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0s overwatch two's newest hero kiriko was
2s just announced so here's a little bit
2s more info on what she can do and how you
4s can access her kiriko is the fast
5s support hero who's good at staying close
6s to and healing your teammates one of her
8s abilities is her healing of futa
9s talismans throw these preemptively at a
10s teammate that's just about to take some
12s damage she can also deal damage with her
13s kunai blades making her a fantastic
15s battle healer healing and dealing damage
16s at the same time and like genji and
18s hanzo she can't climb walls for her
19s abilities she has swift step which
20s allows her to teleport to her teammates
22s even through walls and her protection
23s suzu which you can throw in your allies
24s cleansing any debuffs and granting a
26s temporary shield then there's her
27s ultimate the kitsune rush which casts a
29s trail of torii with her fox spirit
30s leading the way giving all allies in
31s that area a powerful speed buff making
33s them faster at reloading attacking
34s moving and decreasing their cooldowns
36s can't wait to try her out overwatch one
37s owners will instant unlock her on day
39s one as well as anybody who purchases the
41s premium battle pass but all players will
42s have a chance to unlock kiriko for free
43s by leveling up through the battle pass
45s hopefully this gives you a good idea on
46s how to best play as kirikou and you're
47s just as hyped to better as i am

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