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817s it's been a long weekend thus far of
819s popping off and matches for these teams
821s but it all comes down to this so welcome
823s back everyone to calling all a Heroes
825s radiant Heroes major 3 I'm Ash your host
828s and I'm joined here by epitomes and CB
832s epitomes I mean how are you doing I know
834s we just had to stop the stream for a
836s little bit have a little bit of a pause
837s because your Chipotle was running a
840s little bit late but uh you definitely
842s couldn't wait to get it yeah I had to go
845s run downstairs really quick and get my
847s Chipotle we are trying a different
848s burrito bowl today we're trying I named
851s this order yep with chicken guacamole
855s white rice black beans mild tomato sour
858s cream and lettuce so we're going to see
860s how this tastes throughout the broadcast
862s but I'm also just really excited to see
864s what's going on the stakes have never
866s been higher and you know it's nice to
868s have like popcorn otherwise know as
870s Chipotle by your side while you do it I
872s mean you got to love to be able to take
874s a bite out of something right so you
877s guys are ever hungry you know where to
878s order from while you're watching calling
879s all heroes this Sunday uh but overall we
882s do want to skip over now to the calendar
884s see how we've got in here because it's
886s been a long season here so far we
888s started all the way back in April for
890s the first major and now we're down in
893s December 2023 is wrapping up and so is
896s the end of this regular season CV yeah
899s yeah I mean it's been quite a long road
901s and we're reaching the end of it some
902s some of these teams you know they get to
904s get off here they get to take a break
905s for another you know another group of uh
908s group of teams they're going to have to
909s take a little detour through lcq and you
911s know if we're going to keep going with
913s the road metaphor that's going to be
914s like a construction zone where there's
916s all kinds of you know hazards and just a
919s very unpleasant drive to try and go
921s through and the pressure is going to be
922s on you know you're late for work you got
924s to try and make it to championships
925s because that is where the big payday is
927s going to be that's where every body
929s wants to make the name for themselves
930s that's where everybody wants to show
932s their stuff and hey these are the teams
934s that we have right now that have well
937s most of them locked in their spot in
939s Champs but a couple of them are still
940s fighting for it they really are
942s everyone's trying to run away it's like
944s a heist as you're saying uh having to
947s make that tumultuous drive but talking
950s about these points placements thus far
952s CB I want you to tell me a little bit
954s more I mean well most of these teams you
957s know ethereal celestial rainers Michael
959s wave they are all pretty much safe you
962s know especially the you know Timeless
964s ethereal and Michael wave you know
965s they're still in it right now nyxl
967s Embers I think have already at this
968s point done enough to jump a little bit
970s higher secure a top six spot right now
973s the big story is between Vancouver
975s Titans blue and fable fable have been
978s eliminated that's absolutely massive by
981s the way because it gives Vancouver
982s Titans blue an opportunity to
984s potentially overtake them and maybe jump
987s into that number six spot secure spot in
989s Champs narrowly avoid that lcq but I
993s mean their work is cut out for them it
995s definitely is and I know for Vancover
997s Titans blue right now they've already
1000s surpassed uh the goals that they were
1002s looking towards right previously they
1004s were very much so stuck in that fifth
1006s sixth finish and now have finally broken
1008s out are guaranteed at minimum fourth
1011s place but tala I know you were doing a
1012s little bit of cooking with those numbers
1014s so what exactly does have to
1016s happen I was doing a littleit bit of
1019s math off stream my worst enemy but
1021s Vancouver Titans blue currently the
1024s least amount of points that they can get
1026s by placing fourth is
1029s 7,050 total and when you're looking at
1032s the numbers from the rest of these teams
1034s turn currently the cut off to get in
1037s Babel is in that sixth place spot with
1042s 7,875 so if Vancouver Titans plays
1044s fourth then they're still missing on
1046s around 800 points to be able to get into
1049s the qualifying through circuit points so
1051s in order to do that they will need to
1053s get second place at the very least to
1056s qualify through circuit points or else
1057s they're going to lcq and if they do get
1060s second place then Fable is edged out of
1063s that sixth place
1064s spot okay so big Stakes here Vancouver
1067s Titans blue must reach that Grand Final
1070s through the lower bracket you know we
1072s just saw that prizing graphic there
1073s again it is a 10K prize pool for the
1075s Challenger Series and 1K there for r
1078s Rising but we also have to talk a little
1081s bit about the additional prizes for
1083s these squads as well our lovely sponsors
1086s be quite we're kind enough to Grant six
1090s PC cases and six power supply units to
1092s that first place and then you've got
1094s some power supply units and air cooler
1096s units from second through fourth as well
1099s so really awesome opportunity to even
1101s upgrade these setups for the squads on
1104s top of that CB yeah I mean and you know
1107s thank you again to quiet you know they
1109s uh sent me one of these cases and a
1111s lovely power supply as well and my only
1112s personal regret is that I don't have a
1115s bunch of PC parts that I can stuff this
1116s case with currently but hey if you're
1118s this first place team and you also take
1119s home the cash prize I think that's
1121s enough to get yourself a nice
1122s motherboard and a GPU you know they're
1124s go the price are going down these days
1125s you can probably sneak in there get
1126s yourself a nice you know 3080 or
1128s something yeah I mean hey SSD prices are
1131s pretty popping right now we're going to
1133s be honest but why don't we check out the
1136s format right now we know that it's been
1139s the we're in the bracket now within the
1141s double elimination and whatnot of course
1143s revisiting last week it was that Swiss
1146s Stage Group Play and it comes down to
1149s these results we're now down to the
1151s Winner's final and the grand finals on
1155s top of that so taking a look at this
1157s here CB how have things kind of panned
1161s out how are you feeling about the
1162s Challenger Series I mean If You're
1164s Timeless ethereal you got to be feeling
1166s pretty great about it because this is
1167s their sixth Grand finals appearance that
1170s they have guaranteed right here they're
1171s currently hunting you know what was the
1173s the stats I put out their third calling
1175s all heroes major trophy their fourth
1177s calling all heroes tournament win in a
1179s row and their potential fifth calling
1181s all heroes tournament win this entire
1183s season they've you know all they have to
1186s do is win one more game to guarantee it
1188s but the competition down in the lower
1189s bracket that's nipping at their heels is
1191s pretty stiff we've got the Underdog
1193s Story that is Vancouver Titans blue
1195s we've got nyxl Embers who almost beat
1198s Timeless with eal yesterday and Michael
1200s wave who have beat Timeless ethereal in
1202s Swiss it's it's still really anybody's
1206s game it really is and it's pretty insane
1209s just I thinking about some of
1211s specifically like nyxl Embers uh matches
1214s that they had taking it to that Fifth
1216s map there up against drainers for
1218s example and then earlier in the day as
1221s well up against Timeless ethereal it
1224s absolutely stunning results to have come
1227s out from them it really tells you the
1228s story of how the competition has grown
1231s closer over this past season but we also
1233s got a swing down now over towards that
1235s Rising series because that is happen
1238s concurrently alongside the challengers
1240s main event and for these squads again as
1242s a reminder if you don't know too much
1244s about them these teams are all diamond
1246s one and Below as far as ranking goes
1248s there within the competition and tala
1251s it's been a pretty interesting when it
1254s comes down to these results yesterday
1256s Fable Rising on stream what was able to
1259s make it into that grand final now
1261s currently waiting for the winner of lfs
1263s 4.5k versus redacted and Fable Rising
1267s they are you know the rising Squad of
1269s fable who is currently in the top six
1271s out of circuit points in the challengers
1273s bracket and being able to have that
1275s advice and from their Challengers Squad
1279s and apply it makes it seem like they
1281s were just A Cut Above the Rest they had
1283s such good macro and a good understanding
1285s of what their wind conditions were and
1287s that is why they deserve this Grand
1289s Final spot and I'm really excited to see
1291s later today got Moxy and Dustin will be
1294s showing you who is going to win that
1296s Grand Final yeah absolutely I'm really
1298s excited I think it's going to be
1299s interesting to see as calling all heroes
1301s develops if we have more of those kind
1303s of uh sister team pairings in that kind
1307s of sense where you have that opportunity
1309s to be able to kind of elevate Rising
1312s players and help those teams Elevate
1314s their gameplay but everyone here is
1317s competing for those big prices prizes
1320s but you guys in chat who are supporting
1321s at home have some Nifty Things to sink
1324s your teeth into as well kicking things
1327s off which some with some awesome uh
1330s OverWatch 2 contenders skins here we've
1332s got the drops on lock there down in chat
1336s on top of that we've also got we've had
1338s 2K burritos throughout the entirety per
1342s day of the entirety of the event thus
1344s far but when it comes down today I've
1347s heard that we actually have 4k on the
1349s line so we're going to do a drop around
1351s midday here and then also right before
1354s those grand finals as well and on top of
1356s that too the MVP of finals throughout
1360s the entirety of the major three series
1363s will win Chipotle for the year so if
1366s you're part of the calling all heroes
1368s Community um if you're a member there
1370s remember to vote during the grand finals
1373s to be able to Grant one of these awesome
1375s players that prizing but that's not not
1379s all the real kicker some sick Noble
1382s gaming chairs really looking forward to
1385s the fact that we're going to have four
1387s chairs over the weekend being given away
1389s for you guys down in chat and as a
1391s reminder also I believe there is a 10%
1395s discount up until the end of today with
1397s the code radiant if you aren't one of
1400s the lucky winners but are looking to be
1402s able to uh elevate your gaming seating
1405s in that kind of situation but with that
1408s all said and done we now have to move on
1410s to the actual matches yesterday we saw a
1413s lot of that upper bracket now headed
1415s down to lower so it's elimination time
1417s here CB yeah it's it's where your back
1420s is up against the wall it's where the
1421s stakes start to get high and I'm not
1423s just talking about the delicious carne
1424s asada that is offered at Chipotle that
1426s again one of these players could win fre
1429s Chipotle for a year that's a prize worth
1431s playing for and you know if you're
1433s Vancouver Titans blue you definitely
1434s want to play for a little bit more than
1436s that you want to play to try and get
1438s yourself in that Championship spot you
1440s want to try and play to earn your way
1442s into Grand finals to keep the Underdog
1444s Story going it's been a phenomenal a
1446s story throughout this tournament the the
1448s power of friendship the culmination of
1450s all of this hard work that this team has
1452s put in to put forward their best
1454s performance but it still might not be
1456s enough you know the it's a stacked
1459s roster you know we we saw a ton of great
1461s stuff coming out from phone on the May
1462s in the past we saw what popping off on
1464s the sojourn that kind of needs to keep
1466s up right if this Underdog Story is is
1468s going to have another chapter to it or
1470s whether or not it's going to have to
1472s have you know a a spin-off Series going
1474s through lcq like I entire separate book
1477s series that's gonna have to take us back
1478s to you guys read books right like you
1481s know I don't but you do oh yeah for sure
1486s I mean they've only made one
1487s substitution throughout the entire year
1489s and I think that is so admirable out of
1492s Team like this to be able to stick
1494s together and just know how each other
1496s plays figure out what everyone is
1499s comfortable with and that kind of
1500s synergy really sticks that's not
1501s something that you can find through
1503s individually talented players you need
1505s to stay together for a while to be able
1507s to find and cultivate something like
1508s that no that's absolutely so true and I
1511s think too the fact that they've already
1513s broken that fifth sixth place curse a
1515s little bit of that weight was elevated
1517s off of their shoulders we got to talk to
1518s phone yesterday about it and they did
1520s feel the pressure in that kind of
1522s situation of course the circuit points
1524s are very important as well but if they
1527s don't end up making it there is still
1528s that chance at the lcq in January in the
1531s new year but now shifting over towards
1534s nyxl Embers this squad is very
1537s interesting I think uh this team
1540s previously the Valiant Guardians have
1542s very much so elevated their gameplay
1544s over the course of this year CB the fact
1546s that they were able to take both
1548s Timeless ethereal and drainers to a
1551s Fifth map was very impressive yeah
1554s especially the Timeless ethereal one
1556s because if we look back at that match if
1557s just a couple other things had gone nyxl
1560s ember's way specifically you know maybe
1561s that slow start on Samoa they would have
1564s won that series and I feel confident
1566s saying that right like we look back at
1567s Vancouver Titans blue where yeah they
1569s did beat Fable they did beat drainers so
1571s Vancouver Titans blue have proven that
1573s they can beat some of the best but nyxl
1575s Embers have proven that they can be the
1577s best if just a couple more things go
1580s their way so I mean going up against
1583s Vancouver Titans blue they're going to
1585s they have to start it right they have to
1586s try and make that statement again and
1588s make it all go their way prove that they
1590s can be the best they can't let the
1591s Underdog Story continue and with Talent
1594s like this I mean they've got all the
1595s tools that they need to be the Champions
1598s here it's just a matter of climbing back
1599s up getting that rematch with Timeless
1601s withiel and this time doing it right
1604s yeah when you're all in the hot sea as
1605s well but of course we're always starting
1607s off with control so it's going to be
1609s Antarctic up next year Antarctic
1611s peninsula there tala how are you feeling
1613s about this map pick well Antarctic
1615s Peninsula both of these teams like to
1617s play a bit of that Sigma nyxl EMB
1620s actually taking out the Winston for a
1621s lot of it so I think that nyxl Embers
1624s actually have a good chance here
1626s especially since they like to play those
1628s dive compositions into the sigma and I
1630s just am really excited to see this
1632s matchup because Vancouver Titans blue
1634s and nyxl Embers Vancouver Titans were
1637s really sticking to one composition and
1638s nyxl Embers they like to adapt they like
1641s to switch things around throw things at
1642s the wall see what sticks so if things at
1644s first they don't succeed then they try
1646s again but they don't do the same thing
1648s over and over they always know that they
1650s when they have to make changes yeah and
1653s that's the thing with the OverWatch too
1655s it's the fact that you have to be
1656s flexible you have to be quick on your
1657s feet and you need to be able to adapt
1660s within the game and also control your
1662s own pacing but we're just about ready to
1664s swing into things here so guys you two
1667s take it away it's going to be a long day
1669s of best of
1671s fives thank you very much Ash we say in
1675s unison yeah we love you know we're just
1678s we're in sync today it's I think it's
1680s the Chipotle orders they've just
1682s connected our brain waves from across
1685s the opposite sides of the country
1687s Chipotle does have a way of bringing
1689s people together I've often said you know
1691s people people have criticized me for
1692s that view but I stand with it uh stand
1695s by it I don't know if that's one of the
1697s like if I can actually get away with
1698s making some of these claims about
1699s Chipotle but I'm sure though I'm sure
1701s they'll still love it but regardless hey
1702s you know I I I mentioned how this is the
1704s stakes getting higher this is how it it
1706s it's got to be you know your back is
1708s against the wall you're facing
1709s elimination you got to try and come out
1711s here strong we saw nyxl Embers going up
1713s against Timeless ethereal and my main
1715s criticism of them in that series is that
1717s on control on Samoa they didn't look as
1720s coordinated they didn't look you know
1722s like they were playing their comp to its
1723s fullest potential and I think that slow
1725s start cost them they can't afford to
1727s make that same mistake against a scrappy
1729s team like Vancouver Titans blue who are
1731s looking to really solidify themselves in
1734s this upper echelon they've been on the
1736s outside looking in you know the fifth
1737s sixth curse never really you know
1740s considered one of the favorites they can
1742s change that narrative and they have to
1743s do it nyxl ember's expense and the
1745s Embers they they just can't let that
1748s happen yeah nyxl Embers we saw them go
1751s to all five maps and it was really Maps
1753s like flash point like control where they
1755s felt weaker right they just felt like it
1758s they had a harder time working around
1760s those objectives as opposed to those
1762s payload escort Maps or push where they
1765s were able to kind of keep playing around
1768s the moving bits rather than having to
1769s stay in one spot and I think they really
1771s like being able to have a lot of
1773s different architecture to be playing
1774s around rather than having to just kind
1776s of stick to one point well the penguins
1779s are ready and so are we let's kick it
1781s off calling all heroes radiant Heroes
1783s major 3 we're officially underway both
1786s teams are going to be walking out with
1787s these Sigma brawl compositions looking
1789s for an early poke until either a big May
1792s wall or a sojen pickoff comes across and
1794s then these two are going to collapse on
1796s top of each other like long lost lovers
1797s and hey there's two May walls for your
1799s money right
1800s there yep just the tanks just stuck
1802s between both of the May walls looking to
1805s get a bit of that early damage down
1806s looking to get a bit of early Al charge
1808s and get things started NYL Embers
1810s looking to take point on the objective
1813s first though getting in a good defensive
1815s position well Vancouver Titans blue are
1817s kind of wrapping around the edge bone
1819s with being the first to be picks off
1821s that's going to be a tough one for
1822s Vancouver Titans blue to recover though
1825s and then Embers you know they they're
1826s getting the first cap and going to go
1828s ahead and push the advantage here take
1829s this choke point make it difficult for
1830s Vancouver Titans blue to go in for a
1832s re-engage interestingly enough though
1834s phone actually got a little bit more
1836s work done than hkey despite falling to
1838s her at the tail end of that fight so the
1840s blizzard for Vancouver Titans blue might
1841s be online just a little bit quicker than
1844s that of nyxl Embers that could end up
1846s making the difference if VT blue were
1848s able to find a good use of it HT with an
1850s early May wall there's the one from
1851s phone now Vancouver Titans blue want to
1853s go in yeah they have both of the
1856s amplification matri up but there's cat
1858s with the Lux trying to get a lot of
1861s damage down forces out the immortality
1863s field and the Matrix as well they have
1866s to back away but that's a good pick from
1869s moving fish taken down what and now
1871s phone has to make up for lost time but
1872s can't throw out the blizzard and it's
1874s probably not worth it anyway a later
1877s kill on the cat and nyxl Embers they
1879s hold on I'm not quite sure where CLA
1882s dropped the ant Matrix but the fact that
1883s she dies first in that fight ends up
1884s seing the deal for nyxl Embers that
1886s means when the gravitic flux slams you
1888s back down there's not an immortality
1890s field waiting to to caress you and nurse
1892s you back to health nope no such thing
1894s nyxl Embers they just pump out the
1896s damage and clean it up but that said
1898s that's a pretty you know a pretty SE a
1900s pretty decent investment for the side of
1901s Vancouver Titans blue because he used
1902s that and you use the gravitic flux
1903s whereas moving fish still holding on to
1905s theirs and they're going to go ahead and
1906s kick it off off a fight with that
1908s gravitic flux yeah just trying to
1911s isolate out CLA as well keep them away
1913s from the front line srono however
1915s besting for you in a 1V one with the l
1917s shows and now it's overclocked from X10
1919s looking to even out the numbers andion
1921s is also able to help out with the rest
1923s of the support line and there is no beat
1925s for this fight as CLA and saona fall I
1928s mean saona with some great pickoffs
1930s there that end up forcing out more of
1931s these ultimates from nyxl Embers but hey
1933s if you're nyxl Embers where he only got
1934s 5% left before they take this whole
1936s point is there even going to be a touch
1938s for Vancouver Titans blue it does look
1939s like yeah phone is going to go in and
1941s even gets the overhal from the sound
1943s barrier from safona por use is going to
1944s be forced out later but phone not going
1946s to stick around
1948s yeah and now the hamster ball has to try
1950s and contest and buy some time for the
1952s rest of the squad to come in already
1954s that beat used in the overclock looking
1956s to clear some space force their way
1957s through the choke overtime still active
1959s but Anan taking down cat and now the
1961s rest of the Quad they need to get in
1962s some house Theona was their last hope
1964s what slides in and is immediately taken
1967s down phone switching to the Sombra the
1969s last second but not enough for this
1971s first up map it it looks pretty surgical
1973s from nyxl Embers at least on this first
1975s point of Icebreaker like they just kind
1977s of control the entire Tempo again it
1979s goes back to that one early pick off
1980s there on to Clair like that was a fight
1982s that Vancouver Titans blue could have
1983s realistically won if the followup had
1985s been there cuz you know they had phones
1987s blizzard waiting in the wings if they
1988s really wanted to invest if they really
1991s really wanted to make nyxl Ember sweat
1993s they could have but without your Baptist
1994s it all falls apart as we go into Su
1997s levels here though I look I mean I never
2001s trust attacker spawns but I feel like if
2002s you're going to run the dive and we've
2004s seen nyxl Embers riding this new Winton
2006s wave this this is the point on on
2008s antartic peninsula where you can
2009s definitely make do with it you can kind
2011s of play that high and low ground kind of
2013s situation where you're making the Dives
2014s utilizing the Primal Rage to neuter the
2017s enemy uh Soldier and make sure she's not
2018s able to get any value with her over weer
2020s real life Weaver real alert
2024s alert right yeah I mean this also makes
2026s the dive a little bit interesting it can
2028s make it a little bit more like a yo-yo
2029s dive if you really want to play with the
2031s life grips X10 has a pretty favorable
2033s angle here I'm curious to see what value
2035s poru is going to find here yeah X10 I
2038s mean already with the first pick on to
2040s what disadvantage anti is huge and
2043s they're able to just take down the
2044s immortality field and just clear house
2048s this is nyxl Embers they are in their
2050s comfort zone I mean clearly they broke a
2053s life waver so nyxl Ember is looking
2055s confident as First cast I I'm not sure
2057s if it's like you know a hard Strat or a
2059s plan but there is some upside to running
2060s the life Weaver here because you got to
2062s think you know going back to when
2063s Vancouver Titans blue played against the
2065s dive previously their strategy is to try
2067s Mark H key the enemy Genji right but you
2069s have the ranged heals coming out from
2071s the life Weaver it feels like almost an
2072s infinite supply of Bria repair packs and
2075s you know an doesn't need a BRI she's
2076s under no threat Vancouver Titans blue
2078s are not running a dive comp well phone
2080s has taken out the Bastion though so
2083s definitely the Winton is going to have a
2085s little bit more trouble this time around
2087s wanting to just shred through the health
2089s as soon as the dive goes through cat
2091s looking to test the point but it's the
2093s Nano that goes onto moving fish onto the
2095s backline looking for CLA CLA needs to
2098s force out some cool Downs Here saona
2100s Comes their rescue but it's the
2102s immortality Guild that saves them in the
2104s end the other day I was talking about
2107s how like you know some of the Ana playay
2108s we were seeing was you know good Blue
2110s Collar it ain't it ain't much uh but
2113s it's honest work honest work yeah
2114s Bastion is the opposite of that it ain't
2116s honest but it's much it does put down
2117s moving fish there but despite the value
2120s that you're immediately getting out of
2121s this Bastion Vancouver Titans blue
2122s haven't been able to capture the space
2124s to retake this point here nyxl Ember
2126s still taking it up and they've only
2127s invested a nano boost so far yeah the
2130s bubble goes up onto The High Ground the
2132s amp Matrix from CLA looking to force a
2134s bit of positioning moving fish is
2136s actually able to just kind of weave out
2138s of the losos of these supports and go
2140s back for the dive with the Primal Rage
2142s while phone's artillery strike comes
2144s down but doesn't do much here already
2146s that immortality field also comes
2148s through and now you're just waiting for
2150s the heals from Life Weaver HP has the
2152s blade out takes down cat looking to try
2154s and take down what as well blinking
2156s around the the point to keep the
2158s contention but it's 90% for nyxl Embers
2161s and the rest of the squad are still
2162s getting staggered it just feels like
2165s everything is moving too slow for
2166s Vancouver Titans blue like we
2167s realistically only had I think two
2169s fights on Su levels here and yeah that
2171s that's it nyxl Embers they take it back
2173s to back 100 to zeros and it looked
2176s pretty competitive there on Icebreaker
2177s you know we took a lot of Team fights
2179s it's just that some small things
2180s wouldn't n yxl ember's favor but for for
2183s suble level it felt like we
2184s realistically only got like two of them
2186s and we took so long to set up to try and
2188s adjust and even make our approach that
2190s anytime we went in x10's taking angles
2193s like this finding big pickoffs moving
2195s fish is going in deep pressuring out
2196s cooldowns making it so you can't get on
2198s the point in time and you know it's it's
2201s just kind of control fundamentals at
2202s that point like nyxl Embers just kind of
2204s win by sheer force of we have the point
2207s you have to play into US yeah nyxl
2210s Embers we know that there are a very
2211s strong team they took Timeless ethereal
2213s to all five maps to drainers to all five
2215s Maps as well and ERS are already
2217s qualified so nyxl Embers they are
2219s definitely looking to make it into that
2222s top six I think they basically have
2223s their position guaranteed even if they
2225s only get fourth place but from how it's
2227s looking Vancouver Titans blue already on
2229s the back foot however this is a first to
2231s three Series so there is still that
2233s wiggle room it's only the first map and
2236s nyxl Embers they now get their own pick
2238s I there's still some wiggle room yeah
2239s but you better start wiggling because
2241s after this there's no there's again no
2243s Second Chances we're in the losers
2244s bracket you know I mean Vancouver Titans
2246s blue they already lost to I believe
2248s Michael wave earlier to find themselves
2250s in the situation and that was a 3 0 if
2252s you want to get that rematch which by
2254s the way you have to go through Michel
2255s wave to even get to the Grand finals so
2257s we didn't even talk about how steep the
2259s hill is for Vancouver Titans blue but
2261s get your climbing shoes out right you
2263s can't go down this early in the series
2265s we saw how dominant they can be on
2267s control you know they have to try and
2268s find their footing right they have to
2270s utilize their map pick to to their
2272s advantage try and play something that is
2273s a little bit more brawl favored where
2275s moving fish can't really get away with
2277s playing the Winston maybe you do kind of
2279s stick to the Bastion cuz you know I I'm
2282s uh morally opposed to playing the
2285s Bastion but you know right but you got
2287s to do what you got to do right I I don't
2289s think it's ethical I don't agree with it
2291s on like a moral standpoint but if you're
2293s you know in a tournament situation and
2295s your hopes of qualifying for
2297s championships ride on you winning this
2299s series and the next one you got to do
2301s what you got to do right that's a hero
2303s that I know phone is very very
2304s comfortable with if Vancouver Titans who
2306s want to pull that out again then you
2308s know maybe we go to a maybe we go to a
2311s king's route maybe we try and play
2313s something where the dive isn't going to
2314s have as much success and you have a lot
2316s of these narrow angles where the Bastion
2317s can put the whales down and you know
2319s just make that Winston jump right back
2321s to his his team try and get back heal
2323s back up don't let him find Value don't
2325s let him take Space by sheer force of
2327s existing completely negate the enemy
2329s tank pick right that I think is a solid
2331s strategy for Vancouver Titans blue but
2334s they also do kind of want to make sure
2335s they're getting the maximum value out of
2337s of the May pick as well because if they
2338s switch that Bastion they can't Mark the
2340s Genji
2342s anymore yes that's very true I mean the
2345s moving fish it's really about following
2347s up on the anti-ad from anun and just
2349s going in trying to get the backline down
2351s forcing out some coold downs but it's
2353s also maybe this might be time to pull
2355s out the so-called freethinkers when they
2357s see a Winston because if the back of
2360s that is just moving fish getting these
2363s uh being able to follow up and then H
2365s key right after that but if you're able
2367s to completely counter out pressure out
2368s moving fish I mean the life Weaver I'm
2370s not sure if that stays if it Things
2372s become a little bit more dicey I mean
2374s you might be able to pull the Winston
2376s back out but if they go back to the
2377s brigita I think it's going to be really
2379s difficult to keep the Winston up if they
2381s do decide to go for a Bastion maybe a
2383s secondary as Reaper and I think Reaper
2385s can also feasibly Mark a Genji I I'm I'm
2389s unironically a weaver believer in this
2391s situation because you know again
2393s Vancouver Titans blue like I've seen
2394s what they practiced they're most likely
2396s not going to pull out any sort of dive
2397s composition that's going to
2398s realistically pressure the enemy
2400s backline to where you would get more
2401s value out of that P and if you do find a
2404s way to like you know circumvent the
2406s entire front line and just rush the
2407s enemy backline a Bita a life Weaver
2410s you're not going to have like an easier
2411s time killing one versus the other it's
2413s kind of all the same right so it is just
2415s some pretty good value for nyxl Embers
2417s and you know again speaking of nyxl
2419s Embers you mentioned the value that
2420s moving fish is getting on the Winston I
2422s want to give a shout out to moving fish
2424s because up till this point like we've
2425s typically thought of them as mostly just
2427s kind of like a sigma specialist I've
2429s talked a couple times about how you know
2431s for red birds Esports they would be the
2433s circuit Royale Sigma specialist for that
2435s team but you know we're seeing a lot of
2437s flexibility coming out for moving fish
2439s playing a dive hero a Wiston almost the
2441s polar opposite of the sigma something
2444s that teams will traditionally have two
2445s entire separate tank players come out to
2448s play Hey moving fish can hit both of
2449s them and I think the flexibility of nyxl
2451s Embers is what can take them to the
2454s Grand finals once
2455s again yeah I think NYX members they
2458s definitely have a really good chance
2460s going up against Michael wave as well
2463s these two teams they both had go up
2465s against the Titans of no pun intended
2468s but the titans of Timeless essal not
2472s these Titans the other Titans of calling
2474s all heroes in Timeless ethereal and nyxl
2477s Embers Michael wave actually did beat
2478s them one time nyxl Embers got very close
2481s but the second time Michael wave beat
2483s Timeless ethereal they were angry they
2484s said not again and they beat them 3-1 so
2488s these are two incredibly closely matched
2491s teams and nyxl Embers they are just
2493s steamrolling forward trying to go
2496s towards that goal of the grand finals
2498s Vancouver Titans blue they know what's
2500s on the line if they don't do this is lcq
2503s for them there's no circuit Point
2505s qualification it's kind of like I said
2507s in the pre-show right where I was like
2508s both of these teams have proven that
2511s they can beat some of the best teams but
2512s nyxl Embers look like they can be the
2515s best team they are just that one extra
2517s step ahead and Vancouver Titans blue
2520s they got to get in Step they got to get
2521s in Step fast I mean they still have one
2523s more chance if they do you know somehow
2525s lose King's Row here but that's it right
2528s there's there's nothing there's nothing
2530s left after that it's looking like we are
2531s going to go with the Bastion composition
2533s they've you know peaked out the window
2534s and scouted that moving fish is once
2535s again on the Winston composition this
2537s time po you by the way is on the kittyo
2539s so there's still opting not to go for
2541s that P just play for the ranged heals
2543s play for the survivability and even for
2545s a little bit of kunai pressure
2548s I mean I like that nyxl Embers they are
2550s knowing their limits especially since
2552s they are on the defense it's going to be
2553s more difficult for them to make switches
2555s if they need to cat already on the
2557s objective though looking to contest
2559s still getting healed from the backline
2561s just sitting inside of that hotel and
2563s the bubble going down on moving fish
2565s nearly takes the Winston out of the
2567s fight but not just yet Anyan is in such
2570s good position though and is completely
2571s uncontested yeah no one can possibly
2573s touch her and you saw like as Vancouver
2575s Titans blue walked through tell anyon
2577s hits a big bionade and that forces out
2579s the immortality field from CLA there's
2580s another one that comes through it
2582s doesn't look like the followup is going
2583s to be there moving fish oh here we go
2585s here comes the power up yeah there's the
2588s anti nade once again but HQ going down
2589s to phone that could potentially open up
2591s a little bit of space especially now X10
2594s going down to what so phone trying to
2596s get rid of poru looking for that Swift
2599s set to come back up and goes back
2600s towards anun side I don't know if
2602s there's going to be a recontest here
2604s look like they might come in on third
2605s point oh okay B you knows exactly where
2608s what is just goes ahead punches that
2610s Tracer in the face but while this
2612s backline is dealing with the Tracer you
2614s have this Nano Winston on the point
2616s looking for the contention HQ is there
2618s going to be another recontest here
2620s doesn't look like it might have to just
2621s give it away H ke goes down once again
2624s to phone and CLA taking down moving fish
2626s that's going to be the end of this
2628s objective I I I hate this damn Bastion
2631s hero
2634s like it is unethical but like okay so
2636s you called that that you know moving
2638s fish had the Nano from anun right but
2640s Winston like you see that you see them
2642s jump out onto the point right CLA puts
2644s down the ant Matrix phone puts down the
2646s turret form suddenly moving fish even
2648s with the Nano is like I can't stay here
2650s I will die so they jump back around
2652s hotel and essentially get no value out
2655s of that Nano boost sure it's an ult for
2657s an ult but you would have expected a
2658s little bit more right you would have
2659s expected to go in with that Nano boost
2661s build to a Primal Rage that's entirely
2663s off the field moving fish now going to
2664s make a swap over onto the doomfist just
2666s a little bit more survivability against
2668s the Bastion while still maintaining the
2670s dive composition but Vancouver Titans
2672s blue are Marching forward they've
2673s already got anun from the
2676s sky okay phone phone this is a little
2678s bit unethical here we got to we got to
2680s think about the morality of this Bastion
2682s taking down anun immediately and now
2685s they do have three ultimates on the
2686s board the DPS ultimates are a factor but
2689s it's not going to be a nano blade or a
2691s nano overclock the timing is just not
2693s right cat going ahead with gravitic flux
2695s to try and isolate moving fish coru
2698s comes in with a good suu so no damage
2700s done there but they're just having such
2702s poor position TI blue this is looking so
2705s good nyxl em can barely get around the
2708s corner now HQ looking to go in and the
2710s overclock from XM does find cat now the
2712s kitsun rush to force them forward a
2714s little bit further just waiting smash
2716s the Q keys and okay that was a nice shot
2719s from xen finding what what never saw
2721s that coming came around the corner and
2723s was just a face full of shot just a face
2725s full of rail shot that came out there
2727s from X10 I almost kind of wish that
2730s Vancouver Titans blue had utilized the
2732s sound barrier to keep the aggression up
2734s when that uh when that overclock came
2737s out to try and maybe force out a few
2738s more SS I think the overclock and the
2740s katun rush might have been a little bit
2741s too much to overcome but you know try
2743s and bleed the coffers dve for nyxl
2745s Embers try and force them to utilize
2747s some things cuz right now I mean sure
2749s you do have the sound barrier for H
2750s Key's blade but but then what right how
2752s do you close this fight out how do you
2754s win it kind of has to be what coming up
2756s with a big pulse bomb here are they
2758s going to be able to find it well you
2761s asked then what it's then what is what's
2764s turn to try and fish for this pulse bomb
2767s and looking at the timing this might be
2769s a nanoblade angle as well a huge biotic
2771s nade on both of the supports forces out
2773s immortality field and now the blade
2775s comes through but it doesn't look like
2777s it's going to find any picks and the
2778s Nano was held on to as well and now
2781s that's the only ultimate left over after
2782s the meteor strike has been extended a
2784s matrix from flare looking to Force out
2786s moving fish but instead it's cat that
2788s goes down in the rest of the squad where
2790s are they going to go what once again
2792s just eating a bunch of rail shots and
2795s team Kill from nyxl Embers to stop this
2797s push so so anun doesn't actually get the
2799s Nano onto HP but she doesn't even need
2801s to because again a big bionade forces
2804s out both the lamp and the sound barrier
2806s and you know if you're if you're a Genji
2808s you can go in with a naked blade and
2809s find plenty of value if you don't have
2811s all that over Health that you need to
2812s chunk through you don't need to have the
2813s Nano boost so now anun can put it onto
2815s moving fish for this this next fight
2817s maybe bleed even more resources out of V
2819s blue HQ can go in with a followup this
2821s could be another easy Fight Win For nyxl
2825s Embers going ahead with the Nano boost
2827s on to moving fish gets a bit stunned
2829s here lamp out and now just immediately
2831s phone goes down to the doomfist up on
2833s the high ground flare Falls as well
2835s saona has to retreat finding a way out
2838s cat though doesn't have any sustain here
2840s it's just the Lucio and where is what
2843s now the spawn back at the enemy spawn
2846s that's where what's going and and it's
2848s great ult cycling by the way from nyxl
2849s ambers right I called out how they're
2851s going to you know most likely put the
2852s Nano onto the Doom that fight well
2854s that's the only ult they use and they
2855s built up to pretty much everything else
2857s they could possibly want so again this
2859s should be another free Fight Win For
2860s nyxl Embers and if you're V blue have a
2862s look at the clock you are out of fights
2864s to take you got to win this one or at
2866s the very least lose it fast so you can
2868s take a second one with where the cart is
2871s that second fight is not guaranteed BT
2873s blue looks at the Silhouettes in the on
2875s the on the high ground here they're
2876s going to try and WP around take a high
2878s ground approach here and they
2879s realistically like they have to leverage
2881s this High Ground if they have any hope
2882s of of getting back on the cart and
2885s capping this point out here and they're
2887s trying to peek out of that little narrow
2888s choke point and there's just a disruptor
2890s shot there as well now look at the
2892s ultimates coming up they can just all
2893s smash the Q Keys stop this push in its
2895s track now under 30 seconds left over the
2897s artillery strike goes through and extent
2899s takes down flare immediately even
2901s through the immortality field and now
2903s taking down what this is just lost over
2905s and over again Theona get out don't get
2908s staggered here try and Escape but it is
2911s just actually cat finding for you and
2914s now the katsuni rush running out X10
2916s needs to find something cat might be
2918s able to clutch them from the jaws of
2919s defeat moving fish clean house though
2922s and now has to contest this objective
2924s overtime is activated but moving fish
2926s instead going for the health pack while
2928s HP activates Dragon Blade huge biotic
2930s nade but there's no follow up just yet
2932s from the Genji there's a pulse bomb
2934s going out don't stick and Bone balls NY
2938s Embers they are so good at getting back
2940s to this point their heroes are so quick
2942s and player now falling there's the
2945s biotic nade cat can't even get to the
2947s point and asleep on top of that nyxl
2951s Embers with a good first round saphrona
2954s dies just as the sound barrier comes
2957s online she didn't get to cast I think
2959s even if she had hit the QI there likely
2961s would have ajaxed but that was almost
2963s salvageable in fact almost Salvage from
2966s Vancouver Titans blue first of all
2968s somebody needs to put a bell on on x10's
2971s neck or something because Vancouver
2973s Titans blue have no clue when they're
2974s coming where they're coming from and you
2976s can even see you know out damaging the
2978s rest of the lobby 16 and three with
2979s eight final blows leading the lobby and
2981s a lot of that is those sojourn flank
2983s angles the the one like towards the tail
2986s end there damn near killed the whole
2987s push of Vancouver Titans blue the early
2989s pickoff on T Clair she never saw that
2991s coming all of the followup damage cat's
2994s going for some Frontline heroics does
2996s find a ton of value with the sigma but
2998s eventually Falls it's a you know it's
3000s going to be just phone trying to deal
3002s the rest of the damage saphrona coming
3003s back to try and Salvage it what getting
3006s back there on the Tracer but nyxl Embers
3008s had the ult and they had the damage and
3010s they had the discipline to rotate it all
3012s utilize it all make sure the cart was
3014s always in contest never give it up fully
3016s Never Back Down never what they hold at
3019s the end of point B and that's a little
3020s bit uh dicey for Vancouver Titans blue
3023s this has to be a decisive hold if they
3025s have any hope of coming back alive in
3027s this series they only get one more map
3029s after this
3030s one yl Embers they are just on that seam
3035s trade and they are chugging down to the
3037s Finish Line moving fish looking for that
3040s bit of early damage once again and
3043s already going for the contest and
3045s immediately just hopping out but they
3047s threw that first choke point face Titans
3049s will not going for the closest hold here
3051s and Mo Fish is really just like yo-yoing
3054s in and out of their backline bone now
3056s coming through looking for the extra
3057s damage but HP gets shredded for you B
3060s and this is actually very good from
3061s Vancouver Titans blue waiting for the
3063s cool Downs to be expended and then just
3065s shreding through their health bars the
3067s the problem with this composition though
3068s is I mean again Bastion is a problem but
3071s once phone falls Vancouver Titans blue
3073s don't really have any way to control
3074s space cuz the doomfist is just going to
3076s punch right through it the Genji is
3077s going to be there with the followup so
3079s you have to try and keep phone alive at
3081s all costs so you're going to be looking
3083s at clear to be expending the immortality
3084s Fields you're going to be looking at cat
3085s finding insane early angles I don't even
3087s know what X10 was doing there and I
3089s don't think they do either but they're
3091s definitely not going to try something
3092s cheeky like that one again as long as
3094s cat has anything to say about it you
3096s also falling a little bit after that
3098s nyxl Embers they need take a little bit
3100s of time to regroup here Vancouver Titans
3103s blue they're looking at a pretty solid
3104s hold thus far but they still have 3
3106s minutes to try and figure out what the
3108s cracks and armor are what looking for
3110s they can make a crack in the armor with
3111s an anab boost right now actually as a
3113s matter of fact andun already has it
3114s moish almost has the meteor strike they
3116s could just go in with that go super
3118s aggressive and they're going to do it
3119s yeah they're going to go put in the put
3120s the Nano on the Doom yeah and there's
3123s the immortality field to come through
3124s the meter strike goes down and they're
3126s forcing out the beat now Clare also
3128s taking through the amp Matrix but not in
3130s the good position to take down moving
3131s fish HQ finds the immortality field and
3133s gets rid of that cool down while bone is
3136s just struggling to stay alive through
3137s all the damage immediately they do
3139s disengage and now phone using the
3141s artillery strike for getting some damage
3143s there's the anti onto what but what is
3145s is able to survive through it and
3147s sustain through now HQ is one with the
3150s cool down to look at with the Dragon
3152s Blade to potentially move them onto the
3155s objective yeah and there's no sound
3156s barrier that could possibly stop it
3158s Claire might have the immortality field
3159s back online but it's too late to save
3161s saphrona and CLA wasn't able to get it
3163s down for herself HQ might fall in the
3165s back line here but the damage is more
3167s than done this should be nyxl Ember
3169s taking the first
3171s point that team Kill from nyxl EMB off
3174s the back of a huge St dragon blade from
3176s hkey they knew exactly what they were
3178s doing forcing out the cool Downs with
3180s the Nano doom and then ex and then they
3184s just had no way to counter that Dragon
3187s Blade without a beat now moving fish
3189s still looking for that early aggression
3191s once again as that payload starts
3192s rolling out me meter strike already on
3194s the line that was just at the speed of
3196s light it was breaket how fast that
3199s ultimate has been built up by moving
3200s fish once again X10 also looking at an
3203s overclock very soon alongside rush and
3206s that anti onto cat using the immortality
3208s field to keep the tank alive but the
3210s meteor strike comes through and X10
3213s comes in with the overclock there is no
3215s way to save them without that cool down
3217s from the Baptist shredded through is
3219s that another team kill for nyxl Embers
3222s as they head forward through that first
3224s choke in stet space and part of the
3226s problem for Vancouver Titans blue right
3228s is because of the composition they're
3229s playing they don't really have a good
3231s way to access anun so she can keep
3233s hitting all those big bades she's
3234s currently set up for a sneaky little
3236s flank W Vancouver Titans blue walk in
3238s here again but every time she hits a
3240s nade at the bare minimum it's forcing
3241s out immortality field and if you already
3243s have that cool down offline you've won
3245s the fight because there's nothing left
3246s for Vancouver Titans blue to do when you
3248s go in she's been scouted out she still
3249s hits a n onto Clair immortality field
3251s invested X10 Falls though and G Titans
3254s blue might have done
3255s enough DPS kind of over invested off the
3258s back of that biotic nade andian does get
3260s taken down what is really the only one
3262s putting pressure onto the back line but
3264s this time they have done their job and
3266s they're going to be able to stop this
3267s push for a little bit longer 2 minutes
3269s 30 seconds left they need to bleed this
3271s time bank Dy and in order to do that
3274s they're going to have to cycle out their
3275s ultimates which good news because of
3276s that fight and the way that cat popped
3278s off the way that what was able to
3279s pressure down Anon they've now built up
3281s to a full Full House five stack of
3283s ultimates phone going to go ahead and
3284s let one rip first to try and force out
3286s some cool downs but I feel like this
3287s might be a little bit too early oh wait
3291s the five hit it for up theu though I
3293s think that might be a good opportunity
3294s for Vancouver TI to go super aggressive
3296s though knowing that suzu is out of play
3299s yeah what is looking for something
3300s fishing with the pulse bomb here but is
3302s immediately scouted out by X10 now
3304s there's a little bit of dive onto the
3306s back line but no followup just yet now
3308s graphitic flux looking for something
3311s it's cancelled it's not in time cat is
3313s just out of position now and it's
3314s shredded through Vancouver Titans blew a
3316s missplay from the tank and now they're
3318s missing that front line they should be
3320s able to push this a little bit further
3321s the biotic nade on to phone just spells
3323s a death sentence for the Bastion and CLA
3326s going down now nyxl Embers they have so
3329s much progress they have a minute and a
3330s half left over to push it a few more
3332s meters and Vancouver Titans they need to
3334s get here on time what is just being
3336s zoned by the doomfist though yeah is
3339s what even going to be able to get a
3340s touch all right there is a touch on the
3342s field but Vancouver Titans blue with the
3343s exception of cat have swapped to fast
3345s Heroes they have to find a kill here
3347s they have to find something big sound
3348s barrier to try and make it happen and
3351s here's the blade as that over health is
3353s fading the biotic nade again from anun
3355s has been Landing shot after shot n after
3358s nade and that is just a quick clean up
3361s hkey clean house with the Dragon Blade
3364s and yxl Embers with a 20 lead into this
3367s best of five now and I think that's a
3370s critical misstep from phone right
3372s because the the artillery strike from
3373s the Bastion you don't often get a lot of
3375s high value pickoffs from that you know
3377s they almost managed to take down annion
3378s with it but realistically all they got
3381s was the suzu and I mentioned you know
3382s maybe they can go aggressive and try and
3384s pressure knowing that that cool down
3386s that high value cool down is now firmly
3388s off the table but their composition
3390s doesn't move fast enough to capitalize
3392s on it and as soon as they go in they
3394s just end up falling right into nyxl
3396s ember's trap I I think that if people
3399s are going to play the Bastion you want
3400s to use that artillery strike a little
3401s bit more like you would use a Reaper
3403s death Blossom right you wait till
3405s resources are expended and then use it
3406s to close out some kills or you use it to
3408s combo with a gravitic flux to get some
3410s of that guaranteed damage maybe get a
3412s guaranteed break on that immortality
3414s field when they all come crashing down
3416s but I mean it just doesn't work out I
3419s think that that critical misstep in that
3420s fight when you have five s on the field
3423s you don't have to go too too aggressive
3425s with them like that you don't have to
3427s try and force coold Downs out before the
3429s fight has even realistically started
3431s especially ones that you can't
3433s capitalize
3435s on yeah this was I mean Vancouver Titans
3437s blue this isn't really their comp right
3440s their comp is usually with the DPS line
3443s of the sojourn alongside the May I mean
3445s phone switching over to the Bastion it
3447s might be a comfort pick for them but at
3449s the same time is this what they're used
3450s to comboing they're used to the
3452s overclock and the damage from the
3453s blizzard which is a lot easier to
3455s combine with the gtic flux on their side
3457s and I feel like it was also easier for
3459s them to be able to protect their
3461s backline as well because Bastion isn't
3463s really the kind that you want to be
3465s sicking by your backline especially
3467s since they don't have that they were
3469s really trying to play that brawl kind of
3471s hybrid with the with the Tracer
3474s harassing that backline as well and like
3477s you're investing what on the Tracer to
3478s try and harass the backline but you know
3480s outside of the couple times where anun
3482s did end up getting spotted out she had
3483s to vacate whatever hiding hole she she
3485s found herself in it wasn't really enough
3488s to stop anun from getting into those
3490s aggressive angles where she can land
3491s those big bades and I'm going to keep
3493s calling it out every time it happens
3494s because every time she lands a big
3496s bionade either someone dies or the
3498s immortality field is gone and if that
3500s immortality field is gone nyxl Embers
3502s can play Slow wait till they have their
3504s cooldowns again go in and dive a second
3507s time without having to worry about that
3508s lamp and if that happens somebody is
3510s going to die that's just the value that
3512s anun gets if she's not adequately
3514s pressured and you know you do have poru
3516s as well the threat of the kunai to try
3518s and maybe pressure what out maybe
3520s getting a little bit more value than a
3522s bito would use or would get in that sort
3523s of situation it's the way that we like
3526s to see you know it's the way that we saw
3527s them play uh play even Against Time with
3529s the ear yesterday they like to go for
3531s some of these different uh main support
3533s picks you know not always going for the
3535s Rita not always going for the Lucio but
3537s sometimes opting for the to go for a
3538s life weav for something that can still
3540s protect the Anna but can also be a
3542s little bit more of an offensive threat
3543s to maybe keep the Tracer from getting a
3545s little bit too close yeah I mean we knew
3548s that BT blue wasn't a team that loved to
3551s be the kind that was always adapting
3553s they have a comp they play it well and
3555s they stick to their guns but we saw that
3558s they were trying to make a few
3559s adaptations and it wasn't quite meeting
3562s the bar it just wasn't quite enough to
3565s take nyxl Embers on and now I'm
3567s wondering do VT do VT blue do they make
3571s wholesale swaps to different Heroes and
3573s try something new or are they just going
3575s to stick to the same thing that hasn't
3577s been working I I think for svasa you're
3579s definitely going to want to try and
3580s stick to the same thing honestly because
3582s this does feel like a map where Sigma
3584s kind of has the advantage that said of
3586s the two flasho maps it's a little bit
3589s less dive favored than new junk City so
3591s you know nyxl Embers they could still go
3593s for the dive but it's not not going to
3595s be quite as strong there are some really
3598s good uh you know environmental positions
3600s where L fish can get some big punches or
3601s po you can get some big boops here but
3604s for VT blue it's you know it's adapt or
3607s perish right like they they have to
3609s either make some changes or change the
3611s way that they're playing what they're
3612s playing now because right now you know
3614s with the Bastion they're trying to
3616s pressure out the enemy tank they're
3617s trying to pressure out moving fish and
3619s that's all well and good but they're
3620s going to live forever as long as anun
3622s continues to live so either what has to
3625s put out more backline pressure be more
3627s of a threat so anun can't ever you know
3630s she got to sleep with one eye open right
3632s always got to be fearful that what might
3634s be out there if Vancouver Titans blue
3636s can't do that this is nyxl Embers
3638s 30 and we coming into this we knew that
3641s andun was a huge pickup for this nyxl
3643s EMP Squad and she has proved her value
3646s time and time again with the biotic
3648s nades that she's been Landing with the
3649s shot but she's been hitting even some of
3650s the sleeps that we've seen at the right
3652s time though because she hasn't been
3653s pressured the uh the the sleeps haven't
3655s really needed to come out and haven't
3657s had a huge impact in the past two games
3660s I want to see that pressure on any and I
3661s want to see the pressure on the back
3663s line especially okay since there's a lot
3665s of confidence here from nyxl Embers
3668s phone being taken down early from X10
3670s with rail gun shot and they've also
3672s swapped their back line for you for you
3674s onto El Lucio and that's not a very
3676s protective support swap in all honesty I
3679s want to see phone swap off of this
3681s Bastion not just because I'm morally
3683s opposed to Bastion but Embers are
3686s playing a composition that I know VT
3687s blue have played against and scrimmed
3689s against this is exactly what Michael
3691s wave play and this is what Vancouver
3693s Titans blue have been practicing against
3695s they know that if they just play the May
3696s and the sojourn and they Mark the enemy
3698s Genji they should be able to negate the
3701s dive whol sale but they haven't they
3703s haven't done that they're playing this
3704s Bastion composition and again trying to
3706s put all of the eggs into the grief
3708s moving fish basket but doomfist is
3710s slippery like he's covered in baby oil
3712s he can just jump across the other side
3713s of the map doesn't to worry about the
3715s enemy Bastion and then just dive right
3717s back in when the wheels are off cool
3718s down with a big nade to follow up over
3720s and over again build up to more Nanos
3722s and suddenly you got a nano doomfist to
3724s worry about yeah you could fry a fish
3726s with the amount of oil that doomfist has
3728s on him and po you already having the
3730s sound barrier up the amplification
3732s Matrix forces a little bit of
3734s positioning allows them to get some
3735s contest and progress on point but moving
3738s fish just hops back on X10 taking down
3740s the immortality field allowing H key to
3742s do so much and the biotic nade on the
3744s cat well they were not long for this
3747s life I 12% and and Counting for VT blue
3750s 14% is where it's going to stop but this
3752s does look like nyxl Embers have this
3754s locked up there shouldn't be another
3755s touch yeah everyone's just going to have
3757s to go and play for the next Point here
3758s where is it going to be it's it's
3761s somewhere directly behind nyxl Embers VT
3764s blue that's really really bad RNG there
3766s actually they have to go through a near
3768s full old Bank nyxl Embers who are going
3771s to get first point presence if they want
3772s to even touch the point here granted
3775s they have ults to work with here but
3777s again their composition I just don't
3779s feel it adequately shuts down what nyxl
3782s Embers are cooking right
3784s now oh Michael wave when Vancouver
3787s Titans blue played against some of the
3789s other upper bracket that was a three 0
3791s so this might just be a tough
3793s composition for them okay that biotic
3795s nade is just so huge anion shreds
3798s through cats Health they use the pulse
3800s bomb but it doesn't connect with
3801s anything and that was just a messy
3803s disorganized fight they
3806s crumbled we need to go ahead and use the
3808s artillery strike I hope that signals a
3809s swap and hang on a second Vancouver
3812s Titans blue hey you know I said I said
3815s adapt or perish I like this okay this is
3818s really good this is going to be a very
3820s very aggressive Rush composition similar
3822s to the ratra but with the junker Queen I
3824s love a little bit of mommy in the
3825s morning I don't know about you but it
3827s still kind of feels like you know this
3829s should be an nyxl ember's favorite fight
3831s because while Vancouver Titans blue were
3832s making wholesale swaps they were di in
3835s hands on all their ultimates they almost
3836s have another Nano boost I mean you right
3839s now VT
3840s blue that that was such a huge biotic
3843s nade they're saved by the beat here
3845s phone pressures out anion this is an
3847s excellent start though despite the
3849s ultimates now the blade looking the same
3851s thing phone does fall to X10 and now the
3854s blade comes through and tries and
3856s clutches back this point Zona doesn't
3859s really have a lot of places to go cat
3861s doesn't have sustain CLA goes down it is
3864s still another nyxl Embers team Fight Win
3867s but that one looked closer they were
3868s able to get Anu down first and that
3870s makes things a lot more difficult for
3871s nyxl Embers they had to invest the beat
3874s in order to keep everyone up and then HQ
3876s was able to save it with the blade but
3877s Vancouver Titans this is the idea
3879s they're getting
3881s it there was no real shot that they were
3883s going to win that fight unless they you
3884s know some chicanery happened because
3886s just looking at nyxl Embers positioning
3888s their old Bank everything they had and
3889s the fact that VT blue had made those
3891s wholesale swaps the mission was to just
3893s bleed out ultimates and I think that was
3894s a success right you trade your sound
3896s barrier for an enemy sound barrier and a
3898s blade nyxl EMB still have a fair bit but
3900s you're starting to build up to something
3901s that can match it you can maybe utilize
3903s this coalesence build up to that Rampage
3905s and that's exactly what they're going to
3905s do they're going to go aggressive with
3907s the coalescence that's going to bait off
3908s the Nano can moving fish find anything
3910s with
3911s it fish now with the Nano as well as the
3913s meteor strike in the back pocket looking
3915s to find CLA but Moira is pretty slippery
3917s with the fade phone getting slept though
3920s that allows Anan to take down the May
3922s and now saona following very quickly
3924s meter strike does go down the junker
3925s Queen gets low and X10 finishes them off
3928s another team kill for nyxl Embers
3931s Vancouver Titans blue they just seem
3933s like they can't quite get the answer and
3935s nyxl Embers look Unstoppable this though
3938s could be the fight that VT blue needs
3940s they're going to have the Rampage and
3941s there is no sound barrier to counteract
3943s it they just have to be on the lookout
3944s for moving fish's punch and potentially
3946s the follow-up damage from x10's
3948s overclock outside of that they have you
3950s know Mission successful you finally bled
3952s out the ult bank from nyxl Embers and
3954s you you should have the advantage here
3956s that said if V blue don't win this fight
3959s they might not get another one oh moving
3962s fish finding cat first and that is with
3965s the Rampage in the back pocket X10
3967s getting pressured quite a bit by x five
3970s what though on that Reaper and the death
3972s Blossom is also coming up this could be
3974s a smash Q kind of play from Vancouver
3976s Titans for the next fight oh no the
3979s death Blom comes out early to try and
3981s take down moving fish I I don't think
3983s that was a worthwhile investing
3985s no and I there might not be another
3987s chance of VT blue they're going to have
3988s ults right they have both support alss
3990s and they have the Rampage but now the
3991s mission is get to the point and moving
3993s fish is going to go be the bouncer going
3995s to ID check them all the Rampage just a
3997s touch it does get there the sleep is
3999s good but the boru oh poru almost bleeds
4002s out there now what does fall to X10 once
4006s again HP has the blade and the Nano
4008s boost goes onto the Dragon Blade and
4011s there it is HQ once again just going
4013s insane on these tanks shreds through
4016s cat's Health pool and what can CLA do
4018s even with the fade the Moira does not
4020s have the survivability and it is just
4023s nyxl Embers all the way 3 on flasho 3 in
4029s the series nyxl Embers prove why they
4032s can be one of the
4034s best FY blue I mean again for all the
4039s props in the world of Vancouver Titans
4040s blue this is again a franchise best
4042s performance for them but with this match
4044s match up they will be eliminated from
4047s the playoffs I mean they have nothing to
4049s be ashamed of right but unfortunately
4051s they didn't do enough they needed to get
4053s second place or better fourth place is
4055s where they will sit and I think it goes
4058s back to that one fight right the one
4060s where cat gets picked off early the rest
4062s of ET blue get caught out trying to
4065s disengage the death Blossom from what
4067s comes in and it just it just kind of
4070s felt like they were going out not with a
4072s bang but more with the sound that a
4074s balloon makes when you deflate it and it
4076s kind of flies all around the room there
4077s that's what that felt like at the end
4080s cuz you really needed to keep those
4082s ultimates and use them for an
4083s advantageous fight they needed to
4085s disengage cleanly and get back with cat
4088s so that they could actually use that
4089s Rampage aggressively use it offensively
4093s use it not just to try and touch the
4095s point in time because that's that's not
4097s enough and there's not going to be
4098s enough presence to follow up on the
4099s damage that comes out especially if
4101s you're going to use it like that and
4102s especially if cat gets slept pyun was so
4106s great with these bades forcing out
4107s cooldowns forcing out immortality Fields
4109s with these sleep darts making cats like
4111s a living hell and X10 the value that X10
4115s was getting on this sojourn cannot
4117s possibly be understated especially on
4120s Kings Row nyxl Embers I still believe
4125s that they could have beaten Timeless
4127s ethereal and they are playing like it
4129s today and this is what they need their
4131s story continues but unfortunately this
4133s was the Final Chapter of the Underdog
4135s Story for Vancouver Titans blue and yxl
4138s Embers they are just so strong so
4141s dominant every single player was on fire
4143s in this matchup and I'm excited to see
4146s who we going to name the MVP for this
4149s match right after a very quick break and
4151s we'll be back with an interview see you
4163s then
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4193s w
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4223s spe
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4253s this
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4283s there
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4342s n
4349s what a heated matchup there unfortunate
4352s for Vancouver Titans blue to be able to
4355s to be eliminated at this point within
4357s the event however at the very least they
4360s did manage to break their curse they
4361s made strides for themselves ated as a
4363s team nonetheless but now we've got to
4366s focus down onto the winners here nyxl
4369s Embers CB have been bringing their a
4372s game here for major thr three they have
4375s been bringing their a game I think they
4377s need to bring their A+ game if they want
4379s to beat Timeless ethereal but hey today
4381s they're showing it right they're they're
4382s showing understanding of how these
4384s compositions work they're showing
4386s understanding of how to beat even what
4387s seem like they should be hard counters
4389s for their composition and a big part of
4392s that is coming down to just some of the
4393s individual plays and that's why archip
4396s pootle MVP is going to be
4399s X10 yeah the damage was absolutely
4402s insane going out from X10 of course lots
4404s of support there from the backline as
4406s well but it is undeniable this
4408s performance that X10 managed to have
4410s here tala in those last three
4413s Maps yeah I mean you saw how many flanks
4416s that they were able to get off on King
4418s bro you saw the value of the overclocks
4420s on every single map especially when they
4423s were able to get that good flank play
4424s Vancouver Titans gr did not know where
4427s this damage was coming from and they
4429s were even able to kill get a few kills
4432s through the immortality field that was
4434s being thrown out by CLA because they
4436s just didn't know where to look they
4438s weren't sure what was happening in a
4439s matter of seconds oh no I think I've
4442s eaten a rail gun
4444s shot the not the oh no I think I've
4446s eaten a oh no assume something
4450s lethal who is me just butter scratch you
4454s know positive death rail gun
4458s poisoning well all fun and games here of
4461s course with you guys as always but we
4463s actually get to talk to one of the
4464s members of the side of nxl coming in
4467s next it's not going to be X10 though it
4469s is going to be the tank player we're
4470s going to be having a chat with moving
4472s fish congratulations and GG's on that
4474s win you guys are playing phenomenally
4477s today how are you feeling moving fish
4480s I'm feeling great um I was really happy
4482s to play this match because cat's
4483s actually a really good friend of mine so
4486s I know awesome that's always fun that is
4489s always fun being able to play with your
4491s against your homies and whatnot um I
4494s know that you guys had phenomenal games
4497s yesterday you know nearly being able to
4499s take that match up against Timeless
4501s ethereal as well taking it all the way
4503s to that Fifth map I'm wondering between
4506s yesterday and today what are you guys
4509s looking towards as far as being able to
4511s maybe make that last stride and really
4513s maybe even cement yourselves as the best
4516s team if you can make it to that Grand
4518s Final yeah so matches yesterday versus
4521s Timeless ethereal I'm going to say we
4523s have that it literally just came down to
4525s a hair and like we couldn't like pull
4526s through but we have a second chance
4528s today and you know we're hoping to win I
4530s I'm really confident that we will but
4532s you know I don't I can't I'm not going
4533s to sit here and tell you that like it's
4535s you know
4536s determined guaranteed I don't think so
4538s have to work for it but I'm very
4541s confident okay okay is there anything
4544s that you want to say to them on that I
4546s guess now that you're on here for the
4548s interview any he be sorry I like to stir
4550s the pot a little bit no I have a lot of
4552s friends on there I have a lot of friends
4554s on there but going say we'll see you in
4556s Grand finals okay okay I love that I
4559s love being able to hear that for from
4561s you um I think our Caster had some
4563s questions for you as well so I'm going
4565s to shift over to tala first and then CB
4566s you can wrap things up all all right
4569s well you're headed over into a match
4571s against Michael wave and you know you
4573s just eliminated Vancouver Titans Blue
4575s from this match and in doing so you've
4578s also given Fable that sixth place
4581s qualifying spot for the championship so
4584s I think that Fable would consider you
4586s the heroes and Fable also said in an
4588s earlier interview that Michael wave are
4590s the villains so how are you feeling
4592s going into that next
4594s matchup yeah I mean microwave is a dark
4596s horse in this tournament I think um I
4599s think they're a good team but you know
4602s like I said like it's not guaranteed but
4603s I'm confident we'll beat them you know
4605s we'll
4606s see I I'm looking forward to it that
4609s should be a really good matchup and I'm
4610s glad that we get to call it I actually
4612s have two questions for you the first one
4613s though a lot of players or sorry a lot
4615s of people who probably know of you from
4617s pre- calling Heroes might know you more
4619s as that Sigma player right but you've
4621s shown a lot of flexibility this
4623s tournament you're showing the Winston
4624s you're showing the doomfist I want to
4626s ask you what is the ceiling like what
4628s can't you
4630s play um I know I'm learning every day
4635s I'm learning every day trying to get
4637s better improving myself and you know I
4639s think that's the result of like that's
4640s the reason why I've made so much
4642s progress I had to get better
4644s and um here I am now I it's definitely
4647s paying off it's definitely showing and
4648s you you got a couple more chances to
4650s show it especially in this next match up
4651s but first I want to get personal with
4653s you what is your Chipotle order my
4656s Chipotle order oh my God see I'm a big
4658s gym goer so I need that protein I start
4660s with brown rice and I get extra black
4663s beans and then after that I'm going hit
4664s it with the double chicken sometimes I
4666s spice it up with the Barba COA but I my
4669s the chicken's my default and I load I
4671s load that John up with vegetables I go
4673s extra fajitas extra picu and dog walk if
4677s I if I if I did the cardio today but not
4680s always I I I love it all right the only
4682s difference between you and I is is the
4684s fajitas there I don't go for the
4685s vegetables cuz I am a child but you know
4688s we're K we K double chicken protein for
4690s the post-workout it goes hard yeah
4693s fajitas are my weakness man you got to
4696s get those gains right man I feel like
4699s chicken's been like I I want to get like
4701s Chipotle stats or something like that if
4703s we could from like everyone's orders
4705s that would be so cool zeuser can we get
4707s some
4708s Chipotle phoning in phoning in you have
4711s a Chipotle scoreboard not the Chipotle
4714s scoreboard but I know that you guys have
4716s some more matches to go you have the one
4718s looking forward to in that lower bracket
4719s up against Michael wave coming up next
4721s so we're not going to keep you too much
4722s longer but while you're here any thanks
4724s shout outs or anything that you want to
4726s say here on broadcast before we sign
4729s off um shout out my team they're working
4732s really hard and I'm actually really
4734s proud of us to have the mental
4735s resilience to like bounce back after
4737s that loss yesterday because it was so
4739s close uh shout out cat my friend and
4741s Shout out capology and W our coaches and
4743s also
4745s tenza well thank you so much moving fish
4747s for taking the time to do this interview
4749s with us good luck on your remaining
4751s matches for today and we will hopefully
4753s see you later as a lovely Chipotle Real
4756s Talk interview you guys that we managed
4758s to have here but when it comes down to
4761s it I think it's going to be interesting
4764s what we have coming up next we're going
4765s to throw to a quick break and we'll be
4767s right back with those lower bracket
4776s [Music]
4792s finals
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5151s everything
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5271s what
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5301s n
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5406s upgrade that setup but I'm going to
5409s reintroduce our casters now of course
5412s epitomes and CB they were brought us
5415s through that last elimination match
5416s between Vancouver Titans blue and nyxl
5419s Embers where we unfortunately did have
5421s to say goodbye to blue for today that
5424s means that as we look into this racket
5427s CB and EXL Embers they're playing again
5430s this time up against Michael wave yeah
5432s and Michael wave is a team that remember
5434s back in Swiss did beat nyxl Embers so
5437s it's by no means going to be an easy
5440s feat for nyxl Embers but it is it's not
5442s going to be easy for Michael wave either
5444s like it's not going to be another one
5445s and done kind of situation because we've
5447s seen nyxl Embers in the past couple of
5449s days kind of level up to you know again
5452s that that like Superstar status where
5453s they can contend with the best and even
5455s put down the best that said Michael wave
5459s does hold a Swiss 20 victory over
5461s Timeless ethereal so these might be two
5463s of the best teams I mean undoubtedly
5465s they're the top three because they've
5466s already placed top three but with a
5468s roster like this like one person I want
5470s to highlight as we bring up the Michael
5471s wave roster specifically is ajmr if
5474s given the opportunity ajmr does like to
5476s go for a lot of big flank dats and we
5478s talk about the value that anun got with
5480s some of those plays in the previous
5481s series ajmr is right up there as well
5485s yeah and this team as well T it likes to
5487s flex around in those very kind of dy/
5490s brawly type of compositions and adapt a
5494s lot around in that sense how do you
5495s think that's going to fare up against
5496s the legs of
5498s nyxl I think Michael wave is probably
5501s the doomfist team in this bracket I
5504s think they were probably the played it
5506s the most and played it the best but nyxl
5509s Embers they are playing that Winston and
5511s I think the way the Winston plays into
5513s the doomfist I mean they switched onto
5515s the doomfist because of the threat of
5516s the Bastion but when you do have the
5519s Winston it can play very well into that
5523s um into the doomfist composition even
5525s though there's going to be a lot of
5526s pressure on the backline so there's
5528s going to be a lot of eyes on the
5530s supports of both of these squads to see
5532s who can take that pressure and we're
5534s going to see if it's going to be a wick
5535s a weekend who do you think okay I I love
5539s hearing that W weekend
5543s Banger Banger tagline there but CB as we
5546s look into this first map and get the
5548s drum roll waiting and rolling as we find
5550s out what that's going to be what are
5552s your expectations on who you think is
5554s maybe going to be better at controlling
5555s the pace of the game here again an
5557s Antarctic Peninsula I mean I I kind of
5560s have to give it to Michael wave because
5562s I know that they do like to play very
5563s aggressively but I can't say that with
5565s full confidence both of these teams have
5567s a great understanding of how to play the
5569s compositions that they're best at
5570s something interesting I also want to
5571s bring up is that both of these teams are
5573s extremely flexible in the past I have
5576s highlighted Mari specifically for being
5578s another one of those players who has
5579s shown an eptitude at multiple Heroes you
5582s know she was previously one of the best
5583s junker Queens then suddenly you know
5585s she's one of the best sigmas now we're
5587s seeing that she's arguably the best
5589s doomfist in calling all heroes right now
5590s but also showing a really strong Winston
5592s and on the other side we just talked
5594s about how flexible moving fish is so
5596s these teams they can realistically you
5598s know they're both they're both yoga
5600s instructors they're highly flexible like
5602s you know roll with whatever punches do
5604s whatever poses they need to do it's
5606s going to be pretty back and forth you
5607s know it's going to come down to I think
5609s whichever team just has the better
5611s understanding and that's anyone's guess
5612s yeah it's going to be really interesting
5614s to see what compositions come out and
5615s how both these teams end up adapting on
5617s the Fly we're just about ready to head
5619s into Antarctic peninsula here but while
5622s you guys are waiting in chat as well
5624s we've got the first drop here for those
5627s Chipotle Burritos there's 2,000 of them
5629s up for grab so you guys can check out
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5634s get yours out while CB and tala get
5636s ready to sink their teeth into some fun
5641s games thank you very much Ash now if you
5644s do have a burrito or a bowl then get
5647s ready because this is going to be a
5649s banger or at least I anticipate that it
5652s will be this if anything is going to be
5654s the matchup that Can Go the Distance I
5657s have seen very impressive things out of
5659s both of these teams and maybe they're
5661s going to give us a m class in Pilates I
5664s by the we are on delay here by the way
5666s so I've got approximately 2 minutes or
5667s so to where I can just go ahead and
5668s claim as many of these codes as I want
5670s so you're going to want to make sure you
5671s get in there while you can I'm don't
5673s read the I'm actually not going to do
5675s that cuz I still have half a burrito
5676s bowl over here that I got to finish and
5677s I can only really chip away at it in all
5680s of the breaks here but hey let's go
5683s ahead and get into the action here we're
5685s starting on like you said Antarctic
5687s Peninsula and something that's
5688s interesting right is that both of these
5690s teams have lended themselves more into
5692s of five composition time to time they
5694s might still try and go with that because
5697s that is their bread and their butter but
5699s I mean of the control Maps available
5701s this is also the most friendly the
5706s mostly you know what I predicted the
5709s same thing I predicted that b like I
5712s predicted that Michael wave would would
5713s win the whole thing right I we poed that
5716s whole like that whole bracket with the
5718s interview that I did it only took one
5719s series for me to be dead wrong and I
5721s said I bad patch Mario of calling all
5723s heroes turns out me and BP predicted the
5726s same damn thing so yeah apparently
5728s you're both the bad patch Mario calling
5730s all heroes there there is room for two
5733s bad patchy Mari in calling all heroes
5734s but there is only room for one of these
5736s teams in Grand finals where Timeless
5739s ethereal are waiting for them Mari is
5741s going to open up with the doomfist dive
5743s and nyxl Embers they're going back to
5745s over reliable they're going to the sigma
5747s brawl this is definitely going to be an
5749s interesting one eyes are on Zoe here
5753s because Zoe has gotten quite a few MVPs
5755s when we've seen Michael wave play and
5758s she's just been incredibly good and
5760s getting a lot of value especially as a
5762s supportive DPS rather than just the main
5765s DPS getting all of the support from the
5768s Nano boost that ajmr is throwing out a
5771s little bit of damage onto that back line
5773s but ultimately it looks like Michael
5775s wave gets first
5776s cap not quite yet and by the way that
5779s was a big n from ammr that landed onto
5780s annun but she didn't use the immortality
5782s field so that should still be in play
5784s for nyxl Embers they're actually still
5786s holding on to it nyxl Embers get the
5788s first cap here and I mean Michael wave
5790s they're kind of scattered all around it
5792s there we go there's the first blow onto
5793s Zoe now nyxl Embers can clean
5796s up yeah HQ I mean was doing a lot of
5799s damage to this doomfist here Mari is
5802s able to retreat out of all the damage
5804s and get regroup back with the supports
5806s so Michael wave they're just going to
5808s wait for the next fight for Zoe to come
5809s and regroup but that allows nyxl Embers
5811s to get a closer hold and that's a
5812s stagger pick onto WKA as well anun
5815s already going to have the ant Matrix so
5816s at least one of the angles that
5818s microwave is going to try and approach
5820s from will be locked down and that's
5821s going to kind of you know shuttle them
5823s into something potentially a little bit
5825s more suboptimal something where HQ might
5827s be waiting with the wall some we moving
5828s fish might be able to get enough damage
5830s with those spheres to build up to a
5831s gravitic flux M wave they're going to
5833s have a nano boost here very soon but
5835s they still have to play a little bit
5836s slow before they can realistically have
5838s that and on the other side HMR how are
5841s we going to bait out that immortality
5843s from an cuz she seems to hold on to that
5845s for dear life well Mari going to go
5847s ahead and get a first pick on to X10
5850s with the help of the Nano boost now the
5851s meteor strike getting quite a bit of
5853s damage onto poru looking to take them
5855s down but the amplification Matrix does
5857s come out for is the position from Mari
5859s back towards the point but they're able
5861s to flip that over the blizard from H key
5863s actually is able to get a little bit of
5866s damage down but everyone survives it now
5868s with a Beat from for you to try and
5870s sustain this fight through and force
5872s their positioning forward Zoe still
5874s dancing back and forth on the point HQ
5876s is really looking to mark that Genji but
5878s poru is actually the first to find pick
5880s onto wi as that rally is building up so
5883s they won't have it as this Fight
5885s Continues I that's so huge that Zoe
5887s deflects the blizzard there that came
5888s out from HQ at the start of that fight
5890s though this is 25% and Counting for
5892s Michael wave that realistically had that
5893s blizzard landed they just flat out would
5896s not have and yeah it looks kind of dicey
5898s for them but the Stagger can just keep
5899s up as long as they possibly can Michael
5900s wave they're going to get a pretty
5902s decent percentage out of
5904s this yeah they're just making sure that
5906s they keep the contention in nyell Embers
5909s they do eventually flip that over with
5911s two ultimates to speak of on the other
5913s side it's going to be a rally and that
5915s Dragon Blade ajent Mar I'm not sure if
5917s they can build up to that Nano quickly
5919s enough but Zoe has been really good at
5920s just going in with these raw Dragon
5922s blades the timing on wi's rally here is
5924s going to be everything because that's
5925s the main defensive tool that they have
5926s to save off the pressure from either the
5929s overclock or moving fishes Gra gravitic
5931s flux it's going to be come down to order
5933s of operations right which of these ults
5935s is going to come down first it looks
5936s like Zoe's going to go ahead and pop the
5938s Dragon Blade that's absolutely massive
5940s X10 no longer a factor yeah immediately
5943s taken down X10 no overclock to speak of
5945s moving fish goes in with a gravitic flux
5947s to take down HMR and the rally looking
5949s to sustain with a bit of over health and
5951s armor the accretion goes onto the shield
5953s but wika can't stay long and now it's
5956s going to be Mari jumping in to look for
5958s the contention on the overtime once
5959s again there is the amplification forcing
5962s the positioning Mari has to dance around
5964s and try and hide behind this little
5965s corner now the overclock from X10
5968s shredding through the health of Mari
5969s there is nowhere for that doomfist to go
5972s Zoe is quick to follow and even though
5974s there's a biotic nade Landing from ajmr
5976s alongside the Nano hello wait they get
5979s in there with the Nano boost death is
5981s trying to do some damage here and
5982s actually able to find one as that beat
5985s goes down but it is just not enough
5987s Michael wave they were too sagger they
5989s were too separated nyxl Embers they take
5992s that first submap that that that's very
5994s flashy towards the end there that Nano
5996s boost that power slide and that kill
5997s there from death but I mean with the
5999s with the sound barrier on the side of
6000s nyxl EMB there was really no way for
6002s Michael wave to get themselves bought
6004s back into that fight so long as that was
6007s so long as that threat was present and
6009s it kind of comes down to that gravitic
6010s flux that goes in a Solo gravitic flux
6012s onto ajmr I'm often talking about these
6014s doomfist compositions and dive as a
6016s whole that if you take out the supports
6018s the wheels on the bus just fall right
6020s off and you know wi could even invest
6022s the rally to try and keep everybody
6024s alive but there's just not enough
6025s healing without that first healing that
6028s the Anna provides there's not enough
6030s pressure to bait out some more enemy
6031s cool Downs without the threat of that
6033s biotic nade speaking of the threat of
6035s the biotic nade and speaking of dive
6036s comps we have mirror dive comps with
6038s Winton on either side yeah this is going
6041s to be really interesting one eyes are on
6044s ajmr and anun once again to try and stay
6046s alive save off that pressure and be able
6048s to land those biotic NES that get these
6050s fights started there's the the biotic
6051s nade onto HQ HQ immediately Falls mari's
6054s able to find that first pick giving
6056s Michael wave an advantage into the fight
6059s and you know it's going to come down to
6060s a lot of these Bion nades and whether or
6062s not they land and whether or not the
6063s dive is there to follow up and that
6064s situation for Michael wave it was
6066s there's another n coming up from ajmr
6068s doesn't look like it's actually going to
6069s hit anybody but there is a lot of
6071s pressure being put on by Mari enough for
6073s Michael wave to get the first cap here
6076s yeah and it seems like Michael wave are
6077s a little bit more aggressive in this
6079s round than they were in the one previous
6080s it felt like they were playing a little
6082s bit more just shy in the last round
6085s moving fishar is able to take down Zoe
6088s though a biotic nade does land from HMR
6091s but they get to sleep onto Mari as they
6093s try and die off the back line moving
6094s fish Wast no time looking to take down
6097s death and hqy is going to finish off
6098s that kill with the dash on through and
6100s Michael wave it seems like they are
6103s falling apart nyxl Embers they flip that
6105s point over and get capture that
6107s percentage ticking up 7ly I want to give
6109s a shout out to poru I'm only speculating
6111s this this is what actually happened but
6112s there was a big bionade that landed onto
6114s anun and the dive did come in the
6116s pressure was on her but I think there
6117s was a whip shot from poru that stopped
6119s Mari from being able to confirm that
6121s kill and because of that now we got
6122s nanoboost on either side perfectly
6124s symmetrical violence coming out from the
6126s Winston yeah moving fish gets landed
6129s with a bionade but HMR is the one that
6131s goes down to H key looking at the
6133s ultimates as well X10 does have the leg
6135s up in terms of the overclock while Mari
6137s and moving fish both have that Primal
6140s Rage that anti on to wake up forces out
6142s the rally here from Michael wave as nyxl
6145s Embers still tick up onto the ultimate
6147s percentage the over Health from the
6148s rally still active and X10 looking shred
6150s through that Shield Zoe wants to find
6153s pick but can't X10 just shoots straight
6155s through the Dome of that Genji and is
6158s chasing off the rest of the squad X10 is
6160s playing so well today that was a
6162s beautiful 180 flick I mean yeah Zoe's
6164s Health was already low she was already
6166s you know knocking on death's door but I
6168s mean X10 just does a quick little 180
6171s and kicks the door down for her now
6172s Michael wave sure they have the blade
6174s but they don't have a nano to combo it
6176s with neither do nyxl Embers but you know
6178s they're closer it's got to be death with
6180s this overclock to make something happen
6182s you only have realistically one more
6184s good fight here for Michael wave that's
6186s a great way to open it up death amazing
6189s pick on X10 now HQ wants to make up for
6192s lost time with the help of this blade
6194s knows that the Winston is anti but able
6196s to just jump out regroup with the
6198s supports in time anion however finding
6200s Zoe there's no blade for Michael wave
6202s side they need to flip this point over
6204s somehow they're able to contest on it
6205s and H key there is no way to flip and
6208s hold on to that so now contesting The
6210s High Ground I'm seeing a lot of back and
6212s forth with the Bion nades coming up from
6214s these anas ajmr and Anu are both
6216s phenomenal when it comes to Landing them
6217s on the right targets it's just a matter
6219s of whether or not the followup is or is
6221s not there and it feels like for nyxl
6223s Embers a lot of the time it definitely
6225s is but for Mich wave this time the
6227s followup was there they were able to cap
6229s and they do have a pretty solid
6230s advantage here though Zoe that's
6233s dangerous 9 HP in The anti- nade Killing
6236s to PO you though Michael wave I think
6237s they're okay now the Nano is available
6240s for Michael wave there's a potential
6242s Nano blade angle here and usually it's
6244s death getting those Nano boost but Zoe
6246s has the Dragon Blade of the oble and
6248s they still need to take this time away
6250s nyell Embers they were pretty close to
6252s last fight territory if they're able to
6254s flip this over and Michael wave they are
6257s quite a way to go there's an anob boost
6259s now to come through immediately through
6261s both of them that is gorgeous from Zoe
6264s and now it's just the dive onto the
6266s remaining players there is nothing to be
6268s done and can even use the Nano boost try
6271s and stay alive the they're doing it on
6274s purpose moving fish what are you
6276s supposed to do that that's so good
6278s though cuz it was either moving fish if
6280s you if they wanted to stay alive they
6281s would have had to invest the Primal Rage
6283s but no they have to just take that death
6285s whenever Michael wave decides to dish it
6286s out and now they have put themselves in
6288s one fight territory a primal on either
6290s side wi is going to go in with an early
6292s rally this is Michael wave fight to win
6295s and now they have the biotic cool down
6297s for sty from anun the Sleep goes on to
6300s Mari as the Primal Rage comes through
6302s but there is no bionade to follow it up
6304s so that Winston is just so healthy now
6306s looking to try and contest there's 99%
6309s for Michael wave and x0 comes in with
6311s the overclock oh my gosh HMR goes down
6314s so fast HP follows up onto wika and the
6317s rest of the squad they fall like
6319s dominoes now it's another last fight
6321s territory but I'm not even sure if
6323s they'll be able to touch and there's not
6325s going to be any touch Michael wave got
6327s wiped off the face of the planet towards
6328s the end of that fight and I said it was
6330s their fight to win but I think it was
6332s anun that actually sealed the deal for
6335s them a sleep dart on tamari mid Primal
6337s Rage and a huge huge bionade that X10
6340s was able to follow up with with the rail
6342s shots that just put it all to bed
6345s Michael wave are not out of this by any
6347s means is is not as one-sided as the 20
6349s score line is going to make it look look
6351s but at least in the UT head to-head
6353s right now I got to give the nod to
6356s anun I mean Michael wave is a team that
6360s sometimes needs a little bit of time to
6361s warm up we saw it about last week in the
6363s Swiss stages they were kind of ramping
6365s up as time went on but this was looked
6367s very good from nyxl Embers they had a
6369s really good grasp on what they needed to
6371s do with their wind conditions and anion
6373s especially Just Landing a lot of really
6375s good NES HMR really trying to follow up
6378s with Bion nades as well but it seems
6380s like HQ moving fish they are just
6382s coordinated there's so much Synergy
6384s there and they are also warmed up from
6385s already played a match with its exact
6387s team composition for you also getting a
6390s lot of value out of the Bita and showing
6392s so much flexibility on the types of
6394s heroes
6395s that yeah I mean the flexibility from
6397s both of these teams is coming out in
6398s Spades but yeah nyxl Embers they opened
6400s up with the sigma composition and they
6402s did best the doomfist
6404s composition and you know I still believe
6406s that the doomfist is the strongest
6408s composition in the current meta that
6409s we're playing but nyxl ERS despite that
6412s are still able to overpower it with the
6413s sigma composition I think that's telling
6415s and then the fact that they both go to
6417s back to- back Winston Dives and it gets
6418s a lot closer but the fact that nyxl
6421s Embers once again just barely squeak it
6423s out I think that you know it still does
6425s have to speak to some of the individual
6427s skill of a lot of these players the
6428s difference in whether or not the
6429s followup was there on the Bion nades
6432s whether or not you're Landing the big
6433s ones cuz we know anun was and the big
6435s sleeps to boot that nade right there and
6438s X10 with the followup and even hqy going
6440s in with the dash that's what sealed the
6442s deal right there for nyxl Embers and X10
6445s you know our previous match MVP on this
6448s soj this is why death is no slouch by
6451s any means but having a look at the
6453s eliminations versus the deaths ratio
6455s going on here you can kind of see which
6457s soj is getting the better of this
6459s head-to-head yeah X10 I mean is just on
6462s fire they've been getting so much value
6464s they are literally just a monster on
6467s that so sojourn the overclocks every
6469s single time shredding so much value and
6471s it's the combinations with the biotic
6473s nades as well and also hkey also
6476s following up on the damage being done by
6478s the rail gun if it's not quite enough to
6479s finish them off go ahead with the Genji
6481s just Dash right on in and then all of a
6483s sudden that's just two supports deleted
6486s from the backline and it's so much
6488s pressure on the backline every single
6489s time with these dive compositions and
6491s that's why they need to be incredibly
6493s careful with the positioning of annun
6495s and agmr and poru and wika they have a
6498s lot of responsibility on their shoulders
6501s to be able to save off that pressure it
6503s does put a lot of pressure on the
6504s brigades as you have to hit those whip
6506s shots especially if your Anna ends up
6508s being uh if your Anna finds herself anti
6511s she's as good as dead right because you
6513s don't have an immortality field you have
6514s to hit a whip shot to try and save off
6515s some of the pressure you have to get
6517s that Winston you have to quite literally
6518s get that monkey off of her back or you
6520s know again you lose your Anna the wheels
6522s fall off the bus your whole composition
6524s falters that is that's just how dive
6526s works you need to have that burst
6528s healing you need to have that
6529s sustainability in order to keep up the
6531s pressure or otherwise you're just you
6532s know doing the Hokey pokei you're
6534s putting your monkey and you're taking
6535s your monkey out and it doesn't work you
6537s know that's not how you win points you
6538s have to see you have to win fights you
6540s have to win points you can't do that
6542s without your Anna it's imperative so we
6544s we need to keep an eye on ajmr and we
6546s need to keep an eye on Anyan we need to
6548s keep an eye on uh you know pooru and we
6550s need to keep an eye on wika see who is
6552s keeping each other alive see who is the
6554s more Ironclad unit in that in that on
6556s that M on that map on antartic Peninsula
6559s it was poor you and onun but I still
6560s have faith in ajmr and
6562s wi and we got to find out if it's
6565s wickable sorry I need to stop saying W
6568s was waiting to use that one you stole
6570s that one right out from my dictionary
6572s it's oh I'm so you know I I just robbed
6576s it tore the page out of your dictionary
6579s out of the notebook and now we're
6581s looking at King's Row and I'm curious if
6583s they're going to be playing that same
6585s Dove dive composition I mean I feel like
6588s it can be the Winston it can also be the
6590s doomfist we saw a lot of doomfist play
6592s from nyxl Embers the last time we saw
6595s them on King's Row And they also look
6598s very dominant very strong in the way
6600s that they were able to play it across
6602s the board though I have to say nyxl
6604s emb's team across roles they seem just a
6608s little bit ahead of Michael wave I I I
6610s think it might end up being kind of like
6611s a rock paper scissors sort of
6612s composition thing right like without
6614s even seeing the team comps that they're
6615s going to come out here with with I'm
6617s going to predict that what's going to
6618s happen is Michael wave is going to open
6620s with the D fist nyxl Embers goes with
6622s the sigma eventually you know nyxl
6625s Embers are going to try to match the
6627s doomfist and at that point Michael wave
6629s will swap over onto the Winston and then
6631s nyxl Embers will match the Winston we
6634s could also just forgo all of that both
6635s teams just cut straight to the Chase and
6637s we both go to that Winston dive that all
6639s roads apparently lead to but you know
6641s you never really know and even if we
6643s don't go that far like we've already
6645s seen that nyxl Embers can beat out a
6648s dive composition with their Sigma
6650s composition they understand how to play
6651s it they understand how to put the
6652s pressure onto ajmr to completely gut the
6655s entire offensive capabilities and the
6657s defensive capabilities for that matter
6658s of the doomfist composition so I mean we
6661s could go all the way down that road all
6664s the all the way down to the Winston
6665s mirror or we could just see you straight
6667s up Doom versus Sigma or even maybe like
6670s a secret third thing who knows maybe
6672s these teams are going to bust out like
6674s roog no not that
6676s one don't you put that evil on me no I I
6680s would expect to see yeah if it was going
6683s to be anything else I would expect it to
6684s be the uh the ratra composition but
6686s here's something that's actually a
6687s little bit interesting and I think it
6689s might force it might be kind of the
6691s inverse of what I'm saying because like
6692s right now and why Embers are hovering
6694s over the Winston dive this might
6696s actually Force Michael wave to adapt
6697s because I think that the Winston dive
6699s beats the doomfist dive you just jump on
6701s the backline put a bubble on the
6702s supports and suddenly the losos is
6704s broken the doomfist is vulnerable you
6707s you simply kill
6709s him yeah I I mean nyxl Embers all roads
6712s lead to Winston brigita Anna I guess all
6718s roads well this road is going to lead to
6722s Grand finals from one of these two teams
6723s nyxl Embers are up one to zero and
6726s they're taking the initiative with both
6728s this Sim TP play to get The High Ground
6730s and Kicking It Off on the Winston dive
6732s so who is moving fish going to jump on
6735s and more importantly where is ajmr
6736s playing are they vulnerable to getting
6739s sectioned off by moving fish well we
6742s found where they're playing but they're
6743s immediately able to get out of the way
6745s of the biotic nade and get into a little
6747s bit of a safer position hkey is really
6749s looking to put down the harassment onto
6750s the Bita and the Anna though and Michael
6753s wave they got to retreat a little bit
6755s further leaving the doofus the little
6756s bit vulnerable has to find a way to
6758s regroup with the supports as they force
6759s their way past that first point okay
6761s ajmr taking a lot of damage here and
6764s moving fish does get biotic Ned but with
6766s the bubble down and not a lot of
6767s followup damage it's no problem for that
6769s one C that's a window where ajmr is
6771s vulnerable though cuz that was both cool
6773s Downs that came out so you can see Mari
6774s has to go in with the pressure that's
6775s great whip shot there from W though HQ
6778s trades out Zoey nyxl Embers they're not
6781s out of this but Michael wave they're
6782s holding
6784s on Michael wave they're playing pretty
6787s safe very defensive positions but when
6789s it comes down to it they're good at
6790s saving off that pressure Mari now
6792s looking to try and Shred through the
6794s health of that Winston while they go for
6795s the dive once again on The High Ground
6797s speaking of High Ground agmr has made a
6799s rotation you saw briefly then peek
6801s through that window up on The High
6802s Ground and that's going to be where
6803s moving fish has to try and go in for the
6805s jump to pressure them back but yeah they
6807s just rotate around now AJ Mar's over
6808s here on that corner xt0 trying to take
6810s some shots at them there not finding a
6812s whole lot meanwhile Michael Wade have
6814s given up a tick and a half yeah and now
6817s the Nano boost as well onto moving fish
6819s is going to allow them to get so much
6821s more damage down onto wi they're able to
6823s stay alive for a second with the rally
6826s but ajar just gets stomped on by moving
6828s fish and then wika you're all alone it's
6830s just a Bita what are you going to do and
6833s it seems like the answer is not much but
6836s Mari does trade back X1 and contest this
6838s point for a little bit longer the
6840s doomfist looking to be forced off that
6842s point they are so close to getting that
6844s payload moving the meter strike goes up
6846s but the Sleep onto the doomfist is there
6848s the biotic n to follow up there is and
6850s now Mari wears the sustain for this
6852s doomfist getting knocked off the point
6853s once again and all of them get shredded
6855s falling like dominoes that ends up being
6857s such a staggered fight cuz they don't
6859s actually kill wh they just kind of keep
6860s her as a pet for a little while there
6862s after that expires they're like okay you
6865s come to us and as soon as she actually
6866s you know gets back on the point with
6868s Mari to try and get the contest anun
6870s with another grenade seals her fate and
6872s suddenly you know wi's no longer she's
6875s no longer a factor she's no longer a
6876s threat she was effectively neutralized
6879s for a full minute straight there nyxl
6882s Embers they find the cap Michael wave
6883s have now hey we're at the end of the
6886s road It All Leads to Winston right we're
6887s back on the Winston dive NY lambers have
6890s the momentum and they have the ult
6892s advantage I was going to say moving fish
6894s was in such a good position if annion
6896s was in a good spot to get a nade onto
6899s that back line then it could have been
6900s really good for moving fish to follow up
6903s but it looks like their Go's going to
6905s regroup back play a little bit safer but
6907s they got so much progress already a
6909s halfway to that second Point capture
6911s Nano boost comes out onto death though
6914s looking for just about anything finds
6915s moving fish going to slide in deep and
6917s pressure everyone else back and yeah
6919s without a monkey to tank all that damage
6921s you definitely don't want to be around
6922s to face check
6924s it yeah I mean death has been really
6926s good with these Nano over blocks
6928s historically and now getting rid of the
6930s overclock is going to save off the
6932s pressure a little bit and allow them to
6934s reclaim the space take another fight
6936s before Michael or Embers nade for emers
6939s though nanoade for Embers andun is
6941s almost there just a couple more seconds
6943s and that should be a win condition and
6945s Michael wave they have to try and go
6946s before the window closes Omari goes in
6949s and Zoe also with the blade just
6951s completely raw no Nano the rally comes
6953s in to stay off the pressure but hkey at
6955s the very least goes down denies the Nano
6957s blade for a little bit longer now
6959s payload moving back towards their Spawn
6962s from overhead moving fish trying to get
6964s a bit of damage down extend though onto
6967s HMR that is excellent for nyxl Embers to
6970s start off this fight they force their
6972s way through and there's the overclock
6973s from X10 HQ finds Mari and now without a
6976s tank what are they supposed to do X10
6978s doesn't find Value from the overclock
6980s the rest of the team sure does now
6981s without a backline Michael wave they're
6983s forced back into the spawn once again
6985s X10 didn't even need to find Value from
6987s that overclock because they already
6988s found it with the pickoff there onto
6989s ajmr which by the way I was you know I
6991s saw ajmr peek out and go for a sleep
6994s Dart and it lands on to X10 but while
6996s it's mid-flight X10 takes their head off
6999s with a rail shot that's a phenomenal
7001s play from the soj for nyxl Embers and
7003s they get to hold on to this nanoade to
7005s do it they can put this one home in C
7007s point B here yeah just straight onto
7011s death and what are they going to do
7012s there the rally from wi does come out
7014s and it allows them to contest the
7016s payload a little longer there's a Primal
7017s Rage from Mari as well trying to juggle
7020s them off the point but the sleep does
7022s come in for a second here trying to keep
7024s moving fish alive Primal Rage still
7026s available for the extra Health syn if
7028s needed but it doesn't seem like they are
7029s going to need it that's a huge biotic
7031s nade onto Amari once again and they
7034s should be able to take down this tank
7036s dancing in and out of the bubble for a
7038s few more seconds but not for long they
7040s are able to cap second point and now
7043s have 2 minutes and 40 seconds to cap
7046s point three it's it's another Anu n that
7048s ends up sealing that fight and there's
7049s another one as well on ajmr and Zoe yeah
7051s I mean nyxl Ember is not going to overc
7053s commit right but these already even like
7055s set nades like these aren't ones that
7057s anun is going for she's just throwing
7059s them where everybody from Michael wave
7061s is going to be walking through where
7062s they're trying to path back to the point
7063s where they're all coming out of spawn in
7065s that case but here we go bre fish now
7068s deep in enemy territory has the primal
7069s if they need it and it is forced yeah
7072s the Primal does come through looking to
7074s try and get some value HMR though it's
7077s just getting shredded by X10 over and
7080s over again with the rail gun and wi is
7082s like well what am I defending I'm just
7084s away from my team I can't get heals to
7086s my tank and Mari goes down quickly now
7088s Mari is back in and they've only got a
7090s few meters left to push to the very end
7093s now the nanoboost is also in and ajmar W
7097s Nano wika while Anan is still holding on
7099s to a nano boost of their own rally not
7102s quite there the overclock does come
7103s through but death without that Nano
7105s boost doesn't do enough damage to really
7107s eliminate anyone from nyxl ember's fight
7109s all they've done is make a bit of space
7111s but ammr finishes off anun with aade and
7113s for you also in the purple as zo he
7115s comes in with the blade they are going
7117s to salvage this fight from the jaws of
7120s defeat and Michael wave we going to save
7122s off a bit more time off the clock but
7124s it's so costly because that Nano boost
7127s goes errant it doesn't go in on with the
7129s blade you Ed the overclock without it
7131s you've now used three SS to win that
7133s fight versus you know the four that nysl
7135s Embers are about to have here you're
7136s going to have the rally and you're going
7138s to have the Primal Rage you can really
7139s slow things down here especially with a
7141s pick off there onto H key now the rally
7144s from poru does come through and maybe
7146s they don't need HQ to win this fight
7148s especially with X10 Landing shots like
7151s that finding wi right through all of it
7154s and zoee now going down to por you they
7156s know exactly where Mari is trying to
7157s chase down the Winston knows that
7159s there's not a lot of places for them to
7161s go except back into the spawn waiting
7163s for the regroup now once again almost to
7165s the end rally comes in from wi to start
7168s things off and start the engage HQ is
7170s back there's potential for a dragon
7172s blade here and they need to be careful
7174s of it only a Primal Rage from Michael
7176s wave that can potentially combat it
7179s while Zoe switches onto the Tracer needs
7181s to get the harassment down onto a onto
7183s anion but there is the Dragon Blade to
7185s come through and anti onto H ke for
7188s momentarily but it's the backline line
7189s of Michael wave melted what else is
7192s there to do now as Zoe dances in and out
7195s of the point but doesn't touch in time
7197s three points on the first round 10
7200s seconds left the Primal Rage came out
7202s from Mari there and she put all of the
7204s pressure onto annu knowing that the
7206s threat of that nanoade was coming but
7207s despite being juggled around back
7210s literally slammed up against the wall
7212s over and over again anun still finds the
7214s connection to put the Nano boost onto
7216s the Genji to get that nanoade off and HQ
7220s does exactly what she needs to do with
7221s it and you can even see like look at
7223s look at this KD look at HQ with that 19
7225s and4 that's beautiful 19 And1 by the way
7228s for moving fish good God my nyxl Embers
7231s are executing this dive really really
7233s well going into this Winston dive it's
7236s it's kind of like I don't even want to
7238s say it's a Genji differential because
7239s Zoe and hkey have been going blow for
7241s blow it very much so feels like it's
7244s anun just being a step ahead of everyone
7246s else she's finding the big nades she's
7248s finding the Nano she's a able to stay
7251s alive long enough to keep her own tank
7253s in the in The Fray and playing an Anna
7256s playing any Flex support by the way into
7257s a dive composition is hell you have to
7260s use your cool Downs defensively when
7261s you're able to actually use them
7262s offensively though is when you actually
7264s get value you have to be able to find
7266s these angles and annun is one of the
7268s best at it and we've been singing anun
7271s praises this entire series and honestly
7274s the entire series before that as well
7276s anion has been Landing so many big nades
7279s and moving fish in coordination with
7281s that they just have a excellent Synergy
7283s nyxl Embers they are in tune with one
7285s another they know what they should do
7287s and what their win conditions are and
7289s now Michael wave they need to find a way
7291s past it they need to have a full capture
7293s here and by the way we're talking a lot
7295s about anun take nothing away from ajmr
7297s cuz they've also been playing very very
7298s well but they have been caught out a
7300s couple times and that's coming back to
7302s bite them whether the protection isn't
7304s there whether the pressure isn't there
7306s the Frontline pressure to try and stop
7308s X10 from fighting those angles
7310s that's a solution that Michael wave have
7312s to find as soon as possible they have to
7314s keep enabling ajmr to find these bigad
7316s ajmr going to fall
7319s first and now ajmr going down it's just
7322s devastating you trade X10 out but it's a
7325s DS for a support who keeps your pank
7328s alive without that burst healing from
7330s agmr it seems that they are able to stay
7334s alive but they can't get any capture
7336s they can't keep forcing themselves
7337s forward without the help of ajmr now the
7340s Winston's trying to trade blow for blow
7342s here moving fish does get very low
7344s regroups with the supports while they
7346s get a little bit of that touch onto the
7348s point almost has a nano already though
7351s Zoe opening pick off there onto X10 that
7353s might be the opening that Michael wave
7354s need but there still being pressured
7356s coral into this little hotel room by
7358s moving fish and moving fish is going to
7360s check them
7362s out oh well that is a lot of damage
7366s going down onto moving fish but even
7368s then it's it's a primal r monkey see
7370s monkey do I guess and it just swipes
7373s them off of the objective moving fish
7375s the Primal Rage runs out and they're
7377s able to get a tick now a second tick as
7379s well but there's a recontest coming in
7381s very fast HQ wants to go in the Nano
7383s comes in onto moving fish and anion
7385s should be able to save off the pressure
7387s from Mari despite that Primal Rage and
7389s does Mari has to retreat back to the
7391s rest of the team and HQ now has a dragon
7393s blade in the back pocket ajmr with a
7395s nanoade or Nano of their own seeing if
7398s they are able to use Zoe comes through
7400s the nanoade does come out and even with
7402s anti Zoey is just Fearless going onto
7406s the tank going on to the backline it
7408s doesn't matter if their health is purple
7410s she's still able to find the team kill
7412s and allow Michael wave to start pushing
7414s the street phas with four minutes
7416s Fearless is the word there because it's
7418s it's really scary as a Genji to be at
7420s that 100 HP knowing you're anti- healed
7422s but to still go in that deep saying no
7424s no I am getting what I came for or I am
7427s going to die trying and Zoe does get
7429s exact
7429s what she came for and because it ends up
7431s being a team kill as well Michael wave
7433s can play for this forward aggression
7434s take as much space here on Street space
7436s as possible but it's not going to be as
7438s much as they would like cuz nyxl Embers
7440s they're grouped up they're already back
7441s in the fight this corner right here
7443s where Zoe is standing is where this next
7445s fight should kick off and there's a
7447s blade for HP waiting in the
7449s wings there is no nanoade potential here
7453s just yet but X10 is also building up to
7455s that overclock death has an overclock of
7457s their own and it's really down to that
7459s soj 1 V one here Zoe had a little bit of
7461s trouble in that first round but this
7463s round seems to be coming alive with
7465s those blades and making a lot of space
7467s for Michael wave they've already pushed
7469s it halfway but now ammr going down first
7471s once again that is so huge from moving
7474s fish to take down the support and now
7476s anun has another nanoade it's four
7478s ultimates for nyxl emers and they
7480s haven't had to expend a single one to
7482s win this fight yeah it was again just
7484s another anun biotic grenade it landed
7486s onto both ajmr and wika and hey if
7488s you're WI you know your job is to
7490s protect agmr but that's so much harder
7492s when you are also anti you also can't
7494s play as aggressive as you want to cuz
7495s the Winston tickle Cannon is going to
7497s just go right through your Shield you
7499s know that your life is on the clock as
7501s well so she can't be as aggressive as
7502s she needs to be to keep ajmr alive so
7505s moving fish can just go in and now like
7506s you said the ults are about to fly and
7509s here's the overclock from Death looking
7511s for some value here really uh just
7514s forcing back nyxl Embers to some extent
7518s but they're just disengaging they're
7519s waiting for that overclock to run out
7521s before they come in with re-engage with
7523s almost a full ultimate Bank Michael wave
7525s they only have that rally to try and
7527s stay about the pressure from just
7529s mashing the Q keys and there goes X10
7531s with the overclock looking to stay about
7533s the pressure with the rally but it's not
7535s enough x0 over the top and Mari shredded
7537s with the rail gun shot and now without
7539s the tank the rest of the squad is
7540s supposed to just fall like dominoes they
7542s are just all corow into this little
7544s space not quite using the ultimate
7546s they're just holding it Diamond hands
7548s and yeah there is another n to come
7550s through
7553s ajmr ajmr uh still alive but definitely
7556s Public Enemy Number One if you're moving
7558s fish look at this angle that they have
7560s currently right now just kind of
7561s overlooking the streets from this window
7563s but they have to try and make something
7565s happened they are able to get L dueling
7567s Nano blades which goes bigger and HQ has
7570s the Nano both of them have Nano blades
7572s Zoe however is finding so much more
7574s value here on the backline hkey wasn't
7577s able to find any really much of
7579s anything now now I'll say Genji Gap if
7582s that's not a Genji Gap right there I
7583s don't know what is you give both Genji a
7585s nanoblade see who comes hug and so he
7587s even seals it with the clean up Dash
7589s there onto H key Zoe's Genji has been
7592s phenomenal this whole tournament she's
7593s been a huge surprise a pleasant surprise
7596s for this Michael wave team they get to
7597s hold on to the Primal Rage but that's
7599s really all they have they don't have
7601s death in that for presence anymore soyl
7603s Embers are going to snap back like a
7604s rubber band and start to contest this
7606s payload again yeah they're really
7608s evening out the ultimate advantages here
7610s though Michael wave they're getting a
7612s good momentum going onto the ultimate
7614s charges and they're pretty much even
7616s poru does have the advantage of the
7618s rally but the DPSS of Michael wave are
7621s steadily building up to their own
7622s ultimates now the contention is there
7625s from moving fish looking for a dive onto
7627s the backline but where is anun looking
7629s for the biotic nades needs something to
7631s follow up on there is one onto wi but
7634s the Sleep comes in from moving fish and
7636s that might be devastating the Primal
7638s Rage does have to come through for the
7640s health syn Primal Rage from Mari as well
7642s as they're going for the dive onto the
7643s back line now regrouping both winstons
7646s with their squads for the sustain to
7648s come through rally now from poru looking
7650s to save off the pressure off the batt
7652s line and make sure that they can enforce
7654s this push now with the rally from wi to
7657s come out a little bit later it's just
7659s order of operations here wika finding
7661s moving fish and Nik cell Embers back
7663s away I mean Mario used the Primal Rage
7665s to great effect at the start of that
7666s fight to pressure off the entire
7667s backline force moving fish to not get
7669s any value from their Primal Rage
7671s especially with the Sleep rout that came
7672s through from HMR but they didn't confirm
7674s any kills until wi popped that rally and
7676s it wasn't clean so nyxl Embers they
7679s still have a window here and they might
7681s have just slammed it shut on death it's
7683s go time and now with the overclock from
7686s X10 death didn't have anything from the
7688s overclock of their own shredding through
7690s the health the bubble does go down and
7691s it allows them to be a little bit more
7693s protected so he comes in and poru goes
7696s down though the Nano blade it's so good
7698s for a moment but Zoe immediately Falls
7701s and anion is still up now with the Nano
7703s onto X10 trying to find a little bit
7705s more value HQ is so low the bubble comes
7708s in just in time to save the Genji and
7710s now nyxl Embers they are able to stop
7713s the push under a minute left over for
7715s Michael wave it's the only ultimate
7717s coming up might be both of the Primal
7719s rages as well as the N blade for HQ
7722s that's swaps over to the ash I'm not
7724s sure if this is going to what this is
7726s going to do you got to imagine the
7727s dynamite pressure might be a threat for
7729s the backline you can see death has an
7731s angle right now where they can challenge
7733s and try and put some pressure onto anun
7735s moving fish is not going to let them
7736s have that for free though yeah they
7739s don't want to let them have that High
7740s Ground Control for free moving fish now
7743s in the back line bubble goes down and
7744s it's a retreat on through there was a
7746s dynamite onto HQ for a second oh that is
7748s so good such a good sleep but they're
7750s woken up and the Primal Rage does come
7752s through now really just making sure that
7754s they're able to keep each other alive
7756s the supports sustaining one another and
7758s now it's the rally from wiah H ke with
7762s the blade looking for something but it
7763s was a raw blade there was no Nano boost
7765s on it and it's really a struggle for
7767s them to find Value Mari now going to
7770s take down H key as the rally comes
7772s through with the Nano from anion to
7773s support moving fish diving onto death as
7775s sleep comes through immediately woken up
7778s however and wi looking to duel out the
7780s Anna from the squad and is able to do so
7783s without anion they need to find another
7785s way to sustain poru gets very low from
7787s the anti such a good and there's a nano
7789s as well onto Tracer no less X10 falling
7793s the pulse bomb in case anyone tries to
7795s come in looking for a stick onto H key
7797s and you nowhere to go with the KIRO and
7800s now in the overtime they are able to
7803s find the third point we clut what a
7807s clutch Nano there from ajmr to get that
7809s on so realistically anybody because they
7811s were being hard pressured down by moving
7813s fish but finding it onto Zoe and Zoe
7815s takes that ball and runs with it and by
7818s the way speaking of Nanos there are some
7820s very risky Nanos coming out from annun
7822s but they're paying off right we go back
7824s to where we saw the nanoade that came
7826s out well we answer that with a nano rail
7829s shot like who even thinks to do that who
7831s even thinks to go for a defensive Nano
7833s boost onto a soj so that she can hit a
7835s rail shot onto onto a Genji right and
7838s then another late Nano that comes out
7840s onto puu while puu is only 3% away from
7842s her rally ends up building that rally
7845s that is almost enough to buy nyxl Embers
7847s back into the whole fight there I'm
7849s loving the Anna back and forth here and
7851s the value that every player is getting
7853s whenever they are the beneficiaries of
7855s that Nano boost one minute on the clock
7857s for Michael wave a minute 10 for nyxl
7860s Embers this is getting pretty close here
7863s Michael wave what is their win condition
7865s here how do they break through this and
7867s get some start getting some Headway I
7870s mean ajmr they really came alive in that
7873s last fight being able to hit a lot of
7875s crucial sleeps and also land the biotic
7878s on PO you that really eliminated the
7880s supports from nyxl ember's fight and
7882s from then on it was really just back and
7885s forth from every single one of them they
7887s had to switch on to Heroes that could
7889s get to the point quickly but X10
7891s switching onto this ash is really
7893s interesting instead of the sojourn which
7896s they've been getting a lot of value with
7898s I I I think the ash means that X10 is
7899s probably going to play a little bit more
7901s on The High Ground potentially with anun
7903s put out some pressure with that
7904s dynamites actually no you can look
7905s they're playing on the point right now
7907s just trying to play for the angles
7908s trying to pressure out the enemy
7909s backline a head shot goes in onto death
7912s and yeah that's an easy clean up there
7913s that's a dead fight for Michael wave
7915s half their time bank already gone with
7917s one Fell Swoop from
7919s X10 yeah X10 really good to find that
7922s first pick up now looking at death
7924s switching onto the Widow Maker this is
7927s really interesting they're looking for
7928s the picks and as as going go The High
7930s Ground X's not going to pick not going
7932s to peek that they don't want to stay on
7934s the point they don't want to play
7935s anywhere where death can see them death
7936s actually going to make another swap onto
7938s the B Bas now okay the Bastion coming
7941s through the dynamite damage pressuring
7943s out ajmr from peeking out on the angles
7945s moving fish in bad spot especially after
7948s the Bastion comes out and an anti comes
7950s through HQ however finding Zoe Zoe going
7953s down is going to be a tough one but they
7954s get a tick and the overtime is activated
7957s now a lot of damage coming down from
7958s above and there's the anti onto death
7960s that goes through as moving fish comes
7963s in with the bubble and poru just bashing
7965s Mari off the point the overtime is going
7967s to run out it's almost a touch from wika
7970s but not enough as a shield Bash from
7972s poru pushes her
7974s away a tick and a half that's not bad
7978s that's a win condition they Michael wave
7980s have at the very least saved this from
7982s being a draw it is now win or lose based
7985s on uh based on that tick and a half
7987s right and being able to take even that
7989s after that early pickoff onto death
7991s wasn't a guarantee because the fight was
7993s never going to be a clean one especially
7995s with the swaps like I said you saw death
7997s make the swap onto the Widowmaker well
7999s X10 sees that and says I'm not going to
8001s stick around on the point I'm not going
8003s to be anywhere where I'm at risk to a
8004s widow head shot instead I'm going to go
8006s back up to The High Ground coach gun up
8008s with my Anna force force Michael wave to
8010s play into us and suddenly now I'm going
8013s to have another advantageous angle to
8014s hit another dynamite and I don't even
8016s have to worry about the hit scan duel
8018s with this angle that's just kind of how
8019s you know we all play with the map
8020s geometry there death sees that all
8023s happen that gets called out so death is
8024s going to swap over onto the Bastion cuz
8026s they need to just play something that's
8028s going to actually get them onto the
8029s point that's going to put that pressure
8031s forward and that ends up being what does
8033s it it buys them a tick and a half but is
8036s that
8038s enough that is the question of the
8040s evening as we watch moving fish hover
8043s this hamster ball and I want to say that
8046s this is fake um I appreciate how you
8049s call it a hamster ball every time yeah I
8052s I
8053s don't you know it's a ball it's a I know
8057s it he's a hamster he's a ball and and
8060s now okay that's really aggressive from
8062s Zoe that is actually devastating that's
8064s anti onto Zoe and immediately they lose
8066s a DPS they lose so much pressure with
8068s that denji going down early and moving
8071s fish does switch back onto that Winston
8073s and it's an anti on to poru maybe poru
8075s can stay alive though that's a good
8077s sleep and now Mari so much damage being
8079s taken just from X10 spamming down the
8082s rail gun shots can they stay alive and
8084s they are able to just Retreat back the
8087s rest of the team and now xtent has so
8089s much pressure being put on it but with
8091s the help of the disruptor shop they
8092s should be able to stay alive and just in
8095s time they gra the health pack poru now
8098s on the point with a taken down death but
8101s poru does fall to Mari Zoe weaving in
8104s and out with the Tracer and both bubbles
8106s now down and you not enough pressure
8108s being put on this Anna just yet but
8110s still hasn't landed the biotic nade that
8112s they need H key going down to Zoe and
8115s with a pulse bomb now in Zoe's back
8116s pocket this could be a very dangerous
8118s for moving fish but with the Nano boost
8121s they are able to save moving fish from
8122s the clutches of death Zoe still looking
8124s to harass but the overtime is being
8126s collected now they need someone to touch
8129s and they should be able to HQ gets on
8131s the point the bubble goes down but
8133s moving fish is just getting so low death
8135s with a huge anti on to enan and now with
8138s the rally from poru it's so much
8140s sustained the Sleep comes through on
8142s toari but the Nano boost as well both of
8145s the support ultimates from Michael wave
8146s being activated looking to sustain
8148s through not even a single tick just yet
8150s from NE yxl Embers but H key they're
8153s looking to clutch it out with the
8154s overclock now and both the EPS is
8156s finding their picks ajmr hopping onto
8158s the point and finding anion but it is
8161s not enough nyxl Embers they take the
8164s second map off of Michael wave as well
8167s anun is undisputedly undoubtedly
8170s 10,000% the hero of that fight she stays
8173s alive long enough to get that to build
8175s that Nano really really quickly the bomb
8178s goes out onto moving fish he pops the
8180s Nano just to save them and it works and
8182s then every single time that moving fish
8184s was on death store a sliver of HP and so
8187s far away from the Primal Rage she was
8189s there to heal moving fish back up keep
8191s the Winston alive keep the push alive
8193s despite all of the pressure that Zoe was
8195s putting out and it was a lot of pressure
8197s take nothing away from Zoe because she
8199s was playing phenomenally on the Tracer
8201s finding the pickoffs really really
8203s making nyxl Embers have to work for but
8205s it's it's anun that makes the difference
8207s for my money it is 100% anun that makes
8210s the difference and even how fitting is
8212s it that this entire push for nyxl Embers
8216s opens up with a bionade kill final blow
8219s onto Zoey and ends with another one onto
8222s the symmetra I didn't even see who made
8223s the symmetra swap I think it was death
8225s that swapped on the cetra there yeah how
8227s how how poetic that it is the bionade
8229s final blows that end up sealing the Fate
8232s for nyxl
8234s Embers they go up 20 in the series and
8236s it looks so close so Scrappy throughout
8239s but it's anun that's making up the
8241s difference for
8242s me yeah anun is just doing so much in
8246s these fights especially that last one
8247s opening up with a bionade and then
8249s closing with another bionade and at the
8251s end of the day ammr does find a pick but
8253s they trade one for one and there was
8255s just no one left to Contest no one to
8257s keep that overtime going for in Michael
8258s wave and yxl Embers it is by the seat of
8261s their pants It Is by The Skin of Their
8263s Teeth but they are able to clutch the
8265s second map out and now Michael wave they
8267s are on match point they need to find a
8269s way to crawl back in this series and we
8272s predicted that this series would go the
8274s distance and and I mean if you're
8276s Michael wave if you're myself or bad
8278s pachimari as well it kind of has to
8280s right like you got to get the BS out
8282s it's reverse sweep or go home you know
8285s Michael wave I still believe that they
8287s have the capabilities to take this all
8288s the way and to win the whole thing but
8290s right now it looks like they are just
8292s that one step behind and I cannot stress
8294s enough how much how much it's anun
8297s that's making the difference a lot of
8298s these sleep THS that are saving her own
8299s life a lot of these big bonates and just
8302s some of the fundamental anlay being able
8304s to stay alive get the Nanos onto the
8305s right targets at the right time to save
8307s lives that what what more could you ask
8309s out of a support than one that is
8311s willing to use their ultimate ability to
8312s save your life and then you know the
8314s wherewithal to make something out of the
8316s gift of life that anun has bestowed upon
8318s you speaks to the team f like the the
8321s skill level of all of these players on
8323s this team it it's the mark of one of the
8326s best teams right can they be the
8328s best now again Michael wave with the
8331s pick on to surasa I think this might be
8335s another doomfist map if they don't keep
8338s on playing the Winston and I'm curious
8340s if they do switch switch it up and try
8342s to play that doomfist because I feel
8344s like Mari was very strong and very
8346s confident coming in especially with the
8348s matches before on the doomfist dive and
8351s you said that is very strong but the
8353s Winston can just counter it so well with
8355s the bubble on the supports I I I still
8358s kind of feel like you know even though
8361s Michael wave they have Mario who is
8363s potentially the best doomfist in in
8364s calling all heroes right I think that
8367s you still want to go for the Winston
8368s here because knowing that moving fish
8370s has that in their back pocket and they
8372s will likely play that if they see you
8373s come out with the doomfist you kind of
8376s have to match it and and again you have
8378s to put the pressure onto anun you have
8380s to stop her from hitting these nades you
8381s have to stop her from hitting these
8382s sleep darts you have to stop her from
8384s building up to these Nanos and getting
8386s them out at the clutch moments ajmr has
8389s been phenomenal this series I'm not
8391s going to let that one slide either
8393s they've also been playing very very well
8395s but it's really hard to see it when
8397s we're always hyper fixated on anun and
8399s how well she's been playing I think
8401s that's the Difference Maker and whether
8403s or not Michael wave can pressure her
8405s it's going to it's going to be the world
8406s it's going to Bean the whole series and
8408s potentially the whole tournament for
8410s them yeah Michael wave it's do or die we
8413s are down in the lower bracket I mean
8416s nyxl Embers they had a lot of warm up
8418s before this but it also means that they
8420s have a longer way to go if they have if
8422s they do make it to those grand finals
8424s then theyve already have played two best
8427s of Five series before facing Timeless
8429s ethereal Michael wave they are still
8431s fresher but maybe they're not as warm
8433s maybe they're not in the swing of things
8435s just yet and now do or die on surasa it
8438s is their map pick it is their map to
8441s win it it has to be it has to be their
8444s map to win cuzz we're again in that
8446s situation do or die no more second
8448s chances this is where you have to make
8449s your final stand if you're Michael wave
8451s and you can't you can't drop another map
8454s this is is where it all it all ends it
8457s it all ends for you in this tournament
8458s Do or Die granted yeah both of these
8460s teams have solidified their spot in the
8462s Champs but there's still a matter of
8464s wanting to be the one to take home that
8465s trophy both of these teams look like
8467s they can and you in Michael wave's case
8470s even has beaten Timeless ethereal both
8473s of these are Championship caliber teams
8475s and for Michael wave to go down 3 in
8477s this series I think would be really
8479s really rough I believe they actually
8482s even hold the uh hold the Swiss stage
8483s wind over nyxl Embers so this' be a
8487s great Revenge story for nyxl Embers to
8488s get that three but for Michael wave more
8491s was promised this time around they were
8493s kind of a dark horse that a lot of teams
8494s didn't see coming but they definitely
8496s made a statement but we kind of expect a
8499s little bit more we want to see them
8501s fulfill what is Promised make that grand
8503s finals appearance potentially be the
8505s ones to Dethrone the Kings in in the
8508s final opportunity to do so yeah a quick
8512s note on the circuit points as well
8514s though but Michael wave even if they do
8516s lose this even if they do get third they
8518s end up with over 10,000 circuit points
8522s total but Embers even if they do win
8524s this and end up second place losing to
8526s Timeless ethereal they end up with less
8529s than 10,000 so Michael wave they do have
8531s the prize pool still riding on this but
8533s in terms of seating for the championship
8535s they have almost certainly secured their
8538s spot as the second seed in this entire
8540s tournament and let's talk a little bit
8542s about tyon ethereal right cuz I was
8544s telling a little bit about how at the
8545s top of the show how you know Timeless
8548s ethereal they're making their their
8551s sixth Grand finals appearance they've
8553s been in every calling all heroes Grand
8555s finals for both the majors and the minor
8556s tournaments it would be their fifth
8559s tournament win overall and their fourth
8561s in a row if they are able to capture
8563s this win and and being these two teams
8566s who have shown that they can contend
8568s with and in some cases even beat that
8569s team how good would it feel to spoil
8571s that for them right like to just rain
8573s all over their parade you have the
8575s opportunity to do that which of these
8577s two teams wants it more right now it
8579s feels like it's nyxl Embers that wants
8581s to be the ones to make that statement
8583s they're angry they're hungry because of
8585s that 3-2 from yesterday they want to
8587s avenge that loss Michael wave they did
8590s it 20 in Swiss they know that they can
8592s beat this team if just given the chance
8594s but they have to go through nyxl Embers
8597s and that's No Easy Task and it's proven
8599s to be no easy task they've been blow for
8602s blow but it's up like I'm not paid like
8605s anun doesn't have my PayPal here so like
8607s she's not paying me to say this I'm just
8609s an an one trick so I I you know game
8612s recognizes game right I see the big on
8614s of plays I call them out she's been the
8616s Difference Maker and Michael wave have
8618s to either step up to where she's no
8620s longer a factor or completely neutralize
8622s her completely take her out of the
8624s equation find a way to best her in that
8627s Exchange
8628s yeah I mean I think we also just need to
8630s give supports love in general because
8632s they are the legs that your team stands
8634s on and onun being able to make those big
8637s plays on support is just so important
8640s and so key in nyxl Ember success Michael
8643s wave ajmr has had some really good
8646s moments like that as well with big
8648s biotic nades big sleeps but not as
8650s consistently as Anan has been making
8652s those plays and also a huge shout out to
8654s poru as well for always being able to
8656s save off that pressure keep uh keep
8659s onion alive in those crucial moments
8661s with the whiff shots and shield bashes
8663s and make sure that they can sustain
8665s through those really heavy Dives that
8668s Mari is putting on on Zoe with the
8670s followup and death of course with the
8672s overclocks Michael wave is a really
8674s strong team it's not like it seems like
8677s nyxl umbers because of this 20 score
8679s line that they are just so dominant but
8682s Michael that's not the case Michael wave
8684s is incredibly strong as well and it's
8685s just down to the wire every sing single
8687s time and let's talk about Murray's dives
8689s by the way you touched on that really
8691s briefly I want to go back and say that
8692s uh my prediction was correct and both
8694s teams are going to foro the Winston
8695s there go or sorry foro the doomfist and
8697s go straight to the Winston great whip
8699s shot from wi there to put moving fish
8701s back in their place that might actually
8703s just be enough for Michael wave to get
8705s the advantageous positioning and maybe
8706s get the early cap
8708s here well that is a huge anti from ajmr
8712s we are talking about the Anna we keep
8713s talking about the biotic nades and they
8715s were just able to take down two layers
8717s off the back of one cool down death
8720s going to shred through moving fish and
8721s you can keep moving fish alive from
8723s Spawn while dead so now Michael wave
8726s they have that first point capture and
8728s that's what Michael wave need to do it
8730s has to be their backline making the
8731s difference the whip shots from Wick to
8732s keep ajmr alive and then ajmr to be able
8735s to hit those big nades that they do like
8737s to go for set plays for when given the
8738s opportunity to ajmr will go for flank
8741s nades if they can but they haven't
8743s really been able to thus far but now
8744s that they have control of the point
8746s there may be a shot for for ajar to try
8748s and make a little bit of a rotation here
8749s as nyxl Embers looks for their point of
8753s Ingress Zoe looking to find some damage
8756s onto H key gets the bis from for you to
8759s make sure that they're sustained through
8761s and now moving fish has the bubble on
8762s the point it seems like Mari though just
8764s get shredded by X10 it looked good for a
8767s moment but all of a sudden the health
8769s bar is just completely gone now X10
8771s looking to follow up with a kick on to
8773s Zoe make sure that there's not that
8775s extra damage that can Shad through the
8776s tanks nyxl Embers are contesting over it
8779s seems like they should be able to get
8781s Zoe off with the nice little stomp from
8783s moving fish and flip that point over but
8785s it's already 80% they need to hold on to
8787s this for the time being and anti might
8789s be able to delay but ajmr goes down
8792s nonetheless it's great rotations
8794s touching the point and coming off the
8795s point just in time to do that without
8797s your tank is great discipline that comes
8799s out from Michael wave and they do get
8801s two support alss but have a look at the
8802s other side nyxl Embers they did enough
8804s to match that it's one fight for Michael
8806s wave and they do have to win it but nyxl
8808s Ember should be coming into this with
8810s the advantage just by sheer force of you
8812s know the fact that they were able to
8813s keep moving fish alive moving fish can
8814s pop this Primal Rage once they get it to
8816s really really slow the pace of this
8818s fight out wi though going to pop the
8820s rally early she wants to close it out
8822s moving fish now having to get real low
8825s but there's the nanoade to come through
8827s ajmr has the Nano onto Zoe but the anti
8831s is going to stop her in her tracks X10
8833s takes her down and now for you a little
8835s bit later on the rally but so much more
8837s Val from it so much over Health that
8839s allows them to force this fight forward
8841s over time though they get the flip over
8843s and 99% from Michael wave however x0 is
8846s going to shred through the rest of the
8847s squad and ajmr Falls after Wick it it's
8851s so clutched that Michael wer able to
8852s find the flip though cuz they do have an
8853s opportunity for one more staggered fight
8855s here but Zoe's going to have to be the
8857s one to touch unless everybody from
8859s Michael wave can get there in time and
8860s that's going to be really really tight
8862s and by the way that's another fight that
8864s anun carries for nyxl Embers using the
8867s defensive Nano onto X10 to keep them
8869s alive through the the enemy nanoade and
8872s then to hit the big nade onto Zoe means
8874s that that nanoade found nothing it
8876s needed to find so much more but it just
8879s couldn't three ultimate for nxl Embers
8882s seeing if they're going to invest them
8883s into this overtime Michael wave they're
8885s actually taking point they're
8887s uncontested for a few seconds and HQ now
8890s having that Nano blade oh that was such
8892s a huge biotic nade onto Zoe and you're
8894s now taking down the Genji H key that's
8896s the Go Button for them but it is not
8899s enough now the overtime it's between the
8901s supports and this and Mari okay they
8904s flip it over and there's a recontest
8907s once again from poru wi goes down to
8909s poru as well and now it's just the tanks
8912s that are just going at it Mari trying to
8914s find something with the Primal Rage here
8916s trying to sustain and it's not enough
8919s they just weren't on it for second and
8921s Michael wave lose that I mean but I mean
8924s if you're Mari you still like that you
8925s know you still take that cuz you flip
8926s the Point moving fish has to invest the
8928s Primal Rage just to go back in for the
8930s touch and Mari could have kept that in
8931s contest but I think she jumped just a
8933s little bit too high with that last leap
8936s wasn't still touching the point which I
8938s very very unfortunate but you have set
8940s yourself up to where you're at least on
8942s even footing for this next point cuz you
8943s don't have to worry about that Primal
8945s Rage now you don't have to worry about
8947s the Dragon Blade coming out from HQ you
8949s will have to worry about the support
8950s ultimates but you can match those at the
8952s very least you've already matched the
8953s rally I think if wi goes aggressive with
8955s this this might be it might space for
8957s Michael wave to take this point
8959s early HK looking for the early damage
8962s onto Mari moving fish however the biotic
8965s nade that is huge ajmr now finding
8968s moving fish and they don't have a tank
8970s on nyxl Emperor's side so they need wika
8973s to come in with the rally to force it
8976s forward and get the early positioning
8977s and already with the capture on the
8979s point looking to stagger the rest of the
8980s team will whip shot but not enough
8982s damage to kill as nyxl Ember regroups
8986s and it's a great regroup that comes out
8987s from nyxl Embers right because they
8988s don't feed a lot of ult charge over to
8990s Michael wave AJR's coming up on the Nano
8992s boost but you would have liked to see
8993s some more damage coming up from zoi and
8995s death to build up to their ultimates now
8997s in yxl Embers they should still be at an
8999s ultimate Advantage here especially if
9001s they go fast it doesn't look like
9002s they're going to though moving fish
9004s jumps in Dives right back out anyon
9006s holds on to the Nano at least for now
9009s HMR now has a nano of their own as well
9012s so this could potentially trade blow for
9014s blow in terms of the honest needs to see
9016s who lands biotic nade once again so much
9018s damage being done to moving fish though
9020s and that's going to save off a little
9022s bit of pressure H ke a dry pick onto Zoe
9024s in the neutral now missing a DPS on
9027s Michael wave's side and Mari is actually
9030s going to trade it back onto H key the
9031s rally comes out a little bit too late
9033s moving fish has the Nano now onto them
9036s and should be able to find something out
9037s of it the Primal Rage comes through from
9039s mari's side however and por you just get
9041s shredded anion can't stay alive without
9044s the B needs to find some way out but
9046s there is no Nowhere to Run moving fish
9048s inv best the Primal Rage to try and hold
9050s on to the point and maybe flip it over
9052s okay death just gets juggled right into
9054s the pit of despair but they should be
9055s able to keep this in contention
9057s especially now the HQ has come in for
9059s you goes and switches onto the Lucio but
9061s moving fish goes down the overtime Runs
9064s Out second Point goes to Michael wave
9067s and now we're on to the third with a 1-1
9069s score line the environmental with the
9071s Primal there for moving fish is very
9072s flashy but while that was all happening
9074s Mari held on to her Primal Rage for so
9076s long pops it at the perfect moment and
9078s gets a 3K a primal blade in the backline
9081s and that's what SEALs it for Michael
9082s wave by the time nyxl Embers pop their
9085s own it's already done and Dustin moving
9087s fish is just trying to buy time for
9089s someone anybody to come back and help
9092s them out but there was no Cavalry to
9093s come in and now Michael wave they've
9095s matched it up one to one they have the
9098s the point presence on this point already
9100s over here in Ruins they're going to have
9101s a dragon blade x10's going to go ahead
9103s and pop the
9104s overclock overclock from X10 immediately
9106s takes down ajmr the rally should be able
9109s to stain them a little bit more but it's
9111s not quite the burst healing that you get
9113s from ajmr and Mari and Zoe fall because
9115s of it HQ now with the Dragon Blade to
9118s try and clean house and it seems like
9120s they should be able to get the first
9121s capture looking to clean up death maybe
9124s a potential stagger kill but they
9126s Retreat pretty fast both teams though
9129s they they didn't have a whole lot to
9130s start out with but they both expend
9131s pretty much everything look at the old
9132s bank there's there's nothing there are
9134s there are no ultimates this is going to
9135s be a very neutral very first fight
9137s feeling fight it's going to be kind of
9139s between ajmr and anun to see who's able
9141s to build up that Nano boost early so I
9144s mean Mari has a lot of Health missing
9146s that could be a good head start for ajmr
9147s and a big n on to puu and puu going down
9151s early that's going to be tough now
9153s moving fish looking to slam down onto
9155s Mari gets very low it's not quite
9157s isolated from the supports though HQ
9159s might be able to finish off what moving
9161s fish started but is not able to wer
9163s comes in just in time now moving fish
9166s has no where to run they get the flip
9168s over but it's good 65% from MXL Embers
9171s gives them time to build up to those
9172s ultimates but Michael wave on the other
9174s hand they've already built up to them a
9176s a ajmar is is getting sick of us
9178s praising anun so much we're giving her
9180s so much props that ajmr is like you know
9181s I think I deserve something as well cuz
9184s it is the nade from ajmr that ends up
9186s sealing the deal poor you Falls and you
9188s know when your brigit is dead your your
9190s an is not going to last very long now
9192s we're going to go first with this Nano
9194s onto death are we going to be able to
9195s make anything out of this looks like
9197s nyxl Embers they just hit they just
9198s backtrack they just hold the S
9200s key overclock not quite there but when
9204s the Nano came on but it helped build up
9206s deaths or that overclock pretty quickly
9208s and I Embers yeah they're just going to
9210s back up but there's another nade onto
9212s Mari should be able to get quite a bit
9214s of damage and force a disengage at least
9215s Force the Primal Rage but HMR takes down
9218s H key and now without that HMR they are
9221s able to get so much damage through X10
9224s however trades out wi and now death has
9226s the overclock available there is so much
9228s anti Health on nyxl Ember side from that
9231s ajmr throws while going down X might be
9234s able to clutch it though the overclock
9236s finds too I don't I mean it's flashy but
9239s I don't think it was necessary I mean
9241s they were at Michael wave was at 99% so
9243s you don't have to worry about them
9244s giving more percentage this is as much
9245s as they can get you go in and use that
9247s overclock now you don't have it to save
9249s yourself from this next fight if death
9251s is able to find even one pick with
9252s theirs Michael wave can flip this back
9254s and take it for their own moving fish
9256s has to be wary of this and might have to
9258s go aggressive with the Primal Rage the
9260s Sleep onto X10 oh that was such a good
9262s sleep onto X10 but they're not able to
9265s capitalize off of it instead it's both
9267s of the DPSS from Michael wave that go
9269s down but the overtime they might be able
9271s to get the flip over here not quite
9273s moving fish goes aggressive with the
9274s Primal Rage but it is just not enough
9276s they're juggled off the point and now
9278s head on to the next one a team Kill from
9280s nxl Embers allows them to get a little
9282s bit of extra Al charge as well now HP
9285s has a blade on board a little bit ahead
9287s of Zoe and death doesn't have an
9289s overclock at all but death pop their
9291s overclock and there like I called out
9292s the Sleep Dart onto X10 but there was
9294s another one that came right back onto
9296s death and that was the one that we saw
9297s on our screen there and that essentially
9299s nullified that entire ultimate moving
9301s fish does pop the Primal R just to seal
9302s it but death and going going to go ahead
9304s and deal out a little bit of death even
9306s without that overclock to kick things
9307s off Michael wave sure they lost the
9309s previous point but they're going to get
9310s first touch
9312s here NE and Ne so far on Sur seems like
9317s they're trading blow for blow back and
9318s forth the fights are also incredibly
9321s intense and it's not just one person
9324s dominating on each point either it's
9326s just the ultimate
9328s cycling I mean it's going to take a lot
9330s of ultimate cycling for Michael wave
9331s they've almost got that nanoblade but
9332s they might have to invest the rally if
9334s they want to even make it that far Mari
9336s great pick off there
9337s andoru and now and they have to back off
9340s a little bit further they have a nanoade
9343s on board for both of these sides but wi
9345s is leaded ahead with the rally already
9347s in the back pocket let's see what Mari
9349s can get done here moving fish does fall
9351s quite low and is just forced to
9353s disengage a little bit further nyxl
9355s Embers they need to regroup as Michael
9358s wave have already got 50% on the
9360s objective and with how fast it all ticks
9362s up you can't afford those little
9364s pickoffs there because it open the door
9365s for big plays like this Zoe with the
9367s blade finds to W with a little bit of
9369s clean up there and yxl Embers they take
9371s a couple of aies of their own they're
9372s going to get ajmr n yxl Embers might
9374s have saved this and that was a nano on
9377s to poru that allowed poru to stay alive
9379s and now poru is just finding so many
9382s picks now all they need to do is try and
9384s get onto this point and they're able to
9386s pop the rally get a little bit of over
9388s Health through and potentially stun Mari
9390s out of the Primal range getting a lot of
9391s damage now and anun comes in just in
9394s time to try and get the rest of the
9396s healing in now NYX Embers they flip that
9398s point but it is last fight territory on
9401s this one they have both DPS ultimates
9403s but not much else to work with again we
9405s got to look at the X10 and death both
9407s have an overclock who's going to who's
9408s going to Flinch first who's going to
9410s pull it who's going to get the pick
9411s first and we also have to worry about
9412s wi's rally here moving fish is very low
9415s and nobody's there to save them there
9417s was just no angle for them to get the
9419s Shing on to moving fish but x10's going
9421s to trade that right back you take our
9423s tank we're going to take yours but it's
9425s going to be wi who tries to be the
9426s pseudo tank for this squad with the
9428s rally to come through HQ doesn't find
9430s anything off of that and ajm hard just
9432s WS around the fountain and takes down H
9434s ke they flip it over and they need to
9436s find a touch here now moving fish comes
9438s in just in time and you needs to find a
9440s way to keep them alive Zoe switching
9442s onto the Tracer to just try and harass
9444s out poru and poru is getting so much
9447s damage done to them but still is alive
9449s anion keeping the Bita up as moving fish
9451s uses the Primal Rage and such a huge
9453s Health syn now as death goes down and
9456s Mari gets anti has to retreat for a few
9458s seconds bubble comes through the pulse
9460s bomb does not land NYL Embers now moving
9463s fish has the anti- health and is just
9465s getting shredded by the Tesla Cannon
9467s there is still the contention there from
9469s NL Embers though X10 is able to take
9471s down Zoe and the rest of the team they
9474s are just trying to move through HMR uses
9477s that biotic nade to save the squad but
9480s the contention there oh my God HK comes
9482s in with a huge pick onto Mari and death
9485s now trading X10 for it but the doomfist
9488s from moving fish to come through and it
9490s is just Michael wave to pick up that
9492s point and death going to go ahead and
9494s get the clean up there that was almost
9496s disastrous I mean ajmr was pocketing
9498s Mari for the longest time there but that
9500s one moment where they have to reload and
9502s Mari Falls that was almost you know the
9505s time for NYX elers to buy themselves
9507s back into it they're going to they
9508s invest the Nano boost onto hkey to try
9510s and make it happen ajmr has to use
9512s theirs onto wi to try and counter it and
9514s it just barely works out we're going to
9516s gens here two to two tied up this is
9519s what's going to decide it because of
9521s that last little bit of clean up from
9522s Death Michael wave have the positional
9524s Advantage P Spa from h goes wide recall
9527s forced out microwave want they want
9529s bodies they want
9531s blood and nyxl Embers they find Mari and
9535s there was a biotic nade landed onto onun
9537s but the tank going down there's no
9539s followup HP is able to get a bit of
9541s harassment through WKA needs to use the
9543s rally to try and keep the team alive try
9545s and have that Health thing in front and
9547s Michael wave actually get the first
9548s capture on the point Zoe also adding a
9551s lot of harassment onto moving fish and
9553s also building up to the pulse bomb very
9555s steadily Michael wave's ultimate economy
9558s is just so much better than nyxl Embers
9560s right now and they've also gotten first
9562s cap they have to play into them oh my
9565s God you can't like I was saying earlier
9566s you can't afford to be losing players
9568s like this on flasho especially your fast
9570s players like sure yeah HQ is going to
9571s get back to the fight but that's like a
9573s good what 20 maybe even 30% donated over
9576s to Michael wave and with a stick there
9578s okay by the time nyxl Embers get the
9580s regroup this will be one fight territory
9583s and Michael wave are using throwaway
9585s ultimates to do it as long as they don't
9586s lose Mari here they are good to
9590s go they got Mari back up ajmr doing a
9594s good job of pocketing that tank and also
9596s very close to the Nano boost now now X10
9599s has an overclock but death has an
9600s overclock of their own moving fish is
9602s going incredibly aggressive needs to
9604s maintain sight lines with anion who to
9606s build up that Nano boost Nano boost now
9608s ready for ajmr and overclock from death
9611s and h10 but both of them are pocketed by
9614s the Nano boost and they're trying to get
9616s so much damage through X10 finds Zoe and
9618s should be able to shred through the
9619s health of death who's just power sliding
9621s around making sure to oh watch out for
9624s the rail gun shots but moving fish comes
9626s in just in time and even with that anti
9628s from ajmr there's no follow up and it's
9630s just the rail gun to the Dome from ajmr
9633s and they flip it over 99% from Michael
9636s wave last fight territory invested
9638s everything into that fight just to lose
9641s ooh this is I like this this is kind of
9643s like a desperation Gambit here Michael
9644s wave only have to win one fight and
9646s they're going to make swaps over onto
9647s the Bastion variant of the sigma rush
9649s for going the sojourn and still keeping
9652s the May so if they section off any of
9654s the sports if they go in super super
9656s deep with the speed boost they can just
9658s win this fight outright and they have to
9660s do it right cuz they use every ult
9661s possible in that previous fight HQ can
9664s put this fight to bed with a pulse bomb
9665s and it's looking it's looking like it's
9667s got death name on it oh no it was the
9670s immortality field that saves them though
9672s they don't have the they can't secure
9675s the pick with the pulse bomb and now H
9677s key doesn't have the ultimate moving
9679s fish has to use the Primal Rage because
9681s of all the damage that comes through
9682s just from Death using the Bastion uh
9685s configuration and now nyxl Embers they
9688s need to find some way to stay alive no
9691s neither of them have any ultimates
9692s they're building it up quickly andun
9695s might be able to land asleep here the
9696s immortality field saves Mari once again
9698s that's one cool down that has been
9700s expended and X10 sees it takes down Zoey
9703s now should be able to shred through Mari
9705s over clock comes through just in time
9707s but the H does the beat and there's an
9708s amplification Matrix forcing X10 out of
9711s position and the overclock doesn't find
9712s the value it needs HQ needs to get back
9715s in the fight quickly and with a pulse
9717s bomb and overtime has been activated 99%
9719s for both of these teams and there is the
9722s nade but it's once again there is an
9725s immortality field to come through but
9726s ajmr just backs out of the lamp and is
9729s taken down NYL Embers is this a 3 0
9733s against Michael wave and it is indeed a
9736s 3 0 and it's a heartbreaking one because
9739s Michael wave the strategy was so sound
9742s and everything was working out in their
9743s favor and it did look like that pulse
9745s bomb from HQ went wide but it found the
9748s perfect thing that it needed to and that
9750s was the immortality
9751s field anun goes on a little bit of a
9753s flank hits a three-man bionade and there
9756s is not an immortality field to save off
9758s any of the pressure that was going to
9759s follow through with that so they end up
9761s losing the Bastion do M do Michael wave
9764s and and suddenly everything gets thrown
9765s into to disarray right because you no
9767s longer have that Bastion you no longer
9769s have the threat of all of that burst
9770s damage to keep moving fish under control
9772s sure they find the pickoff onto moving
9774s fish but it's too little too late the
9776s damage is done the rest of nyxl EMB they
9778s just take up all the advantage of
9780s positioning X10 is taking all the
9782s aggressive angles finding all the damage
9784s that they need to and they nyxl EMB just
9786s take it it it feels like that pulse bomb
9789s was thrown away it feels like it was
9790s Superfluous but it's the first domino in
9793s a series of increasingly large dominoes
9795s that Falls and it's it's it's it's just
9798s enough it's just barely enough and again
9801s I cannot stress enough how big the
9803s bionat from annun war because I go to
9805s that three man there's another big Twan
9807s that comes in later on and it's it's
9810s that's it that's it right like you've
9812s already lost players you didn't have the
9813s the immortality field they have to use
9815s the immortality field again to try and
9817s survive through the second bionade but
9818s it's not enough cuz everything's too
9820s split it it's it's annun anun MVP or I'm
9824s rioting or you're rioting you hear that
9827s production you want rioting CV on stream
9831s I'm going to throw the biggest temper
9832s tantrum you've ever seen all right
9834s children and Toys R R Us will have
9835s nothing on me if any you got the MVP for
9837s these bades that she's been hitting all
9839s day long she has almost single-handedly
9843s bought nyxl Embers into into the grand
9846s finals and I say sing almost
9848s single-handedly because again it's on
9850s players like X10 who are finding a lot
9852s of these flank angles a lot of these big
9854s you know rail shots with the soldier who
9855s often getting the better of death in
9857s these exchanges it's on PO you to keep
9859s anun alive and it's on the flexibility
9861s for moving fish to be able to keep up
9863s with Mari even when Mari is playing out
9865s of her damn mind moving fish is still
9867s able to keep up with it and Michael wave
9870s again it feels like they're just that
9871s one hair behind but it was one hair
9874s every
9875s time yeah moving fish would did such a
9878s good job following up and it was X10 as
9881s well getting the damage low hke being
9884s able to finish those kills find the the
9885s eliminations all of them were playing as
9887s such a good solid unit and that last
9890s fight was just played to Perfection all
9891s of the cooldowns were used and forced
9894s out so well by NYL ember's side
9896s especially the immortality field the
9898s most important cooldown on that Squad
9900s and as soon as it's gone boom pulse bomb
9903s right in and you know that there is
9904s nothing that can counter that without
9906s the Baptist your your squad has no legs
9909s to stand on and this is basically an
9911s Express ticket into the grand finals and
9913s I am incredibly excited to get to speak
9916s with this team once again right after
9918s this very quick break see you
9944s then
9954s [Music]
9967s [Music]
9974s oh
9978s [Music]
9982s [Applause]
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10094s e
10103s [Music]
10111s [Music]
10118s [Applause]
10122s someone get the broom and dust pan
10124s because I nyxl Embers have been sweeping
10127s their way through the lower bracket now
10130s Landing themselves into the grand finals
10132s up against Timeless ethereal but we got
10134s to break down this last matchup first
10136s we've got our Chipotle match MVP and CB
10139s I think without a doubt we know who it's
10141s going to
10141s be uh it seems as though the is ways of
10144s Toys R Us are safe from my wrath once
10146s more it is going to be anun and it's so
10149s welld deserved because so many of these
10151s plays so many of these times where nyxl
10154s Embers either have no business winning a
10156s fight or where it feels like they never
10158s lost control when it feels like it may
10159s be slipping from their grasp and it's
10161s snatched from back from the jaws of
10163s defeat it's the small little plays it's
10165s anun building up to these defensive Nano
10167s boosts putting them on to the right
10169s person at the right time it's anun
10170s Landing these big bades looking for the
10172s opportunities to do so forcing out
10174s cooldowns forcing out positioning
10176s forcing out pressure and it's just what
10179s makes all the difference when these
10180s teams are so evenly matched just being
10182s that one extra step ahead on this day is
10186s what what what makes the difference it's
10188s what she deserves it she deserves the
10190s MVP for this one and if it was anybody
10192s else you already know what I would have
10195s done I mean it was
10197s soer throwing up throwing up all of the
10201s burrito bowl you just ate it would have
10203s just all came out which by the way my
10206s cat just put her tail in so thank you
10208s very much for that Echo now I can't
10209s finish that no sounds like you just have
10213s to get another one am I right but
10215s speaking about these plays here andion
10217s without the doubt the Chipotle MVP of
10219s this match up here epitomes we also have
10222s to talk about the macro play that came
10224s from this team the fact that this
10225s backline was so supportive to allow all
10228s of the place to happen within this chaos
10230s to isolate those
10233s fights we're just really good at
10235s following up on everything that anun was
10237s doing I think Anan was really just that
10239s go button right and then as soon as that
10241s bionade hits boom you have so much being
10244s shredded by X10 you have HQ just going
10247s in dashing and you have the bubble
10249s coming on on top of the supports and
10250s you're saying well what are you going to
10252s do are you diving my supports or are you
10254s going to come back and save your
10255s supports and it was really about this
10258s push and pull this press game of
10260s pressure who is getting pressured the
10262s supports or are you going to come save
10264s your own supports it was really nicely
10266s done and I do also want to give a shout
10268s out on the other side to ajmr you know
10270s there's a say like I'm a big pro
10271s wrestling fan and there's a there's a
10273s saying that you know if you if if you
10275s make your opponent look like nobody then
10276s you didn't beat anybody agmr was
10278s definitely somebody they were very very
10280s much so able to keep up a lot of the
10282s fights that Michael wave won were
10283s because of AJR's big plays or AJR's big
10286s nades but anun just got more of them and
10289s some of the more some more high value
10291s ones just that extra step better that I
10293s mean being better than ajmr it like
10297s right like that's pretty big that's a
10299s pretty big accomplishment she definitely
10300s deserves it that she just looks all the
10302s better compared like compared to how
10304s good AJR's performance was she just
10306s looks
10307s insane yeah and it wasn't just ajmr
10310s right it was going head-to-head every
10312s single plager Mari going head-to-head
10314s with moving fish and there were some
10316s times where Mari came out on top
10318s sometimes when moving Kish came out came
10320s out on top and both of them were just
10322s playing out of their mind and it comes
10323s down to that in the DPS differential too
10326s death was getting so much value with
10327s overclocks and X10 was doing the same
10329s and they were trading back and forth a
10331s lot of the times and you saw that in the
10333s Genji play as well sometimes they
10335s switched over to the Tracer and down to
10337s the wire beat for beat blow for blow
10340s neither one would let the other go ahead
10342s and despite it being a three 0 every
10343s single game was down to the wire it was
10346s very very close and there was so much
10348s talent in every single match that's the
10350s thing too it's a talent we cannot forget
10352s the fact that despite it being a 3 0
10355s series a lot of these matches did come
10357s down to the wire and overall Michael
10360s wave was this team that was that managed
10362s to take down Timeless ethereal
10363s beforehand so it's it's not like this
10365s was just your any like everyday kind of
10368s opponent this was someone that we were
10370s looking at as a dark horse within this
10372s competition CB they Michael wave is the
10376s Giant Slayer they have beaten Timeless
10377s ethereal and nyxl Embers they just
10380s slayed the Giant Slayer and they we we
10382s go back to yesterday where there was
10384s that big 3-2 series that it looked like
10386s nyxl were just a hair away from taking
10388s the dub you know they've they've beaten
10391s the people who've beaten them if they
10392s can just take down the Kings now be the
10394s second ones this tournament to beat uh
10396s Timeless ethereal they can solidify
10398s themselves as the best team in calling
10400s all heroes right now we still have
10402s championships which all three of these
10404s teams have qualified for and we will see
10406s again in February but it's about today
10409s it's about coming out with that trophy
10411s today it's about you know coming out
10413s with all of those circuit points getting
10414s the better seing playing for the be
10416s quiet PC case and power supplies that
10419s that the first place team is going to
10420s get to take away they're all going to
10422s walk away with the cash prize as well
10424s that's what it's all about today that's
10425s what these teams really really want and
10427s I I can feel just how badly nyxl Embers
10431s wants this so true you have to aim for
10433s the stars but you also have to focus on
10435s the present and we're going to have to
10437s see who ends up reigning supreme but
10438s first we got to get into our Chipotle
10440s Real Talk interview this time around we
10443s get to have a chance to talk with poru
10446s and poru congratulations on this wbut
10450s how are you feeling that was a star stud
10453s matchup hi thank you honestly I am
10456s really ecstatic
10458s um I am able like after that game I was
10462s um really happy to show like what I'm
10465s wor
10467s um but at the same time I also have my
10470s good friend Zoe um on enemy team that
10472s was enjoyable
10475s game
10477s um sorry first time ever doing this no
10481s oh my God okay A little bit of nerves it
10483s happens it happens to AA
10485s we all warm up to it don't worry you
10487s know we're just here we're chatting
10489s we're talking we're having a good time
10490s so no stress on your end um before I
10494s give the chance to CB and to tala to ask
10496s their own questions I've got one of my
10498s own first off what do you eat for
10500s breakfast what's your skincare routine
10502s and how much did you sleep last night
10504s because I I need to know the routine
10507s like nyxl I feel like you guys are
10510s playing at a completely different level
10512s right now it's incredible just how much
10515s confidence that we can see in your plays
10517s the the coordination within your squad
10520s as well just the improvement over this
10522s entire
10524s season
10525s um well for breakfast I tend to skip it
10529s um not a person skip breakfast Squad
10532s let's go yep let's go um and then I
10537s don't really have a skin care withou
10538s team and then
10542s um sorry what was the last question how
10545s much did you sleep last
10546s night oh um about like four hours four
10550s or five hours pretty me too at least at
10554s least for
10556s mine all right well we we'll get into a
10559s little bit more less less personal
10560s questions don't worry we'll have a
10562s another personal one to close this one
10563s out with but you know I do want to talk
10565s a little bit about uh you know the
10566s backline performance we've been hyping
10567s up anun but a large part of that is
10569s being a support Duo that's able to help
10571s keep her alive so what does it feel like
10573s to be the brigita in these d mirrors how
10575s much pressure are you under in these
10577s these high pressure
10580s situations um honestly when I first
10583s ended up trying up for the team I was
10585s really I was actually extremely nervous
10588s um and especially after like having
10591s knowing that I'm supporting a um very
10594s good flux support player in the like one
10596s of the best in the world so definitely
10599s put a lot of um on my shoulder
10602s without I I I'd say that you that you've
10605s you've risen to the task you're
10606s definitely up to it you know it's a you
10608s you guys are making for a world class
10610s support Duo at this point I'd
10614s say I definitely have to agree that it
10616s was really intense the pressure that was
10619s being put on to you guys and we were
10620s talking to moving fish earlier and they
10623s said that you guys were confident going
10625s into the match against um and against
10628s Timeless ethereal sorry and you just
10631s fell short yesterday and what is it like
10634s what do you think that you are going to
10635s change today what are the comms like
10638s what is the energy like headed into the
10639s grand finals
10643s matchup all in my all in my mind is
10646s winning at this moment like simply just
10649s the
10651s um just the jjk meme of Ana I'd
10656s win okay just win got it just win you
10660s know what short simple just like your
10663s your daytime routine your night night
10664s time routine that's the way to go
10666s because you got to focus on that damn
10668s grind right and it is paying dividends
10671s right now within the server but I've got
10674s one last question before we end up
10675s signing off so I got to know before we
10678s go what is your Chipotle order if you
10680s have one near
10682s you um actually I'm ordering Chipotle
10685s for the first time ever from the code
10687s today so okay what are you what are you
10690s ordering what are you ordering let's uh
10692s let's let's hear let's hear the live the
10694s order what are we
10696s getting um I think you just going for
10698s like a burrito bowl just to test it out
10700s type type
10702s situation very solid are you a meat
10705s eater what like what what kind of meat
10707s are we going with this time
10710s around um I'm hoping they I'm guessing
10713s they have hamburger right meat right
10715s yeah they have they have they have steak
10717s they have carada they got Beef Pork yeah
10721s I probably the steak that sounds
10723s actually good
10725s okay nice we needed this this was
10727s important information we're trying to
10728s pull for performance right now and tally
10731s that up at the end of the tournament but
10734s um thank you so much for taking the time
10735s to do this interview with us for you and
10737s before we go one last thing I want to
10739s give you a chance to give any thank you
10740s shout out say anything that you'd like
10741s here on
10744s broadcast um shout out to um everyone
10748s that's helped me so far and um and
10752s improving from my um when I started
10755s playing and the goal from here is not to
10758s stop but to go up and become the best in
10760s the world for main
10762s support okay absolutely love to hear
10765s that good luck on your next matchup
10767s we'll see you down in the grand finals
10769s later on today poor you thank you again
10771s for taking the time to do this interview
10773s but that's a wrap for now we're going to
10776s be heading to a quick break shortly but
10779s I want to give both tala and CB a chance
10781s to say their goodbyes I'm also curious
10783s you got guys um T you can kick it off uh
10786s about what is exactly your favorite
10789s moment so far because this regular
10793s season is wrapping up this is going to
10794s be the last time that we see you guys
10796s for the regular season I got to know
10798s what your favorite moments have
10800s been well I have to say that I am really
10802s enjoying this meta well technically it
10805s is just another Winston brigita on on
10808s meta or from what we've been seeing but
10810s I also have been enjoying the sojourn
10812s play and also the sigment
10814s but I have to say I love the addition to
10817s Genji of the dive metas and I have to
10820s say my favorite moment is from last
10821s weekend when we were watching Michael
10823s wave play um I I don't remember who it
10826s was against I believe it was against
10828s drainers and we saw Zoe get a lot of
10830s these sleep deflects and be able to find
10833s a lot of Blade 4K 5Ks off the back of
10835s that and it was really impressive and I
10838s just think that it's a really fun hero
10840s to be watching in this level of
10843s play nice very solid c i i i i i have to
10849s agree and like I okay for my pick I'm
10851s going to pick something a little bit
10852s more selfish right like there's so many
10854s good plays there's so many good players
10855s so many Heroes that have risen to the
10857s occasion here for my money though my
10859s favorite part of this season all thus
10861s far was the uh the previous minor
10862s tournament where I got the entire uh
10865s twitch chat to meow along with me so if
10868s I could actually just sentim for for
10870s sentimental reasons chat can I have one
10872s last group meowing session
10874s Meow in the for EO T I think you're the
10878s perfect partner for this one if you
10879s could join me for one final group
10881s meowing session of the regular season
10883s two three meow and maybe maybe we'll
10888s even maybe we'll even get another one
10890s going for Champs I sure do hope but it's
10893s been a pleasure to get to be here to
10894s cast this with you guys I'll look
10897s forward to doing it again meow thank you
10900s production production I love you guys
10902s for that one and uh yeah that's going to
10904s be it for me for this time I'll uh I
10906s can't wait to see you guys again man CB
10909s said that uh she was going to be
10910s surprising us on broadcast with her
10912s favorite moment and I was I was not
10914s ready I didn't know we were actually I
10915s would have full on I would have gotten
10917s my three cats up here and done the groom
10919s meow with you I know but um thank you
10922s guys so much for yes yes there
10924s definitely will be but I appreciate you
10926s two so much for the amazing cast
10928s throughout the regular season and for
10929s being on the desk with me today we are
10931s going to have to say goodbye for now but
10933s we will see everyone at home after a
10936s short break when we'll be back for Grand
10937s finals for Challengers and
10950s [Applause]
10950s [Music]
10963s Rising
10969s [Music]
10991s [Music]
10996s [Applause]
11001s [Music]
11015s [Music]
11022s la
11025s [Music]
11047s [Music]
11098s [Music]
11142s he
11146s [Music]
11160s [Music]
11176s [Music]
11182s [Music]
11202s he
11210s [Music]
11226s [Music]
11238s [Music]
11284s [Music]
11290s [Applause]
11295s [Music]
11304s [Music]
11316s [Applause]
11316s [Music]
11322s n
11328s [Music]
11345s [Music]
11352s d
11354s [Music]
11366s [Music]
11373s [Music]
11382s d
11394s [Music]
11412s e
11416s [Music]
11442s want
11444s [Music]
11472s oh
11479s [Music]
11502s n
11505s [Music]
11510s [Applause]
11514s [Music]
11518s [Applause]
11523s [Music]
11545s today has been full of eliminations but
11548s now it's time to head into Grand finals
11550s but we've got to refresh on our casters
11552s this time around again I'm your host Ash
11554s this time I'll be joined Again by Dogman
11557s and got Moxy on the desk and now we're
11560s heading into the rising series here Moxy
11563s we're going to take a look at this
11565s bracket and uh tell us a little bit
11567s about how things have panned out I mean
11569s we've definitely seen some incredibly
11571s impressive teams Dustin and I got the
11573s absolute pleasure of being able to
11575s follow along Fable rising in lfs
11577s yesterday and Fable Rising are a team
11580s that are looking incredibly strong you
11581s can definitely see a lot of influence
11583s coming through from the team that they
11585s have up in challenges with Wick also
11587s making sure to be on both the coaching
11590s side of things I'm looking forward to
11592s this I think it's going to be really
11593s interesting to see whether or not
11595s redacted are going to be able to once
11598s again take it down to the absolute why
11600s because I love Grand Final rematches
11603s especially when the previous match went
11605s to a full five Maps yeah and Dustin that
11609s for reacted their lower bracket run was
11612s so clean as well three O's across the
11614s board and with this rematch coming
11616s through having been so close last time
11618s round we saw how the prowess of fable
11621s Rising yesterday on the cast so I I can
11625s only imagine what your thoughts might be
11627s heading into this Grand finals matchup a
11629s little worried definitely if I'm
11630s redacted however like you said that
11632s lower bracket run has been phenomenal
11634s it's been so clean it's reminiscent that
11637s of the San Francisco shot like this team
11639s can you know make it all the way and
11641s they can absolutely win it all which
11643s it'd be funny first of all if a team
11644s named redacted won at all but T Rising
11647s really you know we talked about it Moxy
11649s mentioned it this team doesn't even look
11650s like a rising heroes team they look like
11652s a super clean team really coordinated
11655s and at points could be the champions of
11658s it simply just through their prowess of
11660s their playing yeah you really see the
11662s difference between what your coaching
11664s staff can do as far as assisting with
11666s the macro gameplay in that kind of sense
11668s but we've got to give a nod now over to
11671s our rosters give them a reintroduction
11673s because we know them very well Moxy
11676s you've had so much to say about this
11678s Fable Rising Squad and uh I got my eyes
11681s on Willow you everyone at home needs to
11683s keep an eye on this DPS yeah I mean
11686s Willow was absolutely popping off
11688s yesterday doing almost 7,000 damage more
11691s than her mirror she was hitting
11693s something like four extra blizzards in
11696s one game I don't think I've ever seen a
11698s mael seven blizzards in one map of
11702s OverWatch it was absolutely insane and
11704s you're definitely going to have to keep
11705s your eye not just on all of that primary
11708s damage coming through from the end ofic
11709s Blaster but also how she utilizes those
11712s walls to be able iol like the opposing
11714s tank yeah and man they're competing out
11717s for a $1,000 prize pool here within the
11720s rising series Grand finals going
11722s head-to-head up against redacted here
11726s Dustin when it comes down to it it's
11728s going to be quite a doozy of a matchup
11731s yeah and you know shout out to all these
11733s players first of all right I mean duie
11735s one of our DPS players star night Minot
11738s L sorry I can't even pronounce it
11739s correctly today Moonlight lutter storm
11741s like these this enti entire team right
11744s has been performing really well through
11746s this L bracket like we said earlier and
11748s you know I think in this matchup versus
11750s the you know upper bracket Champs
11752s they've been so consistent as well on
11754s the other side and also they made it
11756s through their own group right we look
11757s back at the group stages for the rising
11759s series redacted only was third in this
11761s group right under lfs so to avenge
11763s themselves in the previous series to
11765s come together today and especially since
11767s a lot of these teams only have like a
11769s month or even less of practice really
11771s goes to show that you know this team
11773s really has it all has a good chance to
11775s take it all through the experience
11777s they've had in the past week no for sure
11779s and I think we also haven't really had
11781s the opportunity to see much of redacted
11782s on stream in itself at least for this
11785s third major and when that's in
11788s consideration I guess seeing that it
11789s went down to the wire there it's a
11791s question of okay we saw macro gameplays
11793s coming out from Fable rising and for the
11795s side of redacted maybe it's more of
11797s their micro that is able to carry them
11799s through some of those matches but
11800s heading over to this first controller
11802s map we're going to be be seeing Busan up
11803s first here Moxy oh that is worrying that
11807s is incredibly worrying if you're
11809s redacted because that means that we're
11812s probably going to pull meca base into
11814s our map Pool and we've been talking
11816s about you know that macro coming out
11818s from faor rising the fact that they have
11820s that may this is one of May's strongest
11823s maps in all of OverWatch Mecha base is
11826s an absolute pain in the neck to be able
11829s to get out of those chokes if there's an
11831s enemy m in control of the space
11834s well as we head into Busan for the first
11836s map of this Grand Final best of five I'm
11839s going to let you two take it away well I
11841s sign off and see you guys on the other
11843s side thank you Ash over to basson like
11846s you said Moxy definitely a map you have
11849s to be worried on if you're redacted
11850s however you know I'm sure this team has
11852s all the confidence the world through
11854s their through their th bracket run and
11857s you know we we said with Fable Rising
11859s was interesting you mentioned Willow and
11861s I know this is a name we're talking
11862s about the rest of of the players on this
11863s team 100% deserve the recognition that
11867s she's been getting yeah but Willow is
11869s absolutely a fantastic mate right
11871s without Willow does this team even make
11873s it this far you know there's a lot of
11874s questions maybe for this team but really
11878s Willow's like kind of like a souljourn
11879s player right with with how much damage
11881s that they
11882s do yeah it's it's going to be really
11884s interesting to see whether or not that
11886s may is going to be able to find a lot of
11888s value because as we've already talked
11890s about having had this presence around on
11893s the stream it is going to be pretty easy
11895s to be able to track down how exactly
11898s Fable Rising play around that specific
11900s hero oh yeah I mean I'm really
11903s interested to see as well on the other
11904s side maybe mox's how redacted plays
11907s right do they want to change anything up
11908s but appears that you know what's
11910s interesting enough at this rank in the
11911s rising Heroes rank it feels like the
11913s ratra of all heroes has kind of Taken
11915s prevalence in The Meta I mean why do you
11918s think that is Moxy this this character
11920s is very brawly is it relatively easy to
11922s play and get kind of coordinated what's
11924s the reason behind the ratra being so
11926s such a Main St he's very good for poke
11928s and at some of these lower levels as
11930s well having to sustain with that Nemesis
11932s block and Annihilation being able to buy
11933s yourself a lot of that space with the
11935s ultimate it works really well of things
11937s like the
11938s M makes a lot of sense and seconds to
11940s the point unlocks Fable Rising kind of
11942s just rotating around have the open space
11944s to work with no symmetra in the lobby so
11946s we're not going to see a lot of quick
11947s teleporter plays around and meanwhile
11949s the point unlocks actually redacta make
11951s the first move forced out the IM
11952s morality field early then use theirs but
11955s eventually Willow goes down first that's
11957s not what you like to see if you're St
11958s Rising Star Knight taking the advantage
11960s alongside lunar stor and the rest of
11962s redacted really just off that first pick
11964s I mean really smart move as well make fa
11967s Rison choose where to move there perfect
11969s for
11970s spyer yeah like you said really good
11972s kiding coming on through from redacted
11974s Fable Rising losing that first fight
11976s redact is being very smart in how they
11979s take that fight they know that the
11980s opposing M has that one can potential
11983s isolate your tank but they're able to
11985s keep a lot of that pressure off of their
11987s backs coming into this next fight now
11989s redact are in that power off control
11990s they've got the choke and that's where
11992s the May at the strong yeah mayw counter
11994s mayw walk com through both Shields out
11996s by either sides of mattra but it's the
11999s disruptor shot on faing that connects on
12001s the lunter form could not skate out of
12004s it for reacted fighting back also
12006s moonight has to deal with the wall manag
12007s to jump over it perfectly timed however
12009s the damage is already done they've
12011s already lost the member of the and will
12014s lose the objective the blade Blizzard
12015s from starting everybody's Frozen yeah I
12017s was going to say you're going to lose
12019s the point but you're also going to lose
12021s the blizzard that's actually going to
12023s really cost redacted in terms of how
12025s available they're going to have space to
12028s try and push out from the stroke right
12029s star Knight could have used that
12030s blizzard to just buy themselves all of
12033s that entrance or even used it to counter
12035s something like sleepy eels as
12037s Annihilation or even gone for the
12039s counter mirror blizzard when Willow
12040s throws hers in as well but but now that
12042s option has been
12043s denied now redacted are down in terms of
12046s ultimates Fable Rising have every single
12048s one of theirs get a play back right this
12050s is what you want if you're Fable Rising
12052s set up Willows
12055s blizzard did where do they rotate right
12057s either through main or the coastal side
12059s they're kind of deciding at the moment
12060s oh they go with main immediately
12062s countered by Blizzard from Willow though
12063s immortality field in the ice block two
12065s Frozen is lunar but nice immortality F
12067s to keep lunar alive for now however
12068s lunar will still fall which is huge
12070s because that was the only ultimate for
12071s redacted do they have any chance to come
12074s back now mid Falls really low has to
12076s deal with the ratra on the other side
12078s but duie finds the kill that's big on
12081s the KC on the pack line also has that
12083s ultimate ready to go after the beat drop
12084s could definitely pop it up a member of
12086s their team popping the it's minnow the
12089s rest of their team drops towards that
12091s point but it's Lun the ball again just
12092s came back from Spawn now they're
12093s actually dealing with sleepy heels duie
12095s finds one then two on a sleepy as well
12098s so it was looking dicey on the side of
12100s hered however they bring it back and
12101s push away St Rising yeah great lamp
12104s coming through from Moonlight to enable
12106s that death L coming on through from duie
12108s so that they do not go down mid ultimate
12111s and off of the back of that they've been
12112s able to find the space to pick up the
12113s point unfortunately the Gila finds
12115s Moonlight and without that Baptist there
12118s just not enough sustainability it's
12120s going to be a very fast flip back he
12122s Moxy we talked in Aila yesterday they
12124s were saying that they just started
12125s playing OverWatch like two months ago
12127s three months ago it's
12129s insane it to be you know absolutely
12132s crazy coming through like you can see
12134s how quickly when these players get that
12136s attention and form of just heal and
12138s experience from some of these other
12139s players how quickly they can Elevate
12141s themselves as KC trying to come in with
12143s some fast kills on the
12145s overclock immediately countered by that
12147s beat from lunar over clock runs out so
12150s for redactor this has been a great
12151s engage so far sleepy ills Falls so
12154s working for them in this current fight
12157s that also building towards that blizzard
12159s here they're actually rotating together
12160s relatively well towards that point right
12162s consistently taking down KC shutting
12165s them down nearly 90% on the board now
12167s 99% of the board for fable rising and
12170s bti ultimate committed by Moonlight in
12171s fact towards the point just to sh it
12173s just to get rid of these staggers on the
12175s point 70% now I mean we're going to M
12178s last fight Dory next fight yeah but
12180s crucially redacted hold on to the
12182s Blizzard as a result Fable Rising
12184s they're sitting on 99% but they can't
12186s just kite over to that point and throw
12188s Willow's blizzard down to be able to
12190s find the flip redact did have the exact
12192s same tool to be able to cover the exact
12194s same space the one Difference Maker is
12197s going to be that amplification Matrix or
12199s they may wall from Willow after watch
12202s out that you said from J fall solo
12205s though needs that Reg generative burst
12207s early from T Rising blizzard towards the
12210s point tried to speed out of it they've
12211s actually nearly avoided it counter
12212s blizzard but Willow shuts it down njila
12215s also takes down moonlight so that's two
12217s removed and then duie also gone so in
12219s overtime redacted are here on the point
12221s but they've got no more members Fable
12222s Rising are going to get the flip and are
12224s going to win round number one yeah it's
12227s the support ultimates Fable Rising are
12229s able to build both the S barrier and the
12231s amplification Matrix so when we see the
12233s two blizzards go head-to-head redacted
12235s unfortunately get the worst end of the
12237s stick sound barrier kicks in for fable
12240s Rising everyone gets saved through the
12242s freeze wall the second that those
12244s ultimates are removed there's just no
12246s sustainability available for redacted
12248s and if it goes down to a numbers fight
12250s they're just not able to Pro for go
12252s through all of the extra damage and
12254s healing coming out of nila's amp on The
12256s High Ground yeah I mean that was
12258s beautiful from fa Rising Mar we talk
12261s about this team we tal you talked about
12263s Willow before the game even
12265s started what a what an insane player
12267s today and overall looks to be just
12270s excelling through the rising Heroes
12272s tournament yeah it'll be interesting to
12274s see whether or not we see them may
12275s continue as we head into Sanctuary a
12278s little bit more open in the spacing of
12280s how you're able to take some of these
12281s fights unless everyone goes for the side
12283s building approach and then you're locked
12285s in two chokes and a very small room with
12287s that m is going to be able to look for
12289s an isolated Target Fable Rising removed
12292s redacted
12293s POV all may walls are committed Fable
12296s rising in a favorable position though
12297s because the back of the objective rected
12300s they're kind of stuck in this choke
12302s point at the moment both teams kind of
12303s just watching each other back an early
12306s Pummel form committed by Milo or on the
12309s inside EO trying to wall right around
12311s avoid that May well that could be big as
12313s well immortality F committed in there by
12314s Nila who's really far away probably
12316s wants to get closer to the team but yeah
12319s they just don't have the healing on the
12320s inside room because of that location
12323s that Nila was at and this was how redact
12325s has been playing they don't focus on the
12326s objective they focus on the team fight
12328s first yeah they always like you said
12330s focus on the team fight first when
12331s you're playing with this ratra you do so
12334s much damage but you also take so much
12336s damage that's the tradeoff and look at
12338s the difference in Ultimate charge 2
12340s amplification Matrix between Moonlight
12342s and Nila in one fight Moonlight has been
12345s able to build their amplification Matrix
12347s that is huge because now they get to sit
12349s on the side off angle Fable Rising if
12351s they want to try and walk into this team
12353s they're going to be walking directly
12354s into that amp instead they're going to
12356s try and focus on the point and use the
12358s May kaon
12360s redoped on the point you nearly 30%
12363s built already from ret s wants to go
12364s fast on the J on the back but they
12366s already lose minnow on the engage we do
12369s have the amplification Matrix but it
12370s doesn't matter because sleep he there to
12372s shut it down who has been such a
12374s consistent factor for fable Rising so
12376s far nice work from Sleepy eels and the
12378s rest of fable Rising they get the ri a
12380s test off and cure the point yeah really
12382s good stuff from Fable Rising like you
12384s said that Annihilation from Sleepy eels
12386s just sitting the body directly on the
12388s amp Matrix so no one from redacted is
12390s able to take advantage of having that
12393s ultimate before Fable Rising is Fable
12395s Rising going to get aggressive and stop
12397s redacted before they're able to rotate
12399s into some of these positions to use
12400s something like the Blizzard or death
12401s death Blossom to secure and anchor this
12403s composition onto Point have to come in
12406s towards that blizzard again also the
12408s overclock from
12410s KC immed May wall to engage rank drop
12413s towards that point have their own
12414s blizzard so they go aggressive with it
12416s and a Beat Drop doesn't catch anybody
12417s out here overclock has to chunk through
12420s the beat drop barrier lunar storm able
12422s to find the first kill two through the
12424s beat able to dive towards the G with
12426s that ant Matrix they're making sure Nila
12427s does not have any space at all meanwhile
12430s I mean Fable Rising have
12432s some percentage the percentage Advantage
12434s towards the point but they're already
12435s down members of their own team Willow TR
12437s finds one trade however doesn't really
12439s matter at this point right the r the
12441s redacted on the point just EO here wants
12444s to hold on to that be drop obviously and
12446s redacted are actually going to get that
12447s riest off and the point yeah but they
12449s did have to commit the annihilation to
12451s clear the stall Potential from Fable
12453s Rising so that Fable Rising aren't able
12456s to hit into upwards of 80% before the
12459s next fight starts Eko is also going to
12461s have the sound barrier available to try
12463s and just keep everyone topped up through
12465s either the amplification Matrix pressure
12467s or the death Blossom as redacted do not
12469s have any sort of space control
12471s especially since they lose the reaper
12473s before the alt comes through what an
12476s icicle from Willow without du be in this
12479s fight yeah and that's awful redacted but
12482s they're still trying to win it an Matrix
12483s committed they still lose star Knight
12485s though with a beat drop I mean they can
12487s just run right past the S Matrix there
12489s only four members on reative side I mean
12490s they're just going to go down
12492s here yeah this is just going to be clean
12495s up at the moment redactor trying to
12496s store light for as long as possible dubi
12499s comes back in but she's going to fall
12501s immediately able Rising are able to with
12504s only the sound barrier find the flip and
12507s as a result they're going to get
12508s aggressive yet again they've got the
12510s blizzard they've got the annihilation
12512s they're going to stop redacted from Ever
12514s Getting to rotate towards that point and
12516s force them to go side room yet again
12518s which is going to burn so much time
12520s andol so much inent oh my God what a
12522s play too mayw from Willow into the
12525s blizzard 3K for them in that fight
12526s counter gri for ultimate from du he
12528s might as well use it because I don't
12530s even know if they to recontest here Ekko
12532s went down to it 90% on the board they
12535s lose star Knight late I mean only lunar
12537s can a touch they got the sound beer at
12539s the very least however I mean look
12541s Willow's going to be here at the choke
12542s point to stop it and lunar got canceled
12544s midair by Willow oh my gosh Fable Rising
12548s take map number one and this is why we
12551s say what a May what a play Fable Rising
12556s I mean the scoreboard the first time
12558s these two teams met it showed a five map
12560s series but Dustin it might be a free map
12564s tonight as long as Willow continues
12566s hitting these heads coming in with these
12568s absolute clutch walls and the team
12570s they're so good they're so clean in
12572s their communication to be able to play
12575s and set this may up to be able to win
12577s these fights out and it just means that
12579s all of your ultimate economy that you
12581s try and Bank up and spend so much time
12583s so much part of the map buolding into
12586s gets disrupted entirely and uncontrol
12590s that's just not feasible to be able to
12592s win the map type no I mean too many
12595s things went Fable rising's way for for
12598s to be able to do anything you're right I
12599s mean if we're looking at what they did
12602s good and did well is always those first
12604s fights mocky that was kind of giving
12606s them the edge right was just always
12608s making sure they don't play The
12609s Objective waiting out the time and then
12611s coming in first as we see here right it
12612s was so consistent out of reacted on the
12615s first fights but after then their game
12617s plan kind of
12618s collapsed yeah like you said they were
12620s able to find that first fight they were
12622s able to sort of prioritize okay we're
12625s going to try and play for numbers
12627s because Fable Rising play for that
12628s objective as a result they're going to
12630s voluntarily split themselves off so
12632s we're going to have a Target already
12634s isolated to be able to come in of that
12636s mayw well and find that immediate kill
12639s but after that a lot of the momentum
12641s very much disappeared and a huge part of
12643s it was down to how Fable Rising played
12646s even though redacted off of the Poke
12647s pressure that they were taking in those
12649s first fight would be able to build
12651s things like amplification Matrix far
12653s faster than Fable side Fable just didn't
12657s really respect the amplification Matrix
12659s and this is something that amplification
12661s Matrix really unfortunately struggles
12663s against if you have a team that has a
12665s Lucio and you don't have control of a
12668s super long angle before the
12670s amplification Matrix comes up they're
12672s just going to use that speed boost on
12674s the Lucio and push directly past it
12677s especially if you have something like a
12678s and ratra as well in the composition
12680s because the me is going to be able to
12682s wall the window everyone's going to be
12684s able to kite out of any threat of it and
12687s your ratra can literally just use that
12690s block to be able to absorb all of the
12692s damage while enabling your baptis to
12694s just supercharge their amplification
12697s Matrix build up as well and it's funny
12699s you mentioned the Baptist too because
12701s for redacted their their best team
12703s fights were when they just kind of ran
12705s in N Gila really making sure that that
12707s Baptist was not ever comfortable really
12709s they ever setting up and you know
12712s besides that and then also their first
12713s fights it felt like things were maybe a
12716s bit confusing for them at at points
12718s because yeah they they just really
12720s couldn't get a Groove going I mean maybe
12722s for this next map MOX say they could
12723s find some footing right I mean
12726s especially on Busan that's a map that's
12728s going to be hard versus Fable Rising I
12729s think we we expected that right so maybe
12732s a m pick could be the Difference Maker
12734s versus Fable to take them to somewhere
12735s that they're not as comfortable on yeah
12738s I just I don't want to see King
12740s are oh no well well you know you know
12746s you jinxed it Moxy you it oh I was going
12749s to say like if if you know you're
12751s playing into a May and you know you're
12753s getting worried the only way that I want
12756s to see King roow popping up is if they
12758s use something like a symmetra Teleport
12760s on their attack to to try and boost
12762s everyone up into Cinema so that you can
12764s just dodge the Fred of the mayw by
12767s dodging choke
12769s entirely yeah you know that that that
12771s also is kind of like a that's something
12774s that you can sink into though right I
12775s mean in a in a in a bad way Moxy like
12777s this cuz I I do like the the rotations
12780s you know like you said through that far
12782s flank but you know sometimes teams will
12786s like if you look in that right side of
12787s your screen there through that movie
12788s that Cinema side teams will just focus
12791s on getting that rotate off and usually
12793s not understanding that rotate takes like
12794s 30 seconds a minute long a lot of the
12797s times right so while it can be good if
12798s you do that multiple times in a match
12800s and it's not working you lose like a few
12802s minutes off the clock on the first point
12803s right yeah it it can be really risky
12806s kingro I mean it's long been a favorite
12809s of OverWatch players it's been in the
12811s game incredibly long so a lot of these
12812s players do have comfort rotations that
12815s they were able to find but it's still
12817s going to be incredibly hard playing into
12819s this m composition because that is when
12821s Fable Rising are at the strongest when
12823s they in control of Choke with a May wall
12826s on cool
12827s down let's see what happens in this
12829s matchup right I think well we we have to
12832s see who's on defense first really for us
12835s to kind of understand who's going to be
12836s in the edge because you know for fable
12839s Rising just having Willow on that may so
12841s far and just may in general right like
12843s you said it's that choke point that's
12845s always going to get shut down by it and
12846s it's always going to be hard in favor of
12848s that
12850s defense
12851s in favor of defense and that's why you
12853s sort of have to try and figure out
12855s whether or not you're going to attack
12859s hold enough to
12864s war
12866s really how good how far how fast are you
12870s able to pick
12871s up if you unlock point a unfortunately
12875s you still have to worry about places
12876s like that immediate Chen to be and then
12879s we haven't even discussed point see and
12881s how defensively favor that is with the
12883s spawns being so close we also had a sub
12886s come through for redacted I believe Lady
12889s Lady basty oo is in the game on that
12892s Reaper again I mean you know that's kind
12894s of interesting too because their Reaper
12896s player from last game was doing pretty
12897s solid so do be out and then lady masty
12901s in see if that pans out for
12904s redactive we'll see whether or not stary
12906s night is going to be able to land this
12908s first opening head shot as that's
12911s definely players with that Mercy damage
12913s boo but no everyone from Fable Rising
12915s Will Keep Their Heads no early haircuts
12917s today and redacted swap the wood ons the
12921s meising sitting towards the point
12923s redacted waiting to go through that
12924s choke point maybe the W wall cross no
12926s they just want to go straight in and
12928s it's actually all the way through coming
12930s back on that Archway now on fa Rising
12932s spawn sign Echo understanding they want
12934s to play Slow has to fall back to the
12936s rest of the team down to 20 hp but still
12938s stays alive with some great yeah Baptist
12941s heal from Aila resulting in Sleepy eels
12943s finding too I mean immediately removing
12945s moonlight's lamp the rest of redacted
12948s Falls and sleepy he with a 3K in that
12950s fight has been such a main state for
12952s this team accuracy yeah I mean you get a
12954s ratra close enough and that pmel really
12957s starts doing a whole chunk of damage and
12960s that body occupying a whole amount of
12963s space as it is going to be redacted
12965s immediately pushed back to that respawn
12968s trying to figure out this rotation yet
12970s again again if they wait for all of
12972s these rotations of the Lucio speed amp
12975s they're going to be losing a lot of time
12976s on a redacted seems to be very
12979s streamlined but Telegraph right doing
12981s the same thing they did previously maybe
12983s this time of pant out but no Willow
12985s finds SAR Knight early doesn't even have
12987s to probably use any ultimates here I
12989s mean can use the blizzard if they want
12990s to secure it but I mean just seems like
12992s they have all the damage in the follow
12993s of two fights in a row now R has gone
12995s through that side and it's not been
12998s successful well Willow does go down fa
13001s Rising they see that they've won the
13002s fight so njila actually froze in the
13004s immortality field to try and stop anyone
13006s from the defense from going down because
13008s they know how important having five
13010s players is when these fights begin
13012s because that's how you control those
13014s chokes redacted if they move fast enough
13016s they're going to be able to get into
13017s position and just broke us onto the
13018s point without worrying about the main
13019s that's exactly what they do they may
13021s well off the Baptist buta could just
13024s jump over that and then eventually
13025s Willis blizzard finds Mino go removed is
13029s that ratra player Willow finds moonight
13032s too I mean nice shots from the M player
13035s of fable rising and the rest of fable
13037s Rising just secure all the
13041s kills me is a dive hero now Dustin me is
13045s a dive hero fav Rising yet again with
13048s just control of this choke Willow is
13050s going to be back into this fight as it
13051s begins it's so unfortunate for redacted
13053s that the fight that they're able to
13055s remove the me from earlier she's already
13057s got the blizzard bolt up because the
13059s second she comes back she just lops it
13060s on to point and immediately all of that
13062s space that redacted for they had to work
13064s with is just denied entirely and they
13066s even lost the amp off of the back of a
13069s to this time however they're going to
13070s have a blizzard I want to see them get
13071s aggressive with it Rising can
13074s just yeah I mean another pper reac let's
13077s see if it hands out for them they get on
13078s Echo nice before the beat drop can get
13080s committed but KY trains minow on that
13083s low ground who that ant Matrix think he
13085s fall so low and will go down during that
13088s ultimate the annihilation no longer
13090s there ring the jila find faor rizing to
13092s beat drop committed Willow got the
13094s blizzard throws it out there it's
13095s perfectly timed redacted is frozen they
13098s have the followup damage though without
13099s that so doesn't look like it lady gets
13101s one they it two with star and it looks
13104s like they wisely were almost close to
13106s getting the retest however redacted in
13108s overtime will close it out yeah but
13110s they've burned through so much of
13112s redacted alt Bank the only in this next
13115s fight going to have to work with support
13117s ultimates as a result if they lose this
13120s next fight DUS we go right back to
13121s square one right back to another choke
13124s with fa rising in control this next
13126s fight has to play perfectly for redacted
13128s otherwise they are going to lose so much
13130s time in Street space and with how long
13132s it took for them to pick up point a
13133s almost going into overtime that's time
13136s they can't afford to give it's not
13139s redact did want to keep that pace up but
13140s they have to also focus on the payload
13142s so we'll see what they do May wall early
13144s on
13145s the stop KY from getting a lot of damage
13148s now overlock goes through though after
13150s the wall is gone Lucio 1 V one with KC
13152s KY can't find any Target and mid found
13154s theila and oh my gosh lter will find KC
13157s on the flank too overclock removed
13160s ultimate committed by Fable Rising where
13162s D didn't have to use anything for this
13164s one and they're just getting the Stagger
13166s kills now they get the Stagger onto Del
13168s Lucio fa Rising know that the fight is
13170s lost so they're just going to try and
13171s stall on that payload for as long as
13173s possible but like you pointed out both
13176s sound barrier and amplification Matrix
13178s still in redacted hands now off of all
13181s the damage they've done as well they're
13182s going to have blizzard to be able to
13183s stop this recontest coming through from
13185s fa Rising we're going to try and rally
13187s around having the anihilation sending
13189s sleepy eels directly
13209s in
13261s welcome back everybody uh you know ISP
13263s issues internet issues happens to the
13265s best of us we are back though definitely
13267s coming back after some tech technical
13269s difficulties we have a pause right now
13271s on King's Row so we'll update you guys
13273s on everything that happened there but
13275s Moxy I mean an interesting streets phase
13277s here right Fable Rising were looking to
13279s stabilize however I mean it looked like
13282s on the other side redacted were just
13284s able to keep up the momentum yeah so
13287s it's an interesting trade-off right
13288s taking the reaper over the sojan sojan
13291s has that immediate pick potential if
13293s you're able to come of an ALT fire and
13295s immediately find it squishy Reaper is
13298s really good at deterring just brawl
13301s compositions from rushing directly into
13303s your face as everyone will know Reaper
13305s is one of Winston's best characters
13307s right because the closer the Winston is
13309s the more damage the Reap is going to do
13312s and that approach transfers over to
13315s ratra so if the ratra is trying to just
13317s brawl into your face and you have a
13319s Reaper you know the ratra and the rest
13321s of the team with things like that may is
13323s going to be directly behind him is going
13325s to be super close so those Hellfire
13326s shotguns are going to be doing maximum
13329s amounts of damage the trade-off is you
13331s don't have that immediate pick potential
13332s so it's actually really smart coming
13334s through from redacted that the way
13336s they're taking these fights iing all off
13338s a lot of the pressure from that
13340s potential pick potential of the sergean
13342s on the other side with things like the
13343s mayw to be able to block a lot of that
13346s line of sight before the fight properly
13348s kicks off when the ratra is close enough
13350s the reaper to find a lot more
13352s value be very good points Moxy I think
13355s that you know I 100% agree that as well
13358s maybe maybe to just add on to it a
13361s little bit just for like this rank in
13363s particular cuz obviously we're in you
13365s know a lot of these Rising hero players
13366s are about diamond diamond level and
13368s sojourn is like one of the hardest
13370s heroes in the game to play right I I and
13372s you know every other Hero on their team
13374s I think is you know relatively I
13376s wouldn't say easy but definitely like
13378s the the skill floor is a lot higher I
13380s think than than sojor right it's a lot
13381s harder to have to just be at the
13383s Baseline of soj and you know when we
13386s compare Reaper to that I think Reaper is
13387s just a lot a lot of team play right in
13390s and like you said it's the sojourn is
13391s very individual Reliant very pick
13393s Reliant and if you're not also very
13395s unforgiving with how hard do you have to
13398s work to be able to gain that alt fire if
13400s you miss the alt fire shot not only does
13404s the other team immediately know they
13406s have a huge opening to jump on the sojan
13409s because it's very obvious right the way
13411s that you track the sojan h fire is if
13413s the gun is glowing bright blue you don't
13416s peek the corner if it's gray out you're
13420s got AOK to go right ahead and as a
13423s result like the reaper gets a lot more
13425s value all around the CL because he's
13428s always a threat at
13430s close now we're coming back into the
13432s game 2 minutes left or that's actually
13434s made on the third phase while we gone so
13437s they obviously have been able to stay oh
13439s my gosh Echo goodbye mnow see you in the
13443s lava B Rising amazing first Boop from
13448s Eko and now they don't have to use any
13450s commit right just finding the clean up
13452s goes down Sor finds a trade but nice
13454s Boop there for Meo 20 yeah really good
13457s Boop to just deny redacted from having
13459s that tank presence and also denying the
13462s threat of annihilation which would have
13464s CAU on to so many players of VAP rising
13466s and either force them into disengaging
13468s or holding their ground and throwing in
13470s that sound barrier now as we head back
13472s into see the defense should have control
13474s of that choke but redax just running
13476s directly at them trying to put this
13478s Reaper into that forward position to
13479s find the V BL catches no
13481s one the B is Frozen at the moment but
13484s the beat drop was able to slow things
13486s down Willow gets two star KN wizzard
13488s doesn't find anything you're right on
13490s the back it gets that Lucio however the
13491s beat was popped before Echo 20 again has
13494s been so the interesting ultimate there
13496s from Lady VY was able to find one but
13500s nothing more right I mean that was just
13501s a little bit of a hellary ultimate Now
13503s 60 seconds left Moxy Fable Rising are
13505s able to hold so far yeah I wonder if
13507s we're going to see a swap from the
13509s reaper I mean like like you said that
13510s death Blossom it could have been really
13512s interesting right redacted trying to
13513s kite Fable Rising into that disengaged
13515s panic mode so they would run directly
13518s into it now however redacted are running
13520s directly into the overclock so even if
13523s they pop things like the amplification
13524s Matrix and Annihilation B Rising can
13527s just disengage the fight and come back
13529s in with ALS once they' run
13532s out said Rising now holding the choke
13535s also have their own Annihilation so is
13537s playing back and
13539s forth feels towards the point and this
13541s 20 seconds left overlock with the Matrix
13545s two do we have a potential three yes we
13547s do goodbye l dasty back to the spawn you
13550s go make it four for KC and with 9
13552s seconds left Lun is going to be able to
13554s touch but will not have any members of
13556s their team in fact doesn't look they
13558s will be able to touch cuz there's too
13559s much damage here Fable Rising hold in
13561s the third phase of Kings Row that's
13564s another tradeoff when you take the
13565s reaper over the soldier if Annihilation
13568s gets popped on the mat by the enemy side
13572s you can simply power slide out as a
13574s soldier and still keep your presence in
13576s the fight with that range frat on that
13580s rail gun as opposed to the reaper who
13581s can teleport out of annihilation but
13583s unfortunately as a result removes
13585s themselves from the fired almost
13587s entirely as we can have a look at the
13589s stats coming through Willow no surprises
13591s 7,000 damage picked up by the M 21
13594s elimination six deaths but honestly the
13596s most impressive thing for me here Dustin
13598s in the stat screen njila and Eko two
13602s left on the Baptist three on the Lucio
13604s that's insane that that is crazy I
13607s they're just so good at avoiding all of
13608s that damage yeah like I said Ekko was so
13610s good and then you know on top of thing
13613s sleepy eel's also playing well just so
13615s consistent so far I I love these stats
13618s by the way that we're getting in calling
13619s o hero it's so nice so nice cuz you can
13621s just you can see all of these sort of
13622s differences right moon like coming in
13624s with 8,000 healing in comparison to Nila
13627s who's are sitting around about 5k and
13630s talked actually to uh Z yesterday about
13634s baptist and how there is sort of
13635s meaningful damage which actually
13637s translates into kill potential and then
13639s there's sort of non-existent damage
13641s where all it does is generate ultimate
13643s charge for the other side and that's
13644s sort of Happening Here with moonlight
13647s getting so much healing done but
13649s unfortunately redacted not really able
13651s to find a lot of value off of all of the
13653s Poke pressure that Fable Rising kept
13655s just pushing onto them walking through
13658s the CH point now Fable Rising
13660s around the
13661s statue hellow Caster C be wondering
13664s where Willows 360 blizzard is we're
13666s still waiting for it reded meanwhile
13669s looks like they're giving up a little
13670s bit of space here right Fable Rising
13672s kind of taking the far angle around
13673s getting that poke off not necessarily
13675s going for hard engage just yet but
13677s sleepy eels right with the space able to
13678s just kind of melt down minnow and remove
13681s I mean goodby or Matra sleepy eels in
13683s the rest of the Fable Rising putting so
13685s much pressure on redacted were're able
13687s to just remove the MAA now they're just
13689s on the point nobody can really touch
13692s yeah it was a slow bur of a push but it
13694s did exactly what it was needed Fable
13696s Rising just ever so slowly moving
13699s forward exerting a little bit more
13700s pressure bullied redacted into using so
13703s many meaningful coold Downs star Knight
13706s before the push had even properly began
13707s had already burned through both the May
13710s and the ice block which meant that the
13711s May is vulnerable the second you remove
13713s the May from the equation you get to be
13715s so much more aggressive in how you bully
13717s the other
13718s ratra
13720s is being a focal point of the game by
13723s the way Willow's close to 80% towards
13725s that b sleep heels also has that
13727s Annihilation and MOX they have such a
13729s big time bank too
13731s mhm May's already been burned out from
13734s redacted side as well we're going to see
13735s the Wall come through from Willow Vortex
13737s to try and stop fa rising from
13739s disengaging as sleepy eel feels how
13742s close they are to that Annihilation and
13744s gets
13745s aggressive trying to block try to play
13748s their lives it too too aggressive
13750s without using any ultimates to support
13752s or back them up especially the
13753s immortality field but it doesn't matter
13755s in case he hit shots like those star
13757s Knight throws out the blizzard but
13759s nobody's even caught in it Willow can
13760s ice block shift away for KC ant Matrix
13763s for a defensive position because of
13765s redacted and they just find the kills
13767s although they lost their ratra not on my
13770s I mean you can see how important Willow
13772s is in this composition in the fact that
13773s Nila literally uses amp Matrix that when
13777s the May ice block runs out and you're
13779s still getting Frozen up in redacted
13781s blizzard you have the overheal to push
13783s through that window and keep the May
13786s alive because the threat of the May is
13788s what's stopping redacted is what's
13789s forcing them into being a lot more
13791s posive and hesitant in how they take
13793s some of these engagements lorm will have
13795s sound bar for the rec contest but fa
13797s Rising have so many ultimates they're
13798s going to immediately start off with the
13800s overclock to deter redacted and force
13802s them into using sound bar so early into
13804s the fight yeah I mean they have to use
13806s it now that Annihilation comes out what
13809s actually not getting the kills Casey's
13811s low needs that beat drop for mecho
13813s finally was able to shut down lunar and
13815s couldn't support their team towards the
13816s objective no Lucio AOE heals there and
13820s although you have lady basty finding KC
13822s there's nobody else here for rejected
13824s and Fable Rising move on to third phase
13826s flawlessly they have five minutes so
13829s here's the domino effect right you see
13831s casy Pop the overclock redacted feel
13833s forced into throwing in the sound
13835s barrier as a result when the sound
13837s barrier Runs Out sleepy Ys Annihilation
13839s is still going is still picking up those
13841s kills as opposed to redact when meor
13843s comes in with their annihilations Eko
13845s still has the S to keep everyone from
13847s favor Rising topped up they can keep
13849s themselves on that payload on that
13851s objective they don't have to disengage
13852s matter they simply chunk them down and
13854s now we're in final fight territory and
13856s redacted have no ALS except the death
13858s work yeah and this has to be huge
13861s towards the point mortality field here
13863s temporarily everybody backing up from
13865s table understanding it's coming through
13867s but because of that positional Edge that
13870s reject did have I'm frozen
13873s again you know what we're just stuck in
13875s the blizzard there we go we're quite
13877s literally stuck in this SAR Knight
13879s unfortunately he's going to fall to KC
13881s with that all fire and Dustin this might
13884s just be clean up yeah it might just be
13887s at this point right no more reer
13889s ultimate available reacted just kind of
13892s trying to survive they lose lunar ant
13894s Matrix was there to try to help but it
13896s doesn't seem like they have the damage
13898s follow up just get overclock here as
13900s well in Fable
13901s Rising it is clean up now blizz towards
13904s the point from Star could they maybe
13905s find the kills that'd be insane nope
13907s goodbye story nice try Lu touch wait
13911s they've got oh no Willow shuts it down
13915s what a shot what a shot on the beat
13917s dropping Lucio Fable Rising go up to now
13921s we're on map Point yeah we did say off
13925s of the back of some of these map choices
13927s that maybe that previous five map series
13929s would become a little bit more of a free
13932s m as casy is going to be picking up MVP
13935s of this match play of the game with the
13938s soan sitting behind that ant Matrix and
13940s you can just see that that game plan
13942s that the ratra annihilation had of just
13944s freeing up the space and trying to just
13945s keep that payload pushing through is
13947s entirely sunk the second at the sojan is
13950s able to slip out of the fight yeah I
13953s mean that was so clean from Fable rising
13956s and you know on redacted side they had
13958s their moments Moxy but this is what this
13960s was a big storyline that we talked about
13962s yesterday with Fable Rising is that this
13964s team doesn't even look like a rising
13965s heroes team because of either coaching
13967s or just how good this team is as an
13969s entirety it feels like they're just kind
13972s of at another level right yeah I mean
13976s there was a little bit of a struggle
13977s when we saw the reaper especially in
13979s streets phas because they were just
13980s trying to get incredibly aggressive and
13982s as a result redacted saw how quickly fav
13986s Rising would try and push some of those
13988s advantages how close some of those
13991s players would get which is definitely
13993s punishable but other than those moments
13996s it really did feel like fa ring just had
13999s a much better grip of the macro and that
14001s was my concern when we came to King zo
14003s that was something that Ash actually
14005s mentioned maybe rejection have a better
14007s micro but fav Rising their true strength
14010s is in their macro and King row is a map
14013s if you have a griffa macro and you're
14015s running that mtic composition it just
14017s becomes so hard to be a
14021s now redacted down in a massive hole
14024s right I mean this is a first to three so
14026s B Rising we need to win one more in the
14029s next next map kind is going to be flas
14032s point
14033s so I don't know if this will be anywhere
14035s you take this table Rising team that
14037s makes you feel comfortable because flash
14039s point should favor KC in table Rising
14041s with how Pokey they they've been playing
14043s this competition right yeah it is
14045s incredibly poke favored I mean that does
14048s mean that redacted might might be able
14050s to since we're going to another
14052s objective based map with you know set
14055s locations maybe they can again take
14057s advantage of some of the players from
14060s Fable Rising looking to set up on the
14062s point and thus splitting themselves off
14064s as we can have a look at some of those
14066s stats and see how much damage the sojan
14067s does but again it's that meaningful
14069s damage right that soan always a threed
14071s always stopping you from being able to
14073s pick up a lot of that spacing it's a
14075s pain for those tanks to go through it's
14077s also a pain to try and keep a track of
14079s that rail gun charge cuz normally you
14080s have you know your igl you have your
14082s shot caller in terms of like your tank
14084s player saying okay this target is low
14086s well we're going to rotate this way
14087s everyone follow me so everyone sticks in
14089s that One Direction and no one gets split
14090s and left behind because if you get split
14092s and left behind and you're playing up
14093s against a mate that's the Surefire way
14095s to go right back into that respawn room
14097s but you also tend to have someone on
14099s your support role actually tracking the
14102s ultimates from the other side sojan
14105s comes along and thrs a spanner into all
14107s of that communication because not only
14109s you have to keep a track of ultimates
14110s you also have to keep a track of the alt
14112s fire charge coming on through as it
14115s becomes a lot faster charging then that
14118s overclock and it has just as much threat
14120s with the one shot potential but we can
14122s see what flasho is going to head and no
14124s surprises it's yet again going to be
14126s surasa I am yet to meet a single team
14129s who willingly puts new junk City into
14133s rotation maybe it's just not a fun map
14135s oxy I don't know like is suras is just
14137s more fun I don't know what's the
14138s reasoning behind behind that right it's
14140s like it's a little bit more open I I
14142s feel like if you lose a fight on Sasa
14145s with how many sort of like angles and
14147s approaches there are to all of those
14149s points and spacing you can pull a lot of
14151s attention you can right divert both the
14154s front line and the backline from being
14155s able to work as one as opposed to new
14158s junk City where if you lose that first
14160s fight those chokes are absolutely brutal
14164s and devastating new junk city has
14165s compositions of things like Bastion
14168s actually coming into top tier meta
14170s because of how those fights always start
14173s off in incredibly small rooms when the
14175s team that lost the fight prior has to
14177s rotate through and things like the
14179s either junkrat or a Bastion n just make
14182s that absolutely impossible a lot of the
14185s time Fair points all around to aasa the
14188s map choice of most teams a lot like uh
14190s well I can't say that the product name I
14192s was going to a commercial a classic
14195s Western commercial but instead I'll hit
14197s you with the the classic Chipotle B
14199s commercial instead right I mean make
14201s your Chipotle bowl today actually I keep
14203s I keep getting Chipotle cuz I mean
14205s obviously they're a sponsor of this
14207s tournament but I keep getting it before
14209s the broadcast and I keep finishing it
14210s before it starts so I can't show it off
14212s like I know everybody everybody's been
14213s showing off their Chipotle bows I'm
14215s jealous I'm just like I I can't what's
14216s your order at least you you can show off
14218s your order in fact I can judge you on
14220s your order well it changes though like I
14222s get tired of it sometimes right so it's
14224s like just get rice and like the the
14226s pinto beans and like the uh the chicken
14228s you know
14229s I got the caras the first time that's
14231s the carada the cares I'm not I don't I
14234s can't speak Spanish save me here MOX
14235s well you're no you're freaking you're
14237s British you can't speak Spanish either
14238s okay anyways I get that and I also
14242s get bibla that is
14245s literally all I know in Spanish yeah I
14249s took I took Spanish in middle school so
14251s you probably you might actually know
14252s more than me I switch to German for some
14254s German is so useless though okay that's
14256s actually not sorry that's German's not
14258s useless but in America nobody speaks
14260s German really like mainly Spanish
14261s anyways s rasa the next map we're going
14264s to enough
14265s about a country that uh definitely
14267s doesn't speak any of the languages that
14269s we just
14271s listed oh jeez well you know I don't
14275s speak that language either so there's a
14278s reason this is the English broadcast
14279s right MOX you know we don't have the uh
14281s other languages I I don't know Dustin I
14283s would I would pay good money to see you
14286s try and pull off a Spanish cast stream
14290s yeah that that would be I'd be just like
14292s taken down immediately like I don't know
14295s how that that that would be immediately
14297s removed by every
14298s platform it would not work anyways we're
14300s waiting for both teams to come in and
14302s you know for the sign of redacted
14304s speaking about redacted um from things
14307s this team needs to make this comeback
14309s right now Moxy right obviously suros is
14311s the map they think they have the best
14312s chance at what's the win condition for
14314s this team to come back because obviously
14316s as it stands this Reaper ratra
14318s composition has been solid at points but
14321s do you want to still run it on this map
14323s to make the reverse weak I mean you can
14326s play Brawl Reaper you just have to be
14330s incredibly fast and how you rotate and
14334s unfortunately like flasho does not favor
14337s a lot of waiting around for fights to
14338s begin so if they play like they did on
14340s Kings Row right where they're trying to
14342s kipe through hotel and they have to wait
14343s for all those coord to line up fa Rising
14346s if they're in control of that objective
14348s they're going to get so much point
14350s percentage for absolute free so I really
14353s hope that we do see duby pick up
14355s something like that sojan to take
14357s advantage of how long a lot of these
14359s open line of sides are we talk about how
14361s many different angles there are sojan
14364s flourishes when you're able to pick an
14366s off angle and I want to see the mirror
14368s as redacted see how much value KC's
14371s presence in the fight and even in the
14374s setup to the fight has been able to pick
14375s up the Fable
14377s riser
14379s Reed going to swap or stay with dubie on
14382s that
14382s sojourn for this one in dubie was you
14385s know a lot of the reason that redacted
14388s on the first map had some success so
14390s maybe leaning back towards that as they
14392s start out well redacted this time around
14395s are going to be the ones playing the
14396s objective first FA Rising a long
14399s rotation the deal a lot of damage taken
14401s by that Baptist immediately using that
14403s regenerative burst so cool down removed
14405s however building towards the ultimate
14406s racked oning that want to go first they
14408s lose on the engage oh no they had such a
14411s big advantage and just immediately gets
14414s thrown out the window by sleepy and KC
14417s nice 2K for Casey in that fight to open
14420s things getting rid of that Lucio they
14421s don't even get the point redened no
14423s constellation prize Fable Rising take
14425s the point
14427s first oh and unfortunately they don't
14429s even really get a lot of support
14431s ultimate charge off of the back of
14433s losing that fight IA so they're not
14435s going to have this over lining of
14436s something like an amplification Matrix
14438s ready before for fable Rising Nila again
14440s taking a lot of damage having to utilize
14441s that burst but redacted unfortunately
14444s having to wait for all of those cool
14445s Downs to line up yet again Fable Rising
14447s trying to bait the May and then
14449s disengage it or able to do exactly that
14451s and yet again redacted are going to have
14454s to wait they can't walk into a fight
14455s against a May when they don't have the
14457s wall
14458s available story is doing a good job
14460s building towards that buzard though be
14462s the first DPS ultimate Surly in the game
14464s I know comes out oh nice immortality f
14467s for Moon might keep Al for now Moonlight
14469s also finds eeko who went aggressive and
14471s no Casey misses the jump hit their heads
14474s at the little lip at the ledge and now
14476s Nila trying to equalize it trying to
14478s keep sleepy Ys alive because that's the
14479s move back into this lead willow also
14481s finds St then throws the blizzard but
14483s dies immediately the midar Frozen on the
14486s point though as you know and no longer
14488s in this fight too who beat off from
14490s luner it keeps goby also in this who's
14493s got the overclock in a second but sleepy
14496s I mean just can play so consistent with
14497s Nila towards the points they tried to
14500s clutch up and in overtime I guess you
14502s might as well try fa Rising doesn't
14504s matter they'll take the first point
14506s Fable Rising don't have the blizzard for
14508s the next fight but unfortunately they're
14510s going to have a whole lot of other
14511s ultimates to work with redacted losing
14515s that fight late as well aren't even
14517s going to be able to set up on the point
14519s prior to the fight breaking out which is
14521s where they may find so much more
14523s Advantage yet again we're going to have
14524s to see redacted just put a little bit of
14527s pressure and try and bait some of those
14529s before they can properly come
14530s out coming in now F Rising have that
14533s High Ground position very favorable for
14537s them also holding on to the be drop and
14540s overlocked now that's trying to go in
14542s they want to K any ultimates it looks
14543s like they don't need to for now as Lun
14545s finds one immediately by Sor but cost
14547s their lives duie has the follow up there
14550s really has been a Difference Maker
14552s reacted they're able to find the
14554s followup kills on a fa Rising who also
14556s did commit an Annihilation on sleepy
14558s that is a solid takeaway for redacted
14560s who control the point first redacted now
14563s with control of that point can start
14565s taking advantage of how that point is
14568s actually archetyp so many chokes so many
14572s good areas for the mayw to be able to
14574s find that isolation into something like
14576s followup from the perel on your ratra
14578s Fable Rising looking to try to rotate
14580s aren't going to be able to immediately
14582s invade into that back line either so
14584s Moonlight and lunar storm have so much
14586s space to be able to work over clock from
14588s KC trying to open things shot through
14590s the wall fortunately that isn't going to
14592s that is going to result in the kill Lun
14594s going aggressive that's been a
14595s consistent for did gives them that space
14597s to work with for now the follow up is
14599s the ratra of of redacted immortality to
14602s keep him healthy too shuts down the
14604s Lucio of Eko who I mean duie also has
14607s the followup shots was that beat drop
14608s canceled or am I crazy from Ekko I think
14610s he popped it or they popped it and then
14612s immediately got shut down by uh by by
14615s Mino and reacted amazing fight for them
14617s it looks like they're going to win this
14619s point yeah I mean look at the difference
14621s of what happens when you have an
14623s overclock from an enemy soan but you
14625s don't have control of the space
14626s immediately staring Knight is able to
14628s wall off a lot of the pressure
14629s moonlight's coming in with the
14631s amplification Matrix so even when the
14632s wall falls off of the pressure from that
14634s SoJO and you're not able to find any
14637s kill and you have to be so quick with
14638s your shots because you're taking so much
14640s additional damage through that window
14642s and as a result with just the
14644s annihilation popped as well from minol
14646s law redacted have all of the control
14648s unfortunately for them however this time
14651s around the team that lost the point
14654s still have enough time to be able to
14655s rotate onto the next one and now
14658s redacted of fighting an uphill battle
14660s without three of those ultimates to
14661s clear that space yeah that's that's the
14664s cost definitely of winning that fight
14667s out right have to come back into this
14670s was able to find one immediately on KC
14671s as well trades back and Willow again
14673s with the blizzard able to find maximum
14675s value three people frozen and they're
14677s all gone fable in of a fantastic wizard
14680s from Willow in that fight yeah three
14682s people frozen and one of them is
14684s unfortunately Moonlight and that means
14686s even though lamp had been invested there
14687s is no followup healing star Knight
14691s incredibly close to a blizzard of their
14693s own but Fable Rising going to have
14694s Annihilation to be able to ice off a lot
14697s of the pressure that redactor can try
14698s and pick up off of it especially if they
14701s can slow redact it rotation down with
14704s the pressure coming
14705s from from St Willow I but they still
14708s lose sleepy no immortality field there
14710s in time to keep them alive it kept eeko
14712s alive though in the back temporarily
14714s however duie will find the follow up
14716s damage onto Willow and eventually on the
14718s KC to like I said duy has been really
14722s redacted star player right every time
14724s that reactor wins it feels like it's off
14726s the soj well the sojan has the mobility
14729s to be able to collapse onto these low
14730s Health targets right sort of like a
14732s Genji where you have that Dash and you
14734s can find the low Health targets and you
14736s get the dash reset seran obviously
14737s doesn't get a reset on powers like that
14739s would be a little bit broken but having
14741s that range with the rail gun and able to
14744s follow up on these low half targets that
14745s both the May the rat even the losu and
14747s Baptist have been able to slowly chip
14750s down is absolutely huge in terms of kill
14753s translation off of damage gone now to
14756s have that point control 50% but either
14758s team right if they win this fight it
14760s might just be over for this point
14761s particular also support ultimates for
14763s redacted however they're going against
14765s table Rising with pretty much every
14766s single ultimate in the book
14769s FS goes aggressive has to deal with this
14771s amplification Matrix and actually does
14773s so but it cost them their lives oh no no
14776s help even from the MRI in the back casy
14779s pops the overclock but it's against the
14781s beat drop no way can they get the
14783s followup kills here and they're going to
14784s get delayed a potential stagger could
14786s come through and rejected against the
14789s odds now get staggered 95% on the board
14792s they're going to go up potentially round
14794s point now for flash point yeah one more
14797s point away away from redact being able
14799s to take this map nether team as well
14801s going to be able to rotate onto that
14803s point first of all fa Rising not able to
14805s immediately take the scrap against red
14808s on rotation two because they're still
14809s waiting for those players who were
14810s caught laid out to respawn and as a
14813s result redacted now with control of that
14814s spacing going to be able to utilize the
14817s pressure early on from both the m sojan
14819s and ratra to force Fable Rising into BR
14822s potentially an ultimate directly into
14824s the fight that you can see they're
14826s expecting duie is going to make sure
14828s that she's away from the rest of her
14829s team so if the Blizzard or Annihilation
14831s comes through she can shut it down wait
14833s that was an amazing blizzard bapti Lucio
14836s Frozen goodbye able Rising though right
14839s marxy they just won that fight off of
14840s Blizzard now have the objective but they
14842s need to win off these other ultimates
14844s right besides the
14845s blizzard redacted are going to have a
14847s blizzard of their own Fable Rising
14848s however with control of that spacing are
14850s going to be able to position themselves
14852s around it so at worst something like
14853s your Matra is going to get caught out
14855s maybe it catches two or three players as
14857s long as it doesn't catch the back line
14859s specifically Echo that S Bar is going to
14861s be
14862s huge re now walking in a rising what do
14866s they want to do they actually are caught
14867s out a little bit here th goes Super far
14869s in but splits the team actually with
14871s that positioning was able to find
14873s Moonlight th trades Back Willow one for
14875s one but it's Annihilation and beat drop
14877s and that is just far too much you call
14879s The Moxy for RoR to deal with it now 60%
14881s on the board hard recontest too because
14884s of how far away this point is well Fable
14887s Rising take that in this space
14889s specifically because it is away from the
14890s point redactor do not have the
14892s opportunity to be able to use either the
14894s blizzard nor the annihilation because
14896s they know they need them to hold on and
14898s clear the spacing of that point as fast
14900s as possible so Fable Rising unable to
14902s burn us into overtime store potential
14905s unfortunately for them look how closeing
14907s trying to take fight again but actually
14908s they're going to have CAU of those
14909s ultimates sooner rather than later the
14911s willow will deep in without any cool
14913s Downs perfect wizard from St Casey finds
14915s the trade and also theila gets rid of
14917s min
14918s and also just Dives on the Moonlight
14921s this new player to OverWatch Nila has
14923s been an absolute Main St for fable
14925s Rising 3K for them in this fight they
14928s take this point redacted now backs
14931s against the wall Fable Rising tied them
14932s up two to2 last Point
14935s here reacted are they going to be able
14937s to rotate onto that last point they do
14940s have the only two ultimates currently in
14942s play but casy approaching that overclock
14945s redacted are they going to rotate to
14947s that point or are they going to try and
14948s cut favor Rising off on rotation so
14951s often they prioritize fighting together
14953s as a team looks like they're going to
14955s instead rotate onto that point and
14956s prioritize the objective they know how
14958s fast that objective ticks up it so much
14961s faster than control as a result you need
14963s being control of it especially up
14965s against St Heroes like the main round
14969s and in this fight redacted have that
14971s positional Advantage towards the point
14973s focusing the objective a rising now have
14976s to walk in without any ultimates they
14977s waiting for the overclock of
14979s KC but in the meantime they have to deal
14981s with potential Annihilation from inore
14983s overclock pop from KC dealing with the
14985s May wall from the own team me drop
14987s counters also Annihilation from molor
14990s just diving on the bable rising KY Falls
14992s up two minol who now finds three and
14995s this Annihilation just keeps running not
14997s falling out of time willo's able to find
14999s one but it doesn't matter because
15001s redacted had that point Moxy and it's
15003s going to go up to nearly 60% Fable
15005s Rising this is going to be last fight
15007s yeah I mean you even see sleepy eels
15009s just throwing themselves off of that map
15011s to be able to reset and respawn with the
15012s rest of the team as quickly as possible
15015s to be able to secure that point redactor
15017s did use a whole host of ultimates
15019s they're going to have the overclocks
15020s trying pressure Fable Rising before
15023s they're able to come in with ultimates
15024s of their own because if fa Rising just
15026s sto and try and buy themselves the
15028s damage to build something like this
15029s blizzard or S Bar redacted hit over time
15033s could go huge this fight with the
15035s overclock de with the anat could also
15038s get a ton of value now over clock pop by
15040s D star also has that blizzard beat drop
15043s to counter it sleepy he finds lunar
15045s that's a massive kill to find also finds
15047s Moonlight sorry gets one in the blizzard
15049s can they find anymore I don't think so
15050s the annihilation is too good sleepy eels
15054s disgusting ultimate Fable Rising claim
15056s it back in overtime Fable Rising
15059s crucially as well because they lost
15060s Willow at the beginning of that fight
15063s still going to have blizzard still going
15065s to have ant Matrix to be able to either
15067s sustain a agression or make sure that
15069s you punish whoever gets caught in that
15072s freeze redacted now might be able to
15075s jump on fa Rising while that split but
15077s no it does look like the team have been
15079s able to regroup before redactor can try
15081s and punish that late respawn coming out
15084s of the May really good stuff coming
15085s through from Fable rising to fairy
15087s Willow safely back into the ranks yeah I
15090s mean this blizzard I feel like has 100%
15093s win rate for failing we'll see if it
15094s does it again Lio tosses it out anybody
15097s Frozen though no redacted avoid it for
15099s now that's rare a mistake from Fable
15102s Rising nice block by starring they've
15105s got the m to keep sory alive sory Falls
15107s low but the heal Moon ler there it's do
15110s be a Lun come back oh my gosh Casey and
15112s sleepier down a matrix counter from The
15115s Gila but he shut down By Moonlight from
15117s the back of the map redacted all they
15120s need to do now is clean up the point
15122s they're on it overtime ticks down and
15124s redacted start what potentially could be
15126s a reverse sweep and take flash point the
15129s big difference maker Dustin was The
15131s Reaper going away and the sergeon
15134s getting swapped back I am so happy to
15137s see the seran back in that team on
15141s position really good stuff coming for
15143s from redax to be able to turn that
15144s around we said flash point is definitely
15147s going to be a map archetype that's going
15148s to play into their favor they've been
15149s able to play into having that objective
15153s pushing Fable rising's positions into
15155s being incredibly specific and a lot of
15157s the time predict predictable and as a
15159s result they're able to bait things out
15161s like the May and the block a lot easier
15164s when we see in that last fight you can
15166s see Willow like looking for that block
15168s looking for that wall looking for the to
15170s be able to isolate some of those players
15171s from redacted side but they play
15173s perfectly they bait all of those cool
15175s Downs just the same way that Pap Rising
15178s baited everything out of redacted all
15180s the way back on that first push of
15182s King's Row and then are able to off of
15185s the back of that amplification Matrix
15186s find those kills because they know that
15189s there is no mayol for fable rising to
15192s hide behind and kite out
15194s of beautiful stuff there from redact and
15198s you know it did Moxy from the outside it
15199s really did seem like Fable with the at
15201s the macro were playing well
15204s right the mro was really good like they
15206s were coming in with really nice P
15208s rotations they were holding on to
15209s ultimates to be able to have them when
15211s they saw that a fight was getting lost
15213s and they knew that the next point would
15214s unlock a lot of the time as well they
15216s were finding dagger kills onto redacted
15219s back line when the next point was about
15221s to re unlock as a result redacted W ever
15224s able to rotate onto the point a lot of
15226s the time first so Fable Rising were
15228s always coming in with that positional
15229s Advantage but again where it started to
15231s really fall apart was redacted suddenly
15233s were able to meet the Poke pressure
15236s suddenly Fable Rising don't immediately
15238s have that one leg over the other team
15240s with a little bit of pressure coming
15242s through from something like a sojan your
15244s Baptist and back line is immediately
15246s forced into burning everything before
15248s the fight begins and that then plays
15250s into a domino effect of how soon the
15252s ratra has to use all of their cooldowns
15255s and then that plays into how early the
15257s May has to use all of the cooldowns
15259s these compositions are all about pulling
15262s out those abilities from the other side
15264s in a mirror matchup as early as possible
15267s so you can come in with everything the
15269s other team doesn't have
15270s available a lot going on in the grand
15273s finals of the rising Heroes major three
15276s final Grand finals this is an absolutely
15279s massive series we're exed trying to make
15280s that reverse sweep but before we see the
15282s next map we have to go to a break so
15284s we'll see you on the side of this
15291s [Music]
15306s one
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15339s [Applause]
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15426s he
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15456s oh
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15527s [Music]
15531s welcome back everybody we're in the
15532s grand finals of the rising Heroes major
15536s well I think for them it's been two
15537s actually not major three right if if I
15539s double check here yeah it's their second
15541s major so yeah but it's still called
15542s major 3 regardless these teams have been
15545s playing incredibly well right obviously
15547s Fable rising up two in the series but
15548s reacted just won that last map Moxy
15550s walked me through it what gave redacted
15553s that chance to come back through and win
15555s on surasa sojan I I'm gonna keep saying
15559s it having that sojan being able to just
15561s keep that backline always being fress it
15563s always forcing them into burning things
15565s like uh the regenerative burst on your
15567s shift as a Baptist or that lamp
15569s incredibly early it has such a huge
15572s knock and dent on the confidence on the
15574s rest of the team in terms of how much
15576s spacing they're able able to take and
15577s that in terms has a knock in terms of
15579s how much space your DPS have to be able
15581s to work with to try and find some of
15583s those first picks if you're going into a
15586s May and ratra Baptist Lucio composition
15589s you want that sergean you don't want the
15591s reaper because at that just when the
15593s fight begins you have to burn the may
15595s just to keep everyone safe on your side
15597s and as a result you don't get to use it
15599s aggressively to try and isolate and lock
15601s down some of the kills on the enemy team
15604s I mean it's been really good for reacted
15606s and now next map we're going to is going
15609s to be push Moxy we're going to new Queen
15610s Street which by the way I just want to
15612s like real quick touch on flasho it's so
15613s unique how flas points like always
15615s played Moxy where it does feel like a
15617s different game right it doesn't seem
15619s like the rest of every single other map
15620s Titan OverWatch where like you just
15622s watch these up like we we go to the map
15625s view we just see these teams rotate and
15626s stuff and a lot of that macro gameplay
15628s has been incredibly important for these
15630s teams and if we go to a map like new
15632s Queen Street Moxy which is going to be
15634s our push map right I think things become
15635s a lot more simple
15637s which I'm assuming for you you would
15639s favor a team Like Fable especially on on
15641s this map type right well it depends
15644s because you can either go directly for
15645s the objective or you can sort of try and
15647s monopolize a lot of that spacing if you
15649s have something like a soldier and you
15651s want to have control of both tunnel and
15653s high ground because that's where you're
15654s going to get your best point Advantage
15657s into the enemy team's backline and as a
15660s result it may be on paper incredibly
15662s simple tog of war with one objective in
15665s the middle of two teams both SP from the
15667s exact same distances both getting very
15670s symmetrical uh sort of advantages in
15673s terms of high grounds and Corners to be
15675s able to hide around but a lot of the
15678s time teams are forced into making that
15680s decision on whether or not they do want
15681s to go for that immediate objective
15683s control and get a little bit of distance
15685s or if it's woring a
15689s little
15695s overall now both of these teams
15699s obviously want to win this m Marx uh
15701s Fable rising up two in the series and a
15703s first to three which uh definitely can
15706s be hard you know for these teams in
15709s general right in instead of a first to
15710s four necessarily so you can have more
15712s you know breathing room I mean if you
15715s lose this map Fable Rising that just
15717s means redacted now Moxy are now tied up
15719s in the series already they just had to
15721s win two in a row and the momentum would
15723s be in their side so I imagine there's a
15725s ton of pressure on this team right
15727s yeah I mean get the brooms out we're
15729s quite literally on a curling rank but
15730s the reverse sweep potential is knocking
15733s on the door redacted really happy to see
15737s that they're going to be sticking with
15738s the sojan they've identified that they
15739s need to have that same level of pressure
15742s coming for to force that same amount of
15744s abilities out early are we going to see
15747s a mixup however in terms of how these
15749s teams approach objective in comparison
15753s to position to set those serons
15755s up right Ed what they do here playing a
15759s bit slow they have the soj on an off
15762s angle it looks like back towards the
15763s stairs but regroups with the rest of
15765s their team do be taking that maybe set
15767s them behind in terms of ultimate for
15768s both walls out on either side redacted
15771s however the ones taking a ton of that
15773s poke early on still have a lot of
15775s healing jie finds the shot in a willow
15777s but it's traded meor Falls and now
15779s sleepy just able to get as much value as
15781s they want here forcing away everything
15783s forcing the cool bounds out from
15785s Moonlight has to reload though so maybe
15788s that no never mind immediately it's a
15790s tank Health yeah I mean it's just too
15793s much it's tank healthful there's there's
15795s too much health to chunk through it's so
15798s unfortunate for a redacted because
15800s normally when the May gets picked on the
15802s other side your tank gets to play so
15804s much more aggressive and fold without
15806s having to be concerned about you know
15807s baiting that W out early unfortunately
15809s for redacted the trade is their tank and
15812s it is a much worse bargain as fav Rising
15815s continue push putting this pressure in
15817s making sure the redacted are not able to
15819s organize a fast recontest so even more
15822s distance picks up the fabl team's Got
15825s the Beat though because of how much
15826s damage they're taking without dying and
15828s also
15831s field they need to use this beat
15833s probably early from lunar to keep the
15834s team alive only they have the heals
15836s there for moonight so never mind they
15837s don't need to just yet and Matrix in
15839s overlock here from KC beat drop
15841s re-engage from redacted Acy trying to
15844s chunk through it hasn't been able to
15846s chunk through the beat drop barrier to
15848s oh my gosh what a shot on a sleepy eels
15852s sends that ragd doll flying meanwhile
15853s the overclock from KC ran out and
15856s redacted RI tests with their support
15858s ultimate right just get the staggers now
15860s Willow does find Moonlight has the
15863s blizzard do they want to use it no just
15865s going to run out of there get stagger
15867s well maybe no eventually we jump towards
15869s that robot a perfect Rec test fromaed
15871s there have control the robot now no this
15874s blizzard from Fable Rising is going to
15875s be so important you do not throw it in
15877s as St potential redacted could
15880s potentially have to mirror blizzard
15881s themselves which then opens the door for
15883s Sleep eels to find a lot more value with
15886s Annihilation or maybe we're going to see
15887s the sojun have to use the overclock just
15890s to stop Fable rising from being able to
15893s use that blizzard to push redacted off
15895s of picking up more distance and thus the
15897s lead table Rising they could really sit
15900s up there fast enough because now they
15902s have to deal with J with the overclock
15905s over the top I mean sleep taking the ton
15906s of damage off the immortality field for
15909s now Echo the pressure is on them with
15910s the beat drop but a counter Blizzard
15912s from Willow immortality field just there
15914s in the nick of time for moonlight but
15915s they're all Frozen I mean if the Baptist
15918s Lucio and her Matra are frozen you're
15920s basically dunzo as a team s throughout
15922s the blizzard in a lost team fight and
15924s now yeah it sort of looked like there
15927s was a difference in communication on
15929s redacted side right cuz normally when
15932s you have to counter blizzard you counter
15933s blizzard almost immediately but like you
15936s said star Knight uses that blard a lot
15938s later after Willows already thrown at
15941s hers as a result they're not going to
15943s have it for this next fight Mina is
15945s coming in with Annihilation you are
15947s going to have the amplification Matrix
15948s the difference M Rising have the S Bar
15950s to keep that ratra alive as oh no that
15953s is a very early amp Matrix so that
15955s redactor can get aggressive around that
15957s corner and try and push Fable Rising
15960s back yeah I mean at least they gain some
15962s space back but now Aila able to use Aras
15965s in a more in a more favor position sleep
15967s eel and sleep get so much sustain off of
15970s it yeah and the the beat drop from EO to
15973s to sustain even further I mean they're
15975s just getting a lot of value but now
15976s redacted actually came back with their
15977s own beat drop so it almost works out
15979s into Willow it'sit that final blow on
15982s theore it was very close on both sides
15985s supports being tested really in that
15988s fight the Fable
15989s Rising giving themselves the advantage
15992s now surely just going to find the
15993s Stagger TS and get the checkpoint here
15995s yeah so that's explanation for why
15997s redacted got incredibly aggressive with
15999s that amplification Matrix from High
16000s Ground they wanted Luna storm to get
16002s into position to be able to match sound
16004s barrier charge to Echo they understood
16007s one ratra coming in with Annihilation
16010s with a sound barrier is going to Trump
16013s yatro with no sound bar and as a result
16015s they had to match a beep for beat quite
16017s literally unfortunately it doesn't work
16019s out for them and now they're coming in
16021s without that sound bar they have to deal
16023s with both overclock and
16025s blizzard Point Willow has to deal with
16027s this ratra oh my gosh what a shot from
16030s KC Sor Knight no more value found KY
16034s also hits another shot on the Lun storm
16035s blard here just to give them even
16038s further advantage and you know Fable
16040s Rising halfway through the map now 5
16042s minutes left they are sitting pretty
16046s redacted will at least be coming in with
16048s two ultimates in comparison to Fable
16051s Rising but unfortunately Fable Rising
16053s are so close to both support ultimates
16056s redacted have to be incredibly fast in
16059s how they throw in this overclock if they
16061s dally too long ekko's going to have the
16062s sound barrier and Fa Rising all of the
16065s sustain to just phas tankle all that
16068s damage liard wall deleted by the robot
16070s there so not a lot of value found by it
16072s over clock flank by duie with the ant
16074s Matrix they're finding the damage but no
16077s kills just yet duie finally gets that
16079s and then the second shot on the KC
16081s however the peel eventually came back
16083s now we just have a three versus two on
16085s the payload what eeko and Willow do here
16087s just die on the payload ekko's going to
16090s run away for now and Fa Rising will just
16093s have to give up this team fight now
16095s redacted they have so many meters they
16097s have to close out on if they want to win
16099s now and even though they won that fight
16101s because Willow was the one that they had
16102s to deal with the major stalls with both
16105s the wall and the block so even more
16107s distance denied for redactor to be
16110s making up for as we see amplification
16113s Matrix come through onto that High
16115s Ground keep for DX to around the bus
16118s Edge both these Baptist opting for
16121s really early windows we would like to
16124s see them use them a bit later now sleep
16126s he in the low ground though broke
16127s immortality field also has the barrier
16129s but it's counter barrier and
16130s Annihilation on both sides blizzard
16132s committed by Willow no blizzard for Star
16133s Knight that gives them a massive
16135s Advantage but doie shuts it down what a
16138s shot onto Willow that should just be the
16141s end of it for table Rising now I mean
16143s you don't have any more damage with this
16145s Annihilation sure
16146s KN I me they could get it's not over
16150s just yet necessarily because you still
16151s have your here in the fight and the
16153s heels are actually still getting through
16155s never mind sleepy heels able to come
16157s back through midle worth not equalizing
16159s it missing some of these pumes can find
16162s Advantage somehow Fable Rising our back
16164s in this sleepy not able to out that back
16167s line and separate them from Sleepy heels
16169s oh my there's no way there's no way they
16173s came back in that fa Rising have control
16175s of the robot 2 minutes in 45 seconds now
16177s left yeah redacted are not going to be
16179s happy about that one they're at least
16181s coming into this next fight with three
16182s nearly four ultimates but Willow getting
16185s aggressive looking to keep redacted
16188s taking that fight before the regroup can
16190s come through and as a result Fable
16192s Rising able to get the objective right
16195s back into pushing more
16197s distance and they give up some space too
16199s right I mean just pushing as far as
16200s possible knowing they have the edge but
16201s a flank with the overclock as well as
16204s that an major du I mean has been really
16205s con
16207s but that's two ultimates out right there
16209s maybe you're wondering if they only had
16211s to use one control of the robot again 2
16213s minutes left now Mar but they're not
16216s going to get more distance this is the
16218s thing Fable Rising didn't pick up more
16219s distance their end but they made sure
16221s that the objective run all the way back
16223s and as a result redacted when the next
16225s fight begins they have to have one
16226s person sit on the objective everyone
16229s else try and deny The High Ground
16230s approach from Fable Rising finally now
16233s they're going to start picking up the
16235s distance but they've only got 1 minute
16236s 46 seconds try equalize and fav Rising
16239s have the
16240s ultimate overlock in a matrix but KC
16244s kind of shut out by Min doing a good job
16247s forcing them away but is falling very
16249s low oh no moral immortality Fi not there
16253s to keep their their uh Matra Alive Now
16257s blizzard committed from staring they
16259s want to win right here now even with the
16261s ratra they're doing so so far KC is able
16264s to find Star though after the blizzard
16266s but is the damage finally there to get
16267s rid of sleepy eels it is now a minute
16269s left on the clock oh shoot that's a
16271s that's a big pick from Willow and
16273s they're just going to stagger in
16274s redacted don't have close enough spawns
16276s to kind of contest do be going
16279s incredibly low as well redacted just try
16281s KN Luna will be able to find Willow the
16283s May remove means that it's a lot safer
16285s to be able to hug that objective you
16287s don't have to worry about the endary
16289s Blaster but still unfortunately reacted
16292s having to wait before they can probably
16294s try and engage in that's more time burnt
16295s off that and Pang as me with the perel
16298s able to take the Ser wait wait B Rising
16302s kind of I mean they just thre away their
16304s advantage Marx there's no way other way
16306s to put it yeah but just fa Rising are
16308s taking a dry fight they're keeping
16310s redacted attention they're forcing them
16312s to fight every single scap every inch
16315s that they pick up on this objective
16317s we're about to hit into overtime
16319s redacted to coming in with ultimates the
16322s Fable Rising is going to have faster
16323s respawns more ultimates control of High
16326s Ground And if red lose a single fight
16328s this map and the series is done right 60
16333s M now redacted though if they win this
16336s fight it could be over s not over the
16339s top side has to use the ice block minor
16341s is caught out immortality field not
16343s there they don't have any ultimat to
16345s sustain wizard is well on top of it with
16347s the overclock barrier is here but I mean
16350s where is the damage duie can only get
16352s one unfortunately after that big pickoff
16355s it's basically over fored it was a
16358s miracle comeback nearly but Fable Rising
16361s shuts it down and wins the series and
16363s wins the $11,000 in the grand finals of
16367s the rising Heroes major 2 beautiful work
16370s from them congratulations to their team
16373s yeah gorgeous macro coming on through
16376s from Fable Rising identifying that their
16378s opponent have so much distance and so
16381s little time to be able to make up every
16383s single time they're able to win a fight
16386s they make sure that the objective rolls
16387s all the way back so it eats into the
16390s distance that you're able to pick up
16393s even if you win a team fight it forces
16395s you into throwing in so many of those
16397s ultimates to be able to keep that
16398s objective moving as quickly as possible
16400s and then when we head in towards that
16402s overtime not only are fable Rising
16404s making sure they have control of The
16406s High Ground so as a result we see minol
16408s having to actually on the remra go up
16410s there and contested as a result they get
16413s walled off with the mayol and mortality
16416s field isn't in time to save them the
16417s tank being removed then opens the
16420s floodgates for fable rising to come in
16422s with that huge ultimate bank that they
16424s just souped up to have at the ready as
16427s soon as we hit in to zero seconds
16429s remaining on the map they all Tumble
16431s from The High Ground directly onto the
16432s objective and there is nothing that
16434s redacted can do no amazing job from this
16438s team Fable Rising right they they were
16441s able to close it out I think it at at
16443s points you're a little bit worried
16445s considering the tournament has gone
16446s pretty smooth for them but finally to
16449s close it out versus this team redacted
16450s we're trying to make it close obviously
16453s um but this team deserved the win right
16456s the better team won today Fable Rising
16458s really are your champions for a good
16460s reason right Willow popped off the rank
16462s of the team played well around them
16463s sleepy eels today as well had a very
16465s standout performance Moxy I the backline
16467s the the the fact that sleepy eels in
16470s that fight when all of those ultimates
16472s have been removed stays standing oh my
16477s goodness I cannot believe that they won
16479s that fight because off of the back of
16480s that fight they get to push the
16482s objective all the way back to redacted
16484s spawn and redacted have to throw in like
16487s free ultimates just to be able to drop
16489s safely off of The High Ground and that
16492s eats into what they have available for
16494s the rest of the map and unfortunately
16496s they just don't have enough the deficit
16498s in terms of time and distance is too
16500s much to be able to overcome when you're
16502s that far behind in terms of ultimate
16504s damage
16506s well everyone we are going to go to a
16507s short break when we come back we'll see
16509s you for the MVP and also an interview
16512s from one of the members from Fable
16513s Rising so don't go anywhere guys and
16515s then also we have the championship the
16517s grand finals as well the Challenger
16518s Series so really don't go anywhere we'll
16520s be right back after this short
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16534s break
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16564s w
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16594s yeah
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16624s all
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16684s a
16688s [Music]
16714s welcome back everybody that was an
16716s intense game here for the calling all
16719s heroes Rising Grand finals Fable Rising
16723s running away with that one but redacted
16726s definitely ended up putting up a fight
16728s especially once we got to that third map
16730s there wxy yeah I mean there is going to
16733s be so many questions that always are
16734s when you finish on a push map whether or
16737s not that first fight had gone in reda's
16739s favor and they had control of that High
16740s Ground maybe things would have been
16742s different able Rising however able to
16745s find that crucial first pick onto minola
16747s and just open the floodgates for the
16749s aggression and space they were able to
16752s secure yeah it was a pretty wild matchup
16756s there just the fact that the team
16758s coordination again was something that we
16760s just can't shut up about to be honest uh
16763s Dustin and I know that we are going to
16764s reveal our Chipotle match MVP just
16767s shortly but I got to get your overall
16768s thoughts yeah I mean 100% their
16771s coordination was on point I think for
16773s all of these players I know this is a
16774s learning experience for a lot of these
16776s you know uh Diamond level players trying
16778s to improve for them it's just a matter
16780s of you know Target Focus mechanics
16782s really just honing it out getting that
16784s grind in as we've heard earlier in
16786s interviews that's really going to
16787s elevate their game and give a lot of
16789s these players the chance to go into
16790s Challenger Series very much so looking
16793s forward to seeing how they continue to
16794s move forward from here on out but we
16797s also have to reveal the match MVP here
16799s the Chipotle match MVP that is and
16802s without further Ado it is going going to
16805s be sleepy heels this tank player here
16809s Moxy I mean you talked a lot about how
16812s the backline was able to just be able to
16814s keep them up in situations where you
16816s would expect them to be absolutely
16818s melted but that only makes it easier
16821s when your tank is playing so damn good
16824s yeah I mean five deaths on raater is
16826s insane raater is incredibly vulnerable
16829s if you're able to burn through a lot of
16831s those cool Downs early on especially if
16833s you're going up against a m composition
16835s everything has to play perfectly
16837s otherwise that ratra is going to just
16838s walk forward try and take that space for
16840s the rest of that team immediately find
16842s themselves being M World off and going
16844s down so slei is doing a very good job
16846s coming with some huge annihilations to
16848s be able to buy their team so much space
16850s playing the macro that we have just
16853s lorded Fable risings team at being so
16855s good at doing they may be diamond in
16858s terms of the rising series and there's
16859s definitely a couple of bits and pieces
16861s that they need to work on in terms of
16862s Mechanicals but I think for macro game
16864s sense awareness in terms of like old
16866s tracking and how to take those fights
16868s where is best to take those fights 100%
16871s they are far beyond Diamond level
16873s already really excited to see how they
16875s get to continue to elate elevate sorry
16877s their gameplay there but I'm GNA have to
16880s say goodbye to you to for now give you
16882s guys a bit of a rest on that mic while
16883s we bring in the Chipotle Real Talk
16886s interview we get now the opportunity to
16889s chat with Willow how are you doing
16892s congratulations on this giant job thanks
16895s thank you no I'm doing I'm doing great
16896s today's been a calm day for me um
16899s weirdly coming into Grand finals it was
16901s like I'm not actually too phased I'm not
16903s worried too much it's been I don't know
16906s we' played all these teams before
16907s whether it was lfs or redacted we knew
16909s what we'd be going up against we knew
16910s that we could beat it we' done it before
16912s in scrims we' done it in qualifies we'
16914s done it yesterday so yeah today actually
16917s of all the days I was like I know I'm
16920s the most calm I've ever beaten hey well
16922s it showed you kept your cool in the
16924s server and that's for sure on that mayck
16927s but overall Willow I mean we have a
16930s couple questions for you I was curious
16932s how long you've been playing that one
16934s actually coming over from Moxy there
16936s because I know that when we were talking
16937s to your teammates yesterday they talked
16940s about how your team actually takes a lot
16942s of time during the week to scrim and
16945s scrim and scrim and was that making up
16947s for lost time I don't really know how
16949s long you guys have been together as a
16951s squad Fable Rising I think it'll be
16954s pretty much a month today actually that
16956s we started doing trials and bringing
16958s people in um there were a couple of
16960s people who we had in Trials who didn't
16961s make it but pretty much it's just been
16963s the same seven of us the whole time
16964s you've got to see six I think I think it
16966s was mainly just echoing actually today
16968s for broadcast but yesterday you got to
16969s see b as well um yeah we've only been
16972s really together for a month as an actual
16974s full team but uh I've been playing a
16977s little bit longer than that I know
16978s Monica came on yesterday and mentioned
16979s she's only been going for three months
16981s but uh I have no excuse I've been going
16983s for a fair bit longer
16985s how how much is a fait longer there um I
16989s was playing in the OverWatch One open
16991s beta on my old Dell touchscreen laptop
16994s trying to make Genji work which was
16996s about as my goodness good as you can
16998s expect it did not go particularly well
17002s um all throughout OverWatch one all
17004s throughout OverWatch one just playing
17006s May the whole time all throughout goats
17007s all throughout every release just may
17009s one trick so uh good to be able to play
17011s it properly for a team now I think we
17013s maybe saw what the result of that was oh
17017s we definitely did we definitely did
17019s we're still we're still looking out for
17020s that 360 that is ending a future event
17023s for sure you I forgot we loaded into
17027s into new and I was like ah I just I just
17030s play the game CB messaged me
17033s like hey you're running out of time and
17036s I was like oh yeah okay we'll see and
17038s then I just in one are out the other
17040s forgot it's okay I'm going to pull up my
17042s like Men In Black pen and just like
17044s flash that CB forget this conversation
17046s you're not seeing this clip will did not
17048s forget yeah no one forgot it just I
17052s don't know what 360 you were promised I
17054s yeah a three I don't know actually I'm
17056s gonna go delete that DM right now yeah
17059s wipe it wipe it from your memory never
17061s existed um no evidence no receipts um
17065s but we also know Willow that you have a
17067s background in casting and this is the
17069s first time coming in as a player so
17072s curious do you feel like that experience
17075s as a Caster kind of influenced your
17077s ability to uh bring in bits and pieces
17081s uh into your macro gameplay and be able
17083s to add that layer to the
17085s team I think it's it's kind of like one
17088s thing that's fed into the other it's
17089s been like a cycle so I started off as a
17091s player um trying to make that work I'm
17094s barely scraping into Diamond even now so
17096s it wasn't fantastic then I started
17098s casting it kind of gave me the more
17100s outside perspective you know looking at
17101s strategies looking at the way the teams
17102s were taking fights and players were
17103s trying to you know plan ultimates with
17105s each other in particular it's really fun
17107s and interesting it was something I had
17108s an idea of but like seeing it play out
17110s in front of me was really enlightening
17113s and then as I employed that more in my
17115s games I started doing better in ranked
17118s right so team started picking me up so I
17119s started practicing in scrims and as I
17121s practiced more in scrims it's helped me
17123s with my casting because I'm learning
17124s more macro and strategies from coaches
17125s that are you know elevating My overall
17127s knowledge of the game so one's fed into
17129s the other back into the other and it's
17130s just this whole cycle of knowledge that
17133s I'm building up I'm like an egghead now
17136s that's really awesome though just to
17137s hear that cycle to be able to come to
17139s fruition for you almost like bit of like
17141s a aoro situation like did the CH the had
17144s com first uh in that kind of sense but
17147s um also curious I know that for the most
17149s part it's been best of Threes here for
17151s your team not having as much of that
17153s experience for these longer Series so
17156s having to deal with the stamina to go
17158s into a best of five did you guys feel a
17161s little bit tired from that did that
17163s influence anything as far far as like
17165s that mental or just like energy that you
17167s had for this
17168s matchup um I think the most difficult
17171s was definitely during the qualifies
17172s where we had three best of fives in one
17174s day just back toback that was against
17176s redacted lfs and fruit salad who all
17179s easily were top four teams we were just
17181s like that was that was tiring but coming
17184s in today and yesterday I don't know
17186s again I'm a little bit more experienced
17188s than perhaps some of my teammates I've
17189s played in to these tournaments before I
17192s didn't really feel any kind of fatigue
17194s but but I think if we'd had to go
17196s through like the lower finals today and
17199s then also play like a best of seven for
17200s the grand finals it probably would have
17202s started to get to me towards the end
17203s that's where that's where the tightness
17205s starts to cut in but honestly I think I
17207s could have gone another I could have
17208s gotone another few Maps I've got it in
17209s me okay
17211s fine up next up next but um do you feel
17215s that that experience and whatnot uh are
17217s you sort of like almost taking on like a
17220s mentorship kind of position with some of
17222s your teammates because of your extra
17224s experience
17226s I that may be a bit presumptuous I don't
17228s know it's we've definitely got obviously
17231s we've got wicker and hkey who we just
17233s saw in the match before ours who are
17235s both our coaches so they are the ones in
17237s charge and I defer to them every time
17239s but obviously at times when they can't
17241s be in lobby I do try and like let's just
17244s level ourselves right we want to be
17245s confident but not cocky we want to be
17247s thinking about how we play the maps I'm
17249s yelling at my team every time to die on
17250s the pushbot don't give them the distance
17252s and I do it because we it was a problem
17254s I appreciate we did it well this time
17256s okay don't watch any of our matches
17258s prior on push it is ugly okay but yeah I
17262s mean I'm trying to like lean on the fact
17265s that I have that experience and I have
17267s more of that tournament knowledge as
17268s well to just be like okay I'm calm and
17270s if I'm calm they're calm so we just
17272s chill out we take it easy and we just we
17274s just play like at the end of the day all
17276s we had to do was repeat what we were
17277s doing before so as long as I'm
17278s levelheaded about that I can make sure
17279s the team is too it definitely helps in
17281s coms as well having that experience
17283s previously I've been on tank like the
17285s main tank shot caller OverWatch one
17286s style so being able to bring that
17288s forward onto the main now in particular
17290s who's kind of like acting as the pseudo
17292s off tank the Sig and the ram I think
17294s it's definitely helped out just in terms
17295s of having it in practice but everyone on
17298s the team is great it's not like they
17300s need it to be honest I'm just kind of
17301s doing it for the fun of
17303s it well that's awesome that's awesome to
17306s hear and it's also cool to hear that you
17307s guys were able to make that adjustment
17308s on your push Maps like just continuing
17311s dayto day trying to make that
17313s Improvement and hands out this time
17315s around right with an amazing performance
17317s throughout this third major uh what's
17319s next for your team do you guys plan to
17321s stay together um if that hasn't really
17324s been discussed like no pressure either
17326s in that kind of sense but we would I I
17328s personally would love to see you guys
17330s continue the grind and hopefully make it
17331s up to that Challenger Series yeah I mean
17335s everything yesterday was coming up
17336s Willow and seeing the amount of support
17338s and love that was thrown my way by
17340s broadcast and chat and friends and other
17342s competitiv and Rising series I think
17344s would be a terrible shame for me on my
17346s end personally if I was like yeah okay
17348s I'm done now I'll see you all later um
17351s but Fable Rising we've talked about it
17353s you know everyone loves playing with
17354s each other it's one of the few teams
17355s where there's like no friction no one's
17357s secretly mad at each other no one's like
17360s uh I kind of don't like this person like
17361s we all just get along it's it's been
17363s really nice and really natural so I
17365s would be surprised if you didn't see any
17366s more Fable Rising I think we all want to
17368s dial it back a little bit Monica
17370s mentioned yesterday that we scrimmed a
17371s lot we're doing eight blocks a week so
17373s we're scrimming every day except
17374s Tuesdays double blocks on the weekends
17377s um it's kind of consumed my life so I
17379s want to rain it in a little right but we
17382s needed to to play that catch up to a
17384s certain extent we hadn't formed too far
17386s away from qualifiers so yeah I think
17389s you'll definitely see more of us if not
17391s on Fable Rising for me which I would
17393s like but if not from fa Rising for me
17395s you'll definitely still see me in the
17396s Esports scene you know you mentioned I'm
17398s casting I'm still playing now I've got a
17400s few other things in the works all right
17402s few new roles for me you'll be seeing
17404s around regardless but favor Rising no I
17406s don't think we're done by any means
17408s absolutely love that that's so lovely to
17410s hear and everybody keep an eye out for
17412s Willow she is coming up next for sure
17415s and I've got one last question I'm gonna
17417s have t a friend on this one so Dustin
17420s AKA Dogman was asking do you feel that
17423s you would be as good at May if you
17425s hadn't been one tricking it throughout
17427s all of these years if you had been uh
17429s maybe dabbling with a different kind of
17431s DPS in that kind of
17433s sense I mean okay I think the easy
17435s answer is obviously if I hadn't been
17437s playing hundreds of hours May and
17438s nothing else no I wouldn't be as good
17441s you've probably seen that like I think
17443s it was called yesterday the cat among
17445s the pigeons in a pseudo Tracer that is
17448s not how you usually want to play that
17449s hero and that is just forged through
17452s hundreds of hours of playing this hero
17454s as like in Solo Q quickplay whilst Mets
17457s change and they come and go and I'm just
17459s here playing May the whole time it's not
17461s how you play May in coordinat and I
17463s think you saw me dial it back a little
17464s bit today as we went up against redacted
17466s we knew they were going to be a tough
17467s opponent but it's also like one tricking
17470s for that long and being able to just
17472s learn the game whilst you don't have to
17473s learn anything about your hero just
17475s understanding what you're doing
17477s intrinsically and being able to focus
17478s entirely on everything else it has given
17481s me so much knowledge on just how
17483s everything else functions that now I'm
17485s transitioning between Heroes I'm
17486s transitioning between roles and it's not
17488s a problem for me at all like I mentioned
17489s I've been on tank for previous teams
17491s this is the first team I've played DPS
17493s for like
17494s I I've got the experience now on the May
17497s that I can just pick it up and be
17498s comfortable but it's given me the
17499s knowledge that I'm I'm comfortable on
17501s Flex support at this level I'm
17502s comfortable on tank at this level if you
17503s put me on hit scan I can't promise I'd
17505s be as good as Casey but I'd give it a go
17507s um main support as well it's not the
17509s best but I can make it work I'm pretty
17511s much comfortable on anything you could
17513s put me on and I will attribute that to
17514s the amount of time I spent playing May
17516s and then using that knowledge I got of
17518s just learning the game to make it work
17520s for everything else involved and and
17521s every other hero and every other
17523s composition it's just
17525s yeah I don't think you would have seen
17526s perhaps as crazy of a play for me if I
17527s hadn't been playing May as long but uh I
17531s don't think I'd be I don't think I'd be
17533s struggling I'll be honest that's fair
17535s that's fair it all comes down to that
17537s macro game sense and then also of course
17539s just having that added Comfort on a
17541s singular hero adds so much depth and
17543s layer to your ability to kind of just
17546s pull out those uh off
17550s situation plays if that's that if you
17553s will and that kind kind of sense but um
17557s when it comes down to the last question
17558s that I have I'm not sure where you're
17560s located at right now so if you don't
17562s have a Chipotle near you you can make up
17565s an order for what you think you would
17566s order but I'd love to hear what your
17568s staple would be if you could order off
17569s the Chipotle men well you're right there
17571s is no Chipotle in my country however I
17573s gave my code to my friend Nova and I've
17576s got her order instead so I'm assuming
17577s it's just the best order that you could
17579s possibly get because you know why why
17581s wouldn't she get that um are you ready
17583s for it
17584s I'm ready okay carites burrito double
17588s wrap with tortilla no beans queso blanco
17590s fresh tomato salsa fajita veggies sour
17593s cream cheese brown rice with chips chips
17597s and guac Mexican Coca-Cola there you go
17600s that is a stacked order right there but
17603s that sounds pretty bomb I'm not going to
17605s lie if you're wondering what the best
17607s Chipotle order is that's it right there
17608s and if you disagree chat take notes
17611s sorry I've got bad news for you
17616s chat take notes right now well Willow it
17618s was so lovely to be able to have a chat
17620s with you thank you so much for this
17621s interview I want to give you a last
17622s chance to give any thanks or shout outs
17623s and then we'll wrap up for today um yeah
17626s huge shout out to obviously our managing
17628s and coaching staff Allison Veron and
17630s Amanda they have done a fantastic job we
17632s wouldn't have made it here without their
17633s help they have been instrumental to
17635s seeing the Fable Rising that you have
17636s before you as the grand finals winners
17638s for the rising series shout out to my
17640s friends Nova who we just gave the
17643s Chipotle of Penny and Bruce I know
17645s they've been following along today
17646s anyone else from the rising series who's
17648s also been following along thank you I
17649s see your support and I appreciate it
17651s massively especially people in chat who
17653s just started messaging me like you're an
17655s inspiration like again I'm barely out of
17657s plat but thank you and a final shout out
17660s to my team eels absolutely 100% deserved
17663s match MVP I think they got shattered a
17665s little bit yesterday they were
17666s phenomenal so consistent so good so
17669s strong and I just I know everything came
17671s at me because I was playing so flashy
17672s but you got to see today the benefit of
17674s just having a consistent routine tank
17677s who just plays how they're meant to play
17678s and yeah I love my team I love my
17680s friends and I love chat shout out to
17684s everyone well we're looking forward to
17686s seeing how your team continues to grow
17688s thank you so much Willow for joining us
17689s for That interview here for the Chipotle
17691s Real Talk interview we're going to throw
17692s to a quick break though but stay tuned
17695s and don't go anywhere because we'll be
17696s back with the grand finers of grand
17698s finals of the Challenger
17702s Series
17703s [Music]
17732s everything
17735s [Music]
17782s [Music]
17786s [Applause]
17791s [Music]
17792s you
17793s [Music]
17794s [Applause]
17799s [Music]
17828s [Music]
17846s [Music]
17868s [Music]
17882s s
17896s [Music]
17897s we are now in the home stretch of the
17899s calling all heroes radiant Heroes major
17903s 3 Grand finals coming up next year it's
17906s going to be timeless ethereal versus
17909s nyxl Embers but we got to take a look to
17912s see how we got here first now swinging
17914s over to the bracket Moxy these two teams
17917s have faced off before yeah I mean I said
17921s in the last series that I love rematches
17923s and Grand finals after a five map Meetup
17927s because you can see a lot of these teams
17928s they figure out some of the weaknesses
17930s then they figure out how to counter
17931s those weaknesses and now that we've had
17933s a little bit of time off I think we're
17935s going to see some of these strategies
17937s change up yet again that's for sure and
17940s I mean Dogman I got to get your thoughts
17943s on you think this is going to go because
17945s nyxl Embers they've been on a hot streak
17948s within that lower bracket even
17949s beforehand in that upper bracket taking
17952s such close games and matches now facing
17955s off against Timeless ethereal once again
17958s do you think they have it in them to
17959s actually take the W definitely yeah the
17962s nyxl Embers is an exciting team to watch
17964s and really any dive team is for them to
17967s beat down you know Michael wave earlier
17969s in the lower bracket as well I mean
17971s after Micha wave had their own own
17973s really good run to come back now beat
17976s the other dive team go against Timeless
17978s ethereal is definitely huge however you
17980s know this is a meta I do think that
17981s favors Sigma in general like I just
17984s think the sigma Sigma as a character is
17986s just so freaking I I I would say
17987s overtuned he's just he just has so much
17989s stuff right he's got his whole kid is
17990s really really strong and overall
17992s Timeless ethereal obviously want to take
17994s advantage of him being prevalent in The
17998s Meta I was listening to everything that
18000s you've said there and I know that it's
18002s going to be really interesting to see
18003s how that does go head-to-head but I I'm
18007s genuinely so distracted right now by the
18009s logo change on time ethereal I was like
18013s what does it say on the border and I'm
18015s going to read it out to everyone
18017s Timeless ethereal team has finally
18019s reached a compromise on our logo design
18022s we believe this
18023s is evolution cap this Evolution captures
18027s the essence of our team's Vision
18031s while while in court something after
18034s days of passionate debate and
18037s collaboration um so very interesting to
18040s see that come through but refocusing now
18043s back on that U my piz brain so easily
18046s distracted in that kind of sense the
18048s classic uh loose he hovers for all of
18050s them here at Moxy but we know that this
18052s squad is uh GNA pull out some pretty
18056s pretty typical compositions from what
18058s we've seen yeah we know one of those
18060s lucios is going to be a genuine pick
18063s nothing else however is going to change
18065s up entirely I mean time of aerial we've
18068s already talked about it they're a very
18069s flexible team come and right they can
18071s play a whole host of different Heroes
18073s Dustin's already talked about the fact
18074s that sniper is most likely going to be
18076s on that Sigma because I do agree he is
18078s incredibly strong as a tank in the
18081s current meta especially if you know that
18083s you're going to be going up against an
18084s opponent who in the past has liked to
18086s push towards something of the dive
18090s variety yeah it's going to be pretty
18091s interesting in that kind kind of sense
18093s to I think we also have to look out for
18096s bun on that may as well but now
18098s switching over to who they're going head
18100s to head up against here
18102s nyxl Embers this team is extremely
18105s flexible we also saw the prowess of Anan
18109s probably the most experienced player on
18110s this squad Dogman uh throughout this
18112s competition yeah I in the last series
18115s that was the well the last series that
18117s MXL Embers played in the L blacket
18119s finals like you said yeah I mean this
18121s backline was absurd they did the
18123s unthinkable and like clutched up against
18126s Michael wave when really always was lost
18128s right it it did seem pretty much
18130s impossible besides those support players
18132s right you obviously have hkey which is
18134s definitely the best Genji player in the
18135s tournament I think Zoe's definitely has
18137s a good shout but hkey has been so
18140s consistent for this team for nyxl Ember
18142s is just playing that you know mid to
18144s medium long long range and really never
18146s dying and generally just popping
18149s off very much so popping off had some
18152s some insane uh reflects there as well on
18154s that Genji we are pending the map pick
18157s here that is coming in first it is going
18159s to be Samoa here for control and right
18163s now Moxy we also know that nyxl Embers
18165s currently have the momentum behind their
18167s backs yeah but time will have the map
18170s pick and as a result they're going to
18172s put us onto Samoa which is going to
18174s benefit the sigma you can get away with
18177s running things like Doom first or
18178s Winston but it's definitely a lot harder
18180s into a map type that benefits one of
18182s your hardest couns in the game
18184s currently that's for sure well I am
18187s going to send it you guys off though
18189s into this matchup here we're getting
18191s straight into it again it's the
18193s Challenger Series Grand finals here for
18195s calling all
18197s heroes oh thank you Ash going into Samoa
18201s map number one I mean Timeless ethereal
18203s running that Sigma composition's been a
18205s consistent Moxy other other side pretty
18208s much at the full dive team right I mean
18210s we know exactly what both teams are
18212s going to run I don't know early
18214s predictions I know we haven't done
18215s predictions like all tournament Moxy but
18217s early predictions maybe leading into
18218s Samoa and maybe the full
18221s series I mean time aeral they pick this
18224s map specifically they know it's where
18226s Sigma is at his strongest in terms of
18227s the control types I think time aerial
18230s takes this first one and then I think
18232s we're going to start to see the counter
18234s picking come through and Y EXL ambas
18235s they're going to pick a a map that is
18237s incredibly beneficial for something like
18239s Genji dive they've seen that in the past
18241s time let spal have struggled against it
18243s we have seen multiple counters that th
18245s aeral have played and put into the board
18249s in terms of things like the Sombra the
18250s echo the Tracer either way we definitely
18253s in for one hell of a
18255s matchup chat make sure to claim your
18258s tootle code Che down below 2003 Chipotle
18263s burritos and Bs available now guys so
18265s make sure to claim yours texting
18269s gt94 that hashtag on the right side and
18272s still waiting on these teams and these
18274s players to get ready in the map I know
18275s it takes some time on both sides to get
18278s it all kind of go in Moxy but here we
18281s are finally starting off Timeless
18283s ethereal in the grand finals versus nyxl
18285s Embers the much anticipated matchup
18287s which Moxy this is also big because this
18290s is the last major before the
18293s championship yeah it's going to be
18295s really good toam and Juggernaut in the
18300s calling all Hero seen a lot of these
18302s players have for instance the Inception
18304s of calling all heroes too so a lot of
18307s experience playing under this pressure
18308s as well of experience coming out playing
18310s under the banners of contenders teams as
18313s well and having that experience lends
18315s itself really well into being able to
18318s adopt some ofing team your wings
18325s as
18331s also we start start off and uh you know
18334s obviously ESS going to rock with their
18336s Sigma and wexel
18337s Embers with that Winston by the way
18339s these camera shots have been so good
18342s overall Moxy I just wanted to give a
18343s quick shout out to our observing team
18345s who have been killing it this tournament
18346s right it's like having it's just night
18348s and day between just having absolutely
18350s amazing observers and then not so shout
18352s out to Maca unstop monkey and also tum
18356s is back in the back rooms of our
18358s observing team they've been doing great
18359s this whole tournament oh it's the Tracer
18362s counter Bun's going to be just playing
18364s backline bodyguard and trying to figure
18366s out what H ke is going to be popping up
18368s as wh mirroring the soan up against X10
18372s the dive potentially coming on through
18373s good knock back coming out from ESS
18375s aerial to distort the Winston's landing
18378s position already that Sigma po coming in
18381s massive NWA lers I mean they got to play
18383s it slow now right just heal up build
18385s towards that Nano maybe get a ring gaug
18387s off they're playing towards that coal
18389s side and sniper really not allowing
18392s inway Excel to have any amount of leeway
18395s here pressure it off temporarily but
18397s that poke comes through wh distracted on
18399s the sigma gets taken or takes out xpen
18401s on the other side fantastic shot from
18404s whisp so good throughout the tournament
18407s now Timeless ethereal able to go up with
18409s that person Advantage NY EXL now have to
18411s play Slow build towards that nanab boost
18413s and maybe get the riest But Moxy there's
18415s so much pressure on them right now yeah
18418s and the nanab is going to have to go
18419s into moving fishes HP has just not been
18421s able to do anything as you can see bun
18423s occupying the back line anion does come
18426s in with the Nano boost but do you have
18428s PL of sight on your winon there it is
18430s moving fish going in with their dive now
18431s looking for the commitment finds the
18433s soldier and the bom the pul bomb off
18436s screen picks up both supports and even
18440s though it started so well that dive is
18442s immediately sunk yeah that was amazing
18446s from bar and now Timeless e theal on the
18447s defensive hold are nearing 40% margins
18451s nyxl used the ano as well and they've
18454s got to feel bad coming into this one
18456s it's really rough because that's the
18458s best engagement they can't even really
18460s use the sign Bary progressively because
18462s then that opens the door for snip the
18463s sigma flux is aerial use the amp Matrix
18466s to stop a DI from coming through bun
18469s immediately with whis combined for two
18470s and that fight is pretty much over off
18472s of a fantastic G Matrix as
18474s well oh wait bu oh my butn almost got it
18478s but okay back by whis that was
18480s incredibly crucial good to see you
18484s Timeless of because they have this
18485s Tracer even though they're playing a
18487s sigma composition which flourishes when
18489s you anchor a particular spot the trace
18490s just has so much Mobility to stop nyxl
18493s ERS from being able to formulate a
18495s composite dive and as a result we're
18497s heading into final fight territory and
18499s nyxl embus have to use Primal just to
18501s try and reach the back line yeah Primal
18504s beat engage well not even giving up the
18506s point or they don't have the point yet
18507s just yet either whisp able to get for
18509s you moving face trades it back but needs
18511s those HS desperately is in the air to
18513s the G flux and Bun and Z combined for
18515s more n wax Embers even though they had
18518s so much going for them can't even flip
18521s the point now they have to get the
18522s Tracer to touch the point or maybe if
18524s the Lucio to touch the point rather for
18525s po you he they do touch it but
18527s eventually oh my gosh one HP po you
18530s lives he does a good job avoiding that
18532s but nobody else can touch now and it's
18534s over on round number
18536s one well DUS if you ever want a
18539s statement to see how you deal with a
18541s Genji stopping blade for the entirety of
18544s a map is definitely going to be a
18546s starting
18547s point Timeless eeral statement indeed
18551s they struggled against the Genji and EXL
18554s ambers thought that there was going to
18555s be there in but we saw T the yesterday
18558s and they have made groundw to make sure
18561s that that weakness has immediately been
18563s covered up as a result I think we're
18565s going to see the mirror match up yeah I
18567s think so right and nyxl has shown this
18571s to be in their back pocket but
18573s I I mean I it's got to be a warranted
18574s swap after that 100
18577s right I mean that Tracer from bun was
18579s just so intrusive it wasn't letting the
18581s Genji go into the backline every single
18584s time she was pressuring both of the
18585s supports as well we've seen buns antic
18587s she's always going to be on an off angle
18589s look at her now in the overhead map we
18591s need the overhead map 24/7 to try and
18593s figure out where this Tracer is and EXL
18596s Emerson fortunately don't have access to
18597s that they have to play it by one flanks
18599s around the main side HED a little bit
18601s but understands that
18603s in and yang how you play the Tracer
18604s immediately dealt with by po youu who
18607s has been great throughout the series
18608s booed around bun can't get anything done
18610s just yet has to recall back away no cool
18613s Downs either meanwhile on the front line
18615s they're still setting up maybe the rail
18617s gun shot is there and it is body shot
18618s into buns followup anyu goes down nyxl
18622s now missing that main healer NE not
18625s going to get any much anything else done
18627s here they do get that objective first
18628s but it's going to go right back in favor
18630s of
18631s Di yeah Halo removes moving fish as B
18635s and sniper collaborate to pressure por
18638s you so the luu is not there to Aid the
18641s sigma in the disengage and as a result
18643s time saaral will be able to find the
18645s flip only 15% of the point picked up for
18647s nyxl and crucially as well they had to
18649s Bunker their position up on the point
18651s not getting a lot of that poke damage so
18653s their ultimate charge is so far behind
18655s tless aeral cuz F's already got a pulse
18656s bomb he's got a pulse bomb but no recall
18659s so has to back up for now down to 1 HP
18661s but is able to live
18663s those heals up and this the second from
18664s Health back or something along those
18666s lines imortality build already C so
18668s that's something friendway all to move
18669s forward win now they're going to have to
18671s deal with that puls and Bun like you
18673s said coming through now just takes out
18675s the immortality field nice job from
18677s manun there amplification Matrix here to
18679s also capitalize also counter an from
18681s Timeless aerial rail gun shot from wisp
18683s is there not able to find much more
18685s through that ant Matrix so they're going
18686s to finally be able to push up but
18687s they've already found the opening pick
18690s and they're trying to continue that
18691s advantage in that edge
18693s however Health pool wise buns low can't
18694s be in this fight so it's technically a
18696s four versus four run shot being popped
18699s up whis goes low gets those heal though
18700s now gravitic flux is there bun gets
18702s picked by poor you Lucio play now
18705s counters with the beat drop Halo has
18707s there is in a second maybe but no they
18709s just go for the wipe 70% now on the
18711s board for Timeless etheria but they give
18713s up the point to nyxl emess who re-engage
18715s was slow but they were get able to get
18717s it
18718s done I mean like you said that was a lot
18721s of slow push and unfortunately has
18722s bought Tas aeral 70% of that point the
18725s good news for nyxl however is that tal
18728s invested ultimate sniper trying to come
18730s in with that Sigma flux butn as well now
18733s going to be off of the Tracer onto the m
18734s to be able to mirror HQ does not want to
18738s give that advantage of the May will so
18740s lead to nyxl Embers especially on the
18742s recontest approach with the threat from
18745s the
18746s overclock oh the May W is there able to
18749s get out though nice movement manipulate
18751s the headlock mean sniper W off at M gets
18753s the immortality F be dropped coun of the
18755s gravitic block from Halo good job from
18756s her now time theal push this in and M up
18760s some ultimates though and there's gone
18761s for Timeless etherial they need picks
18763s without ultimates can they do it
18764s blizzard in immediately after the grasp
18766s is gone so snipers just removed then
18768s wayel amb rotate the ultimates well Halo
18771s finds one but it might just be over for
18773s them at this point right and nearing 70%
18776s a draw out fight though yeah draw out
18779s fight and and that's still wa Matrix
18781s though aeral throwing the amp they want
18783s to win this yeah they're trying to win
18785s it but they're going to have to wait for
18787s their team no at this point MOX HP found
18789s a pick as well that's
18791s awful I mean maybe you use the am to try
18794s and keep that forward position right
18795s next to the point so Bon has an opening
18797s to throw in the blizzard either way you
18799s don't have the amp into this next fight
18801s anun is going to have hers we're in last
18803s fight territory this blizzard from bun
18805s has to be exceptional as she's looking
18807s to find the off angle almost found the
18810s kill onto X10 well imately ant Matrix as
18813s well on the left side blizzard though to
18815s counterman gone are they able to get
18816s away though from the blizzard nobody
18819s caught out beat drop counter engage from
18820s poor you no ultimate for Timeless only a
18822s rail gun shot a pipe dream for Timeless
18824s etherial HT finds one xn finds another
18828s and two down now for Timeless ethereal
18830s it's pretty much over unfortunately for
18832s them the macro did not go their way nyxl
18834s tie us up Moxy we going to volcano for
18836s round number
18837s three yeah we are indeed this is
18840s potentially where we're going to see
18841s that d composition come on out as well
18844s from nyxl but I don't know you found
18846s value in the mirror match up I'm really
18849s hoping we're going to continue to see
18850s these two sigas butting heads because
18852s you can see that nyxl Embers they ran
18854s out with the may they did lose a little
18857s bit originally with fun being able to
18859s control so much of this spacing as a
18861s result on the Tracer not a lot of
18863s shutdown potential every single time she
18865s shows up as well she's pulling your
18867s attention diverting it away from the
18870s mirror into the sigma but Embers very
18873s quickly just realized okay the tracer's
18874s presence is annoying but it's not always
18877s going to translate into a kill as long
18878s as we play together and as a result B
18880s was forced to swap on off and there it
18882s is andl ERS not running the dive Sid to
18886s mirror once again it's looking good so
18888s far contic Gras to walk through the May
18890s wall here at the choke point bun
18892s meanwhile taking an off angle with whisk
18896s and Duo doing quite well so far in the
18898s overall series but it is this round
18900s number three wh gets the first shot of
18902s xt0 through that off angle but there
18904s with the followup for un and x0 back to
18906s the spawn doors they go and then EXL
18910s Embers I mean yeah they're just going to
18911s get staggered out here at this point
18913s Timeless etheral will get the first tap
18915s but they want more they're getting the
18916s Stagger kills first before going to the
18918s point well they have one on the point
18921s yeah so it's very slowly going to take
18924s up it was Halo she was a assigned
18926s objective a Judd as everyone else and
18929s for the more flashy play of holding
18931s ultimates and grabbing some of those
18933s stagger kills and now nxl ERS are going
18935s to have to force themselves through some
18937s of these devastating chokes you can
18938s already see bun priming up that wall
18940s trying to figure out which angle of
18942s approach the team is going to take as
18944s they decide to go for main X takes a bit
18946s of poke from that disruptor shot and a
18947s body shot from bung which by the way is
18949s close to an A or close to the Blizzard
18951s and Z also an MA coming up as well
18952s moving taking a lot of Po should build
18954s that an
18956s pan but getting poked down towards that
18959s point nxl trying to avoid now the Matrix
18962s actually just going for a bit of a
18964s retreat for now slowing down the team
18966s fight and re-engaging
18967s potentially I mean they can rub a band
18969s back in anion is going to have an
18970s amplification Matrix of their own and
18972s that's exactly what she's going to now
18974s throw in as off of the back of it X10
18977s denies the sigma presence on the fight
18980s and nylus can get aggressive real gun
18982s shot for the ant Matrix you're not going
18984s to live through that
18986s bundo well actually just goes down too
18988s so it's just such a
18989s consistent offense now for NYX LM
18992s they're able to reclaim the point find
18993s the Stager kill
18996s X those mechanical shots on this oan the
18999s tracking is on point Dustin yeah as also
19002s on point is the ultimate bank and lers
19004s are going to have four out of five ESS
19007s AO going to have to part with at least
19009s one of them to secure safe Passage
19011s through choke yeah been shot in a second
19014s as well built up for X10 always have to
19017s be aaring in the neutral game lot of
19019s ultimates on both team sides except an
19021s Matrix for bapti counter beat drop to
19024s the gravitic flux of sniper so the
19026s immortality is held on to Blizzard now
19028s committed from bun but it just kind of
19030s segments off the point for now meanwhile
19032s counter from H who was flanking the
19035s whole time and Frozen on the front line
19036s is sniper that's huge to continue this
19039s nyxl wants to pop the overclock as well
19041s as or sorry wh pops the overclock and
19043s try to counter it but no kills down just
19045s yet HD though is found by Halo although
19048s no sniper in this fight so can they win
19050s without them X10 finds bun two so they
19053s keep trading it doesn't matter if
19055s Timeless finds one because X10 is there
19057s to find three nyxl EMP hold on to the
19061s point that earlier kill onto sniper is
19064s absolute odd the blizzard the counter
19066s blizzard coming through from HQ Falls
19068s and then puu comes in with the Boop on
19071s the luciu to knock the sigma back into
19074s the freeze and as a result time do not
19076s have a tank to be able to Shield nor
19079s shift them from the damage of that over
19082s clock now however nyxl Embers only have
19084s the amplification Matrix temp also going
19086s to have one of their own M used on
19088s nyxl's Ember side should signal tal
19092s getting to use that back ultimate but it
19094s shielded a huge majority of that damage
19096s absorbed by booming fish yeah all of
19099s that pressure however because the ant
19101s Matrix resulted in foru going down
19103s thought that Lucio player the re-engage
19105s is going to be slow rock slows down in Z
19108s and yeah they're just going to back up
19109s now understanding they have the
19110s advantage to come back into
19113s for you coming back into this fight as
19115s well is going to be Incredibly Close too
19117s has S Bar time with saal making sure
19119s that x0 doesn't get at off angle to try
19121s and slide in for a cheeky kill onto that
19124s backline unnoticed blizzard being built
19126s up for Bon that's the only ultimate in
19127s the game besides a beat drop coming up
19128s for po you meanwhile HQ going very
19131s aggressive but nothing there to save
19132s them maybe an immortality field out of
19134s ice block but blizzard here now no ice
19136s block for the blizzard HP barely gets
19138s out of it though so the blizzard doesn't
19140s find necessarily any direct value 90% on
19143s the board as well Timeless hero coming
19144s out ultimate for you could counter be
19146s engage whenever but they want to save up
19148s for this gratic blux from sniper there
19150s it is counter now they also have the ant
19152s Matrix no ant Matrix on Timeless
19153s Imperial side they want to commit any
19155s ultimates 97% on the board now pring the
19157s stop sniper on this engage but counter
19159s Rock there moving push so low
19161s immortality fi there in time ant M here
19163s in the main side as well the counter
19164s beat runs out from Halo sniper goes so
19166s low counter flux goes into the Baptist
19169s shuts he down can't even live with the
19171s mortality field overclock from whisp he
19174s find anything there's too many old
19175s towards the point too many members for
19177s nyxl they need to find the kills and
19179s they can't X and shut it down 98% nobody
19182s else to be able to touch nyxl emper win
19185s on map number
19186s one smart game play coming on through
19189s from this team even though X10 doesn't
19192s manage to find that isolated Target in
19194s the back line right immediately they get
19197s spotted out as they try and rotate your
19200s presence that paranoia that threat
19202s potential of a player popping up on that
19204s off angle actually buys the rest of the
19207s team safe Passage through one of the
19209s hardest chokes to get through in the
19211s game and back on to that point and as a
19214s result they don't have to use any of
19216s those ultimates to be able to get all of
19218s the space back and that is huge for them
19220s because that means that when the fight
19222s starts swinging in their favor they have
19223s the ultimate in reserve to guarantee
19227s that that point is sectioned off and
19230s firmly ano Accel end's property and as a
19233s result we just see the convergence onto
19236s every single Target the focus coming
19238s through from end's absolutely on point
19241s as if you think about how this map
19243s started everything was going wrong for
19245s the dive H key didn't get a single
19247s ultimate up and then you compare it to
19249s the performance when we moved into both
19251s downtown and volcano world of difference
19254s Dustin move away from the dive mirror
19257s yeah I mean this team you know you would
19259s like you said you would expect them to
19262s you know mayy be a little bit weaker on
19264s the sigma composition or something but
19266s yeah overall as a team they look they
19267s look better on it right I mean moving
19269s fish on the sigma's been clean anun
19272s really has been like arguably the best
19274s flex support so far in Challenger Series
19276s so yeah you're right Moxy they look so
19279s good on the sigma composition and now
19281s you know there there is some discussion
19282s I think this team has to have too I yes
19284s the next map picks going for Timeless
19285s with theal so forx Embers do you go back
19288s towards that dive that you've been
19290s comfortable on or do you take that mirr
19292s match up because you they've been doing
19293s it so
19294s well yeah I mean that is the worrying
19297s concern right like you've said they have
19299s chosen so often this dive composition
19302s but that dive got shut down
19305s entirely it went so poorly and it wasn't
19308s even that sort of like they were playing
19310s the dive poorly it was just the Timeless
19313s aerial was so equipped at being able to
19315s deal with the dive because you think
19316s about it right they haven't just W won
19318s against one team running the dive they
19321s they like three of them running things
19323s like d Genji and Winston Genji and
19326s they've shown that they are adaptive
19327s being able to pick up all of these
19328s different solutions so you don't even
19330s know what you're running into that was a
19332s huge reason why we actually saw the swap
19335s over to that mirror being so good
19336s because it actually forced Timeless
19338s aerial into having to go for the swap
19340s off of the Tracer onto the May and that
19342s reset the ultimate charge and pushed you
19344s so far behind in terms of Blizzard which
19346s is such a crucial ultimate when we were
19349s talking to Willow you know she was
19350s saying earlier may have sort of occupied
19353s the space that OverWatch 2 moving away
19355s from having two tanks Left Behind she's
19357s playing pseudo off tank and that
19359s blizzard being available is a huge part
19362s of the spacing that she's able to buy to
19365s your side just by existing on the game
19369s he's such a such a great hero and you
19371s know for nyxl EMB Moxy this team like
19374s you said they they they are really doing
19376s everything other teams are doing but
19378s better at least in that previous map and
19380s then also you know taking the Series
19381s against microwave earlier right anything
19383s that the other team throws at them they
19385s just kind of okay well we'll match you
19387s right we'll match you in the mirror and
19388s pop off and you know it's kind of like
19390s Echo kind of right like just build up
19391s the ultimates faster they as a team play
19393s better or anything the echo can copy
19395s that's that's like this team the I don't
19397s know this is a bad and till emis cast
19399s duplicate it was super
19402s effective we're going to Midtown by the
19404s way guys so this upcoming map is
19406s timeless' pick they feel very
19407s comfortable
19408s here I mean you can run the doomfest you
19412s can run the sigma I hope that we get to
19415s see more of the sigma I really do feel
19417s like ESS aeral are going to try and
19419s force this mirror match up as often as
19421s possible because when we actually talked
19422s to them in the interview yesterday they
19424s did like admit when they were losing
19426s against some of the dive a lot of the
19427s time it was because they tried to mirror
19430s into it so they've seen the power of
19431s forcing some of these teams outside of
19433s their comfort zone and onto Heroes that
19435s maybe don't suit them the problem is
19437s that t aeral are a very flexible team so
19439s too are nyxl and this this is what I was
19442s talking about when I was talking about
19443s the previous experience that so many of
19445s these players on these rosters have they
19447s have gone through so many different
19448s metas and as a result are incredibly
19450s well equipped at being able to deal with
19452s one of the biggest features in OverWatch
19454s which is
19456s counterpicking interesting decision
19458s making from them and I mean you like it
19460s as well I imagine on you probably part
19461s of the decision making process here too
19463s cuz you know it's easy to get anti-
19464s grenades off on these defensive holds
19467s and especially I mean there's there's
19468s points where the does really well but
19469s for Timeless a theal mar I mean
19471s I know that they're leaking some of this
19473s stuff but we probably know what they're
19474s going to play
19475s right defensive dive coming through from
19478s ano EXL Enis this is incredibly
19482s interesting because you don't have the
19484s brieda to be able to protect your Anna a
19486s lot of that is trusting the spacing of
19488s the choke control that you have as a
19490s defensive team right able to set the
19492s Anna up out of line of side of a lot of
19494s these fights if time if are able to make
19496s it away from choke however that Anna is
19498s going to be a Sitting Duck and Bun
19500s moving onto the Tracer is going to make
19502s that duck look a lot tastier on the
19504s plate yeah K of all things you're going
19506s to have to hope that poor youu can hit
19507s those shots against bun meanwhile nyxl
19510s they play it slow obviously around this
19512s fire truck Timeless Z given a lot of
19514s space to the Dive Right Now nyxl Ember
19517s is playing it
19519s patient kind of figuring out where this
19520s an is now they know through on a sniper
19523s but the they're playing slow enough
19526s right you can't really go through the
19527s underneath the Train on the defensive
19529s side disrupt the shot forces away on you
19531s for now HQ Pi takes a little bit of poke
19533s but has the heals from that off angle
19534s Coro X10 as well need some of that too
19537s ESS keeps taking these an grenades with
19538s hits the shot onto onun unfortunately
19541s that little Ana had peaked a bit too far
19543s now bun will take advantage of no heals
19545s being here HT Goes Down And as does poor
19547s you bun just with the followup damage
19550s after whisp hits that shot that DPS
19552s tandm of Timeless ethereal comes through
19554s and surely they take point a yeah that's
19557s the power of sojun ultimate amount of
19559s damage in NE fight and like you said all
19562s it takes is one person peeking at the
19564s wrong time and when you're running Anon
19566s you rely on line of side it becomes a
19568s lot easier for the San to be able to
19569s track when that's going to happen as T
19571s superial moving forward deny any chance
19573s of recontest nyxl and there the deflect
19576s already being CED out of HQ as well this
19579s Genji is incredibly vulnerable has to
19581s wait for that cool down to cycle back in
19584s before you can try and commit onto the
19585s dive yet again want space for now is
19589s available for Z but anun has that nanab
19590s boost
19592s taking a lot of damage Timeless really
19593s not giving any space but yeah I mean
19596s moving fish used the jump cool down to
19598s jump back to the team boost engage now
19601s me counter but sniper finds X10 somehow
19605s through that top side right the dive
19607s came through from moving fish but it
19608s didn't matter to sniper sniper just was
19609s able to find that kill and now nyxl EMB
19612s they're they're on the back foot P bomb
19616s now I think got teleported towards that
19618s an and got hit by P bomb so what a pul
19620s from bun it was a whiff but actually not
19622s a whiff and now the in of anun trying to
19625s just run but sniper is there alongside
19628s bun moving fish has Primal Rage
19629s available but it's just not going to be
19631s able to use it it backs up and he gets
19633s picked as well Timeless ethereal are
19635s just snowballing through the street phas
19637s right now oh that was suzu that was suzu
19639s invested from nyxl embus to be able to
19641s back on off and as a result whisps pops
19644s the overclock sniper the sigma flux no
19647s ey frame nyxl ERS to be saved they lose
19650s moving before Primal can be used to sto
19653s the
19654s recontest that might that might tilt en
19657s Exel Embers after that point right I
19658s mean you you had use Primal Rage there
19660s you would think but I'm not winant mean
19662s so maybe moving fish understands it a
19663s bit more now nway elers have at least an
19665s ultimate Advantage but Moxy five minutes
19668s in third phase is a
19669s lot yeah I mean HQ is going to have the
19672s blade but Halo is going to have sound
19675s barrier Bon's going to have the pulse B
19677s of course Bon's going to be sneaking
19679s around where's she go
19681s one Al used one kill picked up this map
19684s so far 2 f419 Damage Done seven
19688s eliminations by the way and I don't
19690s think bun has died
19692s once trying to keep that streak up do X1
19696s going back to the spawn doors nyxl
19699s Embers they're just committing ultimates
19700s now understanding you can't do much with
19702s Timeless etherial just finding pick
19704s after pick like they are moving fish I
19706s mean do they live at this point so low
19708s has those heals to back out of their
19710s Genji blade it's going to going to be
19711s dry unless they build up this Nan boost
19714s into a sound barrier though I mean
19716s you're waiting for the nanab Boost that
19717s is your win condition X Run come in with
19720s the overclock to bait that sound barrier
19722s early but Tim aerial read the bluff and
19725s only use lamp and the sigma shield from
19728s sniper forces XT to back off with
19730s without a kill picked up but it's a
19732s drive blade against the Beat from Halo I
19735s mean they're just going to back out of
19736s there so now they only have the nanab
19737s Boost and wh finds H key on the retreat
19740s what a consistent player was this been
19741s for Timeless ethereal moving fish with
19743s ananus can they find anything more X10
19745s finally able to wake up on this map it's
19748s been tough for X10 to get a lot done
19751s that's going to slow down Timeless
19753s now yeah Nano Winston into that signal
19756s so you're not able to disengage with the
19758s shift we're going to see the jump come
19759s through from moving fiton does have that
19762s con rush but where's B she's got another
19765s pulse bom she's two for two 100%
19768s elimination rate on that old ultimate H
19771s just used deflect that win bubble is
19774s gone Force out the suu and you're in the
19776s C good to go with another and there it
19779s is the stick oh my goodness the power
19781s slide from X1 just carries them over it
19783s and x h that shot too so it's traed one
19786s for one bun had to play slow but there
19789s we go whisp again hits those shots for
19791s you down might not need butt in this
19793s fight if you have whisp with the
19794s overclock moving fish as time rage is
19797s being melted eventually will die in a z
19799s as well so that pressure they're going
19801s to be able to get the bun back in this
19803s fight there's no tank on the payload you
19805s just have that suu to sustain Z finds
19807s X10 that's two in the fight for Z on the
19809s Baptist and now this Genji is going to
19811s follow this e as well make it three
19813s final blows for the Baptist player of
19814s Timeless Imperial and you know M number
19817s one Samoa was definitely rough for them
19819s but you come over here to Midtown
19820s there's the reason you pick this map 2
19821s minutes and 27 seconds they fully cap
19824s out
19825s Midtown did B die once Yes actually oh
19829s she died just there yes at one time but
19833s throughout the that's yeah yeah that's
19837s insane like you have to remember as well
19839s nyxl like they purposefully pick the CUO
19843s over the brig okay here's our starts B
19846s died at once 13 eliminations one death
19851s 4,46 damage that's insane look at the
19855s whole team Moxy like nobody died they
19858s had two death deaths I mean you have
19861s immortality field you have sound barrier
19863s you're denying nyxl Embers from being
19865s able to have the Stars aligned for that
19866s nanoblade to be able to come through
19869s right HQ was looking for the opportunity
19871s but Genji had to dry blade to try and
19873s deal with wisps up on The High Ground as
19875s a result the N went onto the Winston but
19878s everyone from time AAL has the mobility
19881s to be able to cite around it and then
19883s you have even more pressure going onto
19884s your backline with bun still being alive
19886s and present so moving fish has to use a
19888s huge majority of the Nano boost to just
19890s just Zone Timeless aeral away and can't
19893s chase after because if they do the team
19895s can't commit after them like it's a
19898s really rough situation it's why I wanted
19900s to see nxl Embers go for the sigma
19903s mirror but they keep thinking that that
19905s dive composition is going to work
19907s because they've been able to use it to
19908s beat T
19910s before the attack going to stick with
19912s this meanwhile EXL Ember realizing maybe
19914s what they realized on control which is
19917s to just mirror against Timeless maybe
19920s have X10 able to match up easier against
19923s win XL Embers you know they're stuck
19926s underneath the choke point at the moment
19928s time was they just kind of poking out
19930s down below taking the neutral game
19931s Sniper actually in a very aggressive
19933s position considering where he is at the
19935s moment wall off now engage comes through
19938s pter Rock moving fish slowed down
19940s immortality bu already committed from
19941s nyxl Ember so that cool down remove
19943s gives Timeless etherial the end but you
19945s always have to beware of these sojourns
19947s like during the neutral game they could
19949s hit these one shot meanwhile that duel
19951s is happening on the coastal side and
19952s Bun's able to find H key on the front
19954s line so with the sold fight on the right
19956s side and the May fight on the front
19958s one's able to win it never yeah it's
19961s amazing time the F sniper Shield breaks
19964s before moving fish but moving fish is
19965s the one who has to cycle through both
19967s the shift and then your immortality
19969s field from anun first because of all of
19971s the damage and poke that you're taking
19973s from wisps and Bun who are Miles Ahead
19976s of their mirrors in terms of the
19977s ultimate charge off of the Poke however
19979s that you've sustained and is going to
19980s have the amplification Matrix but
19982s Timeless of will have so much scenery to
19985s be able to outlive and use to block line
19987s of sight on the window when it pops
19990s mortality fi a matrix here committed by
19991s anun X10 through it able to find whisp
19995s so that has been a massive pick now GIC
19998s blocks to slow them down for now no
19999s kills though because the fact they're
20001s missing whis wh just got the respawn now
20003s has to come back nwag limra and M slow
20006s down they just need to buy some time for
20008s whis that's what they do yeah they've
20010s done that they've slowed the fight down
20012s nyxl EMB all of that momentum that they
20014s had of picking that soan up and
20016s potentially having freedom to move into
20018s these line of sights has been removed
20020s entirely bunel whisps coming up to the
20022s ultimates in this fight as well moving
20024s fish has the flux but it's unfortunately
20026s going to be stopped in his tracks by the
20028s sound barriers and just haven't found an
20030s in on to the point yet the sniper comes
20032s through to harass X10 of the back R
20034s clock for moving fish with the beat drop
20036s both beat drops top overclock here from
20038s whis tries to find some is Walled off
20041s for now the blizzard is here but two are
20043s already Bun's already dead with the
20045s immortality field a nice wall for moving
20046s fish to also keep x0 alive thring that
20048s blizzard so bun blizzard unfortunately
20049s goes to waste and now Andel EMB with all
20052s of the advantage looks to go towards
20055s that point point now Halo and sniper
20057s actually make a play themselves to find
20059s Anu that was big H ke able to trade it
20062s back though no more B so a lot of the
20064s heals gone now sniper goes low they need
20065s to find kills now because they're going
20067s to lose in terms of the sustain whis
20069s able to trade HK but moving fish will
20071s trade that back whis for you also on the
20073s Halo buns able to find one so Timeless
20075s are trading it but eventually yes nyxl
20077s Embers come through and capture point a
20081s but those trades pressure and and
20084s there's enough into throwing in the
20087s blizzard in the fight as a result you're
20090s not going to have that ultimate you now
20091s have to have X10 just move forward
20094s aggressively try and just Reserve this
20096s position on The High Ground cement the
20098s soier on top so that time do not have
20101s access to it but the second that you
20102s take pressure from that may immediately
20104s x0 is for's power slide and regroup with
20106s the rest of the team especially when bun
20108s hits a head shot like that yeah they
20111s were definitely a little bit off center
20113s there trying to go for that window
20115s results in then just kind of collapsing
20117s now 3 minutes left rway Accel
20120s attack sniper continuing to just apply
20124s this pressure onto nyxl ERS hold them in
20126s their spawn for as long as possible and
20128s that attacking team is now walking into
20131s a choke they don't have control of I in
20133s High Ground we can see Tim trying to
20136s establish sniper up on the other one
20138s unfortunately that may well not quite
20140s tall enough for the S to be able to get
20142s on
20145s top flux now onto the Lucio player and
20148s the rest of n Embers X10 will go down an
20152s Matrix is here for n Embers 2o so that's
20154s going to be a wasted ultimate in the
20156s grand schemes scheme of things nyxl
20158s Ember is kind of crumbling under the
20159s pressure at the moment is timeless theyi
20161s to pressure them back to the
20163s spawn you can see how much value tphal
20165s hold in this choke as well in the fact
20168s that they actually overlap both blizzard
20170s and flux to be able to determine that
20173s fight because now it resets nyxl and
20175s this yet again going to be walking into
20177s a set up soier who's going to be able to
20180s chunk damage into you build that rail
20182s gun charge up and find the first alt
20185s fire before X10 finds an angle to be
20188s able to come in with no clock of Their
20189s Own
20190s sniper drops off The High Ground gives
20193s it up for now HQ walls them off as well
20195s so I might actually end up in a kill
20197s however immortality fi is here destroyed
20199s immediately by X10 overclock now from wh
20201s to try to equalize it with the beat drop
20202s is here to sustain an X10 on the other
20205s side able to get two alongside that beat
20207s drop Halo has been so smart with that
20210s beat drop to hold on to it for later and
20212s now a minute 30 seconds left in the
20213s street face friend Exel and ESS F
20216s because they had that CH cold because
20218s they had that prior High Ground not only
20220s nxl Embers have to use both sound
20222s barrier and overclock to get into a
20223s position to be able to use them they
20226s also PR so much time in those rotations
20228s of cutting sniper away as HQ just waits
20232s to see B not going to be the Target have
20235s they there's no way you don't spot this
20237s mate there's no way you don't spot this
20239s mate what is going on there we go what
20244s that was definitely odd anyway H now has
20246s the blizzard ready for this fight rtics
20248s available for moving fish
20251s Halo ready to go with that B drop
20252s counter har pushing backward by the way
20255s because nobody is on top of it MXL
20257s trying to win the fight first there's
20258s the ant Matrix over the top it's kind of
20261s met but also avoided now gravitic flux
20263s into it too and in the air onun dies to
20265s whis what a shot to take down the
20268s Baptist player in the sky before the
20270s immortality could save the HQ on the
20271s flank will die though so that's still
20273s going in favor of Timeless ethereal and
20276s whis in C able to push forward 24
20279s seconds left I mean is going to be a
20280s very dicey last fight now for nxl Embers
20283s I don't think anyone can touch
20285s especially because Timeless they've
20287s established themselves up on this High
20288s gr nxl EMB yeah HQ is going onto the
20290s Genji to be able to have that Dash and
20292s the wall climb to try to put yourself
20295s onto that payload and activate
20300s OT flux
20302s engage towards the B past of all players
20305s into the sky he will die and that's a
20308s smart game play X was there with the
20310s fall up oh what a rock hit by moving
20312s fish too in in overtime when you need it
20314s most this is exactly what you need out
20316s of your Sigma player however whis on the
20317s other side able to find one low HP Dives
20319s the cart has a be drop over clock built
20321s up now they can use it in they go they
20324s go down though on the other side coru
20326s with the beat drop and two kills of
20328s their own HQ also finds Halo in an
20330s overtime NX have clutched up to move us
20332s into third phase yeah moving fish
20335s absolute MVP using that Sigma flux
20337s knowing how close Z is
20340s to the amplification Matrix throwing
20342s everything in to determine that that
20344s Baptist goes down before the fight
20346s properly breaks out and things like
20347s immortality field can save those players
20350s when H ke tries to dash onto those low
20351s targets and then the Genji becomes
20353s vulnerable without that exit option of
20356s the dash reset after a successful kill
20358s they going to be swapping now still
20361s holding on to the amplification Matrix
20364s as H key off of the Genji Mission done
20367s Point C picked up 53 seconds left into
20370s see we go M just committed is a bit far
20372s back though so D is going to use that as
20375s a bit of a buffer while NWA Ember is
20377s played slow too they're going to come
20378s back in with their own and an overclock
20380s I mean they're going to come in with an
20381s overclock off of the back of it yeah and
20384s there's the a is very aggressive one
20386s actually in the middle of the streets
20387s but time was still able to stall the
20389s cart with bun on this off angle
20391s overclock out of it here oh my gosh what
20393s a gratic clux to slow down X10 knowing
20395s X10 was going to be there bit of a blind
20397s faith gratic flux it might not matter oh
20400s my God but XT whips a few shots and heo
20402s gets out with her life so now nyxl emers
20406s the dicey situation G blocks counter for
20408s moving fish into the sky Z goes again
20411s the target of these gravitic pluses
20412s every time I mean what could Z do there
20414s just dies to the sky no help from their
20417s team bun also will fall here overtime
20419s about a tick down as well nyxl in that
20421s are in the advantage so when Timeless
20423s theal just wants to die on this payload
20425s and come back with s that was lamp
20428s though an you had to use clamped
20430s guarantee that everyone from NL Embers
20432s was still alive into this next fight
20434s they do have two ultimates to work with
20436s but Bon has a blizzard sniper going onto
20438s the diva to try to use the Matrix and
20441s stop HQ in the
20443s tracks off sniper tries to go through it
20446s can't get that blizzard on H ke sign
20448s counter blizzard by bun there but moving
20449s fish gets the beat job to live through
20451s it although takes a lot of damage me
20453s gone for sniper sniper also will fall
20456s ant Matrix is here also his H with those
20459s it shots moving fish as well and Nyx L
20463s Embers in overtime cap out against
20466s Timeless but it's overtime and Timeless
20469s aeral have over two minutes to work with
20473s Dustin all they need is one tick of that
20479s point wait doesn't it not does it not go
20481s down a whole minute I thought it would
20484s that's crazy actually that's a lot of
20485s time they they they keep they keep the
20487s two in 27 I I can't believe that as an
20490s ex OverWatch player I actually don't
20491s even freaking know that at this point
20492s that's pretty sad regardless Timeless
20495s ethereal like you said Moxy that's a
20497s massive Advantage even though nyxl embra
20499s looked Unstoppable there in
20500s overtime mhm I mean nyxl embra like they
20505s have to be able to build ultimates they
20508s need to be able to build this
20511s amplification Matrix faster than
20514s Timeless aerial because you don't have
20516s the point percentage nor the spacing to
20520s be able to give up right you can full
20522s hold on Midtown it is entirely possible
20525s but so much of it relies on your
20529s presence and hold of Choke underneath
20532s train Carriage it has to be absolutely
20536s perfect everything has to go right your
20538s supports can't get picked off by a
20539s straight shot coming through from
20540s something like a Hanzo or a serjan which
20543s I'm sure Whispers going to swap to just
20544s you know checking with the Sonic to see
20546s whether or not an ambers are holding a
20548s little bit closer everything has to go
20550s to plan
20552s in there roll
20555s out see what they want to do right do
20557s they want to have bun on that flank or
20559s they want to just go through main
20561s building up that rail gun shot is whis
20563s off the shield already 2 minutes left to
20566s go nagell just obviously have to play it
20568s slow you can't really dive underneath
20571s here ra gun shot see what happens wall
20575s there from bun is actually big to slow
20578s down moving fish who is rocked
20579s imortality there moving fish caught out
20582s and oh my gosh I mean everything should
20584s just fall now friend Embers they lose
20586s anun Z will be traded by HQ but I mean
20589s without your main tank I don't know how
20591s you do this HQ gets delayed X10 finds
20594s one I mean if you found if they found
20596s another that could be big but yeah no
20599s time is ethereal will be able to do this
20602s with 2 minutes on the clock they get the
20603s job done to tie the series up one to one
20607s that
20608s coordination oh it was so clean Dustin
20612s the accretion from sniper connecting
20614s onto moving fish so the sigma isn't able
20618s to use any of the defensives to mitigate
20621s the alt Fire coming through from dark
20624s Soldier it's so clean and it's that one
20628s kill that time with superial needed if
20631s one player goes down it becomes so much
20634s harder for nyxl embus to be able to pull
20636s off that full hold with so much time
20638s that they were working up against but
20640s when it's your tank player you lose so
20642s much spacing your DPS immediately just
20645s have to get aggressive and try and find
20647s any trade that they can but they were
20649s playing passively they were playing
20651s hesitantly they were trying to play for
20652s a long hole understanding that they
20654s could not afford to get picked that was
20657s why it was moving fish who met th AI
20659s moving through that choke so you could
20661s cycle through the sigma defensives and
20663s the Baptist defensives while anchoring
20666s that space to deny T Sao from being able
20669s to just push you and Capt you pining you
20672s in between their forces and also that
20674s objective because nxl ERS when you only
20677s have one point of tick that Thal need to
20680s pick up they can't disengage they can't
20682s rub a band they have to hold their
20684s ground and Timeless aerial play that
20687s Sigma like an absolute fiddle yeah I
20689s mean you would think because of you know
20691s how these flush situations have gone for
20694s EMB to give the edge maybe they had a
20696s chance there but I mean you're right
20697s Moxy I just don't think was too much on
20700s nyxl's plate for that fight for sure and
20702s now we're moving over the flash point I
20705s can't help but think Moxy maybe a little
20706s bit of this has to do with
20709s nyxl Embers playing like this the split
20712s compositions right I mean scrim time if
20713s you think about it in their practice
20715s they have to play Dive and sigma whereas
20717s Timeless ethereal are just one tricking
20718s the sigma comp yeah I mean you're always
20721s going to be asking yourself what would
20723s have happened if you'd rolled out on
20725s that Sigma composition before the dive
20726s on your attack maybe we wouldn't have
20729s seen Timeless aeral being the only ones
20731s to be able to full push with time still
20734s available to them since unfortunately
20737s even though you do full push it's an
20738s overtime and the other side still has
20740s access to 2 minutes and 27 seconds and
20742s when we're in this matter not only can
20745s you afford to use all of that time to
20747s just Bank up all five ultimates and just
20749s death ball on top you also have that
20752s soen so every single time every single
20754s push every single fight that you take
20756s there's that voice in the back of your
20758s head saying you have to watch out for
20760s that old fire you cannot afford to get
20762s picked now however we do get to see one
20765s of these teams for the first time that
20766s we've being here on the casting test
20769s Dustin are going to be moving away from
20770s surasa and Fielding new junk City I feel
20774s like this is a team coming in with a
20776s very map dependent plan yeah I mean new
20779s junk city is an interesting choice for
20781s sure considering a lot of teams tend to
20782s avoid it these days like you like we've
20785s talked about before with s ofasa being a
20787s favorite but it's fun I mean I every
20789s flasho is is is fun for me I think it's
20792s the best map type for me for me and
20793s OverWatch Su just to watch because of
20795s all the top down POV we get to see the
20797s rotates it really makes the game feel
20799s like a MOA kind of like um I don't know
20801s if I can say this Heroes of the Storm
20803s shout out Heroes of the Storm best game
20804s of all time but it's I mean it's a
20806s blizzard IP so I I would say you can I
20810s love that game so much but um anyways it
20811s reminds me of like aoba in that in that
20813s sense where a lot of these players like
20815s are doing those long rotates um consist
20818s the lane and you can come in with some
20820s of those ganks and you can definitely
20822s catch a couple of people
20824s unawares what is call we're just going
20826s to turn we're going to cast as a as is a
20827s mobile game now I just ruin everybody
20829s experience but like yeah you're right
20830s cuz there's like I think we saw in the
20832s last series um where the the the choke
20835s points can even be way of far away from
20837s the point right like you can set up more
20839s towards the other team
20840s spawn well you can make sure that even
20843s though some of these teams are coming in
20845s with these ultimates like things like
20846s blizzard annihilation where they want to
20850s be played onto the point in these
20852s objectives so that even if you don't win
20854s the fight per se you still have enough
20857s presence in it to be able to find that
20858s flip and keep Bolding a little bit of
20861s your percentage and also deny the other
20862s team from recuring that percentage if
20865s you proactively and aggressively take
20867s those fights away from that point the
20869s team is a lot of the time forced into
20872s the really tough decision of either
20874s using the ultimates and losing that
20876s presence on point or hold holding on to
20879s the ultimates and losing the fight
20882s therefore Domino affecting into the
20883s amount of percentage that your team is
20885s able to pick
20886s up right so Embers what do they want to
20889s run here now Moxy do they want to play
20890s this Sigma composition it looks like
20891s they do just take the
20894s mirr yes you absolutely need to be able
20897s to play the sigma composition on this
20900s first point it is indoors if you're able
20903s to take the fight away from the chokes
20904s the dive does definitely become a lot
20906s more valuable but just having so much of
20909s the kiting Arena to be able to move into
20912s with all of these corridors Winston does
20914s not benefit from having that Mobility
20916s stunted you have to have the sigma and
20918s the M nice walls from both Maze and wh
20921s whisp is the one to find the first kill
20922s X and a bit Focus ST playing that front
20925s line battle which does get sniper low
20927s but the immortality field is there to
20929s keep everybody healthy now without H ke
20930s I mean you're going to be down a lot of
20931s utility in potential damage from the may
20935s but they still want to fight this picks
20936s up EMB yeah the point is about to be
20938s picked up bu finds onun too and with
20940s that Timeless etheral just able to
20942s snowball it right that first pick really
20944s was to a detriment been so well it's not
20948s just that it's the macro that follows as
20950s well right Z comes in drops the
20953s immortality field not because Timeless
20955s aeral are worried about losing one of
20957s their own it's so that one of their own
20959s can rotate onto that point and
20961s immediately pick it up and as a result
20963s even though the fight's still going on
20964s time with cerial are nearly halfway
20967s through the first point point of new
20970s junk City halfway through 50% on the
20972s board now and that's a lot of ultimates
20975s as well they buil up and I mean just
20977s positioning B finds HK and that again is
20981s awful for nyxl Embers because HQ got
20983s picked off in the previous fight
20984s resulting in them losing it and now they
20986s have to wait again for them to come out
20988s of Spawn to maybe get a Rec test I mean
20991s are you going to be able to recontest
20993s through some of these really narrow
20995s corridors that may find so much value
20997s bom just coming in rming with those
20999s icicles making it NL Embers are going to
21002s have to commit a lot of those cool Downs
21004s just to try and touch the point and that
21006s may keeping them trapped behind their
21009s own ant Matrix denies the chance of that
21012s happening
21013s entirely they get staggered I mean
21015s that's awful for nyxl Embers essal
21019s they're just going to get full
21019s positioning right you lose the May which
21022s means that ESS of like you said are
21024s going to be able to pick up that forward
21026s positioning on this next Point defense
21029s of May is always going to have a lot
21030s more power not only that with the
21032s Stagger kill going on to H Key T going
21035s to be able to cap the point out before
21037s NX ERS are able to contest so no matter
21040s who wins the next fight T sa was still
21042s building to that one condition W there
21045s early moving fish nice job to find bun
21048s finally nyxl Embers get a little bit of
21050s stability here they stop Timeless early
21053s who are to trying to ant Matrix maybe a
21055s little overzealous with their all usage
21057s nyers used two to Timeless Aerials will
21060s also
21061s too gorgeous power slid as well from X10
21063s to put themselves onto those High Ground
21065s cylinders denies Timeless aeral from
21067s using the amplification Matrix to being
21069s able to cap at that point they wanted to
21071s use the amp to just keep andile Embers
21074s in those chokes so that they were able
21075s to find that contest and as a result MXL
21079s EMB now going to have control of that
21080s High Ground have control of that spacing
21082s have control crucially of the choke
21084s unless wisps with the off angle almost
21087s catches moving fish yeah whis com around
21089s the flank like a lumberjack chopp the
21092s tree that is moving fish and it
21093s eventually pays off with the blizzard a
21095s bun whisp also from that back end able
21097s to get onto Anu X10 does trade back Z
21100s but you know at this rate you've already
21102s lost your tank player and just going to
21104s run
21106s away flip found as well Timeless aerial
21109s that height is beautiful whisps with the
21113s off angle pops up in main has the
21115s overclock panics nyxl ERS get it's
21118s moving forish so incredibly low the
21120s sigma Brun through shield and shift we
21123s see the Lucio have to use the sber to
21125s save the tank and as a result Embers
21128s know that they have to just play out of
21129s sight of the soan for this cool down to
21132s realign and as a result run directly
21134s into
21135s bunard trying to slow down wall there as
21137s well so both cool Downs removed from
21139s Timeless atherial stuck in the corner of
21142s the bay wall hate to see that if moving
21144s fish but now they just come through with
21145s the gravitic flux HT also can get some
21148s help regain back to normal C over the
21151s top side sniper does have immortality
21153s field so all this damage moving fish is
21154s negated understanding that looks to
21156s break the metalic eventually wears down
21157s now they come back through on a bun but
21159s Timeless atherial doing a great job
21161s avoiding all the damage and B you dies
21163s in the air to the gravitic flux of
21165s sniper butn and Timeless ethereal
21167s collapse on it overtime six down now two
21170s and Timeless ethereal bring us two
21172s rounds in they are on round point to win
21175s flash flas point on new junk City sniper
21179s gets solo flux by moving fish uses the
21181s shift understanding the danger in the
21184s flux is not the damage off of the slam
21187s it's being up in the air and vulnerable
21189s for that sojan to pick so with the shift
21191s is able to mitigate so much of the
21192s follow-up damage Timeless feel now
21194s looking to be able to cut nyxl ERS off
21198s establish themselves on the point Bun's
21199s going to have a blizzard wisp as well
21201s going to have that overclock NX Enders
21204s need a pick to come through from X10 but
21206s they just don't have the spacing to try
21208s and find that so the angle especially
21210s when the sign split wizard whis there
21213s with the follow up everybody's already
21215s gone for wagel thir just back to the
21218s spawn essal again get this first point
21220s cap I even sure you found Z but at this
21222s point you're dead essal take the point
21225s first yeah wisp found their mirror X10
21228s is denied the off angle moving fish
21231s unfortunately separated away from the
21233s rest of the team kept separated as well
21235s by Bon and her blizzard HQ is going to
21238s have one of her own but it's going to be
21241s really tough being able to get into
21242s position to use it cuz time was FAL now
21244s they're playing that macro they're
21245s cutting NYL emers off before they can
21248s put these ultimates in to positions of
21251s Power Clock flank and Matrix on the
21253s defensive hold con X10 find the kills
21255s but they desperately know no it's it's
21257s whis without an overclock dry able to
21259s get one also Halo was there to disrupt
21261s X10 and that fight is shut down
21264s overclock was used as was blizzard I'd
21267s be in shambles if I was NX right
21269s now whisper is going to have overclock
21272s snipers approaching with the flux T
21274s supera chasing the staggers no both the
21279s Baptist and the soan going to fall late
21284s in the fight we're approaching last
21286s fight territory and you can see the soan
21289s is gone extend onto the Tracer to try
21292s and recontest for as long as possible H
21295s just runs in not even using cool down no
21297s overclock for the top side beat off from
21298s coru is perfect if the supports can pop
21300s here it might not be over for em but
21303s whis on the flank comes through with the
21305s overclock s's able to find one oh my God
21307s the peal from puu it slows down Wiis for
21310s now sniper though able to find one poru
21312s Dives on the Wiis it wins the trade but
21314s mean wall on the front line with the
21315s gvic flux sniper gets one and moving
21317s fish is low there's not much for you
21319s could really do at this point for the
21321s team to win it for them because the rest
21323s of their team died ESS ethereal win that
21325s fight will reclaim the point in three on
21328s flash point go up two in the
21330s series yeah May onto Main just to make
21334s sure the ERS are not able to tap onto
21337s that overtime Timeless eeral one map
21341s away from walking away the victors of
21344s calling all heroes major free for 2020
21347s for Sniper is going to be picking up
21349s play of the game as Sigma an absolute
21351s Stand Out performance this block was
21355s devastating it catches so many of those
21357s players on the side of nyxl just leaving
21361s them so incredibly vulnerable and a lot
21363s of the time too when we see multiple
21365s people getting picked up by the signal
21366s flux it only really translates into one
21368s kill because everyone sort of Target
21370s focuses down one particular person
21372s especially when you're up against
21373s something like Baptist and alosia who
21374s have so much sustainability in being
21377s able to deal with that flux right A lot
21379s of the time flux is not finding kills
21381s it's actually burning things out like
21383s the lamp so that the blizzard afterwards
21385s is able to catch on to all of those
21387s players when that prone vulnerable and
21389s not able to walk out of it and that's
21391s where you hit your wing condition but
21393s the fact that they pick up that much
21395s value off of a dry flux not even into
21397s the blizzard followup goes to show how
21400s well how good Timeless aerial how
21403s rehearsed they are and being able to
21405s play the sigma
21406s composition beautiful stuff from
21408s Timeless ethereal and Moxy you know I
21410s thought that want lambers could have
21412s maybe made like the this this adjustment
21414s to moving fish having on the sigma after
21416s we saw Samoa but you know you're right
21418s it's just sniper and the rest of
21420s Timeless ethereal are getting the edge
21421s at the moment I mean Hy really wasn't
21423s able to get much done got picked a lot
21425s of the times first and you know how do
21427s you I'm just wondering we'll talk about
21429s this later obviously when we come back
21430s but for nyxl Embers right you got to
21432s hope they bounce back as a team a lot of
21434s their fans I'm sure hoping so but before
21436s we see the next map before we continue
21438s the series we have to go to a short
21439s break guys so we are on map point for
21442s this series obviously Timeless ethereal
21444s looking to win 3 to one like you said
21446s win this major solidify themselves as
21447s the top seed for the championship so
21449s guys don't go anywhere we'll be right
21457s [Music]
21477s back
21483s [Music]
21529s [Music]
21534s [Music]
21561s [Music]
21597s my
21602s [Applause]
21606s [Music]
21628s [Music]
21638s [Applause]
21639s [Music]
21651s [Music]
21695s [Music]
21698s welcome back everybody to the radiant
21700s Heroes three major three of the
21703s Challenger Series so far in this Grand
21705s finals we have Timeless ethereal versus
21707s nyxl Embers if you're just tuning in
21709s Timeless ethereal has now map Point Moxy
21712s flasho went all in their favor nyxl
21714s Embers seemed like they couldn't get
21716s anything done in all of the momentum is
21718s in the sign of Timeless
21719s ethereal yeah flash point is one of
21722s those I would say it's probably the most
21724s unforgiving map type currently in in
21726s OverWatch circulation right you lose one
21729s of those players a little bit too late
21731s in one of those fights and you're just
21733s not going to be able to recover it was
21734s something that we saw T ofi being very
21736s good at being able to do they would
21738s finish a fight they would close it all
21739s up and then they would just continue
21741s pushing ever so slightly whether or not
21743s they found kills whether or not it was
21744s just denying space either way it was
21746s banking them up so much much point
21748s percentage that very very quickly
21750s everything just turned against nyxl
21752s Embers like you said moving into push
21756s however it's potentially going to be
21757s more of the same in terms of momentum
21760s right you need to win this first fight
21762s doubly so because it's going to be
21764s coloso that we end up going into so I
21767s think we're potentially going to see
21768s both of these two teams run that serjan
21771s and literally just play footsie under
21773s the table until that sojan is able to
21775s either find a pick of of the old fire or
21778s do enough damage that the team is then
21780s able to actually commit into the fight
21783s because they think it's going to result
21784s in a kill hot take Moxy I actually like
21787s souljour meta I actually like it a lot I
21790s do too it's actually the best meta like
21793s I'm sorry I'm glad you agree with me too
21794s cuz I know that oh I'm so tired of
21796s souljour meta you know what you're going
21799s to be really sad when we go to ratra
21800s meta and we have MOA and we have Reaper
21803s and we have a bunch of D character I'm
21805s sorry not Dull characters okay very you
21806s know they just deal damage over time
21808s there's not a lot of lot of pop off
21810s moments okay we we we've ticked off the
21813s Dustin Moira R you're right right yeah
21815s immediately build the it came up okay
21817s anyway colosal like you said is sojourn
21819s specialty and um like I said I love
21822s watching a lot of sojourn I'm sure a lot
21823s of people chant do and uh colosio is a
21826s map in particular where I think you know
21828s there is a lot of back and forth in push
21829s in general Moxy but this one I mean I
21832s feel like compared to new Queen Street
21834s it actually can have a lot of variety
21836s areas you you fight at yeah so new stre
21840s everyone sort of scraps over that High
21841s Ground Control right if if you're
21843s running something like sergeon you want
21844s to be able to establish yourself there
21846s because then you can intrude and invade
21848s the other team space denying them
21850s control of that sort of miniature health
21852s pack as well right next to bus shelter
21854s which can be huge in terms of just
21857s making sure that you have control of so
21859s much distance of that objective
21861s incredibly early on which pressures the
21863s other team significantly more running
21865s into the latter stages of this map type
21868s like you said coloso is one of those
21870s where there are so many different angles
21872s of approach right you can flank through
21873s all of the side rooms you can go
21875s directly down the middle if it's a
21877s serjan however then we're going to be
21879s seeing both of those two sojan sort of
21881s post on up try and figure out where the
21883s other is playing bull enough poke
21887s pressure into the alt fire to try and
21889s commit in with a shot and then if that
21891s doesn't result in a kill rinse and
21894s repeat in fact Dustin you and I are very
21896s familiar with how long
21898s it can take for either of these two
21899s teams to feel comfortable enough to
21901s actually commit into a fight off of the
21903s pressure that that San's presence brings
21906s and both of these soj players to Moxy
21908s are really good right I mean that can't
21910s be understated both X10 and wisp are
21913s really talented and you know you can
21914s even tell I don't mean to mean this like
21917s a dig towards the rising series or
21918s anything like that but definitely like
21920s if you want to like improve right if
21921s you're a rising series player you
21922s definitely have moments a lot of these
21925s Rising Heroes players played yeah very
21927s well and they could they could hit those
21928s shots with real gun shots but when we
21930s watch The Challenger Series with Wisp
21932s and X10 they don't miss right they don't
21934s miss in yeah that's the thing the
21936s consistency some of the players in like
21938s the rising series they have that level
21941s of aim but it's only in the sort of pop
21944s off isolated moments they still working
21946s on being able to hit that Peak so many
21949s times that it's not a peak anymore it's
21951s just the Natural State both wisps and
21954s X10 are always in that Natural State and
21956s it becomes even more important for both
21959s of those teams to shut that DPS down as
21961s a result of how quickly a sojan can
21964s swing a fight massively in their favor
21966s but nyxl Embers they don't have a serjan
21969s they don't even have a sigma they're
21970s going for the commitment of this dive
21972s yet again oh my gosh I mean an nextt on
21975s the Hanzo
21976s too so no more so there's more Shield
21979s pressure at least with the Hanzo into
21980s the CMA I agree with that now moving
21983s fish kind of controlling the robot not
21986s really going for the dive just yet plank
21987s pass and just want to build up towards
21988s St it's interesting they also decideed
21991s to really go with this Kiko instead of
21992s Vita you know a lot of teams like to
21995s have their main sport play brigita but
21997s Moxy were in that neutral game that he
21998s talked about now team making a move just
22000s yet Timeless actually may be set up on
22002s the right side but yeah both teams
22004s actually playing Super passive no wait
22005s no snipers all the way over here the
22008s dive is waiting like you side for things
22010s like the Nano base and also an antin to
22012s potentially come through ESS aeral are
22014s waiting for the ghost sign from wisps
22017s reward come out from Bon either way this
22020s objective is going to stay into the
22021s middle until either of these teams hit
22024s an advantageous spot oh no oh no we're
22028s at to begin getting a coloso again
22029s nearly a minute and 20 seconds off the
22031s clock and the robot hasn't moved either
22033s way just yet is there going to be a
22034s meter on the board might as well hype
22037s something up here it's very close come
22040s on get there we're not playing Push
22043s anymore we're playing
22044s seaa we're fish ready to go for a dive
22046s whenever on you builds that n but sniper
22049s threw that damage off with they a to do
22050s on that off angle already has gravitic
22052s flux and you only have a suu to deal
22053s with it again nearly 2 minutes off the
22056s clock now colosio moment moving fish
22058s ready to go on the front line poru poru
22060s takes a lot of
22061s poke both timat ready to go like you
22064s said ready to go for moving fish FN
22065s finds the opening pick on Hy though I
22067s don't know if they have the damage even
22068s with the N boost moving fish trying to
22070s go in gets Rock temporarily also GIC
22073s block here moving fish oh what a perfect
22074s dive on a whis wh position that equal it
22077s uptic fluxus here though bun also has
22081s that blizzard if they need it everybody
22083s backs up though from nag EMB X10 gets po
22085s low but has the heals there there goes
22088s the ant Matrix but it's into the K Rush
22090s hey gets rid of moving fish that's huge
22092s a lot of that pressure gone especially
22094s since Primal Rage was coming up and yes
22096s NY Embers finally has to back up and in
22099s just a second ESS etheral will have the
22101s robot control time will have high ground
22104s potentially if B is able to win out
22108s against X10 anion however goes down that
22111s has got to be nxl even if they had
22113s control in that one V one of The High
22114s Ground they have to fall back now with
22116s that vein of sustain cut off wait for
22119s anun to come back in concussion onto X10
22122s with the accretion landing from sniper
22124s immortality field being forced as bun
22126s gets aggressive with the blizzard and
22128s drops Ste into the middle of the team
22131s bun 2K disgusting I mean Parry job right
22135s there by bun they get a they they have
22137s the ball rolling even more now
22139s MOX whisp as well going to have the
22142s overclock to keep NYL and this requested
22144s up outside of their spawn all the while
22147s that objective is getting pushed if T
22149s aeral get pressured they can drop off of
22151s The High Ground onto the low foran
22153s barrier Dragon strike tries to cut the
22155s team off but it just just engages they
22158s immediately drop from the low ground and
22159s it's gone and trying to fight this
22161s aggressively but on is not with their
22162s team right now moving fish though pops
22164s the Primal range get the Baptist away
22166s from their team that's actually super
22168s clean but eventually Halo comes back for
22170s the moving understanding that and just
22171s backs away gratic fluxing into the side
22173s from sniper who goes aggressive without
22176s their team now looks for the Lucio on
22178s the low ground no kills just yet for
22180s Timeless ethereal they're able to come
22181s back into this with some ultimates Andel
22183s do it as well though they've gotten an
22185s blade but really haven't been favoring
22187s it an goes connects on no sound barrier
22189s though yeah no sound barrier means that
22192s should get some more value now the
22192s overclock comes out with gets xpen back
22195s to the spawn but XP tra the blade finds
22198s one immortality field is here but it
22200s doesn't matter Z gets taken out and
22202s that's a big Kill from H with the with
22204s the blade and on still po the beat in
22206s that fight as well I don't know if it
22207s was necessary regardless X10 swaps over
22209s the sojor now Moxy I think it's a much
22211s needed swap yeah 100% we're going to see
22215s the fer come through as well from poran
22217s to be able to make sure that everyone
22219s from ml Embers is into this next fight
22222s still not able to pick up all that much
22224s distance time to as well going to have
22226s control of that High Ground as well as
22227s amplification Matrix but MXL Embers
22229s should be able to just full aggressively
22232s push directly through it where it's
22234s going to be at its most concerning is
22235s when that window first
22237s opens on again nyel still down in terms
22240s of meters down about 50 m oh my God Halo
22246s by H see laner amazing pick from Halo
22249s he's been so good for Timeless thether
22251s Le 10 finds one on the retreat however
22254s you know I don't know if they can do
22255s this without members of their team at
22257s least they get an antt Matrix out from
22260s Z yeah one ultimate removed but it puts
22263s ESS aeral into a much better position to
22265s be able to utilize the ultimates that
22267s come afterwards bun with the blizzard
22269s sniper with the flux we're going to see
22272s the overlap of the two to make it for
22274s you and even if you utilize the S
22276s barrier perfectly you're still going to
22277s lose the fight after finally nyxl trying
22280s to deal with sniper but x10's going to
22282s have to come back from Spawn and sniper
22284s goes so low but immortality fi there
22286s just in Ni time Z's been perfect with
22288s those so far through the series Now
22289s gratic counter engage on to anun and
22292s need the sleep oh my God but we're still
22295s killing you still beaten yeah and they
22297s still get the beat off X10 traes back
22299s Flex support for Flex support so at
22301s least Timeless they have to back up and
22302s that's all because of the Sleep Dart
22303s from
22304s onu yeah but the be drop from
22307s poyu before the Sleep Dart hit means
22311s that there's no sound barer to
22312s counteract Bon's blizzard in the next
22314s fight we are falling apart just got to
22317s maneuver as a team around it right like
22319s just try to Avid you have to take the
22321s fight into the open yeah if you take the
22323s fight here in Middle Lane that blizzard
22325s is going to connect onto every single
22327s player in the
22329s area ready to go on there engage and
22332s might have not been able to get a single
22333s Advantage we have nearly 3 minutes and
22335s 30 seconds left and they're still down
22337s 50 m moving fish trying to finally gain
22339s some sort of ground get the N to keep
22341s them sustained for now but oh my gosh
22342s pop so low that was really greedy the
22345s prop to Prim will R regardless on the
22347s other side from bun moving face finally
22349s find a kill here on the B piece looks
22350s like no because the support from Halo is
22352s too good finally gets the kill but is so
22354s low 155 HP gets the nanab Boost because
22357s this fight is so close snip for Winston
22358s is here two kills for moving fish make
22361s it a three potentially unless Halo gets
22363s out with her life which he does but a
22366s dry fight now for Timeless material
22368s besides the blizzard try blade is going
22371s to have to come through for nyxl and
22373s there's BN swapping now onto the Tracer
22375s as we maneuver ourselves up into her
22377s favorite position on this map towards
22379s that ramp she's going to be looking for
22381s the infiltration punishing the fact that
22383s the Lucio is not a great Avenue of Peel
22386s to stop the Anna getting jumped on by
22387s the Tracer and immediately you can see
22389s BN directly there duing the Anna I mean
22391s you got to win three bites in a row now
22393s after n Ember X10 has to go off but
22395s can't because they got hit by the rock
22397s sniper what a rock from from them whis
22401s also on to poor you and both supports
22403s gone for nyxl Embers they got nothing
22406s done in that fight now 2 minutes and 30
22407s seconds at least they got the 43
22410s M but they didn't pull ultimates out
22413s time the aerial are going to have four
22416s five ultimates because Bon's going to be
22418s able to come in with that pulse bom B
22420s before this next flight starts enxl EMB
22422s have the blade but they don't have the
22424s time bank to wait for the nanab to cycle
22426s back to use it wh has been really smart
22429s about positioning not getting killed out
22431s of position beats off the coun of the
22432s gravic flock sniper has to fall back
22434s imortality there again from Z's clinical
22436s ant matri as well to sustain with then
22438s hits the shot overclock done B with the
22441s force bomb can save it for next fight
22442s now two kills and myel backs up again
22445s save the blade for the next fight siren
22448s is going to be in the back pocket for
22449s toal as well they're looking to get
22451s these staggers secured onto en ERS as
22454s well if they can take H key down but
22457s wisp overstays the welcome whis clean
22459s your dang Mouse that's literally I had
22461s that same problem it's cuz whsp has dust
22463s in their freaking Mouse oh no yeah
22467s sniper at least finds HK on the delay
22468s that could be beneficial they want to
22470s come back into this Moxy and they do so
22471s sniper over the top of the bridge
22473s they're looking for an an wasn't
22474s expecting this they thought the fight
22476s Was Won and now time even though they
22478s lost wh it wh it doesn't seem like it
22480s matters moving fish can pop the P rage
22482s maybe they can find a kill here Halo
22484s maybe wants to hold on the beat drop no
22486s commits it to counter the beat or the
22488s the plal rage HT now can sit with that
22490s blade but Z and sniper combined for both
22492s X10 and pooru and again nyxl are back to
22495s spawn
22497s there's a window here for nyxl ERS it's
22499s going to take a Herculean effort to turn
22502s this around but with the beat drop being
22504s invested to save Z from the Primal
22506s nanoblade now goes directly into a team
22509s without a support ultimate counter up
22511s H's going to have to go big and they
22512s have to not use too many
22514s ultimates see if they can do it NX I'll
22516s walk in rocks are so terrifying there's
22519s the N blade immortality field slows it
22521s down wait Boop as well from Halo but oh
22524s my God two for one making a combo deal
22526s NL em takes control of the robot but
22529s they've got 50 me to now close out on
22531s Moxy
22533s scary but what's the win condition okay
22536s here we go Annan swaps onto the KIRO
22540s we're going to see actually HQ double
22542s back to spawn so that the KIRO can Swift
22544s step to that position really good stuff
22546s coming through from nyxl Embers that
22548s suzu has to save whoever gets caught up
22552s in the flux coming through in this next
22554s fight yeah next 10 over on that side has
22557s to get kills but it's against three ALS
22559s nearly coming from Timeless at theal
22560s right on the on the doomfist maybe do
22564s something overlock coer X1 wants to go
22566s aggressive if they need to to win the
22568s fight hitting shots but no kills now the
22571s gravitic BL is here the beat drop just
22573s of time from po you an M over the top to
22576s sustain Timeless Theo they avoid any
22578s kills coming through from the h falls
22580s upon who's got the pulse but it get
22583s deflected on the other side now nyxl
22585s Embers what they do they're sustaining
22587s at the very least but no kills sniper
22589s goes low on the cart gets those heals BN
22591s in this 1 V one Falls away temporarily n
22594s just still relatively healthy they've
22595s got D in the second in On's got the K
22598s rush but Wiis with the overclock has
22600s been big before the robot still in their
22602s favor now moving F div in the slam dunk
22605s on to Z Now with I don't think they get
22607s much done here on the low ground goodbye
22610s moving fish is insane on Doom fits three
22612s kills and over time when it matters most
22615s they do lose exit at the very least but
22617s they've got so far to
22618s move we've got a k rush though anun has
22622s the ability to set up both the Genji and
22625s the doomfist to have those cool Downs
22628s far faster Timeless F know that there's
22629s one fight left they swap B onto the
22632s Bastion understanding the MX Embers with
22635s the doomfest no more Winston don't have
22637s a bubble there's theate Rush the bun
22641s just runs away and adds those the rest
22643s of Tim with ethereal on you can't poke
22645s that down
22647s entirely now they come through on the
22649s top waiting for the dive moving fish has
22651s been big on the doomfist bit of a
22652s surprise pick from them now they over
22654s over the top from whis with a beat drop
22656s this could be massive but gets punched
22658s away and now whis is a bit disgruntled
22661s through it has the beat at least the
22662s sustain but the overclocking ran out
22663s moving fish stopping it for now did
22665s moving fish just fall off the map no
22667s okay did get found by Z well yeah did
22669s get pooped off the map and without
22670s moving fish H pops the blade without
22673s their teammates though I don't think
22674s they get anything done in Timeless a
22677s are your radiant Heroes major 3 Grand
22680s finals
22681s Champions it's so close Dustin it's so
22684s close unfortunately in the true nature
22687s to push so much distance had already
22690s been picked up so much time bank already
22692s burnt down that even though en Ember
22695s started picking up that momentum with
22697s the doomfist there just wasn't enough
22699s time wasn't enough meters for them to be
22702s able to equalize the amount of distance
22705s that had already been picked up prior
22707s Timeless aerial once again with the
22709s macro they understand one more fighter
22711s is left ksun Rush is going to be online
22713s for the other team they have to use the
22715s basing to Zone it because kitsuno looks
22718s at the ultimate deficit between these
22720s two teams and just mitigates it entirely
22722s you get to do so much more damage so
22724s much faster in the middle of that rush
22726s you would have been able to build every
22728s single ultimate that M Enders members
22731s were missing if the bashing had not been
22734s there for you to take advantage of ESS
22737s with such a good heads up swap they know
22740s that the bastion's going to be
22740s vulnerable they decide to go for that
22743s burst potential and as a result that
22745s winning condition that was there ever so
22748s slightly that glim at Dustin of the
22751s series continuing entirely poops out of
22754s existence and Timeless aerial find
22757s themselves the winner of the major
22761s fre just so good Timeless ethereal
22765s through and through both these teams
22767s were so close Moxy like you said even
22769s though it was a 3-1 series I mean maybe
22771s a Meta Meta change or maybe slight
22774s Heroes being met or not could even
22776s dictate the whole series but obviously
22777s Timeless ethereal have been so
22779s consistent as a team to win again I mean
22782s what a a shout out to them full Squad
22785s showed up
22786s today yeah and it goes to show right the
22789s importance of investing in these players
22791s not just having a one-off team for some
22793s of these competitions but carrying that
22795s experience Synergy communication and
22797s coordination throughout the rest of the
22800s year benefits you massively in the long
22802s run because OverWatch like so much of it
22805s it is a team based shooter so much of it
22808s so much of these metas so many of these
22809s different compositions we've moved away
22811s from the sort of hero play where one
22813s person can Solo Carry a fight right so
22815s can still do it from time to time with
22817s you know overclocks but a lot of that is
22820s actually set up by the rest of the team
22821s when we see these soons popping off with
22823s multiple kills and on overclock it's off
22825s of the back of something like like a
22826s Baptist's amplification Matrix so that
22828s Synergy between all of these players
22831s into these compositions things like dive
22832s which needs so much communication and
22835s coordination to be able to pull
22837s effectively off where you're not just
22839s immediately diving in One V one and
22841s giving all of the ultimate charge to the
22843s enemy team whether it's the sigma
22845s composition and you have to have that
22846s vein of communication between your Sigma
22848s and your Baptist so that you don't feel
22850s pressured when those cool Downs are off
22851s cycle it is so important that these
22855s players have have this space to be able
22857s to build these relationships with each
22859s other so that their gameplay can improve
22861s as a
22862s result all right and with that we're
22864s going to a short break we'll see you
22866s guys in just a bit for an interview with
22868s one of the winners from Timeless
22869s ethereal what a what a fun series that
22871s was we'll be right back in just a
22885s bit
22893s [Music]
22907s [Music]
22915s oh
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22945s e
22953s [Music]
22978s [Music]
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23002s [Music]
23034s w
23039s [Music]
23064s he
23071s insane overall how they were able to
23073s play and whatnot but uh when we are
23079s considering hold on I am not muted on
23082s VX oh hello hello okay sorry about that
23086s guys it seems like I just had to refresh
23088s my call um my mic got disconnected
23091s somehow but uh again your grand finalist
23094s here for timeless theal the fact that
23096s they were able to bring it back in this
23098s matchup especially when nyxl looked so
23101s good in that initial first map there
23104s Moxy yeah it was insane like flasho
23107s really went super far we also saw uh
23110s that push map going incredibly down to
23112s the wire as well like a little bit less
23115s distance that they've been able to pick
23116s up prior to that and we'd probably be
23119s headed to another map to conclude the
23122s series which is insane to think about
23124s when you have to remember as well like
23126s two minutes of the opening of that push
23129s map were literally just people as I
23131s called it playing footsy around all of
23133s those angles and trying to figure out
23135s who had a better Vantage Point coming
23137s into the
23138s engagement yeah absolutely it was just
23141s uh quite the flip there as we shifted
23143s into the remainder of the series of
23145s course on the likes of nyxl Embers they
23149s did keep it very close despite some of
23151s what those score lines may be telling
23152s you here but we do have to shift into to
23156s the Chipotle MVP but not only the match
23159s MVP this time around it is the Chipotle
23163s Finals MVP the one that gets to win
23166s Chipotle for the entire year and without
23168s any surprise here it's going to be
23169s button Dogman yeah deserve for sure
23172s although I think everybody on Timeless
23174s probably could could just share this I
23177s don't I imagine buns is totally fine
23179s just like giving the MVP to everybody
23181s because I mean they all played well bun
23183s yeah tracer was crazy that pul spawn for
23185s you slightly luck slightly skill but
23187s also the P stickies in general and then
23189s also on May huge right clicks massive in
23193s general with the positioning the
23194s blizzards it was just clinical from bun
23196s and the rest of Timeless ethereal
23198s deserved MVP for sure absolutely and
23200s just so you guys kind of know how this
23202s works this is a community vote kind of
23204s situation here for the MVP I know
23207s previously it was more so off the
23209s statistics off performance and of course
23211s bun did absolutely perform Within These
23213s matches within the entire tour
23216s as well but is community sentiment at
23218s the end of the day that grants her this
23221s W and a big thank you for Chipotle for
23223s offering this MVP prize as well but
23227s overall I mean I got to hear a little
23230s bit more about your thoughts Moxy about
23231s how this entire series panned out
23233s because when things started off it
23235s really looked like it go go either
23237s way yeah I mean when it started off in
23240s control especially that first map of
23242s Samoa it looked a little bit rough for n
23245s EXL eners I'm not going to lie right
23248s they were coming in they were trying to
23249s run this dive composition they'd found a
23251s lot of value previously against tyless
23254s saurial but since then we've seen time
23256s aeral being able to not just deal with
23258s the Genji dive but really be able to
23261s keep such a good handle on it to the
23263s point that not a single ultimate came
23265s through from hkey on that first gr and
23267s then when we saw the mirror Swap come
23269s through suddenly things started picking
23271s up and I was really hoping that we'd see
23273s a little bit more of the mirror map up
23276s but it looks like Dustin you know your
23277s theory was that this is a team that
23279s probably had to split their attention
23281s and scrimmed multiple different
23283s compositions there's always going to be
23285s one that you feel like you have a much
23287s better handle on your comfort
23289s composition so when we headed into
23291s somewh like midt where dive is still
23293s perfectly viable they decided to sort of
23296s back step into what they were more
23297s familiar with unfortunately for them all
23301s of the wi conditions were just a little
23302s bit too predictable because dive no
23304s matter what route you try and take to it
23307s at the end of the day is always still
23309s going to be around things like the
23310s nanoblade and also the Winston
23312s engagements which are very easy to be
23315s shut down by a sigma composition yeah
23317s especially when that pressure is being
23318s put on the backline as well but we
23321s actually get to call in now to our
23323s Chipotle MVP in the Chipotle Real Talk
23326s interview hi bun how are you doing
23329s congratulations on being our grand
23332s finalist Champions here for the third
23334s major of calling all Heroes hello thank
23337s you very
23339s much um I was just wondering I mean
23342s overall we saw some incredible things
23345s coming from your team throughout the
23346s entirety of the Season like the
23348s Undisputed top dogs if you will within
23351s calling all heroes and I was wondering
23354s how your team actually felt going into
23357s this Grand Final series knowing that the
23359s last time that you had faced off against
23360s nyxl Embers you were able to knock them
23363s down to that lower braacket but it did
23366s come down to that Fifth
23368s map um I think we're pretty confident in
23371s our ability to beat them we actually
23373s thought they would play more of like the
23375s doom and Winston and when we were like
23377s warming up to prep we played a lot of
23379s sim Bastion actually I'm kind of sad we
23382s didn't get to bring it out but yeah we
23384s were pretty confident we could
23387s win so we saw a lot of you both on the
23390s May but I think most prolifically on
23393s that Tracer trying to get into the back
23394s line and jump on things like the Anna a
23397s lot of the time we see some teams run a
23399s Brigida alongside the Anna to prevent
23401s that from happening but nxl embus
23403s decided to feel the KIRO instead did
23406s this change up in support line change
23408s any sort of way that you would rotate
23410s and try and take those engagements
23412s against the
23414s Anna
23415s um yeah kind of like I don't really try
23419s to go for Anna directly necessarily like
23422s I try to like take important map space
23424s but it's like it's scarier when you're
23426s against the kuo because the KIRO can't
23428s fight for it so yeah that it changed a
23431s little
23432s bit and Bun I mean overall for you you
23436s make that you swap over to Tracer and
23438s may that's like been the consistent kind
23440s of for the flex role how have you felt
23442s throughout the year making that swap or
23444s like just constantly playing May
23446s constantly playing tracers throughout
23447s the year have you felt very comfortable
23449s on those two two Heroes I mean obviously
23450s you're MVP for a reason you looked
23452s awesome on it but what was the initial
23454s transition like just playing a lot more
23455s Tracer or me um so like the past few
23459s weeks I've had to play more Tracer
23462s because um a lot of the teams in call
23465s they started playing like doomfist and
23467s Winston like a lot of them I think tried
23469s to avoid Sigma mirror and we found that
23472s it's like really hard to win with may
23475s but like if I just swwa Tracer
23477s everything was fine but yeah like I
23480s wasn't really used to playing Tracer in
23482s that situation so I had to learn a bit
23486s hey well the learning definitely paid
23487s off I mean you looked really good I
23490s remember even yesterday you had that
23491s back capping situation and when we were
23493s talking to your team about it they were
23495s like yeah she didn't say anything like
23498s she was just back capping you guys
23500s nearly managed to get that C9 situation
23503s um but it just to be able to hear your
23505s flexibility on your damage Heroes is
23508s really cool but I have one last question
23510s for you um to wrap up this Chipotle Real
23513s Talk interview you youve now W Chipotle
23516s for the Year what's your go-to order or
23519s what will it
23520s be um I might be missing some things but
23524s I usually get like a bowl with white
23527s rice no beans I get the lettuce and
23530s cheese fajita veggies the corn salsa and
23534s the tomato salsa and my I don't know if
23537s I said my protein but it's chicken very
23539s S I feel like protein really has been
23542s like the staple I think if we pull the
23543s stats it's definitely the the
23545s performance protein of cough for sure um
23549s but it's been lovely to chat with you
23550s bun I want to give you this last chance
23552s to give any thank you shout outs or say
23554s anything you'd like on broadcast and
23556s thank you so much for your
23557s time um I want to shout out my teammates
23560s especially because I feel like I'm a
23562s really competitive person and I think
23565s I'm very overbearing at times sometimes
23567s and they still stick with me like
23569s through thick and thin so I really
23571s appreciate them and shout out to all our
23574s staff like debit and our coaches I know
23577s it says cointry is our coach but he's
23579s more like our manager so shout out to
23581s our coaches SNR and LEP and yeah that's
23584s pretty much it that's awesome thank you
23586s so much for taking the time to chat with
23588s us Ben you have a good well-deserved
23590s rest and enjoy celebrating with your
23592s squad over this major W and we'll see
23594s you guys in championships in
23598s 2024 but as for us here on the desk we
23601s have a little bit more wrapping up to do
23604s if you will for the end of today I mean
23607s overall I Timeless ethereal they they
23610s did not break their streak of wins here
23613s within call whatsoever docman no they
23616s didn't I mean this team really is insane
23618s in the at the game right they're super
23620s good I mean not much else could be said
23622s besides they've made it through multiple
23623s different metas right just consistently
23625s playing at the top level no matter what
23627s is the main tank um and really that just
23631s comes down to overall flexibility as a
23633s team right the overall cohesion fun
23635s obviously shouting out our coaches
23637s that's really due to good coaching too
23639s so everything is going nyxl or not NYL
23642s Timeless ethereals way this season I
23645s think there were some you know obviously
23647s scares with microwave and N waxl those
23649s teams are on the up and coming on the up
23651s and come up but as of right now Timeless
23654s ethereal is without a doubt the
23655s champions of calling on Heroes at least
23657s this major absolutely and now we have to
23660s take a look at the circuit point
23661s standings here Moxy nothing has shaken
23665s up for the most part just due to how
23668s cemented this top six has been how
23670s consistent these teams have been
23671s throughout the
23672s season I mean I'm just really looking
23675s forward to seeing like Dustin has said
23676s some of these teams who are on the up
23678s and coming we've talked about Synergy
23680s coordination having these rosters being
23682s together for a little bit of time
23683s talking to some of these players
23684s learning that some of their rosters have
23686s only been together as long as like a
23688s month means that they're going to have
23690s so much time to be able to find that
23692s Synergy put into practice make sure that
23694s they're a little bit more comfortable in
23695s some of these more coordinated
23697s compositions as it's going to be really
23699s interesting to see whether or not they
23701s can take on Timeless who as Dustin have
23704s said have proven by name and nature to
23707s be absolutely Timeless at least in 2023
23711s well there you guys have it folks
23713s Timeless ethereal number one in the
23715s circuit point standings number one today
23717s on stream and within the broadcast um
23720s but we also have something else waiting
23723s for you guys because was the night
23725s before commas went all through the house
23728s not a creature was stirring not even a
23731s mouse there's a be quiet silent play of
23733s the day I'm curious to see another
23735s sneaky pulse bomb here
23737s Dogman oh yeah I mean it was BN on the
23740s flank on the left side third Point
23741s Midtown connecting with the pul bomb
23744s definitely the play of the match play of
23746s the day got to be quiet because bun I
23749s mean just consistently was quiet nobody
23751s could hear her no and we saw a few of
23754s those pulse bombs going out on those
23756s flanks Moxie so clean just so consistent
23759s being able to get those picks on the
23760s back line which open up so much
23762s opportunities for Timeless
23764s ethereal I mean the double pulse bomb
23766s opener on the first map of Samoa like as
23770s the dive came through and your Winston
23772s is coming being like well Anna I I need
23774s the heal I need the heal bubbles on cool
23777s down jumps on cool down I need that line
23779s of sight and then you just look at the
23781s Kil and you're like oh okay b a pulse
23784s bom and she got literally every single
23787s member of the back line it's not often
23788s as well you catch both the Anna and the
23791s Lucio if it's a Brig tends to be package
23793s and parcel because of how close they're
23795s playing next to each other Lucio however
23798s that that doesn't happen every often so
23801s really good stuff coming through from
23802s her really really great stuff but we do
23805s have to wrap up stream just shortly so
23807s thank you to everyone who worked behind
23809s the scenes at radiant and blizzard our
23811s production crew and our observers for
23813s helping us put on this show we wouldn't
23815s have this without them and a big thanks
23817s to Dustin Moxy as well for joining me on
23820s the desk here for both Grand finals of
23822s rising and the challengers series as we
23825s wrap up the calling all heroes regular
23827s season though I want to know from both
23830s of you your favorite moments of the
23832s season the throughout the season uh
23835s alongside your final thoughts Moxy why
23836s don't you kick us off and Dustin you can
23838s follow up okay I feel like this one is
23841s definitely going to be shared by a lot
23842s of people but yesterday with B going for
23845s the back cap like the cherry on top is
23848s the fact that H key saw it coming knew
23851s the only way you were going to be able
23852s to stop it was popping that blade and
23855s for the first time ever I got to see a
23858s kji blade being used selflessly to stop
23862s a C9 memorable moment for sure oh yeah I
23866s mean in my memorable moment it's
23867s definitely also recency bias just
23869s because it happened earlier today um I
23871s mean there there was a crazy play on
23873s surasa where I think it was uh one of
23877s the backlines I believe it was Michael
23879s waves team no no not Michael waves nyxl
23881s nyxl's team they managed to clutch up
23883s like two versus four both of their
23886s supports with Annie Yun as well as uh
23888s their support player their other main
23889s support player on the pita able to pop
23891s the rally with the nanab Boost went
23893s against the Winston and a bunch of other
23895s targets they were able to come back and
23896s win surasa 3 0 that was an amazing
23898s moment for me lot of Great Moments
23901s throughout this entire season of K thus
23903s far but we're not just done yet big
23908s thank you to you all at home for tuning
23909s in this weekend watching the last major
23911s that we had but we'll see you guys again
23914s in the new year because the last chance
23915s qualifier will be coming up in January
23918s for that opportunity to grab the last
23920s two spots for the C Championship within
23923s the challengers series and you guys can
23925s anticipate that championship in February
23928s so have a happy holidays everyone stay
23930s tuned for that and again congratulations
23932s to Fable rising and to timeless ethereal
23935s for winning respectively the r for
23938s winning respectively the rising and
23939s Challengers series here and again to bun
23943s for being that chipotle MVP of finals
23946s happy holidays and have a good night
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