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1410s greetings formal Heroes is important
1414s because the safe environment and
1415s visibility provides the marginalized
1417s groups competing within the OverWatch
1418s Community why is it so important well
1421s they need a voice they need a presence
1423s and they need our support calling all
1426s heroes is our chance to kind of change
1428s that narrative and to prove that if we
1430s give the talent that is there a place to
1433s practice and a place to cultivate it
1435s will inevitably rise because you can
1438s play a bit closer to it how do they get
1440s to you getting shut down ass game is a
1443s big kick on the bundle opens the door
1445s wide what and phone the two DPS again
1449s making the numbers count making their
1452s ultimate tour another sustainable being
1455s used in the sound barriers Hill
1457s academies everything's being thrown into
1458s this fight
1460s is absolutely monstrous
1470s foreign
1473s and welcome to the calling all heroes
1476s minor broadcast we are your casters for
1478s this evening tiny shiny NCB and I gotta
1481s say we are stoked to be here to have the
1484s opportunity to broadcast such a
1485s wonderful event calling all heroes it
1487s means so much to both of us and uh being
1490s able to have this brought out onto the
1491s big stage allow these modularized
1493s genders the opportunity to compete has
1495s been absolutely wonderful and I cannot
1497s wait to see what this weekend has to
1499s offer
1499s absolutely I I cannot begin to tell you
1502s how happy and how excited I am to be
1504s here and to have this opportunity and
1506s what this tournament means to me we got
1508s all these marginalized gender players
1509s and talent that have been
1511s underrepresented in Esports and in
1513s OverWatch for far too long and now they
1515s get to take Center Stage they've
1517s answered the call it's time for them to
1518s show us what makes them Heroes
1521s and heroes we will find here we've
1524s gotten all the way down to our top 16
1526s teams our Swiss rounds took place in the
1529s previous weekend but here we are now
1531s ready to get even closer to crowning
1533s that champion we're here we have a quick
1536s view at the bracket kind of giving you
1537s an idea of the journey these players
1539s will be taking over the next two days
1542s yeah we do have our reigning Champions
1544s Timeless ethereal uh over there on the
1546s lower right hand side of the bracket you
1548s gotta expect them to be making a Deep
1549s Run other teams you know we like to see
1551s in this situation we got nyxl Academy
1554s we've got Dart monkeys all of these
1557s squads that could be making deep deep
1559s runs into the playoffs here and the uh
1562s the ones to show off at the Grand finals
1563s there tomorrow and wait for that to come
1565s around but first we're gonna kick things
1567s off with Whiplash and catboy Cafe over
1570s there on the left hand side of your
1571s bracket and I mean this is a a great
1575s matchup for I think you and I to start
1577s off with first off you know we have
1578s catboy Cafe here and the core of this
1582s roster there's not just one player that
1583s I want to call out the core of this
1585s roster came from wisp luminaria which in
1587s the previous tournament yeah ended
1589s finishing out fifth ended up getting
1591s eliminated by Dart monkeys could be you
1593s know trying to get a little bit of
1594s Revenge but they're gonna have quite the
1596s gauntlets to go through if they want to
1597s get there because again Dart monkeys you
1599s gotta believe they're gonna be making a
1601s Deep Run
1601s oh yeah you listed several of these
1603s teams that we saw in our bracket and
1605s start monkeys they are on that list and
1607s when I Excel Academy they're on this
1608s like Timeless they are on that list and
1611s you know I love the opportunity to be
1613s able to start uh with these teams here I
1614s know that they've had the opportunity to
1616s compete in the Swiss stage against some
1617s of these top teams and here they are the
1620s eighth versus the ninth seed so catboy
1622s Cafe coming in at the ninth while this
1624s team has so much experience playing
1626s together we're gonna have to see how
1627s that's gonna compare against the roster
1629s that Whiplash is packing along today
1632s yeah Whiplash is a team that we're kind
1634s of familiar with or at least parts of it
1635s you have Santa Maria and panther from
1637s Athens armadillos and I know you know
1639s some smaller tournaments out in the uh
1641s marginalized gender scenes that we've
1643s casted these players we know just how
1645s sick they can be sent on that hit scan
1647s is something that is just something to
1650s behold just she has the capability to
1652s pop off at any given moment and can
1654s completely dead lift this team if need
1656s be but they can't have a proper
1658s situation where they have to put all
1659s their eggs in the center basket you're
1661s going to want to have to see everybody
1662s step up and pull their weight and if so
1665s Whiplash has a pretty decent chance at
1667s taking this
1668s uh this is why we call that Whiplash as
1671s well too you highlight Santa so much but
1673s uh in reality you can't put like you
1676s said all of your eggs in one basket it
1678s comes down to that overall team effort
1680s while they have some experience playing
1682s together as a team for this time they're
1684s starting out against a tough opponent
1686s catboy Cafe is not going to make this
1688s run easy for them by any means and you
1691s know we can go ahead and start looking
1692s at our map Pool as you prepare to get
1694s headed into this match which arguably
1696s especially considering the patch we're
1697s going to be playing on is gonna have a
1698s lot of influence on the outcome of the
1700s gameplay yeah and speaking of the patch
1702s that we're playing on I'm glad you
1704s brought that up because we haven't
1705s really gotten the chance to see what uh
1707s the junker Queen patch that has
1709s terrorized everybody's ranked games as
1711s of late what that looks like in high
1713s level play the OverWatch league right
1715s now is still playing on the previous
1716s patch so you're seeing a lot of Winston
1718s you're seeing a lot of ramatra but Queen
1720s is Queen right now on the current patch
1723s so live this might be our first chance
1725s to see if she is as busted as everybody
1727s says she is and you know if not to what
1730s degree if not what counters her what
1732s have these teams been practicing and
1734s what are they ready to come out here
1735s with I'm looking forward to seeing that
1737s just for you know sheer like data
1739s analysis meta-analysis just to see what
1741s this game ends up looking like
1743s we're entering totally unfamiliar
1745s territory at this rate I mean of course
1747s we did have our fair share of junker
1749s Queen gameplay back in the jokes meta
1751s summer Showdown area era of the
1753s OverWatch league but a lot of changes
1755s have come through to sell for all of
1756s those Heroes so who knows if that's even
1758s what we're gonna see come out today and
1759s that's kind of the beauty of this event
1761s right here is this is going to be our
1763s first taste of that high level gameplay
1764s on this new patch on this new meta where
1767s these players if they're coming out with
1769s a really strong junker Queen player for
1770s example which we both know Mari and
1772s manic are capable of playing and how
1775s that's really going to tell the tale of
1777s the match that we have laid out yeah
1779s back in the day when we casted you know
1780s Mario Santa Panther on their on their
1783s their other teams they they did play
1785s like a lot of junker Queen they had this
1787s ridiculous strategy where they would
1788s play junker Queen Bastion use the
1790s commanding shout and then put the wheels
1791s down on the basket and just roll over
1793s everybody I don't think that's going to
1795s fly anymore and I also don't think that
1797s jotes is going to fly anymore because
1799s you gotta remember when that meta
1800s started to rise to prominence that was
1802s before Kirito got released least so the
1803s suzu wasn't around to to you know
1807s counteract all the anti-heels that come
1809s out from the Rampage so you're seeing
1811s when you see Jugger Queen played now
1813s you're seeing the Kirito being out there
1815s to counter her or indeed to help enable
1817s her to get more damage in the front line
1819s try and win out some of those duels help
1821s support it so you know a lot of Lucio
1823s kiriko different DPS situation as well
1825s now in the jokes we're seeing a lot more
1827s somber Tracer dive DPS being played with
1831s junker Queen it's a viable strategy it's
1833s what I'm kind of expecting to see but
1836s again we don't really have anything this
1838s is kind of our litmus test for The Meta
1839s right now exactly we can guess all we
1842s want yeah and I'm gonna we're gonna
1844s sound super cool if we get this right
1845s which I have a feeling we're going to be
1847s right but we can never say for sure
1849s until those doors open and these players
1851s move out onto the battlefields of Oasis
1853s and you know starting on control Maps I
1856s think that's really going to that can
1858s always be iffy when you're putting these
1859s things to the test uh control Maps we
1861s also we call it the control map
1864s really benefit from this more chaotic
1866s gameplay style where you're just running
1868s full force at each other and finding a
1870s death ball in the middle who will come
1872s out on top and I think it's going to be
1873s very interesting because we looked you
1874s look we looked at these two rosters
1875s right we analyzed who their players are
1877s what their accomplished starts they're
1879s relatively even I I think we looked at
1881s it and we're like we don't really have
1882s an idea of who's going to be the one to
1884s come out on top today and that is kind
1886s of a great thing we're expecting this to
1888s be a close match we're just expecting
1889s this to be a fight down to that very
1891s last second and it's it's all that pace
1894s it all starts from map number one who
1896s came out to play today
1898s I mean and it's I gotta believe that
1900s both teams are the ones that came out to
1901s play and by the way I referenced it
1902s earlier when I said that uh catboy Cafe
1905s formerly the core of wisp luminaria went
1908s out to Dart monkeys in the same round of
1910s that tournament Whiplash went out to
1912s Starry Night Cena was a player on Starry
1914s Nights at the time has ended up uh
1917s coming down to join whip last year so
1918s you know they both went out around the
1920s same round they both have about the same
1922s ceiling that we've seen so far it's
1924s going to be up to them to surpass it try
1926s and rely on some of that past Synergy or
1928s indeed new synergies that are being
1929s created and try and take advantage of
1931s that to get ahead and just to get ahead
1934s in life honestly
1935s and that's kind of the big the big
1937s benefit with OverWatch like we
1938s highlighted all the individual players
1940s right but what about their ability to
1941s play as team when you get to these high
1943s levels of gameplay there's only so high
1945s that you can really climb those limits
1947s they're they're tested and there's they
1949s can certainly get up there like send a
1951s huge hits cam player all by herself but
1953s at the same time you need to rely on
1955s your teammates to be able to back you up
1956s is your tank helping you take that space
1958s do you have the supports to actually be
1960s able to sustain your team through these
1962s long and vigorous battles and that's
1964s that's my favorite thing about the
1965s higher levels of competitive OverWatch
1967s is that you see all of these different
1968s things all of these layers that are
1970s added on to the gameplay really put down
1972s to the test
1973s yeah sometimes there's a deadlift
1975s sometimes there's one player that just
1977s does all and that's always great to see
1979s this you know we get to see them pop off
1981s we get to see them take Center Stage be
1983s the star player the center of attention
1985s but more often than not it's going to be
1986s coordinated team play using the right
1988s abilities at the right time knowing
1990s who's going in and when knowing
1993s knowing how we're gonna play it that
1995s ends up being the Difference Maker for a
1996s lot of these teams so I'm kind of
1998s leaning a little bit towards catboy Cafe
2000s here because they have that full you
2002s know five person core that has proven to
2005s be strong in the past where again
2006s Whiplash does have you know that core of
2009s Santa Mari and panther but Panther is
2011s not in right now they're actually you
2013s know flashing Neiman right now from her
2014s on the key to go and I'm not too
2017s surprised to see that either because you
2018s talked about how having kiriko added to
2020s the game before Doge was a thing this is
2022s where kiraquel was created to have this
2024s YouTube cancel out that abilities this
2026s is what we were expecting to see CB and
2029s these teams on the junker Queen complete
2031s and total mirrors meeting on the center
2033s of the gardens of Oasis to battle this
2035s one out catboy Cafe
2051s yo I got most of the composition right
2054s but I was definitely not expecting to
2055s see an ash Genji mirror but you're
2057s showing the value of the Genji getting
2058s that early deflect headshot there on to
2060s Sarah and yet like you called out
2061s perfectly whiplashly have control of The
2063s High Ground everyone from catboy Cafe is
2065s corralled into that tight little corner
2067s where you can just toss in the dynamite
2069s have Mari go in
2071s just get all the damage all the bleat
2073s that comes with that stay alive and now
2075s catboy cafes are gonna have to try and
2076s rotate through that same small choke
2081s on immediately a headshot from Zenna and
2084s just dealt with her and she didn't even
2086s have a chance to get a shot off so yeah
2095s continue this neutral fight and this is
2098s another one of the situations where the
2099s ash is
2105s going to make things easy
2137s and that's just the difference for
2138s Milton being able to have that uh dragon
2140s blade to follow up with inside of the
2142s katsune rush we saw the Kitsune Rush
2144s mirrors come out but Whiplash didn't
2145s have any other olds built up yet but
2147s they could invest in so yeah if men
2149s doing a little bit more work in the
2151s background being able to build
2152s credibility you guys are gonna have
2154s quite the Five Finger Death Punch of
2155s ultimates here science that Kitsune rush
2158s but this might be whiplash's turn to
2159s take it they're only gonna happen
2172s Square One
2175s will the initiator can end up grabbing
2177s Santa off the back views
2183s as a matter of fact catboy Cafe
2186s the one thing I do want to call out
2188s right now is shush is surpassing Auburn
2190s in terms of that sound barrier charge so
2192s another silent worker in the background
2194s getting a lot of work done additionally
2196s mini does now have that Dragon Blade to
2198s whiplashes you can invest and they will
2199s have a counter to this rampage that
2202s manic is threatening
2208s foreign
2229s gets the soundary at just the right
2231s moment before Minnie can go ahead and
2232s slice that Lucille clean off the field
2235s like catboy Cafe early they're able to
2237s stabilize but now we're in a pretty much
2240s complete neutral you're gonna have
2241s Jacoby coming up on the katsune rush and
2243s even a little bit behind but not really
2244s anything else
2246s especially entirely in the neutral so
2248s you're looking at Santa
2254s it needs to be now
2278s Rampage catboy Cafe could have just
2281s collapsed on top of that and won the
2282s round outright but now Whiplash has a
2284s chance they're able to hold on to the
2285s katsune rush they're able to you know
2288s build up to the Bob build up to the
2289s Rampage but they have time they have to
2291s try and dip back and the kid to go back
2293s in the fight that's gonna happen
2314s going to
2316s give this stall and manage to persist
2318s outward Santa has yet to be dealt with
2320s and neither has Rory into the back line
2322s they go that Dragon Blade nowhere to be
2324s seen from McMahon they've lost too many
2326s players that hero play coming just short
2330s able to grab one grab two it needs to be
2332s a lot more eliminations than that
2335s doesn't make any subtle difference here
2337s whiplasher manages to secure themselves
2339s have to stabilize on the objective
2341s catboy Cafe if they can get manic back
2343s in the flight they've been holding on to
2345s this Rampage the whole spine the sound
2346s barrier is there as well that extra help
2348s with flash speed mini to come up big but
2351s big man who makes them up into the sky
2353s she won't be getting anywhere too far
2354s fast as McMahon has said lights out
2357s Whiplash are nowhere to be found on the
2359s objective attack was taken close round
2361s one
2362s that is just kind of a failure to close
2364s out on the part of whiplash you saw it
2366s like it was a cool the most clutch pick
2367s again they take down manic one percent
2370s away from her Rampage it's just that
2371s junker Queen diff but they can't close
2374s it out and they you know they just waste
2376s too much time minute comes back with
2378s that Rampage they have the sound barrier
2379s to follow it up that's gonna make
2381s Minnie's Dragon Blade look blunt and
2382s dull it's just gonna slice and slap up
2384s against like a wet noodle like
2387s they they just wasted too much time they
2389s weren't able to close things out quick
2390s enough and catboy Cafe able to sneak one
2392s out from underneath them that is huge
2394s we're seeing Whiplash kind to get the
2396s better in this younger Queen mirror and
2398s if that keeps up it's gonna be risky for
2400s catboy Cafe but you still have to have
2402s that you know you still have to have
2404s that ability to close things out press
2405s the advantage and put catboy Cafe away
2408s we're seeing a little bit of a
2409s compositional swap from catboy Cafe
2411s Sarah swapping over to the Tracer so
2414s Santa's gonna have to be just that much
2415s more accurate with her shots from now on
2417s so look for her to try and find a nice
2419s High Ground position and maybe try and
2421s avoid a threat that is
2423s able to get onto the high ground though
2425s and look for Sarah has the eyes it's
2427s only been on to that action because they
2429s know that she's gonna be the issue has
2431s caused so many problems super catboy
2433s Cafe in this point and of course when
2435s you look at Cindy Center here on Oasis
2437s it's so much more spread out my
2439s compositioning is going to matter a lot
2440s and it's just kind of blank your time
2442s this point because it's so large you can
2444s kind of dance around this little
2445s centerpiece here that we're seeing
2457s to find those first blow but everybody's
2460s too afraid to peep right now
2466s that's take out two catboy Cafe I'm
2470s gonna have to go for a little bit of a
2471s reset here I like the Tracer coming out
2473s of the pit but my gosh middy's having
2475s none of it yeah they just got tired of
2478s that whole Hokey Pokey they were doing
2479s there with their putting their younger
2480s Queen in taking her out and rotating all
2483s about the point Minnie has enough gonna
2485s go ahead and for those that uh that
2487s Swift strike kill there and then a clean
2488s one there on to Sarah that was gorgeous
2491s there Whiplash they get first percentage
2493s here but catboy Cafe got a lot of work
2494s done they're gonna have an early consume
2496s Rush an early pulse bomb and they can
2498s try and leverage those four Mars built
2500s up to that Rampage
2504s before it closes they might be able to
2506s flip here they're actually for a little
2508s bit longer though Sarah's got to get in
2509s a position to kind of pressure this iron
2510s ore mannequin just hit a beautiful knife
2513s from up top displacing Senna that is
2515s such a great positioning move there
2517s because now that threat has been dealt
2519s with capital and Cafe though they need
2521s to start making decisive decisions
2528s is coming in with the ultimate to pull
2531s this out and they actually got the
2533s Rampage off manic has gone down the
2535s trade we're coming through but said has
2537s got herself back up on this High Ground
2538s nobody has been able to contest this
2541s half player or even have a chance of
2543s getting her down low and that's the
2544s reason Whiplash they're maintaining
2546s control I mean of course nobody can
2548s contest or nobody's even looking at her
2549s everyone was trying to deal with the
2550s consume rush and the Bob down on the
2552s point that ended up claiming too many
2554s lives for catboy Cafe to keep themselves
2556s up and going so they're gonna have to
2557s take a reset here and now they're gonna
2559s have a rampage of their own that they
2561s might be able to flip in here with them
2562s again this is going to stack her out
2563s we're looking at this getting to 99 at
2565s least the very least big man going down
2569s there Whiplash all they have to do is
2571s just match the sound barrier by the time
2573s push this down to about one point
2574s territory and there's some great
2576s situations for them to be in especially
2577s since that Dragon Blade is coming out a
2579s little bit later than you would like to
2581s see the shoes Who's down there you're
2582s nothing
2587s came up with absolutely nothing not a
2590s good look for whiplash but they have
2591s plenty of time to come back in and they
2593s aren't able to get to that 99 instead 88
2595s so you know still rolling doubles at
2597s least I'm gonna still call that a w
2598s there mieman ends up falling very early
2601s in that fight so there is no suzu on the
2603s point for them to cleanse out the
2605s Rampage man it goes in and it's just all
2607s done but the crying from there many
2609s nearly had a really great blade but it
2611s wasn't able to get enough work done
2612s before too many members of whiplash fell
2614s and now
2617s yeah
2631s they've been cleaned out of the ejection
2633s as soon as they seemingly got it one
2635s more chance to get it back this time
2637s we're gonna get to 99 sure sure Whiplash
2640s is going to have Mari having that
2641s Rampage there for catboy Cafe to go in
2643s on it they're they're gonna switch to
2645s the doomfist just to try and get a touch
2646s here McMahon yeah
2652s not at all but McMahon's the blade he
2654s just slices nothing but near being hit
2656s with that Rampage too means no more
2658s Genji on the battlefield Jacoby got that
2660s first opening kick now she's returned
2662s soon and rush in hand manic has to play
2664s inside and get those accelerated
2666s pullouts and actually make the doomfist
2667s start to work here the pressure on
2669s demand simply isn't enough they can't
2671s find the two organ The Joker Queen is
2674s simply too strong to be able to deal
2676s with their traded Alpha Jacoby ball in
2678s here
2679s you simply cannot be there Whiplash
2682s looking to close this one out and take
2683s it all the way to round number three
2685s that was so much more clean from
2687s Whiplash that's what I want to see from
2688s that I want to see them be able to try
2690s and close these fights out get those
2692s decisive picks at the right time and be
2694s able to rebound despite losing an old
2695s fight yeah you had some of these fights
2697s where catboy Cafe had a distinct
2699s advantage and got the early pickoffs
2701s there but you know being able to bounce
2703s back and flip it that swiftly only
2705s giving up 30 on City Center is insane
2708s that is the decisiveness and the Killer
2710s Instinct that I want to keep seeing from
2712s this squad we're gonna we might be
2714s seeing a little bit of a switch up here
2715s we might be seeing mini swap over onto
2717s the May which is curious but if that is
2720s what they walk out with I really like
2722s that for University being able to
2723s section off the enemy junker Queen
2724s that's gonna be pretty big I kind of
2727s like this I want to see if Whiplash is
2728s able to make this one stick here
2729s University things are gonna get a lot
2731s more tight a lot more Close Quarters a
2733s lot less staggery so Whiplash they do
2735s have the opportunity to continue to be
2737s that decision to find those early
2739s pickups and you know close it out with
2741s the late ones too and the big Dynamite
2743s from Senna to build up for those Bobs so
2745s much faster than Sarah it's just been
2748s absolutely outpaced in that regard I
2750s think it's been one of the huge
2751s different makers as well as you
2752s mentioned having the May here it's going
2754s to try to wall off the junker Queen this
2755s time isn't gonna grab it and McMahon
2757s actually ends up grabbing Senna with
2759s some stray shurikens that's what catboy
2760s Cafe needed to do
2770s and they finish decide to stick with the
2772s May that might present a problem that
2774s didn't get a whole lot of work done in
2775s that first fight there so nowhere near
2777s that blizzard where everyone else is
2779s doubling up on that old charge there you
2781s already see catboy Cafe nearing a dragon
2783s blade 60 that's a lot of work being done
2786s by McMahon there they're doing a
2787s phenomenal job on the Genji and it also
2789s goes back to that early takeoff onto
2790s Santa you can't be losing your heavy hit
2792s or that early
2793s absolutely not Santa though is coming
2796s back into this with Adventure down goes
2798s manic McMahon wants to continue to find
2801s this pressure onto the back line he's
2802s able to open it up last line but they've
2804s lost too many players that point control
2806s is better up giving you this point away
2808s yeah and that's yeah that's just the
2811s easy fight that's just an easy fight
2813s there are a couple of tactical resets
2814s there from Sarah and Jacoby and again
2816s you know I say losing your heavy hitter
2818s you can't really lose a heavier hitter
2820s than manic on that on that junker Queen
2822s losing your your tank there and now it's
2824s kind of the narrative that kind of
2825s flipped what I said about Minnie being
2827s so far away from that blizzard now apply
2829s that to manic being very far away from
2831s that Rampage Whiplash once they're able
2832s to build up to theirs yeah they're gonna
2835s be able to strike blood first
2840s not even have the opportunity to use it
2842s because manic is the first elimination
2843s to go down again the question to minis
2846s may I say that that is sufficient value
2848s to come out from those walls and they're
2849s actually able to continue stacking the
2851s eliminations on top the mini has looked
2853s Stellar on this hero and I didn't want
2855s to see that kept up yeah and that's a
2857s great use of the katsude rush just a one
2859s fight old win or sorry one one old Fight
2861s Win that's Stomps all right that's the
2864s old economy 101 if you can win a fight
2865s like that great but speaking of old
2867s economies catboy Cafe is starting to
2869s come up on one of their own you saw how
2871s much work McMahon did with this blade
2873s let's see if they can or sorry to get
2875s this place let's see what they're able
2876s to do with the blade because I gotta
2877s expect it that's what's gonna be coming
2879s out here look for sure
2883s to go outside there it is midnight out
2885s looking for Center perfectly timed sound
2887s barriers just to get himself with a
2889s shutdown that Dragon Blade that hero
2891s play nowhere to be found Whiplash
2893s wanting to maintain that control and
2895s might not be a one full ultimate win but
2897s a two ultimate ain't too bad either and
2899s that's a lot of volts on the side of
2900s catboy Cafe down the drain they're
2902s finally gonna have this Rampage soon
2904s that they've been building up to the
2905s whole time and it better be good but
2907s they're gonna be walking right into
2908s Minnie's blizzard here so Jacoby it kind
2910s of has to be you know Johnny on the spot
2912s with that Susu they're not able to then
2914s this might just be over the world
2917s but there's no manage we're not even
2919s gonna see that Rampage in this round
2922s unless this goes down to a ridiculously
2923s long overtime at least we get to see one
2925s from Maury but that is all that they
2928s have written for this matchup Whiplash
2930s have come back for the mini reverse
2932s sweep taking away Oasis and I gotta say
2936s that was kind of we highlighted so much
2938s right we highlighted set and we came
2939s after mini big man but what about what
2942s Mari was doing in terms of the joke
2943s clean battle manic just wasn't able to
2946s get anything done that round just
2947s because the amount of pressure that was
2949s applied by Maury yeah and like we said
2951s we knew Mari had a strong junker Queen
2954s coming into this and so you know that's
2955s what we were looking for for whiplash we
2957s were looking for them to come out with
2958s that really strong uh junker Queen
2960s composition and yeah they do it looks a
2962s little bit shaky there on University but
2964s uh or sorry on uh Gardens but on City
2966s Center and University it looks super
2968s super clean and you know we flip things
2970s over and look at manic sometimes the
2973s payoff isn't worth the build up and in
2975s this case that is absolutely the case
2976s because there was no payoff we didn't
2978s get to see a rampage it was just
2980s constantly manic being dead out the
2982s gates every fight every like first the
2985s first one to die every time when you're
2987s not alive
3000s being able to do here like what if you
3004s what what have you accomplished you're
3006s just seeing like Mario completely
3008s outclassing Manic and the Joker Queen
3010s mirror there in terms of damage in terms
3012s of survivability as well
3015s [Music]
3020s I think the overall team play and
3022s McMahon able to come up with a lot of
3024s these key eliminations to open up these
3026s fights was a big part of the reason that
3028s catboy Cafe made this round so close but
3030s it was kind of a reoccurring theme that
3032s manic wasn't able to keep up with Maury
3035s that whole time really had to rely on
3037s their whole team and to kind of back
3039s them up be that extra boost if it's a
3041s support to help them win that mirror
3042s match out which I I looking at our next
3045s couple of facts I don't really expect
3046s that composition to change too much
3048s because what realistically are you
3050s looking to either a counter that out or
3052s are you just going to attempt to run to
3054s the mirror and change some of these play
3055s style things up and because how much of
3057s it really is dependent on what Whiplash
3059s is doing right versus what positioning
3061s errors are being made on the side of
3062s catboy Cafe it also has a lot to do with
3065s what catboy Cafe has been scrimming as
3067s well because if they have been
3068s practicing the shelter Queen comp the
3070s same as Whiplash have and it's not able
3071s to beat them in the mirror have they
3074s practiced for a counter like what is
3076s their other option here it looks like
3078s the next map that they're going to try
3079s and take us to here is going to be
3080s Rialto so we'll see like if if they're
3084s able to best them on this we might say
3085s more Jungle Queen mirror here but Rialto
3087s does kind of open the door for some
3089s other different tank compositions we
3090s might see a rematcher come out here and
3093s that might be the answer if they're
3094s trying to just stand up against the
3097s junker Queen and Bully it with just the
3099s sheer presence that our Mantra is able
3101s to hold but
3102s is that what we're going to actually see
3103s or is Joker Queen just too strong and
3105s are they going to be forced to stick
3107s with this mirror
3108s I've asked that question
3114s the answer is if that swap was actually
3116s made up uh if you the fact that Rialto
3118s was picked out that does show the change
3120s of pace wants to be kind of Taken ahead
3122s but at the same time it doesn't really
3124s give any signals uh for whiplash to swap
3127s up what they're doing I mean if you want
3129s them to want her to dominate on the hit
3130s scan I welcome you to Rialto this is
3132s basically going to be sent as playground
3134s just controlling these different High
3136s Ground areas these overpasses that
3138s bridge that Rialto is notorious for this
3140s this is a sniper's dream if you want to
3142s play on this map and I I don't think
3144s there's going to be many complaints from
3146s Whiplash about this being the selection
3148s whatsoever Kepler Cafe realistically
3150s they're the ones in the driver's seat
3152s here they have elected to go on the
3154s attack I believe so uh they'll be the
3156s ones to kind of set that initial Pace
3158s get it as far as they possibly can but
3160s if they can't really find that answer
3162s then we're gonna have to go back to see
3163s where can we even take the series from
3165s that point and like you know wait like
3168s that's a very good question where can
3170s you take the series we don't have to
3171s worry about that just yet we just kind
3173s of have to focus on Rialto and if you
3174s know catboy Cafe are gonna opt to be on
3176s the attacking first I'm just gonna go
3177s ahead and make a bull prediction and say
3179s that Santa's probably gonna play Ash and
3181s she's probably gonna be playing really
3182s far back waiting for them to come into
3184s that one really wide open area with the
3186s trees in the middle there and just have
3188s a shooting gallery there yeah and
3190s Meanwhile we're gonna have that same
3192s brawl going on between the tanks and the
3193s front line that Mari has consistently
3195s gotten the better of so you know if
3197s you're able to support Mario and just
3199s let Santa be a you know a supporting
3201s role let let her just pump in damage and
3203s head shots wherever they can be found I
3205s think Mari is where your bread is
3207s buttered right now you just keep you
3209s know letting her do what she's doing in
3211s the front line and I think it's you're
3212s good you're good you're gonna come up
3213s basis that's all you need to do honestly
3216s I mean Mary's in such an incredible job
3218s Frontline that it doesn't even mean that
3221s said it has to do anything half the time
3223s but what is interesting here is they're
3226s not even
3231s yeah I was gonna question that just a
3234s little bit but yeah through the darker
3235s Queen we're going back to that but the
3237s switch-ups in the DPS department and
3239s support really do intrigue me here
3241s this okay maybe I was wrong about what
3243s was Santa was gonna play but this was
3245s also my my second guess here was the
3247s winner I think I think Widowmaker would
3249s have been a more hot take but that's
3250s what she's going here with I want to see
3252s what ends up happening with Minnie on
3253s the echo here because that's kind of the
3255s outlying factor here where that you know
3258s a mercy likely to pocket that Echo so
3260s you know those two gonna be up in the
3262s sky potentially a shooting gallery for
3263s Sarah who has been pretty good with the
3266s hit scan play thus far we'll see if that
3268s Trend continues and if midi ends up
3269s having to you know make a swap later on
3271s or if they're able to find a ton of
3273s value meanwhile catboy Cafe diva is what
3277s we're uh what we're going with that's
3278s how we've opted to try and counter the
3281s Shadow the junker Queen here but there's
3283s not really a whole lot of diveable
3284s targets that you can just go in on you
3286s could kind of want to go in on uh on
3288s Santa but Minnie and Santa also gonna
3291s get a head shot what oh come on who
3294s needs to die when you can just hit shots
3296s and volleys from long range I mean
3297s that's probably the point here I'm what
3299s I'm thinking is a man it's gonna be more
3300s of a defensive Diva honestly to help
3302s follow up all the information peel for
3304s the team and just let's set uh let Sarah
3306s have an absolute field day that is that
3308s is five kills right away for catboy Cafe
3310s and four of them were headshots
3312s everybody from Whiplash forgot they put
3314s magnets in their heads apparently set up
3315s put your head down duck come on oh no
3318s stop letting Sarah get away with this
3320s YouTube mini don't you dare poke out
3321s that's gonna be like an easy cap once
3323s they do with Marty here who doesn't have
3325s a whole lot of support right now Sarah
3326s actually under attack
3328s but you got so much peel you got your
3331s bogey essentially holding Sarah's hand
3332s which you can help but then his return
3333s to the battle the Resurrection coming up
3335s big those two eliminations are gonna pay
3336s off at Jacobi with a double on top of
3339s the other ones like Jacob has gone after
3345s it's a great hero play there from Senna
3347s at the end but it's too little too late
3348s and you can already see she wants to get
3350s out because this Diva can just enter
3351s life at will if she really really wants
3354s to so not gonna stick around gonna
3355s concede this High ground and you can see
3357s manic wants to take it not gonna let
3359s Whiplash have it for free this is a
3360s place where Santa has The High Ground
3362s advantage that overlooks that whole
3363s Bridge so if Whiplash are able to secure
3366s this High ground it's going to be really
3368s difficult with the sights coming through
3369s but if they're able to secure this High
3370s Ground they're sitting pretty here but
3372s this is a boldest stringly fast point a
3374s cap for Rialto
3378s defend over that bridge you're like so
3381s much on those long sight lines that now
3382s you're playing a little bit more Close
3383s Quarters where sent off can easily be
3385s kind of captured upon as many or excuse
3388s me for McMahon's able to actually work
3389s the way into the back line here with
3392s less they're struggling to hold on to
3394s Justice Horn of the pressure coming in
3396s from manic it means that Mari just has
3398s to back off they're giving up so much
3399s space they've essentially got you the
3401s second objective down to one who's white
3403s which is ridiculous to say knowing the
3405s nature Rialto yeah if there wasn't even
3407s a fight for it to get this far I just
3408s kind of pushed this far up just by sheer
3410s force of oh we don't have any people
3411s we're still snowballing and staggering
3413s from that first fight that we ended up
3415s throwing everybody down like do we have
3417s it's just kind of you know look at how
3419s far the cart is you can forget about
3421s Whiplash trying to hold this High Ground
3422s because they can't even secure it you
3424s still have manic up here being a
3426s nuisance you still have the Zenyatta up
3428s here this will have Sarah peeking around
3429s corners here that can clip any member of
3431s whiplash they poke their nose out just a
3433s little bit too far Here and Now catboy
3435s Cafe has to push in and try and take the
3437s staircase and that will be their win
3439s condition it only essentially is next
3441s year is that initiation there's that
3442s Nana who's coming out but Senna and
3444s bitty finally coming up in winning out
3446s those DPS Duos that that Nano boost
3448s isn't gonna come up with a whole lot of
3450s anything catboy Cafe seeing their first
3452s step back of the map and wishbush needed
3455s to win this battle so darn badly
3457s questionable self-destruct there from
3459s manic but I I imagine that's going to be
3461s telegraphing a swap there uh set up with
3463s the hero play getting that headshot on
3465s onto McMahon there that just turns the
3467s whole flight on his head stun locks
3469s everybody from catboy Cafe and they all
3471s just fall like dominoes and now Whiplash
3473s have something of a defense to mount
3475s here manic actually not swapping off the
3478s diva so I'm curious to see what that uh
3480s what that self-destruct was for what the
3482s end game was if that was a fat finger or
3484s if uh you know there was a game plan for
3485s that one but gonna have to build back up
3487s to another one to enact whatever that
3489s plan might be mean you want Whiplash
3490s they've already claimed Jacoby's life
3492s who had the Transcendence that's huge
3494s they could just go in with any other
3495s ultimates that they wanted to press
3497s disadvantage
3498s or they could just kind of wait it out
3500s well okay now you don't wait it out
3501s because sometimes I just took care of
3503s your Widowmaker you waited too long now
3505s suddenly you're on and even playing
3506s field McMaster holding onto this pulse
3508s bomb for a hot minute Dan's gonna hold
3510s it on for about another 20 seconds until
3512s they can return to that battle this has
3514s been such a slow pace from where we
3516s started neither of these teams are
3518s playing aggressive they're respecting
3519s these widowmakers yeah like you said
3521s McMahon is just Diamond hands holding
3523s total gang for life on this pulse ball
3525s I'm not gonna try and invest it because
3526s you know Senna can just take their head
3528s off at any given moment if she so feels
3530s like it if she's not under enough
3531s pressure and catboy Cafe
3534s that might be the go button oh it
3537s certainly is
3540s didn't even get the chance he was the
3542s ultimates I mean me man did but at that
3544s point is it too late to be able to
3546s counter that out it was a large
3547s investment coming in from the attackers
3549s but one that certainly paid off in the
3551s long run three minutes to finish off his
3553s final point of Rialto someday McMahon
3555s will have to use this pull spawn but the
3556s good news is that pulse bomb is just
3558s kind of a throwaway ultimate Anyway by
3560s the time they use it they'll you know
3561s build up to another one what it's just
3563s kind of whatever everyone else on the
3565s board though invested their ultimate
3567s save for Senna who did not quite have it
3568s uh looks like we are going to have a
3570s quick pause here uh I'm gonna finish
3572s breaking down that last uh that last
3573s fight it yeah everybody invests their
3576s ultimates curiously Mari let that
3578s Rampage rip towards the end there and
3580s you know the Transcendence was there to
3581s counter it I'm also wondering what that
3583s was all about Mario was still ending uh
3585s able to claim Auburn's life the
3587s determination for Mari if I'm gonna
3589s invest this whole time I'm going to kill
3591s someone you'll love to see that but you
3593s know I'm curious as to why everybody
3595s decided to hit Q at the end of that
3598s fight there
3599s um it looks like we do have yeah it is
3601s going to be a a little bit of a pause by
3603s the way McMahon's internet uh did
3605s suddenly die there so again that might
3607s be why they were again Diamond hands on
3610s that pulse bomb so we may have to you
3612s know go wait till the next fiscal year
3614s for that one to come around
3616s we'll we'll cut make bed some slack for
3618s this one he's gonna just hold on to that
3619s pulse Bossman if they did it at DC well
3622s I you don't have a pull spawn anymore
3624s which would be rather unfortunate you'll
3626s have to go back around and build up a
3627s whole another one which McMahon is
3629s totally capable of doing throughout this
3631s point that sounds like one of my pulse
3633s bombs like you just like you just
3635s pretend it was me and I just threw the
3637s pulse bomb like on the floor and died
3638s with it and now I'm back in spawn you
3641s just needed you need your reset all
3642s right you win you took a reset you maybe
3646s you okay yeah you put a pulse bomb on
3648s the ground it didn't do much with it but
3649s it's basically a long it's a long
3651s cooldown all right it is a long cooldown
3653s but in the hands of these players that
3654s are so mechanically talented it can mean
3656s the end of a fight just if you're able
3659s to manage a simple stick off the back of
3661s it so it's gonna be an adjustment uh
3663s once we're actually able to get back
3664s into that game uh it's something I do
3666s want to touch on though is when you were
3668s talking about uh the last couple fights
3670s we've seen a little bit less
3671s coordination kind of between Whiplash
3674s and their players and that's kind of
3676s been something that where we go
3678s backwards we're getting into the series
3679s where we know the capital cafe they've
3681s played on the same team for a long time
3683s and we do begin to question how is that
3685s coordination really affecting them when
3687s they're playing this team
3688s it seems like there's a little bit of a
3691s coordination hiccup on both sides to be
3693s quite honest because for a very long
3695s time there we were just sitting at that
3696s kind of stalemate with both teams kind
3699s of afraid to poke around the corner
3700s because the widowmakers on either side
3702s might have chosen to decapitate them if
3704s they so felt like it and no one really
3706s wanted to engage until we had the
3708s katsune rush on one side and we had the
3709s Nano for the Diva on the other side and
3711s it was time to really go in but all the
3713s time that it took to build up to that
3715s and neither team really being able to
3716s find much of anything goes to show that
3719s both of these squads still have a little
3721s bit more work to do in order to get to
3723s that full team cohesion but like you
3725s said from Whiplash it's looking a little
3726s bit more shaky than it is for catboy
3729s Cafe Whiplash to kind of have to rely on
3731s just pure root strength pure talent from
3734s Marian occasionally from Santa in order
3735s to get the job done here yeah mari's the
3738s one just to go full seconds
3741s I think the big bags up on that one a
3745s little bit too so Team Rockets
3748s it really did really did honestly I mean
3752s and it's a great headshot for Messina to
3753s just completely negate that ultimate
3755s there and now Whiplash they can dig
3757s their heels in and stop the car from
3758s moving any further they have the
3759s spawners Advantage here they have a
3761s knife stuck into Sarah there if they try
3763s to you know maybe go for the pole there
3764s get an early kill there shocking
3767s position trying to make the best of
3768s Minnie's wall here
3769s it's the best of it I mean you can't
3771s really get much done with that and now
3773s Capital Cafe they're gonna get a lot
3774s more space we're down to another fight
3776s just to send this whole point ahead and
3778s Sarah made it a lot harder but with left
3780s be able to engage the wall not coming up
3782s with a whole lot once again Mori has
3784s been unable to chunk out be that hero
3787s eventually they're able to punish magnet
3788s but what it costs does it come at the
3790s focus fire from catboy Cafe has been on
3792s point his last couple engagements with
3794s how that's gonna fare against Maury
3796s who's just going absolutely ballistic in
3798s the backlight taking things into her own
3800s hands just struck this fight down the
3802s focus fired from Mario there is
3804s incredible you could see it she locked
3806s in on Jacoby on that kidico because you
3808s know the kid it goes got the suzu and
3810s Mari had the Rampage if she needed to
3812s use it she needed to make sure that that
3813s kidico could not do anything about it so
3816s taking that kid to go down is everything
3818s turns out she didn't even need to use it
3820s now she has it now there's like a sune
3822s rush Whiplash they have just about
3824s anything under the sun they could want
3826s to try and hold this here and this is so
3829s big with only a minute left on the clock
3831s for them the Titans really turned
3833s density against from where we started
3835s gonna come down to is that initiation
3838s who's starting this one out of dragons
3840s like essentially layered on top of each
3842s other
3843s is nowhere to go which is trying to back
3845s off the whale while rather more
3847s defensive catboy Cafe cannot get that
3849s use out of that student Rush immediately
3850s everybody's just hiding around this
3852s corner waiting for that moment to strike
3853s because
3857s you save some people but not everyone
3860s Maury still sitting incredibly low the
3862s sound barrier needed to keep halfway
3864s give them some extra juice in the tank
3866s keep it fighting and after all it
3867s doesn't settled we have come back to
3869s square one 12 seconds remaining a lot of
3871s these resources gone but somehow some
3873s way Whiplash and then
3894s does not need the Rampage she is on a
3897s rampage here the wrecking ball for manic
3899s isn't even able to get the touch there
3901s yeah I get okay Mari finally pulled the
3903s trigger on that Rampage and it all gets
3904s suzu but it doesn't matter because she's
3905s already killed too and then she's just
3907s gonna go back to find the kill on Jacoby
3909s there huge plays coming out here from
3911s everybody on Whiplash to be able to hold
3913s it there and again you know they managed
3915s from how
3917s instantaneously catboy Cafe were able to
3920s capture the first point here to be able
3921s to prevent the full cap is everything
3923s this gives Whiplash a win condition just
3925s give them a golden box of victory that
3927s they can reach for here
3929s at Rialto though I just want to say is
3931s arguably relative Point C is one of the
3933s hardest points to actually complete in
3936s the in the game so the fact that they
3938s got that close is still pretty darn good
3940s for catboy Cafe we questioned how they
3942s would be able to set the pace well there
3944s you go the diva worked out for them
3946s initially on the attack once they
3947s swapped with the junker Queen they
3949s started to hit that roadblock so seeing
3951s manic return to the diva here I'm not to
3953s all surprised to see this return to the
3955s battlefield but how do you really think
3958s this is going to work out on the defense
3959s especially with Whiplash keeping with
3961s the same Pace they've been going I mean
3963s you know if you're going to play this
3965s Diva you do have to try and play her
3967s like a dive hero you have to try and
3969s find a Target to go in and just pounce
3971s on use your micro missiles use all your
3973s damage but the only person on the side
3975s of whiplash that you realistically could
3977s have done that to the whole time was
3979s Senna and we only really saw that happen
3981s when they had the Nano boost to back it
3982s up you're not really seeing McMahon
3985s being able to engage at the same time as
3987s manic so there's this kind of like you
3990s know disjointedness between the front
3991s line the two-pronged attack that we need
3993s to see from them and it's mostly been on
3995s Sarah finding headshots where indeed
3997s everybody finding headshots all at once
3999s just magically like we saw on their
4000s attack but you know Whiplash they have
4003s the advantage as far as the tank
4004s composition goes I don't have a lot of
4006s phasing catboy Cafe's ability to play
4008s this Diva to its full strength you know
4010s with a Widowmaker and with this uh this
4012s particular backline the Zen Anna yeah it
4015s is very interesting how this can work
4017s out like there's so much pressure on
4018s Sarah just to land these shots here to
4020s beat Santa out in the 1v1s not allow
4023s midi to get their hands to Kobe and
4025s Auburn because they're just gonna try to
4026s live in the back line together I mean
4028s Whiplash that they've gotten around this
4029s first Corner that's kind of the first
4031s goal you want to see but we're returning
4033s to that neutral territory into the
4034s battle of the widowmakers nobody it
4036s wants to pee either Santa or Sarah
4038s you're afraid of them afraid of what
4040s they're able to do but Sarah gets hit
4042s with that first shot and set up will
4044s find that deadly blow you cannot ask for
4046s a better pick off than on to Auburn the
4048s rest are going to fall over like
4049s dominoes and Whiplash they're seeing the
4052s same speed run that Capital Cafe you
4054s said no one wants to pique the widows
4056s they're afraid of what they might do
4057s they gave each other a taste but then
4059s Senna gave Auburn a full course buffet
4061s and then passed it on down the line and
4063s the rest of whiplash able to follow
4064s through that's like you said they're
4066s matching catboy Cafe's Pace right now
4068s but look at how far mari's playing up
4071s right now along with Minnie everybody
4072s except for the Kirito right now is
4075s pushed up to control this High Ground
4076s this is extremely important because
4077s again you don't want to let the enemy
4079s Widow get set up here as you're trying
4081s to get that card over the bridge that is
4082s just a shooting gallery you would just
4084s be giving Sarah a game of duck hunt
4086s right now and that's the last thing you
4088s want Santa on the other hand is
4090s definitely going hunting
4094s the advantage of having the mercy though
4097s we're back to the starting points 4v5
4099s the advantage Whiplash has is going to
4101s be new but Lori still has to Bunker kind
4104s of behind this payload here you don't
4105s got nearly enough Health as a diva Mech
4108s does but the sights are going to make it
4110s very risky but it's me man that actually
4112s ended up falling down there so Cena
4114s doesn't really have that extra support
4116s don't really want to take that
4118s aggressive angle and recognizing they
4120s don't have that same support to kind of
4122s keep it off in that battle and we're
4123s gonna see ourselves in this exact same
4126s neutral position and Sarah is doing a
4128s phenomenal job not only of finding these
4130s pickups but of just deterring mini from
4133s going in on Jacoby and Auburn because a
4135s full five course sticky bomb onto Jacoby
4137s and a focusing thing to follow it up
4138s that would either just be a dead
4140s Zenyatta of course Transcendent for a
4142s course nanoboost in any of those you
4144s consider those a win it comes through
4145s now but Minnie has to give their life
4146s for it
4147s but he does but you could argue Jacoby's
4149s gonna be very impactful especially if
4151s you manage to get the Arana here too
4153s they do end up losing the tank and the
4155s Resurrection comes through Sasha sorry
4158s capes up with two
4160s um all right but we're I'm totally here
4162s for the Glock gameplay I want to see
4164s more of it because Whiplash are suddenly
4166s able to get themselves in the fight and
4168s you have a chance about capturing this
4170s objective out it will see McMahon gets
4172s active attack
4174s once more It's gotta come out here we
4176s need a win condition and I want to see
4178s it now Daniel goes even out of this
4179s razor but said it says no nothing
4186s they're not going to be able to keep
4188s this contest up for too much longer look
4191s at the time make they're gonna have here
4192s as Whiplash I've just said this is our
4195s point this is Santa's point I was about
4198s to say I was about to say that she's
4200s having an easier time hitting the Tracer
4202s than the enemy Widow but she does
4203s finally Stick it to Sarah there and
4205s Sarah not even gonna take the duel
4206s anymore doesn't have the space anymore
4208s now that we're on point C to be
4210s effective on the Widow gonna be forced
4211s to swap over to the ash senna's gonna
4213s have the sightseer Whiplash doesn't
4215s really have a whole lot else but what
4217s they do have is four minutes to not even
4219s complete the map and that is such a big
4222s thing especially with Zetta keeps doing
4224s what she's been doing this is gonna be
4225s much shorter than that four minute time
4227s thing allows one thing here is that Mari
4230s is still on the doomfist but that
4232s doesn't seem to matter because Minnie
4233s and Zema have got this cover this DPS
4236s dude is straight up carrying the points
4238s for whiplash right now there isn't
4240s nothing that catboy cafe even do they
4242s can't poke their heads around the corner
4243s I don't even think that they're gonna be
4244s able to touch here there's gonna have to
4246s be a swap through the wrecking ball to
4247s try and get in touch here but they're
4248s not gonna have any oats they have to
4250s just get kicks here and yeah Mario gonna
4252s go in with all the displays on the
4253s doomfist just keep punching everybody
4255s from catboy Cafe away from the point
4257s says no this is our point it's our time
4259s to cap it man I'm gonna go ahead and try
4261s and spin to win here for a little bit
4262s but Sarah's killing Mario there that
4264s might be enough
4265s might just be enough but a lot of that
4268s swap onto the wrecking ball how much
4269s does that reset the ultimate economy I
4271s mean Whiplash they're gonna go back in
4273s with the junker Queen here they got
4274s plenty of time to spare a Catholic Cafe
4276s they're holding up into your life
4278s a little bit dangerous though because
4279s the longer you wait the more time catboy
4281s Cafe has to mount up in defense here
4283s they can start to build up to some of
4284s these ultimates that was your chance
4285s with flash to close that out because
4287s they had
4290s just found another chance
4294s is Echo that Minnie has been able to
4297s absolutely Rock but an issue for catboy
4301s Cafe they can't get anything done at all
4303s because mini comes up with another one
4305s again the contestant is suddenly
4307s becoming less and less for catboy Cafe
4309s they set the bar high they thought they
4311s gave themselves a good chance and
4313s they're starting to lose that grip
4314s they've lost the one ultimate they had
4316s hopes of coming back in to pull this one
4318s out Auburn has the soundbird to help
4321s sustain by the time the spawns are just
4323s right there but the pieces continue to
4325s fall apart Whiplash tanking Rialto all
4328s the way up to match point I'm gonna go
4332s ahead and call out shush as being the
4333s hero for that last fight there there's a
4335s modest where many kind of over commits
4337s and tries to go into the enemy spawner
4338s we saw you know we saw the Lost duel to
4341s the enemy Lucio there Auburn being able
4343s to get the better of mini on that
4345s exchange but sure she pops the valkyrie
4348s and then is able to just go in and get
4349s the res and then you have the echo
4351s coming back in from behind whereas you
4354s still have Mari and you still have Senna
4356s in the front line just pumping in all of
4357s the damage and at that point you know
4359s catboy Cafe they're just kind of locked
4361s in a no win situation where you've got a
4363s mercy pocketed Echo behind you a widow
4365s and a junker Queen just pumping in all
4367s the hurt in front of you and you're just
4369s you're just in the contraption dog
4371s you're in the device you're just stuck
4372s in there
4374s and you you mentioned shush I want to
4378s highlight this for anybody who thinks
4380s that Mercy or this portal doesn't have
4381s an impact on the game watch this map
4384s watch what shut was able to accomplish
4386s on the Lucio the honor the mercy so many
4389s different Heroes that just player touch
4390s but this Mercy that last flight you've
4392s had the resurrection you had several
4393s eliminations come through I mean both
4395s the aggressive initiation as well as
4397s these passive effects are just crazy
4400s from the mercy player and it really
4402s empowered the rest of whiplash to
4404s continue that point get it all the way
4405s through and complete the map I mean if
4408s you don't want to be standing on this
4409s point right now
4413s because these are things that are not
4416s easy to come back from both from a
4417s gameplay standpoint but also from a
4419s dental point yeah we highlighted early
4422s on the coordination and the uh you know
4424s the pre-existing Synergy that catboy
4425s Cafe had uh you know going up against
4428s just the raw talent that Whiplash has
4430s and Whiplash every single member of
4432s their team right now is firing on all
4434s cylinders we're seeing Senna hit all the
4435s headshots she needs to hit we're seeing
4437s many going in and finding the pick-offs
4439s fighting the value of this Mercy
4440s pocketed Echo pick here and we're
4442s definitely seeing a tank differential
4444s Mari is consistently getting the better
4446s of manic and if that keeps up you know
4449s how do you coordinate your way out of
4450s that problem you know how do you
4452s coordinate your way around that surely
4453s there is a way to do it and they will
4455s have another map to try and figure that
4457s out Crack that particular equation but
4460s like you know sometimes someone just
4463s clicks on your head and there's nothing
4464s you can do about it Whiplash found out
4466s about that the hard way on the first
4468s point but then they took that lesson to
4470s Heart It reverse engineered it to you
4472s know apply it directly to Senna and
4476s the rest is history you know Whiplash
4478s take Rialto and pretty decisive fashion
4480s there with time to spare they look
4482s really good right now it's gonna be
4484s tough to stop the momentum
4486s it truly is I mean momentum carries so
4488s much weight in the game of OverWatch or
4490s really any other game to be honest with
4492s you I mean this is something that
4494s Whiplash they are starting to gain that
4496s confidence they're feeling good about
4498s how they're performing they're getting
4499s consistently the better end of that tank
4501s battle Cena and Minnie for the most part
4504s on the last Maps they were able to shut
4506s down McMahon and Sarah other than a few
4508s highlight moments this has just been the
4510s point of whiplash they're starting their
4512s confidence is starting to grow and grow
4514s and it really does come to show in the
4516s way that the game is being played and
4517s that does make me start to wonder is
4520s this third map we wanted to see the
4522s change up in the tank Department we knew
4523s that manic wasn't being able to really
4526s match what Mori was able to do you have
4528s the opportunity to select the map in
4529s your favor the diva wasn't the answer do
4532s you even did they just go back to the
4534s mirror like I feel like that honestly
4535s started to look better for them yeah I
4538s mean they did have a better shot at the
4540s mirror there and maybe playing defense
4541s first might try and favor them we'll
4543s have to see uh it looks like they're
4545s gonna go ahead and pick blizzard world
4546s so I'm kind of expecting them it to me
4549s it feels like they're trying to put
4551s their eggs in the Sarah basket and try
4554s and give Sarah some room to click on
4556s heads but as far as the tank line goes
4558s this also feels like another position
4560s where they want to try and play Diva and
4563s it didn't work out too well because
4565s again the comps that Whiplash are
4567s playing there's no one that the Diva Can
4570s safely dive and there's not really a way
4572s around that issue you know if if like
4575s you're only your only goal is just to
4579s kill Senna and you're not able to
4580s consistently do that then for what
4583s reason are you playing that hero and it
4585s looks like in the situation yeah they
4587s are indeed going for the mirror they're
4589s coming out here with the younger Queen
4592s so
4593s this is also scary for other reasons and
4596s those reasons are Mari is on the other
4597s team
4599s he said that's that's a reason to be
4600s scared I can agree with that I'd be
4602s pretty scared if I saw Mario running it
4604s down with the queen I I will certainly
4605s run away go sit in my timeout corner I I
4608s don't want to look at that at all at
4610s caploe Cafe they're gonna do their best
4611s to try to match this off this is the map
4613s you want Sarah and McMahon to be the
4616s ones to perform I mean whip last year
4618s they're not changing anything up the one
4620s difference here it's gonna be Senna on
4622s that Widowmaker
4624s McMahon doesn't have a mercy though so
4626s they cannot be bailed out if Santa just
4628s hits a random headshot here let's see if
4630s that's what she does and there are no
4631s heads to present themselves just a
4633s couple of balloons Santa God will come
4635s and ruin your birthday party that just
4636s is what it is but you know it's a lot
4638s better than losing somebody's head here
4640s so if Yama looked out for McMahon in
4642s here to see if that duel between McMahon
4644s and Senna ends up bearing any fruit for
4647s either side
4649s CPS play like there's just saw with the
4651s lines on them to get these things done
4652s because you know that's set on is the
4654s ability to just collect these heads out
4656s of nowhere widowmaker's gonna win a 1v1
4658s against Ash like nine times out of ten
4660s and there goes another head courtesy of
4662s the sniper Zenna has just been on
4665s another level today
4667s yeah and this is again kind of a
4669s compositional thing you're like I I
4672s criticized the diva pick but I also kind
4674s of like the idea that maybe you just try
4675s to put some pressure on to set up or
4677s maybe you try to put some pressure onto
4679s the back line because Mari is still
4681s winning this Frontline 1v1 if you're not
4683s like if you're putting all of your eggs
4684s into that basket and it's not coming up
4686s with anything good for you then you have
4688s to try and find another way of winning
4690s find a dive Target isolate them because
4692s just letting Santa have all this range
4695s to constantly click f means that she
4697s will continue to click heads so now pick
4699s a battle that you can win currently
4701s catboy Cafe are picking two battles and
4704s they're not winning either of them they
4705s got to figure out where they need to
4706s focus their resources because if you're
4708s splitting them up so much like they're
4710s doing now they're not gonna win either
4711s one I mean man is already so low Sarah
4713s goes down and manic to follow and I
4715s would think granted they do win one of
4717s the battles they got sent it out of the
4719s fight but they've lost the front line
4720s and in the end that's gonna be the one
4722s to lose them the War I feel like McMahon
4725s heard me there and they just went all in
4726s on Cena there you know good job okay you
4729s dislodged Senna but again that's only
4731s one piece of this you know five-person
4733s roster on the side of whiplash that
4735s again all of them are playing up to
4737s their ceiling right now it's really hard
4738s to stop the momentum four and a half
4740s minutes and the cart is threatening to
4741s go into this you know one fight
4743s situation here for catboy cafe or only
4746s really realistically gonna have to rely
4747s on the spawn advantage to try and hold
4749s here
4750s this is really your only option I mean
4752s especially because Sarah is not having
4754s fun against Cena these shots just
4756s raining down from above she can't even
4758s find an opportunity
4765s but who's your target who are you
4767s looking at there's nobody to focus down
4769s you don't have space
4772s gonna lose the duplicate
4774s of Life wants to get up to that Rampage
4777s won't have the opportunity to do so and
4779s doesn't stay in life in the process this
4782s is whiplash coming back pulling that
4784s feel was absolutely the same they backed
4786s off a win for the momentum and hit that
4789s golden ticket of a shot and here they
4792s are snowballing it to another Victory
4794s claiming the second plane of prison
4795s world with a whopping five minutes to
4798s walk through the rest of the point yeah
4799s I like McMahon in that previous fight
4801s there saying all right Murray you've
4802s been winning the junker Queen 1v1 how
4804s about a joker Queen 2V1 oh she wins
4807s those two okay
4809s horses making out of the duplicate me
4811s man's there to clean up the kill there
4813s and everyone else from catboy Cafe like
4815s they're already too deep in they have to
4816s try and invest and they have to try and
4818s pull something out of the Hat there but
4819s yeah no they they just lose their heads
4821s over it Whiplash they're finding the
4823s headshots they're finding the kills
4824s they're keeping the snowball rolling and
4826s Senna is at the Forefront of that
4828s snowball she's running right over
4830s running right over Sarah currently and
4833s Sarah and Minnie's taking in their hands
4835s at the 1v1 but uh she is able to escape
4838s safe and sound Santa still kind of
4841s holding this back line down as Whiplash
4843s have actually managed to get halfway
4844s through the points here which is which
4847s isn't too terribly bad either Catholic
4849s Cafe they're gonna have the win
4851s condition but they're playing in such a
4853s small concise room and they don't have a
4855s choice with how well these EPS Duo has
4857s been performing on Whiplash I don't know
4859s if I agree with holding here I'm not
4861s sure what catboy Cafe is doing there but
4863s get them out of there like Whiplash
4865s they're able to invest the sound barrier
4866s keep this light going there's a great
4867s full spot yeah yeah
4870s absolutely nothing from this defensive
4872s hole sure they had access to the mega
4874s kinda whenever Minnie wasn't zipping in
4876s and out of there and just taking it from
4877s them but they got essentially nothing
4879s from that fight Whiplash had the
4881s resources to just win that fight
4882s outright and now they keep the card
4884s going and we're threatening to get
4885s another full cap here for whiplash with
4888s time in the Bank Santa has the sight so
4890s now you don't even have the elemental
4892s surprise out of the spot from catboy
4894s Cafe not at all I mean they're just
4896s gonna have to run it down with a sound
4897s barrier that's the only way you can
4899s guarantee not getting one cap by the
4901s Widowmaker who set up as we can saw that
4903s Sarah was kind of like into the back
4904s like one thing has the full bomb in hand
4906s and Senna in the sight lines of the
4909s target with the field there from me man
4911s and shush is going to be Blends even the
4913s Widowmaker and he's fighting for another
4915s day but I told Sarah has had enough drip
4917s of like into the back line just to deal
4919s with them that is the threat the
4921s Widowmaker has been halfway Cafe finally
4923s finding some Stables to put down under
4926s their feet but is it really going to be
4928s enough in the coming fights with
4929s Whiplash making the adjustments I mean
4931s not just stable ground they might have
4932s struck Bedrock there because they didn't
4934s even have to use the sound barrier to
4936s get that hole there you know they didn't
4938s have any other ultimates at the time to
4939s invest so now they do and now they can
4942s invest this and keep this snowball going
4944s and bleed the time out you force center
4946s off the Widowmaker she now has to be on
4948s the ash so she's gonna be susceptible to
4950s this Dragon Blade shush does not have a
4952s sound barrier to counter it so McMahon
4954s could just guarantee catboy Cafe at
4956s least one fight when here if this plate
4958s is good
4959s foreign
4971s had already gone down in the first place
4973s just McMahon doing McMahon things but in
4976s the end whiplash
4978s what was that joker Queen flavor there
4980s you see yeah manic observing the scene
4982s of the crime where she and mommy just
4984s kind of went head to head and Mari was
4986s forced to use the Rampage catboy Cafe
4988s you know they use the sound barrier but
4991s McMahon was Finding pics without even
4993s using the dragonblade and once again
4994s shush is still nowhere near her sound
4997s barrier so again McMahon can still get a
4999s free fight when here mime with Isuzu
5001s might be able to counter
5004s here is it going in no offer in the
5007s fight McMahon has to come up with at
5010s least one to even announce they get
5011s perfect elimination to go through
5026s have we have no business being this
5028s solid on defense right now no Rampage
5031s had no business finding any kills there
5032s Whiplash they're down to a minute and
5034s they only realistically have the bomb
5037s right now if this fight goes long which
5039s it probably will Minnie and shush can
5040s build it with their ultimate so they can
5042s Brute Force this through but you were
5043s looking at a situation where they would
5044s have maybe three and a half minutes
5045s versus now they're gonna be lucky to
5047s have any time at all
5050s coming down to the wire here set up it's
5054s gonna be the one to initiate it that
5055s drive that um and it actually gets back
5057s man out of the battle that is huge to
5059s come in because now Minnie has better to
5061s build up to this Dragon Blade and pull
5063s it out no manic standing in their pass
5065s down Fury piled up no touch to be seen
5068s from catboy Cafe Whiplash they started
5071s with five minutes they finished with 28
5073s seconds that should not have been the
5075s case granted they got the Finish but
5077s Whiplash really started to struggle hit
5080s a road bump or wrap a catboy cafe
5082s started to a group I could I could see
5085s it like I I know Senna enough to know
5087s that she wanted to be in there but
5088s realized
5092s to do change their mind at the Midnight
5094s Hour and was like I'll just you know let
5096s my silence speak volumes there and you
5098s know you can kind of see in the one find
5099s that they win is them going all in on
5101s Santa and then you know if they're able
5103s to take out Center early in a fight or
5104s if they're able to take down Mari early
5106s in a fight catboy Cafe are able to get
5109s their feet underneath them and start to
5111s walk and then start to run it took them
5113s a while to get cook in there but being
5115s able to bleed that much time off of
5117s whiplash is huge because again like
5118s Whiplash we're looking at having three
5120s plus minutes now they don't even have a
5123s minute so catboy Cafe if they finish
5125s both teams are going to get an OT so
5127s this is no longer like a Surefire thing
5130s for whiplash even if catboy Cafe
5132s finishing OT again we're gonna get it
5135s Extra Innings here
5136s oh we certainly are I I think that
5138s Catholic Cafe okay
5140s man stop it okay you and set up both
5144s ruining birthday parties get out of here
5146s who invited you
5148s they're The Real Party Poopers out here
5149s see me we're not allowed to have any fun
5151s we can't see the colorful balloons it's
5153s gonna be the stormy rainy ground that is
5156s supposed to record who wants to go to
5157s the Lewis and park on a rainy day not me
5159s those three balloons back there are my
5161s last three remaining brain cells after
5162s some other Rampages that they used at
5164s the end there we're seeing again okay no
5167s change UPS here but we again have Sarah
5169s on the Tracer Senna on the ash we'll see
5171s if Seneca can consistently find these
5172s head shots here and you know again we
5175s kind of have to go back to the JQ mirror
5176s Mario versus manic can manic do enough
5179s to eat
5182s starting to count a little bit more or
5186s you could just run over settle in the
5188s backlight which is gonna be big but you
5189s also let Laurie walk straight into yours
5192s so no Jacoby for McMahon to come up with
5194s his eliminations and I think that's
5196s gonna be the difference here did you
5198s mentioned that there's more than one
5199s issue that left way past Venom yeah and
5202s so I mean this is kind of the
5204s unfortunate reality of being a DPS
5205s player if you're Senna you're completely
5207s Expendable there being able to find
5209s Jacoby is so much bigger for whiplash
5212s than losing Senna I will trade a DPS
5214s player for support anytime because that
5216s means that the tank no longer has any
5218s legs to stand on and we can just kick
5220s what what Little Foundation they have
5222s out from underneath them and continue to
5224s dominate in this photography mirror
5226s Mario still ahead is ahead in the old
5228s charge and you know we haven't really
5229s seen mannequin get much around here no
5232s manic's been able to contest the corner
5234s at the very least but even then Santa's
5237s just been chomping them down to be a
5239s little bit different now that she's on
5240s the Tracer here and I see more adding
5243s that digital pressure on to zero
5255s you know you know we will ignore what
5259s happened in the previous Rampage and
5260s we'll just look at that one instead
5261s because that was certainly much better
5263s and the fact that she built up to it so
5265s quickly mean that catboy Cafe had
5267s nothing to counter it they were just
5268s completely at the mercy of it I think I
5271s don't even know if Jacoby was able to
5272s use a suzu there or if it just wasn't
5275s available or it didn't hit people
5276s because everyone from catboy Cafe
5278s collapsed far too quickly for me to even
5280s you know point out if it got used there
5282s you know they just get completely caught
5284s with their pants down and now Whiplash
5286s they have the other four ultimates about
5287s to be online here actually three of them
5290s directly
5292s but the song keeps us going you know
5293s they're walking straight in I can see
5295s where they Rush Mario not looking like a
5297s shotgun outdoor more like an SMG if I
5300s have to say so Kathleen Cafe already
5302s lost their ass manic wants to turn this
5304s one around I mean you got the sound
5305s barrier as a bit of a buffer room you
5307s don't come with anything with the
5308s Rampage and I mean you'll totally take
5310s the trade out for the ultimate but in
5312s the end Whiplash arguably saw him
5313s control I don't know if I like trading
5315s out that Rampage there man it goes in
5317s and just finds a scope bomb everybody
5319s from Whiplash fifth set now McMahon
5321s gonna have to go over the Dragon Blade
5322s but who you go for and go look into the
5324s opposing Yankee but only hits the Deep
5325s like the Dragon Blade comes up with
5327s nothing with that sound barrier out we
5329s should have gotten at least one
5330s elimination on the board there Cafe Cafe
5332s yes we're gonna get some presents on the
5334s point but Whiplash they're sitting there
5335s waiting for that moment to re-engage
5337s they have so much to work with assuming
5339s they're actually gonna commit onto the
5341s subjective so Bob is out from Sarah and
5343s I think that Sixth Man advantage to the
5345s point but Minnie is a lot more in mind
5348s ends up having to run away with just 50
5349s Health remaining that pressure of
5351s halfway Cafe it turned out to be a lot
5353s but it was an expensive fight with for
5355s them to go through great sound barrier
5357s the key there though is the fact that
5359s they were able to kill Mario before she
5360s was able to pull the trigger on that
5362s Rampage or in potentially that they made
5365s it too costly to where she thought twice
5367s about trying to invest it but regardless
5369s have that been invested after the sound
5371s barrier had expired from Auburn that
5372s would have been a quick and easy Fight
5374s Win for whiplash but now catboy Cafe can
5376s start to run a little bit they're gonna
5378s have to try and contest this High Ground
5379s here so we'll see what ends up happening
5381s with this first Mari Rampage but now
5384s that we've actually gotten the cart
5385s rolling catboy Cafe can really start
5387s here
5389s Apple's Cafe finally got that ground
5392s going but they did they don't got The
5393s High Ground they got the little pack
5395s going around which Mary's just gonna
5397s drop straight down onto his way about a
5398s mistake because the supports weren't
5400s ready in time maybe a slight
5402s communication error to come through
5403s because Capital Cafe they just pouch
5405s right on top of that no tank in their
5407s path they're gonna keep rolling and
5409s again Mari does not get a chance to use
5410s the Rampage she dies with the ult yet
5412s again and catboy Cafe now we're in a
5414s situation where they do have to win this
5415s one stagger fight they're not gonna have
5418s a Lucio though Santa throws that
5419s particular spatter into the works and
5421s now yeah Whiplash are pretty safe now
5423s with the spawn Advantage
5429s both red pages but as far as is
5432s certainly larger I question Maddox
5435s decision once again on that ultimate
5438s usage I mean uh that's not the first
5439s time I've seen that happen I mean I kind
5442s of questioned both because I feel like
5443s you could have bled more time off the
5445s clock if your Whiplash but putting that
5446s fight to bed and forcing a reset on a
5448s cat catboy cat okay it's still really
5450s good because they invest their Rampage
5452s as well so now they don't really have
5454s any tools to try and you know Force this
5457s in they're gonna have to again rely on
5458s Sarah getting an early pick up here or
5460s McMahon just catching Center sleeping
5463s you know that that works too I mean how
5465s often see that happen not a lot
5467s incentive will be back pretty quickly so
5469s catboy they gotta get in there they
5470s gotta do it now but Whiplash they were
5472s ready sitting and waiting for Sarah to
5474s peek their head around the corners
5476s suddenly set us back in the fight you're
5477s in a 45 scenario and Whiplash they have
5480s that Advantage especially because of the
5481s squads nice stick on to manic to end
5484s this one out it turned out to be a
5486s little bit more closely than engagement
5488s than you would have liked to see though
5490s yeah quite costly they're able to hold
5493s on to the sound barrier and they're
5494s going to have a rampage very soon catboy
5496s Cafe though if they use this uh this
5499s dragon blade before that Rampage comes
5501s up and they're able to somehow shut down
5503s the sound barrier they can push this the
5505s last little bit but I think yeah
5507s Whiplash are coming up on just enough to
5509s be able to hold this if your catboy Cafe
5510s you're gonna need a latte more than you
5512s currently do
5513s ads gotta be starting with that Dragon
5515s Blade McMahon want to go through but
5516s can't chew on that South area to really
5519s get any significant damage done Lori
5522s comes back in Rampage in tow this is the
5525s jumper queen that has been dominating
5527s the lobby manic has not been able to put
5529s up the same amount of power and it shows
5532s here 10 seconds remaining on the clock
5534s for catboy Cafe to get any meter Ridge
5536s and there's no players really in sight
5538s right now manic does not make the swap
5541s over to the wrecking ball oh they were
5543s banking on Auburn being able to go in
5545s there with the touch but Auburn just
5546s gets clipped on the way in can't get
5548s there and Whiplash are going to 3-0 this
5551s the power of just being that damn good
5554s on the junker Queen carries them the
5556s rest of the way and you know take
5558s nothing away from the rest of the squad
5559s here but I mean I only got one option
5562s for MVP personally I don't know if you
5564s agree but it's Gotta Be Mario
5567s the difference it was a Jungle Queen
5569s difference through and through and the
5570s fact that there was nothing that manic
5572s could play death could counteract The
5574s Joker Queen the fact that she was
5576s constantly getting the better of the
5577s junker Queen mirror the fact that manix
5579s Diva doesn't didn't really have like the
5582s proper follow-up or when it did set it
5583s was just clicking on Sarah's head or uh
5586s McMahon's head whenever they tried to go
5588s in on the Tracer like you know what do
5590s you do when like you're a diva and your
5592s only flanker is already like lying prone
5594s on the floor because Santa got to them
5596s before you could
5597s is essentially I mean this is just kind
5600s of that's how it panned out I mean if
5601s you were saying we said the beginning of
5603s the series that we thought this would be
5604s a team they're gonna put all of your
5606s eggs into the basket of senna let her be
5608s the one to take these fights to really
5610s be the Difference Maker but even then it
5613s was more Maori than anything as soon as
5615s seven went down she was Expendable Mori
5617s swooped right in wiped the whole team
5619s and suddenly they were able to keep that
5621s going and this is going to be the moving
5623s on to that quarterfinals matchup CB and
5626s it's definitely a squad to be scared of
5628s is I have a feeling that this what this
5630s might have this composition turned out
5632s to be this is going to be very similar
5634s across the board of the rest of these
5635s squads in a junker Queen meta yeah Mario
5638s is definitely one that you're going to
5640s have to watch out for and anyone that is
5642s flanking her is going to be just as
5644s deadly just as much of a threat and we
5646s saw that here today from Whiplash I mean
5649s someone has to have a really strong
5651s junker Queen counter comp in their back
5653s pocket or a somehow better junker Queen
5656s maybe a little bit fewer uh olds just to
5658s try and get out of a room you know being
5660s put in that situation a little bit less
5661s often would be ideal but it's kind of
5664s hard to imagine that there are many
5666s better junker Queens in this tournament
5668s right now than Mari so that's gonna be
5670s the spearhead for whiplash that's going
5672s to be the one to beat the one that you
5674s have to take down and the more the more
5677s resources that they're able to pour into
5679s her and the more she's able to get away
5681s with the more Senna is gonna be able to
5683s have big plays like that the more mini
5685s is going to be able to go in and just
5686s melt your back line with the sticky
5688s bombs phenomenal play across the board
5690s from Whiplash but Mari is Mari is
5693s everything right now
5694s Mari is Mari but Mario is crazy and it
5698s seriously showed I mean it bought so
5701s much space for the rest of whiplash to
5703s really get Dawn what they needed to and
5705s it got them a swift 3-0 I know that I
5707s said at the beginning that I expected to
5710s be close and I think that it was close
5711s to an extent but Whiplash they simply
5713s they had that star power coming in and
5715s it was just not it couldn't be countered
5717s there are just some 1v1 matchups that
5720s weren't one the adjustments weren't made
5722s so that you would have an advantage in
5723s that one if you want or if you weren't
5725s even taking it that way so those
5727s individual matchups they were one for
5728s whiplash and in the end that is going to
5730s lead them to win the battle and in the
5732s end win the war of the day so they have
5735s managed to knock their opponent's catboy
5737s Cafe out of the tournament Whiplash will
5740s be moving on forwards into those
5742s quarter-final matchups yeah Senna
5745s definitely had her One-Shot energy
5746s choose ready to go all the One Shot kill
5749s she was able to find but again yeah good
5752s uh uh yeah it's uh yeah I do want to see
5755s if we can get an interview here with
5756s Mari the star of the show for me she was
5758s phenomenal uh very sad to see catboy
5760s Cafe getting knocked out so quickly but
5763s I mean Whiplash they definitely earned
5765s this they definitely deserve it um and
5767s again
5768s uh yeah we're gonna go ahead and throw
5770s it to a quick little break here we'll be
5771s right back with an interview don't go
5773s anywhere
5780s [Music]
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5836s [Music]
5843s thank you
5846s [Music]
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6007s [Music]
6013s [Music]
6038s hello
6040s [Music]
6045s hello
6046s hi
6047s [Music]
6049s [Applause]
6050s here
6055s uh I think so
6059s um other Trailblazers or the first
6062s qualifier or both
6064s [Music]
6073s I did at one point yeah
6078s [Music]
6081s foreign
6084s [Music]
6095s [Music]
6106s [Music]
6127s [Music]
6135s [Music]
6150s foreign
6152s [Applause]
6158s [Music]
6173s [Music]
6184s and welcome back to the calling all
6186s heroes minor event we've wrapped up our
6189s first match in the round of 16 Whiplash
6191s managed to take a 3-0 over catboy Cafe
6194s the eight seed will be moving on to the
6197s round of eight moving forwards but
6199s before we get to hear any more about
6201s that we actually have the opportunity to
6203s talk to Amari the junker clean warlord
6207s from what we just saw in the last match
6209s and I gotta say CB and I were just huge
6212s fans of what we were able to accomplish
6214s out on the tank how are you feeling
6216s after such a crazy whip
6219s um I think I have a bit of adrenaline
6221s adrenaline right now
6223s um I am
6226s I I feel like I was more nervous than I
6228s should have been
6230s um but I don't know you didn't look
6232s nervous at all not at all uh that's
6234s that's kind of surprising no I felt the
6236s like the shaky the nerves for the first
6238s time ever I don't know it's uh I don't
6240s know I came in played my game hit my
6242s knives
6243s it's whatever
6245s you I mean you could have fooled me
6247s because you did not look nervous at all
6248s you were definitely hitting those knives
6250s and you know let's talk a little bit
6251s about junker Queen because you know tiny
6254s and I have casted you before in uh you
6255s know in Trailblazers we know that you
6257s had a sick junker Queen and we know that
6259s junker Queen is really dominant right
6261s now in this current patch so when we saw
6263s that we were casting Whiplash today we
6265s were like all right I failed calculus
6267s but I can put two and two together like
6269s I know she's gonna be sick again today
6270s are there any other tank players though
6272s in this tournament that you might be a
6274s little worried about facing or that you
6276s might be you know looking forward to
6277s facing in a JQ meta
6280s uh worried about
6282s I don't I think I can um
6286s I think on a good day I can I can step
6288s up to probably all of them but worried
6291s about
6291s um I think Kindred and waxl saw Hill
6294s Timeless or uh
6297s scary I just need to uh
6300s you know play play Confident and I think
6303s I can uh
6305s can feed anyone
6308s I mean looking at the stats it's kind of
6309s hard to imagine you struggling against
6311s even any of those players like you know
6313s 12K damage on blizzard World 35 and five
6316s that's that's a KD right there that's a
6318s pretty solid one right there you're
6320s making a strong case for one of the
6321s better jq's in this tournament already
6325s happy to hear that
6328s you know we we do look forward to seeing
6330s you kind of take that on more than down
6332s the line and hey that's awesome to hear
6333s that hey you respect your opponents but
6335s you also have the confidence you're like
6337s hey I'm not one to be counted out I know
6339s that I have the ability to show up and I
6341s can take them on in a matchup which
6342s honestly seeing you against either
6344s Kindred or saw him would be absolutely
6346s insane to be able to watch out there but
6349s you know that is really kind of to be
6352s decided out in the future and I I have a
6354s feeling that just after what we've seen
6355s today we have a lot more drunker Queen
6357s gameplay to be coming our way but before
6359s we head out we want to know uh Mari do
6361s you have any shout outs or final words
6363s that you'd like to make before you head
6365s off
6367s um
6368s I mean shout out to the Developers for
6371s for buff and my character
6373s um maybe get some
6375s I mean I've been on this character for
6376s like six months but you know I mean I'll
6378s take it
6380s um maybe maybe some some doomfist meta
6382s next
6383s I'll be into
6385s um developers if you're listening you
6387s know take notes whatever
6388s um other than that uh shout out uh my
6392s parents for being supportive helping me
6393s want to do path to Pro and stuff um
6397s shout out to you for
6399s helping me win
6401s um not entirely 1v9 only a little bit
6405s um
6405s also shout out shout out to Empress for
6408s coming in to help with some team pods
6411s and stuff um
6412s very supportive I'm
6415s looking forward to our next couple games
6418s oh and uh free spine War free spinworm
6423s that's it
6425s you know what thank you so much Bari for
6426s joining us today we'll hopefully those
6428s dabs heard you wishes about doomfist on
6431s myself I'm a little terrified now of
6432s attacking the right clatter if that does
6434s end up happening uh but you know what
6436s we'll have to go ahead wait and see uh
6438s we're gonna go ahead let you go back
6439s celebrate with your team it was a
6441s pleasure to be able to talk with you
6442s today and we look forward to seeing you
6444s again in the Kong Heroes minor in the
6446s future
6447s and of course thanks so much thanks for
6449s having me
6452s I mean maybe we can
6453s potentially give like a secondary player
6455s of the match to the Blizzard balance
6457s team just for buffing junker queen that
6458s much like is that a thing that we can do
6460s I don't know if we have the authority to
6462s do that but if we do this one's for you
6464s you've earned this one you are
6466s definitely played a role in mari's
6468s Victory but again she pounds on this
6470s hero and yeah she pounds on it before
6473s they even buffed her as as hard as they
6475s did for whatever reason I still can't
6478s figure out why they did but hey it's
6480s really cool that they get to but uh
6482s that's gonna be uh it for us we're gonna
6484s go ahead and take a little break here
6486s I'm gonna let you guys all say hi to
6487s Echo who was taking a nap but I couldn't
6489s let her get away without showing her off
6493s thank you
6498s oh hello I'm so busy laughing at the cat
6501s I got completely distracted I'm like oh
6502s my God it's so cute totally totally
6504s natural I sometimes get just distracted
6506s by how pretty she is too
6508s I know she's so pretty and hey you know
6510s what I'll sit here at the Cat Cafe maybe
6511s I'll get to see her on the next one we
6513s got another match coming up for you
6515s today so don't go anywhere calling all
6517s heroes we'll be right back
6520s [Music]
6530s [Music]
6540s thank you
6572s thank you
6593s foreign
6603s [Music]
6638s [Music]
6647s foreign
6652s [Music]
6676s thank you
6679s [Music]
6714s thank you
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6822s [Music]
6834s thank you
6842s thank you
6849s [Music]
6852s [Applause]
6852s [Music]
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6873s thank you
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6933s thank you
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7089s thank you
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7114s thank you
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7171s thank you
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7193s foreign
7199s [Music]
7232s [Music]
7243s [Music]
7257s [Music]
7261s thank you
7264s hey guys my name is Cassie Brown AKA CB
7267s and I am an Esports broadcaster my
7269s pronouns are she her I'm a transgender
7272s woman from Anchorage Alaska and I am now
7274s currently residing out in Philly calling
7276s all heroes is extremely important to me
7277s because culturally I believe Esports
7279s still has a problem with things like
7282s sexism and homophobia and transphobia we
7285s don't see a whole lot of people like us
7288s in the OverWatch league and that really
7289s sucks because it's not because we can't
7291s do it and it's not because we shouldn't
7294s do it but it's because when we go into
7295s voice chat in games we're told you don't
7298s belong here what are you doing calling
7300s all heroes is our chance to kind of
7302s change that narrative and to prove that
7304s if we give the talent that is there a
7307s place to practice and a place to
7308s cultivate it will inevitably rise and
7311s it's going to send the message to all of
7313s the people watching that yes you do
7315s belong here this is worth pursuing
7317s you're not wasting your time no matter
7319s what everyone else tells you no matter
7321s what the people in voice chat want to
7323s say you you still belong here what's up
7326s everybody
7328s with the first round of playoffs down we
7331s are now into the quarterfinals good
7333s morning or good afternoon my name is
7336s epitomies I am here with Chef Billy and
7339s we are bringing you the next round of
7341s playoffs which is going to be Genesis
7343s Reign versus Timeless ethereal and I am
7346s incredibly excited to bring you this
7348s next match so looking at the bracket and
7351s how we got here Genesis rain knocking
7353s down cryics to get into the quarters
7355s while Timeless ethereal going ahead and
7357s beating out seven two one black yep I
7360s mean this is going to be a matchup
7361s between our previous major winner uh in
7364s Timeless ethereal they're sitting on 4
7366s 500 points uh here for the circuit and
7370s in seventh place is Genesis rain uh and
7373s they're sitting on 875 points so there's
7376s a bit of a difference between these two
7378s teams and honestly I think everybody
7379s right now is chasing Rift right now
7383s because riffless just looks absolutely
7385s indomitable and I want to see you know
7388s what what does Timeless ethereal have up
7390s their sleeves here we've got some
7392s familiar names obviously from these two
7395s squads so we'll take a look at the
7397s rosters and see exactly who's going to
7399s be playing here today in our
7401s quarterfinal match so we're going to
7402s start out with Timeless here we've got
7404s par Azure Santana Cal ow and lizard
7409s wizard uh and I'm really looking forward
7411s to seeing uh how they play there uh
7413s today uh and then we'll take a look at
7416s Genesis rain on the other side uh
7418s because we've got some familiar names
7420s here maybe about as well known as some
7422s of the other ones but I think that Abby
7423s uh and and varos right now are going to
7426s be the uh are going to be the two that
7427s we look for here on Genesis rain I think
7430s that Timeless should win out here uh
7432s epitome but we'll see uh what Genesis
7435s rate actually have up their sleeves
7437s because uh anything can happen here it's
7439s OverWatch uh it's a beautiful Saturday
7442s night uh all across America here and you
7445s know what we're going to have a chance
7446s to take a look at our Maps now and we're
7447s gonna start out on Tower
7450s yeah and a lijong tower it's a lot of
7454s different diversity that can happen
7456s especially in the control center where
7458s you can kind of see a little bit at your
7460s comps rather than what is meta come into
7462s play uh but as the previous two casters
7465s mentioned before there is a lot of
7468s emphasis emphasis on that junker Queen
7471s right now she is incredibly strong and
7473s she is being brought into almost every
7475s single map that we've seen played so far
7477s and I'm curious if that's going to be
7478s pushed into lijiang Tower as well well I
7481s mean there's three different cops that
7482s you can run here honestly on Legion
7484s Tower I mean everybody knows this map it
7485s seems like it is the default map uh for
7488s controls for control maps to start out a
7490s series it's almost become like an
7492s absolutely massive thing that you have
7495s to do here but we're going to see us
7496s starting out here let's take a look uh
7498s what these two teams have up their
7500s sleeves Timeless uh showing us that
7503s that junker Queen composition and we're
7505s gonna look to see Azure getting them out
7507s of the out of the spawn quickly but
7510s Genesis rain showing us a little bit
7512s more brawl and these zarya bubbles gonna
7514s be very well timed from Genesis raid
7516s yeah I've just learned to never trust
7519s teams right at the very beginning for
7521s what they're going to bring but it seems
7522s like the symmetra on both sides is going
7525s to stay and as I say that they switch to
7527s the tracers as they head out into the
7529s spot well I mean this is typical I mean
7531s you want to use yeah you want to use the
7533s symmetra to get out and then you come
7534s back to the Tracer because you do have
7536s the blues to get you back Genesis rain I
7538s mean they're holding pretty steady right
7540s now and they're gonna stick with the
7541s zarya composition so you're looking to
7543s get the charge up and burst down the
7545s targets
7547s now already a pick going through that
7549s zarya you were talking about already
7551s down now the Joker Queen is her
7553s territory right outside the point and
7555s the contention that comes through from
7557s Timeless Fifi is attempting to take down
7559s the health of the jungler queen but
7561s there's just so much to be had with the
7564s bleed as well as that commanding shout
7566s just to get them on the point and it's a
7568s meltdown from Genesis rain Timeless
7570s going to take that first control I mean
7572s using Carnage to get the bleed effect
7574s going through and Fifi was getting a lot
7576s of work done on the uh on the reaper
7579s there but I mean just so much sustain
7581s from Cal and lizard blizzard that's
7583s exactly what you want to see in this
7585s conversation you want to enable junker
7587s Queen and really allow them to get onto
7589s the uh onto the other team and just lay
7591s Habit in
7594s pulse bomb already ready from As a Race
7597s So Genesis rain is going to have to
7598s watch out for this Tracer in their back
7600s line already behind the zarya once again
7603s the Helm's just melting away but there's
7605s nowhere to try and save them the
7607s possible and manages to find the pick
7609s nevertheless and with the tuning Rush
7612s coming through from Timeless it's just
7614s going to be another one fight from them
7616s while Genesis Reign forced back into
7619s their spawn good thing for Genesis rain
7621s though is that the gut three ultimate's
7622s ready to go into this next fight they
7624s did expend the sound beer yourself
7626s nothing really to deal with this ESP
7628s good enough
7629s oh
7631s and the dust Blossom it doesn't get
7633s anything for Genesis rain with the sound
7635s barrier from Lizard wizard don't save
7637s them but can be taught the trades that
7639s one back as they force themselves across
7642s the bridge and towards the point time
7643s was going to back off with the three
7645s ultimates expanded the coalescence the
7647s pulse bomb and the death Blossom all
7650s swinging the momentum in Genesis brain's
7652s Direction around 50 off before Genesis
7655s rain are able to regain control honey
7657s what we're looking for right now is Abby
7658s to land a massive massive gravity surge
7661s to help them equalize the percentage
7664s gain by Timeless now you're looking for
7666s Azure to get some work done with the
7668s machine pistols on this Tracer and also
7670s looking for funeral Carnival uh you want
7672s to see what they can get done here as
7674s far as with using Gracie to pull
7676s somebody in maybe get a quick execution
7680s foreign
7685s once again charging alcohol so with
7688s those bubbles but it's still going to be
7691s a pick and now the Grafton surge they
7693s have to equalize lizard wizard goes down
7696s a bunch of other pigs time flips are
7698s getting so much value off of their pigs
7701s while Genesis Reign they're still
7703s struggling for the point it's a 3v1 on
7706s the point it's a tracer dashing around
7708s still able to get a bit of value for Cal
7710s finally shuts it down and regaining
7713s control but the percentage has been
7715s equalized the damage has been done
7716s Genesis Reign keeping themselves
7718s competitive big thing right now is that
7720s poor you is going to have their sound
7723s barrier coming up into this next fight
7725s like the EMP should be able to negate it
7727s so as long as Fred holds on to this long
7729s time hit one
7733s and with that two picks follow make it
7737s the rest of the squad the coalescence
7739s was so close for Miss Raya as well but
7743s Timeless are so quick to shut it down on
7745s the back of that EMP still with two
7747s ultimates to expire a lot of economy
7749s we're Timeless for this last fight as
7752s the 90s are coming to kick in I mean
7754s economic there from Timeless announced
7756s final fight territory they're gonna have
7757s this consideration
7763s versus
7765s there's the pulse bomb as well unable to
7768s find the pin but there's the jumper
7770s Queen coming through with the Rampage
7771s the anti-field does so much and happy
7774s even though finding two kicks the evil
7776s lies the sound barrier coming through
7777s from Timeless allows so much stump and
7780s power and the overtime just it's about
7782s to fall away with this Tracer the last
7785s player standing on the point oh but
7788s that's enough time beefy comes back on
7790s but it's not for long not long for this
7792s world objective going to time list on
7794s this first map I mean what a what a back
7797s and forth battle there I mean really The
7800s Tale of Three fights honestly between
7802s Timeless and Genesis rate I mean look at
7804s this from Azure asrin just getting so
7806s much work done with those pistols the
7808s format EMP was a real kick for me at 46
7811s and Counting and then this was what
7813s really closed out this last part of the
7815s map was beautiful carnival really doing
7817s a wonderful job on the JQ I love uh what
7820s I'm seeing out of them so far so I mean
7822s for Genesis rain right now you've got to
7824s be able to get into the backlight take
7826s care of Cal we've seen Cal and
7827s contenders uh we've seen lizard Wizard
7830s and contenders and we know that this uh
7833s supportive Duo uh is something to be
7835s reckoned with so if you could take down
7836s one of those heads of the uh of the
7838s support Hydra then you're gonna have a
7840s better chance at taking control of Lee
7842s Jean
7844s yeah the onus of that
7847s candy popped here while Abby and maybe
7849s tried and melted drunk her clean from
7851s the front and now already fighting for
7852s the same here but
7855s funeral Carnival looking for something
7858s Candy Pop once again able to get out of
7861s a sticky situation they were in while
7863s Fifi fights front to back all three of
7866s them stacked up into the corner should
7868s see a lot of charge getting off towards
7870s the Zaria but they're unable to find the
7872s pig's cow and lizard wizard keeping this
7874s team healthy for you and Fifi finally
7876s capitalize and now they're forcing them
7878s back into the spawn Cal unable to get
7880s away it's all left up to the lizard
7882s wizard trying to dance around the shots
7885s but Genesis rain controlled the first
7886s fight and controlled the point much
7889s better there from Genesis rain they were
7890s had a real intent behind their push
7892s there enforcing the commanding shot
7894s early from funeral Carnival allows them
7896s to subvert uh into the back line and
7899s take care of the supports there once the
7901s once you see uh lizard Wizard or a cow
7903s go down it's all done but the crying
7909s once again a second push to come through
7911s from time was the charge is all the way
7914s up on Abby and she's going to be able to
7917s get some damage down as it's being
7920s retained by all of these bubbles now
7922s it's the katune rush to force them
7923s through with this Hound barrier also
7926s available as the right going to be the
7928s first to capitalize off of this Kitsune
7930s Rush dashing back and forth in the pulse
7932s swamp already charged all the way up
7934s it's a team Kill from Timeless three
7937s ultimates still in their possession only
7938s the katsune rush that allows them to
7940s just rush into the point the fact that
7942s they had to expend that Kitsune Rush is
7946s actually a win for Genesis rain even
7947s though they do lose control of the point
7949s now they've got the uh the Mambo Cabo
7952s here of the grab and the dead Blossom if
7954s that's a four-man
7956s perform at EMP delays for just seconds
7959s the ultimates that can be taken down the
7961s threat the fish is trying to find Value
7963s on the back line and the Grafton search
7966s comes out along with the code lessons
7968s even with the sound barrier now fading
7970s away Abby to find some support and now
7972s there's a little bit well last of that
7974s first healing but there's the pulse bomb
7976s it finds a huge two and that's just a
7979s hero play from Timeless ethereal's Azure
7982s to keep control epitome I mean that was
7985s a fantastic six from Azure they let him
7989s have it just wait out for all the
7990s cooldowns to go away and then just stuck
7992s it with Precision now he does have this
7995s death blossom still online they should
7998s be able to flip this point if they can
7999s get onto the top of it
8002s a little bit of control and they're just
8005s going to back off now waiting to regroup
8008s trying to get into the point once again
8011s there's that song for spamming away
8013s people brought real low death plus I'm
8015s available
8016s just immediately eliminated funeral
8019s Carnival is able to force the players of
8022s Genesis rain back to the back of the map
8025s and they have to dance around this half
8027s wall to keep themselves from getting too
8029s low Abby's finding Cal and they're
8031s missing out on the tatsune rush in this
8033s fight the commanding shout gives them a
8035s bit of that sustain while lizard wizard
8037s going to try and follow up with the
8039s sound barrier in case it's ever needed
8041s but they're stalling so well beefy's
8043s unable to find anything here and hold on
8046s to this point for Genesis rain and it's
8048s just going to flip back over to Timeless
8050s ethereal's side once again funeral
8053s Carnival doing so well with the junker
8055s Queen pick to just force them back I
8057s think I love it and I'm just the
8059s ultimate discipline this is what you get
8060s from experienced OverWatch players here
8062s pal and lizard wizard of just absolutely
8065s holding it and not panicking uh when
8067s they go into it so now another EMP ready
8069s to go they should be able to use this
8072s the pace of this EMP is just giving
8075s Timeless Imperials so much space and a
8077s lot more time to react the ultimates
8079s that Genesis rain Stacks up when they
8081s tried to push back into these points
8083s once again and now as this fight
8085s commences in the back line here with EMP
8088s but they're able to pop the sound
8090s barrier and get it off now Sombra out a
8092s fight and their player down but with the
8094s sound barrier coming through from Lizard
8096s wizard although they've been stuck in
8098s Rap God of surge comes through and Danny
8101s pop is able to spam down damage with
8103s Paul's guns and Janice's brains even in
8106s overtime they are holding on as a race
8108s dashing in and out of the point trying
8110s to get some damage down now a left up to
8113s Fred the Fish but decides better of it
8116s teleports back and waits for the team to
8119s come in for one final push to hold on to
8121s the second round it's gonna have to be
8123s Fred to take to touch the point and
8124s Trigger the overtime here and lizard
8126s Wizards it's gonna have to do some
8127s dancing on the point to get the rest of
8128s the team back
8130s spread the fish coming in from the back
8132s trying to focus down the supports here
8134s about the Moira is just so strong with
8137s the self-peel now the Lucio real low
8139s before you still able to survive and
8142s have a candy talk with the combo are
8144s able to take down two players it's all
8146s left up to Fred the Fish but with only
8148s three Health points to their name
8150s they're just going to go ahead back off
8153s surrender this around making the score
8155s line 1-1 this map so close to the two of
8159s these teams neck and neck I mean just
8161s the uh the point presence here from
8163s Genesis rain what's clean uh you know
8166s they they knew when to back off and when
8168s it was okay for them to push in and
8170s really I mean ultimate discipline from
8173s both teams very very clean here uh for
8176s them and now we're heading to control
8177s center and this is where I I think that
8180s we we should see Abby yeah switch over
8182s uh to the JQ but I mean maybe funeral
8185s Carnival
8186s might be going uh to this uh to this
8189s what oh goodness uh to the ramatry here
8194s and uh yeah I just had a complete
8196s rainbow there uh and you don't they're
8198s bringing out the may as well so I mean
8200s Focus fire is gonna be good for both
8201s sides Abby's gonna be under a lot of
8203s dress here
8205s and it's on the other side it's that
8207s Genji and Ash combination as well the
8210s make is able to zone so many of Genesis
8212s Reigns players just into this little
8213s corner and with the presence from the
8215s ramatra as well as May focused fire on
8218s her primary should be able to get a lot
8221s of damage down but it's actually Abby
8223s that finds that first pick while Genesis
8225s Reign is able to Corral all of Timeless
8228s ethereal's players back into their spawn
8230s lizard wizard holding on for the moment
8232s but they have taken so much control the
8235s switch onto the junker Queen was
8237s incredibly strong from Abby I mean great
8240s engage there from for you with the amp
8242s speed getting them on top of beautiful
8244s and really the dragon the Ragged blade
8247s really did steal a lot of damage there
8250s to funeral Parable and just no once the
8253s what's the flimsy little shield and the
8254s slow comes out the Radisson Vortex yeah
8257s it's all over
8258s foreign
8260s getting on to the point once again it's
8263s that Soul ramatra alone being kept up
8265s very well by Cal on the Baptist though
8268s the immortality field now the
8270s amplification Matrix to come through and
8272s get that much more damage the fish
8275s unfortunately not able to find Value on
8277s me just yet but the May one pick the
8280s blizzard ready however still Genesis
8282s Reign holding on with so much Vigor to
8285s this point excuse me uh how do you live
8289s through that I mean you had the the amp
8291s Matrix setup so you gotta pick and they
8295s flipped the fight on its head now you're
8297s looking at Bob and the consumer Rush
8300s coming through I mean that's a deadly
8301s combo in its own right partner that with
8303s a blade on the end of that this could be
8305s a very easy 100-0 win for Genesis range
8309s yet Timeless ethereal is struggling with
8311s a ramatra pick as well but now with the
8314s annihilation ready they could
8316s potentially find something more now the
8318s Kitsune rush to counter the blizzard
8320s while the blade comes through the dragon
8323s plate looking for the supports looking
8325s for the back line now the annihilation
8327s just going to finish off Fifi and it was
8330s a potential 100 to zero but as the spike
8333s swings in the direction of Genesis Reign
8335s the combination of those two ultimates
8338s the annihilation the blizzard as well as
8341s the sound barrier there was so much
8342s survivability for the sunless ethereal
8345s Squad I mean you're gonna have the
8347s animations again the whole point here
8349s especially holding up the choke with the
8350s dragon strike being able to hold uh the
8352s choke here there's a lot that Genesis
8355s reigns with and there is the drag truck
8357s coming out early
8359s and it's going to get a lot of that
8361s damage down and delay just a little bit
8364s longer so they can get the percentage to
8365s even out but now with the Rampage coming
8368s through and there is no currico to
8370s Blends that away the immortality field
8372s is going to keep them alive for a moment
8373s but it's not enough the jungler Queen
8376s Once Again does so much damage has so
8379s much value and Fred the Fish might be
8381s able to find a little bit of something
8382s but he might even be able to run away no
8385s just runs off the edge of the map and
8388s now azerate looking to touch the point
8390s having to trigger that overtime but
8392s immediately recalls and is trying to
8395s stay alive the team comes in the
8396s overtime has been activated but they
8399s need to keep touching and Genesis Reign
8400s the presence from the junker Queen they
8402s just force them so far back they can't
8404s even get a touchdown Genesis Reign
8406s taking off the first map from the
8408s previous major One winners I mean this
8412s is this is upset alert here uh here
8415s calling all heroes I mean this is not
8417s what we were expecting Genesis ring
8418s coming out the game strong uh and
8422s absolutely owning first for the zoria
8424s composition which isn't really metal
8426s right now but they made it work and then
8429s coming out with the junker Queen into
8431s the ramatra you would think that it
8432s would be an opposite way there but
8434s actually working with the junker Queen
8436s up against the ramachar just absolutely
8438s owning it the support was too good and
8441s what I said on Night Market happened
8444s here especially on control center is
8446s they got to Cal they got to lizard
8449s wizard they took the support legs out
8450s from underneath Timeless ethereal and it
8453s was pretty easy sailing there for
8454s Genesis reign
8456s yeah and especially when junker Queen
8459s find that you want the chirico as soon
8461s as she's
8463s plans down but they they didn't have
8465s that they had the Baptiste with the
8466s immortality field that was easily
8468s destroyed and the delay just wasn't
8469s there the burst and the healing wasn't
8472s there either after that more mortality
8474s field was taken down and ultimately
8476s that's what cost them the very last
8477s fight on that third map so looking back
8481s at this the Sombra was a good pick from
8483s Fred the Fish they were able to find so
8485s much delay time despite the ultimates
8487s that were being put out from Genesis
8489s brain but on the last map they switched
8492s over to that Hanzo May composition
8494s trying to get the uh blizzard to work
8498s with them and allow them to find space
8499s and it just didn't work yeah the remote
8501s does not go well into a jumper and I
8504s mean they just got absolutely out
8506s muzzled uh and out rotated I mean the
8508s speed with which you saw Genesis rain be
8511s able to accept uh the damage coming in
8514s and then turn a fight on its head I mean
8515s excuse me ma'am that's not how that's
8517s supposed to go down but it's exactly
8519s what Genesis rain did and I mean I could
8521s tell you what Abby she put in some work
8524s on this junker Queen you see right there
8526s taking azri down the Rampages were huge
8528s this was close to the last fight I mean
8531s exactly what you needed out of them so
8534s good out of Genesis rain they take the
8536s one they'll lead
8538s now it is going to be one oh we talk
8542s about upsets you know it Timeless
8544s ethereal being the major one Champions
8546s and already being able to take a map off
8548s of them so early right here on lijiang
8550s Tower is huge now going on to the next
8554s one do you think that we are going to
8555s keep seeing the junker Queen out of Abby
8558s even though the zarya was able to work
8560s for them especially when they have that
8561s Wombo Combo up with the graviton The
8563s Surge here on Hollywood is junker Queen
8566s something that they're going to want to
8567s force on a hybrid map I I don't know I I
8570s think that we would rather see a Winston
8571s or a diva here honestly because you need
8574s to be able to control High Ground not
8576s only uh on point a but also when you get
8578s into the streets phase uh High Ground is
8580s so important to control uh to keep the
8583s you know to keep the payload in check uh
8586s and keep you know the spam damage from
8588s coming in so I mean you can run the
8591s chunker queen I just think that if
8593s you're gonna run with the junker Queen
8594s you've got to have a good Tracer uh and
8597s I think that you have to run with the uh
8599s with the Sombra as well also in the
8602s support category uh you've got to have a
8604s brigitta and Anna I think those three
8606s things right there uh really are what
8609s has to happen here for a for a uh for a
8613s successful hold or a successful take of
8615s the point
8617s yeah so with the Brigitte on Anna and
8621s you're looking at potentially a Winston
8623s and Diva for those compositions so
8626s you're really trying even with the
8628s kiriko and the Lu show that we saw a lot
8630s of in this last map they were really
8632s good at surviving those Dives but on the
8634s side of Genesis praying they actually
8635s took out the Moira and I want to talk
8637s about that for a little bit because it's
8639s really interesting how much
8640s survivability and self-heal that she's
8643s able to do with the biotic orb well I
8645s mean you're also I guess the other thing
8647s is that you are now allowed to fade
8651s um when you're in coalescence so you
8653s can't be I mean you can avoid the manual
8655s hack coming through from some because
8656s that'll take you out of your coalescence
8657s uh you can avoid the EMP as well if you
8660s time it right so I mean there's a lot of
8662s survivability for the Moira but once you
8663s pull that fade out I mean Moira other
8666s than the self-heal
8668s um is pretty vulnerable so I think that
8670s they were waiting and they were very
8671s cognizant of when uh we saw that come
8674s through and they were able to follow up
8676s on it because I mean that's so much
8677s burst healing right there from the Moira
8679s and they really did Focus down on it so
8682s I mean Genesis Ray really did have their
8683s number uh going through uh lijong now
8686s Hollywood I don't think that we'll see
8689s the Moira once again I think that it's
8691s going to be a combination of Anna and
8692s brigitta or maybe uh you might run with
8695s an on a Zen depending on if you want to
8697s focus more on damage uh and also you
8700s know the pick potential of the volley
8701s coming out from the omnic Healer but
8704s we'll see uh what they do decide to do
8706s here because I mean really The Meta sold
8709s up in the air I just think that you know
8711s the main things that we look fear for
8713s Hollywood is that you've got to control
8715s High Ground especially point B uh when
8717s you get to Point C you can go a little
8719s bit more Brawley uh if you want but I
8722s mean a lot of times you've got such a
8723s head of steam when you're getting into
8724s point three uh that you usually stick
8727s with the same comps that you're going
8728s with you might see a Cassidy come out
8730s you might see uh you might see a pharaoh
8732s I mean pharah can work on points A and B
8734s pretty well so I mean really it just
8736s depends on what kind of comfort we're
8738s looking at here
8739s Yeah we actually did see a little bit of
8742s that Ash you talked a bit about the
8744s Cassidy but I think possibly that Ash
8746s coming out especially from the side of
8748s Genesis brain which is exactly what they
8751s seem to be going for right off the bat
8753s on the other side of Timeless cereal
8754s it's the Sombra Tracer combination and
8758s they really want to get that those picks
8760s onto the back line with these two types
8763s of DPS and you talked about the honor
8767s break Timeless ethereal they're going to
8769s push that comp but on the other side the
8771s kiriko Lucio the same as what we saw on
8773s the control point I mean High Ground is
8775s going to be at a premium here uh Genesis
8776s rain they're going to have to really
8777s maintain Point presence and I think that
8780s you're looking for Candy Pop and FiFi to
8782s be able to kind of you know navigate the
8784s two high grounds here and looking for
8786s Abby to hold the point uh while you see
8788s poor you and mithraya uh you know they
8790s will be the ones that'll keep everybody
8792s up but miss Riot they're gonna have to
8794s hold the Swift step for when they're
8796s really under massive duress
8801s already pushed up to the street getting
8804s close to the point B now Fred the Fish
8806s remaining undetected over here on the
8809s back line looking to disable that junker
8811s Queen but instead deciding to go up for
8813s The High Ground trying to coordinate
8815s with saw Hill a little bit of a change
8817s in the tank here onto the second map but
8820s Genesis Reign are able to maintain
8822s control and force those players back saw
8825s Hill and Fred the Fish unfortunately
8826s that hack jump combo from the Winston is
8830s not enough to be able to take down the
8832s sports and The High Ground I mean we've
8835s gotta we've got a disconnect there for
8837s Genesis rain and we'll see uh how
8839s they're able to uh how they're able to
8841s navigate through this I mean not a lot
8842s uh going out there but I mean losing Ash
8844s there just a little bit of that early
8846s old charge uh is a big problem uh and
8849s you know it's gonna be coming back from
8850s Spawn so I mean there's going to be a
8852s momentary 4v5 uh for uh for Timeless
8857s ethereal here but I mean that first dive
8860s in I mean you saw all the hack come
8861s through you saw the bubble go down but I
8864s mean just the explosive power using the
8865s coach gun and and the dash I mean just
8868s absolutely melted uh the poor Winston
8871s there and I mean that's a reset once
8874s that's once that the wind says God your
8876s engage is gone uh and everything else
8878s kind of Falls by the wayside so I mean
8881s excellent First Defense of the point
8883s there and he saw Azure I mean he had to
8885s get out with just uh just a sliver of
8886s health so the work is being done there
8889s first fight in now do we see Fred the
8892s Fish go uh for the uh go for the kitty
8895s co uh to make sure they can't Swift step
8897s out because that's really what kept them
8899s in that fight is it the Swift step right
8901s away uh from the Tesla Cannon and then
8903s just you saw the follow-up on the back
8905s of that I mean that was absolutely
8906s brutal
8908s yeah just completely shredding the
8910s Winston on The High Ground and the alt
8912s charge on the ash that Bob is so
8914s valuable especially now in the 5v5
8916s format just getting that six man in
8919s there to be able to put output tons of
8921s damage have tons of Health that the
8923s players need to spread through and focus
8925s as well and going on with the Brigitte
8930s and the um Anna as well it's a little
8932s bit tougher for the Brigitte especially
8934s to be able to keep the health of the
8937s Winston up if they're going to get
8939s shredded so quickly up there on The High
8941s Ground and she's kind of still lagging
8943s behind with the Anna trying to protect
8945s the other sport yeah I mean running with
8947s the honor Brigida here I mean you're
8948s you're using the Brigade just to keep on
8950s alive that that's what that's what
8952s brigitta's real job is uh but I mean you
8955s know that you're gonna lack from an
8956s amount of burst healing until you get
8958s that Inspire up so I mean on a I mean
8961s the whole onus of keeping Winston Up is
8964s on the honor in this composition I mean
8966s you can throw some biscuits at the
8968s monkey but it's not going to do enough
8970s to keep them up through the burst that
8972s you just saw I mean that's a perfect
8973s example I mean they played that
8975s perfectly they held high ground they
8977s waited for the engage to come in and
8979s they just bursted the monkey down and
8980s it's a reset from there so really a
8982s smart play from there we'll see if they
8984s can continue this up because once
8986s ultimates start running around epitomies
8988s that's where we're gonna have a problem
8989s because then you're gonna have the I
8991s mean a nano Winston is very hard to deal
8994s with you don't have a sleep you don't
8995s have the CC really to deal with it you
8997s don't have to sleep there so you know
9000s that's going to be a very angry monkey
9001s in your face that once the once the uh
9003s the Primal Rage comes out that's where I
9006s think that we're going to see a lot of
9007s issues come through because you're gonna
9009s have displacement you're gonna have
9010s juggling uh and you know we'll see how
9013s how uh Genesis deals with this but for
9016s right now uh in the neutral yeah they're
9018s gonna probably win this
9020s yeah and they do have that Genji in
9023s their comp as well and the onus of the
9026s uh taking down the supports is probably
9028s going to be on that Genji being able to
9030s get in and out really quickly with
9031s dashes but with the Brigitte it's also
9034s going to be a problem so in the neutral
9036s you don't really know when it comes to
9038s the diving the supports you can have the
9041s ash kind of spamming down can take down
9044s squishies very quickly with the
9045s headshots on the coach gun but are you
9048s go is it going to be enough with the
9049s Brigitte right next to the Anna I mean
9053s we'll see we'll see how they how we're
9056s going to deals with it because I mean
9057s that's what you have the Brigida there
9058s for you're using the shield Basher
9060s you're using the flail to keep the Genji
9061s away uh the big problem is is that
9063s they're gonna have to deal with the Ash
9064s and with the dynamite coming in you've
9066s got the burn over time uh that's where
9069s I'm really going to be looking to see
9070s the value between you know the the
9072s symbiosis between the Ash and the Genji
9075s are you following up on the TNT when the
9077s players are burning are you getting
9079s there with dashes are you getting the
9080s dash 3 Set uh you know for any confirmed
9083s kills going through so that's you know
9085s really what we want to see uh is you
9087s know not only how do they how does uh
9089s how does Timeless deal with the Genji in
9092s the ash but how does uh Timeless
9093s ethereal you know counteract that uh and
9096s move in on top of it
9099s well one thing that we haven't talked
9101s about when it comes to Genesis Reigns
9103s composition is they're keeping the
9104s junker Queen and you talked about
9106s controlling The High Ground and that's
9107s really the job of the Genji and the ash
9110s there and you have the kiriko with the
9112s Swift sub Blue Shield with the wall kind
9113s that can kind of keep them up but what
9115s is the jungler between going to be doing
9117s while they're trying to deal in control
9119s with The High Ground jogger Queen is she
9121s going to be harassing the supports is
9122s she going to be attempting to deal with
9124s the DPS and kind of make that space I
9127s mean Gracie is a is a wonderful tool to
9129s pull somebody to you
9130s um I think that you can hold on top of
9132s the on top of the cafe there uh and then
9134s drop when you need to uh and kind of
9136s move down as a five-man unit so I mean
9139s you know there's different theories of
9141s how how you can do this you can either
9142s control uh from The High Ground And
9145s Touch when you need to and not allow
9147s that tick to come through uh or you
9149s could stay on the ground uh and then you
9151s know kind of accept the damage coming in
9154s and allow you know more that old charge
9156s coming through especially for the key to
9157s go because the cutico with the kunai you
9159s know it's an instant lock on as long as
9161s you've got your your reticle over the
9162s player you're going to get the healing
9164s through getting kitsudi Rush up is going
9166s to be super important for Genesis rain
9168s here especially with Nano uh coming up
9171s very quickly and with rally coming up
9173s pretty soon after that we'll see uh how
9175s they actually deal with this
9177s yeah being able to spam down so much
9180s more the Primal phrase as well giving
9182s the huge massive Health pool to the
9184s Winston uh we should be getting back
9187s into this game very soon unfortunately
9189s it seems like it might be a restart
9195s all right 15 seconds the game folks we
9198s are going to be right back into this map
9201s of Hollywood very soon to push through
9203s these games now we are doing a lot of
9206s theory crafting here on the desk and
9208s really excited to see how that Fury is
9211s going to play out in practice well I
9213s mean we're gonna see uh come back well
9215s we've gone from daytime to night time
9217s here uh in Hollywood and uh well we're
9220s gonna get a restart here so uh back to
9223s square back to square one
9225s um we'll see if there's gonna be any
9226s changes from either side looks like
9228s genesis rain is going to continue uh
9230s with this composition that we saw them
9232s come out on and no changes uh really for
9234s Timeless uh ether or Eternal we'll see
9237s we'll see if they stay with the Azure uh
9240s jump rat I don't know I don't know if
9243s you want to run with that I mean the
9245s spam damage could be good uh you could
9247s really control Fifi as well with the
9249s concussion lines but we'll see yeah I
9251s think Ezra yeah back to the Tracer
9253s definitely gonna be looking for uh
9254s mithry and poor youth in the support
9256s line
9259s once again they are
9261s they need to learn from the mistakes of
9264s the daytime map of Hollywood but it
9266s seems like Fred the Fish going right
9268s back around looking for that quick flank
9271s over here on to the point while Sawhill
9274s dances around the corner waiting for the
9276s opportunity to pounce up onto the high
9278s front but this time it's not a direct
9280s dive onto these players they're instead
9282s going to control across from the house
9285s and bounce back by the Lucio though saw
9287s hill now on the low ground and forced to
9290s contend with the junker Queen Abby comes
9292s out on top of the engagement and Frets
9295s of fish trying to get a little bit of
9297s damage through poor you does fall in a
9300s wonderful one though without the Winston
9302s making that space for the squad it's a
9305s lot harder to push themselves onto the
9307s point well I mean that's a you know a
9309s good trait uh for Genesis rain I've been
9311s taking saw Hill down uh is the absolute
9314s good play there and that's a big hat
9315s coming through
9316s oh
9318s and to the Genji taking quite a bit of
9321s damage but backing right on up front the
9323s fish pushing through and the anti-heal
9326s does come as well but the junker Queen
9329s is able to stay alive inside the house
9331s for now but not contest the point
9333s Winston having control of The High
9335s Ground as well and now going to bounce
9338s him back and take those points up onto
9341s the objective
9344s I guess they're gonna kill him
9348s Abby should go down in a hurry
9351s they do have the Primal Rage ready here
9354s but with Anna right next to them and the
9356s Inspire being frogged so steadily by
9358s lizard wizard they're not going to need
9360s it now the payload having to be pushed
9363s down the streets over onto point B
9365s Winston taking control of the early of
9368s The High Ground saw Hill just looking
9370s for an opportunity right behind Azure
9373s and Fred the Fish I mean you're looking
9375s for EMP
9376s to start the engagement here as you hold
9378s High Ground that is a lot of damage
9380s early on to BP the Genji getting almost
9384s burst down and Ezra has to recall out
9386s but I mean yeah this is a great amount
9388s of space being taken here from Genesis
9390s rain now you've got Bob available so
9393s there's that Sixth Man and you've got
9394s The High Ground Control so lots of
9396s angles here they're spy checking all
9397s over the place for Fred the Fish they
9399s know the emps online
9401s they're trying to check what the EMP
9404s still comes through and saw Hill finding
9407s Candy Pop and taking down it the ash no
9409s Bob for this fight and the Tesla Cannon
9412s just keeps giving Fifi is able to stay
9415s alive with the dragon blade in the back
9417s pocket but they're going to have to
9418s surrender a little bit more space now
9421s under this High Ground Bridge with
9423s juncture Queen on top the Kitsune Rush
9426s going down giving them that space to hop
9428s through but Sawhill is still just
9430s harassing that back line and the
9433s anti-nade comes through as well but Cal
9435s does fall for that now Abby with a
9439s rampage potential but Timeless ether
9441s they just keep finding the space and
9444s finding the picks saw Hill harassing
9446s Sports once again Swifts that forced out
9448s loser wizard taking down Candy Pop once
9451s again the bomb potential has been
9452s neutralized and Sawhill is finding so
9456s much value out of these pounces able to
9458s control The High Ground the bubble comes
9460s through to protect the teammates and
9462s Timeless either they surge forward I
9465s mean this has been a complete change
9467s from day to night literally uh we're
9470s trying to say various
9475s and with Ryan page come through there's
9478s that hand tie on to the few of the
9480s players of Timeless cereal but Eternal
9482s but they still have those supports of
9485s saw him now looking for it to force back
9488s the junker Queen once again it's going
9490s to work they are away from the payload
9492s they're not contesting but as the junker
9494s Queen comes back through the brigitta is
9496s able to just fight with the flail the
9499s Inspire being crossed so steadily and
9501s Fred the Fish looking for that backline
9503s damage but mithreya now finding the
9506s Sombra and lizard wizard going down the
9508s Nano is going to try to be the savior of
9511s this play but Sawhill even with it is
9514s going to have to back up and hide behind
9516s the bubble for a little bit of cover
9518s what a hold there from Genesis Ram they
9521s should have by All rights lost that
9523s fight and it's on the back of mithraya
9524s and even though poor you does go down
9526s they got so much uh healing up with the
9530s amp heels they're gonna have the sound
9531s barrier coming into this fight and on
9533s the back of that the next Consumer Rush
9536s is gonna be huge
9539s yeah the tuna Rush coming up so steadily
9542s and it's going to be a rampage so follow
9545s that as well Fred the Fish attempting to
9547s keep Pace with the EMP and the pulse
9550s bomb this is kind of a throwaway
9552s ultimate here coming up very very
9553s quickly for osgrave very consistently
9556s when they're forced to just back off
9559s here
9560s this has been a pretty decent hold here
9562s big and Chinese attempted there from Cal
9565s doesn't find what they want on it but
9566s I'll get it back up soon enough but the
9568s Rampage Rampage is going to be big
9570s kicker here uh seeing how many people
9572s that Abby can catch on this she has them
9576s in their sight do you hold it yeah you
9579s hold it you wait for the contest you're
9580s at 90 or 65 seconds left here this could
9583s be a decent hold for ultimates almost
9585s ready for Genesis rain
9588s we're gonna push this payload back
9590s around the corner they're fighting for
9591s The High Ground Control and the Nano has
9594s come through but it's the sound barriers
9596s as well as the Kitsune Rush that's going
9598s to counter but without Abby in the fight
9600s they don't have the Rampage but Fifi is
9602s going to make up for lost time with the
9605s pulse bomb Primal rages available but
9607s now sawhale is on the Run just backing
9610s all the way off and they're going to
9612s have to wait for the next push they have
9614s 30 seconds left over Assa Ray maybe try
9617s to counteract Fifi find the same bit of
9619s value that Phoebe's pulse Palm did but
9622s it's going to be hard-pressed to find a
9624s good path especially now with The High
9626s Ground Control from Genesis rain already
9629s they're able to get a little bit of that
9631s touch onto the payload but saw Hill's so
9634s low and they're once again retreating to
9636s try and get that Anna get the heel back
9639s up Abby with a rampage still in the back
9641s pocket at the end he comes through but
9643s Adam still takes down saw Hill and poor
9646s you going to bounce away the Tracer
9648s they're not able to get on to point B
9650s Timeless Eternal only finding one point
9653s in the first round I mean we entered
9656s point B with a massive time bank and
9660s High Ground Control it's it's Hollywood
9662s 101. if you control The High Ground you
9665s pretty much guarantee yourself a win and
9667s the ultimate economy that came out from
9669s Genesis rain uh I mean just fantastic
9673s from them I mean this first fight was
9675s just disgusting from Abby uh but then
9677s you saw the follow through come through
9679s from Timeless ethereal and they really
9682s didn't put a lot of work into this Fifi
9684s on the uh Genji here yeah they get one
9687s with the dash reset but going over to
9689s this uh Tracer turns the fight in their
9693s favor I mean got a 3K and then it was
9696s just done from there so from time to see
9698s Theory I mean they are facing Match
9699s Point here and for Genesis rage they
9702s just gotta basically get it past the
9704s jail just a little bit in front of the
9707s studio doors and they're gonna look at
9709s the you know knocking our previous major
9712s winners out of this minor tournament
9717s it it is looking at first three so this
9720s is going to be definitely a very tough
9722s map but Timeless Eternal do have that
9725s little bit of wiggle room left over if
9727s they do surrender this one but Genesis
9729s Reign during that point a just kind of
9732s backed off a little bit more and look
9734s more for that street control instead but
9737s I bet Timeless Eternal is really going
9739s to want to fight for this very first
9741s point instead since they don't really
9744s have has much space as they would want
9747s going into round two already using that
9749s Lucio speed boost to get themselves past
9752s the corner they're not even able to get
9754s any damage down from as Ray very quickly
9756s and Sawhill goes in for the dive early
9763s you're not coordinated on this attempt
9766s yeah and as it is I mean look at this
9768s already in the 20s here for Timeless and
9770s still in the teens for gymnastics rain
9771s so I think that they need to look at
9774s engaging Fifi first uh and looking
9777s around they've got to be aware of Fred
9779s on this sombra's friend they have been
9782s really uh impactful on the December so I
9785s want to see how they get through uh this
9787s first point hold big anti comes through
9790s from count what's it
9792s happy pop take you down azerite but
9794s press the fish does trade it right back
9796s saw Hill going back to retreat Into The
9799s High Ground and try to hold the great
9801s anti-nade from Cal and it just allows
9804s red to fish and saw him to just go on a
9807s rampage on The High Ground now speaking
9810s of Rampages we have the Joker Queen
9812s alone and the dragon knife does find one
9815s but Fred the Fish will finish off that
9817s tank now still a lot of time left over
9820s time uh Genesis reigned their first two
9823s pushes didn't really go as planned speed
9825s boosting into the opposite house but
9827s we'll see what they come up with next
9829s and you've been looking for the
9830s engagement while you're waiting for
9831s lizard to get back and I mean right now
9834s ezrae has complete control here enemy
9836s Fred the Fish uh is getting work done on
9839s this Sombra and I want to see you know
9841s where do we go with this first Nano I
9843s think Nano is going to go into Sawmill
9845s and get them up to the rest of the
9846s weights towards their towards their
9848s Primal Rage
9850s Genesis they need to get some serious
9852s damage going here because they are just
9853s looking for some kind of Entry onto this
9856s point
9858s saw Hill backs off The High Ground once
9862s again but going to go ahead and try to
9864s dive the anti-support for you does
9866s survive in the nick of health and saw
9869s him once again backing off to the point
9870s as the Tracer to stands around Fifi
9873s looking for something and now the Nano
9875s comes through Primal Rage is ready for
9878s saw Hill but it's just a bloodbath over
9881s on the point the brigitte's keeping away
9883s the Fifi and Fifi has to hide dance
9886s around this a little bit of a corner but
9889s Cal at the end of the day finishes off
9892s the Tracer once again Timeless they are
9894s defending so incredibly well on this
9897s first point I mean Rampage is about
9899s ready to go so I mean the hack Target's
9901s got to be Abby here from Fred the Fish
9903s they don't have the EMP to counteract
9905s that and Bob I think it's gonna come
9907s with the cow to sleep the bomb and see
9910s what they get out of it yep there's a
9911s sleep
9912s yeah they're just gonna want to touch
9914s Bob at all but on the other side also
9917s does have a bob available the Rampage
9919s can come through here the Primal Rage is
9921s already out and just trying to force all
9924s of the players off the site but the
9925s ticks are coming through
9927s for just a few seconds there they'll get
9930s that first pick Genesis rain they're
9932s maintaining control for the time being
9934s and now with who are you going down
9937s they're missing that little bit of verse
9939s mathrea to follow and three players on
9943s Jetta stream left over but even with the
9946s commanding shout even with that little
9948s bit of a shield and the overheld beefy
9951s just cannot get enough damage through
9952s lizard wizard finishing off Abby and now
9955s 20 seconds left over we were hesitant
9959s about timeless's first push but Genesis
9962s rain they can't even Force themselves
9964s through the first choke I mean they're
9966s gonna be facing EMP and the Nano here
9968s into this next fight VP has to come up
9970s big with this pulse bomb
9973s she'd be looking for a pulse bomb stick
9977s but azrae fighting for you once again a
9980s support out and Abby even with the
9982s Winston switch just to get the touch on
9984s we have to be beyond the point but
9986s lizard wizard quickly neutralizes that
9988s threat and Sawhill proving to be the
9990s superior Winston and forcing all of
9993s Genesis Reigns players off the point
9996s there will be no overtime there will be
9999s no Street for Genesis rain Timeless
10002s Eternal able to take the second map I
10005s mean really lizard wizard is getting the
10007s work done here defensively just had a
10010s wonderful map here and I think that you
10012s know looking at what Timeless did there
10014s so well they controlled The High Ground
10016s I mean really they held on top of Cafe
10018s and they really didn't face a lot of the
10020s damage coming in just really Azure being
10023s able to pop off with the ash up there
10025s and Fred just being the constant
10027s harassment uh in the back line never
10030s allowing Fifi and Company uh to get a
10033s full concerted push and I mean it took
10035s ultimates just to get them onto the
10037s point they got one tick and they were
10039s completely thwarted lizard Wizard and
10041s Cal put up a uh a memorable performance
10045s there in the support department in
10046s Sawhill yeah I mean Winston absolutely
10049s rules on first point Hollywood and we
10051s just saw why
10053s yeah and that Sombra hack just
10055s neutralizes so much no matter how strong
10058s you are if you're getting the hack onto
10059s the kiriko there isn't going to be that
10061s cleanse there there isn't going to be
10063s the switch step to try and escape and
10065s it's just constant harassment of the
10067s back line and saw Hill can follow up so
10069s well on that on the um with the Winston
10073s however on the attack I mean we saw that
10076s it was a little bit dicey it was getting
10079s a little bit shaky for Timeless Eternal
10081s and I mean we're not really surprised
10083s when you look at the brigitta and Anna
10086s it's they have a lot less Mobility than
10088s what we saw come out from Genesis rain
10090s and they were able to defend really well
10092s with the kiriko and Lucio but when it
10095s comes to Brigitte on the defense they
10097s are incredibly oppressive I mean it was
10100s all about the hike around control once
10102s again I mean Abby showing us a really
10104s good Joker Queen let me let me preface
10107s this statement by saying that but uh you
10109s did not have the ability to get to The
10111s High Ground I would have rather seen
10113s Diva go up there and and challenge saw
10116s Hill on the Winston that would have
10117s given them a lot of room for positive
10119s would have mitigated a lot more damage
10120s that's the one thing that the Genesis
10123s was kind of lacking there was damage
10124s mitigation even with the flimsy 600
10126s Point bubble from Winston it's still 600
10129s points of damage uh that's not going on
10132s to your support line or going on to your
10133s DPS or going on to yourself so uh you
10136s know going to the last minute swap of
10138s the Winston yeah yeah I I don't know if
10141s that's it yeah that you got the right
10143s idea just a little bit too late
10146s uh when it came down to it it was 30
10149s seconds left over they switched over to
10150s the Winston and you still have the
10152s kirika Lucio they need to be right there
10153s with you in order to follow up here you
10155s go not so much but Lucio most definitely
10157s to get the most value out of that
10159s support and it just wasn't there and at
10161s the end of the day you're playing Jungle
10163s Queen on a map like Hollywood and you're
10164s telling me that you need to take the
10166s stairs when they have Winston that can
10169s just jump onto your support you're
10170s you're taking the stairs and it's just
10172s like that little bit of time it's the
10174s few seconds but with OverWatch time is
10176s everything even just a few seconds it's
10178s just the difference between a one fight
10180s and one that's completely falls apart I
10182s mean when you're going up the stairs uh
10184s Saul Hill can just go the other way
10187s it just dropped down uh and you know
10190s take out your back line and then hop
10191s back up and take care of the drunker
10193s Queen on the back of that so I mean I I
10194s see what they were trying to do it just
10196s was not executed as well as they may
10198s have liked so you know what they'll have
10200s another chance here uh we're all tied up
10202s at one uh here in our first to three so
10205s uh we'll see what Genesis rain have up
10209s their sleeves here because you know that
10211s just did not go in their favor I thought
10213s they did very well uh defensively so
10216s we'll see how it goes
10219s all right I'm headed on to this next map
10223s is Rialto so this is very famously I
10227s would say a sniper map it's a map where
10230s you see a lot of widows being taken out
10232s and I'm curious if either of these teams
10235s do have that Widowmaker player on their
10237s team that they really have to hold down
10239s and the back line and but having the
10242s snipers as well you kind of do invite
10244s the dive compositions you do uh and I
10246s think the diva has to be played here uh
10249s junker Queen does not work as well here
10251s you can make it work uh if you force it
10254s if you can take High Ground Control uh
10257s on points B on point B if you take The
10259s High Ground Control around the the
10261s corner of death
10262s um that's really where I think that a
10265s lot of these junker Queen compositions
10266s run into a lot of problems is that they
10268s don't have the mobility to hold High
10270s Ground as well especially if you're an
10272s attacker now if you're a Defender
10274s um you can get the junker Queen up there
10275s easily by accessing the stairs so we'll
10278s see uh what will come out of this Rialto
10281s competent because we saw in the previous
10282s match uh the snipers ruled uh and Santa
10286s and Sarah were going blow for blow uh
10290s between each other and uh well we saw
10293s how that ended up going so uh for these
10295s two teams I mean you're gonna have to I
10297s think Azure uh for uh Timeless ethereal
10300s would be the go-to uh here for that hit
10303s scan as far as uh Genesis I mean Fifi
10306s could be the one uh that brings out the
10309s uh that brings that out or it could be a
10311s candy pop all right Candy Pop versus
10313s Azure would be my guess uh if we do go
10315s into that sniper uh mirror now it also
10318s depends on if you want to go with the
10320s Hanzo and have a little bit more uh
10322s utility in the back pocket but I mean
10325s the one shot potential for both players
10327s or for both Heroes absolutely uh really
10330s is what you want to go for here
10332s especially first point if you're looking
10333s for a first one hold
10337s and speaking
10341s speak the only thing that might be able
10343s to counter that is that life Weaver with
10346s the pedal platform that can get you up
10347s to The High Ground but who's playing
10349s life Weaver if we're being realistic
10352s because lifeweaver just the healing is
10354s not there for that hero
10356s I I
10359s mean Weaver
10363s um but I mean yeah I I don't see anybody
10365s playing that right now yeah uh the the
10367s ultimate's kind of garbage honestly uh
10369s it can be destroyed as well so I mean
10372s come on I I think Zenyatta is a better
10375s pick here honestly uh especially with
10377s the diva composition I I think that we
10379s will see a change up in tanks here
10382s um because you you really I mean if you
10385s run with the junker Queen
10387s you're basically giving up any kind of
10389s High Ground Control unless you're going
10390s to run with the Pharaoh or an echo and
10392s that's going to require a mercy uh and
10394s then that's you know single Target
10395s healing and it's going to come on to you
10397s know either a Lucio or an Anna uh there
10400s to keep the rest of the team up and you
10403s know it's single Target healing other
10404s than the biotic grenade that comes out
10406s every you know couple of seconds that's
10408s really uh what I look for uh when we
10411s talk about Rialto so for Genesis rain
10414s right now uh Abby yeah we'll we'll see
10418s how they actually decide to come through
10420s with this because we've seen saw Hill uh
10422s Sawhill is willing to play a a host of
10426s uh of Tanks I mean we saw a funeral
10427s Carnival uh on the control map we'll see
10430s if that's that substitution comes back
10431s in here but we'll see uh how these two
10434s teams decide duke it out in the streets
10436s of Italy
10438s and looking at this streets of Italy
10442s it's going to I mean I also we saw
10445s funeral carnival on that first map that
10447s you mentioned it playing the junker
10449s Queen but also in the previous interview
10451s when they were speaking with the members
10454s of um Whiplash they said that that tank
10457s player
10458s um Mari was worried about Sawhill
10461s playing the junker Queen so I'm curious
10462s if they did sub out those tank players
10464s just specifically to play the junker
10467s Queen here but looking at Timeless
10468s ethereal's composition we do have the
10472s echo Mercy combination with the honors
10476s going to try and substitute for as much
10477s burst as possible but they've already
10479s rounded around the first Corner Genesis
10482s reign with their Anna Brigitte
10484s combination and the diva like you
10486s predicted from Abby but there isn't
10488s really the sniper here there is the ash
10490s but not the weirdo or Hanzo like we
10492s expected so much more utility in the ass
10495s though you've got the coach gun to be
10497s able to build them by the low ground you
10499s got the TNT for some CC I mean there's
10502s lots of there's lots of potential here
10503s with the ash like what sleep oh
10507s Abby is able to survive through it here
10510s and just going to take down saw Hill
10513s very easily now with a little bit of a
10515s disjointed players left over on Timeless
10518s ethereal side it seems like they're not
10520s going to look for this first point hold
10522s especially with Ball Hill having to come
10524s with a long walk back from the base the
10526s jumps are going to help a little bit but
10529s there's a lot of just sustain that is
10531s happening from Genesis rainside Cal is
10534s going to fix that just going to take
10536s down mathrea in the back line and that
10538s just enables saw Hill to go ham on Abby
10541s down the diva out of play Azure
10544s finishing off Candy Pop and it is
10547s timeless ethereal going to hang on a few
10550s meters before that last Point uh Azure
10553s already with duplicate online hello
10555s hello how I mean I thought you got a lot
10559s of work done but good Lord that is a lot
10562s of of progress there I'm getting that in
10565s one extended fighting that is some
10567s serious work being done by the echo
10569s player and obviously being uh boosted up
10571s by lizard wizard on this Mercy
10574s yeah lizard wizard allowing so much more
10577s damage to come through on the echo but
10579s you can see how far Fifi and Candy Pop
10581s are allowed to push up especially with
10583s that hack just able to neutralize a lot
10586s of the kit and make them take so much
10587s more damage so Winston becomes so much
10590s more friable in this situation even with
10592s the anti-nape comes through but saw
10594s he'll despite the hack is going to just
10596s pounce onto Brigitte the anti-dive
10599s support still able to take down with the
10602s Tesla Cannon Primal Rage now in pocket
10605s with lizard wizard bringing Fred the
10606s Fish back into these fight without a bit
10611s of a consequence now Timeless ethereal
10613s all five players still online still
10616s hanging on to point a EMP rally into the
10619s next fight there's sub 130 here and I'm
10623s looking for Timeless ethereal I mean
10624s you've got basically in a fight extender
10626s in that Primal Rage closest thing after
10629s that is the Bob and I mean you've got
10631s the EMP you've got the sleep to deal
10633s with that
10635s okay Abby is just solo fighting with
10639s Sawhill and um azaray at that point and
10644s now the diva out of Mech still surviving
10646s for a second before the Tesla cannons
10648s and a little bit of a melee are taking
10650s the diva out now 48 seconds left to make
10654s that 40 is five they have to find
10656s something that's going to give them that
10657s final little push through those arches
10660s but Sawhill has so much dominance over
10662s here on The High Ground
10665s they have that Sombra though in the back
10667s line it seems that she has been spotted
10670s Fifi
10672s able to just kind of run around in the
10675s invis while the rest of the squad
10677s fighting with Sawhill they're gonna back
10680s off the anti-nade comes through big
10682s though Abby's gonna have to be a little
10683s bit more hesitant wait for the heels to
10685s come through but once again now the EMP
10688s over here on the side for Celtics baby
10691s was just so Surefire went to sleep and
10694s now saw him in the Primal Rage they're
10697s going to have the Nanos as well and
10700s they're able to just get the primed
10701s Primal Rage Winston with the Nano into
10705s the back line diving onto the Brigitte
10707s and forcing them forward which allows
10710s the rest of the team to clean up to
10712s fight Abby trying to get away with only
10715s the mech but it's just all over with
10719s FiFi stalling on the point it's not
10721s enough
10723s 93 meters for Genesis rain on first push
10727s I mean they were never able to really
10729s dislodge saw Hill saw Hill got so much
10731s work done and I want to point out once
10734s again the fact that Azure had duplicate
10737s in the first extended fight got a second
10739s one up and duplicated the Tracer had the
10742s pulse bomb ready to go but everybody was
10743s dead uh before they actually were able
10746s to let loose this so I mean it went a
10748s bacon but still I mean the focus fire
10750s the damage boost coming through from
10752s Lizard wizard just absolutely owning
10754s through here saw Hill just completely
10756s unbothered uh completely moisturized in
10759s their Lane
10761s absolutely yeah you got to be
10762s moisturized got to be moisturized with
10764s the monkey
10765s uh and with the Sombra Tracer as well
10769s it's a lot harder to Target the echo
10771s because even though you do have that
10773s hack there if you have the Echo and the
10775s mercy they can just stay in the air and
10777s the damage is just a little bit further
10779s off and it's difficult to try and get on
10782s top of them now Genesis rain they're
10784s going to actually take out the
10785s Widowmaker though the echo Mercy combo
10787s is there as well as the get started on
10790s the defense for Timeless ethereal
10791s instead looking at an Anna Lucio Yep
10795s they're looking for the anti-nates going
10797s in uh to deal with mathrya and Abby you
10800s saw how much work they got done uh on to
10803s the diva Diva was not really a presence
10805s for Genesis rain in their Attack Phase
10807s so a little bit easier to here for
10809s Genesis rain to hold High ground you're
10812s going to be looking though you're going
10813s to be looking for Sawhill to get the
10815s engagements and well I mean obviously
10817s the Widowmaker here is going to be a
10819s first priority here picks have to come
10820s through
10822s yeah that first shot now they just got
10824s the tip off that the Widowmaker is
10826s hiding somewhere behind the buildings
10828s Candy Pop still yet to get that damage
10831s down but on the other hand Fifi is
10834s taking a lot of heat Mercy right here by
10837s their side and they're able to get that
10839s heel back up but Sawhill Timeless
10842s ethereal making a lot of space so far
10844s Genesis rain fighting a lot harder for
10847s this first point for the first choke and
10850s Abby just hiding in the building
10851s spotting out saw Hill the monkey is
10854s going to have to retreat back to the
10856s rest of the team while algebrae just
10857s spams down some suppression fire making
10860s sure that they can't follow up onto
10862s their tank we saw Hill took a lot of
10864s damage there but it's a lot of turds
10865s giving over to Cal and what a good Lord
10868s what a sleep coming through from Cal
10871s hey get the res off though on to beefy
10874s but it's not going to matter very
10876s quickly taken down by the dynamite along
10879s with the shots and asare just showing
10882s off how proficient they are with the
10885s echo especially with the mercy right
10887s inside of their pocket it's gonna be
10890s down to Fifi and Abby to get
10892s can test for as long as they can Nano
10895s will be up for Cal with any kind of
10896s serious damage coming through yeah Candy
10898s Pop has to pop off here
10903s at me a right at the furthest push and
10907s they're trying to get the hooray Tracer
10908s in harass the battle they didn't touch
10911s they didn't touch
10916s it oh
10918s the letter number the letter numbers
10922s yes
10923s you everyone knows what letter number we
10925s are talking about in that last final
10928s play then now we just get to watch
10930s Sawhill go absolutely insane when it
10933s comes to diving this back Lane the
10935s Winston is so strong when Timeless
10938s ethereal have got started it proves that
10941s they are very very powerful and they are
10944s just a force to be reckoned with as soon
10946s as that momentum is on their side ugh
10948s it's been zero days it's been zero days
10951s since that happened in honestly you
10953s should have a whiteboard behind you
10955s I should I should uh I think I think
10958s that's coming up next uh on my on my
10961s to-do list but honestly I mean the fact
10963s that Azure was really dominating on this
10966s Echo I mean saw him putting a ton of
10968s work in on the monkey but I think as Ray
10970s was really the focal point for this
10973s composition being able to flip around I
10975s mean they had everything in their power
10977s uh Cal sleeping through uh the EMP yeah
10982s and taking DB down after being emped
10986s hello I mean absolutely Bonkers out of
10990s them but you know what that is map
10992s number three Timeless ethereal go on to
10995s match point here in our first to three
10997s and it's gonna bring us up to a break uh
11000s while we let these two teams get their
11002s breath together get a get a quick drink
11004s maybe get a little snacky snack uh in
11006s the intro but we'll be back with map
11007s number four it's gonna be push when we
11009s come back from these messages
11013s [Music]
11034s thank you
11045s [Music]
11061s what's up everybody Chef Billy here and
11064s if you know anything about me you look
11066s at my Twitter it's all about raising up
11069s voices and giving the support where it
11072s is needed and now is the best time for
11074s anybody else that wants to join in
11076s please join in with us where did I get
11078s started with this well it was actually a
11079s console gaming League uh I was a Caster
11082s there and I was kind of shy about who I
11084s was and they finally just said you know
11086s what Billy just be you be you be on
11088s camera be you and now that's what we're
11091s gonna do for our marginalized and
11093s diverse communities that we need here so
11095s we need more Heroes are you gonna join
11098s us hi everyone my name is Tiny shiney
11100s and I'm a play-by-play Caster who
11102s identifies she her pronouns one of the
11104s best moments I've had with the OverWatch
11105s Community had to have been when I
11107s attended the OverWatch League 2022
11109s summer Showdown finals in Toronto it was
11111s mind-blowing to see all of these people
11113s of different ages backgrounds and
11115s identities all come together under one
11116s love for OverWatch during all the cheers
11118s of the crowd mixed with the top tier
11120s commentary and of course watching some
11122s of the best players in the world play
11123s the game we all enjoy was absolutely
11125s surreal and a moment I'll never forget
11127s calling all heroes is important because
11128s of the safe environment and visibility
11130s it provides the marginalized groups
11132s competing within the OverWatch community
11134s gender groups are heavily
11136s underrepresented when it comes to the
11137s Esports world and the initiative taken
11139s by calling all heroes has created a safe
11141s space for competition this event gives
11143s players a boost of equity to further
11145s establish themselves in the OverWatch
11146s Esports scene and continue to develop
11148s their talents in a team environment
11150s Colonel Heroes not only provides
11151s opportunities to players and staff but
11153s spreads the message that anyone can be a
11155s hero
11157s [Music]
11214s thank you
11217s [Music]
11230s thank you
11232s foreign
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11289s thank you
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11534s foreign
11539s [Music]
11551s we just came from Italy and now we are
11553s headed over to Portugal over in
11556s ashperanza for our next map of this
11560s matchup I am epitome is joined by Chef
11562s Billy and we are so excited to bring you
11564s a map 4 of Genesis rain versus Timeless
11568s ethereal currently at a 2-1 score line I
11572s mean Timeless ethereal has really turned
11574s it around since lijon Tower so yeah I
11577s mean Hollywood was pretty dominant
11579s Rialto was pretty dominant as well and
11581s now we'll see uh we have the Joker your
11583s queen come back out here drunker Queen
11585s works very well here I I do like the
11588s jumper Queen here because well there is
11590s high ground to contest uh the payload is
11593s very finite and that it will be on the
11595s ground and you can really use drunker
11598s Queen to a lot of good Advantage here
11600s using the commanding shot to get on top
11601s of your opposition uh definitely the way
11604s to go for me personally so we're gonna
11605s see actually the mirror here uh for both
11608s these uh teams now big differences look
11611s at the DPS here for Genesis yeah they're
11613s looking for High Ground Control with the
11615s ash but then Fifi is looking for that up
11618s in your face brawl spread the fish back
11620s over to the trusty Sombra so they are
11624s looking for a fantastic about a
11626s harassment once again yeah this Tracer
11630s Sombra just puts so much pressure
11631s pressure onto the back line of Genesis
11634s Reign especially since they have that
11635s Genji who wants to go for the brawl but
11637s they have to be protecting these
11639s supports now Fifi getting a little bit
11640s of early damage onto azray they're going
11642s to force the Tracer off the back and
11644s Genesis Reign takes that first point of
11647s the objective and is able to get that
11649s push started on the robot but Phoebe
11651s spotting out the Sombra now fret the
11653s fish also having to back off at azerite
11656s being taken down just walking into the
11659s line of the shurikens now harassment
11662s onto the Abbey but Abby's able to take
11664s down lizard wizard instead and although
11666s the push is momentarily halted Genesis
11669s Reign is still able to find so much Abby
11672s on the junker Queen Once Again such a
11675s comfort pick for this squad Genesis rain
11678s push forward
11680s seeing a little bit of a uh change up
11682s here coming from Timeless Superior Azure
11683s going over to the ash so you mean the
11686s burst damage from the dynamite alone
11687s forces that swap out so we'll see if
11690s there's gonna be any other changes
11691s coming through for Timeless ethereal
11693s because this is going to be a first
11694s point being taken here there's time to
11696s get a contest and well we're seeing Abby
11698s on fire
11701s Abby is doing a lot more Genesis rain
11703s Squad so far saw Hill is doing their
11706s best to try and get back into the fight
11709s but still taking so much damage so
11711s quickly that it's just not enough to get
11714s them around the corner already the first
11716s checkpoint has been raised by Genesis
11718s rain a forward spawn being activated and
11721s the Glens is able to get the dynamite
11723s away but somehow they have another one
11725s ready Timeless ethereal they're finally
11728s getting a bit of value though saw Hill
11730s able to find the space and the team kill
11733s first team kill of the match goes to
11735s Timeless ethereal uh as you're right now
11737s with the uh with the extra mobility of
11740s the coach gun allows them to deny a lot
11743s of the damage coming in from Genesis
11744s ring the big problem right now is that
11746s they don't have a sport ultimate 10 away
11748s from both Cal and lizard wizard beefy if
11751s they can get this blade out early it's
11752s gonna be a fight
11753s and as you call it the blade comes
11757s through both of the Kitsune rushes
11759s activated and now that they have the
11760s sound own barrier counteract that Dragon
11763s like genesis rain have a little bit of a
11765s harder time but they're not gonna need
11766s it they just do so much damage dish out
11769s the DPS in a matter of seconds and
11772s Timeless ethereal they collapse all
11775s right well this is a this is gonna be a
11776s four Ultimate Fight for both squads here
11778s uh who lets loose with the trigger first
11781s uh we always say that the second
11783s ultimate generally wins the fight so
11785s it's all gonna be about how you portion
11787s these out does Candy Pop go in uh with
11790s the Bob first uh to contest the point do
11792s you put Fifi out there with a blade I
11794s definitely gonna be looking for them
11797s oh saw Hill just raids out the tanks and
11801s now Genesis rain they are missing that
11804s big uh Health thing of the junker Queen
11807s but they have the Bob and it just delays
11809s the team a little bit longer they wanted
11811s to stay around the corner as the ray
11813s being taken down by the ash still so
11815s much control of The High Ground that
11817s candy pop has Cal is looking for a
11820s little bit of damage but the Kirito just
11822s can't do enough going instead to Swift
11824s step over to the jungler queen trying to
11826s keep their tank alive and the Dragon
11827s Blade comes through lizard wizard not
11830s risking the sound barrier and instead
11833s the team is just going to fall they're
11835s going to be sent back to spawn as
11836s Genesis rain is allowed to push even
11838s further I need Fifi really holding on to
11841s the Dragon Blade long enough for all of
11843s the cooldowns to come out of Timeless
11844s ethereal and they were able to get Dash
11847s reset through that so that's a great
11848s fight when they still have
11851s the sound barrier in response for this
11854s upcoming Rampage from Sawhill I mean
11857s these jumper cleats they're really
11859s holding on to their ultimates they don't
11860s want to pop it early yeah
11863s and with the junker Queen ultimate
11865s you're really trying to force that
11866s cleanse out of the Kirito but there's
11869s the cleanse from Genesis rainside as Bob
11872s comes through to dish out so much damage
11874s Abby still has the Rampage to go through
11877s but now it's being forced into the
11880s corner the Rampage comes out counter
11882s Rampage goes quickly and only the sound
11884s barrier for Timeless ethereal is able to
11887s counteract all the damage the consuming
11889s Rush also invested into the fight by
11891s Genesis rain but they're not going to
11893s get anything out of it lizard wizard
11895s with a huge sound barrier to save this
11897s squad and allow them to venture further
11900s back into enemy territory I mean they've
11902s got now the sound barrier difference
11904s between the two I mean that absolutely
11906s wins in the fight I think for you
11908s probably wants to have theirs back but
11910s they're leading now uh by about 25 but
11913s Cal is gonna have the consumer Rush on
11916s top of this and threat the fish I mean
11918s on the Tracer has pulse bomb in their
11920s back pocket
11922s yeah still having the katsune rush that
11924s Cal is holding on to with excellent
11926s since matrea kind of threw out the Panic
11929s ultimate back there and Cal what in the
11932s world taking down candy pop so we got an
11935s ash out the Bob is still coming back up
11937s for Candy Pop while azaray still
11940s recharging that ultimate in terms of the
11942s DPS ultimates Genesis Reign they do have
11945s a leg up but Fred the Fish once again
11947s with the harassment on the Tracer should
11949s be able to get that pulse bomb up very
11951s quickly and oh the dunker Queen takes so
11953s much damage the dynamite goes down the
11955s Glens does come through but it's still
11957s ticking for azerite the cleanse came out
11959s a little bit too early and Sawhill is
11962s able to find Phoebe with a dragon knight
11964s Abby however answers right back on Fred
11967s the Fish and now without the robot being
11969s contested they're just being pushed
11971s further down the road candy pop with the
11973s Bob now out as Ray is looking to get the
11976s damage through but has to back off with
11978s lizard wizard right at their side the
11980s Kitsune Rush from Timeless Imperial
11982s didn't do anything for them and now
11984s Genesis rain they come through with a
11986s giant knife great disengage out of the
11989s Kitsune Russian they re-engage with the
11992s Bob the Bob is placed perfectly forces
11995s everybody back and then Abby just goes
11997s ham or with the jagged Blade with the
11999s Carnage and they're just living for this
12002s now for you almost on sound barrier
12005s they're gonna have that advantage in
12007s this fight Fifi with a blade as well
12008s this is going to be very impactful if
12011s they can really push it out and take an
12012s ads right down with Bob and hands this
12014s is huge
12016s Rampage from Timeless ethereal just
12020s counteract so much though Fifi doesn't
12022s want to rinse the Dragon Blade here and
12024s Cal is actually able to melee the Genji
12026s out of the fight so now we're looking at
12028s Timeless ethereal such a huge advantage
12031s in terms of the bodies that are on the
12033s objective and Abby is getting taken down
12035s very quickly with for you being the only
12038s one that has that sustain for this squad
12041s Genesis rain they're still getting so
12043s far though push is one of those Maps
12045s where the losing team just has to work
12047s so much harder in order to get
12049s themselves back onto even ground I mean
12051s it'll be you know forward spawns here
12053s for Genesis ring so they'll be able to
12055s re-engage very quickly uh you know
12058s you're looking at sound barrier for both
12059s sides the blade is still available with
12061s the Bob difference I think Bob will be
12063s very impactful here yeah if Azure can
12065s get it into the back line and force the
12066s cooldowns out of Genesis ring
12069s both sound barriers available though no
12071s matter what ultimate comes through
12073s there's always going to be the sound
12074s barrier to counter wrath and now
12076s Timeless Theory will be invested
12078s everything there's the Rampage to come
12080s through Abby was just waiting for the
12082s right moment waiting for lizard wizard
12084s to take out the sound barrier and now
12086s Genesis rain they're looking to come out
12088s on top of this fight but still that saw
12090s Hill is able to find so much there is
12093s the cleanse there's the Susu Puerto Rico
12095s to stay alive midreya actually finds one
12098s in Sawhill and Fred the Fish despite
12100s being a DPS is actually running tail in
12103s between their legs from this kiriko Cal
12106s is able to hold on I mean
12109s mythria right now is just having a good
12112s it's just having a fun time right now
12113s just having you know a wonderful stroll
12115s through the streets of Portugal and uh
12117s you know clicking heads while they go
12119s through it now sound barrier still
12121s available before you so great ultimate
12122s discipline once again and you're gonna
12124s be able to get so much value out of this
12126s they should be able to push him Beyond
12128s this 110 million Mark I think this is
12131s really going to be coming down to a
12132s couple of bites here for Genesis rape to
12134s even us up and put us on map 5.
12138s yeah Genesis rain they are looking very
12141s controlled and even though Timeless
12143s material they're able to win some fights
12145s they have to win so much more in a row
12147s now the Kitsune arrest from Cal is just
12150s neutralized by the sound barrier the Bob
12152s coming through from Candy Pop as well
12154s and they don't have anything Timeless
12156s ethereal in order to just counter that
12159s now they just have to back out around
12161s the corner and they're unable to contest
12163s the robot as heavily as they wanted to
12165s the Rampage is going to allow a lot of
12168s damage to go out onto Fifi and for you
12170s though but not enough to secure and pick
12172s now it's the echo switch that we're
12175s looking at from Timeless ethereal that
12177s might be able to delay just a little bit
12179s further but doubt 30 seconds remaining
12181s before this squad it just doesn't seem
12184s like there's a lot that Timeless and
12186s serial can do at this point
12188s rush and the Rampage online any further
12192s pitch going over to the National their
12193s own and we saw how fast azerite got to
12195s get out before but I'm they're going so
12197s low I think about already early
12200s yeah and they don't have the mercy
12201s pocket this time around either so as a
12204s ray they are just taken down quickly the
12206s Rampage goes through the lead applied to
12208s almost all of the players of Timeless
12210s ethereal and they go down in a fiery
12213s blaze of glory the warlord Abbey
12216s reclaiming her throne over here on the
12219s junker Queen I mean what a map there
12221s from Genesis rain and it was really on
12223s the back of mythrient for you enabling
12226s Abby to get so much work done and I know
12229s as rain played their heart out here on
12233s this map but it was just too much front
12235s loaded pressure here from Genesis rain
12238s Timeless material just did not have the
12240s answers the early fights coming through
12242s Fifi getting the work done on the Genji
12244s just an Immaculate map there coming from
12247s Genesis rain it does take us to map
12249s number five
12251s yeah and Genesis rain this is already
12254s such a close uh best of five with
12258s Timeless ethereal once again being the
12261s winners of the last calling all heroes
12263s major so they are neck and neck with the
12266s previous champions of this of series
12270s I mean I'll tell you what beefy is
12273s really impressive and she is putting on
12275s a clinic today I mean the blades you
12278s know well you know it's not you know
12279s three man blades the impact on them uh
12282s pulling cooldowns out getting even one
12284s is enough especially in 5v5 I mean
12287s taking that one kill out is the value is
12289s gained right there so for these two
12292s teams uh you know the control is gonna
12294s be up here again for the mountain five
12296s and a happy you know if Abby is going to
12299s a map where it's a junker queen-centric
12302s map I mean I tell you what this could be
12304s uh this could be a very lights out for
12307s Genesis rain they have the opportunity
12309s to give us one of the biggest upsets
12311s we've had in quite a while
12314s yeah and this is just Mathias a little
12317s bit of a stat sheet here over on that
12319s last map we saw that myth Raya was
12321s having a little bit fun on the kiriko
12323s was even able to take out the tank and
12325s had Fred running from her on the Tracer
12328s so she was definitely kind of a force to
12331s be reckoned with there was a little bit
12333s of you know spaghetti dropping on some
12335s Panic ultimates but at the end of the
12337s day the Kitsune Rush was so readily
12339s available in almost every single fight
12341s and it enabled their dps's so well
12344s especially with the mobility that you
12346s have on the junker Queen and on the
12348s Genji and both those ultimates from the
12351s junker queen and the Genji as well the
12352s Rampage and the dragonblade they have
12354s the potential to force out the sound
12356s barrier and once you have one of them
12358s out there in the world then you know
12360s that the other one is enabled to get a
12362s guaranteed kill here well I mean this is
12364s uh this has been a truly uh phenomenal
12367s performance from the seventh ranked team
12369s coming here on our calling all heroes
12371s circuit I mean 875 points to timeless
12374s ethereal's 4500 points and they are
12376s taking it neck and neck so regardless of
12379s how this goes uh I think that you know
12381s Genesis rain have really shown uh that
12384s they are thriving in this junker Queen
12387s meta right now with all the Buffs that
12389s came through for the Joker Queen I mean
12390s they're just living their best life
12392s right now and we're gonna see about that
12395s because wow I mean Abby really is you
12398s know one of the best that I've seen
12401s yeah I mean Abby she got started over
12404s there on the zarya and we were like oh
12406s is this what we're doing we're playing
12407s the zarya but instead and then she
12410s switches on to the junker Queen and on
12412s maps where you can play Jungle Queen she
12414s plays
12416s absolutely so well on the younger Queen
12418s she just plays her heart out on that
12420s hero and going on to the next map I want
12424s to know if it's a jungko queen map I
12426s feel like that might just be the
12427s determining factor for whether or not
12430s Genesis Reign are going to be able to
12432s dominate on that map and if Timeless
12434s ethereal can't find an answer to this
12436s junker Queen and is a junker Queen map
12438s then we might see one of the biggest
12440s upsets here in the calling all heroes
12442s minor thus far I mean if we go to Nepal
12444s uh then it's uh then I I think it's
12447s going to be very much a junker Queen map
12450s uh pick for them and I mean you can you
12454s can say what you want uh Abby has proven
12456s uh that the junker Queen uh needs to be
12459s reckoned with and that's gonna have to
12460s be something that that Timeless ethereal
12462s really do play into their strengths and
12465s I think the Sawhill will have to be uh
12468s that person that comes through and deals
12471s with this and looking at how these two
12473s teams are playing right now there's not
12474s much in between them
12477s it is definitely going to be a tough
12480s call this feels like such a coin flip
12483s especially on the control map because
12485s they were going really far back and
12486s forth on the Zhang Tower and it was
12489s ultimately the junker queen versus zarya
12492s pick versus the potential Winston and
12495s then it allows them to close the gap
12497s between the dps's as well we saw a Hanzo
12500s and it may even come out from Timeless
12502s ethereal and they just could not contend
12504s with the song per Tracer that was being
12506s brought forth by Genesis rain you know
12509s what I mean this is going to take a lot
12510s of focus for both teams uh to deal with
12513s and uh well we've got one shot uh energy
12516s shoes and focus shoes I tell you what
12518s these are really good they have 75
12521s milligrams of caffeine in them and I
12523s mean I don't need any more energy but I
12525s tell you what if you're slagging uh when
12527s you're playing comp you're trying to you
12529s know do your ladder grind uh oh my gosh
12531s these taste so good it's the best
12536s yeah I mean it's like the thing with
12538s energy drinks is like who really wants
12540s to stay hydrated but if you get that
12543s little bit of candy you can just kind of
12544s chew it on the side and you keep going
12546s and you just keep going and now we
12549s actually have our next map it's going to
12551s be ilios and this is great news for all
12554s the Lucio players out there especially
12556s on Elio as well
12559s um but I'm also curious the junker Queen
12561s can come out here but it also kind of
12563s opens the door for a few other tank
12565s picks as well I mean junker Queen plays
12569s very well here especially with Gracie on
12572s well you can pull somebody in into the
12574s into the pit of Hell as I call the the
12576s hole in well and it looks like we're
12578s gonna start on ruins yeah we're gonna
12581s start on ruins here so I mean this is
12583s the brawl Centric map you're definitely
12585s going to see the drunker Queen
12585s compositions come out here
12588s yeah both of these teams going into the
12590s junker Queen however it's once again
12592s that Ash Genji versus the Sombra Tracer
12596s and we're going to see what they can get
12598s done in the first bite as the control
12600s point is unlocking they're trying to
12602s take control of the inner corner of the
12604s map fighting over on the bridge and on
12606s The High Ground on the side of Timeless
12608s ethereal forcing their way into Genesis
12610s rain spawn and with the pick of the
12613s Tracer and the zombra they really want
12615s to get the harassment they want to get
12616s that pinch play in and they're
12618s definitely laying down a bit of damage
12620s but Genesis rain is doing good job of
12622s forcing them back as well Fifi falling
12625s just all hell though now the Genji the
12627s front loaded damage with the brawl is
12629s going to fall and Fred the Fish also
12632s being able to find a few more pigs so
12635s with the help of the hack all left up to
12637s for you now and the Lucio cannot hold on
12641s immediately control point taken over by
12643s Timeless ethereal I mean early early
12645s progress here for Timeless ethereal and
12648s Amazon Fred the Fish getting a manual
12650s hack taking Fifi out uh they control
12652s Mega on the side of the point there as
12654s well so there was that resource there so
12656s I mean early early blood pressure here
12659s from Thomas ethereal they should get to
12660s about three percent uh it's gonna be a
12662s ketchup game here for Genesis rain to
12664s get back uh
12667s yes we're getting real low but able to
12671s still Escape candy cop switching off
12672s with Tracer however having to reset the
12675s ultimate charge up a little bit saw Hill
12677s able to stay alive with the commanding
12679s shout and Shrine of course the player is
12681s back Genesis reign of contesting the
12684s point but it's the Rampage to come
12686s through from Sawhill that's going to
12688s finish off that despite so much damage
12690s being taken and there is no suzu in
12692s sight it's all left up to Candy Pop and
12695s Azure a is going to come out on top
12698s decisively I mean the engagements that's
12701s coming through right now you see the
12702s manual Hots coming through from Fred the
12704s pitch that's the go sign for everybody
12705s to pounce upon that Target oh my creepy
12709s gets absolutely deleted by Fred the Fish
12712s they are having a fantastic game right
12714s now in Ezra uh just gonna be that
12716s nuisance factor that we love out of
12718s every single trace
12719s oh my God it looked like Abby just gave
12722s up there at one point and I mean
12724s Timeless ethereal even the ultimate
12727s charges you have to have the sports even
12728s get the ultimate up once this is the
12730s first time we're seeing Abby have the
12732s Rampage already saw Hill as 50 charged
12735s to another Rampage and Azure fret the
12738s fish a cow all having that in the back
12740s pocket lizard wizard bound to have that
12743s sound barrier and the EMP comes through
12745s very quickly sound barrier from poor you
12747s to counter rack and there's the Rampage
12749s from Abby this fight is suddenly
12752s changing momentum and Genesis rain seems
12755s to happen in their back pocket but
12756s Timeless ethereal they're going to try
12758s and the swing back our control of the
12761s point has been surrendered with threat
12763s the fish falling and Azure still trying
12765s to be a nuisance to the back lines but
12767s cannot do so instead every single player
12770s of Timeless ethereal being sent back to
12772s spawn and to regroup I mean it's an
12775s expensive bite from Genesis rain but
12776s also you know two ultimates or three
12778s ultimates came out from times ethereal
12780s there as well so the economy completely
12782s reset your posts GPS ultimates ready to
12785s go for rain and I mean looking at the
12788s sound barrier difference this should be
12789s an easy flip here on the back of that
12791s ultimate
12794s the Dragon Blade definitely one of those
12797s ultimates to watch for when you're
12799s playing the Blue Shield with the sound
12801s barrier and I definitely fully expect it
12802s to come out but oh my God duck cow the
12806s cow somehow survives that and with the
12808s sound barrier going out without even an
12810s ultimate being popped from Fifi old
12812s again she goes down though and with the
12814s Rampage putting so much anti-help Honda
12817s Genesis brain they're not able to deal
12819s with the amount of pressure that saw
12821s Hill is putting forward sahil this time
12824s looking to become the chunker queen
12827s player that comes out on top I mean Fifi
12830s dies with blade in hand and I mean it
12832s was the sound barrier difference lizard
12834s wizard holding on as long as they need
12836s it and it's exactly what I thought would
12837s happen you know putting out having the
12840s sound barrier difference you get the
12841s overhealth there and you're just
12843s basically unkillable especially with the
12844s commanding shout giving you the extra
12846s beyond that I mean this was perfectly
12848s played here from Timeless ethereal and
12851s Genesis rain you know they're at map 5
12853s the got one map here to pull it level
12856s otherwise we're gonna see a 3-2 win here
12858s for timeless ethereum
12862s and this was just so chaotic on all
12866s fronts as well especially Genesis Reign
12868s being able to swing it back also that
12870s pulse bomb onto Cal and Cal somehow
12873s being able to survive that as well
12875s now looking on to this next map though
12878s they're taking out the ash Echo with the
12881s mercy on the side and on the other hand
12883s Genesis rain it's the Brigitte Anna so
12886s we are really looking at the honest
12887s survivability from Timeless ethereal
12889s will has three and lizard wizard be able
12892s to harass enough to keep the attention
12894s of Genesis rain oh my God off of their
12897s support and Azure already finding the
12900s pick and there's the Winston from
12901s Sawhill and saw Hill is so comfortable
12903s on the monkey once again taking control
12906s of The High Ground Abby attempts to uh
12909s contest here but Candy Pop and Fifi they
12912s just don't have as much control of the
12914s air space as this Mercy Echo Duo does
12917s and he put some respect on Cal's name
12920s that anti-nation completely Olivia's
12922s Cavalry cup twice now in two fights oh
12925s my God good Lord as Ray also just having
12929s a fantastic time on the echo this is
12931s this is this is brutal somebody yeah
12935s including
12937s uh
12939s this is um
12941s well
12943s well you know they already have control
12946s of the point they're already up to 25
12948s they can't potentially sweep this around
12950s Fifi is going to look to match but that
12953s also means resetting that ultimate timer
12955s uh build up and asare already has the
12958s duplicate ready as well and on top of
12960s that they have the mercy in the back
12962s pocket for you and with Reya they are
12964s doing a good job of protecting the Anna
12966s but as soon as that brigita goes down
12969s you have a problem now a double tank
12971s with the Winston already up Catholic and
12974s inspiring away at the pizza even this
12977s support cannot keep the Winston away for
12979s a too long Fifi does fall after trading
12981s through Sawhill but they still have that
12984s Echo available for the secondary tank
12986s now the duplicate does run out but
12987s there's the Nano just to mitigate so
12990s much damage for this squad now it's
12992s looking once again to take control of
12995s the air space as saw Hill finally gets
12998s back into the fight I mean this has been
13000s extended by and really not any value
13015s they should be able to match the
13017s percentage from Timeless ethereal and
13019s they're gonna have four ultimates coming
13020s into this next fight
13023s Genesis rain they flipped the point over
13026s to their side Timeless cereal they're
13028s trying to get the ultimates up but
13031s there's the beefy popping the duplicate
13034s and also able to get the Primal Rage out
13037s now there's saw Hill just trying to
13039s force all these players off the point a
13042s lot of damage being put down by madrea
13044s but is it enough there's a mercy coming
13047s through and the Tesla can inspiring away
13049s once again babita attempting to survive
13052s the onslaught from the Winston but on
13055s the back end the rest of Timeless
13057s ethereal is finding so much value as
13059s during one percent away from the
13061s duplicate while Timeless ethereal threat
13063s to fish on the point with the ash having
13065s the Bob ready a potential six-man to put
13067s into the fight now flipping the point
13069s over to their side once again this
13072s second round is becoming very very close
13074s but Genesis Reign they do not have the
13076s wiggle room here Nano Advantage here to
13079s Genesis random they're gonna pop in
13081s early Bob onto the point and uh well uh
13085s kind of a wasted ultimate there I think
13086s uh I I think yeah Fred's gonna want that
13088s one back because now they have all the
13090s engagement tools going Nano out onto
13092s Abby
13094s they do have that duplicate once again
13097s from azrae that ultimate is literally
13099s looking like a pulse bomb the way that
13101s this Echo is building it up however
13103s press the fish falling even if there was
13106s a bob that can't be used here but you
13108s still have the duplicate you could
13109s potentially get a second tank into this
13112s fight but now Cal going down and no
13115s Resurrection in sight is going to be a
13118s tough one that the Bernita comes in
13119s lizard wizard falling for the perdita
13121s very quickly is also neutralized Echo
13125s being forced out of the duplicate form
13127s once again Point flipped over to Genesis
13130s rain
13131s going into the 80th percentile I mean
13134s we've got Nano available Cal here so
13136s that's gonna go on to saw Hill so it's
13138s going to get a lot of work that building
13139s up to that next level rage Fifi might be
13141s able to get a duplicate through if they
13142s can land it through it
13147s and Candy Pop also getting work done now
13150s on the Tracer there's the mercy here but
13152s she is just so diveable with the Winston
13155s and the Tesla Cannon in hand and now
13157s Azure has lost the pocket over time
13159s activated with a touch but it's just a
13163s touch objective secured by Genesis rain
13166s now a 1-1 score line headed into round
13169s three which is ilios well okay so
13172s there's there's two there there's two
13174s schools of thought here pennies uh I
13177s mean azaray has shown us that they are
13180s absolutely freaking amazing with the
13183s with the echo uh time zone again I mean
13187s Cal was getting the work done the Dives
13188s came through when Fifi swapped over to
13190s the answering Echo that's when this
13192s entire map flipped on its head Fifi was
13194s matching blowford glow from Azure and I
13198s mean the duplicates were fantastic the
13200s focus fire was good uh really impressed
13203s with what they got done there so now
13205s junker queen versus Winston
13208s this is going to be a very interesting
13211s look here and it's gonna be the Candy
13212s Pop tracer
13215s I mean Abby proven to be very very
13217s proficient on the junker queen as Ray
13221s once again with the mercy pocket in on
13224s this Echo while Fred the Fish has gone
13226s back to the Old Reliable Sombra and
13229s spread the fish is able to get a lot of
13231s damage down on the Fifi not to mention
13233s the anti-name going to delay them from
13235s wanting to push any further as a race so
13238s much damage can be outputted by this
13240s Echo the focusing fire onto Fifi is able
13243s to take out the enemy now with the first
13246s point being taken by Genesis Reign
13248s though the control goes over to this
13250s Genesis rain Squad Timeless ethereal
13253s they definitely weren't expecting this
13254s saw hill now looking to get a bit of
13257s early damage down before regrouping with
13259s the rest of the team but looking at the
13260s ultimates the support ultimate of the
13263s Nano goes to Cal but on the other hand
13265s the rest of the team is just so far
13267s ahead with Jenison Springs inside
13270s I mean that's big picks come through
13272s Asbury once again taking this uh fight
13275s into their own hands oh this is all
13278s about stalling right now I mean yeah
13281s Candy Pops you were not long for this
13282s world so about 33 here for Genesis rain
13285s uh they're gonna have ultimates coming
13287s up in line for the Recon test but it's
13289s all about the Timeless ethereal moving
13290s forward taking space away from Genesis
13293s range and I mean Candy Pop I think
13295s supports right now they don't have the
13298s escapability uh like they had with the
13300s uh with the ketico and the Isuzu to be
13302s able to counteract that pulse bomb soap
13304s Candy Pop it's gonna have to be very kg
13307s with this pulse bomb
13317s with this hero in order to try and get
13320s themselves in the one to fight an
13322s ultimate invest and now the Rampage the
13324s anti-made is so good for Genesis rain
13328s now they still Force themselves onto
13330s sight Azure is just fighting alone and
13333s the flip goes through despite the
13336s duplicate despite the Rampage despite
13339s all the anti-and-damage I mean Genesis
13342s rain did that in the neutral we're gonna
13344s have five ultimates here to despite Fred
13346s the Fish though in the neutral though
13347s takes down Fifi so the duplicate offline
13350s for now and a big sleep on to mathrya
13354s they even have to switch stuff out of
13356s this damage
13358s and how the Rampage does come out from
13360s Abby just trying to fight in the corner
13362s but as the ray doing so well on the echo
13365s once again it seems like it's
13367s flip-flopping back and forth sometimes
13368s the fights go their way sometimes they
13370s don't but now with the mercy being taken
13372s down by mithiriah it's going to give a
13374s little bit less survivability to Azure a
13376s little bit less confidence in the air
13378s but they still have control of the point
13380s and they have ample time to get back on
13383s the objective Genesis reign with three
13385s ultimates in their pockets you're
13387s looking at the EMP to deny the the value
13392s out of this upcoming
13393s that's a huge ESPN they actually let
13396s loose with it early oh my gosh the EMP
13398s from fresa fish enables so well the rest
13402s of Timeless ethereal team and saw Hill
13404s still staying alive with the help of the
13406s Anna right behind and that bionic nade
13409s is able to keep the health up now
13412s surpassing Genesis rain in percentage
13415s Timeless ethereal or looking at a slight
13417s Advantage but they are are missing a few
13419s ultimates Azure can build up that
13421s duplicate very quickly but on the other
13423s side Fifi already has it ready to go and
13425s the Kitsune rush and sound barriers have
13428s so much more power than a potential
13430s valve but the Nano does come out and saw
13433s Hill is looking to Force these players
13436s through but the Kitsune rush just let
13438s some slip through their ranks Cal does
13440s fall the Army getting Dove onto but the
13442s duplicates are ready for Timeless
13445s Imperial means that as Ray has oh we're
13447s gonna do something falls into the well
13450s and Fifi takes down threats officially
13453s overtime is headed over to Genesis
13455s Reigns Direction and they're able to
13457s flip the point now they want to fight
13459s further into the spawn they can't let
13461s them get a single toe onto the
13463s subjective threat the fish with the
13465s invisibility they need to wash out for
13467s though the Sombra can very easily sneak
13469s around their back lines while Sawhill
13471s forces them forward I mean Danny pop
13473s with the old spawn this could be on the
13476s towel and the cow does get taken out uh
13478s this is going to be a last second
13479s contest big hat come through the Rampage
13482s is not gonna be able to go through
13484s oh my gosh happy 97 on the ultimate and
13487s taken down now the fight is looking to
13490s be swinging to Timeless ethereal and
13492s they have such a little bit of time left
13495s it's overtime and the Rampage to try and
13497s get on the objective overtime running
13499s out quickly though and they do get a
13502s little bit of a touch in the both of the
13504s DPS players just get shredded Abby makes
13507s it on though gets another touch
13508s reactivates the overtime but with the
13510s Primal Rage coming through they have so
13512s much power to force them back still the
13515s contention from Abby though Staying
13517s Alive the EMP doesn't allow them to get
13520s those heels through the sustain isn't
13521s there mythrea Falls and now it's just
13525s all left up to one it's left up to two
13528s Candy Pop and Fifi what can they do when
13530s the answer is nothing Timeless ethereal
13533s it was close it was dicey but at the end
13537s of the day they prove that they can
13539s still take the crown as the victors of
13541s the previous major I mean I tell you
13543s what uh we were just treated to some of
13546s the best OverWatch uh regardless of the
13549s community this was a fantastic
13551s performance from both of these teams and
13554s I I just honored to be here as part of
13557s this this was fantastic out of both of
13559s them oh man I I think that the hack that
13563s came through from Fred the Fish there on
13564s the Abbey 97 to Rampage if you don't get
13567s that manual hack off I think we're
13569s looking at an upset there and looking in
13571s our chat uh looks like Rift Guardians uh
13574s against Whiplash who we previously Saw
13576s reverse sweep Whiplash and take the 3-2
13580s victory over in the other quarterfinal
13582s so man oh man it has been an interesting
13586s night here uh calling all heroes
13588s epitomies I mean this was this was a
13591s knock down drag him out beat your face
13593s uh kind of match up in I mean for both
13596s these squads I mean like I said before
13598s Genesis rain uh needs to be uh has some
13601s respect put on their name because they
13603s took the the previous major winner to
13606s the very brief
13609s and this it's not even as if Timeless
13612s ethereal was being challenged very
13615s severely in the last major either
13616s they've won the finals 3-0 so Genesis
13620s range should be incredibly proud of
13622s themselves for what they were able to do
13623s here in these quarter finals they were
13626s able to bring it all the way to five
13628s maps in this best of five and at the
13631s same time it they kept it really
13634s competitive on the third map too it
13635s could have gone either way at the very
13637s last fight and Timeless ethereal barely
13640s scraped a pass although they do send
13642s Genesis uh Genesis rain home Genesis
13645s Reign put up an incredible fight and you
13648s can just see the caliber of all the
13650s heroes that are answering the call I
13652s mean we I mean we need more Heroes like
13654s this uh this gender inclusive community
13656s this gender inclusive initiative is
13658s everything that I could have wanted for
13660s it I've been championing of the scene
13662s for a long time and get to see these
13665s players in action live here for myself
13668s uh is a tremendous honor and privilege
13672s and I tell you what there's still two
13674s more miners to go there's two majors to
13676s go there's also a last chance qualifier
13678s before we have the grand championships
13680s next year in 2024 so I mean we're gonna
13683s see Genesis rain in the future I I have
13685s cool whole confidence that they are
13688s going to make themselves uh completely
13690s uh viable in the future I mean this this
13693s team it was absolutely impressive
13695s epitomies and man Timeless ethereal
13699s whoo whoo I'd be scared of their uh by
13702s the Skin of Their Teeth they get through
13705s that was just a match-up and it was so
13708s exciting to watch and off the back of
13711s that we are going to be able to get an
13713s interview with the winners of these
13715s quarterfinals after a very quick break
13717s we'll get them all set up and we will
13719s see you then
13723s [Music]
13746s hi my name's himalayath and my pronouns
13749s are she her I'm a full-time OverWatch
13751s content creator and agent to support me
13753s and that plays mostly Anna and kiriko oh
13756s and uh I also struggle to stay on the
13759s map
13766s just think romacha's not good I think
13768s dude I did it again
13772s foreign
13774s I got into OverWatch because one of my
13776s college professors recommended it to me
13778s and I promised him I would play after I
13780s graduate weirdly enough I think he was
13782s also a GM on a main anyway when I
13784s finally did play it I got hooked
13785s instantly it just didn't really feel
13788s like any other game compared to it and
13790s here I am years ago still playing some
13792s of the most memorable moments in the
13793s community were during the Creator
13795s experimental patches I just think that
13797s was like a really cool way to get the
13799s community involved and I think pretty
13803s much everybody had fun playing it and I
13805s think it's awesome how many community's
13807s there are every single one is fun
13809s to watch and it's just really cool that
13813s so many people take initiative to bring
13815s the community together calling all
13817s heroes is important because so many
13819s marginalized gender people are afraid or
13822s simply can't get their foot in the door
13823s in Esports they're likely to receive
13825s harassment and be discriminated against
13827s so creating a space that allows them to
13829s freely and openly be who they are
13831s without fear of discrimination is
13833s important it also provides a way to
13835s highlight Esports talent that may have
13838s been overlooked otherwise following all
13840s heroes is necessary and an amazing
13842s organization
13845s [Music]
13857s thank you
13858s [Music]
13864s yep
13868s [Music]
13882s thank you
13886s [Music]
13895s [Music]
13918s foreign
13921s [Music]
13945s [Music]
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14004s thank you
14010s [Music]
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14032s and welcome back we are in the post
14036s match of a grueling best of Five series
14039s and we are here with Cal ow who is the
14044s support of Timeless and we are so
14046s excited to interview them SoCal how are
14050s you doing so far how do you feel after
14052s that match
14053s I'm pretty good it was it was it was a
14056s little bit of a Barney a little bit of a
14057s barn burner but it was fun very very
14060s enjoyable they just have like the two
14062s best DPS I've ever seen that could just
14065s be like lip's little brother or
14066s something a little sister
14067s [Laughter]
14068s on Genji but is very enjoyable very
14072s competitive too which made it really fun
14075s yeah and what did you expect going into
14077s that matchup
14079s uh I expected to get in you know pretty
14081s fast but we were met with like a brick
14084s wall per se
14085s and it was uh it was not what any of us
14088s were thinking that match was gonna
14089s entail
14091s I mean you guys won the previous major
14094s uh and you've had a pretty busy uh
14097s season as well uh competing in in uh in
14100s the oce uh arrogate open division he won
14102s the open division there you played with
14104s dire wolves uh as well so I mean the
14107s level of competition you just said that
14109s Fifi really impressed you uh what else
14111s impressed you about this Genesis team
14115s uh uh their their kiting was actually
14117s very very impressive like you don't
14118s really see that in like lower lower
14121s scale teams like not even in contenders
14122s you see that as much as like I saw today
14125s and it it really impressed me like their
14128s push and pull I guess with like their
14130s abilities on like their Ash that that
14132s person on ash is just too good like I
14135s couldn't pick anything we couldn't walk
14137s into anything like uh so and now teams
14140s got to get that player easily
14142s uh Candy Pop really did pop off uh and I
14145s mean you're you were actually popping
14147s off yourself I mean on Rialto uh we saw
14151s Fifi come in with the EMP and yet sleep
14153s and you anti and you delete uh that was
14157s pretty impressive talk us how that came
14160s about
14161s come on should I feel you know me you
14163s know I don't miss things that's true
14165s it's true I do know you it was fantastic
14168s it was fantastic uh one more question uh
14170s this is a gender inclusive uh tournament
14173s what does this mean for you to be able
14174s to compete here uh you know being your
14177s true authentic self
14179s uh it's actually like very nice to like
14182s be open about it be in like a like a
14185s Christian area of life it's like pretty
14188s new to me to like express myself because
14190s like you can tell I sound pretty
14192s monotone and like all my friends are
14194s pretty monotone in real life and stuff
14196s and like it just feels nice to like be
14199s me I guess in a way where it's like I
14202s don't have to to like cater to other
14204s people's like beliefs or like what they
14206s think and it's just like
14208s it I can just be me yeah
14211s yeah proud of you bro proud of you proud
14213s of a cow I'm so proud of you but this is
14215s a this is a you know you know how long
14217s I've been championing the scene but I
14219s mean getting to hear it from your mouth
14221s especially that was just you know it's
14223s the icing on the cake for me so you know
14225s be proud be who you are we're proud of
14228s you
14229s thank you Chef Philly
14231s before you go is there any shout outs or
14234s call-outs that you want to make today
14237s uh shut up my team they they really
14240s pulled through today they real little
14242s tilted near the near the end of that but
14244s we came together and we really talked it
14246s out and showed up my friends that like
14249s pushed me to like be who I am and like
14251s play how I play and tell me to never
14253s just stop even when stuff gets rough and
14257s uh my wife at her she's she's great
14259s she really helps me too that's about it
14266s so much for talking to us today how we
14268s really appreciate it and congratulations
14270s once again on the win we hope to see you
14273s again tomorrow
14275s thank you
14278s well you are to hear folks Timeless
14280s ethereal they are headed on to the
14283s semi-finals tomorrow making it another
14286s round in the playoffs and speaking of
14288s the playoffs let's take a look at how
14289s the bracket played out today
14292s well I mean we uh we've got a lot of
14294s results here to get through and I mean
14296s Rift Guardians you know they're gonna be
14298s uh looking at who you know who are they
14301s going to face her between Dart monkeys
14303s and VT blue I think it's I think dark
14305s monkeys yeah I think dark monkeys uh
14307s gonna come through there and then I
14309s think the nixel academy and Timeless
14310s ether match tomorrow is going to be
14313s absolutely insane
14315s Rift Guardians I I think they've got a
14318s pretty fast track uh into the final uh
14321s because they've just been absolutely
14322s owning it uh but I tell you what I for
14326s the nixel Academy game tomorrow Timeless
14329s ether I mean Timeless ethereal they're
14332s gonna have to really play their hearts
14334s out because they got taken to the break
14335s today now maybe this is a wake-up call
14337s for them uh do you know and you know not
14340s get tilted in the middle of a game
14342s because man uh it was I mean it was
14345s entertaining I mean I I love seeing map
14347s fives I I love seeing the back and forth
14349s and the adaptations I mean we that was
14351s on full display here today epitome then
14353s you know what I I had a wonderful time
14356s casting with you my friend you did so
14358s well
14359s thank you so much Chef Billy and yeah
14362s this bracket is insane I mean we already
14365s know that nyxl and Timeless cereal they
14369s did a
14371s um in the last major they were the top
14373s two teams and Timeless cereal did come
14375s out on top but you know after you play a
14378s team a few times after you have them a
14380s few times on stream especially you have
14382s that little bit of extra VOD review
14384s material and then maybe they found a way
14387s to work around their previous faults and
14389s you know only time will tell but this
14392s matchup also pretty early in the bracket
14395s not in the grand finals but in the
14397s semi-finals going to be so pretty
14399s interesting it'll be very interesting
14402s tomorrow uh you'll see myself and
14404s epitomies on the semi-final tomorrow and
14407s then CB and Tiny shiny will be here for
14410s your grand final but that's going to do
14413s it uh for us tonight thank you so much
14415s for joining us and uh make sure that you
14418s are here tomorrow same time I believe
14421s director yes
14423s yeah 5 30 p.m uh Pacific that's 8 30 on
14427s the East Coast uh but for myself and
14430s epitome make sure you take care of each
14432s other we're all in this game tonight
14433s together we'll see you tomorrow night
14438s all right
14441s [Music]
14473s [Music]
14499s foreign
14500s [Music]

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