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0s [sinister orchestral music]
7s Hey, everyone.
8s I'm Qiu Fang,
9s Lead Character Concept Artist
10s on the Overwatch team,
11s here to talk about the concepting and design
13s of our newest tank hero, Ramattra.
15s Ramattra has been in development for a very long time.
18s We first began working on this character all the way back in 2017
21s when we started concepting all the Null Sector units,
24s and there was a unit that had a pharaoh-type of look
28s in the front of the lineup that was a lieutenant type.
31s We looked at that and said, "That would make a really cool hero."
34s [Ramattra] Ramattra at your side.
38s We used a lot of triangular shapes,
39s both in the silhouette, like his cape,
42s his head,
43s his jaw, his hair,
44s and that's all done to give him this air of powerfulness, of intimidation,
49s and just make him feel a little bit sinister.
51s Alongside that,
53s you have the more skeletal-looking visuals from Null Sector,
57s and Ramattra's color is primarily purple,
59s matching all the other Null Sector units.
62s So, one of the Egyptian iconographies that made it through to the final design
66s was the idea of sand.
67s The original Null Sector units had VFX based on sand powers,
72s and we kind of thought of them as nanites.
74s And so, when we made Ramattra into a character,
77s his abilities became based on nanites.
80s Leaning into his lore as a leader and protector of his people,
82s Ramattra's final design archetype
84s is heavily inspired by a shepherd or nomadic figure,
87s with one of his main design points being a staff.
90s Ramattra's staff was initially designed to have a reservoir of nanites,
96s almost like a lantern hanging off of the staff.
98s We ended up simplifying it down into more of an orb
102s with a rotating kind of belt of nanites around it
104s that he would wind up and then shoot.
107s That's his primary fire.
108s Ramattra's nemesis form came from a need for this character to still be a tank.
113s He needed size and mass
117s to fulfil that role, visually and also functionally.
121s Ramattra's look was actually inspired by early Zenyatta concepts
124s that showcased religious archetypes of a multi-armed figure.
129s Inside of the suit,
130s we wanted to show that he's still this domineering, intimidating character,
133s and so his arms are crossed.
135s [Ramattra] You are safe with me.
137s Check out our other Dev Update videos for more about Ramattra's lore and gameplay.
142s I'll see you all in game.