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518s because the safe environment and
520s visibility provides the marginalized
522s groups competing within the OverWatch
523s Community why is it so important wealth
526s baby the boys they need a presence and
529s they need our support calling all heroes
531s is our chance to kind of change that
533s narrative and to prove that if we give
536s the talent that is there a place to
538s practice and a place to cultivate it
540s will inevitably rise
549s opens the door wide what and Bone the
553s two DPS again making the numbers count
557s making your ultimates more another
559s sustainable being used in the sound
561s barriers ultimate myself academies
562s everything's being thrown into this
564s fight this one is absolutely monstrous
576s 16 teams have been narrowed down to just
579s four in the semi-finals of day two of
582s the load screen recall calling all
584s heroes first Miner I am epitomies and I
587s am here with Chef Billy to bring you all
589s the coverage for this last day of
591s playoffs yeah that we are excited to be
594s here once again for this gender
596s inclusive tournament and you know
597s getting at the underrepresented members
600s of our community uh everybody's a hero
602s and you know we need a lot more of us
604s here and that's what this whole
605s initiative is about is making a safe
606s space for everybody uh to be part of
609s this wonderful game that we all have
611s come to love over the past six years and
613s well I mean this is uh this is one of
615s the proudest moments of my life we had a
617s fun time yesterday now we're down to the
619s business end of the tournament here
622s we've got two semi well we've got one
623s semi-final and a grand final the other
625s uh semifinal will take place off screen
628s but let's take a look at how we got here
631s uh this is a look at our brackets and uh
634s well you'll see right here we've got uh
636s nyxl Academy and Timeless ether
638s yesterday uh that five map thrill that
641s we had here on the stream last match of
642s the day uh they got through 3-2 and Rift
645s Guardian said dark monkeys is going to
647s be our batch up here on the stream today
649s and rip Guardians completely undefeated
653s I mean they've only lost three Maps
655s through the entirety of uh their run
658s here through the miners tournament so I
661s mean for dark monkeys they've got a real
663s tall Order ahead of them but uh
665s epitomies I mean this is going to be I
667s think this is going to come down to uh
669s nerves I can come down to who's got the
671s better result and how much you know team
673s Synergy has been built here uh for these
675s two teams
677s yeah and I mean Dart monkeys definitely
680s had a really tough matchup yesterday
682s against Vancouver Titans blue to make it
684s here and riff Guardians they went up
686s against with flashlight which we saw in
689s that very first streamed match yesterday
690s and they had to go absolutely crazy it
693s was a reverse sweep from Rift Guardians
695s and looking at their roster here this is
698s who's going to be playing some familiar
700s names I'm sure isn't there really I mean
703s yeah I mean just out the game the chesty
705s and hkey uh are too uh very prominent uh
709s names here then aramore is one of my
711s favorite uh supports uh in North America
714s uh really have loved what she has
716s brought to the scene uh has a dang good
719s uh honor but we'll see uh how they are
722s going to do weather today because they
724s did have a scare yesterday on yesterday
726s was we were on upset alert across a lot
729s of the matches and as we now take a look
731s at the dark monkeys uh we'll see uh one
734s of my favorite uh Flex supports here in
737s all of Na that is Aspen and SK both in
740s the support role there this is going to
742s come down to some serious support
744s battles I I have to say uh barcode is
748s one of my personal favorite dps's here
750s especially in this tournament uh and
753s zambrit I have covered them for quite a
755s bit of time and she has been part of the
759s path to Pro System uh you know in
761s contenders and trials and such like that
763s so
764s um we're gonna see uh this is going to
766s be a Clash of the Titans here uh if I've
768s been completely Odd as Dart monkey's
770s looking to play spoiler here now we're
773s going to take a look at our Maps it is a
774s first to three here and we're gonna
776s start out on Oasis and I like this pick
779s over Legion Garden because you have you
783s know you have got a very definitive
785s brawl map and then Gardens and City
787s Center you can play a lot more mobile uh
791s and you can play a lot more
792s intelligently I don't think the drift
794s doesn't necessarily throw yourself at
796s the other team like you do on universe
797s be
799s yeah and I definitely do agree with you
802s here and obviously I am very excited to
806s be seeing Dart monkeys I saw a lot of SK
809s back when she wasn't playing OverWatch
812s and was in another unnamed FPS title but
815s uh she also was heading Dart monkeys and
818s I am really excited to see what she has
821s built over here on um in OverWatch too
824s because OverWatch 2 Dart monkeys has
826s already made a name for themselves
827s they've placed top three in a lot of
831s these previous calling all heroes
832s tournaments so I think that they are
835s definitely a team to be the rift
836s Guardians they have gone so they have
839s such a Flawless record in calling all
841s heroes so far in this minor and they are
844s actually 8-0 on their wins in the entire
846s tournament
847s I need this is going to be you know
849s where the rubber meets the road I mean
851s if somebody's got to go home here I
853s think that we're in in store for a
855s five-map thriller uh like we had
857s yesterday I think there's not much
858s between these two teams uh I think
860s barcode is gonna be somebody that we
862s look for from dark monkeys to get the
864s initiation uh and then watch the
866s follow-up on behind that Evie uh is a
869s very Dynamic tank uh on the other side
871s cat uh looking like we might get this
874s jumper queen look and you're gonna look
876s for shusty here on the ash to get up on
878s that high ground and start spraying down
881s with the Viper
884s that you were talking about it's still
887s just the Lucio kiriko combo because they
890s really want to get up close and personal
892s make sure that these dimes aren't
894s successful especially with Evie here on
896s the tank but for now they're fighting
898s just across the side of the map taking
900s control of the hides round though it's
902s that Winston exactly what we expect here
904s with this such a dynamic tank in terms
908s of being able to take control of The
909s High Ground no picks to be found either
912s way drops the bubble Evie Falls really
914s low though and instead just retreats to
916s the point dark monkeys first to touch
918s but heavily contested thus far just
920s playing Ring Around the Rosie and trying
923s to find some sort of damage some sort of
926s big
928s Asado I'm looking for a pick but still
932s it's just High Ground dancing up in this
934s gowns nobody can take control
940s and there's a there's a statue set
942s coming to his Amendment that'll give
944s them the first point and lots of extra
946s old charge going over to them looking at
948s the difference between SK and airmory
950s absolutely even uh in the consumer Rush
954s generation of course ceremony will go a
956s little bit ahead here uh just because
958s they are out of Spawn but I mean easy
960s right now I think that's you've got to
962s watch SK being able to go in with these
965s Dives and keep the uh healing after
967s death on the Winston because the engages
970s right now have been way too clean she
972s thought it was just having a field day
974s barcode is looking to try and counter
977s for this to Asado though and get that
979s damage down as well but chisato is
981s pretty much unchecked over here on the
984s point while Dart monkey has been looking
986s for the guys now dropping the bubble
988s down low but Evie has to retreat and SK
991s does find the pick on to chesty though
993s so they are missing this dps's both
995s because soon they rushes go out try and
997s dive onto one another and the EMP now
1001s activated sound barrier from jono to try
1003s and contest make sure that this dragon
1005s plate can't find anything as Ashton just
1008s counters with the sound barrier of her
1010s own asking once again with another pick
1012s the kiriko being the one to secure these
1014s eliminations and the Rampage is going to
1017s attempt to hold on to this point SK
1020s another pick on Chef Steve but shasti
1022s with the soldier and not before she's
1024s able to pick one out of their own the
1026s Primal Rage has to come out dark monkeys
1029s still fighting such a prolonged
1031s engagement but nothing to be bound on
1034s either side and Rift Guardians the timer
1036s is still ticking for them they're still
1039s able to get that percentage up but
1040s finally with the help of the Primal Rage
1042s and almost every single ultimate vested
1045s from both sides dark monkeys come out on
1048s top
1048s from the time that we saw dark monkeys
1051s get the advantage in that fight rip
1053s Guardians get an extra 40 of capture
1056s percentage so I mean looking for
1058s Dartmouth right now December whole bomb
1060s is going to be coming up here very
1061s shortly and with chisado going over to
1063s their own answering Tracer backlights
1065s are going to be pretty vulnerable
1070s again
1071s he's always trying to round these
1073s corners and look for the early
1075s engagement so they can follow up with
1077s the Lucio but barcode falling early
1080s these other Guardians have that second
1082s of an opening where they don't have to
1083s worry about these hacks and can put so
1086s much damage onto the tank Evie forced to
1089s retreat once again playing around the
1091s middle of this map but there's the leads
1094s that come through from cat that just
1096s allowing Evie to be taken down and
1098s chisado switching onto the Tracer
1100s instead of the Genji now the pulse bomb
1102s much more reliable ultimate and already
1104s charged up despite the switch now to
1106s Jersey shesty looking to be the next
1109s person that will have an ultimate on
1111s board with the overlock I mean barcode
1115s right now is just not getting enough
1119s you're looking for a stick big stick but
1122s bigger Susan coming from this game that
1125s was a huge ultimate or Isuzu from ascape
1128s but there's a rampage to come through
1129s and the sound barrier immediately
1131s counteracting it was the only person who
1133s really got hit by the anti they're able
1136s to find a lot of value out of the over
1137s cloth now though Justin's just going
1139s crazy with the right clicks with the
1142s railgun looking for the picks and they
1144s do find them the overtime is activated
1147s and barcode is looking to stall still
1149s contesting on the point running around
1152s the middle of the map making sure that
1153s there isn't a sight line but after that
1156s player is taken down there's no choice
1158s Rift Guardians they take first mouth
1161s I mean the difference between chunker
1163s Queen and listen right there you see
1165s right there the engagement that Rift
1166s Guardians were taking they were going
1168s into Eevee they were going hard they
1170s weren't taking any questions or comments
1172s tala that was what I mean they just
1174s wanted to get on top of Edie and really
1176s put the backlight under duress and
1178s that's what happened time and time again
1180s uh we need to see a little bit more
1182s coming out from barcode here especially
1185s on the summer so we're gonna keep
1186s writing that the hacks have to be uh
1188s follow up on the die potential has to be
1190s there Evie is going to keep running with
1192s this Winston I think that you've got to
1194s coordinate these Dives a whole heck of a
1195s lot better uh make sure that you take
1197s that hack Target down and then move on
1199s from there and speaking of the Winston
1202s as well momentarily did see a Reaper
1204s come from chisado and there were Reapers
1206s in the games yesterday so they might
1208s also be looking for somewhere that front
1210s loaded damage if Evie does become a
1213s problem eventually but right now Dart
1215s monkeys they're sticking with the
1217s composition as that they know already
1219s the dive comes in from maybe bubble goes
1222s down but the jumper Queen is just right
1224s up in the base not allowing the space to
1226s be taken especially with the bleed
1228s applied and needs to go back and Retreat
1230s for the heels and once again it's Rift
1232s Guardians that are going to take the
1234s first capture off the point on Oasis but
1236s dark monkeys they are able to confess
1238s just for a second but the little delay
1240s is not enough to flip the point
1242s not really and I mean we're looking for
1244s summer right now to close in on this and
1246s make the rotational round uh the pillar
1248s here and there's a big manual Hack That
1250s should be a kill conference but to get
1251s away
1253s and Jesse is able to take down barcode
1255s as well so no more of the hack for the
1258s rest of this fight have to wait for the
1259s Sombra to come back in while dark
1261s monkeys they're just swinging on the
1263s backside of the map using the bubble to
1265s retreat and Aspen they're able to get
1267s some witness SK on the side as well the
1270s two supports are able to make a bit of
1272s room for dark monkeys and get themselves
1274s onto the point and objective now secured
1276s for Dart monkeys only 33 ticked off for
1280s Rift Guardians now Dart monkeys have a
1282s little bit of the better odds than they
1285s had in that last round absolutely and I
1287s think that the the focus fire doubt
1289s coming through true here for Dartmouth
1291s is maybe the early game Jitters are out
1293s of the out of the basket uh we're
1295s looking right now at an early consuming
1296s rush and Founders ready to go for
1298s Darkness so lots of staying power here
1300s on the point which side of lift their
1302s own pulse bomb they force out Susu and
1305s look for the ball or look for a
1306s follow-up on the back of that
1308s seems like zembra is trying to find
1311s something off the side of it but the
1312s team repositions and all of a sudden it
1315s is just front to back once again Evie
1317s gets down real low but not the
1319s elimination confirmed however kitsume
1321s Rush from Escape is going to make it a
1324s lot easier for Dart monkeys to spam away
1326s but the katsune rush has been reached by
1328s arabori and is immediately countered now
1331s two more ultimates invested with the
1333s Rampage and the sound barriers on both
1335s sides the Primal Rage is still going but
1339s as it runs out there's still nothing
1340s Bound for dark monkeys except for that
1343s kill on to escape now missing that bit
1346s of burst healing that kiriko offered as
1348s well as the invulnerability from the
1349s suzu dart monkeys decides to retreat and
1352s with Guardian split Point well I mean
1354s that's a smart disengage coming from
1355s them once you lose your Winston in that
1357s competition you've got it back out they
1359s got as much as they could but now
1361s they're going to have the EMP engage and
1363s now they don't have to worry about that
1365s Rampage it's gonna be free kills as long
1367s as the focus fire once again is there
1370s foreign
1386s cat goes down as well yeah I mean that's
1389s a fantastic turn for bed uh they give up
1391s a little bit of progress there uh and
1393s and the big thing is that barcode takes
1396s down the chesty uh without the EMP just
1398s a manual hack and just a one Clipper
1401s from them that's a beautiful Focus fire
1403s there realizing the Target now the
1405s overclock is available so they do have
1407s an entry point and shasado over to the
1409s re Personnel Evie is gonna have to be
1411s really focused
1413s but the EMP does come through even does
1416s get a bit of damage off the back of it
1418s but other than that they're still
1420s looking a little bit shaky dark monkeys
1423s are dancing around the point once again
1425s and SK is just going head to head with
1427s you there's the overclock to try and
1430s confirm the kill onto SK and finally
1432s they take down the kiriko pulse bomb
1434s misses from zembrick and is heavily
1436s punished for it railgun confirms kill
1438s onto zembrit now once again flipping the
1442s point this this round is just neck and
1444s neck from both these teams I mean you've
1446s got the sound barrier Advantage right
1448s now
1450s you can let it go to about 90 95 and get
1454s in there I think the manual hack has to
1456s go I'm just Shadow first to make sure
1457s the TV has a staying
1460s here's the reaper just an action being
1463s able to force back the Winston so
1464s heavily but now The High Ground and
1466s without the teleport available it's a
1468s lot harder to be able to track this
1470s monkey around the map now there's the
1473s sound barrier and the consuming Rush
1476s both from breath Guardians to try and
1478s force the fight into their Direction but
1480s the sound barrier counters from Aspen
1482s and the Kitsune Rush unfortunately
1484s nowhere close for SK but the Primal Rage
1487s is and the Primal Rage now popped means
1489s that they can make a lot of space on the
1491s objective and kind of force these
1493s players back but she thought it was
1495s still trying to fight and the death
1497s Blossom is now available the Rampage
1500s going through and the death Blossom
1501s trying to firm the Press but it's still
1503s dark monkeys coming out finding the
1505s value in their contesting it's all left
1508s up to cat as the rest of the team tries
1510s to regroup but over time and now
1512s confirmed and dark monkeys able to flip
1515s points looking to be another overtime
1519s ready to go here from
1529s as they come through
1532s cool chesty can't do anything on the
1535s Tracer so far though and the EMP once
1537s again charged as well for barcode
1539s there's separate with a pulse bomb
1541s looking to confirm the kill on to
1543s chisato and just can't get away from all
1546s the damage Rift Guardians they're going
1548s to give this one up and dart monkeys
1550s make the map score around school one one
1553s yeah I mean that's a fantastic
1555s turnaround from dark monkeys they really
1556s did understand the wind conditions and
1558s when did this engage uh you know we were
1560s talking to Cal yesterday and they said
1563s you know the ability to to kite away
1566s from damaging knowing when a fight is
1569s done uh and you really carry your losses
1572s uh and you know keeping yourself in the
1574s bigger fight uh so that we saw very uh
1576s very well on display there from Dark
1578s Monkey so uh we're gonna head now to
1581s University and I think that this is
1583s probably going to favor Rift Guardians
1585s especially if cat is going to come out
1586s on this ramacha we're gonna see the
1588s Romantic matchup we're gonna see mirror
1591s compositions from both sides so it's
1593s gonna be a race to the amp Matrix first
1595s and then second after that it's going to
1597s be a race to the annihilation
1601s already taking control of High Ground
1603s roof Guardians trying to put a lot of
1605s emphasis here barcode on the Hanzo
1607s immediately head shotting chisado so
1610s that may already out and this is the map
1612s you mentioned that has a lot more of
1614s that for all style here on University
1616s already though the ultimate's getting
1618s charged and we see that barcode has
1620s gotten a lot but chesky just gonna
1622s counter with the Hanzo of her own and
1624s able to take it down oh my God May and
1628s Hamza were both now out of the fight and
1630s have to try and regroup with the rest of
1632s the squad which just enables Rift
1633s Guardians to go absolutely insane uh
1636s Evie stand in the corner power blocking
1639s and Nemesis you know maybe it would have
1643s worked out in Another Universe can't see
1645s them they can't see me but
1647s no I mean you're absolutely right just
1650s the just the turd there from chesty uh
1653s turning the fight on its head I mean the
1655s opening pit that came from barcode on
1656s the chisado really should have put it in
1659s their favor and now she decided to the
1661s weight corner and that's the first point
1662s to pull that wall out to block off uh AV
1664s from any kind of points
1667s the way barrier trying to block the
1670s damage but oh Chicago gets shredded but
1673s Aspen on the other hand Chessie is doing
1675s so much work on the Hanzo being able to
1677s spam down and in these small spaces
1680s ramatra just Reigns Supreme in the
1683s Nemesis form kind of just throw all the
1685s bunches out dark monkeys Force back into
1688s spawn and wrist Guardians are still
1690s looking for more aramori on the Baptist
1692s really lending to this bursty brawl play
1695s style in terms of healing I mean cat uh
1698s I don't know 40 ahead of you yeah that's
1701s that's that's the big kicker right now
1703s is how much work uh the cat's getting
1704s done in that and then another one with a
1706s high ground rotation I like a split but
1709s they need to get a the dragon strike on
1710s at least that's a huge hit coming out
1712s from overboard though neutralizing the
1715s dragon strike in this fight cat is going
1717s to go ahead and force the annihilation
1719s through the dragon strike does come in
1721s from dark monkeys and a student fighting
1723s a number onto cat but they still have so
1726s much to deal with the blizzard coming
1729s through but so much damage from dark
1731s monkeys even without their own ultimate
1734s to counteract and it is just insane how
1737s they were able to dance around the wall
1738s get away from the freezing of the
1740s blizzard and win that fight to turn
1742s point
1743s almost turned that fight around though
1745s Rift guard is almost held on to the
1747s point when cat popped that annihilation
1749s just a couple seconds and a couple extra
1756s yeah
1758s incredibly scary
1760s um
1764s Dragon strike is
1770s but
1773s I think my I think our feet had a little
1775s bit of a yeah
1777s we're having a little bit of a technical
1779s difficulty here but I mean he's holding
1780s onto the point they've gotten released
1782s the blizzard here and now they're
1784s crossing the 50 ones they've got a whole
1786s hotel
1789s oh the annihilation from uh from dark
1793s monkeys but they're trying to counteract
1794s there's the Matrix they want to get the
1796s damage through the amp but it's dark
1798s monkeys that actually find the
1800s elimination barcode on the Hanzo looking
1802s to be just as valuable as chesty was in
1805s that very first half of the round and
1807s once again dark monkeys hanging on to
1810s their point however they invested so
1813s much into that fight and they only have
1815s that one amp Matrix that's going to be
1817s coming up unless Barco can build up this
1821s ultimate very quickly with some quick
1823s headshots Dart monkeys they're looking
1825s to be in a very uncertain position with
1827s the annihilation coming in hot now to
1830s use it there's a dust it up right now
1832s and this amp they just don't be huge
1833s they're gonna have everybody in the wine
1835s sight to be able to use the best
1836s advantage
1838s the annihilation from cat just as we
1840s called it coming through the immortality
1842s the annihilation from cat just as we
1844s call it coming through the immortality
1846s field though trying to keep zembra alive
1849s but she thought I was still able to
1850s finish off the elimination and dark
1852s monkeys they know when to disengage they
1854s have to regroup for the next fight but
1856s barcode goes down a little bit late so
1859s now that hanza once again the timing is
1861s definitely going to be a little bit
1862s risky here especially Rift Guardians now
1865s surging forward trying to make sure
1867s they're able to push the spawn of dark
1869s monkeys so they're just going to channel
1871s through on the right side they need to
1873s touch and they need to touch now but
1874s it's not there Rift Guardians the May
1877s wall it's so huge and they're able to
1879s take map one oh man that is that that's
1882s sad I hate that may while they're on
1885s University because there's nothing you
1888s can do there's nothing that you can do
1890s against it especially if you're just
1891s trying to rush the point they just throw
1893s up the beautiful wall planning barcode
1895s here absolutely win cam have a fantastic
1898s map really did match just the low for
1901s blow so I mean here uh in the first map
1904s I mean it's gonna go I I think this is
1905s where it's going to be all evening long
1907s here in our semi-final tala because I
1910s mean these there's not much between
1912s these two teams they are out for blood
1913s they are out uh to prove that they are
1916s the best and they want to take this
1917s minor win I mean they're going to be one
1919s step closer should they win this but man
1921s back and forth uh I I don't there's like
1924s I said it's a it's a scale balance right
1927s now for me trying to decide who's going
1929s to win this out uh I think tank wise I I
1932s think that K uh that cat might be just a
1935s little bit better uh than Evie but I
1938s think with the DPS completely even and
1940s the healing resources coming from
1942s Dartmouth because I'm gonna give the
1943s dart monkeys uh that Advantage so I mean
1946s you know throw it up in the air tell I
1948s don't know how this is gonna go down but
1950s I mean I'm here for it I'm living for it
1952s I'm ready for it Let's Get It On
1955s yeah I mean this last map it was just so
1958s close so down to the wire and speaking
1961s of the history between these two teams
1963s Dart monkeys they did play against Rift
1965s Guardians in the Swiss rounds before the
1968s seating for playoffs and they actually
1970s went 2-0 against Art monkeys so I would
1973s honestly call that a little bit of an
1974s upset because Rift Guardians as a team
1977s they don't really have a name for
1978s themselves like dark monkeys do but they
1981s were still able to so decisively win in
1983s the swish stages yep and uh you know I
1986s mean this is a this is going to come
1987s down to I think a pick here or there and
1991s you know you saw the late pick that came
1992s on barcode they're kind of a staggered
1995s kill uh trying to disengage I think
1997s that's part of the reason why it was so
1999s hard for them to get back but uh we'll
2001s look we'll look and see what happens uh
2003s when we go to our hybrid map uh looks
2006s like we're gonna go uh well we're gonna
2008s see him we're gonna go to King's Row uh
2010s for our next map so uh the friendly
2013s confines of London England will be our
2016s next map type here and uh make sure
2019s everybody that you have gone to the load
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2024s directions there because we are giving
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2067s chew I will not consume a whole ton of
2070s them because you know you need to be
2072s able to hear what I'm saying if I get
2073s too much caffeine it's gonna sound like
2075s a woodpecker I swear guys it's gonna be
2080s but I I don't want to make everybody's
2082s ears bleed tonight
2083s yeah we're just gonna have a little
2085s [Laughter]
2089s but I mean headed over to the next map
2091s King's rope I have to admit I love
2094s King's Row but also King's Dro once
2096s again it's one of those maps that it's
2098s like oh the widowmakers oh the hanzos
2101s and you just have to watch every single
2103s sight line with such scrutiny and it
2105s really changes up the way that you play
2106s when you are playing against those
2108s widows those hanzos and I mean it's
2111s definitely going to be tough but I am
2113s definitely going to enjoy watching it
2115s well right now I mean it just depends on
2117s what school of thought you're looking at
2118s um I mean yeah ramatra right now is
2120s rating Supreme uh here in the brawl map
2122s uh you know good on all three points uh
2126s it'll depend on what you know Comfort I
2128s think here for both teams you could
2130s always you know do the initial look out
2132s the look out the spawn see if you can
2135s get an early pick with Widowmaker uh but
2137s Hanzo uh has a lot more utility here
2139s especially offensively uh providing the
2142s vision and then defensively we see a lot
2145s of Ash come through here so uh we will
2147s see you know if they decide to run with
2149s that uh it'll be Dart monkeys on the
2152s defense and we'll see what kind of a
2154s lineup they have coming out here uh
2156s looks like we're gonna have Zen maybe uh
2157s pulling the echo out I don't hate that
2159s not a typical pick here uh yeah and this
2163s is this is much more of what I would
2164s expect coming through
2166s yeah I mean we have chisado once again
2169s trying to make that Genji work and it
2171s did actually work very well on that
2173s first map of the Oasis where
2175s um they were just initially able to find
2179s a lot of value that gave them that point
2181s really early and allowed them to build
2183s up a lot of progress now shusty on the
2187s on so looking for the picks over through
2189s already pushed through that first choke
2191s point and now just spamming down the
2193s maze Emirate almost went down for that
2196s but is able to jump puddle up and just
2199s regain some of that Health a mortality
2202s field however on both sides we hold
2205s Downs have already been expended SK got
2207s aggressive onto snow ski but with a
2210s storm Arrow people just neutralized Blue
2212s Shield and that opens so much up for rip
2214s Guardians to just go ahead and spam away
2217s at this tank losing a little bit of that
2220s sustain and dark monkeys they decide
2222s that they're going to go for a disengage
2224s or at least try to back off a little bit
2226s more I need the wall got the mountain
2228s but a smart wall coming from with the
2231s icicle to the head there it takes jasada
2232s down so you're at a plus one early at
2235s Matrix health
2237s the app Matrix from Aspen is so early
2240s and there's a little bit of that line of
2242s sight onto cat once again that staggered
2245s ramatra meaning they're missing so much
2247s of that space maker from this brawl tank
2251s but we'll see we'll see what uh I mean
2253s SK got very aggressive there I thought
2256s they were actually gonna be picked out
2257s but actually cut out with their lives I
2259s mean you see it on stream all the time
2259s now we can see it in person what a pit
2262s oh the Sonic Arrow that's disrespect
2266s damn barcode really did not let that
2269s last map go especially with the Hanzo
2272s trying to go for the death the amp
2274s Matrix is out the line of sight just is
2276s not there especially for barcode it's
2278s not just squishy Target able to spam for
2280s free over on the side and the barrier
2282s from May is going to allow for a little
2284s bit of Saul time but Rift Guardians
2287s they're countering with the blizzard and
2289s the annihilation now Dark Monkey is a
2291s little bit later to the ultimates but
2293s even if the pop Annihilation and SK by
2296s their side Aspen spamming away with the
2299s guns the burst fire and a team kill for
2301s Dart monkeys just to open up this map I
2304s mean both sand berries expended from
2306s both teams there the big thing right now
2307s is that Dragon strike is available to
2310s chesty so you corn off the point here
2312s use that to get a lot of purchase on the
2315s point but zemra is ahead in the blizzard
2318s battle I think that's going to be the
2319s most impactful ultimate coming up here
2321s there's the early Dragon strike coming
2322s out
2324s it doesn't really find anything but cat
2326s is able to just push ahead in Nemesis
2328s form and since they're just all
2330s corralled in this point trying to avoid
2332s the dragon strike makes it so easy for
2335s chisado to basically spam away with the
2337s ice gun the freeze gun and get a lot of
2340s value out of that now it's all three
2342s points just ticked off on the objective
2345s and allowing the payload to come out of
2346s the garage pushing down the streets now
2348s SK over to the Zenyatta I like this a
2351s little bit more damage uh the Discord
2353s orb is going to play very uh very well
2355s here in the streets and of course
2357s looking to build up the uh the
2359s Transcendence which will counteract the
2360s blizzard good Lord
2363s are having a a a a a a a very friendly
2367s duel here on the side and I mean they've
2370s got control of the archway
2373s yeah they're just using the maywall to
2376s just try and push up through the choke
2379s as far as possible but this is just one
2381s of the tightest Corners in the entirety
2384s of this map it's going to be very hard
2385s to force their way through especially
2387s with the amount of area control that
2389s they have with the May at their side now
2391s the dragon strike from Dart monkeys once
2394s again delay but sure see what was that
2397s the Hanzo with two and chisato follows
2399s up very nicely to just get them all out
2403s of the space Rift Guardians it's off the
2405s back of that amp Matrix right aramori
2407s did so much work getting a sight line
2409s onto all of Dart monkey's players and
2412s they're just all going to have to back
2413s off and I mean the animatrix helps build
2415s up most of the extra whey there for cats
2418s Annihilation coming into this next fight
2420s so yes uh SK needs to land a couple
2422s volleys from the Zenyatta I mean you do
2425s have the blizzard gonna be available to
2427s both sides but the big kicker here and
2429s you're gonna see this from chesty when
2430s they do set up this uh this drag it's
2433s not necessarily a kill uh killing
2435s ultimate it's a space taking ultimate
2438s yeah I'm just really trying to force
2440s those players forward to avoid it and
2442s immediately forcing the fool down as
2444s well out of that may now behind the wall
2448s they have the Frozen ramatra so Edie is
2450s going to be able to survive but once
2452s again trading the maze one for one jono
2455s with the sound barrier trying to save
2457s from the Transcendence as well as gay on
2460s the other side pretty similar ultimates
2462s in terms of that power to keep your team
2465s alive with the annihilation from Evie is
2468s looking to be top the power of luck is
2470s able to absorb so much damage in the
2472s annihilation still just taking away at
2475s the health bars it's not enough there's
2477s not enough follow-up from the rest of
2479s Dart monkey's Squad and they can't
2481s confirm the eliminations however they're
2482s able to delay for just a little bit
2484s longer still a minute and a half left to
2487s push right very close to this last point
2489s the rip Guardians they're looking pretty
2491s comfortable oh that's a big pick that's
2493s a big pick at a good trade there from
2495s Chester though
2497s you have once again the immortality
2499s field coming out to save the rest of
2501s these squishy characters especially with
2504s justado now going down and the dragon
2506s strike to run through chesky still
2509s trying to Zone still trying to force
2511s them further towards the side and it did
2513s work for the moment but once again the
2514s follow-up wasn't there chesky with a
2517s jumping shot from the bow is able to hit
2520s the headshot onto Emirates zemrick
2522s though and that just going to make dark
2524s monkeys a little bit more scared around
2526s the corner wow a barcode uh not sure
2529s what that Dragon strike was but uh
2531s you'll build it up quick enough the fact
2533s that we're looking at jasada right now
2534s going back over to the May and taking
2537s down that one pick potential there that
2539s is going to be a massive undertaking
2541s year less than 20 seconds here to take
2543s this point they are going to get into
2544s the boundary with a bound you know 18
2548s seconds there so yeah add a minute 30
2549s onto that 145 to get through the rest of
2553s the King's Row here and ultimates
2555s looking pretty even here Aspen just a
2557s little bit behind they did put out that
2558s amplification Matrix later
2560s but now it's about High Ground Control
2562s it's about chesty versus uh barcode and
2565s well just took a body shot there from
2567s chesty barcode needs to be a very
2569s cognizant of where chesty is and what
2571s kind of resources they have on top there
2573s with them
2574s yeah rip guardian's ultimate economy is
2576s just looking a little bit healthier as
2578s well they're closer to the ultimates and
2580s Jonah was building up that sound barrier
2582s so quickly Jeske now having barcode out
2585s of the fight and only a 40 ultimate as
2587s well so it's going to make it so hard to
2589s get this Dragon strike in and that's gay
2591s oh my God walked right into Jesse's
2594s cross there there's Chef skis going in
2596s absolutely insane is on a tear and now
2600s it just looks like this round is so
2603s dominant especially this third point
2605s from Rift Guardians blizzard and
2607s Annihilation ready to go here barcode
2609s over to their favorite Bastion so I mean
2611s that Shield's gonna be very very uh lame
2614s indeed
2615s the blizzard does come through both maze
2618s just Turtle trying to avoid the damage
2620s both lizards now out and the
2621s annihilation from Evie cat is eliminated
2625s so no Annihilation to be popped by the
2627s offensive tank and they're still trying
2629s to contest so hard but it's just a few
2632s meters a quarter of a meter to get them
2634s ourselves onto the end of this point
2636s Aspen is able to confirm the kill onto
2638s chisado and our Mori is isolated power
2641s block to disengage from Evie and the
2644s rest of the squad is just able to back
2646s up Round the Corner hold the choke with
2648s only 10 seconds left over Rift Guardians
2651s it looks like they might have to
2653s surrender this one but they are still
2655s running it all the way down to the point
2656s barcode has taken out the Baskin and is
2660s able to spam down from afar even with
2662s the annihilation even with the anonymous
2664s form of so much damage done to cat and
2667s chisado on the Genji thinks that they
2670s might be able to do some damage here but
2672s now the zoning ultimate the artillery
2675s strike there is no way that there's
2676s going to come a touch from Rift
2678s Guardians and only two points but it was
2681s close for that first round it really was
2683s and I mean you break swaps there coming
2686s from Dart monkeys in the end uh they
2690s deny the full capture of King's Row
2692s shisado verse is uh zamarit has been a
2696s secondary DPS battle that has really
2698s been enthralling the air uh the two Maze
2701s and watching you know go back between
2704s the May and the Tracer uh when the when
2707s it was necessary uh really shows the
2709s flexibility uh I love what she is
2713s bringing to this right now
2715s the take battle once again cat was
2718s really getting the better end of it uh
2720s over over Evie's but I think that the uh
2722s the support once again coming from Dart
2724s monkeys is just a little bit better than
2726s what you see out of Johnny and our Maury
2728s so I mean it's it's a knife's edge right
2731s now and dark monkeys need to get this uh
2734s they need to get themselves Square here
2736s in our semifinals they've got four
2738s minutes on the clock uh to capture point
2741s a I I don't know I don't know about this
2744s uh somber pick if they do decide to go
2746s with this what is the hack Target is it
2748s gonna be the May uh is it going to be
2750s era Mori uh to deny the uh the
2752s immortality barrier to kind of or you
2754s know do you hack the immortality barrier
2756s when they do deploy it so I mean if they
2758s do decide to go with this uh this isn't
2760s looking like a little bit different of a
2762s composition that a lot of teams are not
2764s running it may catch them by surprise
2766s well I say that of course they debate me
2769s yeah I was looking at the Reinhardt too
2772s and I was like huh that's interesting I
2775s don't think they're going don't actually
2776s do that and they didn't they just switch
2779s over to the rumatra it's the same mirror
2781s composition that we saw there was a
2783s little bit of diversity in the support
2784s picks for a second but it's just going
2786s back to what they know and right now
2789s trying to Ring Around the Rosie once
2791s again playing around this circle and
2793s forcing the cool down the walls out of
2797s the may but it still allows Rift
2798s Guardians a little bit more space now
2800s immortality Fields out for Dart monkeys
2803s just giving them that extra
2804s survivability what
2806s they just traded each other so quickly
2809s chassis able to take down barcode and
2811s forcing them to have that walk back from
2813s Spawn but Evie making space on the
2816s ramatra this is a very quick capture
2818s from Dart monkeys for that very first
2821s point already one tick going through and
2824s Evie is still just being that space
2826s maker but now isolated in front of the
2828s wall going to half the fort put down the
2829s void barrier and still avoid getting
2832s their life eliminated though so they
2834s will have the payload out here very
2836s quickly five minutes to make their way
2838s through streets I mean they're gonna
2839s have I mean they're like two and a half
2841s minutes faster so I mean this is the
2843s potential to snowball very quickly
2845s chisado has to be smart with the wall
2847s here and chesty with the Faller uh far
2850s back positioning around bookstore
2851s looking for that one pick potential
2853s looking to set up the Sonic Arrow uh for
2855s the positioning so it's just how to can
2857s get out a great wall and holding off
2859s Evie from the rest of the team
2862s yeah it was definitely looking very
2864s dicey for Evie but there's the wall once
2866s again it's happened again you have Evie
2868s separated from the team the immortality
2870s field is going to save and keep the team
2872s alive for a second and Evie goes ahead
2875s and forces that ultimate through but in
2877s the midst of the blizzard it is not
2879s enough Evie does Fall and the rest of
2881s the dark monkeys left without their tank
2883s left without their Shield they're going
2885s to have to round back around the corner
2886s instead of forcing their way through the
2888s payload especially with that amp Matrix
2890s to come through they are incredibly
2892s Squishy in the face of that ultimate oh
2894s they're not they're not giving up here
2896s uh they're they're gonna go and push
2897s forward Evie and we'll be back taxi back
2899s by SK sound barrier for both teams here
2902s the big problem is that cat did not let
2904s loose with their Annihilation so they're
2906s going to have that contest around the
2907s second quarter here but you do have
2910s zemrick with this lizard this is gonna
2914s be a big pick potential
2917s did the dragon strike to come through
2919s both of the sound barriers now being
2921s popped in the blizzard as well from dark
2923s monkeys makes it so that rib Guardians
2926s are gonna have to back all the way up
2927s that area of control was just too
2929s aggressive and barcode being oppressive
2932s with the bow on the Hanzo as well chesty
2935s and barcode is just fight of a century
2937s right now and dragon strike in that
2940s fight made it so much easier for that
2941s blizzard to find its Mark now Rift
2944s Guardians having the long walk back from
2946s Spawn and already dark monkeys you can
2948s see how far they push up every single
2950s time they have control they are not
2952s afraid to push even further and make it
2955s that much easier for them to capture the
2957s annihilation should come out here from
2959s cat uh once the dragon truck is through
2961s but there it is I'm gonna pop it right
2963s now
2964s the dragon strike trying to Corral and
2967s chesty it's still once again the storm
2969s areas it's gonna take down a barcode and
2972s dark monkeys they are not afraid to
2974s disengage after this not only does great
2976s disengage uh yeah the fact that now you
2978s are going to have you know the the
2980s dragon strike Advantage you're gonna
2981s have the annihilation Advantage as well
2983s you're gonna have to dislodge chesty
2985s though here on The High Ground providing
2987s not only the one pick potential but also
2989s the vision uh and the zoning that will
2992s come from behind that look at this
2993s rotation though coming around the
2994s backside then don't know it's coming
2997s oh my gosh they're able to just come
3000s through it's the wall once again to Zone
3002s them off make sure that they don't go
3003s through but the amp nature quickly
3005s destroys the barrier and dark monkeys is
3008s looking for a very quick pig xembrick is
3010s able to find it onto cat missing the
3013s tank now in the annihilation with only
3014s squishy targets left over it's just a
3017s quick cleanup and easy way to push the
3020s point on to point B I mean smart usage
3022s there just the app Matrix to open up
3024s give them the opening and blast through
3026s the wall and then confirming on the back
3029s of the annihilation absolutely perfectly
3031s played they've got three minutes 30
3033s seconds to get just about to the end of
3036s King's Row you need to look for once
3038s again barcodes taking High Ground here
3043s oh my goodness this is just so chaotic
3048s around the corner they're taking control
3049s of the choke though the void barriers
3052s from both rumachas to come through and
3054s now the Nemesis form in the face of the
3057s Blizzard from Rift guardians but it's
3059s another blizzard to come through from
3061s zimbrit to try and counter and it's
3063s embrits coming out just a little bit
3065s later allows them to make the space
3066s around the corner but just solder with
3068s the pick onto barcode means a player
3071s down on Dart monkeys it's just a little
3073s bit less of that Firepower especially
3075s with barcode being able to spam from so
3077s far away chesty takes advantage of it
3080s zemrich's just not able to contest those
3082s long ranges and they're going to back
3084s right up to the payload and make sure
3086s that it's pushing back into Dart
3088s monkey's spawn I mean we're looking at a
3090s at a ultimate battle here for Dart
3093s monkeys they're gonna have both their
3094s support ultimates coming into this fight
3095s but it's all about getting the space
3098s first off and that's an early Dragon
3099s strike coming through
3102s oh dark monkeys and they are forced back
3106s just a little bit further just a little
3108s bit more of that delay with Chef skis
3111s but now barcode is just going to
3113s counteract that jono knowing that they
3115s can't get out of the way the sound
3116s barrier has to come through the amp
3118s Matrix Stout from Aspen the dark monkeys
3121s is nowhere close by to be able to use it
3123s and now cat is just completely zoned.e.v
3127s has been in front of the wall and just
3129s has to use that power block but not able
3131s to confirm the elimination it's actually
3133s dark monkeys now coming out on top after
3135s Rift Guardians they go a little bit too
3137s aggressive with that push they had the
3140s Reliance on that sound barrier on the
3142s dragon strike but it didn't do enough I
3145s mean they invested both support
3147s ultimates there so I mean that really
3148s does confirm the piper that the big
3150s thing that I saw there from that last
3151s fight is that zebra actually surpassing
3153s chisado was 20 down in blizzard
3156s generation now has it online
3160s now the blizzard once again that you
3162s just mentioned being used in the corner
3164s making sure that chisado just cannot
3166s participate in the fight and right after
3168s coming out of Iceberg has the
3171s annihilation right inside of her face as
3174s gay however is the one that's finding
3176s the eliminations just riding those walls
3179s making sure that there's so much space
3181s made and dark monkeys they win map too I
3185s mean this was a support difference here
3187s uh I mean both the DPS lines doing
3190s everything they can the tank play from
3193s cat was great once again but it came
3195s down to Ultimate rotations especially in
3198s the support role and I think that's
3199s where we saw the big difference chesty
3201s had a hell of a map here uh really
3204s lending their strength to their team and
3207s I mean I tell you what chesson just had
3209s one of the best uh Hanzo performances
3211s that I've seen in quite a while getting
3213s so much value uh and really just popping
3216s up where you didn't expect it you saw
3218s the coordinating off the sectioning of
3220s the team games with those Dragon strikes
3221s really uh was impactful but in the end
3224s dark monkeys once again they smartly
3226s rotated their ultimates they had the
3228s economy down pat and that's why they
3230s take such a commanding win here on
3232s King's Row
3234s yeah a dark monkeys they're attacking
3236s half especially they're just so good at
3239s making that space and they are not
3241s afraid to try and coordinate off of
3243s these players just inside of the point
3247s but the point was actually when they did
3250s find that space as well after they won a
3252s fight Evie was always forcing a little
3255s bit further forward as well making sure
3257s that they just have that little bit of
3259s extra Firepower deal with they are more
3261s careful when they are making their way
3263s back to the objective and then that
3264s gives dark monkeys just so much more
3267s wiggle room in the grand scheme of
3268s things those few extra seconds is what
3271s it takes to push them over the edge and
3273s give them that edge when it comes to the
3276s objective yeah and I mean smart
3277s disengages too I think that's another
3279s Hallmark of what dark monkeys did so
3281s well here uh in Q's rose that they were
3283s able to disengage uh they had smart
3285s swaps of their own and we saw chisado
3287s going back and forth between the Tracer
3290s and the May uh barcode coming out with
3292s the Bastion was the wrinkle that nobody
3294s expected and I got the maximum value
3297s there so I mean you know for these two
3299s teams I mean they're fighting for Glory
3301s and Honor huzzah uh and they're bringing
3304s it here in our in our minor semi-finals
3307s so you know we'll see uh what comes up
3310s next it'll be escort as our next map
3312s type and I mean thoughts of where we
3315s might go Dorado uh comes to mind first
3318s for me I think Dorado is a is a fun uh
3321s first map to go to uh as far as uh the
3325s escorts
3326s um we'll see we'll see actually how they
3329s want to play this
3330s it looks like for our next map we are
3333s actually going to Havana so it's dark
3337s monkeys that are going to be starting
3339s over on the defense while
3344s while rip Guardians are started on the
3346s attack so it's going to be the same
3348s thing that we saw on that hybrid map
3350s where dark monkeys start trying to stall
3353s and Rift Guardians going on the
3355s offensive but this time instead of that
3357s first point which I think is what cost
3359s Rift Guardians most of their time
3361s they're immediately going for the escort
3362s so it's definitely going to be
3364s interesting to see how that changes
3366s things up well it depends on if we go
3368s for uh for a close hold I mean there are
3371s two different uh schools of thought here
3373s as far as Havana do you go for the close
3376s hold on try and burn as much time as you
3379s can uh and get thereby giving yourself
3381s you know at least two or three more
3383s fights uh they're on point a uh or do
3386s you play back uh do you come out with
3388s the double sniper look that also is very
3390s popular here uh Sigma is a great uh tank
3393s here a lot of teams do go to the
3395s symmetry look they also bring the
3396s ramatra as well and junker Queen can
3399s play very well here as well so uh really
3402s it's going to come down to what kind of
3404s composition are we going to see coming
3405s out from Dart monkeys first I think
3407s that's where we will you know take our
3409s first Peak uh defensively uh for the
3413s dart monkeys I I think that you know
3414s they should be expecting uh a little bit
3417s of trickery uh coming out from the rift
3420s Guardians uh you know they they don't
3422s like they don't take very kindly to
3424s losing Maps uh not having lost very maps
3426s on their way to the semifinals here so
3428s uh we'll take a look we'll take a look
3430s and see what they've got going on but
3432s man I mean this is a this is a one of
3434s those matchups where
3436s I I don't want anybody to lose because
3439s they're playing so well uh I mean it's
3441s smart it's thoughtful it's very planned
3443s out I mean you can tell the coordination
3444s between both the teams here it's dancing
3447s on on a razor's edge here and I think
3449s that's you know a Real Testament to how
3451s good these two teams are and I mean it
3453s just shows how good this initiative is
3455s for everybody
3457s yeah I mean you can tell that Dart
3458s monkeys is already doing better than
3461s they did in the Swiss stage so I mean
3464s they went 2-0 against or O2 against rip
3467s Guardians in Swiss stage so now already
3469s in the semi-finals they are doing much
3471s better and they also have that extra map
3474s since it is first to three to like kind
3476s of experiment a little bit or just uh
3478s lose a little bit of ground and now
3480s Havana like you talked about is a little
3482s bit more of that diverse map and dark
3484s monkeys they love those dive
3486s compositions as well with SK and Aspen
3489s being on the kiriko and Lucio
3491s respectively uh so they it allows them
3494s to be able to play that if riff
3497s Guardians do decide to go for those more
3499s long-range compositions or if they go
3501s brawl then it's really a head-to-head it
3504s can really swing either way when it
3505s comes to those uh close arranged
3507s engagements well I mean here is a map
3509s where you know especially a Havana and
3513s if you're gonna run uh with the double
3515s sniper look which it looks like dark
3516s monkeys are going to show here with the
3519s sigma so I don't mind this necessarily I
3523s would like to see
3525s um maybe the Anna come out here from uh
3527s from Rift Guardians uh when they do
3528s bring out their composition and I said
3530s you know we might be seeing uh so some
3533s trickery we'll see if riff Guardians
3535s bring something different out because
3537s you've got a double sniper look so
3538s you've got Vision you've got two one
3541s shot potentials a volley from SK can
3542s take somebody down in a hurry as well uh
3545s Sigma versus ramatra I have not
3548s personally seen this matchup in higher
3550s level play so we'll see actually how
3553s this works out for them
3555s come on
3557s seems like for now Dark Monkey is
3560s holding very very passive uh all the way
3563s back around the corners I think they're
3565s looking to take someone off guard just
3567s like we just saw barcode do against
3569s justado what a pick to open things up
3572s and now it's looking like they're just
3575s going to wait to regroup but rematch was
3577s allowed to just kind of hang back and
3580s hide behind this payload so now barcode
3582s looking for a better angle trying to
3585s round around to get a shot onto cat here
3587s and not allowing the tank to just hide
3589s behind this payload once again not being
3591s contested by Dart monkeys they're
3593s playing the range game they're trying to
3596s be far back and Aspen is actually the
3598s one to confirm the kill with the help of
3600s the Discord orb from ascay allowing a
3602s lot more damage to be taken by that
3604s rimatra especially outside of the
3606s Nemesis form basically just like a paper
3608s tank in that point now they're going to
3611s go ahead push that payload a little bit
3613s further back is Emperor it's still yet
3615s to find Value on the Widow But Nice Shot
3617s take down a little bit of that Health
3620s but it's immediately healed back up
3622s really looking for the squishies now
3624s shusty taking a close range of
3627s Engagement out of the Han so trying to
3629s work their way through this little room
3631s and push around to that payload collect
3634s it back into their hands and also take
3635s control of The High Ground
3637s SK got out very uh very very closely
3641s there because the Sonic Arrow from Jesse
3643s actually caught them as you saw it going
3644s through there's a there's the reason why
3646s you played the Widowmaker here is the
3648s fashions that you go in I mean and there
3650s is a big rock coming through SK does
3652s take them down trades are coming through
3654s Paula
3656s uh this is just such a good back and
3659s forth from dark monkeys and biscardians
3660s thus far but the Transcendence oh my God
3663s it doesn't save Evie Evie just taken too
3666s much damage too fast and now even with
3669s the gravitic flux from Evie ready it
3672s cannot be used in rip Guardians they're
3674s allowed to get their hands on this
3675s payload and just push it that much
3677s further forward it's a long walk back
3679s from Spawn four Dart monkeys especially
3681s with the Champions that they have it's
3684s SK you know that hero not too Mobile on
3687s the Zenyatta and the Widow a little bit
3689s of Mobility but still gonna be a tough
3691s one the guruvic flux and the dragon
3693s strike could potentially save this but
3696s it's looking like they might give this
3698s point away as they say that immediately
3701s sound barrier from Rift Guardians to
3703s react to the dragon strike in the
3704s graphics plus doesn't do anything Evie
3707s immediately just spammed down and taken
3710s out barcode as well will fall to chesky
3713s the resident Hanzo hero play
3716s well we're gonna I think we're gonna see
3718s some swaps maybe come through oh yeah
3720s there we go going over to a little bit
3722s more uh utility uh with the ash you'll
3724s have the dynamite uh be able to burn and
3728s force resources out of grip Guardians uh
3730s SK though on the Zenyatta I mean what's
3732s getting value the Discord orb is doing
3734s his job they just didn't have uh the
3735s connection that you were talking about
3737s from zembroke on the widowmakers now uh
3739s it's all about rotating here getting the
3742s dislodgement of rip Guardians off The
3744s High Ground and they're going into two
3746s DPS ultimates
3748s yeah with chesky and chisado of both
3752s having their ultimates ready there's
3754s just so much zoning that can happen with
3756s those with blizzard and dragon strike
3758s and we also see the annihilation is
3760s close to being activated as a well
3762s barcode it does have control of the top
3765s of these tubes right now but it should
3767s be fairly easy to force her off of this
3770s High ground with the dragon strike and
3773s now the blizzard to come through it does
3775s Zone quite a bit away from the amp
3777s Matrix which was their goal make sure
3779s that they can't get spammed down through
3781s that amplification barrier and instead
3784s just keep pushing this payload however
3786s now with Evie on the sigma looking for
3790s something new but cat on the
3792s annihilation is able to just counter
3795s once again barcode is failing to find
3797s that value and is just unable to make
3800s the space that she needs to make unlike
3803s chesky who has just been consistently
3805s Landing these shots uh no contest there
3807s either kind of shocking there but I
3809s think that they want to take a closer
3810s hold here and jono getting the
3813s elimination there on SK that is a
3815s massive massive pick no Discord orb to
3818s help chunk down these higher value
3819s targets and I mean you can see you were
3822s right uh Marco cheese has not been
3824s getting it done here like we saw there
3826s on King's Road
3829s and Evie is really trying to mitigate
3831s all of this damage that is coming their
3833s way but once again with that uh Zenyatta
3837s is really about the target selection
3838s chesky now once again barcode has been
3841s taken down the elimination is just so
3843s consistent onto this dark monkey's Hanzo
3846s and Evie even with the barriers and the
3849s gravitic flux residic look was just such
3852s a spectacular meltdown when it came to
3855s the damage but the bomb now coming
3856s through that sixth player trying to spam
3859s down the damage Evie's able to find the
3862s elimination onto cat and force Rift
3864s Guardians back shasado on the Genji a
3866s little bit too far in could not escape
3868s and chisado does fall however the dragon
3872s strike from dark monkeys finally built
3874s up by barcode is able to Zone a bit
3876s Eevee eliminates the immortality field
3879s to try and find the picks but rip
3881s Guardians they just have the sustain now
3883s Chesney with a dragon strike upper oh
3886s December it falls to it what
3888s Aspen both of them were contesting that
3891s payload and there was nowhere for them
3893s to go I mean I I I'm that's a head
3895s scratcher they were winning the fight
3897s they don't secure the kills in the small
3898s room there and chesty just turns it
3901s around with the dragon strike and a head
3903s shot this is scary we're coming in cat
3906s over the sigma of their own they're
3907s gonna have that advantage in their favor
3909s yeah the Transcendence from SK this is
3912s just the only thing that they can really
3914s do at this point to just contest that
3916s point and still dark monkeys do have a
3919s player sitting on it but Evie it has to
3922s dance around and make sure that there's
3923s no sight lines from Rift Guardians to
3926s switch on to the Mantra is good but rip
3929s Guardians have switched on to the stigma
3930s now they're able to just get a lot of
3933s damage down especially around these
3935s Corners with sigma's primary fire and
3937s the Dragon Blade coming through chesty
3939s and aramori are doing all the damage
3942s though in Rift Guardians with barely a
3944s contest and one minute and 30 seconds
3946s left over take one round to three points
3950s I tell you what uh the the once they got
3954s past that you know the first corner on
3956s point a there was really never a second
3959s engage that came from uh that came from
3962s Dart monkeys there they just were on the
3964s back foot the entirety of this map and I
3968s think that late pits coming through
3969s staggers coming out I mean barcode was
3972s getting cut out time and time again
3973s chesty really has uh ramped up the uh
3978s the accuracy here uh in Habana that we
3981s you know was lacking a little bit there
3984s in King's Row I tell you what uh Rift
3987s Guardians really you know ratcheting up
3990s the pressure here now you know they were
3994s missing out on a lot of healing too SK
3996s playing the Zenyatta uh they I mean they
3999s just they did not have uh the same value
4001s that jono and Armory are having in their
4004s support line so here you know in Havana
4006s uh Rift Guardians have the support
4008s advantage and yeah we're gonna see SK go
4010s over to uh the the Hond or to the uh to
4013s the Lucio here so I mean we're gonna
4016s have we're gonna have mirror comps here
4018s uh I mean they're gonna play sneaky
4020s sneaky here uh try to get a wall up and
4023s and burst down Evie uh and then you know
4025s try to get this close hold going on
4029s okay they are going for the close hold
4031s early like you called but they're
4033s actually just all going to funnel out of
4035s the right exit of their spawn and it's
4038s still getting spammed down barcode
4039s though they're going to step up now
4041s she's able to find one here and after
4044s that may wall is destroyed it's able to
4047s spam a shot on to cat but after that
4049s first initial pick oh shusky does fall
4051s barcode is stepping up on the attack and
4054s Aspen just finishes off cat Dart
4057s monkey's excellent start the close hold
4059s for Rift Guardians just doesn't work out
4061s and that gives a lot of the ultimate
4063s charge to Dart monkey's side and they're
4065s out yeah they're able to go forward now
4067s and hold the uh hold the approach here
4070s from Rift Guardians uh LG season is upon
4074s us here in Missouri by the way sorry for
4075s that big hit once again right off the
4077s gate from barcode
4079s yeah barcode is really just keeping Pace
4082s now or outpacing
4084s oh once we switch over to the side of
4087s the escorts and Evie is also able to do
4090s a lot of isolation onto cat cat
4092s immediately goes down after zembra is
4095s able to go around the main wall and jono
4098s still try and contest the point all of
4100s Rift Guardians fall once again a second
4103s kill fight one from Dart monkeys that is
4107s fantastic from them I mean the focus
4109s fire is so good these opening picks
4111s coming from barcode turning a fight you
4113s know really into their favor before it
4115s ever even gets started so this is what
4117s dark monkeys Is providing right now this
4119s is actually going to be a great answer
4121s to the time that we saw coming up from
4123s rip Guardians oh and this is exactly
4126s what both of these Nays goal is to
4128s isolate both tanks but with the
4129s annihilation from Evie out it's going to
4132s be that much easier in barcode oh my
4135s goodness but I think I think barcode
4137s heard us I think she is a a little bit
4139s offended that we were just so team
4142s chesky in that last round and she's just
4145s going to prove us wrong
4147s I mean wow just wow I mean lands the
4151s Sonic Arrow there as well claiming The
4153s High Ground for their own she is putting
4155s on a heck of a performance here at Rift
4158s Guardians they are reeling from what
4160s just happened to them on point a 4 15 to
4164s get through the Distillery
4167s yeah and this is also a very very hard
4170s point for them to hold they are all just
4173s corralled in a little room as barcode is
4175s allowed to spam away for free over here
4179s across but now they're trying to jump
4180s onto the Hanzo barcode better run than
4183s she does she just runs with the tail
4185s between her legs and there's no shame in
4187s that the dragon strike does come through
4189s and with the help of the blizzard Evie
4191s actually gets chunked but they're able
4193s to just get that right back up shasky
4196s however they're just going to try and
4198s answer back to what barcode has been
4200s bringing on point a able to take out the
4202s Hanzo but the Hanzo on the way back now
4205s and there's still yet to find a second
4209s pick they're still contesting that
4211s payload though Evie has been isolated
4213s there's a sound barrier from SK but it
4215s actually doesn't get on to Evie because
4218s of the maywole huge value from justado
4220s to win that fight and swing it in their
4222s Direction now it's staggered pick onto
4225s barcode means that there's going to be a
4227s little bit more time to solve for Rift
4229s Guardians the uh the the kicker there is
4231s that SK
4233s uh puts out the Panic sound barrier to
4234s try and save their tank and it goes for
4236s not so now it's a free Annihilation
4239s nothing to really defend against it
4240s except for that measly little
4242s immortality barrier
4244s barcode's gonna have to come up big here
4245s uh they've been doing it so far uh here
4247s on the attack phase they need to do it
4249s again they're a little bit ahead of that
4250s right now there's the annihilation now
4253s yeah this is exactly what we expected
4255s and there's the immortality field that
4257s is easily broken by cat and in turn Evie
4260s does fall very quickly and the
4263s annihilation is coming back up very
4265s quickly for Evie but other than that
4267s Rift Guardians that fight was so free
4269s for them especially since they were able
4271s to zone is so well with the maywall and
4273s just separate the supports from the tank
4275s very quickly I mean you're looking at a
4277s two-pronged approach here from Rift
4279s Guardians you're looking at you know a
4281s cat
4282s on the left-hand side as we're looking
4285s for the approach there and then you've
4286s got that come through cheers again
4288s massive opening pick
4291s uh chefsky is just able to do so much on
4295s the Hanzo and I think it was just a
4297s little bit of a warm-up back there on
4299s point a and chefsky's able to get it
4302s back into her control it's going to be
4304s smooth sailing from now on or so Rick
4308s Guardians hopes since they have do have
4310s that blizzard down and they are just
4312s completely isolating the support So once
4315s again SK however answers back onto
4317s chisato does not take well to being
4319s corralled in a corner however that is
4322s going to be all that she wrote one pick
4325s for Dart monkeys in this fight and once
4327s again the timer is ticking down low Now
4330s The Distillery is not looking like dark
4333s monkey's favorite ground I mean they
4335s have not been able to penetrate in the
4336s background or into the back line that's
4338s the big problem on jono and Armory just
4340s you know having a wonderful time uh
4342s maybe thinking about going to brunch
4343s that's an opening pit that they needed
4345s there bro
4347s oh barcode able to find aramore once
4350s again barcode you gotta be on one you
4352s gotta be hitting the shots and now
4355s they're rounding on to the payload
4356s there's heavily contested though by the
4359s Lucio and the May and even though
4362s they're trying to just protect
4363s themselves with the May while it's not
4365s enough justado does go down to zamarin
4368s and they're finally able to win a fight
4371s since Rift Guardians forced to disengage
4376s a good amount of time here
4381s we're approaching the 35 seconds
4391s well there's
4393s once again I assume that we are seeing
4397s that South and bear from jotto come out
4399s in answer to the annihilation from Evie
4402s you'll be able to find Two for the
4403s annihilation that's not something you
4405s see much these days with romata and now
4408s Kat completely isolated just being dozed
4411s down by the flamethrower ice thrower and
4416s while barcode finishes off Giotto I mean
4418s yeah this is a uh this is a great uh
4421s turn here for Dart monkeys now they need
4422s to get that extra 90 seconds on the
4424s clock
4425s uh looking for what Rift Guardians have
4428s I mean they've got the they've got the
4430s blizzard ready to go They're gonna have
4432s Annihilation so what we saw on King's
4435s Row that was in favor of dark monkeys
4437s now rip Guardians had their economy in
4439s favor they should win this easy out
4441s unless we see once again well I was
4444s gonna say barcode coming through big but
4446s they get taken out by cats
4448s a cat finding barcode it's just so
4451s valuable to have that Hanzo out of play
4453s because the main needs to be up close
4455s and personal and if that may gets
4457s isolated then it's an easy pickings for
4459s Rift Guardians the dragons strike from
4462s all the way back in barcode trying to
4465s make some space for the team there's the
4467s sound barrier to save from the blizzard
4469s but it's not going to matter Evie goes
4471s down after chesky takes out the
4473s immortality field and even though Barco
4476s does find one pick it is not enough now
4479s 30 seconds left over dark monkeys they
4481s are down to almost zero despite the
4484s point a was so strong from them they are
4487s just losing time and bleeding the second
4490s now just already being spawn camped by
4493s rip Guardians rip Guardians like you
4495s said do not take lightly to losing that
4498s map but they're getting a little bit too
4500s cocky here shesky still remaining far
4502s back but oh the Bastion pick from
4504s barcode once again to pull out a hero
4508s play out of the back pocket halfway
4510s charged on the artillery strike but
4513s there's a dragon strike that is
4515s available from chesky shesky has just
4517s been on one this entire game and for
4519s most of King's Row as well and I expect
4522s it's not going to be anything different
4523s in this next fight I mean it's all about
4525s how do we use this blizzard coming up
4528s from zebrick you can pour them off an
4530s area early Wall comes through though
4534s and the early wall is going to attempt
4536s to enable the blizzard here they're able
4539s to take down the immortality barrier but
4541s our monkey still has their own available
4543s on top of that they have the app Matrix
4545s vashesky is doing so much work Justin
4548s with the Sonic Arrow able to take down
4551s zembran now without the May in play it's
4553s an Annihilation fight between the two
4556s tanks but Evie is so isolated they still
4559s have that little bit of backup of
4561s capsule in Nemesis form a little bit of
4563s that extra help in the pool and they're
4566s struggling to keep them up but there's
4568s Bastion as well who's able to tear down
4571s these May barriers so such ease still
4575s such a hard choke point for them to
4576s force themselves through especially with
4578s John Sebastian and now without the
4580s configuration chisado bit it almost
4582s finishing off Bastion still barcode able
4584s to keep up but not able to stay on the
4588s point the lack of Mobility does dark
4590s monkeys in and Rift Guardians they do
4593s take map 3 free
4595s well I mean that was comprehensive out
4597s of Rift Guardians I mean really inside
4599s The Distillery is where everything fell
4600s apart uh for dark monkeys they weren't
4603s able to get on top of the support line
4605s of rip Guardians and air Mori and jono
4608s really having a fantastic game here uh
4611s for their side and yeah just Sato had
4613s such a impactful uh look there on me uh
4618s really the walls were perfect uh being
4620s able to stall out using the ice block
4622s allowing the rest of the team to get
4624s back very well coordinated there from
4627s the dart or from uh from Rift Guardians
4629s they go up onto match point now it's a
4632s 2-1 lead here Dart monkeys tournament
4634s lives are on the line tala
4637s yeah now two won the next map being a
4640s push map and it's all about that early
4643s control on push it is definitely going
4646s to be tough to figure out who's going to
4648s be able to win this one out
4651s so you know push I it's just going to be
4656s a blood bath especially if they do bring
4659s out this brawl composition once again
4661s depending on the map you can play the
4663s junker Queen you can play the ramatra
4665s and it's just probably going to depend
4666s on who's going to be able to pull out
4668s these brawl compositions better if it
4670s comes down to one of those Maps but we
4673s are going to have to take a little bit
4675s of a break before we can get to this
4677s fourth map and potential final map of
4680s this entire Series so semi-finals will
4684s it be over in the next map or will we be
4687s taken to a map 5 find out on the other
4690s end of this break
4699s [Music]
4712s thank you
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4886s thank you
4892s thank you
4903s [Music]
4905s greetings formal Heroes is important
4908s because of the safe environment and
4910s visibility provides the marginalized
4912s groups competing within the OverWatch
4913s Community why is it so important well
4916s they need a voice they need a presence
4918s and they need our support calling all
4920s heroes is our chance to kind of change
4923s that narrative and to prove that if we
4925s give the talent that is there a place to
4928s practice and a place to cultivate it
4930s will inevitably rise
4934s against you getting shot down last game
4938s with a big pick on the bundle opens the
4940s door wide what and Bone the two DPS
4944s again making the numbers count making
4947s their ultimates more another sustain
4949s tool being used in the sound barrier as
4951s well for the RSL academies everything's
4953s being thrown into this fight this sun is
4956s absolutely monstrous
4964s [Music]
4982s foreign
4989s [Music]
4998s [Music]
5017s welcome back we just had a tantalizing
5020s map of Havana and now we are headed over
5023s to the push map of ishpuranza over in
5027s Portugal
5028s yes uh I mean I think we're gonna see
5031s drunker Queen come out here honestly
5033s um such a good map uh for the junker
5036s Queen being able to control the payload
5038s uh as Timothy Smite the first gets uh
5041s gets going
5042s but uh it's gonna come down to a little
5045s bit of a pathing issues uh for both
5048s teams how are they going to defend and
5050s or try to retake uh the payload uh as we
5053s go back and forth uh here I think that
5056s the team that gets to about 100 meters
5058s uh should be in pretty good stead uh to
5062s take the map here so I mean here in
5064s Esperanza looking for uh early picks I
5068s want to see good counter rotations
5070s coming from aggression coming uh from
5073s respective sides uh really Genji works
5076s very well here as well uh the wall climb
5079s is very well uh known for being able to
5082s get in and out of fights the dash resets
5084s you know because you're having to fight
5085s on the payload or on the robot there uh
5088s we'll see we'll see how this actually
5090s goes through and how it comes to the
5092s play out but I mean Dart monkeys
5094s tournament life is on the line here and
5097s they're facing match points so we want
5099s to see what do they have uh what kind of
5102s fight they have left in them because
5103s we've seen it back and forth Havana was
5106s probably the most one-sided map I think
5108s that we've seen all evening between
5109s these two squads so I I think that for
5112s Dart monkeys they need to believe in
5114s themselves uh aspirin has really been
5116s putting in one hell of a performance
5118s tonight I I've mentioned how much of a
5120s fan of uh of hers I am well it's
5123s definitely uh been Amplified here uh in
5126s the semi-final but they've got to get it
5128s done they've got to get it done now
5129s they've got to get us to a map five and
5130s take us to another control map
5133s yeah and I mean we talked about the
5137s Genji potentially but I think that
5139s kiriko also with the wall climb can be
5141s very viable here and I think on every
5143s single push map you are probably going
5145s to see the Lucio kiriko combination
5147s because it's just so much easier to get
5149s in and out of Spawn if you do get picked
5151s as well as being able to help the
5153s teammates out to get closer to this uh
5155s to the robot as well but it is all about
5157s those early pushes since defending when
5160s you start losing on a push map it is
5163s that much harder to get started instead
5166s of being stuck in this defensive
5168s position you need to win a few fights in
5170s a row in order to flip the objective
5172s over in your favor yeah that I mean
5174s getting that first checkpoint is so
5176s important uh because you're going to
5178s have forward spawns uh and then you have
5180s to it's at least you know one fight
5182s probably two to get it back to that
5184s Midway point and take away the Ford span
5187s uh Ford spawn advantage of the other
5189s team so I mean you know early picks uh
5192s we've seen both SD and barcode kind of
5196s trading back and forth I think this is
5197s going to be another micro moment for us
5200s in this map
5201s who's going to come out with the first
5203s pick I think that's going to be really
5205s how this sets up I think that a barcode
5208s gets on top of them early uh and she
5211s goes ham then that's going to be where
5214s we see uh dark monkeys go forward if
5216s it's chesty on the other hand uh you
5218s know I I'm worried about the dark
5220s monkey's ability to recontest and flip a
5223s fight in their favor because they're on
5224s Havana they looked a little bit
5226s disjointed I hope that they've taken
5228s this time you know they've gotten some
5230s you know non-sponsored energy drinks in
5232s them uh maybe a shot of espresso or
5235s something else but I mean for them uh
5237s they've got to really knuckle down here
5239s because they are facing their tournament
5241s lives
5243s yeah and I mean do you think that we are
5246s going to see that Hanzo come out again
5249s because Jesse was just killing it on the
5252s Hanzo or is it going to be more of those
5254s Tracer Sombra picks ones that are very
5256s hyper mobile and make it very easy to
5258s get in and out because once again the
5260s push Maps the walks back from Spawn it's
5262s like I feel like we're going on a hike
5265s here Anish bronza I mean there's so many
5268s notes and crannies that that Tracer
5270s works so incredibly well here
5272s I I I think that the Sombra uh pick
5274s would actually be good uh you know in
5277s combination with uh with that uh Tracer
5280s so I mean if you can work the dive here
5282s uh which is what it looks like Rift
5284s Guardians are gonna bring out uh you're
5286s going dive versus burst brawl here from
5289s Dark Monkey self
5291s this is a this is
5293s it's a thought that are going to come to
5295s a very cataclysmic joining here on the
5297s bond
5298s oh my goodness but I am loving the
5302s reaper sojourn pick I feel like this is
5304s back in like the beta days of OverWatch
5307s too this is literally what it feels like
5310s with the pics that we are seeing come
5312s out right now already they're trying to
5314s get that hack onto chesky they want the
5316s surgeon out of the fight early it's not
5318s gonna work out barcode gonna go on and
5321s head back and Rift Guardians are going
5323s or Dart monkeys actually going to be the
5325s ones that are going to take first
5327s control of this objective and start
5329s pushing around the corner I want to see
5333s this Reaper try and find a little bit of
5334s value especially since they know that
5336s Evie does favor the Winston pick over
5339s here and they're really looking to try
5341s and get a good counter into this tank
5343s and get that dive out of the way but
5346s just Lotto after quite a bit of damage
5348s it does force Evie very far back so I
5351s feel like these names are backwards and
5354s um rip Guardians
5357s um
5358s was a little bit lost but it seems like
5361s the trades do come back and forth Rift
5363s Guardians continue to push forward dark
5365s monkeys unable to contest
5368s they do not add the birth potentials
5370s Guardians
5371s the rift Guardians who I mean just the
5373s uh just the reaper alone is going to
5375s make TV's like hell and I mean
5377s zimmerich's gonna have to really come
5379s out big with a pulse bomb in any the
5381s Isuzu available from aramore that is
5384s really where it's gonna go through big
5385s cats that are on to uh
5390s oh there's the false bomb and the EMP in
5394s tandem from dark monkeys they use that
5396s sound barrier as well but Ascot Falls
5398s before that Kitsune Rush can come out
5400s aramuri on the other hand has been able
5402s to force that team forward a little and
5404s at least save them from the combination
5406s of ultimates that was thrown with the
5408s EMP and pulse bomb both cbs's just
5410s throwing everything at this fight dark
5413s monkeys they still cannot get the flip
5415s on the point though in Rift Guardians
5416s they are surprisingly close to that
5419s first checkpoint already I mean I would
5421s honestly like to see if Erica now here
5423s Bearer works very well on Esperanza and
5426s they don't really have much to deal with
5428s it has been good uh and I mean the
5430s consider Rush is going to get them
5431s purchased on the point they actually
5432s don't get the first point
5434s okay just before that checkpoint goes
5437s through dark monkeys are able to flip it
5439s and run that robot back over to their
5441s side Evie finding chesty makes it a lot
5445s easier both dps's now out Rift Guardians
5448s need to find some way to Dish some
5449s damage jono trying to find something but
5453s still even with the wall around December
5455s it just spams down and Cat and Janna
5457s both out summer finishings finishes
5460s things off both of Rift Guardian
5462s supports out of the fight but it was a
5465s pretty expensive one they'd have to use
5468s as Gay's Kitsune rush and aramori on the
5471s other hand is pretty close to building
5473s that one up ready to go I mean the good
5475s thing here for Zimmer though is that
5477s they almost have pulse bomb uh on line
5479s once again and I mean looking at the
5482s disengage they're going to need to be
5483s able to disengage from this death
5485s Blossom I think that Evie is gonna have
5487s to be the one that can test uh the death
5489s Blossom uh and bats away the uh the
5492s reaper here because they don't have much
5493s to deal with any aspects very close
5495s though on to uh onto their
5498s sound barrier so they actually made the
5500s Gap up
5501s oh Aspen was able to just make that up
5504s incredibly quickly but with the
5506s overclock coming out that's what's going
5508s to force the Primal Rage instead of that
5510s death Blossom and when the Primal Rage
5512s comes through jono knows what to do and
5514s just takes the sound barrier out oh my
5517s gosh but the overclock from barcode is
5520s able to find one it's just a trade of
5522s ultimates and of lives Rift Guardians
5525s still having control of the robots
5527s though and they see Evie trying to
5530s disengage and regroup with the rest of
5531s the team getting quite a bit of damage
5534s this Reaper is just doing so well to bat
5537s away this of this monkey Winston cannot
5541s get anywhere close to the squad but
5543s zebra is attempting to contest still
5546s that checkpoint hasn't been reached just
5548s yet it seems like it is so close oh wow
5553s I think they did I think I think they
5556s barely got it over there uh I'm looking
5559s at it it's kind of like dancing on that
5560s line but what a turn there from dark
5562s monkeys actually winning this fight out
5564s and pushing forward
5566s and they have oh my gosh this is
5568s Emirates what a stick on shazato and now
5571s Aspen with the sound barrier able to get
5574s it down and sit so much overhealth to
5576s this team our Amore taken down no
5579s supports to try and get this team up and
5583s back into the fight so it's just going
5585s to be walking the robot back on over to
5588s their side and trying to get that push
5590s started all the way to the checkpoint
5592s ma'am let me tell you what xamarin that
5595s was absolutely uh just disgusting I I in
5600s the most wonderful way and now you've
5602s got a rampage available here uh or I'm
5606s sorry a travel range you're available to
5607s Evie Kat is still looking for their own
5609s Rampage they're actually going to
5611s disengage and take another fight
5613s yeah I mean jono does have that sound
5616s barrier so it's really easy for them to
5618s be able to disengage and quickly save
5620s their squad if anything comes through
5622s like that Primal Rage from Evie trying
5625s to get up close and personal but they
5627s still have shisato just spamming away
5629s Stevie however guess what not to Chef
5631s ski so that's without the sojourn now
5633s they're going to look for the Kitsune
5635s rush to potentially get a little bit
5637s more Firepower on their side than they
5640s are able to take control of the
5642s objective but as soon as they get to the
5644s underpass they are once again met with
5646s the full face of zebra pulse bomb the
5649s overclock from barcode has been built up
5651s incredibly fast as well that Rampage
5654s doesn't hit anybody and they're just all
5656s getting out of the way Aspen taking down
5658s shizano and means another control of the
5661s objective and it's just rip Guardians
5663s all Corral into this little room barcode
5666s taking control of The High Ground
5667s knowing exactly where shusky is they
5670s can't get away it's all left up to one
5673s one just hiding in this little room
5675s where are they gonna go they are being
5678s spammed through but the death Blossom
5681s might be able to get them out of it it
5683s is not you saw the suzu come out from SK
5685s they're able to save the squad and they
5688s are just continuing to contest trying to
5690s make sure that they can't get the
5692s checkpoint but Dart monkeys after a one
5694s bite just around the first checkpoint
5696s are able to secure it and even push
5699s further finally taking control of the
5702s map with three minutes remaining
5704s Okay so
5706s I think both teams have hit the actual
5708s hit the uh actually what we call
5710s mustache and now they're gonna put
5712s they're gonna put out the consuded rush
5714s to Surge forward and get even more
5715s progress going on
5717s yeah this Kitsune Rush is really
5720s offensively used it does make some space
5723s and this is just exactly what Dark
5724s Monkey says they always push further
5726s forward than the point uh Jesse with the
5729s overclock Now neutralizing barcode this
5732s is just once again matchup of the
5734s century with these two dps's always on
5737s the mirror matchup always trying to
5739s outpace and outmatch the other but now
5741s but after using that overclock barcode
5744s is already 67 to the next one so it's
5748s still something they have to watch out
5749s for meanwhile both of these blue shows
5751s they have the sound barriers online I
5754s mean we're looking for the engagement
5755s here there's the uh there's a studio
5757s Rush coming out from eremore the sound
5759s barrier is put out from both squads
5762s sound barrier from both sides of meat
5765s but rip Guardians they're coming out on
5766s top of these engagements though they are
5769s just forcing all dark monkeys players
5771s into these little Corners where they
5772s can't speak especially that Tracer when
5775s you know there's so much power with the
5776s recall and barcode tried to go for a
5778s hero play but even with the overclock
5781s ready there just wasn't anything to
5782s write
5783s I mean it's all about engage re-engage
5785s now uh yeah and we do see that they did
5787s actually secure the uh the pause moment
5790s there with ts1 now uh pushing in to the
5793s second part uh of the streets here uh
5796s you're looking at the overclock at the
5798s Primal Rage minute and a half year left
5800s this is exactly what they want they can
5802s just engage and take it right on their
5803s own
5804s there's the Rampage ready for cab though
5807s this could be devastating and they don't
5809s have the sound barrier it is huge it's
5812s the bleed applied to almost all five
5814s players now only the Primal Rage Eevee
5816s alive and even though chisato has been
5819s taken down it is going to be tough for
5822s Evie to survive this one Rift Guardians
5824s it seems like they're taking the lead
5826s once again while Aspen just tries to
5829s keep them at Bay with a few spam shots
5831s but no one's scared of the little
5833s speaker
5835s I like it I mean this is a smart
5837s disengage from Rift Guardians they're
5839s just going to take bites on their own
5841s terms now and and whole ground and not
5844s allow the progress to come through this
5845s uh pulse bomb though could be huge for
5847s zembrick let's look for SK in the next
5850s fight to put out the consumer Rush
5853s Esky is the one that has the ultimate
5856s realistic realistically coming up
5857s chisato could be close to follow but oh
5860s no almost having the sick oh from our
5864s Mori makes it so they all survive the
5866s pulse bomb but even so dark monkeys
5869s they've made enough room so they can
5870s have this robot running over towards
5873s their own wall and they're going to
5875s restart that push on their side with
5878s guardians trailing behind but the time
5880s is so low it's got to be an overtime
5883s push and SK goes down that's insane from
5886s chesky now they only have the Lucio to
5888s rely on and they need to touch they need
5890s to stay on top of this and the death
5893s Blossom forces them off Chef see with
5895s the overclock as well they still trying
5898s to contest but barcode now falling the
5901s overclock has become huge and Aspen just
5903s cannot get close enough to touch riff
5906s Guardians in a fiery Glory they're able
5909s to get this last map of Esperanza and
5914s win the series 3-1 oh my word and it is
5918s on a nice Edge and this right here this
5920s Rampage watch the follow-up on to uh I
5923s believe it was on to Aspen there uh
5925s taking the suzu off the table that was
5928s the moment where everything turned uh
5931s here in this last fight because they had
5933s the meterage ahead of Rift Guardians and
5935s it was just that one fight that one
5936s ultimate the Rampage so huge completely
5941s turns the economy around turns the
5943s entire match around quite frankly and
5945s Cat put up one hell of a performance uh
5948s on this and I tell you what this was a
5950s this was a a treat to watch it may have
5953s been 3-1 but that's one of the darn
5955s closest three ones that I have seen in
5957s quite some time and Tyler I mean we're
5960s gonna get a chance to talk to one of
5961s these Rift Guardians we're gonna take it
5963s to a quick little break but when we come
5965s back we will have an interview don't go
5967s away
5972s [Music]
5975s [Applause]
5976s [Music]
5987s thank you
5989s foreign
5993s [Music]
6003s [Music]
6031s thank you
6040s hey guys my name is Cassie Brown AKA CB
6043s and I am an Esports broadcaster my
6046s pronouns are she her I'm a transgender
6048s woman from Anchorage Alaska and I am now
6050s currently residing out in Philly calling
6052s all heroes is extremely important to me
6054s because culturally I believe Esports
6056s still has a problem with things like
6058s sexism and homophobia and transphobia we
6061s don't see a whole lot of people like us
6064s in the OverWatch league and that really
6066s sucks because it's not because we can't
6068s do it and it's not because we shouldn't
6070s do it but it's because when we go into
6071s voice chat in games we're told you don't
6074s belong here what are you doing calling
6076s all heroes is our chance to kind of
6078s change that narrative and to prove that
6080s if we give the talent that is there a
6083s place to practice and a place to
6084s cultivate it will inevitably rise and
6088s it's going to send the message to all of
6089s the people watching that yes you do
6091s belong here this is worth pursuing
6093s you're not wasting your time no matter
6095s what everyone else tells you no matter
6097s what the people in voice chat want to
6099s say you you still belong here what's up
6102s everybody Chef Billy here and if you
6104s know anything about me you look at my
6107s Twitter it's all about raising up voices
6109s and giving the support where it is
6111s needed and now is the best time for
6114s anybody else that wants to join in
6116s please join in with us where did I get
6117s started with this well it was actually a
6119s console gaming League uh I was a Caster
6121s there and I was kind of shy about who I
6123s was and they finally just said you know
6125s what Billy just be you be you be on
6128s camera be you and now that's what we're
6130s gonna do for our marginalized and and
6133s diverse communities that we need here so
6135s we need more Heroes are you gonna join
6137s us hi everyone
6139s [Music]
6151s [Music]
6157s [Music]
6171s [Music]
6178s [Music]
6181s foreign
6183s [Music]
6197s [Music]
6209s [Music]
6230s [Music]
6242s [Music]
6249s foreign
6251s [Music]
6262s [Music]
6275s [Music]
6296s welcome back for our post-match
6299s interview with our winning team it's
6302s going to be aramori we saw her do some
6305s crazy suzus on that very last map of
6308s Esperanza and she is here with us today
6310s so aramori how are you feeling after
6313s that match
6323s monkeys game we're going to be definite
6325s challenges that we've been preparing all
6327s week for so
6329s feeling good and did you have any
6333s expectations or certain expectations
6335s going into that match like how did you
6338s prepare for this
6341s um well we mostly just practice the maps
6343s that we knew we were going to try to
6345s force so
6347s um like Oasis is our as our pick so we
6350s mostly just played a lot of Oasis today
6352s like there was one scrim where we just
6354s had like we we played Oasis just four
6356s times in a row over and over and over
6358s again and uh felt like we were just
6361s living the same day over and over again
6364s um so yeah just just lots of just lots
6367s of practice
6369s um and then you know we took what DART
6372s monkeys was playing in stride like uh
6374s they played that monkey comp which was
6376s something a lot of other teams aren't
6378s really playing they're playing like the
6379s queen right and so uh I was like it's
6382s time it's Reaper time so yeah
6388s all right so I mean I have been casting
6390s you for for quite a while uh going way
6393s back uh actually to trial of Champions
6395s with ELO hell and uh I mean I've been
6398s impressed with you since then what do
6400s you think has been the biggest uh growth
6402s for you uh here in the path to Pro
6404s system
6407s um honestly like I used to be very very
6410s shy as a person
6413s um I used to be very intimidated to
6415s speak my mind and do my own thing but
6418s with uh you know calling out Heroes and
6421s path to Pro even uh I learned how to
6424s lead I I am igl for my team currently so
6427s uh I'm just constantly talking
6429s constantly speaking and I have like
6432s confidence in myself when I do it I'm
6433s like we're doing this and I know it's
6435s the like correct thing to do or I know
6436s it's a really good thing to do
6438s um and I think
6439s not only is that like helped me outside
6442s of the game but it's it helps me a lot
6444s like in teams um my teammates trust me
6446s definitely
6448s so I mean that leads into my next
6450s question then uh what advice would you
6453s have to people that might be a little
6454s bit leery of doing calling all the
6456s heroes maybe they're not you know not
6458s confident in themselves uh what would
6460s you say to them uh the mic is yours what
6462s would you say to us you know what it's
6464s welcoming it's a great initiative and
6466s it's a great uh great competition
6469s I would definitely say it's scary at
6472s first but you just have to like jump
6474s into the deep end and and just trust
6477s that you know the community is good and
6479s it is like there of course there's going
6482s to be maybe some bad apples but
6484s everybody else is so warm and so
6486s welcoming and it's unbelievable the
6489s amount of support that we've seen um
6491s from everyone for this initiative
6494s yeah that is great to hear and is there
6497s any shout outs that you would like to
6499s make at the end of this match before you
6501s go
6502s just all of my team for being incredible
6505s for having mentals of Steel
6507s um H key for sensing in the air whenever
6511s there's a flank gonna be happening
6513s um she can just smell it I don't know
6514s and
6517s just being amazing people willing to
6520s grind yeah
6523s thank you so much for talking to us
6525s today and big congratulations in the
6528s semi-finals and your Victory against Art
6531s monkeys you're now in the top two and
6533s best of luck in your next match in the
6536s grand finals as well
6538s thank you so much pleasure talking to
6540s both of you
6542s all right well that's gonna do it here
6543s uh we're gonna take a look at the
6545s bracket and see what happened on the
6547s other side uh as we saw nyxl Academy
6552s absolutely obliterate uh Timeless ether
6556s and I thought Timeless ether was on one
6558s yesterday well Nick's nixel Academy just
6561s had their way uh with Timeless either
6563s taking them down three nil so that is
6566s your grand final it's going to be
6567s brought to you by the wonderful tiny
6570s shiny and the fabulous CB coming up here
6573s in just a little bit but for myself and
6575s and tala epitaphies here that's our time
6578s done here on the miner I you have really
6581s impressed me I I have had the one most
6583s wonderful time what you guys don't see
6585s uh here on camera is that Mia and tala
6588s have been just joking and laughing and
6590s talking in French and other stuff like
6591s that it's been a wonderful time thank
6593s you so much for joining me here
6595s yeah this was definitely a blast I am so
6599s impressed by initiatives like these and
6601s so happy that they are spreading to so
6603s many games and that they're receiving so
6605s much support from the community as well
6607s so I'm excited to see what happens in
6610s the grand finals it's going to be CV and
6613s Tiny shiny that are taking you home in
6615s the nyxl versus riff Guardians matchup
6619s and we wish the best of luck to both of
6621s these teams but for us that is going to
6623s be all they are going to take you home
6625s after the end of this break see you then
6633s [Applause]
6636s [Music]
6644s [Applause]
6646s thank you
6649s [Music]
6660s [Music]
6695s thank you
6700s [Music]
6700s [Applause]
6703s [Music]
6706s foreign
6709s [Music]
6756s my name is Tiny shiny and I'm a
6759s play-by-play Caster who identifies the
6760s she her pronouns one of the best moments
6763s I've had with the OverWatch Community
6764s had to have been when I attended the
6766s OverWatch League 2022 summer Showdown
6768s finals in Toronto it was mind-blowing to
6770s see all of these people of different
6771s ages backgrounds and identities all come
6774s together under one love for OverWatch
6775s hearing all the cheers of the crowd
6777s mixed with the top tier commentary and
6779s of course watching some of the best
6780s players in the world play the game we
6782s all enjoy was absolutely surreal and a
6784s moment I'll never forget calling all
6786s heroes is important because of the safe
6787s environment and visibility provides the
6789s marginalized groups competing within the
6791s OverWatch community
6792s these gender groups are heavily
6794s underrepresented when it comes to the
6795s Esports world and the initiative taken
6797s by calling all heroes has created a safe
6799s space for competition this event gives
6801s players a boost of equity to further
6803s establish themselves in the OverWatch
6804s Esports scene and continue to develop
6806s their talents in a team environment call
6808s no Heroes not only provides
6809s opportunities to players and staff but
6811s spreads the message that anyone can be a
6813s hero
6824s thank you
6838s [Music]
6860s foreign
6868s [Music]
6877s [Music]
6897s [Music]
6915s [Music]
6926s hi my name is amaliath and my pronouns
6929s are she her I'm a full-time OverWatch
6931s content creator and AGM to support man
6933s that plays mostly Anna and kiriko oh and
6936s uh I also struggle to stay on the map
6945s I just think ramacha's not good I think
6948s dude I did it again
6954s I got into OverWatch because one of my
6956s college professors recommended it to me
6957s and I promised him I would play after I
6959s graduate weirdly enough I think he was
6961s also a GM on I mean anyway when I
6964s finally did play it I got hooked
6965s instantly it just didn't really feel
6967s like any other game compared to it and
6970s here I am years later still playing some
6972s of the most memorable moments in the
6973s community were during the Creator
6975s experimental patches I just think that
6977s was like a really cool way to get the
6979s community involved and I think pretty
6982s much everybody had fun playing it and I
6985s think it's awesome how many Community
6986s run tourneys there are every single one
6988s is fun to participate in fun to watch
6990s and it's just really cool that so many
6993s people take initiative to bring the
6995s community together calling all heroes is
6997s important because so many marginalized
6999s gender people are afraid or simply can't
7002s get their foot in the door in Esports
7004s they're likely to receive harassment and
7006s be discriminated against so creating a
7008s space that allows them to freely and
7010s openly be who they are without fear of
7012s discrimination is important it also
7014s provides a way to highlight Esports
7016s talent that may have been overlooked
7018s otherwise following all heroes is
7020s necessary and an amazing organization
7026s we have made it to the Grand finals of
7030s the first calling all heroes minor
7032s recall event CB I am stoked to be here
7036s on the stage today we have teams that
7039s have fought through the switch stage
7040s through the playoff back bracket to make
7044s it to this point nyxl and Academy and
7046s Rift Guardians are here to battle it out
7048s on the big stage to find out who will
7051s take home the championship
7053s I cannot wait both of these teams have
7055s shown us some phenomenal things
7057s throughout this bracket nyxl Academy
7059s beating Timeless ethereal 3-0 off stream
7063s like you know we you know that match
7065s with dart monkeys and Rift Guardians was
7067s kind of a banger just now but in the
7068s background we had an actual like rematch
7072s of the finals from the previous major
7074s tournament in nyxl Academy starting off
7077s their Redemption Arc by three owing the
7079s reigning Champions that's a statement if
7082s you're Rift Guardians you know yeah you
7083s beat Dart monkeys you're coming into
7084s this feeling really good but you also
7086s have to be a little teeny bit worried
7088s there
7089s because not only did they beat Dark
7091s monkeys though CB they actually managed
7093s to take down uh nyxl Academy in the
7096s Swiss stage I believe it was a 2-1
7098s Victory going over to them so this is a
7101s team that they were able to beat in a
7104s previous matchup they're coming back
7105s today nyxl Academy they've gone back to
7107s the drawing boards they've regrouped and
7109s they're meeting again here in that Grand
7111s Final spot I mean we look at these
7113s rosters you know them you love them
7115s we've seen them on contenders we've seen
7116s them in the brackets of calling all
7118s heroes but there is one new face that we
7120s want to talk about a little bit yeah and
7122s that's gonna be Orion down there in that
7124s lower right hand uh not the corner but
7126s just right next to it right next to
7128s Cairo there but Orion has been uh you
7131s know the the tool they needed what they
7134s needed to kind of shape their back line
7135s up a little bit more and have a little
7137s bit more dominance in the flex support
7139s position and it's also that plus the
7141s fact that we're now in a very JQ favored
7143s meta and that is big for Kindred Kindred
7147s pounds on junker Queen she's another one
7149s of these players who has been grinding
7151s the junker Queen even when she was not
7153s meta so when she finally gets all these
7155s Buffs again blizzard I don't know why
7157s you buff check your feet as hard as you
7158s did but here we are it's working out
7160s when those Buffs came through Kindred
7162s was like oh my time has come I'm gonna
7165s answer this bad signal looked up to the
7167s sky and she was like this is my time and
7169s she has shown it in this tournament uh
7171s you know you again this team 3-0 the
7173s reigning Champions Timeless ethereal who
7175s also looked really strong yesterday you
7177s know we got to see plenty of them on the
7178s stream but now it's time to see nyxl
7180s Academy complete the Redemption Arc but
7184s they're gonna have to do it against this
7185s Rift Guardians team who we just saw
7187s compete in the semi-finals match and
7190s while it was a 3-1 victory in their
7192s Direction I don't feel like that score
7194s line fully represents that matchup with
7197s the dart monkeys that was down to the
7198s wire on so many different occasions
7200s every point was dragged out to overtime
7203s it came down to really one fight to
7205s decide the overall outcome of each map
7207s and that's not something that nyxl
7210s they're gonna play very well towards the
7211s thrift Guardians they're coming out they
7213s can fight in a battle that they're
7215s confident in themselves I mean we were
7217s talking about this a little bit during
7218s the break too or especially here had she
7221s probably had like the best game we have
7223s ever seen from her in her life the plays
7225s on the Hanzo hitting those shots finding
7228s so many opening eliminations for Rift
7230s Guardians got them so far in this
7232s matchup I mean between that working with
7235s cat and Aura Mori being so solid all
7237s around this is a rift Guardian Squad to
7239s be scared of they're in their top form
7241s and they are coming to play against NYX
7243s all right me yeah a lot of it was chesty
7246s and barcode going blow for blow and it
7248s was chesty kind of getting the better of
7249s it in some of those situations you know
7251s in rare form if chesty has continued to
7254s allow to pound in the way that she has
7255s thus far it is going to be a little bit
7258s scary but I also again want to tie
7260s things back to that tank meta where it's
7262s more JQ favored I like the fact that
7264s Rift Guardians were able to bust out the
7267s junker Queen at times and even if that
7269s wasn't their go-to consistently it was
7272s still something that they showed could
7273s uh they showed that they were competent
7275s on they showed that they were able to
7276s play that comp up to or able to Dethrone
7280s uh the opponents in Dart monkeys who
7282s tended to favor more dive as the time
7285s was ethereal both those teams you know
7286s dark monkeys and Timeless ethereal they
7288s wanted to play Winston in some
7289s situations they wanted to play doomfist
7291s I don't know why you would bust that out
7292s this is a call out post for Sawhill but
7294s uh you know whatever like that just
7297s doesn't really work in the meta right
7298s now like you can't get away with that
7300s and both of these teams here today know
7302s it they understand it they've read The
7304s Meta and they know that it is within
7306s their best strengths to play junker
7308s Queen when necessary and that's kind of
7310s why I like this Oasis as the first pick
7312s here because you think both Gardens and
7313s University are going to be very strong
7315s picks for a junker Queen and people are
7317s able to get away with playing her to
7318s great effect on City Center as well so
7321s you know both teams know this is where
7324s their bread is buttered this is what we
7325s have to be the best at right now if we
7326s want to be the best in this tournament
7328s it's time to put up or shut up there's
7331s no more Second Chances we're in the
7333s grand finals that I can't wait to see
7335s what ends up happening here this is the
7337s true text for both of these teams right
7339s now we've seen them play against varying
7341s Styles but we're coming out here we're
7343s expecting the mere match up with these
7345s teams they're going to be training blow
7346s for blow it's going to be about who
7348s wants it more who has been on the grind
7350s practicing this so much just to get to
7353s this point getting to the Grand finals
7355s that is a huge achievement on its own
7356s not to mention all that is at stake with
7359s the prize pool on itself coming away
7361s with that Championship Victory say that
7363s you can do it nyxl Academy in the major
7366s event came up with a second place this
7368s is their chance to get that first place
7370s for Redemption while Rift Guardians
7372s they're here to make a name for
7373s themselves come out of these Gates
7375s Strong send a statement to all of the
7377s people that have ever doubted them in
7379s this tournament and it's also not even
7381s just about the cash prize I mean it kind
7383s of definitely is at least a little bit
7384s about the cash prize but it's also about
7386s the circuit points as calling all heroes
7387s goes on nyxl Academy came into this 3
7391s 900 to Timeless ethereal is 4500 a big
7393s win here is gonna put them in first
7395s place overall going into the next
7397s tournament here so that's what you're
7398s going to be looking at as both of these
7400s teams start to go blow for blow on the
7401s mirror Mantra comps up on The High
7403s Ground on University and when we talked
7405s about the junker Queen but the romantra
7407s has been a strong deliverable cat and
7408s Kindred but it will be cat coming up
7410s with the first Globe nyxl Academy are
7412s not too far off line Orion played a huge
7415s part into that fight just look at the
7417s damage output that Baptiste was able to
7419s have
7419s yeah and Kindred we talked you know I
7422s talked a lot about how great she is at
7423s the younger Queen but she's also really
7424s strong on the ramatra so even if you're
7427s forcing her into this mirror situation
7428s she can still pound on the ramacha and
7431s we do see it there there's also a huge
7432s boot from Wicca onto aramori that ends
7434s up opening that fight up and ceasing all
7437s of the healing operations that were done
7438s there but that's an early pick-off from
7440s uh chassis that we kept seeing in the
7442s previous series and if she keeps that up
7444s and YSL Academy are going to be in
7445s trouble oh yeah Dusty has gone
7447s absolutely Bonkers in this previous
7449s round and shows no signs of stopping
7451s like look at the difference in the
7452s dragon strike charge right now Jesse is
7454s putting in the work but it can't just be
7456s all up to the Hanzo to create the space
7458s do the damage Orion's coming in nearing
7460s ant Matrix he's on the point of
7462s University here Kindred is getting
7464s beaten down into a pulp on the objective
7466s Rift Guardians came back in with
7468s Adventures here and you a lot of that to
7470s chesty's initial elimination
7471s I mean but the whole team is doing a ton
7473s of work I mean you still have that
7475s blizzard coming up soon you're gonna
7476s have both the annihilation and the uh
7478s and the sound barrier you're on par with
7481s the pace that is being set by all the
7482s players in nyxl Academy despite losing
7485s that first fight so that kind of goes
7487s back to that first fight and we look at
7488s it and it was actually a little bit
7490s closer than it ended up being it was
7491s just a couple of those early pickups
7493s here but with that Dragon strike
7494s Advantage they can force positioning and
7496s slow the uh slow the rotation in from
7498s nyxl Academy here oh but not slow enough
7501s because shusato ended up going down so
7503s close in that blizzard the end of ISL
7505s Academy at their own dragon strike
7506s Waltzing right on to the objective all
7508s reptile Guardians can do is really just
7510s hang on get themselves a little bit more
7511s percentage on that objective but that
7513s flip is gonna be inevitable it's a
7515s dragon strike for a dragon strike but
7517s nyxl Academy coming out ahead is going
7519s to be massive also that late kill onto
7520s aramore means that only just now can
7522s Rift Guardians start to make their
7524s approach back to the point here and
7525s they're going to be walking right into a
7527s blizzard and I feel like on the
7528s defensive end the blizzard is just a
7530s little bit more utilities you're gonna
7532s be able to get a little bit more out of
7533s it and you're gonna know you're gonna
7534s see both teams actually wanting to draw
7536s first blood with it both legislated
7538s practically on top of each other to the
7540s sound barrier a little bit too late for
7542s cat just ended up getting chewed through
7543s so Kindred walks right on through the
7545s team alley gets to Shadow with that
7547s ultimate but that's plenty of value to
7549s come through nyxl have to conserve the
7550s resources yeah and at the end of this
7552s next fight nyxl Academy will almost
7554s assuredly be in one fight territory and
7556s they'll have time to try and build up
7557s the old deficit that not getting a lot
7559s of value out of that Annihilation uh is
7562s going to put them at right now Rift
7563s Guardians having that Advantage should
7565s be able to swing this fight nyxl Academy
7567s only gonna have the positioning that
7568s they're going to be able to get from
7570s oh I was gonna say from the ant Matrix
7572s but from an early pickup on the chesty
7573s that's gonna help as well oh it really
7575s is because now cat's job got so much
7577s harder does manage to get with looking
7579s for Kindred the immortality field not
7581s playing too cleansed to them in the end
7583s here ends up going down to nyxl Academy
7585s in that 99 overtime is going to be
7589s expended these early pickoffs have just
7591s been the telltales at these fights we've
7593s seen very few full 5V fives heading into
7596s this and it has shown nyxl Academy came
7599s with that initiality and we're gonna
7600s close it out here on a new adversity I
7602s mean and we highlighted chesty a lot in
7604s the way that she has been on in rare
7606s form especially in the previous matchup
7608s here but that's kind of like a feaster
7610s famine sort of situation where if you're
7611s banking your entire stock on chesty
7614s getting an early pickoff well what
7615s happens if she's the one that gets
7617s picked off first because she was playing
7618s an aggressive angle trying to find one
7620s of those picks and Bun hits an icicle to
7622s the Dome or wisps gets the uh the better
7624s of the Hanzo vihanzo exchange then what
7626s happens what's our backup plan and in
7628s that situation there really wasn't one
7630s because Rift Guardians they just you
7632s know didn't have much of a plan that all
7634s just kind of got thrown into disarray
7635s and then aramori you know followed
7637s chassis to the Grave just a little bit
7639s too quickly so they weren't able to
7641s stabilize they weren't able to keep a
7643s realistic chance at capping the point
7645s there and flipping it once chesty went
7647s down here so I yeah that's kind of like
7649s you live or die by what chesty does here
7651s you kind of have to have a plan B in
7653s case she gets picked off early
7655s I mean the nice thing here is that Jesse
7657s isn't gonna be able to do too much whis
7659s was able to get to that High Ground
7660s first so where story is there to
7662s significant disadvantage in terms of
7664s positioning but apparently it doesn't
7665s matter for Waco who got caught out by
7667s cat that is going to be the signal to
7669s rush on up clean up the rest of these
7671s players Rift Guardians that is amazing I
7673s believe that was actually a knife stick
7674s onto the Lucio player to guarantee that
7676s first elimination and that is so key
7678s considering the positioning disadvantage
7680s sometimes you go fishing and you catch
7682s yourself a Marlin that time cat caught
7684s themselves a Wicca in the back line and
7686s look at how far down she's gonna be in
7689s uh sound barrier charge after dying so
7691s soon not having essentially any work
7693s done that's all passive old charge she's
7695s gonna have to try and make up the
7696s deficit a little bit here but is also
7698s kind of lacking after having fallen
7700s early so nyxl Academy they have to try
7702s and play this slow and on City Center
7704s that means that this uh capture
7706s percentage for Rift Guardians is gonna
7707s tick way way up okay you'll see teams
7710s just get to 99 right off the bat because
7713s it is so difficult to put this point
7715s get the problem child out of the
7718s equation the Wisp is soon to fall right
7720s after punished for their mistakes josado
7722s opening that one right back up for Rich
7724s Guardians who are able to collapse on
7725s the remaining players and lion cell
7727s Academy they needed to play it slow but
7728s they jumped the gun just a little bit
7730s too soon there so we could close the gap
7733s but bun really didn't there and neither
7735s did Orion so now Rift Guardians are
7737s gonna be at the old Advantage here might
7739s have a you know sound barriers on both
7740s sides coming out around the same time
7742s potentially Rampages if cat holds on to
7744s that one for a little bit but overall
7747s the consume Rush from aramori might end
7749s up just being the Difference Maker and
7751s barring that chesty is gonna have that
7752s Bob really soon and these are Oaks that
7754s can release Force nyxl Academy to slow
7756s the tempo down and to Echo what I
7758s literally just said on the city sensor
7760s it's going to hurt this all percentage I
7763s mean Rift guardings after this fight
7765s should be in one fight territory even if
7766s they blow it I mean here they go we're
7768s getting a little bit of deja vu your
7770s whiz finds the head of
7772s right off the bat they want to make it
7774s happen but cat flying in with the
7776s Rampage striking shorts no suzu
7778s available Orion ended up going down
7780s didn't have it Rick's Guardians they're
7782s just gonna clean up the house here nysl
7784s Academy they haven't had a legitimate
7785s chance to push any bike here they're
7787s finding themselves in one last one but
7789s it's not gonna be a full five players
7790s yeah not at all WIC is going to be able
7793s to come back and have the sound barrier
7794s board 95 it's all gonna be a staggered
7796s fight here and Kindred following means
7798s there's no sustain justado could just
7799s pop this Dragon bait slice whips right
7802s up Orion's got nowhere to go dead to the
7804s Bob Wicca sound barrier expires her life
7806s soon to follow but never got the chance
7809s to use this out or sorry use a dragon
7811s blade and that's gonna be a real clean
7814s 100-0 for Rich Guardians
7816s oh wow that was ripped Guardians in the
7819s driver's seat CB there was no point
7820s there that I doubted who was in control
7822s nyxl Academy they're on the back foot
7825s and the entire time in terms of the
7827s ultimate economy in terms of the tempo
7828s they just couldn't get a foot in the
7830s door because Rift Guardians were
7832s squishing their toes against the frame
7833s that doesn't feel too good because now
7835s here we are that map number three after
7837s a complete shutout this needs to be a
7839s mental reset as well as a bit of a an
7841s idea in their heads what do nyxl Academy
7844s hope to accomplish heading into this
7845s next point and that also kind of goes
7847s back to my previous point where I was
7849s talking about feast or famine as it
7850s regards to shasti but you know despite
7852s chesty being the first to fall in a lot
7854s of those fights you're still seeing Rift
7856s Guardians yeah they actually do have a
7857s plan B and chisado is that plan B 13 of
7860s Limbs that's in zero deaths that's quite
7863s the quite the stat right there for
7865s justado excellent play for Rift
7867s Guardians so yeah you do kind of have to
7869s have a little bit more in the bag than
7871s just taking out chesty you also have to
7872s take down what comes next
7875s there needs to be more than just the
7877s first step you got to have multiple
7878s plans that need to adapt through the way
7880s I mean it's great to have a door in but
7882s OverWatch is a game of being able to
7884s transition from one play to the next and
7885s nyxl Academy they want to be the ones to
7887s take the initiative wrist guard they
7888s weren't prepared they're running so far
7890s backwards but wisp gets caught out this
7892s far aggression tap wasn't with the team
7893s as you guys he's like oh wait I can
7895s shoot again pops a couple heads along
7897s the way Rich Guardians this was a huge
7900s peel back from them you can see the
7901s comms coming into play with jono getting
7904s their team out of danger putting them
7905s back into the flight and they'll get
7907s that first capture as a result yeah and
7909s it ends up being kind of an over
7910s commitment on nyxl Academy aside where
7912s they've kind of feel like they have you
7914s know all the ground they can be the
7915s aggressors they can try and take that
7916s fight into that small little Corridor
7918s but the early pick-offs that cat was
7920s able to find make a huge difference in
7922s terms of both the Jungle Queen Old
7923s charge as we stand currently going into
7925s the next fight and nyxl Academy's
7927s ability to close that early fight down
7929s there's another early pickup on the
7930s chassis but as we've established he
7932s dealt with a left hook you've got to be
7934s ready for the right well you you know
7935s what maybe third time's the charm here
7937s Kindred wants to get something done with
7938s the ash player being out of the fight
7940s but that doesn't mean chisado isn't
7942s going to be available to demolish on the
7944s Genji I've been able to just stay alive
7946s this whole fight has not died and down
7948s goes kids are as a matter of fact wico
7950s ended up winning the race to the sound
7951s barrier but not in time to save their
7953s tank player nyxl are fighting to
7955s compensate for that loss and if you're
7957s able to get Jesse again they're gonna
7958s have a chance because of fun it just
7961s went out and decided to play Sushi steps
7963s license through the opposition and they
7965s dealt with the left hook they dealt with
7966s the right and then clap back with a
7968s Haymaker and now bun is going to lap
7970s jasado in terms of that uh dragon blade
7972s charge I mean yeah Rift Guardians are
7974s gonna have a sound barrier and a Souza
7975s for that but the fact that they're able
7977s to win out in that old engagement means
7979s they're at least going to be able to
7980s bleed out some resources from Rich
7981s Guardians and give themselves a fighting
7983s chance to build back up to some of their
7985s ultimates they're also going to have a
7986s consuming Rush of their own and a bob to
7988s stall this out so nyxl Academy they can
7990s even things up and potentially surpass
7991s Rift Guardians here as long as everyone
7993s keeps their head down and Chassis does
7995s not decapitate someone
7997s to be decapitated I've been more
8000s concerned
8002s but the file name is huge look at
8005s that answering effect that Rampage
8007s couldn't have not asked for more value
8008s from cats you're gonna get a trade out
8010s of support for a support but wisp is
8012s still alive and managed to pick off two
8014s just thought it was needs to take care
8016s of them will be able to do so now you
8018s just need to gather the remaining scraps
8020s of nyxl Academy and take it down to bed
8023s jasada wants to be able to make a
8024s difference with the Rampage only down
8026s onto the Genji shuts down the dragon's
8029s light to be the one to turn it around
8030s nyxl have to surpassed in terms of the
8032s percentage that they're looking to hold
8033s on to it here cat is still in the fight
8036s battling this one through Kendra doesn't
8037s really have the cooldowns to kind of
8039s take this one face to face ends up
8041s backing off but whether this game is
8043s neutral or not CB then we'll Excel
8045s they're still getting ground
8047s as well yeah Rift Guardians they have to
8050s get out they can't keep the Stagger
8051s fight going any longer you lose your
8052s Lucio that's your ability to control the
8054s tempo gone so they have to try and back
8056s up now in yxl Academy are crossing that
8058s 80 threshold getting into one fight
8060s territory and Rift Guardians expended so
8063s many resources to try and win that last
8064s fight and came up with nothing to dragon
8066s blade from chisado got completely shut
8068s down by Orion they don't have anything
8070s they have to try and buy their time and
8072s build up to something and hope that it's
8074s enough to overcome Wicca sound barrier I
8076s have to think wika just has this to walk
8078s on in cat to be afraid for their lives
8080s don't have the health bar because she
8082s ends up going down Bud claims the lies
8084s of another looking for a third deflect
8086s only delay the inevitable as nyxl
8089s Academy they came back swinging from
8092s their Lawson City Center to go ahead
8094s recover here on Gordon's map number one
8096s will be going over to them the pendulum
8099s swings back and forth between these two
8101s teams this might be uh this might be a
8104s series that has the potential to go the
8106s difference because for every time that
8108s nyxl Academy looks like they're getting
8109s punked out they are the ones doing the
8111s punking you saw you know we go back to
8113s city center but she never got a chance
8115s to build to a dragon blade it was over
8117s too quickly on Gardens she says I don't
8119s even need the Dragon Blade I'm just
8121s gonna get the Swift strike resets slice
8123s dice your whole team like you said
8124s playing sushi chef the whole time I love
8127s that call out there that was a great one
8128s but like you know it's a great
8130s turnaround and in a way kind of a
8132s microcosm for their whole trajectory as
8134s a team The Comeback story is real the
8136s Redemption Arc that Contender season we
8138s forget about that we Start Anew right
8141s here right now but like you said ripped
8143s Guardians it's gonna be back and forth I
8145s I want to see more of this pendulum
8147s swinging as we go into the next map that
8149s is going to be their pick I do kind of
8151s want to see more of this back and forth
8152s button chasado look how close they are
8155s overall you know you know you see you
8157s know chisado has a little bit more
8159s damage and a little bit better of a KD
8160s but that damage is pretty close there
8163s and a lot of that was made up in the
8165s back half by bun there and again you
8168s know both these players were playing May
8169s on University so those stats would
8171s probably be even a little bit more
8172s buffed up if we are if we were playing
8174s Genji the whole time but I mean this is
8177s pretty even like to me yeah chisado is
8180s getting the better of it but buns still
8181s doing enough to make up the difference
8183s and win for her team so I I like to see
8186s this I like to see where we're going
8188s with this also because this this should
8190s be good
8191s and you know what the craziest part
8192s about that is bun has doubled the deaths
8195s that chisado has and was still able to
8197s get just as much done in several
8199s departments which is pretty crazy
8200s because you can see how much fun
8202s improved literally took the game into
8204s her own and said you know what this is
8206s my turf now and nobody from Rich
8209s Guardians was allowed to touch it that
8211s was like that saying that the flame that
8212s burns twice as bright burns out twice as
8214s fast but I mean for how bright she was
8217s burning while she was alive getting that
8218s much work done I think that's a
8220s trade-off you take if you're able to get
8221s the dub there but might be something to
8223s look out for in the in the future
8225s is it like we looked at that matchup but
8227s I also want to talk about the matchup
8228s between the two hitscan players here was
8231s we were we talked about her so much we
8232s talked about how much that she just
8235s really just ran over their opposition in
8238s the semi-finals and uh the amount of
8240s times that these fights started with
8241s wisps it's clicking her head was pretty
8244s ridiculous I mean that wasn't really the
8246s same store power that we've been seeing
8248s I mean was this wisp but just really
8249s starting to show up get the better of
8251s the ash counterpart or is this guess
8254s he's starting to Fumble a little bit
8255s more it might honestly just be wisps
8258s showing up because I do know for a fact
8259s that wisp is a phenomenal hit scan
8261s player and I mean we did see a lot of
8263s chesty popping off in the previous
8264s Series against barcode who was another
8266s phenomenal hit scan player but it might
8268s just be you know the pecking order that
8270s we thought we would see as you know with
8272s all these hit scan players that the
8273s upper echelon might just be kind of you
8275s know in flux right now and it might be
8277s that wisps might just be closer to the
8280s top than we might have previously
8281s assumed I would definitely keep an eye
8283s on this player and see uh how it
8285s continues to progress going forward
8286s because there's still time for CeCe to
8288s stake her claim and still be you know
8290s Queen of the mountain here but
8293s could really go either way gotta keep
8295s your head down because wisps definitely
8296s had her number for the majority of
8299s especially those previous two maps there
8300s yeah that was a lot of wisp just coming
8303s up big and I I to be fair that is kind
8306s of all of the value we saw with spaghett
8309s but if you're going to start a fight
8310s just take it immediately to a 45 that's
8312s an advantage you're willing to push
8314s nyxl for the most part did a decent job
8317s about conserving that energy and pushing
8320s it Forward sometimes it did take them a
8321s little bit longer they allowed re-group
8323s to come through which really snowballed
8324s against them in City Center I don't want
8326s to see that happen again especially
8328s moving on to a hybrid map where
8329s differences like that can mean the end
8331s of an entire map Hollywood has been the
8335s selection of the rift Guardians which we
8337s did get to see a little bit of in the
8339s nyxl semi-final of when they played on
8342s this map they pulled out that junker
8343s Queen and Kindred just looked amazing on
8346s it okay I don't know what this pick is
8349s for Hollywood I don't know why we're go
8351s like I'm I'm looking like Charlie Day
8352s with the cork board right now because
8354s okay so in the previous Series right
8357s with Timeless ethereal against nyxl and
8360s even yesterday uh in their matchup they
8363s would pick Hollywood because they wanted
8364s to try and favor the dive compositions
8366s right because Hollywood is great for
8367s those sorts of things neither of these
8369s teams have shown a particular preference
8372s for a dive composition and indeed have
8374s both tended to prefer to play either
8377s ramatra or junker Queen when pressed to
8380s do so so I'm curious as to what the
8383s reasoning is here for Rift Guardians is
8385s this a trap are they trying to bait nyxl
8387s Academy into playing dive because that's
8389s what it kind of looks like a little bit
8391s because they're showing a defensive
8393s junker Queen composition nyxl Academy I
8395s mean again never trust attack response
8397s but think about here with a poke comp
8399s like I want to see what ends up
8401s happening with this kind of situation
8402s here like this is all this is all just
8404s new like I don't know like a sick I
8408s can't even
8409s relax there we go all right yeah all
8412s right so Jungle Queen mirror this makes
8413s a little bit more sense but also if this
8415s is what we're going to play why
8417s Hollywood Rift Guardians I have a lot of
8420s questions I would like to see some
8421s answers and I'm hoping that uh that
8424s chesty on the ash is going to provide a
8426s little bit of insight into why that
8428s might be it might just be a simple case
8429s of put your head scan on The High Ground
8431s and let her pound
8435s to my mind here to
8438s [Music]
8439s here two scan players you want to give
8440s their room to work well there you go
8441s down goes Orion head as Ben popton and
8445s nyxl Academy they're not gonna get
8446s anything done without their Kirito we
8448s have found the answer to the rift
8450s guardian's question of why Hollywood was
8452s picked yeah if you just put chesty up on
8455s that Cafe High Ground where she's
8456s currently positioned uh yeah nyxl
8458s Academy they don't really have a way to
8460s access her so she really just gets a
8462s shooting gallery the whole time unless
8463s someone tries to go in and that's
8465s probably going to have to be uh fun and
8467s in this case I think Wicca actually went
8468s in there to try and help as well but
8470s riff Guardians are able to weather the
8471s storm so far and just take shelter in
8473s the cafe yeah they're just vibing out
8475s here a cat's chilling it's like oh you
8476s want to say hi all right I have a little
8478s bit of a gift for you here comes Gracie
8480s get back over here but down goes app is
8482s having too much fun apparently Orion
8484s wasn't having it nyxl Academy back into
8487s the fight they dealt with Sketch D here
8489s not really too many issues for them to
8491s come back in Rift Guardians are gonna
8493s have to take this back to the second
8494s point where these high grounds yeah
8496s they're better but where are you really
8498s gonna split your team up that was a
8500s great play by nyxl academy by the way to
8501s capture that point Kindred using the
8503s commanding shout wika using the speed
8504s boost to get everybody positioned on the
8506s underside of the cafe and take a small
8508s Skirmish there that either Force the
8510s rest of myth Guardians to come off of
8512s The High Ground in order to contest or
8513s back up and give space and not just let
8515s nyxl Academy take the picks and take the
8517s kills for free now we're gonna have a
8520s much more difficult jockeying for high
8522s ground for nyxl Academy you can see Rift
8523s Guardians already playing up here and
8525s waiting for their chance to pounce the
8528s only real way that Kindred has to get up
8530s there is to take that same elevator and
8532s I mean if Rift Guardians just decide
8534s that elevator's out of order I mean
8535s there's no stairs to take this time no
8537s because they're jumping straight down
8539s for the higher ground who is skydiving
8540s rather they couldn't soon a rush though
8542s which was gonna help him but Wicca was
8544s on point with the sound barrier getting
8546s that ultimate trade out is going to be
8547s big especially with wisp falling in the
8549s end here because jasada will have a much
8551s easier time using this Dragon Blade
8553s assuming they will be back for the next
8555s fight and bun doesn't uh go all sushi
8557s chef again here we'll end up regrouping
8559s down to that low ground to help their
8560s team clean up rip Guardians they're so
8562s split right now they have the soundberry
8564s out from their own not gonna be able to
8566s do much if one is able to live with that
8568s Dynamite they'll be burning to a fiery
8570s death and nyxl Academy they're gonna be
8572s hitting slight robot here
8573s yeah and I'm not sure I agree with uh
8576s investing that Rampage there because
8577s yeah you did have the majority of Rift
8579s Guardians down on the low ground that
8580s could be caught out by that but Janna
8582s was able to respond with the sound
8583s barrier it only realistically caught
8585s cats so they weren't able to focus the
8587s enemy uh Junger Queen down and now you
8589s have this Dragon Blade coming in and
8591s nothing to counter it nothing to counter
8593s it but you know what um
8595s you'll take that the amount of pressure
8597s onto chisado if that's not a dragon
8598s blade I don't know what is it's like
8600s there's not a worse feeling than that
8602s twerky being placing her back five
8603s players with a deadly stare looking at
8605s you it's not it's not a good thing but
8606s in just saddle didn't get anywhere Juan
8609s has one of their own and here they go in
8610s right now he's coming out with Advantage
8612s wants to get more than their Genji
8614s counterparts the team like forced out
8615s early beautiful Zuzu timing look at that
8618s armor is like two other players and
8620s managed to get both supports on the way
8622s out nyxl Academy huge investors from
8624s this baby but they're coming up with
8626s absolutely nothing as a result
8628s wisps and vets the Bob here I'm again a
8632s little puzzled as to what that one is
8634s about maybe a hero swap coming out if
8636s not I still want to know what the game
8638s plan is here because you see nyxl
8639s Academy they keep trying to take that
8641s elevator to get to The High Ground you
8643s have to either do that or Force Rift
8645s Guardians to play on the low ground and
8647s then strike but you know they're not
8649s really able to successfully do either
8651s and when they think they have an opening
8652s they want to invest in it but it's just
8654s not bearing any fruit so you know what
8657s is the game plan here you have a Kitsune
8659s Rush is it going to be take the elevator
8660s and just could soon a rush into the
8661s enemy team because you know there's
8663s gonna be another Kitsune Rush on the
8665s other side that can just clap right back
8666s and force you right back onto this low
8668s ground now and that's the hardest part
8670s this is why dive is so prominent on this
8672s map is because there's just so few ways
8673s to access that High Ground nyxl Academy
8675s they're running out of options they're
8677s pushing that payload just to try to
8679s force with guardians down eventually
8681s build up a little bit more of that alt
8682s charge the main things they have here
8684s these supporters are going to tell the
8685s story of this fight specifically these
8688s kituna version
8690s major extension here wanted to find both
8692s supports but gets met with two players
8694s the healing is there to keep him alive
8696s just for a little bit longer chisado has
8699s to fight within both of the Kitsune
8701s Russia spikes out on the objective but
8703s cesty is back with a vengeance whips
8705s won't be finding her head any longer in
8708s this battle Kindred still decides to
8710s commit this Rampage in and act just
8712s gonna be enough to turn it around jono
8714s barely has any help to suffice with cat
8716s finds themselves way often the back line
8718s nothing really to follow up on here
8720s nyxl's persistence just forcing the
8722s point taking the damage has bought
8724s themselves more time more distance and
8726s eventually they weathered the storm and
8728s that was the right option that was the
8730s answer to the problem that they were
8731s having is you don't even try to take
8732s that High Ground you just circumvent
8734s that entirely push the cart pass to the
8736s point where ripped Guardians have to
8737s drop shesty doesn't drop and is able to
8739s pick up a kill there but nyxl Academy
8741s are ultimately unfazed as they have the
8743s resources to take that fight on the low
8745s ground and they're willing to expand
8746s them to get the point here they have to
8748s expend heavily but you take that for a
8750s point cap here so maybe this fight is a
8752s little dry and you try to lead some of
8754s Rift Guardians resources out here but if
8755s you can continue to force their
8756s positioning you know you can still make
8759s some more ground here get that card ever
8760s closer to the end
8762s you'll be satisfied with an econ push if
8764s your nyxl Rifts Guardians on the other
8766s hand they got to be careful what they're
8768s pulling out here it's going to be that
8769s Rampage to kick us off wico and
8771s Kendrick's the only ones hit but Orion
8772s the one to fall plenty of value to be
8775s gained that quick reset just with that
8777s Rampage out look what nyxl were able to
8779s gain just from taking that drive yeah
8781s you absolutely take that because now you
8783s have both your DPS ultimates out here
8784s and Wicca is you know still a little bit
8786s of ways away from that sound barrier but
8788s she can do enough work to get that in
8789s and match jono here and that'll pretty
8792s much put us at parity with these two
8794s teams so yeah that one Eco push and just
8796s getting one all out is everything
8797s because now even playing ground and
8799s that's Ryan yxl Academy in theory should
8802s be the stronger
8803s in theory yes but they don't have whisk
8806s to start this one out it's like the
8808s tables have been flipped and wisp has
8809s had a Target on their head the whole
8812s game hasn't really had a chance to get
8814s much done so the Ritz Guardians they've
8816s been able to stabilize along this
8818s objective and we're looking at mirroring
8820s Dragon blades and sound barriers ideally
8821s used to counter the other out on getting
8824s aggressive one to cancel barely touches
8827s the ground there everyone has that over
8828s Health the dragonblade completely
8830s negated justado wants to take one for
8832s their own turn with a cell barrier
8834s though didn't end up hitting there was
8835s no Shields provided I'm not entirely
8838s sure how that happened but either way
8839s that Dragon Place didn't come with
8841s anything we're back to Ground Zero but
8843s aurogori wants to make this one an even
8845s fight giving that advantage to Rich
8847s gordians just in time so Orion can buy
8849s the time wait till this expires nyxl
8852s they're gonna push back in right here
8853s right now they've played the patient
8855s game now it's time to pay it off down
8858s those John oh can't win it which is too
8860s late no Health remaining you had to go
8862s for it there but you had another
8863s restaurant meaning Rift Gordy's they
8865s just really threw away any chances of a
8868s recontest coming back in nyxl Academy
8870s the team kill bell ringing on through
8873s their March in this payload home 23
8875s seconds on the clock of Hollywood
8877s completion cat's just really trying to
8879s go for the Hail Mary play there with
8880s that last Rampage but it just gets
8882s completely negated shut down by Kindred
8885s and I don't even know that it would have
8886s borne that much fruit again because I
8888s think Orion still had the suzu I'm not
8891s 100 there but regardless nyxl Academy
8893s was still at full strength they had a
8895s phenomenal disengage through aramori's
8897s Kitsune Rush where everyone from nyxl
8899s Academy backed up wait until they were
8901s at full strength and then struck with
8902s their Kitsune Rush then came through
8904s with their Rampage after aramori had
8907s nothing that could have been that was
8909s available jono Falls everyone else
8912s starts to bleed out and Kat is forced
8914s behind the eight ball where the trigger
8916s has to be pulled you either go for that
8918s Hail Mary play and try and make
8919s something happen or you end up just
8921s giving up the point and they do end up
8924s giving up the point with 23 seconds
8925s that's not the end of the world if
8927s you're Rift Guardian something I like to
8929s talk about a lot on hybrid Maps is how
8931s these overtime rounds can shake out if
8933s Rift Guardians are able to capture at
8935s all even in OT we do get Extra Innings
8938s it's one of the cool things about hybrid
8939s that uh you know makes for those crazy
8941s comebacks here and the way Rift
8943s Guardians are playing I wouldn't
8944s completely rule that out they seem to be
8947s you know at least on equal footing with
8949s nyxl Academy in terms of this junker
8951s Queen mirror composition and I really
8953s have to give props to cat for showing up
8955s it didn't appear that way in that last
8957s fight but again they had really no other
8959s option but to try and use that alt
8961s because you saw like they swapped the
8963s doomfist for the contest anyway you
8964s weren't gonna get another chance to use
8965s that Rampage effectively
8968s there was really nothing that could have
8970s been done at that point yet give it your
8972s best shot but here you are now fresh
8973s start completely at zero Rift Guardians
8977s wanting to push in we see the same issue
8979s with wisp now on that High Ground
8980s ideally the main target of focus for to
8983s Shadow just to distract were concerned
8985s to land those shots off the back of it
8987s it's gonna be a slow engage in here to
8990s find that little poke Fade Out those
8991s cooldowns and find that optimal moment
8993s nobody really willing to peek their head
8995s around the corner fearing what wisp is
8998s gonna be able to do yeah and it's the
8999s same it's the same setup before where
9001s you have with sun that high ground it's
9003s just you know we've been a reverse card
9004s at each other and now the offense is on
9006s the defense but one thing has not
9008s changed the more they change the more
9009s they stay the same wisps getting the
9010s early pick up there onto cheski and that
9012s means rap Guardians they don't want any
9014s more they want out yeah it's seriously
9016s you're waiting for that little green
9018s button to be pressed and everybody's
9020s like all right it's go time full send it
9023s on in and this is the value that you're
9025s gonna see look at the difference in all
9026s charge between Wisp and Cersei right now
9028s and the crazy thing for to me also is
9030s the fact that nyxl Academy even gave
9032s Rift Guardians the blueprint on their
9034s own attack for how to beat this it's
9036s just you know Rift Guardians didn't
9037s really have their notepads out and they
9039s haven't really been able to do that and
9041s not only that you have Kendra just
9042s locking down the fork you're completely
9044s stopping that point of Ingress so Ritz
9046s Guardians they're having to scratch
9047s their heads and think okay do we try and
9049s go around the Alleyways we try and take
9050s The High Ground what do we do how do we
9053s deny this High Ground that wisps has so
9055s he can stop being so oppressive from up
9057s there and it's all about these angles
9060s it's so difficult to have to attach onto
9062s this and it's Guardians they're added
9063s disadvantage in terms of the ultimate
9065s economy that's gonna be the Rampage in
9066s but as soon as it only hits aramori
9068s which is not enough Rift Guardians to
9070s weather that storm somehow the Bobby
9072s ends up being the real hero of that
9074s fight nyxl Academy they use a decent
9077s amount there but just enough to hold on
9079s yeah I will absolutely trade a rampage
9082s and a bob and in order for having all of
9084s your other ultimates out here still
9085s having the ult advantage aramuri
9087s investing that Kitsune Russian not
9089s getting much of anything is the more
9090s worrying thing here because again you
9092s know ripped Guardians are the ones that
9093s have to make a move here at nyxl Academy
9095s if they continue to take the initiative
9097s which the kitsudate rush allows you to
9099s do then I mean again Rift Guardians what
9102s do you do how do you respond you have to
9104s play more reactively than you want to
9106s when you're on the offense
9107s and the only thing that I can think of
9109s here that would allow them to initiate
9110s would be that Dragon Blade if they can
9112s get that off before winter gets his
9113s final percentage of their sound barrier
9115s I mean this could be really something
9117s for just Shadow just to go in she can
9119s take the advantage but not before wisp
9121s does it themselves DeSoto has to make
9123s something happen out of this put these
9124s boots the scooters are not the Genji's
9126s best friend sound barriers there but is
9128s it too little too late joshado has
9131s fallen rips Guardians have no players
9132s left on their feet as bun is taking them
9134s all down a size ripped Guardians they
9136s have one more minute to make something
9138s happen and we were talking about wicca's
9140s beat what about Janos jono also used the
9142s sound barrier and he wasn't able to
9144s counteract buns Dragon Blade so again
9146s nyxl Academy they have the Kitsune rush
9149s they can still be the aggressors here
9150s you know yeah they have the you know
9152s Rift Guardians have the Bob and the uh
9154s the Rampage here but this is where we're
9156s starting to look at potentially an OT
9158s cap if at all
9160s they have to make it happen here it's
9162s gonna be that katsune rush in early from
9164s Orion but you know Kendrick's the only
9166s one hit with that Rampage no suzu
9168s available this is the best shot the rich
9170s Guardians have had at locking down this
9172s objective so far they made that switch
9173s to the May CV we didn't see it at the
9175s beginning of the flight but justado was
9177s here walking down these angles it makes
9178s it so much more difficult for you
9179s re-engage to come in cat is not letting
9182s anybody in this room that is the cat's
9184s territory and The Ripped Guardians have
9186s now unlocked that payload and yxl
9188s Academy they're gonna take this one to
9189s the next step I do really like the May
9191s swap but yeah it's not gonna bear it's
9193s not gonna be worth it on point B so I
9194s like the the Tracer swap as well these
9196s are some great plays coming up from
9197s Casado now and that's what ultimately
9199s does unlock the point for Rift Guardians
9201s so now we're at the same situation where
9203s nyxl Academy can control The High Ground
9205s and Rift Guardians again have to be the
9207s ones to dislodge them but I think the
9209s Tracer is gonna be a lot better than you
9212s know the Ash and the Genji that we've
9213s received before because Tracer can kind
9215s of zip around use the elevators from
9217s either side go for an early flank here
9220s but do you even knew that I made one got
9221s punished on their flank but that pick
9224s from Kindred is infinitely more valuable
9227s here yeah ribs Guardians they lost that
9229s Frontline battle and I think that's the
9230s one disadvantage they're gonna find with
9231s running the Tracer is that they're
9232s taking these 4v5 in the front you said
9235s bun got punished I would have said
9236s punished but that's just because I'm not
9238s French than you but regardless just a
9241s little bit regardless nyxl Academy were
9243s able to find the early pick-offs that
9244s ended up making that not even really
9246s worth it but I'm just gonna be back in
9247s the fight and able to access The High
9249s Ground again and be with the rest of her
9251s team to strike with this rampage that
9254s Kindred does have so whenever Rift
9255s Guardians fall into that trap it's going
9257s to be sprung and you gotta look at Armor
9260s H be the one with the counter
9261s aramore as this unit Rush wasn't able to
9264s get the value out of it last time though
9266s we need to see that aramori is going to
9269s be the one to set this case through
9270s there's not a lot of time for victorians
9272s to make something happen in nyxl they
9275s got The High Ground under luck they're
9276s taking damage just through the point
9278s keeping them distracted inching this
9280s payload forward just meter by meter once
9282s you see these drops start to come
9284s through that's when you're gonna find
9285s that opening but then again suresty goes
9288s down almost immediately wisp has been on
9290s point whenever they're on the defense
9291s that High Ground Advantage has been
9293s simply too much for chesty to handle the
9296s Jordans they're down a player a minute
9297s remaining and Amara Mori size now is the
9299s go button 4v5 here to make it happen but
9302s nyxl Academy they have ultimate skill
9304s lore holding on to the back line that
9306s sound barrier that gets any extra damage
9308s coming on in Rush is the name of the
9311s game here as Kindred strikes at full
9313s swing backing off after the hit of the
9315s Rampage but this isn't going to be
9317s enough for them to go through Guardians
9318s they've expended all of their major
9320s resources jono uses
9321s oh no cat is gone there's nothing to be
9325s gained here Sammy that was their last
9327s chance yeah and they don't even try to
9329s take a fight because there's no time to
9331s do it by the way nyxl Academy they know
9334s what Rift Guardians are trying to do
9335s they're trying to do the same thing that
9336s nysl Academy did on their attack where
9338s they just pushed the point and force
9339s everyone off The High Ground but Kindred
9341s is able to stay down there and prevent
9343s them from doing so be a nuisance and
9345s force Rift Guardians to expend resources
9347s and that's when nyxl Academy jumped down
9349s on top of them and take that low ground
9351s fight you can see right now they're just
9353s gonna go ahead and let them push it a
9354s little bit further but now it's time to
9355s extend and now it's time to use this old
9357s thing to win all of the cues are pressed
9360s all of them ripped Guardians they can't
9361s match it no cat on the field they're not
9364s gonna be able to pounce on the opponents
9365s and nyxl Academy they're coming back
9368s with a vengeance CB second place isn't
9371s enough for them they're making the push
9372s for the win they are making a name from
9374s themselves here in the calling all
9376s heroes circuit all the way up to match
9379s point in the two maps that we have had
9382s seen a play so far and I gotta say they
9385s are looking deadly and dangerous out on
9387s the battlefield I Kindred looks so
9390s confident right now she is just locking
9391s down any potential point of anger
9394s to take whether it's in
9397s the drug queen
9401s Guardian simply cannot rotate they
9404s cannot make progress unless they go
9406s through Kindred she is the guardian of
9407s the Guardians
9414s in order to keep her alive and force
9417s fans to counter invest to take her
9419s unalive it hasn't been successful and
9422s again we go back to that situation where
9424s it's like you know we have wisps on The
9426s High Ground versus chesty on The High
9428s Ground well nysl Academy they just
9430s circumvent The High Ground altogether
9432s and chest is not able to get any
9434s pick-offs whereas you know Rift
9436s Guardians aren't able to do that to the
9438s same extent they're not able to make
9439s effective use of the commanding shouts
9441s they're not able to be as strong and as
9443s confident in their junker Queen play to
9444s make those sorts of plays so wisps just
9447s continues to have a shooting gallery
9449s where they can constantly hit these head
9450s shots shut down chesty and pretty much
9453s take away again take away with guardians
9455s plan a I like the plan B's that they're
9458s coming out with though I like the May
9459s swaps I like some of the Genji play that
9461s we're seeing some of the blades could
9463s use a little bit a little bit of work
9464s here and the timing on some of these
9466s sound barriers and other alt Investments
9468s yeah still need to be shaped up here but
9471s for how how strong of a Swiss stage this
9474s team has this Rift Guardian squad has
9476s had
9477s I expect them to come back with
9478s something I expect them to have an ace
9479s up their sleeve at some point in time
9481s this is a team that's called undefeated
9483s they haven't lost a single match in this
9485s circuit which is pretty crazy to say I I
9488s honestly that that's just awesome from
9490s them to be able to pull this out and
9491s seeing them struggle here against the
9493s team they have already beaten mind you
9495s nyxl Academy they're here at full
9498s strength they really took the tempo into
9500s their own hands you were talking about
9501s it too CB about how they weren't getting
9503s value Ritz Guardians they couldn't get
9505s the value out of their ultimates they
9507s couldn't get the value out of the pushes
9508s they were making because nyxl they were
9510s the initiators whether it was on attacks
9511s or defense it was constant reaction time
9514s going on that attacking side and Rift
9516s Guardians they couldn't match it and
9517s that's just a huge Temple thing in the
9520s game of OverWatch that if you don't have
9521s control over you're not able to play
9523s your own game and you're just at such a
9525s deficit the whole time you need to hope
9527s that heading to a new map getting a
9529s fresh start they are able to flip this
9531s around we questioned that Hollywood put
9533s at the very beginning of this series and
9535s I'm really starting to question it once
9537s again you put the eggs into the basket
9539s of shashti to come up big on the hitscan
9542s couldn't get it done so they're taking
9544s it here back to Havana with the ramachar
9547s gameplay to hopefully win this one back
9549s out
9549s I think I kind of like this pick though
9552s I think if you try to play the Poke
9553s composition and force maybe a more of a
9555s poke mirror you can maybe give Jesse a
9557s chance to make a comeback and be the one
9559s that starts to lead the charge for you
9561s but that said you know Kindred is also
9563s very strong on the sigma I'm aware that
9564s she has some other really strong tanks
9567s up her sleeve we might see summer Matra
9569s rush or some close spawn holds and we
9571s did see that same thing early on in
9573s Oasis so it's entirely plausible that uh
9576s you know this ends up being the hill
9578s that uh that Rift Guardians die on here
9581s they're behind the eight ball they have
9583s to make a play right now and Havana I
9585s think is a good pick but it can also be
9587s a shaky pick it's gonna depend on how
9588s nyxl Academy reacts to this newfound
9591s information
9592s we saw how they played on it grits
9595s Guardians they pulled out the raw Mantra
9597s they had the Mayan for some bits this
9599s this was about getting the rush allowing
9600s cat to create that space and of course
9603s chesty went absolutely Ham on the Hanzo
9606s I want to see that come back out here
9607s that is my thought behind picking this
9609s map is you're returning to Old Habits
9610s you found something that worked this is
9612s where they have found their success Rift
9613s Guardians it is now that they need to
9615s make something happen they are down on
9616s Match Point nyxl Academy they've tasted
9618s blood in the water they are hungry for
9620s this Victory CB they want it here they
9622s want it now and we haven't we don't have
9625s an idea of what they're gonna pull out
9626s in this map we've seen several looks
9628s from them that could come out and it all
9630s honestly is going to amount to our risk
9632s your audience expecting what they're
9634s about to have thrown out them yeah and I
9637s gotta hope that this is part of so okay
9639s going back to uh sorry for my slurred
9642s speech here I'm thinking like a mile per
9643s minute trying to analyze like what the
9645s Savannah pick means I think that their
9648s inability to make some of those
9649s rotations kind of goes back to nyxl
9652s Academy's confidence in the junker Queen
9653s composition and their confidence in
9655s Kindred like I was saying and the lack
9657s of Confidence from Rift Guardians in
9659s that composition means that they want to
9660s try and put their eggs into something
9662s that they are confident in so they feel
9664s like they can be in the driver's seat
9665s and you know again we saw how strong
9668s they were in the previous matchup we
9669s know that they do have a lot of faith in
9671s chessy's ability to pound if given the
9673s space to do so and they have a lot more
9675s faith in their ability to play the
9677s compositions like the ramatra or like
9679s the sigma poke that might give them the
9681s ability to do that so again I like this
9684s but it's they're be able to be proactive
9687s with this sort of composition I'm hoping
9689s otherwise we might be looking at a 3-0
9691s and that's kind of scary like yeah and
9694s it also comes back to like wisps is
9696s wisps just the better hit scan right now
9699s like that is also another possibility we
9701s might be facing down it might be that
9702s even if you're putting your eggs into
9704s the chesty basket it might not get you
9707s the win because maybe wisps is just that
9709s strong right now maybe today is with
9711s stay and we all need to be celebrating
9713s because the shots they have been hitting
9715s are phenomenal and it goes back to the
9719s way that the entire team is playing but
9720s that's still with showing up at the
9722s moment when it counts it's what we saw
9724s from chesty and it's what we need to see
9726s from her again is this pick what is
9728s going to get them that
9730s it has to be there's no other chance
9732s after this one this is the last map pick
9734s that Rifts Guardians will be able to
9736s have from this point on they're looking
9738s at a reverse sweep which that is not an
9740s easy thing to accomplish yeah just even
9742s being at this point from a mental aspect
9744s you're not feeling good you just went
9745s down 2-0 two of which were on your own
9748s map picks I mean this was supposed to be
9750s your time to pick what the composition
9751s was control the different areas that you
9754s like play to what you've practiced
9755s you've been shut down on both this is
9757s your third and last shot at being able
9759s to have that bit of say on which
9762s direction that series is I will say
9764s though sorry to cut you off but so when
9766s you said reverse sweep it just activated
9768s my neurons and I remembered a
9770s conversation I had last night where I
9772s was like okay they ripped Guardians and
9774s Whiplash went at it off stream and
9777s Whiplash was up 2-0 Rift Guardians
9780s reverse swept them they did it's
9781s something that they have proven that
9782s they are capable of doing and if you
9783s remember Whiplash was another really
9785s strong junker Queen team so maybe it's
9788s not only just what they're trying to do
9789s in the previous series maybe they
9791s believe that they can do what they did
9792s against Whiplash in order to get that
9794s win there you know obviously those that
9796s matchup wasn't on stream and we only had
9798s the stream uh the calling all heroes
9800s admins to report the scores to us so we
9802s saw the score line in the chat and I
9804s talked to some of the players after the
9805s fact so I have a general idea of how
9808s they did it to like a very vague and
9810s abstract
9812s sense but it's something that they're
9813s capable of doing so if this is the game
9815s plan if this is the blueprint and they'd
9817s want to reverse sweep again and it
9818s starts here I have faith that they're
9820s capable to do it it looks like both
9823s teams are going to try and go for a
9824s matcha compositions here with nyxl
9826s Academy going for the close holds here
9828s and it's gonna be up to Rift Guardians
9830s to try and crack this but Jesse is
9833s definitely able uh capable of hitting
9834s some of these opening shots that might
9835s just throw a spanner as the worst Remy
9837s XL Academy and force them to give some
9839s ground here
9840s the reason Rift Guardians won this map
9842s last time was because of chesty and Kat
9844s working together to just walk on through
9846s with their opponents and nyxl Academy
9848s they're taking a play out of their own
9850s book into spawn hold and already not off
9852s to an explended start here the body
9854s block from Kindred oh that is just
9856s brutal
9857s ouch
9858s yeah and I mean it's not off to a great
9860s start but you know Rift Guardians that's
9861s whatever you take that one on the chin
9863s you know you still have time to mount a
9865s sizable offense here try and find a
9867s pickup but the more these walls section
9869s players off and the more you're like
9871s becoming victims of your own walls and
9873s the body blocks from Kindred the more
9875s time is gonna burn off the clock here
9876s that's a great wall to start things off
9878s if they're able to finish off Kindred
9879s but it doesn't look like they're gonna
9881s be able to no I mean kindred's been
9883s walled off so many times with the focus
9885s fire hasn't been there and it is on side
9888s of nyxl Academy they are locking this
9890s down getting decent success out of this
9892s spawn hold and they're actually gonna
9893s have those ultimates up to continue this
9895s further and I think they understand the
9897s assignment is that the easiest way to
9899s crack this defense is to get a head shot
9901s with the Hanzo or find an icicle and if
9903s you just simply don't give either of the
9905s DPS players an angle to do that it will
9907s not happen so yeah they're happy to put
9909s all these eggs in this room matcha
9910s versus ramacho with the walls to try and
9912s section it off form a little you know
9914s impromptu boxing ring for the two of
9916s them because that takes time for that to
9918s play out whereas a pick would just be
9920s instantaneous and suddenly the door
9921s would be wide open
9923s and they gotta find that opening soon I
9925s mean look these Maples they've been
9926s isolating so incredibly well the dragon
9928s strike didn't buy the space you wanted
9929s to so and last Academy they're rushing
9931s back in with the blizzard that only
9933s manages to catch one the Brad ramacha
9936s old still ends up hitting this is Cap's
9937s opening finally getting those
9939s eliminations to come up it was an
9940s expensive battle from them her with
9942s guardians they're just happy to be able
9944s to exit from their own spawns explore
9945s some more pieces of Havana the good news
9947s here though is that you're able to hold
9949s on to both support ultimates so they can
9950s try and use this amplification Matrix
9952s early to try and section off nyxl
9954s Academy and force some positioning to
9956s make it risky for them to try and engage
9957s from the angles that they want to play
9959s at to bleed more time off the clock here
9960s your if your Rift Guardians you have two
9962s minutes to try and build up the
9963s something else that can net you the
9965s fight here and you have to find an
9966s answer for kindred's annihilation so
9968s that's your assignment do you understand
9970s are you able to accomplish this let's
9972s find out
9974s that focused buyer it needs to be on
9976s points or you have to be willing to
9977s commit this sound barrier something to
9979s stop this from happening it's actually
9980s make the sound of your nypso Academy but
9982s too little too late as their DPS have
9984s fallen losing their respective Jewels
9986s Rift Guardians they're coming out to
9988s play once they've gained that momentum
9989s they're starting to snowball this one on
9991s forwards and a great way to counter
9993s kindred's Annihilation is to make it far
9995s too costly for her to pull the trigger
9996s uh Wicca unfortunately does invest the
9999s sound barrier but I guess because jono
10001s does as well you're kind of okay with
10003s that though you would like to have that
10004s in the event that gisado gets a little
10006s bit more work done and builds up that
10007s blizzard regardless though Rift
10009s Guardians are able to capture point a
10010s and that is absolutely massive and they
10012s have a pretty decent time bank to work
10014s through the Distillery here again that
10016s Annihilation is still on in play on the
10018s field and kinda has to be the thing we
10020s focus in on how does kindred use it is
10022s she going to be given a chance to use it
10024s and is that just what nyxl Academy want
10026s to engage with here yeah I want to see
10028s Kendrick use it here because these walls
10030s now that you've baited them out you
10031s basically have this free quarters
10032s building at this point is going to be
10034s big but the folks fires there look how
10036s low Kendrick ended up following
10038s everybody on Gritz Guardians is holding
10039s that s key with a passion and it ended
10042s up working out today skindred got
10043s shredded through the back line that is
10045s Rich Gordy is coming up with the
10047s shutdown necessary and nyxl failing to
10049s compromise on their win conditions
10051s that's also a phenomenal Dragon strike
10053s from chesty there that ends up punishing
10054s the over commitment from nyxl Academy
10056s everybody from Rift Guardians disengaged
10058s from that Annihilation played back use
10060s the immortality use the walls use the
10062s shield use everything you can to put the
10064s distance there and bait Kindred into the
10066s Trap and then it sprung there comes the
10069s dragon strike Everyone Falls now jasada
10071s with the blizzard though but wisps
10073s always manages to catch out the May the
10076s follow-up isn't there but thankfully
10077s whisk the only one Frozen to be able to
10079s kind of slide down that staircase like a
10081s little water slide out there it's gonna
10082s be okay to fight another day but Bud
10084s certainly not this is Jersey this is she
10087s coming back up we needed to see her
10089s start to pop off hit these shots on the
10091s Hanzo hasn't been done so far but
10093s actually gets caught up by whiff
10094s striking right back blow for blow
10097s matching what their opponent was able to
10099s come out with nyxl Academy narrowly
10101s manages to hold on to the second point
10103s and if we go back to the early fight
10105s where the dragon strike was invested
10106s that ended up letting Rift Guardians
10109s take the high ground and take the
10110s forward positioning but with that one
10112s Arrow from wisp it's now taken away
10114s chesty was no longer able to hold that
10116s no longer able to be a threat and now
10118s nyxl Academy have this oppressive High
10120s Ground that Rift guard against have to
10122s dislodge them from they have an
10123s annihilation of their own but they have
10124s to get cat up there and I mean I know
10127s cats love to climb and they love to jump
10129s but you got to be able to get them up
10130s there to pop this off and you also have
10133s to worry about lizard coming out from
10134s buns
10135s there's so many things right now for
10137s nyxl Academy to be able to put this one
10139s to bed and Bun wants to be the one to
10141s initiate early this blizzard isolating
10143s this choke would be huge but I think
10145s Rick Guardians they've identified that
10146s fact they're not willing to push through
10147s that point cat wants to get up to this
10149s High Ground after getting so rudely
10150s knocked off the back gets knocked up
10152s again nope it just says no yeah no
10156s that's not bad off the counter no stop
10158s knocking things over you know bad cat
10161s bad cat get off I mean I demon times I
10163s have to tell my cat that I literally
10164s have a water pistol on my desk right now
10166s every time I catch us up here no get
10167s down two that's exactly the experience I
10170s have a spray bottle I feel like a water
10171s pistol is a little bit too aggressive
10173s here speaking of aggression here though
10175s drift Guardians are gonna need to have
10176s some of it that's a great wall to
10177s section off Kindred but cat actually
10179s wants to sneak right through the crack
10180s there and pop the annihilation
10182s moving right up on finding that little
10184s opening that's necessary but cat's
10186s getting focused down heavily the sound
10187s barrier had to be invested just to offer
10189s a little bit of barrier in between nice
10190s body block coming up through the may but
10192s just can't have enough Health to sustain
10193s this block is coming in big 60 damage
10196s mitigation it's gonna be enough but now
10198s the match ultimate from Kendrick coming
10200s on the other side once you knowledge
10202s opponents but completely zoned off and
10204s my next Academy they're committing
10206s heavily into this CB but somehow some
10208s way Rift Guardians have managed to hold
10210s on to their lives and even grab Orion
10212s off the back of it jasodo making these
10214s Final Cut last seconds of the second
10216s objective count give them that little
10218s extra boost to push through these final
10220s Gates beautiful play here from Rift
10223s Guardians what a way to hold on yeah and
10225s Kindred when she when she Pops that
10226s isolation there's just too much pressure
10228s on her that she can't push forward to
10230s make any use out of it so Rift Guardians
10231s they're comfortable to just disengage a
10233s little bit that's a beautiful wall to
10234s just stop the contest here that's an
10236s easy point B cap here for Rift Guardians
10238s you'll love to see it they're still in
10240s the fight here but now there's gonna be
10241s a real close fight here because Kindred
10243s Wants Revenge for that last play
10245s Kindred is already up here by getting
10247s isolated and that all that Nemesis form
10249s is about to expire has to get back to
10251s the team quickly to be able to reset
10253s keep their life nyxl Academy doing the
10256s right thing by opting for a close hold
10258s but ideally they have to find a way in
10260s here bond is going to come up with that
10262s Wing condition of that blizzard here
10263s shortly but holding on for a little
10265s longer taking the time to build up that
10267s ultimate charge this neutral game is so
10269s incredibly important at the time we are
10271s currently Atkins finding them right in
10273s the back but Wicca doing the damage just
10276s these day we're getting nothing with
10277s that Hanzo everyone else trapped between
10279s a rock and a matcha here not getting
10282s anywhere too far fast nyxl Academy
10284s they've locked it down but Rift
10285s Guardians are coming back with a
10287s vengeance that's a lot of aggression to
10289s go in to try and clean up armor either
10290s and that's gonna end up buying them some
10291s time and now we're at a spawn hold
10293s situation here yeah so everybody who
10295s dies on which Guardians sure the spawn
10297s point is right there but nyxl Academy
10299s didn't lose anything and they gained
10301s everything look at their old economy
10303s it's gonna be quite the uphill battle
10305s for rich Guardians to get out of their
10307s spawn here I hope they brought their
10308s climbing shoes or this might be where
10309s the cart stops oh this is going to be so
10312s hard at this point they've got at least
10314s two more fights they have to pull out
10316s but they first got to start with winning
10317s the one at hand breaking through that
10319s spawn hold they have the tools to do it
10321s but nyxl they have more and Kindred is
10324s Out For Blood marching into the sponge
10326s because she didn't know what was coming
10328s Kendrick finds another one just out of
10330s the pure aggression suddenly cat finds
10332s herself all lonely no friends left to
10335s keep her alive this is where the payload
10337s is going to stop nice spawn hold from
10340s nyxl Academy stabilizing at the very end
10343s rip Guardians they gotta take it for
10345s what they've got because that win
10346s condition has been set the card stopping
10349s there presents a pretty sizable problem
10352s for Rift Guardians because they can hold
10354s on point a and they can hold on point B
10356s but you no longer really have the space
10359s for chesty to be able to play that long
10361s sight line that you get on point C of
10363s Havana that can make her that oppressive
10365s presence that they were really hoping to
10368s have on their on their defense here so
10371s now when nyxl Academy if they push
10373s through Point C it's gonna have to be a
10375s similar spawn hold in order to stay
10377s alive and I don't know if I like ripped
10380s Guardians close range brawl game I like
10383s their poke composition and I like the
10385s way that they're able to play when chest
10387s is able to hit these headshots from
10389s distance but you know it's really only
10391s chisado that's able to win the close
10393s range game and we haven't really seen
10395s quite enough of that you know we're
10397s we're not really putting chisato in
10399s situations where that's the beneficial
10401s play more often than not so Rift
10403s Guardians they're gonna have to bleed a
10405s ton of time off here with the spawn hold
10407s that of course nyxl Academy know is
10409s going to be coming and not only that
10411s they have to try and get a point a or
10414s point B shutdown here they can't let
10416s them cap point B or nyxl Academy they
10419s just they just take this
10421s they do I mean this this is something
10423s that Rift Guardians they picked this map
10425s they have the confidence that they can
10426s succeed and I think a lot of that is
10428s going to stem from here on this defense
10430s how is this spawn hold really going to
10433s pan out from them nyxl Academy they know
10435s what's coming it's a play from their own
10437s book at this rate justado though doesn't
10440s get that wall off in quite the way they
10442s want it without that cooldown in play
10443s Kindred decides it's their time to walk
10445s in try to find this opening but scarcity
10447s has locked down their main source of
10449s damage into the spawns so and why
10452s there's not a lot of pick potential on
10454s their side ripped Guardian it took a
10455s heavy advantage of that are going to win
10457s this first battle out and this is
10459s justado getting that room that we needed
10461s them to have CB yeah Wicca I mean also
10464s almost got some kills there had she
10466s gotten that kill onto Chicago there that
10468s might have been the end of this hold
10469s here but Rift Guardians able to cling On
10471s by The Skin of Their Teeth there and
10473s keep this going continue to believe more
10475s time we bled about a minute off we need
10477s to do that again in order to match what
10479s nyxl Academy did on their defense here
10481s the longer these fights go the more it's
10483s going to uh it's going to benefit ripped
10486s Guardians though so even if they don't
10487s get early picks that's great but getting
10490s picked early is awful yo that's terrible
10492s for Rich Guardians their force is
10494s crumbling here on their spawn hold
10496s they're just gonna have to give it up
10498s take down as many as they can with them
10500s but in the end you're gonna have to
10502s Forfeit this positioning it didn't turn
10505s out as terribly as it could have getting
10507s a good minute 15 off the clock not bad
10509s at all Kindred beat cat to the
10511s annihilation despite being oppressed in
10513s the spawn that entire time kiddyard was
10515s able to get more work done than cat and
10517s build up to that Annihilation faster I
10519s don't know if Rift Guardians are going
10521s to have scouted that out yet and might
10524s not be aware that she has that tool it's
10526s likely they know bun has the blizzard
10528s and they need to try and do some work to
10529s build to the sound barrier to counter
10531s that but they're not going to give them
10532s the time fun she wants to go in now talk
10535s about an element of surprise nobody
10536s checked the radar today because there's
10538s a blizzard up there ripped Guardians
10539s nyxl Academy completely caught them by
10542s surprise thought they had the high
10543s grounds locked down but bun and she's
10545s gonna go ahead single-handedly take nyxl
10548s to another fight win the good news
10550s though is rift Guardians don't invest in
10551s that and there is still time for one
10553s more push here because they took that
10555s fight so early they just have to get
10557s someone in with the touch the bad news
10558s is that jono was the last one to fall
10560s and that's likely the easiest touch that
10562s you're going to get so Rift Guardians
10564s it's gonna be tight but they have to try
10566s and go in here it looks like everyone's
10567s ready to go and they're about to pounce
10568s on it it's time to go there's the gold
10571s button there's that blizzard locked up
10573s Kendra didn't get be our beautiful
10574s mayweal to block that off getting the
10577s end of the real Mantra no Annihilation
10579s to be seen Rift Guardians horrifically
10581s countered that out but they need to
10583s continue to carry it forwards because
10584s nyxl it seems they still want to commit
10586s into this Sal Baron was laid down from
10587s Wicca both support ultimates and the
10589s dragon strike Stevie what just happened
10591s for nyxl Academy I mean they just got
10594s hit with a Haymaker out of nowhere I
10596s don't think they fought they I don't
10597s think they were ready for Rich Guardians
10598s to come out of the gate swinging that
10600s hard and that fast and for them to
10601s invest as heavily as they did and this
10604s is starting to get a little bit scary
10606s here because this is where the cart is
10607s very far away from the spawn and now the
10610s spawn Advantage is a little bit more in
10611s favor of Rift Guardians they can really
10613s start to dig their heels in here they
10615s only really have a dragon strike to do
10617s it and Kindred is gonna have the
10618s annihilation so old wise you favor nyxl
10620s Academy but an early pickoff from chesty
10623s or indeed isolating with this Dragon
10625s strike and finding a pickup onto Wicca
10627s or Kindred would be phenomenal you gotta
10629s find this one out but Kindred is able to
10631s get the ultimate needed that extra armor
10633s to keep themselves insane but artists
10634s are boring the hero of the day that
10636s Matrix is able to shred through that
10638s Macho ultimate you don't have to worry
10640s about if a Rip's Guardians they're
10641s fighting in a 4v3 battle and especially
10643s with bun nearing a blizzard of their own
10645s it's gonna be tricky Donald laid down
10647s the sound beer and providing an extra
10649s Health to cat wants to weather the storm
10650s but unable to escape the frosty grasp of
10653s one absolutely destroyed any hope Rift
10657s Guardians had of getting the full point
10658s oh they were so close CB but nyxl
10661s Academy were just too strong to be
10663s stopped uh you've heard the phrase a day
10665s late in a dollar short but Jonah was
10666s like a day early and a dollar to having
10669s too many dollars I guess decided to pop
10671s the sound barrier before the Blizzard
10673s from bun came out so she was just able
10675s to mop up with that ultimate I liked the
10677s sound barrier for a split second but
10679s once that blizzard came out in response
10680s I was like oh no here good news is again
10683s Ritz Guardians are gonna be able to
10685s control this High ground and take the
10686s fight here and not give it up to nyxl
10688s Academy for free so this is where chesty
10690s might have some angles to try and find
10691s some head shots gisado might be able to
10693s find kind of blizzard and indeed that's
10695s what they're gonna go in with but
10696s justado Falls trying to cast it you
10698s gotta find the shots on that thankfully
10700s you have somebody named shusty and she
10702s is her on the Honda able to clean up the
10705s house compensate for the loss of the May
10707s and you know what nyxl Academy I think
10708s they're okay with taking that loss here
10710s yeah I mean and they're gonna have the
10712s the amplification Matrix but they don't
10714s really have a position that they can
10715s reliably put it down to pressure ripped
10717s Guardians and take any positioning here
10718s because Rift Guardians have the
10720s oppressive High ground and they have the
10722s ability for cat to stay here on the low
10723s ground and continually pressure the rest
10725s of nyxl Academy out and unless they can
10727s section them off and take cat down with
10730s a maywall uh not quite like that may
10732s wall there's not really a way to
10734s dislodge them
10737s it was a surprise attack Orion managed
10740s to walk their way up to the Heights nyxl
10742s Academy wrapped around forced the
10744s positioning off with guardians that may
10746s well really just left them confused they
10748s didn't recover in time and here they are
10750s again nyxl Academy they got the
10751s positioning advantage that's kind of the
10753s one drawback to having cat playing on
10756s the low ground there because you don't
10757s have the ramacha to be on the high
10758s ground to bully nyxl Academy back so
10760s they can just say no we don't really
10762s want to play with you right now cat and
10764s they can yeah like you said just wrap
10765s around on The High Ground pop the ant
10767s Matrix and force with guardians
10768s positioning that way and now they have
10769s an ult advantage to jam this card into
10772s point B Rift Guardians they have to find
10773s something to make a stand here because
10775s this is where nyxl Academy can just win
10777s it outright if they get this cap they
10780s really can they have to find out when
10781s conditioner has to be shutting whisper
10782s down not allowing that
10784s overclock to come up with any value off
10787s on the back end we'll just be able to
10788s hide it in a small room but they're down
10790s in hell but able to survive Sound Mirror
10792s in play letting them escape with has
10794s fallen nyxl Academy they're running on
10796s fumes right now they need to bust it up
10799s several ultimate several cues have been
10801s pressed to clean the floor if they can
10803s get this point capture here this could
10804s be big cat had to come up with an extra
10806s Annihilation but suddenly they're still
10808s down in numbers the commitment was
10809s theirs leaving a new this could
10811s potentially be the last fight but nyxl
10814s did as well they're taking it they're
10815s gonna grab it in overtime now the
10817s question is can Rift Guardians get there
10818s in time just barely but the problem is
10821s cat was the last to die your tank is not
10823s there there is not enough presence
10824s Kendrick can just March forward and Rift
10826s Guardians won't have any chance to
10828s contest cat has to swap to the wrecking
10830s ball to try and get from the far spawn
10831s to this golden box of Victory these
10833s precious few seconds where the cart
10834s hasn't start started moving yet that's
10837s Rift guardian's entire Lifeline they
10839s have to make something happen right now
10840s there's no more time they don't have
10843s time and they don't have a mantra cat
10845s had to be forced to move to the wrecking
10846s ball just to have a tank here in this
10848s final shot to soda blizzard chucked into
10850s the back line which is huge gets rid of
10852s throw Mantra that ant Matrix isn't gonna
10854s find anything
10856s Live Another Day when's tomorrow
10859s that was the only core they had left to
10861s play now all they're doing is relying on
10863s the stall to come through but Wisp and
10865s butt have shut it down at the bud
10867s nothing left to be shown from the
10869s Guardians of the Wisp nyxl Academy they
10873s have the payload under blocks three
10874s meters separating them from their own
10877s victory that Championship is in sight
10879s they have to get through the stall get
10881s rid of the wrecking ball get rid of the
10884s Tracer coming Andy's players flying at
10886s all angles but nyxl Academy they have
10889s done it they have proved the doubter is
10891s wrong and here they are champions of the
10893s calling out Heroes Rico Miner one back
10896s to back three O's on the day and taking
10899s the championship taking the crown your
10901s load screen minor recall sorry load
10904s screen recall minor one Champions nyxl
10906s Academy that is how you make a statement
10909s that is how you make a Redemption Arc
10911s happen that is this is just the start
10913s honestly for this squad with the circuit
10915s points they're gonna get from this they
10917s will almost certainly take first place
10919s overall going forward in the rest of the
10921s calling all heroes tournaments but even
10923s just today we don't even have to think
10925s long term let's just look at the right
10926s now this team is the right now they're
10928s going to be feeling themselves they are
10930s bouncing back at a major way and oh my
10932s Lord when it comes to the next major
10934s they better be ones that you watch out
10937s for
10938s they haven't hit the grind CB you can
10940s tell not only did they beat the previous
10942s Champion the one who shut them down
10944s Timeless in the semi-finals they came in
10946s they had the confidence to come out big
10949s today here they are 3-0 against Rift
10951s Guardians even a comeback from them they
10953s have proved everyone wrong who has ever
10955s doubted them in the colonial Heroes
10957s scene and this is such an important
10959s victory for this team to be able to have
10961s pulled out here today and you know we've
10963s talked so much about how these players
10965s individually come together but as a
10967s whole as a team when they were on the
10969s same page they truly proved that they
10971s are the better Squad out there and it
10973s all started with Kindred look at the
10975s statistics coming out from the damaged
10978s side while it was very close on both
10980s ends there was just some things that
10982s could not be countered out and it really
10985s ended up to harming Rift Guardians they
10987s couldn't get the recovery that they were
10989s hoping for the reverse sweep shut down
10991s unable to happen and I again I like the
10995s I like the Havana pick for Rift
10997s Guardians I thought that that really
10998s gave them a chance to play to their
11000s strengths but it seemed like when the
11002s chips were down when the fights were at
11004s their most even is when nyxl just proved
11007s to be the best I don't okay these stats
11009s aren't real this one's followed this
11011s one's false I know Kendra did a lot more
11013s than zero damage the twenty of three
11016s seconds
11019s I was about to say like oh holy okay
11023s wow Kindred these are rookie numbers
11025s step this up zero damage I know you're
11028s better than that unacceptable no Kindred
11030s is a phenomenal Wickham I love she did a
11032s phenomenal job on the Lucio but I know
11034s we didn't get to see any of her stats
11035s but the rest of nyxl Academy they have
11037s stepped it up they have identified some
11040s of the flaws that uh that kind of
11042s hindered them in the past and only
11044s netted them a runner-up position in the
11046s previous major and they have ironed it
11048s all out and they looked dominant today
11050s not just in this but a 3-0 against the
11053s reigning Champions or sorry previously
11055s rating Champions Timeless ethereal 30
11057s against them going right into a 3-0
11060s against Rift guard against a team that
11061s again was undefeated in the Swiss stage
11063s had a phenomenal Swiss stage dropping
11065s very few Maps across the board I don't
11067s think that I don't know if they lost any
11070s Maps aside from the ones they lost to
11071s Whiplash yesterday but
11073s you can see why you can see the
11075s strengths of this Rift Guardians team
11076s nyxl beat them and made it look easy
11079s they made like they Kindred like kind of
11083s bullied cat like took their lunch money
11085s like cat owes Kindred lunch money at
11086s this point in time because at the end
11088s like all cat really had was ious left to
11090s give her so like
11092s yeah I love to see it you know I I have
11094s a lot of friends on this team I'm a
11096s little biased I have to say I love nyxl
11098s Academy I'm glad to see them doing well
11100s I'm glad to see them winning 3-0 I'm
11102s glad to see them dominating and I hope
11104s to see more of it going forward
11106s I know this has been such a great series
11108s to watch not only just in the grand
11110s finals but also throughout the
11112s tournament circuits we're not done just
11114s yet though we are gonna have a Winner's
11116s interview coming up from nyxl Academy
11118s we're gonna go ahead get that set up and
11120s we'll be right back with you just after
11121s this break
11124s [Music]
11138s [Music]
11148s foreign
11153s [Music]
11198s [Music]
11220s hi uh this is Bailey from the OverWatch
11223s League I also go by Pizza Penguin online
11225s and I am a transgender woman who goes by
11228s shivay pronouns I work on the OverWatch
11230s League Factor Pro and I help with
11232s Colonial Heroes for me when I first got
11234s involved in compatible watch I didn't
11235s even know it existed I've been playing
11237s OverWatch for about four years or so or
11240s maybe three but I had no idea that
11241s competitive OverWatch existed until I
11243s randomly got asked hey Bailey wanna go
11245s to a scrim and I was like what's a scrim
11247s I then participated in a scrim for my
11250s Collegiate team it was awesome um I had
11252s so much fun to me that was the best
11254s OverWatch I've ever played my first
11256s scream I had a blast and I just set this
11258s passion this fire a light of my heart
11260s for competitive OverWatch and team
11262s environments it just adds so much for
11264s everyone and it's just an incredible
11265s experience that I think everyone should
11266s be able to feel that it can belong in
11268s and take part of and see that's why I
11270s think calling a Heroes is so important
11271s is that not everyone's comfortable being
11273s part of every single Esports program
11275s just to a variety of factors especially
11277s members of martialized generators they
11278s don't normally feel comfortable
11279s participating in our main other circuits
11282s and I understand why that is so I'm just
11284s so glad that Calling Your Heroes exists
11285s because it gives people this place where
11287s they are comfortable to engage to
11289s participate and to keep it's so cool
11291s that this excess and that people tend to
11293s use it
11293s [Music]
11306s thank you
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11331s foreign
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11387s thank you
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11434s thank you
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11463s thank you
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11500s God
11504s s
11506s [Music]
11525s foreign
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11557s [Music]
11595s thank you
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11604s foreign
11610s [Music]
11620s [Music]
11634s [Music]
11657s and welcome back to the calling all
11660s heroes recall minor one event we have
11663s crowned our first champion of the minor
11665s event nyxl Academy are taking on the
11668s gold today it was such a beautiful match
11670s to watch and a wonderful story behind
11672s this team they're claiming one of their
11674s first major victories in the calling all
11676s Hero sing and we have with us Kindred
11679s the Stellar tank player from the nyxl
11682s academy team here with us today how
11684s what's the vibe what's what's the feels
11687s going on right now after such an
11688s incredible win
11689s feels good not to drop a single map in
11692s playoffs that was my dream yeah and it
11695s came true
11698s he's easy enough I mean you know I
11701s full disclosure again I was a little
11703s biased you know we're friends I have a
11704s lot of friends on your team so it feels
11706s good to see you guys not drop a map and
11707s play so strongly it feels good also to
11710s see some of the noticeable improvements
11712s to your team overall is that just
11714s because we're in a meta where your
11716s signature junker Queen is so very strong
11719s or is it is there something else is
11721s there something else that's uh you know
11723s changed Something In The Water that's
11724s made nyxl Academy so much stronger
11727s uh I think the meta definitely fits us
11730s like insane because we have players that
11732s all have experience with this
11733s composition and like with these
11734s characters and also just picking up
11737s Orion was a big help as long as us
11740s getting a lot of practice on this patch
11742s especially
11744s uh it's been a lot of really good
11745s screams too we've been really really
11747s good practice and we use our time
11749s efficiently
11753s it is it is it is definitely wonderful
11755s to see the turnaround the uh the changes
11757s are very noticeable I you know I can I
11760s can definitely tell like it's almost
11762s like it's a new team but it's mostly the
11763s same players bringing on Orion is you
11766s know been a big help but like it's it
11768s also just kind of looks more like you
11769s guys are feeling yourself a little bit
11771s more and that's awesome uh is there
11773s anything that you do want to say to the
11774s runners up for this tournament Rift
11776s Guardians I know there were a couple
11778s points in time where this match looked
11779s like it had it was threatening to be a
11781s lot closer that ended up being you know
11783s if you have anything you want to say to
11784s cat the other tank player or you know
11785s anyone else on that Squad
11787s I've known their tank player for like at
11790s least five years so they're a pretty
11793s good friend of mine so I I was happy to
11794s play against them and also get my
11796s revenge and as well as HP he has been
11798s one of my friends and teammates for a
11800s long long time
11802s so I love them and I'm very happy with
11805s how they performed and how I performed
11808s against them as well
11810s I
11811s friendly rivalries that we're getting
11813s out
11813s to sleep I mean I I love that how
11815s tight-knited that this community really
11817s is uh in the OverWatch scene and having
11819s the chance to have you guys out here on
11821s the calling all heroes broadcast has
11822s been absolutely wonderful I know I've
11824s absolutely loved to cast you guys and CB
11826s I bet you could say the same as well 100
11829s I love casting uh you know a casting for
11831s my friends and like you said this whole
11833s Community is very tight-knit so yeah
11834s getting to see nyxl Academy a team where
11837s I've got a ton of friends popping off
11839s seeing them do well means a lot to me
11841s and yeah again congratulations Kindred
11844s for you know giving me something to
11846s watch giving me some entertainment being
11848s uh being the ones to pop off and the
11849s ones to show show your Redemption Arc
11851s seeing how showing how things start
11854s no problem it was very fun
11858s well you know what we are so glad that
11859s you enjoyed it it was an absolute treat
11861s to have you out here on the main stage
11863s today once again congratulations to you
11865s guys let you go ahead go celebrate with
11867s your team I'm sure that there's a really
11869s feeling this Victory right now so it's
11871s great to speak to you kendrid but we'll
11873s make sure to catch you off on the next
11874s side
11875s bye-bye thank you
11879s always wonderful to get to hear from
11881s Kindred she's such a phenomenal player
11883s and always that's like a positive
11884s influence as well a positive energy
11886s about her that just it just feels nice I
11889s just really like her I'm glad we got to
11890s do an interview with her and glad she
11892s got to be the one to share how how much
11894s this experience means to her and what
11896s what winning feels like and if you
11898s enjoyed the show if you enjoyed
11900s everything that we had here from calling
11901s all heroes be sure to support the scene
11903s and head on over to calling allheroes.gg
11906s to learn more about the program and hey
11908s maybe you can even sign up to be a
11910s player for the next minor or major
11912s tournament you can head on over to
11913s start.gg to register for the next major
11916s coming up in July I mean nyxl Academy
11919s are going to be quite far ahead in terms
11921s of the circuit points so you might have
11922s a little bit of a little bit of ground
11923s to make up but better late than never
11925s better to get in on this tight-knit
11926s community and just feel uh you know how
11929s good it is to compete with some of these
11930s other players here and you know if you
11932s want some more OverWatch action outside
11934s of calling all heroes be sure to tune in
11936s for contenders next week starting back
11938s up I'm looking forward to that the tier
11940s 2 scene for OverWatch the path to Pro is
11942s always fire always something that you
11945s need to support and stay in tune with
11946s that's the next generation of talent
11948s right there and we love to see it and
11950s we're actually going to get to see some
11952s of these nyxl Academy players in fact
11954s the entire team in uh in OverWatch
11956s contenders coming up here so definitely
11959s be on the lookout for that in the future
11960s for sure if you're in nyxl Academy fan
11963s you don't gotta wait till July you gotta
11965s wait till next week so make sure that
11966s you guys are tuning in onto the
11968s contenders channel for that's but not
11970s only do we have the uh gift of giving
11972s you more nyxl Academy we also are doing
11975s a giveaway now on Twitter we have some
11977s Corsair gaming equipment going on so
11980s head over to at loadscreen.gg on Twitter
11983s to enter that giveaway only 30 minutes
11985s left to get your hands on some nice gear
11987s comment in of course not only were we
11989s lucky enough to be sponsored by course
11991s there we also had one shot energy here
11992s making this broadcast happen there's so
11995s many wonderful people not only playing
11997s the game but we also have the people
11999s behind this scenes the production people
12001s the TOs the social media managers it
12003s really takes a village to make these
12005s things happen and of course we want to
12007s thank you guys as well the viewers to
12008s come out to support this wonderful event
12011s it has been awesome to be here it's been
12014s both tiny shiny and CB we looked to
12017s seeing you guys on the future Heroes
12019s program have a great night
12022s foreign
12035s [Music]
12090s right
12104s now
12106s [Music]
12117s thank you
12129s [Music]
12158s thank you