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Good day all,

A handful of our developers took the time to address questions surrounding gameplay design and lore revolving around Overwatch’s 30th Hero, Baptiste. Their answers to YOUR questions are below.

UPDATED: Please note that Baptiste will be unlocked in Competitive Play two weeks after his release.


Does the Caribbean Liberation Front have affiliations with Talon, Overwatch, Blackwatch, Helix Securities or any other in-game organizations?

Michael Chu's reply

Michael Chu: They’re not directly related, but members of one would often end up moving to one of the others. Many of these organizations sprang up in the years after the end of the Omnic Crisis. After Baptiste and his Caribbean Coalition squadmates finished their tours of duty, they found the most lucrative path that still took advantage of their specialized skillsets was the Talon mercenary group. At the time, Baptiste wouldn’t have the same view and knowledge of Talon as we do now. Talon’s public face, especially the one they’d show to prospective recruits like Baptiste, would be as a well-paying mercenary group that took on security missions that were sanctioned by official organizations or corporations: a reasonable place for him and his comrades to best use their skills after their years in the Caribbean Coalition, without a hint of Talon’s true aims.

Why did Baptiste join Talon? And what made him leave?

Michael Chu's reply

Michael Chu: When Baptiste first joined Talon, he was a squad combat medic undertaking security missions as he had in the Caribbean Coalition. As the team’s medic, he was shielded from the decision making that happened at higher levels than he was at. Over time, his squad was assigned to more and more questionable missions: assassinations and operations with no regard to civilian casualties that caused significant damage and destruction. Like the frog in the pot of boiling water, the temperature was raised so slowly on Baptiste and his squadmates that it was only later that he realized how far they had fallen. Forced to confront what he had become a part of, he tried to convince the others to join him, but ultimately he was the only one who decided to leave.

What does Baptiste think about the Overwatch organization? Also, is he familiar with Mercy?

Michael Chu's reply

Michael Chu: Since leaving Talon, Baptiste has been keeping a low profile to stay out of the crosshairs of his former employers. His past associations with Talon mean that he doesn’t fit the profile of someone Overwatch would immediately consider recruiting. But as he’s trying to use his unique skills to make things better where he can, his path might cross Overwatch’s in the future.

As he’s lately been assisting with humanitarian efforts around the world, he’s certainly familiar with Mercy’s recent work.

What is Baptiste’s favorite food?

Michael Chu's reply

Michael Chu: Baptiste loves to eat. His favorite dish is probably pork griot and lalo. Not many people know he has a serious sweet tooth, and he loves to kick back with a tall drink with a lot of ice.

How do you pronounce his name? Jeff says it one way but the character himself says it another?

Michael Chu's reply

Michael Chu: Baptiste pronounces the "p".

Does Baptiste have any relationship with Sombra?

Alyssa Wong's reply

Alyssa Wong: Baptiste and Sombra met for the first time while both were working for Talon. Over time, they became good friends. Sombra likes to keep an eye on everything, but she’s also looking out for Baptiste, even though he left Talon. It’s always nice to see what her old buddy has been up to.

What happened with Cuerva and his team?

Alyssa Wong's reply

Alyssa Wong: Captain Cuerva and his team disappeared on their mission to recover Baptiste. They are assumed killed in action, but their deaths are unconfirmed.

Baptiste does speak Haitian Creole/Kreyol, but can he also speak French?

Alyssa Wong's reply

Alyssa Wong: Baptiste speaks both Haitian Creole and French.

Where does Baptiste get his equipment? It doesn’t seem like the Talon style.

Alyssa Wong's reply

Alyssa Wong: His equipment is a collection of armor and weaponry that Baptiste acquired over the years. Some are from the black market, and some are modified from his Caribbean Coalition and Talon gear. He’s always been resourceful, and during his time in the Caribbean Coalition, he often cobbled together useful equipment from whatever he could find.

Does Baptiste have any siblings?

Alyssa Wong's reply

Alyssa Wong: Baptiste is an only child, but he does have several cousins.


Immortality field feels as powerful as an ultimate ability – why did you decide to make it a regular ability?

Geoff Goodman's reply

Geoff Goodman: The Immortality Field has many disadvantages compared to other support ultimates such as Transcendence and Sound Barrier. If a Baptiste player can work around these disadvantages they can potentially use this ability to even stop another team’s ultimate, which can be a huge advantage to his team. This is one of the things that makes Baptiste so exciting to play!

When will Baptiste be released on the live realm? And when will he join competitive play?

Geoff Goodman's reply

Geoff Goodman: Baptiste will be ready for the live servers within the next couple weeks. As with all new hero releases, there will be a two-week period after he is released before he is available for competitive play.

Can we get an official answer on Exo Boots not being affected by Hack/EMP on the PTR? It seems like it has to be a bug that it’s not hackable, as it’s incredibly inconsistent with Hack’s ‘rules of interactions’ with every other ability in game.

Josh Noh's reply

Josh Noh: This was indeed a bug and will be fixed by the time Baptiste is released.

Immortality field is very a strong and helpful skill. But I think health of the generator is little too high and cooldown is too short. How do you think about it?

Josh Noh's reply

Josh Noh: The Immortality Field can be destroyed very quickly when multiple enemies are focusing it as it only has 250 health and doesn’t move. If it does end up being too powerful we can always lower the health or increase the cooldown to a more reasonable amount.

I understand Baptiste’s ultimate is a double effect buff, but wouldn’t this mechanic be overpowered? For example, would certain abilities be able to one shot opponents while under Zenyatta’s or Lucio’s ultimate?

Josh Noh's reply

Josh Noh: The Amplification Matrix is a powerful ultimate that could potentially enable teammates to one shot an enemy. It does have its downsides too in that it only boosts projectiles, has a short duration, and holds a static position so enemies can simply avoid line of sight until the ultimate is over, making the timing of placing the Amplification Matrix very important. Sometimes it’s much stronger to use it for healing your allies!

Thank you everyone for your participation and submission of questions. Baptiste is coming soon!

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Thank you for posting these answers to many good questions. Time for me to get back to work on getting the dev post directory updated.

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Unfortunately, it has been addressed a few times that running a PTR version of the game client on console platforms would be impractical.

Needless to say another reason why…

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Hey all,

I wanted to follow-up on this. It was previously noted that Baptiste would be unlocked in Competitive Play one week after his initial release. This was incorrect. Baptiste will be playable in Competitive Play two weeks after his launch this Tuesday.

This change has been updated and revised in the original post.

Thank you.

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