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Transcript (by Youtube)

6s I hope Santa likes chocolate chip.
8s I'm sure he does, buddy. Let's get you to sleep.
19s Mmm... cookies.
31s Ah-ah! Cookies are for Santa, love.
34s Santa never came to my house.
37s Ohhh...
38s Wow!
40s No wonder...
53s You're being a naughty boy.
68s Mmm... cookies.
75s Whoopsie! hahahah.
77s Hi!
86s Ho, Ho, Ho!
91s Uh, chocolate chip! Mmm!
101s Who do you think that's for?
113s Now, where is my hero's welcome?
117s Seriously?
120s Hahahahahah.
121s Happy holidays from everyone here at Overwatch.
140s So good...

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