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Transcript (by Youtube)

1s [Ramattra] I will win by any means!
4s [Reinhardt] Shields up!
6s Stand strong! We will not fall!
8s [epic synth music]
16s [Reinhardt] From lessons of the past,
18s the future is forged.
20s [engine revving]
23s [explosion]
26s ♪ The Transformers ♪
28s ♪ More than meets the eye ♪
30s [Bastion whirring]
34s [engine revving]
36s [tires screech]
43s [Bastion] ♪ Robots in disguise ♪
46s [Illari] Underestimate me at your own risk.
49s I won't hold back.
51s [Solar Rifle whirring]
54s [Ramattra] Power flows to the one who knows how.
58s [Reinhardt] We've suffered losses,
60s but we've not lost the war.
62s [Ramattra cackles]
63s ♪ The Transformers ♪
65s [Ramattra] Tear them apart!
67s [Reinhardt] We will stand together!
75s [wind whistling]