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8s Where's Mauga?
9s I'm gonna kill him!
14s Reaper, Sombra, report.
17s Mission success, Akande.
19s We achieved the objective.
21s Yeah, me and Smokey got the Power Relay Data,
24s just like you wanted.
27s Well, most of it.
29s Most of it?
32s What I wanted was a clandestine operation.
37s Clean, surgical, and precise.
39s You just destroyed a 300,000-ton Null Sector Carrier
44s in broad daylight.
46s I could see the explosion from space!
50s Okay. So, we ran into a few problems.
54s I am listening.
57s Tracking the target was easy.
60s The ship was badly damaged in Gothenburg.
62s Never even made it back to base.
64s Which was better for us.
69s All clear.
85s Mauga, this is supposed to be surgery.
88s We don't need a butcher.
95s Don't worry. They're dead.
97s "Deactivated."
99s And I wasn't worried.
115s Yeah.
116s Hey, you guys know what we should do?
120s Yeah. We should grab the data.
122s You know, like we planned.
142s There you are, preciosa.
144s Time to tell me all your secrets.
147s Okay. Access Data.
150s Power Relay System.
152s Hey. Are we... taking suggestions?
155s Just hold the perimeter.
157s Yeah, whatever.
158s Mauga!
163s What is he doing?!
164s Not sticking around. How long?
167s Almost!
178s Hey, Calavera-man, you dance pretty good.
194s Stop.
195s Very illuminating.
197s But are you saying he's no longer loyal to us?
201s You can have his loyalty.
203s Mauga is a loose cannon, and I don't trust him.
209s We're out of time.
210s Sombra, we've got to go.
212s Not without the data. I got this.
218s So, you want to play, huh?
222s Okay, let's play.
234s Don't think it hasn't been fun.
250s The op should have been a piece of cake.
252s It wasn't.
254s All because of him.
260s A partial victory is no victory at all.
265s Deal with Mauga,
267s or I will deal with you.
280s Hey, Sombs. What did the big man say?
283s Oh, let me guess. "Handle it."
286s He doesn't mess around, does he?
288s We did our job.
290s We came up short because of you.
293s That ain't fair.
295s You know I'm always looking out for you.
297s I even brought you a souvenir.
301s Ain't nothing more fun than a sinking ship.
305s And if there's one thing I know, it's ships.
310s Yeah, I tried to tell you earlier, but you looked kind of busy.
313s So I took a walk.
315s If DF really wanted the plans to build his new power thingy,
319s how sekia would it be if we actually just got him theirs?
323s They wouldn't be needing it anymore.
325s Especially if nobody got that distress signal.
355s Yeah!
360s No ship,
361s no record,
362s no witnesses.
363s No problem.
367s He may not be happy now,
369s but you give Doomfist that, and he'd be all smiles.
374s Looks like you owe me one.
377s But who's counting?
381s Hey! This was fun!
383s Want to do it again sometime?
385s You know where to find me!
397s Now, this was a great day.