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6s [Music]
8s one of the things that
10s gets us up in the morning happy to work
12s on overwatch it's first and foremost a
15s really special game the way we portray a
17s bright future everyone on the team is
19s really proud of it
23s we're bringing an all-new pvp experience
26s we're transforming from a 6v6 to a 5e5
29s changed a lot of how we design heroes
31s and actually how we balance them as well
32s we had to go back and look at all the
34s heroes and all the tanks especially and
36s make sure that everyone fits and works
38s really well on this new paradigm this
39s newfound importance on each individual
41s player to feel like they can really make
42s an impact on the game we're trying to
44s obviously maintain the original
46s character's identity and overall
49s silhouette colors statements but also
52s kind of bring something a little bit new
55s we can make balance adjustments really
57s quick as fast as our design team sees
60s that there's an issue jeff goodman and
63s the rest of the hero design team have
64s been loving all the feedback coming in
66s they have tons of awesome ideas about
68s how to change or adjust balance so
71s heroes like erisa got a major rework
74s we're looking at how many barriers are
75s in place you think about overwatch you
77s think of these really protective shields
78s but we're looking at it from the
79s perspective of you know what if she
80s didn't have that what would that even
82s look like we're just always looking for
83s great opportunities to change for the
84s better
87s i'm really excited about how we've
89s refreshed all the maps i think we've
92s done a lot of great changes especially
94s for pvp a lot of our old stuff just
96s looks gorgeous now we've done a lot with
98s the art and with lighting and shadows
100s and just made stuff pop a little bit
103s more we also added some options with
105s like daytime night time i think all of
108s the overwatch team apps are custom
110s recorded in the actual place we've hired
112s a field recordist to actually go capture
115s ambience of the real world location we
117s realize it's a subtle detail but those
120s are the things that really make these
121s maps come to life we have done a pass
124s playing all the old maps in 5v5 and
127s adjusting things for that kind of setup
129s whether it's moving cover around just a
132s little bit or tweaking a door in the
134s beta we're listening to feedback so
136s we're going to improve each map based on
138s what the players have been seeing we've
140s been working on these for a little while
141s now and we're really excited about it
143s we're really happy with the positive
145s feedback once people were able to play
146s it and i think it was an important
147s milestone for us to get it in players
148s hands
149s [Music]
153s competitive play is a different thing to
156s a lot of different people and we really
158s didn't think we were providing enough
160s tools and measures to actually help
162s players out if they did want to improve
165s we're reworking our scoreboard to
167s provide more information to players as
169s they're like playing through the match
171s but then once they finish the match
173s we're actually going to provide an
174s after-action report so you can look at
177s the report while you're in queue you can
179s actually go into
181s your history section and look we want to
183s work towards providing you with
185s information that will help you
187s improve your game
189s we've been getting feedback from a lot
190s of different areas from our you know
192s community team like streamers
194s influencers we've also been getting a
195s lot of feedback from overwatch league
197s players we do want to actually provide a
199s bit of like feeling of progression so
202s one of the other changes we're making
203s alongside that is not making your skill
206s rating quite so granular right now it's
208s a very hard number instead of numeric
210s skill rating we're adding these skill
212s tiers within the larger ones if you see
215s someone at a really high skill tier you
217s know that that person is not just that
219s good of an overwatch player but they've
221s earned it
228s one of the cool things about overwatch 2
230s is it has this new push game mode and
232s maps along with it pushes the pvp game
234s mode on several different new maps we've
237s been playing it in the beta and we've
238s actually been using it in overwatch
240s league as well and once we started play
241s testing it it was kind of an instant hit
244s there's
245s a level it has one path that goes all
247s the way through it from one base to the
248s other and the middle is ts1
252s and he's this lovable robot with a pair
253s of barricades next to him and the
255s players essentially fighting for control
257s and if they take control by taking out
258s the other enemy team ts1 will move a
261s barricade towards the enemy base to win
265s you either get that barricade all the
266s way to the enemy base or after a certain
269s amount of time did you move your
271s barricade farther than the enemy team
273s did it's a very fair game mode i think
275s the maps are great it provides for a lot
277s of different like locations where a lot
279s of great fights can happen
285s we've developed a lot of engine upgrades
287s in the game so this allows us to do
289s faster iteration this was a huge effort
292s by our engine team to allow the art team
294s to build faster more detailed
297s environments in a shorter amount of time
299s you will get to experience the game
300s world we wanted to feel much more
302s immersive
309s overwatch 2 is a dream for audio
311s features it's everything we've ever
313s really wanted to do we really go into
315s every little bit of detail trying to
317s find a way that every sound will cut
320s through when we started on overwatch one
321s we were really really focused on the
323s headphone mix we we thought for you know
325s a pc first kind of game
327s we realized that people listened to
329s overwatch in all types of different
330s places so now we support home theater
333s dolby atmos in the game
335s now consoles offer all kinds of new
337s things too like 3d audio that we're
339s supporting there's new voice lines new
342s conversations between all of the
343s favorite heroes and we have so many
346s there'll be more that'll just come to
347s the game over time we've written 25 000
349s voice lines for overwatch dude
352s so
352s tons of new features and the reality is
355s that overwatch scales even beyond that
357s all the way up to giant sports arenas
360s for our overwatch finals everything you
361s like about overwatch
363s you're gonna get that in overwatch too
364s but even more you know we're really
366s listening to feedback a lot of it we
367s felt like man we really think this is
369s gonna be super fun we just need people
370s to be able to play it
371s october 4th is really just the beginning
383s you