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Hey folks. To address some of the initial feedback we’re seeing here:

This is a change that was important to us as a team, both in terms of what we represent and believe, and how it could impact some members of the community. This decision was made to better reflect the values of not only the team, but of the bright and inclusive future that Overwatch represents.

I understand that feelings about this announcement will be complicated. I encourage us all to be willing to listen and consider others around us at this time.

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We’re not quite ready to reveal the details of how the change will be reflected in game.

What I can say is that changing the name of a much beloved hero is going to be a significant undertaking, and one that we’re approaching with consideration.

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Voice lines, UI/UX elements need updated, art assets, localization, review with regional teams for cultural validation, legal…there’s a very long list. It’s an extensive effort, but one that the team agrees is the right thing to do.

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I joined the team a few months ago, and have been onboarding and learning since then.

Most CM’s don’t just jump into the community without some preparation :slight_smile:

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I totally get where you’re coming from here.

I can confirm that feedback from the initial conversation around Cowboy here in the forums was conveyed to the team, and it was taken into account when the team made this commitment.

I appreciate your open mindedness and willingness to listen to and consider different viewpoints.

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Previous comics and books will remain unaltered.

This change will apply to all future content.

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No hints or allusions to the new name for Cowboy here.

As to if we believe it’s worth it…

We believe it is the right thing to do to represent the values of the talented and diverse game development professionals for whom Overwatch is a labor of love.

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1. What will happen to your old YouTube videos with the previous hero name?

Previous content will remain unaltered. This affects content moving forward, both in game and out (as soon as we’re able to implement in game).

2. Will you be send strikes to everyone for using previous hero name, ban channels and delete all community content?

No. We understand that it’s going to take time to get used to Cowboy’s new identity. Heck we’ve been working through adjusting our language internally to reflect the change (referring to him as Cowboy).

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But can you at least tell us, with absolutely no intended hints or obligations, that you are still aware of his existing lore that his name may not have been McCree anyway?

We are aware of the existing lore.

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