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Transcript (by Youtube)

1s [narrator] On this week's episode…
3s The forces of evil rise.
5s But never fear,
7s Ultrawatch is here.
9s [heavy metal music playing]
10s [Genji grunts]
16s [narrator] Starring Genji Shimada,
18s Cole Cassidy,
21s Vivian Chase,
23s Ana Amari,
25s and, of course, Hammond.
28s Cheer on your heroes as they take on…
30s [music distorts]
31s [suspenseful music builds]
34s -…new Calamity Empress Ashe. -[heavy metal music resumes]
37s And she's not the only one lookin' for trouble.
41s [Ashe] Remember who's in charge.
44s See you later.
47s [epic music playing]
52s [Sombra] ¡Apagando las luces!
56s Mess with the best and die like the rest.
59s [music distorts]
60s [suspenseful music builds]
64s [epic music resumes]
67s [Mercy] You called?
82s [epic music swells]
86s [Reinhardt] Bring on the fight!
94s -[music fades out] -Ha-ha-ha! Is that all you've got?
97s [dramatic drums beating]
102s [music builds]
103s [tranquil music playing]
105s [birds chirping]
110s [Illari] Rise like the sun.
112s [Junkrat] Today is a good day for some mayhem.
116s [Zenyatta] Death is whimsical today.
118s [epic music continues]
123s [Kiriko] Some of the old, some of the new.
127s [Soldier: 76] Think you can do my job, do you?
131s [Lúcio] Look at this team. We're gonna do great.
134s I make this look easy.
135s Oh, yeah!
137s [Winston] I've got it. Here goes nothing.
142s [Kiriko] Look, don't touch.
144s [Lifeweaver] You've never looked better.
146s [Roadhog] Feelin' alive.
148s -[all chuckling] -[Lúcio] Oh, and what a play by Lúcio!
153s [narrator] Welcome back to the final showdown.
155s [Ashe] Let's put an end to this.
157s [Genji] Show me what you're made of.
159s -[heavy metal music playing] -[grunts, roars]
162s Rah!
164s [narrator] The Ultrawatch are victorious…
167s -…for now. -[cackling]
168s [music fades]
174s [music ends]
175s [mechanical whirring]
177s [dramatic sting]