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619s hello and welcome to the OverWatch World
621s Cup emec qualifiers Wild Card Challenge
624s my name is Danny Lim joined by Mitch and
626s Matt who are going to be bringing all
628s the action for the first three games and
630s then later on we're gonna have Dustin
631s and reinforced joining but hey that's
633s that's for later you guys are you guys
635s are stuck with us for now you guys are
636s stuck with us
637s yeah that would that would only be half
639s the game standing not all the games but
642s uh no I'm I'm uh I'm super excited to be
644s here you know uh OverWatch World Cup uh
647s always a really special program uh the
649s first time media Mitch casted was
650s OverWatch World Cup the first one
652s together it was I casted before before
654s OverWatch World Cup it was back in the
656s first time like back in 2017. uh yeah
659s that's going back a long way now bro I
662s don't know about you guys but even the
663s intro music like that Stinger yeah oh
666s man there's a lot of memories here it is
668s yeah so good to be here Danny I think
671s it's a very special part of our
673s OverWatch calendar throughout the year
674s man I really can't wait to get started I
676s mean for me too like I started the I
679s guess the OverWatch Journey with the
680s World Cup in 2018 interviewing and then
683s I joined the league so definitely
685s OverWatch World Cup has a special place
686s for me too and you know it's always
688s great to you know we're finally back
690s with the OverWatch World Cup I think the
691s last time was 2019 so it's been four
694s years so it's super exciting I'm really
697s excited to see what you know what the
698s teams have in store for us today
701s yeah look I think it's like a
702s celebration of the global OverWatch it's
704s always a great opportunity to to sort of
706s indulge in that but also to see like
707s what's been happening in a lot of like
709s National regions especially with like a
711s lot of focus on on the OverWatch League
713s we just kind of know has been you know
714s pretty heavily concentrated around sort
716s of North America and South Korea
718s respectively we're really excited to get
720s a chance to see what's been going on in
722s Europe because we have a lot of players
723s a lot of legacies built from Fantastic
725s Pro players and pro scenes in Europe so
728s covering this emec uh Wild Card
731s qualifier is going to be a great way to
733s see what's going on over there
735s I'm very I'm very like curious to see
738s what these teams are going to do because
740s I mean it's not the OverWatch League are
742s we going to see something similar are
744s they going to pull out something way
745s different I think that's you know a big
748s thing that I'm looking out for
751s yeah it's always uh it's always crazy
753s with World Cup right always some
755s different types of meta stuff but
756s there's a lot of players in here who are
758s I know formerly in the OverWatch League
760s uh you know contenders players former
763s World Cup competitors so uh a lot of
766s players uh you probably recognize will
768s be in this uh competition today yeah all
770s right well I mean you know we have
773s matches coming up very shortly but
774s before we jump into that let me you know
777s quit quickly give you guys a a brief
779s rundown of the format the emec Wild Card
783s Challenge is a round robin first to two
786s tournament that consists of two groups
788s all right Matt did you get that yeah
791s Hugo's freaking out he's excited he's
793s ready to get this started he's he's
794s constantly trying to bite my hand while
797s while he hears about the format right
799s Robin first to two tournament consists
802s of two groups group a which is Ireland
804s Denmark and Portugal and then Group B is
809s Switzerland Iceland and Finland and the
812s top two teams from each group will in
815s the Wild Card Challenge will advance to
817s the qualifier stage in June
819s so total of four teams are going to move
821s up out of six
823s look
825s you gotta be able to make I mean if you
827s gotta you gotta be able to make top two
829s out of three I mean come on now uh the
832s big thing will be in June right that'll
834s be the big test for some of these teams
836s but like if you if you even have hopes
838s of contending there right like you
840s better kind of walk through some of the
842s competition in here yeah true I mean
844s it's it speaks volumes about how stacked
845s like the emea region is right because
848s this is a wild card qualifier to even
850s get a chance to play in the emea
852s conference itself so uh there's another
855s step that has to be taken for for these
857s for these teams from some of these
859s regions and you know let's not forget
861s that you know Iceland had to put
864s together their team pretty much at the
865s last minute is initially it was the
867s United Arab Emirates that would be the
868s sixth team competing here uh Iceland has
871s had a chance to step up which is really
872s exciting for me personally because we've
874s seen Icelandic representation in the
876s OverWatch League I mean this is a very
878s small region but very passionate and
880s they have some really uh they have a
881s couple of sort of known names people
883s have been around and OverWatch Esports
884s since like
886s 2017. uh so really excited to see them
888s really glad they got a chance to show
889s what they're made of on the
890s international stage yeah so talking
892s about Iceland all these teams you know
894s what are we I think right now is a good
895s time to see our schedule for the day we
898s have six great matches we're kicking
900s things off with Iceland versus
902s Switzerland followed by Finland versus
904s Iceland Iceland and then Finland
906s Switzerland and then the later half is
908s going to be Ireland Denmark Denmark
911s Portugal and then we're rounding out
912s today with Ireland versus Portugal
915s yeah uh this is really exciting I I'm
918s stoked to see Island here in group a
920s known as The Underdogs that's kind of
922s their uh colloquial sort of name very
924s passionate every time World Cup comes
926s around the Irish crew always popping off
928s so much so they're like I've always sort
930s of been aware of them they're always
931s sort of reaching out saying hey look out
933s for us here this year is going to be no
934s different Portugal has had some pretty
936s well-known names come through their
938s ranks uh in the past we'll talk about
939s plays like gray like malzasa they've
941s moved on now so it's a new generation of
943s players representing Portugal Denmark
946s though has a lot of uh oh yeah they tend
949s to have the same representative sort of
950s year after year there's like a real
951s solid core of top top top tiered players
954s representing Denmark and the same for
957s Finland so this Scandinavian rosters are
959s extremely strong and expected to come
962s out of this Wild Card Challenge pretty
963s comfortably I mean Denmark should be
965s sick right just based off of like you
968s know Doge Shockwave kellex mole fig
972s Shacks like wow a really just like a
974s overall just like
976s super solid team I mean that team
979s probably you know they can contend with
980s some teams in the OverWatch league right
982s I mean many of them either are like they
984s are current like Shockwave or they're
986s like previous OverWatch league players
987s thinking like multiple on the London
988s Spitfire Shacks of course on the Valiant
990s so we are talking serious business here
992s and you can say the same for team
994s Finland right guys like Masa making a
996s return we're talking a OverWatch League
998s runner-up I mean they lost a course to
1000s the Shanghai dragons in their 2020 Grand
1002s Final so there's a lot of talent here
1004s it's mental to me that these players are
1006s competing in a wild card play in to get
1008s into the conference in and of itself but
1009s that's how it plays out again so you
1011s know looking toward our games down here
1013s you know we may see some disparity as a
1016s result of that but I don't want to count
1017s out any of these lesser known regions
1019s because we haven't had much of a chance
1021s to shine a light on uh this emea region
1023s in the past so I can't wait to do so
1025s today hey I'm sad that uh sorry is not
1027s playing for Switzerland but hey I think
1028s I just heard from our producer that's
1030s James already so Mr Matt I'll leave you
1033s to it good luck have fun
1036s thank you very much Danny yeah I'm
1038s excited for this man it is a now to be
1040s fair everyone needs to answer first of
1041s two so in the OverWatch league if you
1043s used to watch that's first to three so
1044s the series are a little more truncated
1046s here it means as a team if you start on
1048s the wrong foot if you have a slow start
1049s less opportunities to come back into
1052s this series so we're gonna have some
1053s lightning fast games here and remember
1056s the only the top two teams from each
1058s group can advance to that emea
1060s conference here one teammate from either
1062s group won't be advancing past this stage
1064s you've got to put your best foot forward
1065s early yeah and uh obviously with the
1069s first to two the series are gonna like
1070s fly by uh you would imagine here today
1073s uh a lot of probably like you know even
1076s you know two ones you know two o's right
1078s uh in those types of ranges uh also
1082s we'll see what happens in terms of like
1084s meta right
1085s um no new patch just hit like what a
1088s week ago or so right kind of what teams
1090s are deciding to do uh junker Queen was
1093s pretty strong before pretty strong after
1095s I would say uh yeah we're on the
1098s tournament client though so is this is
1099s this so this is probably then like the
1101s uh the patch previous so but still
1103s jungle Queen's still pretty strong in
1105s that one we see it and owl sometimes I
1107s wouldn't be surprised if like these
1108s teams are probably screaming a ton on
1110s live though and like they're just kind
1112s of like owning their comps there right
1114s and they just kind of bring them in to
1116s tournament clients so wouldn't be
1118s surprised if we see some junker Queen
1120s type stuff uh from some of the like the
1123s teams with like you know four morale
1125s players and whatnot I wouldn't be
1126s surprised to see like some dive Centric
1128s stuff as well yeah I mean again you know
1131s to talk a little bit about this this
1132s Iceland rosters we jump in uh half a
1134s cool and fincy both players that have
1136s played at the top level for quite some
1138s time Africa never quite made it into the
1140s OverWatch league but was a real Factor
1142s uh in sort of you play for team for
1144s nasty girl let's go back that file me
1145s and you obviously did that dream hack
1147s event in yonshipping where that she made
1149s a custard
1150s uh yes technically yes but I think one
1154s of the one of the most like exciting
1156s achievements that that have a cool you
1158s know sort of had was his time with Team
1159s envious uh in contenders he actually
1162s competed in the contenders Gauntlet over
1163s in Seoul so International experience are
1165s plenty for for happy and I think finsey
1168s if you recall back to his time in the
1169s OverWatch League this guy had one of the
1171s sickest uh sort of Cassidy Deadeye play
1173s of the games that we've seen at
1175s OverWatch League levels so that throwing
1177s it back a little bit now as well but it
1179s was pretty electrifying as a hit scan
1181s player really quite flexible though we
1182s even saw fins I think at times having to
1184s play the diva happy cool as well uh tank
1186s player off tank a lot of the time back
1188s in 6v6 here so curious to see what those
1192s two end up playing now because frankly
1193s uh you know they they both retired right
1196s and then they sort of unretired I think
1198s is the World Cup came around so great to
1200s ever really retire unless you're like
1204s you know that's that's
1206s yeah you never really retire right uh
1209s you you're always on the cusp of a
1211s little bit of a comeback uh but but it's
1213s awesome to see I love seeing players
1215s like that just kind of like come back
1218s and uh be a part of the scene again
1219s right uh you you kind of like mentioned
1222s like these are players like when we
1223s started casting OverWatch right like
1225s years ago uh they were players that we
1228s actually kind of were able to watch and
1230s like still competing at a high level now
1232s you see like all the new players from
1234s like OverWatch league and whatnot kind
1235s of mix in uh it's really awesome to kind
1238s of see that all come together on World
1239s Cup yeah uh again yeah great to see
1242s incentive for some of these guys to come
1243s out of quote unquote retirement and make
1245s their way in and we also want to see you
1247s know what this team Switzerland roster
1249s has to show us I think in the past
1251s we have we have had Swiss delegates uh
1254s here in the United States sort of
1255s playing in person uh at land of course
1258s uh you know in the OverWatch World Cup
1260s so we've seen opportunities for them to
1262s display what they're made of on the
1264s international stage I would say that
1265s they've uh you know not really made as
1268s deep runs as they would like to in
1270s general uh you know the Swiss scene
1272s still pretty small by comparison here
1274s and yeah I definitely feel like in
1276s Iceland's probably your favorite and I
1277s purely base that on just that the name
1279s value of some of their uh some of their
1281s individuals here there are some
1282s up-and-comers on this Icelandic roster
1284s as well but Iceland are uh you know as a
1287s community you know with I'll be honest
1290s with you like off their own back have
1291s managed to grow their scene also put on
1293s sort of tournaments sort of domestically
1295s uh and and they're a great example I
1298s think of a Grassroots OverWatch scene
1300s that have done a great job just by
1302s themselves building up their uh building
1303s up their talent pool and giving their
1305s players opportunities to compete at that
1307s level it's really like all across Europe
1309s with OverWatch like you think back to
1311s like some of uh you know our previous
1312s OverWatch World Cups right you know uh
1314s Germany has always had like really
1316s strong teams obviously like Finland do
1318s you think like in the past right has
1320s always been uh really strong I think at
1323s the last one was it Denmark that we did
1325s see go on a little bit of a run right uh
1328s I think it was they went on a little bit
1329s of a rut and kind of made it a little
1331s bit longer than people expected I think
1332s uh I think that was like when they ended
1334s up beating uh Canada I think in 2019 uh
1338s they went on a bit of a run where Europe
1340s has always had really strong
1341s performances in the World Cup just the
1343s uh the player-based representation from
1345s all the different countries always comes
1347s out pretty strong in this program yeah
1348s Denmark always has a team of players
1352s that either I'm playing together at the
1354s time or like have a lot of history
1356s playing alongside one each other uh good
1358s example is like you know Fisher
1359s obviously I think he's moved on to coach
1361s now uh was was I think he's been on the
1363s Danish team like four years running uh I
1366s think back in 2017 they just took the
1368s entirety of Team Singularity uh
1370s essentially and put them all together
1371s here so that's a team that you expect
1373s that are going to come out of the gate
1375s to know exactly what they're doing they
1377s are probably going to try and feast a
1378s little bit on some of their oppositions
1379s here uh obviously we are still on a two
1383s box so uh we're just waiting on
1384s confirmation as to sort of what uh what
1386s the Slowdown is in terms of getting in
1388s the game this is what it'll be we'll
1391s we'll we watch the game on the other
1393s monitor we'll just tell you what happens
1395s at the end we'll just we'll just
1397s reminisce about the good old days while
1399s while we wait
1401s do you feel like I so many of my world
1403s cup memories I guess you got got pushed
1405s out of my my brain from I don't know
1407s like changing diapers probably uh as it
1408s is now or you know all that's gone since
1411s then in terms of the OverWatch league
1412s but these are some good times man I mean
1414s you know in in the past obviously we had
1416s our qualifier stages uh you know at
1418s certain locations in the lead up we had
1420s France we had uh you know I think what
1422s Thailand I think at one point we had
1424s China's in Korea as well so uh katowice
1427s we had a stop out there in Poland so
1429s there's a really rich history of world
1432s cup action I think now obviously we've
1433s had uh BlizzCon announced so I think a
1436s lot of people can put two and two
1437s together and realize that the dates are
1438s lining up pretty well for uh World Cup
1440s let's come we'll sort of see how that
1441s pans out but uh you know it's a big deal
1443s that obviously this event has made its
1445s return to our screens and a great
1447s opportunity now to take a closer look at
1449s you know some of that tier 2 tier three
1451s strata of players that uh We've maybe
1453s lacked opportunities to Showcase in the
1455s past side everyone sort of mentioned
1457s that earlier on but that's one of the
1458s things that we're most excited about
1459s here in these uh three matches these
1461s first Europe also when you kind of look
1464s across like the landscape of like just
1466s competitive Shooters right like Europe
1467s is like extremely strong everywhere uh
1471s which is like uh obviously some you know
1474s a Europe is just really strong for
1476s OverWatch as well so like when when I
1478s watch these games and then obviously go
1480s to like the eme you see like the
1482s qualifier in June right like where
1484s you'll see some of those teams like
1485s really kind of like you know cement
1487s their tickets uh you see like
1490s up-and-coming players that you know for
1493s the future of OverWatch and Esports and
1495s owl and whatnot you see these players
1497s becoming like stars down the road right
1499s you kind of see players like you know
1501s Naga and Shockwave have tremendous
1503s performances of World Cup end up in the
1505s league later on right uh there's some
1507s players actually kind of find their way
1508s back into the scene via this like
1511s program too right yes uh where you kind
1515s of like never know uh always a few stars
1517s that rise up through the world how do
1519s you think Mickey ended up on team Envy
1525s yeah that was uh quite a ways ago here
1528s we're just waiting of course and getting
1529s on the game started ladies and gentlemen
1530s so bear with us we're gonna go to a
1531s quick break iron out some of these Tech
1533s difficulties we'll be back of course for
1535s more of your emec wild card qualifier to
1538s go too far I'll be right here when you
1540s return
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1726s ladies and gentlemen headed into our
1729s first first to two series of the deities
1732s for emec wild card qualifier I'm Mitch
1735s Lizzy joined here by Matt Morello we're
1736s going to be kicking things off here on
1738s an Antarctic Peninsula and again all
1740s eyes on our emec teams to see which four
1744s will be advancing to the mea conference
1747s yes uh we kick things off with control
1749s uh on Antarctic peninsula here as I get
1753s a little bit of a fly through so uh
1755s you'll have uh this will be uh Iceland
1759s on the right hand side uh Switzerland on
1761s the left so we'll we'll get that one uh
1765s just shortly yeah
1769s and again Iceland may be expected by
1772s many to be favored coming into this
1774s matchup but again with limited
1776s information on both of these regions so
1778s it's a chance for clean slate for both
1779s of them it's either put their best foot
1781s forward here
1783s out of the gates here come Switzerland
1785s it will be the ramatram May set up
1787s pretty Santa stuff with the Hanzo so
1789s nothing too out of the ordinary here
1790s that'll be mirroring the other side but
1791s great first pick the half a call the
1793s first casualty Iceland start behind the
1796s eight ball of Switzerland surge forward
1798s yeah so for uh Iceland there you lose
1801s your May which is a large part of this
1803s type of like Rush style composition
1805s right so uh you wanna obviously keep the
1808s May alive have that may wall split
1810s players off you lose that may early on
1811s you can't really brawl out too hard
1813s after that is uh Switzerland will take
1815s the point first
1817s Jin drops to the point here
1819s May wall up on this High Ground
1820s Switzerland gonna give themselves a
1822s little bit of breathing room here but
1823s barcode takes a fair bit of damage to
1824s the front line still have to call again
1825s the first casualty then I'm able to find
1828s the main of the player Force right on
1830s back here great pressure from
1832s Switzerland now they refuse to give up
1833s this High Ground And while Orion can
1835s find a pick on barcode the numbers
1836s definitely favor the Swiss
1838s yeah and you still have that rematch for
1841s there on the point which without your
1842s Mantra to kind of run that one down the
1845s shield the Nemesis form uh there's just
1848s no way you're gonna dislodge that tank
1850s from the point uh just has so many tools
1852s to be able to hold on to it so I have to
1854s wait a little bit it's uh Switzerland
1856s will gain more percentage here we'll see
1857s how Iceland decides to attack
1861s again
1862s Cloud trying to create a little bit of
1864s spicy but again it's a first pick gym
1866s great open at this time getting the
1867s Baptiste which is huge no immortality
1869s filter otherwise would have been used to
1871s try and keep Okla alive
1872s and it will be Switzerland just winning
1874s out these engagements from this high
1875s ground Iceland a little bit sporadic in
1878s the way they approach but it's really
1879s been the Hanzo it's dictating the pace
1882s of the game
1883s yeah we will find these pick-offs that
1885s range is yeah the barcode has the
1889s blizzard here you have your uh
1891s Annihilation uh where's Switzerland so
1894s Switzerland I mean look at the Iceland I
1896s mean they're not even really building on
1897s towards anything there Mitch I mean
1898s you're in a terrible spot
1900s they're not yet no opportunities to
1902s really build old charge as much as they
1903s would have liked you a couple key
1905s ultimates coming online here different
1906s approach for Iceland this time it's down
1908s to the point throwing up on May wall try
1909s to catch out one of these Swiss players
1911s here okay are able to find Jim that
1913s Hanzo the thorn on this side constantly
1914s here for Switzerland but Annihilation
1917s gonna get the job done that is
1919s disgusting sound barrier also employed
1921s in this fight in Iceland not quite
1923s getting to those key ultimates and may
1924s not have a chance to use them at 96 and
1927s Counting now the Swiss will surge ahead
1929s and the Icelandic crew barely able to
1931s get out of Spawn that is a strong
1933s statement star for Switzerland yeah
1936s really just one-sided uh odds are out
1938s there from Switzerland so we'll see if
1940s Iceland can bounce back here uh in map
1943s number two and round number two uh but
1946s uh you know we gotta remember that this
1949s is a team that was like added in as like
1950s a late edition right uh Iceland comes in
1953s obviously uh you know Switzerland has
1957s been knowing they've had this event for
1958s a very long time Iceland comes in a
1960s little bit last minute so yeah I may
1962s just need a little bit of time uh
1964s especially tough going up against a
1965s tough opponent on the other side to kind
1967s of get in the swing and things
1969s the hanza matchup is one that Iceland
1971s definitely need to reassess here
1973s different Maps so again different sight
1975s lines for gin and Orion respectively to
1979s be taken here but Iceland constantly
1981s pushing into that high ground with four
1983s players I mean and that that player
1985s disparity is is absolutely huge here
1987s especially on control
1988s good info for gin here as well Sonic
1990s thrown out take note of around position
1993s here may walk thrown up and making a
1994s little bit harder for Switzerland to
1995s take this High Ground position already
1997s in a mortality field deployed though
1998s that's picked off so
2000s coast is clear for Switzerland to start
2002s the pressure
2004s yeah it's just uh so Iceland now has
2007s high ground here right but like where
2008s the point is like they can just kind of
2010s like almost play under it here
2012s Switzerland yeah and they're just gonna
2013s have to force them down straight away so
2015s it's gonna be a battle on the point
2017s now
2018s in Nemesis form both of the matches
2021s going at it here and both mates get
2022s picked off playing the front lines and
2023s with both ramatras in Nemesis form
2025s there's no Shields to play around
2026s they're very much exposed okay back and
2029s up here immortality field deployed Jim
2030s the target of scrutiny right now is he
2033s tries to work his way around that
2034s Central pillar a much better start for
2036s Iceland
2037s yeah absolutely they played really nice
2039s Iceland does around that Central pillar
2041s using that romantra Shield to kind of
2043s block off one side really good angles on
2045s the other so Iceland will get control
2047s the point in there this is where they
2048s start to build up a little bit of uh you
2050s know an ultimate Bank of their own here
2051s right where you'll have an Annihilation
2053s you're gonna get very close to blizzard
2055s in uh amp Matrix as well
2059s again that may wall thrown out by
2061s Iceland to make sure that Switzerland
2063s were forced to play out from the choker
2065s on this High Ground go back to start the
2067s fight before a transition to the low
2068s ground very powerful ultimate coming
2070s online here in the annihilation
2073s Mable throwing up people Iceland may be
2075s a little bit too close to them there
2076s we're probably hoping to catch that
2077s amount but it's not gonna work Nana
2079s boost hero to the romantra that's the
2081s May uh the Anna difference rather for
2082s Switzerland here will it pay off oh it
2084s doesn't look like it again that
2086s Annihilation is we called Matt huge way
2088s to start the fight here can Switzerland
2089s make things happen with only three
2090s players left no losing the mate here
2092s gonna make it very very hard and this
2094s will be Iceland continuing to stack a
2096s lead
2097s yeah it's pretty brutal for Switzerland
2100s as well you know what ant Matrix sound
2103s barrier I mean you use that to try and
2106s battle that Annihilation but you just
2108s get so much value out of annihilation or
2109s even see that in OverWatch League where
2111s uh you look at some of the other tanks
2112s you have to be really precise in how you
2115s use that ultimate Annihilation like the
2116s fight kicks off you just use it and then
2118s just kind of play as you normally would
2119s in like Nemesis form right uh you just
2122s get so much high value out of that with
2123s 75 of the points uh and you know Dragon
2126s blizzard sound barrier here Iceland
2128s should be able to put this round away
2130s yeah set up my slow time and going for
2132s the United gets ruined in the line
2135s back up there by the looks of things
2137s perhaps a mayor might have turned that
2139s Chris having switched over towards the
2141s Baptiste after you know using that Nano
2143s boost think maybe the immortality field
2144s could have helped out there but it
2145s wasn't able to be deployed but at 95
2147s statins is going to be switching towards
2149s a diva he needs to touch the point as
2151s soon as possible barcode throwing
2153s himself at it ice aren't gonna be used
2154s here St Adam also with that air Matrix
2157s thrown out Havoc just gonna chill goes
2159s into ice block himself with ax gonna be
2161s caught on that low ground and froze
2162s enough but he's broken line aside with
2163s that key pillar still gonna have to move
2165s out into the open eventually and face
2167s the music tough for Chris to keep the
2169s diva alive here in Iceland oh goodness
2171s they have woken up in a big way Matt I
2173s mentioned in the pre-show that in a
2175s first to two a slow start can really
2176s hurt you but Iceland have been able to
2178s bounce back nice and quick yeah they
2180s they have some veteran players though
2182s right uh no you you expect them to kind
2184s of try and uh you know recognize the
2186s series could go uh pretty short in favor
2189s of the other team if they don't wake up
2191s a little bit where they bounce back in a
2192s big way in round number two uh right
2195s that's like the the exact opposite kind
2196s of round number one wins where uh I'm
2199s curious how we see this one play out is
2201s there's not really a uh an opportunity
2204s like High Ground on this point right you
2205s have a little bit on that's like side
2207s staircase where you can play around that
2208s like large pillar uh by the point but uh
2212s there's not like a huge High Ground
2213s which we saw both teams trying to
2215s control on those first two points so
2216s it'll be interesting how they play this
2218s one
2219s the only way you sort of get that on
2220s Icebreaker is by forcing your opponents
2223s to play from the choke off the point
2225s right which is pretty hard to do uh and
2229s it could also be sort of comp dependent
2230s but both of these teams seem to be in
2232s agreement about the best way to play uh
2234s this map in general uh if not this
2236s particular stage here so again it's
2238s going to be a bunch of front lines with
2239s the Baptiste back up huge amount of
2241s damage taken played by Aqua Club but
2243s like it's regenerative burst to keep you
2245s standing here half a call may be
2246s prematurely going for an ice block here
2248s but they're able to force that him out
2249s of position a big pick for Switzerland
2252s though getting the Baptiste that's going
2253s to relieve some of this pressure and
2254s yeah all of a sudden Iceland crumble
2256s yeah you just get these early pick-offs
2259s with the Hanzo right the Hanzo obviously
2261s really good for the burst damage in
2263s these types of compositions uh no not as
2266s much for like the Sonic to gain
2267s information right but being able to just
2269s burst players down with the storm arrows
2271s uh it's so effective and then even just
2273s being able to get those long range one
2275s shot headshot pick-offs uh you see gin
2277s just jumping over the wall there just
2278s firing arrows down that kind of hallway
2280s you hit Lucy or the other Hanzo you're
2282s getting a first pick pretty easy
2286s another really ice block had to be used
2288s if they're able to pin Statin down they
2290s run at dinner try and punish Hanzo being
2293s positioned a little further forward than
2294s maybe otherwise would have been gotta be
2296s ready for that there if you're
2297s Switzerland Iceland very quickly zeroing
2300s in on the most threatening component of
2302s Switzerland's team cup getting the hands
2304s out of the picture first crucial it's
2307s wild that he got in so fast though like
2309s where was it may War right uh no barcode
2312s obviously there uh probably uh
2314s underneath the Hanzo you know by that
2316s choke it just seems like they just were
2317s so fast getting through the choke and
2319s then just chasing down gin uh dead and
2322s instant
2323s yeah maybe if you can respond quickly
2325s enough right with the mayweal of your
2326s own haul off the attackers give your
2328s mate or your answer rather a bit of time
2329s to back up might have worked out here
2331s Barco the first casualty in this fight
2333s no Switzerland not starting on the front
2335s foot once more Dragon strike throwing
2337s towards the point but uh yeah
2338s Switzerland looking pretty comfortable
2339s despite That explicit thrown straight in
2341s the Middle with a point here and Chris's
2343s party field is going to be expiring
2344s Iceland have a chance to clean this one
2346s off here despite a bit of a weird opener
2349s the air Matrix thrown down in Iceland
2352s continued to stack this lead now 42 and
2354s Counting yeah a little bit of a turn
2356s there uh for Iceland nice blizzard by
2358s halfy so it drops down able to pick up
2360s two kills straight after so uh now it
2363s puts uh Switzerland in a really tough
2365s position because uh you know you need to
2367s flip this point do you invest uh
2369s something like a annihilation in here
2372s the other team has sound barrier they're
2374s also gonna have their own Annihilation
2375s uh if you don't play this fight
2377s correctly you could end up giving the
2379s first map to Iceland early driving
2381s strike forces yeah your mortality field
2383s and sound barrier all the defensive
2384s utility for Switzerland has been
2386s exhausted but it gives them the opening
2388s Gene is able to use that moment to find
2390s half a call and Chris just takes the 1v1
2393s with an ant Matrix dealing with Orion
2394s the Switzerland why right should be able
2396s to flip this point back here but man
2398s they are spending heavy to do so
2401s but they need to right I mean 80 80 plus
2404s percent on the point uh at least they
2406s hold on to their Annihilation right uh
2408s Iceland ends up using their sound
2409s barrier here so having that Annihilation
2411s could end up being huge and you're
2413s closer towards your amp Matrix right uh
2416s Chris he's able to build up that ant
2418s Matrix here in this next fight you're uh
2420s in a decent spot Iceland to potentially
2422s be able to take it
2425s once more rise to the hanzo's here
2427s another first pick okay love that yeah
2429s then here you go Force the enemy team to
2431s play through the choke here but this
2433s this entire map Matthew has been decided
2436s by these first picks either by Hanzo or
2438s against Hanzo
2440s I mean uh it's so good and especially in
2443s this first map getting these first picks
2445s on the Hanzo and a lot of times it's
2447s shooting down these chokes still right
2449s time uh no just lining up that headshot
2452s level uh in hitting somebody kind of
2454s walking on through I wonder if they have
2456s an idea like you know uh Switzerland if
2458s they have an idea that the dragons
2459s coming here is uh there's gonna be a
2462s dragon gonna shot on through is uh Happy
2465s actually makes his way to the point
2467s yeah okay okay so went for the
2469s annihilation there in fact both
2471s rematches to introduced those key
2472s ultimates and this is good timing for
2473s Iceland this is where they need to break
2475s back in and they use hand Matrix they
2477s also use that Annihilation themselves so
2479s they have a dragon strike to leverage to
2480s try and end the round and the map here
2482s yeah what do you do you drag in like the
2485s main choke you can me you know maybe May
2487s walls uh stardoms gonna go over to the
2489s wrecking ball here just to try and get a
2491s touch
2493s all right
2494s hope it pays off here adaptive shielding
2496s already used by Statin oh my goodness
2498s even without like payoff yeah I don't
2501s know about that one but it will thrown
2502s down also blizzard to the point here but
2504s for Switzerland Iceland they were born
2506s to deal with these kind of conditions
2508s very comfortably ending Antarctic
2510s Peninsula and after a slow start and I
2512s mean slow start Iceland get off to a
2516s first map win here in this series
2517s Matthew
2518s yes some really nice Hanzo play early on
2521s huh they're from Iceland there's a I
2524s think if you're a Switzerland uh now
2526s what do you do eat it's tough because
2528s like what do you do against hanza right
2530s because you're not exactly like there's
2533s not really a way to counter Hanzo you
2534s just have to like not get picked off
2535s early on right and a lot of it's
2537s determined on the Hanzo just wall
2539s climbing jumping over a wall firing an
2542s arrow down a choke right being able to
2544s get those like headshots at range where
2546s you can't really do anything against
2548s that you just kind of like maybe have to
2550s be a bit faster I would say but uh not a
2553s lot you can adjust for uh Switzerland
2555s here anything after map one there's
2557s nobody static shield in the front line
2559s like you would see with like a Reinhardt
2560s composition right so sometimes we've
2562s seen team play Reinhardt with the male
2563s they bring the symmetra in and it's a
2565s little bit easier to actually Advance
2567s towards the point being able to contest
2568s without you know getting picked off
2570s right at the start but there's
2571s definitely an agreement here that
2572s romantra is the Premier brawl tank in in
2574s that scenario uh you know between these
2577s two rosters here when you're mirroring
2578s it really comes down quite often to the
2580s individual ability to create picks
2582s generate opportunities to win team
2583s fights here's yeah I mean your kind of
2586s logic is like sound where it's like okay
2588s well just get a static Shield like a
2589s Reinhardt right and just run run the
2592s team in and brawl out but I think it's
2594s been kind of proven at least the highest
2596s level that Reinhardt loses a lot of the
2598s time to like the remotra type of
2599s subsetups that ramacho just has a little
2601s bit more versatility in his kit
2605s um so if you if you go to the Reinhardt
2608s you're kind of like conceding the tank
2609s battle so it's great you get in but how
2611s do you win once you are in I think
2613s becomes the question at that point yeah
2615s I mean that Annihilation is a big
2617s problem as well you're trying to play
2618s Ryan height into this matchup but yeah
2620s let's think back I mean Switzerland
2622s start this this map off in in great
2624s style play that High Ground really
2626s effectively I've got to say Jim I stand
2628s out pretty much straight away using the
2630s mayweal very effectively to try and
2631s catch out uh you know Uncle Clara and
2633s punish the ramachar in the front line as
2635s we head over to the second map we see
2637s Chris come out on the Anna initially
2639s long enough at least to give a nano
2641s boost over towards deramatra but it
2643s doesn't really pay off switching to the
2645s Baptist the very next fight Chris isn't
2646s able to get any mortality feel down to
2648s keep starting alive even though he uses
2650s that Annihilation and then heading over
2652s towards Icebreaker yeah it went from bad
2654s to worse but a lot of the same issues
2656s were cropping up here for Switzerland
2657s right I'm much closer Affair I'm pretty
2660s glad to see this right there's off
2661s there's always a good chance in matches
2663s like this that you you get pretty like a
2666s one-sided Affairs in general but we
2668s definitely started to see Switzerland
2669s find their footing here it just came a
2672s little bit too late and again I think
2673s the coordination of Iceland started to
2675s come uh you know into its own especially
2677s on Icebreaker
2678s yeah absolutely
2681s um also if you're gonna run the Anna we
2683s see teams run like uh on a Brig right
2686s with like a Winston type of setup maybe
2688s you can still run it with like brahmatra
2690s but like they're running it with uh like
2693s May Hanzo Lucio like who's like even
2696s your Nano Target like remotra like sure
2700s but like if romantra doesn't have
2702s Annihilation like what do you what do
2703s you do with it like who is the who is
2705s the Nano Target right I mean we all it's
2708s often that ramacha right even you know
2710s sometimes they stack it with his
2711s Annihilation to even sort of secure that
2713s even further but it didn't really look
2715s great in the immortality field seems
2717s much more valuable in situations like
2719s that that's our first map down in this
2720s first of two series Iceland start strong
2723s stick around everybody because map
2724s number two is just around the corner so
2726s we'll see you in a moment
2729s [Music]
2755s everything
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2771s [Applause]
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3069s foreign
3080s everybody pretty strong start for
3082s Iceland here in this first or two series
3084s but promising signs also being shown by
3086s their opponents the Swiss who despite
3089s going down on Antarctic Peninsula have a
3091s pretty close last map and end up winning
3092s that first round so we're gonna have to
3095s figure it out pretty quickly though Matt
3096s because it's the first two like I said
3097s watch Point Gibraltar is on Deck next is
3100s it a bit of a shark uh Iceland comes in
3103s here and uh takes mam number one uh you
3106s know I think it was like pretty even uh
3108s all all throughout you know the first
3110s point there but then Iceland like really
3112s started to pull away which surprised me
3114s like in the sense that this is a team
3116s that just got at it right yes yeah I
3119s mean they had they've had pretty limited
3120s time to get together and get sorted uh
3123s you know for this particular tournament
3125s here and I get not many opportunities
3126s right we're dealing with first of twos
3128s fortunately two teams from this group b
3130s will be able to advance to that emea
3133s conference so you really just have to
3135s make sure ideally make sure you win at
3136s least one uh of your matches and have a
3138s decent little differential so that's
3140s something that's worth keeping an eye on
3142s here and Gibraltar is a map where we may
3145s see the teams you know adapt their
3147s Styles a little bit after what we saw on
3148s map number one it's definitely a map
3150s that caters more towards playing those
3151s dive-based compositions here and no
3154s surprise here we see already some
3155s Winston maybe some Diva being hovered
3157s and finzy comes yeah for this Iceland
3159s roster all right so uh potentially uh
3162s some Diva action here uh as Gibraltar
3165s historically is a point where you want
3167s to get like High Ground access right
3169s where uh ramatra reinhardt's probably
3171s not the play here where on defense uh
3174s for Switzerland uh you'll see the
3176s winston-based setup uh barcode on the
3178s Widowmaker look out that could be a
3180s really nice pick uh for switzerlanders
3183s uh they'll run the on a break so like I
3185s was talking about like where if you have
3186s multiple Nano targets you can kind of
3189s play Brig with Nano you can play Winston
3191s with that or even Tracer uh with the
3193s Nano boost you can actually include
3195s Viana in here and be quite effective as
3197s uh for isil they'll actually run uh
3199s karika Within on a year so uh krigo
3203s obviously can have a little bit more
3204s Mobility to The High Ground than the the
3206s brake right on offense where the brig
3207s would be in a really difficult spot here
3209s like not really a lot of positions that
3211s she could play from other than the cart
3213s so uh running the creek out trying to
3215s get some High Ground there and also some
3217s kill potential
3219s up here as well for Switzerland I'm
3222s going to call it but not really sure how
3223s that should be pronounced regardless got
3225s open here for finzy uh he receives the
3227s diving from Staten and he's able to save
3229s him right on off you which is pretty
3231s good sign for Iceland create a decent
3233s amount of space here I'm certain Orion
3235s very aware of some of the sight lines
3237s they've gotten an insane amount of Court
3240s progress here off of one kill I mean
3242s look at this you're almost already all
3243s the way at that a checkpoint and it's
3245s gonna be Marco taking out half cool but
3247s it's gonna be two kills going in favor
3249s of Iceland is they should be able to
3251s just steamroll through point a I mean
3253s yeah the Widowmaker is a big factor I
3254s guess in this matchup and Statham has to
3257s be pretty careful Vinci is a uh a
3259s prolific Diva players played a ton of it
3261s in the past and we talk about how those
3263s sort of Tanks match up here and Diva
3265s really dangerous for Winston to deal
3267s with him like a head-to-head scenario
3268s especially with those micro Rockets here
3270s in Affinity wants to be more reactive as
3272s an attacker wait for the defense to try
3274s to go for some kind of dive here but the
3276s Widowmaker Factor also muddles the
3278s mixture quite heavily oh lot will ride
3280s on on Orion and barcode respectively can
3282s make happen to you yeah but when when
3284s but
3285s even the first kill goes down onto
3288s stardom like they've given up almost
3290s like almost the entire underpass right
3293s like almost the first quarter like if
3296s you lose the tank at that point you
3298s pretty much conceded just kind of like
3300s throwing bodies on the point to attack
3302s checkpoint a where you know defense
3304s right here which isn't going much better
3306s I mean look at where the card is already
3307s moving to here uh the really good
3309s offense here from Iceland yeah equally
3312s looks like he's looking for Orion if
3314s possible hasn't actually spotted him yet
3316s Orion I've played pretty safe in that
3317s side room back giving over Orion finally
3320s emerging the takedown barcode is going
3321s to be an enemies over towards Stadium
3322s but he's already quite low here yeah
3324s pressure being put down by Orion at
3326s range constantly by the way yeah I'm
3329s saying this that is the first kill of
3331s this entire like stage of the map per se
3333s and the cards like right at the
3335s checkpoint it's really odd like uh
3338s Iceland kind of playing for that top
3339s card position Switzerland trying to
3341s figure out a way to like take it back
3343s um without putting any pressure on carts
3345s you've kind of given that up completely
3347s where uh it's two fights and you've
3350s gotten two checkpoints here for Iceland
3352s so working really well from this far I
3353s mean above five minutes in the time bank
3355s is a an eternity here to finish
3357s Gibraltar that's it's pretty crazy right
3359s we do see plenty of teams that tend to
3362s be able to push through that second
3363s phase of the map pretty quickly if you
3364s get started well
3366s it's a little playing pretty passively
3367s for defenders in a Winston composition
3369s not a great combination you really need
3371s to be proactive here and finding these
3373s key elimination primer rage use but it's
3375s going to be a huge sleep there nice by
3377s Footlocker he's going to put Saddam to
3379s sleep
3380s forced to jump away loses most of that
3382s primer rage guess what yep you better
3383s believe it the cart is still moving
3386s already getting around the bench here
3387s with 442 on the clock and finsey gets
3389s rid of the enemy tracer
3391s uh and this is so important for
3393s Switzerland to try and pick up some
3394s kills here I mean you you can expect to
3398s come out and like set a better offense
3400s uh than this you got to get some stops
3402s here on D but oh that is this big sleeve
3406s there I mean that is so difficult to hit
3409s the Widow headshot to finish it off is I
3412s mean we might see above four minutes in
3414s The Time band completion here yeah I
3416s mean straight away coming out on
3418s Gibraltar after a fairly close control
3420s we are seeing a Chasm between these two
3422s teams running gonna be used there by
3423s remix but it might be a little bit late
3425s for that one a lot of pressure on him
3427s and Orion's able to pick him up at long
3428s range the Widow has all the space
3430s they're going to need
3431s and now it's just gonna be staggered
3433s nicely done by crazy the crew Knight
3435s strikes true and Iceland have my
3438s goodness the 355 on the clock here that
3441s is heinous
3444s I mean how how do you match that like
3446s you you'd essentially have to just run
3449s it down right
3451s I mean that's your really only option
3453s right run it down has a few
3455s interpretations to be fair I so I mean
3457s yeah
3459s I mean they can do both here Switzerland
3462s you could run it down and
3464s move on to the next match or you can you
3467s can run it down in like you know match
3469s in terms of time or or try and beat it
3471s in terms of time like it feels like you
3473s need to win every single fight here for
3476s Switzerland to beat this time yes uh I
3479s mean yes and even even if they do that
3481s right if Iceland were just to take more
3483s fights or to be out of store for a bit
3485s longer
3487s Switzerland would would have trouble uh
3489s sort of matching this I want to point
3491s out like the second phase of the map
3492s here like there's a there's a lot of
3493s focus obviously on the Widow play but
3495s you know stanham is not able to put any
3497s pressure on Iran and also on the Anna
3500s player futhark there you see him try and
3502s dive on a couple of occasions on the
3504s honor sleep dots have been absolutely on
3506s point Stadium uses he gets the Nano
3509s and there's a problem right and they're
3511s still not able to you know create any
3512s big opportunities as a result of those
3513s and yeah that's going to be hurting you
3515s invest a lot of resources into Winston
3517s including their own ultimate to try and
3518s find something some elimination
3520s something remix like dying during rally
3522s also that hurts Switzerland going to
3524s switch over to the diva here
3526s yeah and let's see how you know if this
3529s works out a little bit differently for
3530s them interesting to run the break on
3533s offense so like I mentioned how do you
3536s kind of get use out of this brake light
3538s getting access to high ground they have
3539s to use a simtp to get the bring up to
3541s The High Ground here but
3543s there's just not many options for what
3545s you can do yeah you kind of saw them a
3548s little bit from the POV assassinated the
3550s Widow there
3552s I mean barcode is in a pretty like
3554s Telegraph position that gets columns to
3556s happy they're not moving they're just
3557s still still they're very easy one
3559s equipped for a player like happy
3561s and this is where you get stuck in these
3563s situations with the brig like so you're
3566s up here trying to play from this room
3567s right are you hoping they dive in here
3570s and then getting just like sick value
3571s out of the brig right just kind of like
3573s swinging for the fences uh otherwise
3576s what you move the cart with the brig and
3580s then you're playing High Ground at like
3581s a player disadvantage like this is why
3583s the kiriko play feels like it's so much
3585s better here on offense
3588s yeah especially the password on
3590s transition out of the card they they are
3591s essentially sort of win that fight uh
3593s you know getting a kill on half call is
3594s pretty important but they don't push the
3596s car very far at all Iceland come back
3597s off the respawn and we're we're back to
3599s neutral essentially playing outside of
3601s the spawn of Switzerland uh finzi is
3603s just going to be going from low to high
3604s heat constantly transitioning Chrissy
3606s that is extremely aggressive horses
3608s Swift step away but basically soon
3610s themselves and going like a one big four
3612s okay yeah they were they were just
3615s trying to maybe find a pick and then TP
3617s out but uh yeah a little bit far up
3619s there
3621s ah I like this yeah ikoy's marking happy
3624s cool what's the recall now oh okay all
3627s right all right we'll drive by stick
3629s there
3631s yeah I mean it's a bit audacious because
3633s he who he does have wrinkle availables
3635s who just he just shakes off the pulse
3636s bomb and goes on with his life look at
3638s that they dive the winner with the the
3640s diva and the kiriko so you get to The
3642s High Ground I mean the cricket are
3644s battling the brig up there but uh it's
3647s really making barcodes like very
3649s difficult you know the pressure that you
3651s know finzy uh you know and grizzies are
3653s putting on
3654s yeah you have like the David kiriko
3656s Tracer all three of them can can sort of
3658s dive that backline pretty hard pressure
3660s remix down that also should be your boss
3662s bomb Target I think if you're happy cool
3664s in many of these situations ideally the
3666s Tracer just plays the cart right like on
3668s defense right the traits replace the
3670s card and then you can have everybody
3672s else you can kind of like challenge for
3673s High Ground
3675s fizzy here just trying to make it hard
3677s for Switzerland to take some of these
3679s more stronger offensive positions by a
3681s little bit of time for and get happy to
3682s return to pull that card piano for the
3684s diva okay I like it sleep not connecting
3687s there either misting or getting eaten up
3688s by the defense Matrix dispensing now is
3690s in trouble has to back away keep the
3692s body grenade not us no this
3694s self-destruct here you're kidding me
3695s okay you almost gets a remake kill there
3698s crazy to the rescue gonna pick Off remix
3700s pulse bomb finds the honoring guess what
3703s Icelander back in business yeah I almost
3706s would have loved to Justine Switzerland
3707s go all in there like uh because you have
3711s like that was one of the fights where
3712s like you possibly could have gotten sick
3715s value out of the brig right like a 3v3
3717s in that close room you've already nanoed
3720s the brig you may as well pop rally at
3722s that point and and try and get like you
3725s know some pick-offs or whatnot maybe
3727s keep your Diva alive or keep your Ana
3728s alive in that type of situation uh where
3731s now you have rally like you know do you
3734s just use it here on The High Ground and
3735s push up like what's the what's the grand
3737s plan with this
3739s I mean besides pop by both widows here
3742s Marco trying to make sure there isn't
3744s like a asymmetrical Advantage
3746s information wise
3748s crazy okay gonna put the consumeration
3750s from that hike around Iceland trying to
3752s occupy this High Ground as well as they
3754s can make it hard for Switzerland to have
3755s a decent staging ground denying barcode
3757s positions quite often body shot there
3759s for Orion but it's enough to keep Chris
3761s well behaved he backs behind that
3763s quarter and remix playing from The High
3764s Ground again Matt you pointed out pretty
3766s effectively right Switzerland's
3768s struggling to get value from remix
3770s playing this brig on The High Ground and
3772s Iceland has a pretty darn nasty defense
3774s here shutting Switzerland down and that
3776s is going to be a quick 2-0 in our first
3778s first or two of the day look if you're
3781s gonna play the break played on defense
3782s uh on offense where you need to get high
3786s ground and get some of that extra
3787s Mobility you should just you know play
3790s play kariko Lucio like I really just can
3794s like anything but Brig at that point
3796s right uh you're just not being able to
3798s get value with the ultimate or uh any
3801s parts of her kit really uh and you saw
3803s they weren't even able to kind of
3804s protect the Widow uh uh with the they're
3807s up on The High Ground so uh maybe just a
3810s change of some comps there for
3811s Switzerland as we move on uh forward
3813s with the rest of the day if we see that
3815s map or kind of same situation again
3818s yeah again uh look Switzerland this
3820s group b is pretty hostile to uh
3823s Switzerland now I guess if they they
3824s sort of follow Iceland here Finland is
3826s uh just quietly so that's uh that's a
3829s scary Prospect for you if you are the
3831s Swiss here it's a moments here of course
3832s and this is on the attack right so again
3834s you talk about Tracer often sort of
3836s operating from the cart happy able to
3838s get a lot of a lot of stuff done on the
3840s Tracer here great pressure but it really
3841s was all about Orion on that offense uh
3843s the Widowmaker had a lot of space statim
3846s at no point really able to pressure
3847s there's like a Winston Dive Right Here
3849s the Sleek Dart from puthark was
3850s incredible and it's an easy headshot to
3853s finish off that kill on the other side
3854s you see barcode struggling right getting
3856s pressured very heavily by happy calls so
3858s there's some there's some gaps here I
3860s guess in some of the head-to-head
3861s matchups that definitely costs in
3863s Switzerland that map yeah absolutely I I
3866s think some types of like comps obviously
3869s you know hindered I think Switzerland's
3871s performance but I also think Iceland
3872s just came in and recognized uh those
3875s weaknesses and took advantage of them in
3876s a big way yeah no doubt about it we're
3878s gonna do a break ladies and gentlemen
3879s and win in return Group B continues our
3882s next first is two series will be kicking
3884s off so don't go too far this is of
3886s course the emec wild card play-ins so
3889s you
3890s foreign
3892s [Music]
3912s [Music]
3936s [Music]
3942s thank you
3944s [Music]
3949s [Music]
3968s foreign
3974s [Music]
3997s [Music]
4017s [Music]
4026s thank you
4036s [Music]
4040s foreign
4046s [Music]
4070s [Music]
4090s [Music]
4107s welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the
4110s emec qualifiers Wild Card Challenge
4112s Danny Lim here with Mitch and Matt that
4115s was a quick 2-0 for Iceland um you know
4118s Iceland I think you know after losing
4120s round one uh on Arctic Peninsula release
4122s at uh yeah we got places to go they
4125s actually I think Orion really stuck out
4127s for me like his Hanzo not only that his
4130s widow as well you know ice ice it's
4132s looking kind of clean Iceland's on the
4134s come up Danny I think I'm gonna be
4136s Iceland fan
4141s fan
4142s thing about Iceland that makes everybody
4144s who doesn't have a horse in the race
4146s just won't a cheer for them yeah yeah
4147s think about like World Cup like football
4149s for example man uh they were a
4152s phenomenon around the world uh during
4154s that period yeah look I mean I'm pretty
4156s excited about this team again just want
4157s to remind everybody it's very last
4159s minute they've come together replacing
4160s the Emirates and you know bringing back
4163s some some really well-known faces from
4165s OverWatch in the past Gibraltar is quite
4167s one-sided right oh yeah like you pointed
4170s out Danny like yeah like the Antarctic
4171s Peninsula map a little bit tight
4173s Gibraltar is definitely kind of map
4175s though where you know disparities get
4177s really sort of blown up and made very
4180s obvious I think just because it's quite
4181s challenging uh a map to play in general
4184s and a lot rides on like you know your
4185s tank positioning and also like your
4187s ability for you know Windows I'm sorry
4190s uh Danny Danny I'm just laughing is
4192s Danny has zero commitment issues first
4195s team that comes up they win I'm with
4198s them I don't want to see anything else
4200s the rest of the day that's my squad
4202s right there uh well we'll see you know
4204s you gotta now your writer have died with
4206s Iceland the rest of the day yeah yeah
4208s have you ever been told that you have no
4210s commitment issues in life no one tells
4213s me anything I just don't listen to
4214s people anyways I don't know probably
4216s probably but I mean hey I'll ride or die
4219s with Iceland because that was only our
4222s first match of the day you know we're
4223s continuing continuing on with uh with
4225s the group b matches so let's take a
4227s quick look at the schedule one more time
4230s uh we had Iceland against Switzerland of
4232s course Iceland taking the when 2-0
4234s against Switzerland and next match is
4236s going to be Finland and Iceland yes I'm
4238s gonna still be are you still ride our
4239s dog yeah still right for Iceland I guess
4243s apologize
4246s how can you be like I'm about it and
4250s then be like ah well you know what let's
4252s see how this one goes hey yeah no that's
4254s true if they if they win Iceland wins
4257s beats Finland then I will ride or die
4259s all right
4260s well you know we'll uh we'll have to
4263s wait and see but I mean that's gonna be
4264s the next match we have Finland
4266s Switzerland coming up next and of course
4268s uh group a matches as well uh brought to
4271s you by uh Dustin and reinforced later on
4274s uh that's Ireland Denmark them or
4276s Portugal and then Ireland Portugal come
4278s on Ireland let's go man I think I think
4281s let's go Ireland I think Danny should
4283s have to stay with us a little a little
4286s trike Danny the Icelandic expert uh yeah
4290s he's finding OverWatch fanatic do you
4294s know what the capital of Iceland is
4295s Danny
4296s you got this Danny
4299s I Believe come on
4302s you're at your computer sorry he's
4304s breaking up daddy he's going through a
4305s tunnel okay
4308s did you guys get that oh yes sorry
4311s sorry we didn't get that one yeah it
4313s seems like you're are you going through
4314s the tunnel uh yeah
4316s big shout out to the homies in Reykjavik
4318s couple of what is it what's the capital
4322s Reykjavik Reykjavik okay sorry I'm just
4324s I'm just a an uncultured Boomer no it's
4328s fine
4329s okay now I know you learn you learn
4332s something new every day yeah definitely
4334s recommend uh I mean I hadn't been there
4335s but I've I read up a lot on it because
4337s there was a an Esports event there
4339s recently but uh they're cool over there
4340s look let's talk about Finland hey can we
4342s can we get onto this team because they
4344s are probably they're probably on paper
4346s the best team groupie uh and I don't
4349s necessarily think it's particularly
4350s close we have players that are current
4353s OverWatch league players we are players
4354s that are previous OverWatch league
4355s players who plays from really strong
4357s contenders teams we have an OverWatch
4359s League Runner wrap
4361s um this Finland team Matt
4363s it's pretty stacked yeah I mean Iceland
4367s obviously you know like laid this
4368s SmackDown on Switzerland so to speak but
4371s this one
4372s it's a goal Wing to be uh obviously more
4375s competitive I think with the players on
4377s finland's team uh Finland comes in with
4380s a a pretty stacked roster will be fun to
4382s see I know LH cloudy uh play uh that'll
4385s be a good time so yeah
4387s um
4388s you know how how how good is Iceland I
4390s think we probably figured that out with
4392s this series
4393s I'm still rooting for Iceland but yeah
4397s unless they lose and then you're not
4400s this is the definition of ride or die
4402s Danny to be fair so like you are at
4403s least like living up to that
4405s um look for Stoller obviously was a a
4408s sort of a key player on the Paris
4409s internal for quite some time right that
4411s was a roster in the OverWatch League
4412s that definitely had their fair share of
4413s ups and downs but watching vistola as a
4416s player really really solid Diva player
4418s uh primarily uh a lot of time you know
4420s was called up to to play that role
4422s against some some pretty frightening
4424s opposition and really kept his call that
4426s was something that I think that defined
4427s his career on the Paris Eternal or a
4430s team that had their fair share of
4431s struggles he was always positive he was
4433s always out there and he got a fair few
4434s of those player of the match moments uh
4436s as well when the Eternal able to find
4438s success against some of those teams so
4440s LH cloudy also known as probably the
4443s most but he's he's the most aggressive
4445s tank player I think I've ever seen I
4447s think I can actually say that with
4448s confidence especially on Reinhardt yeah
4451s people that have played against him have
4452s commented that they are always very
4454s shocked that he tends to turn up like
4456s very close to their sport if there's a
4458s team that plays Ryan it would be this
4460s one
4461s yeah yeah
4462s you know if there's a team that says
4465s yeah you know ramatro doesn't exist like
4467s we're just gonna play uh you know the
4469s the classics the hits were gonna come
4471s out and play Reinhardt rush it would be
4473s it would be Finland no 100 I I and I you
4477s know and I think the backup is pretty
4478s insane Masa in the back line was his
4481s leadership I think was a huge part of
4483s what allowed the Atlanta Reign despite
4484s being a fairly young uh untested Team uh
4488s to find that level of success that they
4489s did going as far right as to you know
4491s being in OverWatch League final up
4493s against the the Shanghai dragons now the
4496s game was was not particularly close but
4498s their Road there for the Atlanta round
4499s was really impressive uh Master's a huge
4501s part of that so you have like a veteran
4503s leader behind this team you have an
4505s incredibly skilled sort of youngster in
4506s the form of sauna right who we often see
4509s play that first map for the Florida
4510s Mayhem uh a lot of times the control map
4512s like it's May it's Reaper at times here
4515s so
4516s that's a scary Prospect to go up against
4517s this Finland team yeah so so uh Danny
4520s how you feeling for Iceland now you know
4522s um after after you guys just literally
4525s listed every single player on Finland
4528s and they got some big names you know
4530s what it's fine uh I I believe in Iceland
4532s uh you know I I liked what I saw from
4535s their match against Switzerland uh I
4537s have 100 faith in Iceland taking the win
4541s for this one you know I don't know I
4543s don't know yeah I'm gonna they're my
4545s right ride or die right so yeah let's go
4547s fit uh Iceland uh and I think we're
4550s ready for the game so Mitchell Matt take
4551s it away thank you Danny yeah love the
4554s free spirit of course that allows him to
4556s just attach so you know closely to a
4558s team after seeing them play once that's
4560s Danny Lynn for you everybody quite the
4562s Open Heart here again
4564s um yeah we
4565s put an eye on on how Iceland stack up
4568s against this Finland team because we
4569s talk about on paper that's all well and
4571s good but we've seen plenty of World Cup
4573s rosters filled with great talent fall
4575s short of expectations right so for
4577s Finland who have been in like
4578s quarterfinals before in the world cup
4580s but they've gone all the way like back
4582s in the days of like you know that Tim
4583s giganti roster you know also
4585s representing the sort of the Ninjas in
4587s pajamas crew like we're talking like you
4589s know zappis fraggy links uh they've got
4592s a they've got a legacy to uphold this
4593s Finland team and hey it's still a
4595s star-studded lineup
4596s yes uh you see they will come out on the
4599s Reinhardt uh no no real surprises here
4601s uh so you'll play the the Reinhardt with
4604s uh a sojourn hero so they're gonna not
4606s play that Hanzo they're gonna go with
4607s the sojourn for a little bit more
4608s consistent damage all right we've not
4611s seen as much of sauna in the OverWatch
4612s league as we would have liked to yet so
4614s this is a great chance to check in with
4616s how he is developing immortality Fields
4618s deployed by both sides here and storm is
4620s looking for a bit of an off-angle good
4621s damage on Happy cool right now that
4623s front line getting fasted a little bit
4624s for Iceland eventually they're starting
4626s to buckle they're able to find the enemy
4628s May kill him there's sort of railgun
4630s strikes true occupy is down Finland
4632s starting characteristically strong
4634s yeah as you would expect right uh you
4638s know this is a composition that I I
4640s don't think you would favor over the
4641s ramacho one right
4643s um
4645s welcome back
4647s but
4648s um I think this is a a roster that is
4651s going to make this composition work
4652s right just kind of like running through
4654s with just kind of root forth
4656s this is a roster that I expected to go a
4659s long way uh Through This World Cup I
4661s know a little bit earlier the call here
4662s but uh it looks very very solid so far I
4665s like the sojourn mixed up here
4668s Orion may walk a little bit frustrating
4670s these These are valuable seconds that
4672s he's spinning out of the fight gear
4673s while Iceland's fight line gets battled
4675s a little bit immortality field had to be
4677s deployed just like alive and it's gonna
4678s be a dragon strike now cloudy gets
4680s caught out by that one it wasn't ready
4681s for it and the sound barrier from Master
4682s didn't quite come in time great opener
4685s but there's a lot of pressure on
4686s Iceland's backline and crazy eventually
4687s crumbles muscle with two nice opening
4691s here
4692s it must be like Finland staying in
4694s control
4696s okay so it's just a little bit of like a
4699s buzz saw there from Finland is uh now
4701s we'll see LH cloudy with this shatter uh
4703s where where do you decide to use this do
4705s you want to get aggressive uh with the
4707s shatter you're gonna have overclock here
4708s as well uh really about uh futhor uh
4711s able to land a good sound barrier here
4713s that'll be key
4715s Cloudy of course not only the Paris
4717s Eternal but the Los Angeles Gladiators
4719s to his name he really changed the game
4721s whenever he got subbed in especially on
4722s those control Maps he was frightening
4724s that shadow was a little bit
4725s underwhelming but still that pressure on
4727s OCA Cloud to take him down overclock off
4730s there by sauna
4731s Finland having used most of those
4733s ultimates here but they've secured the
4734s fight winner and we're in the last fight
4736s territory and a sound barrier was it
4738s used by Iceland to no avail
4741s yes that's not great uh blizzard if you
4745s can make it back Orion over to the
4747s Tracer to try and touch uh Chrissy to
4749s the Moira as well as uh LH cloudy uh you
4752s know not not scared goes right into a
4755s blizzard there uh somebody will be able
4757s to go get a touch though as you do have
4759s some kills coming in for Iceland yeah I
4761s mean this is going to be a consistently
4762s electrifying team to watch this Fiddler
4763s roster but sometimes perhaps they may
4765s get ahead of themselves with this level
4767s of aggression Iceland able to uh rotate
4769s back to the point flip it in their favor
4772s and they're on the board and they've got
4774s a crack at it here
4777s all right so let's see now but Iceland
4779s you you this obviously wouldn't be the
4781s composition you would choose right uh
4783s they they have to make some changes get
4784s back to the point and touch where you
4786s have a tracer and a Moira now uh now
4789s Violet will play Moira okay yeah but
4792s sure uh Violet can play whatever he
4794s wants uh you know you're talking about
4797s like
4798s you know arguably the best support
4799s player in the world
4807s that's scary
4809s to the rocket Hammer now a lot of
4812s pressure on Chrissy who dies with
4813s coalescence by the way devastating stuff
4816s but Chrissy here man I have a chance to
4817s use that this round
4818s the annihilation expires for Oka club
4821s and Iceland are devastated after that we
4824s have some overtime here no one could
4827s really touch though still coming off
4828s spawn that is going to be that first
4830s round for Finland pretty smooth sailing
4832s for most of it until they get over
4834s aggressive they still close it out well
4836s I I think what you just said there at
4838s the end is kind of like how they would
4839s win this series and how they would use
4840s this type of composition against other
4842s teams uh you know later in kind of World
4844s Cup is
4846s off of being just hyper aggressive right
4848s yeah this is a team that you see Masa
4851s flying around LH cloudy getting the
4852s Reinhardt in the mix right sauna getting
4854s aggressive uh with a sojourn like you
4857s you push that pace so high that it just
4860s kind of breaks the other team right
4863s yeah some teams just can't play at the
4864s same pace so you know before you can
4866s even get to the point of talking about
4868s comparing like overall strategies and
4870s macro play you kind of have to say well
4872s hold on if Iceland can't really hang at
4874s the same Pace as Finland then forget
4876s about the more like the minutia forget
4879s about like the the sort of thinking
4881s person's approach to the game because we
4883s never really get to that stage they
4884s can't really enact right you're never
4886s playing uh if they play this type of
4888s style you're never playing that like 50
4890s 50 type of game right where you're
4892s sitting here just kind of exchanging
4894s damage you're pretty much just getting
4895s round down and look at that I mean they
4897s almost just boo players right into LH
4899s cloudy's pin you got a May here and a
4901s block right in front of you you got the
4902s Reinhardt swing and I mean how does
4904s cloud get away with that but look at
4906s look at Orion's puv remember like in the
4908s previous map uh you know in the previous
4909s series answers when we were watching
4911s their POV uh like pretty easy sight
4913s lines right there
4915s there's things right right in their face
4916s yeah and that's I think that's the
4918s Cloudy effect cloudy and Masa just
4919s charging forward Cloud using the ice
4921s block to just basically prevent ice and
4924s from moving out of that small room all
4926s of these amounts to Orion not having any
4928s sight lines to work with we'll have a
4929s brief opportunity now to find some picks
4931s but if he doesn't find something soon
4933s again Finland are going to turn up the
4934s heat once more that's a great pick on
4936s sauna
4940s that's crazy the Lucio pick-off is huge
4944s yeah I'm almost surprised Ryan didn't
4946s just push up and train challenge the
4947s Batiste oh that's a nice shot there
4949s right now ice block is oh there's a
4951s shatter here it's Cloud he's basically
4953s dead uh so Moss is still like wall
4956s riding over the city
4958s what in the
4961s world's been flip
4965s okay master
4967s it's nothing I was gonna see it a little
4969s bit to use Annihilation here and you
4971s have to use it just to get rid of
4973s it
4974s comes back in and Finland looked at cap
4977s this one pretty quickly I think you have
4978s to go throw himself at the point but no
4980s chance to ice block maybe he'd already
4982s used it and uh blink can you miss it
4984s Finland are back in control
4990s yeah I mean
4993s like Masa you know being able to find to
4995s basically forces like a solo
4997s Annihilation there uh it's just kinda
5002s it's the pace to play is just so fast
5004s for Iceland is you know Iceland they'll
5006s have a sound barrier and a dragon strike
5008s here we'll see if they can get good use
5009s out of this
5012s needs a good sound barrier it didn't
5014s have a great one on that previous round
5017s opposite early here Masters came okay a
5020s little bit later on you almost Ajax that
5022s I'm not gonna lie Master comes off The
5023s High Ground while beating I think still
5025s able to get it off at the very least
5026s here LH cloudy survives long enough for
5029s cloud to find that enemy that tasty is
5031s no longer fight especially with the air
5032s Matrix up in Linda are favored
5035s and they are definitely demonstrating
5036s that here Orion can't touch Cloud gonna
5039s start running him down
5041s they should be feeling taking this one
5042s away pretty comfortably
5044s yes uh Carl go over to the wrecking ball
5047s here try and get a touch is that
5048s everybody pushes up nice Boop there by
5050s Masa as a man I mean with how fast Masa
5054s plays and then obviously LH cloudy how
5056s aggressive he is uh that is a fun type
5059s of playstyle to watch yeah I mean it's
5062s it's something that in like a first to
5063s two series means that our game time
5064s might be a little bit short it actually
5066s depends who starts the next map on
5068s attack but we are seeing some of the
5070s things that we alluded to at the top of
5072s the game right LH cloudy's I mean and I
5075s mean this literally legendary aggression
5078s combined with Master going forward
5079s really putting that pressure down we've
5081s got these sort of Young Guns of course
5082s in sauna Cloud who is uh you know you
5085s may have seen during his time on X
5086s oblivioni this team looks sick even
5088s Mickey as well they're just you know
5090s going for like a solo air Matrix in The
5091s Higher Ground able to find uh the enemy
5093s Lucio across the map here very very hard
5096s uh for Iceland to deal with and I think
5098s the theme of our conversation right now
5100s is that if you can't hang at the same
5102s Pace as Finland then forget about
5104s complicated things like ultimate economy
5106s and yeah macro gameplay you need to
5108s figure out how to hold on here and being
5111s able to sort of play under these
5112s conditions without sweating it too much
5114s yeah I also just think you see that like
5116s there's clear like levels right like I
5118s Iceland just played really well against
5120s Switzerland I mean almost like four
5122s minutes in the time bank on Gibraltar uh
5124s you know wins map number one obvious you
5126s know they they lose the first point in
5127s map number one uh but then this one here
5131s against Finland is just not even
5133s you know not not even in the same
5135s ballpark right in terms of how we are as
5138s teams here so uh it's gonna take big
5141s adjustments here for Iceland I think to
5143s come back and you know me how how do you
5145s slow the game down right how do you you
5147s know a lot of like the CC and things
5148s that would slow the game down you know
5150s with OverWatch 2 were gone right so how
5153s do you slow the pace of play down here
5155s to kind of benefit you and shut down
5157s some of the things that they do
5158s positively you might not have that
5160s option the reality might be is that you
5161s actually have to play more Up Tempo to
5164s try and put some pressure on this
5165s Finland team if you're not used to
5167s playing that way if you don't have the
5169s the coordination in order to do so you
5171s might find yourself just running it down
5172s and into in that case even without sort
5175s of trying to so here the cloud you know
5177s has to pop this Annihilation to try and
5179s flip the point they do do that but it's
5180s like a one versus four at that point so
5182s many of these players coming off spawn
5184s very quickly and part of the discussion
5186s I think we had on the previous series
5188s talking about why ramacha is quite
5190s popular here you can see the strength of
5192s ramacha but when cloudy to hit some of
5194s these key shatters uh you know whip them
5196s around I think you've got a free kill on
5197s on a tracer who just linked a little bit
5199s too close to the front of that cone
5200s there
5201s um you know
5202s yeah that comparison starts to break
5204s down when you have a play like cloudy in
5206s the driver's seat here so Iceland you're
5208s in trouble I'm going to be honest with
5209s you uh it's gonna be I think these
5211s issues are going to be exacerbated as we
5212s head into our next match stick around
5214s let's see how it plays out but right now
5215s Finland are looking absolutely hot off
5218s the starter's Mark don't go far map two
5220s is coming up
5221s oh
5223s [Music]
5269s foreign
5272s [Music]
5274s [Applause]
5284s [Music]
5319s thank you
5324s [Music]
5330s [Music]
5354s foreign
5373s [Music]
5379s [Music]
5393s [Music]
5396s [Applause]
5398s [Music]
5419s thank you
5421s foreign
5427s [Music]
5434s welcome back everybody to the OverWatch
5436s World Cup emec Wild Card Challenge yeah
5439s it's a mouthful that's right we got a
5440s we've got two groups of three teams four
5444s of those the top two from each group
5445s advancing to the emea conference right
5447s now we are in the midst of a bit of a
5450s drubbing that's right it's Finland going
5451s up against Iceland and it's not been
5453s particularly close
5456s anything to go by Matt it was just map
5459s one
5460s um but it went uh like we kind of
5463s expected where uh Finland has just a
5466s very talented roster some proven players
5468s uh you know from you know multiple years
5470s of like High Level Pro competition uh
5473s going up against uh Iceland who you know
5476s has some as well uh but uh no not as of
5479s recently uh right so uh Finland really
5482s putting their stamp on their playstyle
5485s on the game there you know really
5486s fast-paced Up Tempo Reinhardt Centric
5489s kind of compositions uh really you know
5491s LH cloudy and Masa uh the tempo together
5495s you know in the Lucio Reinhardt
5496s combination uh make it really difficult
5498s for Iceland to deal
5499s yeah absolutely uh something we keep
5502s referring to is pace of play that is
5504s something that uh you know Iceland have
5505s struggled to to keep up with here hybrid
5508s is going to be our second map in this
5510s first two Series so it may all end here
5513s things don't go well for the Icelandic
5515s crew it will be numbani it's been a hot
5517s minute mad since we've sort of seen this
5519s in high level play
5520s yeah it'll be uh really interesting uh
5524s you know as a new Bonnie kind of like
5526s makes its way back in uh historically
5528s like Winston dive comps have always been
5530s pretty good here Diva as well
5532s um defense you can like not really play
5536s that if you wanted to uh you just kind
5538s of like the ability to go yeah you play
5541s similar static setups like with that
5542s High Ground hold and we've seen a lot of
5544s wrecking ball on this map as well I mean
5546s potentially even like uh you you could
5549s see where Mantra on The High Ground
5551s right um no has the static Shield like
5553s Sigma
5554s um potentially you know with some long
5556s range damage and also the ability to
5557s brawl a little bit so I I think there's
5560s some possibilities here uh for really
5562s all of the tanks uh quite frankly
5566s and again the you know if we see for
5569s example the Finland start on defense uh
5572s that's really going to set the tone for
5573s this if they have a good hold it might
5575s end up being a pretty short map and
5577s therefore pretty short series a bit of
5579s highlight for us was watching cloudy and
5581s Masa sort of combining uh in the front
5584s line in that previous map there uh they
5586s were they were styling a little bit you
5588s know there was a little bit of flair
5589s coming out and a little bit of you know
5591s a little bit of uh
5593s how do I put this a little bit of
5595s crouching uh from from that female Squad
5597s here but they are uh sort of notorious
5600s for for taking no mercy uh on their
5602s opponents here so I don't expect that to
5605s change anytime soon they'd love to make
5607s a statement say hey we should be in the
5609s emea conference by default the fact that
5611s we're having to play through this wild
5612s card here is you know it's an insult
5616s yeah yeah I think that's kind of
5618s probably the the route they're going
5619s with trainer really just prove that uh
5622s they were that good to begin with
5624s probably you should uh you know have to
5626s play in this to qualify and uh you know
5630s just kind of putting their imprint on
5631s this uh tournament thus far uh is
5634s they're still uh waiting to get in the
5636s game we'll see what uh what's going on
5638s here in just a second but I fully expect
5641s uh that Finland will still be pretty
5643s strong
5644s yeah we had a pause uh we are now ready
5647s to jump into the game
5648s just a reminder this is the tournament
5650s client so we are not playing on live
5652s this is pre uh we'll call it the junker
5654s Queen patch because that's the best
5655s shorthand we can use free junker Queen
5657s patch uh so she is good but uh not as
5661s good as uh she is on live right now and
5664s Iceland will be starting on defense here
5666s so
5667s we're looking very closely and see what
5669s things you can make happen in that front
5670s line finzi not historically known as
5672s like a you know as we use the term a
5674s main tank player he definitely played uh
5676s off tanks back in 66 a bit more so I'm
5679s interested to see what his Winston looks
5680s like up against LH cloudy who you better
5682s believe will be holding wm1 for the boys
5685s yeah as uh challenge The High Ground
5688s right you're not going to be in a
5689s position where uh Finland let's say
5691s tries to play for that right side High
5693s Ground from the lower Street they are
5695s just going to try and Bully up uh
5697s through this top left-hand side or go
5699s underneath and kind of wrap around up
5701s through the staircase
5703s I have Ash here for Orion the reality is
5705s is that uh you know finzy's gonna have
5707s to avoid Hill Heights cloudy if at all
5709s possible try and hit this backline
5712s but his opportunity to do so is going to
5713s be pretty limited to see as soon as
5714s fizzy turns up planet says all right
5715s I'll have a couple swings all of Finland
5718s playing so close together
5719s cloud is going to basically basically
5721s set up some really nice sight lines here
5723s for sauna yeah and this is where it
5726s becomes difficult like as the ash player
5728s like look they're just trying to hunt
5729s down he knows
5732s yeah so uh that's what this comp looks
5735s to do find a player isolate them and
5737s just run them down nah it is they're
5740s able to make work uh quick work with the
5743s Ash and now uh everything starts to just
5745s kind of Falls look at I mean the Winston
5747s kind of gets like no value there right
5749s like you're playing the Winston to kind
5750s of like counter dive up to the high
5751s grounds if they do the same where uh
5754s there's no intent to do that here so
5757s what often happens in Winston vs
5758s Reinhardt comps is that you poke quite a
5760s lot and you wait for a nano boost right
5762s you just try and build Nano and then you
5764s send the Winston in you use The High
5766s Ground effectively Play Safe Keep sort
5769s of stalling if Finland take that option
5771s away from Iceland they push together
5772s they go around they also try and exploit
5775s the lack of mobility of Iceland who
5776s don't have a Lucio
5777s very easy to punish when Masa just wants
5780s to turn it up to 11 and speed his team
5782s in for the fight interesting so we uh
5784s cloudy goes over and plays zarya here
5787s through the next part of the map zarya
5789s with the reaper so kind of like the
5791s bubbles up towards The High Ground yeah
5793s just kind of like gets done in the mixes
5795s a little bit of a Divergence uh from
5799s what we typically see here or at what
5801s we've typically seen from Finland this
5802s far where now what finzy's gonna play
5804s the diva into the zarya like this should
5807s be an opportunity for Finland to feast
5809s yeah it means cloudy obviously gets a
5811s lot of pressure on finzy defense Matrix
5813s can't do anything really about Zaya uh
5815s you know I think that cloudy wants to
5818s play Zaya they want to play Reaper Zaya
5819s they want to put pressure on finzy
5821s that's really the name of the game he
5822s make it very very hard for Iceland to
5823s create any sort of tempo with their tank
5826s sauna able to get back on the edge they
5829s have a crazy nice connection with that
5831s kunai there but there's a park and there
5833s it's a checkpoint and they are
5835s intersecting presently
5837s sometimes kills are worth more than the
5838s objective uh this probably wouldn't be
5841s one of those times but uh you know
5844s sometimes they are it's all fizzy almost
5846s gets trapped on that side of the wall
5848s there is uh
5850s be the kariko ultimate here uh from
5853s Chrissy you know I think just trying to
5854s keep finzi alive there and now maybe
5856s push-up trying to get some kills but uh
5857s you saw a little bit there LH college
5859s would be pretty charged up on this zarya
5861s uh you seem kind of glow in there on on
5863s the screen so that that signifies High
5866s charge there
5868s I think that Isom wanted to fight really
5870s hard for the choke and not allow philan
5872s to just bully their way through that's
5873s why we saw the kitsuna rush here it's on
5875s it don't do it to him Nano boost here on
5878s towards finty Donna though gonna cut
5880s through much of that pretty comfortably
5881s up close and personal finity is able to
5883s pick off the Batiste this is for Finland
5887s uh but you treated your beat for uh Bob
5891s they ended up using Nano and uh you know
5894s even before Janeiro Straits so you come
5897s back you have your own grab here you can
5899s just kind of try and like Bully
5900s offensive defense Matrix out land that
5902s you can kind of send the reaper in from
5904s The High Ground potentially is uh that's
5906s exactly what happens comes High ground
5907s and takes out uh the kuriko so you're in
5910s a really good spot here
5912s oh that is
5915s well one for one ultimately nice
5918s self-destruct that looks like that
5919s immortality field
5920s for Mickey playing off though could have
5922s been even worse graviton surge available
5924s either Cloud he does not want to geek
5926s that into the defense Matrix so he'll
5927s save that for a a map a round ending
5930s rather fight yes fizzy is going to have
5932s to come back out of spot and then like
5934s be the one that gets a touch right so
5935s you're gonna be able to just kind of
5937s burn through that defense Matrix pretty
5939s fast and then get a free grab
5941s cloudy's taking a lot of damage here but
5943s he's being focused on for the most part
5945s by Mickey
5947s you'll have to back up eventually losing
5948s Cloud here means that Orion has a pretty
5950s safe position to play from now the
5952s Sombra from sauna okay philan and not
5954s playing around here
5957s back up though they're gonna wait just a
5959s little bit to get cloud back in the
5960s fighters uh this is a nano that goes on
5962s to finzy so you see just that pressure
5964s from this Arias as a huge pickoff you
5966s get that zarya out of the equation no
5968s grab not building up that constant
5970s energy just kind of like funneling it
5971s into the Divas so uh really big pick off
5974s there
5975s that's the risk of playing a Isaiah on
5977s this map in general I think you really
5978s out in the open you're very susceptible
5979s to taking a lot of free damage uh you
5982s know from the ash for example an Africa
5985s they're playing pretty safe at medium
5987s range just trying to put some pressure
5988s down on on cloudy they have a still a
5990s concern fincy going to be hyper aware of
5992s this of course the diva is definitely
5994s where Iceland wants to have him right
5995s now especially with all this High Ground
5997s around this last point of the map
6000s pretty good defense so far here now as
6002s uh we moved into this last phase for
6004s Iceland
6005s what's up
6007s what's up oh wait that's up that is just
6009s a solo grabbing
6010s you go on The High Ground are they gonna
6011s be like get it no it's like suzu and
6013s then uh the Bob ends up taking out
6015s cloudy uh so not great here for Finland
6018s is uh it's gonna be cloudy going back to
6020s the Reinhardt
6030s out of Mech but still a factor in this
6033s fight he is the Ryan they've returned
6034s kitsuna actually had thrown down by
6036s Chrissy but not really slowing feeling
6038s down at all blizzard on the point here
6040s can't contested consistently though
6042s nicely done by hacker to keep it going
6044s and to get the Reinhardt kill Cloud able
6046s to push up here but this is much
6047s improved from Iceland Finland taking a
6049s couple risks and they're not paying off
6051s uh still two minutes uh now under two
6054s minutes here for Finland and you're
6056s gonna have an EMP potentially to seal
6057s the game is they have to be so careful
6060s that Sonic just doesn't try and back cap
6062s this it's still pretty close where
6065s oh sauna no no no no okay
6068s we'll talk sees it early sleep dog
6071s doesn't connect but they're able to
6072s force the Sombra away EMP in hand here
6074s for sauna yes uh they know where the
6076s Cure goes so now maybe try and play for
6080s this it's uh maybe get a hack on Happy
6082s here like when he's Behind Enemy Lines
6089s everyone should blowing up as a result
6091s here happy
6093s again playing pretty safe pretty long
6095s range here it's only Masters healing
6096s right now so Finland have to find a way
6098s to fight their way out of this getting
6099s what ifuthak is huge though it's all
6102s about the Anna pick off happy pulse bomb
6104s coming up on that right now a little bit
6106s dangerous but cloudy without a main
6108s healer in play it's going to be the EMP
6109s use you actually still able to get out
6111s of it but there it is that pulse finds
6113s the Reinhardt the immortality field is
6114s too late
6116s yeah about like a second too late there
6118s for immortality is uh you'll come back
6120s with an amp Matrix in sound barrier uh
6123s maybe you could have saved on to that
6124s EMP for a little bit longer for this
6126s next fight or I think you probably were
6128s better off you know once you actually
6129s got uh food actually probably just kind
6131s of going in right away uh trying to
6133s capitalize on a little bit of the chaos
6134s that ensues when that happens
6136s you got the pop here uh you've also got
6138s a nano boost available Sonos which is
6140s off for Sombra so you don't have a hack
6141s to sort of shut down Bob intermittently
6143s you don't have a sleep either
6145s so that's actually going to be a pretty
6146s relevant ultimate consumer Rush down
6148s first though Danny wants to back away
6150s here wall throwing up Vinci finds a kilo
6153s before finna can really escape and then
6154s come in again Master goes for a beat in
6156s another 4v5
6158s yeah well I mean at this point though
6160s you know 10 seconds you kind of have to
6163s use it yeah it's uh finzy and Co will
6166s start cleaning up some kills here at the
6169s end so uh Iceland here on umbani on
6172s defense at least with a pretty good hole
6175s not too shabby at all we've been harping
6178s on this uh the pace of play that Finland
6180s brought in our first map Iceland didn't
6182s know how to react to it this time it
6184s looks like they're able to set into it
6185s yes the plane defense on them binding
6187s the map definitely lends itself gives
6188s him a couple of advantages here but it
6190s looks like they're starting to get a
6192s read on what Finland are trying to do I
6194s will say that Finland are they're
6196s playing fast and loose they're playing
6198s very aggressively yeah at some degree
6200s they're playing pretty individually uh
6201s like the Zaya insistence for cloudy
6203s loses in probably like a couple minutes
6205s in these last two phases of the map
6208s yeah I think so at the end I think uh
6211s trying to find the comp that would like
6213s Break On Through
6216s um
6216s it would be pretty difficult like where
6219s you're kind of moving around you know
6220s you have the the Sombra in the mix
6223s you're on zarya then you go Reinhardt
6225s like they just never really got that
6226s Suite of ultimates you needed yeah
6230s I mean that like random grav on The High
6233s Ground on Orion is as cloudy went down
6235s like it was I think we're definitely
6236s hoping to see something a little bit
6238s more from it but up against like a
6239s divacom
6240s you can't be too picky about how you set
6243s up for those graviton soldiers here so
6245s Finland now will be on defense they will
6247s keep playing the Ryan Hart it's a
6249s signature for cloudy and you've got no
6251s reason to switch off of it here we will
6252s get to see sauna's Ash now so he'll play
6254s that from the left-hand side High Ground
6258s full as I think this should be pretty
6261s effective so like the issue here for
6263s Finland will be that if finzi and uh you
6267s know some of the members of Iceland kind
6269s of like Get Behind Enemy Lines or get up
6270s on that right side High Ground they
6272s don't have any fast way to get over here
6274s to kind of like help Sana right playing
6276s that Reinhardt
6279s so how do we
6280s do each of us in Finland just grouped up
6282s together it's a high ground and pushed
6283s Iceland off
6285s Iceland will be playing a little bit of
6286s a different setup maybe slightly more
6288s elegant uh if they could make it look uh
6291s effective
6293s Lindsay really just looking for an
6295s opening now maybe head up to the point
6297s start to give it a tickle Force some of
6299s these
6300s Finland players down to the low ground
6301s and then maybe use that to create a pick
6303s opportunity but that didn't look great
6305s someone was able to find half a cool
6306s there up close
6307s and I think Iceland are gonna have to
6308s wait the the play here for Finland would
6311s be to have like where Sana is right now
6313s kind of like play up on that high ground
6315s because any type of like dive or you
6318s know
6318s play to try and push him off of that
6320s High Ground just barreling right into
6322s the Reinhardt which is exactly kind of
6324s what they want to happen
6326s um well now they actually switch in and
6327s get happy on the Genji so uh you feel
6330s like you're going to play for that high
6331s ground and then if they don't play for
6332s The High Ground right if Iceland goes to
6334s the point Finland can just drop Cloud
6336s down right uh play there with the May
6338s ice block you have a immortality field
6341s you have some options like this the haki
6343s Genji this is a classic
6345s that's a really early immortality build
6347s I mean you're not really that much
6348s danger there yeah happy very happy with
6350s that
6351s now just play safe look for a chance to
6353s get Dash resets Master's a little bit
6354s low Susie used it earlier though so a
6356s lot of these defensive cooldowns already
6357s popped Lindsay headed upstairs there D
6360s makes very quickly though
6362s it's like yeah okay decent enough
6364s capture progress here Verizon almost two
6366s ticks now cloud is able to find finzy
6367s though that Shield up on the point this
6369s kitsuna Rush doesn't have a lot behind
6371s it it's just happy cool trying to
6372s benefit from it he doesn't really get a
6374s whole lot out of the haste but there it
6376s is Orion finds his picks Iceland able to
6379s set up give Orion a good little staging
6381s ground of work from and he pays it back
6383s with interest yet he had a rain set up
6386s on The High Ground and was able to just
6387s a little bit of a shooting gallery right
6389s putting down some damage with the
6390s dynamites teammates following it up
6393s some good changes there for Iceland is
6395s uh looking to try and train maybe 40 the
6398s early map in this set
6399s that'll be good also very good for
6401s Iceland's chances yeah I mean that
6403s they're looking pretty good to come out
6404s of this group anyway after that pretty
6405s convincing win uh
6408s against Switzerland so but this is
6410s basically if I can get a map here that
6411s will basically guarantee it for them
6414s all right excited with the charge there
6416s wants to play close to the doorway so we
6418s can give you shoulder time comes for us
6419s he needs to push ahead of this ant
6420s Matrix so look there he goes gets on the
6423s right side of that one so order not
6424s using the air Matrix himself fancies
6426s this small sort of tangential angle but
6428s make sure you get to tell you there no
6430s doubt about it and extra healing I I
6432s just love how like cloudy sees the air
6434s Matrix and instead of like the shield up
6436s it's just a few steps forward and
6438s shatter down
6441s no no fear uh in his game
6444s he is not a coward that's for sure
6450s yep here's the Bob Orion lets that one
6452s go so order has one too he's holding
6454s onto it for now wow they picked the ball
6456s off so quickly before Iceland have a
6458s chance to punish put some pressure on
6459s Finland
6460s they lose the Bob
6462s Orion they're just stood stock still by
6464s the looks of things so it's an easy pick
6465s off the cloud yeah I was gonna say I
6467s mean
6469s that is a really easy that's a nice meat
6471s wall but not able to land the shots
6473s there
6475s so they gotta keeps Claudia getting
6477s quite low here is that's gonna be a
6479s casino Rush
6480s Cloud waiting for a wall here
6482s ice block instead there's the wall it's
6485s going to cut off fincy for the time
6486s being no one in the blizzard though
6488s every ounce there's only ultimate as you
6490s thought it would be and yeah that's an
6492s interesting use of that my food stock is
6493s going to go to waste though happy calls
6495s Dragon Blade though might find some
6496s value is found too already sauna and
6497s cloudy down shut down by the Baptiste in
6500s the air but the Iceland core should have
6503s the numbers to get this job done just a
6505s matter of getting rid of Master yeah
6507s it's Finland actually holds on to a
6509s bunch of their ultimates as soon as the
6510s blade is popped there they actually just
6511s you know fatty just stand still uh ends
6514s up getting taken out there so sauna goes
6516s over to Tracer you're gonna be able to
6517s get another touch here for Finland uh
6519s and you have some pretty big powerful
6521s alternates Right double support ultimate
6523s plus Shadow to be used to hold this up
6528s be very very big for Finland to stop
6530s eisen's momentum here
6532s up goes finzy
6534s tracing for nothing particular oh my
6536s goodness being charged in my clown he
6538s turns around Chrissy gets absolutely
6539s ruined by the shadow fins he's gonna be
6541s demecked here and here we come Finland
6543s starting to part with some of those
6545s ultimates
6546s there's the shadow all they need for the
6548s time being and see you later finzy
6550s I was gonna say not not all the
6552s ultimates which is huge I mean and
6554s really you just hold on to put the most
6555s important and as uh cloudy pushed up a
6557s little bit gets taken out but you got
6559s some trading here coming out right
6560s outside of the spawn so Huffy just jumps
6563s around the corner with a dash uh that
6565s that's gonna be a pretty important
6567s pick-off is now you may need to use the
6569s sound barrier in uh in a fight where you
6571s don't have a you know an even player
6572s count here to be able to get a touch
6575s that would be a classic Master move to
6577s be fair
6578s we out of four beats in the short-handed
6580s scenarios on this map
6582s okay that's dangerous sauna there's
6585s Tracer oh it's clean what a stick
6587s immortality field has to be used there
6589s but sauna still able to follow it up and
6590s this is disgusting
6594s that is a filthy clip as uh the trees
6598s are just and what's funny is that I
6600s don't know if you realized it before but
6601s like halfy and Iceland was like shooting
6603s the Sonic Arrow up in The High Ground
6605s they hit no and he was like lurking
6606s around there somewhere uh and that's why
6609s they were looking for him I mean that is
6611s uh
6612s play in their back line
6615s you found them they found him either way
6617s that is crazy
6620s very very nice looks here
6622s is he trying to get himself out of Spawn
6624s currently got eyes for Mick G who are
6626s just gonna have to pop that anymore
6627s talented field
6630s after all picking that off self-destrike
6631s that's awkward again uh Finland fighting
6635s up all that I can shoot here pushing
6636s forward very far they'll get a train of
6638s Mech at the very least I suppose a
6641s dragon strike used by having police it
6643s comes out from cloud
6644s seven seconds left in the round looked
6646s like Finland were hoping to end it all
6647s there but it's not to be as we'll have
6649s at least an overtime push to the point
6650s if not more yeah it's uh this will be an
6653s air preempt to get here Matrix here is
6656s uh cloudy not able to make it so uh
6659s tries to switch over to the wrecking
6661s ball to get a touch cloud is going to
6663s 76. uh a little bit of an early amp
6666s Matrix there uh from futhark forces them
6670s uh uh to just kind of walk into all that
6672s damage so now you can go back to the
6674s composition for Finland that you really
6676s wanted to be on
6678s we're headed back to a photo finish on
6679s this map by the looks of things yes
6681s Finland did not finish the map
6684s but Iceland don't have much time to get
6685s it done themselves nice Bob there that's
6687s gonna be a problem look at that pressure
6688s coming from the off angle another pulse
6690s one from sauna has to be emo'd but he's
6692s still able to find that he's kill after
6693s the fact Lucy Cloud although could be
6695s problematicus Vinci's found two kills
6697s already there's Orion firing up and
6699s Iceland building up a head of steam to
6702s try and get the map down or at least
6703s exceeds finland's progress we could be
6706s headed to a map three yeah you're just
6708s with Cloud there just burning some clock
6710s right Asana now is going to play sojourn
6713s here so are you just trying to build up
6715s towards those one shot to be able to
6716s finish the player off or two where you
6718s kind of take a stock here towards the
6719s end 25 seconds left sound barrier
6722s available here foreign
6731s so watch out for this pulse bomb from
6733s Happy cool though that could be a
6734s problem Planet Shield is gone so it's
6736s time to press w
6737s putting that pressure down continue Rush
6739s gonna be there cloudy somehow being kept
6740s alive in the sound bear it comes just in
6742s time him standing yeah just barely the
6746s extra healing from Mickey probably helps
6747s there with that sooner Rush deployed and
6749s that's enough time for cloud
6751s to get into the blizzard happy trying to
6753s stay alive here though he will be shut
6755s down it's gonna be Orion throwing
6756s himself at the point but it's not quite
6758s enough a much closer referring map
6760s number two but Iceland succumb to
6763s Finland who are looking to be the
6765s strongest team in this group b now a
6767s much closer of a game though uh I I will
6770s say that as Iceland definitely showed
6772s that like when you can kind of get
6774s Finland to force and move off of those
6776s like Reinhardt base camps you can put up
6777s like an even fight right but uh when
6780s Finland is able to fall back on those
6782s types of setups they are uh they're very
6785s good yeah uh again I thought someone
6788s making the switch over to Tracer looked
6789s really scary there wasn't really an
6791s answer for that he built his pulse bombs
6793s very quickly almost like I think two in
6795s the the course of three fights and every
6797s time he's trying to pressure down the
6798s enemy Baptiste forcing a mortality field
6800s and then after the fact he's still able
6802s to find that kill a tracer with solo
6804s kill potential like that is going to put
6805s your team in very good shape fill into a
6808s little bit of trolling to be fair uh
6810s they want to play fast they want to play
6812s aggressive that can leave you open to
6814s some mistakes I've I've got to give
6816s credit where it's due though to Iceland
6817s they started to get a feel for the tempo
6819s a little bit more here and it didn't end
6821s up being close there's there's a world
6822s where we go to a third map uh that sound
6825s barrier from absolutely from Masa rather
6827s comes at just the right time to keep LH
6829s cloudy standing otherwise things could
6831s go completely differently I mean if it's
6833s what another second later like maybe you
6836s don't keep cloudy alive and you're in a
6838s really difficult spot right there
6839s without your Reinhardt but you still
6841s have the May who's got the ice block the
6843s wall right a lot of just uh ability to
6845s just drag that out
6848s yeah here we have some moments of course
6850s from that numbani uh attack towards the
6853s end of the round here and again like I'm
6856s enjoying seeing this from Iceland I mean
6858s they're going to be a factor I think in
6859s the emea conference in general so
6861s something worth uh you know mentioning
6863s here going forward they should make it
6864s out of this group here the Reinhardt
6866s play can be exploitable to some degree I
6868s like seeing fizzy play the diva up
6870s against it there was a lot of
6870s flexibility there it gave him a lot more
6873s options middle house cloudy was very
6875s well supported by the rest of his team
6876s this clip yeah this is a nasty Tracer
6878s clip there from sauna it's a surprise we
6881s don't see that sort of more from him
6882s there is he's actually been riding the
6884s bench a little bit more lately from the
6885s Florida Mayhem so hoping to see him more
6887s in that that sort of main lineup again
6889s when you're when you're alongside a
6890s player like Checkmate right it can be
6892s pretty hard to play every map so I get
6893s it but you can see why they scouted this
6896s player out
6899s a little bit in owl uh the game that we
6902s recently uh just casted uh with the
6904s Florida Mayhem we saw him for control
6906s but uh came out right after that but
6909s yeah I mean Tracer play like that I
6911s don't know if you can like supplant uh
6913s surpass like checkmate with what he
6914s provides uh for Florida but I think you
6917s start to see like why no sun is on that
6919s roster why we see him come into some of
6921s these games because uh he can put up
6922s some really impressive performances
6926s yeah we're gonna talk with Danny uh
6927s about this after the break but it looks
6929s like the landscape in group b is
6931s becoming pretty clear so I got too far
6933s we've got one more match here in group b
6935s we're going to go to a quick break and
6937s when we're returning it's going to be
6938s well we won't spoiler for you could be a
6940s bit of a one-sided one stick around
6941s though we're gonna get into that after
6943s these messages
6946s [Music]
6977s foreign
6978s [Music]
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7012s [Music]
7021s hahaha
7024s [Music]
7042s [Music]
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7059s [Music]
7085s [Music]
7092s [Music]
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7116s [Music]
7133s [Music]
7143s foreign
7149s [Music]
7159s welcome back everybody to emec
7162s qualifiers Wild Card Challenge then
7164s Danny Lim here with uh Mitchell Matt and
7167s you know I gotta say Iceland I tried but
7171s it was they they weren't enough uh to
7173s get the win against Finland are you
7174s still rolling with them though I am
7176s still rolling with them because it's not
7178s over yet but they already they bid for
7180s Switzerland they still have a chance to
7181s make it into the qualifiers in June but
7184s I mean yeah Finland just I'm gonna be
7187s honest I think sound on that tracer was
7190s a bit too much yeah it's kind of it's
7192s kind of cheating it's kind of cheating I
7194s think uh yeah that's yeah very very hard
7197s very very hard to deal with I think like
7198s if you're trying to set up around like a
7200s Baptiste
7201s constant pressure on your Baptist is
7203s really really annoying hard to deal with
7205s and it's like he has to immortality
7206s field himself like two two fights in a
7208s row that's very hard for the rest of
7210s your team because you want to use that
7211s for your Ash when she gets dived or
7212s pushed on you have news on yourself yeah
7214s that don't feel great yeah I mean but
7216s Finland I gotta say like Finland you
7219s know is looking really good in uh Group
7221s B right now and talking about groupie
7224s let's take a quick look at the uh the
7226s schedule one more time we're almost done
7228s with Group B matches we got Iceland
7231s first taking the win and Finland beat
7233s Iceland 2-0 and we have our final match
7236s right for Group B it's Finland versus
7238s Switzerland I
7241s Matt what do you think uh for the last
7243s match Finland versus Switzerland I what
7246s do you think do you think it's gonna be
7247s a close one or
7249s be honest I I think uh I I think Finland
7253s should take this one Danny uh I think
7256s they're uh probably the heavy favorite
7258s going into this one we'll uh we'll see
7261s how it turns out interesting and
7263s otherwise maybe
7266s gonna get they're going to get
7268s slaughtered
7269s they're gonna get absolutely you don't
7272s know
7272s yeah well yeah no I don't know I I don't
7276s maybe maybe I just have like to play
7278s down to their opponents maybe right
7279s maybe they like to play with their food
7281s a little bit maybe Switzerland they've
7283s like went back looked at some comps like
7286s we know what we're gonna do here we're
7287s gonna take advantage of them
7290s so I I think there is actually some
7291s error to that to be fair I I do like I
7293s do think the feeling of heavenly
7294s favorite in this matchup but something
7296s that we noticed from Switzerland is that
7298s if they have Hanzo comps they're
7299s actually very they've been pretty darn
7301s good at isolating individuals or
7303s punishing like other DPS that are and
7305s supports that are out of position so you
7308s need to you need to generate some
7309s momentum via getting these first picks
7311s the issue is going to be Danny Matt is
7313s that they may not have time to do this
7315s right it's all well and good to be able
7317s to set up with your hands on The High
7318s Ground and like have a chance to to get
7320s picks but you are playing up against
7322s like probably a Reinhardt based
7323s composition that's going to be speeding
7325s into you constantly and sort of making
7326s it very hard to play from favorable
7328s sight lines like we saw I think in that
7330s previous matchup that Finland would just
7332s go they'd even use the maywall to sort
7334s of block off a couple players they'd
7335s even use the ice block to block doorways
7337s and the mate would still end up
7339s Surviving because we have like an
7340s immortality field deployed after the ice
7342s block so it's really hard you don't have
7344s the time you don't have idealized
7345s circumstances for like sniper based
7347s Heroes to get value there's something
7349s you really don't have to look out for
7351s and it's going to be the same question
7352s that Iceland had to answer can you play
7353s at the same Pace if you can't you are
7355s going to get slaughtered
7357s yeah I mean
7360s if you can't force them off of the
7362s Reinhardt comps and just allow them to
7364s play their pace of game I think yeah
7366s you're you're in for a world of trouble
7367s here uh I I that would be kind of like
7369s yo you're Switzerland you really need to
7372s be able to kind of force them off of
7373s those comps you know get things going in
7375s your direction some type of way
7377s uh or or else you're in a lot of trouble
7379s uh I think that's kind of you know what
7382s we'll see early on are they able to do
7384s that if not uh I think Finland should be
7386s the team that takes it yeah and then
7389s that would it's gonna be feminine I mean
7390s like like Mitch uh you just said you
7392s know they from what I saw them against
7394s Iceland they are a very fast-paced team
7397s right they just run the Ryan Club they
7399s run at you and then plus they got some
7402s really talented players like Sana who's
7404s you know playing for the Florida Mayhem
7406s so that's why I think that that that
7407s makes Finland a very scary opponent to
7410s go up against
7412s yeah the problem is is that we saw
7413s swispy really passive especially on
7415s Gibraltar I think like their play style
7417s got exposed very heavily by Iceland on
7421s that map right they let the car push a
7423s lot for free they weren't able to get
7425s their Winston in position to actually
7426s sort of contest and create any sort of
7428s space for their DPS so they end up
7431s giving up the whole second phase of the
7432s map for free they only fight a couple
7434s times on on the first point here and all
7435s of a sudden your opponents have like
7437s five minutes 50 to finish the last phase
7440s of the map and it didn't get much better
7441s from there so if that's in any
7443s indication of the way that Switzerland
7445s like to play
7447s what Finland do is the antithesis to
7449s that and is actually going to punish it
7450s really badly so I want to see some
7452s composure from Switzerland I want to see
7454s them maybe play Up Tempo themselves here
7456s and be able to create space for their
7458s DPS because they have great DPS players
7460s that can that can actually win fights
7461s single-handedly if they're facilitated
7463s for
7465s yeah I mean I mean everything you kind
7467s of said is true
7469s um I also think like Matt plays into it
7471s as well right like if you you know new
7474s Bonnie right like didn't look that great
7476s uh for Finland uh you get a map that
7479s doesn't have like a ton of verticality
7482s in the escort pool like uh that you
7485s don't need to play Diva or Winston or
7488s something that connects High ground and
7489s they can just kind of keep playing that
7491s you know Rush stay style yeah you're
7494s you're in a lot of trouble in that map
7496s too because yeah it's kind of the uh
7499s Switzerland looks like they wanted to
7500s kind of like maybe play for picks and
7502s stuff like that you're not going to be
7503s able to do that
7505s yeah all right well it is going to be
7508s Finland versus Switzerland I got the
7509s word that the match is ready to go so
7511s Mitchell Matt take it away
7513s thank you very much Danny yes our last
7516s match here in group b most likely and I
7519s want to kind of piggyback off that
7520s previous conversation because you know
7522s Matt Paul you're right is a big
7523s difference maker if there's a world
7525s where Switzerland can get maps that sort
7528s of favor maybe those poke compositions
7530s or you know winston-based setups they
7533s might be able to get something going
7534s there uh the the problem is is that
7536s cloudy can play every tank uh he just
7538s prefers to play that brawl style here so
7541s even in a Winston mirror like I don't
7543s necessarily think you're favored if you
7544s are going to be Switzerland here make no
7547s mistake ladies and gentlemen the Swiss
7548s are on the ropes if they want a chance
7551s of competing in that wider emea
7553s conference they have to go absolutely
7556s ballistic here and I need to make it
7559s happen up against the team the
7560s juggernauts that are Finland who
7561s arguably should have been qualified
7564s straight into the main conference but
7565s they get some extra warm-up matches I'm
7567s sure they're not complaining Matt here
7568s we go we're on Antarctic peninsula yeah
7571s and you can you can see them coming out
7574s and making some changes already right
7576s they're gonna be running the Hanzo still
7578s but this time with an echo a diva
7580s currico like uh you know a much
7583s different style of play here I think
7585s you're gonna see from Switzerland
7586s because uh they they know they need to
7588s uh this is a composition that you can't
7591s really run a player down right High
7593s Mobility here from Switzerland so it's
7595s going to be a little bit harder to
7596s execute that dive but uh saw that range
7599s gonna take out uh division there is uh
7601s that's pretty tough blow yeah again Jin
7604s doesn't have the room
7606s to really manufacture any of these Peak
7608s opportunities here it's almost also
7610s gonna be a big problem for barcode on
7612s the echo echo says we want to go fast we
7614s want to execute the echo combo we want
7616s to blow someone up we want to put
7617s pressure on the tank Echo up against
7619s Shields can have problems because their
7621s focusing beam doesn't get you the value
7623s and usually you know you kind of lose
7625s the element of surprise that allows Echo
7627s to succeed in so many of these fights
7629s here
7630s it's sort of gonna have good sight lines
7632s and keep pressuring down barcode they're
7634s probably going to have to switch
7637s yeah I know absolutely like uh if the
7641s echo is going to be taking so much like
7643s damage or coming on in right or you're
7645s going to be playing around really like
7647s trying to get a player weak in the Echo
7649s finishing that player off if you can't
7651s get any of these players weak and you're
7652s just kind of getting like bullied out oh
7654s man that's crucial that's tough it is uh
7658s you're not gonna get
7659s if you can't get big damage down from
7662s your Hanzo or something like that you're
7663s not going to be able to have the Echo
7665s come on Diva go finish it off
7668s oh no no no here we go okay
7672s finally gonna set up outside of the
7674s spawn of Switzerland I feel like there's
7676s zero reason to offer any respect
7679s it's not been close so far in this round
7680s and that trademark aggression from the
7682s front line has been prevailing thus far
7684s gin can't even get back into spawn they
7686s will fall just outside the gate and
7688s Switzerland they're gonna have to figure
7689s out how to break this hole before they
7691s even think about contesting the points
7694s yeah I mean the whole outside of the
7696s spawn door is pretty brutal because this
7698s is not a lot of echo the space that
7701s needs to make a play is uh sauna with
7703s another kill here
7706s so things have gone from bad to worse
7708s here for Switzerland yeah they were
7710s likely to get much better here please
7712s who's gonna be de-suited as they
7714s try and make the way towards the points
7715s sauna narrowly avoids being the first
7717s casualty of this round it'll be Cloud
7719s instead falling to barcode but no touch
7721s means
7722s no chance of extending the route for
7725s Switzerland Finland decimate them early
7728s to one
7729s yeah that's not a great sign there Mitch
7731s uh for Switzerland
7733s um yeah well that's uh you came out you
7736s try a little bit of a different play
7737s style I think you're reliant on getting
7739s some big damage down allowing the echo
7741s to finish some of these kills off
7743s you're just not able to do so uh and
7746s that proves to be uh you know where you
7748s can just kind of Finland push up spawn
7750s camp and get right in their face
7754s and there's no reason why we don't see
7757s that same playstyle executed here by
7759s Finland they're not gonna be given any
7760s reason to switch it up here
7763s tough for Switzerland to deal with looks
7765s like they might be playing some comfort
7766s picks here barcode still wants to play
7768s this Echo In fairness they are credited
7771s with the probably the only kill for
7772s Switzerland in that last round I got
7774s able to find elimination there so The
7776s High Ground we go definitely favoring
7777s The Shield base composition it's like
7779s who's still on the diva we'll probably
7780s play the low ground here hope for a
7782s counter dive opportunity
7784s oh no
7788s cloudy with the the perfect pin right on
7791s the remix is uh
7793s yep the point is now unlocked where uh
7797s Finland you'll send one player back to
7799s get a touch on it get capturing your
7801s favors I mean look at this just zero
7803s fear with a Reinhardt just pushing up
7805s yeah this is uh about as one-sided as it
7809s can get
7810s now we're Finland pushing off the point
7812s here they want the minimum uh round
7814s length if possible the mortality field
7817s they're deployed by MCG that means that
7818s cloud can keep playing quite
7820s aggressively here
7821s suzu used on Swipe through there
7823s interesting though species to cleanse
7825s off and they wanted to maybe just keep
7826s the diva in through
7828s it will be an issue here two or half of
7830s the Hat yup just pocketed basically kept
7833s up I mix you pretty comfortably
7840s they've been doing this throughout the
7842s years in Europe no respect no mercy yeah
7845s this is nothing new uh if you don't
7848s bring your game against uh the fins they
7850s are going to get right up in your spawn
7852s door and do these types of uh these
7854s types of setups as I mean man let's
7856s deficit you got the May there array with
7857s the Reinhardt like and block off these
7859s spot the spawn doors are not big on this
7861s map oh
7871s [Music]
7878s uh they could be playing with two and
7880s probably still find success here if I'm
7881s honest with you yeah they are smurfing
7884s I loved uh uh swaku like Turned when the
7888s meiwa was there and tried to Nemesis
7890s form punch himself back into his spawn
7892s like nah man
7893s so uh now uh uh they'll take a little
7898s bit of an advantage here uh they get a
7900s few kills now I've only make their way
7902s out of the spot nice again very good
7904s looks like he's grinding some wishes to
7907s the Swiss fans
7909s keep them in this one for the time being
7911s Dragon strike how do you well that's a
7913s decision that you make try and get rid
7915s of the May there and he does nice to be
7916s done and also kill that extra kill and
7918s also it's a problem for Finland as they
7919s try and trickle back into the point but
7921s Villas still control it uh Switzerland
7923s haven't had a chance to touch here now
7924s the respawns coming in for Finland
7925s they've lost their main tank big problem
7927s that yeah you got a little bit of a a
7931s life Weaver swap here at the end here
7933s for Finland uh
7936s yes
7938s point of flip point will flip so uh
7942s still in an opportunity here for
7944s Switzerland you got some alts
7946s it's not over I mean
7948s if you thought cloudy was aggressive
7950s beforehand
7952s how much more aggressive is he going to
7953s be with life group now available to him
7955s ah well wolf I mean I I would have no
7958s way to you know we do not see a lot of
7961s Life Weaver right so uh
7963s but not really know the way to kind of
7964s assess how you're going to be able to
7966s use it here uh
7968s yeah maybe it's to just kind of like
7970s move cloudy around the map like
7972s uh that could possibly be it you get a
7975s picked up uh early on a Masa and that's
7977s gonna kind of like force you to wait a
7979s little bit
7983s the ramatra here definitely getting some
7984s results of swaku but Jenny's down
7986s Chandra LH cloudy hair brained as always
7989s May well coming up Lucky line aside he
7990s can't be yanked out of there no it's not
7993s causing problems now it's gonna be the
7995s annihilation forcing ice block from
7997s cloud
7998s suzu throwing its like ooh just for good
8000s measure life grip used to get the May
8002s out of trouble barcode and Chris very
8004s low Elsewhere on the map it's sort of
8005s finding in another one with the
8006s overclock here the pressure is just too
8008s much for the Swiss to handle it's on it
8011s with a safe spot on point here playing
8012s around that Central column Master very
8015s deep and enemy territory sort of the uh
8017s the unrequested platform comes out pops
8020s him up gives him Advantage he'll drop
8021s back down though and that's Finland here
8023s looking extremely scary on this first
8026s map
8027s there is uh there's definitely a world
8029s where this could have been over much
8031s earlier but uh yeah Finland looked to
8032s test their boundaries a little bit I
8034s will see I do like how Switzerland came
8036s out and tried something different we're
8037s not just gonna mirror them in like a
8039s ramatro style of play and rush in
8042s um but uh obviously didn't really work
8046s out uh their style of play that they
8048s tried to go with trying to get uh you
8050s know maybe the echo in play you're able
8052s to just kind of like burn a character
8053s down so to speak but just didn't make
8055s any progress
8057s no it's it's not against the Ryan
8058s composition barcode doesn't have the
8061s ability to drive any backlines here and
8062s he definitely is less effective against
8064s the front line uh you know dealing with
8066s that Ryan shield in play sauna on the
8068s sojourn looking squeaky clean I've got
8069s to be honest with you and yeah as usual
8072s cloudy charging forward creating a lot
8073s of opportunities but crucially that that
8076s ridiculously aggressive level of Ryan
8077s play means that your DPS can just do
8079s whatever they want they can set up where
8081s they want they can stand still if they
8083s want
8084s pedals to the sky uh shoot down do
8087s whatever they want
8089s yeah that was obviously uh you know a
8091s fun little switch up there I don't know
8092s if we really sort of make a big
8093s difference because whenever LH cloudy
8095s was in danger of of being taken down
8097s there was like a maywole thrown up
8099s cleverly to to make sure that the the
8101s life Weaver couldn't see their own heart
8103s and sort of pulled him out of trouble
8104s there so I'm not sure if I'd call that
8107s an adaptation to life weave his presence
8108s but it was a nice little special element
8111s here this first round though not a lot
8113s to say uh Finland just pushed straight
8114s on up I think there was like one kill
8116s that uh Switzerland managed to get and
8118s it didn't amount to much
8120s yeah I mean there's really nothing to
8122s like
8124s take or talk about really from some of
8125s these rounds because yeah this round
8127s specifically was just so like one-sided
8130s up to the spawn door uh where I know
8133s finally uh Switzerland was able to make
8135s it out but uh the game it was already
8138s kind of like in finland's hands at that
8140s moment yes yeah a tough one uh for
8143s Switzerland and they don't have much
8145s time to sort of figure out how to play
8146s up against this here we're going into a
8148s second map it's a first two here uh in
8151s this Wild Card Challenge so uh when you
8153s fall behind in a series very few
8154s opportunities to try and Claw your way
8156s back
8156s it's back to the drawing board for
8158s Switzerland here and to come up with an
8160s answer to this kind of Reckless
8162s aggression is going to be very difficult
8164s to do in a short space in time so the
8165s coaching staff have a lot on their plate
8167s Matt yeah it's really difficult to play
8169s against this style of play even when you
8171s have a ton of time playing against it
8174s radar and being able to figure it out so
8177s uh trying to come up with something on
8178s the fly has got to be pretty tough for
8180s Switzerland so stick around everybody
8181s our second map in this first or two is
8183s just around the corner Finland look to
8185s secure their passage into the wider emea
8188s conference here they may have done it
8190s already but a a clean sweep of
8191s Switzerland will gout and tia don't go
8194s anywhere much more to come from this
8195s Wild Card Challenge after the break
8198s good
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8379s foreign
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8396s foreign
8400s [Music]
8412s Switzerland's World Cup life on the line
8415s as they are being run into the ground by
8417s team Finland his Reckless aggression is
8420s paying off as Switzerland don't seem to
8421s have an answer that and they're going to
8423s have to figure it out right about now as
8425s Gibraltar is right around the corner
8428s well so Gibraltar may may be beneficial
8431s to them right is that like there's a lot
8433s of high ground here maybe you can't be
8435s as aggressive as Finland uh
8437s it made me wants to be uh and play the
8440s compositions they want to play
8442s um you could actually also just see
8444s Finland just
8446s ignore that and on defense play but it
8448s pretty much had to spawn door right uh
8450s you give up a little bit of High Ground
8451s above you but like they don't really
8452s care about that right just kind of play
8454s right up at that spawn door I would not
8456s be out of the uh the equation yeah and
8459s again
8460s um we've already seen Switzerland on
8461s this particular map they have a chance
8463s at least to try and rectify some of the
8465s issues that they had previously but it's
8467s a very different opponent with a very
8468s different play style we may not see our
8471s age cloudy up to play Dive based tank
8473s still he might just stay on the
8474s Reinhardt that is within the realm of
8476s possibility here and so Switzerland
8478s gonna have to solve this rather unique
8480s problem because I don't know if too many
8481s other teams are going to to pose this
8483s kind of issue to them but they need a
8485s win they need to win this series to have
8487s a chance of making it into the emea
8489s conference and uh that is a tall order
8491s they are I'd say power for pound the
8494s weaker team in this matchup so it's
8496s gonna have to take something special not
8497s only to win this map but also to have a
8499s chance to win the series
8500s yeah I mean you're gonna have to take
8502s two in a row off of Finland if you
8504s really uh you know coming off a great
8505s performance against Iceland right uh map
8508s 2 was pretty close but still relatively
8510s uh comfortable series there and then
8512s looks fantastic in map number one
8516s it'll be Gibraltar ladies and gentlemen
8518s Finland of course boasting one current
8520s OverWatch League player to former
8522s OverWatch league players and a wealth of
8524s competitive experience across the
8527s entirety of their team
8529s and we will have them coming on the
8532s attacking side first here so we're gonna
8534s see the Stoller coming in here a tank
8536s which is fun so again you have an option
8538s to to bring in a player who's much
8539s better at playing maybe dive based tanks
8541s ever solo you know his Diva was I'd
8544s argue his strongest point something
8546s really impresses during his time on the
8547s Paris Eternal that team obviously had
8549s the fair share of challenges here but
8551s they had some bright moments and many of
8553s them for Stoller was a part of
8555s yeah and just having that flexibility to
8557s bring him in is huge right where you can
8559s have a vestola play that Diva you don't
8562s have to kind of play cloudy here he
8563s plays all of those like off tanks can
8566s control that High Ground as uh oh it's
8568s pretty nice here
8570s souvenir I like that yeah pretty pretty
8572s pretty clean there
8575s how aggressive
8576s do we play now it's a different tank and
8578s LH cloudy really set the pace for
8581s Finland the solo not nearly as
8582s aggressive actually very
8584s uh very balanced player from uh what we
8587s saw from him but again if Finland are
8588s not interested in offering any respect
8589s here someone back on the Tracer by the
8591s way which is a scary Prospect and we
8593s might see another blisteringly fast pace
8596s across the map
8597s while in Switzerland also gave up so
8599s much space the last time uh I know we we
8601s saw obviously barcode on the Widow but
8604s gave up so much cart progress that it
8607s really became down to a one fight uh
8610s game here for checkpoint day where uh
8612s it's interesting also they're playing
8613s Masa up on The High Ground there on
8615s offense with that break you're also
8617s playing the Anna in here though so uh a
8619s little bit you know I still don't love
8622s it I think like Curry who is so much
8623s better to kind of like access that High
8625s Ground Play aggressive with well if
8627s you're yeah you're gonna build a recall
8629s though pretty fast out of that um if
8631s you're gonna play the the brig you have
8632s to play Rihanna with it someone was
8634s looking for the back line
8636s I'm scared right now for Chris and
8638s barcode recall forced early there sort
8640s of just tickling for the time being
8643s trying to keep track of somebody
8644s checkpoint a is the dive over strollers
8646s up there cast's been moving the whole
8648s time yep exclusive allowed this to
8649s progress
8651s substantially
8653s here comes the pressure on stat I mean
8654s he's able to get up to The High Ground
8658s recall here sort of season opportunity
8661s if they're treated Winston get bullied
8663s off the court there's nothing that
8664s Switzerland can do right because they're
8665s playing Anna Bap in Widow up on The High
8668s Ground
8669s okay looks like it's that they got
8671s hacked but they're gonna get given a
8673s nano boost here
8674s you can like do with it though the
8676s Italian villain very mobile the
8678s exception I guess of Mickey here another
8680s hack on Stan I'm able to jump up deploy
8682s the barrier continue to stall this card
8684s a bit longer barcode finally finds a
8686s kill on cloud the zombies out of the mix
8687s here now to be starting awards for
8689s Stoller but hit with the body grenade
8690s means you still need to be somewhat
8691s careful upstairs we go barcode ready to
8694s receive here it's a big head shot
8696s forcing for stole it away might be a
8697s self-destruct to maintain the mech here
8700s that is going to be the case
8702s I shot there from barcode just coming
8704s around the corner uh but look at this uh
8706s Master with the rally so well but it
8709s might be enough here that you have the
8711s Sombra you have the Tracer in Diva still
8713s here it might be enough for Finland to
8714s take checkpoint a yeah it looks like
8716s they're gonna get there definitely
8717s slightly slower Pace here Finland
8720s suffering a bit more resistance
8721s especially from players like barcode I
8724s like the the way the aggro was sort of
8726s juggled by gin and Statham on the cart
8728s there as well definitely a little bit
8730s harder for Finland to shake them off but
8731s hey three minutes 47 for this next part
8733s of the map nothing just nearer yeah and
8735s I think it also like without playing the
8737s Widow it gives barcode a little bit more
8739s room to operate uh going up against the
8742s Widow and kind of the the aggression
8744s that they saw uh from Iceland uh pretty
8747s difficult to deal with and I see Mark
8749s out there gets another first pick
8751s another real nice people I don't know a
8753s key Target as well
8755s England they're gonna be forced to pay a
8757s little bit of respect here
8759s the style are almost exerted but that's
8760s going to be a lot of old charge for his
8762s back line
8767s you have an EMP but how do you use this
8769s here like translocate to The High Ground
8771s uh sounds like barcode actually heard
8773s the Sombra like right around so uh has
8776s an idea maybe that they were going to
8778s try and put pressure on The High Ground
8782s that is odd
8784s Cloud might want to go aggressive here
8786s Primal waves wins it in play but still
8788s the slaps right now
8790s is that I'm not committing though really
8792s just
8793s waiting for the next push here and yeah
8796s they'll get Chris EMP employee to get
8798s rid of the art and make sure there's no
8799s chance of a self healed by the grenade
8802s or sleep guard
8803s looks like that's gonna be enough for
8804s Finland here to really start to make
8805s some more progress someone has a pulse
8806s for the Widow Maybe
8808s trying to drink some of these shots
8810s barcode very low it's an easy pickups
8814s okay oh dear yeah all right that's uh
8819s yeah remix just jumps off the side and
8821s gets that reset as that is filthy uh
8825s nice moves to just kind of Dodge shots
8828s from barcode gets that killed pulse bomb
8830s on the Anna in the spawn the recall into
8833s the kill on the Winston I mean that was
8834s just a Nutty stuff there for um
8838s I gotta see more sauna Trace from the
8840s OverWatch League now I'm I'm uh I'm
8842s definitely interested
8843s gin on the Hanzo here it's a double
8847s sniper setup also to live
8849s at these long sight lines
8853s yeah I mean this is this is like a
8855s little bit of an old school setup Right
8856s double sniper with the brig honor
8858s finland's not even gonna have a sniper
8861s in the equation here they're actually
8862s gonna Nano the divot to The High Ground
8867s back into the spawn
8869s sleep
8872s trying to shut down any healing for the
8874s time being a lot of pressure on oh Adam
8876s tried to back up to The High Ground I
8878s stole a very cleverly season opening an
8880s opportunity to punish the retreating
8881s Winston
8883s can't inching forward now but still
8884s we're just nudging it he's gonna Force
8886s the two supports off The High Ground
8888s Nano Brig didn't say I don't think we
8890s want any of that Stoler against slip on
8892s The High Ground now his barcode wants to
8893s use another side line right at the back
8895s of the map
8896s now this is going to be rallies for both
8898s sides there is uh Masters actually
8900s played low when he used his but yeah
8902s that's a big pole spawn there on to the
8904s rallying brig
8906s uh God is like freebie vistola with a
8909s self-destruct kill on Jin uh this half's
8911s gonna be over now Zuzu already used Now
8914s by remix So eventually they'll be
8915s brought down and this cart is going to
8917s get over the line two minutes 12 for
8919s Finland to work with
8921s and not as uh strong of a time as we saw
8924s from Iceland right but I think it was
8925s just a better defense there uh from
8928s Switzerland uh you know they they were
8930s able to get some value out of the
8931s Widowmaker there so uh something they
8933s were not able to really do the first go
8934s around on Gibraltar so uh maybe if I
8938s know Finland doesn't play that Widow on
8940s defense they're able to kind of get
8941s barcode rolling and get some kills it's
8943s a possibility
8946s yeah I mean it's a different style right
8948s you know in OverWatch 2 more than any
8950s other sort of iteration the the tank
8952s player really sets the tempo here estola
8955s by and large much more conservative
8957s approach to the nlx Cloudy and again a
8959s very different role coming in on the
8960s diva diva in the past was maybe you know
8963s considered synonymous with like dive
8965s compositions and real aggression and
8967s OverWatch 2 it's a little bit slower a
8969s little bit more defensive at times here
8972s see how Finland make use of that cloud
8974s on the Hanzo here in saunas Tracy that's
8976s gonna be a problem if Switzerland don't
8978s go fast sauna is going to tear them
8979s apart
8981s yeah uh absolutely
8984s um because you also maybe have this
8985s Hanzo yeah you're gonna have the Hanzo
8987s in play here so not like that long range
8989s capability that like the Widow has uh
8991s but still you can challenge the Widow uh
8993s with the Hanzo it could be pretty pretty
8996s difficult at times and I think finland's
8998s gonna be way more aggressive about
8999s putting pressure on the barcode oh five
9002s four do not want to give
9005s this Widow any opportunity to tell team
9007s fights in your favorite early gym back
9008s on the Tracy here
9011s out of the gates we go
9013s symmetric TP no high ground that is the
9017s last time
9018s they did this the last time to get the
9020s brig in the Widow uh and Diva over there
9022s but
9023s all right but yeah
9027s all right so what I'm making
9030s their presence felt here we're not
9031s committing to try and dive the Widow
9033s right now
9034s gin will be just pushing the card here
9036s he'll be the one that's gonna Force some
9037s action on the low ground
9041s take the mega
9045s Master just trying to see around the
9046s corner here that's dangerous yeah body
9047s grenade Master is out of there
9050s yeah and it looks like once they thought
9051s that bionic grenade came down they
9053s thought they had a big advantage and
9054s went to go in but Masa and uh Finland
9057s just so well executed the timing raid he
9060s just jumps out of there by Auto grenade
9062s the other way uh in when you thought you
9064s had the advantage you kind of got baited
9066s in there
9070s back to spawn
9072s staggering them out a little bit from
9074s the rest of the Swiss team who've
9075s already began to emerge once more
9078s you get the toughest all up here as well
9080s that's a big deal a lot of old charge
9089s it's not very aggressive I feel like
9090s this is going to take so long to develop
9091s Mitch for switch Yeah Switzerland like
9095s uh because already you're working up
9097s against this like sick time bank right
9098s that Finland has
9100s uh you you kind of need these fights to
9103s go your way pretty fast you're like
9105s don't really have the luxury to kind of
9106s like waste the Widow anymore I mean that
9108s is uh does make you not know they're
9110s being shot at here
9111s maybe not I don't know it happens
9115s sometimes you're uh you know you're
9116s scoped in don't know what's going on but
9117s there was a missed shot there maybe a
9119s warning chance to meet you to respond
9121s regardless remix taken down by the
9122s dragon strike is that I'm in trouble
9123s despite being nanoed
9125s yeah I mean you see right there though
9127s when barcode pushes up that's the spot
9129s where the Hanzo actually has the
9130s advantage like in that medium range
9131s right where you're trying to push up on
9132s top of that big box and get control that
9135s High Ground that's where the Hanzo can
9136s kind of like fight in that like medium
9138s medium to long range against the Widow
9140s but
9141s yeah no this is payload progress that
9144s when it was the other way around when
9145s Finland was on offense the payload was
9147s pretty much like at the checkpoint
9149s already I mean you see what kind of
9150s where it is it's like not even halfway
9152s under the bridge there so uh just
9155s getting stalled out here is Switched
9158s pretty circuitous approach here from
9161s Switzerland this self-destruct is going
9162s to make them dance a little bit of a
9164s staller finds three
9168s Switzerland they're in shambles you can
9172s make them dance and yeah uh they are
9176s they all end up falling
9177s um so what what can you I mean do you do
9181s you switch off of the widow
9184s um do you try and play like a Hanzo of
9186s your own
9187s um
9188s do you play like you know you could even
9190s maybe even try and play like a Genji or
9192s something uh I mean yes I mean you'd
9194s probably stop playing the brick
9196s we talked about this already right I
9197s feel like maybe the brig is
9202s you might not get out of here hold on
9203s you might yeah
9206s rally and play for Masa here don't let
9209s that happen thank you it's all over the
9210s body Blaster is going to be pacified
9213s not before Cloud though gets in there
9214s feels of remix and that's a One Clip
9217s classic stuff from sauna
9219s barcode nothing but a twitching Mass on
9222s the ground and there's 23 seconds left
9224s in the round my service reminding
9225s stanham who's boss here and only one
9227s more chance of Switzerland to kick their
9229s World Cup hopes alive yeah Sonia's looks
9232s so good on the traitor has a pole spawn
9233s kind of lurking Behind Enemy Lines here
9236s uh we'll see what they're able to find
9239s TP up to The High Ground that'll get
9242s everybody in place
9243s whole seconds three needs to be a touch
9245s on the cot here in a moment that might
9247s have to be stat out here no Jin's able
9249s to touch down until the blind grenade
9251s though yeah that's devastating you need
9253s him give me them very badly in this
9254s fight
9255s and putting his blood pressure down but
9257s it's over yeah this is why teams like
9259s typically up for like you know what you
9261s see an honor on the other side like
9262s Eva's one of the the best characters to
9264s pick in the tank roll because you can
9266s just eat up those biotic grenades don't
9268s have that with the Winston when you're
9269s forced to jump down on a cart that
9270s biotic grenade is waiting for you there
9272s at the end uh and Finland takes a pretty
9275s clean two up yeah looks like Scandinavia
9278s is going to be emerging from Group B
9279s mostly unscathed pretty clean
9282s performance honestly from from both
9284s squads here Finland uh having a little
9286s bit of silly Source uh at some points
9288s throughout their series here but
9289s ultimately prevailing 2-0 Gibraltar
9291s doesn't end up being particularly long
9293s map right the switch to the solo is
9294s great that's honestly something that a
9297s lot of teams may not really be able to
9298s boast Matt is the opportunity to switch
9300s up your tank player and completely
9302s change your Tempo your style everything
9304s all right it's a completely different
9305s look for Finland on that still just as
9308s effective though
9309s yeah and you know you you have that
9312s flexibility now you show this extra kind
9314s of a facet to your team right by being
9316s able to bring in vestola and not just
9318s play these Rush style comps but just
9320s kind of playing stuff where you can
9322s access High ground and play a little bit
9323s more Mobility a little bit more
9324s aggressive right they didn't kind of go
9325s into that Widowmaker duel where uh I
9328s mean why why would you when you kind of
9329s have sauna I mean sauna's tremendous
9332s this is a team this Finland team that is
9334s threatening top 16 placement for sure at
9336s the very least right and they're
9338s probably that's probably what they're
9339s expecting that's about why they've been
9341s sort of on many occasions The Finnish
9344s team
9344s um has a tendency sometimes to
9346s underperform though uh on the big stage
9348s and that's been true ever since 2017 uh
9351s when they were absolutely a force to be
9353s reckoned with this sort of pre-overwatch
9354s League era where they had uh you know
9356s players that you know competed in Apex
9358s players that were very very strong
9360s through you know the monthly melees and
9363s torments that existed at that time right
9364s so you know there's there's an
9366s expectation I think from The Finnish
9368s fans that this team goes all the way but
9370s they've got everything they need in
9372s order to do that matter I have a lot of
9373s confidence in this in this Finnish team
9375s and even Iceland right as they Advance
9377s they're looking pretty good couple of
9379s things to tighten up here but in general
9380s like they they also deal with
9382s Switzerland quite handily themselves
9383s yeah in Iceland now has some time to go
9387s back to the drawing board right you know
9389s they come in like late notice right they
9390s have some time now to go back and we're
9392s work on some things as a team and
9394s improve for the later stages of the
9395s World Cup qualifiers yeah so impressive
9398s stuff here Group B pretty much finalized
9401s here myself and Matt will be stepping
9403s aside we'll have Dogman of course and
9404s reinforce stepping up to the plate here
9407s to cover group a and uh it's gonna be a
9409s fun one to watch here I'm definitely
9410s hoping to see The Underdogs Prevail we
9412s don't go too far we'll be back with all
9413s that action from group a after this
9419s [Music]
9428s thank you
9436s [Music]
9452s all right
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9476s foreign
9478s [Music]
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9514s [Music]
9523s [Music]
9527s [Applause]
9533s thank you
9534s [Music]
9560s foreign
9566s [Music]
9576s [Music]
9604s [Music]
9622s foreign
9634s World Cup emec qualifiers Wild Card
9637s Challenger everybody I'm Danny Lim we've
9639s had some incredible Group B gameplay
9641s today we're moving into group a now and
9644s of course we have none other than Dustin
9646s and Johnny uh casting all the actions
9649s for these three matches guys uh how how
9651s have you guys been and also are you guys
9653s enjoying the show so far
9655s yeah what up Danny we've been enjoying
9657s it man I mean Johnny been watching so
9659s far like obviously some dominant plays
9661s so far from Finland looking good and
9663s obviously for the side of Iceland to
9665s come in and qualify I mean that's
9666s awesome for them right Johnny yeah fan
9668s done this looking like a force to be
9669s reckoned with uh and I mean now they get
9671s promoted to grow B in the qualifiers in
9674s June so they're gonna play the likes of
9676s Sweden
9677s and Saudi Arabia so okay okay you know
9680s I'm I'm already scouting out Finland
9682s there I I think they're forced to be
9684s reckoned with moving forward
9685s I mean another exciting thing about this
9688s OverWatch uh I mean OverWatch World Cup
9690s is I think Johnny I'm just so used to
9692s like sitting next to you on the desk
9694s yeah yeah and now you're over there
9696s you're you're casting with Dustin like
9699s how is it supposed to be casting I guess
9701s instead I'm looking forward to it yeah
9704s you're like a professional host now
9706s Danny it's crazy just for one day just
9709s for one day
9710s we're gonna we're gonna see Daddy host a
9713s lot more tournaments moving forward yeah
9714s he was doing great Danny we're all doing
9716s great we are we are and I mean I asked
9720s this to we're talking about just how
9721s excited uh we were for OverWatch World
9724s Cup in general because it's been four
9725s years right yeah you know how do you
9727s guys feel about having World Cup back
9729s finally afterwards Johnny Played On
9732s Sweden didn't you you played on you did
9734s that's right I did yeah yeah I did a
9736s couple a year and a half I played two
9738s qualifiers yeah that's that's what I did
9740s yeah uh yeah yeah I mean I'm I'm psyched
9744s that the World Cup is back uh you know
9745s even dating back to 2016 2017. it's
9748s interesting actually because I was
9749s looking at some of the teams that you
9751s know will be watching later today here
9753s now in group a and even on team Denmark
9755s for example you got people involved with
9758s team denmarks that spent around the
9759s scene since 2016. since 2017. so you
9762s know it's great to see these faces come
9765s back uh to the competitive scene and get
9767s involved with their country and support
9768s their country and try to make their
9770s country proud so it's just such a unique
9773s tournament I'm really happy that it's
9774s back yeah oh yeah I mean like we're just
9777s talking about like which you know which
9779s countries are playing and what teams uh
9781s so before we jump into the games I just
9784s want to give everyone a quick refresher
9786s on today's format one more time uh the
9788s emec Wild Card Challenge is a round
9791s robin first to two tournament that
9794s consists of two groups we just finished
9796s Group B uh consisting of Switzerland
9798s Iceland and Finland of course Finland
9801s came up top winning both matches in
9803s Iceland as well so those two we'll be
9806s moving into the qualifier matches in
9808s June now the group a matches that will
9810s be happening right now we have three
9812s matches and the group a uh consists of
9814s Ireland Denmark and Portugal and again
9818s the top two teams from each group uh in
9821s the Wild Card Challenge will advance to
9823s the qualifier stage in June yes like I
9826s said uh we're seeing we were we are now
9828s done with Group B Iceland is going
9830s forward and also Finland as well
9833s Switzerland unfortunately did it make it
9835s uh you know best of luck next year maybe
9838s if we have OverWatch World Cup again but
9841s group a we're starting we're starting
9843s group a now we've got some great teams
9845s Ireland Denmark I heard that Denmark is
9847s kind of starting uh kind of Stack right
9850s oh yeah yeah oh no Johnny touched on her
9852s earlier but Denmark absolutely one of
9854s the most you know overall veteran teams
9857s in the entire world cup I mean they just
9859s have so many good players on their team
9861s but also you know we have some underdogs
9863s on the other side right obviously
9864s Portugal and I Ireland coming in we'll
9866s have to see if those two teams you know
9868s are evenly matched but obviously you
9870s know clear favorites got to be Denmark
9872s however you know at the end of the day
9873s anything can happen right it's a wild
9875s cup qual it's a wild qualifiers but
9877s anything can happen yeah the real battle
9879s is between Ireland and Portugal I feel
9880s like in this group of who will qualify
9882s alongside Denmark and both Portugal and
9885s Ireland historically have been very
9887s involved in the European OverWatch
9889s Community Portugal for example has
9891s standout individuals like mostasa for
9893s example since 2017 right
9895s um and you've had other members in
9897s Portugal uh I do want to shout out team
9900s Island as well uh because while they
9902s haven't had a lot of World Cup success I
9904s mean they're taking on Denmark it's
9905s gonna be a tough match up here to start
9906s things off but team team Ireland they
9910s they always like try to make a thing out
9911s of their World Cup team and I I got sent
9914s a jersey back in 2019 even you know they
9916s ship these around to to different Talent
9919s members so uh I I got a jersey but with
9922s with hand here I'm not biased or
9924s anything but just to show that like team
9927s Ireland they really put effort and stuff
9928s into the world they care a lot and
9930s they're really proud of it so
9932s um yeah look out for team Ireland they
9934s even have a hashtag underdogs here it is
9936s here it is by the way here's the team
9937s Island Jersey so oh my God that's nice
9939s wait that is yeah
9945s they said this in 2018 or 2019 I can't
9948s remember but so even though they haven't
9950s had World Cup success team Ireland they
9952s are really passionate about this world
9954s cup project of theirs and obviously I'm
9956s not biased or anything but I think it's
9957s really cool uh that these committees uh
9959s the social leads to general managers
9961s they really go out of their way to uh
9963s try to make a big thumb thing or this
9965s 100 their country Johnny I'm gonna be
9967s honest you know you said Denmark is
9969s probably gonna make it out into the
9971s qualifiers maybe you cast a custom
9973s already what if they don't that would be
9975s crazy
9978s like that first time casting Johnny in a
9981s while and you're already you're already
9982s putting that on him that's literally
9984s whatever don't say this I mean I when
9987s Denmark revealed their roster for this
9988s year I actually you know did the show
9990s match between Sweden and Denmark and
9992s Denmark already beat Sweden 3-1 so that
9995s just puts people to perspective Denmark
9997s has kind of already proven that they
9998s belong in the actual group stage they
10000s are that good they beat Sweden with
10002s kebster and everything right so uh
10004s they're good on that note John I mean
10006s just because like earlier I think was it
10008s Mitch and Mr X talked about like you
10010s know Finland looking at this like it's
10011s kind of disrespectful but they have to
10013s take that wall clap qualifier like the
10014s wall qualifiers is that kind of similar
10016s for Denmark you think oh yeah taking it
10017s personal yeah I mean I will say Denmark
10020s they've never actually qualified for the
10021s World Cup playoffs but we we do
10023s recognize all the individual Talent on
10025s the Danish team right so uh perhaps this
10029s is the year that team Denver can make it
10031s all the way but before we get to that
10032s they gotta make their way through
10033s Ireland and Portugal first
10035s yeah yep that is true I mean
10038s it's just I'm I'm very excited to see
10040s because I mean Denmark is looking to be
10043s a very strong team if they do make it
10046s out it's gonna be Denmark versus Finland
10048s right I think that's gonna be uh that's
10050s gonna be a match to watch but hey uh the
10052s games are ready so the first match of
10055s group a is going to be Ireland versus
10057s Denmark I'm gonna let you guys get into
10059s it Johnny and Dustin have fun take it
10062s away
10062s thanks Danny well uh obviously yeah
10065s myself and Johnny will be covering some
10066s of these matches for you and obviously
10068s this is you know our first time working
10069s together Johnny in the in the World Cup
10071s it's gonna be exciting obviously like
10074s you talked about with me you know
10075s previously it's just kind of a mixed bag
10078s of what could happen right Anything
10079s could happen right obviously there are
10081s levels to this Denmark is very very much
10083s so a skilled team but you know at the
10086s same time we got a lot of potential with
10089s the other teams in the lineup obviously
10091s the Portugal and Ireland coming through
10093s you know could still put up good fight
10095s versus Denmark yeah and I will say
10097s especially in these World Cup scenarios
10099s uh these teams generally speaking have
10102s had limited time to practice for example
10104s on team Denmark right you have you have
10106s shockwave he's busy playing with New
10108s York Excelsior and screaming for the
10109s OverWatch league right so it's all about
10111s finding practice time together and that
10113s usually leads to you haven't really
10115s nailed down your Chemistry your Synergy
10117s and if you can find some momentum with a
10119s composition that throws your opponent
10121s off guard that can make all the
10122s different friends so let's see what team
10124s Ireland is cooking maybe they surprised
10125s Denmark here a bit
10127s yeah it seems like they're actually
10128s gonna walk out with that ramachar
10130s composition and same for the side of
10131s Denmark obviously both running that
10133s however Shockwave gonna be the sojourn
10135s in Castle Ria blocking that Hanzo to try
10138s to get those pick-offs maybe that's
10139s going to be Difference Maker on this
10141s fight Alice who already takes a ton of
10142s damage and in fact goes down early
10144s before immortality field could even save
10146s him so nut not in a position to
10147s potentially save alisu on that side and
10150s now Denmark pretty fast first fight win
10152s yeah just a solid first fight they're
10155s utilizing the maywall to cut off the
10156s healing uh so they get an early
10159s Advantage there and win the first fight
10160s and now let's just hope they don't
10162s snowball generate these ultimates too
10164s quickly and the fight gets away from
10165s Ireland here uh they still have a chance
10167s to claw back
10168s yeah they can still come back here with
10170s potentially you know some old build up
10171s but it was so quick that Denmark just
10173s kind of rolled them over now slay gonna
10175s be up to 70 on that window towards this
10178s next fight Ireland trying to set up on a
10181s re-engage coming towards that Coast you
10182s don't really see that a lot of these
10184s teams take the coastal front on the
10186s engage but it does set up this Hanzo to
10188s have these long range kind of pick-off
10190s potential but at the same time
10191s Castleberry is not able to find opening
10193s picks on the back line Denmark is
10195s waiting you know it out kind of biting
10197s their time to build up slay's Ultimo
10199s have it in this fight but also nut has
10200s done a good job bowing up his ultimate
10202s as well sled does get hooked but then
10204s goes that amplification Matrix to heal
10206s that front line so it forces nuts
10208s immortality field and Ireland had the
10210s drop towards that point but their wife
10212s immediately by Denmark who just walked
10214s all over them and it's all about space
10216s amplification Matrix like you say you
10218s build up that ultimate and then you
10219s utilize that extra damage to find all
10222s these picks I mean soldiers soldiers
10224s damage just more damage over time right
10226s you spray away a bit a little bit get
10227s people low and then you capitalize on
10229s that whereas Ireland as you said they're
10231s looking for one of these Hanzo picks
10232s they're looking for one of these arrows
10233s to land and find an opening for team
10235s Ireland now not has his own
10236s amplification Matrix so let's see if
10239s team Island can make the most out of it
10240s yeah maybe with this ant Matrix Ireland
10242s could make that comeback like you
10244s mentioned they walk towards that point
10245s already but the consistency of Denmark
10247s with that may Ulta Zone off Ireland's
10249s backline and the wall it just perfectly
10251s separates nuts so even with that ant
10253s Matrix it cannot save Allison who was
10256s walled off and now Denmark just looks
10258s for stacker fix if they find even more
10260s here I'm not sure Ireland could come
10262s back losing Castle in this fight could
10264s be detrimental and in fact they're going
10266s towards the spot trying to find
10268s Annihilation as well on the GCB they run
10271s towards that may of Ireland as well the
10273s May ultimate does connect and slow them
10275s down but with that beat drop nobody else
10277s is able to touch for Ireland and that's
10280s a quick 100-o for Denmark I mean that's
10282s about as perfect of a point as you can
10284s start here with Dustin they use like one
10286s ultimate each and they all got
10288s ridiculous value started out with slice
10290s amplification Matrix and then pushing
10292s deep with the annihilation sound barrier
10294s comes into clutch with calyx and Denmark
10297s just ran away with it that that just
10298s speaks to how good Denmark is Dustin
10300s this this is gonna be a tough match for
10302s Ireland
10303s no it's like we talked about you know
10305s other aspects of Denmark obviously
10306s Shockwave being the OverWatch League
10308s player for them but you know Naga truly
10310s has been a standout on the May whenever
10312s he's been able to play that character
10314s yeah I mean we were talking in the break
10316s right and there was a few individuals
10318s here on team Denmark that aren't in the
10320s OverWatch league right now now I gotta
10322s obviously used to play uh for an
10324s OverWatch League team and we're sitting
10325s there thinking like well you know Naga
10327s like you know it's it's a bit odd that
10328s he's not on an OverWatch League team
10330s because he is that good he has that
10332s versatility and Mei is one of his best
10333s heroes yeah for sure one of those
10335s players that's always in the
10336s conversation just moving in between
10338s OverWatch league and contenders Doge
10340s already goes forward to you know stuff
10342s Ireland towards this choke on the right
10344s side to trying to set up castle with
10346s these Hanzo picks I mean it's like we
10347s mentioned earlier that consistency of
10349s the sojourn was enabling Denmark earlier
10351s but they actually are opting to run
10352s Shockwave on the Hanzo as well but just
10355s with their forward pressure they've
10356s already forced Ireland to split off
10358s towards that backside drop towards the
10360s point they still have to high ground but
10362s a nice maywall comes through
10364s on the low ground to Zone off Doge but
10366s now knock it with the counter May while
10367s forces immortality field already early
10370s from nut in fact Shockwave finds him off
10373s that High Ground sleigh with the
10374s follow-up damage as well in Ireland just
10376s falling apart at the seams Denmark
10379s surely going to capture this point first
10381s nice solid play by Denmark there they're
10384s waiting out the maywall from Team
10386s Ireland and then when Ireland can't get
10388s any value from the maywall Naga turns
10390s things around he utilizes his own
10391s maywall and Denmark just roll over them
10394s so wait out your opponent's abilities
10395s and then capitalize with your own that's
10398s exactly it I mean just so smart play
10399s from Denmark so far you know now they
10401s move towards that point playing the
10403s cooldowns correctly they're gonna wait
10404s for slay to build up towards the ant
10406s Matrix but not doing a good job keeping
10407s Pace at least with that a matrix but
10410s they do move move forward to the point
10411s Island trying to put some point pressure
10413s on forces that Pummel out already from
10416s LSU but we now Castle just looking for
10418s that back line with the Hanzo shots not
10420s able to find anything but Doge does take
10422s some damage on the low ground but he's
10423s doing a good job just stalling out this
10424s point making sure that cap does not
10427s switch to Ireland meanwhile Castle comes
10431s back but can't
10433s but can't dragonstrike towards the point
10435s to Zone it out so it seems like at the
10437s same time Shockwave is aware of that
10438s point meanwhile May ultimate connected
10440s from Naga and just absolutely melts
10443s everybody else onto the point as well as
10444s Annihilation and Denmark now move
10447s forward to 50 although Ireland did find
10449s two kills it won't result in anything
10451s yeah and you lose that Annihilation as
10453s well that is crucial I mean the blister
10454s comes out from Naga and freezes
10456s everybody from Team Ireland so they
10457s don't get any ultimate value and now
10459s it's an uphill battle you have your own
10461s blizzard but just look at the this point
10463s it's so hard to get value with the
10465s blizzard maybe you can control the point
10467s and try to capture it and utilize
10468s blizzard that way but otherwise it's
10470s gonna be tough for Ireland
10472s oh they're gonna have to ask Naga how
10473s he's gotten value out of that male
10475s because already a forced ice block from
10477s cynex looking for that male like you
10479s mentioned but Castle in fact dropped the
10480s dragon track to Zone at that back line
10482s forcing Doge to go aggressive but he has
10484s the immortality field to stay alive also
10485s takes that my ultimate but then a
10487s counter May while in Shockwave to zone
10489s out that back line Doge does eventually
10491s fall with the assistance of everybody in
10493s Ireland so it's taken the entire team to
10496s just find one but Shockwave still in
10497s this fight they found castle castle did
10500s trade back Naga so it is a one for one
10502s but Shockwave still wants more Ops to
10504s jump forward has that Dragon strike Now
10505s Alison was alone on that point as nut
10507s takes some damage from the back line of
10509s Shockwave immortality Field Force from
10511s him calyx does fall so even though
10513s Denmark went aggressive no way Shockwave
10516s hits that shot on the sign next nice
10517s pick from him now Dragon strikes toward
10519s that point they don't have calyx but it
10520s might not matter GCB is forced to use
10522s that B drop slave forced to use his
10524s amplification Matrix on the other side
10526s chocolate still aggressive might be a
10528s bit too aggressive nut picks him off
10529s goes forward on to him Naga then zones
10532s off that back line but Denmark still
10533s don't have this point they have to make
10535s the decision if they want to reset now
10537s or to continue to lay this point it
10539s looks like they're still just fighting
10540s this Ireland not really able to find
10542s these pick-offs in Denmark kind of not
10544s punished until now cynics on the Tracer
10546s does find keliks and maybe it's time for
10549s Denmark to reset to back off use
10551s knockout walls to back out but you know
10552s with shockwave still in this fight you
10553s can't have these pick-offs and he does
10555s it again reinforce him in slay they find
10558s two Shockwave finds castle and slay
10560s finds two on the other side even though
10562s Denmark were almost out of that fight
10564s they're now coming back now in Ireland
10566s only have two surely they didn't get
10568s staggered and forced out of here oh the
10570s game was running away with Denmark
10573s Ireland had the cap 65 and it was
10576s looking good for them but then three
10578s picks I don't know where slay coming up
10580s with two and he turned that fight around
10582s and I mean that looks like it's about it
10584s Dustin from app one yeah no way we start
10587s off like this Johnny I mean what a
10588s fantastic map one from Denmark and this
10590s is why you know I mean you've had
10592s conversations about this you know you
10593s don't really want to you know count
10595s anybody out per se but it's just seeing
10598s two teams even if another team is super
10600s high level you still see some cool
10602s moments like we just saw from Denmark
10603s just kind of shutting out Ireland's push
10605s at the very last second yeah I mean
10608s credit to Ireland they got some momentum
10609s there on that final round right and they
10611s they got 65 on the control meter and
10613s you're thinking wow Denmark has to back
10615s off here but Denmark being as high skill
10617s as they are they capitalize on every
10619s mistake so team Ireland pushing up a bit
10621s too far that means slay gets two picks
10623s and suddenly it's back in Denmark's
10624s favor and they close out the map so uh
10626s that was a thrilling way to kick off map
10628s one here oh for sure yeah now we're
10631s gonna wait for map number two to come
10632s online and obviously for Denmark you
10634s know Johnny we've seen in pretty I mean
10637s you've played for dominant teams
10638s previously as well you know how like
10639s players your DPS players you even you
10641s might just place you know a little more
10643s aggressive versus teams you know hey you
10645s have an advantage over right I think we
10646s definitely saw that out of Denmark right
10648s just that constant aggression forward
10649s you know obviously going for hero plays
10651s right galaxy was going deep
10654s with shockwave yeah
10657s he was like like do you think that's
10659s like warranted versus a team like
10661s Ireland you think I mean I think in that
10662s specific scenario I I wouldn't call it
10665s like BM or anything like that you know I
10667s think very much Shockwave gotta pick and
10669s then calyx and Shockwave they say well
10671s all right we'll go deep we'll see what
10673s happens and maybe we'll find another
10674s pick maybe we can capitalize on this but
10676s it didn't end up working out because
10677s both calyx and chocolate got picked but
10679s uh it was definitely a high risk play
10682s and maybe they get away with it because
10683s it's uh a lesser opponent they're
10685s playing against or an underdog in team
10687s Ireland yeah yeah and you know maybe in
10690s some situations they would be able to
10692s you know win those fights but like I
10694s said it's that consistency factor that
10695s you know maybe you don't go for that all
10696s the time Shockwave obviously some nice
10698s highlights with those picks and really
10700s the only fight that Ireland had a had a
10702s great chance on was when they just used
10703s that mouth and then also used what is it
10705s they used like everything to kill those
10707s right I mean what they committed like
10708s every Ultimate you saw five people in
10710s the assist feed I mean how often do we
10712s see that onto one character it just felt
10715s like they just committed everything to
10716s take out Doge and eventually they did
10718s yeah I feel like team Ireland they
10720s capitalized in some of those overly
10722s aggressive mistakes from Team Denmark
10723s though so if you're team Denmark you
10725s kind of gotta rein it in at least a
10727s little bit because otherwise you're
10728s going to open up the opportunity for
10730s team Island to really punish those
10732s mistakes from Team Denmark and that's
10733s how they got to 65 it could have easily
10736s snowballed into more and maybe we even
10738s get to 99 for both teams there on that
10740s final round right so team Ireland
10741s they're down 1-0 now after losing that
10744s initial map but they can maybe get away
10746s uh looking a bit closer in them until
10749s yeah I mean obviously like Mo when we
10751s moved to hybrid later on we'll
10753s potentially see some uh changes there
10754s for the side of Ireland to be able to
10756s take off those picks but uh guys we're
10758s going to show break when we come back
10759s we'll have that number two ready for you
10760s so don't go anywhere we'll be right back
10765s [Music]
10773s thank you
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10938s thank you
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10979s thank you
10981s welcome back everybody the World Cup
10983s qualifiers of the qualifier since it's
10986s the Wild Card Johnny obviously we have
10988s this matchup between Denmark and Ireland
10991s Denmark just looked amazing on that
10992s number one
10994s um is there anything you want to maybe
10995s recollect about that map one or anything
10998s about the series that's on your mind
11000s just that Denmark is really good at the
11002s game that looks really good at the game
11004s Dustin it's uh yeah yeah it's a
11006s nightmare to deal with coming out with a
11008s remotra May composition I mean if you're
11010s a team Ireland
11012s what do you hope that Denmark plays
11014s maybe if like Denmark comes out with a
11017s Winston composition you're like well we
11018s can play Dive we know how to play Dive
11020s Right like we maybe we can outsmart them
11022s or outskill them with like Tracer Genji
11024s or echo or something right but when
11026s Denmark comes out playing ramadramay
11028s you're like ah
11030s it's gonna be hard we're gonna have to
11033s outplay a main aramatra that's a lot of
11035s abilities to deal with
11037s I mean like yeah what do you do man like
11039s you're just you just gotta play Comfort
11040s picks yeah I gotta get picks with the
11043s Hanzo yeah hit the logs bro you start
11046s hitting the logs but you know at the
11048s same time like for Castle Ria it's it's
11050s hard because Denmark's I'm sure their
11051s movement's good you know I'm sure their
11053s positioning is is pretty good but on new
11055s Bonnie maybe with The High Ground and
11057s get those picks but like he's had the
11058s opportunity too you know on certain
11060s sub-level Maps like he's had the chance
11062s to do it you know obviously the talent
11064s pool is is potentially there from
11066s Ireland but I mean Johnny if he didn't
11068s start hitting logs in the previous map
11070s I'm not sure he's just gonna turn into a
11072s lumberjack on this one you know I mean
11073s it is Hanzo I never never counts anybody
11076s yeah anybody could do it man my
11079s five-year-old you know if you play hun
11081s so long enough you're gonna find a pick
11083s it's like the uh the monkey typewriter
11086s thing you know like give a monkey have
11087s time right there and eventually the
11088s right chase figure it out give Hanzo
11090s pick counseling quick play and
11092s eventually you're saying like replay
11094s this match 100 million times and then
11097s Castle Rio will come out on top is what
11099s you're saying
11100s I don't even think you need one million
11101s for that surely it has to be less than
11104s that well you know maybe we're actually
11106s they don't want to live up today
11108s it looks like they're mixing it up
11110s Johnny they're putting faith in oh they
11112s all have uh yeah on the Tracer looks
11114s like and they're playing that uh Winston
11116s Tracer Echo that I I spoke about so I
11118s mean numbani you got some high ground to
11120s play with
11121s first point can be an absolute Nightmare
11124s on the money I don't know what your
11126s ranked games are looking like Dustin but
11127s when IQ ranked and I we got first point
11130s on Bonnie it's either a full hold or
11133s it's going to overtime anybody's like
11135s slowly turning into one of those maps
11136s that I just like don't want to like play
11138s in rank because it because it needs to
11139s be so in our nation right like it's just
11141s it's hard to play it it's hard to play
11143s in ranked it's just one of those Maps
11144s kind of like you know formerly her
11146s Horizon looter Colony almost just on
11148s first point there's some of these hybrid
11149s maps are kind of like that but Ireland
11151s play back around with this dive comp
11153s they're trying to set up their echo in
11155s this fight but you know what do you do
11156s about Doge finding Faith already
11158s Shockwave on the low ground in the face
11161s of Alice who finds that pick and that's
11162s just two to get that opening Ireland
11165s just gonna try the soft reset and
11167s potentially re-engage but that is scary
11168s when shockwave's doing that I mean
11170s that's brutal
11173s Faith just gets sniped by Doge the
11176s Winston just finished off from far
11177s distance and then shock wave two Taps
11179s your Echo like what do you do they don't
11182s even come back to contest the point
11183s because they're just so I'm not scared
11185s okay listen they're not scared but you
11187s know it's just like it's a tough spot
11188s they're in at the moment they in fact go
11190s for the dive at this choke point set up
11192s the bubble at the corner that's a decent
11193s spot and Sligo is aggressive with an ant
11195s you need to connect on the Ireland I
11196s mean that's how Ford he wants to be
11198s playing Naga Force to recall back but
11199s does get connected from some sticky
11201s grenades backs around the car meanwhile
11202s jump comes through for Alice through on
11204s the cart to zone out with the bubbles
11205s again so they get a lot of damage on the
11206s Doge but no kills just yet they have
11209s this full spawn Naga on the flank
11210s looking for that Mana in the back but in
11213s fact comes back for the brick it doesn't
11214s really know what he wants to dive on
11216s just yet looking for something but the
11217s Nano comes through from Alice who wanted
11218s to die but he slept while going for that
11220s dive however it has given cynics that
11222s first kill onto Doge knock did
11224s eventually find that pulse bomb but GCB
11226s does connect on to Naga so so far
11229s doesn't look that bad for Ireland as
11230s they do win that fight yeah it doesn't
11232s look too bad but Doug Paul's Pawn did
11234s land or not though so now without the
11236s Nana you only have big heels for team
11237s Ireland you're forced to let this point
11239s uh go a little bit and let the payload
11241s forward so looking good from Team
11244s Ireland so far but they gotta come back
11245s strong with ultimates in this next one
11247s they're gonna have those ultimates but
11249s we won't have that Nano like you
11250s mentioned Doge disco does go for the
11251s dive towards that pillar and then uses
11252s the Primal against that brigitta which
11255s some people have coined it as an IMAX
11256s because of that Shield but the Sleep
11257s Dart comes through in fact on the D
11258s speed now to pull a pulse bomb lands on
11260s the Doge but he's oh gotten out of that
11262s fight just well he just jumps back with
11264s that slime will cooldown and then also
11266s finds Sinex nice job from Doge to
11268s counter that though nut has found slay
11270s because slay was trying to help Doge the
11272s Brigitte to Rally now comes from Denmark
11274s because in the previous five GCB used
11275s his and sign X also not here with that
11278s copy it's just too much value out of
11280s that rally for Ireland to really get
11283s anything here as they then push towards
11285s the end of this point they are delaying
11287s that payload with what looks to be faith
11289s on the card he's doing a great job
11290s recalls around dealing with that pace
11293s one one versus four delays for like 30
11296s seconds I mean that is great work from
11298s Faith but it really can't be done alone
11300s you know they still have to touch this
11302s car because they get back here worth the
11304s time yeah they do they have Alice who
11305s comes through with that touch but Naga
11307s does have the personal it's there Sonic
11308s does get the copy they need to keep
11310s touching 0.29 meters look sticky from
11312s Naga connects on the GCB could not get
11314s the shield up in time Sonic's copy is
11317s dealt with as well and I sleep down in
11318s tanaga but that is just kind of not
11320s enough to give them a fight win another
11322s reset again for Ireland as four minutes
11324s and 40 seconds now for Denmark in this
11326s third phase I mean excuse me for just
11328s absolutely losing it every team fight
11330s but I feel like Denmark is just coming
11331s up with individual play after individual
11333s play
11334s um right there closing out that fight
11336s but just Anonymous on point those
11338s playing Winston to the absolute limits
11340s without dying Shockwave on the ash this
11342s is a scary team and now team Ireland
11344s they they go to the Joker Queen they go
11347s to the Jungle Queen of the tour let's go
11349s oh okay drunk the queen of the tour I
11352s mean they're pulling on all the stops
11353s here the dive already comes through from
11354s Doge on the cart uses that bubble early
11356s nanoboost still available for nut in
11358s this fight doesn't want to use it just
11359s yet because the real lines Denmark is
11360s trying to force it out but now that dive
11362s comes through so they use the net abuse
11363s on the drug screen but it's immediately
11364s disengaged nice Jagged blade on to the
11367s Anna but really doesn't have that
11369s spacing there it's kind of the awkward
11370s Queen angle where he doesn't really find
11372s a lot of value in that Nano in fact it
11373s seems like nogus found cynics with a
11375s dive of Doge in the back line so the
11377s back line of Denmark has done a good job
11379s surviving alasu and they're Lucio of the
11381s front line Faith trying to survive but
11383s Denmark still got this payload not a lot
11385s of meters left for them to go in fact
11387s they found faith on the delay they try
11390s to come through and touch but cannot 3
11392s minutes and 33 seconds absolutely
11394s blazing fast time for Denmark yeah just
11397s phenomenal play to close it out okay
11399s team Ireland you're going to adjust and
11401s play junker Queen and torb well breaking
11403s honor we're gonna play together calyx
11405s and slay navigating to make sure they
11406s don't die to the junker Queen by staying
11408s far away and while that is all going on
11411s Doge in the back lines with shockwave
11414s with Naga and they close it out on the
11415s Winston composition so just Flawless
11418s play by Denmark really and team Island
11419s didn't really stand a chance here on the
11421s defense
11422s yeah in fact I mean Johnny is it fair to
11424s say they looked even better you know on
11426s so far they kind of did yeah yeah they
11429s looked even better than the previous map
11430s and this is what we talked about with
11431s like World Cup and you know you need
11433s time to scrim and some of these teams
11434s may not even you know be practicing to
11436s be honest just because of the fact that
11437s they're they're so talented that uh you
11440s know they gotta practice with their main
11441s teams and it's like there's a lot going
11442s on right like you gotta practice
11444s contenders you gotta practice rank you
11445s gotta practice World Cup a lot going on
11447s for these players right yeah I mean for
11448s sure I already mentioned chalk wave on
11450s New York Excelsior of course but you
11451s have the likes of Naga slay calyx these
11454s are on uh different teams and contenders
11456s themselves right playing for uh Team
11457s peps and twisted minds and uh these
11460s teams right so then you have to organize
11461s time okay when can you scream shock
11463s waves in a different time zone and it's
11465s all over the place
11467s um I will say that team Denmark they do
11469s have very experienced management when it
11472s comes to the World Cup for example who
11473s goes the general manager I believe he's
11475s been involved since 2016 2017 right so
11478s he's been on all of these World Cup
11480s teams and he knows what it takes to
11481s organize the schedule what compositions
11484s are we going to play Fisher of course
11486s use the coach for the British hurricane
11487s as well when they were at their absolute
11489s Peak right so this is a team Denmark
11491s committee that is really experienced
11493s with what it takes to be a good World
11494s Cup team and Denmark just rounding out
11497s with great individual Talent
11499s yeah and in fact it looks like Denmark
11501s wants to you know lock that uh that
11503s Jungle Queen that was previously
11505s arraigned by Ireland so they try to
11507s rotate all the way around the coastal
11508s side then come back towards the point
11510s and they haven't under the control in
11512s fact you know they've forced uh Ireland
11514s all the way back through Maine and now
11516s the jump comes through from Ireland on
11518s their attack slay does get Anthony fate
11521s does find him no suzu insight to save
11523s him sadly Sonics also finds Shockwave so
11526s Naga does trade it back but that pick is
11528s fantastic so far for Ireland but that
11531s torp towards still getting a lot of
11532s value nobody's taking it out until nut
11533s does but you know nagas found nuts so
11536s while he was looking for that turret now
11538s Denmark opts to drop and even though
11540s Ireland found the opening picks they are
11542s now getting staggered out by Doge and
11544s that front line of Denmark it's just
11546s brutal that not goes down there on the
11548s island you lose so much healing for the
11549s side of Team Ireland because it really
11551s started out well further them they got
11553s two picks initially right and then you
11554s take control of the point you're forced
11556s to deal with the torb turret but while
11557s not takes out the torp turret with the a
11559s sniper rifle he goes down and you lose
11562s so much healing so team Ireland yeah
11564s rough start here but they're starting to
11566s build some ultimates if not can get this
11568s not a boost online maybe they can
11569s capitalize on it yeah maybe maybe to set
11572s up Faith to succeed on that backline him
11574s and not kind of been doing a good job
11575s being that to that duo that has enabled
11577s them the Neighbors come through and also
11579s after that dive came through but synex
11580s not ready to go for and engage as that
11583s shout from those it keeps everybody in
11585s Denmark healthy in fact they're backing
11586s up in this disengaging Allison and find
11589s him I mean just kind of two different
11591s pages that it seems like Ireland's on at
11593s the moment Denmark you know did counter
11594s LSU's dive but Ireland you got to commit
11597s towards something there right yeah it's
11598s also really difficult to play Winston
11600s into this composition and we're actually
11601s going to see Ireland swap over to the
11603s junkie Queen themselves because when you
11604s play this Winston right you can't really
11606s jump the torb because first of all he
11609s also has a shotgun secondary fire right
11610s so there's a ton of damage you can't
11612s really dive the junker Queen you got
11613s kiriko again that can leap around
11615s Lucio's harder to jump so it's a very
11617s difficult composition to dive if you're
11619s playing a Winston Cup right so let's see
11620s what Ireland can do mirroring the Jungle
11623s Queen
11624s wow and without Lucio 2 that's quite the
11627s play considering I guess what gcb's got
11629s the rally soon but maybe you swap nut on
11631s that Lucio to give that Lucio speed
11633s because you know without this loser the
11634s trunk Queen's gonna have a hard time
11636s finding this fight and he just has to
11638s run all the way back through Maine Bob
11639s is out lands on the gcp who could not
11641s build that rally either just yet and
11643s they're just waiting it out now in fact
11645s Alison kind of gets Dove on by Denmark
11647s but it looks like they're doing a soft
11648s engage here towards the main as Ireland
11650s attempts to regroup they have to deal
11652s with the trace in the back line Faith
11653s does get found and also Sonic's pretty
11655s much in the same spot they both collapse
11657s on the ground in harmony you know it's
11660s it seems like it's almost poetic for
11661s Ireland they're still getting staggered
11663s as well from Denmark who then run on
11664s them on the main side the engine game is
11666s here so Alice who does connect on
11668s display but also even more kills the
11670s rally here from GCB into a rampage
11672s eventually will get found and this is
11675s looking rough now for Ireland yeah maybe
11677s gcp wants to swap it up there for one
11678s last fight maybe pivot away to the Lucio
11680s instead she can use that movement speed
11682s that's going to be it now
11686s right you're not going to be able to
11688s combo it with the Dragon Blade so we're
11690s not going to have any Nano blades online
11691s but
11693s okay that's a great first pick on
11694s chocolate actually oh my okay they found
11697s Shockwave Shockwave again going
11698s aggressive like he did on Hanzo
11700s previously enables Ireland to find that
11702s open pick to have ultimates to work with
11704s but then come that katsune Rush from
11706s slay into a Nana boost on to Alice Sue
11708s but the beat drop now connects from
11710s caltex to enable their fight to keep
11712s going but nice Rampage with that Nano it
11715s connects onto three members of Denmark
11716s he gives them that kill on to knock up
11718s and not after naga's ultimate finds both
11721s faith and nut now they're still trying
11723s to play the copy comes out from cynex
11725s but the split he does find one now comes
11727s that Lucio of GCB towards the point but
11729s Shockwave finds him now Alison here on
11731s the point isn't one versus two with his
11733s okay they're winning this fight here
11735s Kellis goes down as well it's just slay
11738s but slay is a standout player in his own
11739s right however you really can't do it
11741s against your drunker Queen and an echo
11743s and Ireland is Cap point a there it is
11745s when in doubt Dustin use known a boost
11748s on drunker Queen and Rampage and then
11750s duplicate junker Queen and Rampage again
11751s there there was a lot there that they
11753s had to rely on also Shockwave getting
11755s picked right just build two two Rampages
11757s and get a pick two ramp Pages get a pick
11760s I mean that's all then that's all that's
11761s so much man that is a ridiculous amount
11763s that that Ireland needs and now they
11765s have no ultimates in this fight either
11767s they're against Shockwave with Bob and
11768s you know torbjorn turret Bob it just
11770s seems like Denmark running all the AI on
11773s the field dropping that Bob into the
11775s back line shout does keep Ireland
11776s somewhat healthy but they still got to
11777s deal with it is Bob no Bob's just not in
11779s I was a little lost there he's stuck in
11781s the wall on that left side it zones out
11783s Ireland so good disengagement yeah that
11785s was a great disengage to avoid all that
11786s Bob damage and now he can re-engage you
11788s gotta sound barrier soon so I think for
11790s Ireland you just want to build some
11791s ultimates here and then see you can get
11792s some momentum
11793s maybe build Bank can senior rush like
11795s you said or or the beat drop or that
11797s Rampage Denmark now sitting with the
11799s Rampage of their own choke they don't
11800s want to extend past this this is always
11802s something interesting for drunk between
11803s just you know if you opt to you know go
11806s towards that opening where Ireland want
11808s to disengage or to just wait for the
11809s enemy team to come in it looks like it's
11811s kind of a bait play to then Force Alice
11813s Through To Go aggressive with that
11814s continued Rush of not building that
11815s Rampage beat drop to Overlay that
11818s backside because that because those pop
11820s that Rampage counter Rampage from Alice
11822s who connects on the dose so Ireland
11823s playing the old game perfectly then
11825s going to the back line with the Genji
11827s Ireland forcing out Denmark in this
11829s fight calyx is built beak slay also with
11831s a senior watch but they're they're out
11833s of there for this one yeah that was a
11834s great kitsuna rush and then GCB with a
11836s perfect sound barrier to negate the
11837s effects of dojo's Rampage and now
11839s Denmark they have a casino Rush on a
11840s Sunday of themselves but faith if he
11842s waits this out maybe he can get value
11844s from the Dragon Blade and secure point
11846s two here yeah I mean they've done a good
11848s job disengaging before if they realize
11850s that's their wing condition let's see if
11851s they can continue that Denmark may be
11854s aware they don't want to waste ultimate
11855s to take their time an incoming shout
11857s dive with the blade early that's a bit
11859s of a different play forces both
11860s ultimates from slay and telexnog also
11862s dropped the torp you're an ultimate card
11864s maybe maybe that's not that bad nobody
11866s touched the cart too
11871s what was the I guess they were just
11873s trying to counter dive at the choke it
11876s makes space worked it makes that was
11877s dusted that might have been the best
11879s blade that didn't get value directly
11883s like that's actually
11884s that's actually crazy and now they get
11886s this Denmark comes to this dagger picks
11888s but you know a little bit of a little
11889s bit of Shame on their part to drop that
11891s checkpoint off but at the same time in
11893s OverWatch 2 c9s happen probably way more
11895s frequently Denmark you know pick counter
11897s this looks like Johnny they're going for
11898s spawn camps they're going for stagger
11900s picks here just to to make up you know
11902s save some face here they're angry now
11904s they're like okay we see nine we're
11906s gonna we're gonna hold forward in Your
11908s Spawn hey never never anger a Dane man
11910s never never make the Danes angry right
11912s true they'll go they'll go ham on you
11914s true um cynics does have the copy toward
11917s your interrupt taken out from Naga side
11918s so progressions for Ireland to soby look
11921s for move forward I believe that's a bob
11923s there from Shockwave connects on the GCB
11925s on that back line Ireland then goes back
11927s towards the spot once more Doge says no
11929s sir you are not escaping me Alice Sue
11931s pulls him back with a jacket blade and
11933s Bob finds that kill slay wants even more
11935s finds nut two and 40 seconds left
11937s Ireland have built some ultimates maybe
11939s they could do it this fight this is
11941s actually kind of hard to break if you
11942s team Ireland because you almost have to
11943s go to The High Ground contest right
11945s because you can't go below you can't go
11946s beneath them so you have to take these
11949s stairs up and I guess they have a
11950s kitsuna rush but it's just not where you
11952s want to invest ultimates
11954s yeah let's see if Ireland could do it
11955s with that casino from the top but like
11956s you said I mean it's a rough angle to
11958s get out with that katsune rush and zynax
11961s goes through the low ground but really
11962s you're not gonna be able to do much
11964s through here unless this dive comes
11965s through or this engage rather comes
11966s through from Ireland in fact Shockwave
11968s takes Faith out as they try to push
11969s through without any ultimate so it looks
11972s like they kind of took your advice but
11973s for the wrong reasons now four seconds
11975s left they go for the copy already down
11976s two members they're coming to get sooner
11978s Rush late the copy though from cynics
11980s does find Naga says I'm the better
11982s toward on this day a rampage as well
11984s from aliceu but it seems like it has
11986s engaged too well didn't connect on
11988s display they still have members in this
11989s fight but this could sooner Rush gone
11991s the cooldowns are no longer being reset
11993s Shockwave in fact it's a coach gun kill
11995s on the GCB and they're stopped in the
11997s second phase giving Denmark the map win
12000s and giving them that first to three
12002s victory over Ireland
12004s it's a good clean look from Team Denmark
12007s they're exactly what we expected from
12009s Denmark really coming in clutch winning
12011s the first match 2-0 team Ireland maybe
12014s they found something with the donkey
12015s Queen though we all didn't talk about
12017s going into this match that it's Ireland
12019s versus Portugal is going to be the match
12020s to watch because those two teams are
12022s really battling it out for the second
12023s spot right so maybe they can build some
12025s momentum from that and Bonnie going in
12027s to put their match against Portugal
12028s later today
12029s that's a good point we don't we haven't
12031s seen Portugal just yet so we have to you
12033s know wait and see what they could do
12034s because like yeah like you mentioned we
12035s have to bear in mind that Denmark is
12037s just a to be honest the PowerHouse right
12039s like they're just such a good team
12040s they're so freaking good man so
12042s realistically obviously bad luck for
12045s Ireland taking L but real you know
12047s there's some takeaways here obviously
12049s some cope from from myself maybe Johnny
12051s as well but you know Ireland could come
12052s back versus Portugal I'm an expert
12054s copium specialist yeah no worries you're
12057s right yeah via Twitter you know we've
12059s seen all of the coke from reinforced too
12062s much code level two cope you're out of
12064s cope now are you are you fully deprived
12066s yeah I'm feeling a bit low on the copia
12067s but still team Island they're worthy of
12069s some code because team Ireland they did
12071s find some momentum here on the attack
12072s and you know they tried the Winston
12074s composition their composition didn't
12075s work but maybe with the Jungle Queen
12077s composition the faith utilizing some
12078s Dragon blades cynics on the echo
12080s honestly has some really touch
12082s duplicates right so fair play yeah that
12086s you usually don't see that do you like
12087s usually a lot of these Echoes kind of
12089s just go in with they're just aggressive
12091s play and then try to copy as they go low
12093s like a like a diva player would you know
12094s with Diva bomb right yeah exactly or to
12097s you know contest control points and
12099s stuff like that right but
12101s duplicating a torbjorn and then finding
12103s a pick on the torbjorn I'll I'll Trace
12105s that any time of the week that I don't
12107s even need copium for that that's just
12108s straight up good that's just straight up
12110s good
12110s straight up a good play and obviously
12112s for Ireland they're looking forward to
12114s that matchup with Portugal
12117s um you know obviously we're seeing a lot
12118s of the highlights out of that match is
12119s there anything that we noticed from
12121s Denmark that maybe could bode well for
12123s them moving forward besides just pure
12125s dominance or is this one of those
12126s matches Johnny where you're just like
12127s okay it was a bit one-sided we don't
12129s really learn a lot about either team I
12132s mean the thing about Denmark really is
12134s that they picked up this junker Queen
12135s after team Ireland show it off right now
12137s I don't know if junkie Queen was on the
12141s the the Google sheet so to speak right I
12143s don't know if they hit this with the
12144s composition they had planned out ahead
12146s of time that Denmark is going to play
12147s junker Queen it sort of just felt like
12149s they picked it up with a fly and were
12150s like all right you want to play donkey
12151s Queen we can play donkey Queen and
12153s that's really all you need to know about
12154s Denmark they're incredibly talented
12156s individuals that can play a lot of
12158s different compositions and they're not
12160s scared to adapt during the game right so
12162s that's a really good sign especially in
12163s the world cup with limited practice time
12165s we can play lots of different
12166s compositions so team Denmark looking
12168s really good so far yeah in Denmark have
12171s also morph on that bench but those
12173s really trying to fill all roles
12174s meanwhile guys we'll set up that second
12176s match in just a second we got two more
12178s left on the day of this wild qualifiers
12181s that we had ahead of you so don't go
12182s anywhere we'll be right back after a
12184s break
12188s I
12189s [Music]
12196s I don't know I keep calling you a wild
12197s qualifiers man I'm just like
12199s [Music]
12231s [Music]
12245s [Music]
12258s [Music]
12262s foreign
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12394s foreign
12411s it's me it's me and Johnny in this scene
12413s apparently good to see you good to talk
12415s to I don't know if you guys can even
12416s hear Danny but he's always talking or
12417s you're hearing him I want to see Daddy
12419s can we see daddy where's Daddy
12422s [Applause]
12424s all right everybody I'm back uh welcome
12426s back Danny but yeah thank you thank you
12428s for having me back I just wanted to you
12429s know quickly chat with you guys because
12431s you know the Denmark Ireland match you
12434s know you guys predicted Denmark's win
12435s and they did and I feel like Denmark
12438s showed a lot more it wasn't just about
12440s them like you know they're like amazing
12443s skills and like they're playing well but
12445s other than that they also showed
12446s something interesting right they had a
12448s C9 so you know everything for the fans
12450s right amazing games
12457s what more can you ask from them Danny's
12459s just Danny's just a chat member that's
12461s just like as a host that's he's just
12463s here to just make fun of teams just get
12465s roast them all down is Iceland playing
12468s soon let's go where's Iceland where's
12471s Iceland at Iceland is going to the uh
12473s going to the qualifiers in June but uh
12475s yeah
12476s but uh yeah yeah
12483s honestly Denmark looked good I think
12486s Ireland had some
12488s um some moments as well right
12491s yeah I I would like they had some
12493s moments at times like obviously with the
12495s torbjorn copy that you know we talk
12497s about like we talk about the echo
12498s composition potentially working out for
12499s Ireland maybe versus Portugal later on
12502s Johnny mentioned that something that we
12503s could look forward to I'm looking
12505s forward to seeing that match up as well
12506s between those two teams but specifically
12508s with Denmark obviously the takeaway is
12511s so far that you know Denmark such a
12513s great team Ireland have things they have
12515s some potential in the future obviously
12518s maybe later on because the top two teams
12520s qualify Johnny I mean that's a that's a
12523s pretty big margin to work with here so
12525s if you get knocked down these qualifiers
12526s obviously that's not good but you do
12529s have some leeway to work with right yeah
12531s I mean you're playing Portugal later in
12533s the day if you're Ireland and that's the
12534s match you're really looking to win and
12536s if you do beat Portugal you do Advance
12538s into the next qualifier phase in June
12540s and it's a bit unfair comparing these
12544s guys to Denmark because Denmark is
12546s arguably like a top eight World Cup team
12548s in the world like they're one of the
12550s best teams in the world cup and they
12553s find themselves here in the wild called
12554s qualifier right so team Ireland this is
12557s this was not the match you had to win
12559s and honestly like you don't even like
12562s keep it close team Ireland I think they
12564s have a way better chance against
12565s Portugal and that is the only match you
12567s really care about today so we're looking
12569s forward to that one yeah I mean talking
12570s about Portugal let's take a quick look
12572s at the schedule one more time because
12573s Portugal is going to go up up against
12576s Denmark in our next match followed by
12579s our last match is going to be Ireland uh
12582s which is you know unfortunately lost it
12583s lost to Denmark but they are going to go
12585s up against Portugal and that is going to
12587s be our last match for group a
12590s Denmark Portugal is up next what do you
12593s guys expect uh from this match
12596s hmm well I mean Johnny I don't know if
12598s you agree but like it seems like for
12599s Denmark and Portugal the biggest
12600s takeaway we're going to see is how
12602s Portugal you know can stand up to
12603s Denmark if it's still a 2-0 for Portugal
12606s that might be a big deal but like uh or
12609s sorry for Denmark that might be a big
12610s deal but you know we're also looking at
12612s you know micro things probably in this
12613s fight right Johnny we're like looking at
12615s you know how their individual players
12616s are doing and if they can put up a
12617s better fight yeah for sure I mean this
12619s is the first time we'll see a lot of the
12620s players that will be competing for
12622s Portugal historically as I mentioned
12624s earlier Portugal has been a country that
12626s has had some standout individuals like
12628s mosasa in the past for example who was a
12631s great European tank in in the early days
12633s 2016 2017 but now going into the 2023
12637s World Cup it is a bit of a change of the
12639s guard for team Portugal and some new
12641s faces uh on the scene right so I don't
12644s really know what we have in store for
12645s team Portugal but this is their first
12647s opportunity to really make a name for
12648s themselves and also but I mean uh I
12651s think things are you know one thing
12652s that's I guess a plus for Portugal is
12655s that they did get to see see Denmark's
12657s play right against Ireland just now oh
12659s yeah you know maybe that could help out
12662s maybe strategize what they want to do
12664s for this matchup that is going to happen
12666s right now Denmark versus Portugal the
12668s match is ready so gentlemen go ahead
12671s see you Danny yeah see you man it was I
12673s mean honestly I agree with Danny kind of
12674s here it's always been a debate Johnny
12675s where it's like do you think I'm gonna
12677s I'll post you this question Johnny do
12678s you think it's actually better for a
12680s team to be on the sideline to be able to
12681s you know chill out a little bit you get
12683s to relax you and you get to eat maybe
12685s study your team or do you think it's
12687s better to have this game warm-up almost
12690s slash a real match before you play yet
12692s another one I mean it depends player to
12694s player right I always prefer having a
12696s look at what I'm going to be playing up
12697s next so now you know that you're going
12699s to play Antarctica Peninsula again right
12701s so you know that team Denmark they're
12703s going to come out and play the Romantic
12704s composition do you want to mirror that
12706s composition do you want to face uh
12708s player faster it looks like they're
12710s actually going to mirror this
12711s composition but even something simple as
12714s this point right you know that Denmark
12717s might hedge towards the outside of this
12719s point maybe you can find some positional
12721s Advantage now going into this very first
12723s fight and snowball from the momentum
12725s right mm-hmm yeah I think that's a
12726s that's a good point you know maybe
12727s trying to find something to to maybe
12730s surprise Denmark with but in this
12732s situation they actually just opt to go
12733s inside take the similar angles as they
12735s did before early May wall from there
12739s he he found the pick I mean nice shot
12742s from uh from kuruma but not at the same
12744s time Dizzle also found Shockwave Telex
12746s did trade back one but that's a nice
12749s start for Portugal comparatively to
12751s earlier for Islands you gotta have faith
12753s in the logs Dustin faith in the logs it
12755s always works out I don't know who the
12757s who they're praying to the wood Gods the
12759s the trees the the forests I don't know
12762s it's worked out for Kurama
12764s badly I don't think there's any trees on
12766s this map it seems to be a frozen way
12768s you're right but
12770s Portugal has shipped over those logs
12772s giving them to Hanzo meanwhile they
12774s rotate towards that fight again another
12776s pick from caroma to find kelik's shot
12779s Cliffs trying to equalizer but Dizzle
12780s connects on the Doge and we've been
12782s talking up Denmark but maybe we've been
12784s focusing on the wrong side Portugal is
12786s looking amazing they've been waiting
12788s they've been waiting for this matchup
12790s they got the read they've downloaded
12792s Denmark they're ready to go now playing
12794s the Hanzo composition and Karama is just
12795s popping off you're finding both entry
12797s frags in both of these fights and now
12799s you build the amplification Matrix you
12801s got a dragon strike to really throw
12803s Denmark off off their groove here so in
12805s Portugal this is where you snowball away
12807s and get the first round here on this map
12809s purama waiting with that Dragon strike
12811s ready to go amplification Majors from
12813s Dizzle is also available Karama drops
12815s back the rest of his team drops the
12816s dragon track onto the back line of
12818s Denmark who was not fully in but it does
12820s force the ice block from Naga who is
12821s building towards the ultimate Doge goes
12823s low so an immortality field from slay is
12825s committed and Naga Snipes out Kurama
12828s says that we don't have a Hanzo but you
12830s know I'll hit those shots from across
12831s the map why not nice shot from Naga
12833s meanwhile the rest of Portugal are Dove
12835s upon with that may ultimate so Naga
12837s being that Difference Maker gave Denmark
12839s the re-engage but Portugal still has
12841s some time on the clock Knight or 78
12843s nearly for them all right we're done
12846s playing we're done playing Dustin
12847s Denmark feeling it now uh okay I mean
12850s that was that was a nice uh push there
12852s but Denmark just like getting on top of
12855s Portugal Doge unleashing the Nemesis
12857s form and doing tons of damage onto the
12859s back line and this they didn't really
12861s stand a chance to get the immortality
12862s filled out but for the most part Denmark
12864s they know when to capitalize they know
12866s when to engage and really push that man
12868s Advantage so if you get picked that's a
12870s bad sign
12871s if you're cold beaming for Denmark I'll
12873s be the copium Ford Portugal me Kurama
12875s potentially find those Hanzo picks he's
12877s proven it already has been able to do
12879s with the boy on the Hanzo but they
12880s already rocking to this point they have
12882s to they commit uh was a male ultimate
12884s profilment to do but they don't find the
12886s kill unfortunately the beat drop from
12887s skelax into the back line as well with
12890s the overclock you know over topping the
12891s ultimates of Denmark doing it quite well
12893s with this layer they do find Dizzle as
12896s well with the annihilation Naga also
12897s connects on a Kurama also finds Fleming
12900s zoo and now Denmark like you said it
12901s seems like they're online yeah it's just
12903s such a tough angle to work if your ego
12905s there with the annihilation and instead
12907s it's Doge holding down the fort with his
12909s own Annihilation and fights a pick onto
12910s Thistle and if you lose your Batiste in
12912s these compositions that is so much
12914s healing that you've just lost and you
12916s just can't maintain yourself in these
12918s fights so you would really want to take
12920s advantage of these maywalls flamenzo I
12923s think he has to come up culture for
12924s Portugal and find some kind of pick or
12926s isolate one of the members from Denmark
12928s Clements are looking for those ice
12931s blocks like you mentioned they walk
12932s towards that point now go around left
12934s side Denmark ready to go on to Ego who
12936s as he goes forward on towards that point
12939s just goes on the top angle to spam out
12941s that back line but Denmark is
12943s surrounding them at the current moment
12944s Naga building up that may ultimately
12945s incredibly quickly the blizzard nice
12947s Waldo like you said boom pomenzo does
12949s connect onto Doge as they use the
12952s immortality field to save him for almost
12954s looking for those backline shots but
12956s could not find it because Denmark has
12957s this engaged it quite well and waited
12960s for Naga to pop that may ultimate so now
12962s with the blizzard they find Dizzle and
12964s nobody can touch the point either
12965s because they're too focused on fighting
12967s Denmark will take round number one uh
12969s it's beautiful play by Denmark I really
12971s thought that they would have picked off
12972s Doge there with a great May wall uh from
12975s fromenso there but instead team Denmark
12978s they're still alive I did notice you
12980s know how beautifully Denmark were spread
12982s out they realized that we can't just
12983s stack up against the May right so
12985s instead we're going to spread out on The
12986s High Ground and really make it difficult
12987s for Portugal to run someone over and
12990s over time Naga builds a blizzard and
12992s when you unleash the blister under the
12993s point like that
12994s I mean it's game over they all get
12996s Frozen and Portugal didn't stand a
12998s chance but at least they got some cap
12999s time it's it right more than Ireland got
13002s from that point
13003s so far we're we're edging towards
13005s Portugal I guess so far I mean you know
13008s Denmark like they were lying heavily on
13009s Naga to find those those picks and to
13011s build that my ultimate like you said
13013s earlier I mean now they have shockwave
13014s onto the Hanzo previously did well on
13017s this map as well on this sub level and
13019s uh now Portugal tries to equalize it
13022s with their own hostel they've been able
13023s to find picks previously at the
13024s beginning of the map but you know maybe
13027s this time with shockwave on the Hanzo
13029s it's somebody that can kind of deal with
13031s that backline pressure from Portugal
13032s they kind of Stack up together in this
13035s fight well Denmark was the first ones to
13036s a grant drop the maywealth and nagas
13038s maywealth does separate the back line
13039s but they break it incredibly quickly
13040s however while they were focusing that
13042s may while Shockwave has been able to
13044s find Karama that's a nice opening pick
13046s for Denmark they lose they actually lose
13049s calyx in this fight though two EO and
13051s this fight and now Denmark you know
13053s they're kind of in a rough spot they do
13054s get that wall off Portugal they now have
13056s to deal with Naga with the blizzard and
13058s everybody is just zoned out from Doge
13061s they take that point first and Naga
13063s putting on a show at the moment they
13064s were just brawling for like a minute
13066s right there building ultimates and Naga
13068s he gets a blizzard while Denmark has
13070s like two percent cap time that's just
13072s absolutely ridiculous it it is a bit of
13074s a rough disadvantageous for Portugal
13076s there because you're sort of stuck into
13077s the corner like you mentioned Dustin and
13079s we know like we know both of you we we
13082s know uh that if you're playing against
13083s the May and a Hanzo and you're stuck in
13085s a corner it's a bad deal so Portugal
13088s maybe some more aggression here
13089s maybe some aggression they try to go
13091s forward try to get some space like you
13093s said but now they're kind of split off
13095s the maywall from now they're doing a
13096s great job zoning him up but they've
13097s actually lived because of the May
13099s ultimate zone from flamenzo they do
13101s actually find Naga with that but at the
13103s same time calyx has traded back so that
13105s may is no longer in the fight still with
13107s Club calyx Denmark try to back up a loud
13110s Shockwave to maybe equalize it in these
13113s fights as ego goes incredibly low drops
13115s towards the point neither Lucio Hills
13116s they have a beat drop available
13117s no it's not in time to save the Hanzo
13121s from Portugal and now they have to deal
13123s with Doge with the annihilation ego also
13125s goes forward with his own but they're
13126s down to Hanzo and he went a little bit
13128s too far forward because now he split off
13130s from his team Dizzle tried to go forward
13131s to save him but it's slay on that
13133s Baptiste to find those two kills with a
13135s damage output in Denmark didn't even
13137s give up the point oh the sound bear is
13138s just a second too short and couldn't
13140s save Karama and you lose your Hansel
13142s damage that is so crucial investing the
13145s annihilation as well and now Denmark
13146s really pushing the advantage they got an
13148s early pick on to Karama they know that
13149s chroma is going to spawn faster than
13151s everybody else and they secure that pick
13153s so just buying themselves more time and
13155s now it's desperation time for Portugal
13157s 10 away for from Denmark from just
13160s winning this map out they gotta get on
13161s to the point yeah they have to touch
13163s this point but against the dragon strike
13164s from Shockwave how do they do it they
13166s actually drop down uh ego towards that
13169s point they touch the actual objective he
13171s now comes back up to the stairs at the
13173s Lucio and Tracer not gonna be delaying
13174s this point but each time they do they
13176s have to do a Shockwave who drops the
13177s dragon strike ant Matrix is also here
13179s Shockwave finds ego nice job from him
13182s beat drop from Calvin's as well to
13183s sustain this fight no support ultimates
13185s four Portugal Shockwave yet again finds
13188s Kurama connects as well on the Lucio
13190s Portugal and that's already so many
13192s kills for Denmark to close out versus
13193s Portugal ain't Arctic Peninsula goes in
13196s their favor as they take map one
13198s beautiful play yet again by Denmark just
13200s so solid on these compositions and again
13203s it's tough for Portugal I really do feel
13206s like they held their own in some of
13208s those fights but again just a slight
13210s positional disadvantage you're tucked
13212s into a corner you know Denmark are
13215s spreader out on the point and you can't
13216s get to slay the Batiste you can't get to
13218s the Hanzo uh Denmark just doing a really
13221s good positioning for those fights yeah I
13223s think that you know obviously round
13224s number one Kurama to find those opening
13227s picks really gave Portugal that opening
13229s but you know when that started to fall
13231s off it was not as much in their favor
13233s like you said they did positionally play
13235s well right that is something for
13236s Portugal they did manage to rotate
13237s around that point pretty successfully at
13240s times they extended the fight longer
13242s than the likes of uh of the previous
13244s team man Ireland just got kind of
13247s dominated it really I don't know I keep
13248s bringing them up this is kind of bad for
13249s Ireland but for Portugal you know
13251s obviously they have a lot going in their
13253s favor potentially onto hybrid right yeah
13256s I mean if anything if I had to speculate
13258s I think that Ireland versus Portugal
13259s later after this match will be a banger
13261s because I I feel like both teams could
13263s really go head to head in a nice way but
13265s yeah in this one I mean it was all
13268s Denmark really after Kurama didn't find
13270s those picks anymore just nice ultimate
13273s usage from Naga on the May for example
13275s Doge really playing the front lines well
13277s timing the annihilation secure them one
13279s of those fights uh there of course and
13281s just look at this right here you you got
13284s control of the stairs you technically
13285s have The High Ground what do you do if
13287s you're Portugal like you're fighting
13289s uphill right so it's a very difficult
13291s position to be in Naga builds a blizzard
13294s when you have two percent on the control
13295s timer it's it's ridiculous from from
13297s Denmark really I guess to to maybe you
13301s know look at next map reinforced you
13303s know you won't be stuck in a lot of
13304s these spots right like it's it's easy to
13307s say on hybrid potentially with the space
13309s they could do a bit more right is that
13311s fair to say that maybe on a more open
13312s map they would uh they would gain a
13315s little bit more of an edge against uh
13317s Denmark yeah I mean there's tons of
13319s options here to go right if you want to
13321s pick nombani you can but we've also seen
13323s Gibraltar today for example uh oh yeah
13325s circuit Royale if you want to afford
13327s like a sigma mirror I suppose or
13329s something of that nature I don't know
13331s what Portugal's strength really is as I
13332s said earlier this is our first
13334s opportunity to really see a lot of uh
13336s these Portuguese players so I'm curious
13339s to see what they got in store
13340s yeah I'm curious as well and uh
13343s obviously we'll see after short breaks
13344s so don't go whenever guys we'll be right
13346s back with that member two see you in
13348s just a bit
13350s [Music]
13369s [Applause]
13373s foreign
13391s [Music]
13407s [Music]
13431s [Music]
13449s [Music]
13456s thank you
13459s foreign
13463s [Applause]
13467s [Music]
13472s [Applause]
13477s [Music]
13491s [Music]
13503s foreign
13505s [Music]
13519s [Music]
13528s foreign
13533s [Music]
13541s [Music]
13565s welcome back everybody to the World Cup
13567s and obviously you know big big point of
13570s emphasis here Johnny this is the first
13572s time we're gonna have World Cup again
13573s for what is it 2019 right he's been like
13576s freaking forever four years it's been
13579s four years that's crazy man that's such
13581s a long time oh my God it's ridiculous
13584s and that's what we're this is this only
13586s the what third the fourth game now that
13588s comes the fifth game not coming back
13590s what math
13596s I was talking to you man I've lost so
13598s many freaking brain cells just playing
13600s professionally for so many years
13604s brain cells talking to me and I was
13606s about to be really sad no no no no no
13607s this was Helen heck no sorry no help
13610s you're like one of the smartest guys in
13612s the scene I would never I would never
13613s say a lot of things I was talking to you
13615s oh that's too much I just thought that
13617s like talking to you would make you lose
13619s brain cells do you not feel the same I
13620s mean yeah me talking to me that's that's
13622s I'm really paying the price for that one
13624s don't talk to yourself it's not good for
13626s you all right
13628s anyway we're going back into this map
13629s number two Johnny and obviously Matt
13632s rule one for Denmark went their way you
13635s know we saw it points Portugal just
13636s really were able to get up to 73 on that
13639s on the round number one you know off of
13641s some nice pics of their Hanzo player now
13643s we're going obviously to Havana
13646s this could this could pose the
13648s Difference Maker for Portugal as they
13649s says they've as well made some
13651s substitutes come through yeah good hunso
13655s map right but yeah we're seeing a few
13656s substitutions in here for Portugal uh
13659s got a pretty vast team if you are team
13661s Portugal a vast no vast vast meaning
13665s like that the vast sea you know I I was
13668s I was role-playing a pirate Justin right
13671s there I was using the word vast but yes
13673s I mean you got ego one who played the
13676s ramatra on Antarctic Peninsula for
13678s Portugal sub him out get hk3 in and now
13681s we're seeing some Sigma compositions
13683s instead Kurama over to the Genji whereas
13686s I would have expected a Hanzo here
13688s because yeah well logs but if you want
13691s to play the sigma with a Genji try to
13693s finish off some uh some of these enemy
13695s targets right utilizing the dash for
13697s example maybe yeah maybe this something
13699s this is a Portugal been cooking with
13701s maybe they've been cooking okay yeah
13703s maybe we'll see if we should have let
13705s them cook or if we should have you know
13706s removed them from the kitchen in their
13708s entirety Portugal on the defense with
13710s that Genji like you said Denmark uh
13712s blocked me something different yeah
13714s Wednesday looks like interesting okay
13716s why why do you think they're running
13718s this I mean there's just like two
13719s different kind of competition Styles and
13722s mix comps even yeah obviously I mean
13725s it's it's curious to begin with because
13726s doge is quote unquote the main tank for
13729s this team right and they're just gonna
13730s go ahead and swap so those hook actually
13732s flexes over to that Sigma but I mean we
13735s mentioned earlier right that if you're
13736s Denmark you have those you can play a
13738s lot of the Winston Rhino wrecking ball
13739s stuff right but you have molefig on the
13741s team as well and mold figure is a
13742s fantastic golf tank player so I think
13743s they rolled out with Winston because
13745s they expected uh you know some kind of
13747s uh Winston composition but they go over
13749s to the sigma in spite of that and now
13751s we'll see who can battle it out
13752s okay yes we'll see if uh Denmark comes
13755s out on top maybe they're just locking
13756s with Doge this Frontline pressure shock
13759s wave to find that back line of the Genji
13761s or sorry Frontline DPS player up against
13763s you who had to back up and now the
13764s aggression is on them I mean what do
13766s they do what do you do when Shockwave is
13769s hidden hey what do you do when he's
13771s hitting these shocks Johnny I'm not sure
13772s there's much Portugal could do because
13774s now Denmark I mean they put three on the
13776s cart now Portugal can't even recontest
13777s oh he's just head shotting people with
13779s the logs it's unfair honestly if you're
13782s if you're if you're a Shockwave you're
13783s an OverWatch League player going up
13784s against Portugal like don't play the
13785s Hanzo play anything else really that's
13788s why maybe that's why I was going to play
13789s the somber originally it was just to
13790s give him a chance yeah
13792s yeah lip impression maybe yeah the lip
13794s impression maybe maybe swap things over
13796s and obviously you know meta obviously is
13798s the Sombra as everybody likes to say the
13800s Sombra is one of the best characters in
13801s the game at the moment but what is hk3
13804s doing he was trying to go for a bit of
13805s aggressive angle drop down from the low
13807s ground was not expecting Denmark maybe
13808s to be as aggressive as they were with
13810s this blade so at least that's naga's
13812s ultimate out of it but it's a Genji
13814s blade so that's probably the worst
13815s ultimate on the side of Denmark now gone
13818s yeah they actually got the value from
13819s Dragon Blade it's crazy 2023 would have
13821s thought uh who would have seen it yeah I
13823s would have seen it but yeah I mean now
13824s we got Denmark they're really happy that
13826s they won that fight because now they got
13827s high ground and this is perfect for the
13829s amplification Matrix you got a dragon
13831s strike and agree with flux as well
13832s ultimates are really lining up for
13834s Denmark here
13836s yeah they are they are building up to
13839s another well actually you have four
13840s ultimates like you said now Portugal now
13842s walk out they're still trying to set up
13843s who win on the Genji or the Hanzo
13845s meanwhile immortality tried to save the
13847s Baptist who went forward but it's just
13848s into Doge who has an immaturity field of
13851s his own rally was trying trying to get
13854s there for Portugal as they went for that
13855s engage but Denmark was too ready to
13857s collapse with the dragon strike and
13858s Denmark just seems like they're putting
13860s on a shell right now it's just one old
13861s at a time you know they're playing some
13863s classic ethical OverWatch yeah they only
13865s use the dragon strike right there so
13867s they didn't commit the gorillaic flux
13869s dude okay
13882s [Music]
13886s dude they're just committing ultimates
13888s now Portugal pop gravitic flux also with
13890s the ant Matrix to try to come back into
13891s Shockwave I mean they're now out of
13893s ultimates they're gonna be holding up
13895s towards that Genji blade for Karama but
13897s you know now they're being walked on the
13899s immortality field was used earlier calyx
13901s is walking forward with the IMAX or the
13903s brigitta ultimate with the rally four
13906s minutes and 40 seconds this might be one
13908s of the fastest havanas I might have ever
13910s seen yeah they still haven't used the
13911s flux either they still haven't used the
13913s flux
13914s sure in Portugal got an immortality feel
13917s to work with but
13918s besides that how do you survive this one
13921s it's gonna be tough
13922s this might be really fast
13924s we're just watching like a Jester in
13926s court be executed by the king honestly
13928s Portugal now walks four they're gonna
13930s have that Genji blade you know maybe
13932s that could get some value because
13933s Denmark don't have any support ultimates
13935s but it will be against that gravitic
13937s flux which Doge I'm sure is where this
13939s Genji blade is available by the way Ron
13941s did swap over to Zenyatta now that
13944s Griffin oh nice disengage
13948s into the back line also finds slay and
13950s Naga goes down that was expertly played
13952s by the Genji player of Portugal but they
13955s do get picked off in the open if they
13957s could find the follow-up kills that
13958s could be good for them but Shockwave did
13960s drop the dragon strike tried to find the
13961s Zenyatta but could not though Doge does
13964s trade back hk3 they still have to wait
13966s again for calyx and John yeah just
13967s stabilize here immortality field was
13969s used by slay there as well so that's a
13971s defensive tool that Denmark don't have
13973s yeah you don't have your tank right now
13974s that is a problem but just poke with a
13977s disco door with the Hanzo try to hold
13979s Denmark off and maybe you can secure
13981s some value here with the dragon strike
13983s yeah exactly I think that they are are
13985s pressing the right buttons at the moment
13987s uh from a micro level they actually send
13989s Naga towards that right flank the side
13992s of Denmark top pop the plate of the back
13993s line forces that immortality feels a
13995s nice kick to finish off Naga the
13998s disengage was too strong nobody was
14000s there with the follow-up but knock at
14001s the help that blade out meanwhile
14003s avoiding the shot from kuhin but
14004s Shockwave does eventually find him with
14007s a storm Arrow just getting so many
14008s opportunities with that shot with the
14010s left side pushed from him eventually
14012s finds him Doge also connects on Kurama
14014s with the ant Matrix so it's ant Major
14015s versus ant Matrix but they're still
14017s pushing the cart nobody could touch
14018s either just the Transcendence to try to
14020s touch last second I believe hk3 was
14023s going to be there in time
14025s to the Rock from Doge connects the
14028s cancel the kovidic flux now they push
14030s for doge is building up of his own
14032s gravitics blocks knocking waiting on the
14033s back line deflected onto Rod also Dash
14036s reset on the Dizzle so that's a nice 1v3
14038s from him slay also connects onto hk3
14041s after the resets of Naga Denmark will
14044s close out on Havana with two minutes in
14046s 23 seconds
14048s give them an inch they take a mile
14050s Dustin just when you thought they'd turn
14052s it around with the Transcendence holding
14054s the card curvilic flux comes out and you
14057s get hit by an accretion and then Works
14059s snowballs from there wait Johnny you
14062s you're you're you're a European man I am
14064s European didn't you say give them give
14066s them a millimeter then they'll take a
14068s kilometer or is that just am I just dumb
14070s for that like what's going on like
14072s is that why are you why have you why are
14074s you not talking to me Jordan where'd you
14075s go what happened dude come on give me
14077s something to John is that not is that
14079s not accurate
14081s Johnny Johnny okay
14084s he's he's awesome it kind of makes sense
14086s I've never heard it all right hold me up
14088s I'm on my computer I'm a Google can give
14091s them okay uh millimeter no he's Googling
14093s it okay
14094s take a meter no
14099s I don't think this is a European saying
14102s my man why is there so many American
14104s sayings that are just goated but then
14105s like European sayings just aren't you
14107s know like I'm just saying as an American
14108s like I think we have better sayings than
14110s Europeans
14111s is that fair or no
14114s I mean sorry I'm I'm Googling this
14116s phrase right now I didn't hear you I
14117s don't think we have that if yeah hold on
14120s sorry Helix is moonwalking what is going
14121s on calyx is moonwalking on the paper I
14123s didn't even know there's an emote what
14124s is that
14125s okay they're gonna spawn Camp by the way
14127s yeah they got these walking modes and
14129s stuff now in the battle pass I I just
14131s got uh I just got some voice yeah that's
14133s crazy
14134s oh my God I'm not even sure if we can
14136s call moonwalking he's just walking
14137s backwards like I said but uh Portugal
14139s now walk out of Spawn Nice Shot there we
14141s go that's exactly what you want on the
14144s side of Portugal the attempt to get out
14145s of the spawn doors but hk3 still has to
14147s deal with Doge and Doge on the remotra
14149s can just keep running into your face and
14150s the sigma rights not much the sigma can
14152s do but you know they have to back up
14154s Denmark still have the sustain in this
14156s situation in fact they want to go
14157s forward again with the back one just
14158s walk past that Sigma show caramba by the
14160s way swapped to the pharaoh to find
14162s chocolate but I thought that was a good
14163s swap for them honestly they have that
14164s Mercy they have the fair out on the
14165s field this might be something that
14167s Portugal can work with here obviously in
14169s Europe fair play is incredibly prominent
14171s in general for the side of you know an
14173s email contenders with Twisted minds they
14175s eventually will uh win this first fight
14177s to stop the spawn Camp Farah Mercy is
14179s also really prevalent in my ranked games
14180s uh but yes indeed for Portugal good good
14182s ways to start off there because if you
14184s get trapped in your spawn with them
14187s playing remotram a you can be in deep
14189s trouble by early picks from Kuan and
14191s Kurama gets the job done for Portugal
14192s that's such a relieving way to just get
14195s out of your spawn and don't disappointed
14198s oh another one The High Ground nice shot
14200s of gang not in Karama as well on to that
14203s pharah to find Shockwave eventually Rod
14205s does get found from calyx but you know
14207s they're playing this perfectly Denmark's
14208s opting to run this sort of uh I don't
14211s want to say cheesy but brawl comp
14212s Annihilation pop from Doge has to back
14214s up around the corner to save himself
14216s because he doesn't have enough heels
14218s Naka does trade back Dizzle but you know
14219s Portugal are coming out on top
14221s continuously Naga does find yet another
14223s one but Karama has that payload and the
14226s mercy now here Portugal are playing it
14228s well so far yeah Shockwave is really the
14230s only one who could deal with this you
14231s know try to use the Leicester hit scan
14233s powers to take the Farah out of the sky
14234s but
14236s Karama is playing these angles pretty
14238s well avoiding the Widowmaker
14240s yeah doing a good job just avoiding
14242s those shots like you said now they have
14243s to push forward into this fine chocolate
14244s looks for the angles on the Pharaoh but
14246s as long as peruma plays well he should
14248s not let himself be seen when it comes to
14249s on the back into a dragon strike
14251s connects on to both kelwick's onto Nars
14254s those trade it back but it might be too
14256s little too late barrage comes out now
14258s from Kurama who finds both Shockwave and
14261s slay amazing work from Portugal the
14263s capture out this first point yo this is
14265s looking good for Portugal Cohen and
14267s Karama I mean that was a phenomenal
14269s accretion by ak3 into the dragon strike
14272s you don't see that combo every day so
14274s Portugal with the momentum and they got
14275s a gravitic flux and an amplification
14276s Matrix of Their Own
14278s Denmark seems a little bit lost it looks
14280s like now they swap slay over to the Anna
14283s in Doge now over to the Winston Portugal
14285s meanwhile doing some swaps of their own
14287s Karama going over to that Tracer and Rod
14290s onto the Zenyatta gravitic flux still
14292s here for hk3 they have the ant Matrix as
14294s well Shockwave with wall hacks is online
14296s so now they know the dive is coming
14298s through Shockwave came through on that
14300s flank angle to connect onto rot
14301s immortality field gone HK is trying to
14303s come back and peel but you know
14305s sometimes it's not destined to be
14307s eventually he will be found by both Doge
14309s and slay as now Denmark will set up for
14312s a potential spawn Camp so it's a
14314s fantastic swap coming out from Denmark
14315s because I recognize okay we're not going
14317s to take this Sigma duel and if we're not
14318s going to play Sigma we're going to out
14320s temper you we're going to play faster
14322s than you we're going to play aggressive
14324s the swap over to the Winston and now
14325s Denmark looking to dive
14327s looking to Diamond the back line
14329s Shockwave finds kuhin but they do lose
14330s kelik's Doge does traded back Naga also
14333s on to Dizzle has been amazing by the way
14335s Naga on the Genji I mean obviously two
14337s stand out obviously somebody has a
14339s payload I think it's Grandma but
14340s eventually surely this Tracer will be
14342s found but you know obviously reinforced
14344s Naga one of the best Genji's and and
14346s hanzo's in all of Europe yeah so good
14349s but now this is going to be
14352s a ponderous moment for team Portugal
14355s because if I'm hk3 wait where are they
14358s going
14360s they're on a hunting trip hunting fields
14364s they're using the Nano now on the Naga
14366s they have that blade up soon those
14368s should have the Primal Shockwave hits
14369s the shot on the Kurama they set up
14370s somebody in the back line now hk3 can
14372s get slapped it's Naga with the Nana who
14375s doesn't even want to pop the blade to
14376s find those two kills saving it for next
14378s fight and now they're coming back for
14379s hk3 and although first point looked well
14381s second Point not as much for Portugal at
14384s scene yeah it's such a brutal moment in
14387s time for Portugal because you got this
14388s acrobatic flux but like oh my
14397s is actually going to move away from the
14400s sigma sacrificing the gravitic flux
14402s because he recognizes that he won't get
14405s any value with the flux who is he
14406s supposed to flux here they need the diva
14409s with the Matrix to get out but that's
14410s not even going to suffice
14412s no I mean now they don't have that
14414s Shield to save the back line from
14415s Shockwave so it's kind of like a uh pick
14417s your poison type of situation couldn't
14419s trying to find these shots onto the
14420s Genji but gets the integrated and
14422s delayed now one minute and 40 seconds
14423s left a bit of a snowball now for Denmark
14426s on the defensive hole how do you get the
14428s Shockwave it's a shooting gallery dude
14431s he's he's look at him go I bet you I bet
14434s you that he will just dig this tracer I
14438s bet you that Kurama won't find value
14439s with this football oh I'll take that bet
14441s ten dollars on it if he hits this shot
14442s or if he doesn't or if drama finds the
14444s kill I'll bet on Karama finding to kill
14445s potential in the back line bonds Naga
14447s came back actually to zone out Shockwave
14449s so maybe it was a bit of an intimidation
14450s tactic to force Shockwave he's just kind
14453s of dealing with his trace or this Anna
14454s in the Widowmaker on their own but now
14456s they're kind of split you know for
14457s Denmark this is a weird situation
14458s Shockwave is now on The High Ground
14460s flank but the card has been rotated on
14462s Portugal's fine wish I could have been
14463s here because he's literally getting no
14464s value besides what looking for this
14466s Hanzo and Tracer eventually The Climb
14468s comes through from kuhin to jump up to
14470s the high on kind of like a spider then a
14472s mine on him a 1v14 before is happening
14474s on the payload so now we have this 1v1
14475s happening well Naga Pops to play that
14477s 1v1 is still towards the spawn towards
14479s Naga does get the answer get onto him
14480s Rod does eventually find him out to
14483s spawn towards come slay but Shockwave
14485s again gets a kill what is going on no
14487s this is like the equivalent they're
14488s finding kills but the objective guys the
14490s objective this is a ranked game what is
14492s going on
14493s the payload is moving go to the freaking
14496s payload Shockwave even in calyx dude
14499s they don't care they literally don't
14500s care bro at the same time Doge comes
14502s through now touches that payload to stop
14503s the payload from pushing kuh and does
14505s take incredibly low now chocolate just
14507s wants us back to his team bro doesn't
14508s care he's just he's being escorted by
14510s kellex Mr President get down doge is
14513s here as well to find Dizzle and Rod like
14515s the security guard in the doorway finds
14518s both of that back line to Portugal to a
14520s naval Shockwave to come back to his team
14522s in safe hands
14524s just I ah this is a nightmare for
14527s Portugal over time ticking out can't get
14530s to the payload
14531s and that's gonna be it
14535s watch Johnny don't play like Shockwave
14537s in my ranked games don't deal with my
14540s kid like that that was I unruly that's
14544s the best word I can describe it I got up
14546s out of my seat for that one I'm not even
14547s kidding like that was ridiculous from a
14549s Shockwave in the sign of Denmark you
14551s know obviously Portugal had their
14552s moments I think this looks this bodes
14554s well for them you know it's funny to say
14556s in a loss it bodes well for these guys
14557s moving forward but obviously they just
14559s need top two you're probably not going
14561s to beat Denmark as is proven right now
14563s by Denmark blunt maybe forward they've
14566s built some stuff built some things
14567s Synergy potentially coming into that map
14569s or that game number three with uh With
14571s the Enemy team that's gonna be Ireland
14573s in that game number that game six yeah I
14575s think it's gonna be good I honestly
14576s think Portugal versus Ireland I I it's
14579s gonna be a banger and that is going to
14581s be the match to qualify for the June
14584s qualifier right to get out of this wild
14586s card group you got going there so this
14589s next match it's gonna be good Dustin oh
14591s yeah and I we both agree Johnny that
14594s like it's always a lot of fun watching
14595s these even even at times like OverWatch
14597s is fun watching like a dominant team
14599s just absolutely demolish the other team
14602s right like it's kind of fun because you
14604s know at times we saw Shockwave do some
14606s ridiculous stuff obviously like you said
14608s that's not a good look for Widow players
14610s now they watch this game people are
14612s watching the World Cup and they're like
14613s okay Shockwave could do this maybe I can
14614s no dude chocolate's like one of the best
14616s hits games in the world that please do
14618s not throw Johnny's rank games uh you can
14620s throw mine though but uh not Johnny's
14622s because I want him to rank up and be
14623s higher ranked than me I'm trying to get
14624s to 500 man people people people have
14627s been making fun of me I'm trying to
14628s restore I'm sleeping on you they're
14630s sleeping are they sleep on you but you
14631s know they're not sleeping on Denmark
14632s anymore not after that performance no
14635s way man the Denmark looks super good I
14637s think everybody expected Denmark to be a
14639s good team but like is it too it's
14641s probably too early to say a tearless
14642s because we literally haven't seen any of
14644s these teams in like freaking four dude
14645s it's never too early for tearless dude
14648s no yeah but this is why you guys get
14649s roasted every time you make a stupid
14651s prediction you know what I'm saying like
14652s it's it's are you gonna okay do it right
14655s now then Johnny to drop your early
14656s predictions or Denmark gonna make it to
14658s top eight for World Cup is that what
14659s you're saying right now or Denmark going
14661s to make it the top eight well it's an
14662s interesting question because Denmark you
14664s know with this win it deserves saying to
14665s clarify that Denmark did actually
14667s qualify uh for the June qualifier with
14669s this win right they make it out of the
14670s wild card with this win
14672s um and they will be playing uh a very
14675s difficult teams like United Kingdom
14677s France for example with Ben best ft God
14680s uh players like that on the lineup
14681s Netherlands as well that's been a team
14683s that has qualified for the World Cup
14684s playoffs in the in the past right and so
14687s there are three spots to make it to the
14690s World Cup playoffs in the group that now
14692s Denmark find themselves in but you have
14695s to get past the likes of United Kingdom
14697s and France right that's going to be a
14699s difficult task so no matter how good
14701s Denmark looked today
14702s still not really taking them for granted
14704s to make it to the playoffs
14706s that's a good point I think uh
14707s everything you said I mean that just
14709s encapsulates what could potentially
14710s happen but uh you didn't give me a tier
14711s list Johnny I'm disappointed for you PR
14713s speech coming through should have been
14715s like that the other day on Twitter for
14716s you buddy but uh guys obviously what a
14719s fantastic series we had today I love you
14721s John you're awesome so far we got this
14724s game number six coming up in just a
14726s second between Portugal and Ireland
14728s you're not gonna want to go anywhere
14729s we'll be right back with Danny and
14731s myself and Johnny
14735s [Music]
14740s thank you
14759s [Music]
14776s thank you
14781s foreign
14808s [Music]
14821s [Music]
14842s thank you
14849s [Music]
14856s [Music]
14862s thank you
14926s foreign
14927s [Music]
14954s qualifiers Wild Card Challenge all right
14958s I got it right hello
14964s what do you mean you you were you're
14966s trying it right no no
14968s no no no don't bring it back up anyway
14969s Danny what were you saying you were
14970s moving on we were here wild qualifiers
14973s it is right I mean hey uh that I mean it
14977s was Denmark taking the win uh against
14979s Ireland right oh Portugal sorry
14982s um and yeah they they seem to be very
14985s strong I'm gonna say I think putting
14988s Shockwave on Widow is sort of cheating I
14991s think I said this for Finland uh when we
14993s saw sauna on Tracer it's kind of like
14995s the same Vibe
14997s it kind of is you're right you're
15000s definitely right but also you know like
15001s you know check in PC again for both
15003s sauna and Shockwave at times right they
15005s look kind of on the level they're doing
15006s a little bit trolling though you know I
15007s think uh myself and Johnny kind of
15010s noticed you know going for that spawn
15011s camp and stuff that's definitely a
15013s little out of the parks a little out of
15014s the box from them a little out of pocket
15015s I like it I like it it's showing it's
15018s showing how how confident you are right
15020s like you know you're like yeah but
15022s flanking like that and you're like yo
15024s hey hey kiriko kiriko come with me come
15026s with me let's go for the flag
15036s yeah you're right you're on the Mark I
15038s mean all right I mean before we move on
15040s let's get take a quick uh look back at
15042s the schedule because we have one more
15044s match uh for the group a of course uh
15046s for group a we started Ireland versus
15048s Denmark Denmark taking the win and also
15050s second match Denmark Portugal Denmark
15052s got the win and with this win they are
15054s up to which means they are going to be
15057s qualified for the qualifiers in June so
15062s congrats to Del Mar we will definitely
15064s see more from them now moving on to our
15066s final match of the day it is going to be
15068s Ireland versus Portugal and this is a
15070s very important match because quite
15073s honestly you guys the loser is out right
15075s it's Ireland yeah either Ireland or or
15077s Portugal they're going to be out of the
15079s World Cup and also I mean I sort of want
15083s to ask you guys because both Johnny uh
15085s and Dustin you guys were both former
15087s players yourselves uh I think for
15091s Portugal it'll be a lot harder because
15093s sure Ireland and Portugal both lost to
15095s uh lost to Denmark but Portugal is just
15098s coming out from a very difficult fight
15100s against Denmark and now they have to
15102s jump back into the game and play Ireland
15104s right so like how do you mental reset
15106s because Ireland uh you know they got
15109s some rest right they didn't have to play
15111s a match like right before so I'm pretty
15114s sure they spent some time to like
15116s recollect themselves to get back into
15118s the game but Portugal on the other hand
15120s they just got out of a match they lost
15123s out zero to two against Denmark and so
15126s like what what do they have to do in
15129s order to I guess
15130s finally get a win
15132s I want to see aggression I don't know
15134s about you Dustin I want to see some
15135s aggression coming out from these teams
15137s if you take initiative in this matchup
15139s especially if we're going back to
15141s Antarctic Peninsula and we're gonna see
15142s more ramadrame just like you got a May
15145s speed in there get a nice ice wall try
15148s to get a pick right don't rely too much
15150s on the Hanzo and the sojourn to find
15152s picks I I want to say Portugal you just
15154s got
15155s knocked around a bit by Denmark who
15158s cares shrug it off get in there brawl a
15160s little bit with the main Walker
15162s I'm I'm 100 with you Johnny and I think
15165s uh you know I honestly you're right just
15167s get get some passion in there get
15169s excited maybe come back get us some
15170s aggression you gotta Roar in the comps I
15172s know you were the hype man
15174s no I was gonna I know the game's ready
15177s by the way but I did like I was gonna
15178s tell a story real quick because like
15180s story time in the playoffs for the
15182s OverWatch League we were down Owen two
15184s versus the Hanzo spark I was sick my
15186s team was sick on the Atlanta Reign at
15188s the halftime when halftimes exist we go
15189s outside for a smoke break because
15191s everybody you know Korean culture smoke
15193s cigarettes and stuff we're all chatting
15194s I was screaming I was getting yelling I
15196s was yelling all over the place I'm
15198s getting mad we were down onto the Hanzo
15199s spark in the playoffs these guys are bad
15201s and then bye daddy
15204s and then we come back from the half and
15207s we still lose 3-0 so I don't really know
15209s if I was the one to talk about that
15210s sorry Johnny and sorry good on you for
15213s inspiring your team and trying to
15215s motivate them how do you spell spark
15216s they got fourth they got fourth in that
15218s playoffs they were hard opponent you
15220s can't you can't blame yourself oh dude
15222s we got first of all we got cheese by
15224s nyxl in the upper bracket that was
15225s stupid after we beat shock because they
15227s ran Bastion oh the matches we're into
15229s the game already oh my God that was so
15231s fast we don't even have time to talk
15233s about all this stuff because the games
15235s honestly don't we go we love to watch
15237s some OverWatch so this is honestly some
15239s great uh great uh times so far Ireland
15242s now running into the back line with pure
15244s Irish does have the immortality
15249s both round they're towards the point
15250s store no reflection off the wall but no
15252s geometry maybe Karama did not take that
15255s back in elementary school he's trying to
15257s find that front line does the Sonic
15258s Arrow throws the Sonic arrow on to that
15261s uh ramacha who goes aggressive but now
15263s out of that Hubble form drops back
15264s nobody has controlled this point just
15266s yet Dizzle building up towards the
15268s immortality or sorry uh window
15269s amplification window well Amazon does
15272s get picked off by faith on that Hanzo
15274s doing a great job now re-engaging is
15276s Ireland and after a decent showing for
15278s Portugal Ireland now come out and punch
15280s Portugal on the mountain yeah and the
15281s adjustment as well now Ireland is
15284s playing Hanzo here on the very first
15285s round here of Antarctic Peninsula so
15287s recognizing that the soldier didn't work
15289s out you Flex over to the Hansel and
15291s Faith finds the opening pick to really
15293s get Ireland going here and you're
15295s already building ultimates you already
15296s have the amplification Matrix you have
15298s an Annihilation so now it's on Ireland
15301s maintain this momentum don't get picked
15303s by Kurama this is the opportunity
15306s okay let's see if they can come back in
15308s faith now looking for those shots the
15310s entire time as Portugal now walked
15312s through with that ant Matrix like I said
15314s not also ready with his as both ant or
15316s one ant Matrix from nut is pop no
15318s pick-offs until now Ireland gets maximum
15320s value out of the defensive hold with
15323s that and Matrix vizzle and the rest of
15324s forts will try to back up and not use
15325s any ultimates it's gonna take a fast
15327s wipe Lucio even wants to die too to get
15329s back to spawn that's what you'd love to
15330s see if you support a team Ireland here
15332s Portugal they do have five ultimates
15334s coming online but still Ireland only
15336s invested the sole amplification Matrix
15339s Portugal you want to find some stability
15341s here you wanna come to grips in this
15344s matchup because you just were defeated
15345s by Denmark 2-0 you got you got to find
15347s some momentum and get some good plays
15349s going your side and then use that for
15350s your advantage and there it is that's
15352s exactly what you want to see from Kurama
15354s you talked about this before Karama
15356s finds that opening pick Dragon strike
15358s does pop on the sunny gets two at the
15359s end was at the end of the Dragon strike
15361s two Johnny what an insane ultimate
15363s usually I don't see he will die Dragon
15365s strike that late but oh my God if you
15367s rarely see value like that from a dragon
15369s strike that's impressive I don't know
15371s where Ireland found themselves but
15373s that's a good Dragon strike from caraba
15375s you still have four ultimates on your
15376s side so Ireland 68 and percentage but
15380s Portugal they can maybe utilize this to
15382s their advantage
15383s yeah they're trying to come or trying to
15385s hold rather you know with those
15386s ultimates like you said they did deal
15388s with or they did Force out nut and Faith
15391s to use both of their ultimates so they
15393s will be up in this fight ant Matrix
15394s committed from Dizzle the disengage now
15396s from Ireland to the low ground do they
15397s actually want to reengage here looks
15398s like they do but that animation is still
15399s gonna be in the fight and same with that
15400s may ultimate so Portugal is ready we'll
15402s see if they opt to commit any more
15404s ultimate to beat drop from GCB they want
15405s to win this fight and they ought to
15406s commit ultimates so now Portugal
15409s re-engaged with uh Eagles ultimate too
15411s but they've kept onto the beat drop
15412s which is crucial yeah it's a tough sound
15415s Bearer for GCB and it's going to die
15416s later in this fight as well so Ireland
15418s investing ultimate the blizzard as well
15420s but just not finding any value I love
15422s this aggressive play coming out from
15423s Portugal as well dropping the blizzard
15425s finding these picks early in these
15427s fights yes you only have a sound barrier
15428s to work with now but this is totally
15430s doable for Portugal
15432s yeah this is 100 winnable they do you
15435s know supports they do say you know I
15436s know a lot of tank players Johnny say
15438s that you know supports are the ones that
15440s dictate The Meta because of you know how
15441s strong a lot of these support ultimates
15443s are obviously Rod sitting or you know
15445s with that ultimate in the back line
15446s ready to go with the drop as uh forward
15449s Ireland into Karama hitting that
15452s ultimate then dropping the dragon or
15453s sorry hitting the shot and then dropping
15455s the dragon strike now that emersonville
15456s comes back to save him too and Rod is
15458s there with the peel perfectly disengaged
15460s from Portugal to stop Ireland but one
15463s more fight still they can come back
15464s karamas Hanzo is looking good for a
15467s player that is making his debut here on
15469s on the broadcast a name we're not
15471s totally familiar with in the competitive
15473s scene Kurama has really showed up and
15475s finding these picks early for his team
15476s this is the World Cup Dustin this is
15479s showing up for it
15481s fine and he is putting on his anime
15484s protagonist form right now looking for
15485s the chance doesn't find the kill but
15487s does at least put some pressure down you
15489s know GCB do your job avoiding these
15491s shots now Ireland goes forward with the
15492s ant Matrix of not but it's a bit too far
15494s back so Portugal have done a good job
15495s disengaging still having that beat drop
15497s in the aggressive die if they want to
15498s use it early and now that gives Karama
15501s the opportunity to go forward double
15503s chops but actually gets pummeled into
15505s the dirt no immortality field to save
15507s him it was there but a little bit too
15508s late and now Lovato's been the one to
15510s try to take up the mantle to trying to
15512s push back Ireland on their push as they
15514s almost captured that point they're still
15516s in this fight they got three here gcbo
15518s gets healed up by nut who commits that
15521s regenerative burst but eventually it's
15523s ego and his ultimate with the
15525s annihilation to clean up towards this
15526s point to get Portugal map around number
15528s one what a turnaround from Portugal
15531s finding themselves down 68 in our
15533s opening Round Here on Antarctica
15535s Peninsula some picks from Kurama The
15537s crucial Dragon strikes the early picks
15539s in these fights helping his team secure
15541s round one here and I mean this is
15543s looking really good for Portugal you
15545s find yourself comfortable in this
15547s remotra matchup and now moving over here
15549s this round we haven't seen yet so we
15551s don't know what both of these teams have
15552s in store we have seen some Farmers here
15555s in the past Austin and it's looking like
15557s Ireland are going to bring it out
15559s okay you know yeah we've seen Ireland
15561s pull it up before like you said maybe
15563s that you get some value sign X has been
15565s kind of the Difference Maker you know we
15566s talked about in in sports traditionally
15568s you know you always want that star
15570s player right reinforce you always want
15572s that you know pop-off player that can
15574s carry you at moments for Portugal it's
15575s Karama for Sinex we'll see if he could
15577s do that on the pharaoh yeah and nothing
15579s to really deal with as far as well like
15581s Kurama might be good on the Hanzo but
15583s can you log a pharah out of the sky uh
15586s this is going to be an uphill task for
15587s Portugal in my opinion
15592s onto the back line forces Portugal to
15594s rotate towards the point still having
15596s that immortality field though is Dizzle
15598s doing your job holding on to it I
15599s believe
15601s another at grenade connects from not
15603s faith in sinai's Connect for two off of
15606s that nade but Portugal's not out of yet
15608s they still got Karama in this fight they
15610s still have to make on the coastal side
15612s but against this Pharaoh what does he do
15613s unfortunately it's nothing that pharah
15615s shuts him down and Ireland now come back
15617s with some form of consistency not with
15620s some huge plays for his team there not
15622s only the first name to start building
15624s some uh ultimate generation and putting
15626s pressure on team Portugal the second one
15629s with a four-man biotic grenade that is
15632s going to just help your far end Tracer
15633s out so much in finding these picks so
15635s maybe something Ireland can lean on here
15638s you're starting to build some ultimates
15639s pool spawn not quite up yet for Faith
15641s but if you get the immortality filled
15644s out you're really starting to open the
15645s door here for signings to get another
15646s pick onto this hole I mean they're just
15649s not able to deal with this fair at the
15650s moment just spamming through yeah that
15651s counts as they they just can't deal with
15653s it who's gonna talk nobody yeah I mean
15655s what they make some swaps Grandma's now
15657s on the Tracer is that the pick Johnny
15658s like I don't even know if that's the
15660s correct play against this car yeah I
15662s mean it's so difficult because now
15663s cynics he has a barrage as well you
15665s can't really negate that damage if
15668s you're the romato right you can't really
15669s deal with that and you got deep in your
15671s face I I do feel like this composition
15673s is looking rough for Portugal here yeah
15675s they're a bit flustered oh my god I
15677s didn't even know Lucy could get up this
15678s High skates to the top kind of like a uh
15680s that's like he's just skating at the top
15682s that was literally installed but now the
15683s Nano comes through from signx has that
15684s broad radio nothing to peel for except
15686s the Sleep drop but he cannot connect and
15687s sign X finds two as grandma trades back
15690s Faith but that's only one kill and
15692s unfortunately in this situation Johnny
15693s we talked about math earlier two is
15695s greater than one now Karama has to back
15697s up and regroup with 70 now on the board
15700s for Ireland yeah so they swap over to
15701s the Sombra here it's it this is
15703s definitely uncomfortable for Portugal
15705s they're not quite sure what to play ego
15707s is going to stick to the romantra
15708s because he has that Annihilation
15710s flamenzo has to be crucial here finding
15712s a hack Target that they can dive upon
15715s and so looking for that hack like you
15717s mentioned looking for not that's a per
15719s like a very important Target to shut
15720s down instead the Lucio to come after him
15722s but not get
15726s the same but unfortunately he does get
15728s traded out however that's so many
15729s cooldowns committed just to take out not
15731s that might have done it for Ireland on
15734s this round to bring us to that round
15735s number three nut got maximum value and
15738s as did Ireland to shut out flamenzo here
15741s we're going to that round number well
15743s they're still touching okay I'm calling
15744s it a bit too early but with this
15746s overtime taking down there to come
15747s through try to stagger drama comes
15749s through the touch has to recall out
15750s though Lucille will be here we're going
15752s through progressions but eventually the
15754s overtime ticks down and Johnny we have
15757s that round number three we have a game
15759s on our hands Dustin we have a game on
15762s our hands what a turnaround from Ireland
15764s they're playing the pharah composition
15766s and some great biodegrades from not I
15769s arguably want to stick on the honor here
15770s if I'm not I'm feeding it no I'm
15772s stopping over there
15773s I get it I get it it's the right choice
15776s I get it yeah
15778s this is rough because like we're like
15780s kind of fans now of the game and it's
15782s like you know how fans will be like why
15783s did they do support this bro what did
15784s they do like we're kind of like that in
15786s the situation but I'm sure Johnny you
15787s know they've practiced this comp and
15789s also it's probably best on this map yeah
15791s it's so hard to get value here if you're
15793s on a uh you know you guys have a high
15795s ground to work with it but like you have
15796s to work around the May wall you have to
15798s work around the ramatra it's way harder
15801s to land those biotic grenades so you're
15803s going to go with the uh the Lucio and
15805s the Batiste composition instead but it
15808s looked even on our initial round so
15809s don't count Ireland up in the mirror
15812s yeah but meanwhile Ireland
15814s tries to shut out this choke of Portugal
15816s but you know they're walking out
15817s Portugal indeed with flamenzo finding
15819s that opening pick on the faith has
15821s started to come online on the May maybe
15822s starting to hit those icicles that he
15823s needed to hit earlier and now Portugal
15825s forcing out that immortality field just
15826s have to find the follow-up kills in
15829s which they do so if lamento also finds
15831s cymax so nice work from that made player
15832s as Portugal win the first fight yeah
15834s flamenzo's May is looking clean giving
15836s Portugal an advantage in these ramatra
15838s battles right and if you wonder about
15840s the win condition for these teams I mean
15842s you want the great angle for your Hanzo
15845s to deal all this damage right because
15846s you have to deal with the romater seals
15848s you have to poke their motor Shields
15849s down but flamenzo with these May walls
15852s has been a huge issue for Ireland Island
15854s needs to find something to get into
15857s equal positioning equal footing in these
15859s steam fights he's already looking for
15861s that back line they're trying to get
15862s like you mentioned that equal footing
15864s but it's tough when they're all grouped
15865s together they try to explode out of the
15867s choke but against this may while they
15868s have to slow down now they're surrounded
15870s off angle of the Hanzo of Portugal
15872s looking for those shots constantly on
15874s that background with Lucio button
15876s Ireland decides to press the press to go
15877s key they want to dive onto this backland
15879s or rather play aggressive onto that back
15881s line but they haven't been able to find
15883s a kill but until now piraj does find
15885s Phil Manzo however with the May ultimate
15887s Karama is able to get pure Irish Eagle
15889s also connects onto cynics and again
15891s Ireland is split off they leave their
15892s team in the dust as Portugal did commit
15894s some ultimates yeah that was a great
15896s look from Ireland though they push
15897s aggressively and they actually find The
15898s High Ground that they need to win that
15900s fight but because Portugal won that
15902s initial fight flamenzo is going to get
15904s this blizzard a little bit earlier and
15906s that makes all the difference in that
15908s fight being able to find a couple of
15909s picks for team Portugal but Ireland they
15912s can come back here they got an
15914s amplification Matrix they got
15915s annihilation
15916s they try to go for a different look they
15919s rotate towards that point to set up
15920s their Hanzo in The High Ground and then
15921s point pressure is kind of working for
15923s them almost there 80 but now Portugal
15925s has realized the situation they're in
15927s they off to drop May ultimate from Sinex
15928s beat drop now built for GCB holding on
15930s to it in this current fight as the back
15932s line nut is pressured but uses the
15934s immortality field as ego commits his own
15937s ultimate to try to win this fight still
15938s and they're doing so quite well Ireland
15940s was too split for the beat drop of gcp
15942s to get any value and they're already
15944s shot out they did capture the point but
15946s this is a little rough now for Ireland
15948s yeah but if they hadn't captured that
15949s point I mean the map would have been
15951s over at this point oh yeah so it's a
15953s good job by Ireland controlling the
15955s point there and putting some point
15956s pressure onto Portugal now they have one
15958s more fight in them the swap over to the
15960s Sombra perhaps getting the hack off onto
15963s Rod's soundbar
15965s yeah he's looking for that backline
15967s pressure we'll see races towards the
15968s point so maybe he wants to wait for them
15970s to drop and he's doing so quite well
15972s maywall used for palenzo and also
15974s counter May while hack comes through
15975s onto the bat piece so that's already
15976s used the beat drop is now here for
15978s Dizzle as well ant Matrix for Ireland to
15980s continue this pressure as well as the
15982s annihilation from Pure Irish gives them
15984s the kill onto ego and to Rod so you
15986s called it Johnny they had that recontest
15988s pressure they have the ultimates to
15989s Recon test with and they do so quite
15991s well yeah they found something that
15992s works for them they're not interested in
15994s contesting that High Ground any longer
15996s they want to play on the point instead
15998s and it works beautifully here you have
15999s the amplification Matrix and you have
16000s the annihilation this is going to be the
16003s most difficult fight though crucial that
16005s Faith builds up this EMP going into this
16008s fight I'd love to see him just get some
16009s damage out because they're gonna need
16011s this ultimate for this upcoming one
16012s especially with flamen so having that
16015s blizzard ready to go
16016s wait he's looking for the hack now to
16018s crumble Lucio peel is there don't know
16020s if broad meant to do that but it works
16021s out in his favor but he's not getting
16023s maximum value like he said he's
16024s disengaged on so he's now out of the
16026s fight as the rotation to Portugal
16028s they've already forced Ireland to drop
16029s to the point and it might be too little
16031s too late for them now immortality field
16032s to keep them alive but the May ultimate
16034s was connected from flamenzo and
16036s unfortunately the Sombra pick is not
16038s working out in this fight they have
16039s built the EMP but it's a three versus
16041s five EMP late they can't even find a
16043s kill nope shutout GCB goes down Faith
16046s Falls too and unfortunately that light
16049s is being blown out Portugal are gonna
16051s take map number one yeah really
16054s impressive play there from Portugal in
16056s these uh ramatrame composition a
16058s strength that they could rely on here on
16060s Antarctic Peninsula and obviously
16062s something that they uh they had over
16064s team Island who only really found
16065s success with that for a mercy
16067s composition but still some good things
16069s from both teams though we got a three
16071s map series on our hands so Ireland they
16074s could claw themselves back and win this
16076s match of course they're not quite a lot
16077s of it yet and there are a lot of
16079s different Maps you could go to to maybe
16081s make things a bit more comfortable for
16082s yourself I do think that they want to
16084s avoid Portugal storm after I make
16086s composition moving forward
16088s yeah or the Hanzo I mean it's kind of
16090s like uh yeah they gotta go back to this
16092s you can't go back to the drawing boards
16094s too because they're like mid tournament
16095s right it's like what do they do in this
16097s in this game it seems like they want to
16099s play the Hanzo comp but really uh just
16101s to be that guy I mean it seems like kind
16103s of getting dipped on at points from
16104s Criminal they did win round number one
16106s so there is some hope there but at
16108s points you know more than anyone Johnny
16111s you kind of need your Hanzo to do you
16113s know what Quran was doing on other songs
16114s sorry it was so impressive uh especially
16118s on this first round here I mean just
16119s look at these first picks this is the
16121s kind of mechanical scale you love seeing
16123s in the world cup and you know throughout
16125s all of these World Cups all these years
16126s 2016 2017 uh there have been so many
16129s impressive players who have made their
16131s way through uh the World Cup and made a
16133s name for themselves and then gone into
16135s contenders the path to Pro and then
16137s getting repeatedly promoted right so uh
16140s it's a great first showing for team
16141s Portugal and especially Kurama here
16143s right so a name to keep your eyes on
16146s yeah I think for you know the side to
16148s change things up maybe reinforced here I
16150s think that obviously for for the Irish
16152s it seems like you know you kind of did
16155s well with that was they played the
16156s Pharaoh comp right I mean they played
16157s the Pharaoh but did well maybe on these
16159s next Maps they could run that I don't
16161s know what they have planned but that had
16163s some a massive amount of success on the
16166s previous round
16167s yeah they picked the Bonnie against
16168s Denmark right
16170s um they played the junker Queen
16171s composition and if you speed things up a
16174s little bit maybe that is something you
16175s feel more uh comfortable with pure Irish
16178s was of course playing the tank uh for
16180s team Ireland on this specific map so
16183s we'll see if they make a substitute what
16185s they're going to lean towards here but
16187s there are a few uh Maps they could go to
16188s Gibraltar nabani circuit Real Havana so
16192s we'll see where they end up
16194s yeah the map pick is really going to
16195s matter for what composition they attempt
16197s to run but uh obviously we'll see that
16199s next map after a bit of a break so don't
16201s go anywhere we'll be right back for that
16203s mat number two
16206s [Music]
16236s [Music]
16243s thank you foreign
16246s [Music]
16283s foreign
16295s [Music]
16316s thank you
16319s foreign
16322s [Music]
16339s [Music]
16357s [Music]
16362s thank you
16375s [Music]
16400s [Music]
16404s thank you
16407s [Music]
16418s welcome back everybody we are in the
16421s Wild Card qualifiers with myself Dustin
16422s and reinforced Danny on the desk but
16425s obviously not with us right now we're
16426s Dana the house exactly what they think
16428s about Donnie all the time we think about
16429s Danny 24 7. he's in our heads
16432s right now he's talking to us he's
16436s ruining our cast as we speak but we love
16438s Danny that's why I'm here too because
16439s we're basically two Danny limbs but you
16441s know for Johnny obviously the last game
16443s was uh you know in this favor of
16445s Portugal for the Irish four team Ireland
16447s what do you think from what we have so
16450s far obviously limited sample size Johnny
16452s what do you think they do on the next
16454s map which is new Bonnie to potentially
16456s mix things up versus Portugal who looks
16458s on fire at the moment yeah we'll see we
16460s saw some Winston composition coming out
16463s from them earlier in the day so maybe
16464s they'll like to lean on that that would
16466s make sense as well maybe you can put nut
16468s on the honor for example and that can be
16470s a go-to strength for you we saw the
16472s biotic grenades we're super close from
16473s him and I'll talk to the peninsula maybe
16475s move over to the junker Queen so you got
16477s a few options here here you do want to
16480s really avoid the remarkable composition
16482s and I don't think we'll see an error
16484s marker on the body here Dustin
16486s I I think you're right I think that you
16488s know at the end of the day that
16489s composition is a little rough for them
16490s at the moment but um you know obviously
16492s you do what you do in practice and if
16494s you if you've practiced something else
16496s then obviously you don't want to maybe
16498s mix things up to that degree but it it
16500s versus this team you might have to right
16503s obviously you know previously that
16504s pharah has worked well for them with the
16507s overall you know it's in general in
16509s Europe right now reinforest it seems
16511s like pharah is like always I guess a
16513s cheese pick but has kind of worked its
16516s way around in the meta to become a
16518s little bit more prevalent you know like
16519s I mean I don't know how much you kind of
16521s like think about the Pharaoh comp in
16523s particular but why do you think that is
16524s like why do you think the Pharaoh comp
16525s has kind of made its way around from
16528s Once being a cheese comp to actually
16529s being a viable you know thing to just
16532s run perpetually I mean first of all
16533s pharah players these days are just a lot
16536s better than they were in 2016 2017 right
16539s so uh if you hit you know some extra
16541s couple of rockets that damage is going
16543s to be hard to deal with I also think
16545s that playing against pharah is a special
16548s kind of skill set because it changes the
16550s entire Dynamic of the game we all know
16552s when we play as far as in ranked for
16554s example it's not a it's not a normal
16556s Reinhardt head-to-head where you stack
16558s up as a team and then you you play
16560s against each other no I mean you have to
16562s like swap over to a hit scan you have to
16565s play like Cassidy Widowmaker and you
16566s have to take these angles it just it's a
16568s skill to be able to deal with defora I
16571s was going to say maybe we've seen some
16572s Far come out on a bunny point a here but
16575s science is gonna head over to the echo
16577s instead like we saw earlier
16579s thing too though right on that note like
16581s pharah or Echo it's kind of like the
16582s same sort of play style right when you
16584s play the echo it's it's kind of like the
16586s uh the twin sister I suppose for the
16589s side
16590s yeah they both can fly I mean they're
16592s both played similarly in that regard but
16595s obviously you know the cooldown actually
16596s there's a quarter for Echo I'm not sure
16598s if I quite remember that but you know
16599s the Sombra of flamenzo trying to find
16601s that back line he has to give up the
16603s space By the way since Portugal is
16604s playing a completely different comp that
16606s they played previously Ireland is well
16608s aware of that they try to go for the
16609s hack out of the anchor or onto the diva
16611s so no peel can come through into cynics
16612s but the pocket is too strong the
16614s supports of Ireland doing a great job
16616s keeping that Echo alive and they
16618s eventually find gcd with ego on that
16621s Diva they found their space towards the
16623s point they've already gotten a tick
16624s though on the attack but Ireland are
16627s still trying to land this point
16628s eventually pure Irish loses his Mech but
16630s so does ego however Portugal have worked
16632s their way back in and they built some
16634s ultimates as well to both unbelievable
16636s patience from Portugal there as Eagles
16639s goes to jump of the map perhaps
16640s resetting to get the mech back before
16641s Ireland can re-engage but I mean just
16645s surviving with this honor healing coming
16647s from afar you got the brig heels as well
16649s the diva securing the point so Island
16651s doesn't get too much cap it's just
16653s really good discipline from Portugal and
16655s now Clemente is going to build the CNP
16657s the Tracer Jewel taking place in front
16660s of our eyes and
16662s thank you that was good we're heading
16664s out they back up they they don't want
16666s that but that's the pulse bomb has built
16667s for Faith now we're back now Nano Tracer
16670s onto Karama has the pulse bumper to go
16672s but Eva bomb zones him so he has to play
16674s save but he doesn't pull the diva bomb
16676s from ego connects under Faith who was
16678s nanoed or yeah Nano to the back line or
16680s sorry actually wasn't on that fight but
16682s he does get taken out by that Diva bomb
16683s and by ego they didn't always use
16685s somebody else but now Nano wanted to eat
16686s onto the echo on that front line so
16688s Ireland still trying to win this fight
16690s but Portugal has lost rod and that fight
16692s ego eventually connects on to nut Faith
16695s now back into the light after dying to
16697s that Diva bomb previously the copy Diva
16698s bomb comes through signx eventually gets
16700s him down to the conference is there as
16702s well so both dps's are here on the point
16705s as well as the diva so welcome back they
16707s come back into this fight after picks
16709s from synix and Faith they've worked
16711s their way in can anybody touch their
16713s Portugal it doesn't look like it Ireland
16715s will can't point it this match is just
16716s an all-out brawl just both teams back
16719s and forth Just when he thought Portugal
16721s to find an advantage finding some picks
16723s there with egos to self-destruct Ireland
16725s they claw themselves back with faith
16727s Tracer and pure Riders on Diva as well
16729s just spectacular playable Island
16731s securing point a here and now now you
16733s want to build the momentum of the point
16735s B here trying to push aggressively with
16737s the Tracer and the echo composition can
16739s Portugal stop them in their pace
16741s yeah this is this is absolutely an
16743s insane you know Brawl on both sides I'm
16745s getting lost in some of these damn
16746s fights you know Tracer got hit on the
16748s other side I'm just confused on who was
16749s narrowed in that fight but Ireland did
16751s get the hack or they get hacked pure
16753s Irish has to back up now does have that
16754s YouTube Karama what the EMP does have
16757s this pull spawn where they go in the
16758s flank with the rally they can play
16759s aggressive but they haven't been able to
16761s find any kills the supports are doing a
16763s great job on the side of Ireland keeping
16765s everybody healthy nanopus comes through
16766s so now they are on the aggression
16768s portrait goes in Portugal goes
16769s incredibly low have to back up but Sinex
16771s is there with the grenades gcp as well
16774s connects onto flamenzo and eventually
16776s Portugal are going to reset even though
16778s it seemed like the fight was going in
16780s their favor originally yeah sinus cleans
16781s up with this Echo and this is looking
16783s like a real strange for Ireland no
16785s surprise they picked numbani this is
16787s what they feel most comfortable with and
16789s now thistle has to be careful on this
16791s High Ground not going to get picked off
16792s but it did look worse I'm there for it
16794s but just a second Faith with this pulse
16796s bomb could come in clutch here for team
16798s Ireland
16799s Faith wedding over the top Dizzle though
16802s on the other side is kind of his team's
16804s Catalyst two away drops with the pulse
16805s bomb onto the shield though nice work
16808s from Rod to disengage that nanoboost
16810s again on to Tracer of Karama is he able
16812s to find any kills the copy Diva bomb was
16814s there actually sorry cynics eventually
16816s guys
16819s on the Remake as well from cynex that
16822s even bomb did find a kill for ego's side
16824s but that was not enough to stop them and
16827s eventually Ireland are now in this third
16828s phase and are looking for the snacker
16830s kill of garambo three minute 30 seconds
16832s left on the timer heading into Point C
16834s here you used a lot of ultimates to
16836s secure point B there but of course it's
16838s going to be worth it Portugal swapping
16840s over to the real Moto now realizing that
16843s they just can't go head to head in this
16845s duel but it's gonna be hard to play
16847s ramatter against this composition cynics
16849s and Faith they're going to try to out
16851s navigate him and get to this back line
16853s yeah 100 agree I will say maybe in their
16855s favor is the geometry right I guess it's
16857s like a little bit more of a linear point
16858s so not a lot of you know hard to come
16860s through he eventually oh my God that
16862s beam almost took you up but he does a
16864s good balance between his shield now the
16866s d-bomb comes out though because no
16867s Shield is here and he's bumped into with
16869s a 2K Diva bomb from Pure Irish in the
16873s nice flail from Rod or from uh the
16875s backline of gcp to enable that they're
16877s gonna they're gonna close this one out
16879s not as the Nano boost flamenzo has to
16881s hit a huge EMP here
16883s yeah he has to hit this EMP coming back
16885s into the fight it does connect onto one
16887s but it's immediately narrowed from nut
16888s so damage reduction comes through on a
16890s sinix as well as a lot of damage on his
16892s side but the rally as well from Portugal
16894s was committed so with practice again
16896s back up but they disengage it and take
16898s out Karama whose movement wasn't good
16900s enough to deal with cynics who is Now
16901s Melting the front line and Anthony
16902s grenade comes through in a pulse bomb as
16904s well pure Iris connects on a diesel who
16906s was taken low because of it and now
16908s Ireland you know they've been able to
16910s come back through with some
16912s compositional changes they've made some
16914s great adjustments now on Dubai oh
16916s they're looking good playing this Tracer
16918s and Echo composition just a fantastic
16921s disengage off the EMP and then the
16923s re-engage the biotic grenade from not
16925s just coming and clutch hitting two
16927s people as well and then you clean those
16929s Folks up this is looking really good for
16931s Ireland and Portugal find themselves a
16933s little bit lost here on map too
16935s yeah I mean Johnny what do you think
16937s about the that that kind of was the I
16940s mean sure in sri's phase and then first
16941s point obviously they eventually lost
16943s those but they couldn't find the
16944s solution right I mean Portugal had to
16946s swap what over uh over to ramachar like
16948s you said and then once they use that
16949s Shield cooldown they immediately got
16951s wiped by puree's Diva bomb yeah it's
16954s tough for Portugal here I mean what do
16956s you do now you find yourself on attack
16957s so
16959s you probably have to play this Diva or a
16961s Winston of some kind we have seen some
16963s you know back in like very early they
16966s saw some like Ryan or coming other stuff
16968s I don't think we're gonna see that but
16970s I mean is this they have to figure this
16972s Diva composition out and figure out this
16974s Sombra composition of flamenzo he's been
16976s leaning towards this Sombra on this map
16978s and honestly there were some decent
16981s engages from Portugal there I just think
16982s Ireland ought to play them when it came
16984s to the disengages and such so Portugal
16986s looked to find some momentum here and
16988s maybe Karama influenzo need to work
16990s together and find some picks on the
16991s backlines here on iron
16993s yeah I mean that's a very good point
16995s because it seems like you know for
16997s Portugal side they don't have Karama on
16998s the One-Shot characters and now he's on
17000s to the Tracer who you know relies a bit
17002s on a bit of coordination so Ireland
17003s playing this chess match incredibly well
17006s like they are the disengages and overall
17008s with the echo now I mean this looks a
17010s lot like when they played Vera
17011s previously onto the map and now Portugal
17013s on their attacking side still opting to
17015s run towards that Diva like you mentioned
17016s and also flamenzo on the Sombra to help
17019s Brahma in this dive eventually gives him
17021s gets him in this back line but Faith now
17024s has his supports however they have set
17025s up Karama on this back line flank
17028s towards that back halls Ireland is aware
17030s of that so they kind of have a decision
17032s to make either go for a lot of this peel
17034s or go for the dive and Anthony comes
17036s through from Dizzle connects onto the
17038s back line but Irish or Ireland are
17040s playing around their supports until
17041s Kurama finds face so off of the
17043s anti-grenade from Dizzle gives them that
17046s opening for Kurama to then come through
17048s now that Brigitte goes incredibly low
17049s they could lose GCB but a sleepover on
17051s to Karama want to sleep can find the
17053s kill but no they can't the recall comes
17055s through romanzo does find synix on that
17057s front line as well Portugal now working
17059s the way back through this with some nice
17062s plays individually from Ireland they now
17064s have that Point Pleasure they're looking
17066s for a bit more here towards the mini
17067s Unfortunately they can't find a kill but
17069s they've at least pressured them off this
17071s Ireland now go for the ring gauge last
17073s second they do not they want to now hold
17075s this court Karama doing what it does
17076s best finding these first picks throws
17078s away the post bump doesn't find a pick
17080s just there but Ireland trying doing the
17082s decision to hold strong here they don't
17084s want to go in and recontest they'd
17085s rather hold this corner not with the
17087s Nana boost it's going to unleash it
17088s perhaps onto cynics can they get any
17090s value
17091s I don't yeah the Nano into Sinex or you
17094s know might it probably won't happen but
17095s a NATO break is actually not a bad thing
17097s there it is so close they go for the
17099s Nano on the echo they go aggressive but
17100s unfortunately they do get hacked on that
17103s front line sinus gets hacked the nade
17105s comes through on that front it looks
17106s like pure Irish wants to aggressive with
17107s this deep alone again I mean he's done
17108s it previously in fact they take down Rod
17111s shield and find that kill nice work from
17114s them to set up that Diva bomb post bomb
17116s play but Dizzle does eventually find
17118s Sonics who is a bit too aggressive on
17119s that front line they have to back up EMP
17121s now is available for Portugal Ireland
17125s trying to make this Scrappy they want to
17126s surround while they stop this car it
17128s looks like Pirates is just delaying the
17130s entire time
17131s pulse bomb could next from Portugal on
17134s the inside as Ireland attempted to come
17137s up with some sort of play here but now
17138s four minutes and 13 seconds left
17140s Portugal are on a tear yeah great dnp
17143s you buy flamenzo there but if your team
17145s Ireland this point B on umbane it's a
17148s difficult point to defend uh so you want
17150s to take as many fights as possible it's
17152s a pretty decent stall there in the spawn
17154s for Ireland so Portugal they they got
17158s four minutes on the timer here but you
17159s just want to work this one down right
17161s you got The High Ground coming out here
17162s to see if Ireland maybe stall them off
17165s there a bit
17166s they're sawing on the top Karama does
17168s have to drop though Ireland aware of
17170s that cart space they have to worry about
17172s the rally now comes out from raw to keep
17174s Dizzle alive but he gets Adrian it
17175s eventually comes back to his team but he
17177s might have gone too low sleep Dart keeps
17178s him alive for just a second but he does
17180s get traded out by ego so nice work from
17183s Portugal to send the disengage on the
17184s inside now a copy Diva bomb lands onto
17187s the carp but unfortunately finds nothing
17189s and now it's just Sinex faith and GCB or
17191s actually gcp is not here it's just synix
17192s and faith on the card Sonic gets hacked
17194s and Portugal looks like it's another
17196s team Fight Win for them as they capture
17199s and streets Fame and this is looking
17200s even faster than Ireland you got four
17202s minutes 40 seconds on the timer Karama
17204s with a pull spawn and he's been playing
17205s fantastically so far this series
17207s flamenzo can utilize this hack to maybe
17210s isolate the Target that Kurama can maybe
17212s bring down with him this is this is
17214s tough for Island because you need some
17216s stability yourself not is the closest
17217s one you got to a pulse bomb or Anonymous
17219s excuse me yeah unfortunately the pulse
17222s bomb does land Only onto the shield of
17225s Ireland so you know they've found maybe
17226s a bit of stabilization like you
17227s mentioned they are playing towards the
17229s main now still setting up
17230s Portugal is Kurama on that flank Ireland
17234s now Waits towards the cart they got that
17235s Nana who's still readily available not
17237s off to use it dizzle's building up to
17239s him no EMP from pimenzo was in a perfect
17242s spot but no kill is down from it it's
17244s disengaged eventually Karama though does
17246s Find Faith a sleep Dart as well connects
17248s onto cynics to give them these kills
17250s Portugal did a great job individually
17253s and mechanically on the front line too
17255s forward they're looking for the delay
17257s nut does have to keep alive with the
17259s brigitta they find pierronics he does
17260s they do have this re-engaged one more
17262s fight there and pure writers is going to
17264s be the last one to spawn you maybe need
17266s cynics to touch there on the Tracer it's
17267s going to be faith
17268s gonna be faint to touch back in just a
17270s second he's there to touch leap dark
17272s does come through Nana boost now on to
17274s Karama yet again to try to find the Anna
17276s in the spawn but they disengaged it well
17278s it's just this Tracer to come touch 2.86
17280s meters left face goes down Ireland
17282s really doesn't have a lot to send
17283s towards this table except pure eyes with
17285s Diva bomb he does use it but they have
17286s the card to play around pulse bomb from
17288s the sign X does equalize it so now we're
17290s in a Thor versus four also that Ivan
17292s found egos Mech eventually gets found by
17294s cynics too so last second Ireland come
17297s back to stop the push of Portugal the
17299s great hole there and the self-destruct
17301s from Pure writers gets the value Kurama
17304s looking for the a little bit of C9 here
17306s I don't think you step off the card like
17308s ever if you're Ireland here
17310s Ireland Island's playing better than a
17312s lot of overwatching teams understanding
17313s that they could be C9 don't don't don't
17315s wait no no no way ain't no way a little
17320s too early from him comes back to his
17322s team but did go for it though gotta
17323s respect the effort from him now comes
17325s for that right side flank baby
17327s they've got EMP Faith doesn't have on
17330s the front line so it is on the other
17331s line other side but the rally is now
17333s here from GCB to keep his team nice and
17336s healthy meanwhile Rod does not have his
17337s no support ultimates for Portugal so
17340s Ireland kind of using the ultimates to
17342s their Vantage phase it does get hacked
17343s while he was about to EMP or no way but
17346s decides to drop the translator in the
17348s front line and then EMP but he was so
17349s low that he actually doesn't he's not
17351s helped able to help his team find the
17353s value Kurama also finds GCB cynics does
17356s trade back ego but now Portugal still
17358s missed fight Karama was I believe sleep
17360s Dart there's left Dart but he does find
17362s nut as well after coming out of itsuzu
17364s towards the card to keep them healthy no
17365s tank on either side just yet but another
17367s sleep dart on the Sinex eventually they
17369s have the Nate here too in Portugal
17371s they're fighting The Kills they have
17373s everybody else here in one minute in 49
17375s seconds left we have a match on our
17377s hands all both teams have plenty of time
17380s on the Bonnie this is going to be an
17382s all-out brawl an island they're on the
17384s ropes here Dustin they need to win this
17387s map if they want to keep their World Cup
17388s hopes alive Portugal with an opportunity
17391s to close things out Portugal they have
17393s less time on the time bank so they're
17395s going to be the first team to attack
17397s here but I mean I thought that Ireland
17400s was looking comfortable on their attack
17402s but instead it's both teams now with
17404s some momentum utilizing the Sombra
17406s compositions going head-to-head I mean
17408s it's it's a difference of place though
17410s right like obviously on defense or on
17412s offense you could play as aggressive as
17413s you want uh on defense could you say the
17415s same like it seemed like I mean you
17417s probably could play aggressive but like
17418s I don't know if you agree Johnny but it
17420s seems like Ireland was like maybe on the
17422s defense a little bit more reserved than
17423s they were on their attacks yeah they
17425s were a bit more reserved and they tried
17426s to hold back and hold down the forward
17428s stall off the payload as much they could
17430s I do want to say in that last fight
17431s though I mean it just came down to the
17433s emps right and uh I think Faith wanted
17436s to go for his own EMP and go aggressive
17438s but just when he was about to flamenzo's
17441s EMP cancel out his positioning and faith
17444s is forced to reload uh you know relocate
17446s using the translator and gets him out of
17449s the position so really it's it's a game
17452s of millimeters here and uh flamenzo was
17454s the first one to initiate with his yeah
17456s that was great work from flamen like I
17458s said and now they get to go to attack
17460s yet again so they're coming back now on
17462s to Ireland who was uh was literally just
17465s on the defense now Portugal playing a
17467s similar competition as they did
17469s previously will opt to go through the
17472s main potentially as synex looking to
17474s lock down that point that is the Tracer
17476s of drama does come through to try to
17478s touch it and actually set up on that
17480s back flank to maybe get a dive onto not
17482s in GCB like they did previously now ego
17485s comes through to take some space on the
17486s top but he does get poked down nice
17487s pressure onto ego forces in the drop
17489s come back for the health pack and also
17491s that's no old charge for him too because
17493s he's grabbing that Health back
17495s he was under the bridge the supports
17498s could not heal him it was such an
17499s awkward angle for Ireland to sign X drop
17501s down unfortunately floated down to the
17504s wrong angle GCB though does okay to
17506s Dizzle and Rod but Karama comes back to
17509s find gcp who went aggressive and now
17511s Ireland has made this Scrappy Portugal
17513s still sends some people towards the
17515s point karamas here to then pressure
17517s Ireland back after the launch GCB but
17519s guess who is here at Sinex in this fight
17520s Karama does have that pull spawn but he
17523s doesn't have recall Faith finds from
17524s Enzo Portugal's not gonna back up and
17526s wait for him to get back in this fight
17527s that's really good play by Ireland there
17529s they're a man down and they recognize
17531s they have to go for a play nut goes into
17533s the back line finds a bayonet and GCB on
17535s the brake Capital devices gets two picks
17537s themselves now comes down to the last
17539s fight carava has a pull spawn he's a bit
17541s low he needs to find a pig
17543s yeah Karama setting up in that flank
17545s with flamenzo so maybe that could be the
17547s Difference Maker as 20 seconds now take
17549s down but he has to deal with the Tracer
17551s battle Faith looking for it decides to
17552s not take the trade school because he has
17554s the full spawn can he find the killer
17556s GCB block again is another Diva bomb
17557s potentially available for Irish but it's
17559s Sinex to find the kill karama's pulse
17561s bomb could not find Value cynics comes
17562s back for him too and they do have some
17565s tick percentage 54 ego drops out the
17567s Hail Mary of a diva bomb but cannot find
17569s the kill and eventually they will be
17571s stopped but they do have some point
17573s percentage that Ireland will have to
17575s deal with on their attacks yeah 54.5
17577s percentage is the percentage to beat for
17581s team Ireland very doable for both teams
17583s here I mean you got two minutes on the
17585s body point a this is a hard point to
17588s attack here Dustin and you know often
17589s teams find themselves in a bit of a
17591s hiccup trying to secure point a as well
17594s knowing that you have a 45 or 54 rather
17598s excuse me percent to work with if you're
17600s Portugal you know kind of when you have
17603s to touch the point you know when you can
17604s have some time to go aggressively into
17606s the back line Etc right so but both
17609s teams here with an opportunity to uh to
17611s win this map
17612s and you know we also have to mention too
17614s like it this is their qualification on
17617s the line Johnny it just seems like you
17618s know even though they have such a you
17620s know a lot a decent time being compared
17622s to Portugal I mean there's a lot of
17624s pressure on these players right now and
17625s you know better than anybody new Bonnie
17627s like you just said is one of the hardest
17629s points to cap out to cap out on
17632s especially when there's so much damn
17633s pressure on the wall yeah I mean you got
17634s two Max three fights to to really use
17638s here on uh if you're Island on the
17639s attack and yeah perhaps you want to
17641s spend some of that time building a nano
17643s boost okay well if you don't get the
17645s value from your nana boost then what
17647s um it really comes down to a couple of
17648s fights here and this is team Ireland
17650s fighting for their tournament life they
17653s need to win this map in order to be able
17656s to advance in the World Cup
17657s you know Ireland try and take over come
17659s through two minutes left also look at
17661s this I believe it's flamenzo in that
17663s backliner was in the back line now
17664s recalls or no he might still be back
17666s there actually waiting to set up that
17668s hack or just poke out some pressure
17669s while Sonic's on the front line is
17671s looking for a dive Target with his Diva
17673s potentially just biting their time but
17675s in fact it's Portugal that want to go
17676s first because momento's going for the
17677s hack but an ego just kind of baiting
17679s switches comes back to The High Ground
17680s just wants to get some peel for pimenzo
17681s but now that he's out of this fight
17682s you're in a four versus five flameno's
17684s trying to get healthy come back into it
17686s but Ireland has their unit the entire
17688s time rotating towards the point now they
17690s have everybody here they're all healthy
17692s as well Portugal are gonna need to find
17694s one kill that's already one tick to come
17696s through now ego does touch the points it
17700s down comes down to The High Ground
17701s doesn't have the hills Dizzle though
17702s does find face so that could equalize it
17704s flamenzo also takes down synix so ego
17707s did lose his mechan eventually die but
17709s the rest of Portugal rallied around this
17711s point to stop Ireland what a huge save
17714s there by Portugal you're thinking
17716s they're although almost all the way out
17718s of it right
17719s wow ego can't contest the point anymore
17721s but they find the picks in the back line
17723s that's able to bring it back one minute
17725s remaining for Island to capture this
17727s point and keep the World Cups alive
17730s oh I mean that was scary now Ireland you
17733s know get hacked too that's bad that's
17735s another snagger they got cynics they go
17737s for a little bit more but a sleep sword
17738s as well
17739s this unit has been on fire since map
17741s number one to give them that kill but do
17744s they want to wait for cynics because
17746s that was a lot of their damage they're
17748s gonna wait here in the main they will
17749s build this Nana boost the same thing EMP
17751s from Clement on the front line they lose
17753s pure Iris so damn fast so now he's out
17756s of Mech does he want to die fast or does
17758s he get staggered from the other side no
17760s Portugal just option off stagger get
17762s that kill now we're gonna restart
17763s territory you gotta reset 20 seconds
17765s here and you need to wait for Pure Irish
17766s Faith probably has to circumvent around
17768s here and touch the point you can't die
17770s here Portugal already putting pressure
17772s on them and they have Anonymous and a
17773s postman to work with
17775s wait tell us to have that pulse bomb
17777s like I said Karama does they're looking
17778s for this they're stopping the flank
17779s they're looking for this flank to touch
17780s the point they want to stop before it
17781s potentially can happen maybe they're
17783s gonna put an end to them early tries to
17785s pull spawn the recall that was greedy
17787s Valencia got the kill though so it
17789s didn't even matter maybe that was just
17790s to secure the kill there towards the end
17791s try to go for something cheeky that's
17793s already one kill now nut tries to go to
17794s the point they're down one member the
17795s rally comes through on the front to keep
17797s him healthy the Sleep Dart no lands on
17799s to that brigitta the diva bomb of ego
17802s connects on the GCB Rod also connects on
17804s the pure iron that's still on to one
17805s more Portugal are shutting down Irish
17808s last second there's no more Ireland in
17812s the World Cup they will be eliminated
17814s and Portugal get that 2-0 Victory to
17818s move forward Portugal advance to our
17820s June qualifier here with the 2023 World
17823s Cup what a performance by them and
17825s getting familiar with some of these
17827s names Kurama of course having a standout
17829s performance for this team but flamenzo
17831s as well uh really spectacular work by
17834s Portugal there holding the fourth down
17836s on the body to close things out
17838s congratulations to team Portugal
17840s very yeah like you said very much so
17842s congratulations to Portugal to get that
17844s win obviously have been a good team in
17846s previous World Cups and now to take on
17849s Ireland to really secure their spot
17850s that's a big deal obviously out of this
17852s group Johnny you know we have Portugal
17854s we have Denmark in this group and then
17857s on the other group was Iceland and uh
17859s who's the first thing to play it's
17861s cloudy
17863s they look good I don't know who who's
17866s better honestly between Denmark and them
17867s but for Portugal to get that win in such
17870s fashion it was so close Johnny fantastic
17872s game we're gonna go back to the replays
17873s I mean my heart's beating after that one
17876s yeah a crazy close numbani and I I mean
17880s it's a shame for Ireland I think they
17882s really showed some good promising things
17884s especially in this map the Farah
17886s composition on Antarctica Peninsula and
17887s here finding some advantage or momentum
17890s early on on their attack as well playing
17892s this dive composition so some good
17894s things from Ireland uh and we thank them
17896s for their performance here in the world
17897s cup but flamenzo on the Sombra opening
17900s up some of these Dives it felt like
17902s Portugal were really clutched because in
17904s many of these fights yeah Portugal they
17906s were down a member of their team the
17908s Dives come in from Karama from fromenso
17910s uh distal with the biotic grenades find
17913s themselves an ability to close out these
17915s series
17917s that that's that's a very good point I
17919s think that you know if karama's the star
17921s player in this situation flamenzo is
17922s that steady rock solid uh role player
17925s that you kind of need and even even he
17927s had his moments on May and Ensemble I
17929s mean that's just like quintessential
17930s OverWatch at the moment is exactly uh
17932s the type of player that flamenzo
17934s flamenzo was he played it so so well in
17937s Portugal to get that to a victory as
17938s well as a statement win for them moving
17940s forward yeah absolutely so Portugal
17942s Advance into group a or for June
17944s qualifier now it's going to be tough
17946s I'll say that because you're playing
17947s okay the United Kingdom you're playing
17950s France the Netherlands you have to play
17952s uh Denmark again so it's gonna be tough
17956s for Portugal but today is all about
17958s celebrating advancing here in the World
17960s Cup
17960s yeah they got a gauntlet to run through
17962s I mean that's what's so exciting is that
17964s all these teams that just qualified are
17965s gonna have even more to go through even
17967s more tournaments ahead of the World Cup
17969s guys this is just the tip of the iceberg
17971s we're at the very beginning and we'll
17972s actually run it down in a second after
17974s we talk to Danny after this short little
17977s break so we'll be right back
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18197s Danny here joined by Dustin and Johnny
18200s what a match Portugal getting the win
18202s against Ireland they played it so close
18205s Ireland just was so close to getting the
18208s win but unfortunately it wasn't enough
18209s it was Portugal taking the win and
18211s advancing to the June qualifiers
18216s I mean I think that numbani fight was
18220s probably my favorite out of all the
18221s matches that we saw uh it was just chaos
18224s Danny I love you know me you know me I I
18227s love us even in the OverWatch League I
18229s love anything either it has to be either
18231s chaos or just a Beatdown or other
18234s domination or chaos we love a beat down
18237s as well I mean I love about Denmark
18239s today no and no one between with Danny
18240s I'm a big I'm a big 3-0 fan or a chaos
18246s no wait we got it I mean I mean we
18248s talked about it before right like Johnny
18249s mentioned how this match was gonna be
18251s insane yeah like it was definitely gonna
18252s be the Banger match of the day and it
18255s really ended up delivering right yeah it
18256s was so close I mean back and forth and
18258s both teams really showed some good
18260s things in their favor so I'll remember
18262s Ireland playing for a mercy and having
18264s huge success with it not not on the
18266s honor really good performance by him as
18268s well and you know over time when the
18270s body can be brutal it can be so tough
18272s just as a player when you've got two
18274s minutes to work with on the Bonnie it's
18276s it's difficult but it props to Portugal
18278s for uh for getting the 2-0 and advancing
18280s yeah and also I mean Ireland is
18282s unfortunately dropped uh from the
18284s OverWatch World Cup now they uh but I
18286s mean I think they made
18288s smart switches throughout the whole
18290s match and I think yeah props to them
18293s they were they really tried hard and it
18294s was it was a great match I think uh
18296s overall for Portugal versus Ireland yeah
18299s for sure yeah yeah cynics as well
18301s playing the echo good good swamps yeah I
18302s mean uh with that being said uh guys
18304s let's take a quick look at today's
18306s results we had six great matches so for
18309s those for those of you that missed a
18310s couple of them here here are the results
18312s I'm gonna go down very quick Iceland
18315s getting the win uh for the first match
18316s second one Finland uh Finland getting
18319s the win and also uh the last uh the
18323s third match was Finland also getting the
18325s win as well so Finland going uh moving
18327s on to the June qualifiers along with
18330s Iceland and for the later half of uh for
18336s today's match it was then marketing the
18337s win uh second one Denmark as well and
18340s third one Portugal uh getting the win
18341s against Ireland so it will be Portugal
18344s and Denmark moving forward to June
18346s qualifiers
18348s six amazing matches
18350s I mean I
18352s now I'm kind of curious to see how I
18355s don't know like teams like Denmark or
18357s even Finland how there they are gonna uh
18359s how far they could go up uh in the
18361s OverWatch World Cup yeah they could fall
18364s go far and I mean it's worth saying that
18366s group a that Denmark and Portugal
18369s qualify to they will have three spots
18372s for the playoffs actually but there are
18374s some tough teams there I mean as I
18376s mentioned earlier you have to go through
18377s through France with Ben best Poco FD
18380s guard you have to go through United
18381s Kingdom with backbone smex Kai for
18384s example right so there's some tough
18386s teams there but for Finland uh for
18388s example you're playing in group b there
18389s are only two spots available but you
18391s have to play Sweden and Saudi Arabia
18393s Poland Germany so oh man
18396s these both of these groups are just
18398s stacked to the brain with International
18400s Talent yeah 100 I mean like you said
18403s Saudi Arabia is a very scary team at the
18405s moment uh obviously with a lot of you
18407s know emea Talent like in in Twisted
18409s Minds really have been a good team it's
18412s scary very intimidating groups on both
18414s sides but like you said both can come
18416s out yeah I mean I think you know both
18418s like whatever it is you know it is going
18420s to be a tough fight as you uh progress
18422s further into the OverWatch World Cup
18424s right but for now it is on group a said
18427s it's going to be portable they it's not
18429s the last spot so they are going up so
18432s with that being said I think it's a good
18434s time time to have a special interview
18436s with a player from Portugal we got Eagle
18439s their tank player uh standing by for a
18441s post-match interview with me
18443s ego hello can you hear me hey what's up
18446s man
18448s you got me all right cool hey man I just
18450s want to say uh congratulations on
18451s getting the win you guys are moving
18453s forward into the June qualifier so I
18456s just want to ask you about that like how
18458s do you feel
18459s honestly if it was amazing you can see
18461s my voice is dying we were shouting a lot
18463s on those voice counts my voice is dying
18466s but we pulled it off
18469s um we're doing great I think we
18470s practiced a lot we have a rather
18471s unexperienced roster but what are the
18473s players they came into us we have two or
18476s three players who have a lot of
18477s experience who guided us through our
18479s wins they essentially became like or or
18481s mentors it was called when it was Kurama
18483s and she was a played with a lot of
18485s experience you're gonna see him soon on
18486s APAC contenders that's a week for
18488s everybody on the stream right now you're
18490s gonna see our often going apart
18491s contenders is really good
18493s um and our players are very young and
18495s they had basically almost zero
18498s experience or background especially a
18500s very well tier experience yeah they
18501s lived up to the expectation they came in
18504s they did their best and of course we
18506s have we have Kurama if you didn't watch
18509s Kodama during the whole game that man is
18510s all Ronaldo every time we needed him he
18513s was there and he was shining there were
18515s no more oh yeah
18518s please brother though you guys you guys
18520s absolutely killed it I do sort of want
18521s to follow up on that ego because I mean
18523s you were mentioning you know some of uh
18525s the players that was playing for
18526s Portugal aren't that uh experience right
18528s so for those players that haven't had
18530s the experience yet like were they coming
18531s into this match I'm guessing that they
18533s were a little bit more nervous so like
18535s what sort of I guess uh like were there
18538s any tips from the the experienced
18540s players on Portugal that like helped
18542s them get over those nerves
18544s um I think it wasn't just the oral
18546s experience players or some of the people
18547s that were most important on keeping your
18549s mindset together were our coaches
18551s definitely we brought in um a different
18553s coach not a Portuguese coach his name is
18555s Papa C he has helped us a lot with
18557s mindset in-game out of game we have we
18560s have a tremendously amazing stuff or
18563s managers amazing Donette I've been with
18565s him for a long time I trust him fully or
18567s coaches some of the we have Alpha is an
18569s experience but young and ready to put in
18571s the work he has helped us a lot we have
18573s Gizmo right now the man who is coaching
18576s the top team on na contenders you know
18578s he's good he has brought us so much
18579s forward to this spot you can see and we
18581s have Papa C on assistant coach just
18583s doing his best to keep this team not as
18586s a group of five or seven players
18588s together but as a unit we because of him
18591s I think we became more than the sum of
18593s our players you know like yeah I think
18595s we definitely were nervous at the start
18597s uh but the moment we got on that Lobby
18600s the moment we saw OverWatch League names
18602s coming into Denmark and even though we
18605s lost every single map we could feel that
18607s there was an antwer if we got better we
18610s could match them they were so much
18612s better than us yet we could feel that we
18613s had the potential I think every
18615s nervousness lot of West we knew there
18617s was all moment to shine by no time we
18619s got to Ireland we knew how good we were
18621s we were confident we were cautious we
18623s knew we knew I think that I think that's
18625s the best way I could put it
18628s you said it best like I think I could
18631s definitely even though talking to you I
18632s could feel like I could feel the
18633s Portugal like your team's passion and
18635s how much you guys wanted and I think
18637s that's that really wasn't oh yeah in
18639s this match and making you guys you know
18641s qualify into the June qualifiers now I
18643s quickly I also want to talk about this
18645s match because you guys were playing
18646s against Ireland uh both you guys you and
18649s both uh you and Ireland both lost to
18651s Denmark so was there anything that you
18653s learned from uh watching Ireland's match
18656s against Denmark that sort of helped you
18657s guys get the world to stay against them
18660s actually coming into our match against
18661s Ireland uh our coaches make it very
18664s important do not watch the iron match we
18666s did not none of us yeah yeah because
18669s there was no late game adaptations we
18671s were going to do that it's done we we
18673s have our plan we have how we're gonna
18675s play our mind is structured if we come
18677s and watch The Island Game we're gonna
18679s start getting ideas we're gonna start
18681s like thinking about issues and and
18683s things that we shouldn't care about even
18685s though Denmark is such a good team they
18688s will expose mistakes from Ireland I
18690s think mindset wise and coming into this
18692s situation it was more important that we
18695s kept it kept a level-headed mind focused
18697s on what we had to do then to engineer an
18699s idea how to how to win against Ireland
18701s you know I think that was more important
18704s yeah and uh one final question for you
18707s ego uh I actually have a question for
18709s you specifically because I mean every
18712s every team for in OverWatch World Cup
18713s their goal I'm guessing is to take it
18716s all the way and win it all right but for
18717s you uh ego like what is your personal
18720s goal in the OverWatch World Cup 2023
18724s I just want to get better I want to take
18726s in every single experience I'm gonna get
18727s from this playing against players watch
18729s so much better than me and use it to get
18732s the become a way better and more
18734s complete player I I personally I was a
18737s DPS player three months ago I roll
18739s swapped and started learning a
18741s completely new role so every single
18743s match I have against a person who's much
18745s better than me has been like an amazing
18746s learning experience from either were you
18748s watching it from the moment to us seeing
18750s how they punish me like I think the my
18753s personal goal is to improve just take
18755s this experience and use it all fully to
18758s the max so I can become the best player
18760s I can be
18761s damn all right ego thank you so much for
18763s your amazing answers and you get big
18765s congratulations congratulations on
18766s getting the winners and also uh moving
18768s on to the June qualifiers thank you what
18771s a guy
18774s I love it I love it when players are
18777s like when you could see they're like
18778s eager and they're like hungry for more
18780s and I'm very thankful for that and he's
18783s so he's so humble too I mean just what
18785s what a guy like I was just I was mind
18786s blown by the energy Danny I mean I was
18788s sick yeah ego what what an awesome guy
18791s and just like yeah coaching and yeah
18793s that's that's funny because his his name
18796s is Eagle
18798s he's so humble Johnny
18800s mentioned the that they're the the
18802s coaching like one of their coaches is
18804s Finnish so he's literally working
18805s against his own team now because he's
18807s playing he's working with Ireland very
18809s different groups in different groups
18810s yeah but he also mentioned Gizmo and
18812s Gizmo for people who watch contenders I
18814s mean he coaches for Wisp uh in North
18816s American Contender so gizmo has lots of
18818s experience coaching in the past as well
18820s so you know it's awesome that they're
18822s able to invest this many resources into
18824s their national team and it obviously
18825s helps them as you can tell by the
18827s interview so ego just seemed like an
18828s awesome guy like I want to hang out same
18831s me too for sure all right well I mean
18833s that wraps up the whole day guys before
18835s we head out and say goodbye uh Johnny
18837s and uh and Dustin any any final words
18842s uh I miss you Danny and I can't wait to
18844s see you tomorrow
18846s anyways how about you Dustin
18849s yeah I miss you and I hope to see you at
18851s the actually I can't even say what it is
18852s I hope to see your Anime Expo man
18855s hey maybe maybe yeah
18858s all right let's go
18860s unite all right well everybody thank you
18863s so much for tuning in that is it for the
18865s Wild Card uh I guess tournament and join
18868s you guys could join us on this channel
18869s again in June uh when we when we will be
18872s back for these semi finals with that we
18875s are all good to go thank you so much for
18877s tuning in
18878s goodbye everybody have a good rest of
18880s your day
18881s bye bye bye goodbye goodbye
18892s [Music]
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19040s thank you
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