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Transcript (by Youtube)

1s [tranquil orchestral music]
5s [child] Which one's your favorite?
9s Mine's Tracer.
11s She's like, "Cheers, love. The cavalry's here."
14s [child 2] You're one of those heroes, aren't you?
18s [Zenyatta] Before me, I see the future.
21s Human.
23s Machine.
24s [Harold Winston] You know there's more out there, don't you?
29s [Sojourn] Even the best journeys end.
32s But a new one is right around the corner.
39s [Reinhardt] Hammer strike!
41s [Junker Queen] I am your queen!
46s Let's take 'em to the wasteland!
49s [Doomfist] One punch is all I need.
52s [Bastion whirring]
57s [Orisa speaks Yoruba]
61s [Sojourn] Nice work, team. Keep it moving.
64s [TS-1] I cannot wait to push.
66s [Cassidy] Draw!
68s Yippee ki-yay!
70s [Lúcio] Boom, baby!
73s [Tracer] Check me out.
74s [Ashe] B.O.B., do something!
82s [Ana] Get in there.
85s [Lúcio] It takes a team to tango.
90s [Sigma groans]
96s [Hammond squeaks]
102s [Winston roars]
104s [music crescendos]