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0s solutions that they're going to have to
1s find against some of those compositions
2s which might be more of a surprise is
4s going to be the Difference Maker between
6s these teams being able to pick up a
8s Podium finish and put as many points
10s into the circuit at the very beginning
11s of the year as they possibly can yeah I
14s mean these teams have already put a fair
15s number of points maybe not into the
16s circuit but certainly into their back
18s pockets take a look at what we rocked
20s out with the previous two days which of
22s course started on Friday two days of
24s Swiss is a whole lot of OverWatch we've
27s played not to mention we have teams
28s coming in from Europe some of them and
30s the players playing on obscene paying on
32s obscene times they they wanted this more
34s than anybody but unfortunately we only
36s had 16 tickets to give away to today and
39s now you're into that prizing ten
41s thousand dollars of prize pool as well
43s so it's not just circuit points you're
44s fighting for it is however incredibly
47s Cutthroat given that we are in a single
49s elimination bracket so one loss and you
51s are going to be out of potentially
53s picking up those placement points or
55s those circuit points as we can have a
57s look at how they're going to be
58s allocated first place obviously getting
60s those 5 thousand dollars as well as the
62s maximum of 900 points before we start to
64s settle into second picking up half of
65s the five thousand so 2500 750 circuit
69s points so definitely not something to
71s sniff at and then even third and fourth
72s getting 600 450 fifth picking up 350 and
77s even if you're towards the lower end of
79s this leaderboard having things like 275
82s or 225 points to start off in comparison
85s to some of these teams who haven't been
87s able to make it into the top 16 and put
89s any points onto the board there's going
91s to be a significant Advantage moving
93s into all of the rest of these Majors
95s that are going to be littered throughout
97s 2023. yeah and I think that's one of the
100s big things taking any points out of this
101s granted I I may be no mathematician but
104s one point better than zero but on top of
107s that points further on are gonna be
109s harder to get it's only getting more
111s crowded and the teams are only getting
112s better so the points are going to become
114s harder and harder to come across we've
116s already seen the inflation of talent
118s just consistently coming in we talked
120s about it earlier off broadcast just how
122s difficult it is for some of the teams
123s that we expected to do well to get those
126s spots that they thought they might have
127s been guaranteed it is a real dog fight
129s up at the top now yeah I mean I think a
132s lot of players and and people watching
134s were expecting to see maybe some more
135s teams coming in undefeated but it is
138s only the one it is only Timeless
140s referral who are going to be able to
142s retain that crowners nyxl Academy
144s Vancouver attack it's blue even Dart
147s monkey is one of the more favored teams
149s to come into this tournament were taking
152s losses across the board as we can have a
154s look at how we're going to see this
156s bracket folding on out time with
158s cephyria going to be going up against
160s bumblebees whisper Monaro going up
162s against femoris Kraken Starry Nights
164s heading up against Whiplash which is the
166s team we're going to get to see on
168s broadcast and then obviously those
170s winners moving on to be able to go head
173s to head against all of the other teams
174s still in the running as we are still
176s waiting to see whether or not Vancouver
178s Titan's blue move forward against
181s Genesis Reign and shikikami up against
183s nyxl Academy if they're going to be
186s matching up against the other two teams
188s instead I mean it makes you wonder if
190s Dart monkeys is going to be the only
192s sacrifice made in the round of 16 out of
194s the top teams that we expect like you
195s said nyxl Academy Vancouver Titans blue
197s are still floating around there and
199s their lives are are still in flux as of
201s right now but we're starting the day off
203s with the quarterfinals our first match
205s today is gonna be Starry Nights up
206s against Whiplash two teams that we
209s haven't gotten to see too much of but
210s Thomas a fair bit
212s um I do have I want to mention the fact
213s that Vancouver Titans blue and my Excel
215s Academy are potentially going
217s head-to-head in March 7. so in the
220s quarterfinals one of those teams one of
223s the more favorite teams coming into this
224s tournament is going to be knocked out
226s alongside like you said that surprise
228s upset coming through Dart monkeys are
230s going to be knocked out entirely it's a
232s single animation bracket taking that
234s loss up against my mom versus Kraken
236s means that they are going to be out of
238s the quarterfinals out of being able to
239s put themselves into a position where
241s they could move forward into the same
242s reason even the finals themselves so
244s already upsets across the board coming
246s through yeah I think the fortunate part
248s about that although it is single
250s elimination we're moving back to Best of
252s five I think you brought it up earlier
253s but that is a critical change best of
255s Threes you can get blindsided pretty
257s quickly it can be over in a Flash you
260s might not have the time to adapt best of
262s five I expect these things to go the
263s distance look we had best of Threes that
265s were going to this since yesterday and
267s most of the time best of Threes in my
269s experience and I've cast a lot of best
270s of Threes in my time they usually end
273s pretty quick like it's decisive there is
275s enough time to adapt but these teams are
277s showing depth and that's what I love to
279s see out of rosters like these whether
280s they're recently formed or whether teams
282s that have had that time to bond the
284s depth has been phenomenal and so the
286s adaptation has been just as much so
287s making for some really great series yeah
290s like we said like we saw yesterday we
291s were having teams come through with not
293s quite meta picks and not quite meta
295s situations but still finding a lot of
297s value because they were able to play
298s those areas and know them inside and I'd
300s as we get the confirmation Whiplash by
302s the way just as cute a logo as
304s bumblebees I think bumblebees and
305s Whiplash are just two of my favorite
307s logos in the entirety of the teams that
309s are currently competing Starry Nights
311s not having a brilliant look I'm not
314s going to lie in fact not not having a
316s logo at all it looks like unfortunately
318s going to have the standard OverWatch
320s logo instead but you can't go wrong with
321s a classic yeah I honestly I think for
323s these kind of tournaments the more your
326s logo looks like it was made in Ms paint
327s the more I am just drawn to it and
330s there's something about that that you
331s just have to give points to
333s I I love his law just like the little
335s initials yeah like just again it's just
338s in case you didn't get it we we wrote it
340s down there for you yeah it's sort of
342s like you know when five-year-olds in
344s like their first ever art class are just
346s doing like the the dip the hands in the
348s page I need someone to sign up or just
350s their hands and you just little little
353s of your names so you know exactly if you
355s left those handprints yeah it really is
357s just like hitting me with full Nostalgia
359s back to my preschool days the evolution
362s really is somebody finger painting their
364s logo for the next calling all heroes
366s major or minor whatever it may be either
368s way logo serious logos fun the teams
371s have meant some business and thus far
373s getting into the top 16 already proves
375s that you've got something to fight for
376s these teams of course the reason why
379s we're going to the Miss round is because
380s in theory they're pretty well matched
381s these are two of the closest teams we
383s have in seed starting out with Starry
385s Nights with Senna CB alisu who is a name
389s to look out for mimio and ajmr this is a
392s team that's definitely gonna feel some
394s Frontline pressure and I want to see
396s them go off the back of that experience
397s that LSU brings I mean not to say let's
400s see but as well one of their subs who's
401s not going to be starting off buyer is is
404s also going to be that both of these
405s players have played for uh Munich back
408s in contenders emea where they were able
410s to to Really push through open Division
413s and then move up to challenge some
414s really Strong pedigree teams in that
416s contenders region SMC as well asteraxia
419s there is a whole wealth of experience in
421s tier two for all of these players as we
423s have players coming through from angels
425s from oh yeah which is one of my favorite
427s teams to come out of the the emea
430s contenders region not gonna lie because
432s they do push the vote out in terms of
434s meta picks they do not stick to what is
436s quote unquote matter instead they go for
438s Comfort compositions and a lot of the
440s time they're able to find a lot of value
442s from it because everyone else is
444s screaming The Meta and Oya just comes
446s along and throws in that careful like
447s we've been wanting to see come through
449s in that curveball may be quite literal
451s we may get to see alisu on that Hammond
454s in Center on the Farah taking full
456s advantage of the space that that
458s Wrecking Ball creates very similar to
460s the way that we see emea teams playing
462s play teams like won Esports and twisted
465s Minds where they're running things like
467s crowned up on that Winston or that
468s Wrecking Ball and they have lvbd or even
471s just yesen on the Farah being able to
473s just take full advantage of the moments
476s when the ham is able to pile drive onto
477s a squishy and set that Farah up for a
479s pick I like to imagine every time
480s somebody says a lab doesn't name they
482s add an extra B either way though
484s the team like this certainly can bring
486s some lethality to especially a single
488s elimination bracket where you don't get
489s that second chance where you don't get
491s to learn how to play against them the
493s Whiplash has their work cut out for him
494s this roster though no slouches in their
496s own right par mini Mari jono and miemann
500s really hard stuff they're gonna have to
502s go up again like we said what are we
504s looking for here for me it's DPS
506s flexibility that's what's gonna allow
507s you to encounter a lot of that stuff
509s especially in the skies
511s yeah I'm gonna be keeping an eye out
513s because like you said there is a lot of
515s experience for these players in terms of
517s calling all heroes pedigree a lot of
519s these players coming through from
520s altiora teams where they were able to
522s find a lot of value but it is really
525s come going to come down to flexibility
527s if they are going to be running into an
528s off metacom position posted that by
531s starry nights they're going to have to
532s be able to adapt very quickly into the
535s situation that they're set in because
537s while Hammond has lost a lot of that
539s sort of stall potential he had in
541s OverWatch one where you were Unlimited
543s in the amount of time that you're able
544s to spill around on that grapple he is
546s also remaining to be one of the most
549s annoying tanks to deal with given the
551s fact that as we move from OverWatch 1 to
553s OverWatch 2 one thing that was hit for a
556s lot of these players was utility in
557s forms of that crowd control so being
559s able to lock this hamster down
561s especially given the fact that we are
562s going to be playing on the patch where
563s the Anna's sleep dad does not disable
565s the wrecking ball for long enough to be
567s able to chunk through herself if you
568s don't have the full team Focus coming
570s through you'll be able was London Aid
572s you'll be able to land the dog but the
573s Hammond is still going to be rolling
575s around after that 3.5 second wears out
577s and then you're right back to square one
579s only you're waiting that 15 extra
580s seconds for that utility to come up
582s again yeah that's a very real
583s possibility considering that our first
585s map I believe is Elios which opens up a
588s lot of dive potential for either these
590s teams should they want to get into it my
591s question now is how much of that is
593s going to be reliant on the dive how much
596s of the rush do we get how what different
598s versions of the dive do we get because
600s Rush was fairly prominent yesterday we
602s saw a lot of ramatra and neither of
605s these teams are lining up with at least
607s 10 players that I know of that are
608s thinking about bringing their matcha to
610s the table but it might not be that
611s prevalent on this first map to get one
613s yeah we don't know what the first map is
616s at the moment we are just going through
617s all of the lovely pretty scenery of
620s earliest you want to take a stab in the
621s dark do you you have a one in three
623s chance of getting it right it's
625s lighthouse it's Lighthouse okay
627s I know what it is I know what it is it's
631s it's going to be Lighthouse and like you
632s said this does open the door up for that
634s dive potential Farah as well to be able
636s to play it around the sky boxes there's
638s a little bit less of a position for
640s snipers to be able to set themselves up
642s it's still possible with that High
644s Ground Control going around not just
645s over the point itself but also on the
647s side Lanes of that point so if you do
649s manage to win that first duel the pharah
651s finds a lot more difficulty being able
653s to put themselves back into the fight as
655s opposed to somewhere like ruins where
657s snipers just rule the route with all of
660s this High ground and that ability to
662s have that really nice clear line of
663s sight from that high ground on to the
666s point where if left uncontested they're
668s just going to click had some winning the
670s round
671s along with snipers one of the big things
672s that we saw special on Elios yesterday
674s and it's kind of just
675s throughout the day was the quality of
677s somber play it was very high for one and
680s then number two is that it was critical
682s to winning the match especially given
683s that the somber was often a three point
685s from not just the rematcher compositions
687s but apparently Sigma compositions which
688s I would never put on my bingo card
690s coming into the day but also of course
692s the dive composition so by these teams
694s are looking to field it it certainly
696s does offer that utility that can be
698s brought across multiple compositions and
699s if it looks good on one map it's
701s extremely applicable to almost everyone
702s following yeah Sombra is well doing a
705s very good job oh God I'm so good
707s I'm so good at this
710s oh
711s I told you I just no I just know I am in
714s order walking in the sunset you would
716s probably like to Holiday on this map I
718s can just see smugly sitting in one of
719s those deck chairs very smugly very very
722s happily watching the sunset Go Dinos it
725s does right take us to Lighthouse first
728s of all in starry nights and Whiplash
729s golf going both going to be Fielding a
732s semblance of Dives it is going to be
734s different tanks however locked in for
735s the two we've already talked in depth
737s yesterday about the matchup between the
739s Winston and the diva the Winston with
741s that bubble able to get a little bit
742s more pressure onto the members of the
745s hitscan that they go after but also
747s incredibly vulnerable if they don't have
749s that continued line of sight for their
750s Anna as opposed to Alice through on the
752s diva who gets defense Matrix to be able
754s to play around with and sustain
755s themselves with far longer so it does
758s mean that starry night's back when
759s aren't going to be in as aggressive and
761s vulnerable opposition as whiplashes
764s but while they may have brought the more
765s defensive tanks story Knights have
767s slightly more aggressive support line
768s with that at oh never mind that Ash is
771s gone yeah she's no longer there to peel
773s for the Anna
778s blaming the land which they've oh so
781s hardly worked for to be completely
783s honest quick cap over based off the back
785s of just two easy Tracer picks yeah
787s really good being able to capitalize off
789s on the room that your Winston provides
791s in that little room drops the bubble
793s mini coming up that staircase able to
794s very quickly chunk down Sana and then
797s turns to deal with the Anna and Whiplash
799s as a result have been able to find
800s themselves this High Ground Control
802s start and it's gonna have a lot harder
803s time now Crossing from The High Ground
805s onto the low but centers Dynamite is
807s absolutely perfect lands onto par and
809s this is starry night time moving forward
811s and chunking down the Winston before
813s they turn their attention to that point
815s clean stuff it seemed like it was just
817s first push Blues right we're getting
818s burnt down no big problems reset those
820s health bars come back in that's what I'm
822s giving away either yeah really good
824s quick turnaround coming through from
826s Starry Nights they do lose the Tracer a
829s little bit later on however Paul going
831s to be claiming that one and it's
833s currently a race between both of these
834s Ash players to be able to get this ball
836s online as quickly as possible as me man
838s falls towards that Nana boost Starry
840s night's already post off of that point
842s the diva having to use the Boost is to
843s peel back the defense Matrix to be
845s available to save the Anna from the
846s headshots coming through from this ash
848s as Whiplash see on opportunity see that
851s the diva is gone send Minnie down to the
853s low ground and find the blip
855s good deal already though or he's Nano
858s boosted in and while the flip may have
859s happened the fight is far from home it
861s doesn't also invested that did not find
862s purchase now a LSU gets the Nano boost
864s as well has a self-destructure they need
866s it but I don't think they will
868s they found the pick on Amari minis next
870s to go Santa's on a bit of a rampage
873s sign up with that Bob does use the
876s ultimate in that fight to be able to cut
878s off the disengagement from Whiplash and
880s power is going to be able to have a ball
881s with their own potentially put on to
883s that point to try and threaten that flip
885s coming through from Starry Night says it
887s is going to be this Tracer looking for
889s an opportunity to use that plus one
891s doesn't have to beat out the defense
893s Matrix if you find a stick into one of
896s these squishies you are guaranteed to be
897s able to find that connection as the Bob
899s starts to come through Power sending it
901s immediately on to point to try and keep
902s Starry night's attention elsewhere as
904s the ash looks to punish when the Tracer
906s comes away
908s still looking for a position though
910s let's find this very nice unable to pull
912s their health bars all the way up off the
913s ground and same goes for their support
915s so those health bars definitely aren't
916s going anywhere but downwards right about
918s now Whiplash you've got this one a
920s nicely in a boat yeah really good play
924s coming through from Whiplash sending
925s that Bob on to point I actually baits
928s mimio's hit sooner I have to try and
930s deal with the Bob as quickly as possible
932s without giving that flip over so as a
934s result marry on that Winston gets to
936s just juggle all of the backline from
938s Starry Nights maybe who was forced away
940s from her team gonna be taking down the
942s neither swaps come through honestly onto
944s that Winston mimio coming on to that
946s Brigida unfortunately you're playing
948s into a team that already has that rally
949s built up and those stuns are going to be
951s connecting if you try and push onto the
953s scene
955s rally out it's easy peel straight
957s forward for jono but Mari didn't get
960s that rally HP
962s a lot harder for her to live
964s another dive in now starting nice
966s looking for the re-dive and no tank in
968s their way it's pretty straightforward
970s whip flash take this one hope they can
973s get it back we played Hot Potato at this
975s point thus far I don't think it's
976s stopping
977s okay I mean we are in final fight
979s territory for starry nights and they are
981s going to have the Nano boost to play
983s around with but so too are Whiplash
985s going to have a nano boost of their own
986s so I'm right now the swap coming through
989s from hard just to try and disable this
991s backline and pull even more Focus away
993s from Mario on the Winston Starry Night
996s with a gorgeous Auntie actually pushes
998s aggressively onto me man but puts
1000s themselves into a position of being
1001s anted in return and Mario with the
1004s jumper because you have to close up the
1005s distance and take the Anna down suddenly
1007s there is no burst sustainability for
1009s starry nights and they are forced to
1011s retreat and give up the flip
1015s Fortune flip but I'm not sure there's a
1017s touch in for for starting ice right
1019s about now they can try they've got a
1020s quick composition Winston gets there
1022s just in the nick of time else who didn't
1024s buy as much time as humanly possible to
1026s Nana boots could arrive maybe just maybe
1027s they commit the point a big sleep I sent
1030s to
1031s what do they have to follow it up though
1032s the Nano boost on the A-list who can do
1033s a fair bit of damage on the backline but
1035s they just walk away the peel from me man
1036s and jono is so beautiful this place
1039s sleeping on the ground it's effectively
1040s 45 in favor of Whiplash the next couple
1042s of moments but they've got to find a way
1043s to re-engage Parr can't get the EMP up
1045s either with the help of the Bob now six
1046s versus four in favor of Starry Night
1049s saying slow down the health bars of
1050s Whiplash and that should be the first
1052s point going over their favor
1054s just a fight turned on its head entirely
1056s by a sleep dot Landing onto Maori really
1059s good play coming through from the back
1061s line of starry nights and like you said
1063s they have those ultimates to be able to
1064s hold on to and keeps way over that point
1067s sending in the Bob just having that
1068s additional body on it denying apart from
1071s being able to farm up into that EMP
1073s charge the one ultimate that could
1074s immediately flip things back into the
1076s favor of whiplash but talking about
1078s flipping we're flipping over to a
1080s different map entirely it's going to be
1082s well this time around in this as well
1084s we're going to see the Lucio's come
1086s through Starry Nights however not
1088s deciding to field at least two of their
1090s own they're going to be playing up into
1092s the sky Santa on the echo is going to
1094s get the mercy pocket and here's the ham
1096s and pick that we were expecting
1097s environmentals are still going to be on
1099s the cards for both of these teams but
1100s I'll assume as the Hammond is going to
1102s be looking to find those Bobs into the
1104s well as opposed to jono on that Lucio
1107s just give me a tall order playing this
1108s Lucio to begin with a lot of Peel news
1110s we had for me man and
1112s one Boop simply doesn't do it sometimes
1114s against the ball of the caliber baylessu
1116s immediately make the Diamond in the Back
1118s line served by the damage that Seneca
1120s can throw in
1121s warded Away by the likes of Mari but the
1124s wrecking ball still there is harassing
1126s endlessly the back line of whiplash who
1128s are lacking space big time now
1130s so does hell but almost went into the
1132s negatives not a gun alive but the pocket
1135s coming from Nemo on the mercy is
1136s exemplary and they're able to keep that
1138s Mercy still alive but Jonah and I coming
1140s in on that Lucio will be able to reclaim
1144s both Santa and Alice who booted out of
1147s this fight and as a result the flip
1149s should be there from Whiplash and now
1151s they can move forward and aggressively
1153s deny the space for that Mercy till work
1155s with Guardian Angel already invest Miro
1157s somehow is able to survive the dive
1159s coming back onto that mercy and we'll be
1161s able to regroup with the rest of their
1162s team as part now on that Sombra is going
1165s to be looking to land these hacks to
1167s stop Alice's entrances into these fights
1169s as it is very much a domino effect for
1172s starry night if Alison was able to make
1173s the room Cena and Sunday on this Tracer
1176s have the means of following up
1178s there's that first time send us a bit
1179s late on the follow-up though so not
1182s particularly lethal now Whiplash have
1183s their opportunity to send in cooldowns
1185s should they want to playing it patiently
1186s waiting for an opportunity to use this
1188s Nano boost bull spawn minis looking for
1190s it
1191s having their sights Echo flying inside
1194s everything just a little bit too far
1195s away they get a little too lost in the
1197s sauce as well let's say Sunda coming up
1199s from behind them Santa as well picks up
1201s one more under the back line that should
1202s be more than enough to do critical
1203s damage to the likes of whiplash he'll go
1205s back to spawn with ultimate still in
1207s their pockets yeah save it on this
1209s Tracer just having that aggression to be
1212s able to use those blinks find those
1214s players trunk down low both by Cena and
1216s Alice's does go down to the Primal but
1218s we see the duplicate come through from
1220s Sana is nerfed in terms of the health
1222s that you have available so you should be
1224s going down relatively quickly but that
1226s Mercy pocket again coming through from
1228s mimio allows the echo to not only
1230s survive the duplicate but survive the
1233s transformation back towards the yako was
1235s finally Starry Nights have been able to
1236s find the flip but not after significant
1239s stall over 70 of the point picked up by
1243s Whiplash just not allowing Starry Nights
1245s to stay on that point for long enough
1247s yeah not to mention they spent all their
1249s ultimates doing it Starry Nights now
1252s start packing it up putting the
1253s percentage on
1255s with the ultimate economy the advantage
1257s they have it should be something they
1258s can lead into more significant numbers
1261s yeah they do have the Nano boost ijima
1264s on that Anna can potentially use it
1266s either for Santa to be able to follow up
1268s one of these Hammond Dives or even saber
1270s but the hack comes from one to the Anna
1271s the Nana baseman comes out onto the ham
1273s and so Allison can create that
1275s distraction pulling the bodies away from
1277s falling off onto the Anna and as a
1279s result HMR will be able to survive but
1280s Sana in the meantime does go off the map
1286s and for a follow-up dive they know that
1287s Mario's in the back line you need to
1289s trade off damage here
1291s if you're in big trouble to hack on the
1292s wrecking ball not too much follow-up
1294s though because everyone else was in the
1295s back line in the meantime Zumba sneaks
1297s up on me man
1298s a big pig means that Mari doesn't have
1301s the support she really needs to get the
1303s Damage Done this Winston and getting
1304s harassed down bit by bit by the Tracer
1306s eventually sooner we'll come back the
1307s point finish off the health bar but jono
1309s desperately trying to catch up to that
1311s Winston and bring the health bar back up
1312s in the meantime gets caught out all of a
1314s sudden Whiplash no healers and sent back
1317s yeah Whiplash unfortunately seeing that
1320s starry night's position is very rough to
1322s be in when you're running that Mercy
1323s pocket you don't have the Lucia to be
1325s able to save your honor when the dive
1326s comes through and you can see that
1328s identification coming through from
1329s Whiplash the hacks not really coming
1331s onto the Hammonds at the first fight it
1333s normally towards the backline normally
1335s towards the Anna as par is going to be
1337s setting up try and catch some when I
1340s with this EMP both Fianna and the murti
1343s playing incredibly close together the
1344s echo going to be caught out alongside
1346s them in the EMP the follow-up is there
1349s from Whiplash the Anna is gone but is
1351s forced from mimio but they're not able
1354s to find the resurrection until now and
1356s as a result Whiplash are about to put
1358s themselves onto 99
1361s map up on the board it seems likely
1364s tank right in front of him Mari can Zone
1366s everyone away and yeah that's gonna be
1368s one to one going to a third sub map for
1370s in practically the 10th 20th time you
1374s can't seem to escape control points
1375s without going to all three
1377s I love this adaptation from Whiplash
1379s like understanding that no matter what
1381s they do that dive is going to come
1383s through and so they decide to make that
1386s first move before the dive can properly
1389s hit and rip through their squishies it's
1391s really smart really heads up like coming
1393s through from Parts just continue to
1394s aggressively push onto this Anna
1396s punishing the fact that mimio on that
1398s Mercy is always going to be practically
1400s attached at the hip to that Echo but now
1403s that strategy isn't going to work
1405s starting it's going to be moving away
1406s from the mercy away from the echo
1408s already you can see the impact though of
1410s this and have been continued to be
1412s pressured by Whiplash because mimio is
1414s on the Brigida to be able to play
1416s character dive without shield and the
1418s flail for when the Winston tries to jump
1419s forward you now come straight back
1424s looks good thus far for whiplash the
1427s somber looks fantastic last round like
1429s you said matching it is sent over on the
1431s other side
1432s can Sonic get the same amount done that
1434s par has thus far no it's jono again with
1436s an opener
1438s yeah jono taking advantage of the fact
1440s that the back claim was distracted by
1442s Paul popping up very quickly useful we
1444s can take sonidine and this is going to
1446s be sorry nights lacking one of their
1448s significant presences to keep Mario on
1450s this Winston in check and as a result
1452s Whiplash just push forward aggressively
1455s there's nothing really in the way of
1457s whiplash holding on to this point right
1458s now they almost had to give it away
1460s Starry Nights now they can try and
1461s retake it since they're at five that
1463s initial pick from jono is still being
1464s felt Starry Nights pushed back with
1466s Alison low and there's still no way back
1468s into this fight and if it continues to
1469s go long the nanobush is going to come up
1471s for census yeah Jonah has impressed
1474s massively that's twice now that they've
1476s been able to find that opening first
1477s pick once onto Santa and then the second
1479s time on to saber and as a result
1481s seinfire is going to be that far faster
1484s in people and they might just use it to
1486s peel away the Nana boost that comes down
1488s from Alice who gets slapped I mean this
1491s is all of a sudden a bit of a disaster
1492s egg on the face is Starry Nights their
1495s whole plan to use the Nano boost that
1496s they built up faster is falling down the
1499s drain Neiman's had perfect sleep the
1502s sound barrier deals it away perfectly to
1504s follow them is still there the point
1505s still taking up percentage there are
1508s still ultimate wins almost up to the
1509s Nano Booth they may go down before then
1511s they do it's very nice his gun to trade
1513s back and they'll get a point final only
1515s flipped over but it cost a fair bit of
1517s percentage Yeah it cost a fair bit of
1519s percentage and it also costs Nano boost
1521s and Primal so if Whiplash are able to
1523s find that flip faster than starry nights
1526s are capable of stopping them from
1527s they're gonna have still potential and
1529s they're going to be able to push that
1530s percentage even higher Cena is going to
1533s have to play so proactively with this
1535s EMP as we can see Mario immediately just
1537s jumping onto that High Ground to make
1539s sure they're not going to be caught out
1540s by its end up fostering up has been able
1541s to identify where the Winston is the
1543s Nana boost comes down before the EMP
1544s Murray's already been able to infiltrate
1546s onto starry night so the EMP still
1548s hasn't come through to cut the Winston
1549s away from their team
1550s emps out it just connected it's pretty
1553s much all onto Mario in fact the Winston
1555s yes put the pressure on but Senna
1557s relieved it with ease yeah Santa timing
1560s it perfectly it comes down to the wire
1563s Mario almost is able to pop that Primal
1565s Rage and survive that follow-up damage
1568s but starry nights are able to dispatch
1569s the Winston a really good sleep coming
1571s through
1572s um once again the Anna in that back Lane
1574s making sure that Mario is not able to
1576s find those opening picks the Mana boost
1578s is going to now be available for Starry
1580s Nights aside and they can be the ones to
1582s use it proactively they may use it
1583s though defensively in case Minnie is
1585s able to push forward and use that pulse
1587s when sticking onto one of the Squishies
1591s could have been used to say mimio but
1594s they're choosing aggressively which
1595s means alsu has got to make this count
1597s and they do two big ones on the tail end
1600s of the Nano boost open up the fight for
1601s starry night it's all about just
1603s finishing off that Lucio on low HP
1605s nowhere near a sound barrier Mario can
1607s trade it back as best as she can with
1608s this Primal Rage but there simply isn't
1610s enough damage to deal with the likes of
1611s Ayla Sue yeah that none of this one to
1613s ajmer was absolutely clutch like you
1616s said also you had to make significant
1619s work happen given the fact that that
1620s backlink was entirely derailed to be
1622s able to play that aggressively fire
1624s Knights on the other hand though do not
1626s have the Nana boost narrow Nana boost
1628s not going to be available also taking
1630s that purple but Santa is able to
1632s synergize with the dive hacks out the
1634s Anna and denies me man and it's going to
1637s be Whiplash Now using an EMP panicking
1639s against Starry Nights hitting overtime
1642s John Burns down fights already over
1643s Starry Nights I've done it again two sub
1647s Mass was all it took but honestly it
1649s felt like a whole lot more muscle than
1650s that after what Whiplash put him through
1652s yeah it took them a little bit of time I
1655s think to feel comfortable with the pace
1657s sing of the fight and a lot of it comes
1659s down to them just getting to play
1660s aggressively whenever we see them making
1662s that first step that first play into
1664s they look a lot more comfortable than
1666s they do when you think about so the
1668s first two fights that they take were is
1670s jono coming into those early picks and
1672s pushing them back into that Retreat that
1674s disengage formation what you get fully
1676s punished for the fact that you're
1677s running that Brigida as the counter dive
1679s option just solding uh super
1681s aggressively with the ground that you
1683s have thinking that if a winter Sombra
1684s jumps through you're going to be able to
1686s use things like the shield Flash and
1687s that flow to be able to keep them away
1689s from your Anna as opposed to the Lucio
1690s literally winning a fight by essentially
1692s not taking it and being able to speed
1694s boost everyone out of the clutches so if
1696s you do have to go into that disengage
1697s formation it's not going to be clean
1700s it's going to be incredibly Scrappy and
1701s you're up against a team who do have the
1703s loser who do have the means of being
1704s able to hunt you down with far faster
1706s speed so the fact that they're able to
1708s continue to be that proactive play
1710s really goes into their wheelhouse fully
1714s because they don't have to worry about
1715s that vulnerability that crack in the
1717s compass system that they're running is
1719s entirely seemed over you don't talk
1722s about somebody who's been creating some
1723s vulnerability though let's take a look
1724s at jono oh my goodness what what a freak
1727s on the Lucio just getting it done was
1730s that three four times opening picks
1731s coming into fights made it look casual
1734s I mean I'm just going to say it right
1736s now I'm really hoping that we just get
1738s to see a freeway support One Versus One
1740s versus one of jono sandix and Cal like I
1744s would pay good money to see in a
1747s Thunderdome who out of the three of
1749s those place would be able to come out on
1751s top because I genuinely I wouldn't be
1753s able to call it like all of them are
1755s very aggressive and very Adept at being
1757s able to play off of that aggression
1758s allowing that team to be able to like
1761s you said find those early first picks
1762s put the team that they're running into
1764s in a really uncomfortable situation and
1766s because they were winning those fights
1767s so quickly off of the back of that loser
1769s finding those picks they were denying a
1771s lot of old charge being able to be built
1774s up on the side of Starry Nights which is
1775s why we saw them take so long to be able
1777s to find those flips because they had to
1779s put into those ultimates to be able to
1781s eventually eject Whiplash and I mean
1783s they did a pretty good job of it we do
1785s have to do one thing though we've got to
1786s update you guys on our bracket we have
1788s all of the top eight secured we've got
1790s it figured out we do have one update
1792s though dark monkeys did not lose their
1794s first round quick correction they're
1795s going up against West Saloon area
1796s everybody can hold on to the money that
1798s they bet on Dart monkeys all the dart
1800s monkey fans can still go wrong chat and
1802s do your thing there's no worries there
1804s they'll be playing internet most likely
1806s that's that's still an upset and it's
1808s actually against Vancouver Titans blue
1811s because it's Genesis rain who actually
1814s moved forward Vancouver Titans blue
1816s losing out on being able to move forward
1818s up into the quarterfinals with a two to
1821s three score line slated against them so
1823s now it's going to be Genesis rain taking
1825s on nyxl Academy in that match that we've
1828s loaded potentially coming through
1830s evaporates into absolute finna
1834s ah it makes you wonder what we could
1836s have had but that's what we get right
1837s about now because of all of the teams
1839s that have shown up and have really
1840s raised the level of calling all heroes
1842s and it's going to continue every single
1844s tournament the bar's just going to be
1845s raised seems are going to continue
1847s eventually it's just gonna be like okay
1848s now how do we even get into the top 16
1850s that's going to be the difficult part of
1852s this thing is getting into points
1853s territory to begin with yeah well now
1856s the question is going to be a little bit
1858s more forward and uh thinking about how
1860s we're going to be able to take blizzard
1862s world and I think the answer to that is
1864s going to just continue to be these teams
1866s running the dive compositions a lot of
1868s the time we said that Sigma can work on
1871s this map being able to cut off some of
1872s those really long angles means that you
1873s don't have to rotate all the way around
1875s the back of the point which can be a
1877s very lengthy task especially if any of
1880s your your squishies or even your tank is
1882s picked out before you can fully complete
1884s that rotation and even then if you're
1886s able to make it to the back of the point
1887s chances are the defense are going to
1890s have had all of the time in the world to
1891s be able to foresee it coming and they're
1893s just going to play all of their
1895s squishies towards the back side of the
1897s point towards that health pack and when
1899s you dive in it's going to be the tank
1900s that you meet rather than one of those
1903s supports and we saw what happened
1904s yesterday when unfortunately the tank is
1907s the first line of contact from a dive
1909s coming Pro it does make you wonder what
1911s that Tank's gonna be we have seen
1912s everything on this map from Ram to Sig
1915s Reinhardt Joe Winston to ball to Dave
1917s appealing for it like everything has
1919s been played Under the Sun in some sort
1921s of situation I think the Comfort right
1923s now is likely going to be also coming
1925s back out on that Diva it did look pretty
1927s good uh but for the other side I'm not
1929s sure what you want to do to try and
1930s match that
1931s yeah that's like the big question when
1933s are we going to continue to see that
1935s matchup of the Winston versus the diva
1938s so that they can continue to run that
1939s sort of counter dive and punish the fact
1942s that when the diva has to use those
1943s boosters to peel back for their team
1945s that opens up a significant cavity in
1948s the space allowing the Winston to be
1950s able to move forward lay that bubble
1952s down create a lot more room for par and
1954s mini because we saw what happened on
1955s Lighthouse right that first dive that
1958s comes through from Whiplash onto starry
1960s nights when they're holding on that high
1961s ground and not able to put their Ash
1963s into the aggressive sight line that
1964s they're looking for to control that
1966s angle onto point it's the Winston Mari
1970s who opens it up going for that jump
1972s pulling all of the focus so that mini on
1975s that Tracer can stealth their way into
1978s the back line and take two down in quick
1980s succession
1981s see I mean many thought they weren't cut
1983s out for them right Sunda on the other
1984s side is going to be trying to defend
1986s that sideline time and time and time
1987s again for now though I think we will get
1990s to see what they're rolling out on Mario
1992s might still swap before everything is
1994s said story nice though seemed pretty set
1995s on this one they're bringing back out
1997s the anakiniko something that I quite
1999s like alongside the Winston as I can peel
2000s for itself pretty effectively but the
2002s ash on attack is something I also didn't
2005s expect to see a lot of times you want
2007s something more projectile based or
2008s something that can get around those
2009s Corners the dynamite can be okay for
2011s clearing out point but up against the
2013s dive of whiplash could be pretty hard to
2014s keep Santa insulated yeah but having
2017s that coach gun can just immediately
2019s connect onto Mario and deny that first
2021s stage of the dive and then you deny the
2024s follow-up the domino effect of mini and
2026s PAW getting that room to be able to
2027s breathe and work alongside so sorry
2030s nights they're looking to deny even the
2031s kiriko being able to just suzu cleanse
2033s that initial damage from the Winston
2035s jumping on fruit this is like you said a
2038s composition all around survivability
2039s despite running that one
2061s I haven't really guarded their flank
2063s particularly well at that so now it's
2065s very nice
2065s I'm whip watch completely backed up on
2068s point and can take advantage of that
2069s space the takedown part dive this High
2071s Ground now and now they put the pressure
2073s onto the Winston now the honor and bring
2074s are worried about healing themselves
2076s they can't keep Mario
2078s Santa on the zash by the way is almost
2080s about halfway to that ultimate in case
2082s now just crosses that threshold and
2084s continues to load into it Mario on this
2086s Winston not on the diva is not able to
2087s defense matrices dynamite and they're
2089s not running the kiriko so every single
2090s time a dynamite comes through certainly
2092s finds the connection and the burn and
2093s Whiplash just lose Health tick after
2095s Health tick however starting to do this
2097s AJ miles so they're not going to be able
2099s to have that Anna to be able to keep our
2101s Zoo up when this ante runs out and as a
2104s result the Winston has to try and jump
2105s over towards the health pack that's been
2107s hacked out and denied Paul already had
2110s entrance to it and Alice Through has to
2112s wait for Santa to find the pick onto me
2114s man before Starry Nights can make a
2115s second pass a point
2118s sorry nice to play this absolutely
2120s phenomenal even despite the re-engage of
2122s whiplash that they've allowed through
2123s they handle it beautifully back away
2125s peel for that back line keeps on fished
2127s alive keep the kiriko alive and now
2130s they've got a whole host of ultimates to
2131s boot for it granted Whiplash are gonna
2132s have some of their own but Starry Night
2133s strike early they're gonna be in a great
2135s spot yeah Santa on this arches walls
2137s it's pretty much just gonna have full
2138s control of that High Ground given that
2140s with hush can't dive this aggressively
2142s because then they're just going to get
2144s involved oh a little bit too far away
2146s from that EMP as well it's not going to
2147s be able to cancel it out immediately a
2149s saver on this Tracer looks to guard that
2152s flank wants to be able to push onto this
2154s Hydra and deny that control coming from
2156s with us so that's gonna have a better
2157s angle to land some of these Dynamite
2159s connections and has pulled whiplash's
2161s Focus all the while this payload is just
2163s moving forward with the absolute free
2166s its first part of the We're Not Gonna
2168s draw too many conclusions I'm especially
2170s if then that's gone down post Bob LSU
2173s pops a primary try and peel away that
2175s high ground but now it's going into
2176s their own back line to try and peel away
2178s Mari a pretty good job of it puts more
2180s in a corner forces out the Primal race
2182s from her we got two monkeys in a very
2184s small room Mary's coming out on top
2186s though hey let's who can stand and watch
2188s Ascension goes right
2190s yeah as you may unfortunately going down
2193s to that Primal coming through from Mario
2195s but Starry Nights still getting that
2197s room to work with Whiplash had lost
2198s players as well and they didn't have
2200s ultimate Advantage moving into this next
2201s fight as they're not gonna have Anna
2203s Advantage either is able to from
2206s distance take down meeman and deny the
2209s Nana boost as Mourinho has to dive into
2212s the team they're using the EMP they want
2214s to try and find this fight win but
2215s they're just not able to find any kill
2217s other than the kiriko however the Hat
2219s coming from the Anna to stop the
2221s follow-up of that none of this jumping
2222s of Alison into the members of whip watch
2225s before Diana can come through has done
2227s enough to buy Whiplash the time to get
2228s their support back into the mix
2231s cool tracers will be traded off now 4v4
2233s with that honor like you said is back in
2235s position to Whiplash have insulated
2236s themselves inside of this small room
2238s using cars and find themselves from
2240s potential Dives forward by the back line
2242s of starting Knights considered they
2243s don't have their tank now they do
2246s and if we can try and dive in trying to
2248s try to reset in the midst of all this
2249s chaos but Mari zoning off the back line
2251s making sure that those guys from ailsu
2253s Orange is lethal as they might have been
2255s with Mario out of the way now things
2257s open up massively for Starry Nights hey
2259s LSU Dives forward catches the pulse bomb
2262s to the face from Minnie though and all
2263s of a sudden it's the Tracer trying to
2264s stall out the point for whiplash to get
2266s five back should be able to as well with
2269s that connection off the pulse bomb
2271s denying Alice they the chance to be able
2272s to use that Primal and let Starry Nights
2275s start to get a regroup together y'all
2277s know on that brigitta is going to be
2279s coming into rally for this next fight
2281s trying to be able to use that one to
2282s sustain through the ball that comes
2283s through concerns just posted up on this
2285s angle we'll invite the dive to come
2287s through but the jump doesn't actually
2289s land in Mario's forced to use that
2290s bubble to be able to try and save
2292s themselves mimio with the kirikokuna is
2294s going to be able to learn the easiest
2295s shot of their life to take the Winston
2297s down and it's falling apart for whiplash
2299s that aggressive play towards the Ash has
2301s unfortunately left them a little bit
2302s shorthand in the back line
2306s an unceremonious finish for starring
2309s Knights onto that point it's just two
2311s solo kills something that you don't
2312s expect a team of the caliber of whiplash
2314s to give away very often but a small slip
2316s up means a big time bank for starry
2318s nights and no ultimate invested over
2320s that's the huge thing for Starry Nights
2322s right they didn't have to plot with the
2323s ball they didn't have to use the Primal
2324s Ridge they didn't even have to use a
2325s pole swap so they're going to have that
2327s to be able to put whip watch into a
2329s really rough spot moving forward into
2331s Point C the EMP can potentially come
2333s through but if they're not able to find
2335s an immediate kill onto this ash they're
2336s just gonna Bob to peel through that
2338s initial hack
2343s away a lot of the follow-up damage that
2346s would come from that EMP and said the
2349s damage is still done by the EMP Whiplash
2351s I've been trying to make the most of it
2353s Mario though can't pop the primaries
2355s before going down starry nights like you
2356s said that Bob peeled phenomenally for
2359s the EMP and was the perfect answer
2361s yeah John and I are off of that Brigida
2364s didn't find the answer and
2365s sustainability with the rally and goes
2368s on to the kiriko as well I would
2370s honestly have preferred to see coming
2371s through a little bit soon and now you're
2372s going to be able to have the Susie to
2373s cleanse these Dynamics because then it's
2375s not gonna have a shooting gallery to be
2376s able to run through but the none of it
2378s comes down also trying to move forward
2381s we'll be able to wake up and still have
2382s the Nano affecting to be able to push
2384s onto this honor who goes so low but
2387s doesn't go down
2389s want to live underneath the other back
2391s line must do the same exact thing mimio
2394s dropped out of just five HPA let's do
2396s the same oh my God God I'm Starry Nights
2398s alive how are they alive where's the
2400s Baptiste they're they have a mortality
2402s field on all of their players how is
2403s this worked that is insane all of their
2406s lives were on the edge and every last
2408s one of them lived yeah and Allison
2410s survives as well that Prime merch coming
2412s through to catch all of the regrouping
2414s members of whiplash as they come through
2415s that spawn point marry now onto the diva
2417s gets the Nana boost just to be a little
2419s bit more sustained onto that payload as
2422s they push back starry night sleep dot
2424s does connect onto saber on the Tracer as
2426s well so no squishy going to be pushed on
2428s to in the backline allowing the diva to
2430s not have to use the boosters to peel for
2432s the back can instead just keep
2433s themselves on that payload and as a
2436s result that little bit of huge body just
2438s absorbing all of the damage all of the
2440s focus coming through from starry night
2441s why is Whiplash the time to be able to
2445s stop the pale of completing that run in
2447s full sorry night starting to under one
2449s minute we'll be able to have a little
2451s bit of time to build these ultimates up
2453s but they have to be careful as the EMP
2454s is going to be available for par and
2457s this time Santa's not going to have a
2458s bob to be able to peel through the
2460s follow-up
2462s apart from an easy fight to take for
2463s starry nights but they do have at least
2465s a way in or out should they want to use
2466s the end of this to try and peel
2469s big question do you want to use an
2470s aggressively defensively last time they
2472s had that same question they invested big
2474s time into alsu they do it again EMP onto
2477s the back line now it's about trading
2478s damage who can do more right now it's
2480s story nights they insulate the back line
2482s keep the Anna alive the EMP falls upon
2485s deaf ears Alice who is well fined
2488s purchase on the back line of whiplash
2490s sending the cart to reading over a point
2493s C finish for blizzard world oh Whiplash
2497s it's so unfortunate where the payload
2499s stops because it means that Mari is not
2501s able to actually follow up on the EMP
2503s that's still not out of the woods they
2505s still have to deal with some of these
2506s members and the whip watch like the best
2508s thing that can happen right now is
2509s reducing Starry Nights into overtime
2511s that is exactly what happens the soul is
2513s potent enough to be able to dwindle what
2515s little time banks around have and put
2517s them into a full run yes but in overtime
2520s so you and I have a win condition if
2522s you're going to be able to complete a
2523s far faster lap of Blizzard World your
2525s time bank is going to be a lot larger
2528s and you'll only need to pick up One
2529s Singular tick of that first point but
2532s sort of circling back towards that EMP
2534s para is able to find the connection onto
2536s ajmer on the Anna as well as mimeo on
2538s the Brigida but Mari on the diva has to
2543s keep themselves on the payload because
2545s Starry Night squishies both Senna and
2547s saver are just waiting for that Diva to
2550s abandon their hold on the front line to
2553s break ranks to try and help Paul and as
2557s a result leave the backline of whiplash
2559s Newman and jono too vulnerable so the
2562s EMP does come through with the
2564s connection it's found but it's not the
2566s win condition of whiplash we're looking
2567s for so even though Star Wars were
2569s lacking the ultimates that they had to
2570s be able to survive emps in the past
2572s they're still able to live through and
2574s deal with the struggling players of
2576s whiplash to be able to find that full
2577s push
2579s impressively at that tapping blizzard
2581s world at all these days
2583s this thing to do over on the other side
2585s though Whiplash have got to try and
2586s match that though they're not running
2588s that actually attacking inside a much
2589s more aggressive composition so keeping
2591s that on our lives can be a bit more
2592s difficult thus they're not opting for
2594s the kiliko they bring the honor to the
2595s tape or rather the brick to the table
2597s try and keep her up as best they can
2599s with just the one hero back there to
2600s peel yeah Mario as well as still staying
2603s on this Winston for her she's not gonna
2605s be building over towards that Diva we're
2607s still not seeing the kiriko either so
2609s Santa more than happy to keep this ash
2612s pick in play those Dynamite connections
2614s was so devastating and starting next
2616s we're attacking this initial point and
2617s now that you have the angle to be able
2619s to coach gun over and send the dynamite
2621s out it's only going to be more dangerous
2623s for whiplash it forces them to have to
2625s rotate all the way around the side at
2627s this point and you still don't save many
2630s and he's gone now the teeth taken out of
2632s the dive for whiplash Mori also caught
2634s by the anti-nay beautifully done the
2637s only thing they get for their troubles
2638s is mimio
2641s it's such a problem for whiplash how are
2644s they going to be able to deal with this
2647s ash the answer of course is the dive but
2649s Cena is playing so perfect in terms of
2652s positioning making sure that they're not
2654s an isolated easy target to be able to
2657s get taken down instead it's the Brigida
2659s that's going to be found out early the
2661s hat comes through but really good
2662s Dynamite immediately turning onto the
2664s Sombra and forcing part to go for that
2666s translocator allowing the brick to live
2670s in the meantime John has been taking
2671s down there else you've got a big dive
2672s and it should be more than enough to
2674s just swayed Whiplash I'm trying to take
2676s this one 45.
2678s you say that but the internet does land
2680s on Susana Winston bubble however has to
2683s be invested is Senna still aggressively
2685s Peaks that angle once the bubble now
2687s removed Beaman oh just barely survives
2690s the engagement as another Dynamite comes
2693s on down and tries to land onto these
2695s members of whiplash they have at least
2696s been slowly building towards these
2697s ultimates but it's still gonna be a lot
2699s easier said than done to be able to take
2701s this point before the ash is able to
2703s point another head
2705s last may not have found one but I'll
2707s tell you who did the defending orezi
2709s attacking on us me man taking the Tracer
2711s out of the equation even so though they
2713s don't have enough to peel away jono the
2716s Rampage of Alison is just too much a
2718s content with sniper monkey and one more
2720s for Starry Nights is on the board 157
2722s now the time
2724s so this is the thing like the Winston is
2726s only such a huge Target when you don't
2728s have that continued just line of sight
2730s from your Anna but because so many
2731s members of whiplash so much of this
2733s team's resources are being put into
2734s dealing with Center like the hack from
2736s par is coming onto the astronaut the
2737s Winston Allah continues to have access
2740s to all of their abilities to be able to
2742s keep themselves safe and use that Nana
2744s boost to good use and find that backline
2746s of whiplash paw now gonna be coming with
2748s an EMP as the supply check from the
2750s break starts to come into play oh it
2752s doesn't come into play earlier enough
2754s they didn't fight track the somber but
2755s they did take her down afterwards Parr
2758s again throws out an EMP only for their
2760s team to end up losing the fight Mino
2763s hunts down a cowering jono in the corner
2767s and still gets back up in time to save
2769s the honor another day in the life of
2771s mimio making it look easy on brig yeah
2774s Santa is taken down in the meantime but
2777s again the resources being put from
2779s Whiplash into taking this ah this
2781s lashdown deprive the rest of the
2783s resources to deal with the rest of the
2784s team and starry nights are more than
2786s happy to be able to capitalize on that
2788s absence of focus on their part as saber
2790s is going to be looking to try and find
2792s this opening pulse bomb is going to have
2794s to Blink away though as we see now that
2795s swap onto the ash come through from par
2797s the kiriko out from Jonah to be able to
2799s cleanse the Dynamics but so there's
2801s already got that blob to be able to play
2802s with we're heading into final fight
2803s territory and whippers do not have any
2805s means of chunky through the Buffs out to
2807s be able to deal with it
2808s didn't build it last time and this time
2810s it looks to be par for the course as
2812s they go down Eamon managed to trade it
2814s out but that Bob still continues to live
2817s a threat ever present in the back line
2819s of whiplash if they've only got 20
2820s seconds left to figure out how to take
2822s this one I don't think it's got if the
2823s Kitsune rush and then Anna in a very
2825s shallow grade
2827s y'all know we'll have that continuous
2829s like you said the studio has already
2830s invested early to make sure that Maori
2833s is going to be able to survive that
2835s regroup they've got three seconds left
2837s the Winston's just used the jump to get
2839s away from choke and starry nights are
2841s set up with a nano boost saber lands the
2844s pulse vomit oh it's over to Paul and
2847s Whiplash unable to throw themselves onto
2849s Point long enough to activate the
2851s overtime Starry Nights go 2-0 up in this
2854s series and look to be set on the course
2857s of a clean free and oh you were a little
2860s bit concerned about the ash pick I was
2862s all for it and when you see how you Sana
2865s performed when you see just so much
2867s damage that was being continued to
2868s Output from the Viper as well as that
2870s continue just tick of the dynamite it
2873s just put so much pressure onto the
2876s members of whiplash 2 taking the ash out
2878s first which meant that the Anna just had
2881s so much more breathing room every single
2883s time the dive comes through Alice who is
2885s safe AJ mirror is safe all of them can
2887s just group together and use things like
2889s banana boost onto the Winston so even
2891s though your Ash might potentially get
2893s traded out that's the one player for the
2895s price of three and you take that deal
2898s every single day of the week yeah it
2900s does make me worry a little bit though
2901s right I think the previous problem is
2903s that we're seeing such a big investment
2904s for one player and it was taking too
2907s long still right if you're gonna commit
2908s three four players survive through the
2910s Kirito and even on top of all of that
2911s you need to make sure you're getting
2913s kills quickly but it was taking three
2915s four seconds for that uh Ash to go down
2918s or the on whoever they may have been
2919s targeting whereas we need to be thinking
2921s about like blinking people out of the
2922s server when you're making a dive like
2924s that it's got to be extremely concise
2925s and the timings were just off and I
2926s think that showed most when Whiplash
2928s were coming in with their emps which
2930s often Were Somehow losing fights most of
2933s the time for them the follow-up is there
2936s but it's not quite coordinated enough
2938s especially up against the team as
2940s coordinated as the likes of Starry
2941s Nights who are peeling It Away really
2942s effectively I think a lot of the time
2945s they also had like blinders on trying to
2947s deal with that Ash like you said the EMP
2948s comes through so many resources comms
2951s are obviously just everyone trying to
2953s take Cena on this ash down as quickly as
2955s possible and I think a lot of the time
2958s they didn't realize when the ash was
2959s taken down how vulnerable they would be
2962s in the position that they had to take to
2964s be able to bring that hit scan out of
2966s the fight so even though we would see
2968s Santa go down after things like the EMP
2970s comes through it would very quickly be
2973s traded out for the other members of
2975s whiplash either from just Anna picks
2977s coming out from AJ May or alizu going
2979s absolutely Ham on that Winston and even
2982s as well the Tracer just getting to come
2985s in with so much more breathing room
2986s because all of those resources being
2988s stacked to dealing with this ash the
2989s fact that the Sombra was marking the ash
2991s not the Tracer on the other side meant
2994s that every single time Whiplash
2996s approached they had a tracer in their
2998s backlink continuing to disrupt and burn
3001s time away before the dino I even started
3005s to ticket their health bar yeah clearly
3007s a couple of things there to fix not big
3010s issues that you can't solve at halftime
3011s but certainly ones they want to talk
3013s about is we're going to send you guys to
3014s a quick little break well these teams
3015s figure out what they want to do for map
3016s number three
3020s [Music]
3029s thank you
3039s [Music]
3046s [Music]
3064s [Music]
3080s foreign
3089s foreign
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3117s [Music]
3144s thank you
3150s [Music]
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3170s foreign
3174s [Music]
3190s [Music]
3196s [Music]
3203s welcome back everybody quick halftime
3205s break you and your orange slices can sit
3207s on down and enjoy the rest of this game
3208s and the rest of this game might not be
3210s that much we've got two maps down and a
3213s 2-0 Advantage right now we're sorry who
3215s uh have taken the Reigns of this series
3217s Pretty considerably yeah and I'm not
3220s gonna lie I am concerned heading into
3222s this next map because even like a
3224s disappointed
3226s I need to sit down we need a stone
3229s talking
3230s oh
3232s oh I mean they don't pick them up right
3234s Starry Nights they do not get to pick
3236s them up given that they won this world
3239s Whiplash are the ones that fueled into
3241s this and they choose shambali after
3245s struggling to deal with the hit scan
3248s coming through from Sana all through the
3251s first two maps and shambali is just a
3255s shooting gallery right all of these
3257s really long open line of sights it
3258s essentially forces your tank into either
3261s just going full commitment on the dive
3263s so you're not going to be in those
3264s vulnerable main Lanes or just going
3266s towards the sigma and I'm really hoping
3269s that's the adaptation we're headed into
3271s so that Santa isn't going to get that
3273s significant amount of up time that they
3275s were finding on blizzard world before
3277s those fights began
3279s yeah I think segment is just at this
3280s point it's Sigma ball are kind of the
3282s two picks that we see optimally there's
3283s a bit of a mantra floating around on
3285s this map that sometimes gets played I
3287s still don't think it holds much of a
3289s candle the segment in a lot of instances
3291s if that's not something you're ready to
3293s field it's gonna be a rough one that
3294s being said the map Pool itself is
3296s generally pretty Sigma Centric on uh on
3299s escort in a lot of situations so there's
3301s not too many ways to avoid it if it is
3303s in your back pocket like I believe it is
3305s for alesu it's gonna be a pretty big
3307s boot
3308s yeah also having that opportunity like
3310s you said to have that flexibility
3312s between their hero pools hopefully we're
3315s going to see the same come through from
3317s Whiplash was slightly concerned when we
3319s didn't really see the swaps come through
3321s from this team incredibly quickly we
3323s mentioned things like the ash was
3325s causing them problems I would have loved
3326s to see that kiriko Swap come through
3328s just a little bit sooner so you had the
3330s ability not only to be able to join the
3332s dive coming through so that the Sombra
3334s of Parr could find a little bit extra
3337s value when those emps came out but also
3339s to be able to cleanse things like the
3340s dynamite or even just a Diva coming out
3343s from Mario to be able to defense Matrix
3345s and make sure that they don't have to
3346s worry about Dynamite before they're able
3348s to make that first move towards that
3351s point but we are going to be speculating
3353s we'll find out in a matter of moments
3356s whether or not Whiplash have a game plan
3358s heading into this and we are going to
3360s see something like that Sigma come
3362s through so that Center doesn't just get
3365s absolutely run rampant through the
3367s streets shambali all the way through the
3369s map I quite hope so but I'm gonna be
3372s honest my hopes are a little bit dashed
3373s like we are doing this with a big
3375s asterisk Mario's showing us nothing but
3378s the Winston as far in this series though
3380s there's something a little bit of change
3383s and yeah that's gonna be it okay ramatra
3384s certainly not a bad pick on this map we
3386s highlight the sigma a lot here as being
3388s an extremely powerful pick romata is
3391s another one of those that still offers
3392s up the tempo the cooldown bass play
3394s that's often very useful on this map the
3397s big surprise is what's being locked in
3398s on the other side which granted might
3400s not be 100 what they're bringing but it
3403s seems to be at least a hint at what they
3405s make
3406s ah maybe I'm going to be on that Lucio
3408s agent mirror on that Anna
3411s whether or not Center actually runs out
3413s of spawn on this far it could just be
3415s for the initial knockoff so that
3416s Whiplash don't have advantage of this
3418s High Ground to be able to set par up to
3420s be able to just continue to pressure
3422s that Main Avenue out from Spawn before
3424s they swap onto something as no it's just
3426s gonna be the Genji coming through full
3428s dive I'm starry night that's something
3430s we see often on shambali oh it still
3433s does have plenty of teeth to deal damage
3435s with
3436s it has been piloted quite well by starry
3439s nights in the previous Maps
3442s certainly not one OC all too calmly on
3445s shambali as they're gonna be going into
3447s a pretty difficult competitions place
3449s with that immortality field with the
3451s Boost with everything a whiplash are
3453s offering up all right we're able to see
3456s a particularly vulnerable Target maybe
3458s to Hanzo no par is not vulnerable Santa
3461s who needs to watch their heads yeah so
3463s they're going for that swap off of the
3465s Genji owns the Ashford the dynamite
3466s immediately going to be taken down by
3468s the Hanzo but Murray does get slapped so
3470s whiplap's not able to move forward and
3472s use the absence of the ash to find
3473s another kill until now yeah I was gonna
3476s say they still made plenty of space star
3477s nice and respecting them backing up it's
3479s not getting any easier with the Winston
3480s back I'll find a reset but now sorry
3482s Knights have gotta find themselves up
3484s for this fight in a smart rotation I
3486s love this from Whiplash I love when
3487s teams you take High Ground this quickly
3489s and this coordinated it's a small thing
3491s they're probably gonna drop quickly but
3493s it matters a lot and it really does add
3495s up over the course of the game so yeah
3497s we get forced back down here but the
3499s pressure is exerted on the alesu is cost
3501s them half of their health bar and sends
3504s it their whole life
3505s I mean starry nights in the meantime I
3507s have figured out a way around denying
3510s just hiring control from Whiplash they
3512s are Fielding what they were teasing the
3513s pharmacy comes through so they're not on
3515s that far is putting so much pressure
3517s onto the members of whiplash who the
3519s second that that romantic Shield has
3521s been thrown into has nothing to really
3522s hide behind other than that may will
3524s start taking that off angle approach
3526s continue to pressure into this bike lane
3528s and by Starry next to that space that
3530s they don't have to worry about Paul
3531s finding the kills before the fight
3532s begins I love that confident conk into
3535s the back line from Center Dives in with
3538s the Winston that applied that extra
3540s damage from the splash beautiful stuff
3542s and really all off the back of that one
3544s swap you highlighted
3546s talking about it pretty much the entire
3548s series but we don't get to see it until
3549s now yeah this was the composition that I
3552s wanted to say when I heard about star
3553s Knight's disaster I think it's probably
3555s the composition that Paul doesn't want
3557s to see is we're going to see the
3558s immediate swap from the Hanzo on to hit
3559s scan of the ash to try and keep Center
3562s in check but that Mercy boost is no joke
3565s barrage already going to be built up
3567s Mini at least it's gonna have a blizzard
3569s to be able to try and peel the dive that
3570s comes through from starry nights but
3572s it's not gonna be a great position to
3573s play from the Sabers are already able to
3575s infiltrate that slightly and keep the
3577s Ash's attention
3580s here it is two people thrown into a
3583s grave John what on Earth that takes some
3585s some real cajones to like jump up like
3588s that into the face of Raj and pharah and
3590s Uber to death anyways it's an easy rest
3592s for medium most of the fights damage has
3594s already been done it's just the Winston
3596s in the base of the romantra unless who
3597s gets out with ease
3603s the hands was gonna be the most
3605s problematic but this part and just
3607s throwing saber to the Wolves to make
3609s sure that the ash is distracted long
3610s enough for the barrage to come through
3612s and find the Target and neither point a
3613s has been broken now that we're moving
3615s into an area where there's a little bit
3616s more of a ceiling the swap comes down
3618s from sign up Mimi's gonna hold on the
3620s mercy Until Dark has been invested but
3622s likely afterwards we're going to see
3623s that swap away however Whiplash actually
3626s forced to go mirror mercy so they can
3629s have that damage Boost from par to be
3631s able to match the same damage I put from
3632s Turner I mean power slot not just for
3635s the point but also because or Center
3638s swap rather because power swapped to the
3639s Ash off the Hanzo so a whole duel has
3642s been going on between these two for the
3643s course of the match but his par coming
3644s out on top this time very nice unwilling
3647s to wait though pick up the Rev now we're
3649s looking for a fight Mario looks to deny
3652s said fight though wants to peel this and
3653s does so beautifully great defense Matrix
3655s but it costs Mari her health bar and at
3658s a critical juncture in the map as well
3660s this corner is going to get turned by
3661s starry nights and there is no tank to
3663s stop the cart to look they're just
3664s sitting back resting on their Laurels
3666s waiting for the right opportunity to
3668s dive and taking that cart progress while
3669s it's still free a push forward by par
3672s maybe a bit too adventurous as they send
3673s the Bob out to its own death Starry
3676s Night say screw we're pushing past the
3678s Bob and look to die five members into
3680s the back line do so they don't find any
3683s purchase have to fall back into the
3685s welcoming arms of the Bob and now things
3686s get real confusing nevertheless though
3688s Whiplash are not lost in all the
3690s confusion they pick up two in the
3692s meantime and if they can deal with LSU
3694s in the back line they'll win this fight
3695s but that is far easier said than done
3697s one for the monkey looking for a second
3699s head to add to the belt and they do it
3702s so low Ash as well the diva low one HP
3706s oh but Mario's Nano boosted back up and
3708s can clean up this fight
3710s yeah Mario getting that now this is
3712s going to allow Whiplash Signs of Life to
3715s stop the contest before starry nights
3717s are able to pick up those forward spawns
3719s we'll have the self-destruct as well for
3720s her to work within this night's fight in
3722s case she takes that additional pressure
3723s Minnie is off the Tracer onto the Genji
3725s to be able to play fully off of the dive
3727s opportunity coming through from their
3729s tankers part now has to match which the
3731s center all over again female off the
3734s mercy onto the brigitta is going to mean
3736s that Santa's going to be behind in terms
3737s of damage but she's already got the
3738s Evolve built up and they use it to open
3740s up the fight this is quite a powerful
3742s bomb one that cuts off a lot of the back
3744s lines based on this particular Point
3746s once the sleepwears away the Bob's back
3748s up and you can see just how much Havoc
3750s it is wreaking positionally upon
3753s Whiplash or Force further down the
3754s hallway into defensive positions and
3756s forcing them to give up that b point
3759s but unfortunately it's a little bit too
3762s lighters nicely that's been invested
3764s Alice so he just gets to move forward
3765s and keep Whiplash busy bodied up towards
3768s the lighter stages of Point c as that
3770s payload continues to move away from
3773s these really impactful chokes the
3774s goodness of whiplash however is they
3776s still have one access to a choke right
3778s here where Alison is currently postured
3780s up with it just cannot allow saber on
3783s this Tracer to be able to infiltrate
3784s that sideline and land the first one
3786s otherwise they have to give up
3787s background
3797s forced to come over but that may open
3799s the doors up for also
3801s he thinks about making initial dive and
3803s will be getting to build up as well the
3805s Nano boost
3807s there's a lot of damage potential for
3809s starry nights but until those ultimates
3810s come up it's not really gonna come to
3811s fruition a bob throwing out to Zone them
3813s in the meantime by Whiplash with a calm
3816s disengagement by starry nights that's
3818s what I like to see out of a team yeah
3819s and they're going to immediately rubber
3821s bands back in with aggressional thorough
3822s none of this and rally bolt off the
3824s non-evish at Winston is how they open up
3826s the fight oh this is Godzilla vs King
3828s Kong 2 Electric Boogaloo two Nanos on
3831s the field two tanks empowered by them
3834s and unfortunately they're more tanky
3836s than they are damaging so they both live
3838s both bomb from mini though will take out
3840s Sunda fortunately for them Starry Night
3842s still has ultimates and players to trade
3844s back we mentioned at the beginning of
3846s the point it was only a matter of time
3847s before the results came online and
3849s continued the river a rolling down sea
3852s in Starry Nights flow like water through
3856s the rest of the map and one that we
3858s don't often see the end of to be
3860s completely honest I I've cast a fair bit
3862s of shambali in recent memory and my
3864s graphics card has not rendered a point C
3866s in like 90 25 percent of the games
3869s definitely not even a point C where it
3872s wasn't dipped into overtime
3873s the fact that starry nights were able to
3875s finish off the map at all pat on the
3877s back but they were able to finish it
3878s with time to spare as again just having
3881s that rubber band ability being able to
3884s pull the Bob out from par which was
3886s going to be the thing that they sort of
3888s relied on being able to peel both from
3889s the rally and the Nana boost Winston
3891s winstars decide to actually make that
3893s aggressive play it gets used early
3895s igemir is able to land that sleeve.2
3898s allows to organize that full
3899s disengagement Bob despite being used in
3901s some scenarios to be able to body block
3903s uh body black a block rather and clear a
3906s lot of that space in the way that a tank
3907s is expected to isn't counted as a tank
3910s so it isn't affected by that knife
3912s coming onto the island sleep dot you do
3914s get the full duration of the sleep dot
3916s affecting the Bob unless someone hits
3918s him uh and wakes him up a little bit
3920s early but Starry night's communication
3921s is on point no one wakes the Bob up
3924s until they're all disengaged safely and
3926s the second that the Bob is gone they're
3927s able to immediately turn on to Whiplash
3930s and punish how aggressive Whiplash were
3933s in terms of that positioning looking to
3935s hold that choke over his Starry Nights
3936s now we're going to be starting off on
3938s this High Ground Cerner on that Ash
3940s immediately going to be that power and
3942s this wouldn't make it could potentially
3943s just look to find an opening shot onto
3945s The High Ground whip that's mostly
3946s damaged but he's looking to find a kill
3947s unfortunately it's only going to find a
3949s brick Shield
3951s million on ahead but how long will parse
3954s it's not too long he's right back over
3956s to the Hanzo no surprise there Senator
3957s though bringing out the ash zygon
3959s control is notable she knows how do
3961s Whiplash want to push this they do have
3963s but I would consider pretty optimal cop
3964s for the map leading onto this High
3966s ground it's gonna be very hard since
3967s actually stopped us you have a coach gun
3969s and a whip shot for appeal in past that
3972s it kind of lights out maybe you complete
3974s Mari it's gonna be difficult you see
3976s already very little resistance being put
3978s up by Starry Night on the first corner I
3980s don't think that's gonna change
3982s I mean the Dynamite's the feel the
3984s dynamite connects onto three members of
3985s flip Flash and forces that immortality
3986s feel for me man
3989s you still didn't follow up the
3991s Dynamite's cool right it does a lot of
3992s damage it'll scare them away for the
3994s three seconds that they're burning for
3995s but you come back and you just lack that
3997s leaf out and you really finish those
3998s health bars off there's a tracer here is
4000s doing some decent damage but not enough
4002s to properly win a fight for them so cart
4003s continues forward they will have the
4006s final Corners to defend here which are
4007s quite powerful yeah the problem for
4009s Alice who as well is how do you dive
4011s into this because if you use that jump
4013s to get into the fight you're not gonna
4014s have it to escape the maywe wall that
4016s comes through and starry nights aren't
4017s running that bat they're not gonna be
4018s able to execute them for the mortality
4019s build if the Winston gets caught out
4020s they are effectively dead espashi caught
4022s in that zone not able to jump through
4023s that bubble is the only thing that's
4025s keeping also up at the moment yeah the
4026s ravenous Vortex is particularly well
4029s timed from Mario oh it won't be up for
4032s the next jump okay let's we can jump out
4034s should they need to but they don't the
4036s damage pressure on Mari who just doesn't
4038s respect Senna quite well enough it's
4041s just too much this should be a pretty
4043s easy cleanup for Starry Nights if they
4044s can pick those health bars up off the
4046s floor and they will oh about dying Mark
4049s again immortality field going to be used
4051s as Santa's been able to build up the Bob
4053s they know mortality field has been
4054s invested but they don't even need to use
4056s the aisles but it's just the Primal Rage
4057s sustaining starry nights on that payload
4059s I'm forcing Whiplash all the way back
4061s towards that spawn point a secondary
4063s time
4064s a bit of an over extension by Whiplash
4066s couldn't get out clean but nevertheless
4067s X fight is what really matters with so
4069s many olds up yeah many coming in with
4071s this blessed part you're going to be
4073s swapping off with the hands that wants
4074s that Cassidy to be able to try and use
4075s the magnet to chunk through the dive
4076s when it comes out Starry Nights do you
4079s have that Nano boost but it's saber at
4081s the moment who I'm keeping my eye on
4083s it's almost definitely going on to the
4086s monkey also waiting for them to enter
4088s their backpack in the meantime like you
4090s said and there's still a major threat to
4092s the pulse bomb throws it out connects in
4094s the basement air can't even a mortality
4096s field if they wanted to illustria
4099s doesn't get traded though despite the
4100s nail from Zen Zeus known as a complete
4102s mess of the fight one that Mari is going
4104s to continue to play conductor of as
4106s they're the only tank left on the field
4108s this is a saber appreciation Squad they
4111s throw out the pulse from anticipating
4113s the EXO boot jumps from the Baptist so
4115s they're able to connect it mid-air onto
4117s the bat and Starry Nights now having won
4119s that fight have secured Sana the
4121s secondary high ground Lodge Whiplash
4123s going after a while on part to be able
4125s to shoot them down before they're able
4126s to cross that corner
4129s appreciation Club
4131s that we can be vice presidents all right
4133s oh let's go all right let's see if they
4135s can get them done here with our with our
4137s cheers diving in onto the point do you
4139s think the rally to just try to install
4140s that as best they can with the
4142s annihilation that we know how good
4143s annihilation
4144s right zoning away the entire back line
4146s at just a button's press is so simple
4149s and sorry nice have to fall back just to
4152s the threat of it alone one more pick
4154s onto a win some really nice but damage
4156s is done I feel like Ram is probably the
4158s tank that values the most the fact that
4162s that honestly that Nerf has occurred
4164s since so many times it felt like when
4166s you use that Annihilation you just be
4167s slapped and the Anna would laugh as
4169s everyone just ran out of the range and
4171s Annihilation got canceled early Mary is
4173s going to have that Annihilation and
4174s sorry guys like you said don't really
4175s have any means of being able to peel
4177s away from it no Bob obviously that's not
4179s going to be effective in taking the
4181s annihilation down they just have to play
4183s into it fully expecting because that's
4185s just once right into them
4187s flash are happy to oblige will run
4189s straight into them at a moment's notice
4192s they take a fair bit of damage Warren
4193s the forces out their mortality field but
4195s they've still got more in their back
4196s pockets that Annihilation being popped
4197s by Mari is matched by the Primal Rage
4200s available just getting a lot more done
4202s right about now zones away the team well
4204s and sets up boot camp for starry nights
4207s on The High Ground yeah Alice using that
4209s Primal like you said to Zone away the
4211s members of queer pressure they're not
4212s able to capitalize on the space that
4214s should have been provided for that
4215s Annihilation from Mary's side Mini at
4217s least is going to have that death lesson
4218s to be able to use but saber once again
4220s the appreciation Squad the Cheers start
4223s though who are they going to be able to
4225s find with this pulse bomb are they going
4228s to be able to connect onto that Lucio
4229s and force that sound bar out early
4236s forces it early jono just commits big
4239s time which means that Whiplash need to
4241s win this fight quickly here and now but
4244s they're separated by the Bob Fenn is
4245s still in their back line on the flake as
4248s Ash how often do you see this they're
4250s not touching the cart though
4252s you've got one player to contest it
4254s right about now but Mary's coming right
4255s on back in Nemesis form
4263s they can't jump on to marry before the
4266s regroup is there for whiplash and Matrix
4268s is going to be there as well to keep
4270s this team sustained through so they can
4271s look to brawl on starry nights and
4273s control that payload and push it the
4275s last little bit of distance necessary
4276s but AJ met with that Nano boost it's
4278s just gonna use it because it also
4280s straight into the right
4281s airbrush goes into the ranked at the
4283s perfect time at that right when that
4285s amplification Matrix comes out I was
4287s giving you such a powerful position your
4289s power position so a death boss in the
4290s back line is going to do some real
4292s damage they'd like to starry night but
4293s it certainly is a knockout punch by any
4295s means that might have been though mimio
4297s going down means just not that much
4299s support for this Winston left you can
4301s try and do as much as they will keep it
4304s up but in the face of an Annihilation
4305s and the reaper it's just too much damage
4308s the problem is that Whiplash are coming
4310s into Point C with one minute and 50
4312s seconds they've had to sacrifice the hit
4314s scan to be able to keep Cena in check to
4316s be able to deal with the Dives coming
4318s through from Alice through and now we're
4320s seeing the swaps come through from both
4322s sides of the table also you're going to
4324s be going on that ramatry denying this
4326s opening angle the par on the Hanzo it is
4330s going to be Parks changing Shot Santa
4332s healed back up to full by mimio on the
4334s mercy looking to find the kill and deny
4337s Whiplash the opportunity of deciding
4339s angle
4340s I mean not just the sideline angle we
4342s have to remind ourselves what's at stake
4343s here for this map starting aces up 2-0
4346s this is tournament life on the line for
4348s whiplashes do or die with 70 seconds on
4352s the clock Parr delivers a head shot
4354s understanding if you're looking for more
4355s another one found by the Hanzo shots
4358s ringing through the heads of Starry
4360s Nights as they can do nothing but be
4362s turned into shish kebabs one by one
4364s versus now trying to fly on bag mimio
4366s desperately contesting the cart but the
4368s time banks are all but dead even for
4371s whiplash and Starry Nights they find a
4374s map finish with the record Pace third
4377s point one that they desperately needed
4379s well we said how rare it was to see
4382s shambali completed in full it's even
4384s rarer to see both teams yeah that's up
4387s to the task of being able to pull it off
4389s however we do have to point out Whiplash
4392s are coming in at what I feel to be a
4394s disadvantage given how long it took for
4397s them the amount of swamps we saw that
4399s composition go through just be able to
4401s pick up that initial point a yeah
4408s I'm really hoping that we're going to
4411s see those swaps come through immediately
4413s that starry nights are going to be just
4414s rolling out with the composition that
4416s they were able to break open that High
4418s Ground Control with
4419s but I'm okay with them actually Fielding
4421s Center on the ash rather than the
4423s Pharaoh because Whiplash anticipating
4425s that the far could be an option
4426s available for the attacking team have to
4428s field par on the more consistently
4430s viable Cassidy knowing that starry
4433s night's on is the attacking team has the
4435s tool to be able to see what Whiplash are
4437s running and very quickly change up that
4439s composition around it Whiplash not gonna
4442s have that Avenue to be able to use so
4444s really have to hope that they've got all
4446s bases covered in terms of the five
4448s Heroes that they've locked in with
4449s already
4451s I think they've got them pretty well
4452s covered like you said the adaptation
4454s bringing a castle to have the hit scan
4455s so the far is no longer an option I
4457s don't think Center's gonna make that
4458s swap it's gonna be an ash Ash Ash no
4460s what we're still bringing it into the
4463s Cassie this is this is exactly what the
4465s Cassie is here to try and stop so this
4468s takes some real guts from Starry Nights
4470s to stick to their guns like this but
4472s playing at range you are at falloff
4473s range and Par does not matter to Santa's
4477s gonna play this far and Zara's gonna
4479s send you back regardless of what you're
4482s doing
4483s Santa with that pocket from the mercy
4486s like you said playing from the distance
4488s where the Cassie has that ball off and
4490s even then they don't land a single shot
4492s onto Santa this far is yet to go chunked
4495s down full health 200 continuously
4499s Persona the only damage that they take
4501s is from their own Rockets to be able to
4503s achieve an even higher height and
4505s challenge this window control so that
4506s power doesn't be able to use that
4508s vantage point to hold cyanide's hostage
4510s around this corner yeah I think still
4513s Santa's gonna hold them hosted we've
4515s seen at times that you can try and
4516s dissuade center from holding an angle
4518s like this which is
4521s Round the Corner they go Santa with the
4523s barrage oh just misses out on the Cog
4525s but they found a cheeky angle here
4527s alongside the side if they want to the
4529s garage straight into the face of Mari
4530s now just left vulnerable in the skies
4532s the damage has been done though far take
4534s it out of the high ground there's no hit
4535s scan threat there's no DPS threats now
4537s for whiplash they're feeling this one
4539s slipped from their fingertips as a b
4542s point is found despite the time bank
4544s only having been a minute pause off of
4546s the Cassidy as well they've seen that
4548s he's just too vulnerable
4549s with the roll yes but you just get two
4552s tapped every single time you show
4553s yourself but I said on having that hand
4554s so having that lunch the ability to put
4556s yourself on verticality and try and keep
4558s the fire in check from that angle from
4560s the 3D approach Uprising it over that
4563s hit scan that is traditionally the one
4566s to step up to the plate to deal with
4568s this Pharmacy you pick and Starry Nights
4570s they were working with one minute
4571s they've already been able to pick
4573s themselves up almost halfway through
4574s point B
4575s interesting routing from Whiplash now
4577s though if they take themselves from this
4578s small window an upper Vantage Point
4580s Toyota has a perfect flank to try and
4583s throw it onto the team but unfortunately
4584s he's able to connect this time with
4586s flash
4587s your picks pay off the swap to the Hanzo
4589s gives them reprieve soon to now off no
4592s flank to take down lyanna a big
4593s Advantage for whiplash but having lost
4595s Parr now the doors have opened Sena can
4598s bring three on this point there is not
4600s enough to take down this far it is
4602s simply too much to handle
4605s I tell you what starry nights are
4607s subscribed to the School of Pharmacy
4609s from Twisted Minds none of this comes
4611s out onto Santa and the fire just
4614s absolutely dumpsters all of the members
4616s of whiplash builds up another barrage as
4619s we see open kits come through mini on to
4621s the echo but Starry Nights off of this
4623s barge May well pick up points B on
4626s chambalia they only had a minute to work
4628s with to pick up this map if you can test
4630s his turret you will get barrage no
4632s question about oh you're almost Center
4634s oh no right on top of the bubble it
4637s almost cost them too much the tennis
4639s should be able to come right back up the
4640s Primal Rage as well I got him hats off
4642s both Maru and also have had some
4645s phenomenal primals no Rivals either the
4647s starry nights have identified that the
4649s pharah has found its Niche value when
4651s neither standard was on to the ash to
4653s deal with many on the Echo and Whiplash
4656s they'll have to sign her they'll have
4657s the dragon strike but they're just gonna
4658s have to throw it on the payload the good
4660s news for this team well Whiplash is that
4662s over time it's been burning for so long
4663s that a millisecond of stepping off of
4666s this payload provided with that space
4667s with the dragon strike is gonna be more
4669s than enough to see this side of the map
4671s over with
4674s touch the car it must deal the damage
4676s and take down the back line of whiplash
4678s both difficult things capping C in the
4680s first round was most difficult enough
4683s tapping it into the sound barrier from
4685s jono which is used aggressively is even
4686s harder the entirety of with flash
4688s Cascades forward onto the likes of
4690s starry nights and now without the
4692s Winston to touch the card with the
4693s Primal Rage constantly pushing them off
4695s the pressure begins to Mountain foil
4698s over
4699s but it may be too late Whiplash finally
4701s put a stop to the cart but Starry Nights
4703s have set records for shambali pushes
4706s pushing the map nearly twice through
4708s with only a minute on the clock to begin
4711s with a minute
4713s a minute that's just wrong that's
4716s obscene that that's obscene that is like
4720s you said absolutely record-breaking
4722s coming for from sorry it's just able as
4724s well to keep Senna on that Farah for so
4727s much longer as well like Whiplash
4730s they're anticipating that far like you
4731s said that's why we see Power roll out on
4733s the Cassidy and now Whiplash have a
4736s significant mountain to climb in a
4740s single elimination bracket if they fall
4742s here at any point in this map they are
4745s going to be out of the bracket out of
4747s this tournament and starry nights are
4749s going to be moving forward far is not
4751s going to be there once again Center is
4753s going to be on the Ash and Whiplash
4755s decide that this brawl composition of
4757s this rumatra to be able to try and
4759s shield some of this damage from Center
4761s in the opening of these fights as well
4763s as use that zone putting pressure
4765s towards that high ground that someone
4766s wants to sit up into it's going to be
4768s more valuable than potentially that more
4770s aggressive but more vulnerable I would
4774s say dive to come through because at
4776s least if your RAM goes down early it's
4778s not gonna be too deep you're going to
4780s still be able to find some value of far
4782s and mini having space to work with as
4783s opposed to losing a Winston and just
4785s immediately being relegated to all of
4787s your teammates having to wait 30 seconds
4789s without respawn
4792s a minute on the clock and a whiplash
4794s down to the wire they need historic
4797s levels of push happening
4799s in shambali
4801s Gonna Take a Miracle to get this one
4803s done but I've seen the crazier things to
4805s be completely honest with flash again
4807s their Crusade forward pushing the cart
4809s stepping away from it while they still
4811s can on this corner trying to lay claim
4813s to that high ground but the low ground
4814s they need to worry about Pars in a whole
4816s world of trouble Sunda ever lethal on
4819s the Tracer has found yet another pick
4821s for Starry Nights sign up untouched at
4824s the moment on that Ash it's all about
4826s saber diverting attention of the fight
4829s onto that payload Mario just not able to
4831s find that room that wrap around towards
4833s that High Ground rotation as still these
4835s members of whiplash regrouping have to
4837s face the gauntlet of this Tracer again
4842s it's got par in a box no other way to
4846s put it the DPS the story nice have shown
4848s up massively here on shambali and now
4851s it's down to the tank to take it home
4852s able to dive in throws in a Primal Rage
4855s for good measure and lets the overtime
4857s Wick burn on down sorry nice move on in
4860s the bracket Starry Nights looking so
4863s strong we talked about flexibility and
4865s having something like that Comfort
4867s composition in your back pocket I talked
4870s about wanting to see it I said I would
4873s love to see if I were a pic come through
4874s from this team my wish is granted starry
4877s nights are going to be incredibly happy
4879s about the style that they're able to
4880s wish upon to make that one happen as we
4883s get to see Santa in just absolute action
4886s looking incredibly strong incredibly
4890s dominant and here is the really
4891s problematic thing I think for a lot of
4893s teams when they face up against Pharmacy
4894s compositions this is what we were
4896s talking about with those careful comps
4898s you're not screaming expecting to be
4900s running into that Pharmacy composition
4902s right so a lot of the time when you
4904s figure out that Pharmacy is going to be
4906s floated before you you have to adapt on
4908s the Fly and we saw very very quickly
4910s that even though they're able to
4913s identify the heroes that they have to
4915s feel to try and take that former
4916s Pharmacy composition down Whiplash do
4920s not have the tools and the positioning
4923s to be able to deal with sign up before
4925s they start to become that really
4927s problematic form in that second round of
4930s attacking shambali I thought it was an
4932s absolute disaster to try and deal with
4935s and it makes you wonder like what
4936s happens later on in the bracket like
4938s this is a team that can really go a long
4940s way we see it and think a little
4941s brackets all the time it's the reason
4943s you see players like yazan do so well in
4946s community tournaments because you just
4947s don't have that much time to prep for
4949s players like this you cannot devote time
4951s to trying to deal with that much less
4952s trying to get practicals because you go
4954s to your scrim partner you're like okay
4955s play pharah against us and we're gonna
4957s get practice against it but it's not the
4958s same as playing pharah against these
4960s really really really good Fara players
4962s so it is a whole mess to try and go up
4965s against try and play against and one
4967s that unfortunately is gonna topple I
4968s think not just this team but maybe more
4970s to come yeah a good many teams I think
4973s will fall before this this Pharmacy we
4974s even started and contend is a sites all
4976s the way back in 2022 where teams like
4978s EXO lose the fight against player teams
4981s like Twisted mines and o1 Esports and
4983s Munich is able to come out on top in the
4985s season because they're able to dispatch
4987s the pharmacy composition off of some
4988s really good plays coming through from
4990s cookie on that sojin and like you said
4993s not knowing really how to deal with that
4995s far composition and also just the effect
4997s it has mentally on you it has to be so
5000s draining to think okay well they only
5002s have one minute on the time back surely
5004s we're going to stop them from picking up
5006s point a and then it spirals into surely
5007s they're not going to pick a point B
5009s surely they're not going to be able to
5010s pick up Point C like that has such an
5013s impact in terms of confidence and if
5015s you're not confident in taking that
5017s fight against afar especially when she's
5018s bolstered by that Mercy pocket and can
5020s just two tap you you're not going to be
5023s able to survive the deal because you're
5024s gonna be hesitant you're gonna be too
5026s passive and that is what Cena was
5028s capitalizing off of finding that first
5030s pick onto the Cassidy to open up the
5032s fight brilliant but it's the hesitance
5034s that comes through from the rest of
5036s whiplash that cost them that fight
5038s because they all turn to think okay what
5041s what are we gonna do with this far we're
5042s gonna set ourselves in the small room
5043s and we're going to wait to see whether
5045s or not we can play Within that rocket
5047s spam and then they all eat the rocket
5049s spam and with that Mercy damage boost
5051s they're just gone within moments yeah
5053s with a rough last one for whiplash we
5055s got to give him credit right finished
5057s off shambali impressive enough got this
5059s far into the tournament they gotten
5060s themselves a whole bucket load of points
5062s so congratulations of course Whiplash
5064s we're getting this far but I think it's
5065s about time we send ourselves to a break
5066s when we come back we're gonna talk a
5068s little bit to some of the players sorry
5097s [Music]
5108s oh
5129s [Music]
5151s foreign
5157s [Music]
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5214s me me
5220s [Music]
5239s thank you
5241s [Music]
5254s welcome back everybody appreciate your
5256s patience we've now got an interview for
5257s you of course we have two players in the
5259s call who need no introduction saba and
5262s ajmr who deserve all the credit in the
5265s world who played phenomenally in this
5266s first of all congratulations big win 3-0
5268s uh to start off the day how's that feel
5271s to get things done quickly
5272s oh good
5274s very good yep
5278s so I have to ask first of all say but
5281s whenever we swap to your POV in both of
5284s Blizzard world and chambali as that
5286s Tracer you're always infiltrating the
5287s backlines you're always looking for
5288s those plus one connections finding that
5291s stick the prediction onto the baptism
5292s that excret was definitely a huge
5294s highlight for us but it was really
5296s interesting to see how you play
5297s differently when Cena was playing off of
5300s that pharah and then Winston was on the
5302s ash as a tracer player do you have a
5304s preference of the secondary DPS to be
5306s able to work alongside which do you feel
5307s is easier to be able to make that Tracer
5309s work
5310s so specifically when my other DPS is
5314s Santa
5315s um I significantly prefer when she's
5316s playing Ash just because her Ash is
5318s insane the way that I uh play Tracer in
5321s a competent Ash with Affair and versus
5323s with a pharah is very different with an
5324s astronaut team I mainly play to try and
5327s enable my ash I try and force people
5328s into my Ash's loss I try and like bait
5330s enemy cooldowns uh forcing me attention
5332s to be on me whereas when I have a pharah
5334s I try and play a little bit more solo a
5335s little more independent and just let the
5337s game play itself uh so to speak
5340s so yeah yeah it was definitely
5342s interesting seeing the flow between the
5344s two DPS but the GPS were also
5346s interacting with the support line back
5347s there ajmr you spent a lot of Blizzard
5349s World alongside Santa trying to live as
5351s best you could on that a high ground
5353s what was the what was it like being Dove
5356s constantly 24 7 because you were not
5358s going down yeah it seemed untappable
5360s your backline despite the four-man
5362s efforts that were going at it I was
5364s literally just needing my feet and
5366s living
5367s [Music]
5368s like nothing else I just waited for them
5371s to go on me and I just made my feet and
5372s then I don't die
5375s I mean if it works it works and I have
5378s to ask looking at the the team sheets as
5380s well I'm seeing a whole host of
5381s different nationalities coming from from
5383s the teams and I'm guessing you're all
5385s based in different countries as well so
5386s playing on different latency speeds how
5389s exactly did the team be formed given
5392s that you're all from these different
5393s places of the world well we're the only
5395s Americans on the team um yeah if you
5397s bait them in with German with German
5399s account names is that oh that one did it
5401s that's actually completely separate from
5403s anything so okay for reference both me
5405s and McQueen are German citizens uh
5407s because her dad's from Germany
5409s um so
5410s hence the hands the account names but
5411s yeah we live in America so we're playing
5414s on like 30 milliseconds or like 70
5415s milliseconds of latency on West whereas
5417s the rest of our team is playing on 100
5420s maybe 150 well no in that last match
5422s they were playing on 200 because we had
5424s to play on West yeah yeah
5426s um and basically the only reason why
5427s we're on this team is because Santa was
5429s on my team for the last calling all
5430s heroes and couldn't really come up with
5432s anyone to play with because the original
5434s people they wanted for the roster
5435s couldn't make it so like a week ago
5437s Santa asked me hey can you play for this
5439s team and I'm like yeah sure and then we
5440s couldn't find another DPS so I got Seva
5443s um fun facts David has not played
5445s OverWatch in about three years they've
5447s only been screaming for about a week
5448s yeah yeah
5450s um so that's I've been screaming for
5452s more like two weeks but um yeah I
5454s started playing Tracer and scrims less
5456s than a week ago and it's it's been a
5459s it's been a wild ride trying to trying
5461s to learn this hero especially at the
5462s level of competition that we're flying
5463s at we've been screaming teams like XL
5466s tune like Timeless Eternal and we've
5467s been consistently taking Maps off them
5469s and it's every time every single time I
5472s go into a scrum I I'm I'm wowed by him
5474s by how incredibly good my team is and by
5477s the fact that I'm able to even stay
5478s alive in these lobbies given my
5480s inexperience
5481s so yeah two players that are that are
5483s coming in to fill spots you guys look
5486s pretty good I I don't think we can take
5488s that away from you oh the rest of our
5489s team is better yeah you have a very good
5492s team
5497s modest and extremely well skilled as
5500s well I cannot wait to see how the team
5502s is able to develop like you said if
5503s you've been able to find this level of
5505s success and make it this far in the
5507s bracket after only two weeks or if you
5510s want to play Tracer and already hitting
5511s this level go forward a couple of months
5514s and when we're into the next couple of
5515s events coming through from this circuit
5516s I can't wait to see what monsters you
5519s have become in these lobbies you are
5520s going to be absolutely running circles
5523s around so many of these other teams I
5526s mean I've also only been playing Flex
5528s support for about a month because I mean
5529s in the last column of Heroes I was
5531s playing I just just rub it in just rub
5533s it in
5534s so I have to ask what what made you want
5536s to play Flex support I used to play Flex
5539s support at a pretty high level um then I
5540s got bored started playing hitscan and
5542s then I realized well I suck at hitscan
5544s so I'm gonna play Flex support
5546s I've been there I've been there I've
5548s been there one time anyways
5549s congratulations on the win good luck at
5551s the rest of the bracket I appreciate you
5552s popping in for the interview thank you
5554s thank you
5557s all righty MOX game number one down in
5559s uh pretty Swift fashion how'd you feel
5561s about that I mean I'm still like my mind
5564s is boggling to be able to put together
5566s that much success from that little
5568s experience with the team and synergize
5571s so well together over all of those
5573s different latencies when I looked at the
5574s different countries they were from I was
5575s assuming that maybe we had a couple of
5578s people uh moving forward into America to
5580s be able to go to like college or work
5583s but no they're all playing from
5585s different countries They're all playing
5586s on different latency and you cannot tell
5588s when you look at Maps like shambali how
5590s put together they were and the fact that
5591s they were able to survive all of the
5593s Dives coming through from their defenses
5594s of Blizzard world as well and react
5597s perfectly timed against things like EMP
5599s which as a player who sometimes from the
5601s EU side does get drafted into their
5604s American Friends games EMP when you're
5607s on like 130 latency is one of the
5609s hardest ultimates to be able to turn
5611s around and deal with because it just
5612s comes straight from the left field
5615s It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy or from
5616s Europe in these tournaments and you know
5618s what they're getting through both of
5620s them that being said we've got more
5622s games to get through and if in the
5623s meantime you guys want something to do
5624s go ahead and check out radiant dot store
5626s if you want to support amazing
5627s tournaments like these every dollar goes
5629s towards funding or radiant events
5631s they've got some amazing merch be sure
5633s to check it out while we send you guys
5634s to a break
5639s [Music]
5645s thank you
5662s [Music]
5681s foreign
5683s [Music]
5693s [Applause]
5694s [Music]
5703s [Music]
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5721s [Music]
5741s [Music]
5758s [Music]
5761s thank you
5763s [Music]
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5833s [Music]
5840s [Music]
5855s [Applause]
5861s foreign
5918s [Music]
5926s foreign
5933s foreign
5940s we've got another game locked and loaded
5943s for you and while it may not be grand
5944s finals monks I think you and I might
5946s just be lucky enough to catch the game
5948s of the day because this one is between
5950s Timeless ethereal and dart monkeys who
5953s have made their way all the way to the
5954s semifinals that I think it is no uh no
5957s small say to say that the winner of this
5960s is very likely the favorites in those
5962s grand finals yeah and like you said this
5965s is going to be tennis apparel and that
5966s one keeps going to before the grand
5968s finals this is single elimination so
5970s whoever loses here isn't going to be
5972s knocked down to the lower bracket with a
5973s chance of a grudge match no whoever
5976s loses here is giving up that position in
5978s the grand finals entirely either
5980s Thomasville or dark monkeys will move
5982s forward to take down either nyxl Academy
5984s or Starry Nights another match I think
5987s that is going to go an incredibly far
5990s distance but like you said this is the
5992s match we're going to have on broadcast
5993s and this is going to be an absolute
5995s treat if you're tuning in right now this
5998s is going to be the match not just of the
6000s day but I feel of the entire tournament
6002s don't switch your television says is
6005s what she's saying times three of us Dart
6007s monkeys break it down which team you
6009s want to start with Max who are we
6010s feeling do we do we start with the team
6012s that has gone undefeated up until now or
6014s do we start with dart monkeys who are
6015s surprisingly for once in their life a
6017s semi Underdog I mean I feel like we have
6021s to start with Timeless the Pharaoh okay
6022s right like you said the only team
6025s currently undefeated and we've talked
6028s about this team we got to see them in
6030s action yesterday where they're able to
6031s take a very quick win I think a lot
6034s faster of a win than we were expecting
6036s and a lot of it was off of gym gym
6040s somber is absolutely terrifying you
6043s summed it up best OverWatch became less
6045s of a first person shooter and more of a
6048s horror Survival game when Jim was on the
6050s Sombra on Havana I think Jim at least
6053s right now uncontested best armor we've
6055s seen we've seen some good sombers we've
6056s seen a lot of Somers
6058s gym Tip Top every single day of the week
6060s that being said this team was backed up
6062s phenomenally by the likes of azure saw
6065s Hill Lizard Wizard and Cal of which I
6067s think saw Hill and Cal yesterday were
6070s particularly of no cow obviously a
6072s support player capable of just dpsing
6074s entirely through fights have given the
6076s opportunity and saw Hill who was doing a
6078s fantastic job in my opinion positionally
6080s giving a lot of advantages of Timeless
6082s ethereal yeah Cal especially when they
6084s were on the Baptist just chunking down
6087s hanzo's left right and centered when we
6089s had headed over to Antarctic Peninsula
6091s taking advantage of the fact that
6093s remember Thomasville didn't really field
6095s a counter me to come through so having
6098s that Baptiste and having that confidence
6100s to be able to take those Jewels even
6101s when that may wool is down and
6103s attempting to isolate out saw Hill is
6106s huge for this team in terms of
6107s survivability and just making sure that
6109s one of their glaring weaknesses of this
6111s composition isn't going to be something
6113s that their opponents can take advantage
6116s of and talking about opponents dark
6119s monkeys like you said having a little
6121s bit of I think a harder run than a lot
6124s of people were expecting moving forward
6126s given how stacked this roster is barcode
6129s xamarin Evie Aspen SK all very well
6132s known in the OverWatch bit as well as
6135s crossing over towards the valorence fair
6137s as well they are making their way
6139s through a lot of first-person shooters
6141s and having that flexibility being able
6143s to go through a massive amount of Heroes
6145s I think is going to give this team a
6148s significant leg up because like we
6149s talked about Jim being able to flex onto
6151s things like that Sombra on Havana did
6154s throw a spanner into the works of game
6157s plans of the teams that they're running
6159s into and having barcode being able to
6161s swap through all of these things most
6163s notably something like that Soldier to
6165s be able to play with that sustainability
6167s and take that deal with the extra Health
6170s against him on this Sombra to
6172s potentially just use that translocator
6174s and force them out without finding that
6176s opening for us to pick could be abs
6178s absolutely Monumental in turning the
6180s tide in that monkey's favor
6184s turning Tides we gotta talk about which
6186s map we're gonna try and do that on first
6188s map for these two it's absolutely
6190s critical Timeless they really obviously
6192s have all of momentum coming into today
6194s undefeated
6195s and they carry it on a map like lijong
6198s that can be so potent that test teams in
6200s such a way giving them an opportunity to
6201s dive on one brawler Rush on another and
6204s then an opportunity to kind of choose
6205s their own in Night Market we're starting
6208s things off on control center it's Rush
6210s City
6210s yeah and unfortunately it's going to be
6212s rush in the form of potentially we might
6215s actually see the jungko queen commitment
6217s come through Collegiate just before
6220s colical Heroes was running out did
6221s actually have a couple of John cooking
6223s rushes to their name and it is going to
6226s be dark monkeys running that may
6228s Timeless appeal not currently building a
6231s May of their own we're going to EV swap
6234s onto that ramatry time to take advantage
6236s of the openings that xamarit sets up
6238s into her lap with the wall blocking out
6241s these members of Timeless ethereal
6244s forward they all March likely to their
6247s deaths at least for five of the players
6248s in this Lobby better roll out though by
6250s Dart monkeys you you really can't
6252s underestimate how important that can be
6254s on this particular map I thought he'll
6256s Force to use an Amazon form to take the
6257s space with him pay attention the Eevee
6259s should be able to do pretty much the
6260s exact same thing right back to timeless
6263s ethereum
6264s how much girl however are trying to play
6265s with that box onto this point Jim using
6267s that space to be able to just use that
6269s token turret to be able to pressure the
6271s members of dark monkeys and again that
6273s male comes through alongside Matata
6275s absorbing a lot of abilities from dot
6278s monkeys
6280s I'm like he's getting pressed back by
6282s the immense pressure of Timeless zero
6283s like you said all that damage being
6286s that out why azarayan Jim is just too
6290s much to handle yeah and not a single
6292s kill is picked up either don't monkey's
6294s just giving up that space knowing that
6296s they'd use too much in that approach
6298s neither they come into the amp Matrix
6300s it makes yourself but a perfect wall why
6303s is emmer completely counters it
6306s almost ethereal storm forward completely
6309s uncontested Jones got the hammer out oh
6312s you better be thankful remember that
6314s they didn't end you with the hammer it
6317s almost the laws right in first person
6319s POV as well
6320s have Annihilation to try and break
6323s through the charge but soil is going to
6325s have one of their own gym about to come
6327s in with that molting Core 2 as darling
6329s he's now face their biggest challenge
6330s yet in this point getting through that
6332s choke
6333s especially into a ramatry into the
6335s backline goes saw Hill the annihilation
6337s pumping out obscene amounts of damage is
6341s well remember behind them azary and Jim
6344s are just spitting out little projectiles
6346s peppering them towards their spawn
6347s making it all that much more difficult
6348s to get away
6349s because I'm actually ruined the blizzard
6351s to try to peel away the annihilation
6353s coming for from Timeless apparial are we
6356s going to see the swaps now let's just SK
6357s going in without Lucy to bury the
6359s teammates back towards this point as
6361s we're headed towards final fight
6362s territory we almost at least still
6364s having a nice annihilation of their own
6365s but Thomas the Pharaoh I have the room
6367s tour to disengage up
6370s here we all give them the room to
6371s disengage or I'm not sure they can even
6373s with a sound barrier they're unable to
6375s find their way past the lifetime of
6377s ethereal they finally get a pick onto
6379s saw Hill blizzard wizard having held
6381s that sound barrier in their back pocket
6383s times ethereal may give up the point
6385s here but take a look at the tools
6386s available to either team it is desperate
6388s for Dart monkeys soil coming back in on
6391s the doomfist both support ultimates
6392s available for tennis apparel the same
6394s not to be said four Dart monkeys
6396s sustainability is that for referral if
6398s they can keep this point gonna be able
6400s to win the fight
6402s a pressure medial sometimes zero they
6403s know they have the ultimate Advantage
6404s they come in and use it beautifully
6406s Sunbury is still available let's be
6408s careful about not hey Jack singing I
6412s have not cursed them yet
6413s said they use it beautifully allows them
6415s to pressure out the likes they need you
6417s still is not dead there you we need to
6419s be taking out this the sharmattra like
6420s soon okay there we go got it done got it
6423s taken care of before Aspen came back
6425s most notably of all point cap should be
6427s going right back over time ethereal
6429s first sub map in their favor the team in
6431s blue take a commanding lead
6434s because I'm able to find azerite and
6436s activate into overtime but like he said
6438s the flip does come through medial effect
6439s just blocking that chokers Blizzard from
6441s xamarin connects into the members of
6443s Thomas the furial SK is able to take
6445s down Jim but slow Hill uncontested on
6448s the Doom first take the fight in the
6450s close-up Corridor and are immediately
6452s going to be punished for that one
6454s all is right in the world this point
6455s does end how it's supposed to our
6456s monkeys are making it awfully painful
6458s and long and kind of awkward to sit
6460s through for all of us uh all of us
6462s watching but there it goes okay
6464s ethereal finishing off that first sub
6467s map Dart monkeys though
6469s start for sure but it felt like towards
6471s the end of the point not just the
6472s staggers they did seem to find some
6475s purchase
6476s yeah the problem was it came for just a
6478s little bit too late and again like the
6481s fact that xamarin is the only Mei in
6483s this service should give down monkey so
6485s much more control in being able to stop
6487s soy Hill on this rematcher from being
6489s able to walk forward especially given
6490s the fact Oren wasn't on the Baptist
6491s which is the traditional support we tend
6493s to see being used to prop up that
6495s ramatra using things like the axle boots
6497s to be able to take advantage when the
6499s Roman the ramatry is zoned out why that
6502s may are we however going to see the full
6504s commitment of these sumatras not for
6507s that early teleport out of Spawn doors
6510s but for the teleport into window there's
6512s one swap back coming through from time
6514s with the burial but there's still a
6516s seven platform oh
6520s all right look I I cannot in good faith
6522s uh uh sit here and advise this strategy
6526s it is not morally allowable it's morally
6531s reprehensible to run some Metro on this
6533s map
6534s and they get away with it they get away
6536s it does work it does work it's good it's
6537s strong it works oh but you feel a little
6540s filthy running the cheese don't you
6542s this is a little bit of coconzola
6544s created on top but time was the Pharaoh
6546s immediately going to be swapping off of
6548s this very brawl heavy composition which
6550s wants to put itself into the front line
6551s fight and take so much damage engaging
6554s onto that point form the symmetra
6555s turrets already set up instead they're
6556s going to feel gym onto this far to just
6559s apply so much pressure onto these side
6561s angles and keep that monkey's attention
6563s allowing sohil on this team first to
6565s find that stagger frame rate so that
6567s azero gym can pick up a Kill
6570s swap like you said is important here the
6573s far of the Poke around this point
6575s extremely critical already it's paying
6577s off the damage mounting from all angles
6579s Aspen effectively with her head on a
6581s swivel is unable to do really anything
6582s about it the damage is finally relieved
6584s unfortunately the damage has been done
6586s as well Dart monkeys sent back time was
6589s there I'll take back a point they felt
6591s probably was theirs right Point yeah
6593s lizard was able to find the kill onto SK
6595s before they're able to get that
6597s Resurrection onto the pharah we're still
6599s gonna see dot monkeys running with this
6601s ramatra but now it's going to be
6603s alongside this castle that traditional
6605s hit scan the problem is You've Lost That
6607s fights now you don't know where this far
6608s is going to be playing from and barrage
6610s has built up you don't need to pressure
6612s these members of dot monkeys down you
6613s just need to hide yourself and wait for
6615s them to walk out of Choke into the old
6618s been taking pot shots from afar and they
6621s work beautifully the follow-up from the
6623s slam of Sawhill as well too much to
6625s counter the other kind of steering up
6627s they've really broken that symmetrical
6628s position and really cracked this map
6629s wide open yeah Orion on that motor
6632s picking up a 3K as well off of that
6634s style that created by Soul Hill punching
6636s into the members of that monkeys and
6638s another composition adaptation comes
6640s through from the team this time they're
6642s gonna try and win the fight by avoiding
6644s taking it in a choke are they going to
6646s be easily spotted out by Jim who is
6648s still yet to use the spirals
6651s holding it over the heads of Dart
6653s monkeys the threat alone to the barrage
6654s is very real about but right as the
6656s sound barrier lands for Dart monkeys it
6658s could not been have could not have been
6660s more ill-timed excuse me
6662s our monkey is happy to collect on that
6665s bit of Misfortune for Timeless surreal
6666s yes the Resurrection comes through the
6668s numbers and point in favor of Dart
6670s monkeys and this is going to be
6671s difficult title ethereal have not been
6674s thrown off though they throw in a bob
6675s recommit to the point saw Hill diving in
6677s far and takes out Evie alongside zemrott
6680s it was a short tenure on point for Dart
6683s monkeys albeit not in here not a
6685s particularly effective one either yeah
6687s they take 10 as Roy as they move on to
6689s that point but unfortunately because
6690s they're going for Point control and
6692s having to play so close together for
6693s that dive to find the targets and lock
6696s them down take them down before the
6697s mercy of Lamar can heal them back up
6699s they give up the grind and allow the
6701s resurrection to come through and then
6703s azra has already got the ball but now we
6704s see the dive to come first
6708s person dorm turret action oh we are
6711s doing so much damage Mark you have no
6712s idea no oh no we're gone dead Jim Stern
6716s had such a short life
6717s it'll be remembered tahill goes touches
6720s Point Dart monkeys flip it right back
6722s over in their favor but remember silent
6724s cereal are coming up on ultimates right
6725s now unfortunately to them though one of
6726s those were set back to spawn Orion not
6728s coming back anytime soon they don't have
6729s the sustain I think rightfully they're
6732s gonna look to pull back here yeah they
6734s do however much to bait Aspen into
6736s throwing in that kitchen a rush which
6738s Mike you said is going to be absolutely
6741s huge the problem for Thomas the feral
6742s however is that ultimates are built up
6744s for the side of dark monkeys
6746s sustainability on the point in the form
6748s of that Primal Rage in the barcode on
6751s this EMP as long as it connects onto
6752s Orion when that mid castle of that
6754s coalescence you're gonna be able to
6756s strip It Off
6758s connect maybe not mid caps and coal
6760s lessons but the damage is done a quick
6761s fight the dart monkeys and a concise one
6764s that they really needed especially after
6765s having spent that KR
6767s but they still do delay the problem they
6770s were able to take the Moira dime but it
6771s was before coalescence comes through and
6773s now SK sciencebara is going to be
6776s available when the Colossus comes down
6777s but if the fight takes too long those
6778s are twist is just gonna cycle into one
6780s of their own I mean the goal was
6782s delaying the problem through 99 they
6785s can't deal with it particularly
6786s effective but they can certainly survive
6789s through it they've got a lot of tank
6790s ultimates up and available to them along
6793s with the sound barrier the Primal Rage
6794s just makes Dart monkeys all too beefy
6797s for Timeless steel to really deal with
6798s in that final fight yeah this is why
6800s it's okay to use that EMP so early on
6803s because like you said you have that
6805s Primal built up and we're in the final
6807s fight territory so for Timeless I feel
6808s they have no choice but to walk on to
6810s that point and those side openings of
6813s the point which previously benefited
6815s Timeless apparel when they're running
6816s gym on that far who's just taking
6818s advantage of all of the openings onto
6820s that point turn against Timeless
6822s ethereal and allow Evie the openings to
6824s be able to use the Winston juggles and
6827s just shove the members of Timeless
6828s apparel off of the point and into the
6830s IFA
6832s now that ether becomes ever present over
6834s the map as we move on to Gardens the
6836s environmentals it'll run a plenty
6839s should the players not be careful Evie
6841s sticking on the Winston on the other
6842s side saw Hill switching over to the
6844s rematcher two very different looks of
6846s the how to play this point
6848s to perfectly viable ones at that with
6851s Orion back in on the Moira damage has
6854s already been done
6855s and that alone should just be in the
6858s fight over but maybe it doesn't Evie's
6860s been traded out now is going to become a
6862s mess
6863s yeah unfortunately even though ug might
6865s have to deprive Thomas the feel of a
6866s tank they've still got azero and the
6868s Cassidy able to use that damage to just
6871s continue to pressure the members of dark
6873s monkeys as they move across from bridge
6874s and they're not able to make it onto the
6876s point pick up that first point control
6877s and look to use what this composition
6879s Finds Its footing in not just that dive
6882s to be able to pin down these targets and
6883s isolate those members but take control
6885s of that first point and stagger it for
6887s so much as that is a very very routine I
6890s don't I don't want first person to do
6892s with that too I can do with that then
6894s it's probably a headache little little
6895s like sideways kind of tilted
6897s like me if I was playing into it start
6899s monkeys try and dive forward but
6901s unfortunately don't find much you're
6903s gonna have to look to find some reprieve
6904s on the point reset their health bars and
6907s that they will Jim reset the turret
6908s because that one was getting blocked off
6909s by The Rock but in the meantime Tony was
6911s diving that I think goes to show a
6913s little bit of miscoordination on the
6914s side of time and ethereal a mistake
6916s albeit small is enough for dark monkeys
6918s to capitalize on yeah they might lose
6921s Evie the Winston go incredibly low but
6923s she is going to be capped up by SK and
6925s Aspen and katsina Rush is now going to
6927s be on the field the dark monkeys now
6929s they can use things like this from a
6930s ridge to be able to sustain and stag at
6932s this point percentage for as long as
6933s possible as Timeless to fails so have
6935s something on the doomfist to try and
6936s create that room to pull that monkey's
6939s attention back to that point so that the
6941s Lucho isn't able to find those
6942s knock-offs before the fight begins
6945s SK as notably a sound barrier used when
6949s they need it unfortunately it doesn't
6951s seem like they do quite yet sk's holding
6953s on to that sound barrier for quite a
6954s long time they think they can win it
6955s with just the KR they can't in goes the
6958s sound barrier and in goes Dart monkey
6959s they need to win this four loses
6961s wizard gets a sound barrier of their own
6963s up and they do finally Orion and Jim
6965s Paul but it took a lot of pressure off
6967s the back of Evie zamarin barcode to get
6970s it done yeah both support ultimates
6972s invested in the same fight and that
6974s isn't part down to Jim who uses that
6976s molten cool and spreads it all over the
6979s rush denying dot monkeys the usage of
6982s that ultimate and forcing SK into
6983s dropping the sound bar so that don't
6985s monkeys continue to have that presence
6986s on the point playing around where that
6989s lava is so you don't take that tick down
6991s damages as right as that dead eye bolt
6994s up has the zoning capability of buying
6996s tamsterfield's engine since this fight
6997s you have to watch out for the EMP though
6999s aggressive EMP at a barcode immediately
7001s followed up on as well Orion has no
7003s chance to fade away before it connects
7005s pulse bomb is a cherry on top 75 now for
7007s dark monkeys the monkey's really coming
7010s into their own a little bit of a stumble
7013s on control center but definitely after
7016s night market finding their own footing
7018s finding that composition and Synergy of
7020s the Sombra with the EMP and that
7022s follow-up damage on the dive that comes
7024s through his time was the feral are
7026s forced onto a dive of their own just to
7028s try and hold themselves long enough to
7030s be able to sustain on this point as
7032s revitating to overtime I promise Evie's
7034s got the Primal Rage gemma's able to take
7036s down SK but you still have to reject the
7037s Winston as the ultimate is yet to be
7039s parted the Primal Rage is not the end
7041s I'll be all of this one especially on a
7044s fight like this and they end it now
7046s though they've got just enough advantage
7048s that they've isolated the players away
7049s and all they have to do is focus them
7050s down with the monkey a good poop though
7052s keeps them away juggling Point touches
7053s our Timeless ethereal between azra and
7055s lizard wizard they are keeping this one
7057s alive Jim though removed from the surfer
7060s the second that they got back to the
7061s point a critical set of kills come up
7063s for Dart monkeys and it's gonna to be
7065s enough to take over the map all they
7067s gotta do is run down one more Winston
7068s health bar it's a little easier said
7069s than done as now that Orion's back on
7071s the point they have some real
7072s survivability saw Hill down though sound
7075s barrier out for Dart monkeys it is all
7078s over for map number one Dart monkeys
7081s come out and seek revenge against the
7083s like of Timeless ethereal that Primal
7086s from Evie is just it's perfect it's
7089s literally perfect I hope we're going to
7090s get to see it as the replay because not
7092s only was she able to deal with the two
7095s squishies not until it's gonna be that
7096s that Primal Night Market just juggling
7098s all of these players midco lessons as
7100s well or I am not able to escape that one
7102s and Evie doing so much Works to be able
7104s to make sure to deny that Mario ultimate
7105s from connecting onto the members that
7107s Orion is looking to keep beefed up on
7109s that point but circling back to that
7111s last fight even with the Primal is able
7113s to keep themselves alive through both of
7116s the Squishies just targeting her down in
7118s terms of the Sombra and the delucio she
7120s also doesn't like the Point Flip come
7122s through so the reinforcements come back
7124s from from Dart monkeys they've got that
7126s sound bar they have that sustainability
7128s one Primal Rage has burned out and
7130s there's still no picks coming through
7132s from the side of Timeless field to be
7133s able to find that flip to be able to
7135s shove that monkey's back with an absence
7137s of a player so they have to wait for
7139s that regroup to come through if you're
7141s doing a magnificent job on the Winston
7143s when we see the full commitment to the
7145s dive coming through from the team it
7147s does give an interesting texture in a
7148s series though because we saw a very very
7150s distinct Rush win for Timeless ethereal
7152s whereas on the other side we saw a
7154s monkey comp win so this could be one of
7155s the series where it just goes down to
7156s map pick where we go back and forth we
7157s play Rush map we play diamond we play
7159s Rush map we play Dive map we rush map we
7161s play Dive map and the corresponding
7162s teams could take them it's going to take
7164s an upset on one of those to try and get
7166s it done though and I think the most
7168s telling of all of this was Garden so
7169s when we saw the romantro roll out into
7171s the Winston and still struggle a little
7173s bit getting away early picks up maybe
7175s they probably shouldn't have the more
7177s that Orion's been Fielding has been
7178s pretty solid but it's not quite the
7180s survivability that you expect from that
7182s Baptist and so there's a lot of pressure
7184s being applied to the tank time that
7185s maybe they weren't quite used to yeah
7187s and like you said this is potentially
7189s going to come down to your map
7190s preferences so turning our attention to
7192s the lower third no surprises actually a
7195s little bit somewhat surprised by the
7196s fact that it's King's Row because you
7198s can feel that rush but you can also
7200s still make that dive composition you
7203s know how I feel like as well so this is
7205s very much going to benefit both of these
7209s teams and so it's going to come down to
7212s adaptation whether or not that's Rush
7214s composition is going to beat this dive
7216s composition for good and that might have
7218s significant impact in the rest of this
7221s series as well as Dart monkey saw that
7223s they were able to come out on top with
7224s the dive but if they're not able to win
7227s the dive on King's Row that's going to
7229s play into confidence they have moving
7231s forward with a map afterwards as well
7233s you should also remind ourselves that
7235s what Sawhill did on this map yesterday
7237s where the swap to doomfist was actually
7240s what did it I think if you're playing
7242s into the dive going back to the dupe is
7244s not a bad option especially considering
7246s the way it dominated here yesterday
7248s agreed I'm expecting to see potentially
7251s that doomfist to come through I think
7253s it's lost that surprise Factor though
7255s dark monkeys obviously knowing that
7256s they're going to be coming up against
7257s hamsterfield at some point in this
7259s bracket I imagine would have watched
7261s through some of the vods to figure out
7263s what the teams they were going up
7264s against would be playing as well as more
7266s than likely having scrimmed them coming
7268s into this matchup as well whether or not
7271s sohil is going to be running that Doom
7272s first we'll get to find out in a matter
7274s of moments as time is the field are
7275s going to be on the defense first of all
7278s I would expect the doomfist to come
7279s through primarily on the attack so we
7281s might have to wait a little bit longer
7283s to see whether that's going to be the
7285s flavor of the tank roll for this team
7287s [Music]
7289s hey Crawford defense though is saw Hill
7291s on the rematcher no surprises here but
7293s we well we should talk about who we can
7294s look towards to get the job done outside
7297s of the tanks because azaray and barcode
7300s are going to be going at it we
7301s highlighted this yesterday how important
7302s it is on those to patrol The High Ground
7304s to be defended properly Audrey and Jim
7307s are up to the job and on top of that
7309s defending The High Ground really I'm
7311s looking at Jim lizard Wizard and Orion
7313s to keep it in their possession against
7314s the likes of Evie and zemrott yeah James
7317s essentially going to become a sort of
7318s sheepdog to be able to just run those
7320s perimeter checks that even foregoing the
7322s may as well to be able to to pair that
7324s Synergy with slow Hill looking for the
7326s mayweals to be able to close up the
7329s players of John monkeys as they come
7331s through from that showkin as a result
7333s zamrit again is going to be the only man
7335s this Lobby they don't have to worry
7337s about that timing that tempo of the may
7339s play is the Mind Games of who approach
7341s the person who first the second war
7344s got a barcode remember that Earth Day
7346s charm Pickers up in the shop it's free
7348s and uh pick it up or you don't love the
7350s Earth
7352s okay now we're gonna wear on the side
7354s sort of ignoring that High Ground they
7355s don't need it
7357s Jim sent to an early grave
7359s that's the team soon in the sight of
7362s this Hanzo dark monkeys continue to
7364s rotate around the life of Timeless
7366s ethereal notably not on the dive
7368s composition of their own unless they're
7370s trying to work the hotel as best as they
7371s can leverage that one player Advantage
7373s they got earlier
7375s they do so beautifully slow but
7377s assertive pressure why Dart monkeys Cafe
7379s dot monkeys identify very quickly the
7382s gym is on the Tracer because of the
7384s Hanzo headshot coming through from
7385s barcode Orient hotel and they know that
7388s there isn't going to be that may
7389s pressure around choke so dark monkeys
7392s literally occupied the choke that opens
7394s up into B Because time is available
7396s without that may can't walk on to dark
7398s monkeys because they're going to get
7399s walled away from xamarin and they don't
7401s have any means of surviving their
7403s isolation now we're going to see Jim
7404s onto the may but it comes from a little
7406s bit too late xamarin is going to have
7408s the blizzard in this next fight and that
7410s is going to be an additional caveat
7411s around Harry tunnel Superior are going
7413s to be able to hold themselves around the
7414s stroke point
7416s oh
7417s first one give me the only difficult to
7419s break of all things but they need the
7421s application makes you try and get it
7422s done Wall comes up swiftly broken down
7425s though
7426s attack continues Relentless times Theory
7429s who now have an amplification Matrix of
7430s their own throwing it right on back a
7433s diamond is giving a little bit of their
7435s own medicine
7436s peel away beautifully now let's start
7438s monkeys again who gets a swing back in
7440s their favor throwing out a blizzard but
7441s it's caught by the wall
7443s bit of a disaster for dark monkeys that
7445s was their moment to strike now they
7447s don't have immortality field they're
7448s getting Annihilation saw Hill so close
7451s to dying 23 28 HP I can't read numbers
7454s but it was low let me tell you what a
7457s door monkeys are still going with this
7459s sound barrier everything was just thrown
7462s out save for an Annihilation I'm a
7465s stereo come on the fight went and more
7466s than that yeah that sign bar of being
7469s used is going to have significant
7470s impacts yeah in how these next fights
7473s spiral through as always gonna be able
7474s to use this Dragon strike to just keep
7475s top monkeys hold up away from the stroke
7478s allowing James fieldable that lost
7479s little bit of percentage into that
7481s blizzard there it is Dragon strike to
7482s stop that monkeys from moving forward as
7484s lather Ray crosses into the window to
7487s catch the members of dirt monkeys and
7488s where they've had Discovery off too to
7490s avoid the dragon strike good news is no
7492s one goes down bad news is the blizzard
7494s is now available I'm here for a gym and
7496s it's only getting worse for art monkeys
7498s not only is the blizzard here but not
7500s only is it likely a fight win the sound
7503s barrier still problem you have to deal
7504s with I think partially for Dartmouth
7505s forcing out the sound barrier at all is
7508s massive and they're getting an
7509s application Majors look Evie's gonna go
7511s down here which cheeky feel pretty good
7512s about it barco is able to trade back one
7514s in the meantime I hardly think it's a
7517s winning fight for Dart monkey but one
7519s they'll take every day of the week
7520s considering how the ultimate economy is
7521s shaping up considering as well the fact
7523s that Jim actually goes down in that
7525s fight aspa's coming with an ant Matrix
7527s and Thomas Farrell look at the
7528s difference in the high that positioning
7529s they're not holding that choke they
7531s understand without gym in this mix
7532s they're not going to be able to hold
7534s aggressively around the truck because
7535s when at Matrix comes through they're not
7536s gonna have the mayweal to be able to
7538s wall it and the initial impact to stop a
7540s player from going down
7543s one corner giving up Dart monkeys
7545s finally break free of the choke which
7548s held them prisoner for some time
7550s I've been diving it aggressively doesn't
7552s fear saw Hill maybe she should maybe she
7554s should
7555s they take it down the rest of the team
7557s swiftly following afterwards it was an
7560s aggressive fight it's kind of cereal
7562s there's a well-played fight by Dart
7564s monkeys at least the front line but the
7565s back line was not ready for what's all
7567s Hill had coming yeah zamrich tries to
7569s use that blizzard to isolate soil from
7572s the rest of that team but unfortunately
7574s dark monkeys just take so much damage
7575s from that Annihilation SK not there with
7577s the sign bar to be able to sustain the
7579s team through the rematcher ultimate and
7581s as a result we're right back to square
7583s one that early choker comes through and
7586s finally
7587s finds the pick the Hansel Arrow
7590s connecting on to Aspen and Timeless
7591s apparel surging onto the members of Dart
7593s monkey laugh without that burst heal
7595s because even if they're able to push
7597s onto Dart monkeys if they can beat
7599s something like the sign barrier out
7600s they're going to be able to consider
7601s that a secondary fight win too but SK
7604s holds on to it as she goes down that
7607s monkeys at least we'll have it to be
7608s able to try and sustain through the
7609s blizzard that comes through from gym a
7611s second time but this Chokehold has been
7613s so strong from Timeless I feel like now
7616s we're going to see a different rotation
7617s come through from dot monkeys but then
7618s you're even if you use the sound barrier
7619s against the blizzard you're still going
7620s to be down a sound barrier when lizard
7622s with it come up like dark monkeys are
7623s perpetually in a state of being at an
7626s economic disadvantage Timeless ethereal
7627s look to push that hot button issue and
7629s they're doing so beautifully sound
7630s barrier out for the blizzard Timeless
7633s throw in the blizzard afterwards this is
7635s not gonna save them the sound barrier
7637s was used early on in the fight coming
7639s through have capitalized beautifully and
7641s now they're still in a winning position
7643s they refuse to give up the choke hold
7645s that they have on King's Row azerite on
7648s that hands are just getting so much
7650s additional pressure onto these members
7651s of Dart monkeys sound bar invested but
7654s it's at least used on the side of
7656s Timeless apparel but again dot monkeys
7659s that time man because just continued to
7661s be shaved down Push by Push by push and
7664s Orion well living onto that Matrix is
7666s going to be able to slow down monkey
7667s sign even further I could at least we'll
7669s be able to use the dragon strike to try
7671s and deal with it the problem is if Orion
7673s takes that advantageous aggressive play
7675s Dragon strike's not going to be up to be
7677s able to counter it in time
7678s and Matrix up monkeys slowly building
7682s towards ultimate they'll use the
7683s blizzard but again the blizzard has been
7686s beaten by tall Hill's Annihilation the
7688s blizzard comes out and saw Hill walks at
7689s the back line and there's simply no
7691s follow-up beautiful counter play by time
7693s material and they still have a sound
7696s barrier in their pocket and they're
7698s still going to have a dragon strike in
7700s their pocket as well dot monkeys are
7703s going to have to throw in this
7706s Annihilation all Dragon strikes to be
7708s able to secure themselves Passage
7709s through this point and you get the
7711s feeling it's just going to be temporary
7713s as lizard wizard plays themselves on the
7716s rooftops of weights for that Saving
7718s Grace of the signed by a dragon strike
7720s now to make sure that monkeys are able
7721s to make it through that choke but we're
7723s about to head into final fight territory
7724s and all they have is one Annihilation to
7726s work with
7728s violation of you know the second that Q
7730s button gets pressed lizard wizard I
7733s think there's forward go times ethereal
7735s lifted out silent barrier in
7737s Annihilation and Evie is burnt down
7739s quicker than you can say Annihilation
7741s start monkey is desperately trying to
7743s touch the card here but they simply do
7745s not have the tools to win this fight it
7747s is not within their wheelhouse it is not
7748s within the realm of possibilities for
7750s this one to be taken Thomas to clean it
7752s up you know we're taking their sweet
7754s time
7762s looking through the health bars bit by
7764s bit so he'll fall so and all of a sudden
7765s things are getting all too real wait a
7766s minute wait a minute timer how are they
7769s letting this one go Dart monkeys have
7771s laid claim to a fight they had no right
7773s doing so in they deal with Aspen in the
7776s process however an Eevee with that
7779s Hammond will be able to chase down Orion
7781s trading Baptist for Baptist like you
7783s said that should not have been a fight
7785s win for dark monkeys but it's bought
7787s themselves a sliver of hope to be able
7790s to try to push into that second
7791s checkpoint this is going to be available
7793s for zamra to try and counteract solar
7795s Hills Annihilation but it's gone the
7798s other way around usually literally just
7800s use it as an opposite seize the blizzard
7802s and walks straight on to these members
7803s of dark monkeys see how it goes this
7805s time Emirate holding the cards close to
7808s the chest this time not looking to
7809s aggressively blizzard guys anyways
7811s throws it out and eyelash is still
7813s available it's just zoning people off
7814s the card for now time of zero don't care
7815s they back away calmly avoiding the
7818s blizzard Orion not so fortunate to do so
7820s but the annihilation remains as deadly
7823s as ever saw Hill is a presence to be
7826s reckoned with on this point and will not
7828s be letting Dart monkeys pass for
7830s anything a sound barrier get out from
7832s The Wizard should certainly spell the
7834s final that throws Dart monkeys materials
7838s I think we can agree mocks there was
7839s definitely some beefish having gone on
7842s at the library there for a second but
7844s they make up for it at the end of being
7846s Timeless apparel like you said did let
7849s go of that Chokehold but it was just so
7852s strong throughout and my main concern is
7855s that dot monkeys are not going to be
7857s able to find that same Magic on their
7859s defense because slow Hill like you
7861s mentioned this is where we are most
7863s likely going to be seeing that doomfists
7865s come through and that doomfist doesn't
7867s have to worry about losing teammates
7870s before you hit that joke because you
7871s just plunge through slam your way into a
7874s fight and open it up entirely do you
7877s think we see it
7881s I think that's perfectly like ain't
7883s broke don't fix a kind of mentality I
7885s would I feel like this tells you a lot
7886s about a team whether or not they go with
7887s the thing they were planning or what was
7888s working so I think for soil we could
7892s potentially see the ROM stop with and
7894s then if the team gets slowed down
7896s towards that joke they have that
7898s doomfist pick in the back pocket as a
7902s xamarin is actually going to be
7903s committing onto this Echo oh no rather
7906s might be committing onto the cycle more
7908s than likely going to be moving over
7910s towards that mate especially if they're
7912s still trying to run this romantic
7913s composition you want to have that made
7915s to burn as much time as possible off of
7919s this bank so that 10 loss of feral do
7922s not get so much time to be able to push
7924s through point B and that they can just
7926s potentially get infinitely stuck at all
7928s of these different choke points a lot of
7931s places to get stuck on Kings but not
7932s that many that stand between Timeless
7935s ethereal and evening this one up because
7938s of where they stopped that court early
7940s on in the map
7943s Jim's amazed though Jim has not really
7945s been put to the test whereas zimmerit
7947s has in many situations Jim though up to
7949s the task gets a beautiful wall cornering
7951s the likes of zemrott and Evie in we saw
7954s a hill but it's the health bars of the
7955s back line that maybe they should have
7956s been a little bit more worried about
7958s Aspen taking up the DPS for all shoots
7961s down Nazareth on the flank flute
7964s no one lost as well on the side of Dart
7966s monkey so they're going to be able to
7968s hold this aggressive positioning barcode
7970s is going to have to give up their
7972s control towards hotel as she is zoned
7975s out by that Vortex so it does match
7977s connector into the back line knows
7979s exactly where these players are going to
7981s be holding around to actually move
7982s forward and takes the handle down
7984s damage has been done yet again another
7986s early one I asked about that fortunately
7989s for a time of ethereal I'll go ahead and
7990s pop the copium for him at least they
7992s were quick fights at least they were
7994s quick farts and Thomas the feral because
7996s they take so much poke damage have been
7998s able to match ultimate charge with Aspen
8001s on this Baptist they will have amp
8003s Matrix to try to make it for a joke but
8006s barcode oh that is a gorgeous angle she
8010s takes Jim down and that blizzard one of
8012s the win conditions for Timeless I feel
8013s to be able to just push through this
8015s choke not just the blizzard but also
8016s that countable for xamarin is denied
8018s entirely and another 30 seconds to have
8021s the Navy waited out
8025s time off the clock but it's certainly
8027s not the map over blizzard out for Jim
8029s this is the fight the Timeless ethereal
8030s really want to win but they just don't
8032s have the tools of sound barrier
8034s beautifully timed by SK to keep them
8036s through this fight it's all he'll pop
8037s see Annihilation thinking it might be
8038s the trump card but being down that
8040s support ultimate was just too critical
8041s of a tool to be lacking
8043s barcode gets so much value by the way
8046s with a dragon strike denies the entirety
8048s of the amp Matrix for Orion but also
8051s throws it into the disengaging members
8052s of Timeless apparel who are trying to
8054s run away both from the blizzard and
8055s Annihilation coming through from zamrat
8057s and Evie and as a result catches lizard
8059s wizard on their disengagement and still
8061s haven't been nicely from hotel
8066s have a moment here where they can still
8068s find the pick before it comes up and
8069s they do
8071s what a phenomenal poke I bought the
8073s front line and the back line of Dart
8075s monkeys they have put time ethereal in a
8078s corner right about now and I I think
8079s this is an app that's
8081s ethereal really thought they had in the
8082s bag after that hole we still had to swap
8085s to the woods of Doom first too I think
8087s that's the sort of breaking case of
8088s emergency Panic composition swap for
8090s this team I think I think we break it I
8092s think I think it's an emergency
8094s I would like to see the doomfist Swap
8097s come through if not just to use that
8099s doomfist to frighten barcode off of a
8101s position from the hotel
8103s comes out to make sure she's able to
8105s disengage Ram plays better with the
8107s zombies I do like saying on it for one
8109s more fight if this sound barrier doesn't
8111s work oh boy we are in for a whole load
8113s of Trouble Don't Make Your Way Forward
8115s Dragon strike still available and
8117s they've taken down Evie with the sound
8119s very dark monkeys lack tools to really
8120s fight back with SK escapes stays uh but
8125s certainly not dead at the very least you
8127s can fly over the point try and hit a
8128s regroup it's a little bit of a touch in
8130s before going down herself
8134s I think a dangerous game finding these
8136s picks around the edges of the point but
8137s they do manage to do so it's perfectly
8139s successfully and while they may have a
8141s whole host of ultimates to try and play
8142s into now at least the finish line is
8145s inside yeah tennis real not falling for
8147s that bait of throwing in either the
8148s dragon strike or the amp Matrix should
8150s be able to clear up that point and as a
8153s result we'll be able to use those
8154s ultimates to try and break this
8156s Chokehold that's available for Dart
8158s monkeys who unfortunately get pushed so
8160s far away as we are going to see now
8162s lizard wizard backtrack pick themselves
8164s up onto that payload and start to push
8166s it through as everyone else in Timeless
8168s ethereal they've already got that
8170s aggressive position they've already got
8171s this ultimate full top dark monkeys have
8173s no choice but to walk into it if they
8174s want this payload to slow down
8178s it's gonna be probably the most telling
8180s fight of this entire push for two and a
8181s half minutes the old's economy kind of
8183s is what it is it's not changing anytime
8184s soon both teams have a whole host of
8186s ultimates the first of which being used
8187s there's a dragon strike from Azure and
8190s somehow they sounded it may not have
8191s been the dragon strike but the damage is
8193s done SK gone dark monkeys full commit
8196s anticipating that this is the fight that
8198s matters but we saw Hill so low they come
8201s so close to making it worth it it's
8204s trades either way but at the end of the
8205s day it's Jim with the icicles that's
8207s doing the real damage front lightning
8209s for the likes of Timeless ethereal who
8211s still have that implication Matrix to
8212s try and play off of to Zone people off
8214s of the yellow box of Victory the cart
8216s may not quite be there but it's hard to
8218s overstate the desperate situation Dart
8220s monkey they're in they are not gonna get
8221s the sound barrier up at least not within
8223s the next 5-10 seconds not before that
8224s amp Matrix comes out surely for Timeless
8227s ethereal forward they March towards that
8229s blue box Victory amplification Matrix
8231s out how do you get in here if you're
8233s Dart monkeys they're just seemingly no
8234s way they're forcing the Rams down the
8237s main choke point and they finally get
8239s the sound barrier up just in the nick of
8241s time SK flies in from the wings to save
8243s the day and she may have just done it
8245s normal keeps looking to put type of
8247s cereal on there back on Mash point but
8249s lizard wizard has something to say about
8251s it a zombie of their own sometimes
8253s ethereal Greening forwards into the back
8255s line of Dart monkeys with which they
8258s look to win this whole thing Evie tries
8259s to fight back desperately but the health
8262s bars fall rapidly for Dart monkeys as
8265s the score evens out for Timeless
8267s ethereal we said the king's Royal was
8270s one of those maps that this team had in
8272s their back pocket they struggled to pick
8274s apart point a but the second that they
8276s were able to break into streets it
8278s really felt that they did not slow down
8280s getting to play Super aggressively
8282s getting to force so many ultimates in
8284s that exchange around Bookshop as well
8286s really just splintered that defense out
8289s of so much of the tools that time of
8292s zafira were able to turn against dark
8294s monkeys when the slides were swapped
8295s Chokehold was not there that time bank
8298s was continuing to just allow them to be
8301s able to ball towards the ultimates and
8302s then like you said having that ant
8304s Matrix so the Ryan has what everyone
8306s else in the server is down their
8308s ultimates forcing zamrit off of the me
8310s as well to be able to go onto the trait
8312s in the far faster moving hero with the
8314s blinks the recall to be able to tap onto
8316s that payload and activate overtime yes
8318s you have that Mobility you have the
8320s ability to keep yourself in the series
8321s you don't have the mate suddenly to be
8324s able to count to play gym and so those
8325s walls the freezers the slows coming
8327s through from that one DPS was so
8330s detrimental into the players of dark
8333s monkeys who were looking for that
8334s regroup looking to try and bolster their
8336s forces around about that Dragon strike
8338s but they just don't get the opening
8339s every single time they try and find
8341s Target focus and acquisition with pairs
8343s of them bundling up they're walking into
8345s that slow coming through from gym and
8348s it's just an absolute blender on the
8350s point it was close Ben I I know what to
8353s tell you SK barely got the sound barrier
8355s up and then following I found very
8356s barely came up for Timeless that is how
8358s close this series is though I think it's
8360s time we give these teams a little bit of
8361s time to think about how they want to
8362s approach map number three because it is
8364s all important in a match like this see
8366s after the break
8371s thank you
8382s [Music]
8392s [Music]
8404s foreign
8410s [Music]
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8431s [Applause]
8434s [Music]
8457s [Music]
8468s [Music]
8474s [Music]
8491s foreign
8505s [Music]
8519s [Music]
8532s [Music]
8550s welcome back y'all map number three is
8552s all important in this series we're
8553s deciding who gets to take this thing on
8555s to match point and let's be real MOX it
8558s is a single elimination series there is
8560s no way out but through the fire right
8564s about now and now that we've gotten
8565s through Kings where I think things get
8566s even spicier we talked about map picks
8568s being particularly important thus far
8570s the rush has been fruitful for Timeless
8572s ethereal but for the next map of Rialto
8574s I think it's gonna be Dart monkeys
8577s looking to change things up yeah it is
8579s going to be adult monkey's pick of
8580s Rialto and this is why we're likely
8582s going to see that dive composition come
8584s through yet again and like we've
8586s mentioned every single time for the team
8588s that is defending it is so crucial that
8591s you're able to deny these side Lanes I
8594s think dot monkeys the fact is well that
8596s they have that dive composition to play
8597s aggressively into this but then we've
8599s already seen barcode on the tourbillon
8601s when they uh when she was defending over
8603s towards night market and also towards
8605s Garden so I'm fully expecting to see the
8607s tourbillon pit come through when dark
8609s monkeys are defending so they can use
8611s that to open turret set it right around
8613s the corner of that wall to be able to
8615s make sure that if a Sombra or a tracer
8617s tries to move forward and claps onto
8619s your backline they're at least going to
8621s have their work cut out for them to be
8623s able to pull it off safely
8624s I think there's a lot of good options
8626s for denying the dive the question is how
8628s much do Timeless ethereal want to commit
8630s into that because the dive was tricky
8632s for them but I don't think it was that
8634s problematic as well we should mention
8636s that Orion was playing the moreover that
8637s entire time the Baptiste seemed like a
8639s whole other world for them in terms of
8642s the quality of play and reliability
8646s very much so it's going to be
8647s interesting to see
8650s a side to push towards we could
8652s potentially still see that brawl
8653s composition coming through given the
8655s fact that Timeless apparel did try to to
8658s move away from that dive composition
8660s they did initially try to feel that
8661s matter into the Winston and only when it
8664s started to go a little bit wrong did we
8667s see the mirror matchup come through
8668s whether or not they're going to just
8670s immediately acknowledge that the dive is
8672s the better matter to be able to play
8674s here and run straight out of the gates
8676s with it so they can at least try and
8678s keep up in terms of that ultimate charge
8680s is going to be such a tell into how this
8683s team is feeling in terms of mentally
8685s right whether or not they have that
8687s confidence or whether they've been a
8689s little bit cowed by the pressure that
8691s came through on that open control map
8694s oh can I throw a wrench into the mix
8696s we've been talking competitions the
8697s whole time box we gotta be talking
8698s players
8700s there's one player who of note has not
8702s been playing thus far in the series who
8704s is now back from their scrims with the
8706s team proper Hal is coming in right about
8710s now for Timeless ethereal and all of a
8712s sudden Matt pick seems unimportant in
8714s the face of uh a player who has caused a
8717s lot of problems for other teams Hal is a
8721s real threaten I think this may turn this
8724s map on its head and turn it into Dart
8725s monkeys being the ones who may need to
8727s fear yes I mean honestly when you hear
8730s the name Cal and you know that they've
8732s been bones shiversary shiver and you're
8735s shaking you're reaching for the blankets
8737s and grabbing some hot cocoa as a time of
8741s superior are going to be defending up
8743s first they all could be Fielding towards
8745s that dive as well as right on the way to
8747s make it committing to his gym on that
8750s Tracer is going to be having to patrol
8751s those islands like we talked about
8753s especially with Orion on that Zenyatta
8755s such a vulnerable Target to be able for
8759s adult monkeys to be able to go after
8766s with Cal coming in they opt for two
8769s flexible which is an interesting choice
8772s it's gonna be difficult to keep those
8774s two alive but they definitely tells you
8776s how time Mysterio want to play this and
8777s that is at range all day Dart monkeys I
8780s have to get around that so you look at
8782s those side Lanes again
8783s Jim can keep barcode from finding the
8786s flank spy check appropriately and do it
8788s well I'm ethereal are in a much better
8790s position but if Jim and saw Hill can't
8793s bodyguard those Lanes it's going to
8794s become much more difficult and we're
8796s already starting to peek Around Maine
8798s are looking for those shots but
8799s timelessly are safer positions than that
8802s yes I'm actually getting to be
8807s on those Sidelines and not go after the
8809s Widowmaker and as a result summer finds
8812s the angle into azeroit and suddenly this
8814s point is broken entirely open as barcode
8816s goes for the hack won't be able to find
8818s it but still forces Timeless apparel
8821s into giving up The High Ground Control
8824s oh Marx uh the dark monkeys got very
8827s comfortable playing against not cow okay
8830s Cal is built different to say the least
8833s it it
8835s make it look so easy they make it look
8837s so easy they do I mean that should have
8839s been a fight when for dark monkeys the
8841s second they're able to make it up that
8842s staircase
8843s unfortunately like you said Cal has now
8846s entered the server and this is an
8847s unknown quantity for dumplings to deal
8849s with
8852s our monkey's already trying to pressure
8854s it out threat of Cal very real zemrott
8857s respecting Timeless dearly I think Dart
8859s monkeys respecting Thomas zero a little
8860s bit too much they're trying to fight
8861s down Maine we gotta remember what our
8863s what our goal was for Dart monkeys fight
8865s down the side Lanes find the flanks get
8867s to that High Ground there we go zimmery
8868s with an opener dark monkeys immediately
8871s collapsing towards that High Ground
8872s Zimmer waiting for a tracer
8875s not really ever gonna come but it's
8877s making to say the least our code this
8879s time not getting forced off The High
8880s Ground as well instead of dark monkeys
8881s pushing Thomas ethereal off a beautiful
8883s positional Advantage Azure off of the
8886s Widowmaker the more easily diveable
8888s Target Fielding now onto the hands out
8890s not only do you have sustainability in
8892s terms of that Mobility you also have the
8893s Sonic to be able to try and figure out
8894s where this Sombra is going to be playing
8896s foreign
8898s with that Nano boost
8901s or dive with the Nano with the back line
8903s they maybe need to be worrying about
8905s Sombra it slept out the space being made
8908s by that Nana was enough
8910s win oh Jim
8912s a mouthful of daggers I think what they
8915s were expecting to feel in that doorway
8920s drum unfortunately since packing isn't
8923s going to be that to be able to keep
8924s those Sidelines great for all Timeless
8926s the Pharaoh is Orion that's like the
8928s Transcendence doesn't have to worry
8929s about a pulse bump his SK comes in with
8931s that kid soon they Rush not like you
8932s think that they can win this fight Here
8934s and Now
8935s they're gonna throw in the sound barrier
8937s to do it Orion goes down which means
8938s that there is no Transcendence to try
8940s and counter this should be a clean win
8942s for Dart monkeys no ifs ands or buts
8944s about it are Koreans forward final
8947s ethereal pull back to lick their wounds
8949s and question how do we want to defend
8950s this B Point well probably he's going to
8953s have to come down to it so waiting for
8955s Cal so respawn is asking moves forward
8957s and takes the Anna very quickly out of
8959s the equation we're gonna have a little
8960s bit of a game pause coming through and
8963s we can have a look at dot monkeys and
8965s evaluate the ultimates that they're
8966s going to have coming into this next
8968s Fighters once again zenyattas have gone
8972s through this horrible existence all the
8974s way through OverWatch one ever since
8976s Sombra was dropped into this game
8979s Zen's have been fighting in uphill
8981s battle of not being caught by Sombra
8984s emps granted they've become very good at
8986s understanding that they need to hide
8987s from it but the Sombra has become very
8990s good at being able to track the Zen down
8992s to guarantee that the EMP connects and
8994s denies the Transcendence because as your
8996s son reply like you don't want to throw
8997s the EMP I not connect on the Zen think
8999s you're going to be able to find the
9000s follow-up damage and especially when
9001s you're not running the Anna to be able
9002s to antenade the follow-up heel from that
9004s Transcendence you have to be able to
9006s find the connection onto the Zen and
9008s it's a very difficult life as Zenyatta
9010s you you step too far away from your team
9012s to dodge the EMP and all of a sudden
9014s you're isolated you step too close and
9015s you get hit by the EMP with your team
9018s and then it's even worse so
9019s ah tough life to say the least but one
9021s that Orion's gonna have to live for the
9023s next coming bet you do want to see that
9024s Transcendence used at some point whether
9026s it's aggressively or defensively from
9028s Timeless ethereal we do send things to a
9030s quick little pause though I'm sure it's
9031s just ping ISP somebody not charging
9034s their Mouse I'm looking at you Cal
9041s in any of the other
9044s we then Cal comes in and all the sudden
9046s we have technical diff no it's God's
9048s fault I blame I'm looking as I'm ripping
9050s so close to this pulse bomb charge
9051s though 25 off of It Don't monkeys have
9055s more than enough time especially given
9056s the fact that they were able to find
9057s that kill on takao like they're going to
9058s be able to just push onto these side
9059s room and sometimes apparel to be able to
9061s build up that pulse bomb and xamarit can
9063s planish Orion look for the stick until
9065s then fade out their Transcendence and
9067s suddenly the EMP can come out whenever
9069s he's won and right now that EMP is not
9072s really coming out anytime especially
9074s with barcode having been forced out here
9077s expecting the aggression from Timeless
9079s ethereal I'm gonna push forward and drop
9080s on this card now now things get pretty
9082s tough because you have to start Crossing
9084s this bridge every single time you want
9086s to take a fight dark monkeys understand
9088s that they say we want nothing to do with
9089s that we're gonna try and fight for this
9090s one tooth and nail holy cow when was the
9094s last time you saw Hanzo movement like
9095s that as a ray Dodges an entire Primal
9098s Rage at the hands of Evie their
9101s teammates could not say the same child
9103s Falls to a pulse bomb and dart monkeys
9106s continue forward
9109s because Cal Landslide sleep top and 3.5
9112s seconds do not pass Orion unfortunately
9115s has to use the Transcendence to be able
9116s to save themselves from the follow-up of
9119s that pressure coming through from the
9121s Primal and Phil will be able to win the
9123s fight barcode at least use the EMP in
9126s that engagement as well like you said
9128s having that control of this High Ground
9129s making sure that dark monkeys takes so
9132s much poke pressure from Azure is still
9133s on this Hanzo before the fight begins
9135s it's gonna chunk down this attacking
9137s inside the time bank significantly as oh
9140s Cal almost find this later
9143s oh you're gonna play it with fire Jim's
9146s got a two-piece pulse bomb to take home
9148s and eat for leftovers I'll take that and
9151s pocket it out
9153s same Kilt comes through are we gonna see
9155s any salts inside of dump monkeys not
9157s likely given the fact that they are so
9158s close to both gets any wash and signed
9160s barrier but if we do see the kids saying
9162s they Rush come through I'm not going to
9164s be surprised to see the Nana Boost from
9166s Cal onto saw Hill to be able to disrupt
9168s every single bit of impact from it
9171s luckily happens pretty soon dive in
9172s immediate Nano boost it was just a touch
9176s late by SK as well
9178s follow up beautiful from Timeless
9180s material now they've got this nap on
9181s lockdown it feels like a minute 30 left
9183s this is probably the best opportunity
9185s for Dart monkeys coming into the next
9186s fight no Primal I have a pulled eye from
9190s that fight so slow Hill can actually
9191s just set themselves up onto this bridge
9193s find full stop monkeys into throwing the
9195s kids Cinemas just to be able to break
9196s out from bridge as we see barcode just
9199s warning that payload trying to pull
9200s Thomas the ferals per attention away
9202s from that bridge so that the Primal
9204s doesn't come through when those members
9206s are susceptible to being chucked into
9207s that drink soil goes low and has to use
9210s the Primal early
9212s primal's been used early but the sound
9214s barrier in the consumer Rush has them by
9216s dark monster time with serial in theory
9218s should just be able to avoid both of
9219s these they can just walk away and that's
9221s exactly what they do they vacate the
9223s premises wait for their opportunity and
9224s dive in again it's not quite as truthful
9226s as it may have been but they still
9228s haven't really spent that much in terms
9229s of ultimates
9230s I think this is what you can call a
9232s pretty positive trade for telling cereal
9233s unfortunately they're facing down the
9234s barrel of an EMP still Orion at least
9237s it's gonna have that Transcendence but
9239s getting that Zen safely into position to
9241s hide from it especially now that that
9243s monkeys have that probably positioning
9244s oh they know where Ryan is barcode
9247s spotted Orion's positioning out and
9249s they're just gonna look to land CNP
9251s right in the middle right positioned
9252s well oh no all right
9256s EMP thrown out it's perfect
9260s still a Transcendence to try and buy
9262s time of ethereal back into this fight
9264s but they don't plan to pick off the back
9265s of it Jim fortunately just as it fades
9267s away will look for more the blink
9269s beautiful the Damage Done time was
9272s ethereal seem to just have a knack for
9274s stopping teams on B points
9276s I mean Jim just seems to have a knack
9278s for clutching fights out let's be honest
9280s given the fact that azerite had gone
9283s down because like you said Orion steps
9285s forward outside of the natural cover of
9287s the building into the EMP isn't able to
9290s come with the transcends in time to save
9291s Azure on the Hanzo and so the dragon
9293s strike being sent from Spawn is delayed
9296s before it's able to connect on to the
9298s members of that monkeys on that payload
9299s and it's down to Jim to be able to
9302s continue applying that pressure onto the
9303s players of dot monkeys so they're not
9305s able to just sit on the payload in the
9307s face of the coming Dragon strike and
9309s find it pushed into that second
9310s checkpoint and that time bank renewed
9313s I'm back ran out the victory box half
9315s been set
9316s I talked about at the beginning this
9318s this is match point on the line for both
9319s of these teams and in a tournament where
9321s it's single it'd be one thing if it was
9323s double elim we would expect this to be a
9325s Winner's finals match between these two
9326s almost every day of the week but it is
9328s not the case right now only one of them
9330s is moving on
9332s Match Point all of a sudden means so so
9335s so much more
9337s what is the strategy that dark monkeys
9338s want to take up defensively not running
9340s a sniper starting off with the Sombra on
9344s defense barcode's feeling comfortable on
9345s it I think this is a little risky in the
9347s face of a Hanzo that has been doing some
9349s real work yeah no sniper no tour
9352s everyone no one to really control the
9353s side Lanes however they're not running
9355s the Anna Zen it's going to be the kiriko
9357s Lucio so you don't need to have as
9361s defensive a hold like you said it's a
9363s lot more of an aggressive style of dive
9365s than what time of zafirial are going to
9367s be running and it's going to play
9368s perfectly if they're going to be able to
9370s isolate this backline Cal and Orion but
9373s like you said the one problem adult
9375s monkeys to deal with is azure on this
9377s hand
9380s Orion right there's two dive targets
9382s there they pick up either of them it's a
9384s win but if they don't is a whole lot of
9386s damage being thrown directly at their
9388s foreheads you'll start with a forward
9391s Hold On The High Ground here
9393s slowly pushing Azure and Orion into
9395s position they can lock themselves into
9397s their respective turret forms as venyatt
9400s and Hanson really start pumping out
9401s damage though Ryan over steps bounds
9403s just a little bit going down early to
9405s Evie yeah and now with that Zen gone so
9408s too is that increased damage from the
9410s Discord it's almost a pharaoh looking to
9412s try and find a trade but unfortunately
9414s they're not able to launch the counter
9415s dive as the hack from barcode comes down
9418s onto the Winston and saw Hill has left
9421s no choice but to wait for the regroup
9424s it's difficult to buy this much time
9427s as a Winston but Tahoe's doing a
9428s beautiful job of it Dives in leaves the
9431s back line a little bit open but it's
9433s only feigned vulnerability in the face
9435s of azaray who fights back ferociously
9439s as opposed to fight for your life is
9441s quite applicable
9443s yeah or Ryan literally fighting for that
9445s life is we actually sort of a dive come
9447s through from xamarit trying to reach
9449s that isolated Zenyatta but snap kick
9451s sends the trace of reeling and now we
9453s see the none of us come down not onto
9455s soy Hill on to gym him into the back
9457s line how much can you get done here more
9459s than enough
9461s well enough
9463s definitely more than enough I'm still
9465s holding on to that pulse one which is
9467s going to play into dark monkey's
9468s paranoia in terms of how they want to
9470s use the suzu it is going to be so
9472s significant in this next fight given the
9474s fact that time was a feral have already
9476s got soy Hill on that staircase hole to
9478s be able to intercept these members of
9480s dirt monkeys and make sure that barcode
9482s does not get an easy setup of the z and
9483s b positioning is so important
9486s like the time of year to have it done
9487s perfectly pulse bomb out fortunately as
9490s the explosion Rings through the years of
9491s Dart monkeys they see nothing in the
9493s kill feed unfortunately after the
9495s explosion is what they need to be
9496s worried about barcode down zemrick to
9498s follow no damage left for the team the
9500s cart
9501s barreling forwards towards the victory
9503s box that like our sandbox we know just
9505s how much it means in a match like this
9507s Dragon strike going to be available for
9509s asteroid to push onto the contesting
9511s members of Doubt monkeys as well denying
9513s that you've seen a rush but EMP is
9515s waiting in the lens all right not gonna
9517s have transcends both supports going to
9519s get caught by it the follow-up damage is
9520s there from Dart monkeys unfortunately
9522s the Sombra slaps however the damage has
9524s been done final Superior are going to
9527s have to attack once more and the
9529s entirety of Dart monkeys breeds a sigh
9531s of relief but they're gonna need to take
9532s a deep breath because they may have to
9534s do it a few more times Ryan is however
9537s able to be very happy given the fact
9539s that EMP was disinvested and still holds
9541s on that Transcendence and doesn't expect
9543s to be able to counter play of aggression
9545s coming through from dot monkeys if they
9546s want to use this Kitsune rush because
9549s I'm taking a lot of poke pressure don't
9551s hold themselves too aggressively for
9553s this remember she is fighting up against
9554s that Discord orb and that extra 25
9557s damage inclusion it almost cost her her
9560s life
9562s still has the Transcendence effectively
9564s a trump card the second kitunaires comes
9566s out you have an answer to it and with
9568s barcode down there's even less stress
9570s for Dart monkey's throw they're gonna
9571s Kitsune rush but now you're really
9573s looking at them Zimmerman has to start
9574s connection shots it's pretty much the
9575s only way through this fighter Primal
9576s Rage from Evie maybe could be lethal but
9579s the Transcendence from Orion is easily
9580s answered
9582s camera down SK to follow the ultimates
9585s come up for Dart monkeys but Timeless
9587s ethereal just have so many Trump cards
9589s in their back pocket this fight and map
9591s are theirs for the taking up in the
9593s series they go two to one as Dart
9595s monkeys with their backs against the
9597s ropes I mean we cannot understate this
9600s enough that entire push onto B is one
9604s off of an absence of Discord or from dot
9607s monkey side the fact that they weren't
9609s able to put that really old aggressive
9612s positioning for barcode to be able to
9614s hold herself and look to snipe down the
9616s members as they cross over from the
9617s bridge forcing the Winston bubble out so
9619s early from Sawhill to be able to cover
9621s the Squishies path is absolutely huge
9625s because it allows you to just bait
9627s through what is the hardest point to
9630s push through in Rialto as an attacking
9632s team when you get stopped when that
9633s payload stops two are slow at any point
9636s in point B and you have to cross over
9637s the bridge you are going to have to pay
9639s in blood but that disco being there and
9643s putting that poke pressure phase that
9645s normally it's just like a little bit of
9647s a friendly exchange right one player
9649s trying to deal as much damage as
9650s possible the other player also trying to
9651s steal as much damage as possible until
9653s someone's able to find a kill and either
9655s delay a push from the attacker's side so
9657s they wait the 30 seconds spawn or the
9659s Defenders losing a player and having to
9660s give up that ground immediately we don't
9662s even see kills come through from the
9663s Poke pressure but that Discord of being
9666s in the mix for one team and not the
9668s other forces the grind to be given up by
9670s the defense regardless of a lack of kill
9673s I'd love to get a quick gut check here
9675s on how you felt about this because I
9676s think you talk about the Discord but I
9678s think about having two flux supports
9679s like that having a cal and an Orion in
9682s is terrifying yes in theory if they're
9685s running me honor then you can dive it
9687s you can do it well but it's far easier
9689s said than done if you have if you don't
9690s have that Discord you need to be moving
9692s forward and dark monkeys were just
9693s constantly on the back foot allowing
9695s Calvin Orion Space and calendar writer
9697s two players that even given space you
9700s you might not even need DPS players
9701s anymore at that point those two can cook
9704s up something nasty to try and fight into
9706s in time and time again it was Evie on
9708s the receiving end not not her fault not
9710s one bit but this is not a fun place to
9712s be a tank in front of those two yeah I
9715s mean like we said when that Winston when
9716s you use that bubble very early early on
9718s to try to Shield through the effect of
9720s that discard up you lose that cycle that
9723s is ingrained in these Winston players
9725s the first lesson that you learn as a
9728s Winston player when you're trying to
9729s climb up the ranks is don't immediately
9731s use that bubble as you die through you
9733s have to save it for as long as possible
9735s within the face of the Discord like you
9737s said Evie had absolutely no choice she
9739s had to use the bubble as she went for
9740s those jumps to make sure that she's able
9742s to survive the hands are just turning
9744s around and thumping her in the head as
9746s we head over towards dark monkey's next
9749s pick of Colosseo and this maybe we see
9753s the Winston continue but I'm more than
9755s expecting to see the rematchers coming
9758s through especially in that first fight
9760s if you lose the first fight swapping
9762s over to the dive more than viable
9763s there's a lot of hiking control that you
9764s can take advantage of but that first
9766s fight where it's just an open Lane for
9769s those romantic players to be able to
9770s find so much control over the fight from
9772s you don't want to chance running a
9775s Winston into a romantra because you're
9777s gonna lose that first and potentially
9779s the entire map off of the back of losing
9781s that One Singular fight
9783s we can't guarantee the RAM for Dart
9785s monkey side but what I can all of like
9787s guarantee it for this time let's say not
9789s only if they look good on it already but
9791s we're seeing a sub in lizard wizard is
9793s in Orion is out this is kind of the
9795s support line that we see in Timeless run
9797s time and time and time again they want
9799s to run the rush and I think it is only
9800s given more lethality by the fact that
9803s Cal is now in for it huge shout out to
9805s Orion played particularly well the Bap
9807s swap was huge played phenomenally on
9809s that but if you're looking to give your
9811s attack a little bit more teeth like I
9813s said that lethality how is absolutely
9816s the person for the job yeah listen to
9818s wizard though going to be the person to
9819s play the Lucio more than likely so again
9822s Timeless efferial all but guaranteed to
9826s be Fielding that rematch trying to push
9829s onto these members of dot monkeys and so
9831s the question remains what are DOT
9833s monkeys going to field we have seen
9835s significant changes coming through from
9837s this team through all of the different
9838s map architectures and now heading into
9841s the push are we going to see the snipers
9843s are we going to continue to see barcode
9844s and Zamara try to find a lot of value
9846s with just space denial coming through
9848s from things like the Sombra or the
9850s Tracer or are we going to see that
9853s bending of the knee or maybe something a
9856s little bit different I'm not gonna call
9857s it immediately they can still swap off
9860s of these picks but I'm happier with the
9862s sigma pick over the Winston if you're
9864s going to be running into a ram and you
9867s still want that Shield presence to be
9868s able to set xamarin up on the ash
9870s this would be really it's something we
9872s almost never see on this map right we
9874s always talk about sometimes dive in
9877s almost always rush poke compositions
9882s just gonna get done especially in the
9883s face of azrae who's gonna put a lot of
9885s pressure on Jim I think is one swap away
9887s and maybe a Sombra to this being
9888s particularly decent into what our
9891s monkeys are running but I think it
9892s already plays pretty well Thomas Theory
9895s will recognize the opportunity what they
9896s need to know though is that the rule
9899s um and you're always playing main tank
9901s is if you have the Lucio you're going
9902s into the Zen you need to be pressing
9904s your W key time there you'll have to
9906s find ways forward and that they already
9908s have hitting Sawhill in towards that
9910s back line and now they want to speed
9912s them in on the SK yeah already SK denied
9915s that line of angle where the Zen's
9917s traditionally just able to land this
9918s Discord off onto all of these players
9920s spammed down as well by azri denied even
9923s further a presence in the fight as the
9925s Sonic making that sense so much harder
9927s to be able to play aggressively Simon
9929s several I haven't found a pick just yet
9931s Dynamite connects onto azeroid but still
9933s seems like they want to challenge this
9935s hold that dot monkeys have above that
9938s High Ground of the Pixma coming through
9940s azurai is immediately going to assume
9941s control unfortunate to the disengaging
9943s members it's good quick this could be
9945s real quick if if Dartmouth you cannot
9947s stabilize at some point here this pull
9949s composition is spoken from far away but
9951s what it's not doing is touching the cart
9952s marks yeah it is hard to be initial
9956s spawn points picked up for Timeless
9958s Eternal dark monkeys like bending that
9960s knee coming of the traditional
9961s composition of this ramacha alongside
9963s the Lucio and the Baptist but they're
9965s taking so much plug phase coming through
9967s from Azure on the Hanzo they're going so
9970s low immunity field not invested just yet
9972s but still no power to be able to push
9974s back onto the payloads
9976s it's because dark monkeys made wholesale
9978s swaps they just don't have the tools to
9980s stop this cart from going we're gonna
9982s try and back half as much as they can
9984s away here don't mess with cow cow will
9986s will kill you
9988s crazy I get maybe one out of every three
9990s in a bat first and Cal consistently hits
9993s all three of them that's crazy on really
9996s hard targets as well like the Lucio's
9998s mid-war ride traces as they come out of
10000s the blink Cal can really just absolutely
10003s slice through them all as Timeless if
10005s Ariel and to be building towards that
10007s Annihilation they've got the dragon
10008s strike too for when dealt monkeys try
10010s and send this bobbin to contest the
10011s signed guard to be able to sustain
10013s through that amplification Matrix of the
10016s aspirin this is going massively in that
10018s thing no no no no this is not this is
10021s not it right now for Dart monkey the Bob
10022s comes in after the point's already been
10024s capped the application Matrix is late
10027s they're trying to win the whole fight
10029s with it which I think is once you film
10031s that bobbin you've committed but they
10032s still did not stop those forwards on on
10035s from being captured by Timeless ethereal
10037s times thyro get out clean here they
10039s don't it would have been bad
10042s yeah really good interception coming for
10044s both from Evie and Barco to be able to
10046s take down both the Hanzo and the baptism
10049s so close to the amp Matrix was it still
10052s sitting on that sidebar as Eevee has
10054s been able to ball towards the
10055s ventilations and hit it before saw Hill
10057s that monkey's not coming in with the
10059s kills but still not getting those
10060s forward spawns they're going to need to
10062s find the momentum to be able to bull
10063s those through this next fight and
10065s quickly so it's clearly going back to 50
10068s 50 between these two teams now has the
10071s damage been done
10072s time is ethereal getting that point well
10074s you know how
10077s come we we all know how this map goes
10079s that much pushes a lot to give away
10081s storm monkeys have a lot of ultimate
10083s fight back this is the push to make it
10085s happen I really want to engage this is
10087s the question barcode throws in a pulse
10088s bombs sticks it on a saw Hill pops
10091s Chelsea get the shield off the sound
10093s barriers while I was late lizard wizard
10095s Dart monkeys have an opening to work
10096s with here and even more so if SK is able
10099s to hold on to her sound barrier
10100s amplification Matrix as well pop for Cal
10104s so this is more ultimate being burnt out
10106s of Timeless ethereal into a fight that
10107s they are effectively losing slowly yes
10110s but losing and unfortunately it's going
10113s to have significant impact in how this
10116s next fight spirals out because they
10117s threw in both support ultimates into
10120s that match up and dart monkeys held on
10122s to both of theirs dragons like going to
10124s be available for azero annihilation for
10126s Soho but you do not have the same
10127s barrier to be able to sustain when Evie
10130s answers back with one of her own I hate
10132s to put pressure on players in the
10133s specifics but this is when you really
10134s really need azarayan cow to do what azra
10137s and Cal do best gym falls short of the
10139s line implication Matrix thrown out by
10142s Dart monkeys to just hold on to that
10143s ground Bob as well zoning the likes of
10145s times cereal off the point Annihilation
10147s is nice but it's certainly not winning
10149s the fight anytime soon SK goes down with
10152s that mid-sound beer I'm not 100 sure
10154s Aspen diving forwards to help Evie keep
10157s this thing pushing though and now it's
10159s just up the stall times zero can just
10161s fly a little bit of time they're gonna
10163s be in a good spot in gym and lizard
10164s wizard have blinking back and forward
10167s rapidly trying desperately to keep any
10170s limbo on this card
10172s it moves for the contestants there I
10175s think time was Zero stabilize this so
10177s hell on that DFS has like you said
10179s contested that food the monkeys denied
10182s the opportunity of being able to pull
10184s off this regroup and Timeless Imperial
10187s turn the fight around off of heroics
10189s coming through from Jim
10192s I was heroics desperation whatever you
10195s want to call it it was something nasty
10198s from Timeless cereal that was not the
10200s game going to play and that was making
10202s do with what they had and now they've
10204s got a lot more to make do with ultimates
10206s are up in their favor yeah and since
10208s they've already got that forward
10209s distance above Dart monkeys that bot is
10212s just being left out in the open baiting
10214s dot monkeys into taking control and
10216s walking into the ant Matrix that Cal is
10218s setting up in that back line
10223s immortality field taken away now there's
10225s nothing to dodge the implication Matrix
10228s Evie just has to sit and take the damage
10232s I'm a Serial push forward we have to
10234s think about just how much one meter of
10236s car progress means in a moment like this
10238s I mean we asked ourselves at the
10240s beginning when we see Thomas the Pharaoh
10242s so cleanly pushed towards that initial
10244s respawn
10245s was that going to be enough to be able
10247s to win the map overall is that going to
10248s be enough to knock that monkeys entirely
10250s out of this tournament and the answer
10251s could very well be yes that monkey's now
10254s swapping towards the full dive
10255s composition Evie on the Winston looking
10257s to move past soil on the doomfist will
10259s be able to claim the life of azero on
10261s the ash before the Bob comes through as
10263s lizard wizard throws in the sound bar
10265s they think they have the damage to be
10266s able to chunk through these members of
10267s dark monkeys and with Aspen and barcode
10270s going down it seems to be so sometimes I
10273s really wonder how people have the
10274s audacity to pop sound barrier in
10276s situations like that but the belief in
10280s their own team from Lizard wizard
10282s understanding that yes we can win this
10284s fight 45 that's that's crazy
10288s to work with as well as always going to
10290s be coming back in with this Bob the EMP
10292s is nowhere near already on the side of
10294s that monkey side at all the most they're
10296s going to have a sign buyer Primal and a
10297s rush to be able to work with but
10299s Timeless apparel start things off
10300s aggressive before that monkeys can build
10302s them for the alt
10303s kidding bad to worst the cart's still
10305s moving now the race not doing damage but
10307s they are doing damage so to speak
10319s just sends the Bob to make sure that top
10323s monkeys have to use the Primal to be
10325s able to chuckle it off and it doesn't
10327s pick up those squishy players from the
10329s sides of the support So SK still holding
10331s on to that sign where I will at least
10332s have it to be able to go into the face
10333s of Cal's ant Matrix as again Timeless to
10336s fail lengthen the distance allow dot
10338s monkeys to be able to push onto this
10340s Arena of coliseo so that they walk
10341s straight into the battle Dart monkeys
10344s cannot wait for another time you need to
10345s make it work now and they do saw Hill
10347s down an extremely efficient fight win
10349s the dark monkeys who still have more in
10352s the tanks but Cal they did not account
10354s for
10355s shots from The High Ground reminiscent
10358s of shoe
10359s looking for a tracer now but I think
10362s you're taking out SK is everything that
10364s needed to happen Zimmer Falls as well
10365s Cal smells blood cow's got blood lust
10368s seeing red is the Baptiste
10371s running forward looking for more bodies
10373s to put in the dirt but he falls into an
10376s EMV instead and now they've got to deal
10379s with this the immortality field out from
10380s Cal now they're scrambling a little bit
10383s more than they were before an over
10385s extension by Timeless ethereal art
10387s monkeys capitalize on and they'll turn
10389s the card around they still got a chance
10390s yeah but it's such an over commitment of
10393s ultimates just to be able to guarantee
10394s that they're able to push that objective
10396s outside of that Arena Lane EMP science
10400s fair and Rush all invested in one Fell
10402s Swoop as Timeless zafiro can afford to
10405s wait into this next fight and come into
10407s that sign bar over the sustainability of
10408s their run the card hasn't even made the
10411s checkpoint yet there's still an eight
10412s second wait when it does get there pulse
10415s bomb out stick leave just suzued off
10418s well done by Dart monkeys but they're
10420s not able to keep SK alive the sound
10422s barrier Advance just too large for
10424s Timeless ethereal Cal getting in on the
10426s action now dark monkeys feel the
10428s pressure begin to mount the single
10429s elimination bracket doing what it does
10432s and putting players under duress as
10435s there are 40 seconds left in one fight
10437s the dart monkeys to keep their hopes
10439s alive oh and they're walking straight
10441s into the amp Matrix and meteor strike
10443s and this is such a tough ass for this
10446s team and Matrix comes up immediately to
10448s catch the respawning members of Dart
10450s monkeys are they even gonna get the
10451s opportunity to throw themselves on to
10454s this point
10455s I think this was a Miss on the
10457s application Matrix I could have used it
10459s late to pressure out the cart our
10461s monkeys are happy to see it Go
10462s immortality failed out and opening now
10464s found Zimmer's got a pulse bomb whose
10467s name is etched into it
10468s between the card forward looking for a
10470s Target but doesn't find one before Azure
10473s finds the killing blow Timeless ethereal
10475s with two seconds on the clock look to
10477s ring the bells of Victory and send
10478s themselves on
10480s and they pulse bomb out
10483s shots onto the tank Evie trying
10486s desperately to stagger here I'm just not
10489s sure it's meant to be times they're
10490s gonna have all the bodies in the world
10491s to make this happen
10493s EMP not quite available tobacco Jim does
10497s go down however
10499s as dumb like you start to turn the tide
10502s of the fight however though they're
10504s still going to have to win the fight
10505s afterwards this EMP has to be massive to
10509s be able to win it in such a Fell Swoop
10512s such a quick fashion the Timeless
10514s ethereal are not able to build into the
10516s signed barrier and the Bob the game plan
10519s TV now marks don't lose ever
10524s obviously easier said than done but with
10526s an EMP a sound barrier and a KR in tow
10529s they've got all the tools to maybe just
10531s maybe get it done EMP solo on to saw
10534s Hill the immortality field cancels out
10536s the entire thing Cal is a problem on
10539s defense and offense and looks to
10541s continue to be one of 3K to punctuate
10545s the series for the player who subbed in
10547s halfway through
10549s getting the job done for Timeless
10551s ethereal they'll send themselves on an
10554s absolute statement coming through we
10556s said that one curve full that dot
10559s monkeys may not have been accustomed to
10561s would-be Cal coming for halfway in that
10564s matchup and you really do feel the
10567s impact of his entrance into that fight
10570s they made so much room for their team
10574s coming in on that Baptiste being able to
10576s flex between both the Bap and the Anna
10579s using those absolutely brutal ant
10582s matrixes to just bait dark monkeys into
10584s walking into those Lanes understanding
10587s that enough momentum so early on in that
10589s ride had already been picked up by times
10591s I feel that they didn't have to throw
10593s themselves into the really aggressive
10595s positioning where you can get caught out
10597s where you do just cross into that Middle
10599s Lane the point where we see teams not
10601s want to play into that Middle Lane and
10602s give away two minutes going through with
10605s no one really Crossing into that
10606s particular space they have that
10608s understanding they know that that monkey
10609s is all going to have to push
10610s aggressively into it and they just sit
10613s back without Matrix time and time again
10614s but they change their positioning up
10616s ever so slightly every single time and
10618s that I think is what really sets Cal
10620s above a lot of the other support players
10623s that we see coming through they identify
10625s what works but they make sure to change
10627s it up ever so slightly so there's still
10629s some element of the unexpected coming
10632s through that dark monkeys aren't able to
10634s get comfortable and successfully call oh
10635s they're doing the exact same thing again
10637s amp Matrix beating us into taking that
10639s fight online instead it's just
10640s continuous just repositioning using the
10642s amp matrixes in ever so slightly
10644s different ways to be able to still find
10646s the same insane amount of value yeah
10649s time of stereo I think there's one thing
10650s we can agree on is that they are a force
10652s to be reckoned with thus far in the
10654s bracket any team that dare crossed them
10656s is in for a tough match I think it's
10659s only time though that we get a quick
10660s little interview after this break we'll
10662s let you know what they're thinking about
10663s it
10666s foreign
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10978s thank you
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11062s [Music]
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11135s [Music]
11153s we gave you guys a little bit more than
11155s a quick break there but we've got Callan
11156s for an interview after everything was
11158s settled and done I don't think there's
11160s anybody better just put two in a woman
11161s like this Cal first of all welcome
11164s congratulations on on a quick win Max
11166s and I know you particularly well from
11168s your other escapades but it seems like
11169s you did have other escapades today
11171s before you got into this match what what
11172s were you up to what were the scenes like
11174s when you arrived to triage the situation
11177s uh so I had a double block today for
11179s scream size and scrims just watching
11181s they uh they were like hey we need you
11184s we need to win I was like all right I'm
11185s on my way and I'm doing business and
11188s better go back to my screams
11191s just rolled up started playing that Boss
11193s music and talking about something that
11195s rolled up I know Dora and I weren't
11196s really expecting to see the sigma and
11199s Zenyatta pic coming for from dot monkeys
11201s was this something that the team was
11202s anticipating and then when you figured
11204s out that that was what you were running
11205s into how did it impact how you all
11208s approached that first fight
11209s uh I honestly thought they're ruined on
11212s summer but the second I saw the sigma I
11214s was just like it's over the game's done
11216s it's a wrap
11219s it's a little joke obviously I mean
11221s coming in with all that space basically
11223s for free a player like you is really
11225s lethal we saw multiple times not just
11227s today uh but yesterday just three four
11230s case from the flex support role is it
11232s something you're looking to do does it
11233s just happen into your hands like what
11235s what kind of uh Superior control do you
11238s have over the game that other players
11240s don't that it's just happening for you
11242s people don't really know how to hold
11244s space I guess and like that even happens
11245s in contenders and Owl too and they think
11247s like oh it's a support they're just
11249s gonna heal but like given the right
11250s utilities it's like very easy to get
11252s kills especially with like Anna grenade
11254s and like Baba I just have so many things
11256s that I can just keep myself up with so I
11258s don't like you know like hey I'm looking
11259s for this and they just don't take poke
11261s they stay alive and I guess they just
11263s fall right into my Crosshair
11265s um we're definitely seeing I think a
11267s bigger impact and importance for these
11269s teams to be able to have two Flex
11271s supports to be able to seamlessly
11273s the Sun the Lucio and the kiriko how
11276s important as a support mean do you feel
11278s like having to flex support players is
11280s in comparison to maybe someone like
11282s OverWatch one where we had the flex and
11284s the main support players being very much
11286s individualized
11288s uh I think double flexport is like not
11292s bad to have like two flexible players
11294s but I think it's a little harder because
11295s then you have to like you have those
11297s Maps where you saw players and then you
11299s have to like change how everything works
11301s and like you kind of have to integrate a
11303s new player in
11305s and so it's like kind of difficult
11307s to do that but like if you got that down
11309s like it's it's a Golden Ticket like you
11311s guys are gonna be golden it's gonna be
11312s perfect and like the double flexor is
11315s just so strong right now that it works
11316s perfectly for like our team
11319s yeah I mean you guys made the swaps well
11321s but you gotta look forward you pick up a
11323s big win there you said you're getting
11324s back to your screen block what what's
11326s the game plan like you just go like the
11327s scrims and if the bat signal is turned
11329s on again you just show back up yeah I
11331s just I just come up dominate the scene
11333s we gotta get out just like as contenders
11336s once again
11339s I mean like we said don't we joke about
11341s it on broadcast right some teams have
11342s that emergency pushing case of panic
11345s button it feels like Cal very much is
11347s that emergency case uh push in case of
11350s panic button doing a very very good job
11352s and definitely being one of those really
11353s stand out players coming through is
11355s there anyone that you want to sort of
11357s shout out either your team some friends
11359s some family now that you have a little
11360s bit of space to be able to communicate
11361s or call out let them know
11363s uh call out nyxl
11366s I think that uh if they're if they're
11369s losing to teams like this I just want to
11371s see them in contenders I'm gonna see
11373s what they can do against the top teams
11374s because let's just say our game against
11376s them we're not going to be seeing me on
11378s support and contenders
11383s I mean uh
11385s and but like I said good luck hopefully
11387s for you you you don't have to come back
11389s today hopefully we don't see you again
11390s but I kind of do hope we see you again
11392s selfishly so you'll see me again
11395s thank you
11398s alrighty y'all Big Stuff ahead a whole
11402s bracket to get through mocks we we got
11404s down we did the Dirty Work we break
11406s through the round of eight we break
11407s through the semifinals and we've got two
11409s beautiful people to help you guys out
11411s moving through those final matches it's
11413s gonna be 11q and confers when we come
11415s back
11430s [Music]
11438s thank you
11440s foreign
11441s [Music]
11450s [Music]
11485s [Music]
11515s [Music]
11522s thank you
11524s foreign
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11559s [Music]
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11588s thank you
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11637s thank you
11648s [Music]
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11828s [Music]
11845s thank you
11853s [Music]
11869s [Music]
11878s [Music]
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12052s [Music]
12064s [Applause]
12065s [Music]
12069s [Applause]
12071s [Music]
12078s foreign
12085s to the calling all heroes Challenger
12087s Series major one for twenty thousand
12089s dollars it's a mouthful and guess what
12091s you got two casters that like to talk a
12093s lot Gompers what's up we've done a few
12097s of these marginalized gender platforms
12098s and you just keep following me around
12100s girl I know I'm a big I'm a big fan of
12103s lemon kiwi what else can I say I listen
12107s I uh you know I saw you one day fell in
12109s love and I was like I gotta meet her and
12111s uh ever since then best friends I know
12113s we're just we're just high like that
12115s I've been told we like sound alike so
12117s I'm sorry if y'all have to get confused
12118s at home we also she caught me with the
12120s glasses you just had to be blind and
12122s everything too that's so crazy but uh
12125s I'm not blind to the fact that we have
12127s three teams remaining let's look at the
12129s bracket and have some reaction content
12131s Gompers uh we're almost down to the wire
12134s Timeless ethereals in the final and our
12136s next semi's coming up
12138s and my reaction to this is exactly that
12141s I think Starry Nights versus nyxl
12144s Academy I I mean this in itself I think
12146s is going to be pretty exciting to watch
12147s right we got two really big teams that
12149s have stood up uh to the best and Starry
12151s Nights not even dropping a single game
12153s right taking things three and each and
12155s every time across the board and not to
12157s mention nyxl almost doing the same as
12159s well I I think both of these teams uh
12161s really do have a lot to offer
12164s absolutely this whole platform has a lot
12166s to offer you know shout out to radiant
12168s who partnered up and this is a platform
12170s to Showcase these marginalized genders
12173s for everyone to feel safe and happy and
12174s to have a platform to truly showcase
12176s their skills on and you even have
12178s OverWatch League organizations like New
12180s York excelsior's supporting teams just
12181s like this one
12184s nothing but I want to give some support
12186s to the players here as they've been
12188s playing amazing we did get to see a
12190s little bit of nyxl previously and we're
12193s gonna get to see them again in action of
12195s course we got bun uh which is she her I
12198s think that you say whispus or a wsps
12201s which is the heat sniper they them wika
12204s she her and hero they he and uh I'm
12208s gonna be real with you lemon this is a
12210s pretty poggers lineup this is so poggers
12213s I love the way you described that but
12215s especially she's so pogger she's getting
12217s like OverWatch League tryouts like this
12219s is serious business I remember casting
12221s her at the last calling all heroes event
12224s and she was in sojour in jail but
12226s honestly I would not want to be in a
12228s dark alley with bun like she was insane
12230s on the hit scan and for this team she
12232s actually flexes to so many different
12233s things you know may Hanzo Sombra are all
12235s things she's played kind of out of that
12237s soldier in jail she's thriving
12240s she really is thriving and you know
12242s there were a lot of trials that they had
12244s went through as well I believe um you
12246s know we actually discussed the possible
12247s OverWatch uh contenders stuff that bun
12250s was uh undergoing but you know as strong
12253s of a player that this person is
12256s you know I I Gotta Give the Kudos you
12258s said they were in search or in jail but
12259s sojour in itself is not an easy feat and
12261s he talked about the hit scan that's
12262s something I'm excited to see is see that
12264s come into action for nyxl because starry
12266s nights they're not an easy team either
12269s oh no uh but both these teams actually
12272s faced each other in the Swiss bracket
12274s which was played off stream and an nysl
12277s academy beat Starry Nights can't tell
12279s you the score didn't see it but I do see
12281s starry nights on my screen and one
12284s person I'm looking out is Saba who's
12287s been just playing a lot of Tracer thus
12290s far and even Ali Sue who brings that
12293s Winston time and time again which gives
12295s starry nights this dive identity
12299s yeah and that's another thing as well I
12302s really kind of like the dive composition
12303s that they actually played in in one of
12306s their previous games was interesting to
12308s me I really liked the way that they had
12311s handled themselves and they have really
12312s really good composure standing with
12313s their dive compositions you know whether
12315s it be playing that uh quote unquote
12317s Winton as I've been seeing in the chat
12319s for bringing on the TV it's whatever
12322s they feel and I mean overall this team
12325s is confident hence why they're able to
12326s run a dive composition like that but as
12328s they've played nyxl as they understand
12330s this team and kind of the momentum that
12332s they like playing at you also gotta
12334s wonder is that the same thing they're
12335s going to aim for again today or are they
12336s going to go for something a bit stronger
12339s I like that just behind sepa and Ali sue
12341s you have this Winston dive based
12344s composition and Senate gets the flex
12345s from everything from Sombra Ash even the
12348s pharah and I know Mimi is a big fan of
12350s mercy and they love pocketing them as
12352s much as possible
12354s um and in our first game this is still
12356s best of five to determine who's going up
12357s against Timeless ethereal a team that's
12360s beaten both of these teams before in the
12363s Swiss bracket so of course we'll Starry
12365s Nights at nixwell Academy want that
12366s Revenge but the first map is picked by
12369s the team with the better seed we go to
12371s Antarctic and this is where nyxl Academy
12374s wanted to bring us
12376s it's uh ironic because New York really
12379s does feel like the Antarctic sometimes
12381s with the way that the weather is but
12383s it's starting Into Summer and right now
12385s uh you know as it gets warmer I think
12387s the victory is starting to feel closer
12389s and closer each and every time New York
12391s they pick this New York nyxl obviously
12394s choosing this because there is that
12396s Comfort we're lying uh within this map
12398s in itself so obviously you gotta give it
12400s to them but this isn't a pick that I
12402s feel like is typical maybe I might be
12404s wrong but you know there's so much here
12406s that really feels like you have to get a
12408s bit out of your comfort zone
12410s yeah I think nyxl Academy they really
12412s like that ramatra the sigma Rush behind
12415s TV girl which I love to see my name
12419s um I've been called sniper maybe in the
12421s roster graphic but if they have so much
12423s preference behind the ramatra Antarctic
12425s is one of the best maps for it again
12427s shout out to radiant who's put on this
12429s event let's get into it this round is
12432s called sub level it has a ceiling there
12434s at the top you got kind of this T-Zone
12435s High Ground which favors both the kind
12438s of Rush composition if you play The High
12440s Ground or Winston or Winton as you like
12442s to say to Jump Around
12445s yeah I I actually think here you know
12448s I'm kind of hoping for somewhat as it is
12451s control honestly someone of a dive
12452s composition I feel like a place like
12455s this you really do need to
12457s kind of just get yourself in there and
12459s kind of redirect your attention to
12460s multiple areas because I mean the
12462s majority of it is pushing back the
12464s opposing side towards those extremities
12466s and making sure that point is yours to
12467s control I think overall though sorry
12469s going with the May Pig we actually
12470s talked about this in the Green Room uh
12472s you know with the mate coming in that's
12473s really going to isolate some of those
12475s fights
12476s yeah playing off of the contact of your
12478s May is so important fun and Sena looking
12481s to isolate that tank that rematcher away
12483s from the rest of the team and you gotta
12485s be holding on so now the symmetra is
12487s used to get that initial teleporter to
12488s get people further out of Spawn quicker
12490s than they swap to something else they
12492s won't matter for that first fight but
12493s what I am looking at is nyxl Academy
12496s already established on this High ground
12498s but a few low targets after probably
12500s some shots coming in from Sable on the
12503s Cassidy first pick though for Starry
12505s Nights ice block used by Senna and now
12507s they're just chasing after nyxl Academy
12510s that's probably Panic yeah I mean
12512s they've already missed out on their
12513s Mantra so what control is there any more
12515s you can already see they're running away
12516s like crazy right now as they can't play
12519s for anything else I mean wsps having to
12522s move back and remove themselves from the
12524s situation as well so you already have
12526s your DPS putting themselves in a
12528s position where okay they're gonna
12529s regroup they have lost that first fight
12531s and they've lost the point as well but
12532s there still is that Redemption Arc
12534s always a Redemption art and that was
12536s just so quick off of those two pills you
12538s don't have any oats to worry about but I
12540s would say but just dead like that I have
12542s a lot to worry about and like snow
12544s Academy knocking on the door saying
12547s hello but Alyssa just has not stopped
12550s Starry Nights another clean fight well
12554s cleanish yeah they they swept it up nice
12557s and clean I mean the mop was a little
12558s dirty but at the end of the day it clean
12560s is clean and that's okay Ally though
12563s coming down to it unfortunately I mean
12566s there isn't a lot of backup with
12567s standing here they're gonna have to
12568s handle this fight by themselves to sell
12570s out these potentials enough you can see
12571s the wall coming up trying to isolate the
12573s fight again and I mean as it seems NY
12576s Excel they're really pushing for this
12578s point but you see their Mantra low
12580s enough but still able to take out
12582s majority of the players standing here
12583s for Starry Nights utilizing everything
12585s they have in their power and that's all
12587s you can really hope uh Gompers if only
12589s you were here during the time where
12591s Annihilation had like indefinite
12592s duration and just both ramachas and have
12595s the staring contest starting lovingly
12597s into each other's eyes while both teams
12599s heal each other it was the best of times
12601s and the worst of times
12603s I feel like I would um I wouldn't know
12606s how to feel in a moment like that
12607s honestly a bit romantic
12610s other than that
12612s oh that's a blizzard that just got
12614s thrown out by Senna everyone from nyxl
12616s Academy has to run they managed to jump
12618s out just in time actually sun was able
12621s to ice block keep themselves in
12622s vulnerable sound bear from nyxl Academy
12624s and Matrix two Starry Nights tried to
12627s lose and Thrive stay moisturized and
12630s gloss by bios sound period but it ain't
12632s happening
12634s yeah and so far obviously missing out
12637s that first fight it seems like uh now
12638s they can't lose and I I think that in
12640s itself shows a lot of the Redemption Arc
12643s of nyxl and how much they really want to
12645s prove their Victory but you know it
12648s really is going to take a lot more
12649s because I think story nights they're
12651s cooking up something I don't know what
12652s it is maybe it's mac and cheese like it
12654s there's something in the kitchen it's
12655s smelling good though because as they
12657s start to move forward you see the
12658s ramachar taking that low ground but
12659s everybody up high but fun this is the
12662s biggest thing the ultimate ready and
12663s prepared to get something down just
12665s gonna throw it down and hope for the
12667s best I mean that's all we can do is just
12669s exist and we'll see how long Starry can
12671s in the middle of this blizzard I think
12673s the Dead Eye from Sabo was able to Zone
12675s some things off but New York Excelsior
12678s Academy feeling so good about that fight
12681s they got the lead off of that it's 80
12683s plus Dark Knights will have one last
12685s chance to touch
12687s yeah last fight amplification Matrix
12690s honestly once they win that you kind of
12692s go off a certain momentum and it becomes
12694s almost impossible to get the point back
12697s again that's the way things have been
12699s looking they have the may they have the
12700s wall to clear things up just a bit and
12701s right now taking off the fight and it
12703s commences it's gonna be a bit hard but
12705s you're able to see if the ultimates come
12707s through right now the Romans are putting
12708s out that ravenous Vortex and trying to
12710s pull these players in maybe gather some
12713s damage as well the save was looking for
12715s pigs while behind nyxl Academy it's 99
12717s then they've dropped three and if your
12720s TV girl ain't thinking about this
12722s Annihilation until the next time Starry
12725s Nights with a beautiful execution off
12727s the amplification Matrix of Sen
12731s it's overwhelming a bit but they did it
12734s they actually the 99 left they allowed
12738s themselves a bit more time to finally
12739s take this and honestly we said last
12741s fight for nyxl but it kind of feels the
12743s same way they're moving in for nyxl
12745s again I mean story could run away with
12747s this if they keep this going and if they
12750s feel confident enough to really take
12751s these picks in hand
12753s Annihilation Ready TV girl it better be
12756s in the name you got the maywallup ready
12758s to unleash but here's an ant Matrix
12760s first just to hose them down a bit as
12762s nyxl Academy heading for the hills with
12764s the annihilation but Ali suit matching
12767s it so it's all about which tank could
12769s stay healed up the most the dragon
12770s strikes to gobble everybody up the
12773s lizard coming back from fun pushes
12776s everyone off The High Ground and it's
12778s just up to the numbers advantage that
12780s nyxl Academy have had left 99 to 99 you
12785s can't ask for a better round one of the
12787s second semi one last touchdown from Cena
12789s just to buy time for reinforcements but
12791s they're way too far away it ain't
12793s happening yeah I squishy as a character
12795s Santa is I'm sorry Senna but it's a one
12798s tap and you're done and that's exactly
12799s what's gonna happen you got nyxl they
12801s win out the fight again and it wasn't an
12805s easy feat but they didn't want they
12807s finally did it and I felt like a lot of
12808s it really was those ultimates coming
12810s through down to the last second down to
12811s the last quadrant and they honestly just
12814s the timing that's exactly what you need
12817s to really think of especially in a gain
12819s light control control is the name of the
12821s game and if you don't have that if you
12823s don't have control over yourself and
12824s your Tendencies it's going to be a lot
12826s harder to even gather those points Karen
12829s does 99 to 99 scenarios it's all about
12831s the clutch Factor there wasn't just this
12833s clean fight when this 5v1 it was both
12837s teams scrapping it out until the end the
12839s doors are going to open we're gonna see
12841s similar compositions keep an eye on
12843s these Hanzo players saba and wisp as
12845s they can get that one shot potential
12847s with one lucky headshot
12850s and I'm pretty excited for this because
12852s we got to see a little bit of the Hanzo
12853s but as it wasn't working out you know
12854s there were some trades coming through
12856s left and right
12857s right now that we finally get to see
12858s something else the heels having to be a
12860s bit diligent the Wall comes off and
12861s actually isolates as we see so far but
12864s if he was coming back in you're able to
12865s see the immortality feel come through
12868s but it's not enough I mean immortality
12870s doesn't even seem to be the answer here
12872s as nyxl again winning out another fight
12875s wika is fragging on this Lucia which is
12878s not a hero you're expecting to get that
12880s many kills with and I just think that
12882s was such a beautiful maywall from bun
12884s that caused Starry Nights to be so
12885s disrupted and needs so much healing and
12888s just not know who to focus for whether
12890s to engage or to disengage and that's
12893s just the intelligence that one brings to
12895s your roster now nyxl academy in the
12898s driver's seat as we wait for Starry
12899s Nights to try to get through this door
12901s there's been no crack so far into the
12904s team of nyxl but as the damage starts to
12906s come through the heel a bit too strong I
12908s mean we're looking at it they're slowly
12909s going down but as they've almost been
12912s down time and time again the only one
12913s going down is going to be TV girl the
12915s remotra getting up to this moment no
12917s longer being able to be that tank but we
12919s could try to get some boots along the
12920s corner Edge and I mean all you can do is
12923s the main right sit in the point pray
12924s that everything goes well but it's story
12926s nights again I mean they've made their
12927s wish and they've got it
12929s have fun like through that blizzard when
12932s the rest of the team was very split from
12934s each other he got whipped trying to 1v3
12937s nyxl Academy I mean they got a lot to
12940s learn and Starry Nights have the olds to
12943s defend this they got the point back at
12944s 33 for NY cell Academy now Annihilation
12948s it's sound barrier and more because you
12950s gotta hope that with this Dragon strike
12952s is gonna slow them down a bit oh okay
12954s well you called it you knew exactly what
12956s was going on you can tell the future
12957s apparently and I mean lemon I'm curious
12959s what's gonna happen here because it
12961s seems like right now NY excelled again
12963s once the tank goes down it makes things
12965s so much harder because now your DPS
12967s really have to fight for this and the
12968s heels have to be ten times more but yeah
12971s goes down and it leaves you wondering
12973s what's gonna happen next oh Haley Sue
12976s just was the first to die in that fight
12978s and Senna still felt like the 4v5 was
12980s winnable throwing the blizzard down
12982s which got the response of TV girls
12983s Annihilation and once that Ali Sue cut
12986s back it was kind of too little too late
12988s but nyxl Academy Sports get strong onto
12991s that front line and it's gonna hurt even
12992s more if they can survive this damn
12993s Matrix yeah uh but shots are missing out
12996s just a bit unfortunately as it seems for
12999s the may still stuck down inside trying
13001s to get some heels off these the
13002s mortality Fields coming down as well to
13004s cover and create some coverage but you
13007s know again it really is those isolation
13008s picks continuously coming out from story
13010s right now with wsps the shots they're
13013s not coming down up in the air and it's
13015s big you have that Hanzo really applying
13017s that pressure and reapplying those
13019s eliminations to come down now finally
13021s again at 74 this is the last fight lemon
13025s you're feeling good though if you're
13027s nyxl Academy look at the olds you have
13029s you got an ant Matrix just to surprise
13031s them to maybe get a first pick this can
13033s be popped at any moment in starting my
13034s Approach the staircase there it is that
13037s may wall two to isolate Ali suid A
13040s little bit of trouble it has Starry
13042s night's cross they're gonna get shot by
13044s the Hanzo and the dragon strike and the
13046s blizzard that's just BM soda is the only
13049s person left they have a
13053s do they really anymore after this I
13056s don't think they can have a family
13057s because they just got annihilated no
13061s more to look forward to but that's okay
13063s I mean this is the first game and
13065s control may not be their game mode but
13066s there sure are others
13068s oh the coordination from nyxl Academy
13072s this is why you got that OverWatch
13074s League level support I mean buns walls
13077s superb to isolate that other tank of Ali
13080s Sue which I mean to be fair before this
13082s series we hyped up the fact that Ali Sue
13084s and friends were just known had a bigger
13087s identity around the dive so that the
13090s whole ramachar Rush is nyxl Academy's
13092s bread and butter so to be expected on
13095s their map pick that they should win this
13097s on a composition they just feel better
13099s at
13100s yeah and you know again kind of talking
13103s about you know the competition that they
13105s had I really did enjoy the may I felt
13107s like there was such a strong thing
13109s coming out from it and obviously we were
13111s on the May for a reason and that's what
13112s the meta is looking like right now but
13114s it makes a lot of sense you know it
13116s really did work out for nyxl and I felt
13118s like what we needed to see out of story
13121s was something just a bit different you
13122s know the May wasn't really working in
13124s cohesion with that they couldn't isolate
13125s their fights as well instead it really
13126s felt like they were closing themselves
13128s off to the ultimates coming through the
13130s the dragon strike everything that they
13132s were pushing forth from nyxl
13134s and it will be Starry night's choice of
13137s map as they lost game one it is first at
13139s three so we got a lot more OverWatch
13141s around the corner while Starry Nights do
13143s do their map Pig
13145s my brain cells popping off right now
13148s um I just really enjoyed the aggression
13150s of nyxl Academy when you got Wicca just
13152s looking like Lee Jay gone out there just
13155s turbo boost into them that's when you
13157s know nyxl Academy are confident in the
13159s brawl but I think star nights they want
13161s to bring us to a dive map if if that's
13164s if that's their bread and butter that's
13166s where I would predict you know you think
13167s you I had a crystal ball and I was right
13170s blizzard diving okay well I believe you
13174s because who else am I going to believe
13175s right now
13178s I believe it I believe you listen you're
13180s you're lemon kiwi uh kiwi lemon uh it's
13184s me oh you gasped and I thought I said
13186s something offensive and I was like is
13187s that not your name
13193s he's like I know how to gas you up so
13195s you know not wrong named you uh like in
13198s the green room I thought you were
13199s darling yeah I was like I was like oh
13202s that's a cute nickname thank you for not
13204s giving me a nickname you have my ex's
13207s mom's name
13209s that's probably why she hates me guys
13212s nah we chill for now we chill for now
13214s but we chill for now Starry Nights Chill
13216s on this map though there's so many high
13218s grounds and bridges that you want to
13220s dominate and that's where the Winston
13221s comp can definitely get you there
13223s yeah I I think so as well I honestly for
13226s this one I feel like you're gonna have
13227s to try to get towards that back line a
13228s bit and really break things down and you
13230s know obviously that died film position
13232s probably one of the best things you can
13233s do I'm hoping we actually see a Sombra I
13235s feel like a somber actually is pretty
13236s well fit and suited uh but you know
13239s likely chances are that Tracer is going
13240s to come through what not but overall I
13243s mean I'm excited for the blizzard world
13244s it's I I got to see this uh you know
13246s during the first day a little bit
13248s excited for it just uh particularly
13249s because I feel like there is a lot of
13250s potential here to really run whatever
13252s you want and just because it's such a
13254s big open wide variety of spaces you know
13257s in a different economy maybe we'd have a
13259s blizzard world like IRL I I want that I
13263s actually do right hey copious amounts of
13266s dollars for that
13267s so you heard it here first two broke
13269s casters what a bunch
13272s hit us up we're investing give I'll give
13276s you five dollars you give me blizzard
13279s world
13280s this is a fair exchange look at the
13282s giant flea in there too this map has so
13285s many things to look at I I have a hard
13287s time playing this map but Banda does it
13290s I mean you talked about the Sombra she's
13292s played the Sombra before along with wisp
13294s on the Tracer with this double flanker
13296s dive setup that's what I'd be expecting
13299s if uh nyxl Academy wanted to run the
13302s dive they have so before we just haven't
13304s seen that many Maps because I think we
13305s only saw maybe one or two on broadcast
13307s so yeah
13308s yeah uh but I you know I like me uh I
13312s like being a payload I like me a move I
13314s like you yeah yeah a Winton I want to
13317s see that for sure uh uh more so you know
13320s I I love talking I know they like pay us
13323s to do it it's crazy I love teaching you
13326s the memes of OverWatch now I I guys I
13329s told Gompers what Winton is all about
13332s it so I'm saying it now you guys
13333s actually got me hooked I saw it in the
13335s chat while I was watching the games and
13336s I was like lemon what's a Winton she was
13338s like oh that's a little mean offers let
13341s me educate you
13343s guys let me know what other memes I need
13345s to teach Gompers to just introduce her
13347s to the the wild world of uh blizzard
13350s world I guess but also the OverWatch
13351s world I need I need more I I actually do
13355s these memes are hilarious
13357s so uh up first is nyxl Academy in terms
13361s of the series they want to go back get
13363s their revenge against uh endless uh
13365s Timeless ethereal endless with material
13368s cereal too because they barely be
13369s dropping games they're running calling
13371s all heroes they're waiting in the Grand
13373s Final just a reminder of that amazing
13375s prize pool top four get money and
13378s circuit points to go to the calling all
13380s heroes Championship five thousand
13381s dollars for first 2500 for second 12.50
13385s for third and fourth so whether you you
13387s win or lose here you're you're happy and
13389s you can invest in blizzard world
13392s you have if you have the dollar course
13394s but yeah I I mean for a team like NY
13398s cell I feel like this honestly will man
13400s I feel like they play a lot better in
13402s tight spaces and tight Corners because
13404s what we saw out in control it felt like
13406s that was really the thing carrying them
13407s along majority of the time so you know
13409s coming into this map and really bringing
13411s this into perspective I feel like again
13413s as I talked about this is such an open
13414s range that there really could be
13416s anything to happen sorry I honestly
13418s think they have a bit more of a chance
13419s to take this game just due to the fact
13421s that there isn't a lot of pressure to
13423s really keep something uh you know in
13425s your own I guess Arsenal and make sure
13428s that the point is set it really is okay
13430s let's move along let's really keep this
13432s pressure going and that in itself could
13434s change up a composition entirely and as
13436s I talked about the May was working I
13437s didn't really see it work in I guess
13439s more so comparison to what nyxl was
13441s pulling but you know we could see that
13443s Winston through a dive comp if anything
13445s and that could work in itself
13447s no it does work substitutions at the
13450s right place at the right time and just
13452s in breaking news Starry Nights have made
13455s a substitution uh sen is out for mimio
13459s and Sen was the flex support of Starry
13461s Nights mimio playing a lot of Mercy or
13463s just main support for the team so
13466s running
13467s um kind of the double main support I
13468s wonder if they want to maybe support
13469s Senna on some pharah Adventures if they
13472s want to bring mimeo in for some mercy
13474s for that but I don't know I'm just
13476s guessing I to see some mercy I'm
13479s actually guys uh I'm a mercy mate yeah
13481s oh no don't say that out loud oh sorry
13483s is that embarrassing
13489s it is like
13491s I'm not a meme it's just
13494s it's like how do I fly how do I get you
13496s in I'll redeem myself I receive myself
13498s I'm a Widowmaker main as well oh okay
13501s that that's all good balance with
13503s balances
13504s it's the one or the other really like
13508s you know I'm offering my hand to you at
13510s this point but there's something so
13512s amazing about
13514s supporting your routine
13518s you're such a good person you support
13520s people in and out of the game oh of
13523s course I just want to be learning other
13525s games and now I feel like I'm supporting
13527s you like learning this game too this is
13529s a fun game that's actually crazy guys I
13532s actually cast it with lemon in another
13533s title and I taught her the game and now
13536s she's teaching me the game
13537s and we're just
13539s we're just here blizzard Loki just have
13541s this PowerPoint presentation for all the
13543s investors who want to get in on this
13544s blizzard World project we have raised
13547s ten dollars for our fun me project so
13550s get it on the ground floor y'all
13553s if you donate now you will be able to
13557s get first-hand access to Blizzard world
13559s and you can get the autograph of both me
13562s and lemon I feel like that's gonna make
13564s people pull out oh geez but for real for
13568s real if you want to invest into
13569s something really good that actually has
13570s real life meaning radiant has actually
13572s released some merchandise uh designed by
13575s Caliente
13577s I just gotta give her some Pizzazz I was
13580s actually she did an amazing job with all
13582s the merch and if you buy that merch it
13584s directly supports all the radiant
13586s tournaments who have been supporting
13587s marginalized genders and we're going to
13590s map too shortly we just have to get that
13591s substitution all sorted out with mimio
13594s uh
13596s coming in so good luck it's semis
13601s o
13603s all right I think I think the name is
13605s well suited let's see
13607s I feel like that's all we've been doing
13609s Vimeo
13610s um
13611s but
13612s star Knights versus nyxl Academy we've
13615s been waiting for it and we're just as
13616s excited as you are to get straight into
13618s the action and I've seen someone I care
13620s I don't know kind of liking it oh I kind
13623s of like I've seen some nasty Widow duels
13625s on this map it is pretty long range and
13628s I like the starry nights as back on the
13629s die that's what we expected Saba on the
13632s Tracer stand up Flex is anywhere from
13634s you know being the double flank with the
13636s Sombra but Ash kind of a more popular
13638s pick for them with the dynamites raining
13641s down that fire sweet sweet goodness nysl
13644s Academy that I don't know if they'll see
13645s it coming
13647s yeah I'm not so sure I feel like with
13649s the Widow though it's gonna be a bit
13650s hard I mean if that Tracer singles that
13652s out and you know able to get okay what
13655s is going on right there's like a seance
13658s with the turret I'm liking it and I'm
13660s intrigued now we have to analyze it
13662s further because of this pause so
13665s um some teams like to do a little ritual
13667s in the spawn room doors whether it's you
13669s know you put little symmetra turrets
13671s down you put a a spray on the floor you
13674s do a Kumbaya around it gets The Vibes
13677s going you know
13678s it does get the Vibes going you know
13680s what that's a valid point I think sorry
13682s needed that they needed that and since
13685s they have the turret now and they have a
13687s tour of Jordan coming in this is a this
13689s is a dump in my books The W you've
13692s prayed for it it has to happen now you
13694s know what I'm saying like
13696s um I'm like in the dive it's very strong
13699s but you know there's there is a there's
13701s a bit of running you have to do towards
13703s the point it's you go to the top right
13705s you have that High Ground probably no
13706s nobody's going to be there maybe Santa's
13709s on the Ash and wants to sit on that
13710s initial High Ground close to the
13712s attacker's doors but you probably want
13714s to play close to your team and play on
13715s the second High Ground near the pool
13717s yeah I I have to agree with you
13720s um yeah thanks I'm actually wondering
13722s what this Tech pause if we're going to
13725s see a change in compositions as well or
13727s you know if it's gonna be something
13729s considerably the same I I feel like
13732s we're gonna see a quick transition off
13734s that Widow if we're not gonna see those
13735s first stand picks him through because
13736s the moment that stops working it really
13738s feels like the momentum shifts a bit and
13740s as that Widow you can't really play for
13743s much but I'm actually kind of intrigued
13745s that we have a pharaoh a pharaoh being
13747s run uh not really too intrigued but it's
13750s more so the fact that you know you you
13752s got the Pharaoh running in comparison
13754s with that Widow so it does seem like
13755s they're really looking to get deep into
13758s that damage
13759s yeah pharah can be I think that's why
13761s they might have brought mimio in for
13763s that Mercy you know the mercy far the
13765s pharmacy I gotta tell you about all the
13766s OverWatch ships there's so many ships
13769s for you to learn uh okay I'll educate
13771s you y'all don't be concerned for her
13773s she'll be fine but Laura Mercy is the
13777s best one the best deal and it really
13780s tests the hit scans of can you really
13781s SWAT that fly down from the sky it's
13784s difficult for really any level to deal
13786s with an aggressive and scary pharah
13790s yeah I I actually bring a good point too
13793s but I think they actually uh now that
13794s I'm looking at it they did switch up to
13796s the torb and the symmetra
13798s um down for sorry which I I guess kind
13801s of goated I I love me but it's also like
13805s you know when you're playing in your
13806s comp game and you see it you're just
13808s like I
13809s um
13813s I'm flaming you on contact if you go
13816s toward and Sim into my games although
13818s unironically the torbjorn has been
13821s brought out more and more as like a
13822s Winston counter you can't underestimate
13824s that little garden gnome shotgun it
13826s hurts and that turret is a tracer marker
13829s it just Auto aims anything that comes
13831s nearby so when a tracer tries to stack
13833s on your supports the turret will find
13835s you before the eyes do so
13838s um apologies for the tech pause y'all we
13840s do be filling but we'll get into the
13842s game shortly with NYX Celica oh right my
13845s magic wand worked I was praying and it
13847s worked okay are they gonna stay this way
13851s this time or are we actually going to
13852s see a symmetra and a tour I actually you
13855s know I said I wanted to see a somber too
13856s and they okay well I'm getting trolled
13858s and is this what normally happens in
13861s OverWatch oh yeah they just picked the
13863s hero that's fun is to play in the spawn
13864s room doors or has the cutest voice lines
13866s and then they swap to whatever they
13868s wanted actually do so I usually just
13870s look at the defense because they won't
13872s troll me they they've already left it's
13874s too late for them but we've talked about
13876s you know most of sorry night's comp but
13879s yeah not the brig and the Anna I really
13881s liked mimeo's Brig because this will
13883s pack Saba on the Tracer so that they
13885s don't have to worry about health facts
13887s or getting close to Baya
13890s foreign
13900s yeah just a it's a bit of scouting and
13904s missing that first grapple unfortunately
13905s we saw that on stream but it's okay
13907s that's a Gompers grapple if I've ever
13909s seen
13912s it I guess I'm a failure now like when
13914s did that happen no no no no no no
13915s everyone misses those sometimes
13917s sometimes
13929s well they've already started their dive
13931s they include that top right as we
13932s mentioned now it's about getting those
13933s double flankers behind people and they
13936s found Senna from that hiding spot nyxl
13939s Academy a minute has gone by and they're
13941s feeling good they haven't died at all I
13944s mean Carol is the only one who got low
13946s and they're back to full and NY still
13948s Academy are gonna go cap
13952s okay I I mean it felt like we didn't
13954s really see a missed shot there from Kira
13955s so uh that's gonna be somebody Cairo
13958s that's somebody you're really going to
13959s want to pay attention to I feel like
13961s moving forward and the thing I really
13962s like about the kirikos it doesn't really
13964s give you those Genji Vibes where
13965s obviously yeah pretty much uh you know a
13968s Genji in itself but it allows for that
13971s damage to come through and I feel like
13973s again that's that's one of the main
13974s things there's a lot of squishy
13975s characters coming through but at the
13977s same time you got the sit about my
13979s colors and a Sombra coming through and
13981s able to get some of these hacks Down
13982s You're Gonna really seek out the team
13984s and get some information also really
13986s just testify for those back lines taking
13988s out that fight not able to Win It Up
13990s sometimes OverWatch is like a horror
13992s game where you just get jump scared by a
13994s Sombra de cloaking around you and nobody
13996s wants to see her around but bun wants to
13999s be around more 20 away from the EMP that
14001s is a huge ultimate to be turning fights
14004s around especially when you're running a
14006s brigandana you don't have a solid
14007s support ultimate let's not talk about
14009s rally okay it's fake until it gets
14011s buffed nyxl Academy they're real for
14014s this they're trying to push the card as
14016s much as they can they have the Kitsune
14018s rush but it's the Anna uh Nano boost
14021s that goes to Ailey Sue what the kills
14023s we're sorry guys ain't happening yet ah
14026s no even right now whisp is struggling to
14028s get some of that damage down on that
14030s LinkedIn so oh no in this Primal Rage
14033s coming through makes it even harder I
14035s mean really just targeting that back
14036s line trying to get the healers down so
14039s that they can at least eliminate some of
14041s this I'm just overall attention going
14044s towards that DPS and the tank yep they
14046s take out Ally they take out Ailey and
14049s now they can push forward
14051s good fight for NY cell Academy own
14053s Primal Rage Kitsune Rush able to
14055s conserve the EMP so I think that'll be
14057s what's winning the fight for them going
14059s to the end of point B in their way
14061s though is the sustain of a Primal Rage
14063s of course the rally which I say is fake
14065s it prove to be right see rally I didn't
14068s even see it either EMP hit them hard but
14071s it's 4v4 nyxl Academy ain't done yet
14075s they're not going to be done for a while
14076s with a switch coming through from Santa
14078s pushing that Cassidy down over
14081s may as well see something nobody's
14083s actually noticed the presence yet so
14084s Senate is free for a little bit to get
14086s some free damage alongside now we're
14088s able to see okay the samba goes down but
14090s no longer able to help out the team and
14092s the push commences right now nyxl
14094s they've lost a bit of that offensive
14097s pressure but they will come back and
14098s possibly push again
14100s yeah great bubble from TV girl to Shield
14103s the person who was slept and woken up
14105s because I think Senna wanted that kill
14107s more than anything but nyxl Academy
14109s wanted point B off the EMP just
14112s unsuccessful even after canceling the
14114s rally from nemio so and when I saw nyxl
14118s Academy is still resetting and getting
14119s into position
14122s all they need right now is it's just
14124s that recollection a big thing is also
14126s being a bit worried of you know
14128s isolating yourselves right now you can
14129s see Wicca try to get some shots through
14131s and overall just looking to see where
14133s these members are and it seems like a
14135s lot of them really are fighting for that
14136s High Ground so who's gonna disrupt that
14138s I mean the only player that I can think
14140s of right now could be that win Stanford
14141s playing alongside Sunday
14143s but
14144s as it seems the Nano not coming through
14146s just yet they're gonna wait for the
14147s perfect moment
14149s now Nano available from Baya making the
14152s signal towards Ali Sue I'm gonna unleash
14154s it the pulse bomb misses because of the
14156s boot from Wicca so good peel towards
14158s that back line of nyxl Academy now
14161s pressuring the card meters away from
14163s getting it done and bias waiting for the
14164s last second to Nano Ali Sue which is
14167s usually the target although some
14168s OverWatch League teams like to also Nano
14171s their Cassidy so you have said it will
14173s pull through seta is the recipient up
14175s high has the Dead Eye forces the
14177s translocate out of bun who has the EMP
14180s if they felt like this was winnable but
14182s without Whiz It's Gonna be a tough task
14187s so you're doing a good job so far you
14189s know playing down to that Winston nyxl
14191s they've been keeping this payload down
14194s here for a while we just got a nice
14196s glimpse of what the tracer was doing and
14198s right now all nyxl is trying to do is
14201s really push forward but it seems like I
14202s mean at this point we've been able to
14204s actually see teeth Regal go down into
14206s their own spawn and just casually
14209s eliminate they're next to you
14211s and a staggering albaya from these poo
14213s poo respawns all good and why Excel
14216s Academy two and a half minutes able to
14218s win all for that second EMP and then the
14220s sound bear is the cherry on top but
14223s Starry Nights how do you stop this you
14225s got the Dead Eye that's more of a zoning
14227s tool especially without the Lucio you
14228s can kind of speed around cornrows and
14230s really use that as a win condition as
14232s more of a zoning tool but Starry Nights
14234s just seeing if they can dwindle and why
14236s itself down
14239s it's gonna be hard but we do actually
14240s have a dead eye here it could come
14242s through at any moment and right there it
14244s is but down Comes The Shield waiting for
14246s the moment that it strikes petite biker
14248s won't even give the light of day Senna
14250s missing out on an opportunity that would
14252s have been so big but at the same time I
14254s mean they've already regained that
14255s control Starry Nights trying to fight
14257s faster Halo so that they can start to at
14260s least revert it back to where it came
14261s from but it's gonna be hard I mean again
14263s TV girls still left alive in the heels
14265s coming in very efficiently
14267s I think the center of that nyxl Academy
14270s dive has to be Senna with the least
14272s amount of Mobility right in terms of
14274s sustain as well the brig not having a
14277s ton but able to Rally anemia hoping to
14279s get more value out of this it's not bad
14281s to Rally early in a fight and start
14282s collecting that over Health but nyxl
14285s Academy are attacking from multiple
14286s angles and banishes working up towards
14288s that EMP
14290s even now okay we're finally seeing a
14293s dpsb DPS and I actually really like the
14295s Sombra versus tracer on Teresa now
14299s coming through but we actually do have
14301s at least a pulse bomb to utilize this
14303s perfect moment some of the damage there
14305s and that actually assists because we got
14306s to see you
14307s see at least an anti hero come through
14309s no longer usable though as the fuels
14311s start to come back their nyxl Academy
14313s they've figured out their composure and
14315s they're trying to push it back because
14316s that can pulse bomb but no damage comes
14318s through oh I know the patch is bringing
14320s in a raid boss but mimio rally and Nano
14322s that is the raid boss we're dealing with
14324s in this blizzard world and starry night
14327s just fight after fight beating down NY
14330s Excel Academy before they could even
14332s drum up a plan but at least the plan is
14335s set sound barrier EMP at the ready for
14337s nyxl Academy with 30 seconds left and no
14340s clear answer from starry nights on how
14341s they're going to counter that
14344s no question here as well I mean you know
14347s we talk about a last fight and so far I
14349s mean it really does feel like they're
14350s cowarding down for nyxl I said Starry
14353s Nights they might actually be a lot
14354s better coming into this payload and
14356s feels like they have so far trying to
14358s get some of this pushed through and they
14360s pushed back here for nyxl opportunity
14363s strikes where it should but TV girl
14365s start to get a bit low it starts to get
14367s scary we're taking things down into this
14369s over time and can they continue to bring
14371s this about because right now I mean as
14373s one person goes down it might lead to a
14375s domino effect oh yeah and why I sell
14377s Academy only getting one kill off that
14379s EMP is so surprising but TV girl focuses
14381s the Dives onto mimeo but the Dead Eye
14384s from Senna is trying to zoom him away
14385s lots of chunky monkey able to get away
14388s back to the loving arms of a sound
14390s barrier and TV girl back again but the
14392s channel is about to be turned off not
14394s before a few kills were traded out nyxl
14396s Academy almost at the end and a huge 2K
14400s from Wisp and a 3K to clean Team web
14403s story Knights respawn Advantage for the
14406s defense they gotta get back quick
14409s it happens it doesn't I don't think
14411s right now I mean the only person who's a
14412s really contest actually perfect
14415s coming down and making sure that they
14417s can at least attest for something but
14419s the pressure has to commence they've
14420s Switched Off coming into the for kids
14422s and now they are really trying to push
14425s down on this I mean Nino making the
14427s perfect
14428s switch that you could possibly make big
14430s pushback big results big damage right
14433s now especially with the Bastion coming
14434s into play story nights they've pushed
14436s this back and nyxl had no chance at that
14439s point
14440s uh I love big cheesy shots too the
14443s Bastion that's what I gotta teach you
14445s about when you're in a tough situation
14448s you're losing your backs are against the
14451s wall on defense the number one thing you
14453s bring out is Sebastian Overlord screw
14455s your Widow stuff bring out the Bastion
14457s get nanoed and it equals profit it's a
14460s very simple equation and I love that
14462s starry nights that that just overwhelmed
14464s uh nysl Academy with damage who got so
14468s close to capping after kind of being
14470s stuck on at the end of B taking some
14472s time to get the point C momentum going
14474s but it's still a pretty far push
14479s it is very far and
14481s you know for nyxl
14483s again is their push better than their
14485s pool
14487s and it seems maybe it should be
14490s but that in itself really is gonna start
14492s off in that first fight we're seeing the
14494s McCree what they're hoping for here
14496s again is that that could really account
14498s for those nice headshots get some early
14500s picks through
14501s hi there I know you want to see the
14503s Widow so bad I really do if there's
14505s anyone who pulls it out it's bun just
14508s based off of just how good she is on the
14510s hit scans in general but wisp I mean
14514s they turned on the lights and turned
14516s them off actually if I'm thinking about
14518s just the enemy's lights uh just with the
14520s 3K at the end beautiful pulse bomb
14523s really pulling through and the fact that
14525s bun trusts them enough to play the
14527s Tracer we've seen even bun played the
14528s Tracer too they have these overlapping
14530s hero pools but it's starry nights on the
14532s offense just a bit of scouting there
14534s from Bond maybe an initial hack but all
14537s bun cares about is hacking building up
14539s towards EMP leaving
14543s I like um you know Bud's doing a little
14545s silly here actually getting something
14547s down onto the beat itself but
14549s it seems like that's gonna work okay we
14551s see the monkey coming down Winston
14553s assisting with fun at this point in time
14556s but again right it's just almost
14558s impossible Right Now TV girls try to get
14560s some of that damage left down on the
14562s point but the shield coming down way too
14564s slow and set against the shot but
14567s Santa's just annihilating continuously
14569s again it seems like right now story nice
14571s they've lost the one DPS to come through
14573s but they can hold themselves
14575s man you're a nyxl Academy it's playing
14579s off the hacks from bun they had they
14580s kind of a well-coordinated dive just
14582s when they don't get that immediate
14583s execution it's trusting in Cairo to get
14587s the heels off it's a little tough though
14588s kiriko's heels aren't as good as they
14590s used to and TV girls just got bursted
14593s down but that's just off of really good
14595s Focus fire from starry nights and no
14597s really ultimates coming up besides
14599s really buying for that control of the
14600s top left High Ground where of course
14602s Starry Nights we're focused on pushing
14605s the car right now I guess
14606s no that's not their main focus although
14608s uh taking out this Winston is TV girl
14611s just won't go down no matter how hard
14614s you really try to pry it open especially
14616s now coming down to the front lines
14618s trying to make things happen but of
14619s course down around the back at least now
14621s the Tracer here on nyxl was able to
14623s fight for something but you know we can
14626s I mean nyxl it's just the continuous
14628s work around trying to
14631s make things happen but it's almost
14633s impossible you know you got two fake
14634s brawny little guys down on the point
14637s it's like you're really just shooting at
14639s a wall here
14640s I think starry nights are waiting for
14642s bun to declote because they know they're
14643s just gonna be flanking all the time and
14645s once that somber translocates out you
14647s kind of have this pseudo 5v4 and I think
14649s starry nights that's the moment they
14650s want to engage into as Senna gets nanoed
14654s while they were getting harassed by
14655s these double flankers dead I'm being
14656s used 2K for Starry Nights who's just
14660s waited reacted and executed
14663s and the executions always looking sharp
14666s although Starry Nights lemon you're
14668s doing way better than what nyxl was
14670s pushing this car I mean you got four
14673s minutes standing they still got a lot of
14675s pulse bomb available so many things
14676s available as well even now the Primal
14678s Rage just as I was about to say at TV go
14681s reading my mind as well but there is a
14683s potential here they can at least try to
14684s get something fun I mean it is going to
14686s be able to save the ultimate for now the
14688s Primal Rage versus Primal Rage in itself
14690s really does feel like I'm watching
14691s Animal Planet but it's good enough
14694s wisp is just a menace on the Tracer
14697s getting a multi-killer at the end tv
14699s girls sustaining using the Primal Rage
14701s Against the seba uh pole spawn that was
14704s used starry nights I don't know if they
14706s have the numbers to keep this going
14708s Santa's gonna shutting down the Tracer
14710s flanks but not this time and not against
14713s the EMP of fun Starry night's fighting
14716s tooth and nail for this it's up to mimio
14718s to keep the team alive decides to go for
14720s the rally it's countered by the Carol
14722s Kitsune Rush that's a lot of speed and
14724s cooldown production for nyxl Academy who
14727s are 0.39 meters away from getting capped
14729s on and they have respawn Advantage but
14731s it seems like Starry night's brawl is
14733s just too much for them to deal with
14735s not only that but with the retreat
14737s coming in you know you see that barrier
14738s Shield come out you have so much
14740s coverage left as well and you know once
14744s you throw that Shield bash in you just
14745s push these players out of the way and
14746s you pretty much get what you want and it
14748s seems like they're obviously it worked
14749s out for starry nights we see a switch to
14751s come through and it's working out once
14753s again
14754s now four minutes to go to the box of
14757s victory at the end of Starry Nights can
14759s do so they'll tie the series 1-1 this
14762s best of five every map counts now saba
14765s and Bun meet in a dark hallway and
14767s that's well also a roll exchange where
14769s with was the original Tracer player now
14771s buns gonna take it over wisp goes to
14773s Cassidy
14776s we're hurting back though
14780s okay looking for something at least
14782s trying to get some deals off especially
14783s as you see the front line starts you'll
14785s be contested here Haley looking for that
14788s Primal Rage to really push back and they
14791s jump themselves over to try to miss out
14793s so they don't get taken down but fun is
14795s a bit too close and a bit too fast
14798s sound bear is so good from Wicca save
14801s the team nyxl academy
14804s they're gonna owe them a pizza after
14806s this that's for sure but not feeling the
14808s Lucio go into the brig again those brake
14810s packs really important to just allow
14812s more freedom to your Tracer to roam
14814s around and not have to go back to
14815s Grandma Anna for heels three minutes
14818s left for starry nights and look it up to
14821s a nano for Ali Sue to pop off
14825s oh TV girls waiting for the perfect
14826s moment here actually this is a lot of
14827s pushback as well coming down towards the
14829s back line and try to get some hoops
14831s across they actually shoot down the
14833s McCree instead it goes down flying you
14836s wouldn't have expected that especially
14838s now you know once you see a Primal Rage
14839s in this particular area you gotta start
14841s to be wary of your surroundings and now
14843s it's monkey on monkey but getting shot
14845s up see if your girls flying I'm not even
14848s sure where they're gonna land here a
14850s nice okay here it comes risk for making
14853s some shots happen and it seems like
14854s they're gonna have to be that clutch
14855s factor for nyxl
14859s is huge and carols just came in a little
14863s late but it was enough just through the
14865s kills and the respawn Advantage at nyxl
14867s Academy have to overthrow starry nights
14870s and I gotta say I hope we get TV girl
14872s Primal in Cena mid Dead Eye off the map
14875s into some kind of highlight reel you
14877s don't get the seat this Cassidy T posing
14879s into their death like that that was
14881s amazing still two minutes left oh fun on
14884s the prowl
14885s [Music]
14888s Turn and Burn that's disgusting
14891s oh it really is right now though okay
14893s Senna re-bringing out
14896s at least they're ultimate to use
14899s but it's gonna be hard you know you you
14900s need a bit more coverage than that one
14902s Senate Coast walking up by themselves
14904s saying it's hot noon it's also it's also
14907s going to be no no noon because you will
14909s not be able to see after that one so
14911s again I mean regaining their composure
14913s with the team trying to regroup here
14914s push themselves back onto that payload
14916s but it's at as it seems right now I mean
14919s it gets harder and more you have a
14920s pushback coming through the TV girl TV
14922s go floating out to the point where Santa
14923s shots it off and now's the perfect time
14925s to utilize that ultimate
14927s oh Starry Nights their brawl is so
14930s strong off the mimio rally and at least
14932s nyxi nyxl Academy new to not just stay
14936s around for any longer but somebody has
14937s to go back to touch at the last second
14939s it's bun Santa with the Dead Eye to try
14942s and burst TV girl down who wants to play
14943s their life towards the prime of the
14945s rally from Wicca comes out nyxl Academy
14947s rallying for one last for raw the box of
14950s victory in the states of Starry Night
14952s and nysl Academy need to keep them keep
14954s them grippers on the payload at all
14957s times so they're fighting back with
14958s their own ultimates the Primal Rage and
14960s more TV girl is done playing with their
14963s food
14964s oh okay now they're punched in their
14967s food as well this has gotten into a
14969s boxing match right now especially as the
14971s Brigade starts to join in and they've
14974s finished it off they finally fended off
14976s all of the offenses coming through and
14978s just within meters not even to go
14981s through nyxl they need to keep this
14984s payload intact they have the Dead Eye to
14986s utilize here from wisp maybe that'll
14988s account for something but not to mention
14989s two ultimates here they could use the
14991s Nano boost to try to push themselves
14993s even further
14995s one last push and nine seconds will be
14997s nyxl Academy going to match point or
15001s will Starry Nights push him to the edge
15002s it starts with starting I'd have to get
15005s on the court and it's Alicia who's there
15007s the Nano doesn't go to them though they
15009s put all the eggs in the center basket
15010s and Samba got slapped the Dead Eye from
15013s wisp we've just ended all the defense
15016s then stands tall and nyxl Academy take
15019s blizzard world and go to match point
15022s that was impeccable the pure hold
15027s that they had managed that should not
15030s have been but they did it it was two
15032s ultimates that they needed and two
15033s ultimates they pushed back exactly the
15036s way that it should have worked out and
15037s uh I love me some Bastion play so we
15040s only got a little bit of a fashion here
15041s and there but uh I'm gonna enjoy this
15043s one
15045s I always go emergency Bastion and then
15048s thanks you know since now they're stuck
15050s on their Rose emergency doomfist and the
15053s supports are just stuck they're already
15055s fast enough don't give them anymore uh
15058s but nysl Academy they want one more map
15060s they're on match point up 2-0 with a
15063s ticket to the Grand finals around the
15065s corner we're gonna throw it to a quick
15066s break it's half time time and you guys
15069s should stay tuned
15073s foreign
15075s [Music]
15133s foreign
15135s [Music]
15193s thank you
15194s [Music]
15199s [Applause]
15206s foreign
15218s [Music]
15248s foreign
15250s [Music]
15255s [Laughter]
15273s they are they are down in the series and
15276s that's super unfortunate but nyxl
15279s they're they're really looking good and
15280s I think uh you know with the first one
15283s coming through with the second we
15284s actually got to see uh a bit of you know
15288s what sorry had to offer and I think they
15291s still have a lot more to offer it's just
15292s gonna be a bit harder I think nyxl you
15294s know as they continue to grow they start
15296s to see the Tendencies of what star is
15298s capable of oh but it is Starry night's
15301s choice of map yet again they want to go
15303s to shambali and it's like in their name
15305s Starry Nights maybe they're buffed on
15308s nighttime Maps shambali is pretty dark
15311s out here and it's cold but this is a
15313s kind of a remotra style map it's very
15316s favoring towards the bra of course you
15318s can play Dive here but this is where the
15320s brawl continues and I think uh and what
15323s Excel nyxl Academy looked really good on
15325s the brawl in Antarctic though
15327s yeah they really did and this escort is
15329s kind of different and in a lot of ways I
15332s guess per se I feel like a lot more than
15335s what uh kind of similar to what the
15336s payload is really looking like but I
15338s think more so for shambali it's gonna
15340s have that similar effect and as we saw
15342s right on hybrid uh it was a lot of back
15345s and forth fight where it really did feel
15347s like a lot of the time story was winning
15348s that out it was just that last second
15350s that really LED them to their demise so
15352s really just having to keep in touch uh
15354s with themselves and really not let any
15356s of those fights go to waste because a
15358s lot of the time
15359s it got a bit hard
15361s yeah I know I'm gonna use something you
15363s like to say people who are really POG
15366s champ are saying arsena and wisp those
15370s two are just going at it especially nyxl
15373s Academy with side Flex from both the
15376s Cassidy to the Tracer and Bun kind of
15379s having those overlapping hero pools that
15381s were trying out different things on
15383s Starry Night side SATA is getting almost
15385s every Nano boost that's how much you
15388s trust Center you're letting Alice you
15390s die so you can Nano Sena and most of the
15394s time she delivers sometimes just Starry
15397s Nights can't put all the eggs in one
15399s person it's just gonna crack
15403s it's difficult do I know annoy you
15405s you're like oh yeah
15407s oh my gosh 11.
15411s and why is she here
15416s I ask myself
15419s that's my um it's just my initial
15421s reaction to that information
15423s no I'm like sorry was that not correct
15426s enough for you
15427s oh my gosh but man okay well now I've
15432s lost my terrain of thought I'm getting
15434s sham bullied right now
15439s I'm sorry but I'm not I'm not as smart
15442s as you are an individual and I am an
15444s individual right now but
15446s for this team I I want to ask your
15449s prediction lemon because I love starting
15450s drama who do you think is gonna win yes
15453s drama okay let me spill the tea right
15456s now okay nyxl Academy are up to oh in
15459s this series right haven't dropped the
15460s map last time these two teams face nyxl
15463s Academy beat starry nights in the Swiss
15465s stage yeah the stakes were lower but
15468s we're kind of heading that direction
15470s again all those Starry Nights made it
15473s very very close on blizzard world uh
15476s almost getting to the end I mean it came
15479s down to the last fight I'm thinking on
15482s this map nyxl Academy they were
15485s strongest on the brawl and this is the
15487s bralcana map it's cold it sucks but I
15491s think I know nyxl Academy don't suck
15494s okay you know in the beginning you said
15496s maybe this is sari's map so yeah I'm
15498s getting mixed emotions um because of the
15501s Night Part yeah yeah yeah
15503s name buff that's right that's right also
15506s uh yeah I I'm gonna have to agree with
15509s you I think nyxl they're looking like
15511s these who you're half here
15514s you know in terms of what's going to
15516s happen here I'm not too sure but I I do
15518s feel like nyxl are probably going to
15521s take the reins on this one a little bit
15522s more
15523s I wonder if we're going to see the the
15524s bun May again and is it going to be the
15527s rematcher from TV girl or a sigma uh
15530s she's played both uh types of brawl I
15533s think Sigma on a Havana map and the
15536s ramatra on the Antarctic and King's Row
15538s just different kind of brawl Maps well
15540s this Ali suit
15542s um played a lot of Winston throughout
15544s the Swiss stage and throughout this
15546s point obviously just ramatra just
15549s backhands Winston all the time so it's
15551s always nice to match the brawl
15555s oh I like Mia Winston I like Winston I
15560s like we just got to get the track going
15561s again yeah Winton if you want to see
15563s Winton there
15565s span spam sorry
15568s um
15569s spam uh what's what's like another one
15572s that we can I guess uh
15574s um span what's the what's the copy
15577s pastas for the for these teams yeah what
15580s uh here let's make one up I guess um
15583s spam
15585s um Academy
15588s um
15588s I don't know English
15591s spam this light for starry night okay
15596s yeah my kindergarten's going crazy right
15599s now uh
15600s nyxl what rhymes with l
15604s spam this bell for nyxl
15608s yo we just popped off we popped off
15611s right now and then we could say um
15615s um
15616s yeah what are we saying we're gonna
15618s attempt to say things anyway
15621s it's a little hard you're the smart one
15624s oh jeez good luck if I'm the smarter one
15629s when I die as a society
15632s we we do procreated unfortunately so I
15637s don't Excel Academy they're on the
15639s attack TV girls kind of hovering over
15641s the segment I was kind of wondering if
15643s it was going to be the remote the sigma
15645s brawl you know they could debate us I've
15646s already taught you this and I fell for
15648s that lesson already so let's look at the
15649s defense what do you think
15651s okay
15651s I'm liking the defense I'm having a good
15653s time with the defense honestly I feel
15656s like you know we obviously see that
15657s haunts the majority of the time uh but
15659s Santa kind of taken a different approach
15661s to you know the Cassidy that we saw
15663s previously but I get to see a Widowmaker
15666s oh and we buzzed
15668s well production do not like me
15672s every time you have a thought we have to
15674s pause and really just think about it she
15677s say that it's like it's like now I have
15679s like people are actually analyzing me in
15681s chat because you don't talk next and
15683s like they get to think about what I just
15684s said and I should just like verbally
15686s pause after you say anything dumb and
15688s just like let you breathe like
15690s Widowmaker
15692s is that really a good choice right now
15695s man and it really does suck because I I
15698s love niece and Widowmaker plays but it
15700s feels like with the maps that are in the
15701s pool right now it's like almost
15702s impossible to play with a little maker
15705s she's just
15707s it's an all or nothing hero you either
15709s hit your shots or you don't and it's so
15712s awkward when the Observer has to go
15714s online with a widow and nothing happens
15716s like this and then you know you'd be
15718s hanging out of course the defense knows
15721s you just don't want to poke your head
15723s out when widowmakers can come out like
15725s this get that first pick but I guess
15726s wisp is sending it on it I like this you
15730s know and we get to see the potential
15731s here I'm a big believer in All or
15733s Nothing okay and Whispers too obviously
15737s they're uh doing a little dance right
15739s now I think they honestly this is big
15741s damage as well so if whispin hit their
15742s shot this is such big potential
15746s you gotta find a body to shoot
15748s and there's nobody home this is like
15750s some Hide and Go Seek nyxl Academy with
15753s the double sniper a little uncommon on
15755s this part usually like kind of a tracer
15757s to pressure these defensive power
15759s positions from starry nights but they've
15760s already been made uncomfortable and you
15762s got a first pick from wisp so you're
15764s selling me on the Widowmaker
15766s what's up hello oh okay
15768s right now I'm really just trying to go
15770s back towards
15771s you know where the tank is we're lying
15774s and right now I mean trying to save the
15776s day it's it's big right now because a
15778s ton of the damage coming through and I'm
15779s actually really liking you know the
15781s sigma that I'm seeing here it's it's
15783s pretty much the majority of the damage
15785s coming on to that Winston and they're
15786s having a very very hard time trying to
15788s push up ooh Sabo was just trying to
15790s flank and got orbed by his Zen and
15793s Harrow
15795s hit those shots if you can harass a
15798s tracer and duel it it's quite a
15800s difficult thing to do as a support
15801s tracers are are terrifying nyxl Academy
15804s once they cleared their back line they
15806s Advanced forward as you pointed out
15807s Sigma really good at brawling just rock
15810s him and Sock Em sorry nice gotta ignore
15813s the sigma go for everyone else
15815s yeah and we talked about it now we're
15817s seeing a 100 come down on the Widowmaker
15820s but again it feels like you know maybe
15822s you were right there isn't a lot that
15824s I'm seeing right now but just as I see
15826s that we just didn't find the opportunity
15828s trying to shoot down the shield right
15830s now again finding another shot this is
15833s big it's wisp making these openings
15836s again and quite possibly another the
15837s Tracer goes back but the damage is there
15841s yeah I wonder if Saber just didn't have
15843s the blinks because the treasure should
15845s not be scared of a widow you are the
15847s counter you are the scissors to the
15848s paper you gotta step up to the plate but
15851s he issue with the last fight is Ali Sue
15852s is focusing a lot on killing TV girl you
15855s know what I said ignore the sigma I like
15857s the idea of Starry Nights bubbling off
15859s the sigma you block off the healing you
15861s remove the tank and all the dominoes
15862s especially these squishy snipers can be
15865s vulnerable but just didn't convert the
15867s kill onto the tank now you have five
15869s ultimates four NY Excel Academy and
15871s one's already been unleashes the
15873s gravitic flux Nano for aliens who didn't
15875s pop the Primal Rage to save themselves
15877s now what will Starry Nights do to
15880s salvage this fight
15883s at this point they've lost oh not even
15886s that they're not gonna use the Primal
15888s Rage instead they made the switch coming
15890s over to the little hamster now they're
15892s they're gonna get excited here because
15894s it seems like they're using that hole to
15896s at least keep the point a bit longer
15900s now we've seen at least you play a
15901s little bit of Hammond usually on control
15903s Maps so this is a cool looking and it's
15905s dead but yeah giving up the Primal is a
15908s peculiar Choice as nyxl Academy are
15911s about to Cap B and they're gonna have a
15913s ton of time for C four and a half
15916s minutes staggering out Santa is not
15920s great for Starry but hey son is on the
15922s Widow against wisp we got ourselves a
15924s widow off I know you want us to see this
15926s okay you know what this is my game
15929s they've read my mind they're oh okay
15930s well never mind Santa goes down but it's
15932s okay because that is you know it's that
15935s first trial and error moment where you
15937s know you log on to the Widowmaker and
15940s you unfortunately make that first shot
15941s not count as much but wisp is just
15943s really good we've seen shots come out
15945s from them already making some damage
15947s come down on the Hammond but this time
15948s around gonna try to at least use those
15950s quad cannons to get some shots fired and
15953s Oh missing the shot actually the Anna
15955s goes away not safe and sound though
15956s because the Baptist is there for the
15958s trade-off sen just thought they could
15960s blend in with the snow like I'm a blue
15962s character the snow's kind of blue
15964s looking imma just if I don't if I stand
15966s still they won't see me but yeah sorry
15968s guys keep getting staggered out you're
15971s gonna grab Flex set of solo like that
15973s that's disrespect oh my goodness that's
15976s my Excel Academy three and a half
15978s minutes four meters away from the full
15981s cap starry night staring down the barrel
15983s of match point two wisp is putting on a
15986s gun show 3K with the Widow and all they
15990s could see is a double yeah that's a full
15992s cap they they need something to at least
15994s just counter that Widow completely
15996s because the way wisp is playing you said
15999s it's all or nothing and whisp is playing
16001s like their families on the line they are
16003s not giving in to this game at all and
16006s quite honestly Santa's having a hard
16007s time as well just simply because of that
16010s Sigma you're seeing a lot of the time
16012s the sigma is actually the one taken out
16014s Senna and Senna has no chance or
16016s opportunity to even seek out a one
16018s everyone from wisp
16021s wisp it's just the fact that you bring
16023s out the Widowmaker on this map it's not
16025s the most common Pig
16027s but just in you know they had issues
16030s just finding targets because Starry
16032s Nights were good actress hiding and I
16034s think it's good to avoid peaking the
16036s Widow as I tell all my teammates to stop
16038s peaking the Widow in my games but Starry
16041s Nights just they kept getting staggered
16042s once you had the snowball from nyxl
16044s Academy forming just no pun intended
16047s because this map is very snowy but
16048s that's the momentum the nyxl academy had
16050s Starry Nights just never knew how to
16052s reset from the end of point B to around
16054s pretty much the totality of seed they
16057s never had their full five alive
16063s moment though you know as we're starting
16065s to prep up a bit nyxl having the Zen and
16068s again I think this is really going to
16070s help out with because not only is it
16071s going to assist with that tank damage
16073s but the biggest thing right now is once
16075s they see that one come up with this and
16078s listen I actually just saw this but you
16081s know we're looking at the Reinhardt come
16082s through that Shield is going to be so
16084s much more difficult for wispy to even
16085s hit those shelves
16087s doesn't even know you could sit up there
16089s and then as wisp is like trying to be
16091s all sneaky you got a big orange Shield
16095s hey everybody there's a Widowmaker up
16097s here yeah it's obviously to protect the
16099s Widow but uh can you protect yourself
16100s against Elysium the Reinhardt charging
16103s on in that's what the Reinhardt wants to
16105s do get up in your face get personal
16107s because that Reinhardt Shield
16109s regenerates so slowly so you don't want
16111s to have a moment where your Shield is
16113s down yeah I think that's another plus as
16115s well honestly though this this double
16116s sniper composition is really working out
16119s well I'm not even sure what they're
16120s trying to run right now but it seems
16121s like mainly of it is damaged and as they
16124s continue the damage is working out well
16125s here I've taken out another one and
16128s right now
16129s it's uh pretty much difficult for Starry
16131s Nights if you get past I I was surprised
16133s because I thought the Reinhardt was
16135s actually going to be a really really
16136s interesting pick but you know getting
16138s taken down the shield already getting
16139s eliminated Santa has to make a switch
16142s yeah Senna matching the Widow once again
16145s and Sabo might maybe not comfortable on
16147s that I thought the Tracer would have
16149s worked out well to just have some kind
16150s of flank pressure but the reaper is an
16152s option you can speed with the Lucio you
16154s could teleport behind them and really
16156s just play alongside your Reiner there's
16158s many options for the reaper but wisp is
16161s winning the Widow duel and starry nights
16163s I have to play I have to play down a
16165s person okay it's continuous it really is
16167s like you can't win a fight against whisk
16169s but the only thing I can think of right
16170s now is something to really take out that
16172s back line because you know when you're
16174s looking at it everybody's gonna be such
16176s a big problem leading into this game not
16179s to mention Cairo as well right just
16181s hiding behind getting those discourse
16183s storms around down into the middle of
16185s starry nights and right now obviously
16187s you get to see if the dragon strikes but
16189s wisp is left alone nobody there to help
16191s out and finally the main DPS is left
16193s damaged
16194s yeah that's the thing that nyxl Academy
16197s had to work with that High Ground
16199s Advantage for their uh their DPS and
16201s that's where bun and wisp we're trying
16203s to get to that window Kind of a Funny
16205s missed grapple there but Starry Nights
16206s once they push to that kind of slanted
16208s Street they had access to the window
16210s which has access to that high ground and
16212s that's what I was worried about where it
16213s was aliasu now not on the Winston oh my
16215s shot able to just harass these DPS and
16219s these snipers fun
16221s is so scary and that's why she's one of
16225s the best DPS in calling all heroes and I
16228s could see you going to the finals with
16229s this kind of performance
16231s maybe I can as well I think overall NY
16234s Excel they've proved too
16236s you know play the best their
16238s capabilities obviously they pick the two
16240s best DPS that they could have
16242s I mean that in itself is proving itself
16244s but right now we see some of the
16245s ultimates coming through TV girl trying
16246s to get some of that slam down and right
16248s now as it seems they're missing out on
16250s the shots The Shield to come through try
16252s to at least gather some of that damage
16253s along so they can load up again but not
16257s enough the dragon strike to come back
16258s here for nyxl and whis is having some
16261s trouble
16262s yeah when you have to have your Lucio go
16264s and pressure the snipers you're in a lot
16266s of trouble it was a good grab flux for
16268s TV girl counted by the barrier as all
16270s the ultimates fly Starry Nights finally
16272s closed the Gap and have just run over
16275s bulldozed nyxl Academy put him in the
16278s locker and take all their money but how
16281s much time how much does it cost at the
16282s end all of their time they only have 35
16284s seconds left to get to point a
16291s Santa
16292s again sticking on the Widow but it seems
16293s like there hasn't been a lot of uh move
16296s here no one can hide now as it seems
16298s right now let's bring it out the
16300s ultimate trying to see where everybody
16302s is kind of gather some of that damage
16304s again it doesn't matter if they have a
16306s shield right now honestly that Reinhardt
16309s hasn't been doing much for this team
16312s this is the last fight to German if nyxl
16314s Academy is going to the finals and Cena
16316s gets their Revenge except the nyxl
16319s academy to pull through when it matters
16322s but fun wins over Senna you got the
16324s takes present though from Starry Nights
16326s they did capture point a so they'll have
16328s two and a half minutes for B but of
16331s course you want to carry that momentum
16333s instead 2K on the mat on the map I
16336s respect it
16338s that was what they needed all they
16340s needed was that one tick to get forth
16342s and continue on and set up pulled
16344s through with the one shot down in the
16347s middle of the air off of wisp completely
16350s unnoticed and then just continue to help
16352s out so right now Santa is going to try
16354s to prep up again escorting the payload
16357s still while they start to commence this
16359s fight
16360s the bun took a pretty powerful body shot
16362s and almost dropped early and that's an
16364s opening Starry night's needed but an ant
16366s Matrix set up around the corner good
16368s placement by sen TV girl getting a bit
16370s overwhelmed needs to play their lives so
16371s the craft flux can be pulled off by
16374s encounters with the sound barrier and
16376s Starry Nights can still play off the ant
16377s Matrix now NY cell Academy sneaking in
16380s the back lines whisp looking for a shot
16383s on any of these supports now Baya is
16386s gonna well I guess harass them away he
16389s had a shadow from Elise who that caught
16390s some members of nyxl Academy got the
16392s immortality of Wicca out no kills onto
16396s NY nyxl Academy throughout all of these
16398s ultimates and starry nights are starting
16400s to get weaker
16402s oh the dragon strike doing some damage
16404s there on the Reinhardt as they start to
16406s move up but right now for nyxl another
16409s what another fight one is another fight
16412s wanted now they're really looking for
16415s more I mean it's human like the gigantic
16418s bloodbath here but they have to keep
16421s that continuation going sorry nice
16422s they've done it before in the last
16423s couple of seconds they found that
16425s opportunity that opening and I think
16427s it'll happen again right now wake up
16429s finding that long shot to come through
16430s they're jumping up they're looking for
16432s it they have to push back down and they
16434s have to regroup
16435s 36 seconds for starry night again their
16439s backs against the wall pressure on them
16442s it's Do or Die last fight for the
16445s championship to extend this series at
16447s Matrix ready for Wicca waiting for the
16449s team the enemy to get around the corner
16450s that's said I don't think wanted that
16452s that far
16454s um either way nyxl Academy both amp
16457s Matrix exchange both teams running away
16459s from each other's line of sight but
16461s Starry Nights need to take the space
16462s aali Sue is back seven needs to hit a
16465s post bomb of her lifetime in this back
16467s line Carol Transcendence all of a sudden
16470s limited heals her nyxl Academy as TV
16472s girl waits for the final moment to
16474s activate this gravidic plus waiting to
16476s get access to these supports and the
16478s immortality should be encountered but
16480s you don't want to wait too long
16481s Transcendence not available three hit by
16484s the ground
16485s is out story
16487s not really still standing and over time
16489s is into effect and Starry Nights cannot
16491s get off this card it was such perfect
16492s timing said just pretty much gave them
16496s another opportunity another shot but
16497s right now whisp comes along the back
16499s line they switched off the Widow to the
16500s Tracer now they're trying to cut it down
16502s unfortunately though now we're able to
16504s see that Dragon strike really take its
16506s charge and Ailey stays alive just due to
16509s everything else I'm not gonna try to
16511s break down and crack down all that
16512s ultimate just yet they're keeping these
16513s three bolts on lockdown just in case
16515s they really need it for those last
16517s seconds because as it seems it's been
16519s way too close way too many times
16522s my heart is about to explode how do
16525s Starry Nights keep it capping these
16526s points in overtime they only have a
16529s minute and it's already a huge time bank
16531s deficit but they can still Force extra
16533s rounds if they can go to the end in one
16536s minute as they're getting set up this is
16538s pretty much gonna be last fight keeping
16541s on these snipers can they get these
16542s opening picks but it's starry nights
16544s that have the ultu with the shatter you
16547s can get past TV girl Shield this could
16549s be big even the amplification Matrix
16551s first from sen who drops it wanting to
16554s maybe uh sync up on the fire strike so
16556s that they amplify the damage there no
16558s kills yet amp Matrix now from the
16560s defensive Wicca trying to dwindle down
16562s the shields of Starry Nights playing the
16564s corners smartly though is elisu looking
16566s for the shatter opportunity TV girl
16568s doesn't have a shield and it's up to the
16570s snipers to stand tall and center with a
16573s two for one might have just done the job
16575s 21 seconds and Starry Nights have almost
16577s done it shattered to get TV girl on the
16579s floor that gets seasoned by Wicca and
16581s then Excel Academy have one last tool to
16584s use and it's TV girls griffinick flux
16586s and it might have just saved the day for
16588s nyxl Academy
16591s they have done it these last couple of
16594s seconds right now for story nights the
16597s defense was there and they finally kept
16600s themselves together but unfortunately as
16603s it seems nyxl already I mean it's just a
16606s continuation right the way that wisp was
16608s playing the way that fun really carried
16609s along as well the damage overall we're
16612s gonna be able to see it here it was
16614s immense you had that double sniper
16616s composition coming along and the shots
16618s were fire and something like this you
16620s talk about it it's risky sure but the
16623s payback that comes through with it the
16625s amount that you can do with a
16627s composition like that honestly is
16629s gigantic
16631s nyxl Academy with a clean 3-0 only
16636s dropping what like one game this whole
16638s single limb bracket they go to the Grand
16640s finals to face Timeless ethereal with
16643s the same score line only dropping one
16645s game to Dart monkeys in the semi-final
16648s and this is gonna be so exciting y'all
16651s there's so much money on the line 5 000
16653s for first 2500 for a second and of
16656s course circuit points to go to the
16658s championship which has an even bigger
16660s prize pool and I uh Gone first I
16662s couldn't have picked two best teams to
16663s make it there
16664s I know I I'm super excited for this one
16667s and you know nyxl uh big congratulations
16670s to them as well for being able to pull
16671s through with this I loved the
16673s performance that we saw mostly obviously
16676s out of wisp thank you for giving me my
16678s daily dosage of Widowmaker and as well
16681s as bun for really just showing up
16683s overall this team they assisted each
16685s other like crazy and there were moments
16687s where you thought they were gonna go
16688s down but there was just a little bit of
16691s them that refused and I think that in
16694s itself shows you how strong this team is
16695s and that they're ready to carry through
16697s for that possible victory I know you're
16699s a fan of widowmakers copper said we're
16701s gonna talk to one after this break wisp
16704s is Gonna Come on for an interview to
16706s talk to us right before the grand finals
16708s against Timeless ethereal and golfers I
16711s know you like the tea you like drama and
16712s we're gonna ask them all the questions
16714s y'all you'll want to stay tuned
16750s [Music]
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16808s [Music]
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16833s [Music]
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16877s [Music]
16883s foreign
16885s [Music]
16899s [Music]
16902s welcome back everyone to the calling all
16904s heroes Challenger Series major one by
16907s radiant you got to goofballs here but we
16909s got one really good DPS player on the
16912s line for an interview everyone say hello
16914s and wave to wisp DPS player from nyxl
16918s Academy
16919s um can you hear us congratulations
16922s thank you
16925s appreciate it off today oh my God you're
16927s a tracer on blizzard World your sniper
16931s on shambali like sell yourself like what
16934s is your hero pool because I think you
16935s could play it all
16936s I'll be honest Tracer lately has been
16939s tough because I play a lot of like
16941s normal hit skin like Widow Cass Ash
16944s sojour and so like summer Tracer being
16947s really good right now has been difficult
16948s because like I should be on Sombra like
16951s typically the hitscan will play Sombra
16953s but I'm just not great at both so I'm
16955s just doing Tracer and buns doing the
16957s Sombra
16958s because one can just play it all
16960s yeah
16962s okay well you can play it all as well I
16965s mean first of all thank you so much for
16967s playing Widowmaker you know that that
16970s might be my favorite video
16972s yeah I thank you very much honestly I I
16975s listened I I was being told it's a risky
16977s pick and I was like praying for it
16978s praying for it I think it got through to
16979s you because you you kind of owned on
16981s that and I was I was pleasantly and not
16983s surprised but I was I was pleasantly
16985s watching um more so I guess um you know
16989s what was the decision behind that
16991s uh snipers are really good Sigma and
16995s shambali is pretty good for Sniper sight
16997s lines and widow's one of my better
16999s characters so we do try to do like
17000s double sniper on that not every team
17002s does but you do see it sometimes so we
17004s just figured play to our strengths
17007s okay do we have the Wisp YouTube with
17009s the with the montages because you kind
17011s of made one on shambali I just want to
17013s know where to find all your your
17015s montages I do yeah
17017s my Twitches
17018s uh battle tag wsps and my YouTube should
17021s be the same if you just type that in
17025s I'm gonna be doing that right at the
17027s break when we're done interviewing you
17029s but before I let you go warm up for your
17031s next match you got the Grand Final
17032s around the corner it's Timeless ethereal
17034s what are your thoughts on that team
17037s uh we definitely can win
17039s um it'll be a good match I'm friends
17040s with a lot of the people on that team so
17042s I'm definitely looking forward to it uh
17043s Dart monkeys versus them looked really
17045s close and I was getting nervous because
17046s I have friends on that team too but uh
17049s yeah it should be a really fun match I
17050s definitely think we can win
17053s well you all heard it from wisp it's
17054s gonna be a fun final and it's anyone's
17057s game thank you so much for taking the
17058s time for the interview between matches
17060s best of luck coming up thank you thank
17063s you for having me
17066s Hopper is all this finalists stressing
17068s me out and I guess y'all have sold me on
17070s this Widowmaker stuff oh yeah converted
17074s thank you I I preach I only I only play
17078s three characters well no tank I play
17081s whoever I can but I only play I only
17084s play Widow and I only play mercy that's
17085s right I insta-lock those characters and
17087s if you're mad about it stay mad I'm
17089s sorry stay mad seeing it
17092s made my heart feel better about doing
17094s that because I was starting to feel a
17095s little guilty for a while so now I don't
17098s anymore careful of your games guys
17101s maybe I just get the bad widows on my
17103s team maybe if I had someone like whisp I
17105s would be preaching Widow man I'll have
17108s to see yours maybe we won't stay friends
17110s after I see it though I don't know but
17114s you know who I am friends with people
17115s who buy radiant merch if you want to
17118s support this platform directly
17121s financially with the three dollars in
17123s your bank account you know where to put
17124s that three dollars look at these shirts
17126s they're so cute
17128s they are very adorable and I'm liking
17130s the colors too and like in the the
17132s diversity of the colors I like the
17134s purple if you look good in purple if you
17136s look in Black if you look at them white
17138s um you're obligated to buy this and then
17140s post a little picture you know at
17141s radiant I I think they want to see it
17143s too
17144s oh yeah I mean that's how you just get
17146s retweeted automatically shout out to cat
17148s who designed this I mean our own
17150s Community is putting in the efforts to
17153s make you cute merch put on some cute
17155s matches for you and we have a one left
17158s around the corner y'all the Grand Final
17160s of our first major and there's two more
17162s Majors this year you'll want to stay
17165s tuned on all these channels to catch
17166s more calling all heroes but we're gonna
17169s throw it to a break because when we
17170s return we'll have that big Grand Final
17173s Timeless ethereal versus nyxl Academy
17175s we'll see you there
17181s good
17186s [Music]
17216s thank you
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17478s [Music]
17488s thank you
17495s [Music]
17499s [Applause]
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17524s [Applause]
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17659s thank you
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17707s thank you
17723s [Music]
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17743s [Music]
17750s [Music]
17786s yeah
17787s Heroes rise up your being called The
17790s Challenger Series Grand Final is going
17792s down right now this uh ten thousand
17795s dollar prize pool now there's only two
17797s teams remaining to fight for the last
17799s bits of it five thousand for first 2500
17801s per second in Gompers this is how we got
17803s here
17805s this is how we got here the timeline of
17808s it all we actually just recently saw
17810s nyxl versus starry nights and you know
17814s nyxl they've only really faced one game
17817s loss so they're kind of coming up on
17820s this continuous reign of wins here so
17822s they're feeling confident and that was
17824s actually the first time Starry had lost
17826s a series and a game alone so there was a
17829s lot of struggle coming up but we're able
17831s lemon to see a rematch from Timeless
17834s versus nyxl
17836s first seed versus second seed from the
17840s Swiss stage Timeless ethereal beat down
17843s everybody like and including nyxl
17846s Academy so keep that in mind this is not
17849s the first rodeo for Timeless ethereal
17851s and they've only dropped one game same
17853s thing as NYX
17855s Academy as you said but we are gonna go
17859s through the rosters one more time for
17861s everybody who forgot starting with NY
17862s Excel Academy you did just see them take
17864s a dub yet we even talked to wisp about
17867s how much they love the Widowmaker
17869s hmm
17870s and I love it too I think I think I
17873s think I influenced wisp a little bit
17875s during her interview you know telling
17877s them that you know I love the Widowmaker
17879s giving them a little boost you know in
17881s the right direction I'm a good friend I
17883s know thank you very much
17884s sometimes some sometimes if they lose
17888s maybe not but I don't think they will I
17890s think nyxl they had such a good trial
17892s run and even though it was in the Swiss
17893s that they had actually lost against this
17895s team uh I I think that Swiss is a bit
17899s different than kind of like a bestify
17901s series there's a lot more chances
17902s there's a lot more at to take especially
17903s in the grand finals the nyxl they've
17906s come into this we have bun and wisp to
17907s really make that effort count and
17909s overall uh the team is looking pretty
17911s solid so far today so I ain't got no
17913s complaints yeah especially when you have
17915s someone like sniper AKA TV girl uh as
17919s your tank
17921s um kind of looking at how much they
17922s played ramatra and things like that
17925s um they were very good especially the
17927s sigma on
17929s shambali the graphic fluxes were
17932s valuable they were very smart with their
17933s positioning but do they have what it
17936s takes to go up against this next
17937s opponent Timeless ethereal now this is a
17941s roster star studded I looked through
17944s some of the compositions they played
17945s they can do it all the Winston dive some
17948s doomfist dive some torbjorn Reaper some
17952s ramachar may brawl this team is so
17955s flexible
17957s they this is actually the first time
17959s I've seen such like um
17961s you know kind of more so a team that is
17965s willing to push for anything and no
17967s matter what they do they really just
17970s want to you know push for those Comfort
17971s picks not only that but also just
17973s overall just get everything done as much
17976s as they need to but overall Timeless
17978s ethereal again it's a team that has gone
17982s to this Grand finals for a reason
17984s they've made that upper bracket run
17985s they've come into this position right
17987s now and they're not looking to go any
17988s further I know your dog is just being
17990s demonic
17997s got the vote then I think so too also
18000s Jim's Supremacy hurt a lot of amazing
18002s things about this player the Tracer is a
18005s menace he also flexed to the maid
18007s apparently the torp 2 on lijong Tower we
18010s saw earlier today against dark monkeys
18012s but lijiang Tower will be timeless
18015s ethereal's Choice as the better seed and
18017s then the loser picks the rest of the
18018s maps this is a first to three with a lot
18022s of money on the line like I said five
18024s thousand dollars for first and circuit
18026s points to help them qualify and get a
18027s better seed for the championship
18031s having to qualify but this is a new map
18033s this is something we haven't seen in my
18035s Excel
18036s play on yet so you know there could be
18040s very much well new results coming into
18042s this
18043s and I need something different to look
18045s at as well which is something exciting
18046s in my opinion but I'm kind of guessing
18049s like what what are we looking at here
18051s what are you kind of assuming the
18052s compositions are going to look like as
18054s well I'm expecting Winston but I think
18056s when Sawhill played lijon Tower last
18059s time it was doomfist and I mean not even
18062s hawk in OverWatch league is playing
18063s doomfist right now a lot of people
18065s prefer more of the rematcher when it
18068s comes to brawl just doomfist gets
18070s counted by a lot of things it's so it's
18072s one of those difficult Heroes to play
18074s and if you don't execute the cooldowns
18076s properly you're actually a liability
18081s yeah
18082s but I believe in Sawhill so all good oh
18085s I smoke and to be actually okay now yeah
18088s Benji's out Benji's out he's out of the
18090s matter we're not looking at NG anymore
18091s we're having fun here uh with this
18093s Medford
18095s again I am a good friend
18100s except when you go ugh every time I
18102s finish
18105s but maybe it may sound like I like
18107s despise you
18110s definitely a little bit oh no we got
18113s Night Market it's chill I mean this is
18115s if you can get to the point it's very
18117s defense heavy so having May is gonna be
18120s big for bun we saw how good she was with
18122s it earlier wisp on the Cassidy this is
18125s what they rolled out with on or oh
18127s what's the world they did Tracer do you
18128s heard in the interview how they felt
18129s like they struggled but honestly whisper
18132s popped off and why and who Excel Academy
18134s come off of a momentum run but it's the
18137s long range shots from Timeless ethereal
18138s along with getting beaten down by
18140s Sawhill that made that very difficult
18143s feels like I saw something I shouldn't
18145s have with the way those punches
18148s oh my gosh listen saw Hill right now is
18152s really proven to be such a good tank so
18154s far because the amount of damage that
18155s was coming through the shots I don't
18157s even think I saw one single shot missed
18160s they're just that good that's that's why
18163s I like Hanzo I mean I hate playing
18165s against it because you just have these
18167s random arrows that headshot your team
18168s and yxl Academy trying to take shelter
18171s around these walls to not get shot in
18174s the face by azaray Timeless ethereal
18176s taking shelter around the point it's not
18178s really close to any ultimates nyxl
18181s Academy thinking about that approach
18182s wanting to find an isolation maywall
18184s comes up from Bond but it was a little
18186s too deep rather just blocked the line of
18189s sight of azaray who takes the Swift one
18191s to the left and takes care of Cairo and
18194s white cell Academy don't have a tank
18196s they got no healers and they ain't got
18198s no hope
18199s right now I mean they ain't got no Lucio
18203s as well Lucio goes down Wicca having to
18206s recompose themselves alongside nyxl and
18209s so far Timeless ethereal even though
18210s it's been a couple of seconds lemon
18212s they're they're putting off a really
18213s good show
18214s I'm loving it you got the dragon strike
18217s 2 from azerite if anyone Excel Academy
18218s keep going down these narrow areas this
18221s dragon
18223s so Academy bring out the immortality
18225s just to survive the rotation
18227s saw Hill goes in Annihilation into
18230s effect needing all the healing they can
18232s get where two for one trade that's not
18234s bad nyxl Academy down one in this fight
18237s they have the ultimate but the Panic
18239s decision just doesn't come in on time to
18242s try and turn this fight so that'll be
18243s multiple fights in a row for Timeless
18245s and almost 80 percent
18248s they've pretty much won every single
18250s fight coming out of here but let's not
18252s forget we have four ultimates one on the
18254s ready here they're gonna be able to pull
18255s some of it out right now at least
18258s attempting to Annihilation sound
18261s barriers so yeah the olds they're cute
18263s they they killed one you got to the
18265s point and why you saw the academy able
18267s to flip but here's the re-engage from
18269s Timeless fun throws the blizzard right
18270s out the door to stop the rotation from
18272s Timeless but they've already made it
18273s through and now they're just running
18275s over as much as they can nyxl Academy
18279s have the point but I don't know for how
18281s much longer Carol has the app Matrix
18282s uses it on the coast side if they're not
18285s careful lizard wizard we'll poop them
18287s off as it's a ram-off between TV girl
18289s and Sawhill but Timeless ethereal once
18292s they take back this point it's pretty
18294s one-sided
18296s this was the quickest that I think we've
18299s seen
18300s I mean even the game had to pull things
18302s back into overtime to see what was gonna
18303s happen
18304s but a hundred percent so far they didn't
18307s even give nyxl a chance and I can see
18310s why time has made it this far I mean if
18312s they continue in this pace uh this might
18315s be a very quick game
18316s oh yeah azerite popped off on the Hanzo
18320s was getting these first picks uh bun I
18323s think had some interesting May while
18324s she's not fighting the isolation that
18326s nyxl Academy could really Thrive I like
18328s their rotations through the hallway to
18329s avoid some damage but then Timeless
18331s ethereal cut them off whether it was the
18333s dragon strike from Azure the uh
18336s Annihilation from Saw Hill Timeless
18338s ethereal knew how to take initiative
18339s with their ultimates uh when kind of the
18342s cookie started the crumble nyxl Academy
18344s couldn't make the Panic decision of do
18346s you use ultimates in a 3v4 and a 3v3 but
18350s this is a there's a lot on the line
18351s Gompers for this Grand Final I'd be
18353s scared too
18355s and there is really no other emotion you
18357s can feel nyxl they came from I mean such
18360s a big victory strike that right now all
18362s they have to do is try to do it again
18364s but it's almost impossible especially
18366s with the way things are looking right
18367s now
18368s every time you say a hero everyone
18370s starts playing it you said you wanted to
18372s see it as a ray brings it out so you're
18375s not going to see too much junker Queen
18376s so this is cool too
18378s yeah that's actually a surprising man
18380s everybody just kind of just whip it out
18382s what I'm saying I get to see a
18383s Widowmaker uh you know what okay so
18386s let's see a mercy maybe maybe we'll see
18388s that eventually oh don't summon that one
18390s soon
18391s oh the food from Lizard oh this we could
18394s get back up you can skate through the
18396s side I think they managed to do so but
18398s the rest of the team is dead so it's
18400s it's an L for a w I guess
18403s oh
18404s my w there it goes again the next fight
18407s the beginning fights always went out by
18408s Timeless and that's such a big
18410s disadvantage already starting out
18411s because not only do you give Timeless so
18413s much time to be able to get those ticks
18415s through within nyxl they have to fight
18417s again and they're already at a
18418s disadvantage
18419s oh nyxl Academy rotating through white
18422s room again to avoid that damage
18424s they did do some comp swaps getting
18426s bunned back on the trace or something
18428s they're very comfortable with as wisps
18430s said bun can really play anything and
18432s she has to be the one you depend on
18433s Carol to the back teeth too trying to
18435s duel against Jim in the back line on
18438s this Tracer Supremacy activated
18441s Academy with the first two picks and not
18444s really needing to invest any ultimate
18446s sets off sheer coordination and they get
18448s the point back yeah the pulse bombs
18450s perfectly timed as well
18452s everybody going down in a couple of
18454s seconds nyxl they found the timing and
18457s they managed to really bring it back
18458s later this time though we're actually
18459s gonna be able to see an ultimate start
18461s to load up and this is big because once
18462s the fight starts out they get a bit more
18464s Health to really carry themselves
18465s through but wizard wizard really taking
18467s that up as well so you got this here
18471s sound Baron exchange for the younger
18473s Queen ultimate Timeless ethereal playing
18476s off of contact and you're close to Rally
18477s too if you can brawl your way through it
18480s the Dead Eye from Wiz wasn't enough to
18482s slow down the paint train that is
18484s Timeless ethereal who off of The Rush
18487s that they went in with just flawlessly
18490s took the fight
18492s I don't know how they do it they give
18494s like 20 30 over to nyxl and then they
18498s never give it back and right now the
18500s biggest worry of mine is we're gonna be
18502s able to see the ultimate come from
18504s McKenzie right now the blade to come
18506s down and they're actually able to
18508s eliminate majority actually none they're
18510s having trouble but at the same time the
18511s team is helping them a bit too much not
18513s giving them the sunshine or the
18515s spotlight to even see any sort of
18518s opportunity to get a reel or a clipping
18519s oh yeah it was Haunting season for
18522s Timeless ethereal who hit around the
18524s corner and surprise nyxl Academy I mean
18526s who expects someone to be there who
18528s expects Jim to be there now TV girls
18530s panicking they popped the annihilation
18532s just to Zone off Timeless ethereal they
18534s actually get them pretty low and saw
18536s Hill just couldn't disengage probably
18538s used a shout too early in the fight but
18540s it's 97 and you've only lost your tank
18542s so Timeless ethereal are still
18544s comfortable But Here Comes NY cell
18546s Academy for the touch they've expended
18548s ultimates just to get out of Spawn
18549s they've had to swap Heroes just to get
18552s back to the and quicker at least the
18554s kills are following in as wisp is doing
18556s a good job of dealing with this doomfist
18558s of Soul Hill all up in their business
18560s but Azure is getting Dash resets on the
18562s Genji and Timeless ethereal are still
18565s pulling through
18566s oh 99 though okay nyxl they're not gonna
18570s give it out to a fight you can see fun
18572s replenishing on some of that health and
18573s right now the Tracer goes down the GPS
18575s is no longer and despite the amount of
18578s times they've tried to pick off anybody
18580s on the side of timeless it feels
18582s impossible I don't even know how this
18584s team continues to get carried away with
18585s these victories but they finished this
18587s off in seconds
18589s the flex the flex gods of Timeless
18593s ethereal I feel like they're gonna start
18594s picking every hero on the roster at this
18597s point the junker Queen the rush the
18599s coordination behind that the emergency
18601s doomfist that harass wisp into defeat
18605s and even the romantra off on Night
18608s Market still in favor of Timeless
18610s ethereal where we talked about maybe
18611s this was nyxl Academy's Comfort pick but
18614s you got to keep in mind this was also a
18616s timeless's map pick so they felt
18620s strongly they felt confident on this map
18622s they did they they actually did man and
18625s honestly I wish we got a bit more of
18627s that tension because it felt like this
18628s was so quick that there was nothing to
18629s really build up I mean they played
18631s amazing and that in itself speaks for
18634s how this game might go because Timeless
18635s you don't just run away with a victory
18637s like that so fast
18639s I know and whatever comes out of this
18641s match y'all can remember that this is a
18643s community like you even heard it from
18645s wisp in the interview they got friends
18648s on other teams people know each other
18650s it's a win or lose it's none of this
18651s trash talk really it's everyone just
18653s supporting each other and yeah some
18655s teams walk away with more money like
18657s that's kind of nice but everyone wins at
18660s the end of the day when you get
18661s showcased on these channels like this
18662s you have a platform that you can feel
18664s safe and confident to just Thrive and
18667s showcase your skills on so Timeless
18669s ethereal this is not the first time I've
18671s seen them in a final situation and
18674s they're a tough team to beat
18676s they definitely are and honestly I'm
18679s just happy that we finally get to see
18681s this team come down into the grand
18682s finals but nyxl they're not going to
18684s give up without a fight we've seen the
18686s potential that this team has especially
18688s with their TPS and everything that
18690s they've built up forward to this spot so
18692s you know I I do have to give them that
18694s shot I do have to give them an
18695s opportunity to prove themselves but it's
18698s so difficult when the game went the way
18700s that it did it was so quick but maybe
18702s control it could be uh you know a
18704s difference in hybrid it could be a
18706s difference in escort there could be
18708s something that we're missing out on here
18709s and I'm hoping on Hollywood we get to
18711s see that
18712s yeah Hollywood is our next map this was
18715s chosen by NY Excel Academy so maybe
18719s going back to more a divest composition
18721s although you can definitely pull out the
18724s Brawl on that first point but once you
18726s go beyond that there's so many high
18728s grounds and rotations have to be key and
18731s then why I sell Academy you heard it in
18733s the interview they felt like this series
18735s is winnable and on their map pick you're
18738s gonna feel better going to something you
18739s know best
18742s back to your roots
18744s yeah back to here into Hollywood
18747s I love me some Hollywood
18749s are you are you are you a Hollywood
18751s no you're not alone dude I know you love
18756s widowmakers so you would love this map
18758s and there's just always a Widowmaker
18760s here which I guess like I wonder if wisp
18762s is thinking about it because they they
18763s said how much they love the Widow in the
18765s interview and this is a widow map if you
18768s have the space to pull it off you know
18770s man apparently uh From lemon's
18773s perspective I like all the trash things
18776s in this game nah I'm just judging you oh
18780s okay okay fair enough
18783s but yeah I I mean yeah this actually is
18786s a pretty big Widowmaker map I I would
18789s have to agree with you I actually
18790s surprisingly don't want to see a water
18791s on his mouth I I really want to see a
18793s dive call I want to see a diva or
18795s Winston come through I want to see
18797s something to really solidify that push
18799s because I feel like that firsthand push
18801s really is what starts things up and gets
18804s you going and it feels almost
18805s Unstoppable when you're playing on that
18806s defense so you know for the team trying
18809s to make something happen that's one of
18812s the biggest things for me
18813s yeah look at that Timeless ethereal
18815s blizzard Wizard and munzee I know they
18818s have an aura someone called Orion who's
18820s another substitute a support player on
18822s Timeless ethereal and with munzee and
18824s lizard wizard you've seen a lot of Lucio
18826s and Bap along those lines and Monty has
18829s played some Anna Orion usually comes in
18831s to play kind of the flex support picks
18833s so just by looking at who's playing on
18835s the roster you get a sense of what the
18837s style is they're going with and look at
18839s you summoning Heroes into existence you
18841s said Diva and TV girl says done
18844s okay you know I think I'm just the
18847s OverWatch Whisperer because everything's
18848s coming true and I'm kind of like in okay
18850s never mind I was gonna say I like the
18851s soldier pick but I don't like the
18853s soldier pick because we don't have it
18854s anymore but yeah I get to see that dive
18856s comp and I get to see what we're looking
18858s for right now and quite possibly I'm
18861s just gonna be one of the strongest with
18862s the Tracer bun gonna be filling up that
18864s role
18865s I love the double Flex support from nyxl
18867s Academy this is something Florida Mayhem
18869s kind of felt like they debuted this
18871s composition and that's why you just had
18873s shot Jim as soon as they tried to even
18876s go up the staircase kiriko is so deadly
18879s man the projectile is so hard to hit
18880s though so if you can have someone get
18882s high value like that that's great and
18884s why I sell Academy open to tear down
18886s Timeless ethereal before they rotate in
18888s oh we're flying to space okay uh
18891s re-logging
18894s it's daytime
18899s Jim said let's run it back ain't nobody
18902s seen that delete the VOD Jim's Supremacy
18905s can't live on by getting head shot for a
18907s spike
18909s yeah they they needed to redo
18913s oh my gosh the technical pause because
18916s they didn't like the night time I got a
18918s bit afraid too I'm afraid of the dark so
18919s thank God I saw that once I saw that
18922s Winston jump and then just continue
18924s floating to space I'm like something
18926s something wrong here oh what's up with
18930s that I jet packs do be zooming I I quite
18935s literally cannot that is where I'm at
18937s right now I don't think they can either
18938s because the well at least the map is
18940s loaded now oh we're back to night time
18941s good night
18943s back to the night I sleep you solo
18947s yeah
18948s uh pretty much valid valid for that
18951s thought but okay well we don't have any
18953s Winston's flying up to space despite
18955s that being Winston's origin story he
18959s wanted to see his father again but he's
18961s here I'm going to the Moon
18963s [Laughter]
18968s I can go twice as high but TV girl on
18973s the diva talking about this pick
18975s seriously without you just Whispering
18976s into into existence diva is a Winston
18979s bully you get inside that Shield you
18982s micro missile in them up mad respect for
18984s Timeless ethereal to keep that same
18985s composition Jim ain't gonna make the
18987s same mistake twice getting head shot
18989s head shot by Wicca and goes right after
18991s them Wicca gotta be careful at least he
18993s forced the recall out and you got the
18995s peel of fun
19006s to the mice
19010s honestly we might as well just start
19012s this on Horizon lunar colony
19015s rotation we're coming to the Moon again
19018s and uh 24 hours later we'll go to to
19021s night time I guess I
19027s think but I'm laughing because that's
19029s what it is
19033s oh my gosh you know it isn't a technical
19035s difficulty this is turned off
19039s security room two monitors turned off
19041s it's a sign man oh man what is
19046s wait how many monitors do you have I
19048s have two
19049s oh
19050s am I am I like skipping broke
19055s guys it's official I'm a bro keep
19059s dealer
19062s oh my God
19064s I got three it's whatever though let me
19068s just go to sword buy one more I don't
19070s know okay do it it's funny though
19074s because I can't even see half of my
19076s monitor because I have a really small
19077s one and then the big one off to the side
19079s so it's like
19080s covers it because I'm dumb
19083s this is a social media is for my third
19086s Monitor and that only so I pay that much
19089s money just to see Twitter on another
19091s screen no tabs only monitors you're a
19095s Twitter Goblin this is so sad yeah yeah
19099s but the game is actually uh not you know
19102s we're never not playing hybrid guys
19104s we're we're actually we're escort we're
19107s actually playing a game that's called
19109s who can go the highest and Winston is
19114s currently a one two one to O right now
19116s yeah still in like a leap contest Eva
19121s and Winston I'd have to MythBusters this
19123s I feel like Diego could go
19125s just as high I actually does anyone know
19128s who can jump higher I feel like it's the
19131s diva because the diva can just fly
19135s so true
19137s out with wings but technology or
19140s whatever
19144s I feel like we're just out of Mexico
19147s that's true unless she's like secretly
19149s LeBron James but I'd have to ask her
19155s as we're figuring out whether we will be
19157s on daytime or nighttime why does Winston
19160s keep jumping to the Moon
19162s and uh if you are just tuning in today
19165s Timeless ethereal took map number one on
19167s Lee Jeong Tower it is a first to three
19169s final
19170s and we're really just building tension
19182s um yeah in those things
19185s yeah over on Hollywood I see the climax
19189s yeah we're at the climax right now right
19191s now oh yeah
19192s the build up towards that I guess uh
19195s because yeah I I just want to see it is
19197s Jim gonna settle the beef first first
19200s time we saw the map Jim gets headshot
19202s second time they recall like a coward
19205s just kidding but just I want to see Jim
19208s now in the third iteration three times
19210s as charm Jim wins The Duel against uh
19213s now I forgot who the kirigo was Wicca I
19215s believe
19216s um we gotta see the gym win the duel
19218s there's there's three chances
19220s oh yeah there's three chances who's
19223s gonna win the tool I think personally
19225s Matt I mean the real question is who's
19228s gonna win the the the game like who's
19231s gonna win this game in particular I I
19234s don't know I think timeless's
19235s performance was a little scary though
19237s because I have never seen um
19241s the game to go this long something
19244s either you're thinking about who's gonna
19246s win the game who's gonna be not mentally
19249s boomed like trying to do these fights
19252s and it gets reset twice on you so that's
19254s where that contenders experience is so
19256s important when you've competed for a
19258s long time stuff like this doesn't really
19260s bother you like you're able to bounce
19263s back and stay focused once the game does
19265s start and obviously you know might as
19268s well get the casters start the game
19270s omegalo get it get it going and chat
19272s because we'd obviously rather be talking
19274s than
19275s seeing the game
19277s oh no
19279s you're giving us flames and chat on your
19281s friends
19282s so many talking points right now for the
19285s only talking point of his um
19290s yeah
19292s we got myself record just died for some
19296s reason but okay I thought you died he
19298s kind of scared me it was like oh my God
19301s how I find myself here just got dodo
19305s Wild live I hate this oh no I was
19308s gonna say it's funny because we would
19309s have so many talking points right now
19311s but the only talking point we have is
19313s Wednesday because it was a better leap
19316s Winston Diva of LeBron James like that's
19318s where we've developed this copy station
19320s too
19322s um I see your dog isn't barking anymore
19324s so maybe not feeling the Timeless Vibes
19326s they were biased for Timeless right
19329s oh yeah my my dog was biased for
19331s Timeless yeah nice I actually I threw
19335s him in the cage because of that oh while
19337s you were you were well you were biased
19340s for Wisp and your dog is biased for
19342s Timeless so it kind of like balances out
19344s oh yeah
19346s of course
19348s yeah
19351s so I mean this is such a great time to
19354s go and check out the radiant merch y'all
19356s because while you're chilling might as
19359s well be cozy and chilling in a radiant
19362s shirt
19363s um of course Surfers are having issues
19365s besides Winston trying to go back to the
19368s Moon instead of play Hollywood what's
19370s really happening is servers are having a
19372s bit of an oopsy-woopsie so they're
19375s trying to switch to different regions to
19377s find a stable area to compete on so
19379s apologies for the delay but hey it's
19382s time where you're gonna talk about
19383s strategy even though both teams have ran
19386s out the same comp on both times it's
19388s obviously about execution
19391s the execution
19393s is the biggest thing you know what let's
19395s let's just scrap everything all right
19397s this is this is the Strat woman
19399s ready yeah
19403s okay
19405s I am thinking we get a wrecking ball we
19408s get a wrecking ball as the as the tank
19411s then
19412s we're gonna get uh an echo okay excuse
19416s me can also turn into wrecking ball
19420s that's so true hold on okay
19423s and then
19425s as another DPS we are getting uh
19428s symmetra because that's the only other
19430s player that I can think of that is best
19432s best character and then the healers
19435s we go Moira oh no
19438s not the nails bro and not Nails Emoji we
19443s call Moira and we go Mercy yeah
19447s okay now I'm not gonna hold my breath
19450s one because I would die in Two because I
19453s don't know if we're gonna get a reset
19454s again we might have found a stable
19456s server so pray praise chat that we can
19460s do this I mean at least we got an echo
19464s pixel comp yeah playing different stuff
19468s it's it's nice though I I really do
19471s actually like an echo here and it feels
19473s like it is a lot of like high range
19474s characters so uh a big thing for nyxl is
19477s that McCree I mean that that Cassidy my
19480s apologies sorry well at least whisp uh
19482s Cassidy has that cat spray that you love
19485s so much and yeah I think that's bringing
19487s them a sense of comfort during these
19488s frustrating times Timeless ethereal gym
19492s are you being so serial on this far I
19495s wanna see it but nyxl Academy if this
19497s fire whips out you might have wished you
19499s stayed on the diva but no it's the
19501s double flank or die from Timeless
19502s ethereal so let's see if this one stays
19505s stable
19506s I think it will here yeah I mean it's
19509s looking like we've gotten as far as we
19511s could
19512s but already looking at the game Jim is
19515s trying to make something happen with the
19516s Tracer and actually taking 1v1 here
19518s trying to get towards at least somewhat
19520s of those healers towards that back like
19522s maybe take out the Jericho club we I we
19524s said on the third chance Jim was
19526s supposed to win the duel against Wicca
19528s it kind of was a win you forced them
19531s away nyxl Academy down one is timeless
19534s ethereal just need to heal up their tank
19536s a little bit more and then they could be
19538s ready to go in again nyxl Academy just
19541s keeping everyone really hidden
19545s at this point that's the game bathroom
19547s it feels like that's real aren't gonna
19549s go down anytime soon but an ice
19550s transport coming through from Wicca
19552s actually being able to find some of the
19554s heroes here to be able to get back here
19556s off and this is big I mean so far
19558s Timeless they haven't gone down just yet
19560s they've taken out TV girls so there
19562s isn't anything really at the kind of
19563s like
19564s fantastic Timeless right now they're
19566s kind of chilling and it feels like again
19567s this is the same thing that we saw last
19569s time we're Timeless they were so quick
19571s with it
19572s they are quick with it once the server
19574s works it works you know oh a nano
19576s thinking nyxl Academy had a recontest
19579s well if they did it's gone now and
19582s Timeless ethereal we'll get the W on the
19585s point and now you got to think about
19586s what kind of snowball they can set up I
19589s mean they can even stagger out bun here
19592s secured let's move
19595s it's staggering right now but
19597s I mean the payload's moving it only took
19599s a couple of seconds for them and so far
19601s the time is looking uh like a bit too
19603s much so we do need some of that stall
19604s out to come through very very quickly
19606s from nyxl luckily enough though we do
19608s have at least two ultimates coming in
19611s everybody's actually loading that up
19612s very very quickly so the Primal Rage
19614s there for the action but Timeless
19615s they're there to actually counter
19617s majority of this as well oh the dive is
19620s solid from Timeless you killed uh one of
19622s the main kneelers of NY cell Academy
19624s where they have all the old ultimates in
19627s their Arsenal to fire back and Nano I'm
19629s expecting it on TV girl though wisp
19631s deserves the Love on the Cassidy they've
19633s been fragging today but with this High
19635s Ground Advantage I'm looking at azaray
19637s and this EMP has been detected so now I
19640s have to pull the trigger on it only hits
19641s two and Wicca able to suzu themselves
19644s teleport back to save these shoes get
19647s swept into their own pulse bomb that's
19650s not a gym moment Timeless ethereal a
19654s little embarrassed but they're still
19655s pushing the cart we'll see if they can
19657s make it
19659s okay now if we see anybody just yet yeah
19661s pushing the cart here with oh coming up
19663s the sleep's so big and right there and
19666s then it was almost impossible to get
19668s away unfortunately you didn't have Wicca
19670s coming along to save your life here but
19673s week is honestly kind of just vibing I
19675s mean the whole team hasn't gone down
19677s just yet another pause though to come
19678s through nobody's gone into space yet
19680s though so this is a good sign
19682s this is good we had to pause before
19684s gravity turned off of oh no okay this is
19688s just the this is just kind of a nice
19690s slideshow I got so confused for a second
19693s but just to rewind we have to go into
19696s pause to just analyze the gym sleep
19698s Carol is next level today not only the
19702s sleep on the gym but the sleep on to the
19705s uh Winston of Sawhill I believe and
19708s they've just been a menace on this honor
19711s and I think that's why they've summoned
19712s just so much attention from this dive
19716s yeah they've been honestly playing out
19719s very very impeccable it's
19721s been kind of crazy I'm not gonna lie to
19724s you like a team like this just thrown we
19726s saw such a strong performance from nyxl
19728s that it's kind of like it just feels
19730s like I'm getting slapped in the face too
19731s sometimes when you like when you see
19733s what's going on and how fast things are
19735s ranging about because you know you come
19738s from a game that really feels so
19739s dominant and then you see nyxl
19742s kind of getting turned around the other
19744s corner
19745s that everyone's okay I don't see anyone
19747s leaving the game so it must have just
19750s been a quick check either way Timeless
19752s ethereal how did they get back to this
19754s High Ground starts with either just you
19756s know jumping as Winston does but they're
19759s supposed to teleporters you have to have
19760s access to and Out of the Shadows azaray
19763s so close to getting killed Kitsune Rich
19766s from Wicca as they spotted the transole
19767s king of azerite sound barrier and the
19770s Nano onto saw Hill enabling this front
19773s line as much as you can Timeless
19774s ethereal though they're losing bodies as
19778s some people dropped off The High Ground
19779s miscommunication as Timeless couldn't
19782s execute anyone after those olds yeah but
19784s the Dead Eye available here too or
19787s they're Timeless actually this is great
19789s for nyxl because we haven't seen a lot
19791s of pushbacks starting off in the last
19793s match and now we're actually able to see
19794s it as well we could take it and step
19796s back as well trying to regain their
19798s composure here put the Dead Eye
19799s available so once they start to come
19800s through through that entry point I mean
19802s this might be big for whisk yeah time
19805s list is getting picked off oh but munzy
19809s man it manages to get a headshot onto
19811s Wicca so this could be an opening for
19813s Timeless to work with they see just that
19815s they pounce right onto wisp get them
19817s really low whisp is getting a ton of
19820s support from their double
19821s healers man the Dead Eye to stop
19824s Timeless in their tracks but Timeless
19826s has decided to just say screw whisp
19829s let's kill everybody around them and
19831s then you have a late Primal usage by TV
19834s girl just to buy time and maybe just try
19836s to stall the car but Timeless ethereal
19838s are heading for the end of point B
19842s yeah they've already made their run at
19844s this point and it's going very very far
19845s in a very very quick amount of time
19847s right now the pulse bomb
19849s available maybe try to take out some of
19851s the Squishies here but it seems like
19852s they're going around the back and nice
19853s they actually take out of course the
19856s Winston looking like TV girl going down
19858s and everybody as well it's in a matter
19859s of seconds and the teamwork got honestly
19862s laminates unbreakable yeah that was only
19864s a one-person EMP from Azure and it still
19867s ended up being a w just off of the
19869s beautiful coordination between Azure and
19872s Jim that's why you play the double
19873s flankers and saw Hill can just jump
19875s right on top of those targets almost
19878s three minutes for Timeless ethereal and
19880s oh what's Jim and azerate cooking up
19882s they're going to The High Ground to see
19883s if they can catch NY Excel Academy off
19887s guard a bun starting to lose that duel
19889s against Jim presents themselves again
19891s Jim is used to recall has to fall back
19894s nyxl Academy chasing for kills
19898s the dub as well but unfortunately
19900s it's getting harder and harder to reach
19902s wave but of course you have something in
19904s our Arsenal here
19906s we have the Boost to come through right
19909s now we're just waiting for Cairo to take
19910s it down but the feels impossible to get
19913s despite trying to drop down some of it
19915s trying to at least assist the team it
19917s seems like the power and the will of
19919s Timeless ethereal is too strong now the
19922s katsune rush was the big fight winner
19924s for munzee and the rest of Timeless
19926s ethereal able to get the team clean wipe
19928s and now you got two minutes left and you
19931s got ultimates to spare and you're
19932s stuffing in white cell Academy in their
19934s own spot room doors but someone still
19936s has the push and I'm sure it was because
19938s you were worried about bun anchoring
19939s that now presence back on the objective
19941s Timeless ethereal has used all their
19943s ultimates the Primal from Sawhill is
19946s just body blocking the door at nyxl
19948s Academy have made their way in and
19950s they're contesting somehow with the
19952s respawn Advantage 2 and why Excel
19954s Academy have a real chance to turn this
19956s fight around when Timeless ethereal had
19958s all the olds to pull this off
19962s I think they do they have everything to
19964s pull this off as well even though
19965s they've honestly lost one at this point
19968s and they still move back Jim
19971s to recontest as Assa Ray tries to take
19974s this but if solo fight I'm not so sure
19976s it's the smartest actually recollecting
19978s himself with the team trying to get a
19979s heal off as well
19980s we're seeing Timeless ethereal again I
19983s mean honestly they explode down onto
19986s that payload and I think that's what
19987s we're gonna see today
19988s EMP from Azure ready to just waiting for
19991s a good group up from nyxl Academy
19994s ready to unleash it hits all four TV
19997s girl not able to use the Primal in time
19999s to sustain as Timeless material just
20001s have to Anchor the cart and push at the
20003s last few meters Azuri will be back in a
20005s second and yxl Academy can play their
20007s lives and play slow as much as they can
20009s Staying Alive is a tough task though and
20011s the defense isn't on the court Jim is
20014s ruthless it's so more Timeless ethereal
20017s Jim is worthless the last word but
20021s honestly at this point when you're
20023s looking at this game it's it's now or
20025s never it really is everything or nothing
20028s and missing out on that everything
20031s I mean gets you in a position like this
20033s one right you need to try it for
20035s something even bigger but it seems like
20037s now Timeless ethereal playing on that
20038s defensive pressure in it's the attacking
20041s that's starting to come out from
20043s nyxl I mean the opportunities there
20047s can they consider themselves lucky
20050s oh with that full cap with 30 seconds
20052s remaining that's a difficult task to do
20054s and you saw it even in the previous
20056s fight when Timeless adirio had what
20058s three or four ultimates
20059s a whole nyxl Academy had to do with play
20062s their lives and I think Timeless
20063s ethereal fumbled the bag a little bit by
20065s just not having somebody always pushing
20068s I think Jim just wanted to be involved
20069s in all the action and sometimes forgets
20072s that the Tracer is the primary person
20074s that should be pushing the cart or you
20076s got to communicate with your supports uh
20078s for them to be doing that as much as
20080s they can but famous ethereal still got
20083s the job done so you know the a minus 31
20086s seconds versus the a plus they could
20088s have had if they won that fight is still
20090s an A in my books and nyxl Academy they
20094s have to match that and that's a that's
20096s tough
20099s yeah it's not going to be an easy mashup
20101s right now I mean it hasn't been so far
20102s but we're seeing actually a Widowmaker
20104s pool
20111s and you got this like Moira Lucio Reaper
20115s it's like half of a brawl and then you
20117s got a Winston this is cool I think Bund
20120s is gonna want to teleport up to where
20121s azaray is and just pump them full of
20124s damage especially bursting down saw Hill
20127s Reaper is like this anti-tank hero and
20129s while I sell Academy at the close range
20131s heels they have to go in together Carol
20134s is just use Fade to get away from the
20136s anti-native munzee as nyxl Academy have
20139s pushed Timeless ethereal off of this
20141s High ground and they start to capture
20143s that first tick
20145s now they're looking for more though it
20146s seems like azri not missing a shot
20149s but unfortunately the shot's not had
20150s enough not carrying enough damage right
20152s now pushing back the monkey here
20155s Cindy Winston is going to be big but
20157s there is no dive that I'm looking at
20158s right now honestly it's just that the
20161s body that I'm consistently seeing on TV
20163s so really push through oh it makes you
20166s push alone you're probably going to go
20168s alone as well so hail going down as it
20173s seems you know I mean Timeless ethereal
20176s they're pretty much getting back what
20179s they had given nyxl taken this with five
20182s minutes left to spare
20184s Timeless ethereal fumble day Nano gym
20187s but the point was already captured and I
20190s can I don't even have to see the chat to
20192s know probably somebody is spamming C9 in
20195s there and just the fact Timeless
20197s ethereal have contested for that long
20199s it's a pretty decent defense thus far
20201s you now have Sawhill in the Hammond from
20204s up high to pile draft to get that crowd
20207s controlled to push NY cell away from
20209s each other that's the disruption
20211s Timeless ethereal are going for with
20213s this double flanker dive it's up to nyxl
20216s Academy to stick together
20218s oh oh okay a nice pull spot saw Hill is
20223s uh not sticking together right now with
20225s the team but that's okay
20226s it seems like everybody's kind of losing
20228s somebody I mean they staged but the hold
20232s from Timeless ethereal we're struggling
20234s a bit and this is kind of interesting
20235s because I honestly thought in an
20237s occasion like this one with their
20238s control play they were really good at
20240s controlling and and making sure that
20243s they could at least keep an area well
20244s distance but I mean as of right now
20246s they've won out the first fight gonna
20248s have to win out another there's a lot of
20249s fights that they really need to continue
20251s to take and seek out as well but now
20253s we're seeing the ultimates come through
20255s and this is big because G2 Mondays
20259s whatever is it Muncie I don't know
20262s that's what I've been guessing
20266s fragging um the way the Timeless
20268s ethereal takes the initiative too and
20270s when I sell Academy are trying to go
20271s under the roof and just push the cart
20273s but they don't get to take the fight on
20275s their terms time was it there we saw you
20277s they Dove from The High Ground down low
20279s use the rally and just assassinated nyxl
20282s Academy and I guess a coalescence was
20285s used it might have been canceled super
20286s quickly EMP from Asbury is sure to
20288s cancel some more nyxl Academy in trouble
20292s as Timeless ethereal already wipe away
20294s two people oh but has one as well I mean
20297s at this point they're pushing so far and
20298s heavy into it for Timeless that
20300s I I mean I'm a little sad for them as
20303s well because this is like they're
20304s they're just going in on this lizard
20306s wizard
20307s and now just sitting in a corner waiting
20309s for the perfect moment to strike
20312s Timeless material they touch the spawn
20314s room doors they're gonna tweet about
20315s this one fun ready for the EMP might not
20319s even need it sound barrier from wicca's
20322s NY cell Academy is a Tempo engage into
20324s the force funds the translocate back but
20327s they gotta hunt down the kills and wisp
20329s is doing just that bringing the Tracer
20332s back into the picture what we know and
20334s love from them
20337s that's all you really need
20341s being able to put together something
20343s that makes you comfortable Timeless
20345s though oh they don't even know that
20346s one's sneaking around
20348s at this point but the EMP and the
20351s perfect timing they all strike everybody
20353s is there to dive in and you can see the
20355s way that played out this was exactly
20357s what an X nyxl needed and it's
20360s Unstoppable if you're from fun they're
20361s gonna continue to hit that back line and
20363s force their way in the Goomba stomp that
20366s TV girl just said the EMP happened I was
20369s like where's the rest of the team and
20370s you just have Winston from the Moon just
20373s squashing people like pancakes so as the
20375s pulse bomb got thrown I think Sawhill
20377s was forced to use the Primal just to try
20379s and live through it and Timeless
20381s ethereal looking for a stop at the end
20383s of point B but they gotta have presence
20385s on the card NYX Sally Academy got the
20387s coalescence to just hose down the
20390s competition in Timeless ethereal they're
20393s gonna be missing in action quite soon in
20395s nyxl Academy will be heading to point C
20398s with some extra time
20401s yeah with the time to spare but also
20403s with the eliminations coming through
20405s left and right Timeless ethereal they've
20407s lost themselves there's nothing they can
20410s do about it bunnies just continuously
20411s like literally catching them vulnerable
20413s it feels like you when you like
20416s you know just walk into someone's house
20418s or sitting down watching TV on the sofa
20420s like you can't do that
20422s it's catching them off guard that's
20425s wrong and the fact that they didn't even
20426s stagger out sawhills which is crazy to
20429s me I think hack though again getting
20431s harassed by this Tracer bun so close to
20434s that EMP that can be the momentum push
20437s for nyxl but fun is the one that got
20439s hacked and as Roy got the revenge drops
20441s the EMP hits at least three nyxl Academy
20443s don't have their Warrior that's the bulk
20445s of the damage it's 2K for whis to turn
20447s the fight around despite that lack of
20449s healing and it's working out for nyxl
20451s Academy
20453s wow they're playing amazingly here nyxl
20456s they finally re-awaken themselves and
20459s recompose themselves as well and
20461s honestly I think it really is the work
20462s of the Sombra coming through Bonnie's
20464s just a different breed when it comes to
20465s that DPS and they can always outperform
20468s anybody that is playing the same type of
20471s hero but we got an EMP coming through
20472s again they're gonna actually secure this
20474s this is gonna be big if they manage to
20476s get another one there comes the Lucio
20478s down especially since the Lucio had the
20480s ultimate to use so they've lost that for
20481s Timeless ethereal and now they're able
20483s to get another lead in they can move
20485s this payload further and that fight
20487s might have been just the game over
20489s wisp is just putting on a performance
20492s they're about to capture
20500s how much can they really contest for
20502s stall Hills back on emergency doomfist
20504s but Timeless ethereal stepped off an
20507s nyxl academy will cap with also a faster
20511s time bank
20513s s i I still
20516s think right now even though there is
20518s that one minute Mark right timeless
20520s a team like this actually had some
20522s really good hold back but
20524s ah man it's just super difficult to make
20526s a decision because that one minute that
20528s 48 seconds really does make a very very
20530s big difference it gives you that
20532s secondhand fight to to use but that one
20534s minute it's that first fight you lose
20536s I really I mean just says what how the
20539s game is going to end yeah and the fact
20541s that nyxl Academy won that last fight I
20544s actually both both fights without Carol
20547s Carol was the first to die azrae EMP or
20550s is constantly assassinating Cairo and
20552s Moira in this composition brings the
20554s bulk of your heels wake up drops sound
20556s beer in the last fight which didn't hit
20558s Cairo for some reason it was off screen
20560s not sure why and then Cairo died and but
20563s NY cell Academy off the sound bear
20565s brought the tempo push and just punished
20569s Timeless ethereal who probably extended
20571s quite far to kill Cairo and then the
20573s respawn Advantage was there for Timeless
20575s ethereal but kind of through all the
20577s chaos they didn't communicate who should
20578s have been on the cart and I think
20580s Sawhill got off after they got hacked
20582s was pretty scared of them dying and
20584s tried to cycle it but Timeless ethereal
20586s could have held that for longer but yeah
20589s it was it was panic
20593s no Panic here hey they've had a plan
20596s and right now I'm interested in the
20598s Moira thing because I think right now
20600s what they're really trying to testify
20601s for is getting that heel down a major
20604s major damage not having anything too
20606s hard right now arrow is going to be
20609s there for the team but the biggest worry
20610s of mine is Soho is already down on it
20612s Timeless ethereal they've push this back
20615s and they did such a good job Jim and
20618s azerade the just the Dives are clinical
20621s from them once they're all on the same
20623s page I mean you shut the the fight
20625s is done Timeless ethereal will cap the
20628s point no Recon test available from nysl
20631s Academy and because I don't think they
20633s killed anything there's just not gonna
20635s be even close to any ultimates from nyxl
20637s Academy and you got nine seconds left
20639s which means Timeless ethereal will be
20640s entering overtime and they gotta go as
20642s far as they can
20646s it's not going to be that hard
20649s especially with Asbury coming around the
20650s back lines here
20652s and being able to take out some of that
20654s power to come to from the Winston alone
20656s is going to be huge TV girl with the
20658s back off but still trying to make
20659s something out I mean they can't let this
20661s distance go too far because this is
20663s where it starts to get dangerous you
20665s allow them down in the ocean move
20667s forward just a bit make time a superior
20669s their type of team that moves off that
20671s momentum
20672s that's the momentum they're bringing
20674s Timeless ethereal to The High Ground
20675s whole spam close to Kitsune Rush that
20678s would be a big fight winner and Bun
20680s hasn't had any time to build up towards
20682s the EMP and why Excel Academy I mean bun
20685s almost did get the translocate back but
20687s Timeless ethereal also about to stay on
20689s the card they almost stepped off they're
20691s gonna give me a stroke it has to be up
20692s to Jim munzee lizard they have to be the
20696s ones that anchor it at all times over
20698s time is gonna burn away very quickly
20699s even nyxl Academy don't have to win the
20702s fight they just have to Zone them off
20704s but it's the sound bear of lizard that
20706s reinvigorates Timeless ethereal to push
20708s away nyxl Academy just for a small
20711s moment but with this overtime push
20713s you're almost at point B sound bear from
20715s Wicca and yxl Academy they get emped can
20719s they continue to live on in time for fun
20721s to come back with their own EMP ready
20723s from the side of the defense and Thomas
20725s ethereal running out of options all five
20728s EMP Timeless ethereal Fallout flies and
20732s they'll only get close to point B
20734s they've made it far enough to the point
20736s where this is actually a dangerous game
20738s to be playing yes you have one one
20741s minute and 48 seconds and the OT could
20743s well as well happen coming into this
20747s second half and
20748s as we start to come together
20751s I I really do think that there is a
20754s possibility here one minute 48 seconds
20757s lots of meters to go by nyxl they've
20760s proved that they can pull for something
20761s or they gonna do it again
20764s oh geez
20766s Timeless ethereal too they've even their
20769s coaching staff is goaded they have some
20771s contenders level coaches who've been
20772s around the scene for a long time NY
20775s Excel Academy 2 they have Nadder who's
20779s been a long time coaching contenders on
20782s Timeless ethereal they have salt shaker
20784s long time player in the scene they have
20786s a lot of support to coordinate these
20788s strategies and to keep their head in the
20790s game Timeless ethereal only had about a
20792s 48 second Advantage when it comes to
20794s time Banks which is the difference about
20795s one fight but will that be enough that
20798s 48 seconds to go all the way to point B
20801s which with this time I mean you'd have
20804s to be Flawless in all your fights
20809s that's all that matters right here I
20811s think that's why they're kind of picking
20813s this um
20814s in a roadhog to come through but as a
20818s ray oh no I I really do enjoy the
20820s sneakiness of this but I'm surprised
20821s they don't assume this because it
20824s happened last time
20826s yeah it's just scouting a bit of an ooga
20829s booga you can even while invisible and I
20832s guess you can even Scout a spy check as
20835s they say to try and de-cloke that Sombra
20838s they managed to get azerite to
20839s translocate back and as Jim was
20842s following up they get picked off too and
20844s Timeless ethereal might have over
20845s extended that gives nysell Academy a
20849s chance to capture the first and second
20850s take but I think a reading contest is
20852s available for the defense oh this is big
20854s this this is perfect I mean best case
20856s scenario that could have happened I feel
20858s like azri there uh taking out fun a bit
20860s too early uh gave out their cover away
20862s then as ray goes down it really is up to
20864s that domino effect then he got the fight
20866s commencing once again they finally
20867s regather themselves so it hasn't been
20869s done it's still the big contest to come
20871s through but the payload now being
20872s escorted they need to hold this down but
20874s Jim is trying their best they're still
20876s left in this position playing into that
20879s rule of Reaper and not a lot of damage
20881s coming through
20882s you lost the point but you didn't
20885s technically lose the fight so Timeless
20888s ethereal we're just trying to keep
20889s sending it on the reaper to see what
20892s else they could cook up I mean namely
20893s some ultimates would be nice because the
20896s katsune rush if you can keep the spawn
20898s camp on the nyxl academy they only have
20901s 24 seconds left Timeless ethereal can go
20903s to match point if they win this next
20905s fight it's 20 seconds remaining the
20907s coalescence from Caro does keep them up
20909s forces Timeless back and you got more
20911s ultimates to spare nyxl Academy should
20914s have the advantage but they gotta
20916s coordinate through all of this chaos and
20918s so they do they collapse on the Timeless
20920s and we enter overtime and Timeless gotta
20923s think this through ah they have done a
20926s good job but this
20928s in this in the sense of Timeless
20931s ethereal I feel like right now maybe
20932s rushing
20934s trying to get themselves in because they
20936s know this is the last fight if they lose
20938s this OT that part may as well just hit
20941s that destination point and given a
20943s victory to nyxl they want to close this
20945s off as fast as possible for Timeless
20947s with that tune in oh game lead and it's
20950s not going to be easy with the EOP coming
20952s through EMP EMP sound barrier two that's
20956s Blossom but Jim's getting punched around
20958s by the Primal Rage and it was too much
20961s for TV girl to handle Jim's burst damage
20963s is ruthless Timeless ethereal warmer
20967s around the storm and they go 2-0 in the
20969s series I give them the cooters for that
20972s because at that last second they pop
20974s everything out they were vulnerable they
20977s did not care it was everything that they
20980s needed really to push themselves forward
20982s and I I mean you could see where this
20984s led up to I feel like the switch going
20986s on to that song it really was that game
20988s changer it allowed them to find those
20990s perfect moments to go in knowing that
20992s nobody could use any abilities and they
20994s have nothing to work with there
20997s you got one person to work with Jim
20999s Jim's Supremacy again the reaper swap I
21002s was questioning it but the way that they
21004s just followed along with the team were
21005s able to burst down the Winston really
21008s everyone in their path I mean almost
21009s probably raging Jim's death Blossom was
21012s the nail of the coffin because you just
21014s got bullets flying everywhere but it was
21017s so close the fact that there was an
21018s overtime push for nysl Academy that
21020s could have been winnable but it was a
21022s tough task on their defense they just
21024s couldn't find a moment to reset getting
21026s staggered out and that led Thomas
21028s ethereal get a much farther push than
21031s they had hoped but this means match
21033s point for Timeless ethereal we have half
21036s time we're gonna throw it to a break so
21038s our teams can get settled when we return
21040s we'll have map 3 and nyxl Academy's
21043s choice of map
21048s foreign
21050s [Music]
21059s [Music]
21071s foreign
21074s [Music]
21119s [Music]
21126s [Music]
21135s thank you
21139s [Music]
21149s foreign
21155s [Music]
21169s thank you
21171s [Music]
21185s foreign
21188s [Music]
21207s [Music]
21221s foreign
21224s [Music]
21227s foreign
21228s [Music]
21230s for Timeless ethereal going up against
21233s nyxl Academy can they have that Flawless
21236s Grand Final event but before we get into
21238s our next map I have to teach you about
21240s some important OverWatch lore compost
21242s and I didn't give you a heads up on this
21243s are you ready I'm ready for the lore
21246s okay there's someone called bad patchy
21248s Mari in this community who likes to have
21252s predictions on Twitter
21255s and they tweeted that Dart monkeys is a
21258s winning roster okay I remember this yes
21260s and they curse every single team they
21264s ever tweet about it's actually like
21266s legendary and everyone was so pissed at
21269s him for saying that Dart monkeys was a
21272s winning team because guess what they're
21273s not in the finals guess what he just
21275s tweeted afterwards Timeless ethereal is
21278s a winning team
21279s will this be enough to choke them out of
21283s this match point lead we're gonna find
21286s out
21289s I know I feel that
21292s I don't want to I don't want to be here
21293s anymore
21294s if we've watched this bad patchy Mario
21296s curse I I feel I'm gonna feel partially
21299s responsible I think I think I I see I
21303s see the marketing tactic there okay
21304s because they're they're very
21306s controversial right now you know
21307s whatever they say goes but
21310s now when you think about it
21312s but if they think that they know
21315s Timeless is going to win and since they
21317s have said that now boom controversy God
21321s if they Even's out yeah evens out
21324s he curses He blesses well we'll find out
21327s if that'll be what nyxl Academy needs to
21331s come back in the series uh at least they
21334s have their map pick and we're going to
21337s shambali where we saw that earlier how
21340s good they looked on this map they really
21342s like that Sigma brawl and that's how
21344s they won their last series
21347s oh I mean who's gonna win the series now
21350s because of this lore
21352s that's my question honestly if it just
21354s does a complete reversal sweep I
21356s honestly think we need that account
21357s banned on Twitter
21360s this this poor guy is getting blasted
21363s but he's already been flamed by uh the
21366s people from Dart monkeys and Aspen two
21369s just calling on the pitchforks um but
21373s nyxl Academy that was such a close map
21376s too
21377s just needing that overtime push to go
21379s all the way so I don't I'm not getting a
21381s 3-0 Vibe especially that this is one of
21384s their most comfortable Maps the
21385s strongest Maps Timeless ethereal they
21388s gotta worry about this wisp Widow this
21391s was a menace especially on point scene
21393s when they got that 3K
21396s apparently also
21398s um
21399s modesty it's modesty
21402s oh monster
21405s I feel like Muncie sounds like the the
21407s artist
21408s the painters
21412s oh you just say G2 just never mind
21417s G2 now those are two a letter and a
21420s number that I know
21422s that is also me as well
21426s I know I almost said two letters I know
21429s and I was like wait a minute
21434s like Winston blasting to the Moon which
21436s I don't think we'll see here unless he
21438s feels like going up to that mountain
21443s never climbed before
21445s yeah I've um
21452s I have climbed
21454s um
21456s I'm not gonna make your mom joke I'm
21458s okay
21459s God you just cooked on them for so long
21462s I thought you were gonna say like
21463s Everest or like rock climbing gym you
21466s know you got the shoes my mom thank you
21471s I hope you're watching no no I hope your
21474s brother is not watching I don't think
21477s she is okay
21478s oh good all good okay I've I've saved
21482s myself
21483s we'll see if nyxl Academy have saved
21486s themselves with this map Pig they'll be
21487s defending first and more okay double
21490s sniper Sigma I wonder if Timeless
21492s ethereal we're watching the VOD or were
21494s they just getting snacks because I think
21496s you should should have scouted this
21499s I yeah I think they're revotting I think
21501s Jim knows and Jim is feeling confident
21503s and honestly there's nothing more
21504s exhilarating than playing a widow and
21506s knowing there's a Widow on the other
21507s side because it feels like a competition
21509s at that point like who's the better
21510s Widow
21511s oh yeah that's exactly and then some
21514s people don't respect the 1v1 duel so
21516s then you gotta type in shot so if you
21518s lose you just blame like people getting
21520s in the way look at this Shield maneuver
21522s from wisp again just hey in case you
21525s didn't see this Widow up here they're
21526s there the big difference though is also
21528s the support lines you have the Zen Mercy
21530s which is just to empower the damage not
21533s as much healing as the Babson that has
21536s also a lot of poke potential but oh
21538s actually some swap ups there's also the
21540s tank map match up a vermontra versus
21543s Sigma TV girl has to be really careful
21545s how they just kind of position you don't
21547s want to get run over by a remote
21549s yeah and that's going to be a switch
21551s coming onto the Tracer there from Jim I
21553s think this is going to be big for the
21554s sake of really just targeting whisk
21555s there but already the shot's okay you
21558s know this was what I was expecting we
21560s saw the shots come through before but
21561s I'm surprised the sigma Shields aren't
21562s really creating some of that coverage
21564s for the team knowing that somebody is
21566s sticking for his ass place is here
21568s and wisp is just picking off this back
21570s line you see G2 hiding I wouldn't jump
21573s that no no no no we do not jump in front
21576s of widows Timeless Imperial they got
21579s close I mean they forced nyxl Academy
21581s back they got a pick but no cigar this
21583s time
21588s lead themselves the Timeless ethereal
21592s seems like there's always something uh
21594s going on for this hybrid
21596s or coming through but right now wisp
21598s again trying to find another shot
21600s they've got one off the Hanzo before
21602s of course not a lot of coverage here as
21605s of course they do have a doomfist coming
21607s along although on the side of timeless
21609s ethereum
21610s so far so good one person Advantage for
21613s NY cell Academy and all the ton of heels
21615s but at this point you're either dead or
21617s you're not like there's a lot of one
21619s shot potential as stupid as that sounded
21621s but G2 wins that over whiz trades but
21625s still an anchor on that cart for the
21628s defense
21630s come on
21632s okay I'm just seeing kicks after kicks
21634s and honestly that leg Works looking good
21637s right now the TV girl I mean it's
21640s looking like the sigma's working out but
21641s the shield keeps being knocked down I
21643s mean the damage too strong
21645s saving it up trying to re-gather their
21648s composure with taking a bigger ankle
21650s Nobody Knows the secret is out though
21652s getting the head shot and now the
21654s Winston comes back this is big off
21655s Sawhill naked winning call allowing Jim
21658s to come back alongside as well taking
21660s out the biggest number for the team here
21662s are actually forcing wisp into a
21664s position where they feel forced to
21665s change themselves and their hero
21667s Timeless ethereal just have made so much
21670s space off of Sawhill there's a slight
21673s hole there by nyxl Academy but they
21676s don't have the bodies it's just actually
21677s corpses everywhere Timeless ethereal
21680s makes so much space they keep forcing
21682s wisp to Grapple back as you mentioned
21684s but at least someone they can depend on
21687s is fun in this EMP this can be a stop
21690s they've already drained about half the
21691s time Bank of Timeless ethereal so it's
21693s not a bad defense whatsoever
21702s I mean he's been having a good time
21704s as well
21706s kind of playing into this still wisp is
21708s feeling very confident on the Widow and
21710s I I guess this is mostly just the map
21712s that really allows that to happen but
21714s the dragon strike to come through to
21716s really clear things over but getting
21717s detective though not able to do much but
21719s the EDP comes out at the perfect time
21721s the damage is going to be immense here
21723s with that hack to come through the Wisp
21725s can't seem to profit
21728s and why Excel Academy they it was good
21730s timing on the bun EMP she's not able to
21733s translocate back you know when everybody
21735s turns around to deal with you so I think
21737s bun knows they gotta deal with Jim they
21740s gotta go to the Tracer see if they can
21741s have more flank pressure and nyxl
21744s Academy gotta change your strategy up
21748s clever
21750s yeah there's man I mean I guess more so
21755s we're seeing a lot of changes in
21756s switches come out from Timeless and it
21758s feels like they're trying to honestly
21760s just find what could counter this whole
21762s entire composition to come through but I
21764s feel like most of it is going to be
21765s pretty difficult to do but the Primal
21767s Rage we're ready for it and finally
21769s they've completely just gone against all
21771s of their will right here for Timeless
21773s ethereal but they're getting down easy
21775s and early the Senora pulling this out in
21777s order to help everybody out let's own
21780s the point here trying to assist the
21782s payload trying to take back the control
21783s but they've lost it completely on the
21785s side of nyxl such a good Transcendence
21789s from Cairo it's a heel TV girl back up
21791s you might have lost wika but you have
21793s the respawn advantage and yxl Academy
21795s just have to contest the card they don't
21797s have to be too crazy and picking off Jim
21800s trying to Blink in front of four people
21802s that's gonna be a tough road to cross
21804s time was Theory only have two minutes
21806s left and they could be good they could
21808s be staggered if bun decides to go on the
21811s hunt but deciding to play safe
21818s I'm actually loading up nice and easy so
21820s you can get rid of something here bun
21822s they profit a lot off of this but we do
21825s see the change coming out from with the
21826s Cassidy to come through kind of like
21829s that sniper roll at this point all you
21831s really have to do is you can play a bit
21833s closer to win
21834s yeah getting shot down
21837s that's so unfortunate you don't notice
21840s the the stuck uh line at the top by the
21844s pulse before they brought out the Dragon
21847s Blade that is so unfortunate for azaray
21850s but still Timeless material get the cap
21853s so it's a w as a double yeah they got
21856s two and a half minutes to go towards the
21858s end as far as they can and it was an
21860s expensive fight just to get that but
21863s nyxl Academy don't have much either it's
21865s an amplification Matrix from Wicca that
21868s will be the fight starter
21874s In This Moment Timeless ethereal
21877s I mean they're really just continuing
21879s that push they're so close to fake right
21881s now at this point they can taste it
21884s but it's a struggle to win every single
21886s fight
21887s so not too much of a struggle right now
21889s especially with Widowmaker gone
21891s seems like they've honestly found their
21892s balance here with this current
21893s composition seeing azerade back onto
21895s that Sombra pushing back towards it you
21898s could see the Winston again always being
21901s that capable force and the Primal range
21903s to come through once more but the Sleep
21905s actually being such a perfect timing
21907s here they've lost out on time they only
21909s have three seconds left to utilize this
21911s and they have to push back again uh and
21913s someone woke up soil
21915s and the kills continue on for Timeless
21918s ethereal 90 seconds left staring down
21921s the barrel of a map completion nyxl
21925s Academy close to some ultimates but can
21927s they live on it'll be off the supporting
21929s TV girl on that anchor but saw Hill just
21932s bubbling off the heels Jim loses the
21934s duel against with that magnetic grenade
21936s could be such a doozy Timeless
21938s ethereal's backlighted trouble what a
21940s sleep from G2 fun managed to live that
21944s usually that's a death sentence for a
21945s tracer but Timeless ethereal we're just
21948s disengaging anyway
21950s yeah with the shields from TV girl as
21952s well that honestly left a couple seconds
21953s left
21954s for fun to just chill out honestly take
21956s a little nap
21958s go to sleep it's night time
21963s we could be settling it on this map too
21965s we could be saying good night with
21966s Timeless ethereal being on Match Point
21969s of course we gotta go to the second
21970s round but you know just to build the
21972s tension and all that azrae got also
21974s stunned surprised they lift her never
21976s mind TV girl with the gravitic flux and
21980s was counted by the sound gear of lizard
21981s lizard World lizard Wizard and G2 with
21985s the Nano wasn't enough to keep the truck
21988s going for Timeless ethereal 20 seconds
21991s left
21994s and as the time starts to continue right
21996s now Timeless ethereal they've had such a
21998s good hold back in the fact that
22000s nyxl they haven't been able to make it
22002s past that Mark
22005s it's the last fight though we do have a
22006s pulse bomb from fun that could come out
22008s to honestly shut things down right now
22011s time is of the essence the Squishies
22012s there honestly it's a pulse ball I'm
22014s gonna come through no they revert
22015s themselves backwards but the overtime is
22018s taking of course and I think this is the
22020s perfect time we're just waiting for it
22022s as they stay alive but right here it
22023s comes
22025s be able to get the shots hit the shots
22027s as well the pulse bomb coming up from
22028s Jim in replacement but the OT it might
22031s as well be timeless ethereal Stadium to
22033s take because they have just dominated
22037s you're not even out of the woods yet I
22039s think azery's EMP got canceled too
22041s didn't hear the sound line and didn't
22043s see anybody get hacked I wonder what
22046s happened there because I think that
22048s caused the Timeless ethereal the map
22050s completion yeah either way it's still a
22053s very good push and you can win off of
22055s this but I wonder what happened at that
22057s moment to be honest
22060s oh it was the accretion of the sigma
22062s that canceled the EMP oh shout out to
22065s our observers feeding me all the info
22066s but that's crazy because that was the
22068s win condition the Timeless we're really
22070s depending on
22072s oh man there were so many things
22075s I feel like that definitely could have
22076s gone into play but
22078s you know in the moment it really that he
22080s starts to get to you but I feel like I
22082s actually thought right there for a
22083s second Timeless ethereal I thought they
22084s were gonna take that you know push it
22086s all the way back up because they had so
22088s many Heroes left standing but you know
22091s in the last couple seconds everything
22092s everything went down now we've seen a
22095s different composition come out we're
22096s actually seeing that Collins are coming
22097s to play in the ramatra they're on the
22099s defense
22101s TV girls Sigma though is so good this is
22104s not the first time they've hit an
22105s accretion on azera's Sombra forcing to
22108s translocate back just the way they
22111s positioned too they're the ones who by
22113s time was ethereal to swap off the
22115s vermontra and go towards Winston and
22117s that's where Sawhill focused so much on
22119s bubbling off TV girl to block off the
22122s heels and that was a difficult task too
22124s Timeless ethereal it wasn't an easy run
22127s to get almost to the end of sea but they
22129s have a better defense they can be your
22132s radiant Heroes major one Champions nyxl
22135s Academy the box of Victories at the end
22137s of the map if they want to extend the
22140s series
22143s first pick as well to come out from
22145s whisper switching over to that Cassidy
22150s biggest thing here for nyxl that they
22152s really need to do is you talk about
22155s I mean obviously the stigma to come
22157s through and that is powerful in itself
22158s but I have to see that in action already
22161s as we're making some shots happen but of
22163s course the back off there's so many
22165s obstructions that could really help out
22167s this year especially with the Shields
22168s coming through and we're seeing TV girl
22170s live in action here on the Safeway
22172s especially with the speed call from
22174s Wicca was so smart nyxl academy
22176s completely caught Timeless ethereal off
22179s guard didn't see that they were in that
22181s back alley and ran them over Timeless
22184s ethereal need the space to operate azri
22187s does not want to get up close and
22189s personal with nyxl Academy so that'll be
22191s a first fight win for the offense as
22193s they look to extend and get point a the
22195s barrier appears
22199s experimental barrier honestly being that
22201s divide between both of these teams
22204s nyxl Academy
22207s I guess his time was the burial shot
22209s being fired right now as it seems in 89
22212s are coming up for the ultimate to come
22214s through from wism
22217s didn't die there that was crazy yeah
22220s Dead Eye available around the corner and
22223s Timeless to cereal use the immortality
22225s to not die from the ultimate just in
22228s case amplification Matrix from G2 around
22231s the corner too and nyxl Academy they
22233s respect that space But I don't think one
22236s did and Jim delivers the pulse bomb nyxl
22239s Academy are down two but someone has to
22241s touch for the defense and it is Sawhill
22243s just barely and they've re-established
22245s themselves even use the sound bear to
22247s run over the last couple of people from
22249s nyxl Academy
22252s now with the touchdown
22253s oh man it just gets harder and harder
22256s because now the ramacha's starting to
22257s pick things back up again you see Cara
22260s right now at least for nyxl if they want
22262s to keep this push up
22264s the time we got at least some sort of
22266s Nano boost to come through but I mean
22269s the biggest thing is that we kind of got
22270s to wait for it to pop up unless we're
22272s gonna use that
22274s utilize that as well but it gets harder
22276s and harder as the Romantic starts to
22278s push things back up in Timeless ethereal
22281s they're not looking for anybody to
22283s utilize any sort of aggression instead
22285s they're gonna push it back themselves
22286s the punch is left in right there hooking
22288s them line and sinker
22291s left and right hook just knocking them
22293s out great speed call from Lizard wizard
22296s plus the annihilation of Saw Hill caught
22298s nyxl Academy off guard you got the E
22301s slow from ramatra that caught Cairo and
22303s wasn't able to escape out of that before
22305s you know the Lights Went dim and that
22308s might be the case for NYX Soul Academy
22309s because there's only a minute and eight
22311s seconds left they got two fights left
22313s just to get a
22315s lot right now okay nice dragon strike to
22319s come through it still is a challenge to
22322s start up but you can see okay that's by
22324s coming through again the sigma's
22326s starting to push things up but wisp
22328s unable to miss a shot right now as it
22330s stands for the seconds are starting to
22332s get short to your lemon and the shorter
22333s they get the harder it's gonna be to
22335s start to continue yourself to move
22336s forward even though that three minutes
22337s was replenished it could have been a lot
22339s more
22340s loose nyxl Academy have the old to pull
22343s this off
22344s no the Dead Eye can sometimes surprise
22346s people if you speed around a corner
22348s channel the Dead Eye you can Crush
22351s something like a tracer and saw Hill's
22353s Shield is on a cool down so if you can
22356s catch them off guard this could be an
22357s opening but mainly I'm looking at TV
22359s girl in this grab flux too Timeless
22361s cereal have the amp Matrix it could pop
22363s around the corner Thomas ethereal just
22365s speed right into them overwhelming with
22367s great pulse bomb from Jim and five
22370s versus three That's All She Wrote for
22372s that defense
22375s it's difficult right now for both of
22378s these teams I mean again right this is
22380s the second game that Timeless material
22382s has won if they win this one out again
22384s it could may as well be game over with
22386s Timeless material Imperial taking that
22388s first play Spot and I mean the
22390s continuation of that damage to come
22392s through they've pretty much won out this
22393s fight once more the defense is looking a
22396s lot stronger than what it was down on
22397s that offense but
22399s I mean with the load of stuff the
22400s ultimates we're seeing here
22401s possibility strikes again
22405s two minutes
22407s nyxl Academy Deadeye to just slow down
22410s Timeless ethereal they keep taking so
22412s much initiative but try the channels
22414s that I so long to chunk down that tank
22417s but it was Timeless ethereal to have the
22419s last laugh remember this card is at B
22421s and Timeless ethereal are playing like
22423s this is at a they're trying to spawn
22425s Camp nyxl Academy but they're respecting
22429s this now going back to the cart
22431s oh okay okay okay well
22436s you know at least they're able to see
22437s the location of themselves they're from
22439s assaray it's okay though at least the
22441s shot's coming down again once more the
22443s dragon strike ready and available for
22444s crap
22445s oh they're gonna have to actually
22447s everybody's pretty much cornered in
22449s signing into one certain area not gonna
22452s use it just yet instead really trying to
22454s push and fight for this the timing is
22455s one of the most important portions of
22457s these types of fights but if nyxl
22459s Academy lose out on this one they're
22461s gonna have to try to ever so desperately
22463s seek out the attention here when they're
22466s trying their very very best but Jim
22467s comes along the fact now you see the
22468s track can strike the damages immense and
22471s it's impossible to get away from
22472s something like this with the pulse bomb
22474s to come down once more and everything's
22477s really revolving around the situation
22479s it's Timeless ethereal unable to be
22482s broken
22484s three olds for Timeless ethereal they
22486s baited them they beta nyxl Academy into
22489s this closed-in fight pop the
22491s annihilation sped into them use the
22493s dragon strike to lock them in exactly
22495s where they wanted them into the loving
22498s arms of Sawhill that was expensive for
22500s Timeless ethereal but they still have
22501s two important ultimates the
22502s amplification Matrix from G2 just to
22505s hose down nyxl academy with wika has to
22508s be on the ball with the sound barrier to
22510s give the sustained nyxl Academy needs
22513s and TV girl with his grab flux that's
22515s gonna be a big win condition accretion
22517s out got Sawhill on their knees and
22519s Matrix to support them sound Bearer
22522s Tempo engagement y Excel this is where
22524s all the Marvels for the championship two
22527s of Timeless ethereal win this over time
22529s into effect and ultimates despair sound
22532s beer gone for lizard has Carol decides
22534s to Nano wisp has to be the hero delivers
22537s one kill and now a second then I need to
22540s finish off the third nyxl Academy they
22543s were bringing Timeless cereal to school
22545s oh my God the OT they're actually going
22549s to be able to get this quite possibly a
22551s Timeless ethereal so far I mean they
22553s have picked out the Lucio and there's
22555s one more fight left lemon if nyxl cannot
22559s stop this before it gets heavy it might
22561s be game over but we talked about the
22563s appreciative come through from TV girl I
22565s think they have the power to really pull
22566s through with this they're pulling up
22568s that experimental barrier to try to stop
22570s this push and the damage to come through
22572s but it's getting harder and harder Jim
22573s has the pulse bomb to use they're gonna
22575s back themselves off to regain their
22577s composure to get that hell back put the
22579s pulse ball to come backwards and the
22581s Damage not there
22582s oh but TV girls able to Anchor this card
22585s keep the overtime alive as far and long
22587s as possible bun
22589s Dragon Blade he don't have any support
22591s ultimates you just have care that can
22593s teleport with you Dragon Blade already
22595s 20.
22597s My Wizard Timeless ethereal time to
22600s annihilate what's left of nyxl Academy
22604s who had a lesson to take from the books
22607s of Timeless ethereal who got Flawless in
22609s the Grand Final 3-0 or your Challenger
22613s Series champions the last second of the
22617s game pulling out the Lucio and leading
22620s your team to victory was one of the best
22622s decisions they could have done despite
22624s the pulse ball missing the shot I feel
22626s like one of the biggest things there was
22627s the shutdown of the Genji ultimate that
22630s would have carried them far that would
22632s have won them the game for nyxl but they
22634s knew exactly how to play that and listen
22637s the load up for that ultimate was insane
22639s but you got your radiant Heroes major
22641s one Champions Timeless ethereal well
22645s done
22646s what a master class that they've put on
22650s shout out to Timeless ethereal and the
22654s back room to debit and salt shaker
22657s assembling the strategy guide for this
22659s team I mean it was such a close final
22662s the 3-0 doesn't tell you the full story
22664s but five thousand dollars that's a good
22668s story to tell for Timeless ethereal and
22670s 900 circuit points to qualify for the
22673s championship at the end of the year and
22675s 2500 for a second for NY Excel Academy I
22679s know New York Excelsior the team proper
22681s is so proud of this team and then uh
22685s Starry Nights of course and dart monkey
22687s third and fourth actually just like the
22689s seating of how Swiss uh bracket ended up
22692s one two three four exactly in that order
22696s oh and this this was this was a fun game
22699s to watch as well I I feel like there
22701s were so many last second moments where
22703s man nyxl they had that they had that the
22707s ultimate to come down from Genji that
22709s blade was it for me and I was like they
22712s take this they finally get it back and
22715s they just got downed it was like it was
22718s done it was done The Moment I Saw the
22719s Genji Go Down it was over but the three
22722s to oh from Timeless ethereal
22725s well we're going to have an interview
22728s with Timeless ethereal to get their
22730s thoughts on you know what is the journey
22732s for them they have big careers ahead of
22735s them I mean this platform calling all
22737s heroes is just a stepping stone and what
22740s awaits them we're gonna throw it to a
22742s break so we can get our players you know
22743s settled down from all this adrenaline
22745s and then get them on the mic because
22747s you'd love to hear their thoughts so
22748s y'all want to stay tuned for that
22757s [Music]
22759s thank you
22763s [Music]
22794s thank you
22796s foreign
22799s [Music]
22839s [Music]
22857s [Music]
22869s [Music]
22890s thank you
22902s foreign
22909s [Music]
22935s [Music]
22951s thank you
22958s [Music]
22967s welcome back everyone to radiant Heroes
22971s major one we just finished off our grand
22973s final it was a ton of fun a big
22975s congratulations once again to Timeless
22977s ethereal and as good fashion in every
22979s post-match we gotta have an interview
22981s with a winner and one winner we have
22983s today is Sawhill tank player for
22986s Timeless ethereal on the line with us
22989s right now hopefully do you hear us
22993s hello yeah I can hear you guys what's up
22996s hey uh congratulations on the W today
22999s what a 3-0 final tell me I mean what
23003s does this win mean to you and the team I
23006s mean I think it's great we were able to
23007s well I was on the last year's Timeless
23009s roster but I'm really glad that they
23011s could go first place this time after
23012s losing good Dart monkeys last time I'm
23013s glad that I could help them win and I
23016s really enjoyed playing the tournament
23017s with them
23019s all right my question is so what were
23021s your first thoughts when I I heard about
23023s the lore from bad pachimari and uh you
23027s know what what were your first thoughts
23029s did you see the tweet that they had
23030s tweeted out yeah yeah I I tweeted under
23033s the eyes of Joker like I thought it was
23034s it was doomed but okay we all thought it
23038s was Doom we all just reply to that guy
23039s instantly like
23041s the dark monkeys are pissed at it but we
23045s broke the curse we're different we're
23046s not like them yeah okay y'all got
23049s blessed um but you got to bless us with
23052s some doomfist today I gotta ask all tank
23055s players about their thoughts on doomfist
23057s this meta because I don't even see hawk
23059s playing doomfist lately what do you
23060s think well I think he's like a lot
23063s better than people give him credit for
23064s especially into like the ram rush you
23065s could just there's so much disruption
23067s you can do especially with the Anna Nano
23069s Doom will just like kill in a back line
23070s just instantly I think it's really
23071s strong and people underrate the Doom
23073s Camp a lot
23074s I think there's a lot of hard counters
23076s to it but if they don't play them right
23077s away then you can do a lot of work
23080s okay okay I like me a doomfist
23083s um
23087s okay
23089s um so Sawhill
23091s um is that is that your name is that
23093s what is my real name yeah it's just my
23095s real name yeah okay I'm thinking you got
23098s it from like you know like uh I don't
23099s know maybe you saw like saws on a hill
23101s or something you're like ah inspiration
23105s but more so
23107s um you know I did want to ask obviously
23108s if there was anybody that you wanted to
23110s shout out you know you are the victors
23113s like talk your talk your trash like do
23116s whatever you want at this point
23118s well I want a shout out or warm up the
23120s coyote killers they helped us out a lot
23122s with the warm-up we knew exactly how to
23124s play against their comps because of them
23125s they did a great job warming yourself I
23127s want to shout out my whole team they're
23128s the goats Jim Nguyen as you all know
23134s yeah that's it and uh we're not salaried
23137s and one team is you know
23140s wow
23142s who are y'all talking about
23146s Korea Xbox's
23149s um Timeless material though what is next
23151s for y'all I feel like you have such big
23152s careers ahead of you what's next more uh
23156s radiant Heroes Majors contenders what's
23159s up oh yeah we're looking to dominate the
23162s rest of the majors as we have here maybe
23163s the miners the majors all of them every
23165s tournament the finals everything you
23166s know we're not expecting to lose
23168s and uh yeah that's about it we're just
23171s gonna try to stick as a team and do what
23172s we do what we can to keep winning
23175s stick together because if it ain't broke
23177s don't try to fix it
23179s it's fine the way it is you guys are
23181s more than fine you're amazing
23183s congratulations on the dominant win in
23186s the final go enjoy that money that time
23188s off and we'll see you at the next event
23190s yeah thanks for having me thanks for
23192s hosting the tournament thanks for Cassie
23193s it was great
23195s oh yeah yeah we love a nice interviewee
23197s confer is what a time we've had let's
23201s pull up the bracket you know because
23202s this has been a long event a three-day
23205s Affair starting with a Swiss stage
23208s everyone battling each other out to
23211s qualify into the single elimination to
23214s get to the end of the road what a day
23216s what a weekend
23218s it's it's been an amazing weekend I was
23221s lucky enough to be able to you know
23223s obviously cast those Swiss stages but
23225s you know to be able to even be here and
23227s and see Timeless ethereal and nyxl
23230s Academy you know the two top teams that
23233s managed to bring themselves to this
23235s moment and Timeless taking things in at
23237s three to oh Fashion is impeccable it's
23240s kind of it's kind of funny how the
23241s closest game that we got was in that
23243s round of 16 with Vancouver Titans blue
23245s versus Genesis rain
23247s and this is cool like speaking of
23248s Vancouver Titans just the fact that
23250s there's so much OverWatch League support
23252s I mean both just of course partnering
23254s with radiant but also just with the
23256s teams it's cool to see and it's
23259s surprising to see that team like Dart
23260s monkeys not make it to the final but I
23262s think we can all thank bad patchy Mari
23264s for that one
23265s but um I'd love to see how just the
23268s standings have turned out I know
23270s everyone is fighting for qualification
23272s points if there's no graphic for that
23273s it's fine I could just tell you 900
23275s points for Timeless ethereal that's
23278s gonna be important 750 for second nyxl
23281s Academy get not 600 for Dart monkeys and
23283s starry nights this is all and you know
23286s there's points all the way to top 16 so
23288s you know a lot of people getting that
23290s this is to get to go to the championship
23292s which has a twenty thousand dollar prize
23294s pool but this isn't the only major
23296s Gompers there's so many events this year
23299s there there really is there's so much
23301s going on and in my opinion it's nice to
23304s be able to see just just the range that
23306s OverWatch is going to and how many
23308s people it's really reaching out to
23309s whether it be Collegiate right whether
23311s it be uh you know Academy teams that
23313s really want to have their own chance and
23314s contenders and whatnot and then seeing
23316s the pro league and now you know
23318s obviously calling all heroes and the
23320s radiant Heroes major so there's always
23322s something going on I feel like in the
23324s world of OverWatch and that in itself is
23325s exciting enough
23327s of course and thank you to all the
23329s casters the production radiant for
23332s putting this all together expect an
23334s announcement I emoji from calling all
23337s heroes next week about the next event
23340s the minor event happening there's gonna
23341s be three Majors this year too tons of
23344s just prize money

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