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814s and break through some of this defense
817s overclock does get taken out and fight
820s to use that
821s what we were talking about had to commit
824s that beat drop but a referral to
825s immediately from Jim and sk's actually
828s the one on the hunt talking from Wicca
832s and they have one last chance
836s it's a shot they could get an extra push
838s well no more push no more
842s hello and welcome everybody we got day
845s two of the quality all heroes radiant
847s major and moxism
849s you baited me you baited me like 20
852s seconds ago he was like oh Moxie you can
854s take the intro go for it and then
856s literally the second I opened my mind I
858s was just like Hello everybody
860s I bit like 50 times and you've never
863s taken the bait and now you take
865s me look bad Mark you're making me look
867s bad all right but okay so welcome back
869s we got day two of the radiant Heroes
871s major and after all the action yesterday
873s I could not be more excited to break
875s open today we've got some good matches
877s on hand four of them in fact MOX I'm
879s excited how about you I'm really excited
881s because this is the first time that
882s we're actually going to get to see some
883s of these teams in action it's going to
885s be nyxl blue up against Timeless
887s ethereal for a stop and I think a lot of
890s eyes are going to be on nyxl Blue not
892s just because they're currently
893s undefeated now one of the favorite teams
895s in the tournament but also because nyxl
897s have already expressed that this is a
900s roster that's not just locked in for
901s calling all heroes this is a roster
902s that's also going to be joining the
904s contenders region for n a so there's
906s going to be a lot of development a lot
909s of resources going through onto this
911s team to make sure that they're able to
912s improve in synergize and build
914s themselves into something where they're
915s not taking on the cah roster circuit
918s they're also really pushing for the full
920s plaster Pro experience it look I mean
922s I'm not worried about him this is a
924s roster that is cooking up something
926s different something good I'm excited to
928s see what they got on Deck but we got
929s plenty of stuff on Deck like we saw in
930s the graphics prior of course tomorrow
932s that top 16 bracket starts and ends all
935s sorts of exciting stuff you see A3 there
938s playoffs is happening and teams are
940s getting knocked out and today is a very
942s important decider in that especially
943s this first match because we've got
944s undefeated teams playing each other for
947s those top seeds yeah and this is still
949s day number two so we are still going to
951s be onto the switch stage bracket which
953s means that it's still going to be first
955s to two so there's going to be a lot of
956s pressure on these teams to very quickly
958s adapt and start to find those matches
960s find those wins because it isn't until
962s we head into day three they get a little
964s bit more leeway to be able to have a
967s slower start when we head into the first
968s to freeze with the top 16 teams heading
972s into a single elimination bracket there
975s is very little punches to be pulled if
978s you lose a game you are going to be out
981s of the running for good well speaking of
984s losing games let's go ahead and or I
986s suppose maybe if I want in a more
987s positive mindset let's talk more about
989s winning games marks because we've got a
991s couple of teams here standing at the top
993s nyxl Academy Dart monkeys Timeless
996s ethereal and bumblebees all remain
998s lossless now after today I'm not sure
1001s that's gonna Remain the case especially
1003s considering our first match is between
1004s two of those but these are the four
1006s teams contending for the top and I
1007s wouldn't sleep on the teams beneath them
1008s either Vancouver Titans blue shows an
1011s awful lot of Promise they did
1013s unfortunately lose one match but when we
1015s were seeing them yesterday on stream
1017s they looked extremely strong with some
1020s really good compositions coming through
1022s from that team but like you said all
1024s eyes are going to be on this first
1026s matchup nyxl Academy versus Timeless
1028s apparel because honestly the pedigree on
1031s these team rosters is is absolutely
1032s insane Tyler several are a team that you
1034s are going to recognize immediately if
1036s you were following the Lost cah
1038s iteration this team was under the
1040s umbrella of shock when they were able to
1041s qualify into the grand finals uh San
1043s Francisco shock then came forward
1044s adopted them them gave them the
1046s resources a little bit of training as
1048s well so be able to push up that
1050s mechanical prowess and they ended up
1051s coming third overall in the grand finals
1054s itself and some of the roster from that
1056s exact same team have stuck around and
1058s returned for this episode today and they
1062s have this isn't all we have though of
1063s course there are more teams floating
1064s around here we gotta have a huge shout
1065s out to I mean everybody who signed up
1068s playing in this alone is an achievement
1070s you guys should all be proud of
1071s yourselves you've done a fantastic job
1072s and put up some good games with that I
1074s mean the number of teams that we have
1075s Owen three again obviously shout out to
1077s them regardless uh but it's still
1080s relatively few so all of these teams are
1082s putting up some strong fights yeah I
1085s think we're still going to be seeing
1086s that like you said this very strange
1088s interaction between some of these
1089s players because we were looking at the
1090s teams we were looking at the rosters and
1092s we were going okay who is going to be on
1093s the starting lineup I think the biggest
1095s question for us is who is going to be on
1097s the starting lineup for nyxl is it going
1099s to be sniper under the tank or is it
1102s going to be kindred coming through
1103s because Kindred obviously plays a lot
1105s more of the main tanks sniper plays a
1107s lot more of the off tanks and getting to
1108s see which player is going to be fielded
1110s under that role at the beginning on
1112s control point is going to give
1113s significant indication onto the rosters
1115s and compositions that we're likely to
1117s see heading on to control whether it's
1119s going to be the Reinhardt or whether or
1121s not it's going to be a movement away
1122s from the Reinhardt given some of the
1124s changes that have unfortunately hit that
1126s tank in me just wins not a matter a
1128s little bit more volume
1130s stop stop rubbing it in that we don't
1134s need uh
1137s but you don't have to
1139s I digress I think it's coming down to
1142s Maps which of these two tanks is playing
1143s that being said let's go ahead and take
1144s a look at our map Pool and see how
1146s things are shaking out because like you
1147s said uh it is a big question surrounding
1149s nyxl Academy right now in our control
1152s map Pool between Elios Legion Antarctica
1154s Peninsula and Oasis we're starting off
1155s Antarctic Peninsula but that's not to be
1157s said that things don't change later on
1159s in series and you bring a team together
1160s with this many players with this many
1162s options you're looking to use them yeah
1164s flexibility I think is probably the best
1166s way of just describing the meta that
1167s we're currently in especially in
1169s tournaments like this where sometimes
1171s you do just have comfort picks to come
1173s through I think probably the biggest
1174s sort of indicator or example of that in
1177s any uh content is tattoo at the moment
1179s is those Saudi Arabian teams right which
1182s all hinge around things like Pharmacy
1183s compositions and we even saw them go in
1185s all the way through Pro and qualify
1187s first in the the program for emea and
1189s make it up into the OverWatch league
1191s tournament and put some of the teams to
1193s a real pushing stresses when they were
1196s running that Pharmacy composition but if
1198s we're heading into Antarctic peninsula
1200s this is where I'm thinking that we're
1202s probably going to see either the Winston
1203s dive come through or more than likely
1205s the team's moving away from that
1207s Reinhardt Enfield in the rematch for a
1209s brawl instead just because Ryan used to
1211s be incredibly viable he used to be able
1212s to put things like the hands over the
1213s castle you got the Bastion even
1215s alongside him May plays really well with
1217s him but the fact that Ryan has been hit
1220s by significant changes on this patch as
1221s well as Sombra getting the ability with
1223s EMP to disable blizzard almost entirely
1226s makes things like the Sombra and the
1228s trace the dive just a little bit more
1229s palatable over that brawl style why call
1232s him scamatra I mean just I don't know
1234s how he Dodges nurse man I don't get it
1236s by the way though like you said a wealth
1238s of compositions I can come out on these
1239s Maps Antarctica Peninsula pretty partial
1241s to to running a lot more Rush what the
1244s Winston's still an option for the teams
1245s that want to go for it that raises the
1247s question now what are we pairing
1248s alongside a DPS are pretty variable on
1251s these Maps obviously you've brought the
1253s May into things but I think May on this
1255s map in particular can do pretty well
1257s into the summer because the summer
1258s playing at such Close Quarters can
1259s struggle little bit more to build up
1261s that EMP yeah it is I'd just say if we
1263s see if we stop level
1265s but then I would
1268s very similar to consented that map
1270s hinged around really tight Chokehold
1272s control especially towards that initial
1274s High Ground where a lot of teams just
1275s roll over as quickly as possible to be
1277s able to retain that control maybe we see
1280s a little bit of Sombra I've been
1281s noticing a lot of the teams yesterday
1283s we're running that Sombra sometimes
1284s alongside things like a Hanzo or Cassidy
1287s Cassidy has had a couple of changes to
1290s him remember he is back down to 200
1292s health and that means that going for
1294s Cassie is sort of an anti-dive option
1296s has become a little less viable right
1298s you used to be able to go well Cassidy
1300s has that extra 25 Health we can put him
1302s on off angle it doesn't matter that he
1303s can't have that verticality control
1305s because if they jump him he's still
1306s going to be able to chunk through the
1307s Winston's health bar especially with the
1308s magnate so that we don't have to peel
1310s for him but now that those changes have
1312s hit I expect to see some movement away
1314s from the Cassidy and instead towards the
1316s Hanzo which has always been my favorite
1318s option in that secondary DPS in that
1320s lineup especially when you're up against
1322s something like a romater or a Reinhardt
1323s you have the storm Arrow so you can just
1325s go for full shield break option but you
1327s also have the ability to be able to keep
1329s yourself safe with the lunges as well as
1330s the wall climbing so that you can make
1332s yourself a little bit of a harder Target
1334s to be able to isolate with a dive onto
1336s hey look man you know I'm a fan of the
1338s Hanzo on my team and not on the enemy
1339s team so that being said I don't really
1341s care what's in the hitscan Scott what I
1342s care about is who's playing it let's
1343s take a look at nyxl's roster because oh
1347s dear whoever comes up against this team
1349s is in for a cooking one whisp on DPS
1354s Wicca Cairo support line like this is
1357s loaded sniper if you're starting around
1360s or on a roster with Kindred on it you've
1362s got to be offering something up to the
1364s table so really big stuff and like I
1366s said I'm looking at that hit scan lineup
1368s fun can do some real damage if given the
1371s opportunity yeah she's she's got a
1373s reputation coming out of both Nicks and
1375s sleepover party and now being signed to
1377s nyxl Academy there's serious
1380s expectations for Bon wicker as well has
1383s had a time to shine in contenders both
1386s from cryix and when she was inside the
1388s team of Hive for contenders a while ago
1391s we know that she's extremely momentous
1395s on that support role Caro I'm looking
1397s forward to seeing what they're going to
1399s bring to the table whether or not
1400s they're going to be able to compliment
1401s Wicked because wicker does like to roll
1403s towards things like the mercy so maybe
1405s we're gonna see a little bit of pocket
1407s action coming through especially if bun
1408s decides to field the sojourn that I
1412s remember just absolutely dealing so much
1415s damage and chunking through so many
1417s teams back when sojin was on base
1420s release surgeon and you would just
1421s attach a mercy pocket and watch the Dark
1424s Days Are Over Max don't worry we don't
1426s have to worry about the so we we got it
1428s done and over with and speaking of done
1430s and over with on and over with this
1432s roster for now let's talk about Timeless
1433s ethereal who they've got to go up
1435s against who are no slouches in their own
1437s right I think one of the biggest things
1438s backing Timeless is just as
1440s organizations or amputation to
1443s consistently put together competing
1445s rosters for any tournament they enter
1447s and I think this is going to be no
1449s different yeah Jim and Azure as well as
1452s Santana who is not going to be starting
1453s in the lineup all having come back from
1456s that Old Timeless ethereal composition
1458s that won third place in the Lost CA
1461s h-grand finals Cal however is the one
1464s that I'm going to be looking to we were
1466s having a discussion before broadcast
1467s began this is someone who has competed
1469s in the Australian New Zealand contenders
1471s and won b-sides alongside direwolves and
1474s then joined I believe it was Timeless
1476s themselves when they were running the N
1478s A Timeless going through contenders last
1481s year and they placed third unfortunately
1483s falling foul of redwoods but still doing
1486s a very good job putting themselves out
1489s there showing that they are extremely
1490s gifted Anna and that means that I'm
1493s expecting to see either this Anna trying
1495s to have a Winston up and running so you
1497s can continue to have that dive
1498s composition aided by the fact that
1500s lizard wizard does like to feel towards
1502s the Lucio so you're not going to have
1504s that vulnerability of the Anna being
1505s left alone given the fact that we should
1507s say it right now we're not going to see
1508s life Weaver he is not enabled for this
1510s tournament so there's gonna be no pedal
1512s platform Shenanigans no life grabs
1514s coming through to stop any of these
1515s tanks from being able to just press W
1517s and only W on their keyboards
1520s who doesn't like good good bit of
1522s measured feeding Cal I think I think
1524s would have no problem on that but
1525s regardless
1526s Hal is I think one of the biggest
1528s threats that Timeless is offering up for
1530s us right now but the threat they have to
1532s deal with is Antarctic Peninsula and go
1534s back to talking a little bit about the
1535s compositions we expect to see obviously
1537s Russia's big here but one of the biggest
1540s maps that I'm expecting look towards in
1542s terms of seeing differences between
1544s teams is actually once we head over to
1546s Labs I think Icebreaker and sub-level
1549s pretty straightforward in terms of the
1550s way that you play them but I think you
1551s can learn a lot more about how a team
1553s wants to play by watching how they play
1555s laps yeah couple of variations Comfort
1558s like you said Icebreaker does seem to be
1561s just push teams pushing towards that
1562s brawl style so they can control those
1564s sidelines of the point and really take
1566s full value of the choke holds that you
1568s can get I've seen teams try to run the
1571s Doom first into it I'm not the greatest
1573s fan of the doomfist given that yes you
1575s can punch above the the walls blocking
1578s that point and access it there without
1581s having to go through those really nasty
1582s choke holds but a lot of the time it
1584s does leave the rest of your team a
1585s little bit more vulnerable behind you
1587s and that's where that problem that
1588s voluntary split of the team starts to
1592s crop up and you find yourself being just
1594s a little bit too easy to dive into that
1596s back line as we can have a look at what
1599s compositions we are going to be seeing
1601s in just a matter of moments and more
1603s importantly what sub map is going to be
1604s it is going to be Icebreaker to start
1607s off with so no lab unfortunately if we
1609s do get to see that one crop up we're
1610s gonna have to wait just a little bit
1613s longer as we can have a look at what
1615s some of these players are going to be
1617s locking in with starting off it feels
1620s like yeah there it is there's the
1621s ramatra unfortunately having replaced
1623s that Reinhardt given the changes that we
1625s talked about earlier and already I'm a
1627s really big fan of all of the heroes that
1629s are going to becoming them they've got
1630s the Baptist so they're going to be able
1632s to use things like the immortality field
1633s to make up the fact that reminder even
1634s though he has that Nemesis form and the
1636s ability to block does become incredibly
1639s vulnerable when he's outside of that as
1641s well as the two handzas to be able to
1643s just chunk through that ramjiolt as
1644s quickly as possible
1646s yeah and that's the big thing that I'm
1647s looking at it's my preferred uh Rush DPS
1650s running the Han so I have to raise
1651s probably gonna spot back to it there it
1653s is now as we head in first thing we're
1654s looking for big walls gym up against
1656s buns your letter names maybe I like but
1659s hopefully the the Gap in skill isn't
1662s you'll want to see big walls of land at
1663s least if the Ryan player somebody who's
1665s played a fair amount of rush I'm excited
1668s to see good walls
1669s first one out from either side either
1671s connects but it's point pressure for
1674s nyxl Academy Thomas Superior just trying
1676s to have Azure wrap around that back poke
1679s behind the Squishies of nyxl's Academy
1681s avoiding TV girls ramshield trying to
1684s find that squishy they've identified
1685s with position and there it is the Hanzo
1688s headshot takes the enemy handsome down
1689s and this should be a fear of being able
1691s to push forward but they lose soil in
1693s the process and nyxl Academy with a
1695s really good immortality field are going
1697s to be able to find the first cap
1698s shouldn't will are two very different
1700s things you know at first pick important
1702s but losing your tank a little bit more
1705s it's always really unfortunate when you
1707s find that first pick and immediately
1708s it's that green light go sign to be able
1710s to push forward but uh because they're
1712s running this Anna rather than this
1714s Baptist if sohil finds an extra little
1716s bit of pressure they can't just throw in
1717s a mortality field from Cal they have to
1720s have something like a nano boots built
1721s up and that just wasn't available given
1723s it was first version
1725s fortunately it's second push now we've
1728s got a wall behind Sawhill we've already
1730s popped Nemesis for him TV girls got a
1731s huge advantage in this engagement now
1733s until that next emphasis worm comes oh
1736s no
1737s went down without having thoughts oh man
1740s that's a rough one for nyxl Academy
1742s losing their tank without having
1743s invested a single resource thus far they
1746s were counting on that Nemesis form being
1747s used
1748s fight Miss timing by TV girl and that's
1750s all the opening Timeless Eternal needed
1751s yeah it's really unfortunate but my
1753s Excel Academy will at least have
1755s ultimates to be able to play you around
1756s with the fact that bond is running this
1757s may so you don't have to worry about
1759s secondary mails coming from potentially
1761s countering What bond is able to set onto
1763s the table also means that TV goals
1765s Annihilation is potentially going to be
1767s even more efficient than Timeless
1769s apparials given that they can use that
1771s sinji of them may want to block off
1773s Timeless ethereal's exit and trap them
1775s in annihilation
1777s Academy now looking to push forward with
1780s it they're lacking the defensive tool
1782s Thomas ethereal have a massive advantage
1783s in terms of that they have that up they
1786s use it late into the fight to secure the
1787s Victory and again marking up some
1789s serious percentage on the point Timeless
1791s ethereal honestly played up perfectly
1794s the mayweal comes through from bun to
1796s try and block off the angle of Soul Hill
1799s or Cal and lizard wizard so the sign bar
1801s can't connect but lizard wizard actually
1803s Waits until the mail is gone to be able
1805s to throw in the sign bar and because Kel
1806s still has an angle on soy Hill they're
1808s able to connect the Nano boost and keep
1810s the Romantic alive even through the
1811s blizzard even through the annihilation
1813s as TV Eagle now moves in with
1815s Annihilation off their own catches
1816s lizards Wizard and Timeless Sphero don't
1818s have the Cyber they don't have the
1819s sustain and if they try and escape this
1821s they're gonna run straight into wisps on
1823s that off angle on the choke
1825s I mean lizard wizard goes hits the hits
1827s the ground like a sack of potatoes and
1828s once your Lucio's Gone YouTube don't
1829s have a disengage tool quick recap in my
1832s Excel Academy and they've got a decent
1834s tool to try and hold on to it Dragon
1836s strike is the thing that they have to
1837s hold on to Timeless feel like going to
1839s be so worried about which choke they
1841s want to commit through because if they
1842s choose the wrong one or if they choose
1844s to move through that joke when the Sonic
1846s is out from wisps they're gonna walk
1848s straight into the dragon strike and
1849s again they're going to be punished for
1850s the fact that Cal is on the Anna for
1853s that burst healing and the Nano boost
1854s with the damage reduction not on the bat
1856s for immortality field and there it is
1858s Dragon strike comes through so he'll
1860s Force to use that Nemesis form in terms
1862s of furial losing more time more
1864s percentage as nyxl are a bite to extend
1867s their lead
1868s I mean about to extend their lead I
1870s think is maybe calling it a bit early
1871s time left all the perfectly good
1873s engagement to go with here saw Hill in
1875s on the Nano
1877s immediately bubbles the back line buns
1879s got nowhere to go
1881s speed on Timeless ethereal look
1883s phenomenal and this one could very well
1885s Go the Distance on the first sub map
1886s yeah this is the difference between the
1888s Pharaoh right because they have Jim on
1889s that tray so they have a lot more map
1891s coverage and a lot faster engagements as
1894s opposed to any Excel Academy who have to
1896s wait to see whether or not bun can use
1898s that will isolate someone off waiting
1900s for a misstep to come through from
1901s Timeless ethereal side as opposed to
1903s offerial who can just play Super
1904s aggressively thank you foreign
1914s barrier is the response from nyxl
1916s Academy but that only keeps him in it
1917s for a couple of seconds the annihilation
1919s from Sawhill is still a very very real
1921s threat bunta would pick off two though
1922s and relieve a bit of that pressure I
1924s like to push forward behind the likes of
1926s TV girl and look to finish this one off
1928s maybe taking Sotto on the way Great Wall
1931s what's time with ethereal in a box 90
1933s now and the point is uh unlikely to be
1935s touched yeah bond is able as well to
1937s build that ballistic to be able to stop
1939s Thomas apparel from being able to touch
1940s this we're going to see the Panic swaps
1942s come through so he'll answer the
1943s doomfest as a right on to the Sombra and
1945s Cal onto the kiriko they're going to be
1947s able to tap and activate that over time
1949s but they don't have ultimates and lizard
1951s wizard already getting fresher to not be
1953s able to put themselves into a space to
1954s be able to build up that sign bar and
1956s allow it for all the sustainability to
1958s try and hold longer
1959s this one's just not happening I I think
1961s I can surmise what you just said max
1963s this one's not happening yeah it's not
1965s done though ultimate's up for nyxl
1967s Academy a well played point at that
1969s Timeless ethereal come in strong
1971s certainly some fantastic fights but I
1974s think in the face of their Matra combos
1976s that were coming out from TV girls just
1977s it much um so I think again like it goes
1981s down to what was sort of happening for
1983s Timeless apparel they had to wait for
1984s things like the Nana boost very similar
1986s to early doors of dive where the Winston
1988s would take that face tank damage so that
1990s you would build the Nano boost up that
1992s was when the proper initiation and
1994s engagements came through from time was
1995s the Pharaoh when they didn't have that
1996s Nano boost they had to play a lot slower
1998s which doesn't feed into the
2000s composition's Wheelhouse and it opens
2001s them up to be a lot more vulnerable
2002s given the fact that they have to ball
2004s towards things like sound bar to sustain
2006s as opposed to having an immortality
2007s field on a cooldown like there is for
2009s for Cairo and I'm really happy to say
2011s that as we head towards Perhaps it is
2014s going to be still the rheumatra
2015s composition but Cal is going to be
2017s matching the Baptiste so even though
2019s they still don't have that may well
2021s they're at least going to be able to use
2022s things like the EXO boots to jump over
2024s it in case Sawhill does get caught out
2026s and throw the lamp down to save the ram
2029s no surprise it's their immortality kind
2031s of good in OverWatch so yeah I think
2033s opting for it's not too bad there though
2035s we do see a swap away from the the May
2036s onto the Tracer which I think in
2038s particular on this map like I said
2040s things are you see how teams want to
2042s play a little bit more when you go into
2044s labs and this is definitely one of those
2046s telling instances of the May versus the
2048s Tracer the backline pressure versus
2050s trying to double down on that rush and
2052s personally for labs I like the Tracer
2054s option so I'm excited to see what I can
2056s get yeah it's a lot of hard driving to
2058s cage people in as of me on Labs given
2061s the fact that one the point is just more
2062s open and a lot of the choke points that
2064s you you don't really fight over right so
2067s it does sort of open up all of these
2069s hallways and back corridors but they try
2071s to be able to flank through like you
2072s said putting that extra pressure onto
2074s the Baptist because a lot of times we
2076s see even things like pulse bomb they're
2078s not really used to find a kill they're
2079s literally just used to burn out
2080s something like a mortality build so you
2082s can claim the kill later on
2086s early investment certainly a strong
2088s thing
2090s now it's Timeless ethereal look to gain
2092s provision you can't they know that
2094s there's a mate they know that if they
2095s step up through this small choke they
2098s will get walled off so that's all who's
2099s playing this
2100s pretty correctly they need to allow Jim
2102s the space behind the likes of nyhl
2104s Academy to actually start putting in
2106s that damage putting on the pressure and
2107s like you said pulling those resources
2108s like the immortality field away earlier
2110s on if they can't do that by the time
2112s this point gets pressured it's gonna be
2114s in a little bit more trouble sources
2116s have been pulled yet the coordinated
2118s dive from Jim and saw Hill does open up
2120s a little bit more immortality field has
2123s been forced it's the Baptiste in gym
2125s size picks up a second on the way out
2126s takes one to go and opens up the fight
2129s for Timeless ethereal we're gonna
2131s bulldoze over nyxl Academy exactly what
2134s we talked about right the fact that that
2135s Tracer has that backline presence can
2137s bait out things like the immortality
2139s field so even though nyxl Academy were
2141s able to pick up that first flip they're
2143s not able to survive the dive that comes
2146s through from Timeless apparel and it is
2147s a dive it's this brawl but it's sort of
2149s joined with that Tracer where you
2151s isolate the target you're able to bait
2153s at the immortality field and then you
2154s fully commit into the fight but given
2157s how long that stalemate went on for and
2159s Excel Academy do have ultimates to play
2161s with plus one immediately comes home
2162s from gym Fades out the immortality field
2164s early again and this is the go sign for
2167s soil to come in with the annihilation
2168s and cut off any momentum coming through
2171s from my Excel Academy but the
2173s immortality field and at Matrix from
2175s arrow is absolutely gorgeous the
2177s dragonstroke Mastery tries to deny it
2179s but it's a little bit too late nyx.com
2181s you're able to chunk through the
2182s romantra and sustain themselves all the
2184s way through Annihilation because of the
2186s winter that comes from calf
2189s right you've built up so much more from
2192s all the Poke that you took in the
2193s previous fight
2195s is it wizard hell it's coming in with
2197s next to nothing
2199s well Timeless apparel will have both
2201s support ultimates that's the big
2202s difference right my Excel Academy are
2204s going to have aggressive ultimates but
2205s they layered both amp Matrix and sign
2208s bar in the last fight to survive
2209s Timeless Imperials aggressive push
2211s forward and now that time of severe are
2214s the ones having to intrude into the
2216s space they have to bait and wait till
2218s Academy into walking off of that high
2219s ground and it doesn't work out brilliant
2221s for them they lose lizard wizard as an
2223s American killer can be push forward and
2225s they lose that signed by sustainability
2227s now it's just about burning as many
2228s ultimates from my Excel Academy as
2230s possible
2232s they're not getting much more than this
2234s Annihilation right about now Nemesis
2235s warms up afterwards and it's more
2237s cleanup nyxl Academy who continue to
2240s spiral for and they've still got
2241s ultimate to tow gym at least is going to
2243s have that pulse bomb and we have seen
2245s that the pulse bomb coming forward to
2247s bait things like that immortality feel
2249s from Cairo out is what tends to be the
2251s initiation for Timeless apparel given
2253s that they've got the sign barrier as
2254s well they're going to be able to have
2256s that aggressive momentum picked up but
2258s the main wall
2259s isolate soil from the rest of the team
2262s and they're going to have to use the
2263s same barrier early to save them
2266s because doesn't have one to respond
2267s though so that sound barrier is well
2269s used by Timeless ethereum they they get
2271s in early spot the sound barrier yes it
2273s was a a bit more than they wanted to
2275s invest but they use it wisely get the
2277s flip we head into the next fight at
2279s least with something pretty efficient
2280s having been used yeah that's all right
2282s with this Dragon strike is going to be
2283s absolutely massive in denying this angle
2285s for carrier's amp Matrix especially
2287s given the fact that wisps on this
2288s Cassidy is going to have that Dead Eye
2290s for zoning purposes and Timeless if you
2292s don't have the ability they don't have
2294s the percentage to play around with to
2296s abandon and get sidelined by that Dead
2298s Eye
2300s really push now for nyfl Academy Oak
2303s Dragon strike Jim's charging up that
2305s pulse bomb but they've got TV girl
2306s completely isolated a wall thrown out by
2309s bun to try and save them but now they
2310s don't have it for the coming engagement
2312s which means that they're just gonna get
2313s poked away at atherry and Jim have free
2315s reign over this point right now
2317s and I threw the ant Matrix and Zone as
2319s best as it may but certainly not enough
2322s to put time with eternal on their backs
2324s quite about yet azrae Falls though as I
2326s say that new mortality feels forced out
2328s another sustained tool being used in the
2330s sound barrier as well from an oxtail
2331s Academy everything's being thrown into
2333s this fight into keeping the team alive
2335s and it's easier said than done when Jim
2336s is constantly harassing your Baptist
2338s please give Carol a break already oh my
2342s God they keep them up through the entire
2344s thing and finally at the end of it they
2347s still fall time with eternal have so
2349s much fight left in them and they're a
2351s mantra still up try and keep this thing
2353s going if they can keep that health bar
2354s from reaching zero yeah and apparel have
2356s numbers advantages as well because that
2358s composition gets back so much faster
2359s whisp has to go off the casino onto the
2361s trace to be able to touch but TV goal is
2363s going to be able to come in with the
2364s annihilation Kyle's gonna get pressured
2366s out but he's out of the range of the
2368s annihilation and on the hitscan of that
2370s Baptiste he's going to be able to take
2372s the ram down and oh we're gonna be in
2375s for a long series we are going all the
2377s way
2377s we are going to sub level and this might
2381s be what we see a potential deviation
2383s away from their matter whether you want
2384s to see your Reinhardt come through I
2385s would expect now would be the time if
2388s Kindred was in the mix but Soy Hill
2390s being there I think we're still just
2392s going to see ram versus Ram I think the
2394s only deviation is still going to be this
2397s Tracer versus the may but the May is
2399s going to find so much more value on this
2402s specific map than it has on the previous
2405s yeah I mean the first was especially for
2407s this High Ground are critical this is
2409s one of the points where first fight is
2411s absolutely non-negotiable right given
2414s The High Ground that you receive for it
2417s looking at these maze opening things up
2419s same competitions we've seen before but
2421s not much more pressure being applied to
2423s them to win this neutral let's drop out
2425s from high
2427s pressure taken a wall connects up onto
2429s saw Hill not on the TV girl to open
2431s things up but Wicca
2433s he's just too big for her britches on
2435s that high wall maybe too far forward and
2438s by maybe I mean definitely yeah picked
2441s off my YouTube and easy now see if they
2443s can push for the wall secondary one is
2445s good that's a second pick for the
2447s Baptist just looking to continue
2448s fragging out TV girl on the ropes now
2451s it's always got to be careful not to
2453s overextend one when he does plenty of
2455s damage but they don't and for it they're
2457s rewarded with a point cap I mean that's
2460s the star power of cow they may not have
2462s them made to be able to counter the
2463s Wolves coming through from Bonsai but
2466s the EXO boots from the Baptist are more
2467s than enough to be able to boost over
2469s that wall and still you had a vantage
2471s point on all of the players that you're
2472s supposed to be isolated from as well as
2474s continuing to pressure wicker who was
2476s taken down incredibly early she's
2477s unfortunately only able to build about
2479s 30 off the way to that sound bar as
2481s opposed to lizard wizard he's almost
2483s halfway through to it that is brilliant
2485s news the Timeless to be able to have
2486s that sustainability
2488s significant Advantage but so is this
2490s positionally very good I might feel like
2493s how do we lose another account this
2495s guy's gapping no one can pressure him no
2498s one can pressure him everyone is trying
2499s to push onto slow Hill and slow Hill is
2502s not the Target that they need to go oh
2503s my God
2506s chill out
2508s oh I mean she's able to land the
2511s headshot on to Jim but that is the only
2513s casualty Timeless apparel are going to
2515s be missing they still continue to build
2516s up that point percentage Cal's gonna
2518s have ant Matrix to be able to chunk
2520s through the mail coming through from
2522s nyxl Academy I would honestly just want
2524s to see nyxl Academy go point now that I
2527s thought this blizzard up I'm pushed
2529s himself to walk into it with the foot
2533s dude out you're trying to push him back
2535s on to that point and they are very
2536s successful in doing so
2538s saw Hill not as much so optimal
2540s violation gets put in the corner
2541s unfortunately but NYX tele Academy will
2543s see their first cap here on soblo yeah
2545s finally tennis Barrel not going to be
2546s going for the full stall they know that
2548s a couple of players did go down but they
2550s can still regroup and put together a
2551s push relatively quickly now that the
2554s blizzard is gone that's the main
2555s punishing tool of grouping up however
2557s wisps comes in with a gorgeous pick
2559s staggering Cal and this is just gonna
2562s push Timeless to feel back even further
2563s and this is the worst news for this
2565s composition they want control of this
2566s playground they won't control these
2568s Alleyways to set gym up on their flanks
2570s that's not going to happen now that my
2571s Excel can we get to push forward
2573s aggressively especially with this mobile
2574s to retain this hold on High Ground the
2576s trace is not gonna have any choice but
2577s to go into a crowded room or place you
2579s can immediately
2580s winbury's out from either side so a lot
2582s of damage being done but not much of it
2584s critical yet now that we're back into a
2586s small room though and that sound
2586s barrier's worn off it's a different
2588s story TV girls on a rampage and snipers
2591s looking to take out the rest of the team
2593s Jim gets one uh but it's kind of just a
2597s present for showing up a consolation
2599s prize for entering the fight yeah Jim's
2601s gonna have a pulse bomb in the next five
2603s but NY cell Academy they're still gonna
2605s have that amp Matrix they're going to
2607s have the store capability as well with
2608s bun on it's me like being able to hold
2610s this little small room is really crucial
2612s it's so massive because like we said the
2614s gym just doesn't have safe entrance the
2616s second that they try to come in they're
2618s going to be found out but they double
2620s blink in hit the pulse won't beat out
2622s the immortality field and suddenly it's
2624s a different story entirely soil on the
2625s back foot is left behind but we'll be
2629s able to survive its gym instead who has
2631s to go into the line of fire and take the
2633s hit so that their tank survives and it's
2636s only going to be temporary as nyxl
2638s Academy they rob a band that aggression
2640s back on to Timeless Superior and catch
2642s all of these Target players in the icy
2644s corridors hey look we talked about it
2646s right how hard it is to flip this map
2648s back in your favor nyfl Academy got it
2651s and I've not given it up yeah and I mean
2653s all of these long angles as well just
2654s play perfectly for the ram because you
2656s don't have that damage pool so it's not
2658s like the Rhine where you're only really
2659s powerful with fire strikes at range and
2661s then it's everything just all about that
2663s mellow fight Ram gets the rubber band
2665s between ranged and close-up so easily
2668s that you can't continue to apply that
2669s little bit of pressure find that pick
2671s force times the thrill into the retreat
2672s and then go looking for more about very
2674s little punishment coming through
2675s ethereal now I'm actually going to be
2677s able to go underneath The High Ground
2678s find the flip so am I tell the camera
2680s are going to have to give this grind up
2682s eventually but the drop has to be so
2683s clean they can't be separated well
2685s Interactive Academy are waiting for a
2687s critical ultimate to come up they have
2688s the sound barrier now which is why
2690s they're looking to engage one pushing up
2692s it's down one easy in Cal The High
2695s Ground still belonging to nyxl Academy
2696s and the fact that they use that sound
2698s they're related to the fight there's not
2699s much that can truly contest them because
2701s they time that fight so well now it's
2703s really just saw Hill going for broke
2706s trying to win this thing over in the
2707s last moment but it's unlikely to happen
2709s a sound barrier is but a cry for help
2711s from Lizard wizard who gets teepee to by
2713s Cal you're gonna have to see some
2716s miracles happen here on Antarctica if
2717s you want any chance of Timeless ethereal
2719s taking this one away it's nyxl Academy
2721s going up 1-0 yeah especially given the
2724s fact that NY cell Academy just dropped
2726s cameras at Matrix in the back corner of
2727s that point and set whisps up behind it
2730s so even as the members of time to fill
2731s trapes onto this point and keep overtime
2733s and play they have no ultimates they're
2735s not getting any of the time to be able
2737s to Target Focus some of these players
2739s down and as a result it's just going to
2742s be shiny flashy pixel effects as nyxl
2745s Academy are going to be able to take
2747s this first map and note as well that
2749s there was a knee that was bent towards
2751s the latter half of that map Jim did such
2754s an admirable job of Tracer coming in
2757s with the pulse bombs speeding at the
2758s immortality field but the second that
2760s Timeless actually lost that point lost
2763s that control of hygren to be able to set
2765s the is up into flanks they weren't
2767s building up that pulse bump anyone as
2769s quickly as we've seen previously and
2771s it's only until we hit about 80 that we
2774s see the next person to come through and
2776s even then they don't find the open that
2777s they're looking for immortality fuel
2778s comes out and everyone from MXL just
2780s goes okay cool so what we're just going
2782s to turn on to your team and there's
2783s nothing you can do and only then do we
2785s see the makeup come through I would
2787s honestly have preferred to see the
2788s makeup come through a little bit sooner
2791s yeah I mean I think there's preferences
2792s to be had in terms of what you want to
2794s run on that map but I think there's no
2795s denying that we saw some really solid
2797s play and from no one more I think in
2799s that last Point than Cal who just
2802s straight up won two fights for the team
2804s absolutely taking heads off time in time
2807s and time again if that continues to
2809s happen what do you answer with there's
2810s one thing where you can like oh yeah
2811s we'll just swap Heroes you can't you
2813s just you just shoot it doesn't matter
2814s what hero you're playing he's they're
2815s gonna shoot you
2817s yeah and I mean you can see as well like
2819s they were frazzled from that first fight
2821s like you look at the comparison of
2822s Wicker when she's War writing super
2824s aggressively on that high wall above the
2827s mayweal vantage point so that the
2829s Baptist of Cal can't just pick her up
2830s immediately and you compare it to the
2833s other fights that they're taking whether
2834s in that small room they're not going to
2836s be picked out easily by the Baptist
2837s before the fight begins they've got the
2839s walls of natural color to be able to
2840s hide behind too to plunge the fact that
2842s if you want to play aggressively you're
2843s going to have to put yourself into the
2845s line of fire and then we get to see
2847s another power of the me which is
2850s continuing to spam icicles down the
2851s stroke points because a headshots from
2853s me her it's like the Tracer has a little
2856s bit of pressure when you're able to push
2857s forward and you know that she's likely
2859s going to have a pulse one to pull out
2860s that immortality field but May 24 7 is a
2864s threat especially if she's already in
2866s control of that space and heading into
2867s King's Row I'm hoping this is where
2870s we're going to see the Mirror May match
2872s up to come through especially from the
2875s attacking side you need to have
2876s accounting me able to be able to use so
2879s that your tank does not get isolated and
2881s immediately chunk down around statue
2883s base I don't think you have to do much
2885s hoping with these two teams they've both
2887s already offered up their Mantra it's
2888s very likely that continues to be the
2890s case though I could see it changing a
2892s good bit by these teams wants to switch
2893s over to dive Kings is honestly at this
2895s point a map that is unsurprising to see
2897s is I think like 90 of the games have had
2899s Kings Road chosen at this point some
2901s have seen a statistic like that but it's
2904s for good reason right it opens up the
2906s the hero pool to basically whatever you
2908s want it to be and these teams can really
2910s lean into what makes them comfortable
2912s that being said I do think the way that
2915s Timeless ethereal or playing they're
2917s gonna be more than comfortable in this
2918s map they showed us a lot of tools and I
2920s think cows can be able to continue to
2922s get plenty done thanks wise I feel like
2924s Timeless ethereal also have lots of
2926s options here yeah
2928s to play without Winston I would
2930s I would rise like you said to see it to
2931s see it come through especially allows
2932s Cal to lean in on one of their favorite
2935s support picks which is the Anna which we
2937s get to see however if they want to
2938s continue to run their Baptist there's
2940s also a lot of high ground that you can
2941s be able to jump to to make yourself a
2943s harder Target to be able to pin down so
2945s that you don't have to play around
2946s something like oh Lucio to come through
2948s to make sure that your secondary support
2950s is going to be safe like you've said we
2952s have seen the sort of movement away from
2953s the Reinhardt rule again just because of
2956s the fact that it takes time to be able
2958s to fully push onto the point right you
2959s have to use all of your cooldowns
2961s especially with the Lucio speed amp to
2962s be able to make it through that first
2963s initial choke then you want to set
2965s yourself up in hotel wait for all of
2967s those cool names to come back on and
2969s then apply pressure onto the point that
2972s two pushes and two times that you can
2975s potentially get caught out in that
2977s rotation as well as the fact that you're
2979s denying High Ground
2981s entirely like the defense just gets to
2983s run circles literally around that
2985s Reinhardt if they're building something
2987s like the Hanzo who just gets to say it
2989s in the windows with the walkway straight
2990s above that point peppering her arrows
2993s into the Rhine Shield or even sometimes
2995s the Rhine holding it from behind
2998s I mean obviously there's a million in
3000s one ways to Route Kings Row it's like
3002s skin and a cat you know they're they're
3003s more more than enough options for how to
3006s take this map at this point man your
3008s weekend's all weird
3009s [Music]
3010s I know what you're doing in Scotland I
3014s must be different right now though I'm
3016s enjoying spending my time watching these
3017s matches and like I said I'm more excited
3019s for king throw just because it gives the
3020s teams so many options and I'm hoping
3023s that we don't get a mirror matchup
3024s because I think the mirror has shown us
3026s enough we've seen kind of a little bit
3027s more of the identity of these teams as
3029s well on top of that they both still have
3031s Subs on Deck should they want to change
3033s those out in order to change their
3035s composition I think there's plenty of
3036s flexibility in the lobby and for I mean
3038s for that reason I think you're getting
3039s out robbed by a best of three but like
3041s these are two teams that I want to see
3043s go to five right these two teams I want
3045s to see play a full scrim block together
3047s and see what kind of evolves them yeah
3049s that's always the sort of punishing
3050s thing about prostitute it really does
3052s just force a lot of these teams who
3055s sometimes rely on not winning control
3057s but using control as a way of
3059s downloading how their opponents like a
3061s mouse map type as they call it you know
3065s oh but it's really unfortunate like you
3068s said that we're not going to potentially
3069s get that experience this could be match
3071s point this could be the series ending
3073s with nyxl Academy being able to be the
3076s team that continues in this bracket
3078s undefeated in Timeless apparel
3079s unfortunately taking their first L of
3082s the series as we're going to have a look
3083s and white tile Academy are going to be
3084s attacking first Timeless if you're all
3086s going to be defending first so we're
3088s gonna be able to see what they're
3089s Fielding whether or not Cal is veering
3092s towards that Anna or whether or not they
3094s want to stick with this Baptist and keep
3095s the dude if it's working Don't Fit Don't
3097s Don't fix it oh okay it worked for the
3101s first two fights but Thomas apparel are
3103s actually I love this I love this so much
3105s they're going to be putting lizard
3107s wizard on prikita this is this is ultra
3109s wide 2.0 reheater no don't do it don't
3112s go back to spawn please
3116s I was like are they really gonna do this
3118s and then I'm like Excel Academy like
3120s they're expecting this the side she
3121s plays really nicely into Wicker's
3123s wheelhouse because like I said Wick is a
3126s renowned multiplier she is incredibly
3128s good at playing that Mercy pocket and
3131s Bun on this forward the Synergy that
3133s these two players have is already
3135s absolutely insane given the fact that
3137s they've already played on Colonel Heroes
3138s teams with each other before and
3140s Timeless of real they've got Ezra in the
3142s hands though not the casting no
3144s traditional hitscan if they want to
3145s commit to this Pharmacy there's not
3147s gonna be a lot of easy characters but
3148s they're not going to if you're going to
3150s put butter onto that may they're going
3152s to run TV go on that ramatra and they're
3155s gonna see that it's died real soon with
3157s the Sonic coming through but do you
3159s really want to run a match against the
3160s Winston because the Winston's gonna jump
3161s away I I did politely request an on
3164s mirror matchup and this is exactly that
3166s can you say JUMP away but a well-timed
3168s ravenous Vortex could really ruin a win
3170s since day so that is cool or a narrative
3172s head that'll also do just backing away
3175s great immortality field there to keep
3177s them up with
3178s the follow-up from Jim and saw Hill the
3180s damage is just too much TV girl can kind
3183s of just sit on point and watch but
3184s that's the extent of their interaction
3185s with the Enemy team up until popping
3187s them is the score while their teams
3188s already lost two players you can trade
3190s for lizard wizard all you want but this
3192s is far from a one fight until you manage
3193s to put some damage onto that Winston
3195s yeah it was just back on the water as
3197s well now to see where if not Timeless
3198s apparel are going to hold aggressively
3199s on that high ground and push to some of
3201s these targets doesn't get that
3203s opportunity so it goes back onto the
3205s Hanzo as bonus actually trapped Behind
3207s Enemy Lines right now she is on mace
3209s it's gonna be a lot harder to push onto
3210s her given the fact that both that block
3211s and the wall is available in Timeless
3214s apparel they don't want to put
3215s themselves into a place where they can
3216s push through some of these hallways
3218s where they lose the ability especially
3219s for the Winston to be able to jump given
3221s the fact that there's a ceiling
3222s hindering that movement and that
3224s continued High Ground Control might be
3227s the undoing of Timeless inferior's
3229s defense because it denied azerite that
3231s push on ledge and nyxl Academy
3235s absolutely push through every single of
3239s Timeless apparel within seconds
3242s at first point done
3243s now this Winston I think it's gonna have
3245s a little bit of a tougher time as we
3247s head into much more narrow Pathways much
3249s more straightforward sight lines to
3250s shoot down the arrows of whisks are
3252s really going to start connecting
3254s as we begin to align things up you're
3255s looking more for those picks that open
3257s up that point to begin with
3259s they do have none other they do have
3261s Nana so they can open up with either a
3263s nano onto saw Hill which it does seem
3265s like they're going to be posturing
3266s towards yeah they were just jumping
3268s through Nano boosts are Primal Rage as
3270s well just in case you need that
3272s sustainability to be able to keep this
3273s choke hold control for Timeless referral
3275s but the maywe will come straight from
3276s bun Eliza and my Excel Academy that
3278s opportunity to retreat but it does mean
3281s the Nyx Academy have to use things like
3283s Annihilation to push the joke
3285s disgustingly good trade for the
3287s defending team
3288s to use Nano for a sound barrier that is
3291s any day of the week I'm taking that's
3293s all he'll does overcook a little bit uh
3296s with the Primal raid but that's all
3297s right let's see if they can disengage
3299s from the rest of the fight
3300s let's burn down TV girl and with that
3302s it'll put a stop to the aggression from
3303s nyxl Academy
3305s it even looked to fight back because
3307s they have that first spawn yeah soil's
3310s gonna be coming back in on the doomfist
3311s so they're able to push themselves back
3313s inside a lot faster as Cal sees that
3316s whisk was wanting that angle for the
3317s dragon's right to cut through the
3318s defense before they're able to reform
3320s hits the sleep on the ante and pushes
3322s the hands over
3324s all 10 members are back on the field we
3326s have to remind ourselves saw Hill taking
3328s down Wick in the meantime though shuts
3329s down the sound barrier charge on top of
3331s that it's back line for backline though
3332s TV girls doing the exact same thing a
3334s bob thrown down the lane as you would a
3336s bowling ball finishes off some remaining
3339s health bars and lays down the law on
3341s this Shield while Jim throws up Pulse
3343s bomb on the TV girl
3345s really Stark pressure being applied by
3348s Azure but well positioned at that swaps
3351s are coming through now as well both for
3353s timesaver and XY nyxl I can't catch that
3357s that's such
3359s remarkable to say continuously let's
3361s keep an eye on Jim they might decide to
3363s try and drop down and look for that one
3365s clip just to bait out that immortality
3367s field from care Oh but Cal is pretty
3369s close to that next Nana they're going to
3371s be able to use it for soil lizard wizard
3372s holding on to that cyber as well
3373s gorgeous antinate is going to slow my
3375s cell Academy down even further this one
3377s just doesn't get the timing to be able
3379s to use the blizzard until fully commits
3381s to the foot but they're also mobile
3383s they're going to be able to dodge out of
3385s the blizzard so easily
3387s is it out let's see if they can dodge it
3389s see if you're right here remarks saw
3391s Hill pretty well for wear right about
3393s now the blizzard does connect and
3394s separate people away but nobody is
3396s frozen up or taken down no tank now nyxl
3399s academy is their critical ultimate was
3401s dodged effectively no team the remainder
3404s of this fight two minutes on the clock
3405s now I'm just beginning to chip away yeah
3407s the none of this is gorgeous onto Soho
3409s it means that even though that Blizzard
3410s from bun does succeed and like you said
3412s cutting off the team the doomfist away
3414s from Kell's line of sight the none of it
3416s still does its job with the damage
3418s reduction and soy Hill even won the Nano
3420s boost Runs Out has the medium Strikers
3422s Jim is playing
3429s what it's better you better get this
3431s killed
3432s cow's not able to find the free tap and
3435s the Lucy was still alive making it back
3438s to her team but oh my goodness it was
3440s close
3442s it's cracked wait
3444s cow was a significantly better OverWatch
3446s play than I'll ever be I just have to
3447s accept that look at this again Titanite
3449s no they're all the entirety of the dive
3452s is like yeah we dive forward to get the
3454s honor none of them are thinking like
3455s half Cal's paying 40 underwater Mahjong
3460s with them in just putting them in
3462s Dimensions they've never even seen
3463s before yeah really good job as
3465s oftentimes the field to just Hound those
3467s members of my Excel Academy into that
3470s Pub to make sure that Cal has that line
3472s of sight or the Antony two land frontman
3474s into the angle of those players they're
3477s gonna have to play a little bit slower
3478s now however they do have things like the
3480s slave dot to try and deal with
3481s Annihilation the thing is sleep dot now
3483s only affects tanks for 3.5 seconds and
3486s unfortunately a lot of the time there
3488s isn't enough to be able to disengage and
3489s Annihilation but they decide to play
3490s aggressively okay none of this comes out
3492s onto solo immediately sleep down hits TV
3494s Eagle so they're not able to use
3495s Annihilation to peel it off and then
3497s when I say look at me he's gonna have to
3498s lose this fight and go back to respawn
3499s gracefully yeah I mean you're kind of
3502s surprised by the fact that they're
3503s playing aggressively but you're playing
3504s doofus you got one gear forward like
3506s there is no no question do you live and
3508s die by going forward there's no in
3510s between so he'll commit big and get some
3513s massive value for it yeah and they were
3515s able to interrupt both the same barrier
3516s and the amp Matrix coming through from
3518s my Excel Academy 2. so even though they
3520s have things like the blizzard azeri can
3522s literally just send the ball of it to be
3524s able to make sure that there's another
3525s body standing in the way of enlighten me
3527s taking advantage of that and Soho again
3529s goes aggressively I don't know why on
3531s the side is able to with the medial
3532s strike escape with their life turns back
3535s onto the members of nyhl Academy who had
3537s no choice but to use the blizzard as
3539s we're hitting overtime and they have to
3540s keep themselves on this payload but
3542s blizzard is now out and that was the
3544s best tool of isolating these members of
3546s Thomas to fill literally on the payload
3548s to allow nyxl Academy even more distance
3550s or even that second checkpoint to be
3552s picked up and Timeless to feel we said
3555s this composition might struggle in
3556s straight space but Street space is where
3558s they came alive
3559s yeah I mean they did a phenomenal job to
3561s swap over to the doomfist with it man
3563s fall Hill had their Goose hooked ASAP
3566s and there just wasn't an answer the
3568s pressure being applied on the back line
3569s was too much Timeless ethereal or
3571s constantly looking for ways to engage
3574s with nyxl were much more passive in
3576s their play trying to peel away the
3578s doomfist and often in games if you ever
3580s find yourself fighting the doomfist
3582s you're fighting a losing battle yeah and
3584s I mean soil made sure that they had to
3586s fight them as well like the amount of
3588s times would jump in when nyxel Academy
3590s were literally just about to make that
3592s move when Carol had just used ant Matrix
3594s or wicker was using sound bar so that my
3596s Excel Academy could put TV girl into
3598s that front line and try and use this
3600s romantra to brawl into the backline
3602s really doing such a good job of just
3605s disrupting the tempo picked up for this
3607s channel I'm coming in with these really
3609s good punches too getting the connections
3611s onto the wall so you get that stagger
3613s that you get that little bit of downtime
3615s where you're able to have Cal move
3617s forward into a more aggressive position
3618s and play off of those moments however
3620s for an anti-nude or sleep dad or just to
3623s be able to make sure that soil survives
3624s when meteor strike isn't built up
3628s see if things change here on the second
3629s round saw Hill obviously looking to make
3631s a lot of space can control those High
3633s grounds phenomenally
3634s Jim is offering up afar but I think
3636s they're actually just gonna do that cool
3638s punk Widow shot
3640s [Music]
3641s I think a lot of teams are actually
3642s super wising up to it at The Conch out
3645s yeah everything connects hero swabs are
3648s plenty inbound but
3650s oh yeah we see a game plan change for
3652s either side now times they really found
3653s what works in my Excel of how to find an
3656s anther after The High Ground For Thought
3658s Hill and automatically with doesn't even
3661s know what hit them before it hit them
3664s saw Hill makes out like a bandit you can
3666s see TV shows trying to engage onto this
3669s they're trying to make something happen
3670s it's just not going to though the Dukes
3673s has such a immediate impact on the
3675s background but they're much really has
3676s to force the engagement and because
3678s lizards is doing such a phenomenal job
3680s of peeling them away there's just not
3681s much you can really do against it well I
3684s mean you can have fun hit a 2K
3687s that's all you can do against it you can
3689s take held on immediately and then even
3691s though is still able to survive and
3693s sustain themselves with the extra little
3695s bit of shielding from power block still
3697s not going to be able to find even one
3698s tick of this point and Bun is almost out
3700s of blizzard blizzard wizard not going to
3702s have the sign party though this is the
3703s same fruit you have all of this pressure
3705s coming through from bun I love the fact
3706s that NY cell accounting they're not
3708s putting themselves into the high rank
3709s whether painting the target oil instead
3711s they're playing around the choke being
3712s able to use the spaces to isolate the
3715s doomfist with that wall as somehow stuck
3717s in the power block form and finally the
3719s tank is taken down before they're able
3720s to find that impact that we saw in the
3722s first fight big Advantage now for nyxl
3726s Academy and having those ultimates but I
3728s suppose not in players anymore TV girl
3731s and wicker are down in I mean that
3732s should as good as done should get them
3735s over the line Tahoe can continually die
3736s this background there's not a damage I
3737s should actually take them down
3739s Academy
3742s fortunately it's just fallen short off
3744s of a couple small mistakes in the face
3746s of Jim yeah Nana ghost from uh cow onto
3749s Soho is is honestly time perfectly too
3751s they know that bun is going to have that
3752s blizzard they know that lizard was a
3754s wizard does not have sign bar built up
3756s so they use the front of the doomfist
3757s potentially punching them they and
3760s canceling throwing the blizzard this
3762s dolphin works out I came from using the
3763s ultimate advantage of soil almost gets
3766s zoned out by that may well they deal
3768s whenever lose as a ray to the zone that
3771s comes out from the rimatra TV you're not
3773s going to be slapped to Soho with that
3775s none of this again comes into the frame
3778s media fight to be able to push out that
3780s immortality field fun using the blizzard
3782s trying to split the team from being able
3783s to help the student first out as it's
3785s going to be able to do its job even
3787s though they had the initial impact of
3789s the fight the Blizzard from one saves
3791s nyxl Academy's defense round joke yeah I
3795s mean I think you're pretty happy with
3796s that if your channel is ethereal though
3797s I mean you got to sound barrier for it
3798s along with blizzard like
3800s I'll put that trade
3803s control of Choke you've lost you've lost
3805s one space where the maze at its most
3806s powerful to what street phase
3811s tickle the bottom of his gym and
3814s immediately nyxl Academy just get to
3816s forge right back to that same spot that
3819s turns to feel struggled to get past so
3820s much
3822s that's the square one so the thief but
3825s they've got openness to boots Bob
3827s throwing into the back line not too much
3828s of an answer to it either there's no
3830s sleep for it button doesn't have the ice
3831s block either
3833s Bob's burnt down eventually but now the
3835s only zoning tool they have
3836s instrumentational TV girls popped I saw
3838s him on the background there's only so
3839s much you can do with sound barrier has
3840s been used as well by Thomas material so
3842s he can just push through this without
3842s okay or Dead Eye though
3845s evens the fight up a lot it's all he'll
3847s know down all they have to do is survive
3849s but it's much easier said than done all
3850s you have for healing is a Lucio times
3852s material recognize that weakness and
3854s immediately pounce yeah and they're
3856s going to have a whole amount of time as
3858s well so even if they lose this next
3859s fight given how many ultimates that they
3861s had to throw they're going to be more
3863s than happy however like you said I don't
3864s think they're going to work they're
3866s going to have a nano boost they're going
3867s to have meteors Academy having to swap
3869s onto the do investigator and tap TV girl
3871s does manage to make it but they go
3873s incredibly low as a result media strike
3875s Knight comes through from Thomas I feel
3876s denying immortality field for nyxl to
3879s keep throwing themselves onto the
3880s payload an ethereal even things up we
3884s are heading into a map number three one
3886s two one both of these teams are not
3889s giving up any Gap they do not want to be
3892s taking their first l in the bracket and
3896s you can see the adaptation that's going
3898s through their heads they know they
3900s identify the time so farewell the
3901s Winston's not working out they can't
3903s really dive without losing the Winston
3905s in the process given the fact that that
3906s bubbles health bar has been reduced by
3908s so much and there's a handle on the
3910s other side so you're just going to be
3911s able to Lunge away from that initial
3912s dive all climb your way back onto that
3914s High Ground you still married to Blitz
3916s through the Winston bubble and then you
3918s don't have a tank to peel for your
3919s backline you're going to just lose all
3921s of your cards all of your pieces of the
3924s puzzle and they go do you know what's
3925s going to work great deal first because
3927s there's there's no direct counter to it
3929s we don't see a Sombra come through we
3930s don't see an Anna come through we don't
3932s see any sort of break concussive with
3934s the shield from that rally to come
3935s through soil literally just gets a
3939s playing field every single time they
3941s punch in they know that there isn't
3943s really anything that's going to stop
3944s them or knock them back or cancel like
3946s that punch because there isn't even a
3947s Reinhardt to be able to counter charge
3949s it yeah and I think you have to give a
3951s lot of the credit as well to the support
3952s line behind saw because of just how hard
3955s it is to survive without that tank
3956s constantly being there to keep you up
3958s especially in the face of a ram that was
3960s constantly looking to run you down they
3963s did a great job of keeping themselves
3964s alive in some sticky situations that
3966s being said we've got a real game on our
3968s hands and I feel like going to three is
3970s about the only thing that this series
3971s like genuinely deserves coming in yeah
3973s with two teams that are completely The
3975s Undefeated that have names like Timeless
3977s and nyxl attached to them you deserve a
3979s match number three and I think both
3980s these teams are putting up final level
3983s performances between one another and the
3985s adaptation has to continue that's the
3987s big thing for me right when you're both
3988s feeling rosters this large the whole
3990s thing turns into a game of chess and it
3992s may be short it may still be three maps
3993s that just means that the time you have
3995s to adapt is less so you have to see an
3997s immediate flip by Timeless we need to
3998s see an immediate reaction and what
4000s that's going to be in map number three
4001s up to them but we can certainly
4003s speculate yeah like you said it is going
4005s to come down to your adaptation we've
4006s seen the tennis Trail have been able to
4008s adapt that they've been able to uh field
4011s this doomfist that they're going to be
4013s able to find a lot of value from it
4015s being able to come through given the
4016s fact that like you said it felt like
4017s they were trying to fight the Doom first
4019s more often than not a lot of the time
4021s the play that you want to make is go
4022s past the Doom first so that you can push
4024s onto the backline gift and that doomfist
4026s is incredibly vulnerable when he doesn't
4028s have something like an annivers healing
4029s him through all of that damage that he
4031s takes the problem is that Cal is doing
4034s just such a good job of surviving long
4037s enough so when we were seeing soil they
4039s were punching in they were finding that
4040s first pick and then they had enough time
4042s to be able to Circle back to their Anna
4044s and their movement was insane when we
4046s saw that first pick onto the Hanzo at
4047s the very opening of them pushing onto
4049s King's Row literally Hansel evaporates
4052s and then two seconds later we cut back
4054s to soil and they've been able to punch
4056s all the way back towards statue to stop
4058s the rimatra from walking onto their
4059s backline and that's going to have to be
4061s something that we see moving forward
4063s that they're going to be able to deal
4065s with you have to kill this back line
4066s before the doomfist can get back in time
4068s to peel for them you want the good news
4070s of the bad news actually the same thing
4072s we're going to Havana I think doomfist
4074s instruments are not being played anymore
4075s I think we're in Sigma territory pretty
4077s firmly for both of these teams heading
4079s into Havana I I think that's probably
4080s the adaptation that we're going to see
4082s take the fight and win against the
4084s doomfist by not playing a doomfist take
4086s us there we go now we're thinking well
4089s we are going to see the sigma match up
4091s my concern here is that we've seen
4095s Timeless walk away from that may nyxl
4099s Academy having uh lost that map got to
4102s pick this one and it is no surprises
4105s that we are most likely going to be
4107s seeing Bon go for the me and nyxl
4110s Academy is trying to shave off as much
4112s time as possible on the initial spawn
4113s hold
4115s curious it's honestly been a minute
4117s since we've seen the attempted spawn
4118s hold the last time I saw it was when a
4120s team got full held in Pro-Am and then
4123s following that it was
4125s not really the most common thing to go
4127s for these days especially since teams
4129s have found a lot of really creative ways
4130s to break it without that second tank it
4132s does become a lot more difficult to have
4134s that longevity impositions like that
4136s because of the fragility of the hold
4138s itself this map is by and large come
4140s very much down to snipers and if we're
4142s gonna talk snipers nyxl Academy yep
4145s you've got two players who can
4147s absolutely load up the long distance
4149s damage not to mention a player literally
4151s named Sniper playing tanks I don't know
4153s what you want
4154s let's get inside you've got three
4155s snipers right well we're headed away
4158s from the 2-2-2 rule or I guess the the
4160s two two one roll lock oh you may be
4163s nostalgic you may be nostalgic we're
4165s going into with three three snipers like
4167s this we're heading into Chengdu Hunter's
4169s territory you know
4170s Uncharted land in these years you know
4173s it's a terrible day for rain and I don't
4176s think Ivana even has a mode on it so
4178s it's still going to be nice and sunny as
4181s we we head in to have a look at what
4183s these teams are going to be building
4184s like you said we have since seen a
4186s movement away from the mate especially
4188s because the main composition it worked
4190s so well when you had something like a
4191s rhino to be able to follow what happened
4193s since we haven't seen any substitutions
4195s come through in the form of Kindred
4197s swapping in for Sniper it's likely but
4200s 99.9 going to be a sigma pick coming
4203s through from this team and Timeless
4206s ethereal are probably going to have to
4208s match the sigma even if they want to try
4209s and Run the game first which it's still
4211s a viable option Sigma just has a lot
4214s more options to dealing with the Doom
4216s namely accretion if you're able to land
4218s that accretion onto the Doom as he's
4220s punching in you are going to deny a lot
4223s of opening that the doomfist is looking
4224s to be able to give their DPS entrance to
4227s I mean that being said as well like
4229s Sigma yes can play well into the
4232s doomfist if you're able to hit your
4233s abilities Havana just doesn't play that
4235s well into the doomfist you have a lot of
4237s Mobility but it's one of those times
4238s where it's like do you want to spend
4240s every last bit of that Mobility just to
4242s get into position and likely get shot
4243s down not likely it's like circuit Royale
4246s Sigma is the law and if a team's not
4248s running it here that's that's a big
4250s surprise right like something that we
4251s should definitely keep our eyes on
4252s should it happen but right now I'm
4255s assuming that's the case and that's when
4256s we start looking towards snipers towards
4258s those back lines who really start
4260s applying the pressure so we've seen a
4261s lot of impressive stuff from the likes
4263s of Jim and Azure at that mid to close
4265s range but at long range it gets a DPS
4267s lineup of nyxl it's gonna be pretty
4269s tough that being said we'll string them
4271s uh is cow who can dish out a lot of
4275s damage from range so be careful don't
4277s doubt that support line especially when
4279s you're talking about a map that is so
4281s pendant on its ability to Output more
4283s damage yeah because I mean you want to
4285s talk about MXL having quite lipstick
4287s phrase snipers Timeless apparel do
4289s technically have free DPS because Cal
4291s unbaptist has two of these right these
4295s DPS is like to town let's go being taken
4298s down by a cow when we were opening up
4300s onto a sub-level on Antarctic all the
4303s way back on on map number one when these
4305s two teams were going head-to-head and if
4307s we're seeing the sigma we're going to be
4309s seeing the Baptist we might even get to
4311s see something like this on yada to be
4313s able to come through when Discord that
4315s brings a whole host of other
4317s interactions and how you want to play
4319s how you want to poke how you want to
4321s peek around these angles how aggressive
4324s your DPS can being into controlling High
4326s Ground because they don't want to walk
4327s straight into this and just volley
4329s slamming their heads to the second that
4331s they peek their heads above the power of
4333s that
4334s we'll see what kind of long range
4335s excitement we get but we're gonna bring
4337s this last one to you in just a little
4338s bit keep the excitement rolling keep the
4340s tension High final map of the series
4343s comes after this break
4349s [Music]
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4420s [Music]
4436s thank you
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4461s [Music]
4513s thank you
4518s foreign
4532s got your water got your halftime orange
4535s slices more importantly than anything
4537s if you're gonna need every bit of
4539s glucose in them things this thing's only
4541s getting better Havana mat number three
4542s is upon us highlighted it Max plenty of
4545s stuff to look forward to but definitely
4547s some compositional changes in the mix
4548s yeah and I mean this could be a very
4550s short
4551s this could be a very very long that's
4554s that's sort of the two extremes of
4555s Havana right you either get entirely
4557s full held or we see you come into points
4560s the attacking with something like five
4561s minutes in the bag and you still get
4563s held because points is just so favored
4565s towards the defense of things like The
4566s High Ground access the gate Chokehold to
4569s be able to really play around with
4571s finding those struggling picks before
4573s fights even begin and again that puts a
4575s lot of pressure on your DPS because like
4577s we've said we've talked about we could
4579s see things like the composition stops
4580s come through we're likely going to be
4581s seeing a movement away from the matter
4583s or the die of the Doom first and instead
4585s just focusing entirely on the sigma but
4588s this meant There Is No Illusion around
4589s it it is built entirely around your DPS
4593s running the show and nyxl Academy
4596s decide to defend first and oh that's a
4599s little bit of a surprise to you because
4601s during the break you're like oh I'm
4603s guessing MXL Academy are going to be
4604s attacking first but I didn't choose the
4607s defend first I almost got the choice I
4609s almost chose attack Timeless show his
4611s attack okay yeah there was it was the
4613s map pick by Nyx look at it yeah that
4615s does make that make a little bit more
4617s sense but wisp is going to be running on
4618s that Widow Bonnie's going wait it still
4620s doesn't make sense
4622s and Carol is going to be on that then so
4625s we are going to have that Discord all
4626s coming through into the mix and that's
4628s going to impact a lot of hard times to
4631s feel are able to peek around these
4633s Corners as we're going to be on the
4634s water to try and duel wisps and keep
4636s that attention focused on the sniper as
4639s opposed to taking the easier route of
4641s trying to take Cal out of the fight Jim
4644s running out of the Sombra committing it
4646s it's not just a spy check at the moment
4648s they're going all the way around the
4649s back just giving that Intel to azeroy of
4651s knowing where wisps is most likely going
4653s to be playing so that you don't jump
4655s into the firing fan as fun headshots to
4659s the song but at least you know where
4660s she's playing over on over under on swap
4662s over on an insta swap running three two
4664s one game stays on the Sandra wow if I
4667s get cleaned like that I'm swapping
4668s Heroes instantly it's just it's a mental
4670s thing
4671s I think they just want the Sombra to be
4673s able to got extra pressure on camera on
4675s design right getting the hacks being
4677s able to stop the Transcendence from
4678s stopping at six o'clock I I don't know
4680s it's yes you can trying to cross these
4683s sight lines as Saunders like playing a
4685s demented game of Frogger Jim's only been
4687s half successful in doing so but a
4688s hundred percent successful in taking
4690s down bundle on the second try that is
4692s now looking for the players lurking
4694s beneath this High Ground they've got him
4696s completely segmented out great control
4699s by Timeless ethereal now they can
4701s continue to push forward with the space
4702s they've made players looking 180 degrees
4704s at the somber means that their heads are
4706s clean for the taking from azure
4709s first fight yeah and Jim because that
4711s are getting that Intel means that
4713s they're conveying that information to
4715s Azurite as opposed to Whispers having to
4717s rely on Bon Sonics to be able to give
4719s away where the enemy is playing from
4720s it's a huge leg up for this Widow in the
4722s paranoid yours and Marx Academy having
4724s lost that first fight don't have the
4726s initial defensive position for that
4728s Widowmaker instead they have intruded
4729s into azeros
4731s now holding the second part a lot easier
4733s than holding forward in the First on
4735s Havana this one does come a lot down to
4738s the tank
4739s the tank that's all hell's got to make
4740s the initial space his first five meters
4742s push past these little Billboards here
4743s and then you can look to really deal the
4745s damage great hack by Jim opened things
4748s up they've got an EMP should they need
4749s it but it doesn't look like they even
4751s knew phenomenally played by Timeless
4753s cereal and again the coordination with
4755s that hack cannot be congratulated enough
4757s really brings up yeah and it means that
4760s MXL account I mean they can't really
4761s play around the stickman Shield either
4762s should deny the shots from azeroy so you
4764s have a look at the positioning Carol is
4766s playing offense out of line of sight
4768s Wick is all the way on the back towards
4770s that health pack when TV TV girl gets
4772s aggressed upon no one is in position to
4774s be able to save them and Timeless
4776s referral off of another pick onto wisps
4778s they do list as a ray but they're still
4780s going to have momentum heading into this
4782s next fight but might just have to use
4783s this Dragon strike to force ethereal
4785s back and allow Academy the time to be
4787s able to recover
4789s fortunately I do managed to trade one
4791s back
4792s it's difficult though in the face of Jim
4793s who has been running the lobby for the
4796s better part of the I mean ever since
4798s they took that initial arrow to the Head
4800s things change big time but they didn't
4802s swap
4807s more than enough for both teams we're in
4809s for a kitchen sink fight this thing's
4811s gonna get very dirty very quick EMP
4813s counters are gravitic flux how much else
4817s found off the back of it goes down
4818s that's the opening they were looking for
4820s now into the small room goes TV all
4821s trying to contest it and they do
4823s everyone shoved in there by the dragon
4825s it's basically a rock and a hard place
4827s situation for any player trying to lift
4829s through that yeah Jim is still going to
4831s be alive we'll be able to connect the
4833s hack onto TV goals it's going to
4834s continue to pester that segment building
4836s towards that next EMP so Hill is going
4838s to have the sigma flux and Karen has to
4840s be so careful that they don't get hacked
4842s out of being able to use transcends to
4843s save the team there's all no TV go got
4846s split away from that team isolated on
4848s the staircase and taken down
4851s I mean we're overheating a little bit
4852s and that is likely the fight was picking
4855s up as a raise nice but it certainly not
4857s enough to consider it taken back quite
4859s yet especially when Sol Hill has this
4861s dribited flux they can use it so
4863s aggressively should they need to just
4864s keep people off the cart in moments like
4865s this
4867s NTV girl go back TV girl is back
4869s save so nyxl do Escape without having
4873s had to give up the point the flexi was
4874s aggressively though
4876s is nice Paul to tranth in response now
4878s all the tools have been laid out on the
4879s ground who can win this neutral fight
4881s the position certainly pretty good for
4882s Thomas ethereal who have The High Ground
4883s completely surrounded TV girl forced to
4886s drop but that leaves the rest of the
4887s team completely vulnerable the hack onto
4889s the tank now means they are Marked for
4892s Death they're able to trade one back but
4893s it's gonna come up to the DPS to really
4895s clutch this one out and Wisp and Bun are
4897s up through the task a couple more health
4900s bars to get through but they just
4901s managed to do it now 1v1 appoint Sigma
4904s and Tracer with blow recall at hand pops
4907s into stay at 150 the followers there
4908s though and saw Hill takes it home for
4911s times of turtle
4912s let's get across the line too before
4914s wicker comes in the Cavalry arrive but
4917s all but a moment too late oh and the
4919s Stagger pit comes on to Wicker as well
4921s she had to go into brigitta to try to
4924s deal with this Sombra in that contest of
4926s the payload and as a result she is going
4928s to go down 30 seconds after the rest of
4931s her team now we're going to see the swap
4932s back onto their Baptist whips off of the
4934s Tracer back onto the Widowmaker you have
4936s to go Widow to be able to keep Azure
4937s contested the grapple shot comes through
4939s from wisps but as already connects and
4941s keeps the Widowmaker in check allowing
4943s Jim to be able to move forward
4944s aggressively and take fun down before
4946s that Dragon strike can finalize this
4948s azerite hides behind the payload and
4950s wait to see whether or not whisper is
4951s going to push him I was short-lived TV
4953s girl tried to pop the ground flux and
4956s immediately found the wrong end of a
4957s hack again whis wins the Widow duel but
4960s team loses the fight unfortunately it's
4962s just a bit too late yeah Jim did use EMP
4965s at the same time as Cal using
4967s Transcendence though so they're not
4968s going to be able to have that to survive
4970s the dragon strike to come through and
4973s that's going to be something that
4974s ethereal are going to be exceptionally
4976s concerned about given where that payload
4978s has stopped it's right on bridge there's
4982s not a lot of room for you to be able to
4984s walk away from the dragon damage if it
4985s comes down directly across that payload
4988s and worse if you move towards the
4992s sidelines out of that Dragon strike you
4994s walk straight into sight of the
4996s Widowmaker setup on The High Ground so
4999s they can play this really nicely they
5000s can use that dragons like to bait people
5002s into walking into azerite and the thing
5005s with defending Havana on point C is you
5007s need one fight win so be able to keep
5010s retaining that high ground control and
5012s allowing your snipers to be able to just
5014s pick off one by one players emerging
5016s from that attacking spawn so that even
5018s if teams coming in with something like
5020s three minutes or over on the clock very
5022s quickly see it dwindle 9 to 30 seconds
5025s oh it turns out hassles pretty hard to
5028s attack into somewhat somewhat well
5029s designed the people who came up with
5031s that idea
5035s unfortunately you need a couple of
5037s grading on the window
5039s man it was like hot omnic that they
5041s didn't stand much of a chance that means
5042s it
5043s buddy looking at the castle right now
5045s it's so bright we got to point C and
5047s we're on like the nighttime version of
5048s the map and our fly-throughs in the
5050s daytime and it felt like when you like
5051s pick your phone up at night and it's on
5052s full brightness and I just got blast
5055s when you're wearing that the tinted
5057s sunglasses right and you have them on
5059s for for about 20 minutes and then you
5060s take them off and you're like oh my eyes
5062s I just got like flashbanged IRL
5064s [Laughter]
5068s oh when it hits you so hard you get
5070s transported back into OverWatch one yeah
5073s we're going on the Nostalgia trip today
5076s though we're going full full Nostalgia
5078s trip what could make it more nostalgic I
5081s feel like we've seen plenty of like
5082s changed Heroes I guess Ivana hasn't
5085s changed that much in how you play it
5086s yeah it's still very very strong like
5089s you just gravel Widowmaker or a hand so
5091s you control and retain that that High
5093s Ground contest you would think the
5095s Widowmaker duel would matter matter more
5097s but whisp has won it like nine times out
5098s of ten and I still still see that team
5101s on the back foot in my Excel Academy
5103s the capitalization on the Widow duels
5106s hasn't exactly been there but I think
5107s that also tells you that the attention
5108s in timeless's Widow has been just in
5111s other places and I think well applied at
5113s that it's often said that not taking the
5116s Widow duel is the best option in the
5117s Widow duel and I think they're getting
5119s away with that more often than not yeah
5121s and Jim remember doesn't need to take
5122s that with a jewel because you have
5124s stealth so especially
5127s yeah and it's gonna get even worse
5129s because looking at Havana C you have so
5133s many backways into these fights like you
5135s said trying to push the Sombra through
5137s on point a is very much demented frog
5140s it's bullet hell but the somber is is
5142s essentially playing DDR and have to go
5144s left left right right turn tight hacking
5146s a little side step twice to be able to
5149s escape all of that damage and just Spam
5150s coming through but now that you have
5153s access to point C you can go underneath
5155s the bridge you can pop up in the back
5156s you can try and take that with a maker
5158s down because that's another thing that's
5160s like playing into the heads of nyxl
5162s Academy not only do they have to worry
5164s about what potentially a wooden maker is
5166s going to Grapple up into site from they
5167s also have to worry that if they split
5169s themselves too far apart especially that
5172s back line Jim is just gonna show up in
5175s one clip someone and when you're running
5177s a Zenyatta and you're relying on that
5179s Discord up for being one of the best
5181s tools at keeping that attacking team in
5183s check of just aggressively pushing
5185s forward you can't lose the Zen before
5187s the fight begins it's wild legit for
5190s getting that at the beginning yeah I
5191s mean we have to start there getting solo
5193s kills on Sombra on this map where your
5195s back line is already so insulated it
5198s should not be a thing that you're really
5199s ever giving up I have to give credit to
5201s Jim but there's also like a wait a
5202s minute what's going on in that back line
5203s that you're not able to survive against
5204s a Sombra like this should be pretty
5206s textbook stuff that we're just like
5208s making sure we're doing but Jim is
5209s consistently getting hit at their pick
5211s after pick and upper gets them to team
5213s with Hanzo and Zenyatta had two
5216s characters now at least when I play
5217s Sombra just put bullets in my head when
5220s I D cloak near them so I don't know what
5221s what Jim had for breakfast if he ate his
5224s weed he ate the Corn Flakes but it's
5226s something different I'll tell you what
5227s yeah they're doing really good as well
5229s because like you see whenever we we head
5231s over to the POV of the hands right
5234s Sonics are going down into the ground
5242s detectors are on
5246s uh yeah it detecting Jen's easier said
5248s than done you know it's oh it's so hard
5251s as a team especially when you're lacking
5253s those Sonics when the Sonics are going
5255s down to trying to keep track of the
5257s hanzos surroundings when the Sombra pops
5259s up again it just denies that vein of
5262s information for the backline to know
5264s where the Sombra is going to be like
5265s yeah you can maybe checklist the area
5267s like okay Jim's not showing up around at
5269s Sonic we're going to know that they're
5271s not around at a Hanzo but that would
5273s just make me Ward because if I'm in a
5275s Zen or a baptism I'm like okay the storm
5277s is not near the hand so that's
5279s immediately going to fall into line of
5280s thinking they've got to be near me
5282s instead I think your approach to how
5285s you're thinking about the game is very
5286s different from mine right like they're
5287s youth players are playing an FPS game
5289s whereas the the back line playing in the
5291s gym is playing Survival horror very
5293s different experiences all together uh I
5296s feel like you have to start with
5297s background and then work your way up
5298s like go go collect some items see if you
5300s could take them down then
5302s uh it's been a rough time rough time
5305s here for our PCS couple of crashes in
5307s and
5307s this is
5309s the the flashing torch that that like
5313s clicks on and off and then slowly just
5315s just stops yeah you need more batteries
5317s for your flashlight
5320s oh man we will go collect some more
5322s batteries for our broadcast so you guys
5323s can go recharge as well we'll be right
5325s back after a quick break
5330s [Music]
5355s [Music]
5360s thank you
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5405s thank you
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5470s foreign
5472s [Music]
5494s [Music]
5514s foreign
5518s welcome back everybody our brief
5521s reprieve is brought in on a Havana sea
5524s point that looks difficult right now for
5525s nyxl Academy to defend a lot of tools up
5528s it's Timeless ethereal notably Jim it
5531s was a weapon with or without an ultimate
5533s yeah they are looking for this hack to
5535s connect onto bonds or well aware of the
5538s dragonfly to come through but the Hat
5540s Comes Down onto the Baptist denying what
5543s should have been immortality field oh
5544s the Wicker is actually able to find it
5546s before the hack is able to come out and
5548s as a result that cycloflux does not find
5550s the kills they were looking for we're
5552s not done yet we're not done yet in fact
5554s this is phenomenal for Timeless ethereal
5556s who forced out a Transcendence invasive
5559s not much pressure to be completely
5560s honest I didn't even manage the same
5567s but overall I think a great trade for
5570s Timeless ethereal Jim just use the MP
5573s and they're already 60 to the next one
5577s this this Sombra this Sombra is is
5580s actually insane coming through from
5581s Timeless everyone this is gonna be
5582s something for the MXL are incredibly
5584s worried about because that EMP can
5586s disable both wicker and carer two of the
5589s backlines that are relying on
5591s survivability the immortality field
5592s cannot save you if you are hacked out by
5594s the sunrise we see wisps just going
5596s Ariel for Nazarite Returns the favor
5599s grapples up and with the Discord Landing
5601s onto wisps he's able to do the damage to
5603s take them down I think Ezra heard me
5605s talking trash on the broadcast saying
5607s that it's been won most of the Widow
5609s doors up until now that's like two in a
5611s row
5612s things that you need more than that to
5614s actually win this point either said than
5616s done one of the difficult Parts with
5617s Widow on this point is yes you can you
5620s can take three quarters of the vanity
5622s but once you actually need to push into
5624s the castle she's uh
5626s toothless to say the least
5628s yeah Jim though is going to be able to
5630s come in with EMP in this next fight the
5633s problem is my Excel Academy are going to
5635s have both Sigma flux and amplification
5637s Matrix and they can play themselves so
5639s that they split enough you can already
5641s see Caro just distancing themselves from
5643s that front line as Jim heads underneath
5646s the bridge wants to have this angle to
5648s connect onto these members of nyxel
5650s Academy set up looking for that angle
5654s for amp Matrix and there it is the hack
5655s onto the bat does deny the ability to be
5658s able to use the amp but immediately it
5660s comes out that could not have been
5663s better timed
5667s it looked like Checkmate I mean when how
5670s often do you see a team come into a
5671s fight with EMP trance and walk out
5674s losing it but headshots Galore connect
5678s from snipers and they just don't care
5679s about trance yeah that's the thing
5682s Transcendence blocks a whole host of
5685s damage but it does not block the damage
5687s of headshots so for wisps and Bun it is
5690s literally just the time to be able to
5692s land those shots like you said Bon is
5694s then able to move up into the dragon
5695s strike sends it right down Main of
5697s bridge and time the safero can do
5699s absolutely button naught and says
5702s Unfortunately they had the EMP the EMP
5703s connected perfectly onto Wicked the
5707s problem is that the Sombra hack the way
5709s that it works is changed so that it only
5711s denies your ability for merely a split
5714s second compared to what it was in
5715s OverWatch 1 given that we've moved away
5717s from things like crowd control and
5719s ability denies come through to make the
5721s game a little bit more valuable for this
5723s fast-paced Tempo what tanks to be able
5725s to to find that vibe that they're
5726s looking for and not just be immediately
5728s stunted by things like a Sombra anime
5731s and a Brigida in their face and talking
5733s about it in their face that's exactly
5735s the game plan for Timeless cephyria you
5737s wanted to see a Reinhardt today though
5739s that wish is going to granted Jim is now
5742s off the Sombra onto that may and they
5744s are going to be looking for that early
5746s full hold I did not ask for a Reinhardt
5748s in this situation I would like it to be
5749s explicitly clear
5751s the the full hold here is I'm not the
5753s full one I suppose the early holes can
5755s take some time off the clock but
5757s definitely difficult more difficult to
5759s execute in OverWatch too
5761s in OverWatch one just given how fragile
5763s it is without that second tank to really
5765s get the job done no Excel Academy have
5767s their work cut out for them though a
5768s task has been set by Timeless ethereal
5771s question is can they capitalize the wall
5773s this isn't all of a sudden down that
5775s cooldown nyxl know that there's an
5777s opening and they take it as a raygon
5779s there's no more damage now for the side
5781s of Timeless ethereal they've got to find
5782s another way to get these kills they've
5784s got to get the Reinhardt into the back
5785s line it's a lot easier said than done
5787s but they do manage to get the Reinhard
5788s into the Front Line TV girl gets picked
5789s off without so much of the whisper of
5791s the immortality field was it answered by
5793s Wicca I mean the wall from gym actually
5796s blocked TV girl on the back line and as
5799s a result Wicca was not able to throw the
5801s immortality field in time to save that
5803s tank in the full hold it's not that for
5806s Thomas the fuel just yet but they have
5807s been able to live through that first
5808s fight Kevin by swapping onto the Zen
5810s volley soy Hill down and this should be
5813s a barrel backing out without that Ryan
5815s there was no one to really keep nyxl
5818s Academy from just pushing aggressively
5820s onto these squishies was talking that's
5822s why I don't like seeing the Reinhardt
5823s here because I know that if you go for
5825s this close hold it just means that I'm
5826s gonna have to watch you have to eat a
5828s volley of Zen orbs to the back of the
5829s head once and I just don't like watching
5831s reinhards have to suffer like that
5833s it's off the Rhine though for Thomas
5834s cereal well not this life we're sticking
5837s with it for now they're all sticking
5839s with it for now and that may or may not
5842s be a detriment granted they're going to
5844s be able to walk through TV girls like
5846s Michelle when the Shadows there but are
5848s they going to be able to get into a
5850s position to be able to use that shadow
5851s because boner ready is able to climb
5852s onto High Ground she's gonna have a
5854s really good angle with that Sonic giving
5856s all of the information off Thomas the
5857s Pharaohs push onto that High Ground as
5859s they look to drop down onto the members
5861s will then wear Excel
5865s that is owned well
5867s a rap from Timeless ethereal less than
5869s successful it will gain cart pressure
5871s they're getting picked apart from all
5873s different angles the high guard now
5874s claimed by whisk this should spell the
5876s end
5877s it feels like we're just in Reverse at
5879s the moment it's Timeless referral have
5881s unfortunately been pushed off of that
5883s Higher Ground into the main street of
5886s point a bon is just waiting the lizard
5889s Wizard and it's Cal actually who goes
5891s down first immortality field use that's
5893s right and Jim are both able to find the
5895s DPS on the other side however but TV
5898s goal still holding that in the front
5900s line with that Sigma flux is going to
5902s give significant cause for concern for
5904s this Recon test coming out from Imperial
5906s given that lizard footed and cow went
5908s down so early they're not going to have
5909s the mortality pills nor a sidebar bolts
5911s up to be able to sustain through the
5912s flocks
5915s pop TV girl no
5920s no dead on the billboard which caused
5922s them to stay down into the blizzard it
5925s doesn't matter too much because again
5926s closing that gap on the Reinhardt is
5928s just such an impossibility in a lot of
5931s these situations Kyle's got a nice angle
5932s on the flank but angles don't mean
5933s anything if you just don't have the
5934s health bars for them
5936s yeah well I mean you heard what they say
5938s about the entertainment industry door
5939s it's absolutely comfortable it's
5941s included as a TV girl will still be able
5944s to find the fight one for nyxl and now
5946s we see that movement what's going on to
5948s the Widowmaker as Roy sticking on the
5950s hands up at Jim moving over towards the
5952s traces soil most likely going to be
5953s sticking with Orion until the shadow has
5955s been expended and then swapping over to
5957s the sigma however that again opens up
5960s vulnerability for this team as the
5961s rotation comes through they have to go
5962s all the way to the high ground and
5963s already you can see this windshield is
5965s so low
5966s that was just how much time it took to
5968s get around to the cart think about how
5970s much more difficult it gets when you
5971s actually start getting shot at pressure
5973s you can start you want to engage under
5974s the Baptist and it does look mighty
5976s vulnerable yeah Wicca got out of
5977s position but it's traded for azer right
5979s spawns closer to that attacking side too
5981s it's something we should always be
5982s thinking about in moments like this
5984s until then though we just get a white
5988s endless game of chicken to be completely
5990s honest sawhill's trying to chase them
5991s down with the threat of that chatter
5994s nyfl Academy are forced to just
5996s continually run away in circles
5998s Unfortunately they are a lot slower than
6000s team Fielding Lucio Jim again just
6002s controls all of those off angles there's
6004s the Shadows he's going to save them for
6006s a little bit of time but Cal is still
6009s going to be able to take care of her
6010s down like you said it did feel just a
6011s little bit personal I would expect now
6014s to maybe see the sigma swap but
6015s unfortunately you're not gonna have
6017s access to your spawn point unlike nyxl
6019s Academy so now we see the Swap come
6021s through from bun on that Tracer just to
6024s push into the Spy climb past the spawn
6025s hold of feral are looking to set up I
6027s think it's simple clock right I think
6030s you just need to get away from the Widow
6032s yeah they do that on over to the Tracer
6034s whisp over to the Cassidy time ethereal
6037s are going to continue this and I know it
6038s looks wow okay I was gonna say I know it
6040s looks bad but this looks I I disagree
6043s with I think a little bit uh but Thomas
6046s ethereal in theory should have just like
6047s had ultimate advantages and then that
6049s should just be NYX I'll come back
6050s eventually but seeing as I bet their
6052s ground flux uh it might last a little
6055s bit longer okay and then I was in the
6057s Subscribe bonds going onto the main TV
6058s go on to the rimatra looking to punish
6061s this Reinhardt pick remember when the
6063s Ryan Shields funnel still goes through
6065s it and connects onto all of the members
6066s of referral hiding behind solo and as a
6069s result now we see them give up that
6071s prior aggressive spot and immediately
6074s pull back so that azerite has that
6076s opportunity to try and find a pick
6077s before the fight starts
6082s the ultimates in tow now there are
6084s options for nyxl Academy of course
6086s trying to keep your distance and playing
6087s for that ant Matrix is one of those key
6089s ones ethereal yeah you can match the
6092s application Matrix but you just don't
6094s have the same amount of damage output
6095s through it and that's the big problem
6096s they're facing right now that High
6097s Ground has been claimed starkly inyxl
6100s Academy is only cow left up there but
6102s he's using it wisely right about now
6104s throw down all sorts of healing onto the
6107s likes you saw Hill phenomenal stuff by
6110s the back line of times ethereal yet
6111s again yeah Sohail honestly makes such a
6114s good spot play as well they get isolated
6117s by buns mayweal which should be the end
6119s for that Reinhardt right but the call
6121s comes through they give up that High
6123s Ground Control slow Hill drops to the
6125s ground the rest of the team joining
6127s alongside to play away from those ant
6129s matrixes and everyone is so focused on
6131s trying to take that Reinhardt out that
6134s Cal just gets to hide themselves up on
6136s that High Ground ledge and heal the
6139s Reinhardt all the way up to full so what
6141s should have been a brilliant stuff for
6143s nyxl Academy where finally they're able
6145s to break up from Spawn finally they have
6146s that room to be able to play their DPS
6148s with so that the Cassidy can take full
6150s advantage of the distance that you have
6152s access to with that six shooter and it
6155s just doesn't happen and now they're
6157s going to have to do it all over again
6158s except this time they don't have an amp
6160s Matrix to open up the fight within spook
6162s this Reinhardt composition from just
6164s walking straight onto them yeah wasn't
6166s the the change you expected to see in
6168s this series be completely honest for all
6170s of the compositional mismatches we've
6172s got the Reinhardt coming out last minute
6175s on this map no less when you can go for
6177s the spawn hold with the ram it is really
6179s interesting to see that being said I do
6181s think the RAM on second point should
6182s play pretty well now it's just about
6184s getting back up on the horse because I
6186s feel like that's something that we've
6187s really lost sight of thus far for nyxl
6190s is being able to come back in on top of
6193s ultimate the ultimate economy has
6194s seemingly just been thrown out the
6195s window kind of for either side but the
6197s Defenders are doing a better job of
6199s making sure that it is a much more
6201s controlled burning of the ultimate
6203s economy
6204s I think like a large part as well to
6206s Timeless of your success on this map has
6209s kind of just uncomfortability that
6211s they've put into nyxl Academy where we
6213s were talking about what we expected to
6215s see and Thomasville have just blocked
6217s all expectations they've thrown off all
6220s of the tank picks that we're expecting
6222s to see the Reinhardt coming through yeah
6224s it's expected maybe on point a
6225s especially alongside them maybe keeping
6227s it on point B definitely not something
6229s you're going to be screwing practicing
6231s for as well as that Sombra pick when
6234s they were attacking again that's not
6236s something that you're expecting not
6237s something you're practicing also all of
6239s these rotations that they're having to
6241s make a lot of it is coming down to
6243s adaptations on the Fly and that's where
6245s things can get a little bit messy a
6247s little bit uncoordinated and that's what
6249s this composition is looking to punish
6251s you have that Reinhardt you have to lose
6252s you the second you see one person out of
6255s place on nyxl Academy's composition you
6258s have the means to be able to close up
6260s the distance and punish and we are
6263s seeing it up close and Pro personal
6264s Timeless of furious rotations especially
6267s around point B where the Reinhardt
6269s composition pulls off significantly have
6272s been masterful
6273s I mean they've done a fantastic job of
6275s Shifting the composition depending on
6277s which part of the map they're on it can
6278s be exceeding and excruciatingly hard on
6281s certain parts of the map but they're
6282s sticking to their guns and so far it's
6284s been working really really well what
6286s hasn't been is somebody's internet on
6288s one of these teams I'm not sure I'm not
6290s sure what your ISP is I'm not sure what
6293s you're doing if we're uh on dial-up
6296s these days if there's like tones going
6298s on in one of these players computers or
6300s what anybody in chat just think of your
6302s least favorite ISP I know it's not hard
6304s and just get mad at them for right about
6306s now but it's another tech positive till
6308s then and I think that's no problem these
6310s two teams deserve that the the match go
6312s the full length the sub not be needed
6314s and such because to have anything affect
6316s the outcome of a game this important is
6318s I I think a bit much yeah I mean I'm
6321s just gonna say right now Jim Sombra was
6323s so strong that even when they swapped
6325s off of it we're still feeling the Sombra
6327s presents coming through yeah in the form
6329s of this disruption that would be
6332s actually I I can imagine they would ever
6334s fully implement it but maybe one of the
6336s the future April Fool's patches we see a
6338s Sombra hack come through and just
6339s immediately crash a person's skin
6340s entirely because I mean it's not it's
6342s not much further than uh the change they
6345s gave her last April Fool's patch where
6346s translucator deals damage that was that
6348s was fun to deal with I mean speaking of
6351s being affected IRL the Sommer ARG I feel
6354s like we're all forgetting about that
6355s anyways I'm ethereal looking for an
6358s early engagement here saw Hill edges a
6360s rock to the back of the head less than
6361s comfortable for sure
6363s completely ignoring that Sigler though
6364s they've said off TV girl and you see
6367s it's all hell just back away I'm saying
6368s yeah my team can just turn around deal
6370s with the segment as long as I hold the
6372s supports away from him he's got no help
6375s this is what we were talking about right
6376s divide and conquer this composition
6377s especially with Jim on the Tracer just
6379s has so much momentum to be able to move
6381s on to these isolated targets and it's
6383s over time and Microsoft Academy have
6384s absolutely no tricks but to throw
6385s themselves in payload and Timeless
6388s ethereal can take full advantage of the
6390s Reinhardt getting to clobber away with
6392s the hammer for all their cares
6395s it is as they say jover Timeless
6397s ethereal a big win two to one and one
6401s that was well deserved I mean it was a
6403s slog this series adaptation after
6405s adaptation map one took forever for
6408s these two teams to figure out who was
6410s winning that Rush mirror and then once
6412s things got messy on King's Row and the
6414s adaptation started coming in and we
6415s started playing non-mir matchups over
6417s and over and over again
6419s theoretically the game just got so dense
6421s and so I think you have to not just hand
6423s it to the players individually for being
6425s able to figure out okay what are we
6426s playing what do we want to do but being
6428s able to figure out the adaptations the
6431s small micro players the positioning
6433s changes all sorts of interactions that
6435s change when you go out of the mirror and
6437s when you shift into these weird or
6439s non-mirror matchups those adjustments
6441s were being made time and time and time
6442s again despite each other really throwing
6445s the entire look at one another yeah
6447s shout out as well to Timeless apparel's
6449s coach Soul shaker like you can see that
6451s he has been doing a lot with this team
6454s to be able to make sure that they're
6455s able not just to play what we consider
6457s meta at the moment that they're able
6459s though to go off meta or they're able to
6461s play
6462s meta-heroes but in non-meta situations
6465s and that is something significantly
6467s different than playing meta right Sombra
6470s at the moment is incredibly strong given
6472s her ability to be able to pair with
6474s things like a wrecking ball or a Winston
6476s whether Winston or the wrecking ball
6477s creates that space creates that opening
6478s for over a Sombra or a tracer to play
6481s off of players who already have been
6482s decimated in terms of health so you get
6484s to come into a fight for about five
6485s seconds find a pick and then go off on
6487s your Merry way Jim was not playing with
6489s a tank to create space for them they
6491s were going in and taking fights one
6494s versus one and winning I wonder
6500s that's fine you're not supposed to be
6501s able to do that on the sigma Sigma
6505s respect like is incredibly hard for
6506s Sombra to be able to take down given the
6508s way that we see hack working in
6510s OverWatch too you only deny abilities
6512s for literally like half a second so when
6514s you take that hackathon to a map you're
6517s only momentarily denying a mortality
6519s field for Sigma you're only momentarily
6520s denying accretion if you don't win that
6523s fight if you don't manage to find the
6524s kill before the hack wears off
6526s immortality field comes out accretion
6528s comes out and you're going to lose off
6530s of the fact that they have that utility
6532s well your utility is limited to you can
6534s run away with your tail between your
6536s legs
6537s that was a long game for both sides but
6540s it was a game that was eventually
6541s finished despite everyone's isp's best
6543s attempts to make sure that there was no
6545s end to it and like we said Timeless
6546s ethereal are the only team remaining uh
6549s not with the loss I said yeah what's the
6552s word I'm looking for here undefeated
6553s undefeated thank you oh God it's like
6556s you do this for a job or something
6557s anyways yeah remain undefeated nyxl take
6560s an L but we've got some more standings
6562s for you that you guys should absolutely
6563s know about because I think according to
6566s my mental math there should be at least
6568s one more team that remains undefeated
6569s throughout this but we're down to two it
6572s is brass tax for these teams it's become
6575s really difficult and you know what we're
6576s gonna get those standings after a quick
6578s little break and as well after that
6579s we've got another match for you so stay
6580s tuned
6585s thank you
6587s [Music]
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6637s [Applause]
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6641s [Applause]
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6874s [Applause]
6877s thank you
6882s [Music]
6882s [Applause]
6884s [Music]
6893s [Applause]
6899s foreign
6902s [Music]
6911s [Music]
6947s welcome back everybody we've got a
6949s second match on our hands after what
6951s might have been the longest best of
6953s three I've seen my entire lifetime we
6955s are on to our second match of the day
6956s and hopefully it has every last bit of
6958s the action offer the first game does of
6961s wisp luminaria up against Genesis rain
6963s we just continue to move through the
6965s Swiss stage box it is a Cut Throat
6967s battle make it into that top 16 tomorrow
6969s yeah already we're saying that like you
6971s have to be able to adapt incredibly
6973s quickly but there you go you get the
6974s answer there were three teams at the
6976s start of the day if you were undefeated
6977s now there are two Still Standing it is
6980s dark monkeys and Timeless ethereal who
6983s are the only teams currently four and oh
6986s of nyxl Academy taking their first loss
6989s on broadcast up against Timeless
6990s o'farial in that last series ooh dot
6994s monkeys and Thomas the real that's gonna
6995s be a good matchup to be able to look
6997s forward to however like you said the
6999s teams that we're going to be seeing are
7001s currently three and one with bliminaria
7003s and Genesis rain one of them is going to
7006s be able to move on to a full one and one
7008s of them unfortunately is going to be
7010s going to that free too and coming under
7012s a little bit more pressure to be able to
7014s qualify into those playoff stages where
7017s we head into one more map type
7020s potentially for some of these teams to
7021s get a little bit more time to be able to
7023s figure out how they want to play as some
7025s of these other teams unfortunately
7027s having a little bit of a rougher time
7028s one of toki's sub teams coming in at
7031s eight zero two four at the moment as
7033s Altier again like I love the fact that
7035s this Alto gets so invested in in calling
7038s all heroes they come with something like
7040s nine teams every single time we have a
7043s tournament and all of them do amazingly
7045s well it's really lovely to see
7048s good stuff and still only I mean one
7050s team winless right now and even they're
7052s showing up putting on good performances
7054s you love to see it and honestly I love
7055s seeing the the action from not just the
7057s top of the bracket of course it's cool
7058s to see who's gonna go undefeated that
7060s the absolute Pinnacle right now of what
7062s we have to offer but we're gonna see
7063s more of them in the bracket what I want
7064s to see is the dog fights to happen when
7066s you're fighting to make it into the
7067s bracket and that's what this game is
7068s because we got two teams at three and
7070s one and it looks like being two losses
7073s is kind of the cut off making top 16 in
7075s no more than that so whichever team
7077s loses this instantly put on the ropes
7079s yeah and I mean you're going to see
7081s again like there is a lot of pressure
7082s for these teams but more than likely
7084s we're going to sleep the same occurrence
7086s that we saw in the Lost series we're
7087s having things like the Comfort picks to
7089s be able to fall back onto give you a
7091s significant leg up not just in terms of
7093s confidence of being able to take those
7094s fights but also that element of surprise
7097s especially in first to two matchups if
7099s you can throw a curveball into the mix
7101s that takes an entire map for a team to
7104s be able to figure out a way around it
7105s you're immediately going to be able to
7107s put yourself score is at a ginormous
7109s advantage of looking at what both of
7112s these teams are going to be running with
7113s whether or not we are going to be seeing
7114s full meta mirror matchups coming through
7116s or whether or not there's a little bit
7118s of shenanigans at play I'm looking
7120s forward to seeing let's go and take a
7122s look at our rashes we got Genesis rain
7124s up first
7125s breaking them down they've had some
7127s phenomenal performances like we said
7128s it's Fifi handy Abby mythrea and Bard
7134s starting things out and depending on the
7136s map which I believe is Elios I would
7139s expect some big things from these
7140s players especially in terms of
7142s flexibility
7143s yeah flexibility is definitely one of
7145s those but control points I feel like you
7147s need to have that flexibility in terms
7149s of tank and
7151s your DPS if they can Flex between things
7154s like the Widow the Hanzo and then you're
7156s sort of maybe more closer brawliest
7158s style of hit scan of something like a
7160s Cassidy that's all well and good but
7162s that focus on the back line especially
7164s on Alias where we can head towards
7166s places where elusive it's almost just
7169s called for and then as well wanting to
7171s run over the Anna where you're more
7172s vulnerable but you have more burst
7174s healing to be able to sustain your tank
7175s better or whether or not you're going to
7177s play for a little bit of a safer card be
7179s overing towards that kiriko that again
7182s goes to show how a lot of these teams
7183s like to play whether it's for all
7185s aggressive with that vulnerability
7186s attached or whether or not they want to
7188s play it a little bit closer to the chest
7190s even if it gives them a little bit of a
7193s disadvantage in terms of Frontline power
7195s and if you want to talk about Frontline
7197s power we can look at the other roster as
7199s well we got wisp Lumen area up on the
7201s other side you want to talk about a team
7202s with resources you want to talk about a
7204s team with pedigree you want to talk
7205s about a team that knows how to get how
7207s to put together a good team I'm talking
7210s about this this team is likely to get a
7213s lot of things done and when you see big
7214s names come along and calling all heroes
7216s this is certainly one of the ones that
7218s shakes the ground a bit as they approach
7219s yeah calling all Hero is attracting so
7222s many tier one and tier two just houses
7225s of teams to Clump together both teams
7228s make sure that they have that safe space
7230s like we talked about Altera last year
7232s and teams night like wisp as well adding
7234s the hats into the colonel Harris roster
7236s it's really lovely to see because it
7238s allows these players to just feel like
7241s they're included and that they're being
7243s sort of pushed into a space where they
7245s are going to have access to those
7246s resources and things like having a coach
7248s having availability to be able to scrim
7250s does a lot for these teams does a lot
7253s for the players especially when we're
7254s talking about things like flexibility
7255s having a coach to be able to go through
7257s all of these different strategies and
7259s run through all of the compositions and
7260s how you're going to play each
7261s composition differently and pilot the
7264s specific areas that you're playing in a
7266s way whether you're playing passively
7267s whether you're playing aggressively goes
7269s incredibly fast so to already get to see
7272s in the first major that we're seeing
7274s that support come through it's really
7276s heartwarming in the OverWatch scene yeah
7278s man you love to see it especially with
7280s like you said all the backing that
7282s they've gotten tier one tier two teams
7284s alike tier two teams and they've been so
7285s quick to integrate calling all heroes
7288s into their game plans and making sure
7290s that they have every resource humanly
7291s imaginable it's not just coaches
7292s reminder like this is this is
7294s opportunity to to be in places and exist
7297s with the the organization of
7299s organization right I have been in many
7301s team discords that are full of just
7304s complete chaos but I promise you these
7306s two teams know how to run a clean ship
7308s and they're doing the exact same thing
7310s for all your Heroes it's a good
7311s opportunity for them to get an
7312s experience with that that being said
7314s we've got an experience on Elios we
7316s better be getting two mocks I'll start
7317s talking cops
7318s to be a while so we're probably like we
7321s said going to be seeing I mean it's
7322s pretty much just decided it's going to
7324s be well maybe we're not going to hell
7326s we're getting this
7328s amazing cinematic fly Vise go through
7331s all of the different Maps so like we
7333s said if we see well a lighthouse it's
7336s going to be the Lucio and you can field
7337s either the Anna alongside that for the
7340s reasons aforementioned or you can feel
7342s the kiriko the kiriko can be extremely
7345s strong we're already saw kiriko and Luso
7347s just being a package parcel deal for
7349s almost the entirety of last year ever
7351s since kiriko's release in contenders uh
7354s the tier 2 scene and with wisp having
7357s their roots in the tier 2 scene I would
7358s imagine that we're going to see that
7360s continued presence come from from this
7363s specific team just given how strong suzu
7366s is especially into that anniversary
7368s kiriko deal Anna finds a lot of value
7370s with things like the utility of the
7371s sleep dot and the antenade and suzu just
7374s cleanses both of those off
7376s I wouldn't be surprised to see kiriko
7378s come in personally on Elios I like
7380s seeing the kitty go on alongside the the
7382s Winston which should absolutely be being
7385s seen on this particular map it's gonna
7387s be a very different texture for this
7389s series in terms of what we see out of
7391s both of these teams last one was
7393s punctuated ended and began with Rush
7395s compositions because of that Antarctica
7397s verse map pick Elios is likely to be
7399s much the opposite starting out on well
7402s you did guess right oh yeah uh it is
7406s more likely than not that we get a
7408s little bit of dive going yes I would
7410s assume that we're going to see the dive
7412s come through and now this puts a lot of
7414s pressure again
7416s client to be able to survive but it also
7419s puts a lot of pressure onto what your
7420s DPS look like are you going to be
7421s playing from a backwards position where
7423s you're going to be seated far away from
7425s the team so that the Winston has to
7427s commit really heavily into being able to
7428s take you down or are you going to be
7430s playing close-up and personal Fifi's
7432s going to be going onto the Genji Sierra
7433s onto the Sombra My friend I'm assuming
7436s is going to just play that symmetric for
7437s early teleport and then swap towards the
7439s Tracer to be able to keep up so with
7440s blue and arrow are fully committing to
7442s this type this is going to be really
7444s rough for Genesis Reigns backline to be
7446s able to survive if we do see both the
7448s Tracer and the Sombra double hit squad
7451s come through for the team
7453s it is quite a survival back line though
7455s to be fair you see how long with the
7456s kitty go opted for both teams which
7458s they're in diving to dive should be a
7460s little bit more safer than that he'd
7463s goanna that was posed earlier especially
7465s for this map
7467s that's the problem against the Sombra oh
7470s it should be in theory but that diva is
7472s pretty much gone now I'm trying to reset
7475s that health bar I think we aren't forced
7476s to do this pretty much the exact same
7478s thing a little Tracer duel both recall
7481s but I don't think I even want to put
7482s their lives in the line quite yet we're
7483s still in neutral territory when it's
7485s unlocked Genesis Reign began their
7487s assault on it but it's answered back
7489s immediately Auburn picks up to a little
7491s bit of supportive combat to open up the
7493s map looking for a third unfortunate
7495s that's so successful in doing so now
7496s you're playing into a tank without one
7498s with luminaria and that is a far more
7501s difficult Hill to climb yeah candy is
7503s able to take down Auburn but Avi is
7505s actually cracked and the mech is lost
7509s [Applause]
7513s what happened we're gonna be very very
7514s swiftly on as with luminara it's still
7517s uh have not actually been able to pick
7519s up the point percentage that they're
7521s looking for Point only now are actually
7523s on launch dances around doing a very
7524s good job despite losing players of
7526s keeping it contested so battle ones can
7528s start to build up percentage Fifi's
7530s already going to have a possible Abby
7532s with the pick onto the Winston as well
7534s denies that body to be able to absorb
7536s the damage from the soldier and and
7538s candy takes off and down this is what's
7540s bliminary in full retreat
7543s you're not swiftly taken out I think
7545s I think Winston had a little bit more of
7548s an idea of trying to jump in as quickly
7550s as possible for a Recon test but it
7551s wasn't really Recon Genesis rain were
7553s completely set up to defend that dive
7555s yeah spider unfortunately not able to
7557s find that cleave opportunity as well to
7559s be able to bold into that primer rage to
7562s sustain candy Pop's going to be coming
7563s into that overclock which is something
7565s that whispering are going to be consider
7566s the fight but kids saying Russia is
7568s going to be available for them and not
7569s Genesis as EMP is immediately going to
7572s push the dive forward connects onto the
7574s Lucio and West luminarian nuggets just
7576s move on to the next availability of the
7578s backline
7580s there is at least a consolation prize in
7582s the fact that they've taken down spionor
7584s with the pulse bomb
7585s can't let it be traded though already
7587s forced the Remake out
7590s so he's got a lot of work to do but
7591s McMahon's already doing it for them a
7594s third number four in the fight mind you
7598s immediately flipped over and Arya are
7600s really taking the ride on the back of
7602s McMahon right about now yeah the problem
7604s for them is that they had to use and
7606s invest both the rush and the EMP and
7608s that next fight granted they're going to
7610s have Primo rage and signed by to try and
7612s sustain through Genesis rain's use of
7614s this overclock to brute full Swiss blue
7616s Monaro off of this point but the diva
7618s with defense Matrix is going to be
7620s putting on the pressure for Mike man
7622s when that plus one comes through the
7624s hack comes down onto Candy Pop before
7626s the overclock can come out and this
7628s surgeon has been just sequestered in the
7630s corner tiny OverWatch anybody oh not
7633s Candy Pop oh yeah what quickly taking
7636s down McMahon's done it again this Trace
7638s has been a bit bit of a Difference Maker
7641s yeah the hack goes down onto candy pop
7643s so they're not able to find the angle
7645s that uh she's looking for to be able to
7647s open up with the overclock and push back
7649s onto the members of the Splinter and my
7651s friend sees an opportunity and comes out
7652s of the past form too like he said keep
7653s candy in that really small room so the
7655s overclock can find nothing let's Bloom
7657s and iron with such a mobile composition
7659s but spread all over the place and the
7661s surgeon just doesn't get an angle onto
7662s any of them and what should have been
7664s the best tool of aggression for Genesis
7666s Rin very quickly wimp is out
7671s Genesis rain still lacking in tools to
7674s aggress we're gonna push forward into
7676s the arms of Sarah who is very quickly
7678s gonna build this EMP got a lot of
7681s choices to make and into using how to
7684s build it up but the airplane very
7685s patiently in the meantime with luminary
7687s have done this phenomenally a half out
7689s the Damage Done onto the diva Kitsune
7691s Russia invested by Genesis rain to try
7693s and pull it back a pulse bomb as well
7694s everything's being thrown into this
7696s fight and virtually no profit has been
7699s made
7699s yeah I could see any rush comes out from
7701s Genesis and they don't find anything
7703s with it they are able to take downstairs
7705s so EMP fret is denied however they're
7709s sitting at 92 and climbing Genesis rain
7712s are still potentially going to get
7713s staggered Abby needs to come into the
7714s self-destruct immediately to be able to
7716s just Zone a wisp off of this point and
7718s buy Genesis ruined the timesheet to keep
7720s this over time and play
7721s air dive on the diva forces out the bomb
7724s again you feel like there's
7726s the rebound kills spiders
7730s oh disaster they have the EMP but now
7733s Sarah's like do I use it Sarah tries to
7735s use it at all no I think they died in
7736s cast
7738s it it connects with Genesis
7742s it does not not like you said spinal had
7745s already gone down so the tank isn't
7748s there to be able to create that
7749s opportunity of space for the rest of
7751s which luminari to take advantage because
7753s empa hit four of them and as a result
7755s Genesis ring get to hold on to sign bar
7757s they're going to have it in this next
7758s fight to go toadso with orban's and even
7760s though Primal is going to be up for
7762s spinal I'm worried about candy on the
7764s slogan because all she needs to do is
7766s hit one girl fire of that Rail and she's
7768s fine to pick
7771s gotten another opener on the Fifi though
7773s how many in a row is that for the Tracer
7776s counter sound barrier thrown out by poor
7778s you is an answer but once those Shields
7779s go away doors open for Whispering area
7782s to find a re-engage with that one man
7783s advantage
7785s and it's easily followed up on like you
7788s said in the sound barriers fall all the
7790s dust settles with luminaria take away
7792s the first map you have to feel like a
7794s lot of credit's got to be given over
7796s here to big man yeah McMahon was doing a
7798s seller job so too with Sarah just taking
7800s advantage of the fact that Abby on that
7802s diva is an old battery for the Sombra
7805s right especially because they wouldn't
7807s really being found out she wasn't
7809s getting spy checks uh by Abby she was
7812s always able to find the hacks onto the
7814s diva neck and then just chunk the damage
7817s even if she doesn't find the team
7818s actually just balds EMP up so quickly
7820s and that just pushed Genesis around this
7822s really uncomfortable position where they
7824s can't group up and dive is a composition
7828s where you want to group up you want your
7830s Tracer to be able to play off the space
7832s your Diva creates when the dive commits
7834s but if you do that you're playing into
7836s the sombra's hands as we now head over
7838s towards this could potentially be where
7840s we see a movement away from the day but
7841s it feels like both of these teams just
7842s want to stick with this Winston
7844s composition it's again likely just going
7845s going to be that little bit of a wrinkle
7848s of maybe Winston versus Diva but no
7849s Genesis rain gonna fully commit to the
7851s Winston mirror instead
7853s I think it's the right call now that
7855s you've got a match for the Sombra as
7857s well which we're gonna be able to answer
7858s an EMP with one of their own Sarah Force
7860s back
7862s a little bit of VMP charge being handed
7864s over neutral fight though generally
7866s going pretty well for whistle Mary a
7868s great disengage a Boop off the map
7869s forces the somber back yet again but
7871s jock me down means that there's now no
7873s more heels for whistling area at least
7874s not one significant enough to keep them
7876s up each member one by one will fall
7878s after
7879s it should be Genesis Ryan picking up
7882s this early Point control it's by not
7884s just dropping that Winston bubbles to
7885s deny any more stagger picks from coming
7887s through but it's the difference in all
7889s charge that you have to watch out for
7891s the fact that Jacoby went down so early
7893s on in that fight has meant that the rush
7895s charge is going to be behind Genesis
7897s Reigns and that is not why you want to
7900s be in this matchup at the moment as it
7903s is going to be a hack coming through
7904s onto the Lucia Who falls incredibly low
7905s but Candy Pop actually takes Urban down
7908s so much Focus went on to aggressively
7910s playing onto Genesis Reign but they
7911s forgot to defend their back line
7913s counter dive is beautifully executed
7915s Jacoby I've been trying to make
7917s something of a whispering area I'm
7918s empty-handed yet again
7920s yeah Auburn going to uh go down early so
7924s with blue men are lose that speed boost
7926s to be able to disengage cleanly and as a
7928s result gen with all of this Mobility
7930s from the dive are free to pick apart the
7932s stragglers one by one by one and what
7934s should only have been them picking up a
7935s bank 10 of that point off of one kill
7938s very quickly stalls out into almost 50.
7943s said one pick has been giving away Candy
7945s Pop it's a little too big for their
7947s britches
7949s the guy from whistling area doesn't
7950s really have that much threatening it
7952s they can send the whole team in without
7954s too much worry of losing the damage they
7956s just have more while that Tracer is gone
7958s for you Falls as well not quite up to
7960s the sound barrier
7961s had to come up maybe Genesis rain want
7963s to double down and try and go for it
7964s before V5 without that the ultimate it's
7966s gonna be tough good hack as well from
7968s Sarah to focus on to Abby to deny the
7970s potential of that Primal if Primal had
7972s come through from Jenna's Lutheran
7973s absolutely we see the investment of that
7975s cyber for even higher amount of saga to
7978s come through onto that point as Wesley
7980s Menara are in position to be able to
7982s address in with his EMP but they don't
7984s have the same bar yet they need to be
7985s able to make sure it connects onto
7987s poirieri to use the EMP aggressively
7989s got a hit for you you've got to burn
7991s them down ASAP EMP out no delicio it's
7995s on two of you didn't hit poor you was
7997s the name of the game they did find an
7998s advantage before that sound barrier hit
8000s the ground though so if nothing happens
8001s during it you should be able to clean up
8003s afterwards yeah is not going to however
8006s find the email to looser so Soundbar is
8008s that with blue monaria are able to build
8010s into a sign bar of their own organs able
8013s to hit it and as a result Genesis Ryan
8015s just don't have the damage to be able to
8017s chunk through this is the problem when
8019s you're running Tracer and uh Sombra
8021s together when you don't have ultimate
8022s simpler you do so little damage in the
8024s face of the sound bar with the extra
8025s armor the whispering are able to keep
8028s this point in play and stall all the way
8030s towards another pulse bomb for mcmah
8033s uh not quite not quite another pulse
8036s bomb McMahon they really wish they did
8038s too they still got a point they still
8040s got control they don't have the kills to
8043s win it over properly 75 tips over and
8046s now it's a numbers game how much
8047s percentage can these two put on the
8050s board
8051s or six seven percent for Jacobi
8054s respectable stuff honestly a fight that
8056s they were losing for quite some time
8057s ends up in a bonus 30 40 percent
8060s yeah the problem is they're not going to
8062s be able to ball towards an EMP and this
8064s next fight makeman has to come through
8065s with a really good pulse bomb and
8067s granted they've been doing a wonderful
8070s job yeah I'm not worried about those
8071s bombs but Candy Pop has a pulse point of
8073s their own as well Boop comes down onto
8076s uh the spinal denying the Winston that
8079s jump but they're able to jump
8080s immediately back onto that high ground
8081s and push back on the members of fences
8083s right not before Fifi however has
8085s finally opening into the backline Auburn
8087s goes down McMahon trades enough we told
8089s you to keep an eye on this Tracer but
8092s Genesis rain still have the bodies to
8094s hold the point down that's crazy McMahon
8096s hit the stick on the candy pop candy pop
8098s recalled and just dropped it off on
8099s their Lucio that's that's unfortunate
8102s scenes if you're a Lucio player pulse
8104s bomb from the other side though it does
8105s look good can you pop those onto a
8106s Winston 99 is up for Genesis range you
8109s gotta find a way to touch here but
8111s really just having to throw first
8113s spaghetti at the wall see if anything
8114s sticks and it doesn't seem like it's
8115s going to Genesis rain burn down the
8117s remaining health bars with women area
8119s and take us to another third sub map
8122s it's not so much throwing spaghetti as
8123s throwing yourself on to point into just
8125s the waiting EMP as like you said it is
8128s over time you have no choice you can't
8130s really sacrifice members of terms of
8134s just positioning so that everyone
8135s doesn't get hit by the EMP the way that
8137s we see teams when they have the time
8139s bank be able to do so was like okay well
8141s EMP is here as long as our support
8143s doesn't get hurt we're gonna be okay
8145s we'll be able to come with a clutch
8145s sound bar that doesn't happen in
8147s overtime you just have to frog yourself
8149s straight on to that point and Genesis
8151s roon are able to deal with the struggles
8153s and like you said we are headed into
8154s Lighthouse and this is what we're going
8156s to see a little bit of mix up this is
8158s where we're going to see the anus come
8160s from Jacoby Fielding that's Zenyatta
8162s looking to chunk down this Mech coming
8165s through from Abby and I'm concerned
8167s about Genesis ring they're not going to
8170s mirror the Zenyatta they're going for
8171s survivability and utility with this
8173s kiriko rather than the glass cannon that
8176s is just Zen volleying down your front
8179s line without any orb of disco to mirror
8182s with luminarios candy Pop's gonna have a
8185s harder time being able to pick these
8186s angles
8187s reward thing right the survivability of
8189s the event is practically non-existent
8190s but if he survives
8192s all sudden we got a different game on
8194s our hands and like you said those orbs
8195s can be real dangerous
8196s Auburn going down early though does not
8198s spell good news I'll say that much yeah
8200s I mean it doesn't look good news for the
8202s rest of the team either without that
8203s Anna they don't have the means of
8205s sustaining that either next to be able
8207s to aggressively challenge Janice this
8208s rain for either this High Ground Control
8210s around Courtyard or the point itself and
8213s now it is just a game of stall
8216s oh you won your own percentage you're
8218s giving away for which luminarian Genesis
8220s Rainer more than happy to collect
8222s Gonna Fly pressure to the point let's
8224s see if it's going to go down pretty
8225s quick
8226s 15 nearly 20 built up now Abby's doing a
8230s great job of just staying alive trying
8231s to wait until the sports get back and
8234s they do oh my God
8237s wait what was that pulse bomb all right
8240s thrown out bit of a prayer
8242s I feel like I just saw a pulse on in the
8244s wild in its natural habitat
8247s all right and here we see the natural
8251s pulse pump the lying on the ground as a
8253s tracer unfortunately whips the
8254s connection even if you manage to connect
8255s it that's easy was still alive The
8257s kiriko Hub isn't still there a Miffy and
8259s I was actually getting so much
8260s additional pressure on Fiona now that
8262s the kiriko isn't that to help out when
8264s the die of concerns the backline this
8266s should finally be with taking control of
8269s this point but the keyword though is
8272s finally Genesis rain stalled out to over
8276s halfway and they're coming into this
8279s next fight with ultimates
8282s I think it's one of those ones where you
8284s got it
8284s come in quick give them the beans and
8286s get out Genesis rain have got to make
8288s this fight happen fast I mean fast isn't
8291s even faster trance came up in the time
8292s that I was talking about it like the
8294s timing was non-existent there and now
8297s we've got our jockey Force the trans
8299s early Phoebe catches half of a volley to
8302s the mouth but unfortunately survives the
8304s Elders of death Indie pop goes down in
8306s the meantime though all the attention
8307s has been drawn away by this backline
8309s pressure from Fifi and that's left a
8311s couple people open but notably not the
8313s Zenyatta who still has trance
8314s this rain are just so apprehensive about
8316s making that push happen until that
8318s ultimate's gone
8319s they're really worried about this EMP
8321s coming through as well hitting onto this
8324s back line Abby is building time
8329s the health back Sarah knows as well she
8333s gets to see the health uh when they fall
8335s below critical so she just tracks the
8337s Tracer down Genesis went all gonna be
8339s secluded up into this little room it
8341s might be able to spy check the Sombra
8342s before the EMP comes through but West
8344s Blue Monaro can use this EMP and combo
8347s with the self-destruct fraud into that
8348s room and catch all of these numbers so
8350s it's a huge here pick up one sometimes
8354s you're just watching you're watching
8355s like five players of Sombra and you are
8358s just frothing at the mouth at the
8360s thought of pressing your Q button and I
8362s promise you Sarah was it every bit in
8364s that zone before that EMP it hits in its
8367s massive still yet trying to fight back
8369s our Genesis rain and they're doing a
8372s pretty good job of it
8375s still got the on you still got the diva
8377s to contend with the Zenyatta hasn't been
8379s touched in years and finally whisper
8382s like fine I guess we'll use our ultimate
8384s they still have trains they still have
8385s NATO they still have bomb mind you
8387s I mean overtime is hitting Genesis rain
8390s still have a pulse woman overclock but
8391s West Blue men are still have that point
8393s control Abby no
8396s she gets
8399s from spying orange is it Angel to both
8402s the leg back up with luminara it's just
8405s clean up Duty right now as Genesis rain
8409s without a tank have no means of
8412s wrangling this fight back onto wraps
8415s really well played by West blooming area
8418s I mean swagged on them in a lot of
8420s moments whether it was in terms of
8421s ultimates whether it was in terms of
8423s compositions you brought up the Zenyatta
8425s it is a real threat if not dealt with
8427s and it was never ever dealt with and I
8430s mean obviously that is that is not just
8431s all eating up on the team playing into
8433s it right a lot of credit goes to the
8435s then the Anna the diva for the appeal
8437s that Zen received to keep it such a
8440s threat in the game but the fact that Not
8441s only was it a threat but the
8443s Transcendence which
8444s just loomed over top of their heads
8447s through the entirety of that round like
8448s from what was it 50 60 when it came
8451s online
8452s you could tell they were playing like oh
8454s yeah they have trance like what do we we
8456s don't have an answer to this we have to
8457s try and force it out and they were just
8458s tiptoeing their way around trying to
8460s force a trance never fully committing
8461s due to the threat of it happening and
8463s then all of a sudden it's the end of the
8464s map and trance is still up and just the
8466s threat of it was enough to put together
8468s a lot of really really good positions
8470s yeah it's really unfortunate because
8472s like a lot of the time it falls to the
8474s choice it's a bold that pulse bomb and
8476s threaten the Zen with the pulse bumps
8478s that if you stick it together but it's
8481s not the Choice's Fault in in that right
8482s again it goes down to the positioning
8484s from Wesley Menorah they know that the
8486s Tracer is going to be what the sun has
8487s to worry about and so whenever we
8489s actually see that Zen they're playing
8490s with someone right close next to them so
8492s that when the Tracer shows up to try and
8494s use that postpone to force the the
8496s Transcendence immediately the second
8499s they turn that corner and that's bought
8500s it out boom boom boom volley follow-up
8503s damage and that Tracer has to recall
8505s straight out of that and again it sort
8507s of has that knock-on impact the Tracer
8510s has to have the rest of their team
8511s playing Super aggressive create that
8513s space create that distraction so the
8515s Tracer with a very slim sliver of health
8517s bar isn't taken out immediately before
8519s she can close up the distance and put
8520s those pulse pistols to actual work
8523s likewise the team need the Tracer to be
8525s able to create that distraction and
8527s attention so the backline with the Zen
8529s doesn't just Discord your Diva the
8531s second that they show up and you lose
8534s the mech in a snap of the fingers that
8536s is what happens when you have a Zen and
8539s the other team doesn't I said that it
8541s was my main concern that we didn't have
8543s a Discord from the other side to be able
8545s to mirror the damage that is being
8547s Amplified from the other side and that
8550s was the Difference Maker as well as the
8552s thread of that Transcendence hanging
8554s over that team they did not want to
8556s commit from High Ground to the low
8557s ground because the second that they did
8559s they know they're getting the primed
8561s volley of that Zen straight to the Dome
8564s yeah I mean there's the area of like
8566s pathing to Zen hitting a proper dive on
8568s him but it really came to fruition
8570s Unfortunately they weren't able to
8571s leverage the composition too its fullest
8573s effect that being said uh McMahon had a
8575s lot of jobs in that particular round to
8578s try and pull off as best they could and
8580s I think that gets a little bit easier
8581s heading into the next Maps obviously app
8584s Choice goes to the side there I think
8586s it's going to open up a lot of doors and
8587s try and avoid something like what we saw
8589s be really good there for wish which for
8592s me notably was their ability to control
8593s High Ground Play social supports up on
8595s it and trust them to be pretty
8597s self-sufficient yeah
8599s um blizzard world is actually going to
8601s be the map that gets picked so we could
8602s potentially still see the dive to come
8605s through but like you said there's a lot
8607s more passing rights that you can take
8609s most notably all the way around the back
8612s of the point emerging towards point B
8614s side and then taking that staircase to
8616s be able to aggress onto that back line
8618s the problem is it's still not a ticket
8621s for a fight win if you still get taken
8623s down by the Sun and we've seen it time
8626s and time again I think the most notable
8628s moment for me in in all of OverWatch
8630s League's program is when Houston Outlaws
8632s are getting pushed until you just see
8635s Violet on the the Zenyatta just
8638s nonchalantly tone to the side so you
8641s Tracer creeping towards them and Dome
8643s within about two and a half seconds and
8645s that Tracer is dead there are very few
8648s feelings better in OverWatch than
8650s clapping a traitor Zenyatta
8653s the world's a pretty good map for that
8654s though if you're talking about places
8656s where you can run double Flex support I
8658s mean we saw the Atlanta rain do it in
8660s Pro-Am it's a really great effect I love
8662s that composition with the diva um we
8664s could get something similar coming out
8665s in this iteration of the map alternately
8668s like you said you open the doors for
8670s I've Rush the the world is really your
8673s oyster so to speak on this map yeah I'm
8676s a little bit concerned about what tank
8678s we're going to see I'm not going to lie
8679s I would prefer the Winston over the
8681s fever especially if you're gonna be
8683s running into that oh it's good having
8685s things like that Winston bubble not just
8687s to be able to mitigate a lot of that
8689s poke damage coming through from this end
8690s but also to try and drop the disc at all
8692s this as quickly as possible from your
8694s head is going to be absolutely crucial
8696s in being able to secure that your dive
8698s has that impact as opposed to the diva
8701s Mech being burnt out of Defense Matrix
8702s and very quickly just being chewed up
8705s and spat out by the other DPS using it
8708s to be able to springboard to their
8710s ultimates in record speed
8712s cheers see if it actually does come out
8714s like you said playing into the Zen
8716s uh the the Winston is it tougher because
8719s you're gonna be taking all that damage
8720s but diving it is not a bad option
8722s pathing around it is certainly a good
8724s choice we could see more poke-based
8727s competitions come out uh we we've seen
8729s it earlier in Collegiate and we saw a
8732s lot of Sigma played on this map with
8734s obscene amounts of poke I mean just
8737s volley after volley of arrows orbs and
8740s arts alike being thrown down the main
8742s choke and that I always think of really
8745s high poke comps like that almost not as
8747s an IQ check so to speak but you're
8748s passing it better be really really smart
8751s If You're Gonna Play into it except we
8754s got 10 minutes like IQ check I think
8756s about it as a patience game I was like
8758s sooner rather than later someone's going
8760s to get impatient and peek a little bit
8762s too aggressively and that's when poke is
8765s it impatience or is it ego with DPS
8767s players it's usually ego
8769s I I think it's the 50 50 of both
8774s but it is Genesis rain going to be
8777s defending up first to the plate and Abby
8779s is going to be running out not on the
8781s Winston she's going to be sticking on
8783s that Diva note as well that they are
8786s still not Fielding this Zenyatta like I
8788s know why you want to sort of move away
8790s from it like we said the vulnerability
8792s of it is is exceptionally apparent
8795s especially when you're running an Anna
8797s alongside it and then you just have two
8799s support Heroes who are not great at
8802s being able to keep themselves safe and
8804s you do want to have something like that
8805s kiriko to be able to keep that Anna up
8807s won the dive calls for them but again we
8810s are going to see the difference maker
8811s with blooming Aria with Jacoby on the
8813s Zenyatta I'll go to have the Discord orb
8815s and again it's not going to be mirrored
8816s I mean I think it's fine for Genesis
8819s rain right the difference isn't
8820s necessarily the other support in the
8821s honor the difference is in the DPS right
8823s if you want to run the Tracer Sombra you
8825s have a lot less to defend those than yet
8827s if you're wondering Zenyatta you got to
8828s be Fielding something like a Cassidy at
8830s the very least to try and help heal for
8831s it but because they're going for this
8833s more aggressive look either then just
8835s not nearly as safe so their option this
8837s time the objective is the same you have
8839s to dive this in they were unsuccessful
8840s in it on Elios you need to be successful
8843s with it on blizzard World Jacoby has got
8846s to be put under more pressure than they
8847s were in Maps prior and already not
8850s really looking to be the case Genesis
8851s rain give up the space lay on the back
8853s foot and are trying to fight against the
8855s diva rather than this Zenyatta that they
8857s really need to be worrying about
8858s if I'm doing a very good job of actually
8860s taking point to keep that Sun out of
8862s Target focus and Abby who takes so much
8865s damage from that Discord and just the
8867s Zen volley is forced to dive back to
8870s their team with the diva boosters so
8871s they can get healed up to full and still
8873s the sun has been entirely untouched on
8874s The High Ground they are being pinged
8876s out you can see Jensen are aware of that
8878s position and candy is finally going to
8880s be able to find the dive that we were
8882s looking for the Zen is pressured the Zen
8884s is ejected back to spawn and mind you
8887s this was all Sans honor it was still
8890s coming back from Spawn so Mary almost
8892s made something out of a really
8893s uncomfortable situation but they are
8895s gonna have to wait to get all five
8896s members in I suppose I'm back back into
8898s their arms yeah defense Matrix as well
8901s denying that all charge from manix to be
8904s able to build that make up a little bit
8907s defense
8920s in the nick of time if they couldn't
8923s stop the Kill from going down on
8924s geography oh man not enough defense
8927s Matrix in the world they'd save you from
8929s that much damage the micro missiles
8930s really phenomenal from Abby great usage
8933s of that Nano boost and I'm honestly far
8935s more positive about what I'm saying from
8937s Genesis rain except for this part uh so
8939s important on blizzard world yeah and
8941s they're going to have a kitchen watch as
8942s well as a pulse bomb and EMP to play
8944s into this next fight so Jacoby is going
8946s to be put under the pressure that we
8948s were hoping to see with this
8949s Transcendence it's not the whole pulse
8951s one where the Zen's gonna be forced to
8952s use it early instead it's that sort of
8955s guillotine hanging above your head as a
8957s Zenyatta of needing to hold
8958s Transcendence to be able to counteract
8961s the EMP
8964s he was in this is far better for wish
8967s luminaria or rather Genesis rain not
8969s just because they picked off Jacoby but
8971s because that fight is happening so early
8973s they're catching with plumeria in
8974s rotation unlike the first fight where
8976s they allowed them to make it all the way
8977s up to The High Ground putting them off
8978s before then is even better yeah but
8981s making them uncomfortable candy even
8982s going for that pulse pump stick onto the
8984s Anna as opposed to the sun they don't
8985s want to force the Transcendence they
8987s know that the EMP is going to keep that
8988s done holding on to the Transcendence
8990s even when these members of West women
8991s are fall into critical and that's
8993s exactly what Genesis Reign want because
8996s it's going to force Sarah to use this
8998s EMP before Fifi and they're just not
9001s getting in position to do so
9004s EMP in a very small room
9008s if you're whistling area you have to
9010s make this work and they just haven't
9011s that was everything invested that's the
9014s whole Bank their trust funds invested
9015s into one fight Abby picked up two on the
9018s back end with the Stalls here from
9020s Genesis rain could certainly just see
9021s the fight through okay we've got a nano
9024s boost for this to be able to work with
9025s but Cyrus actually swapping into the
9026s Cassidy so even less Mobility to be able
9028s to put themselves onto the point it's
9030s going to be up to migma to be able to
9033s survive one ticket has been picked up
9034s for what's blumen are but Genesis rain
9036s can just play towards the back of the
9037s point they don't have to play
9038s aggressively with women are do not have
9040s the time to be able to rotate all the
9042s way towards the back ends of the point
9043s this backhand is going to be so safe to
9045s have the backboard fall back onto
9048s any pop looking for poke then interview
9050s spent Jacoby with an opener on a myth
9052s Raya
9053s and it continuing to apply pressure onto
9055s the back line
9056s Genesis rain nobody Falls over quite yet
9059s but the health bars are surely reaching
9061s critical numbers finally Abby's forced
9064s out of the mech and taking down now 3v5
9066s the Genesis Ray in a critical sleep is
9068s happening hit to put the nail in the
9071s coffin for the fight yeah really good at
9073s the Susu as well coming through from
9074s Jacoby on to Sarah who was about to take
9078s a lot of damage from the postpone that
9080s came out from Candy but the Susie saves
9082s the Cassidy the Nana beast from manic as
9084s well to be able to have that Diva to be
9086s able to body block all of the shots
9088s coming through onto Genesis reign as
9089s well as be able to push towards those
9092s supports who were safe above that point
9093s Sarah on the Cassie has high uh low
9096s Ground Control but doesn't have the
9097s means of elevating herself to be able to
9099s push onto the members above them as it
9102s is not going to be McMahon coming and if
9104s that puzzle gets the stick to connect
9106s wait what blood is defense
9113s give me
9115s give them their pulse bomb back refund
9116s it I I know
9123s wait was it a capacity stick
9126s was it a Cassidy stick but the pulse
9128s bomb got eaten wait a minute this is
9130s OverWatch 2 hurts my brain
9132s this is why we need like just color
9134s differentiation between trace of pulse
9136s one connections and Cassidy magnets yeah
9139s okay I I'm like what what did server
9143s hell happen or that's it but no okay I
9145s think it was just full spawn magnet okay
9147s now that we've got our
9150s our ducks in a row get back to this a
9152s choke hold right now for Genesis rain
9154s who are defending this quite valiantly
9156s with big man down with pulmonary I'm
9157s just gonna have to wait Sarah is going
9159s to have that Deadeye be able to force
9161s Genesis room back but it is going to be
9163s for you just playing on that off angle
9164s Fifi already with the EMP County's got
9167s that pulse bomb too so they can't really
9168s just keep the Caster using that Dead Eye
9170s first because you're going to be putting
9171s yourself into a position where you can
9172s get caught by the Tracer ultimate and it
9174s was blooming eyes
9178s had two feet further back in that time
9181s they could have played that so much
9182s safer but they're like no being here on
9184s the very edge is like I get it that that
9187s is a tough place like you looked like
9189s you were out of Los but you could have
9190s been so much safer
9191s oh I I digress nevertheless unfortunate
9195s death maybe a pinky toe showing to the
9197s to the bomb the pinky toe the bomb will
9200s claim yeah hitboxes are not forgiving
9203s when it comes to your self-destruct
9204s cleaning kills and unfortunately off of
9206s that the Chokehold is broken the good
9209s news is Fifi didn't use emps they are
9211s still going to have it to try and play
9212s into whisper monarium but the Dead Eye
9214s is still going to be in play to
9216s counteract the impact of foreign rush if
9218s they use it
9220s Air Force back the Dead Eye motion Elite
9223s does not see much other than an Abby
9225s flying at it
9227s but I answer with lunar they did a great
9228s job of
9231s pulse bomb both himself
9233s and the mech
9235s Cry On The High Ground they'll finish
9236s things off Genesis rain great defense
9239s granted maybe a little bit more space
9240s given up on B then they were hoping for
9242s but all in all very successful hold yeah
9246s like there was a little bit of A Wrinkle
9248s in that first fight where they are like
9249s so much space to go into the way of this
9252s webinar and I was really concerned that
9254s it would literally just be point a
9255s picked up in first fight but we saw them
9259s figuring out okay they're getting these
9261s moments they're getting this time to be
9262s able to set up this dive and figure out
9263s where we're going to be at our most
9265s vulnerable catch them in the rotations
9267s because whistling they were playing for
9269s those rotations like we said attacking
9271s blizzard World especially on that point
9273s a when you're running that dive you have
9274s to play for rotation so that you don't
9276s have to use things like uh too much
9278s defense matrixes or just losing your Mac
9279s before the fight even begins because of
9282s how little damage you do together
9283s individually all of your players have to
9285s be alive if one person goes down on
9287s rotation the push is essentially done
9289s and you can't even hold that aggressive
9291s position because then you just
9292s voluntarily split one of your players
9294s off as they try and come back from race
9296s one point and rejoin you and that's an
9298s opening Genesis Arena are immediately
9299s gonna take advantage of so really good
9301s adaptation coming through from them to
9303s just shift that Tempo up ever so slow
9305s lightly into the more aggressive style
9307s and not allow with blue monaria to be
9310s able to dictate how those fights began
9312s and ended with but now the shoes on the
9315s other foot and this blooming area are
9317s playing composition I think we were
9318s expecting to come through it is going to
9320s be the sigma coming out from them so a
9322s little bit harder for this dive to be
9324s able to get onto The High Ground given
9326s the fact that Abby on the Winston when
9327s she jumps in is most likely going to
9330s have a very hard time meeting a rock
9332s paper scissors secondly who's just gonna
9334s throw a creation every single time she
9336s tries to jump them
9342s in it
9345s sure sure a stretch but I'll give it to
9347s you
9349s the sigma's gonna be forced back on the
9350s point he's got his work cut out for him
9352s manic
9353s piloting it though
9355s what do you dive here there's so much
9357s safety in numbers with moving area
9359s between the Cassidy the brave
9364s so many choices and ways to keep your
9366s team alive I would not have not many to
9368s try and keep Genesis is alive yeah the
9372s question is yeah who do you dive here
9373s where is the safety not behind them
9375s Sarah just domes beefy yeah look at the
9379s adaptation coming through from whisper
9380s like they identify that they're going to
9382s be faced by dive and they don't play
9384s their support on The High Ground behind
9387s the point they play everyone on point
9388s and as a result when jenstering look for
9391s that entrance the first point of contact
9393s isn't the Baptist that they're looking
9395s to use to force a mortality field out
9396s from it's the sigma and then that second
9399s point that sort of
9401s Hulk coming through from Fifi into the
9403s back line the Cassidy is who you run
9405s into not over the brogue or the bat
9407s really good positioning coming through
9409s from whisper and they're doing it again
9413s set up gorgeous rotation again defensive
9416s keeping that Bap and the big postured at
9419s the back of your team
9420s ultimates aren't even coming up for
9421s Genesis Reign either they're barely
9423s charged anything
9424s there's not really an engagement tool
9426s coming into this fight they face down
9427s the same problems and
9428s the same Solutions yeah the hack came
9431s down onto manic not Jacoby because they
9433s weren't able to find that Baptiste
9434s because again like you said the rotation
9436s from wisp is clean and Genesis rain they
9439s did the exact same thing twice so whis
9441s knew exactly what was coming and exactly
9444s how to counteract it because they'd
9445s already done it pixel perfectly the
9446s first time now we're seeing adaptations
9448s come through Abby is on to the zarya but
9451s Fifi and Candy Pop are both gonna have
9452s the same hit squat of the Sombra and the
9455s Tracer given it that's so close to EMP
9456s and pulse bomb sorry is going to have
9458s that sustainability to be able to chunk
9460s through the damage to the Cassidy
9461s outputs before the fight begins but
9463s again who does the sunburn Trace to go
9464s after
9466s Russian history raised all over the
9468s place
9469s fortunately no answers for them bugs you
9472s keep asking for every fight like who who
9474s are they gonna drive how are they gonna
9475s like I don't have an answer for you I
9476s don't have a good one right now with
9477s living area do not have any cracks in
9480s their plan I mean Abby's trying to say
9483s screw it and just dive Sarah but that's
9485s not happening any day this week now
9487s you're facing down the barrel four
9489s ultimates for with flu and area you've
9491s got an EMP in a prayer yeah I mean at
9493s least it's a fast fight right candy and
9495s Fifi are both looking for that poke face
9497s to be able to build up into postpone and
9499s EMP Jacoby is going to have a mortality
9502s field as well as ant Matrix man is going
9504s to have a second reflection the only
9505s thing they really have to answer that is
9506s you don't want to use it before
9509s best scenario Abby is able to Bubble
9512s whoever gets hit by the sigma ultimate
9514s and you keep the sign bar if a dead eye
9515s or ant Matrix survivability but our
9517s Matrix is out
9519s a matrix is out with blue and areas
9521s still more tools though in tow
9524s ing everything in the book to spy check
9526s the Sombra and they haven't found her
9528s Fifi that's the back line Big Time spots
9531s of widescreen TV a little bit harder to
9532s hack that one Abby picked up two on the
9534s back end but now now is with lunarious
9536s time to try and Strikes Back
9538s where it was
9540s until Auburn met the bryony Deep
9543s social wide TVs that probably sensitive
9546s to water right yeah the electrics are a
9548s little bit a little bit funky on uh on
9551s that one is West Bloom and Aria are
9552s going to lose that full hold controlled
9555s Genesis ring of me feeling very happy
9557s with this mobile potential too they're
9558s going to have that grab they're going to
9560s have a nano boost to put alongside it
9561s for Bizarro to be able to just chunk
9563s through these numbers the one thing that
9565s they have to watch out for is that they
9567s don't feed the grab straight into the
9569s shift from manic because if they do
9571s snuggle potential goes up in Steam thank
9574s you
9575s oh
9584s oh Abby good job Abby Bates it but now
9587s Whispering just they just back off
9589s they're now all out of grab range so
9590s actually wisely played man it calls that
9593s they've used a kinetic grasp and they're
9595s gonna have to handshake away a little
9596s bit of cart progress for that but
9597s they're more than happy to they've still
9599s got high grounds as well for Sarah to be
9601s able to use the stuff but candy is
9602s getting her way into the back line as
9605s the pulse bomb has to play around this
9606s Brigida because we see the thing we
9608s should come through the Nana versus
9609s straight past the sigma onto the Cassidy
9612s and still holds on to the grab nicely
9615s done great opener by candy just dive
9618s straight in hits the pulse gets out
9620s easy as it comes the grabs still
9622s available for fallup as well the threat
9624s of that alone is making manic play very
9627s differently it's not even the Frat right
9628s now right we're about to hit that
9630s checkbox they can literally use the
9631s graviton and there it is to stop members
9633s from touching
9634s there's a somber here a ball to
9637s contestant I mean you have a somber you
9639s already have a perfect counter here
9640s Genesis rain have a sound barrier finish
9642s this thing off should you really want to
9643s dive onto a Batista
9646s hit it out of the way make sure there's
9648s no healing for this but in the meantime
9649s they just push the rest of the cart no
9652s problem at all Genesis rain send us onto
9654s a map number three yeah Genesis rain
9656s that adaptation coming for it's only
9658s really the zarya that changes but
9660s dazara's ability to be able to just push
9663s aggressively and create that distraction
9665s for the Sombra and Tracer to work with
9667s so that they're not playing into a team
9668s fully expecting them to already pop up
9670s where Cassie can literally just two tap
9672s your head every single time you try and
9674s show your face is massive and then
9676s denying that High Ground Control playing
9678s with the threat of the gravitone so the
9680s sigma isn't able to use that defensive
9681s tool of the kinetic grasp to be able to
9684s try and deny any aggressive movement
9687s forward onto that High Ground taking it
9689s away from the attacking team it is
9691s absolutely chef's kiss
9693s yeah I mean I thought they played
9695s phenomenally towards the end it was
9696s definitely Rocky though for a start
9698s making that push happen well I mean it
9700s wasn't happening and on the attacking
9702s side of the map I saw the Zenyatta for a
9704s long time that got cut short so a lot of
9707s adaptations been made in this series and
9709s some of them confusing but I like the
9710s doubling down when they swapped over to
9712s running the kid to go alongside the
9714s Cassie I'm like okay we are going full
9715s survivability we're just making sure
9717s this team can live and not felt like the
9719s right investment for me especially since
9720s they'd been losing the Zenyatta for some
9722s time I thought maybe if we wanted a kind
9724s of half swap you could bring the Cassie
9726s in it'll peel for that back line a
9727s little bit and keep the then but just
9729s doubling down changing the game plan
9731s entirely I talk often about like a big
9733s red lever on the wall of like emergency
9734s when do we totally swap comps when do we
9737s just completely change the game plan I
9738s think it was a well-timed Liverpool it
9741s was really good too because literally
9742s the zarya with those bubbles and that
9744s sort of self-sustainability is able to
9747s walk past the sigma and onto that prone
9750s backline and I think that was something
9752s that we weren't really seeing at the
9754s beginning when they were pushing onto
9755s point a they were never able to walk
9757s past the sigma every single time the
9759s dive came through they met the sigma
9761s head on and we already said in depth
9763s Sigma is not the target you want to dive
9765s onto one he's going to immediately
9767s increase in your tank so you don't get
9769s that immediate damage as a Winston to be
9771s able to use the melee as well as the
9773s land to be able to find the uh the extra
9775s damage or even the diva with her
9777s boosters to be able to connect alongside
9779s the melee neither it doesn't immediately
9780s just like cancel it so you can just
9782s continue to push forward and push
9783s forward and push forward but because
9785s he's able to use that Shield he can
9787s block off the Avenue of the Tank's
9788s healing isolating them away from the
9790s front line and the backline and even
9792s being able to cut the line of sight from
9794s something like a Lucio so you're not
9795s immediately getting that constant take
9797s passive heal coming through from your
9799s support to sustain and that's before we
9801s even talk about the kinetic shift where
9803s you can literally just eat up the
9804s follow-up damage that should come
9805s through from the Tracer and the Sombra
9807s to be able to confirm a kill well I mean
9810s none of that works in the face of the
9811s zarya who like you said can just walk
9813s past you in a lot of those situations
9814s isn't as committed doesn't have to get
9816s into the brigitta's range in order to do
9818s it great problem solving uh hats off
9820s lizard world was well earned and uh now
9823s we head into map number three box and it
9825s is down yet again I've said it a million
9827s times tonight the brass attacks last
9829s time we ended up on Havana and we're
9831s greeted woefully with sigmas and ISP
9834s issues this time we head over to Sunny
9835s Rialto where I think things will be much
9837s better
9838s we're still potentially going to be
9840s greeted by Sigma however given the fact
9843s that I mean I was like no please
9846s [Laughter]
9848s I don't think we're gonna see any
9850s continued internet issues I mean server
9852s is still most likely going to be on play
9854s given the fact that she pairs incredibly
9856s well with Tracer on this map for all of
9858s the reasons that we've seen before and
9860s the fact that it was Tracer and Sombra
9862s hit squads coming through on blizzard
9864s World reality with is very much the same
9866s Avenue a lot of grind for those DPS to
9869s be able to flank around the back and
9870s worry your back lines that you just lose
9872s control of the fight overall
9874s there's a lot of ways to approach this
9876s map all of them very different right if
9879s you want to dive and control The High
9880s Ground that's one thing if you want to
9882s rush and control the corners it's
9883s another if you want to poke and control
9885s The High Ground from very far it's a
9888s whole other set of positioning and I
9889s think that's the big pain point for
9891s Rialto for a lot of teams is
9893s understanding where the pressure needs
9895s to be applied because per match-up it's
9897s one thing in a mirror it's another with
9900s every other permutation of compositional
9902s matchup you can think of pressure and
9904s where you need to apply it given that
9906s matchup changes massively so once we see
9908s the compositions they lock in where the
9910s comfort is for these two teams and we
9912s can really determine what the win
9913s conditions are but honestly until that
9915s happens Rialto is going to remain one of
9917s those maps and it's very difficult hell
9918s to win condition or those comps are
9921s locked in yeah I mean no matter what
9923s conversation we see however one major
9925s win condition is always going to be
9927s rotations
9930s some maps in OverWatch you can say maybe
9933s blizzard world is is up that Havana 2
9935s potentially is just rotation Central
9939s especially for the attacking team like
9941s if you're going to be able to deny the
9943s defense at immediate access to high
9945s ground on point B you are going to have
9947s an infinitely easier time of being able
9949s to push through that specific part of
9951s the map because you're not going to have
9953s to rotate safely around bridge and then
9956s either underneath this very room that we
9958s are currently slowly zooming through or
9961s around the staircase to be able to
9962s challenge The Defenders for high ground
9964s that way and it really is going to come
9967s down to whether or not your rotations
9969s are clean whether or not you are going
9970s to be able to have continued control of
9972s both The High Ground and the low ground
9974s that's why we're seeing Genesis run
9975s Fielding that Diva so that they can use
9978s Abby's boosters to be able to bounce
9981s between the high and the low keeping
9983s that payload contested around that first
9984s Corner which is why you were talking
9986s about where a lot of those sort of
9987s Reinhardt and romantic compositions like
9990s to Anchor their defense Hoover but the
9992s diva can do both and make sure that
9994s candy and Fifi continue to have angles
9997s onto whisp as they approach and more
9999s importantly that the Zenyatta and the
10001s Anna continue to have this presence
10004s towards this very Bridge here where
10006s they're going to be safe or at least
10008s safer from the initial intrusion of the
10010s Tracer and Sombra out to get them
10013s so we talk about keeping the the honor
10015s and the then safe as best we can but
10016s what that kind of involves is some
10019s really strong work from the Tracer and
10022s the diva monitoring these backlines you
10024s can see fire checking going on but it's
10026s too late maybe they just missed out a
10028s little bit on doing their job of
10030s monitoring those side Lanes Sarah
10032s it's free reign makes it all the way
10034s there they do have to make sure to not
10035s let the Tracer though that's the primary
10037s job of Fifi if Abby can stop spinor
10040s and then the same thing can happen if
10041s you can stop by on and keep that on his
10043s end alive all sudden a game plan and
10046s great Follow by Abby fine or immediately
10048s eats a ton of damage the dive is stopped
10050s and it's held strong candy pop in the
10052s meantime makes that look way too easy
10056s it's a mifroia actually who's able to
10058s find that antinate on to buy on to deny
10061s that Tracer to join that Sombra and hunt
10063s down for you on the Zenyatta however
10065s they do lose Fifi so that's one Avenue
10068s of spy checking removed and as a result
10070s we can immediately see Abby backing up
10072s to make sure she's within booster
10073s distance of helping her back line out
10076s and that's exactly what's going to
10077s happen boost up to The High Ground to be
10079s able to help out that's in the other and
10081s the Anna as they're pressured by the
10083s Sombra and the Tracer from on far is
10085s candy continues to just poke away at
10088s this Diva next Health the floodgates are
10091s open though we talked about defending
10092s those side lanes and the back Lanes it's
10095s gone now you have the bridge to play one
10097s more spot to defend on this map but The
10100s High Ground has already proven itself
10102s quite fragile as the tracers made her
10104s way around the side Abby Dives back up
10106s towards the top looking for heels but
10107s heels aren't home it's just jock of
10110s being a whole lot of orbs
10112s this is what we talked about like he's
10113s at the floodgates have been removed and
10115s now there is just no space for anyone of
10118s Genesis to work with they don't have
10119s that bridge to keep their backlines safe
10121s they don't have that tank of Abby to
10124s create the sight lines and room for
10126s candy to be able to hold an angle and
10128s find the kills on this Widowmaker and
10130s although I I said it I said as a defense
10133s you cannot afford to give up that
10136s initial High Ground Control as you head
10137s towards B and that's exactly what
10140s happens with cat stragglers of Genesis
10143s out and continue to pressure this team
10146s away and as a result the payload has
10148s moved past bridge entirely safe
10151s non-plused at any control of Poker and
10154s the defense could have had
10156s still have
10160s do you think they're in quite a favorite
10161s position Genesis
10163s claimed it and whistling area haven't
10165s pressured it all that much maybe waiting
10167s for the diva to drop
10168s regardless though we've got a lot of
10170s ultimates on Deck first of which it's
10171s gonna be pop as the EMP response is
10174s immediately
10175s transcend is from Jacobi last time to
10178s pick off Fifi and now how do you see
10179s your way through nanoboost is thrown on
10181s top of that
10182s Nick here but oh nothing to be found
10187s oh Transcendence comes through from
10189s Jacoby even though open had already gone
10191s down in that fight they are going to be
10193s able to keep spinal's Mech through it as
10195s a result self-destruct now being used to
10197s be able to buy that little bit of space
10199s and keep Genesis rain away so they're
10201s not able to pressure Auburn as they
10203s cross over that really vulnerable part
10205s of bridge as Jacoby from this and just
10207s continues to send Foley after volley to
10209s keep Janice's running stuffed up on the
10211s staircase
10212s the jockey's job is so difficult here
10214s though you don't realize that Jacoby is
10215s playing on a nice Edge they have 200 hp
10217s right now but in a matter of a
10219s millisecond they could not you see they
10221s step forward one moment and immediately
10223s have divas and tracers and everything
10225s trying to run them down same things
10226s happening the opposing back line though
10228s is fine or is found
10230s Target they were looking for immediately
10233s most of course down that's just the
10235s Tracer left 3v1 a remake available for
10237s spinal this should be as easy as coming
10239s back to the point and cleaning up
10242s so how long can Auburn live here I don't
10245s I don't think I know
10249s is able to find Candy Pop spino's still
10252s alive one of the glasses is able to take
10254s Abby down and this is still with blue
10257s monario at least keeping somewhat of
10259s control towards that High Ground from
10261s James's friend like that additional
10262s pressure coming through onto those
10263s players means that West luminar will be
10266s able to safely regroup without the Zen
10269s getting to be put in that forwards uh
10271s seat of being able to hammer those
10273s volleys towards Auburn on the Anna
10276s unfortunately I think the regrouping is
10279s nice but positionally this is still
10280s great for Genesis rain who have a lot of
10282s tools they built up towards another Nano
10284s and another Transcendence whereas with
10286s bloom in area they're sitting on this
10287s EMP but the second they pop it yeah they
10289s can trade back lines
10291s every single time they use it it seems
10293s like that's exactly what it is
10293s regardless ultimate they are trading
10295s backline that it costs something for
10297s them to take those fights Candy by the
10299s way on the surgeon like this pick has
10301s been just dementious in stopping the
10304s shenanigans of Sarah and Byron just
10306s using the disruptor shots cutting off
10308s these angles of approach for the Tracer
10310s and the Sombra has done so much for
10311s Genesis ring to be able to continue to
10313s have this presence without worrying
10314s about a tracer or an EMP to come through
10316s speaking of EMP it is that but the none
10319s of this comes out candy with that over
10321s the clock is going to keep with in check
10323s as Auburn goes down immediately Jacoby
10327s not using that Transcendence they're
10328s going to hold on to it as they have to
10330s wait for the Anna to regroup once more
10332s and they're running out of time to do so
10335s transcendances that's why the series
10337s have just been death threats effectively
10339s for either team just being thrown at one
10341s another neither of them willing to
10342s actually use it out that EAP though like
10345s you said CS Eric can get in position
10346s they got spy checked out of the last one
10349s the attempted engagement
10351s see here this time sticking with the
10352s team pushing for the Spy check again
10354s from Abby so on top of things Sarah yet
10358s again forced back no way to use his EMP
10360s safely a reminder they have to get all
10362s the way to the Zenyatta that is like
10363s miles in the background right about now
10366s if your Sarah an inch feels like
10368s instance finally they make it to the
10371s back line how do you get the rest of the
10372s team here
10373s you go with the Anna and yeah before he
10376s was just ready for it that being said if
10378s they can somehow get out of this maybe
10379s with four members alive their own could
10382s be bigger maybe just maybe Jacoby can
10385s time this Transcendence perfectly
10388s and they do finishing off Fifi there it
10390s is that's the Rejuvenation that with
10392s balloon area needed to see their way
10394s through this fight Murphy's gonna have
10396s that namibus though so Genesis right not
10398s giving up this contestant tally they're
10399s still going to be playing on this Main
10401s Road however Jacoby is able to come in
10404s and he cleans up absolute Harry sticks
10407s and move for a borrow and another along
10409s with luminara the opportunity to move
10412s towards pointy but they only have one
10414s minute and 14 seconds to work with
10416s they're not going to have the Nana boost
10418s they're not going to have the
10419s Transcendence not even an EMV or pulse
10421s one to work with and here come the swaps
10423s Genesis Ray no that was women I do not
10426s have the ultimate to chunk through them
10427s and the Sombra and the Tracer combined
10429s are not going to be able to tear for the
10431s sustainability of the Cassidy they may
10434s and their mattress elongated Health
10435s Force talked about it earlier how
10437s critical I think it is to be willing to
10439s swap for third point in OverWatch two
10441s and I think the thing that cases that
10442s Genesis ain't make a smart swap but
10445s maybe not enough of one you managed to
10447s trade back here and every trade Miner is
10449s better for the defending team here just
10450s because of how spawn advantages work
10452s if you lose Abby it's not worth it at
10454s all low HP no damage control in sight on
10456s it's the HP and they just get out
10458s stopping that and then perform oh
10459s there's a re-engagement here for
10460s assuming are you they have all five
10461s members and Nemesis form is down they
10464s got out of the damage form as soon as
10465s possible but the opening is very very
10467s real
10469s car is going to be able to come on with
10471s a sidebar though it's a Race Against
10472s Time steinbar versus EMP who's going to
10474s be able to build it first but spinal's
10476s already been able to pull up the
10477s self-destruct sends it right into the
10479s middle of the team and as a result candy
10481s is forced into Sarah
10483s and flashback's the blizzard World there
10484s for a second sound barrier though in the
10485s 4v4 is critical the later Transcendence
10488s though is going to get far more
10489s sustained to West bloom in area along
10491s with an enemies from Auburn there is a
10493s lot of damage being thrown Genesis
10494s Reigns way the only thing they have
10496s going for them right now is the spawn
10497s advantage and that might just not be
10499s enough considering the damage they face
10501s down Candy Pops able to trade back one
10503s but how much sustain do you have bro
10505s zero when you have no players on the
10507s field a full half has been completed for
10511s West blooming area
10512s elephant actually really impresses when
10514s we see that sort of shift towards Point
10516s c not only coming in some really clutch
10518s Nano boosts but also the ante needs to
10521s deny the aggression that Genesis rain
10523s were looking to use just was bloominaria
10526s off into a regroup form and if they go
10529s for that regroup if they go for that
10530s reset they're never getting back onto
10531s the payload Genesis right using that
10533s Nana boost trying to be able to push
10535s back onto a Spooner with things like the
10536s ramatra the Nano boost it may with that
10539s wall trying to isolate those members but
10541s the antenid connects and as a result
10543s Genesis Reign are forced to back on up
10545s what should have been a golden
10546s opportunity for this team unfortunately
10548s star was into purple and West bloominara
10550s because of that Andy nade from Auburn
10552s are able to hold that forward aggressive
10554s position and continue to apply the
10556s pressure onto Genesis range so that
10558s they're already set up into advantages
10560s of using things like the EMP and that
10562s self-destruct that they can capitalize
10564s when it gets thrown down and forces
10566s Genesis rain into the waiting hands of
10568s the Sombra
10573s critical we shift our attention to the
10575s other side of the map granted the
10576s compositions are the same the game plan
10578s changes big time wish blooming area made
10580s quick work of this a point like we kind
10582s of highlighted the floodgates open the
10584s second those side Lanes opened up right
10586s the second Abby let spinal through the
10589s second that Candy Pop That Bion through
10591s now after flip spinor and Bion have to
10594s defend those side Lanes from the diva
10596s and the Tracer otherwise things will
10598s start falling apart especially because
10600s whisper playing the exact same backline
10601s that Genesis Reinhardt it is going to be
10603s the Anna it is going to be the Zenyatta
10606s glass Cannon definitely very very
10608s vulnerable or you're actually going to
10610s be going onto the kiriko to be able to
10611s try and cleanse the effects of Iron's
10613s dive as we can see the infiltration
10615s attempt now starts up candy is actually
10618s the one to take the reins and take that
10620s High Ground Control potentially away
10622s from wisp as no one is guarding that
10625s back Lane now we see Sarah trying to
10627s step in the Discord of coming onto candy
10629s to stop them from walking up that
10631s staircase as the volley from Jacoby just
10634s follows up and pushes the trace and
10636s Sombra out Alpha actively this is
10639s defended by with luminary as well
10640s they're not just sitting back shooting
10641s at them when they come up no they're
10643s taking the fight you Genesis Reign when
10646s they try to take those side lanes and
10647s firmly saying no you may not have them
10649s these volleys from Jacobi dangerous as
10652s they are offer up a threat to Genesis
10654s rain actually trying to make this push
10655s happen I'll drop low capped up by the
10657s Anna or at least should be in moments
10659s like this an aid critical in keeping the
10661s Zenyatta alive a counter dime is offered
10664s up I wish women area this time instead
10666s of trying to defend those Sidelines say
10667s hey what about your own backline keep an
10669s eye on your honor you gotta keep them
10671s alive and they're not quite able to spy
10673s an Orcs doesn't make the most of the
10675s counter dive goes out of Mech what
10677s should actually be kept alive through it
10679s I don't know I can see that line backing
10682s away knowing just how much danger
10683s they're really in in moments like this
10685s but they don't really have an answer to
10686s it Side Lane is going to be not really
10689s opening up in full however now they're
10691s going to start to open up his candy
10693s moves forward alongside Quarry the pulse
10695s bomb already going to be that spot not
10697s having to pull into position of being
10698s able to defense Matrix it but someone's
10701s got to stop this payload from moving
10703s Genesis rain are able to infiltrate
10705s candy comes up the staircase lands the
10708s pulse them on to orb and Avi follows up
10710s with the booster damage on to Jacobi and
10712s it is going to be a self-destruct
10713s protein from which to try and stall so
10716s they can use this none of this and keep
10717s this point contested for a little bit
10719s longer so sick man candy pop Dives High
10721s Ground picks up a three-piece chicken
10723s dinner to go and takes it on their way
10725s all the way through the rest of a point
10727s they are gonna cruise on into B the back
10730s of a critical play in the Tracer we
10732s talked about Alfred
10734s oh
10734s this is
10736s a choice this is a big choice I wish
10738s women area they've gone for the
10739s Transcendence they have all in this
10740s point if it doesn't work that is
10743s everything fortunately I think for them
10744s I think they're taking a deep sigh of
10747s relief
10748s they got at least Indiana people yeah
10750s EMP does get burnt out from Genesis were
10753s inside however Abby is already on to
10755s that staircase it's gonna potentially be
10758s pushed off of it but we can see that
10759s Auburn already is going to have that
10762s angle with the Nano boost and give that
10764s the diva a little bit more damage on
10766s that front line but or even just
10768s durability to be able to hold this High
10770s Ground so that was women or I have this
10771s staircase to be able to fall back onto
10773s to make it even harder for the Tracer or
10775s the Sombra to be able to enter into
10776s these fights Rush is going to be up for
10778s for you with women art pretty smartly I
10781s would say playing that supports really
10783s far away there's not that same Avenue of
10785s risk no situation so I'm just walking
10786s onto you straight away given how far
10788s away from that you are
10792s we do see a translocator force a low HP
10795s Sombra with an area
10797s I love to hold nothing more than the
10800s second Point make their job a lot easier
10802s in this map in a concise fashion
10804s throwing an animus in they want to play
10805s proactively but now that nanoboost is in
10807s the face of a Kitsune rush and anti-name
10809s a whole lot of damage Byron's able to
10811s relieve a little bit of that pressure by
10812s taking down for you but the pressure
10813s Still Remains Genesis rain want to stay
10815s on the front foot in the fight they want
10817s to stick Glory because they are losing
10818s members in the back line
10821s they do beautifully all aiming in the
10823s fight at the perfect time Abby may go
10826s down here but the damage has been done
10827s the advantage was there and they're
10829s gonna reap the rewards in a b Point yeah
10832s that's unfortunately the double-edged
10833s sword when you played that far back of
10835s your support line if a diving
10836s infiltration is made successfully you're
10839s going to be too far away from the rest
10840s of your team for people to come for one
10841s time to save it back on and we see it
10843s happen that's still contesting but it is
10846s just going to be over not Genesis Ryan
10848s have already been able to pick up that
10850s second checkpoint they're going to have
10851s snowball potential coming through into
10852s this next fight Fifi is already able to
10854s find the hack connecting is looking to
10856s try and take the armor down to have even
10858s more room for Genesis running to work
10860s with without wisp getting an honor to
10862s sustain the pushback but that doesn't
10864s happen Auburn stays alive thanks to some
10866s really good people coming through from
10868s the rest of her team and it's actually
10869s going to force Genesis Reign into
10872s playing a little bit more conservatively
10874s along with women are far more control
10876s than they should have in this next fight
10880s feels like a million times right about
10882s now with swimming area though up to not
10884s play it
10886s ready to tell you the tale of them
10887s trying to force out the the
10889s Transcendence from Jacoby but no it's
10890s just rain who should have been careful
10892s as the aggressive fight from Whispering
10894s areas beautiful
10895s Sarah's going to now swap onto that
10898s Cassidy punching the fact that Genesis
10900s Ryan are going to have to walk through
10901s these chokeholds into a team already set
10903s up with this romater as well it's gonna
10905s be really hard for this Tracer to be
10907s able to find that infiltration onto this
10909s in the other and I was like yeah the
10911s hack has to come from one to the Cassidy
10912s so they're going to be able to stop the
10913s pill to comfort onto the back line when
10915s candy look to use this pulse bomb
10920s threat
10921s the infinite game of Sombra chicken
10923s continues into the final moments of the
10926s C point
10927s bring out all sorts of damage but beefy
10930s just refuses to press their Q button a
10932s pulse bomb thrown out again the health
10933s bar is taken low Transcendence available
10936s but
10939s CH Genesis Reign continue forward a Time
10942s Bank in their back pocket as well most
10944s critically of all is there one more
10946s fight left in which blooming area or
10949s have they just called curtains on their
10950s third map I mean that's definitely still
10952s a fight left but with luminar are they
10954s going to be coming into Annihilation
10955s Genesis where I don't have an answer to
10957s it they don't have the Lucio they don't
10959s have a Zenyatta they don't even have a
10960s Baptist immortality feel through it it's
10962s just a matter of whoever not with women
10964s are can buy themselves the time for that
10965s Ram to hit the lost nine percent or the
10967s ultimate charge and they might have done
10969s just that Auburn with a pick onto candy
10970s opens up the fight spinal has already
10972s got Annihilation bolt up now really good
10974s anti-nate concerts
10976s and they don't even need to use it the
10979s sleep dot connects them to the ram but
10981s the kills are still on wisps favor
10982s especially with the Transcendence now
10983s coming through to make sure Genesis Rin
10986s don't find that last little bit of meter
10989s that they need to be able to see
10991s ourselves into the neck round of Rialto
10992s I would say You're really happy having
10994s pulled that trance because it was a
10996s fight that whispering could have ab1
10998s without if they were willing to take but
10999s with all the swap the Genesis rain have
11000s made they've thrown all of their
11002s ultimate charge down the drain with
11004s luminary are starkly ahead well Genesis
11006s right they know like if they lose one of
11008s these players before this fight begins
11010s one that you only have one minute left
11012s to work with it's as good as done so
11015s we're seeing the sustainability come
11017s through this is all counteractive
11018s measures to things like the Dead Eye
11019s that is already built up for Sarah the
11021s Ram's gonna be able to power block it
11023s Fifi's gonna be able to wall it off
11025s candy pop with that Mobility you can
11026s find an off angle and try and take the
11027s Cassidy down before it comes through
11029s like you said this is still resetting
11031s your ultimate charges entirely and
11032s playing into a team that have there's
11033s already built
11035s how do you actually win this I mean the
11037s annihilation is just so powerful oh man
11039s and I just go to the dope or buy on is
11041s the only Parting Gift they'll be given
11043s by North Forest back you got
11045s Annihilation out but 30 seconds left I'm
11047s not sure you have time for one more
11049s fight Fine Arts dropped low there's an
11051s opening here I mean you're three versus
11052s four pushing into a lot of open space
11055s they have to say insulated on the cart
11058s if he needs to push forward with Abby if
11060s they want any chance of doing this but
11062s no they get pushed back there's just too
11064s much damage being thrown out by wrist
11066s moving area from afar their hopes of
11068s sticking it out on the card all the way
11070s to the end fall on death fears wisp
11073s blooming area celebrate as they can
11075s finally feel sweet relief from a series
11078s that was oh so hard fought overtime
11081s burns down ounce does the health bar of
11083s Abby and Rialto will likely Fall by the
11085s wayside they maybe have a chance to get
11086s back in here a dragon thrown in remember
11088s the tank's in a much better position
11090s right now for with winner they have the
11091s Nano Booth they have the damage and
11093s Genesis are constantly fighting throwing
11096s tooth and nail at this car to make their
11098s way on but it's just not to be had with
11100s blooming area take the series two to one
11102s yeah unfortunately we did just see that
11106s fall on domino effect of not being able
11108s to have enough time it took so long for
11111s point a it took so long for point B that
11113s when they headed into Point C Janice's
11115s Reign they had one good fight with the
11118s composition they were coming in with and
11119s then it was just swapping onto more
11122s sustainability more of a brawl
11123s compositions trying to aggressively push
11125s onto the payload onto the waiting
11127s members of the back line that wisp had
11129s been able to just set up out of sight or
11133s rather more importantly out of danger
11135s because that backline is never fully out
11137s of sight Auburn is doing such a good job
11139s of making sure that she continues to
11141s have a pig onto spinal so even when that
11144s romantra is without that Nemesis form
11146s without that block is taking so much
11148s pressure from all angles the ram still
11150s stays standing and we have to talk about
11153s Jacoby because oh my goodness well that
11156s Zen was able to do using things like
11159s Transcendence to really play with how
11161s the team that they were going into how
11163s to connect the EMP with design the fact
11165s that they weren't even able to find the
11166s EMP on 2000 and had to go for the solo
11168s Anna and still not finding the pick
11171s continuing to just poke and pressure
11173s from the far with those Follies all the
11175s while keeping uh himself safe and out of
11178s line of fire it really does go to show
11180s just the vein of communication that was
11182s there for Wizard like the fact that they
11184s were able to take what should be a glass
11186s Cannon bold and look like it was made of
11189s absolute stainless steel
11191s and that's not to say Genesis rain did
11193s not put up an incredible fight of their
11195s own from every compositional swap they
11197s held on time and time and time again
11198s their Dives phenomenal like I said I
11201s love the blizzard world that they
11202s offered up it was a great adaptation but
11204s at the end of the day I think the
11204s flexibility that we spotted up in their
11206s backlines resilience was really what got
11209s them through and I honestly at this
11210s point I think there's only one thing
11211s left to do Max let's just talk to the
11213s players and that's what it was like to
11214s be in that driver's seat because three
11216s Maps later when the dust titles they
11218s finally get a win there's only more
11220s pressure the further we get into the
11222s competition so like I said
11224s we come back a quick interview
11229s [Music]
11237s thank you
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11406s [Music]
11409s welcome back everybody we promise quick
11411s interview and of course we'll get right
11412s on into it we've got Jacoby around talk
11415s a little bit about what it must have
11416s been like the pilot a support in that
11419s series it looked like a stressful task I
11421s I gotta ask was it as stressful as it
11423s looked because both backlines were under
11425s just dull amounts of pressure
11428s yeah it got stressful at times but we
11431s maintained our cool in our comms and we
11433s were confident in each other so it
11434s turned out good
11442s as a Zenyatta you obviously feel that
11444s like additional bit of pressure and
11446s there has to be so much peel and
11447s communication coming through not just
11448s for your Diva but also for your honor
11450s how exactly do your comms get structures
11453s as a team
11455s uh mainly with like who's in position
11457s appeal like
11459s you have like prior people on the team
11461s just however it works best for your team
11464s is usually how it goes
11467s yeah I mean you guys clearly found the
11468s right formula with that it got you guys
11470s a pretty critical win that Nets you a
11472s good spot uh coming out of the Swiss
11474s round how does it feel knowing that
11475s you've you've gotten over at least the
11478s biggest hump that I think you guys have
11480s to offer until tomorrow is it is it
11482s relief is it understanding that there's
11484s still more more games to go or what's
11485s the feeling looking forward
11487s uh it feels good but we definitely know
11489s we have a lot more to like to come still
11492s and we're
11493s we're looking forward for some good
11494s games and playing well tomorrow
11498s and obviously playing under the banner
11501s of whisper team that is known for being
11503s in contenders what's it like like what
11505s sort of resources have you been able to
11507s have access to have you been scrimming
11509s almost constantly and being in like
11511s sessions with hosts and analysts or
11514s yeah we've been we scrimmed like pretty
11516s heavily these past few weeks and we've
11518s had a lot of like great uh content
11521s people talk with us and managers and
11523s coaches and all that it's been really
11525s great we're really thankful for them
11527s what do you feel like the biggest way
11529s that a it's enabled you as a team is and
11532s B what do you feel like the biggest
11534s Improvement you guys have come across as
11536s a team is inside
11538s uh just like playing for each other and
11541s like Synergy and like trusting each
11543s other's plays
11545s just being able to do stuff together
11547s without always needing like repetitive
11550s comms and stuff has been really nice
11554s and then looking forward as well
11556s considering you were able to take the
11557s win you continue up in the upper bracket
11559s we've seen a lot of really strong teams
11561s some teams even remaining undefeated is
11563s there any specific team that you're
11565s worried about coming up against and why
11567s oh wow
11569s yeah I think the question is is there a
11571s team they want a piece of that uh
11574s XL2 or nyxl Academy would be fun I have
11578s a lot of friends on that team and I'm
11579s close with them so that would be a fun
11581s game
11582s it was good to hear congratulations
11584s again on the win we really appreciate
11585s you popping in for the interview and
11587s best of luck like we said you got big
11588s stuff ahead yeah thank you and uh
11589s pre-spiner
11593s all right fun stuff from Jacoby but of
11597s course like we said we got more action
11598s today it has been a long broadcast so
11601s far but that is only the first two of
11603s four games that we've got for you guys
11605s today so plenty four on the docket be
11609s sure to keep an eye on that and if you
11610s need something to do while we're on a
11611s break of course we've got a wonderful
11612s website that you guys can go ahead and
11613s go to radiant dot store if you want to
11616s look radiant all sorts of cool merch
11618s there also that Mercy cat
11620s I I I I need it I know what I'm gonna do
11624s during during the break sign time I'm uh
11627s I'm gonna go grab me that that t-shirt
11629s because I like cats I like Mercy
11631s together I feel like this is just a one
11634s of the greatest mixes in in the universe
11636s I'm I'm getting that t-shirt yeah
11639s somehow I suspect you're not the only
11640s person in that demographic box so like I
11642s said you guys have your homework check
11643s out the website when we come back we've
11645s got another game
11651s thank you
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11661s thank you
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11872s thank you
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12537s thank you
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12962s thank you
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12971s welcome back everybody we appreciate
12973s your patience as we get through I mean
12975s we thought we had the turbo bangers on
12977s our hands the three mappers going all
12979s the way apparently not there's like Maps
12982s tying left right and Center five map
12983s series five I don't know what's
12985s happening and the rest of this Swiss
12987s round but boy is it not pretty I mean it
12989s at least for the team's playing them for
12991s us it results in a pretty sick looking
12994s bit of standings after
12997s a lot of dust has settled that's for
12999s sure
13001s I know I mean that was the match-up that
13004s we were all watching right to see who
13006s really is the top dog right now but
13008s Timeless ethereal Big Stuff 5-0
13011s I had Timeless world the only team
13013s currently uh undefeated sitting at that
13015s five and I pretty much almost secured
13017s while guaranteed their position into
13019s tomorrow as our Whitetail Academy are
13022s still going to be able to be pretty
13023s happy with themselves four and one for
13025s them dot monkey is taking their first
13027s loss offstream also going to be tied for
13029s that Forum one alongside starry nights
13031s and Vancouver Titans blue as well as
13034s with pulmonary the team that we just saw
13036s you can absolutely see why they're
13038s currently fought and won this team that
13040s is looking exceptionally strong heading
13042s into some of the later stages of the
13044s bracket
13045s and now is when things get rough for a
13048s few teams here I'm not I'm not really
13050s concerned about the teams that are
13051s currently four in one the teams right
13054s now they're three and two are the ones
13056s that I'm watching three losses is
13058s effectively the cut off right now for
13059s top 16. and none of those teams at three
13063s and two can afford to take a loss right
13065s now obviously those teams that are two
13067s and three that want to just hold on but
13069s then you start getting a differential
13071s and boy do things get close beneath that
13073s you still got a whole lot of teams here
13075s floating around vying for qualification
13078s two and three does not mean you're out
13080s right now you go down to map differences
13082s in specific matches and all the such
13084s like that unfortunately though there are
13086s a few teams we can count out right now
13087s but they have not gone out without a
13089s fight all of them showing up for their
13091s match then putting on good performances
13092s yeah we still have two more rounds as
13095s well to play so like you said that
13096s cutoff is very much looking like it is
13098s going to be on the cusp of those three
13100s losses so those teams currently floating
13102s around that 11th to uh 17th spot
13105s definitely in a precarious position
13107s everyone around us wanting to retain at
13110s that spot on the top 16 and everyone who
13112s is above 16 in the leaderboard is going
13115s to be wanting to push their way forward
13117s and secure themselves a spot yeah it's
13120s much easier said than done like we said
13122s that last round ended up going obscenely
13124s long for some of these teams and there
13127s is more yet to come just want to update
13128s you guys on the switch we're getting the
13129s next game ready when we come back it
13131s should be pretty much straight in the
13132s game
13145s thank you
13158s [Music]
13179s [Music]
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13204s [Music]
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13261s [Music]
13284s thank you
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13340s [Music]
13380s thank you
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13602s [Applause]
13606s [Music]
13615s [Music]
13628s [Music]
13671s thank you
13675s foreign
13676s [Music]
13713s foreign
13715s [Music]
13738s welcome back everyone we got all of our
13740s stuff figured out the next round of
13742s Swiss is upon us we've got seven two one
13744s black up against who I think is quickly
13746s becoming a fan favorite off their
13748s Twitter content in bubble bees I mean
13751s when you see the logo as well come on
13753s it's it's adorable so when you look at
13755s the roster too like how can you not be a
13757s fan they've got aramore they've got H
13759s key like this is a team that I think is
13761s going to do exceptionally well and I
13763s would be very surprised if we don't see
13765s a Podium finish for them yeah I mean
13767s this is another team that is a
13769s subsection of a contenders team in Hive
13772s so some really really nice pedigree
13775s there I've been doing some phenomenal
13776s stuff as of late Bumblebee's coming in
13778s racking up some big wins thus far and
13781s with this roster it's no surprise like
13783s you said aramore and hkey two big names
13786s on this team that can do a lot of damage
13787s hkey especially can just take some teams
13791s to Town the rest of them know nobody to
13793s sleep on deaf steady and jam have their
13795s work cut out from in supporting those
13797s two and I think are gonna be pretty good
13799s at doing it considering their record
13800s thus far yeah jam and our Mori obviously
13803s both you'll uh recognize from being on
13806s shock Timeless all the way back on the
13809s last cah they were able to come in third
13812s in that one HQ on the other hand was
13815s able to win the entire thing back in
13817s 2022 and she is coming back to try and
13820s win it all over again in 2023 like you
13823s said a subsection of Hive from the
13825s northern American Contender scene they
13827s are going to have a very very fun time
13830s and I think like a lot of the pressure
13832s as well has been lifted from the steam
13834s like from a lot of the teams that we're
13835s going to be seeing who don't have to
13837s worry about a potential free loss defeat
13840s like bumblebees is in a decent spot
13842s they're not middling of the pack they're
13844s not a little bit too close towards the
13846s cutoff of the top 16. this is very much
13848s just Comfort games for them yeah and we
13851s have had a quick change fortunately our
13853s production so on top of it they can do a
13855s mid-screen Avery is in for steady that
13857s being said I don't think it's the last
13858s Museum of study Avery another player of
13861s note though really be looking out for
13863s that tank play and especially as we head
13865s into control I think that's gonna be a
13867s pretty dominant Force yeah definitely
13869s coming coming in probably all most
13872s likely going to be there for the ramatro
13873s as we head into control and then more
13876s than likely we are going to see the Swap
13878s come through as a couple more tanks and
13881s flexibility becomes a thing however we
13883s do have to talk about their opponents
13885s because it's not bumblebees versus no
13887s one it's bumblebees versus seven two one
13889s black and this is a team that I think a
13891s lot of people are looking forward to
13893s seeing how they develop in this space
13895s I'm very much looking forward to seeing
13897s whether or not uh this team is going to
13899s be able to push their way into that sort
13902s of path to Pro place because a lot of
13903s these players have actually come through
13905s from open division in fact European
13908s Urban division so EU represent
13913s especially I have to give a shout out to
13915s her to Boom coming from the background
13917s isn't it literally like 5 A.M
13920s hey
13922s what time is it for it's it's for for
13924s you
13927s isn't that worse i 4 a.m on like 150
13933s ping I you got to be a different breed
13936s of human being these five players are
13937s psychopaths and honestly I wouldn't want
13939s to be in their way I don't want to be in
13941s anybody's way who's playing on 150 ping
13943s from EU at 4am but these five have the
13946s gumption to step up to the plate up
13948s against a team of the caliber of
13949s bumblebees and that is gonna be real
13950s difficult especially on our first map of
13953s lijong where things are going to shake
13955s out I love Lee Jeong I think it takes
13957s teams to kind of be extended limits of
13959s compositions on in pretty much every
13962s single way and then allows them a little
13964s bit of play and Night Market to kind of
13965s show that flexibility show where they'd
13967s rather lean amongst that spectrum and so
13970s it's gonna be a great place to see 721
13972s black and bumblebees really take off
13974s yeah however it's also going to be a
13976s brilliant place to run rimatra
13978s especially on a map like control center
13980s which used to be just home of the
13982s Reinhardt right even when we were really
13984s heavily into Winston Lucio kiriko meta
13987s all the way back in December of last
13988s year teams would still sometimes run the
13990s Reinhardt for that brawl composition
13991s ramacha has sort of just pushed
13994s shouldered his way quite literally into
13996s the reinhardt's position in that
13997s composition you can still keep the May
13998s you're still using that wall to be able
14000s to block off those players from the rest
14002s of the team most significantly the
14003s backline especially if you're fighting
14004s in that side room if you're fighting in
14006s generator then you're going to be able
14007s to use the fact that the low hanging
14009s ceilings a lot of the time when the
14010s middle comes through don't actually
14012s allow the Baptist to be able to exhibit
14014s over the maywall and keep healing
14016s whoever is separated from it which can
14019s be seen from some of these Baptist
14021s players towards places like a sub-level
14023s in Antarctic and also on King's truck we
14025s have just a little bit more room towards
14027s where the ceiling fan hands down there
14030s is and that's why I think Lee Jeong is
14032s so sick though is because you get
14033s everything from that all the way out to
14035s the the depths of dive maps and Gardens
14038s and then Night Market really opens up
14040s the door turns into a preference thing
14042s so for both these teams it's critical
14043s that they come out and are ready to
14045s adapt but also already show what they're
14047s most comfortable on because I think
14049s again point pointing towards Night
14050s Market that really is a map that for me
14052s makes a big difference in terms of the
14054s the swing of the series
14055s you're dictating the pace of the match
14058s whatever you're playing you're most
14059s comfortable on it that way you're ready
14061s what the other team throws at you
14062s because a lot of the times it doesn't
14064s end up being a mirror match he said
14065s should we start out here on control
14067s center it'll be but I think this is fly
14069s throughs and I'm definitely not gonna
14070s get baited let's fly first I'm two slick
14073s mocks I'm too StreetWise
14075s picturesque maps of Lee Jung as they
14078s just fly for well this is sort of like
14079s the the slow mode pharah experience
14082s knowing it just like zooming very very
14084s slowly very gracefully and elegantly all
14087s around these these wonderful maps and
14088s appreciating the architecture oh if
14091s you're you know a support player
14093s probably having flashbacks to be enabled
14095s of Romeo team and held at that joke for
14098s 99 of the point we were knee-deep and
14102s Reinhardt and zarya and grabs with
14105s dragon strike Wombo combos are plenty if
14108s you want to have the full most trip over
14110s Overwatch one I don't think we escaped
14112s The Nostalgia of this map yet there's
14114s still a lot of things that are kind of
14116s left over whether it's a Spam damage
14117s whether it's teleporting to point
14118s there's all sorts of strategies that
14120s have maintained themselves thus far and
14123s I'm curious to see if any of those map
14124s specific ones whether it be drunk Rats
14127s on control so there would be
14128s symmetrathon Night Market you end up
14129s coming out or
14131s whether we go even further in something
14132s we haven't seen I think at all today and
14135s a wrecking ball for garden
14136s yeah I wouldn't be surprised if we do
14138s see that Wrecking Ball come through like
14140s he said being able to take advantage of
14141s the approach to bridge being able to use
14143s it sort of environmental but also just
14145s this point in itself as we're flying
14147s around here you can see it's it's
14148s perfectly built we're wrecking ball
14150s right sometimes it just feels like
14151s heroes are made and they're kits
14154s designed with specific maps in mind me
14156s with every single Chokehold in uh in
14158s mind but it feels like Legion Gardens
14160s was just made for ham install and that
14162s was why we would see things like the
14163s Winston dive coming through when you had
14165s Primal and you were just able to
14166s immediately jump back through that
14168s window from your spawn point pop Primal
14171s and stole that point for a good amount
14173s of time sometimes even being able to win
14175s the entire fight off of just being able
14177s to get back onto that point so quickly
14179s on its mood even harder to be able to
14182s reject full teams now that we have
14183s kiriko coming into the mix and you can
14185s just switch that bypassing so many of
14187s these walls and keep that stagger going
14190s difficult place to dive I do want to see
14192s some ball though yeah we've seen it we
14194s haven't seen any thus far where there's
14196s just games or tank players pools
14199s whatever it may be it's a high risk High
14201s reward composition certainly an
14202s extremely high skill floor but I trust
14204s that they're at least a good few teams
14205s here that are capable of playing and
14207s bringing some pretty good value out of
14208s it just a matter of are you ever put in
14211s that situation where you feel like you
14212s need to make that risk to play a team
14214s composition that can be extremely
14215s difficult where more often than not
14217s if you're losing on it it's because
14219s you're not playing perfectly but it's so
14221s difficult to play Perfect
14223s yeah especially because like that
14224s Wrecking Ball is always going to be
14226s playing aggressively and you also play
14227s around Halifax it's sort of the Tracer
14229s problem for support players but
14231s Amplified because so many support
14232s players are supposed to build their
14234s their charges of the ultimate off of
14237s their tank player right that that
14238s massive sustained health bar the fact
14240s that there are a lot larger in terms of
14242s hitbox as well you are constantly
14244s pushing up whether you're an owner or a
14246s Baptist Falling Towards Nano or amp
14248s Matrix off of that space and health bar
14250s that your tank provides and when you're
14251s running with a wrecking ball chances are
14254s that they're not actually going to be
14255s letting you get that old charge and said
14257s they're going to be playing around those
14259s Health packs instead so not only do you
14261s not get your ultimates to be able to
14263s keep Pace With the Enemy teams but also
14266s you don't have that backline presence of
14268s the peel in case things go a little bit
14271s too wrong for the back line
14274s all right marks in the map number one of
14277s game number three we've got another one
14278s after this still cooking up for you guys
14282s course that is should this thing not
14284s just go the entire Rush the night but it
14286s will I think these teams want to end
14288s this one swiftly both of them want to
14289s take the hurt to one another one of them
14291s though has given us maybe what we asked
14293s for I'm not gonna count my my hamster
14296s chickens until they hatch but we might
14298s just get a wrecking ball I think we're
14300s gonna get a wrecking ball and I think
14301s bumblebees might actually Veer towards
14303s uh deciding to feel this more they're
14305s anticipating this dive to come through
14307s there and just bring the full commitment
14308s of the dive with this wrecking ball
14309s coming through to make sure that you
14311s have that full of damage from the Tracer
14313s and aramore oh no there it is they're
14315s going to swap to full counter dive to
14318s come through they're gonna go dive of
14319s their own They're Gonna Keep the Anna
14321s though keeping that Lucio having that
14323s little bit of extra sustain of the burst
14325s given the fact that the div I'm like
14327s it's gonna be a much bigger Target than
14328s the hammer to lock down
14330s everything to counter this wrecking ball
14332s right about now a lot of pressure being
14334s put on bxxm dives into the back line
14336s it's to slam the follow-up decent but
14339s not perfect bumblebees have a lot of
14340s ways of avoiding that dive in the first
14342s place
14343s you can slam all you want but your
14344s health bar is as good as gone should you
14347s stand still for more than a moment out
14350s of the way bumblebees descend upon their
14352s prey
14353s this is going to be bumblebees coming in
14355s with that wind sure enough they have to
14357s still find the flip though now they've
14359s been able to find it so I could not
14360s brilliant from 721 especially since they
14362s lose their kiriko towards the tail end
14364s of that fight as well and now you have
14367s the biggest problem for dive composition
14369s when you lose that fight on Night Market
14371s you lose the ability to position
14373s yourself on the High room before the
14375s fight begins that choke hold is so
14377s problematic for these players to be able
14379s to bypass thankfully they've been able
14381s to shoulder that way through Bumblebee's
14382s not setting up a Chokehold grip the
14385s necklace layer coming in on the hands or
14387s with the off angle is actually able to
14389s find the first Blood onto the Tracer 71
14391s black oh for Two Shots coming from the
14394s Hanzo have dealt with both of the DPS
14396s and very quickly find a flip
14401s it's a quick fight
14406s s you can go into like
14409s sway you just wait sometimes
14411s and then oftentimes it's just shots
14415s fired that's that's how they're able to
14417s win and that was exactly how 71 black
14420s were able to win that they've already
14421s almost pulled up to a dragon strike to
14422s have in this next fight as well and it's
14424s going to become that little bit of a
14427s fight game of cat and mice as a song was
14429s about to hit an EMP and Alicia a little
14431s bit far away
14434s do a short grave he'll be traded back
14437s with the tank Advantage it is feeling
14440s particularly Stark also to the sound are
14441s being used by Jim
14443s really really late into the fight and
14446s it's gonna wear off by the time they get
14447s to the point anyway so there's a couple
14450s of question marks the counter sound
14451s barrier is really good
14453s for zep's turn to get their team on
14455s point Avery goes down as well so the
14456s dude's been taken out remember the
14458s entire time the point Didn't control
14459s Bombay so the longer it goes better for
14461s them they're gonna pop the EMP and
14462s really commit to this thing and that
14464s pays off big time yeah that's why
14466s they're more than happy to use at
14467s Sunbury first it pulls the seven to one
14469s block into using a sign right of her own
14471s and suddenly the Sombra can EMP without
14473s the additional caveat of finding that
14474s Lucy when denying the sound barrier and
14477s bumblebees like he said still in control
14478s at that point even if they lose they've
14480s been able to pick up a lot of soul
14482s potential and part of them they were
14484s able to Win It Lane's gonna be coming in
14486s with a pulse form however but aramari on
14488s that Kirito can cleanse it off with the
14490s Susie the stick connects onto the
14492s Winston Avery goes so low but doesn't go
14494s down
14495s huge the xxm this time not first to go
14498s but still all eyes on the Winston right
14501s now ton of damage
14503s we see one's locker but clean it up
14505s though again off the back of some really
14507s sick shots
14508s and bxm with that Primal able to take
14510s down Jam just thought of going down
14512s before the stall can properly come
14514s through from bumblebee there's no pulse
14515s one going to be connecting on to them
14517s this time around as neko's layer on that
14520s answer is going to make this choke
14521s escape a lot harder however we are
14524s seeing bumblebees to stand that song
14525s we're pushing on to that point drawing
14527s 721 away from the Chokehold so that
14529s handle doesn't get those opening shots
14530s into the backlight
14532s hack him but the somber out out 45
14535s because that somber left or Bumblebee it
14538s has a big opportunity here for 721 black
14539s to step forward they recognize it pisado
14542s drops low the xxm first to go though a
14545s slight over extension by the team in
14546s orange 7-2-1 black has to cower back to
14548s points look at their wounds way to fight
14551s another day and they do Neko Slayer hits
14553s one head is looking to solo Dragon what
14557s on Earth is this a shot into an early
14560s grave 97 in most I think you hit the
14564s nail on the head earlier on you could
14566s talk about it all day I'm gonna analyze
14568s the fights you can say who used what
14570s wins but Neko Slayer has got them
14572s through two fights with shirai Malone
14574s and pardon my Italian but they simply
14577s click it ahead you know
14580s man shouldn't it be Japanese I don't
14584s speak Japanese like this that's my
14585s that's my Italian that's all I got
14588s oh just having that burst damage off the
14591s hands as well as counteracting a lot of
14593s the sombra's utility right we talked
14595s about it when we were seeing uh the
14597s Sombra all the way from Jim on Havana on
14601s it feels like days ago that we got to
14604s see that serious matchup it's been such
14606s a long broadcast but just being able to
14609s use those Recons to be able to figure
14610s out where the storm was playing around
14612s from even when the summer comes in for
14613s the hack you can see the immediate force
14615s of the translocator as opposed to neko's
14618s like who's able to just hold those
14619s angles continue to pressure onto
14621s bumblebees Force out that Winston
14623s Bubbles as well from Avery so early
14625s every single time and it's just broken
14627s in the blink of an eye by that hands are
14629s just slamming arrows into the shield and
14631s no surprises they are going to keep
14633s their hands off if it ain't broke do not
14635s fix it that's what I said earlier then
14637s they fixed it
14638s try to fix it didn't actually work
14640s everything almost
14641s Echo saw you're in and Mark said it it
14644s seems to come true a little bit more
14645s when I say it
14647s I'm doing black
14649s push back these Reapers our Titian out
14652s the heart though playing in chisado each
14654s pudding Winston's to almost early Graves
14657s at least in the case of xx7 certainly a
14659s very early grave for Avery yeah Avery
14662s goes on again like it's that additional
14663s pressure of both the Reaper and The
14666s Hanzo Bumblebees are going to have a
14667s hands of their own to try to do just
14669s that at that early Point control going
14672s to 721 black is such a leg up for this
14674s team because it forces bumblebees he's
14676s taking this really long flank around the
14678s back of the point and that's just
14679s playing into the hunter pads
14682s immediately laying down now the wind's
14684s going to charge forward
14687s another quick one for bumblebees I mean
14690s I'll lean to what you said earlier and
14692s say at least it was quick but apparently
14694s a lot of copium when I say that that's a
14696s quick flip to give away and one I don't
14697s think they're happy with yeah especially
14699s because it's the Hands-On that comes up
14701s in the kilfi but it's not 721 blacks
14703s it's not necklace layer it is Drunk
14705s Monkey Style and as a result they've
14706s been able to match ultimate charge of
14709s dragon striking this Dragon strike is
14710s going to be absolutely crucial in
14712s keeping seven to one black in this choke
14715s for as long as possible self comes
14718s through pxxm immediately goes down no
14721s dragon strike necessary at the moment
14722s the team already split by their own hand
14724s and the Lucio is gone no disengagement
14727s tool no speed amp to take 721 black
14730s safely out of that fight a full team
14733s killer country from bumblebees and not a
14735s single ultimate expended for it
14739s you know sometimes I know it's just
14740s cleanup kills but the shots are still
14742s nice yeah I can watch somebody playing
14744s aim trainers and still be impressed oh
14746s bad that's really bad dive in and well
14749s by the way
14751s I saw Jason and I'm like they're gonna
14753s check that they're gonna send somebody
14755s High ground and then by the time they
14756s didn't it was just it was just too late
14757s it was just too late great dive as well
14759s by Avery to back it up throwing the
14761s bubble down on top of it to make sure
14762s that she's Auto Loop
14763s yeah I think like you can see just like
14765s that little pressing voice in the back
14768s of that head where they know that they
14769s have to be able to rotate to that point
14770s before the dragon strike comes through
14772s and that hurry like you said meant that
14774s they they did make the mistake of not
14776s checking that specific angle and they're
14778s still being boxed up in this space
14780s boxed up and they spent their sound very
14783s early Jam hits the the better beat
14785s justado though does go down in the
14787s meantime Lane picks up another one
14788s they're troubles a whole lot of voltage
14790s being thrown in by bowling these here
14791s but relatively fruitless fight there
14793s lack of proactivity so to speak is
14795s finally got into them they seem to win
14797s the fights they go in early and they lay
14799s back for just a moment seven two one
14801s black counts yeah a drunk monkey style
14804s wants to use that Dragon strike to deny
14805s the kid sooner Russian it does deny the
14807s kitsuna rush but I would rather have
14809s seen it used to denying seven to one
14811s entrance onto that point entirely like
14812s use it to split the team and make sure
14814s that they don't have access to the
14815s support So force that Swift step early
14817s from santix to be able to regroup with
14819s that team and as a result like you said
14821s that passivity played against them
14822s however that turned going down early is
14824s going to play massively against seven
14826s two one black as aramore Pops that cover
14828s lessons to keep his team full fighting
14831s thin but goes down to the Dead Eye from
14834s mecco Slayer the Moira ultimate denied
14836s the sustainability for bumblebees as
14838s attack denied 7-1 black need to find the
14842s kills Avery is gone chasada removed this
14845s should just be a cleanup flip it started
14847s out so well for them I went straight
14850s downhill once that coal got canceled the
14852s Dead Eye Zone the Primal Rage kept him
14853s going 7-2-1 black got right back in the
14856s driver's seat yeah aramari unfortunately
14858s denied that coalescence even though you
14860s can use that fade for the Dead Eye it
14861s must just have been on cooldown still
14863s which is really unfortunate chisato does
14865s have that death Blossom coming up at the
14868s moment but it's the dragon swipe that's
14869s going to be up first and seven two one
14871s black they don't want to put themselves
14872s in choke to be able to not Escape up
14877s right now Avery is feeling the pain in
14879s the face of this Reaper so she saw who
14881s takes half the help Echo Slayer taking
14883s the other requisite have to take a life
14886s in total damn that's the fall that's the
14889s threat of that Reaper this is enough
14891s damage to throw the other direction
14891s 7-2-1 black ever run this map
14895s straight on
14897s two to zero looks to be the final score
14899s line for it I think a couple of touches
14901s here are in in favor of bumblebees but
14903s even that's just blocked away nicely by
14906s seven two one black yeah it's a little
14908s bit closer and then we see the swamp one
14911s to the Cassidy and that just makes a
14914s world of difference suddenly you're not
14916s really like allowing that early control
14918s to come through uh for the other side
14921s you're not allowing the the handle to
14923s just dictate that Tempo continuously
14925s instead you have things like the magnet
14927s to land in if they try and dive
14928s aggressively to make sure that the Lucio
14930s doesn't really get to to play aggressive
14932s and capitalize off the space that the
14933s Winston creates you've got all of the
14935s sidelines as well to punish the fact
14937s that they had to use so much utility to
14938s escape from that choke so that they
14940s don't just get shot like fish in a
14942s barrel by that Cassidy and then when
14944s they're actually on the point you have
14945s to deal with the reaper and if you've
14947s already invested things like the Winston
14948s bubble to block that initial poke
14950s pressure coming from the cast The Reaper
14953s just gets to walk on that monkey for
14954s absolute free and that was what we were
14956s seeing continued pressure at the exact
14958s same time onto the back line to deny
14960s them from having the means of sustaining
14962s the front line and because those two
14964s just continue to be divided by that
14966s pressure of the Cassidy and the reaper
14967s working in tandem the fights were over
14969s so quickly that they didn't be able to
14971s build up into things like the Primal or
14973s the coalescence to be able to try and
14975s find that moment where they can turn the
14976s tide against that uh enemy that was a
14979s rough time for the back line I mean all
14980s that poke pressure but I think one of
14982s the things we talk about with poke is
14983s making sure that it's not just poke in
14985s general at the enemy team when you're
14987s able to find the same Target like we saw
14988s consistently from seven to one black
14990s that's when the real picks are made
14992s obviously hanzo's can find Heads This
14994s than the other we saw a lot of that and
14996s they looked really good but the more
14998s impressive ones are when you're seeing
14999s each player take half of a player's HP
15001s when they're only peaking for what a
15003s moment to actually try and get Poke off
15005s of their own and 7-21 black did that
15006s consistently on top of that I felt that
15008s their ultimate usage was significantly
15011s better they came ahead in a lot of those
15012s fights
15013s oh yes we saw bumblebees winning
15016s practically every neutral fight there
15017s were only so many of those to take and
15019s yes boombees are consistently better at
15021s it I think that may help them out a lot
15023s more in the coming Maps when it comes to
15025s control Point controlling that ultimate
15026s economy like 721 black did and being
15028s more consistent with those picks easily
15030s gets them over the line yeah it's not
15031s just the alt management as well like we
15033s said like that not swap onto the Cassidy
15035s disrupted the momentum of bumblebees
15037s bumblebees like to make that first swing
15040s they like to throw the first punch and
15041s that was when we saw them having success
15043s holding down the fort on Gardens the
15045s second that the Cassidy pit came through
15047s they had to play reactively they had to
15050s allow the Cassidy that space allow the
15052s team onto that point and not having that
15055s choke control to be able to set their
15057s hands up to come in with those first
15058s opening kills it played against them it
15060s played against multiple fronts which
15062s unfortunately did impact them losing the
15064s map so they do however get the added
15067s Fortune of being able to pick this next
15069s map and it is no surprises going to be
15072s King's rope it doesn't matter which
15074s OverWatch player you you give the choice
15076s to in terms of hybrid map seven times
15079s out of ten kings are always going to be
15080s the one fielded yeah we do this awesome
15082s thing where it's like okay great you you
15084s lost the first map I'm sorry about your
15086s sorry about that first map loss here is
15088s a map pick and you get to use it however
15090s you want lucky you turn that turn the
15093s game around with this and then just go
15095s no we'll take King's Row it's like what
15096s they would have picked anyways like
15097s what's the point anyway you're supposed
15099s to be the added no no no we're going
15100s back together we're going back to Kings
15102s guys we're going back to Kings all I got
15104s I digress it's a good map it's a fun map
15106s a lot of people like it and for good
15108s reason but every team is comfortable and
15109s so not much is going to change but I
15111s don't think that's necessarily a bad
15112s thing here bumblebee so did hack on a
15115s respectable amount of percentage so I
15116s don't think trying to like hard counter
15118s pick and map is necessary sticking with
15120s Comfort they trust their own play should
15122s do fine I think they trust as well the
15124s fact that they picked Hanzo overcast
15127s we've talked about it in depth in depth
15128s already but this
15131s points I'm gonna touch upon it again
15133s Cassidy on King throw especially by like
15135s trying to defend it you have very
15137s limited options on why you want to play
15140s and you also have limited survivability
15142s you don't have that immediate access to
15144s The High Ground if you get Dover Pawn or
15145s pushed forward aggressively yes the
15148s magnate does a lot of damage in terms of
15149s the threatening presence that it has but
15151s if you're not able to find those shots
15153s or create enough of a Time gap for Pure
15155s to come through the Cassidy does tend to
15158s go down extremely easily and once that
15160s burst damage threat has been taken off
15163s the table the other team is going to get
15165s aggressive as opposed to the Hanzo pick
15167s where you have that ability to keep
15169s putting that pressure onto that front
15171s line to keep the tank in check of being
15172s able to create the space for the rest of
15174s the DPS to move forward and take out
15175s your backline but you have the added
15177s benefit of verticality and OverWatch is
15180s very much played on the 3D having access
15183s to that verticality angle is massive
15186s both for the attack and the defense for
15187s an attacking team if they were able to
15189s get a hands up on that ledge right up
15191s above that point can very quickly crack
15193s it open entirely within about 20 seconds
15196s likewise a defensive Hanzo who continues
15198s to have access to that one off angle can
15201s keep 18 pressured in that first choke
15203s without allowing them to put themselves
15205s onto that point and force the rest of
15207s your team out of position to make sure
15210s that the point doesn't just tick over
15211s for free
15212s so you bring up that high ground and I
15214s think it's obviously incredibly
15215s important but well you were on the Hanzo
15218s pretty obvious about these teams they
15219s both want to go for it how you play with
15221s that High Ground changes a lot though
15223s right do you want to bring in this
15224s remote or do you want to bring in the
15225s Winston do you want to bring support
15227s Second dive it with you 721 black opting
15229s for the more aggressive of those options
15230s wanting bxxm to dive towards The High
15233s Ground to try and set Neko Slayer up
15234s whereas Bumblebees are going full on on
15237s the defense they're not trying to
15238s counter dive anything they just want to
15240s hold on to this High Ground the
15242s old-fashioned way yeah it is going to be
15244s the mayweal there as well to make sure
15245s that 721 black can potentially get
15247s isolated the problem is seven two one
15250s black if they do decide to run this dive
15252s composition well they're not really
15253s going to get split apart by the mayweal
15255s because they all have means of being
15256s able to escape at the trace of the
15258s blinks around it that hands of the
15259s ability to wall climb over it they'll
15260s win something ability to jump over at
15261s kiriko the wall climb the only way you
15263s can really isolate is line of sight for
15265s this Anna pick and if you can do that
15267s well then you're gonna have an easier
15268s time take the tank out of the mix
15270s all right
15272s yeah well they can do in taking the tank
15273s out of the mix I love the routing from
15275s 721 black thus far it's been good oh it
15277s was good until bxxm turned around
15279s I wonder it was the Phoenix system
15281s trying to help another support Cross or
15283s something
15284s I mean you're not poking from that
15286s distance distraction so that's seven two
15289s one yeah
15292s but like he said yeah like running in
15294s with that Winston just offered on the
15296s silver platter straight into the zone to
15299s stop the jump from allowing the Escape
15301s means seven two and black were
15303s immediately pushed away but no they put
15305s themselves onto point and a monkey style
15307s has already been denied that High Ground
15308s angle so a lot of that momentum that the
15311s Hazel has early on now did not
15313s ah speaking of Hanzo is being gone
15316s neko's player has hit the floor and is
15318s no longer vertical mortality field has
15321s been used though in bumblebees running
15323s out of position to play they've given
15324s away one tick now Avery is looking to
15326s recontest others have both supports
15328s around to try and help them with this
15330s recontestive driving his Vortex as well
15332s crushes the jumping dreams of vxxm and
15335s shuts down any hopes of the fight being
15337s taken away yeah there's that metal that
15339s I was talking about you used to deny a
15341s line of sight from septum's Anna to be
15343s able to heal the xxm on that point and
15346s as a result the Winston isn't able to
15348s sustain long enough to build into the
15349s Primal and bumblebees have a moment to
15351s be able to regroup and study themselves
15353s onto that High Ground doesn't look like
15355s they want full control for High Ground
15356s like you said they're playing very far
15358s back and that is going to actually allow
15361s a window of opportunity for Jam to go
15363s down now they have to play even further
15364s back because they don't have that speed
15366s to be able to disengage when 71 black
15368s dive onto them
15369s physical's not disengaged they gotta dig
15372s their heels in and deal some real damage
15374s and they too the xxm is down on aramore
15377s Road
15379s sometimes you just can't avoid it man
15380s yeah um
15383s just just gotta chunk through that
15386s damage
15388s it was bad man anyways 721 black off the
15391s back of that Dragon make a big win it
15393s was a nice try by bumblebees but when
15395s they were lacking the Lucio fighting
15396s that one back oh it was just gonna be
15398s tough all the time
15399s uh Matrix was thrown in so it is
15401s expensive for seven to one black not
15403s only do they pop with the dragon strike
15404s it's also off of a nano as well so this
15407s Chokehold from bumblebees can be
15409s incredibly successful like that blizzard
15411s can come through and they don't have the
15412s Nano to sustain whoever gets caught in
15415s I feel like it it's like at this point
15418s just the ceremony to trade players by a
15421s Hanzo at the beginning of each of these
15422s fights before we can engage like we must
15424s reduce ourselves to playing 4v4 you must
15427s move and progress to OverWatch three
15429s before we may engage this fight it's
15432s just a generous you know everyone loses
15436s well no it's specifically the people who
15438s are not Hanzo are losing
15441s like you said the truth to make sure
15444s before
15444s seven to one black swapping bxxm onto
15448s three group a lot faster bumblebees
15450s deciding to give up that ground so they
15452s can regroup and play with their four
15453s five stack in OverWatch 2 not OverWatch
15455s break I'm going to be feeling the
15456s burners the kids Cinemas comes around
15458s cuts off the team so Dragon strike and
15460s signed barrier are both invested as well
15462s as blizzard laid Over the Top This is a
15465s heavy commitment for a fight that 71
15467s black are more than happy to trade out
15469s for just one Rush that is definitely an
15472s over overspend for sure you're checking
15475s your pockets like I swear I had a five
15476s in here didn't and then it's like no no
15478s you are you are flat broke the
15481s Bumblebees are turning over their couch
15483s now looking for change 7-2 on black have
15485s not a lot of tools coming into this but
15487s certainly more not the economies even
15489s though yeah inflation is unfortunately
15490s gonna hit bumblebee is pretty hard in
15492s this next engagement they will have amp
15494s Matrix start to be able to buy
15495s themselves a little bit of time given
15497s that seven to one black are not running
15498s that looser they're not gonna have the
15500s means of being able to easily back away
15501s from it especially since they don't have
15503s a matcha or a Reinhardt as an anchor
15505s point in the front line to soak up the
15506s damage they're going to have to pull
15507s entirely back and that should allow
15510s Avery to be able to build up into the
15511s smiling
15512s nope through the through the field Bowl
15516s through the post nothing much to be
15518s found there application Matrix is a bit
15521s of a prayer out of a corner like this
15523s yeah you are completely surrounded that
15525s window I mean granted it it goes two
15527s ways but you're surrounded by both of
15529s them having two and black have played
15531s this fight phenomenally that initial
15532s engagement from vxm though was not
15534s particularly fruitful still didn't
15536s separate members away oh yeah I
15538s remembering I was actually gonna swap
15539s shoes off the Baptist onto the Anna to
15542s match that burst from zapton as well as
15545s being able to use things like the sleep
15546s dot to try and shut this doomfist down
15548s yes you could only sleep the tank for
15550s 3.5 seconds however that disruption is
15553s more than enough to close the door of
15554s 171 black are using this thing first of
15556s all not for kills but the disruption
15558s that they do infest intruding in that
15560s space so quickly provides that little
15564s window of opportunity for lane on the
15566s Tracer to be able to sneak their way
15568s into and find a pick without anyone
15571s turning around to take the Tracer out
15573s could potentially be massive for this
15575s team
15577s we saw the doomfist earlier on today
15579s actually be the swap that kind of turned
15581s King's Row on its head and it very well
15582s could do the same thing in a situation
15585s like this we'll get right back into it
15587s now though 2-1 blackout
15589s a lot of options in their hand phone B
15592s is still in a similar economic spot
15593s where they were earlier but that Nano
15595s boost just looks like such a trump card
15597s when you have a player like the xxm to
15599s throw it on
15601s yeah especially because the meteor
15602s strike is going to be that as well so
15603s you can send the Dance Festival to Nano
15604s let them go aggressively and then use
15606s the meters fight to get away mutify is
15608s actually being used to lock down Avery
15610s reuse Annihilation unfortunately it's a
15614s little bit too late bumblebees have
15615s already lost two players and again we
15617s see just a little bit of
15618s miscommunication coming through some
15620s misplayments from Bumblebee's side as
15622s they over invest in a fight and seven to
15624s one black are immediately going to make
15626s that one hurt extra hard
15628s and I'd hardly call it over investment
15630s right pulse almost spent meteor strike
15632s was spent it's just the annihilation
15633s spent
15635s but you're still in the losing spot 721
15637s black I'm holding ultimate Advantage out
15639s of this B point buy those back to
15641s back-to-back winning fights and are
15644s gonna leverage it massively finish off
15647s into Point C here should be able to
15648s finish this fight off yes they are just
15650s staggers at that point this is where
15653s bumblebees have to take their heels in
15654s though they have ultimates they have the
15655s economy they've got a strong spot to
15657s defend and they keep the team alive yeah
15660s whatever we're trying to come in on that
15661s doomfist was unfortunately cleansed the
15663s effects of the Suns from santiags
15665s bumblebees like you said will still have
15668s that little bit of faster respawn strand
15671s gonna be coming signed by our British to
15672s Sato who can really turn this opening
15675s around using those blanks getting around
15677s the corner might be spotted out my
15680s necklace layers they know that there's a
15681s tracer around the Winston from bxml now
15684s coming through going incredibly low as
15686s the pulpom does land it's gonna fall
15688s seven to one black further back so that
15691s drunk monkey style gets to have control
15692s of that High Ground gets to have control
15694s of that hook face
15696s robbing that pulse bomb bit of a miracle
15698s not gonna lie stop the xsm until far hit
15700s like sub 10. it's no problem for them on
15704s the dragon Avery easily spots it out
15706s instead joke Monkey Style gives Neko
15709s Slayer a bit of his own medicine
15712s big Dive In
15714s with it it'll return Victorious
15716s gorgeous boost into defense Matrix you
15719s can actually see that Neko say was
15721s trying to use that wall to actually stop
15725s the the side of the Dragon strike going
15727s through and also block that potential of
15728s Defense Matrix but the diva intercepts
15730s in 721 black don't get that moment of
15733s opening into a fight that they were
15734s looking for and again they have to go
15736s back to square one Jam this time is
15738s actually the one on High Ground so if
15739s the dive is attempt to come from the
15740s Luso you can just knock them back really
15742s good adaptation of positioning coming
15744s through from bumblebees but they lose
15745s Avery's Mech self-destruct trying to
15749s save the team and stop seven to one
15750s black from moving forward neither the
15752s deep is gone but the not abusive Winston
15753s is not going to hold back any longer the
15756s bubble comes down and so much space is
15759s created for 721 black DPS
15762s I mean she's done a great job of
15764s disengaging that as Anna but
15767s it's a tough place to get out of wait
15769s alongside your Tracer at least they
15770s still have tools though that's a somber
15772s got a pulse bomb and they've got a dream
15775s they never got never mind never mind I
15777s take back the pulse bomb thing
15780s it's out of the broadcast we saw though
15782s he saw those down they've only got the
15783s sound barrier and boy is that gonna feel
15786s like an important tool in moments like
15787s these jam throws it down it only lands
15790s on the jam in Avery though and you're
15792s feeling worse and worse about the odds
15793s right about now it's getting dicier and
15795s dicier if they try and get the
15797s engagement in but it's angry out of the
15799s way it's the ultimate having been used
15801s by Jam what tool do they really have
15803s yeah and it is going to be even harder
15806s like you said for bumblebees neither
15807s they lose that hand so or Amore not
15810s going to be able to have that healing
15811s land inside onto the team with the
15813s Winston bubble but the bubble has been
15814s removed Anthony does connect bumblebees
15816s with the faster respawns are going to be
15818s able to put together a potential
15821s contestants bxxm goes for Ariel will be
15824s able to cycle back into another bubble
15825s none of who's coming now on to Avery to
15828s try and push onto the backlink so the
15830s listen doesn't have that sustainability
15831s Dragon strike from drunk monkeys I will
15834s pick up necklace layer however as Avery
15837s is able to find Santa still though a
15839s stall comes through from bumblebees
15842s entirely untouched is just continuing to
15845s pump healing into the members of
15848s bumblebees and keep their presence on
15850s the payload that Anna's health bar did
15853s not fall Past full the entirety of that
15856s fight
15856s no not once I mean there's no focus in
15860s it I mean Aaron Moore is doing a great
15862s job of leveraging it she made the most
15864s of it but for me I got to give a lot of
15866s credit to shizado the contest from her
15868s was phenomenal and just kept it going
15870s for so so long you see I mean the card
15873s is wiggling at the thought of getting to
15876s explode at the end of the map but it
15877s just is not going to bumblebees put a
15880s stop to it now they've got a very clear
15882s line of Victory drawn in the sand 721
15884s black though we do have to remind
15885s ourselves are the ones on Match Point
15887s right about now so for them it's just as
15889s much a line to defend yeah Bumblebees
15891s are like you said going to be a lot
15893s happier that they were able to deny that
15896s full push as we can have a look at what
15897s 721 black are going to be defending
15899s Kings or with no surprises they're going
15902s to have necklace layer on that hand
15903s though they've been doing a absolutely
15905s Stellar job of being able to deal with
15910s any of the Squishies that poke
15911s aggressively forward from bumblebees and
15913s you also want to have that mirror handle
15915s to go up against drunk monkeys out
15916s because we've seen what happens when a
15918s hands was able to rule the roost so much
15920s additional pressure gets applied onto
15922s the tank to be able to use things like
15923s the bubble at the right time but even
15925s more pressure gets heaped upon these
15927s supports especially when you're running
15929s the Anna you need to have that constant
15931s line upside onto your Winston but if her
15933s hands are spots out a tank out of
15935s position or a Healer trying to push
15937s forward into an angle that they can see
15939s where that tank is playing from that
15941s support has gone within seconds
15945s I should buy for bone bees now they take
15948s a similar route but notably not peeking
15950s back to where they can lose their tank
15951s player early on Tyler as well dressing
15954s up The High Ground Neko Slayer though
15956s gives them an arrow to the side of the
15958s Dome and it didn't look particularly
15960s comfy to take into unblock it out and
15962s slowly push him out get out safely
15965s really good Synergy coming for Lane
15967s keeps chisado's attention slowly on the
15970s Tracer allowing Neko Slayer on the Hanzo
15972s to go entirely unnoticed and land that
15974s head shot beautifully between the eyes
15976s as bumblebees still not able to find
15979s that High Ground Control that they're
15980s looking but also not able to
15981s aggressively dive onto their hands like
15983s they're playing incredibly smart around
15985s about this hotel if the dive wants to
15987s come through they're going to have to
15987s use cooldowns and then those cooldowns
15989s are going to have to reset to be able to
15990s push back on the hands up but not if
15992s Trunk Monkey Style is able to take them
15994s out before the fight begins Winston
15995s bubble comes through but it's not in
15997s time to be able to save either Santa's
15999s or your burst EPs and this should be
16001s bumblebees finally able to move forward
16003s and start accumulating point percentage
16005s it's aeromori again dude the the sleeves
16008s have been crazy the healing's been dead
16011s on everything's been perfect
16014s small over extensions I mean they've got
16016s no problem dealing with that do they do
16018s they do they the Winston's back all of a
16019s sudden it's problem City for bumblebees
16022s is bxxm back in and notably turned
16025s building up towards the Nano boost that
16027s can be useful in the coming moments
16030s which has been halted though at two
16031s ticks the question is how long can they
16033s keep this Winston alive for big just
16036s Auto down Winston back in the fight off
16039s 37-2-1 on the back but they thought they
16041s were ahead the entire time they just
16043s cannot deal with the healing from Tim
16044s takes another cleanse another shuzu
16047s comes out Chantix Immortal at this point
16050s the fight finally goes down to Avery
16054s got a lot more work than bumblebees
16056s wanted it to be drunk monkey style gets
16059s 4 out of five players in that fight
16062s doing
16064s significant work on that Hanzo looking
16068s so comfortable on their pick of it as
16071s Avery gets something before didn't even
16072s have to use the self-destruct like you
16074s can see that they're waiting for bxxm to
16075s use that uh that Winston bubble and then
16077s Drunk Monkey cell just drops two and
16079s they're like okay cool we can hold on
16080s it's ultimate we can use it to keep
16082s seven two one back none of it is now
16084s coming in onto the xxm and Avery's just
16086s gonna disengage with the boosters
16089s they're gonna try and disengage with
16091s producers and they do with the second
16092s round of boosters Dragon thrown in as
16094s well he acts like I'm diving and
16096s bolstered by that the confidence ever
16098s increasing for the monkey but maybe it
16100s shouldn't have too big for their own
16102s britches they were 7-2-1 black now
16104s lacking a tank player lacking the tip of
16106s the spear they've got to go in and find
16108s me and kill some other way but with no
16110s shoes or to save Lane they're running
16111s out of tools to pull themselves back
16113s into this fight complete scrambles on
16115s the point though as both teams are still
16117s vying for a position though only one of
16119s them has a tank bx6 I'm coming back on
16121s that common to be able to make up for
16123s that absence as quick as possible will
16125s be able to make up for a bit as I heard
16127s Amore who deals out at the Hansel whiffs
16130s the sleep top but still enough damage is
16132s done to the hamster to force them back
16134s nade connects onto santix and the kiriko
16137s is gone zapton's gonna have to go on to
16139s the Lucio to be able to put together a
16141s reconces for 721 black if they can even
16143s make it and even then they're running
16145s straight into a rush on the main road
16147s that's going to allow bumblebees to have
16149s so much more control before this fight
16150s begins
16154s they've got to get a quick contestant
16155s swing with three meters they do manage
16158s to get on
16159s wrecking ball taking low the dive there
16161s they dive past the katuni rush notably
16163s negating a lot of it from bumblebee but
16164s bumblebee still have a positional
16166s Advantage they're still the ones who can
16167s just sit back defend play off the back
16170s of aramori who is still just uncontested
16173s on Ayanna putting in obscene amounts of
16175s work
16176s before that they're rewarded the cart
16178s continues forward into C with a four
16180s minute time bang this is Herculean from
16183s bumblebees I wish we had stats to see
16186s how much damage our Mori and jam have
16188s been outputting on this Anna and the
16189s kirika because they are doing work right
16192s now Drunk Monkey Style going to have
16194s that Dragon strike seven to one black
16195s like you said going to have that wood
16196s cut out for them and it's going to have
16198s to start with a fight when they need
16200s that reset point they need that moment
16202s where they can set necklace up onto The
16203s High Ground to pick apart this team
16205s before these fights can probably begin
16206s so they can drain that time back down
16208s problem is are they going to be able to
16211s find it Dragon strike comes through from
16212s 721 before bumblebees and it doesn't
16215s split the team up enough of the dive to
16217s be able to find an isolated member
16219s now it's Drunk Monkey Styles and
16223s looks slightly more successful than the
16225s one thrown fryer a 3K make it four right
16228s here five do I hear five
16230s only because now I'm now I'm calling it
16232s out it's not gonna be five I'm lucky
16235s yeah
16237s it counts it counts come on
16242s go come on come on Drunk Monkey Style
16243s come on
16245s Arrow zero come on good night no it's
16248s not happening sound very often 7-21
16250s black they've got to re-engage they won
16251s they can just survive this initial
16253s moment they've got to re-engage with the
16255s Nana boost they've got the self-destruct
16257s they've got a pulse bomb everything in
16258s tow to make this fight happen into the
16260s back line goes straight out of thirds
16261s pulse bomb out it connects on to the
16262s mech forcing out the defense ultimate
16266s for 7-2-1 black the Remake is what does
16268s it though
16269s a counter bomb from bumblebees is
16272s unsuccessful seven two one black hold on
16275s but be real I was just
16278s yeah Drunk Monkey Style does in the the
16281s frockers find santix so the ace was
16284s slightly delayed but I I guess in those
16287s World it it still counts as bumblebees
16290s unfortunately invested significantly
16292s into that fight like he said they were
16295s able to wait out seven two one black
16296s they were able to join the ultimate side
16297s and then they came back in thinking that
16299s that was their fight to win and
16301s unfortunately it has significantly
16302s drained that ultimate economy Jam's
16304s gonna be coming if it's in a rush but
16305s that is all that they have to play with
16307s and necklace has that dragonstrike to be
16309s able to eradicate any impact the rush
16311s can't find as aramori goes down the
16314s timing cannot be worse for bumblebees
16316s rush comes through as the Baptiste goes
16319s down
16320s Quincy is turned this from everything
16324s positive into a bit of a disaster at 1
16325s 30 on the clock and even the Finish
16327s seems uncertain EvanTube and black have
16330s an economic advantage that it's not
16332s going away anytime soon and they've
16334s still got Dragon strike as well as
16336s Sonic's that early High Ground Control 2
16338s coming through from bx6 I'm just denying
16341s that initial angle from bumblebees the
16343s dive does come out onto necklace they
16345s are pushing them off of that High Ground
16346s so they don't have that angle onto the
16347s Squishies but the dragon strike is
16349s already built up and that by seven to
16350s one black the time to be able to
16351s position back
16353s and they're positioned back but there's
16354s trouble won the fight looks like your
16356s shout out to another Dragon we saw what
16357s happened last time to hold your breath
16359s everybody the dragons are coming out a
16361s lot of damage done put a 7-2-1 black on
16364s the roast the xxm health bar looks to go
16366s back up full though I think they've just
16368s stabilized In This Moment Lane drop flow
16370s isn't down for the count now it's no
16373s ultimate on the field today for the
16374s ultimates in seven two one black
16376s supports back pockets those are truck
16378s cards each of them the container or the
16380s sound memory could both be used to
16382s finish off this fight but they're not
16383s careful it could go down to this
16385s amplification major from bumblebees they
16386s pop it immediately the damage but
16388s getting to mount on the likes of three
16389s two one black and they pop this down
16392s barrier in response just to survive the
16394s implication Matrix and they're rewarded
16396s for it
16398s bumblebees not going to be able to find
16401s the attack that they're looking for
16402s chisado has swapped over to the Genji to
16404s try and coordinate a full dive and it is
16406s going to be commitment to a full dive on
16408s 40 for them it's also commitment to
16410s speed because they need to throw
16412s themselves onto this payload who are
16413s about to hit into overtime not a single
16415s ultimate other than this rush for
16416s bumblebee to be able to play around with
16418s the good news is seven to one black
16419s aren't going to be able to disengage if
16420s the bad news is they've been able to
16422s counter rush it themselves and now it
16424s just becomes an arms race with all these
16425s ultimates is it gonna be necklace lyrics
16428s down before the blade is available Neko
16430s Slayer falling solo goes down as well no
16433s dragon strike to come through and
16434s immediately eject Bumblebee's presence
16436s on the payload and still the overtime
16438s Burns
16440s ever closer you read choice and there
16442s are more even getting in on the action
16443s on point at this point Bumblebee's
16446s fighting two at the nail for the victory
16447s here and they've got it
16449s huge map finish one that did not look
16452s likely coming into the fight it took the
16455s supports getting their hands dirty it
16456s took the tank coming back three times
16458s but by God bumblebees did it we're going
16461s for a third time tonight to another
16465s third map though likewise that like you
16468s can tell that these teams they want
16470s these wins they want that security of
16473s being able to make it guaranteed into a
16475s top 16 finish and qualify into those
16478s later stages of this tournament and like
16481s we said Bumblebees are a team to watch
16483s for significant reason the prowess on
16487s this roster cannot be understated and
16490s that pack line Duo did so much work
16494s aramori on that Anna was hitting needs
16497s left right and Center was hitting the
16499s Sleep dots and more importantly was
16501s dueling the enemy hands those out had
16505s the confidence to be able to go for
16507s those one versus ones and wonder them to
16510s be able to secure that little bit of
16512s extra safety for that DPS to be able to
16514s work around and I'm already doing so
16517s much to be able to make sure that her
16519s team makes it into a map number three
16521s and I think most notably from error Mori
16523s just not dying yeah for every cool play
16526s you can make the flex support the
16527s coolest play you can make is not dying
16529s which I wish I could tell a lot of my
16530s teammates these days because I've had
16532s some rough games lately but not not
16534s every morning I want every morning on my
16535s team that that seems like a pretty solid
16537s pick yeah I mean look again like out of
16540s her defense on Kingsway Point C A lot of
16542s the time like we see him at a develop
16543s where teams who are on point C defense
16545s will field either or Widowmaker or a
16547s Bastion onto that sideline because they
16548s understand it's over time everyone's
16550s focus is going to be on the payload and
16552s aramore it just plays it perfectly plays
16554s for the sideline doesn't really pull
16556s Focus onto her doesn't make us off a
16558s Target even if you do make yourself a
16560s Target you're still buying bodies off of
16562s the payload and overnight it's been
16563s going so long if there is a single body
16565s on that payload for any amount of time
16567s it's just gonna be up and we're gonna
16569s head into the next map which is gonna be
16570s Havana so again it's going to come down
16572s to that survivability is that backline
16574s going to be able to sustain long enough
16576s or are we going to see a little bit more
16578s pressure being more successfully applied
16580s I mean it changes the texture of the
16582s series entirely we haven't seen Sigma as
16584s of yet from either these cheats and so
16586s that alone in itself brings a big shift
16588s it also puts a lot of focus on the DPS
16590s who have not disappointed either of
16592s these Hanzo players have been slouching
16596s yeah it really helps me just sort of
16598s like a tale of two hanzo's hasn't it
16601s of dynamic shifting between the two what
16605s drunk monkey saw has been finding so
16608s much impact with early first picks but
16610s so too has that their counterpart and
16613s like you can see that both of these
16615s hands are equally mechanically gifted it
16617s really does come down to which of their
16620s teams allies themselves like the extra
16622s little bit of resources whether or not
16624s it's the diva diving up to make sure
16626s that the other handle doesn't get that
16628s initial angle on you when you can just
16629s keep spam pressuring those chokes
16631s whether or not it's the supports making
16633s sure that you have just that back line
16635s to be able to fall back onto if you feel
16637s like you're going to be pressured a
16638s little bit too much like when we were
16640s looking at the the defense on point C we
16642s would see the Hanzo player up on that
16644s Secondary High Ground Control on a point
16646s C and then immediately the second that
16648s they know there's a diva about to be
16649s boosting up towards them they would just
16651s jump into the waiting safety of their
16653s Anna knowing and trusting with that full
16655s exercise
16656s that they had their back and that is
16658s exactly what they had and as a result
16660s while the Anna didn't go down it feels a
16663s lot of the time like the hands though in
16664s those really vulnerable situations
16666s didn't go down easily either
16670s oh and I I think that's really important
16672s on this map just to knock it more than
16674s anything getting kills here great but
16677s not getting picked especially when
16678s you're playing on defense arguably even
16680s more powerful your sigmas can hold
16681s neutral on this map quite a long time
16684s with with just maintaining Shield
16686s pressure with just maintaining uh
16688s neutral against the enemy tank
16690s really whether or not your DPS players
16692s can work around that can find picks
16694s around the shields of the sigmas because
16696s the Sports pretty straightforward job in
16698s keeping the sigma up but the bonus
16700s damage they can throw in over top the
16701s bonus damage we've seen from the likes
16703s of aramore consistently throughout this
16705s series it's gonna be a real big
16706s difference Jam as well come with some
16709s really clutch kunai picks and uh and
16711s that last map is like you said going to
16713s make a world of difference OverWatch 2
16715s one of I think the biggest shifts for a
16717s lot of supports not having that
16718s secondary off tank to be able to build
16720s up those ultimates having to do a lot
16722s more damage to be able to sustain and
16725s bold into those ultimates faster than
16727s their counterparts has meant that these
16729s supports have got to get their hands
16730s dirty like we were seeing Lucio's when
16732s sojin was meta fully committing to
16735s diving even when the surgeon was mid
16737s overclock to be able to build those
16738s sound barriers a little bit faster and
16740s like Zenyatta at least has already got
16743s that toolkit to be able to play really
16746s heavily DPS focused especially if you've
16748s been playing them you know watch one
16750s you're still very versed in how you want
16752s to play this and charging up those
16753s volleys very much it's muscle memory
16755s charge of volley around the corner Peak
16757s the corner find a head if not all right
16760s back behind the corner and do it all
16761s over again
16763s repeat step one
16764s he said sends into a lot of damage but
16767s I'm really looking at widowmakers right
16769s about now we've got two players maxing
16771s out the character count on their battle
16772s net account names going Head to Head
16775s uh I could not think of a more unifying
16778s feature of these two players that and I
16780s suppose the fact that they've been
16781s multi-killing each other's teams over
16782s and over again
16784s yeah both front Monkey Style I know
16785s because they are going to keep this
16786s rivalry that they've generated from
16788s Kings who are going both going for that
16790s wouldn't make it but necklace layer is
16791s the one who comes in with the first kill
16792s aramori taking down Bumblebees are going
16795s to have to back up they don't have that
16796s then to keep additionally pressuring the
16798s sigma shield from bxm especially because
16800s Jam used the immortality field and now
16802s that too has been burnt out so necrosia
16805s is getting even more room to be able to
16806s work with us unfortunately Drunk Monkey
16808s Style because of this space that their
16810s team has had to give away has lost a lot
16812s of ground in that way to make a deal
16815s that space is so important but the space
16817s has been made back this Auto she's
16819s connected onto two heads and is looking
16821s for a third oh oh
16824s she Shadows on the flank a third in the
16827s fight for number four on the signal at
16829s this point numbers just don't matter the
16831s fight's over
16833s now aramori is able to find zapton drop
16835s like he's all able to lock down the xxm
16837s and like you said this fight is as good
16839s as over especially now that chisato is
16842s able to offer the back of a lovely
16844s accretion find a stun and head on to
16848s that Widowmaker as bumblebees having won
16850s that fight can I put themselves back
16852s onto that High Ground santix is going to
16854s have to build this Transcendence
16855s incredibly quickly because Avery is
16858s going to hit that Sigma flux a lot
16860s faster than BX exam who is probably
16862s going to have to burn a lot of that
16863s stigma Shield just allowing their team
16865s to aggressively face check where these
16867s snipers are located
16870s thought of this time not rewarded
16872s instead rewarded with a bullet through
16874s the skull Echo Slayer and I found
16876s another shot another headshot this
16878s window makers
16879s really been something impressive thus
16881s far
16882s should they want to use them
16886s any Funk Monkey Style sent to an early
16888s grave
16890s seven two one black continue forward on
16893s Havana led by Neko Slayer yeah she's
16896s just doing so much work at the moment
16898s being able to keep that other Widowmaker
16900s in check she thought I was right away
16902s going on to that Genji to be able to put
16905s even more pressure onto the Widowmaker
16907s it's gonna put more pressure that want
16908s to Drunk Monkey Style because you have
16910s to now keep up contesting not just a
16913s Widowmaker face to face but also a Hanzo
16915s as well double duty now for Drunk Monkey
16917s Style because jasada just doesn't have
16919s that room to be able to infiltrate and
16921s push this Widowmaker now that sites have
16923s come up
16925s ever misses
16928s uh I'm not there you go you get the
16929s answer now
16931s I mean
16932s that it was there it was their choice
16935s zap turn though fortunately cannot cause
16937s bullets to miss though both teams are
16940s coming up on ultimates and
16942s so many on Deck it's very likely that
16944s one of them doesn't quite go to plan
16945s she's auto zoning away the Widowmaker
16947s wisely
16948s fighting their time waiting for those
16950s ultimates to be best used by the team at
16952s The High Ground yeah really good denial
16953s like he said off that off angle for the
16955s Widowmaker to take control of because it
16957s allows you to retain as the defense
16958s control of that high grind but chisado
16960s with that disc cuddled is not going to
16963s be able to escape Neko Slayer takes the
16965s Genji down but look it's all done oh my
16967s God what is happening
16968s Matrix is committed from bumblebees Jam
16972s is going to have to go Toto with zap
16974s turns and jam comes out on top
16976s Jim is the greatest tiny OverWatch
16978s player of all time I think we we've just
16980s concluded that right now and them the
16982s medal it's all over
16984s I mean I I think a lot of it is the fact
16986s that aramore was still alive on design
16988s so Discord so it was still coming onto
16990s the members of 721 black in that small
16991s room but but yes Jam did significant
16994s work to make sure that seven two one
16996s black were unfortunately spread fully
16998s apart as it is going to be aramore with
17000s this Transcendence holding on to it so
17002s that'd be excited I can't use that same
17004s flip looks there's the ultimate oh we're
17006s going to see Transcendence no they hold
17008s on to it Avery is the one that gets
17010s targeted the immortality Builders used
17012s and so transcends is still there for the
17014s team
17015s I mean the dragon got eaten at that
17017s point you're just like okay well what
17018s now
17019s box out Francis for both sides a little
17022s bit better though right now for seven
17023s two one black who continue their Crusade
17026s on The High Ground one which Avery is
17028s not stopping anytime soon shisato can
17030s take one with them on the way out but
17033s her I think it's just gonna be a
17034s consolation prize again yeah the good
17036s news however bumblebees is that seven to
17038s one black in that fight did use
17040s Transcendence and chisado does have that
17043s Genji blade granted bumblebees don't
17045s have the Anna to give it an extra boost
17047s with that Nano but the Genji as long as
17050s you're able to survive getting into that
17053s team should be able to find value of the
17056s ultimate as we see d flat comes out
17058s hey
17061s Genji as the place
17064s that denied the wing Condition it's so
17067s much funnier because you're talking
17068s about it for like 45 seconds it's Dragon
17070s Blade that was gonna end everything and
17072s fan six just gave him the boot
17075s oh my goodness poor Genji that's the dog
17078s you hit that that snap kick and
17081s immediately you hit him with the dot dot
17083s dot which does even more damage
17090s we just heard a Genji spine snap
17093s swap swap just auto swap
17096s that there's no way Sonic's literally
17098s goes to ratio in spawn right
17102s the index is still moving forward oh my
17104s God
17105s they're terrified fan six is on the war
17107s path this is a t2000.
17110s not an omnic
17112s Target acquired yeah
17114s terminated oh my goodness Antics and now
17119s it gets even worse for bumblebees to
17120s deal with because the Zenyatta hasn't
17121s even better even clearer line of sight
17124s into the Avenue of how this next place
17126s part was out
17128s fortunately for them it's harder for the
17129s Zenyatta to get into their back line
17131s which is somehow been a problem
17134s fantix backing away though has to take a
17137s longer angle I understand there is a
17138s Genji lurking around here but it doesn't
17140s seemed to fear it especially with Drunk
17141s Monkey Style down now Santa's gonna just
17143s go ham
17145s hey it is free Farm City for the
17148s Zenyatta even the shotgun connecting the
17150s discords are you can't miss those
17152s happily following up on them you're
17154s seven two one black who now have three
17155s ultimates pushed through this point with
17157s an amplification matrixes
17160s not gonna do it in terms of Defense
17162s they've got to find a big thing
17163s especially because dragons are because
17165s they're to learn like the second amp
17166s comes out for bumblebees to try and find
17167s Steady and ground Dragon strike is just
17169s gonna go straight
17170s a matrix Dragon strike you are a fortune
17173s teller marks if nothing else rabbitic
17175s flux sends them up and swiftly down same
17178s six with another 3K making four do I
17182s hear number five Sigma using kinetic
17184s grass wow what a giver Santa takes
17187s allows Lane to have that final kill
17190s oh
17192s but a philanthropist look at this now
17195s has a beautiful position to defend
17197s avoids againji Ducks the shot from the
17199s Widowmaker Chantix is existing in The
17202s Matrix you saw that bullet Dodge yeah
17204s bullet time dog that's crazy they're
17206s they're operating on higher levels than
17208s we will ever know like
17212s look sometimes you just see a Zen pop
17216s and likely that like we talk about that
17219s movement into OverWatch 2 it's hit some
17222s support players a little bit harder than
17224s others Zen players they were born they
17227s were bred in the fires of vulnerability
17229s and dive when you played Zen in
17232s OverWatch one it wasn't a matter of like
17234s oh what are you gonna do when you're
17236s alive it was how much can you do before
17238s you die and you can say that a lot of
17240s these players have taken it very very
17243s personally if you started off as a Zen
17245s player when OverWatch one you are
17246s entirely defend yourself you learned how
17248s to take down Genji's as they came
17250s bleeding for you wanting to deny that
17252s Transcendence and santix has that
17255s prowess has that experience and is
17258s absolutely rolling through every single
17262s member of Bumblebee's team I think it's
17264s funny like the the blade comes out from
17266s chisado and she's like oh yeah I'm gonna
17268s get you and Santa's like you didn't even
17270s Nano her come on give me give me real
17272s challenge it's it's the JoJo's meme it's
17275s like oh you're approaching me yeah right
17277s you dare step in my path all right let's
17280s talk about this other side though I mean
17281s it's gonna look much the same but I
17283s think the Widowmaker battle is pretty
17285s interesting here because Neko Slayer did
17286s a fantastic job of playing the long game
17289s not taking the duel Against Drunk Monkey
17291s Star Wars Drunk Monkey Style is kind of
17293s constantly looking for Neko Slayer right
17294s now we talked about that often times the
17296s best option in a widow duel is to just
17299s not take the Widow duel
17300s is still taking the winter deal like
17303s Bumblebee's literally the first place
17306s because Sonics is holding this High
17308s ground and tonight Monkey Style the
17311s ability to try and find her necklace
17313s layers are playing from Santa should do
17316s whatever they want I dare not question
17317s santix for for the lives of my my family
17320s and future children are on the line it
17321s feels like oh Mike stop it stop it dude
17326s pack it up bumblebees go home
17331s immortality field is given to
17333s true so the Hanzo can hold strong in the
17336s face of the aggressives and pushing on
17339s to them oh my goodness sandings goes
17343s solo does go down the space from the
17345s sigma being able to curve around that
17347s corner and take her out before she's
17349s able to find that Health back and
17350s finally bumblebees will be able to move
17352s around the first point we talked about
17353s maybe impatience or ego coming through
17355s it feels like seven two and matches were
17357s a little bit too overconfident in how
17359s they took that engagement
17361s huh
17362s I I can't even be mad at them
17365s hitting those shots
17367s into that position because like to be
17370s fair it was also only certain things
17371s yeah so there wasn't much else being
17373s done that is very true we are going to
17375s see the swaps come through laying on to
17377s that Genji BX exam onto the ham and so
17379s that they have that follow-up dive but
17380s Drunk Monkey Style is going to be
17382s starting off this ride in style santix
17384s is gone and the Widowmaker can breathe a
17387s much larger sigh of belief as the Genji
17389s as well one of the other counties that
17391s woulda's existence is spotted out by the
17393s sigma rocked and then sent to respawn
17396s yeah I rock alone into my ton of space
17400s being able to push this in with the
17402s hyperspheres and throw damage down this
17403s hallway is massive in terms of making
17406s sure that you put damage on them before
17408s they actually enter getting knocked off
17410s by the ball just steps forward no fear
17412s at all in the heart of Avery and it
17415s forces seven two on black to reroute if
17417s you send three players down that hallway
17418s yeah that's into a Critic flux you're
17420s kind of rocking a hard play situation
17422s quite literally rocking a gravitic place
17424s if it were Avery pressuring out the
17426s Widowmaker keeping the zenyatt away the
17428s Baptist is also on the road this Sigma
17430s is zoning three players out of the fight
17432s at once and has not proctim ability yet
17435s make it full
17437s is literally zoning the entire team out
17440s right now however the shield does fall
17443s so we can see the Hamid able to roll
17445s pause and push on to the Widowmaker
17447s prone behind scientix coming in with the
17449s pick onto hamira aramori does go down
17452s and Lane with that kill is finally able
17455s to close up the distance and take Avery
17457s out with the LA and this should be 721
17460s black settling in for a pretty
17461s comfortable hold they still have to be
17464s wary of the signiflux coming through
17465s from Avery but there's nowhere near that
17468s insane amount of control of zoning
17470s potential that Avery had to be able to
17472s keep all the members of 721 black
17475s sequestered off of this High ground and
17478s low ground allowing that pillar to move
17479s the absolute three
17481s there's a little bit of poke here
17483s nothing too crazy wow they actually got
17485s that just Auto
17486s I I mean I understand separate away from
17488s the team looking for a flank but
17490s you hate to get picked off in a position
17492s like that especially with the health
17493s pack so near xxm now ready to defend
17497s in the face of the rock it's it's easy
17499s you just press the mines in this small
17501s hallway all the zoning necessary was
17503s done they trade for Jam but Avery goes
17506s down this is far favorable the team in
17508s 7-2-1 black and nearly enough is the
17510s deflect as well Neko Slayer able to
17512s finish off on that one look for a
17514s follow-up shot on the Widowmaker but
17515s that Duel not too well for them Sonic's
17519s still holding onto that Transcendence as
17520s well Lane is going to be able to build a
17523s blade up of their own our Mori at least
17524s doesn't have to contest with trying to
17526s use Transcendence for either a blade or
17527s a sigma flux you can just use it for the
17529s blade but we've already seen that sense
17535s and there it is
17538s no no that was aversive that was
17541s completely on accident where sites pops
17543s no Side Story popped that was completely
17545s on accident okay hey look like we said
17547s Zen's know the angles to just Spam
17550s damage into and sandix emboldened by
17553s this Transcendence is more than content
17556s with holding herself this aggressively
17558s forward to try to take out the
17560s unsuspecting members of Bumblebee
17562s 10 Texas oh man oh man we are we are
17565s cooking up something fierce right about
17566s now oh yeah we're a deep in enemy
17568s territory behind the other side oh so
17570s you get another one doesn't have to pop
17572s trans to escape yeah oh Genji flow one
17575s more
17576s give them the bags give them the bags go
17579s on turn around Crouch
17581s this is this is a friendly tournament
17583s where uh we're encouraging it's safe you
17586s saw Santa's stand on that body you know
17588s she was thinking about it
17595s what an incredible set of kills though
17597s just line themselves up behind the flank
17600s entirely what do you do bumblebees you
17603s have to keep your head on a swivel at
17604s all times now for Romans and yadas part
17607s of me thinks that we're actually seeing
17608s Drunk Monkey Style off of the the
17610s Widowmaker onto the hands like not just
17612s because you want to have that additional
17613s Shield pressure but also because you
17615s just want to have that reason
17618s oh my goodness this sun is absolutely
17623s monstrous
17625s problematic is Santa's see how much more
17628s she can get done though
17629s in the high tea oh my this is this is a
17632s player that is feeling herself 100 man
17635s it's not even close another kill good
17639s pop trance saving it for the final
17641s moments of this one was that there's one
17643s more fight to win after this we are dead
17646s set on winning it with a critical
17647s ultimate but they hold their cars too
17648s close to their chest Drunk Monkey Style
17650s punishes but fun should be even I mean
17653s damage has already been done the Zen
17656s volley is just pressuring onto jams that
17657s Matrix deny that angle of entrance for
17659s bumblebees entirely chisato's still got
17662s the blaze but you know santix is holding
17663s on to that Transcendence so you don't
17665s really want to commit to using it
17667s especially because the Genji has to be
17668s able to dash into the members of seven
17669s to one black girl set so far away that's
17672s again just gonna be taken down even
17673s before you're able to make it into that
17675s back line there's bxxm we're heading
17677s into this final fight we're about to hit
17678s overtime has the hammer mice to deny
17681s bumblebees even touch
17686s with a big connection we're trading two
17688s for two make it three for three both
17690s teams well in each other's back lines as
17693s a two versus two on point Avery and jam
17695s versus bxxm in Lane this is staying
17697s slightly better for the Bumblebees Duo
17701s the damage less Lane Falls to Avery and
17704s now it's just the ball do they have
17705s enough damage to actually finish it off
17707s no but they have enough sustain to see
17709s them through till the spawns come in
17710s self-destruct is going to be available
17711s for bumblebees but it's the only
17713s ultimate that they have to work with
17714s sandix has that transcends but
17716s Bumblebee's pushing forward aggressively
17717s the way we've seen Avery with the sigma
17719s before denying seven two one black the
17722s opportunity to poke and build ultimates
17723s before the fight begins xxn sees where
17726s Bumblebees are going to be playing from
17728s bait chisara but not into the Widowmaker
17730s shot entirely the disengage comes
17732s through is Transcendence to touch the
17734s cart and keep it in play comes out and
17736s then it's up Chantix has found another
17738s flank oh no Chantix has found another
17741s flank hide your families hide your loved
17745s ones hide your friends this Zenyatta is
17747s about to go on a tear
17748s looking for heads for anything they just
17751s can't contest a card that's the problem
17752s there's none of sustained get bx10 back
17754s on this Antics and kill as many people
17755s as she wants it's just not gonna be
17757s enough
17758s not enough for point B but maybe enough
17760s time has been able to be burnt off for
17762s the full hold of sea this is the problem
17765s that bumblebees now have to contest with
17767s one minute and 22 seconds left and every
17771s single time they approach this castle
17773s gate santix gets an absolute Shooting
17777s Gallery to play into
17779s there is no sniper on the other side to
17782s threaten sandix it is only dive so until
17784s that dive come in dances will continue
17786s to throw volley after volley once Monkey
17788s Style actually swaps to the Widowmaker
17789s blade on into the point here
17792s trying to offer up some sort of threat
17794s to the Zenyatta to the Widowmaker on the
17796s other side but it's so much easier said
17798s than done
17800s oh cautious as well they know that
17801s necklace playing that Widowmaker does go
17803s incredibly low however too pressure
17806s coming through from bumblebees but the
17807s dive comes out from bxxm onto this
17809s backline suzu already being pulled out
17812s from aramori's Swift up is also invested
17814s and this signals the hammer to over
17816s commit there it is the minds calm down
17819s catching aramori before she's able to
17821s make it back into the spawn point and
17823s Bumblebee's entire path into this fight
17825s has been disrupted in full and that's
17828s the problem right you can't keep your
17829s head in two places you got a wrecking
17831s ball on one side a Widowmaker and
17833s Chantix most notably on the other
17836s why do you really deal with this now
17838s they have to break out of their own
17839s spawn in the face of all this damage for
17841s 7-1 black not to mention the implication
17843s Matrix that's coming up in a couple
17844s seconds this is this is very much a
17847s possibility for a lights out with three
17848s seconds on they have to switch card as
17850s well you're walking into these sight
17852s lines that are so deadly the blade pops
17854s they all run out like cockroaches from
17856s the light as they run around the castle
17859s into the sight lines of an open
17860s Widowmaker and a Zenyatta that wish
17862s nothing more than to send them into a
17865s cold deep grave
17868s seven two one black Come Away with the
17873s win unlike we said we can we can wax
17876s poetic about this team so much but we
17879s have to give it up to this player right
17882s here play of the game one of many many
17885s plays coming for from scientix on the
17889s Zenyatta just looking absolutely
17892s Cutthroat on the supporter she finds a
17895s 4K
17900s that like I said one of many one of many
17903s and just being able as well to deny the
17906s existence of ultimates like so often as
17908s a Zen you get into that really pressured
17910s situation where you know there's a Genji
17912s on the other side and they're coming in
17913s the plane you're like I have to pull
17914s trans I have to pull trans and that has
17916s that massive domino effect of making you
17919s push aggressively right you're peeking
17920s around those angles you're trying to
17921s send those volleys in you're trying to
17923s keep up and match that ultimate charge
17925s and a lot of the time we talk about them
17926s being one of the more vulnerable support
17928s players before life Weaver came along
17930s his hitbox was probably the most
17932s egregious in all of the support lineups
17934s that we had with how easy it was to
17936s headshot him successfully but santix was
17939s never in that position of panic building
17941s Transcendence because she was able to
17943s deal with the Genji blade even without
17945s the ultimate snap kick just comes
17947s through volley onto the kenji's head and
17949s Bam blade has been denied in full I
17952s think it's funny how much the game
17954s changed around that one play being made
17956s it felt like the entire texture the
17958s entire story everything Santa starts
17961s playing completely differently
17962s bumblebees start playing scared 721
17964s black are are playing like they have the
17967s wind at their back like there's a
17968s hurricane pushing them forward all LED
17971s with the tip of the Spear of Santa's I
17973s mean dude what an insane series and it
17975s deserves three Maps as have all of our
17977s other ones we've got an interview though
17979s coming up in just a bit that you guys
17981s aren't going to want to miss be sure to
17982s stay tuned make sure to bring in
17990s [Music]
17995s thank you
17997s [Music]
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18032s foreign
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18111s foreign
18147s [Music]
18156s [Music]
18167s welcome back everybody appreciate your
18169s patience during the quick little break
18170s but we have got an interview on the
18172s other side for you as promised and who
18174s better than the tank player who we just
18177s saw pickle a big win for 7-2-1 black to
18180s ask a couple of questions about the
18181s series 7-1 Black first of all huge
18183s congratulations uh thank you for picking
18186s up the win boom to taking up the helm I
18188s I gotta ask you though all right first
18189s question we got to get the the obvious
18191s questions out of the way is Santa's
18193s taking any performance enhancing drugs
18194s supplements or the like like what's
18196s what's going on her caffeine tolerance
18198s is incredibly low she she had she
18202s literally will have like one Coke in
18203s warm up and then she's like crazy for
18206s the rest of the night like it's it's
18208s insane
18210s yeah so I have to to ask because I'm
18213s pretty sure your team is also of the
18215s same time zone of me two of you I
18218s believe are actually in the EU at the
18220s moment so so far no it's five five of us
18225s Maple the only other the only na is made
18227s for all the you or the maple
18230s um yeah then I have to ask if you're
18232s playing on this super high latency how
18235s does it actually affect how you're
18236s playing because obviously with latency
18238s there's a little bit of a delay to be
18239s able to react to some of these plays but
18241s a lot of the time it felt like the
18243s reaction especially to things like the
18244s Genji blade was absolutely Pixel Perfect
18247s yeah so in in pre-fight a lot of the
18249s time like
18251s um so I I coach mainly so like I'm good
18253s with like timings and predict
18254s predictions and stuff and
18257s um lightning pre-fight a lot of time
18258s like we know what their old plan is
18260s going to be we know like we hold certain
18262s positions so we can like bait certain
18263s stuff out like which we usually wouldn't
18265s do on EU so we can like have like a
18267s safer time with like counter rolling and
18269s stuff and hitting triggers
18271s um like the latency isn't that bad it's
18273s kind of weird on like Heroes like Genji
18274s for example like dashing and deflecting
18276s and stuff but um like hit scans and
18278s stuff it's not that bad so we just try
18279s and play like as much kind of either hit
18282s scan or like something like a Hanzo or
18284s something to kind of um set that back
18286s that's why we don't run much Sombra
18287s because the lightning seizure is too
18288s high on the hacks we get interrupted too
18289s much
18291s so obviously I mean plane has to change
18293s a little bit considering the the
18294s painting the EU thing but following that
18296s what was your plan coming into the match
18298s does this go how you thought it was
18299s going to because honestly for us this is
18301s our third best three of the day it's
18303s gone all the way to three maps and it's
18304s felt like five Maps yeah did the game
18307s plan change from start to finish what'd
18308s you guys come in with and what'd you end
18310s up adapting to run me through kind of
18312s over the course of the series would
18313s happen
18314s so we thought we we knew we were gonna
18316s win
18318s um
18318s like we were we were waiting for a very
18321s very long time between games because uh
18324s like there was like I think there was a
18325s game in the bracket that went like the
18326s four Maps yeah like four or five minutes
18328s yeah it went crazy crazy long uh we knew
18331s we were gonna win because we waited too
18332s long to lose that was kind of the
18334s mentality going into it like and then we
18336s were on stream it's like oh we gotta win
18338s now all the boys are watching us he got
18339s over now but um losing simply wasn't an
18342s option is what I'm hearing yeah like do
18344s we we adapted like quite a lot
18346s um Mid mid map like the diva swap on uh
18350s Kings was random like I can't play Diva
18352s at all I'm a main Tech player I can't
18353s believe my six like barely good enough
18355s my I can get away with sick my team is
18357s terrible but I swapped the Devo just
18359s because we needed like a bit more appeal
18360s like our hands was getting hit too much
18362s and like suzu timing on PING is terrible
18364s so like it's hard to peel him so
18367s um yeah I went the Divas what was on the
18369s Fly and then ball on second I noticed
18371s that like the Sig in in Mirror was just
18373s missing a lot of rocks so I thought like
18376s if he's missing rocks on Sig he's
18377s probably just gonna miss rocks on the
18378s ball and then so we could hit like Zen
18381s harder so we could play faster Tempo and
18382s overwhelm them a lot uh which obviously
18384s ended up ended up working in our favor
18386s quite considerable
18388s and you said as well that you were one
18391s of the team's coaches how much practice
18393s has been done because obviously again
18395s like playing from the EU against all of
18397s these teams who are on n a a lot of them
18399s having access to either contenders
18401s resources or even OverWatch League
18403s resources for for teams like Vancouver
18404s Titans uh and nyxl like how has that
18408s impacted how you've come into
18409s preparations for these matches
18412s so we didn't scrim a single culinary
18414s heroes team going into the event because
18416s all of us like there's a couple people
18418s on team have to work and stuff
18420s um and we just couldn't play like 1am
18423s scrims every day so we've only scrimmed
18425s EU teams and we tried to like so 730
18428s block one black is like the color heroes
18429s team and then we have another team uh
18431s 721 who we like went to line with and
18432s stuff and Celtics is on that team as
18434s well
18435s um and
18436s we
18438s um but we get we got as many blocks
18439s against them as we could and then we had
18441s them play like specific comps that we
18443s kind of predicted like through like any
18444s meta and stuff that people were gonna
18446s play so we played against a lot of like
18447s monkey Sombra a little bit of RAM and
18450s stuff like that like EU teams are mainly
18451s right now playing like a lot of monkey
18453s and Lucio uh Hanzo and like they're not
18456s really playing much RAM so we wanted
18458s this bike as good as possible but like a
18460s lot of the preparation and adaptation
18463s and really all of like the strap
18464s buildings been done like the last day
18466s and a half because
18467s the way that our team were playing it or
18470s that we were screaming if we get to get
18472s prepped with they don't play it anywhere
18474s near the same like the tempo is
18475s different the resource investment's
18477s different the target focus is different
18479s so like we've had to really just kind of
18481s after officials have like ended we've
18484s just you know kind of figured out like
18486s who's weak who's strong
18487s kind of who we're gonna go against on
18489s different style with mrxl and the strap
18491s was just hard Tempo backline skip the
18493s DPS we don't give the DPS down to get
18495s kills we win uh didn't go that well but
18497s we went around but yes we were just
18499s trying to
18500s build stuff on the Fly we've had like a
18502s weakest Grims I think before this
18505s um so we're not we're not the best
18506s prepared but we're I think we're
18507s competent enough and we're flexible
18509s enough and we we know each of them we
18511s have good Synergy to be able to like
18512s adapt whatever we need to
18514s you guys look real good for a week of
18516s scrims right about now I gotta look we
18518s we can talk all about the game you guys
18519s had some some really nice strats but I
18521s guess how does it feel to get past a
18523s game like that to get like you said the
18525s broadcast game out of the way to get
18526s such a big game out of the way and head
18528s into the final round feeling pretty good
18529s about your spot honestly mate I'm
18531s absolutely knackered I'm so tired I'm so
18535s tired it is currently 4 53 in the
18537s morning I've got another game to go and
18540s I want to go to bed that's why I look
18541s terrible I'm in my pajamas right now
18544s I wish uh
18551s but uh yeah I'm so tired I'm so so tired
18557s I just want to go to bed I've judged so
18559s many energy drinks it's ridiculous I'm
18561s gonna have problems well I mean you know
18562s what you have to do right you just have
18563s to win this Mexican quickly and then you
18565s can indeed
18567s yeah yeah exactly which is awkward we've
18570s had the we've had the group of death
18571s like we played mrxl we played
18574s um
18577s and then we played like we played like
18579s two out of the top five teams so far
18582s um I think what you're what you're
18584s realizing is that you are making one of
18586s the top teams yourselves like yeah the
18589s better you play the harder too you play
18591s you're just yeah you're just at that
18593s point you got to give yourself some
18594s credit here yeah well you know we don't
18597s we don't want to be overconfident but we
18598s like we're well aware of like what teams
18600s are good at what teams are better we
18602s like we we put a lot of prep into
18604s whatever vods we can find so like some
18606s people play in the last calling Our
18607s Heroes I've watched a lot of those and
18609s then I've had like
18611s um teammates in EU who've played the
18613s naods and stuff with some of the players
18615s so like I've I've got enough info on
18618s people to be able to like plan for stuff
18620s like the main issue it was right now is
18621s just confidence like early on where we
18624s play better in that game than we played
18626s like all day and it's like four in the
18628s morning because we
18630s just need to get the confidence we just
18632s need to get the confidence and then once
18633s you get the confidence in the tempo we
18634s can roll
18635s but um yeah we just kind of wishy-washy
18638s with the confidence but that'll come I
18639s think like we're in it for the long term
18641s we're not to say for like one event
18643s um we're gonna play Eero D together as
18644s well as this calling our heroes team so
18646s we we get as much practice as possible
18648s like we're taking it as seriously as we
18649s can we're not just uh here for the bag
18651s and I'm running away
18653s foreign
18656s to touch on that very very quickly
18659s obviously we've seen in the last
18660s Colonial Heroes a lot of either
18662s contenders teams are OverWatch League
18664s teams would look to pick up teams that
18666s were able to qualify into the grand
18668s finals and give them access to things
18669s like resourcing and coaching as a team
18672s what would it mean if you had that
18674s potential of being picked up by some of
18676s those organizations and given access to
18678s those resources
18680s um
18681s we talked about that today
18683s uh we we've got a very Set uh list of
18686s conditions for what we would accept and
18688s what we wouldn't accept because
18690s um realistically right now we've we've
18693s we've we're all very experienced in the
18695s scene like we've been around for a long
18696s time
18697s and we know kind of what we can do
18701s independently what we can't do
18702s independently and I think people
18703s overestimate what
18705s like what's going to happen if they get
18707s access to like contenders level coaching
18708s or our level coaching really like the
18711s biggest thing is just grind the game as
18712s much as possible watch as many vods as
18714s possible and work with your teammates
18716s because what works at Owl isn't might
18718s not work with you and that's I think I
18720s track a lot of teams fall into like we
18722s struggle with Lucio comps because you've
18724s got two Flex support players so we play
18725s a lot of anakiri which do we like Havana
18728s because the baptism is really good for
18729s us so I think
18731s our level resources uh you're only going
18735s to get our level resources if you're in
18736s owl if you're living in the team house
18737s like you're six hour blocks and stuff
18740s like that like the the the the
18742s difference between getting access to
18744s those things and not getting access to
18745s those things is only
18747s as much as like how you can use them and
18749s you need way more like scrim data you
18752s need so you need to do so much more as
18754s players to get access to that and I
18756s don't think
18758s um we'd be able to make the best use out
18759s of them so we've got like a very
18760s specific list of things that would allow
18761s us to like actually if you give us these
18764s things we need to be able to like play
18766s the game more we need to be able to like
18767s be financially sustainable we need to
18769s make this like we need to treat this as
18771s a job if you're going to give us our
18772s level stuff we need to treat us like a
18774s job and not just kind of swipe the owl
18777s name on it and say look guys we're we're
18779s on our team like we need to we're we're
18782s proud of being 721 we 721 stands for our
18785s beliefs and our culture and stuff and
18787s it'll take a lot for us to
18789s like throw that away just uh you know
18792s say we're like
18794s you know on our team
18795s oh yeah I I got a lot of respect for
18798s that and you guys are doing a ton with
18800s the resources that you do have right now
18801s I'll say it again huge congrats on on
18804s such a massive win good luck in your
18806s neck good luck staying awake for your
18807s next game
18810s I will definitely need it yeah we'll
18812s leave you to go with that though get on
18813s your next one take it easy all right Max
18816s one more to go
18819s I I it's in the air tonight uh well I
18821s guess this morning for you but there's
18823s there's another 30 of Bruin and this one
18826s is
18827s one that has been storied for quite some
18829s time up next everybody we have nyxl up
18834s against dark monkeys don't miss it
18836s follow stay tuned get water get snacks
18839s do what you need to but do not miss this
18841s match
18864s match
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19047s [Music]
19053s thank you
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19142s [Music]
19147s welcome back everybody back to backed up
19149s back bangers and why don't we add one
19152s more B to that list I don't think
19154s there's any doubt in anyone's mind this
19156s one is I hate to say it at like 5 a.m
19159s European Time and currently midnight
19162s Eastern but this might be the match of
19164s the night
19165s I mean this is without doubt on paper
19168s the match of the night both of these
19170s teams currently five and one we saw nyxl
19173s Academy take their first loss against
19174s times referral a little bit later on
19176s Timeless if you're still currently
19178s undefeated six and oh but nyxl Academy
19182s and Dot monkeys one of these T teams is
19185s gonna walk away with that second
19187s position and they're going to go head to
19189s head live on broadcast to figure out
19192s who's going to come out ahead moving
19195s into tomorrow well we elongate the
19198s matches and potentially see it even
19200s later broadcast day is oh my goodness
19202s dude the Talon on show today is is
19205s absolutely unmatched yeah the resilience
19208s from these teams as well this is a lot
19209s of game the only thing more resilient
19211s than these teams might be my hair which
19212s is somehow stage style throughout the
19214s entirety of this obscenely long day and
19217s it might not for this match especially
19219s if it's as good as we think it's gonna
19220s be it's gonna be all over the place and
19222s this is when things get messy
19224s this is when things get incredibly messy
19226s this is when we're going to see the
19227s flexibility and versatility come through
19229s from these teams like you said it has
19231s been an incredibly long day as well for
19233s all of these teams all of these players
19235s so you are going to just see that
19237s perseverance as well come through and
19240s both of these teams have been able to
19242s pull through and calling the heroes
19244s before dark monkeys were very popular in
19246s the last iteration of dark monkeys
19248s they've kept the exact same team moving
19250s forward absolutely no surprises they've
19252s been having an absolute whale of the
19254s time if you have an eye on their social
19255s medias but they have extensive hero
19259s pools from all of these players and I
19261s think Aspen immediately stands out SK as
19264s well being very very skilled in that
19266s backline Aspen being known for her sort
19269s of continued existence alongside L.A
19272s Gladiators and potentially being one of
19274s the first females other than uh Gregory
19276s all the way back in inaugural OverWatch
19278s league for the Shanghai dragons to maybe
19280s be able to step up into that OverWatch
19283s League existence in fact I think if
19285s there's any player who does make it onto
19287s that stage first and foremost likely
19289s Aspen is going to be included
19292s obviously a formidable roster but we
19294s have to remember this is a roster that
19295s lost a Timeless Eternal earlier on in
19297s the day so maybe not the clearer Victors
19299s that we thought it was gonna be
19301s meanwhile another team whose only loss
19304s was to Timeless ethereal is nyxl academy
19307s one with sniper Wicca and Cairo make
19311s their appearances for the second time on
19313s broadcast today yeah and again like he
19315s said second time on broadcast so we
19317s already know what a good team this team
19320s truly is Bond standing out obviously
19323s having that experience uh inside
19324s contenders as well as wicker getting
19327s that experience being able to synergize
19328s together really really nicely being able
19330s as well to be very versatile in terms of
19332s a hero pool that they're able to Output
19335s I think they're going to be a little bit
19336s concerned about maybe that doomfist
19338s careful coming back on through but I'm
19340s not really expecting it to be too
19342s problematic given the fact that I'm
19344s expecting this just to be a lot of
19346s manifests matter a lot of really heavy
19348s dive compositions coming through most
19350s likely on control run versus run with
19352s that maybe little wrinkle of something
19355s like a May uh to be fielded over maybe
19357s that Tracer and Sombra full commitment
19359s to dive for all of you to expect
19361s anything at this point at this point
19363s this late in the night there's many
19365s matches in with what we I don't I'm done
19367s expecting things the only thing I expect
19369s out of this is a good match and starting
19370s off on Oasis I think it is very likely
19372s that we get exactly that three very
19374s different points to play three very
19376s different styles to try and field for
19378s these teams
19379s and I say three because I'm like all but
19382s certain it's gonna go to three every
19383s single control point that we've had has
19385s at least threatened going to three sub
19387s Maps yeah I mean if University does pop
19390s up we might get to see the right in the
19392s hall Reinhardt on universities probably
19395s one of the more in line uh maps that you
19397s can run the Reinhardt on and Evie is
19399s very partial to the tank of the
19402s Reinhardt so I wouldn't be unsurprised
19404s if we see that monkey try and lean on
19405s that a little bit of expertise but we've
19408s already seen what happens so our matter
19409s is just a little bit better than the
19412s Rhine at all stages in terms of just
19414s like initial uh poke pressure coming
19417s through with things like that the lack
19418s of damage fall off on the primary the
19420s fact that you can have that range
19421s pressure and then very quickly rubber
19423s band towards the melee 2 whereas the
19426s Reinhardt without something like Lucio
19428s gets a little bit caught amongst the
19430s weeds every time we go to a brawl map
19432s you just start making fun of Reinhart
19444s so I'm gonna say just now I'm sticking
19447s in line with blizzard they they know
19449s there is there is no chance that it was
19452s uh coincidence
19457s skin on the same patch that his army
19460s gets nerfed and I find that absolutely
19463s hilarious
19466s gold mistress I'll tell you that much
19468s anyways our monkeys nyxl I'll I'll say
19472s it again match the night material
19473s granted we have had three Giga bangers
19476s on so far so I don't even think you
19477s could say that anymore it's gonna be
19479s close though we're starting things out
19480s on City Center we expect the dive
19482s composition to be a bit more prevalent
19483s here but that's not to say we cannot run
19485s something different if you want yeah
19487s this is why you're most likely going to
19488s be funneled towards that dive whether
19489s it's the Winston whoever it's the
19491s Hammond the big difference is most
19493s likely going to be in that back line
19495s already we can see wicker on the Anna
19497s Aspen's going to be building towards
19499s Lucio no surprises Esky is going to be
19501s Fielding towards that kiriko so we've
19502s already gone over the differences
19504s sustainability for that Anna for the
19506s Winston but also just a lack of
19509s survivability that kirikou and Luther
19510s worked together so well to make sure
19512s that they're both able to survive those
19514s engagements as Bon is going to cross
19516s onto the Sombra wisps onto the Tracer
19519s alongside zamra and it's just going to
19521s be a straight up mirror matchup so every
19523s single one of these players has access
19525s to everything else that's thrown at them
19527s shout out to Boom for calling it right
19529s understanding that there was going to be
19530s a lot of that Winston Lucio Anna kiriko
19535s flying around alongside the Sombra good
19538s call out understood the animated well
19539s our codes always a big opener on the
19541s Whisk is gonna
19543s fix on nyxl Academy at least for the
19544s time being TV girls
19546s forward though punishes and over
19548s extension are playing OverWatch 3 yet
19550s again 4v4 on the point Dart monkeys
19553s though in control of it taking up that
19555s percentage further and further with
19557s every moment
19558s I'm coming from TV go however not able
19560s to find that backline intercepted by
19562s dark monkeys Winston Huck does calm down
19565s but the kill doesn't come through Zorro
19567s does go down in the meantime too Cairo
19569s however and Evie as a result isn't
19572s really getting that room to be able to
19574s maneuver back onto nyxl and look for the
19576s counter dive opportunity just has to
19577s walk forward and use the teslaco to try
19580s and bite into the backline instead
19583s that they willed Eevee girl makes the
19585s space flips the point
19587s a lot has happened going on but I've got
19590s a little bit more cleaving done than the
19592s other oh we have to sit back and take a
19595s look at the ultimates take stock of what
19596s we've gathered throughout all of that
19598s because there's a lot coming up yeah
19599s like you said there's a difference in
19601s clave between the two Winston's and as a
19602s result TV go all sniper will have access
19604s to that Primal already they can use it
19606s to try and rewrite the impact of sk's
19608s kitsuna Rush as well wicker is going to
19611s have that sound bar but it's actually
19612s the hack that comes down onto nyxl
19614s Academy's currico before the fight
19616s begins Carol Now using that Kitchener to
19618s embolden snipers push into that back
19621s line but not in time to save fun it does
19624s so quite well Dartmouth you still
19625s respawn with two of their own popping
19628s every single ultimate they had in
19630s response to the engagement from nyxl
19632s Academy style Academy you can get out of
19634s this relatively cleanly they're gonna be
19636s happy but if they can get out maybe with
19638s a win with a point contest
19640s I'm even happier but no no point contest
19642s instead choose to reset take their
19644s ultimate advantage and go
19645s well sign bar is going to be removed
19647s from both these Lucius so sombres can
19649s just use that EMP whenever they want to
19651s and whenever they want to is right now
19653s nyxl coming in we're being coordinated
19655s TV girl coming in off of the back of
19658s that EMP connecting on to SK denying the
19661s kirika the chance to be able to use that
19662s Swift step and as a result nyxl should
19664s be able to find a flip it's just gonna
19666s be about how much tall dark monkeys can
19668s output before that flip comes through
19671s I mean it's all down to follow up on the
19672s emps they were popped it practically the
19675s exact same time if not the same frame
19677s but nyxl Academy better follow-up dive
19680s from wisdom TV girl sniper or phenomenal
19683s and finish off those health bars now
19686s there's no ultimates on board and a pick
19688s in favor of dark monkeys you have to
19690s give him a big Advantage coming back
19691s into the point they're gonna grab this
19692s thing right back yeah Bond goes
19693s incredibly low solo actually that she
19695s gets sent back to spawn Lockard looking
19697s for that hack will be able to find the
19698s engines for DOT monkeys onto this point
19700s as flip still hasn't been given through
19702s so how's that pulse one they're trying
19704s to just push the nyxl academy off of
19706s this point so they can finally find the
19707s flip we've even seen the pulse one being
19709s used just to Zone this team even further
19711s but the contest is still in play and
19713s only Excel Conga lining themselves onto
19715s this point to not allow dot monkeys the
19717s control they look for
19719s this is what they needed to do earlier
19720s right this is that control that you can
19722s get on only City Center when you can
19724s rack up the percentage all the way up to
19726s 99 from zero nyxl Academy doing
19728s phenomenal job of that in fact we've got
19730s all five members they're not even losing
19731s the fight anymore they're built as well
19733s servers to it wait for an opportunity to
19735s properly engage but no longer that are
19738s they at least backseating engagement
19740s from dark monkeys from earlier now Dart
19741s monkeys though emboldened by the fact
19743s that they have a sound barrier in their
19744s back pocket are gonna look push forward
19746s they take the point over in their favor
19747s nyxl throwing the sound mayor throw in
19750s an EMP to counter for Dart monkeys
19752s though and all of a sudden the fight
19753s slipped on his heads the shields
19754s stripped from their users and it's nyxl
19758s Academy paying the price for its Thunder
19760s from Aspen just that little bit better
19762s in the moment but it hasn't solidified a
19765s win quite yet yeah wisp was able to find
19767s a pick but dirt monkey's going to be
19769s able to hold on the Primal just bashing
19771s nyxl from being able to move back onto
19773s that point but now it's run out the
19775s stick comes through TV goal uses a
19778s primal of their own to push back onto
19780s the members of dot monkeys then we're
19781s hacked out gets juggled by the Winston
19784s and immediately dealt with his nyxl Pro
19786s in the EMP to try to finish off
19788s considering what's coming through from
19790s SK trying to buy Dot monkeys that
19791s opportunity to push back onto this fight
19793s and it has bought them a little bit of
19795s bubble to be able to breathe with as a
19797s more Excel still able to find themselves
19799s on this point but not able to find the
19801s pick
19802s you have to question like if this just
19803s keeps going which it seems like it will
19805s because nobody is dying Marco's gonna be
19808s the first one to get the EMP up oh now
19811s things get spicy though no Winston but
19813s you have the EMP so my Adventures dark
19816s button keys for just a couple seconds
19817s there but once nyxl Academy picked their
19819s health bars back up which they already
19820s have they have the massive advantage of
19822s still having their tank player alive so
19824s they've got to find a solid engagement
19825s waiting out the beat now again still no
19827s tank right now for Dart monkeys but that
19829s beat will buy time for Evie to come back
19832s in nyxl Academy have stabilized and now
19835s are basically on even footing in the
19837s fight trades either way though the
19838s health bars all crumble and hit zero at
19840s the same exact time it's normal coming
19842s out on top oh
19844s you know I think we said that 99 to 99
19847s longer than a map
19852s City Center we played like 360 of that
19857s point and if that's any indication on
19860s how close this series is gonna be you
19862s are like you said you're going to be in
19865s for a very very very long free map
19869s series between these two teams really
19871s good sound barrier coming through from
19873s Aspen to be able to make up for the
19875s absence of Evie and by the time
19877s necessary for that Winston to be able to
19878s come back and them to finally be able to
19880s as a group push back onto the members of
19884s nyxl and it really is going to come down
19886s to now who's able to control that High
19888s Ground early symmetra TPS come through
19891s to just allow faster touching towards
19893s the point as both of these teams look
19894s for the engagement look for the opening
19896s hack to come out onto the Winston and
19898s it's sniper who's found out first
19901s sniper could just get on out Evie can
19904s say the same let's get Susan
19905s unfortunately that means the hills are
19907s relatively lacking the tank to peel the
19909s rest of the team away now and say
19911s disengage a far better position almost
19913s and arguably right now for the team
19916s defending the point oh how good is
19918s the dive to counter it yeah that pushed
19921s all the way back as well so you can
19922s already see mrxl setting themselves up
19924s open the low ground and The High Ground
19925s to make Cairo a lot easier to be able to
19928s survive the dive that comes through as a
19929s hat comes down isn't able to find a kill
19932s wisps does go down to xamarin in tandem
19934s with sk's focus and this should be nyxl
19937s with that lack of a body having to give
19939s up a lot of posturing for just immediate
19943s pressure coming through from dark
19945s monkeys all right so this time not
19948s opting to try and bring this thing all
19949s the way to 99 from zero but that's an
19951s okay trade understanding when you're in
19953s a losing position though they're not
19954s going to give it up they've stated
19955s themselves outside of the point and are
19957s waiting for an opportunity looking for
19958s any member to step slightly out of
19960s position I think they spotted one of the
19962s back line in the Lucio but they calmly
19964s disengage now a responses to pulse bomb
19967s from xamarin sound very as well from
19968s Aspen a big commitment from dark
19970s quantities and I'm not sure it's even
19972s gonna result in a win quite yet they
19973s take down TV girl and finally everything
19976s they just threw in is proven worth it
19980s she goes so low
19987s and that's suzu in case Zamara try to go
19989s for a drive-by-stick of that pulse bomb
19991s before Swift stepping back to their team
19993s but I'm also going to be up for both of
19994s these winstons but so too is EMP going
19996s to be up for both of these sombres and
19998s it's going to be a matter of who is
19999s going to be able to find more value
20003s the exact same time here all but the
20007s same we have to think a perfect counter
20011s dive is worth 10 regular ones the EMP
20014s was phenomenal for barcode they thought
20017s they were following up on bun DMP by
20019s diving in like that but instead they
20020s were just diving over top of barcode
20022s they have really small play like you
20024s said from dot monkeys punishing the fact
20025s that if they wanted to pull off that
20027s dive nyxl had to fully commit all of
20029s their bodies putting themselves into
20031s that position with this one we can just
20032s sit and wait with the EMP as the hack
20034s comes down now onto Cairo denying that
20037s casino rush to be able to open up this
20039s point with
20040s still more percentage bought Swift up
20042s even coming in from the kiriko to be
20044s used to get into the fight and that puts
20045s yourself into a vulnerable position suzu
20047s being brought us another second switched
20049s up being able to allow character to
20051s disengage safely but now finally it is
20054s going to be the kiriko going down Aspen
20056s on the Lucio hunts them down removes
20059s them from the fight and no
20060s sustainability on the side of nyxl means
20063s that the overtime contest is going to be
20064s a lot shorter than the previous Maps
20068s it looks pretty lights out right about
20069s now
20071s you can actually keep this
20072s lucky but this is particularly long this
20074s could very well be a two sub-map control
20076s point but they've got to be able to find
20078s the rest of those those picks the health
20079s bars are low but they are not zero right
20082s about now for nyxl Academy they've got a
20085s lot of gumption to keep fighting this
20086s point like this but it's more than
20088s enough to work Evie down the Fight
20091s Continues the pressure from nyxl to get
20093s into Mount Dart monkeys can feel the
20094s fights flipping from their hands and oh
20097s boy they're coated in baby oil while
20099s they're at it because it is falling all
20101s through their fingers something like you
20103s should have had that that was no support
20105s in the form of Cairo One no Excel for
20108s themselves onto the point to keep
20110s overtime in play but the Squishies are
20112s able to like you said be extremely
20113s slippery like this is a conversation
20114s that is all about staggering and
20116s stalling and not going down easily and
20118s then works I'll play it perfectly
20119s trading bodies trading presence on that
20121s point to be able to make sure that
20123s overtime continues to play until they're
20124s able to find the regroup as an EMP
20126s coming through from bun connecting onto
20128s that monkey's backlink denying the Lucio
20130s the ability to be able to disengage but
20132s then actually finds the Winston as once
20135s again an opportunity that should have
20136s been Nappa nyxl to open up with the dive
20138s EMP is denied and shut in their face
20143s now it's barcode building up towards
20145s that EMP and YSL Academy popping a sound
20147s barrier trying to find some way back in
20149s because looking to clutch up as fast as
20152s she can but things are just getting
20153s tougher gap's ass been taken down
20155s following no Lucio's remaining on the
20157s field Dart monkey's in control and with
20159s an EMP in hand all tools available to
20162s finish this map off here and now but
20163s they have bled out SK and they are
20166s slowly going to rot if they are not
20168s careful there is not much sustain on
20170s this point to keep the art monkeys in it
20171s they've just got to try and keep people
20172s off the point as long as they can but
20174s they won't be able to and myself are
20176s coming in and they have a whole host of
20178s tools to use to try and take them down
20179s Dart monkey's cower back towards their
20181s own choke point looking for any
20183s semblance of a place to dig their heels
20185s in and try and fight back but they
20186s simply can't nyxl flipped it it cost
20188s them a Kitsune Rush
20190s they got it they're close to my Kitsune
20192s rush but they have a primal as well as a
20194s pulse point to be able to still light
20195s until the EMP is therefore Bond they
20198s just have to survive the rush engagement
20200s coming through from dark monkeys Aspen
20202s is not going to be able to use the sound
20203s bar for engagement knowing that bun is
20206s so close to that Sombra ultimate
20208s continue to rush out this time for dark
20209s monkeys they know it can't be Master
20210s sound barrier thrown in layered on top
20212s of the TV girl could try and peel a lot
20214s of this away with the Primal Rage and
20216s they do completely denies the dive with
20218s the Primal Rage of their own TV go with
20220s some massive heroics that disengages a
20222s double being used by Dart monkeys all of
20225s this from nyxel Academy off the back of
20227s a master players saying oh now they've
20228s got me and B they've got a pulse bomb
20230s they fought their way tooth and nail
20232s back into this map and they will reap
20235s the fruits of wish they have shown and
20238s they will retrieve themselves from the
20239s depths of map number three we're going
20242s to University to pack the school bags
20246s get ready to hop on that bus
20248s University is ahead and potentially that
20252s swap over from the Winston towards over
20254s the romantra or the Reinhardt dive is
20256s still a viable option here but much more
20258s likely now that we're seeing things like
20260s that may come through we are going to
20262s see that role Uh Russian brawl
20264s composition come out xamarin on the main
20267s barcode alongside the Hanzo bun yeah it
20269s can be matching me as well interesting
20272s to see that these lucios are potentially
20274s still going to be sticking around the
20275s Baptist a must pick it feels like when
20278s you have that rematch a lot squishier I
20280s think than a lot of players were sort of
20282s anticipating when Ram first drop by
20284s having that immortality feel to be able
20285s to circumvent that impact from the
20288s mayweal is just too crucial to forgo
20294s changing compositions Now barcode up
20296s against wisp on the Hanzo Ace to match
20300s them versus one a difficult fight for
20302s either side but the wall right now from
20304s one looks phenomenal the one the match
20306s from zemrotto it's gonna result in a
20308s positional Advantage for nyxl one that
20310s they leverage into a pick on decemberit
20312s I don't think there's a way in without
20313s the help of that may right now for Dart
20315s monkeys yeah especially with wisps
20317s covering that High Ground so dot monkeys
20319s don't get the off angle to set barcode
20321s into a position to punish the members of
20324s nyxl encroaching upon dot monkey's
20327s Frontline wisps just turns around to her
20330s life rather and deals with the mirror
20332s Hanzo too and this is going to be dot
20335s monkey's scent packing within moments
20337s and why Excel establishing that point
20340s control holding on to it foregoing that
20342s High Ground initially but then moving
20345s into it the second that they've got that
20347s monkeys stuffed up in that choke
20351s I'll talk to the other side's choke yxl
20354s Academy looking to hold no ultimate then
20355s totally do so though they have not
20357s secured that much of an advantage yet in
20358s the fight instead they've got to take
20360s this one mono imano only ultimates On
20365s the Border ones that they build during
20366s this fight but they won't even need the
20367s TV girl sniper has done a phenomenal job
20370s engaging this fight laying the damage
20372s onto the back line the foundation on
20374s wish whisk will build a fight win
20377s yeah Bond coming in with such a good
20379s maywall coming in on that second middle
20382s isolating out the member of dark monkeys
20384s and allowing TV girl on that romantic
20387s just move forward and puddle through the
20388s health bar even using that zone as well
20391s to push on the remaining members of dot
20393s monkey squishies to isolate them even
20395s further from being able to help Evie on
20397s that remaster so they're able to just
20398s chunk the tank down and why excellent
20400s are using that amplification Matrix
20401s forcing out that early war from zamrit
20404s so bun doesn't have to hold back and can
20405s use one of her own the second she sees
20407s that monkeys move on towards that joke
20411s Detroit Snapper and Retail Academy a
20413s beautiful Dragon thrown in completely
20415s slices the likes of Dart monkeys in half
20418s but still they remain stalwart ever
20421s present in the face of nyxl Academy
20424s facing them down and saying you know
20425s what we will take that Dragon you can
20428s throw the damage you wanted us but we
20429s will not topple yeah I could actually
20432s use this wisps pushing forward
20434s aggressively to throw that Dragon strike
20436s into the angle of that Matrix to take
20438s the Hansel down so even though the
20439s dragon strike connects through the amp
20440s Matrix they're still missing that burst
20442s damage off the Hanzo to keep Evie and
20444s check when Annihilation comes through
20445s and nyxl Academy are not going to have
20448s to reapproach without support ultimate
20450s thankfully don't monkeys don't have
20452s support ultimates of their own early
20453s blizzard comes through the Mabel isn't
20455s able to trap to any memory Excel as a
20459s dragon strike comes through from dark
20461s monkeys and still misses the connection
20463s we're watching whip after whiff after
20466s whiff of ultimates right about now
20468s all right teams hook it back up right
20471s where they left off Walling off the
20474s likes of Evie oh that's a big play by
20476s bun to bring the fight back
20478s so some real spaghetti drop is going on
20480s there in those moments but it's gonna
20482s result in nyxl Academy taking away a map
20484s number one
20485s which which is crazy because after all
20487s of that
20488s University ends in relatively
20490s unceremonious fashion nevertheless
20491s though a massive win for nyxl Academy so
20495s I'm gonna say that yes unfortunately
20497s both the blizzard and the dragon strike
20498s did the blind the dragons
20501s that they were looking for but here's
20504s here's the caveat right wicker knows
20506s that positive is there they know that
20507s they're going to use that and they will
20508s try and isolate those players hold on to
20510s the Lucio speed boost and I'm fine with
20514s them throwing in that blizzard just to
20516s force that monkey's back even further
20518s like even if that Blizzard from them
20520s doesn't connect at least nyxl are able
20524s to use it to be able to secure that
20525s Point Flip to come through and then
20528s you're playing with the other team
20529s pushing into a choke where me has that
20532s wall and is going to be able to move on
20533s to those targets and may when we moved
20536s into OverWatch 2 yes she lost the
20537s ability to fully phrase with her primary
20539s but primary is essentially a
20541s flamethrower just turned into the the O
20544s negatives it does so much damage up
20547s close and personal and you can even see
20549s my Excel just throw me in that
20550s immortality field over the top to
20552s guarantee that they're able to continue
20554s to hold that really aggressive position
20555s on choke so that bun on that mate is
20558s able to continue to connect that primary
20559s damage onto all of the members that are
20562s trying to push back onto the point once
20563s the blizzard has obeyed it yeah I mean
20566s we could talk specifics about that final
20567s fight all we want but I think we should
20568s zoom out and talk a little about what
20569s these teams are making for their own
20571s identities because we have two very
20572s different teams though they were locking
20574s the exact same compositions the entire
20576s time if there's one thing I have learned
20578s in this is nyxl oh my God they just
20582s don't have they they forgot the the quit
20584s bone in their body
20585s it was not installed when they were born
20588s they kept going on every single fight
20591s every single engagement just believing
20593s that they could win anything and that
20595s and they could they did
20598s perseverance like I said these these
20601s teams have been going for a very very
20603s very long day we cannot understand that
20606s fact but they have that perseverance and
20608s the fact that they're able to continue
20610s to hold that morale and the
20611s communication as well from like team
20614s chat has got to be exemplary especially
20617s when you're pushing into a fight and
20619s it's gone on that long and you're
20620s juggling so many different factors and
20622s you're trying to think you're like okay
20623s who's coming out of respawn now who's
20625s going to be the body that takes on that
20626s that point control and goes after the
20628s the specific Target that we've figured
20630s out that we're going to jump onto like
20632s that communication from this team what I
20635s would give to be a fly on the wall to
20637s listening to those columns because they
20639s have to be absolutely still to be able
20642s to pull off those holes I think both of
20645s them have I mean considering that we
20646s were watching somber monkey comps go
20648s pretty much the entire time it has been
20650s at times hypersynchronous right at times
20653s the complete clown Fiesta when some of
20655s these fights break down like you are on
20657s every extra dream of the spectrum right
20659s about now and it's not getting any less
20662s exciting we're going to Blizzard world
20663s next to continue things we could see a
20666s change in composition here we could see
20667s non-mirrors but it's likely we do see at
20670s least at some point either the Winston
20671s or the ram come back yeah I I would
20673s expect that we're most likely going to
20675s see that Winston continue to just pop up
20677s alongside something like the Sombra
20679s Sombra has just had so much buff to her
20683s like even just sort of not fully buffed
20686s in terms of the numbers but the ability
20687s that hack has to be able to just knock
20690s players and heroes out of the meta like
20692s erisa is just nothing at the moment in
20696s terms of matter and a large part of it
20698s is down to Sombra just being able to
20700s disable her kid entirely life Weaver
20702s coming through obviously he's not
20703s enabled in this tournament but I think
20706s we're not really going to see a lot of
20707s Life Weaver in either contenders or
20709s OverWatch League even though we know
20710s he's enabled that purely because Sombra
20713s just disabled so much of his kit and she
20715s continues to be such a problem for these
20717s teams to deal of when that Winston and
20719s somber won that synchronization is on
20722s absolute block you see those targets get
20725s picked out and they get like 0.5 seconds
20728s to realize what's happening until they
20731s blink and they're just in the respawn
20732s room
20733s I feel like 0.5 seconds is kind of
20735s generous I think that's more that's more
20738s than a lot of them get
20740s uh yeah it's rough getting hacked out
20742s and taken down but I think it's
20744s important that we highlight the Saunders
20745s that are doing it because I actually
20747s think the barcode man the emps were a
20750s landing Time and Time and Time Again
20751s counter dive emps ibmps didn't seem to
20754s matter oh sombers were connecting
20756s consistently and charging up at pretty
20758s reasonable Paces on top of that yeah
20760s they were keeping Pace with each other
20762s right and that's like the huge ask that
20764s you have that both of these sombres if
20766s you're going for that mirror have to be
20768s able to build EMP because it always puts
20771s that Sombra into a horrible position if
20773s you like to like EMP first and I hope
20775s that we're gonna find the value or if
20777s you're dark monkeys well we'll go to EMP
20779s second like twice we saw that they would
20781s wait for bun to use the EMP that it
20783s would signal a full commitment from my
20786s Excel it would not be about EMP had been
20788s used they want to have that follow-up
20789s and Dot monkeys would play what should
20792s be a significant disadvantage
20794s to an absolute stunner of a win because
20797s they would know that nyxl were fully
20799s committed into that fight and they would
20800s like just trap upon trap upon trap
20802s obstacle upon obstacle to make sure even
20804s when EMP commits it still doesn't mean a
20808s fight loss
20810s now you're playing into the Sombra but
20812s I'm gonna be honest I gotta take a
20813s second here and dress how confusing it
20814s is to see nyxl and orange and dark
20817s monkeys in blue
20819s all right my head's gonna hurt after
20820s this one good luck to the rest of you
20822s Chatters who are up at 12 30 Eastern
20824s time keeping things straight nyxl
20826s Academy though like I said in the orange
20829s and Fielding that somber that we are
20831s talking about that can be so deadly dark
20832s monkeys a very different OfferUp though
20834s Get It Go Anna held by the monkey but
20836s with an ash Intel often wanted to keep
20839s it in a bit of her distance a
20841s composition we haven't seen too much of
20842s but I trust is gonna be perfectly
20844s powerful especially with barcode uh
20846s being able to take up the Reigns on the
20848s ash yeah Ash like you said wanting to
20850s keep things out further distance quite
20851s literally in terms of the coach gun
20852s you're able to just coach gun off the
20853s dive but Caro finds aske and that is
20856s going to be half pack Lane
20857s sustainability
20859s significantly removed as we are going to
20862s see Dart monkeys just forced to give up
20864s a lot of rumors X and Y XL Academy are
20867s going to be able to fully push this
20869s defense off of that one pick straight
20871s back into chosen pick up at least one
20873s tick up this point now we're second
20874s until that monkeys have not been able to
20876s put themselves on point contest so
20878s where's the Finish sure right now is the
20880s question for nyxl Academy is they
20882s position themselves around the point as
20884s they play this neutral they're looking
20885s for a dive but no ultimates are coming
20887s up anytime soon until then dark monkeys
20889s can continually just pump heals into
20890s Evie until the pit comes through but
20892s it's for nyxl Academy who find the
20894s opener zembrick gets a little too big
20896s for their britches and steps a little
20898s too far forward now with all the opening
20900s that nyxl needed find a point cap oh no
20903s Evie's tonight the ability to jump over
20906s that roof Bonks her head on The
20909s Woodworking is sent tumbling down to the
20912s ground with a start as nyxl Academy will
20915s be able to unlock that point off of a
20917s first fight and really only two picks
20920s coming through to be able to lock that
20921s up the initial one onto SK and then that
20924s secondary one onto xamarin so that the
20926s Tracy just doesn't get to to worry over
20928s that little side lane plank towards some
20930s of the Squishies set further back and
20932s bond has been doing such a good job of
20934s just hacking these really strong targets
20936s I ever want to ask you to deny that
20938s kiriko the ability to be able to push
20940s onto the point and then switch that back
20941s to the team to keep the contest in place
20942s or even the height is connecting onto
20944s Evie so that she's not able to jump in
20945s and create that space as barcode moves
20948s on to the soldiers just for extra
20949s sustainability on that side while still
20951s having that distance to push and punish
20953s my Excel when they try and move on to
20955s these high grounds The High Ground will
20957s play well there's no doubt about that
20960s right now dark monkeys are just trying
20961s to make sure they have something to test
20963s the card that's the big problem for them
20964s they can have The High Ground all they
20965s want they can look for picks but
20966s stopping cart progress is a lot easier
20968s said than done you can see the cart
20969s continues to move forward five ultimates
20971s up practically for either side at this
20973s point and it is a Mexican standoff
20976s either of them just waiting for the
20978s other to pull the trigger first dive up
20980s from nyhl Academy EMP in a beautiful bit
20984s of follow-up the Nano boost comes out
20985s from Aspen but it is but a whisper a
20988s whimper as she falls to the ground
20990s unable to have enough impact the counter
20993s is such a massive ultimate as bun landed
20995s yeah but Evie Pros in the Primal Rage
20998s and they're actually able to trade a
20999s member of nyxl Academy this might be
21001s taking a lot of fire comes in with a
21003s Primal Rage of their own stuff holding
21005s on to it but she doesn't actually use it
21007s just yet so it's the bubble now we see
21009s the Primal Rage since Evie's jumps away
21011s from her Soldier and that opens them up
21014s to go down hack onto the soldiers to
21016s make sure no heels attack bars can come
21018s through to peel through that Primal Rage
21020s but barcode from some really good
21021s healing coming through from Aspen and SK
21023s will stay standing none of it's not
21026s going to be there for the tack visor but
21027s the attack visor the threat of it is
21029s still going to be something that forces
21030s my Excel Academy into dropping that
21032s sound barrier as we see the possible
21034s connection from xamarit is going to
21036s immediately be peeled away by the Susie
21038s coming through from Cairo and nyxl
21040s Academy off of this Rush are not
21041s allowing Dart monkeys any time to turn
21044s back into the fight I
21046s I mean that ultimate trade that we saw
21048s Yes we saw a Kill from one primeration
21050s not enough from the other but the trades
21051s themselves were way worth it for no
21053s Excel Academy Who Come Away with doubles
21055s portal if it's going into that fight it
21057s looked close because Dart monkeys
21058s certainly did lay down some damage but
21060s it it was never gonna go their way when
21062s you're facing down KR and sound barrier
21064s it's almost you've got an EMP coming
21066s into this one it only gets worse
21068s swaps oh
21072s stood that they're just going to be too
21074s vulnerable sitting in the back waiting
21076s for that dive to come through and my
21077s excel's coordination on point like we
21079s talked about that Sombra and Tracer
21081s Winston Synergy is just so clean from
21082s this team as again sniper just goes to
21085s pressure that front line not allowing
21087s Dart monkeys any opportunity of Rest by
21089s keeping Evie entirely occupied so that
21092s the EMP comes through and connects on to
21095s SK you lose your support once again an
21099s nyexl just continued to walk forward a
21102s big hack as well into the Winston who is
21105s already extremely low can they run Evie
21107s down they can she hits the dirt
21109s uncertain I'm honestly like a sack of
21111s potatoes at the hands of nyxl Academy
21114s who are tearing through blizzard world
21116s that pace is unseen by human eyes now to
21120s the end of the map they go no touch to
21122s be had by Dart monkeys
21124s touching down
21125s in YSL Academy have laid down the law
21128s they have watched broadcast they have
21131s seen what has happened nyfl Academy
21132s before they have watched and witnessed
21134s every three map turbo Banger we have
21137s gotten before this and they look to
21139s change the tide of the day marks that is
21141s a commanding time bank and they just
21144s continued to pressure that was never
21146s really a moment where we had to wait for
21148s nyxl Academy to go for that regroup and
21151s that was what dot monkey's composition
21153s was sort of relying on right having
21155s barcode on the soldier you're relying on
21158s my Excel Academy eventually having to go
21160s back to that respawn so they have to
21162s sort of bundle their forces all the way
21164s through the gauntlet that is crossing
21166s that high Grant when you don't have to
21168s burn that Winston bubble early straight
21170s into the soldier who's gonna be set up
21171s with attack visor we don't even get to
21173s see the sacrifice heck we don't even get
21175s to see a bob to come through when
21176s initially they'd feel that that Ash was
21178s NYX Telecom it's just it's such a good
21181s job like I said I I cannot praise Bond
21183s enough for this Sombra pick of just
21185s being able to find those targets
21187s identify have the rest of the team pull
21190s Evie's Focus for long enough literally
21191s five seconds is all bun needs to be able
21194s to find that pick the infiltration the
21196s fact that she is willing to fully commit
21198s the EMP Which is far faster to connect
21201s almost instantaneous so hard to cancel
21202s out especially if you're a kiriko like a
21205s lot of the time you just don't have the
21206s time to be able to twist up or Susie
21207s with as opposed to going for the hack
21209s where you have a little bit more leeway
21211s to be able to escape it committing that
21213s full ultimate onto just taking down that
21215s one Target because you know that one
21217s target falling it's just gonna be a
21219s fight win for your team
21220s confidence
21221s Garnet is fun right about now
21224s certainly bolstered after that three
21226s minute time bank was secured
21229s oh they Fair though considering that the
21231s defending side of this map can be
21233s merciless to say the least oh
21236s sklands that the hard way trying to
21238s teleport out doesn't manage to get away
21240s either nyxl Academy now have them
21242s completely surrounded it's just a matter
21244s of time before this small room this
21247s carnival ride of Blizzard world is
21250s quickly turned into
21253s very very deadly place the likes of Dart
21255s monkeys Barco drop low again dive in
21258s from Evie when I fell Academy waiting
21259s for their opportunity looking for those
21261s supports they're wondering okay there's
21262s two people on point but where it's
21263s rested team where are those targets and
21265s they spotted them out onto the Lucio
21267s goes to dive it's unsuccessful though in
21269s my cell Academy now it's Dart monkey's
21271s turn immediately posturing looking for
21273s that back line and Evie's on top of all
21276s four of them yeah sniper has to go for
21278s that jump out and unfortunately she
21281s jumps away from her supports and Evie
21283s very similar to when we saw MXL
21285s identified that the Winston was away
21286s which means those backlines are going to
21288s be so vulnerable very quickly makes that
21291s dive happen onto nyxl's backline and
21294s literally in the blink of an eye we see
21296s point a open up we may well be in for a
21299s just as fast if not fast the time bank
21302s set further side of John monkeys to
21304s attack blizzard Waters nyxl do not have
21306s access to this High ground right now
21308s zenbert is just patrolling to see
21309s whether or not anyone is going to try
21311s and take it away from them has the
21313s possible has to use the recall early and
21315s that is going to actually Force await
21317s xamarin's position on The High Ground
21319s allowing nyxl that potential to turn
21321s this fight around as we see dot monkeys
21323s being pressured from the staircase but
21324s still pushing the pilot forward
21328s the Lord continue screening that way
21330s nyxl refused to take the fight on
21332s instead trying to fight for the hike but
21334s they can't even do that Evie's got a
21335s great time rage to force them back
21337s pulls back to the rest of the team cart
21339s progress now having been made and looks
21341s to be playing that high ground it's
21342s gonna be difficult though buns got the
21343s EMP and now it's nyxl Academy's turn to
21345s strike immediately taking down the likes
21346s of Zimmer the Winston's still low Sombra
21349s found and barcode at least scores back
21351s for the time being and now it's the rest
21353s of the team quickly to fall afterwards
21355s phenomenal follow-up again on another
21358s one of buns hugee MPS like I said this
21361s Sombra has just been doing so much for
21364s the side of my Excel we cannot phrase it
21366s enough as barcode is gonna have One EMP
21369s of their own to deal with but the
21372s problem is again like getting over that
21375s distance that's uh barcode has to be
21377s able to set this EMP up with she is
21379s gonna be able to push the payload a
21381s little bit my Excel Academy all going to
21383s somewhat alive with this and in fact it
21385s uses up that Rush as faints them into
21387s the EMP because they're not recently
21389s coming through from dot monkeys since
21390s nyxl have already been able to use Daz
21392s as a primal come through from sniper
21394s just Plastering the members of Dart
21396s monkeys against those Idols not allowing
21399s them to be able to push the payload any
21401s further for just a little moment and so
21403s it will be able to take sniper down
21406s however it was extremely expensive for
21409s the side of dark monkeys to be able to
21410s pull that off unfortunately for nyxl
21412s Academy it was just expensive on their
21414s side and this contest is going to have
21416s to be done without ultimates
21418s I mean it looks like a pretty good
21419s congestive I count five players on
21421s either side and Whitetail Academy are
21422s gonna be pretty happy with the
21423s engagement thus far questions can they
21425s find the backlink SK teleports out Evie
21428s dropped extremely low Winston's life
21431s lies on a knife's edge she will not be
21434s cut by a no instead the callus forms
21438s stay strong
21441s and now suck still manages to Get Out
21443s Alive Evie dropped down to half help
21445s again has built up an entire other
21446s Primal Rage as tank player refuses to
21449s give space refuses to bend the knee to
21451s nyxl Academy and sees their way through
21454s the B point of Blizzard world now
21456s another massive time bank potentially in
21458s the books it's certainly be hard to
21460s match that of nyxl Academy I mean top
21462s monkeys have the EMP to be able to open
21465s up this fight with we've seen the
21466s follow-up from EMP doesn't necessarily
21468s have to be an ultimate it just has to be
21470s well coordinated Dives coming through
21472s from your Sombra and Tracer however fun
21475s in that style film is going to look to
21477s get the hack to land onto that monkey's
21479s backline the kiriko is the target of
21482s focus does get hacked but SK is able to
21484s survive of his slowed down monkey's
21487s presence on this payload as now the EMP
21490s comes through onto wisp but the Tracer
21491s able to survive long enough for the
21493s recoil to come through and Caro now gets
21495s to use that kid sooner rush to push that
21496s monkeys further back towards that spawn
21498s and that time bank is very quick
21508s they got out of that Alive Now building
21511s up towards an EMP of their own effect an
21512s entire ultimate Smorgasbord if you will
21515s a lot of tools available coming into
21517s this fight Darboy
21520s she knows that EMP was just used by that
21523s monkey so you can sit back and use that
21525s sound bar whenever you want to
21529s cool even with difficulty though because
21531s coming up on hers as well
21534s Emerald full bomb looking for any Target
21536s statistically the monkey right about now
21538s first down Barry comes out from what's
21540s been second from Aspen slightly better
21543s beat for Dart monkeys gives them a big
21545s Advantage with goes down early in the
21547s fight against Russia invested by Dart
21549s monkeys as well they're gonna throw
21550s everything into this one and it works
21552s beautifully in their favor nyxl Academy
21555s had the advantage coming in but at
21557s monkeys proved that it is just not
21559s enough we talked about the grit
21561s determination this team has and it
21563s continues to show secondary Sandbar
21565s unfortunately finds a lot more value as
21568s it is prone to in OverWatch matter as
21571s Evie's gonna be coming up with a prime
21572s that's trying to juggle these members of
21574s my Excel Academy so they don't get to
21576s have that coordinated Target Focus
21578s taking down one of these players and
21580s building the ultimates necessary to be
21582s able to hold on to this field a little
21583s bit longer EMP is on the books for fun
21585s but that monkey's doing a very good job
21587s of making sure it's only going to be
21589s even the Lucio they get caught out by it
21591s still it might be more than enough Evie
21594s going down means no giant body to be
21596s able to absorb all of that damage coming
21598s through from nyxl but it's traded sniper
21600s goes down at the same time faster
21602s respawn is going to be there for nyxl
21603s Academy but they have to keep touching
21605s the tank
21606s oh it's almost a letter number as dog
21609s monkeys for when the EMP onto the
21610s members of nyxl putting themselves onto
21613s that payload trying to keep it in play
21615s as Dart monkeys with a primal might be
21617s able to juggle everybody off it if they
21619s even need to use it it's just good
21621s Target Focus coming through from the
21623s team nyxl academy unfortunately reduced
21626s to just having to stagger their way into
21628s that fight and one by one they are dealt
21631s with by the Target Focus coming through
21633s but there is a world of difference in
21637s terms of time bank available for both of
21639s these teams 110 is certainly uncomfy
21644s I have to make the most of it though the
21645s first push is on on point a have been
21647s successful thus far for these teams but
21649s seeing your way all the way through is
21652s gonna be a hard task for anybody and
21654s honestly at this time of night one slip
21657s up is not hard to do but neither of
21659s these teams refuse to give either team
21663s anything
21664s yeah but for dominance like you said it
21666s is essentially one slip of territory
21668s which is going to cost them this month
21670s and in turn the series one minute and 10
21672s seconds at least I will say the benefit
21675s that you have to work with is that
21677s you're more than likely on attack gonna
21679s be running December the Tracer and those
21681s are two Heroes that very quickly do
21683s build into those ultimates but there are
21685s also two Heroes that are very very
21687s vulnerable if they get taken down in
21690s nyxl Academy are going a little bit off
21693s meta at the moment one is going to be
21696s going onto that Reaper so if you get
21697s attempted to be hacked you're going to
21699s be able to have the ray form as well as
21700s being able to deal with Evie Caro
21702s likewise is going to be Fielding
21704s themselves onto that Mario so you can
21706s use the fade they'll be able to cleanse
21708s off that hack and there are actually
21710s sitting themselves up into the side room
21711s waiting for Dart monkeys to move right
21713s past them unsuspectingly sitting in that
21715s little room but they are spotted out by
21717s barcode and this is going to Signal the
21719s composition that that monkeys are
21721s running into am I the only one that like
21723s I I'm questioning running a Samba with a
21726s minute on the clock I I feel like that's
21728s not a hot take right about it now it's a
21730s decent bit of damage but it's almost
21732s never gonna be an EMP in time Evie
21734s follows the somber separated away I mean
21736s you can poke but you got 40 seconds to
21737s build 65 percent of an EMP ah no no no
21741s like
21742s guard monkeys are taking a big risk I
21744s think they think they need to get more
21745s distance after and that's what the EMP
21747s would be used for but it's a huge risk
21749s because you're not gonna have the emp4a
21751s it's not guaranteed embaka does not
21753s getting easy targets to Hawkeye but like
21755s that Winston bubble is constantly there
21757s it's not like you're feeding into that
21758s even that can always be using that that
21760s nail gun to be able to chip away and
21761s help him build up the EMP she's yet to
21764s pass 50 nyxl playing from that high
21766s ground waiting for dark monkeys they
21768s have to go into point now in this
21769s composition it's gonna run straight into
21771s them to beat them
21772s they're happy to play point with this
21774s reason you can continually apply
21776s pressure to Winston through the Sombra
21778s SK with a big pick on the bun though
21779s opens the door wide for Evie to step
21782s forward without the threat of that
21783s Reaper in the way Dart monkeys storm
21785s onto a successful risking the song for a
21789s pick understanding they're not gonna
21790s have that Major Tool until the second
21792s Point believing that they can get it
21794s done without heavier second DPS and
21797s they're gonna be massively rewarded now
21798s now Dart monkeys can start cooking they
21801s got ultimates up they got an EMP in hand
21803s this is their time to do some real
21806s damage to nyxl Academy Cairo is going to
21809s have to be so careful with how they use
21811s this cover lessons you can fade and
21814s coalescence no true and that might be
21817s able to cancel the hack normally but are
21819s you going to be able to fade off EMP and
21822s this is the risk that my Excel Academy
21824s run into do you open up with uh
21826s coalescence but then see it being used
21828s as that EMP but that then allows wika to
21831s be able to use that time bar this is a
21832s discussion that this team has got to
21834s come to terms with and very quickly if
21836s you're like that monkeys control of how
21837s this next fight goes they get another
21838s fight win
21841s you're just coming up on world I mean
21842s there's a sound barrier here there's a
21844s Kitsune Rush EMP the only one they want
21846s to use if they're on a pulse bomb is
21848s answered by the coalescence and katune
21850s Rush traded in favor of Dart monkey
21852s still Sans tank nyxl Academy attempt to
21856s win this fight but they disengage they
21858s pull out as quickly as possible knowing
21859s that they may not get many more chances
21861s to stop this card at a reasonable
21863s distance signed fire is going to be
21864s available for both the Lucius but the
21866s hack connects onto nyxl Academy's back
21868s line as we see sniper coming back in on
21870s the Winston has that Primal pops it
21872s immediately so they're not going to be
21873s hacked out of being able to use it but
21875s still more payload distance picked up
21877s for DOT monkeys as it's gonna be a death
21880s lesson coming through from bun but not
21882s on the payload everyone can be coming in
21884s with the kills needed but the payload we
21887s cannot understate it enough got a lot
21890s further than it had any meaning to no
21893s when you were coming in with one minute
21895s and 10 seconds on the time back that was
21897s obscene that was not something they were
21900s ever meant to to get done they're meant
21902s to get held at a point still despite
21904s running the Sombra again the somber is
21906s an investment into trying to push the
21908s map even further and it is a major risk
21910s but it paid off it paid off Big Time
21912s nyxl Academy come in trying to say you
21915s know what we're just gonna end a couple
21916s fights with our Reaper play the
21917s advantage it's not enough the sheer grit
21920s determination from both these teams at
21922s this point neither of them are giving
21923s this up any day of the week no I mean
21925s once the summer is as well was it was
21928s fast so even though dump monkeys lost
21930s that first fight they had the very
21933s mobile composition that was able to very
21935s quickly get back into position on yxl
21938s Academy I don't have that additional
21940s condition they have 40 minutes to be
21942s able to play around so they can play
21943s whatever they want they can Bank
21944s ultimates up they can poke and pressure
21946s dark monkeys and very slowly
21948s methodically pick up one tick by two
21950s tick by free tick with that additional
21952s pressure coming through from either
21953s wisps or bomb just going on to the point
21955s to draw that monkeys off of this High
21957s ground and that could be one Avenue or
21960s they can just go straight for the
21961s rotation and take High Ground away as a
21963s full five stack don't monkeys have to be
21964s very careful about how they play this
21967s because even though they were able to
21968s get that payload almost all the way to
21970s be they're still facing down the barrel
21973s of a three-minute halt if they want to
21975s be able to continue the series
21978s and I mean that's not to forget the
21981s extra map that would be requisite and
21984s that happening nyxl Academy would love
21987s nothing more than to go to bed to hit
21989s the hay hit the set put their heads on
21992s their pillows and go meet me but it's
21994s just not gonna happen anytime soon not
21995s if dark monkeys have something to say
21996s about it
21998s firing away they Evacuate The High
22001s Ground relatively quickly vacating the
22004s premises as it were to engage in
22006s Illinois cell Academy push out of their
22008s small hole in the wall do so
22010s successfully now it's fun in the face of
22011s Evie forcing out an early jump in the
22015s meantime there's a pick from eska it's
22016s completely put a stop thing that is now
22018s a minute taken off the clock yeah
22019s Academy on to Cairo the Moira anchor for
22024s this composition to be able to put bun
22026s on the reaper into that aggressive
22028s position and press on to Dart monkeys
22030s and take that fight to him what is
22032s essentially a brawl comp a dive
22033s composition into a brawl fight now in
22035s Marcel Academy still are going to be
22037s able to have the time to be able to push
22038s backwards however SK is able to find the
22041s Swift step onto Eevee and keep this
22043s Winston topped up building into more
22045s Rush charge
22047s her code down like you said Rush charge
22049s is nice but it's got come up in time I'm
22051s not sure that's the case second take
22053s online now
22055s it's a contest where's the contest
22056s where's the contest where's the contest
22058s they're giving it up I mean
22062s literally jumped down to the point that
22063s was not giving it up
22065s I mean if that point at least is picked
22067s up for nyxl Academy they don't get more
22069s time on the bank so adult monkeys giving
22072s up that point so that they can play this
22074s rush into I think a better space for
22076s them right where you have more of an
22078s Avenue to be able to play along the full
22080s length of it forcing my Excel Academy
22082s into potentially using the sign bar and
22084s then just having to disengage when the
22085s rush comes first
22090s Academy storm 4 with a massive advantage
22093s in terms of ultimates and
22095s once on their supports as well the
22097s damage being thrown in by the
22098s coalescence on top of all of that is
22100s very difficult for Dart monkeys to fight
22102s back 50 seconds left we have one maybe
22106s two fights and a whole lot of ultimate
22108s friend YSL Academy to try and survive
22111s like you said they do not
22114s equivalents they hold on to that they're
22116s going to have four coming into this next
22117s way they have to clear Bond however off
22119s of her High round control with this
22122s that's awesome the reaper moves forward
22124s with moves forward to intercept and the
22126s EMP is denied before it can connect onto
22129s the members of nyxl and take the support
22131s down blonde without even throwing in the
22134s death Blossom might just have won this
22136s entire match for nyxl Academy and they
22138s forced out the Primal Rage dark monkeys
22140s are quickly running out of ultimates to
22141s get to Universe was used as well but the
22143s Primal Rage effectively pushed nyxl back
22145s and disengage it for them now just pops
22148s up in the backlight could be the nail on
22149s the coffin he catches out SK fun she's
22153s got everyone on the road if you're
22155s looking to put dark monkeys in a shallow
22157s grave Everyone Falls and when the rubber
22162s hits the road when everything is said
22164s and done when the dust settles nyxl
22168s Academy have taken a close series two to
22173s zero okay bun exemplary on the zombie
22179s using that High Ground Control knowing
22183s that you have death Blossom that the
22184s team is moving forward to intercept you
22186s especially that Sombra right there
22188s Sombra is looking for the hack on the
22189s reaper to try and deny death Blossom if
22191s it comes through
22193s and it's just it's perfect the beat of
22196s forcing that Sombra into too far
22199s aggressive position so that bun on the
22201s reaper can just dump her down so low
22205s with those shotguns in such a close
22207s range and then all wisps has to do is
22209s just blink forward put a little bit of
22212s additional pressure onto those pulse
22214s pistols and you see the Panic come out
22216s the EMP trying to connect onto the
22219s members but I could trying to find any
22221s value that she can before she goes down
22223s but it just does not happen the Sombra
22226s dies midcast of the EMP and Bun has done
22230s her job she's been able to derail the
22233s win condition derail any anchored Point
22235s as well for dark monkeys they looked so
22238s collected in the fight before where they
22239s understood enough ultimates had come
22241s through from the other side all they had
22243s to do was Play Patiently they just had
22244s to deny one fight win and then control
22247s that high ground and shut down any
22250s contest coming through on the payload
22251s with so far a distance for adult monkeys
22254s to travel all the way from that respawn
22256s point back on to that payload nyxl
22259s surely wouldn't have been able to see
22261s themselves through enough over time but
22263s it just goes up in smoke and Reaper Reef
22266s form it's it's it's perfect I mean I
22269s think that last fight definitely
22270s exemplified what makes nyxl great right
22273s now is that great determination I've
22275s said it a million times it's corny but I
22277s mean it's it's true that was two
22278s ultimates versus five they didn't stand
22280s a chance what do you what do you want
22282s like that is a fight that only nyxl
22284s Academy wins and I think there's only
22285s one thing left to do man just talk to
22287s him about how it happened because it
22289s must have been insane like you said to
22290s be in those columns we'll find out on
22292s the other side of the break
22299s [Music]
22310s thank you
22314s [Music]
22326s [Music]
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22365s [Music]
22373s [Music]
22384s thank you
22391s [Music]
22409s foreign
22420s [Music]
22432s [Applause]
22433s [Music]
22484s thank you
22486s foreign
22493s [Music]
22505s [Music]
22527s thank you
22539s and welcome back everybody quick break
22540s quick interview like we always say we
22543s are back with one of the victors of that
22545s match and I am extremely pleased to say
22549s that we've got Wicked in Wicca
22550s congratulations on the win first of all
22553s whether the win was against the opposing
22555s team or against your ISP I'm still not
22557s sure I've had the wonderful pleasure of
22559s talking to you plenty of times I would
22560s call us at least friends for having had
22564s you on my Coast stream but I feel like
22565s at this point with what we've been
22567s through together today Wicca we we have
22569s to be family that's been a long one
22571s absolutely I mean today's been crazy
22574s long actually
22576s in moving houses in the middle of match
22579s day and having our sub play one of them
22581s during that time was definitely uh added
22585s to the hecticness a little bit
22587s oh a little bit indeed signed a little
22590s bit crazy but I mean speaking about
22592s crazy we have to talk about that last
22595s fight where you have essentially two
22598s ultimates going into the face of four
22600s and somehow the team comes out on top
22603s what would the comms like to be able to
22606s pull that off
22607s uh they were very very loud so in the
22610s previous fight the call was initially
22612s just to go with beat like aggro
22615s um and then obviously you know we ended
22616s up incidentally stacking a couple of
22619s those so we played to just like hold
22622s close so that way even if they did Altos
22625s we could at least get another fight but
22627s we ended up like forcing their suzu a
22630s little bit too early for them so we just
22632s capitalized off of that and flipped the
22634s fight in our favor
22637s yeah you guys had some massive I mean
22639s throughout the series it was time and
22640s time and time again we had characterized
22642s you guys just never being willing to
22644s give up on fights whether that was on
22646s the the first map where you guys fought
22648s tooth and nail for every single point
22650s refusing to give up percentage points if
22652s there was no need to or down to those
22654s last wires on blizzard world but was
22657s that really the mentality you guys had
22658s coming into it or is there really is it
22660s a belief that you mechanically can pull
22662s out the fights or is it rather one that
22664s you you're making a calculated risk that
22666s you think you can get through this
22669s um it's definitely more of the second
22670s one we've been talking a lot about just
22672s our re-engages in particular so we kind
22675s of have the ability to leave the fight
22678s and then take it back to them in a in a
22682s quick fashion that helps you like win
22684s fights
22686s and I think a lot of the time we saw as
22689s well you were able to very quickly adapt
22690s into what that monkeys might have wanted
22692s to maybe be a little bit more of a
22694s surprise pick coming through from their
22696s side especially that's for the first
22697s time that you're attacking a blizzard
22699s world and you run into barcode on
22701s firstly Ash and then the soldier was
22703s that pick any sort of impact on how as a
22707s team you approach that dive composition
22709s coming through
22711s yeah so when they're on the like long
22714s range DPS that you know deal damage from
22716s afar it's more they're not really
22719s playing at dive comp so much and like we
22721s are so it turns less into like a brawl
22723s versus brawl into a dive versus like
22725s poke comp
22727s so we just need to take our Dives
22728s properly and we'll win the comp match up
22733s and in touch with you guys did there's a
22734s lot of analysis we can do over your play
22736s it was phenomenal all day you guys put
22738s up some fantastic numbers but I forget
22740s that man let's get down to brass tacks
22742s how does it feel to be in this kind of
22744s position you have earned a a hard-earned
22747s spot to say the least heading into
22749s tomorrow is it relief is it I'm just
22752s tired and want to go to bed what's the
22754s feeling like
22756s um I think we're all tired but I think
22758s the majority feeling is just more so
22761s disappointment in ourselves on losing to
22764s Timeless that was partially a match of
22766s just losing to ourselves we definitely
22768s made a lot of mistakes in that series
22769s that we're gonna try to work to clean up
22771s for their grand finals tomorrow
22774s so sort of then building off of that
22776s obviously like we already know that this
22778s is a roster that's going to be locked in
22779s not just for calling all heroes
22781s throughout the year but also for
22782s contenders I was having a look through
22785s your team sheet and I was interesting to
22788s see that care or one of your support
22789s players was listing life Weaver as long
22792s as their favorite Heroes I know he's not
22795s currently enabled in this tournament
22797s sadly but given that contenders is going
22800s to be starting real soon in fact I do
22801s believe it's starting on Monday are we
22803s going to be seeing a couple of different
22805s maybe support lineups come through from
22807s the team
22810s um there is some potential for some
22812s different support lineups to be adjusted
22814s in there one thing I can say is uh
22816s there's no guarantee that we run
22817s liveweaver but if we do Carol is
22819s definitely the best life fever in the
22820s game right now so
22822s we'll be able to clean house on that
22823s character I think
22825s I'm here for it bold words well we can
22827s worry about life Weaver another day I'd
22829s say tomorrow but tomorrow you guys have
22832s or stuff to worry about than life Weaver
22834s on so I'll let you get to it thanks for
22837s popping in for the interview like I said
22838s congratulations you guys got to give
22839s yourself a little bit more credit you
22840s definitely deserve it after a game like
22842s that
22843s yeah thank you have a good night
22846s all right ggs
22848s MOX speaking of ggs
22852s what a day let's go and take a look at
22854s our standing see how things shook out we
22855s have one team in first one team in
22857s second and then a whole host of teams
22860s tying for all the other positions but
22862s that being said we have a top 16 finally
22865s solidified yeah Timeless referral again
22867s remaining undefeated off camera they are
22870s actually matched up against Vancouver
22872s Titans blue and were able to deal
22874s another win to uh Vancouver Titans blue
22878s so it is going to be vtb coming in with
22881s a four two three however it has been
22884s more than enough of a score line for
22885s them to be able to make it through
22886s alongside nyxl Academy Starry Night Dark
22890s monkeys whisp luminaria Whiplash 71
22893s black bumblebees Genesis rain team EP on
22896s ironic cheeky kavi noshikigami averted
22900s memories Kraken and Bones so these are
22903s our 16 teams that have been able to make
22906s it through the absolute Cut Throat Swiss
22908s stage and into tomorrow's Grand final
22911s playoffs well we're going to add another
22914s map to the tallies of what these teams
22917s could potentially go through however all
22919s of these teams that took apart
22921s participated hopefully find a whole lot
22923s of fun as well as a whole new community
22925s to be able to hang around with and play
22928s a couple of OverWatch matches together
22930s unfortunately though they didn't make it
22931s still had a whale of a Time joining in
22935s or the calling all heroes major one for
22937s 2023. and if not there's still one or
22939s two games going on so this is subject to
22941s like some slight changes but for the
22943s most part yeah I will back what you said
22945s these are these are mostly the teams
22947s that are probably going to be making it
22948s in
22949s like we said though games tomorrow we
22951s got a whole bracket to get through so
22953s let's get through the rest of this we
22954s gotta give a huge shout out of course
22956s the radiant and the merch that they've
22958s got over there over at radiant.store
22960s really cute stuff I I keep looking at
22963s the mercy cat shirt if you want to find
22965s some amazing things if you want to make
22967s sure tournaments like these are going on
22969s and continue to have proper funding
22972s take a look at the website or if you
22973s recycle shirts
22975s does it have a love heart on its
22977s forehead the cat I can't tell I think it
22979s does I checked the website earlier but I
22980s didn't look that closely oh it's a gem
22982s fraud Rod knows
22987s is like the most asked questions that
22989s they're like on it they know exactly
22992s what our minds are going to go straight
22994s to they they know us they can read us
22996s like an absolute book but don't it's
22998s time for the book to close it has been a
23001s long long day of OverWatch before the
23003s broadcast point of view and also all of
23005s the plays and teams like you said there
23006s are still some games going on given the
23009s fact that we expected this one to go to
23011s free maps it ended in a very quick 2-0
23014s fashion I think a lot faster than some
23016s players and yeah like yeah it's quick to
23018s offer we played blue twice
23021s yeah okay so I guess we saw free maps if
23024s you count blizzard World a second time
23027s if you wanted to go into semantics it
23029s was a free Mather however it was a two
23032s and oh score line so I'm gonna say those
23034s two maps
23036s it was long enough I'll tell you that
23037s much you guys go get your rest so we'll
23039s get our sleep and we'll see you tomorrow
23040s the next broadcast enjoy your night
23046s [Music]
23053s [Music]
23060s [Music]
23065s foreign
23070s [Music]
23113s thank you
23140s [Music]

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