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0s one take one Mark no outtakes this time
2s it's going to be perfect no outakes hi
6s again I'm starting that over sorry look
8s at that hi again this is Aaron from the
11s OverWatch team and today we have a few
13s updates for season 11 that we're really
16s excited to share with you after we walk
19s through those updates our Senior Systems
21s engineer Morgan madin is going to take
23s us through a season 10 Matchmaker retro
26s and share some of our upcoming plans for
28s season 11 let's jump p in a few
31s developer updates ago I talked about how
33s the OverWatch Community was on track to
35s reach 100 million players we're
39s incredibly happy to announce that we've
41s now passed that Milestone to celebrate
43s and express our gratitude to all of you
46s as well as to do some good in the world
49s we're bringing back something that our
50s community and honestly Team Four has
54s loved for years the pink Mercy skin will
57s return on June 25th during season 11
61s in support of the Breast Cancer Research
63s Foundation alongside the skin will be
66s the new rose gold Mercy skin bundle
69s within the rose gold bundle are unique
71s name cards sprays and icons created by
74s OverWatch Community artists OverWatch
76s grandma and Angela zegler both the pink
79s Mercy skin and the rose gold Mercy
81s bundle will be in the shop June 25th
84s through July 8th benefiting the Breast
87s Cancer Research Foundation make sure to
89s check out our blog toar learn more
90s information this is a significant moment
93s for Team 4 because we get to partner
96s with you to support the things we all
99s care about together and now at 100
102s million strong we can't wait to work
105s together with you and this incredible
107s Foundation our collaboration with the
109s community doesn't end there we have
112s partnered with four of your favorite
114s content creators to cook up something we
117s think you're going to love there will be
119s a community crafted arcade game mode
122s live at launch starting June 20th and
124s running throughout the midcycle on July
126s 9th we have eong balancing tank Heroes
131s custa on mostly projectile damage Heroes
134s tqq with the hit scan damage Heroes and
137s SK unsupport Heroes these four had some
141s wild but super fun takes on our heroes
144s and to preview a few of their changes
147s Baptist has donated some of his kit to
149s Anna Reaper's wraith Might Sting a
152s little when he walks past you orisa has
155s a new ability and there's something
158s going on with Hanzo storm arrow that
160s might be a little reminiscent of one of
162s his former abilities we hope all these
165s things commemorate this moment and
167s express our thanks for being on this
169s wild ride with us we have a little more
171s to share in this update though so let me
173s pass things along to my teammate Morgan
176s to cover some of the systems and
178s Matchmaker changes in season 11
181s hi I'm Morgan madin and I'm a senior
183s engineer on the OverWatch team I'm here
185s to talk about matchmaking some of the
187s things we learned from season 10 and
189s share some of the updates we're making
191s to season 11 in season 10 we removed the
194s old grouping restriction system and
195s added a new system that separates wide
198s and narrow groups so that they play in
200s separate pools in the narrow pool we got
203s significant wins in match quality in
205s season 9 for example three out of four
208s ranked matches were with players within
210s 2.5 divisions from each other we think
213s this is great but the worst case was
216s around 10 divisions wide in season 10 we
220s were able to reduce this worst case down
222s to only six divisions in the narrow pool
224s for wide groups we expected that Q times
227s would be long but we've heard that
228s you're feeling the pain that two stat Q
230s times are too long this is because we
233s need to match every two stack with a
235s three stack in the queue the good news
237s is in season 11 we're in inreasing the
240s threshold for what we consider a narrow
242s two stack which we hope will better
244s balance the number of two and three
246s stacks in Q and ultimately give two
249s stacks a much better Q time for groups
252s of three and five Stacks we're seeing an
254s average of around two to 3-minute cues
257s which we're very happy about for groups
259s with extremely high MMR players and high
262s ranges of MMR we're seeing especially
264s long Q times as well these cases present
267s some unique challenges for match quality
270s we want these matches to feel as
271s competitive as they can but we also want
273s to balance that against Q times we're
276s making adjustments to the rules for
278s narrow groups at the top ranks to try to
280s improve this we also continue to make
282s adjustments to how the Matchmaker
284s handles the wide pool we're still
286s learning which factors of match quality
288s are most important for these very wide
289s matches and finding where we can most
292s effectively relax match quality to
294s improve Q times the team will continue
296s to improve the wide experience and we're
298s working on new tech from Matchmaker that
301s we look forward to sharing with you in
303s future Seasons we can't wait for you to
305s jump into season 11 when it launches on
307s June 20th as always please continue to
310s share your thoughts with us and we look
312s forward to the next developer update see
314s you in game you're never going to see my
316s cowboy bbop stuff are you oh yeah that
319s is not what's supposed to be happening
322s give me the high kick no it like hurts
326s my legs but we've heard that you're
328s feeling the pain that two yeah
331s that week of karate I took when I was
334s younger
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Originally posted by magicwithakick

Not sure if this is on their radar but doing any placements automatically makes your group wide which is not fun. I’m not sure if they would even have a work around but I’ve had absurd duo queue times even though we were the same rank just because one of us was placing.

This is on our radar, we agree it's a problem.

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Originally posted by McManus26

while we're on the topic of wide/close matches - how is the team feeling on the MMR range that makes a group qualify as wide or normal?

There's been a few situations where i play with friends i always played with, and we feel like we are similarly skilled, but we have to basically forgo climbing together cos we're apparently a wide group.

That's part of what Morgan is saying in this video - we're allowing wider duos to be considered Narrow. If you're not a duo though, the amount of rank you gain or lose is based on actual width though (not just being flagged as Narrow or Wide), so if you're just barely outside the Narrow bracket then the amount your rank changes with wins or losses will be very close to normal. You could still climb (or fall...) now.