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0s it can be hard at times to know how to
2s offer support to those battling cancer
4s so pink Mercy will help show five ways
5s you can support someone with breast
7s cancer ask what you can do to help
8s before assuming how are you feeling
11s because sometimes what someone needs
12s most is someone to listen offer to run
14s errands pick up groceries or drop off a
16s meal you can make treatments more
17s comfortable by making a care package of
19s comfort items like a book a blanket or
21s ginger candy for nausea and when in
23s doubt you can say I don't know what it's
25s like to be in your shoes right now but I
26s want you to know that I'm here for
29s you okay thanks and if you're looking to
31s help bcrf support life-saving breast
33s cancer research while looking your pink
35s best Pink mercy and the rose gold Mercy
37s bundle are available for purchase in
38s OverWatch 2 100% of the purchase price
40s excluding any applicable platform fees
42s and taxes will go to the Breast Cancer
44s Research Foundation
45s [Music]