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0s did you know that the new OverWatch 2 hero  kiriko trained alongside Genji and Hanzo as  
4s a child kiriko kamori is a patient energetic and  mischievous support here from kanazeka Japan a  
8s small town near hanamura where Genji and Hanzo  both grew up as a childhood grandmother taught  
12s her traditional skills such as the ways of  healing and how to summon a fox Spirit her  
15s mother also was an extremely skilled Ninja for  the shimada clan and trained Genji and Hanzo  
19s as well as kiriko where she learns many ninja  skills like how to wall climb but when kiriko  
23s was seven the shimada claim collapsed when Genji  and hanzo's father was assassinated by a rival  
27s Clan the hashimotos who then took over hanamura  and kanazeka and then kidnapped Kiko's father  
31s as leverage in case ASA tried to attack them  kiriko grew frustrated with the Hashimoto Clan  
35s who Not only was holding her father hostage but  was harassing and harming the people of hanamura  
39s at 20 she joined the Yokai a group of local youth  from all walks of life who had grown tired of the  
44s gang controlling their small town and decided  to do something about it with her combination  
47s of healing and ninja skills as well as with the  help of the Yokai Kiriko vows to do all she can  
51s to remove the Hashimoto Clan freeing both her  father and her community from their vile grasp

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