little bit of
11946s trolling they did a little bit of that
11947s emoting right outside their spawn and it
11949s cost them that first point but they
11951s recovered it from it so well and VT blue
11953s they were just getting knocked over like
11955s Domino's time and time and time again
11959s and I I think we we set the stage for
11960s this match right and we were talking
11962s about what it means for VT blue and how
11963s important it is to try and put something
11965s up against Timeless which for anybody is
11968s a monstrous task right but it's not
11971s necessar like yes they take a hard loss
11973s but this isn't the end for VT blue there
11974s are plenty of other teams that they can
11977s take on to try and get again to that
11978s like fifth sixth position is I think
11980s where it's mostly contentious in order
11982s to try to qualify for championships so
11985s it's certainly not out yet they're 2-0
11987s for a reason coming into this match
11989s unfortunate it went the way it did I
11991s think Timeless had a fair bit of fun
11993s with it though a roll swap for bun and
11995s sniper uh who was It Bun building a a
11999s Snowman in their spawn we got I think
12001s everything you could ask for in terms of
12003s at least showing off uh the the fancy
12005s emotes you can get in the
12007s store yeah just go ahead look in that
12010s OverWatch store if you want to be cool
12011s like ESS aeal and emote in other
12014s people's spawns because you're just that
12016s good then why not go for it and I think
12018s that whis was really trying to go for
12020s the the sneaky play of the day the quiet
12022s play but with the amp Matrix as well I
12025s think zman did such an excellent job
12028s keeping this team alive and trying to
12030s set up plays for the rest of the squad
12032s as well yeah it was a solid series for
12035s Timeless again just showing us how
12037s monstrous they can be I feel like we
12038s have to remind ourselves at the start of
12040s every one of these broadcasts and then
12041s we just end up checking back up in on
12043s them during finals after they've thoed
12045s virtually everybody in their path but
12047s we'll see if any of these teams have
12049s built themselves up to be good enough to
12050s properly take them on or if it's going
12052s to take a whole tournament to knock this
12054s team down we'll see you guys in a
12066s [Music]
12071s bit
12074s [Music]
12091s [Music]
12101s he
12116s [Music]
12132s [Music]
12144s [Music]
12190s [Music]
12196s [Applause]
12201s [Music]
12212s [Music]
12221s down
12222s [Applause]
12222s [Music]
12245s Timeless ethereal proving to us time and
12248s time again how dominant they are in the
12250s calling all heroes circuit and we are
12253s back to announce the Chipotle MV match
12257s MVP of that last best of three and you
12260s know I have to say it was a tough one
12263s every single one of them were popping
12265s off but got to give it to zman got to
12267s give the support some appreciation can't
12269s be thankless here lots of healing done
12271s and on top of that lots of damage yeah I
12274s mean some of the weirdest and coolest
12276s amplification Matrix I've seen in a
12278s minute and on top of that hit like the
12281s most amazing immortality field normally
12283s for an MVP thing I wouldn't be talking
12285s about like an individual player or
12288s individual plays rather but with in a
12290s match this short you kind of have to you
12292s know so that that immortality feel for
12295s me yeah sick highlight and then as well
12297s every amplification Matrix they were
12298s enabling whis they were across the map
12301s uh making sure that bun was able to take
12304s all this pressure was actually pretty
12305s impressive considering that they didn't
12306s have much damage to throw back on top of
12308s that while outputting damage of their
12310s own it was a great performance all
12311s around them
12313s yeah just using the cool Downs really
12315s well in general and I think Z man did an
12318s excellent job of enabling the squad
12320s solid support line just the backbone of
12323s the squad so far and Timeless ethereal
12325s they are just doing so good and we have
12327s an interview ready for you guys coming
12331s right up it is going to be whsp we saw a
12334s lot of really good DPS play oh my God is
12337s that your cat let's
12339s go uh her name's Chevy uh she was a
12342s stake in that I found inside like an old
12345s Corvette like
12347s bumper and we like took her in and she's
12350s actually our like logo for the the call
12353s for our te oh that that is her
12356s yeah she's she's adorable is that is
12359s that what lets you is she like
12360s whispering in your ear go on the flank
12362s is that yeah that the bence she's the
12364s voices she's the
12368s voices so you actually have two cats on
12371s Timeless at the Cal you have the cat
12373s named bun and you have the cat you have
12375s in your lap exactly
12377s yep so uh run me through real quick
12380s what's that series like for you cuz for
12383s us it was I mean roller coaster is like
12385s a weird word to use for it it wasn't so
12386s much up and down but it was definitely a
12388s lot of One Direction and that was you
12390s guys running at their spawn what what
12393s are comms like in that like what is this
12395s tournament to you guys considering that
12396s you guys have a million qualification
12399s points I know there's still of course a
12400s prize pool there's still plenty of
12402s reason to play but you guys seem to be
12404s having a lot of fun with it before
12406s Championship uh yeah we definitely today
12408s were a lot more chill like first day of
12410s Swiss
12411s um uh honestly comms today were kind of
12414s just fun people are kind of just like
12415s messing around and like vibing with each
12418s other this team's like one thing I
12419s really love about this team is like
12420s everyone is like friends like we we
12422s don't even use our team server to scrim
12424s half the time sometimes we're just like
12425s in our friend Discord that we were
12426s already in before everyone's like we
12429s just have
12430s fun yeah that's pretty awesome and I
12433s mean you guys have won a lot of the
12435s calling all heroes events before is
12437s there a team that you think might stand
12440s up to you this time give you that little
12442s bit of a challenge that you might not
12443s have seen in the previous
12444s events uh I'm definitely excited to go
12447s up against wisp uh I would that roster
12449s is like a lot of what my team was last
12452s call um and they have like a new roster
12455s with like anun now um so it'll be really
12457s fun to go up against them I think
12458s they're a really good team um I'm
12460s friends with a lot of people on that
12461s roster I'll defin be a fun match and I
12462s definitely think a hard match too but
12465s should be pretty
12466s fun yeah I think a lot of people see him
12468s going pretty far but for you guys what
12471s lengths what do you consider success in
12473s this tournament for you are you just
12474s trying to have fun before the
12475s championship are you looking for a
12477s fourth win in a row in a calling all
12479s heroes tournament to to give to the
12481s Timeless Empire uh what is it for you
12484s what is the goal here uh we're
12486s definitely going for the win and and I
12488s definitely think we can do it uh I think
12490s everyone's been working pretty hard
12492s uh I think we have a really good team I
12494s think we all trust each other I
12496s definitely think we can go for another
12498s another Crown another Victory Royale for
12500s the
12503s ogs yeah and looking even a little bit
12506s further ahead you guys are basically
12508s locked in to qualify for the
12510s championship do you think that that's
12512s going to be like typical of what calling
12515s all his Heroes events that you've seen
12517s before or do you think it's going to be
12519s a lot more challenging for you uh I'm
12522s not sure I mean it'll be like relatively
12524s the same teams I think the only
12525s difference it'll be like less of like
12527s the Swiss stage where you go against
12528s like a lot of teams and more so you're
12530s just going against like a lot of like
12532s the better teams because they've like
12533s proven themselves and qualified but I
12535s think it'll be pretty similar maybe like
12537s higher stakes and whatnot but that
12539s should be really
12540s fun yeah before we let you go any any
12543s notes that you want to give any last
12545s messages before we send you on and I
12547s mean it seems like we're just likely to
12549s see you again in the finals so I don't
12551s think it's necessarily goodbye forever
12553s so much as for now but any notes you
12554s want to leave us on before then um not
12557s really one thing I want to say is that
12558s the team we just played uh we scrimmed
12560s them we put bun in on tank which we did
12562s the last map and they uh called the
12564s scrim and forfeited it because we were
12566s off rolling so maybe they should have
12568s practiced against the bun Sigma you know
12570s she she's pretty good at it she was
12573s actually like under a lot of like when
12576s you're playing with the with the Widow
12577s instead of having like a major damage
12578s hor like a soan that's a a tough Sigma
12580s match up to play so yeah credit words
12582s it's do bun did do well and maybe the
12585s scrim should have gone on but
12586s nevertheless congratulations wisp on the
12588s win we hope to see you in the future
12590s thank
12594s you well we know what's cooking over
12596s there they're just a bunch of lads
12598s having a good
12599s time and they're just like a bunch of
12601s friends and it's really nice to see that
12603s they are going for the win once again
12605s building that Timeless Empire and we are
12609s just going to look at the Swiss
12610s standings as far that was kind of a
12612s quick one so not everything might be
12615s ready just yet I think yeah Swiss has
12618s not finished this was a really quick
12619s match I think it was how long was it
12621s it's probably probably the first one
12623s done if we're being honest with
12624s ourselves we we bought some time there
12625s at the end but nobody can catch up
12627s that's all right though because we've
12628s got more important things to do we've
12630s been talking about MVPs we've been
12632s talking about oh you know who's going to
12634s take it for the tournament but more
12635s importantly we've got the be quiet
12637s silent play of the day to give away and
12639s I this is what excites me this is not
12641s just about the biggest play that
12643s happened in the day but the play that
12645s said sh more than any other in this one
12648s from Zoe the deflected sleep into Zep
12652s turn we can get it one more time oh my
12655s God nothing says be quiet take a little
12658s nap for me while I 3K the rest of your
12660s team like Zoe does with this deflect
12664s yeah just keep that clip on replay that
12666s is definitely one of the highlights that
12668s we saw today and I mean Timeless they
12670s basically ran over Vancouver Titans blue
12673s but I definitely really love to see the
12675s doomfist compositions come out I would
12677s have loved to see a Reinhardt and there
12679s was a little bit of Winston play and
12681s it's nice to see that there's a variety
12683s here too as well yeah I mean I I think
12686s it's just been a really fun tournament
12687s in terms of the meta it's nice to get
12689s that variety sometimes in tournaments we
12691s can stick to one thing I was worried we
12693s might get a bit too much of the sigma
12694s but seeing things like Kindred come out
12696s and play a really good doomfist open
12698s series up made things super duper fun
12700s Timeless getting wacky with things is
12701s always a good time and I I think in
12703s general it's been a lot of fun and
12706s honestly it's always an honor to be here
12708s it's my last day on broadcast so thank
12709s you guys all for having me it's always a
12711s blast to come back for some calling on
12713s here's action tala any last words before
12715s we send them off to her tomorrow well
12717s thank you so much to our sponsors as
12719s well Chipotle for our match MVPs each of
12722s these series as well as a Chipotle let's
12724s talk interviews and be quiet for that
12727s elevated prize pool and to Noble chairs
12730s for that little bit of extra
12732s comfortability when you are watching
12733s these matches it has been such a good
12736s day and it was a really fun first day of
12738s Swiss stages thank you to you door for
12740s casting with me and we are going to be
12742s seeing you all very soon with some more
12745s OverWatch tomorrow see you
12760s then
12790s you
12820s your
12850s is
12876s You Knew Too
12880s Much
12899s [Music]
12910s w
12914s [Music]