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0s coloso has big changes in season 11 of
2s OverWatch 2 and here's everything you
4s need to know first change you'll notice
5s is right outside of the initial spot the
7s stairs and cover surrounding the final
8s Point have been adjusted to improve the
10s flow of the space and to help teams
11s comfortably defend the final point then
13s you'll find that the glass in the middle
14s of the map where the pushbot starts has
16s been removed with the added stairs this
18s change opens the tight Corridor allowing
19s fights to spill out into the central
21s Courtyard and creates new flanking and
22s combat opportunities another big change
24s is the loop at the first checkpoint this
26s area has been known to be a rough place
28s to hold and push as it's tight with
29s limited options for rotating it's now
31s been expanded further to include a
32s lowered protected flank route with an
34s added mega pack allowing for more
35s challenging holds and stronger pushes
36s alike while creating a more nuanced
38s section many players will notice that
39s there's a path leading from a previously
41s dead end room near spawn that will give
43s another way to approach the second
44s checkpoint and contest the pushbot this
46s path also gives the defending team
47s another option to flank the attackers
48s and break through the battle line so be
49s sure to jump into season 11 of OverWatch
51s 2 try these changes out and let us know
53s what you think in the comments