about 1 year ago - Craig - Direct link

Hey everyone, I have been around but lurking behind the scenes. There have been a lot of things I have been engaged with and it’s pretty exciting on what we have planned for Season 3. Yes, I have been helping a lot with the blogs, patch notes, and forum posts you see on an official level. To give an insight to my work right now, I am doing my daily check of the forums and Reddit to bring constructive feedback to the devs, and trust me they really appreciate the feedback everyone has been giving.

If there is anything I do want to debunk, is that I have not been silenced by anyone. I am still relatively new to the team, so if anything I am learning from my peers and leaders, Jodie, Andy, Jon, Jared, etc. I also work on a lot of things behind the scenes that you guys don’t get to see but that’s okay because the work I have been doing feels really impactful to the future of the game.

about 1 year ago - Craig - Direct link

Yes, I do have my main account and keeping up with it. I usually focus on getting at least my dailies done in the evening on weekdays, and then do a heavy gaming grind on weekends, which can consist of Overwatch, World of Warcraft, or other games.

I do participate in playtests though which is a really cool experience.

Far from it, one of Blizzard’s core values is “Express Your Inner Geek” which means we are encouraged to explore what games and pop culture mean to us and how they impact our lives. And while I am a hard-stuck gold/plat, I still have fun.