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846s thank you
853s hello everybody and welcome to the
855s calling all heroes Challenger Cup
856s qualifier number two Moxie and we're
858s back once again after qualifier number
860s one which was honestly incredibly
862s exciting and to come back into qualifier
864s number two with Moxie I'm incredibly
866s excited to see what's in store for us
867s today yeah it's an absolute honor to get
870s people back on the calling all heroes
872s cast this dust Dustin this is a
874s brilliant initiative that has brought to
876s us between OverWatch and the OverWatch
878s League which has the mission of building
879s an inclusive and competitive game space
882s and environment for everyone including
884s marginalized genders so that not only
886s can they develop skills to be able to
889s play with teams and really try and
890s compete in that competitive scene it
892s also runs in tandem alongside the path
895s to Pro with the hope that a lot of these
897s teams are actually going to be
898s participating in open division at the
900s same time carrying the skills that
902s they're able to learn and build here
903s over towards that area to be able to
905s integrate into other parts of the
907s competitive scene of OverWatch 2. yeah
909s and if you want to check out more please
910s go to calling allheroes.digita look into
913s it a bit more guys let's show you a
915s little bit of a replay from qualifiers
917s number one which like you mentioned like
919s we mentioned what's exciting is heck so
921s let's show you some highlights back from
922s that qualifiers which happened last
924s month
926s hello calling all heroes welcome to the
929s challengers cup for the calling all
930s heroes tournament
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935s they're with the
937s just eat up as much of that barrage as
940s possible that's how you endure
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949s I am surprised that that was not shut
951s down and he gets two kills during the
954s barrage Ruby has the self-destruct
956s available and there it is gonna have to
958s be used there's the EMP on top of it all
961s no one's available to run away
963s [Music]
966s I was already here and there's nothing
968s to save them through that damage the
969s beam truck was not built yet for quiet
971s so Bashi finds the kill tops the attack
974s visor as well they could still fall but
975s the internet he comes through in Apache
977s will they fall no wall extremely low
979s they found three kills with attack
981s Finders
982s [Music]
992s [Music]
1000s that's all they needed man and it is
1003s just a free-for-all in the back line
1005s there for nanai
1010s what a barrage to pick off fun early
1012s they also got the suzu on them
1017s [Music]
1036s it's a little bit too late the animation
1039s startup finishes but the team is already
1042s in pieces congratulations to artoria
1046s Artemis for winning the challengers Cup
1048s qualifiers number one
1050s foreign
1060s [Music]
1060s [Applause]
1067s for this weekend's as we mentioned last
1070s weekend or last qualifiers rather out
1073s your Artemis Altier Polaris 130 time
1075s zone in chikigami all qualified in
1077s qualifying number one which every series
1080s that weekend was a barn burner of a
1082s series Moxie yeah I remember the matchup
1085s without your Ottomans versus Altier
1087s Polaris in that Grand Final oh my
1089s goodness Polaris making that lower
1091s bracket we're on that to be able to go
1092s back to back against Artemis and it
1095s really did go down to the absolute wire
1097s on some of those matches but those four
1099s teams have qualified into the main event
1101s in December we still have to figure out
1104s the rest of those four other teams that
1106s are going to be able to make it in for
1107s that play and it's going to come down to
1110s all of the teams are participating this
1112s weekend and Dustin we have some
1114s absolutely stacked rosters it's going to
1117s be a Swiss stage for the first two days
1120s which does mean that we're going to be
1121s heading into a first to two format
1124s before we head over to November 20 of
1126s whether I should take a little bit
1127s longer becoming a best of five in those
1130s grand finals with the top four teams
1133s managing to advance into the final event
1135s in December and getting to go toe-to-toe
1137s with the likes of Polaris Artemis 140
1140s time zone and Shiki gami however one
1143s thing we do have to mention as well is
1144s that these players are playing on live
1146s patch Justin so you know what I mean so
1148s it's gonna be a different bit of matter
1150s still going to be the same map Paul
1152s we're still going to have places like
1153s pariso and Esperanza coming in for push
1155s but we are going to most likely see a
1158s variety of different heroes in
1160s comparison to qualify as number one
1161s which really anchored around the zarya
1164s and the kiriko being integrated together
1166s with Zara getting that nerve it's much
1169s more likely that we're going to see The
1170s Meta that we saw from the OverWatch
1171s League Grand finals which is Winston
1174s coming into the mix with Genji being
1177s booted out and Reaper taking his place
1179s and I for one am here for although I
1182s know that you have your eye on a
1183s different Tank Hero well obviously I
1186s mean like you like you mentioned Winston
1187s will be included for sure but on the
1190s other other side you know it ranked in a
1192s lot of the actual game itself people
1194s have been playing roadhog because you
1195s know as I would say there's two types of
1197s tank players right Max see there's tank
1198s players that can play like the Reinhardt
1200s Winston and there's tank players that
1201s can play like the zarya the diva and the
1204s roadhog it's just the character the
1205s people that enjoy aiming a bit more
1207s rather than the big brain Galactic Dives
1210s or like the perfectly timed Reinhardt
1212s Shields and stuff like that so you know
1213s it's an up it's up in there it really
1215s depends on who's playing what in this
1217s qualifier and uh Moxie I mean
1219s everything's up in the air based on who
1221s could play what right I mean we have so
1222s many different teams especially that
1224s qualified in the first qualifier in the
1226s second one obviously there's some talent
1228s that maybe got left out in that first
1230s qualifier which is now looking to prove
1232s a point in the second one not just that
1234s as well but we are having so much
1236s support for calling all heroes
1237s initiatives that OverWatch League teams
1239s answered the first qualifiers so that
1241s okay there is a position we were seeing
1243s some contenders teams uh with the likes
1245s of Altera making that label making that
1247s safe space for some of these
1248s marginalized genders and Vancouver
1250s Titans actually did the exact same thing
1251s they extended an invitation out to
1253s players and they formed their own team
1255s to be able to enter in Vancouver Titans
1257s blue and they're definitely one of those
1259s favorites to watch right they've got
1261s access to all of those resources that
1263s the OverWatch League team has so all of
1264s that coaching all of that support is
1266s going to be there in Mass for this team
1269s and I'm definitely gonna have my eye on
1271s them but altiora teams really do have a
1275s lot that they bring to the table off of
1278s qualifiers number one they just looked
1280s extremely strong as we were actually
1282s getting to see one of those alterior
1285s teams in game number one it's going to
1287s be out your summit going up against
1288s alternate Landings and this is going to
1291s be a doozy because both of these teams
1292s are pretty evenly matched when it comes
1294s to competitive ranking oh yeah it's
1296s going to be scary to see who actually
1298s can come on top because yeah it's a
1300s first of two so really it's not like an
1302s extended Series where you get to see
1303s these teams really going really far into
1306s the brink of of losing because they'll
1308s have chances right this is just a Swiss
1309s qualifier so you know after this they
1311s will have to continue to push forward
1312s hopefully get end up with a good record
1314s because you know at the end of the day
1315s you still have to play your matches you
1317s have to do well in the Swiss before you
1319s go into the actual playoffs for this
1320s qualifier but both teams like you
1322s mentioned are expected to do well and
1324s with the first match being this one
1326s Moxie like you said are you excited to
1328s see this series or what I'm really
1330s excited to see this is going to be new
1331s patch it's going to be new teams we've
1332s even got some returning teams as well
1334s who weren't able to be successful in
1336s qualify as number one coming back which
1338s is always an absolute pleasure as we get
1341s to look at Altera summit's roster I know
1344s that snotty asked to have doomfist as
1347s their hero picture I don't think we're
1350s gonna get to see her actually play the
1351s demon first it's most likely either
1353s going to be the Winston or the roadhog
1354s but if we do see the team pick coming
1356s through I wouldn't complain no I
1359s wouldn't either I mean well I would hate
1360s to play against it but as a spectator I
1362s mean doomfist is a character that we
1364s haven't seen for quite some time so to
1366s see him back would be really exciting
1367s and to see even maybe junkrapy played
1370s today Moxie as well after the Nerfs that
1371s came through with him I'm curious to see
1373s if they actually decide to play that
1374s character but obviously sojourn has been
1376s a staple at the highest level which
1378s mocks you I mean it seems like sojourn
1380s is not going to leave anytime soon
1382s especially after the recent patch
1383s changes that we are on yeah surgeon
1386s untouched definitely shows that she's
1388s going to be extremely dominant in this
1390s matter and she is just bringing so much
1392s to the table in terms of diverse
1393s diversibility in the amount of kills
1396s that you can find with her and also when
1397s she really pops off in early and late
1400s fights but we can have a look at
1401s alternate Lantern's roster as Prince
1403s knew is actually one of those players I
1405s do believe he was on very small eggs in
1407s qualifier number one wasn't able to make
1409s it into the playoffs or find themselves
1411s a spot on that top four teams to be able
1414s to make it in to the December Main Event
1416s so he's coming back in with a different
1417s team it's gonna be really interesting to
1419s see how these players are able to go up
1422s against one of those artior teams
1424s because as we pointed out LTR is a label
1427s that has had a lot of teams coming into
1428s the calling all heroes qualifiers and a
1430s lot of those teams have found a lot of
1432s success yeah that team carries a lot of
1435s weight as we move into Busan as we know
1436s I mean ltur really has a lot of leeway
1439s in the coming all heroes and the
1440s challenges cup specifically because both
1441s of their teams got spots number one and
1443s two in the last qualifiers so because
1446s they did that coming into qualifier
1448s number two they've really you know led
1450s by example now obviously these are
1451s completely different players they have
1453s their own reputations to build off of
1455s and in which I'm sure they are all these
1457s players I'm sure you could find them on
1458s social media if you just look for their
1460s Twitter page out there because coming
1462s into Busan Moxie I mean alternate
1464s lanterns they have a lot of pressure on
1466s them to beat an altiora team yeah
1468s because I'm one of those Maps as well
1469s where we might actually get to see that
1471s pick of the junkrat coming on through
1473s especially if without if we head over
1474s towards Mecca base just with the closed
1477s up hallways it's really good for junkrat
1479s players just be able to bounce off those
1480s damages because yes you just get a
1482s little bit of a Nerf but it was in the
1483s Trap utility rather than the actual
1486s damage that he was able to put down all
1488s the Ricochet capacity as well so he is
1491s still going to be just as dangerous in
1492s claustrophobic spaces as he was prior to
1495s the Nerf coming on through and some I
1498s see you teasing the dealer first I'm not
1499s gonna say anything until you actually
1501s get outside of those spawn doors because
1504s this composition it's going to be if
1506s they actually there it is that there it
1507s is if they actually come out of this it
1509s was going to be extremely peaceful
1510s farming but no snorty is going to go
1512s over to that all Winston so I'm
1514s immediately going to be swapping into
1515s the full meta ultimate Lantern's
1517s actually opting for something very
1519s similar but keeping the Genji in over
1522s the reaper that is interesting
1525s considering Genji not only got in there
1526s if you got doubly nerfed it's going to
1529s be very hard to be able to keep up with
1530s the damage that saves able to put out
1532s well they're trying to go for the hard
1533s dive to make up for that damage just
1535s through the overall DPS maybe on the
1536s Dives he does find prism but at the same
1538s time on the other side Starfy and
1540s lubecki both take down Prince Mew and
1542s Faye wild fox so now alternate Lanterns
1544s have to fall back losing those two even
1547s though they did find that Genji
1548s trade-off immediately out yora do
1550s sustain and capture the point first yeah
1552s Genji with the nerves coming on for he
1554s has far less here against like six less
1556s hurricanes is quite a big difference you
1558s are gonna be reloading a lot more often
1560s than you would previously as well as the
1562s fact it's damage got tamped down by two
1564s for every single shirt can hit as well
1566s does mean that he's gonna have a very
1568s hard job trying to keep up with the
1570s damage burst that is there for Summit he
1572s still has some Mobility though so they
1573s can actually still go into that back
1575s Lane and try and find those picks and
1576s that's exactly what lanterns are trying
1578s to set up the problem is because he just
1580s doesn't have the damage to be able to
1581s push with a Winston bubble you know when
1582s it doesn't especially with that speed
1584s from novski on the star fee I mean it's
1585s just impossible to deal with that Reaper
1587s that runs on to you because now although
1589s you're a summit they're building those
1590s ultimates monks to their 70 on Primal
1592s Rage 70 on that Rico on the uh katsune
1595s Rush an alternate they've barely even
1597s they're barely 15 50 on their blade in
1598s Primal and here comes the swaps
1601s Lantern's actually gonna be opting for
1602s Serena to come in on to that Reaper
1605s princess you're going over to the Anna
1607s to try to better equipped here when that
1608s dive does come through giving that boost
1610s of the Nano towards the Genji blade or
1612s even trying to use it for shambles to
1614s make sure that the Winston has a little
1616s bit more space provided when that dive
1618s does start to hurt but in the meanwhile
1620s this Raptor shot came in from Prism also
1622s the shots but the rest of the rack
1623s that's why they swap to Mercy but also
1625s they don't have speed to try to get into
1626s this fight they have to drop their
1628s bubble early and now they lose Fey on
1630s the other side so it looks like
1631s alternate lanterns are kind of lost
1632s without them sorry does get Prince and T
1635s as well so you're not trying to deal
1637s something do something on the other side
1638s but immediately Primal raged by snorty
1640s and that's a little bit of a sustain
1641s that they all all they need to close out
1644s onto alternate lanterns and now with 80
1646s on the board they did usually continue
1647s Russian Primal Rage so maybe alternate
1649s can come back with ultimates of their
1651s own yeah Summit using those two
1652s ultimates actually stole the fight into
1654s lasting longer the lanterns as they have
1657s not been able to regroup we're headed
1659s into final fight territory the overclock
1661s is going to be there for prison and
1662s Alternate Lanterns have no choice but to
1664s walk straight into it shallows can even
1665s pop Primal to try to touch that point
1668s because the second that they do they
1669s give away the bubble and the overclock
1671s is just going to rip from the team the
1674s numbers but it's onto the hiker and the
1676s summit
1676s are applying rather than tapping onto
1678s the point and just like that it is going
1682s to be out you're a walking away with the
1685s first part of Busan wow I mean dominant
1688s performance from them thus far the so
1690s the swaps I don't know Moxie if you
1692s greet me what do you think like it just
1693s seemed like the mercy instead of the
1695s Lucio it's a big Troublesome if we're
1697s gonna play Reaper right it's really hard
1699s like I know why you went for the mercy
1701s you're giving up that surgeon so you're
1703s giving away that potential trade of the
1706s early pick which means you want the
1707s Mercy For the Rest in case prison is
1709s able to find that but like you pointed
1712s out you don't have that speed boost and
1714s Luso is one of the best supports in the
1716s game at the moment and you're headed
1718s into Mecca base a map which is revered
1721s for a choke control and you're still
1723s foregoing the Lucio so if you get stuck
1726s in these Strokes it's gonna be so hard
1728s for lanterns to actually maneuver their
1729s way onto point
1730s well they're trying to play maybe a
1732s composition that is focused around their
1734s strengths because they're gonna play
1735s that junkrat with the mercy this time
1736s but at the same time Altura is well
1738s aware and if they're trying to build up
1739s that railgun shot to maybe look for a
1741s back line at this at the same time but
1743s the alternate lanterns they already have
1744s to completely back up because the reaper
1746s pressure on the other side so now snorty
1747s comes around the front side and they're
1748s already low down and heels already
1750s forced to use grenade for complete
1752s sustain and it might just not be enough
1753s because prism rips off the head of T and
1755s now alternate lanterns they go to trade
1757s back they get the resurrect after the
1759s arrest that goes forward with a little
1761s bit of pressure on the front line and
1762s that might just be enough because the
1763s internet lands on the story lands onto
1765s Starfy as well and now prison Force to
1767s fall back does hit the railgun shot onto
1769s the body of the mercy but it does not
1770s it's not enough for a headshot at the
1771s same time feywald Fox falls back because
1774s they didn't get headshot it allows him
1776s to push forward another Point even
1777s though Summit got the cap first
1778s alternate lanterns they're steadily in
1781s control now yeah this is where they want
1783s to be as well they have that short
1784s control this is where that junkrat
1785s really comes into play alongside the may
1787s as well the problem is some it already
1790s passed the show with that loser they've
1792s been able to circumvent them win
1793s condition for lanterns the stall is gone
1795s and now it's the Frontline fight
1797s yeah at the same time the valking in
1799s into in towards the side of alternate
1801s lanterns but the Nano boosters available
1802s who are they going to use it on is it
1803s gonna be the May the sustains are
1805s already here from that Valkyrie and
1806s allows Sarah to get the first pick on
1809s the news anovski so now that they're
1810s down no Lucio in this fight no beat drop
1812s will be pop shorty does try to find a
1814s backline trade in which he does and Faye
1816s got taken out by starvey as well so no
1817s resurrect available and now towards the
1819s point goes Altier Summit in alternate
1821s lanterns they don't want to pop
1822s ultimates here because they're missing
1824s people but no they do pop the inner
1825s boost they pop it under the main they're
1826s zoned down on the point because the
1828s shambles but Starfy finds the Anna
1830s siruna does take prison out at the same
1832s time and they are on that point but
1833s Starfy and K-pop sand close out on this
1835s point to allow the switch to eventually
1837s happen but t comes back with a
1839s concussion mind to the face of nubsky
1841s which is a little funny I mean junker I
1842s could do that but the riptide coming
1844s next fight all tours should be fine with
1845s just that primer rage cap out that point
1846s yeah I don't know how much of a fan I am
1848s of lanterns throwing in free ultimates
1851s to stole my percentage I know choke is
1854s extremely hard to be able to break
1855s through for them they have that junkrat
1856s tire the problem is that some have a lot
1858s of survivability even if it's able to
1860s hit onto one of those players worse
1862s K-pop might just be able to hit that
1865s suzu as we see the Rush come on through
1867s so we're unfortunately not able to use
1869s the wall to stop its Cloud as snorly
1871s goes in for that backline dive no kills
1875s coming on off the main wall was decent
1877s and it has unfortunately been able to
1879s keep the rest of the team alive but
1880s princely had been separated away from
1882s his team snorty with the kite is able to
1885s find the Anna and force the resurrection
1886s iron from lanterns and they're still
1888s sold up in choke some are just about to
1890s equalize point percentage Steve is
1892s forced to use that tire just to keep
1894s them finished so that they can't
1897s actually try and prevent lanterns from
1899s walking below and onto Point scarfy got
1901s swept in the meanwhile prison Doug takes
1903s three in it down so now prisms popping
1905s that overclock on the front line just
1907s looking for backline damage gets Prince
1908s mu the resurrect can't be used either
1910s K-pop Stan takes down to play Wild now
1913s shambles and tea are the only ones left
1914s in the play with no sustain they do have
1916s a lot of bursts but it's not enough to
1917s stay sustain through altera's damage
1920s so I'm not able to just keep that
1922s sustainability at the moment K-pop
1923s centers actually walk into the junkrat
1925s Trap but there was no follow through so
1927s the cubicle will be able to survive as a
1930s summit about to hit towards that 90
1932s percent lanterns without an ultimate
1934s barring that Valkyrie going to have to
1936s try and use it to keep everyone alive
1937s and Destroy themselves onto Point eurisa
1940s Javelin to try and make sure that summer
1941s aren't able to find a pick as they move
1943s through from shorts about to be able to
1944s touch Point Lanterns have been able to
1946s hit in towards overtime if they're able
1947s to keep themselves in but there's the
1949s slogan the burst damage absolutely
1952s and it's just the mercy heals even with
1955s a valkyrie you're not to be able to
1957s chain link everyone up in the face of a
1959s death Blossom no way Altera Summit
1962s easily take me out in a wall not just
1963s yet Prince new comes back thinks they
1965s have something to say about it but all
1966s to your assignment with a pretty clean
1968s map number one however it was a bit of a
1971s fight in round number two for alternate
1973s lanterns but alter your summit are going
1974s to take Busan giving the one map
1976s Advantage coming into map number two
1978s yeah I think my main main concern isn't
1982s just what we saw on control point it's
1985s the composition that is going to be
1987s available for alternate lanterns just
1989s because if you're not able to play that
1991s Lucio the reaper the surgeon there's a
1994s reason that it's so hard meta there is a
1997s reason that when we saw the OverWatch
1999s League teams running on this patch we
2001s only really saw a sort of variety in
2003s terms of roadhog coming through to
2005s replace the Winston it is so good all
2008s across the board and bringing to the
2010s table kill potential survivability and
2013s sustain stall potential on those points
2016s because the social has so much Mobility
2017s The Reaper with the ray form and the
2019s self-heal off of the shotgun damage that
2021s you do the Winston with the mobility
2023s that you have in Primal Rage to be able
2025s to keep bolstering up your health bar
2026s there's a reason that it is just the
2030s most run composition out there for the
2032s pros and if you can't run into it you
2035s really do have to rely on burst damage
2037s from something like the junkrat which
2038s unfortunately didn't count out not
2041s enough snorty played that so well she
2042s was amazing on the Winston but guys
2043s we'll be going to a short break when we
2045s come back we'll be going into map number
2046s two so you're not going to miss it we'll
2048s be right back in just a moment
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2125s [Music]
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2195s [Music]
2216s [Music]
2226s foreign
2234s welcome back to the calling all heroes
2235s Challenger cup number two and we are
2237s back coming mid-series between Altera
2239s Summit versus alternate lanterns and
2241s thus far in map number one Altria Summit
2244s were heavily in the advantage for most
2246s of the map not round number 100 to zero
2248s round number two was 100 to I believe 55
2250s so not coming into map number two moxie
2252s what can we expect maybe out of
2254s alternate lanterns to potentially come
2256s back in this series I think for lanterns
2259s it's going to be basically figuring out
2261s whether or not they can run these meta
2263s picks and if not they're going to have
2265s to find a different win condition my
2267s heart honestly goes out to the support
2269s lineup for alternate lanterns because we
2271s saw just this massive shift halfway
2273s through macca base we're at snoring on
2275s that Winston just figures like wait a
2277s minute they can't really appeal for an
2279s Anna so I'm just gonna jump into that
2281s back line I'm gonna drop my bubble I'm
2283s gonna zap the Anna down even if I'm not
2285s able to kill them I'm still going to be
2288s able to keep them occupied and so just
2290s by going into that backline and keeping
2292s that Anna occupied everyone else
2294s lanterns is relying on Mercy heels as
2296s they're trying to make it fruit choke
2297s and you're not running the loser you're
2299s running an erisa as well and trying to
2301s run an erisa fruit choke even with the
2304s additional speed that you have Lisbon
2305s allies for you is still like trying to
2307s Lug up the heaviest suitcase of the
2309s longest flight of stairs it's so hard to
2312s be able to pull off while you're just
2314s immersing you've got the beam and you're
2315s like wait a minute guys my heels can
2317s only do so much they're so long and in
2320s the face of the burst damage from sojun
2322s with that role gun charged up it's
2324s really hard to be able to make sure that
2325s the entire team survives and that is
2327s unfortunately what London's had to deal
2328s with yeah and what does Prince mu do
2330s right I mean they have snorty just
2332s running all over the back line like you
2333s mentioned it's just so hard to deal with
2334s it I mean they've been so good she's
2336s been amazing on Winston they're just
2337s constantly putting pressure on that and
2338s a forcing sleep dart out forcing the
2340s Anna to come he or sorry the mercy to
2342s come heal the inner and then you're
2343s zapping both supports right it's that
2345s pressure that story has been providing
2346s to actually allow the rest of their team
2348s to push forward onto alternate lanterns
2350s and not provide that space and I liked
2352s how you mentioned Moxie how the team
2353s needs to find maybe some sort of meta or
2355s composition that is off meta that maybe
2357s suits their playstyle T obviously uh and
2360s maybe swapping over that junk rat to
2361s maybe allow that spam to actually come
2363s through but after the Nerfs monster I'm
2365s not sure if you even want to play
2366s junkrat even with the I guess there were
2368s slight Nerfs with the jump junker at a
2370s trap you know activation time but not
2372s sure if that's the composition they're
2373s looking for yeah I think for lanterns
2376s they either need to commit to the kiriko
2377s or they go for something like this
2378s Baptist I'm a big fan of if you find
2383s yourself being dive like now you can't
2385s swap towards the Brigida because you
2386s don't have the shield bash done to try
2388s and survive just make sure that you have
2390s the land that you can actually stick
2391s with your team rather than being
2393s isolated and zoned out by the Winston as
2395s it's not a Winston that they're going to
2397s have to deal with this time around
2398s doesn't you get your wish we're heading
2400s over to Kingsborough and snotty is off
2402s the monkey she's still gonna be playing
2404s a different animal though she's playing
2406s the pig
2407s is he a pig is he a pig or is he is he
2410s is he a a man in a pig suit
2413s it's Up For Debate I guess he has a
2415s couple pig skins but unfortunately this
2417s one's snorty not running for that skin
2419s unfortunately but they're hiding in the
2420s hotel Moxie no way they do this
2422s alternate lanterns I'm not expecting it
2424s they come through sword against the hook
2425s but the engineer comes through and it
2427s lands onto four of a mocks here star uh
2429s Starfy had to back up use the shift and
2430s now they're forced to back up so
2432s alternate Lantern is actually pretty
2433s good scouting from them yeah London's
2435s worth expecting a doctor you can see
2436s shambo's going for the Spy check they
2438s just don't see anyone in choke and they
2440s immediately that's the warning signal
2442s start to come first so the diva looks
2443s off the antenna just gorgeous onto
2445s snowdy the one thing that counts as the
2447s roadhog is of course that Anna and
2449s teenage and for Prince mirror if you
2450s landed onto the road hook even if it's
2452s immediately used to get cleansed it's
2454s still a good utility kit unfortunately
2457s though the slogan damage is just better
2459s immediately the Widowmaker is just
2462s sniped out of the perch and it's
2464s immediately actually gonna Force the
2466s swap off the Widow make it back onto
2468s that genre for the first time should try
2469s and keep Pace with prism and Serena's
2472s gonna be on that junk right yeah
2472s unfortunately that Widow matchup is very
2474s hard to actually deal with the soldier
2476s when she's fully charged up that railgun
2478s but in the mean meantime Starfy forced
2479s to use the reaper ship to get back to
2482s their team and at the same time this
2483s this fight has become a bit neutral game
2485s for alterior as alternate lanterns looks
2488s they're going for more of a flank
2489s position over the top set of Clock Tower
2490s but every
2492s four samples as they get hooked away but
2494s nice name from Pink speed to keep their
2495s team alive building that Nana boost that
2497s should be the first thing on the field
2499s but if shorty builds up that roadhog
2500s ultimate Moxie it's gonna be a dangerous
2502s for alternate lanterns but somebody
2504s doesn't even need that so he got they
2506s got Serena on the other side Starfy
2507s finds wild walks the Sleep dark kid come
2509s through from Prince new but it's not
2510s enough on Anna with snorty's running
2512s into your back line 3K for them so far
2514s make it a 4k on the shambles roadhog
2517s holds to close out on the things and for
2519s Altura Summit ultimate lanterns will at
2522s least have the diva bomb to try to push
2525s in with the problem is that out your
2527s summit are going to have a lot of cover
2529s a lot of Corners to be able to break
2531s line of sight to hide from it as well as
2533s that suzu and if lanterns tried to break
2535s through this choke K-pop sun is holding
2537s on to this Rush with their Advanced
2539s cooldowns and the death Blossom to pair
2541s it up with which is going to be
2542s devastating it's going to come down to
2543s Prince mu and the sleep dot to be able
2545s to shut that one down fast
2553s allows the person to get Prince Muse so
2556s now that that's out of the equation
2557s alter our alternate lanterns they might
2560s have to they might want to commit
2561s ultimates but no they want to save for
2562s next flight one minute and 30 left just
2564s building ultimates Chris Muse can
2565s actually swap to Zenyatta thinking that
2567s Discord is going to help them here but
2569s Altura so smart only only use the
2571s katunia rush deck Altura holding on to a
2574s lot of alts ultimate lenses will have
2577s that kid sitting there rush to try to
2578s break through from choking set to up to
2580s come in with that death Blossom but
2582s nipski is gonna have that sign bar and
2584s if the loser is able to connect with the
2585s grind before the death Blossom comes
2587s through the survivability is going to be
2588s there for summer as lanterns they were
2591s spy check the first attack coming from
2593s Summit neither gonna have to watch the
2594s Box a second time flanking death license
2596s coming through it's going to connect
2597s right into the back of the rush and
2598s doesn't find the pigs but it's still
2600s chunking them low
2602s asuzu was there but they unfortunately
2604s got Tracked Down by starving now the
2605s tire comes through to try to equalize
2606s things get Starfy but nubsky on the
2609s other side found shambles and oh great
2611s Hook from snorty forces the reaper ship
2613s to fall back but a zenyatt on the choke
2614s point it's not gonna be enough versus
2616s the entirety of altiora on that on that
2619s front line but actually it sustains 30
2621s seconds left now there's that overclock
2623s for Altura Summit alternate lanterns
2625s they're gonna have that death Blossom
2626s with no speed boost how does it find
2627s Value here Moxie that is the question as
2630s you can see Simon actually just starting
2631s to split up into Pockets the drunkard
2633s gonna have control of this Higher
2635s Grounds to make sure that they don't get
2636s caught eyed by the deathless when it
2637s comes through prisms fully ramped up
2640s with the over the clock that's one
2642s that's two London's hope speeding around
2645s them as the soldier just bursts through
2648s the entire team before T can even pop
2650s out
2653s pulling up alternate lanterns they were
2656s turned back into the original uh Parts
2658s which are I guess glass some metal maybe
2661s unfortunately for them on defense
2663s they're gonna have to change things up
2664s and potentially run a different
2665s composition but at the same time I mean
2668s they try to do everything there but it
2669s seemed like altero was just ready for
2671s pretty much every maneuver that
2673s alternate lanterns were trying to do you
2675s know I tell you one play the uh Altera
2677s we're ready for and that is stuffy
2680s coming in with the death Blossom to deny
2682s lanterns using that rush to be able to
2684s break through from choking onto point
2685s because even though the death Blossom
2687s doesn't find the kills that it's looking
2689s for when you're in the art form it
2691s actually pushes lanterns away from using
2694s the rush away from having those
2695s increased cooldowns and that speed boost
2697s and it means that Rush runs iron and
2700s Lantern still haven't had control of the
2702s fight worse they are now fragmented onto
2705s the sidelines of the point and that's
2706s when Summit just comes in with the
2708s cleanup crew because they have the burst
2709s damage to the soldier and the roadhog
2711s all they need to do was look in a
2713s directional want to inspires and just
2715s pop a breeze of air towards them to be
2718s able to knock one down as we are not
2720s going to see Lantern swapping over onto
2721s the defense once again shovel's coming
2723s out on to that erisa Serena gonna be
2725s picking up the me this is something that
2727s we've seen work in the past you use the
2730s wall cut off a player as they move
2732s through from chokes Summit however come
2734s once again coming to that by running the
2737s Lucio to be able to use that speed boost
2739s and make sure that the entire team moves
2741s as one together so that no one gets
2744s isolated out by the May yeah and that's
2747s hopefully what Altura are going to try
2748s to do but on the other side yeah that
2750s may is good to see again right I mean
2751s it's fun to see May back in the Europe
2753s for potentially four alternate entrance
2756s or to allow them and maybe you get a win
2757s maybe get that wall off even witness BB
2759s throughout Europe but they go for the
2760s pranking stories onto that doomfist now
2762s thank you next number four mods it's
2764s interesting to see if it finds value
2765s they're going for the flank on the top
2766s side and it allows prism to find their
2768s shot onto Faye who had to drop off that
2770s high ground and now down one I'm not
2772s sure how ultimate lanterns are going to
2774s do this snorty finds Prince new nobody
2776s left now it just it's just Serena and on
2779s T on this point but they're walled off
2781s by their own May Alonso goes and double
2783s jumps back into the point but altiora
2785s summon close it out with a pretty
2786s interesting composition to give them the
2788s 2-0 win in this Swiss format yeah Summit
2791s actually just running that doomfist to
2793s create disruption dive into the backline
2796s occupy the lantern players allowing one
2799s of them to just walk on to point and
2802s pick up the percentage necessary to find
2804s the map one they know exactly what they
2806s need to do they're not playing for a
2808s fight when they are literally just
2809s playing destruction tactics so they can
2812s pick up that percentage and
2813s unfortunately for alternate lanterns it
2815s really was just not being able to break
2817s into a very versatile hero ball that
2819s slowed them down we see them may attempt
2821s coming on through but because the Lucio
2823s is in play they're not able to use that
2825s wall to try and separate that team and
2827s control the first part of the choke and
2830s as a result they're really playing
2831s reactive they give up The High Ground to
2834s allowing Summit far too much control of
2836s the situation the fact that we see the
2837s Widowmaker actually continue forward
2840s rather than swapping off to something
2841s like the surgeon once the attempt at
2843s that spawn Camp Runs Out goes to show
2846s just how much control Summit had in the
2848s entirety of that Series yeah they're
2850s proving why they are all to your team I
2852s mean we know that they are a franchise
2854s that is to be reckoned with I mean both
2856s teams like we mentioned qualifying in
2857s the last qualifiers or at least two
2859s teams out of the Altura group to
2861s actually qualify is a huge deal now
2862s Summit proving why they are deserved of
2864s being a part of this franchise like I
2866s mentioned but guys we'll be going to
2867s short break when we come back we'll have
2868s more content for you guys if you're not
2870s going to miss it we'll be right back
2876s [Music]
2885s thank you
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3081s [Laughter]
3085s [Music]
3097s [Music]
3103s welcome back to the calling all heroes
3105s qualifier number two and we have with us
3107s a winner from this match from the actual
3109s team of Altura Summit we have snorty
3112s with us congratulations on the win you
3113s played amazing on pretty much every tank
3115s that there is to play
3117s oh I think oh that's really nice of you
3119s thank you I I I didn't know what was
3122s happening to be honest I just explained
3124s my best
3125s you couldn't tell you did an amazing job
3128s on Winston especially on McAfee
3130s isolating that Anna was just chef's kiss
3131s but speaking of all of the tank carers
3134s that we actually got to see you cycle
3135s through how does it feel as a tank
3137s player having to move over from
3138s something like the zarya focus on
3140s qualifiers number one to having to pick
3142s between Winston and roadhog and
3144s qualifiers number two
3147s um I couldn't welcome the change more
3148s the uh I I mean I like zarya don't get
3151s me wrong I play all the tanks but um I
3154s mean Winston is probably my second
3156s favorite tank my first one is doomfist
3158s to be honest
3159s um
3161s so I I fully welcome that change and let
3164s me tell you when doomfist becomes not
3166s even meta per se just viable I I'm I'm
3168s hitting I'm hitting those teams you know
3172s well yeah doomfist is a pretty hard
3174s character to play against even now
3175s honestly have you played a lot of
3176s doomfist in like ranked potentially to
3179s to potentially practice for if doomfist
3180s ever does become meta
3182s yes I've actually been like I actually
3185s have this whole like doomfist training
3187s regimen right now I feel so embarrassed
3189s saying this I'm gonna be honest but like
3190s I've been like
3191s so I I've been trying to do mouth
3193s sensitivity and I've been basically
3195s trying to work on the hit scan part of
3198s the hero you know because uh the
3200s abilities is one thing but like if you
3202s hit those headshots doomfist is like a
3204s fatal source of damage so that's the
3207s current angle I'm looking at right now
3209s but uh yeah I have like
3211s a stupid amount of hours on doomfist to
3213s answer your question like uh I just uh I
3216s fell in love with that character as soon
3217s as it launched and then uh a lot of
3220s people disagree with me but I really
3221s like the tank rework so yeah I've been
3224s hitting doomfist really hard
3227s so a lot of the time we actually have
3229s tank players being sort of the ones that
3231s call the shots and give Communications
3232s to the team on when to push in and what
3234s they think is about to happen are you
3236s the igl for the team and are you calling
3238s out what you think is going to happen
3239s and when the team needs to push or is it
3241s someone else's uh role on the team
3244s uh I'm doing uh a lot of the calling but
3247s I don't know if I would say I'm like the
3249s the main person
3251s um I I did make like a lot of like calls
3254s for like plays and stuff but it was
3256s never like uh
3258s like like anyone can call the position
3260s really and uh as soon as I hear that
3262s position call I usually listen to them
3264s and we go that way you know
3266s so yeah
3268s oh yeah keep going you're supposed to
3270s get like a team kind of effort pretty
3271s much
3272s yeah
3274s uh yeah
3276s Oh no you're good I mean you guys played
3278s that amazing communication issues but
3281s like um oh yeah I I was like uh mostly
3285s Colleen like where I wanted the team to
3288s position in like the openings I was like
3291s looking for before because like
3293s something we practice a lot is making is
3296s calling for the plays before we actually
3298s do them and that's something we had to
3300s like our way to practice because it was
3301s a bit of our like problem points for a
3303s while but we're doing really good at it
3305s today and I'm proud of my team for it
3308s yeah it looks so smooth well
3310s congratulations again story thank you
3311s for coming in for an interview
3312s congratulations on the win 2-0 for you
3314s guys pretty clean win so hope to see you
3317s again in the Swiss rounds later on so
3318s congratulations once again
3320s thank you very much
3323s snorty from Altura Summit and what a win
3325s for them Moxie over lanterns or
3327s alternate lanterns which are a good team
3329s and somehow they just really dominated
3332s and blew the waters out of Altera Summit
3334s I mean ultimately really good
3337s adaptation coming for from Summit to be
3339s able to get to grips with the new meta
3341s as quick as possible and I think it
3343s really is going to be the storyline for
3345s the entirety of these qualifiers
3346s whichever team has been able to adopt
3348s into this new meta and be able to flex
3350s between the two different Heroes of
3352s tanks that are really viable as well as
3354s being able to swap up the DPS lineup but
3356s still keep the least you want the kiriko
3358s and play are really going to go far in
3361s these qualifiers it is going to separate
3362s a lot of these teams from those
3365s positions at the top of the leaderboard
3367s oh yeah and I think that we are going to
3369s see a lot of that separation eventually
3371s come out as the weekend goes on but guys
3373s we'll be going to short break when we
3374s come back we'll have some more calling
3376s all heroes challenges cup content you're
3377s not going to miss it we'll be back in
3379s just a bit
3384s [Music]
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3449s okay
3454s [Music]
3465s [Music]
3476s [Applause]
3478s [Music]
3482s thank you
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3515s thank you
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3924s [Applause]
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3963s [Music]
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3992s thank you
4001s [Music]
4008s [Music]
4019s hello everyone and welcome back to the
4020s calling all heroes Challenger cup number
4022s two and we are coming into the series
4024s and the second one Moxie this is a team
4026s you're looking forward to we got another
4028s one on over buff and dart monkeys going
4030s head to head in this next match up in
4032s this first two or first yeah first of
4034s two it's not quite my dream matchup of
4036s that monkeys going up against Vancouver
4038s Titan's blue but you know what I'm just
4040s so happy that we get to see top Monkeys
4041s In Action this is a team that won the
4043s United star also it created waves
4045s everyone was like oh my goodness this is
4046s gonna be a Dream Team coming on for
4048s we've got streamers we've got contenders
4050s players it's going to be a very stacked
4053s roster coming through for dark monkeys
4055s number one on uh over buff though having
4058s a pretty good roster themselves a couple
4059s of those players having participated and
4061s coming third in the OverWatch
4063s empowerment cup way back in February so
4066s I think we're gonna be getting a pretty
4067s good matchup oh yeah I think so as well
4070s I mean both teams really it depends on
4071s what compositions they're going to run I
4073s mean with number one on overlap are they
4074s going to run that Winston composition or
4076s is Dart monkeys gonna run that Winston
4077s composition with that Reaper with that
4079s Lucille with the kariko you know what
4080s are we going to see Aspen on it really
4082s all these things matter on what the team
4084s the teams have decided because coming
4086s into qualifier two you know we have a
4088s bit of a mixed bag right everybody
4089s qualifiers one you know it happened top
4091s four teams placed now you got to kind of
4093s reshuffle figure things out leading into
4095s the second qualifiers in which they have
4097s right number one on over buff obviously
4098s one of the more recognizable team names
4100s I think we've seen in contenders and I
4103s think people like to just use that team
4104s in general and their team really is
4107s looking forward to playing this matchup
4109s right because they have a lot of good
4110s aimers we've seen cool guy before we've
4111s seen soap we've seen Prisma before and
4113s with this team specifically I mean I
4116s could see them doing well against pretty
4117s much every team let alone dark monkeys
4119s coming up in this bet first to two yeah
4121s I think this is going to be a real test
4123s for this team right don't monkeys are
4125s one of those teams that when you look at
4126s the roster that you have you kind of go
4128s oh okay play The Boss music and so it is
4132s gonna be a very good task to see whether
4134s or not number one on over buff can find
4136s that footing in calling all heroes
4138s because they've had decent performances
4140s in the past not brilliant standout
4142s performances I think this is where we
4143s get to see the adaptation coming from
4145s this team whether or not they have been
4146s able to adapt into that new meta and
4148s whether or not they're ready to take the
4149s next step forward and try to make it
4151s into one of those top four positions
4153s because they definitely have the chops
4154s to be able to do it the problem is they
4157s have to try and make it past dark
4159s monkeys a team that when we look at this
4161s roster yeah it's pretty recognizable
4163s moving fish the tank player for red
4166s birds and a barcode xamarit Aspen
4170s previously on Pirates and pajamas SK
4173s this is going to be a gargantuan match
4176s up a very large mountain the number one
4179s to climb if they want to be able to live
4181s up to that namesake
4182s hey dark monkeys obviously the content
4184s farming team as we would call them right
4186s there in they're in here and hopefully
4188s for them they do well I mean I'm sure
4190s they would like to but generally I'm
4191s sure they just want to do well and have
4193s fun honestly because that's really what
4194s it's all about right when you come in
4195s the challengers cup you know it depends
4197s things can be things can change you know
4199s you can go up or you can go down and
4200s obviously winning solves everything but
4202s as a team as a unit the number one focus
4205s should always be when you play a
4206s competitive video when you play in any
4208s video game at least mine these days
4209s maybe I've turned a bit more of a casual
4211s is to just have fun right coming into
4213s this matchup I'm sure we'll see skm
4214s Lucio probably playing like a I don't
4216s know flanco Lucio or something like that
4218s I mean hell I've seen SK playing ranked
4219s they've played against Esky recently and
4221s she keeps playing you know I think
4223s Bastion when I see him was here with uh
4225s with seagull and with uh imong and them
4228s they're just playing everything in the
4230s in the sky out of the blue moon so
4232s really at the end of the day I'm sure
4233s that they're just gonna have fun with
4234s whatever they're playing if you want to
4236s play aggressive Lucio style in OverWatch
4238s 2 does it really work Moxie do you think
4240s the aggressive Lucio star works so on a
4242s map like ilios probably would I mean is
4245s there really any of a way to play Lucio
4247s at the moment other than aggressive
4250s the things support Heroes have basically
4252s had to go okay we can't just be only
4255s heels we have to really hit the damage
4257s numbers too because unfortunately if you
4259s do just play for support like you're not
4261s gonna be able to have the all charge
4263s necessary to come into those fights
4265s science fair is so instrumental in being
4267s able to sustain through some of these
4268s matchups and you really need your list
4270s here to be constantly outputting the
4272s damage and also diving in and the first
4274s meta that we saw it was the list we
4275s wanted you to dive with the Genji now
4277s it's much more of a matter of that Lucio
4279s providing the space for the Winston to
4281s be able to freely get into that backline
4283s and freely Escape as well because when a
4286s Winston goes up against the sojourn and
4287s that bubble has 200 half less than it
4289s did in OverWatch one as well that bubble
4292s breaks extremely quickly and the
4293s Winston's helper breaks alongside it oh
4295s yeah and it's just absolute destruction
4297s at that point and on top of that the the
4299s supports aren't even killable like Lucio
4301s is one of the more unkillable supports
4303s in the game the fact that they just ride
4304s all over you and then on top of that you
4305s try to shoot them they have like you
4307s mentioned that self-sustain that heel on
4309s top of the heels that are already
4310s possess it makes it incredibly hard to
4312s take that hero down unless you have some
4313s sort of sun lock and which usually you
4315s don't or the sticky Grenade on like
4317s Cassidy or something but I mean we see
4319s barcode play the Cassidy right we see I
4321s mean barcode has a very good Cassidy has
4323s a very good soldier a lot of the really
4324s good hit scan characters so we can see
4326s if they have adapted more towards that
4328s sojourn and coming into ilios I mean
4330s this is a map where sojourn kind of
4332s Reigns Supreme besides maybe on ruins
4334s right yeah slogan I think just Reigns
4337s Supreme on every single map at the
4339s moment let's be honest just the amount
4341s of damage that she's able to put up the
4343s fact that we saw in our previous matchup
4345s because they weren't able to play the
4346s surgeon ultimate lanterns had to
4348s actually go for a mercy damage booster
4350s junkrat try to match the numbers that
4353s prism was outputting before the fights
4355s properly started to spiral into action
4357s she is exceptionally strong the one
4360s weakness that social perhaps has is that
4362s she isn't really a traditional hit scan
4364s so if you want to commit to something
4366s like the far it is a little bit harder
4369s for the surgeon to be able to sniper out
4371s of the sky yeah yeah I think that yeah
4373s if you play that pharah it could be
4375s something that's viable especially
4376s against Dart monkeys if they actually
4377s lock that cement but more than likely
4378s zemra is just going to teleport Dart
4381s monkeys out of the spawn number one
4383s number of not even concerning themselves
4384s with that uh same mindset as zafrona
4387s actually gonna lock that mercy and uh
4389s prismatine actually gonna swap over to
4391s the koriko after Lucio spinning out a
4393s spawn and now they're gonna run that
4394s Diva with that ferret even after the
4396s diva nurse marks they're gonna run it
4397s instead of that Winston what
4401s there's a reason that she was on tips
4404s his name is pretty good like and that
4408s monkey is already with a very early pick
4410s look to be able to secure this first
4412s percentage number one over buff
4413s unfortunately because they're running
4414s that far having to commit to the mercy
4416s pocket which means that they have to
4418s forgo the loser for the kiriko with the
4420s burst heal and try and keep the rest of
4421s the team up and as a result dark monkeys
4424s are having a lot of control however they
4426s lose the tank moving fishing does
4428s unfortunately go down by trying to dive
4430s their way into that back line and it
4433s does mean the number one on Overlook
4434s might be able to turn this fight around
4435s pretty quickly the problem is in the
4437s forest fighting in an enclosed space
4439s where there's a ceiling they're not able
4441s to find the kill cool guy escaping the
4443s sliver of her health or is able to
4445s reposition
4447s are they still alive as well but no
4448s there goes the railgun shot into the sky
4450s after the shift saffron I could go there
4452s for the resurrect but wait Turing
4454s somehow slammed Aspen with a remake so
4456s that
4457s was perfect timing
4458s timing fish taking a lot of damage here
4459s on the front line but demra comes in to
4461s support their Winston to fall back now
4463s cool guy has to come back with that
4465s barrage after a resurrect couldn't come
4466s through now the valkyrie also available
4468s dark monkeys they don't have any
4469s ultimates here marks they're gonna have
4471s to build coming into this Valkyrie but
4473s here's the barrage doesn't find any
4474s value moving fish goes low however no
4476s fall through damage onto them they heal
4477s up back to full HP due to Aspen's heels
4479s in the meantime on the front lines
4481s Everett Force new shift gets chased down
4482s by a cool guy in Turing at the same time
4485s soap drops the full spawn forces moving
4486s fish to jump into the air build that
4487s Primal Rage in which they do on the
4489s other side which has the point still in
4491s control as permitting does pop that
4493s katune Rush on the other side cool guy
4494s takes down the sojourn a barcode as well
4497s as they drop for the pick to avoid
4498s damage cool guy still pumping with that
4500s katuni rush into the back line it's just
4502s so much damage the suzu has to be used
4504s on to SK to keep them alive Aspen pop
4506s their own katunia Rush late and now
4508s xamarin they have that ultimate they
4510s have that Reaper ultimate grouping them
4512s away Esky actually gets the Boop on a
4513s turing off of the map where actually
4515s kills them and cool guy actually gets
4517s SKS one trades it back for moving fish
4519s and with sojourn barcode they clean up
4521s things and the point was never flipped
4523s for number one over on overbought that's
4525s the problem even though number one over
4527s above hit the alts first even though
4529s they find straggles of pigs here and
4531s there the sustainability and stole for
4534s the entirety of dark monkeys alone
4536s allies themselves to just keep
4538s themselves on that point for so long
4540s sojin does get taken iobaco going to be
4542s removed from despite no birth damage
4544s unfortunately another one Overlook have
4546s to bypass a death Blossom and it forces
4548s the barrage as we head towards overtime
4550s deeper bomb still going to be in play
4552s moving fish taking down no bubble going
4554s to be there to save the team the number
4556s one and over above have to win every
4558s single one of these next fights and as a
4560s result have to hold on to this ultimate
4562s they are going to be relying both on
4564s touring on this Diva and soap on the
4566s Tracer to find an early pick to secure
4569s delay tactics long enough for the point
4571s percentage to start to look a little
4573s healthier
4574s 20 only on the board for them they have
4576s to build up there you go they're soaked
4578s to find moving fish early on drops pulse
4580s bomb to zone no resurrect available
4581s because they're not running Mercy on the
4583s only number one on overbought is another
4585s sign Turing has that Diva I'm gonna hold
4587s it till they actually need it most cool
4589s guy finds zebra and this is what you
4590s talked about Moxie that pharah can
4592s really do a lot of work against this
4593s sojourn where she kind of needs those
4595s railgun shots to do anything to deal
4597s with this pharaoh and as well as that
4599s the fight that number one over have the
4601s sky control when these fights begin it's
4603s like cool guy doesn't have to worry
4605s about being sniped out by a surgeon who
4606s already has that railgun charged up and
4608s is looking for the snipe to land onto
4610s the far which is a massive Advantage
4612s however that monkey's coming in with the
4614s overclock immediately gonna pop it so
4616s Throne of popping out that Valkyrie to
4617s try and keep everyone alive cheering
4619s with the diva actually going for the get
4621s down president play and blocking the
4623s surgeon's shots his overclocked because
4625s of the kite finds nothing
4627s garage perfectly placed this well from
4629s pool guy to not kill themselves there
4631s it's a huge deal the sojourn has to fall
4634s back to the health pack now but without
4635s their team has to reset and Moxie this
4637s is a very close one 73 on the board now
4640s number one on the overbought have really
4641s turned it around yeah honestly cheering
4643s coming in of the absolute hero clutch
4644s play blocking out barcode with that
4647s overclock is absolutely massive she
4649s secures her entirety of her teams to be
4651s able to survive as now we're heading
4653s towards another overtime person between
4655s holding on to this kitsuneros but dark
4657s monkeys are gonna have to rush and the
4659s sound barrier to layer on top of it they
4661s take a little bit of a longer rotation
4662s but once they're going to be able to get
4663s the touch on to make sure they have that
4665s point percentages I could just actually
4667s sorted onto the Cassie to deal with them
4669s a traditional head scan an immediately
4672s cool guy's wings are clipped yeah and
4674s that's an amazing that's amazing shots
4676s in barcode and also in that katunia rush
4677s just pumps out tons of damage last
4679s second it looks like they closed down
4681s things number they used all their
4682s ultimates in the previous fights and
4684s unfortunately too far of a deficit to
4686s come back from but a close one at that
4688s number one over on over buff should feel
4690s proud about leaving it that close coming
4692s into the next round I'm sure they could
4694s be confident that they can actually if
4695s they cap the point first hold the entire
4698s time yeah honestly the fact that they
4700s forced barcode onto the Cassidy speaks
4703s volumes to what the pharah is doing
4706s and I just worry that barcode is going
4709s to stay on the Cassidy and as a result
4712s the pharmacy is not going to be finding
4714s the same value the good news for them is
4715s that it's ruins that we head to next so
4718s it is going to be number one on over but
4720s giving away that Pharmacy to go for the
4722s hard meta Reaper sojourn kiriko Lucio as
4727s Dart monkeys anticipating a pharmacy may
4730s actually lock in this Cassidy to be able
4732s to use the hit scan and deal with Sky
4734s control but now it is going to be
4735s swapped to that sojourn so I'm right
4737s going for this matter just to give a
4738s little bit of speed boost for don't
4740s monkey to be able to tap that point
4741s first
4742s okay well now they come back into a mere
4744s fight this time number one on over buff
4746s actually on the other side they're
4748s actually going to group up as a unit and
4749s at the same time barcode is getting a
4751s lot of charge looking for that railgun
4752s shot on the switch on the back line
4753s unfortunately won't hit it but they're
4754s gonna keep building up that railgun shot
4756s now avoids the headshot as well on the
4758s other side has to get healed if I ask
4759s but in xamarin is the first one to find
4761s Turing on the side fourth fuse shift to
4763s zamarin but they're all nice and healthy
4764s and zamrit and Aspen takes soap out as
4766s well number one on overbuck dismantled
4769s by Dart monkeys as they resend first
4771s fight this is the advantage with a
4773s symmetra Teleport when one team uses it
4775s and the other team doesn't positioning
4777s for dark monkeys barcode is able to
4779s immediately occupy themselves onto High
4781s Ground so that when the fight starts to
4783s spiral through number one and over but
4785s for having to drop things like the
4786s Winston bubble and the kirikouzu a lot
4788s earlier than dot monkeys are and as a
4790s result because visibility is thrown out
4792s they start losing plays once they don't
4794s have them available as movement fish
4796s goes too deep will not be able to get
4798s Baylor died by the rest of their team
4800s and this should be number one on overlap
4802s starting to move forward barcode run
4804s over and flip potentially coming through
4806s very quickly
4808s unfortunately this has been a problem
4809s for moving fish they just take too much
4810s damage dark monkeys have to reset now
4812s with only 30 of the board it's a little
4814s bit different than the last map on well
4816s where they got all the way to 99 before
4818s they were actually contested and Number
4819s One Auto Buffs actually flipped the
4821s point at 35 percent
4822s that's sort of the advantage with teams
4824s when you're all come clumped up and
4826s coming out of Spawn together when the
4828s Winston Dives in everyone is lunged up
4830s to be able to just absolutely Blitz the
4832s health ball down is a very early Rush
4833s coming through from number one and over
4835s buff trying to make sure that they're
4836s able to push onto that monkeys as they
4838s respawn not allowing them time to be
4840s able to try and push in with this
4842s overclock and get that flip number one
4844s after this 15 hour should be able to
4846s equalize pointers ended but dark monkeys
4849s answering back with a rush of their own
4851s once Prisma teams ones out
4853s and the beat drop committed doesn't save
4855s cool guy yes it does perfectly placed
4857s from safrona to cancel out moving fish's
4859s Primal Rage now they have to back up
4861s though they actually built that last
4862s moment but now barcode they got the
4864s overclock looking for a squishy in the
4866s back line has to find their counterpart
4868s in cool guy but cool guys actually zoned
4870s off by moving fish but moving fish
4872s taking down low and Turing is the one to
4874s find the fall through damage the pool
4875s guy is taken up by the disruptor shot of
4876s barcode meanwhile Reaper comes out from
4878s zembroke do they live yes they do at one
4881s HP but at the same time they're getting
4882s healed up forcing a lot of resources he
4884s pumps into them the Primal Rage from
4886s Turing just to delay the point is it
4888s enough to deal with this Reaper it might
4889s not be because SK finds prison scene SK
4892s also finds zafrona and zemrick chases
4894s down Turing they'll flip the point once
4896s again at 63 for over buff now Dart
4898s monkeys are in control yeah but that
4900s monkeys look at the old economy they had
4903s to throw everything all of their
4905s resources into that fight Dustin and as
4907s a result number one over buff are coming
4909s in with the kidzania rush and that
4911s monkeys have nothing they don't have a
4912s rush to try and counter if they don't
4914s have a signed voucher and sustain
4915s through it and they really don't want to
4917s afford that Point Flip because they're
4918s going to get stuck in choke
4920s Rush available here has usually been
4922s fight winning now president had to drop
4924s it early they already go into the point
4925s like you mentioned that deficit is too
4926s much for Dart monkeys they're just going
4928s to keep backing up use that Zuzu
4929s perfectly time for Aspen but do they
4931s have to sustain after that now the shot
4933s is available for barcode looking for a
4935s back line can't find the cool guy is the
4937s one to find the Lucio and that should
4938s open things with no ultimates here so
4940s throwing it does find moving fish the
4941s damage output is there from Dart monkeys
4943s but unfortunately they're still gonna
4945s have to go to the point and number one
4946s over buff actually swap it even though
4948s barcode finds soap don't monkeys
4951s actually play that probably as close to
4952s perfectly as they could they keep SK on
4954s that point so number one over off of
4956s just using the ultimate don't find the
4958s flip and as a result that monkeys are
4960s actually able to stall up to 75 Aspen's
4964s coming in with a rush they're going to
4965s have death Blossom and Primal Rage to be
4967s able to play around with him because
4968s number one over we're able to find the
4969s damage they were looking for with that
4971s character out they don't have the
4972s ultimate economy deficit they were
4973s looking for
4974s no no they just get ran on now this is
4976s forced already from number no but Turing
4978s taking down low they're gonna have to
4980s pump resources into them and cool guys
4981s the one to get ran over by moving fish
4983s as well they're gonna flip the point
4984s surely here it's a matter of how fast
4986s can number one on over buff reset Moxie
4988s can they even reset because top monkeys
4990s are holding on to this death Blossom the
4993s second number one over buff tired to
4994s group up like going to run into the
4996s moving fish is going to get a lot of
4997s early damage barcode as well set up on
5000s the high grounds that I'm right going
5000s for the teleport into the back lens
5002s gonna drop down into every single one of
5005s the players the disruptor shot to make
5007s sure that the reaper isn't able to move
5008s forward fast enough to be able to
5010s actually hit onto the team has secured
5012s number one and overflow for a chance of
5013s being able to flip this point yeah they
5016s have that overclock now for cool guy
5017s cool guy's gonna have to go out because
5018s Hamrick found prismatine now you're down
5020s your main heels but so referral finds SK
5023s finds Aspen the back line who's been
5025s doing so much for darn monkeys and cool
5027s guy to find the follow-up shots with
5029s Turin Turing on the monkey on the
5032s Winston they close out on ruins to tie
5034s this series and we're going to round
5036s number three oh my goodness the turn
5040s around coming through for number one is
5043s not expected from dark monkeys they
5045s think with that death wasn't they're
5047s going to be able to stall them long
5048s enough that no one's gonna be able to
5049s touch that point or that if they do it's
5051s going to be a desperation throw a body
5053s onto the point to activate overtime as a
5056s result of a gorgeous disrupter shot
5059s coming through from cool guy to shut
5060s down the reaper ultimate they're
5062s actually able to get the cheeky flip and
5064s it's dark monkeys on the back side
5065s having to turn around and throw
5067s themselves onto the point in the
5069s confusion and they've already used the
5070s ultimates too so they have no way of
5071s being able to win that fight in their
5073s favor as we head towards the cider it is
5075s going to be a very close series indeed
5077s Lighthouse coming into play number one
5079s on overlap sticking with this mirror
5081s match up not Fielding that far it worked
5083s for them in Ruins hoping it's going to
5085s work again here is emmered a little late
5088s behind number one on overbought they've
5090s been sticking together barcode's been on
5092s these planks to get in that damage on
5094s the other side so you can kind of tell a
5095s difference in play style from that but
5096s the boot ball from SK leads to barcode
5098s getting the head shot onto saffrona and
5100s now the Boop off the map as well from
5102s sk's huge this is one of the maps where
5104s these Lucille players are gonna do a lot
5105s of work in SK one of the best we have
5107s yeah that's the aggressive Lucio without
5110s we expected to see SK just wearing her
5114s way into that back line providing a
5116s little bit of additional pressure first
5119s thing number one over buff off of that
5121s high ground and then towards the
5123s environmental hazard which is where the
5125s Lucy was able to come alive and really
5127s use the Fret of falling off of that
5129s Cliff to play Havoc with number one and
5130s OverWatch positioning as they just have
5132s to speed boost on to point it's trying
5134s to just get that early flip but
5135s unfortunately in the distraction they
5138s lose the kiriko and the Winston very
5140s quickly so this should just be number
5141s one over trying to throw themselves off
5143s the cliff to avoid giving ultimate
5145s charge to that one because that's why we
5147s see both saffron and soap going
5149s overboard yeah that's the hard part with
5151s sticking as a five person unit because
5153s then you're just easy to track down
5155s right SK can get the boops that they
5157s want in Dart monkey he's doing a great
5158s job on the defensive hold now move
5160s forward to 70 42 Moxie number one
5163s overall if all they have is 60 the
5164s katsune rush dark monkeys are gonna have
5166s that overclock coming up soon they could
5168s easily snowball this further moving fish
5170s does have that Winston North goes into
5171s the back line already Dives the number
5173s one overbought and they're all five-man
5174s grouped together inside and they're just
5176s being ran down with a disrupter shot at
5178s Winston Primal Rage and that's yet
5179s another reset this is the real horrific
5183s reality for number one OverWatch as you
5185s pointed out because they're moving
5186s together so much as a unit they're not
5188s going on flanks with the Lucio or the
5190s surgeon they're not setting up all of
5191s these off angles which means that dark
5193s monkeys get to clear for the entirety of
5194s the team that's why we saw moving fish
5196s already have that Primal and absolutely
5199s smash through the entirety of that team
5201s as they go into side room there's the
5202s off angle that you want your social to
5204s be on in this barcode going to power
5206s orbit
5218s oh there was huge soap found Esky at the
5221s end of it with the report of their own
5222s and they actually found the act the peel
5224s there number one over buff perfectly
5226s time like you mentioned they canceled
5228s out barcode who came over the top side
5229s and then also booped away so frauna hit
5232s that Boop onto the reaper now cool guy
5234s finds xamarin on the delay as well and
5236s now Moxie is this a similar to thing to
5239s well where dark monkeys were leveling
5240s the lead in number one above have to
5241s make the reverse sweep basically here oh
5243s that monkey is unfortunately off of the
5245s heroes are thinking they had that fight
5247s in the back through whenever single
5248s ultimate they had cool guy goes
5251s extremely low this is the pressure the
5253s other surgeon is going to come under the
5255s only one with an ultimate in the lobby
5256s at the moment because they're actually
5257s going to be able to shut down a push
5259s from that one kids with the overclock by
5261s themselves a little bit more Point
5263s percentages during drops the Winston
5264s bubble to provide a little bit of cover
5266s because we'll get to try and find the
5267s angles the start monkeys try and hide it
5269s out but summert still gets find out all
5272s of these sojourns have been hitting
5273s quite a bit of shots Marcy now they're
5275s gonna actually have to fall back Dart
5276s monkeys play it slow on the incoming
5279s fight because they only have Primal
5280s rages the only ultimate on the field
5282s MoonFish is gonna have to go huge with
5284s that Primal Rage in which they have been
5285s before now they move towards that point
5287s Primal Rage popped and how many kills
5289s they can find can they find here is even
5290s the sojour no it's a Reaper shooting
5291s them and cool guy is actually the one to
5293s find xamarin even though they were being
5295s Primal raged by moving fish moving fish
5298s has to back out one HP uses a lot of
5300s resources and Moxie they still want to
5301s fight this they still want to win this
5303s fight but safrona they have that beat
5304s drop here Dart monkeys they can place on
5306s the outside because number one overbuck
5308s they just want this fight on the point
5310s so that monkeys can't afford though the
5311s point percentage that they're sitting on
5313s they can afford to just sit and wait for
5314s these ultimates to come online but they
5315s want to take the flip immediately the
5317s casino Rush coming out from Aston
5318s forcing that monkeys on to that point
5320s barcode with the overclock trying to
5322s sight on everyone from number one on
5323s over buff so that they're low enough for
5325s Summit to be able to chunk and cleave
5327s down and barco is able to find Turing
5329s with that rail gun the bottom of still
5332s controlling this point but the reaper
5334s goes extremely low moving fish is able
5336s to find the follow-up damage to be able
5337s to chunk the slope down and this should
5339s be dark monkeys with the flip three
5341s percent left for their number one and
5343s over buff might just be able to get
5345s cheering to be able to touch but no Bill
5348s Winston is not going to be able to tap
5349s in time dark monkeys take the map but my
5353s goodness what a start to this series I
5356s hope every single one of these maps of
5358s these teams face off on is as explosive
5361s as we got to see just now or when it
5363s should be I mean we come to Hybrid next
5365s I mean it's going to be interesting to
5366s see how dark monkeys win there because
5368s as a unit they are good at moving
5369s together other but as you saw Moxie I
5372s mean just in that last point on to uh on
5374s the lighthouse they just wouldn't leave
5376s the point unfortunately Turing tried to
5378s leave the point as you saw but nobody
5379s was there with the follow-up they were
5381s just too you know maybe slow behind they
5383s couldn't find the actual engagement they
5384s didn't want to actually follow through
5385s on the turing's engagement because they
5387s just wanted to play on the point really
5389s hard but guys we'll be going to short
5390s break when we come back Moxie like you
5391s mentioned on a hybrid map this could go
5394s either way so you're not going to miss
5395s it we'll be right back in just a moment
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5406s thank you
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5547s thank you
5553s welcome back to the calling all heroes
5555s Challengers cup number two and the
5557s qualifier we are in in this series Moxie
5559s it's been exciting the match-up between
5561s Dart monkeys and number one and
5562s overbought has been everything that we
5563s expected it to be you know we still had
5565s to design through the the matchmakers
5567s what we are going to see but this series
5569s hasn't let us down it's been a crazy
5571s series back and forth at least on ilios
5574s now leading to the nest Mac Moxie on
5576s hybrid first of all what do you think
5578s they're gonna pick second of all how do
5580s you think that dark monkeys adjusts on
5581s this next map so I think kings are is
5584s definitely one of those maps that is
5585s immediately in contention the main
5587s concern for me is that if number one do
5589s pick King's law they are opening
5591s themselves up to flanks and that was one
5593s thing that they were lacking especially
5595s when we saw them on the lighthouse they
5597s were taken advantage of by SK a lot of
5600s the time barcode too to an extent on
5602s that surgeon is using the power side to
5603s be able to find those perches hold that
5605s off angle wait for the entire team to
5607s push through and then immediately punish
5609s and if you're not able to do very
5611s similar results on King's Row you're not
5613s gonna gonna have a fun time on this map
5615s and as I look below I get to be smug I'm
5617s right it is gonna be king throw but that
5619s also does immediately just grow that
5621s seed of fear in my stomach because again
5624s if you're not able to control those
5625s flanks if you're not able to deal with
5626s that really aggressive Lucio pushing
5628s into your face or barcode could just
5629s popping up out of nowhere with a fully
5631s charged railgun and an overclock to say
5633s hello with then it's going to be really
5636s difficult to find any ground on this map
5638s the one Ray of Hope for me for number
5641s one of being able to deal with that is
5644s honestly the fact that they were able to
5645s deal with the overclock and the death
5647s loss I'm coming through with a
5649s absolutely gorgeous bounce back Boop
5651s coming through from that Lucio she
5654s played that map next to Pixel Perfect
5657s yeah she was amazing and also cool guy
5660s there to maybe counter that as well with
5662s the or to counter the other sojourn and
5664s hit shots back because cool guy does hit
5666s those shots as well the one thing for
5668s number one over buff I guess well
5669s they're going on defense first of all
5670s Moxie I mean this is going to be maybe a
5672s bit of a Difference Maker here because
5674s they can actually play together and hold
5675s these choke points where they don't
5677s really I mean yes you would benefit from
5678s flanking but at the same time you don't
5680s really need to right yeah I think the
5682s main concern is that barcode on this
5685s surgeon is just gonna have that Mobility
5686s to be able to immediately book it onto
5688s the higher end opposite point right yeah
5691s and if you lose control of that you're
5693s gonna be forced to pull back into hotel
5695s as we see Barco just looking for that
5697s Widowmaker going to immediately swap
5699s onto the surgeon not finding the insta
5701s kill that they were looking for as dark
5703s monkeys already off of the threat that
5704s Widow has caused have been able to make
5706s the show yeah and there there you go the
5708s five-person group of number one
5709s overbought allows barcode to look for
5710s that left side plank immediately just
5712s get that railgun charged pool guy trying
5714s to find the follow-up shot but it's a
5715s lot harder in the situation they're in
5717s because spin does what Aspen does buying
5720s the first pick of every map so far gets
5722s cool guy now Marie fish gets safrona and
5724s with that it's over for number one
5726s overbust yeah and again this is one of
5729s the Achilles heels when you group up the
5732s number one overflow when you're playing
5733s into that sojourn right because not only
5735s does barcode get that left angle flank
5737s she gets to fire into the entirety of
5740s the team so that railgun is charging up
5743s at a rapid Pace as opposed to cool guy
5746s who's having to deal with flying deal
5748s with pressure from every single angle
5750s and still try and hit the shots to be
5752s able to keep Pace with the damage yeah
5754s it's one of the oldest strategies in the
5756s book The Hammer and the Anvil tactic
5757s right I mean you just get flanked
5758s immediately on both sides it's really
5760s hard to deal with and now barcode has
5761s that railgun shot here on this front
5763s line looking for back line number one
5765s OverWatch perfectly playing this corner
5766s and now they can benefit from this full
5768s surgeons are even angles however Dark
5770s Monkey are the one with the ultimates
5771s moving fish is going to build that
5772s Primal Rage in this fight they're
5774s looking to build it just go forward take
5775s some damage and then fall back ninety
5777s percent on that Primal Rage now they
5778s push forward look for the right click on
5780s the front line now they build the Primal
5781s Rage they're going to go in surely in
5783s this next fight to create some space for
5784s the rest of their team now they pop the
5786s final wage number one over both they
5787s have the petunia rush so they can
5788s sustain through this actually but cool
5790s guy separated no they're the one to
5792s actually find moving fish with that
5794s katune rush but Turing on the other side
5795s taken out as well so now you're down
5797s both Winston's the cool guy still
5798s healthy in this fight soap finds barcode
5800s and now dark monkeys they have a katsune
5802s rush Moxie but it looks like the Aspen's
5805s opting to save it for next fight but no
5806s she pops it now actually late they have
5808s that reproach as well Aspen got traded
5810s so finds SK now the reap roll if it's
5813s late but against the fauna and it gets
5815s cool guy and somehow Dart monkeys won
5817s off of the back of that Reaper and
5818s katsune Rush yeah doubt monkey as they
5820s know that not only did moving fish go
5822s down before cheering that spawn is a lot
5825s closer so even if you go down after
5827s kitsuna rush gets thrown the team is
5829s still going to be able to benefit zamra
5830s is still able to push up and guarantee
5832s all of that space dropping that death
5833s Blossom to push number one on over the
5835s fact even further is it cost you the
5838s rush and the Primal and the death of
5840s some free ultimas because number one
5842s I've come in with all of the cards in
5844s the Arsenal to be able to use in this
5846s next fight that one kiss as a result
5847s have to get proactive they can't put on
5849s the reactive they start things off but
5851s it means that asci is in the two forward
5852s position and gets sniped out by cool day
5854s without the Lucio they're not going to
5856s be able to clearly disengage from
5857s touring
5859s now his hammer does find soap though on
5860s the other side so it's one to one now
5862s that Reaper is taken out of the fight
5863s cool guy does have that overclock ready
5865s to go for the next fight but they're
5867s going to want to wait for soap meanwhile
5868s moving fish not does not want to wait
5870s for that actually and actually finds
5871s cool guy through the entirety of their
5873s team even with both supports with the
5875s pocket available cool guy falls now
5877s zemrick gets Turing so frona as well and
5879s somehow Dart monkeys even behind the
5881s ultimates they actually come back in
5883s this next fight again it's that trade
5885s game SK goes down soap also goes down
5888s there's number one over trying commit
5890s and staggerate the kills from Dart
5892s monkeys but the Lucio is just back
5894s faster as so have you even spotted out
5897s hey they have to check in
5900s I guess I guess so he draw I mean they
5902s dropped so now they've dropped back into
5904s the front line there in the third Point
5905s reports available overclock hopped from
5907s cool guy to create some space and dart
5909s monkeys are totally fine because soap
5911s also popped out Reaper old so now if
5913s Dart monkeys don't lose anybody here's
5915s them it might fall but no they're the
5917s one to actually get the kill cool guy
5919s does have a huge disrupter shot however
5920s does find Aspen and zemrick but at what
5922s cost it oh my goodness two girls to want
5925s this Raptor shot coming on through poor
5928s cool guy this is number one over trying
5930s to slam the brakes to get the siren song
5932s the control of Point C on King's bro
5935s stop to peel it for the attackers at any
5937s point and they just get stuffed up in
5939s these tropes which is perfect for the
5940s surgeon to be able to farm the problem
5942s is the number one on Overlook have
5944s fallen for that siren song they heavily
5946s committed into trying to control that
5948s fight because they prized the stall
5950s tactics and the choke control over
5952s ultimate restraint and as a result
5954s they're only coming in with support
5956s ultimate in this next fight
5958s Junior Rush popped on both sides so it's
5960s even but Camry with the reef world makes
5962s it not so even gets two gets cool guy
5965s gets prismatine soap is also traded on
5967s so is Turing and now three minutes and
5969s 24 seconds Dart monkeys are absolutely
5971s rolling through the rest of the map and
5973s a Widowmaker swap not really what you
5974s want for cool guy here because they're
5976s the only ones that could touch and the
5978s Tracer actually is the one who touched
5979s though cougar actually swapped the
5980s Tracer to off for that and soap actually
5981s finds xamarin they pop the suzu they're
5983s on the point but it looks like they're a
5984s bit too low it's just that Lucille it's
5986s just that Winston and with those two
5988s alive the Beat Drops here now Primal
5990s Rage however on the other side but it
5993s looks like the Melt should be able to
5994s come through no more armor for touring
5996s cool guy's here to touch a little bit
5997s longer but Turing Falls and now the
5998s trace is the only one to touch cool guy
6000s here just alone Aspen goes low Force the
6002s pop to suzu but they push it in at two
6004s minutes 50 seconds yeah it's a nice
6006s stool but it is only going to be a store
6008s because again unfortunately for number
6011s one the ultimate restraint just slipped
6014s the second we pushed towards Point C and
6016s there was more than three minutes on the
6018s clock available for Dart monkeys
6020s everyone on the side of number one just
6022s panics they think as long as we keep
6024s winning this fight we've thrown an
6026s ultimate in we've already started
6028s throwing away ultimates into this fight
6029s now we have to commit and they double
6032s down instead of pulling back because
6034s they think we can still recover even if
6038s we throw all of our ultimates into this
6039s fight we will have control of Choke
6041s we've seen teams get stuck on point C
6044s for three minutes plus if the Defenders
6048s are able to stem the bleeding of that
6049s payload's movement and it doesn't happen
6052s number one over unable to find the kills
6054s that they're looking for and so all they
6056s can do is still all they can do is wait
6058s swap to the choice of throw Turing on
6060s with the Primal Rage and that only buys
6062s them a good 20 seconds extra because
6064s again they have no DPS burst because all
6066s the ultimates have been used prior man I
6069s mean that was just unfortunate for
6070s number one on over buff but I mean I
6072s guess you have to see it from their
6073s perspective too I guess like maybe they
6074s thought they could win that fight right
6075s but unfortunately didn't pan out and
6078s unfortunately that's why you don't
6079s really want to play Scrappy but I'm
6080s actually like it unfortunately sometimes
6081s when you when things get that rough
6083s maybe you want to save ultimates for the
6085s next fight and not panic and use them
6087s there yeah again it's like you used
6089s ultimates and so you want to win the
6091s fight to justify using those a lot so
6093s you use either more because you think
6095s that's going to cement the fight win
6096s because from that perspective and it's
6098s absolutely right if they won that fight
6099s they would have been able to cycle back
6101s into them they would have had that true
6102s control unfortunately we're living in
6104s this universe not a parallel and as a
6107s result that monkeys are able to finish
6109s off the map with two minutes and 50 and
6111s they have a win condition to the series
6113s oh Steins game today but in the
6114s meanwhile barcode finds cool guy on the
6116s other side and barcode also finds Prisma
6118s teen as well and doesn't even need that
6120s railgun fully charged for the overclock
6122s just needs a railgun with a light click
6123s now they win these first fights allowing
6125s them to already 50 on that overclock oh
6127s that's just salt on the wounds too that
6129s dot monkey is not only are going to be
6131s ahead in terms of ultimate charge but
6132s barcode is going to be ahead in terms of
6134s Royal gun charge there's the old fire
6136s coming through disrupt to shots and make
6138s it even harder for number one on over
6140s buff to be able to make it out of this
6142s chokers cheering already holds extreme
6143s low cost to drop the bubble very early
6145s on as that fight and immediately is
6147s trunk down
6149s and you only have to push forward
6150s barcode 80 moving fish jumps in at the
6153s choke point Dart boy actually gonna go
6155s low so far enough finds moving fish so
6156s that's an early opening pick because
6158s Turing is still nice and healthy barcode
6160s gonna be having that railgun shot but
6161s they're gonna have to back up now reset
6163s hopefully allow moving fish to come back
6165s but this just gives cool guy moral
6167s charge and saving them on overbluff
6169s because they already have that katune
6170s brunch Thought Monkey is also going to
6172s be able to get a contest going his armor
6174s is just waiting in hotel to go on a
6175s little bit of a plane get into that
6177s backpoint provide the seeds of chaos so
6179s everyone else can move through from the
6180s show because someone keeps are going to
6182s be hitting ultimates a little bit faster
6183s actually going to be dropping that
6185s continuous to secure number one over
6187s above the fight when I love this knowing
6190s that dot monkeys could potentially be
6191s coming back with a Primal Rage and that
6193s they might be able to stall the fight
6194s long enough for others to hit ultimates
6196s and win the fight out number one over
6198s throw in the rush secure it and secure
6200s choke control as well so one of the
6203s major stopping points on point B has now
6206s been denied from dark monkeys in the
6207s first fight
6208s yeah and dart monkeys I mean
6210s unfortunately off the back of Barco
6211s getting picked a couple times there but
6213s now coming to this next fight they will
6214s have those ultimates like you mentioned
6215s so at least they'll have that Kitsune
6217s Rush against none on Prisma team but it
6220s looks like number one over off they want
6221s to go first they know they're at an
6222s oldest Advantage so they want to pop
6223s them first but actually no they were
6225s showing presents forcing the katune rush
6227s already out of Dart monkeys now they're
6229s trying to back out and disengage it but
6230s unfortunately they can't moving fish is
6232s gonna find soap they were a little too
6233s far ahead they do drop the beat and they
6235s drop the overclock as well back into
6236s this fight they brought the beat of
6237s their own SK drops a beat so does
6239s overclock come from Barco now dark
6241s monkeys goes far forward on to cool guys
6244s but sk's the one to get picked by Turing
6246s who got massive value just out of
6248s Winston cleave and on the meanwhile
6249s moving fish finds cool guys so that's a
6251s one for one trait that I think Dart
6252s monkeys are willing to tank as long as
6254s moving dish comes back gets healed up in
6256s this fight soap's gonna have that Repro
6257s Force Reaper shift here now the other
6259s side Center pops a Repro but it's
6260s bubbled off so no fall through damage
6262s and at the same time the sus popped onto
6264s the reaper on the inside but zamrit no
6266s shift to keep him out of that fight Dart
6268s monkeys are actually gonna be at the
6269s negative in this fight because safona
6271s found zemra into that Reaper old and now
6272s they put forward you're back even in all
6275s charge number one overbought are in a
6276s pretty good position especially if
6278s barcode being taken down late as well
6280s there goes the burst damage that down
6281s monkeys are relying on having High
6284s Ground Control when that payload crosses
6286s the corner so they're gonna have to fall
6288s back even more distance allowing number
6290s one and over buff to continue this car
6292s moving on forward as dark monkeys
6295s without that surgeon without the
6297s opportunity with the railgun charged up
6298s to snipe out one of these players don't
6300s have these disrupted us and immediately
6302s have to back out and that Russia's
6304s moving fish was there moving fish
6306s immediately sent package straight back
6308s to the spawn
6310s perfect convenience from presenting and
6312s the follow-up damage was crazy so dark
6314s monkeys hopefully they don't get
6316s staggered here right they don't get
6317s staggered but now look at this the
6318s kariko tp's Aspen TP is in allowing for
6321s a little bit more stagger time but it's
6322s not too crazy since they died pretty
6324s close to together but number one over
6325s off marks they're allowed an opportunity
6327s to push forward here yeah number one on
6329s OverWatch because of that team's energy
6330s the fact that they love to play together
6332s make perfect usage as all of these clips
6334s in their rushes when they just have that
6335s rush and the numbers to back them up
6337s they always are able to win these fights
6339s decisively the problem is when it comes
6340s to other ultimates being used I was
6343s neither gonna have to win this fight
6344s without a rushes dark monkeys have a
6346s rush of their own there's the kite away
6348s number one on over trying to back out
6350s with that loose you're unfortunately
6351s going to lose soap to disrupture shot
6352s making the exit a little bit messier
6355s than number one and over but we're
6357s hoping but it's not the full team why
6358s they did not give away a massive slew of
6361s ultimate Dodge to the other side so it's
6363s still gonna be pretty even when it comes
6365s to Ultimate economy as oh black food
6368s getting a little bit too aggressive
6369s gonna be checking up for that mirror
6370s yeah cool guy follows through goes onto
6373s the front line now after barcode was
6375s taken out Vegas embered as well cool guy
6377s is feeling it at the current moment
6379s they're gonna keep pushing towards those
6381s spawns turing's gonna have that final
6383s rage and the spawn Camp I'm afraid Monty
6385s could come through now the Repro himself
6387s gets barcode yet again also finds an
6390s aspen now Rufus did find cool guy so
6392s that's cool going out when that so
6393s Jordan has been absolutely crucial for
6395s number one mobile to keep pushing
6396s forward but they dropped the beat into
6397s the fight they're gonna have to tune in
6398s Rush available SK pops the beat to
6401s actually win this fight they do have the
6402s Winston they're gonna have spawns here
6404s now available Prisma team just off that
6406s uh katune runs onto that cart now they
6408s can go forward they still have soap here
6409s so that damage output is available from
6411s that Reef but now that overclock is back
6413s from cool guy Turing taking down low
6415s gonna have to need a lot of resources
6417s from Prisma team but it doesn't look
6418s like it's their touring have to use that
6419s Zuzu to keep them alive but Jesus is not
6421s there to stop zamrit from getting a huge
6423s rip rolled and that's a full team light
6425s for Dart monkeys oh my goodness
6427s Blockhead with the swap onto Bastion and
6431s coming through and with the burst damage
6435s on this side lane as well forcing number
6437s one on over buff to take cover behind
6439s the payload ready to dive off and when
6442s they're ready for the dive the first
6443s time we just left monkeys to be able to
6445s win at that fight asking if that timer
6446s are able to sustain the team long enough
6448s for the recovery to come on through they
6449s don't have ultimates though in this next
6451s Harry Potter and I'm going to be
6452s swapping back onto that surgeon with
6454s their job done she was able to stall the
6456s fight she was able to just be that with
6458s the burst damage threat to be able to
6460s win them out and now you have to go back
6461s to the social to keep Pace with cool guy
6462s is ask them with that good scene while
6464s she's looking to keep that monkeys in
6466s control of this fight there it is two
6468s picks free picks immediately coming on
6471s through dark monkeys not dropping the
6472s kids in a rush until number one on over
6474s buff was so deep into Point C that even
6477s with the little speed amp they were not
6479s able to cleanly disengage from the
6481s Kitsune Rush as opposed to dropping it
6483s around the first Corner when number one
6485s on over above try and tease it out of
6487s the kiriko before pulling on back
6489s beautiful adaptation coming through on
6491s the defensive team
6492s now Turin gets The High Ground they're
6494s gonna have their own Kitsune rush in
6496s this fight now they go forward try to
6498s take some space here onto that cart but
6499s Turing taking down half HP forced to pop
6502s to suzu is Prisma team on the other side
6504s dark monkeys who's well aware of this
6506s now they pop the overclock knowing
6507s there's no Zuzu the shot already from
6510s barcode on the soprano but so they did
6511s find moving fish so now down near
6513s Winston how do you win this fight it's
6514s through SK who goes forward onto Prisma
6517s team who adds the user suzu early and
6519s now number one oh Rock they have no
6520s heels SK goes forward yet again to get
6522s cool guy and now 50 seconds left it's
6524s looking scary for number one on
6525s overbought they are gonna be coming in
6527s with a couple of ultimates keeps saying
6529s air rush as well as trying forced out
6531s monkeys back even if top monkeys just
6533s use that rush to disengage it's still
6535s gonna be space game for number one on
6536s over buff it's still gonna be a choke
6538s negated and that monkeys are playing
6540s Pretty aggressively around the corner
6542s again barcode gets taken out early
6544s there's the rush coming proof number one
6546s and over buff as dark monkeys are
6548s actually trying to make up for the album
6549s from the surgeon punch in with a very
6552s aggressive animal coming from moving
6554s fish disrupting the entire attacking
6556s site so they can't actually get on top
6558s of the rush to be able to use its
6559s effects now this is the aggressive play
6561s style of dark monkeys they were setting
6563s up barcoding these positions where she
6564s feels comfortable to actually go for
6566s those aggressive positioning sometimes
6567s the results and they're getting picked
6568s but in this fight it actually allows
6570s them to force beat drop now the reaper
6571s from soap it's a Hail Mary it binds two
6573s gets esca gets xamar if a barcode's back
6575s yet again to find the trade-off but with
6578s just the reaper all committed and the
6579s beat drop coming the next fight Dart
6581s monkey's gonna have that katune rush in
6583s a Reaper of their own and xamarin has
6584s been big on the defensive side they're
6586s gonna have a chance to contest kilgo has
6588s the overclock barcode back onto that
6590s Bastion once again to have that burst
6593s damage without being noticed number one
6595s over cannot leave the payload otherwise
6598s overtime is off as we see the tank mode
6600s coming on through from barcode The Rush
6602s from Aspen Dublin he's using it to
6604s immediately push onto the card and
6606s there's more Goods damage Amplified
6609s and it is follow through and dark
6612s monkeys to win the series two to zero
6615s over number one on over buff what a
6617s series in Dart monkeys great job to hold
6620s things out with the katuni rush off
6621s Aspen off the back of aggressive Lucio
6623s play just overall fantastic team playing
6625s from dark monkeys jump what's more
6629s terrifying than a Boston a Bastion with
6631s kids in a rush
6634s either with like a railgun from sojourn
6636s right because it's in the Bastion form
6637s you can't headshot it it's terrifying
6640s yeah the fact that the the idiot box is
6642s on the behind Robin and the head it's
6645s really hard to be able to deal with that
6646s Bastion and that's what we see bargood
6648s really taking advantage of it's the
6649s second time that she swaps to that
6651s Bastion knowing that it doesn't matter
6653s about how slow you are coming out of
6655s that spawn you literally just need to
6656s walk two meters and you're already into
6658s that fight and because everyone else is
6660s so focused on everything going on around
6661s them dealing with the Winston having to
6663s deal with the sojourn coming on through
6664s trying to track the Royal gun charge as
6666s well everyone just has to ignore the
6668s Bastion and it's very similar to when we
6670s see teams go for the defensive
6671s Widowmaker emergency push in case of I
6674s hope you were about to get thrown over
6676s in Kingsbury Point C you use the
6678s Widowmaker go onto the sidelines
6679s everyone else is distracted and you're
6681s free to line up your shots is it the new
6683s thing is are you saying emergency
6684s Bastion is the new is the new stall
6687s is that is that real is that what it is
6690s it makes sense right with uh with
6692s Winston bubble because I guess that's
6693s the only downside with Widowmaker right
6695s Widowmaker has to shoot get a head shot
6697s obviously it sounds simple and easy but
6699s how do you hit a headshot when there's
6700s when this Winston bubble has so much
6701s health right it has more than you would
6703s think
6704s yeah well the Boston just gets the chunk
6705s for both the Winston and the bubble but
6707s you know what
6708s to talk to one of one of the players on
6710s the other end of this break hopefully so
6712s maybe maybe we can ask barcode herself
6715s oh that'd be exciting but we'll be going
6717s to a short break while we let barcode
6719s join in the server we'll see you guys in
6721s just a bit for That interview in just a
6723s moment
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6928s [Music]
6938s Challenger Cup qualifier number two and
6940s we have a winner today chicken dinner SK
6943s congratulations on your win with dart
6945s monkeys over number one on over Bluff
6947s how you going how you doing oh uh thank
6950s you I am good
6953s so we definitely saw a very aggressively
6956s serious playstyle coming out from you
6957s especially on Lighthouse and kiriko is
6960s great at enabling that aggression
6962s because you've been a support player for
6963s so long is kiriko your favorite uh
6966s co-support to work alongside or do you
6967s prefer other supports from different
6968s matters
6970s oh
6971s that is a great question I actually I
6973s actually do love playing with Kirito
6975s because she enables me to end my brains
6978s out I like if I have an honor she has to
6981s aim at me and like and hit me and I'm
6983s doing all sorts of crazy things but
6985s kiriko can just look in my general
6987s direction and also the suzu gets me out
6989s when I make terrible mistakes inevitably
6993s do you feel like Lucio is like in a meta
6996s right now where it's very hard to kill
6997s like you're just almost unkillable with
6999s how many like you said entering your
7000s brains out yeah you I mean you can
7003s basically do whatever you want as long
7004s as their sojourn doesn't have a hundred
7006s rail to headshot you you can just you
7009s can be all up in there I love it it's so
7011s much fun
7013s do you have any tips then for other
7015s fellow Lucy replays because I mean I'm
7017s the same when I try and go in as Lucio I
7018s am my brain type but I go down you still
7021s alive a lot longer so is there a secret
7023s strategy to your survivability
7026s no I would say the the key to Lucio is
7031s surviving as long as you can but getting
7033s the most value out of it while you
7035s survive so you don't just want to be
7037s hanging out in the back but
7039s yo
7041s oh yeah it makes sense well in this case
7043s to change topics maybe change questions
7045s how does it feel maybe going from a you
7047s know less uh serious environment or more
7050s I guess more of a solo environment like
7051s playing ranked in you know streaming and
7053s stuff to coming to the calling all
7054s heroes Challengers cup where you guys
7056s get to play together and actually work
7058s on your team Synergy and your
7059s communication with a group of people in
7061s a pretty safe environment
7064s such a breath of fresh air that was our
7066s second time playing together we warm up
7068s scrimmed for an hour before this but the
7070s team's coming together so fast and
7073s everyone's working too we have Jake
7075s helping us out with coaching and
7077s everyone's we're meshing together as the
7081s longer we play the better we get it's so
7082s much fun
7084s so if you guys have only been screaming
7086s for an hour what exactly is the calm
7089s structure like inside the team uh we
7093s have a moving fish say I'm jumping and
7097s then we go and then I will track and
7099s then uh Aspen tells us if we should kite
7103s back their oats and things and then
7105s barcode says I'm gonna alt and then
7107s zebrit says I am Reaper and
7111s everything works out
7114s as a perfect depiction of what's
7116s happening in this current meta thank you
7118s skate for coming do you have anything
7119s you want to say before we let you go
7121s dark monkeys win that's all
7125s good way to end it thank you for coming
7127s for the interview guys good to talk to
7128s you congratulations on your win thank
7130s you thank you
7132s and I was asking from Dart monkeys and
7134s honestly a fantastic show from them to
7136s go 2-0 over a team such as number one
7137s over buff where like we mentioned before
7139s I mean in the Empower comp before
7140s reaching third slash fourth place before
7142s that's a pretty impressive win
7144s I'm just terrified oh what time is gonna
7147s enable this team to become they looked
7151s so synergized their Dives were really
7153s coordinated especially on King's Row
7155s like the amount of aggression we saw
7157s coming in from them when they really
7158s kept placed off of barcode going for
7159s those really aggressive early Peaks on
7161s that surgeon and moving fish was able to
7163s use the space created by that so
7164s shouldn't you just jump into the
7166s backline oh my goodness that was all
7168s just off of an hour of scrums what are
7170s the next couple of days going to see
7173s dark monkeys turn into fine-tuning
7175s fine-tuning hopefully they can make a
7177s run at it but ladies and gentlemen we're
7178s going to do a short break when we come
7179s back we'll have the third match for you
7181s guys of the Swiss format so you're not
7183s going to miss it we back in just a
7185s little bit so see you guys shortly
7191s [Music]
7208s [Music]
7212s all right
7215s [Music]
7223s [Music]
7239s [Music]
7265s [Music]
7272s thank you
7276s [Music]
7282s thank you
7284s [Music]
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7701s [Music]
7714s thank you
7716s [Music]
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7738s thank you foreign
7746s [Laughter]
7750s [Music]
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7871s thank you
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7954s thank you
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8010s [Music]
8019s thank you
8020s [Music]
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8056s [Music]
8097s foreign
8102s [Music]
8107s welcome back to the calling all heroes
8109s Challenger cup number two or qualifier
8111s number two I should say we're coming
8113s into game number three where we have
8115s United cast versus Mochi and uh both
8118s teams are one in one of the current
8119s moment boxes so it's obviously going to
8121s be a bit of a close game leading to this
8123s one and honestly leading after these
8125s past two games it's gonna be hard to
8126s follow it up but I could see both these
8128s teams really bringing their all coming
8130s into this their game of the day yeah
8132s Swiss stage and still first two two as
8134s well so there's gonna be a lot of
8136s pressure to be able to secure up that
8138s first map of control and find a little
8141s bit of confidence as well as a safety
8142s bubble to really make sure you have a
8144s little bit more Comfort heading into
8146s that second match of the diversity is
8148s always really brutal you have to adapt
8150s so quickly to your opponent's strategy
8151s whether or not that's the composition
8153s that they're running how aggressive
8154s they're being whether they're being
8156s really positive or defensive and waiting
8157s for you to slip up and make mistakes as
8159s well it really does calm down to being
8161s able to adapt on the Fly it really does
8163s and I think that it's really important
8165s to actually change to those compositions
8167s that are go to the current moment right
8168s we talked about before we have roadhog
8170s taking potentially a back seat to
8172s Winston which we've seen quite a little
8174s bit or quite a bit of today and
8176s obviously some people are willing to
8177s change but in terms of the Synergy where
8179s teams players know how to play around
8181s this Winston composition right you have
8183s pretty much a cent you know play people
8185s everybody knows how to dive with Winston
8186s you go in you try to go for kills and
8189s then in this meta with sojourn sojourn
8191s builds up the railgun shot looks for the
8193s one shots and then that's pretty much
8194s Fight Win right I mean it's just kind of
8195s like a consistent battle back and forth
8197s and you have the reaper going and
8198s killing things and we talked about at
8199s the brake Moxie this meta has been
8201s really fun to watch and enjoy to watch
8203s because it's so fast paced right fight
8205s start and end very very quickly yeah it
8208s is extremely Snappy and it does put a
8209s lot of pressure as well on
8210s Communications and so it's going to put
8212s a lot of pressure on synergies of these
8214s rosters coming on through as we're gonna
8217s have a look at United in chaos my
8219s personal favorite for team names of
8221s everyone participating in this second
8222s qualifiers for calling all heroes I'm
8225s very happy that I get to cast them
8227s because I'm a big fan of United and
8230s chaos as it is going to be slee Kylie
8233s rain wolf Rider and kinetic coming in
8236s for this team I'm really looking forward
8238s to getting to see what exactly they have
8240s up their sleeves as they have actually
8242s had quite a bit of experience in the
8244s marginalized agenda competitive scene
8246s they actually participated in the
8247s OverWatch empowerment cup three of their
8250s members were able to place one in the
8252s top two one in the top eight I believe
8254s one in the top 12. yeah and a lot of
8257s these players I mean Kylie and Rayne
8259s both DPS players that are amazing in
8260s their own right I mean this is allowing
8262s them the opportunity to potentially go
8263s forward into the path to Pro right
8265s obviously this is not a replacement for
8268s Panther Pro in fact calling over Heroes
8269s the entire point is to allow players to
8272s actually feel like they can go into the
8274s larger ecosystem of OverWatch and
8276s participate with other players in the
8278s larger OverWatch ecosystem and on the
8280s other side Mochi obviously an incredible
8282s team in their own right with Harley
8283s Quinn probably gonna be on that Reaper
8284s and obviously these compositions has
8286s been something all these teams have to
8288s work on like you mentioned Synergy right
8290s it's all on Mochi which we've seen them
8291s before as a team but coming into this a
8294s lot of different changes a lot of
8295s different players coming into this
8297s Challenger Challenger Cup qualifiers
8299s number two sunshine I remember has an
8301s absolute monster solution
8303s so I'm gonna definitely be keeping an
8306s eye on her to be able to come in with
8307s that burst damage and I mean we've
8309s talked about the Winston making a lot of
8311s space but the surgeon really gets to
8312s play off of that space that the Winston
8314s creates as well as the Lucio to an
8316s extent to write both of those two Heroes
8318s go into the back line go in for that
8319s dive so that everyone is sort of
8321s distracted and trying to deal with them
8323s so that that surgeon has the time to be
8325s able to set those shots up cleave the
8327s damage in with the railgun and then
8329s build in with that ramped up real gun
8331s fire that you're able to snipe out one
8333s of those players who might be on the Run
8335s icy desired either by the Lucius
8337s meddling or the Winston
8339s yeah and I think it's going to be a big
8340s deal to actually build up the railgun
8342s like you mentioned and also for the rest
8344s of the team I mean to continually follow
8346s up onto that sojourn right like you
8347s mentioned the Winston diving in creating
8349s that space also getting kills because
8351s really at the end of the day that's what
8352s Winston is trying to do and on the Jing
8354s Tower this is the first little dang
8355s Tower scene today we saw two ilios wells
8357s in the first two matches but coming into
8360s legang Tower Moxie I mean we could see a
8362s little bit of variation in the
8363s composition specifically maybe we see
8365s some more junk ground who knows if we
8367s get off to control base absolutely I
8369s would be dying to see a couple of pics
8371s of junkrat coming on for potentially
8373s even damn Fest on the tank as well
8374s taking advantage of the fact that if you
8376s get that slam to connect onto one of
8378s those players and they get shoved into
8379s the wall they get a little bit extra
8380s stun but I really think we're probably
8382s just gonna get to see the Winston versus
8384s the wins now maybe a variation of
8386s roadhog
8388s it could be I mean I mean maybe listen
8390s on uh on Night Market I guess where the
8392s roadhogs can both play through Maine but
8394s like you mentioned I mean Winston kind
8396s of has been a staple in this matchup
8398s right but at the same time I don't think
8399s it's out of the question to play roadhog
8401s I think you could run them wherever you
8402s want it's just a little bit more puggy I
8404s would say like uh if poggy's a bit of a
8406s slang term but I think that it's more of
8408s uh you know your group your kind of
8410s split you're playing all over the place
8411s playing for picks that's kind of what
8413s you do with roadlog you can't really
8414s play that coordinated dive because he
8417s doesn't have a jump ability he doesn't
8418s have a bubble he doesn't have a lot of
8419s things for his team roadhog all he
8421s really does is just create space for
8423s himself and look for picks with that
8425s hook yeah I mean that's exactly what
8426s roadhog is known for right you're not
8428s playing for the backline dive if you're
8430s playing to yank someone out of that
8432s team's backline and into your team's
8434s Frontline so they have to heavily over
8436s commit so either being able to safeguard
8439s that player who has been picked out by
8440s the hook or just let the pick go through
8443s as we head over towards Night Market
8445s this is where I'm expecting to see the
8446s little winstons come into play potential
8448s actually a pharah maybe to come on
8450s through as well if these players want to
8452s take advantage of those Sky boxes
8454s however it does look like both of these
8456s teams are just going for the static
8457s mirror match lockup of the full hard
8460s meta coming on through Claire I know
8462s you're teasing the road talk I've been
8465s burnt by the spawn teasers before it's
8467s gonna be a Winston
8469s oh for sure right right okay no actually
8474s gonna lock the lock the hog I mean you
8476s can I guess it's interchangeable let's
8478s see the first time we're gonna see a
8479s roadhog versus Winston stylistic matchup
8481s that isn't just on top of uh you know
8483s insult to injury like in the previous
8485s series were but now United chaos already
8487s go forward and then they find the early
8488s pick on the Vegas knee but at the same
8489s time Claire to find a trade back onto
8491s the Winston they'll take that right
8493s United chaos are going to be down there
8494s Winston now mochi's up one and still
8496s have the roadhog car as well on this
8499s Boardwalk is going to be extremely tanky
8500s and also self-sustainable so United and
8502s Chaos can't even Peak to try to trade
8504s out any of these picks because then
8506s they're opening themselves up to get a
8507s hugs and instead it's actually going to
8509s be the swap of the Winston onto the
8511s roadhog this team has been watching
8512s Korean contenders oh getting to see a
8514s roadhog over the Winston as the damage
8517s burst outs there for the hog allowing
8519s Mochi to be able to move forward yet
8521s another cheeky pick unhook onto slee who
8525s is going to be able with that tank here
8527s helpful to be able to keep themselves
8529s alive but still all of this is point
8531s percentage and still coming through from
8532s Mochi but there's the book on declare
8534s we're talking sticking around a little
8535s bit too long as United can chaos finally
8537s breaking out of Choke yeah unfortunately
8539s for Claire's Lee had a very very good
8541s hook this lot backed by the way in which
8543s they swapped a while ago now we're gonna
8544s go towards that point Friday look for
8546s picks here and actually Force the United
8548s sorry Mochi to fall back off this point
8550s sunshine and sneaky Kirby both gonna go
8553s down the point flips over to 39 as
8555s United chaos take control and they're
8557s gonna have ultimates to match mochi's
8559s next fight Mochi however going to have
8561s that Kitsune Rush already built up to
8563s try to crack choke hold and as a result
8566s United and Chaos not holding as
8567s aggressive as Mochi were when they were
8570s in that defensive position in kinetic
8572s holding on to the sidebar trying to keep
8574s uniting chaos in this fight long enough
8576s for Wolverine to be able to hit a casino
8577s rush off their own there's Mochi using
8580s that rush to try to get back onto that
8581s point so they can at least try and find
8583s the flip
8585s Clara has that hog ultimate but in the
8587s meanwhile the overclock available for
8588s rain the whole hog is available and is
8590s going into the back line but
8591s unfortunately not a lot of disruption
8592s until Claire actually hooks right after
8594s the whole hog but at the same time
8596s sleeve takes down Claire on the other
8597s side now to sojourn for a roadhog and it
8600s looks like mochi's not willing to fight
8601s without theirs so they're gonna back up
8603s after that in chaos actually did a
8604s pretty good job holding on the point
8606s we're playing tank roulette at the
8607s moment off the roadhog on to the erisa
8611s ghost Claire trying to use things like
8613s the javelin spin as well as the floor to
8615s just push on to sleep deny over the
8618s health heel or the hook from coming on
8620s out and catching one of these marching
8621s members out early as unfortunately
8623s sneaky Kirby does get picked down and
8627s there again that hurt coming on through
8628s it is going to be the shift to make sure
8630s that you at least have the golden armor
8632s to prevent any follow through damage but
8634s fortify is not going to cover the
8636s entirety of your teeth as sleepers
8639s forward and finds the reaper instead
8641s that's a good pick from slee as they
8644s started Winston now onto the hog proved
8647s to actually Force Claire off of hog will
8649s just went through its their sheer hooks
8651s so now they fall back to the point
8652s actually 83 on the board they're gonna
8654s have that Reaper they'll probably have
8655s another katuni Rush building up soon so
8657s mochi's gonna have to go hard with some
8658s sport ultimates they pop the beat drop
8660s over Kylie with that report waiting for
8662s them to push into point but it's too
8664s little too late they come on to play
8665s with the referral and in the meantime
8666s Mochi actually come through after the
8669s beat referral and engage was perfect for
8671s them to take control of the point yet
8672s again it's so ironic that Kylie who was
8674s waiting in that corner promotion to try
8676s and get us with a death Blossom of their
8677s own unfortunately she goes down plus I'm
8681s already used violiquin off of the back
8683s of the Lucy sign bar to cover her it's
8686s not Mochi have been able to find that
8688s flip and choke control coming back in
8690s full for this team Curry still has that
8691s death while some could potentially be
8693s able to teleport into the back line of
8695s the team to be able to use it as a
8696s distraction as much holding on to that
8698s continuous gorgeous disruptive Charlotte
8700s as well preventing chaos from breaking
8702s out of that cover forcing Mochi to being
8705s able to use that rush and keeping United
8706s stuff up in these rooms
8709s sweater still alive in the back line
8710s Sunshine finds Wayne here comes that
8712s Reaper ultimate for the Zuzu was
8713s perfectly placed in the javelin shoves
8715s right into the heart of Kylie's slee
8716s does find Claire with the whole hog but
8718s if a reset is going to come through it
8720s should be now but sleep says no we want
8722s to win now the hook Harley Quinn they
8724s pop the katuni rush and now they're
8726s moving forward towards this coin against
8727s no tank the overclocks on the point of
8729s sunshine but it's against the beat drop
8730s they have no heels of their own so
8731s they're trying to play their lives so
8732s they don't get hooked by slea on the
8734s other side told a little bit of
8735s overclock is wasted now they Pop the
8736s disruptor Shot onto the point but now
8738s sleep comes to the outside with that
8739s hook ready to go then she took Point
8741s Flip at the same time now comes that
8743s Aristo ultimate slams into the ground
8744s but no kill follow-up just yet Claire
8746s forced to try to live and play their
8748s life at the same time rain popping the
8749s over clock on the other side has the
8751s space put his boobs off the map by Vegas
8753s Stein mega stone at the same time but
8756s kinetic also boops Harlequin so it's a
8757s one for one trade but without the
8759s overclock and the soldier how much can
8760s you really do kinetic says a lot because
8762s they go into the back line but now the
8764s Beat Drops forced to commit for motion
8765s at the same time they don't have any
8766s ultimates just two supports in orisa how
8769s much can they really do Harlequin died
8771s with the referral the United and Chaos
8773s are still healthy on this point get the
8774s hook as well Kylie with the
8775s follow-through damage and what a Boop
8778s what a play from kinetic to allow United
8779s and chaos to follow through damage on
8782s the Harlequin who had that Reaper old
8784s ready to go and secure that team fight
8785s for Mochi aggressive lucios are living
8789s for this matter Dustin they are living
8791s their best lives ever since OverWatch
8794s tea dropped and it really is just that
8797s losing your difference coming on through
8799s all the side of United and Chaos kinetic
8802s is able to find their way into that
8804s backline picks up two kills didn't ice
8806s Harlequin from being able to use death
8807s Blossom as well to control center of
8809s that point forces clear to have to go
8811s aggressive and try and find that pick on
8813s Tuesday the javel in the floor was
8814s really good onto the roadhog but
8816s unfortunately the orisa is just chunked
8819s down so quickly once fortified and
8821s javelin's been without as we head over
8824s towards control center is this where we
8826s get to see the junker at Haley's already
8828s picked up
8830s all right a little bit of junk right
8831s Edge play Kylie gonna go roll out on it
8833s towards that inside white room or they
8835s want to control a hard mochi's going to
8837s be well aware of that after this seal of
8838s those mines come out and they opt to
8840s actually control the white room versus
8841s the junk threat now slee goes into the
8843s back line knowing that they have that
8844s took out support but they're actually
8845s hit by that Javelin meanwhile the other
8847s side so sleeves forced to fall back hold
8849s the shield up as Kylie pumps and spam
8851s but they're gonna need to start finding
8853s shots in soon because the other side
8854s Reign backed on the flank now they pull
8857s they have full control of white room
8858s Pops to the softer shots mezuzu's forced
8860s to pop but Carla Quinn on the other side
8862s binds to finds Kylie finds connect as
8865s United and Chaos actually tried to push
8866s out of white room and get that point
8867s control as the point unlocked but Mochi
8869s had it on Lock and flipped the point in
8871s their favor I feel so sorry for slay
8874s trying to play Reinhardt into Harissa do
8877s you know what sleece has my sentiment
8878s immediately she's gonna swap off the
8880s Reinhardt the fight pick of fire strikes
8882s get eaten by the javelin spin that
8884s unfortunately the throw of the javelin
8885s can immediately cancel out your charge
8887s and just immediately catch you since you
8888s drop that Shield it forces you to swap
8890s onto that roadhog because I also into
8892s Reinhardt is just an unfair matchup
8894s would be so it's always going to win
8895s Slayer on the road again looking for
8897s that
8902s pick that's not one critical feel on the
8904s kiriko
8905s it's a huge opening pick but
8907s unfortunately it was one for one so now
8909s they're half to play Slow waiting for
8911s their teammate to respawn mochi's gonna
8913s have some ultimates they have that over
8914s the clock ready to go and although he's
8916s going to the point again here he goes
8917s for another Atletico for another hook
8919s doesn't unfortunately find it just yet
8920s now it has to back up towards me got a
8922s hook onto the tank round they're on the
8923s erisa The kasune Rush pop from Wolf
8925s right on the other side sneaky Kirby
8927s doesn't have theirs just yet but
8928s sunshine has to play back look for some
8930s sneaky off-angle overclock shots but
8932s doesn't find it just yet waiting for
8933s that katuni rush now the over the erisa
8935s drops on the front line the hook comes
8937s out but immediately Javelin but they're
8939s gonna have that roadhog ultimate in just
8940s a moment Sunshine goes incredibly
8942s aggressive because they know the hook is
8943s not there and now the katsune rushes pop
8945s the flea slams player into the corner
8947s and blows them up with that whole hog so
8950s Claire's out of the fight against Junior
8951s Rush is here so they're gonna have to
8952s force the beat drop harlequin's getting
8954s this rebolt it's gonna have to be huge
8956s otherwise United and Chaos are heavily
8958s in control in this fight referrals
8960s available do they go for it they still
8961s have Point control Kylie forced to shift
8963s so nobody has earned for them so they're
8965s not here actually sustained to the
8966s report Harley Quinn they go for it but
8968s the Tuesdays popped so no Ulster found
8970s no kills are found as rain on this side
8972s pops the overclock the Dodges come
8973s through from sunshine on the other side
8975s the overclock can't it find the one shot
8977s no the Lucio movement's too good but
8979s unfortunately it gets it too little too
8980s late now at the same time at the same
8982s time can they get Harlequin Kylie with
8983s the Repro gets player as well so finally
8986s at the other side gunning chaos flip
8988s things around in Mochi they committed a
8990s bit of ultimates but United chaos Now
8991s flip the points Moshi are actually
8993s really happy with how that fight panned
8996s out they were able to stall to 96 yes
8998s they use a lot of odds United and Chaos
9000s had to use ultimates to be able to win
9002s and as a result Mochi have gone through
9004s choke for free they can immediately just
9006s Splinter onto this point taking off
9008s angle for Sunshine who's so close to
9010s building over the clock and immediately
9012s ejects United in chaos who have no
9014s ultimates other than this rush to try
9016s and turn this fight around
9017s can they do it I mean they don't really
9019s have anything they're gonna actually pop
9020s even though they're down in this fight
9022s and they still have Point control to
9024s work with so the katune rush is forced
9026s to overclock just force as well maybe
9027s they wanted to pop ultimate so this
9029s isn't too bad genetic chaos although
9030s they use that ultimate they're gonna
9032s have a beat drop soon but they don't
9033s really have too many members that can
9035s deal a lot of damage on this point
9037s although it's still in control for them
9039s to be drop committed for kinetic Mochi
9041s still in this fight as well the reaper
9043s is available for Harlequin once more
9045s there's no beat to help anybody on the
9047s side and sunshine and Claire combined
9049s for two the reaper roll finds the back
9051s line and mochi looked to equalize onto
9054s control the point still not flip Jack
9056s because sleazers on wrecking ball three
9058s percent two percent can anybody touch it
9061s doesn't look like it and mochi make it
9063s one to one on the Zhang Tower We're
9065s Going the Distance we're jetting off to
9068s Gardens and unfortunately United and
9070s carols they have no choice but to for
9071s when that could say no Ash in that last
9073s fight the point percentage is too far
9075s against them they've just lost one of
9077s their players he has to come back onto
9079s that Hammond the only way they're
9080s turning the title of that fight is if
9082s off the back of Rush they're able to
9083s find a pick and use it to build
9086s ultimates up super quickly to contest
9088s Mochi who with that Olive angle from
9090s sunshine just comes in with the surgeon
9092s pulls into that Royal gun charge and
9094s then goes absolutely ham and it's moving
9096s over to Gardens this is potentially
9098s where we get to the winstons coming into
9100s play it's maybe gonna be a little bit
9103s more daunting for some of those tank
9104s players to actually hard lock into it
9106s given the fact that we did actually see
9108s the tank top having to come through on
9109s night market and as a result it is only
9112s going to be United in chaos who decide
9114s to feel the winter
9116s okay the orisa being a staple for Mochi
9118s at the moment after they did lock that
9120s roadhog in the first round now pretty
9122s much hard locking that orisa looking for
9124s that Winston on the front line slee
9126s taking a lot of pressure incoming player
9128s pushes the side of United chaos back and
9130s Harlequin actually finds Kylie so now
9132s they push forward across the bridge to
9134s move off the map but no teleport back
9135s Knick only gets one it's a worthwhile
9138s trade-off for them but not in chaos
9140s they're still missing everybody in Mochi
9141s are first in control and there's this
9144s will pull into the roadhog this is why
9145s it was really risky the good news isn't
9147s OverWatch 2 you do retain a maximum of
9149s 50 of your old charge so the swap on to
9152s the roadhog off the Winston is not going
9154s to cost United in chaos that aspect it
9157s has caused them the fight and
9158s subsequently it's caused some initial
9160s Point control and they're actually
9161s having to force their way through white
9163s room rather than going on to bridge for
9164s fear of being knocked off by the Euros
9166s the old Lucio
9167s yeah on the point Sunshine looking for a
9169s back line with that overclock but only
9171s sees the road hog so no targets just yet
9173s now goes for the back line but doesn't
9175s hit the shot necessarily on terrain
9176s however the fall through damage is there
9178s for Mochi coming around the back side to
9180s stop that flank from happening but Lee
9182s just actually shuts down Sunshine by
9185s themselves but Harlequin and Claire
9186s follow through I have to Javelin and
9188s katune rush for Mochi yeah a little bit
9191s of an unnecessary keeps in your rush to
9193s be honest but I get why Mochi are just
9194s wanting to lock these fights into
9196s position the problem for United and
9198s Keras is that the main way to counter
9200s this Larissa isn't in the roadhog it's
9202s actually in rain and rain is Target
9205s focused Numero Uno for Mochi every
9208s single time we see that Soldier and they
9210s are just being hounded either by
9211s sunshine or Vegas stun going in on that
9213s later into that backline forcing Rin
9215s away so they can't just not clap
9219s now United chaos come through the white
9220s room once again but they don't have a
9222s lot of Shield tags to get through here
9224s now the katuni rushes pop the pre-fire
9225s hook connects on the Harlequin but the
9227s sustainers they are also the fact the
9229s reaper is a little bit tanky they can't
9230s get the kill meanwhile on the other side
9231s Reign trying to look for backline Kylie
9233s somehow falls off the map on Tracer rain
9235s goes down to Sunshine in United and
9238s chaos everything's falling apart really
9239s is chaos at the corrupt moment for them
9241s popping the road hog popping a beat drop
9244s as well but you're down three how do you
9246s win this fight it's only off the back of
9248s sleaze hooks but they missed one hook
9249s now they're coming back under this fight
9251s and sunshine hits those shots on the
9252s Kylie again into the overclock Sleek
9255s can't hit those Hail Mary hooks now
9257s Reaper comes into the back line the
9258s zuzu's puffed they do sustain through
9261s that Reaper Reign on the other side pops
9263s over clock but goes down to Sunshine
9264s once again it's only sleeve to find a
9266s lot of the damage here if you're not in
9268s the chaos under the point to find two
9269s Vegas on does go down to the fight as
9272s well but Claire they have that original
9273s they can go forward onto this roadhawk
9275s to make sure they don't find a lot of
9276s Damages who's popped now they know that
9278s the Rissa should be big from Claire on
9280s to the point ghostly Sleek goes in the
9282s back line connect us by Harlequin and
9284s Kylie is back in this fight finally but
9285s at the same time sunshine has been shot
9287s after Sean taking Wolf Rider down on the
9290s continue to watch some point the erisa
9291s to finally take out sleeve and mochi
9294s clean through United chaos after a
9296s pretty hectic round they'll give them
9298s legang Tower I am so happy to get to see
9301s Euros to six she's honestly my
9304s favorite attack
9305s she's terrifying too this is the thing
9308s erisa isn't really meta in terms of time
9312s carers because of just how quickly she
9314s gets deleted her head hitbox is pretty
9316s much unchanged from OverWatch one so the
9319s surgeon just gets to farm Royal gun
9322s charge off of her usually and then
9324s absolutely melt her into tiny little
9327s molten pieces of fortified gold the
9329s problem for United and chaos is that
9331s they're not getting that time to be able
9333s to ramp up into the Royal gun all charge
9335s and so Claire is free to just peek won
9338s the team is pushing in hit a javelin
9341s block the hook with the spin and
9344s immediately make sure that she's
9345s actually able to book it behind cover
9347s when the roadhog starts to push forward
9349s when the sojun is looking to find her
9351s and instead it's Sunshine with those off
9354s angles playing from the far black who's
9356s built up the Royal gun all charge has
9358s that snipe available and the second that
9360s ring tries to look for that Peak and
9362s find the erisa her location is picked
9364s out and immediately everyone on emoji
9366s just jumps on that poor surgeon
9368s fantastic team play from Team Mochi and
9370s Claire and sunshine specifically but
9371s ladies and gentlemen we're going to
9372s short break when we come back we'll be
9374s coming into map number two and this has
9376s been the closed series religion Tower
9378s was incredibly close so we'll be right
9379s back with Mount number two see you guys
9381s shortly
9385s [Music]
9398s thank you
9400s [Music]
9423s foreign
9434s [Music]
9441s [Music]
9458s foreign
9459s [Music]
9497s foreign
9498s [Music]
9524s thank you
9526s [Music]
9529s foreign
9531s [Music]
9559s [Music]
9565s welcome back to the calling all heroes
9567s Challenger cup qualify number two and we
9568s are coming in mid-series versus United
9570s case or United and chaos and team Mochi
9572s and thus far on map number one it was
9575s looking to be close but like you
9576s mentioned with you know Claire on the
9578s arrest of those swaps coming out it's
9579s been very very good for United or sorry
9582s for Mochi after they made those
9584s Transitions and after they made those
9585s swaps yeah we were having a little bit
9587s of a discussion in the dime time because
9589s obviously having lost that control map
9591s it is not going to be up to United in
9593s chaos to try and figure out which map
9594s they want to take us to so far today
9597s we've only seen back-to-back picks of
9598s King sorrow I think we might actually
9600s get to see something like Paradiso
9602s coming on through it yeah I get a
9604s response
9605s we didn't know you're right
9608s this was my favorite because slea has
9611s been trying to hard Force this Winston
9613s match up right every single time we've
9615s seen her she's been wanted to come out
9616s from Winston from the gecko both on
9618s every single map borrowing control
9620s center on lijiang you don't really want
9623s to run into an erisa on I can involved
9626s all King's Row Winston probably has the
9628s best bet of being able to successfully
9630s stay picked on Prairie so just because
9633s you can jump over the first block of
9635s High Ground where the Defenders tend to
9637s Hole up especially if there's no risk
9638s that they have to turn around and then
9640s you can punish them as you catch them
9641s around the corner especially heading
9643s into Street space the Aristo is a little
9645s bit clunkier to make workers while you
9647s don't have that massive level of High
9648s Ground Control that the Winston is
9650s really able to transition between which
9652s does allow the DPS a lot more room to
9654s work with
9656s yeah I mean I'm curious to see if slee's
9657s gonna actually play that win soon
9658s instead of playing the roadhog because
9660s they seem pretty or they seem pretty
9662s evident that they wanted to swap off it
9663s quite frequently and go to that roadhog
9665s because maybe that's a bit more of a
9666s comfort pick right playing that roadhog
9669s maybe playing a little bit more on that
9671s flank angle and doing those hooks and
9673s getting those plays off because you know
9674s it's been a little bit of a hard time
9675s for rain on that sojourn to get a lot of
9678s value they've they're going for flanks
9679s they're doing these sort of things but
9680s it seems like Mochi just has them on red
9683s where they're just continually looking
9684s for that so Jordan and ready in position
9686s at the back of the map to take them out
9688s even on those flanks uh here's another
9690s thing you know I didn't kill us because
9691s I actually Retreat back on too I and
9693s that is zarya it is the zarya Nerf
9696s Patrol bubbles do last the last and have
9698s longer cooldowns but what you still can
9700s do is Melt With The Beam it goes through
9703s the javelin spin right which is one of
9704s the Earth's main ports of Defense but
9707s knows Lee is going to commit on to the
9709s hog they are still gonna try and run
9711s into Claire on this arrest and this is
9713s my main concern because the hog's
9714s defensive capability is counted when you
9716s get a job in front of your shoulder yeah
9719s and imagine telling somebody that orisa
9721s and hog are going to be both the tank
9722s the only tank characters in 2022 that's
9725s crazy what meta we are in today but
9728s sunshine has the with railgun shot over
9730s the top side horses the roadhog hook so
9732s now player goes low onto the point for
9733s the sus to keep them healthy and the
9735s hook comes out perfectly timed from slee
9737s just looking for Harley Quinn one of the
9739s mean side Reign is traded on one for one
9740s so now you're downrange player does go
9743s low at the opposite side but they're
9745s still healthy still kept alive but
9747s sleeve with a perfectly timed hooked and
9748s on the top side they peeing out Sunshine
9750s so they force sunshine to back up now
9752s the Lucio here on the front line Kylie
9754s is just free to run rampant on that
9756s Lucille now Mochi has to back up into
9759s their science they're like around this
9760s point right now Moxie they're just
9761s constantly flanking where she can still
9764s controls Harlequin is coming back on the
9765s Tracer to be able to solve still trying
9768s to find these specs onto United and
9770s carols but it is going to be wolf Rider
9773s and sleigh coming in with the two kills
9775s necessary to try and cement that
9777s position on this point but she still has
9779s a couple of players left alive but they
9780s don't have Point control and we are
9782s going to see United and Chaos break into
9783s Street space
9785s yeah I mean pretty tough point there for
9786s Claire unfortunately needed a ton of
9788s healing at that point I wonder who they
9790s really got shredded by I guess it was
9791s Kylie on that Reaper to pump that damage
9794s and declare but now this other opposite
9795s side Marx he's done in chaos they're
9797s getting that forward positioning yeah
9798s this is The Higher Ground Control uh the
9800s urissa is really going to find a lot of
9803s disadvantage having to deal with as a
9806s sneaky Kirby is picked out by the
9807s welcome fur coming for from rain as that
9810s surgeon with the folding position with
9812s The High Ground Control is able to just
9814s rain fire and death upon the forces of
9817s Mochi who have no choice but to regroup
9819s or wait for the surgeon they can't
9821s contest if they can't afford to give
9823s more all charge away to the other side
9825s yeah on the other side sleet is going to
9827s have that Hoggle they're gonna have that
9829s katsune Rush Mochi only going to be
9831s relying on that overclock nicotine will
9833s actually onto the point has that hog
9835s still at the same time at the top side
9837s the hook comes through so he has been
9839s perfect for those but sneaky Kirby to
9840s pop that suzu keeps them alive and
9842s sunshine is the one to find the first
9844s pick but sleeve yet again hook after
9846s hook Whole Hog to find two has been
9849s pumping in so much damage on the front
9851s line just needs a little bit of help
9853s from their back line it's not even gonna
9855s fall still getting hooked continuously
9857s on the front line the Beat Drops
9858s committed to keep sleep still alive but
9860s Harlequin is just delaying this payload
9862s for Claire to come back and now Kylie's
9864s gonna have that Reaper nothing to delay
9866s besides that Javelin strike but at the
9868s same time slee hits a hook on eclair at
9870s the opposite side now that beat drop
9872s available for Mochi there can they can
9874s use it whenever they want but they opt
9875s to play a little bit slow here Moxie and
9877s look for hooks yeah this corner is
9879s brutal a lot of time attacking teams
9880s need an ultimate to be able to break
9881s through a thousand dollars my business
9883s is a defensive terrorist age coming
9884s through from
9888s is actually able to take out kinetic
9891s without Lisa it's going to be pretty
9893s hard for United and chaos to be able to
9895s try to disengage as Mochi decided to
9896s immediately put the foot on the pedal
9899s there's the forward momentum provided
9901s with the Lucio when you have all of the
9902s aggression in the world and United and
9905s Chaos again just not really able to set
9906s the ultimate up as fast as they want to
9908s off of a really gorgeous disrupter shot
9910s coming through from Sun drone denying
9913s them control of the higher ground so
9914s that Kylie is forced to weed it out
9916s allowing Claire to get in position two
9918s side Tower search allows more to full
9919s control the fight form start to finish
9921s here's the United chaos they have to go
9923s with some ultimate to your sleeve trying
9924s to create some space on the front line
9926s but Moki the one to engage first into a
9929s hog ultimate which is a little bit hard
9930s for them to continue to push actually
9932s finds player with this overclaw can rain
9934s finally find that damage they're looking
9935s for looking for the back line no it's
9937s Sleek to find the hooks continuously
9939s rain with the disruptor shot with the
9940s fall through damage but slee has been a
9942s standout player for the United NK on his
9945s side as they continue to push through
9947s the streets phase the timing isn't too
9949s shabby if they continue to find the
9950s picks here they can come to the street
9952s this third phase with quite a bit of
9954s time yeah they've been able to deal with
9955s the Orissa as well coming from better on
9957s this map than they were in previous and
9959s a lot of it is just coming down to them
9961s getting aggressive and putting
9962s themselves all into forward positioning
9964s to deal with it's not just time to
9966s Slayer it's not just time to rain
9967s everyone is pressuring clay into using
9969s things like the Fortified the javelin
9970s Pro and it's been very early on as there
9973s immediately is the forward movement from
9975s so the javelin spin to prevent sleep
9976s from getting a Pick Off from the player
9978s caught on that hook brilliant peeled
9980s coming through form the whole Wars are
9982s not able to find a pick onto United and
9984s Chaos just delayed the problem
9986s backing up Mochi the ones to go first
9988s always what a javelin on to Wolf Rider
9991s at that back line in United and Chaos
9994s stunted we're trying to hold on to
9995s ultimates for the next fight but Mochi
9997s they're gonna have that Reaper they're
9998s gonna have a wrestle and a Beat Drop
9999s coming up soon yeah you know I don't
10001s care I was going to have that death
10002s while some pretty soon they're gonna be
10004s able to combo that whole hog and sound
10007s bar if they really want to be able to
10008s have some forward push but marchy
10010s holding on to the tarot surgeon death
10012s Blossom which can together can be an
10013s absolute deadly combination in its own
10016s right there's the terror so it's no
10018s follower for from the deck or some
10019s Harlequin holding on to the alt
10020s restraint and immediately going to be
10022s punished for a terror so just brilliant
10024s of holding players into position but
10026s kill potential it does not have the
10028s charger time too long and immediately
10031s United and Chaos take full advantage of
10033s the fact that Claire in the ultimate
10035s form was a little bit too static in her
10037s positioning
10038s tough because Reaper I mean you have to
10039s look for that suzu right I mean it's
10041s just so hard to get a reapered off when
10043s you know the kariko has a suzu for it to
10046s just counter out all that damage yeah
10047s what you ideally want to do is
10049s tell us like to bait the suzu and then
10051s death will swim over the top but that
10052s doesn't happen oh yeah
10053s it would have been a smart play
10054s unfortunately for them it just took too
10056s long to set up and now they have to go
10057s to the other side the two Zoo popped for
10059s United and Chaos lead going aggressive
10061s for those hooks it'll be putting a lot
10062s of pressure onto Mochi with this
10064s aggressive roadhog play style be drop
10066s committed they go forward into United
10067s counts they really can't sustain too
10069s much longer as Sunshine finds rain and
10072s it's just honestly with the hook but
10073s it's right into an erisa shift and erisa
10075s has been playing so well for team moti
10077s now they continue to push forward look
10079s to find these picks Sunshine but a
10080s disrupting shot just to make sure clyley
10083s can't find that damage and nutting chaos
10085s are stopped here again in this third
10087s phase Mercy holding on to the stroke as
10090s well will still have the death Blossom
10092s overclock and Kitsune rush to keep
10094s United and Chaos stunted in at this
10096s payloads movement not going too
10097s aggressive this time either because
10101s Sunshine goes down into a very early
10104s pick from the kiriko and immediately the
10106s floodgates are opened United in chaos
10108s punishing Mochi from really holding on
10110s to that death Blossom a little bit too
10112s long caught out again in that static of
10114s the ultimate and again they're just
10116s having to back away one player down
10118s giving up so much distance on the
10120s payload to get a rigor so you can
10122s recontest before the Finish Line
10123s overclock on the side Sunshine pops it
10126s now can they find the damage it looks
10127s like that it's using a sustain trying to
10129s run from the killer the DVD killer of
10132s sleeve on the other side who's been on
10133s the downside but at the same time rain
10135s pops the ultimate chase down by
10136s Harlequin so the overclock is negated
10138s but Sleek does trade back sneaky Kirby
10140s on the side now they're over the erisa
10142s does pop the ultimate the roadhog
10144s ultimate can't really find enough damage
10145s here the Susu pop to sustain them with
10148s 30 seconds left Siege is looking to
10149s reset fast here Mochi the only down the
10152s only upside here for United chaos now
10153s Moxie is they can Mochi committed every
10155s Ultimate in their last fight yeah but
10156s United and carols don't have a lot that
10158s they're working with either side power
10160s tutorial installs please actually having
10161s to go on to the erisa to try to go Pony
10164s versus Pony against Claire trying to
10166s bait out a couple of those utilities and
10168s keep yourself sustaining in that fight
10170s for long enough absorbing some of the
10172s projectile damage coming through from
10173s sunshine the bike lane as well because
10175s we're about to hit overtime United and
10176s Chaos have to stall until these
10177s ultimates are online
10185s what a good pick what a great pick on a
10187s kinetic the positioning by Harlequin
10189s last second when it mattered most
10191s overtime ticks down now they're down too
10193s many members they don't have a beat drop
10195s and that was everything the hopes and
10197s dreams is not in chaos to close out on
10199s uh on this map is not gonna happen for
10202s them and what a Hold by Mochi that made
10205s me just become the most instrumental
10209s pick of the entire series coming through
10212s between these two teams
10214s if kinetic had been able to survive and
10216s they'd been able to build up to their
10218s science barrier stall potential is that
10220s United chaos could have bought into a
10222s couple more of those ultimates they had
10224s the sustainability from the science bar
10226s they didn't have to worry about
10227s ultimates coming online for Mochi
10229s anytime soon because the ultimate
10231s economy was pretty Barren for both teams
10233s the kinetic goes down and immediately
10236s the tide has turned against United and
10238s Chaos without that loses here to be able
10240s to speed boost them onto payload it
10242s becomes a race for a players throw
10244s themselves onto the payload and they
10245s don't have the sustain to live through
10247s it
10248s and just to to shot her out I mean slee
10251s has been phenomenal on this roadhog I
10252s mean the amount of pressure that sleep
10254s has been putting down just going in Hook
10256s after hook even like before the fight
10258s begins monsters he keeps us running in
10260s and just getting an early hook getting
10262s damaged on range and sometimes resulting
10264s in picks for like wolf Raider and other
10265s members of united in chaos and that's
10267s exactly what you want to see from your
10269s roadhog player right you want her to be
10271s aggressive you want her to look for
10273s those picks because it opens up this
10274s composition even if it doesn't result on
10276s a kill it forces Mochi out of position
10279s it forces Claire to have to push forward
10281s and answer back with aggression of her
10282s own and that's what everyone else can
10284s just walk past the erisa and pick apart
10286s the team behind her and that's what was
10288s happening that's what was happening when
10289s we saw United and chaos is continuously
10291s pushing that card and applying all of
10293s that pressure but that slows down on
10295s point C and as a result they don't get
10297s to find that full push Lee however off
10299s of that performance is going to be
10301s feeling a lot safer on this war talk now
10303s on the defense once again looking to try
10305s and yank some of these players out on
10307s position as much she having to burn a
10309s lot of abilities to just peek that
10311s corner and take High Ground
10313s let's find those flank angle is gonna be
10314s this tough to deal with sleeve for but
10316s sleep opting to play with the team here
10318s sunshine gets poked down a little bit
10320s low on mochi's side but sunshine has
10322s been phenomenal so far on this sojourn
10325s look for railgun shots on the back line
10327s pokes rain down low slee gets taken a
10329s low during
10331s warthog taken out of it by the javelin
10333s from Claire so perfect timing from them
10334s and mocks you called that I mean this
10336s just counters the roadhog the orisa just
10338s putting so much pressure into sleep
10340s whenever Sleek tries to go for that heel
10342s it's immediately canceled by a javelin
10344s now the disruptor shot also there to
10346s push back not into chaos and now the
10348s coming in Weak everybody low but rain
10349s finally finds the opening pick but no oh
10352s they don't even touch the point
10355s to be fair they are being zoned out by
10358s an eraser and a surgeon
10361s but yeah no one touches the point United
10364s NK was unfortunately now going to have
10367s to fall back into Street space as Moji
10370s going to be able to take High Ground
10371s Control Sunshine building up towards
10374s that overclock still surviving gonna be
10376s able to hold a royal gun fire charged up
10379s already in this fight above Reign's head
10381s look it up as a disruptor shot to block
10383s off The High Ground making sure that
10385s ring doesn't get to go towed so on even
10386s ground as overclock is in play there's
10389s gonna be a very early Rush coming
10390s through from United Spirit
10394s fights before the attackers were ready
10397s to take it they're just trying to make
10399s sure that they shut down player because
10400s Mochi has been going first marks him and
10402s they've been doing a good job at
10403s pressing the alt Keys first but United
10405s Kingdom is perfect katuni Rush from Wolf
10406s writer gives them that stability that
10408s they need Donald knows even to shut down
10410s Clyde that was the shutdown Sunshine
10411s they know that rain hasn't got to go the
10413s clock to go touch there with Sunshine
10414s they also know that rain is respawning
10416s so the Royal gun all fire is not going
10418s to be at the same level of charge United
10419s girls have to go with the rock to eject
10421s sunshine on the fourth position of the
10423s soldier and obviously not able to find
10425s the hook Mochi immediately gonna be
10427s pushing in with that overclock United in
10429s chaos having have ever managed to fall
10431s back might be able to Bear the brunt of
10433s it but kinetic again gets picked out the
10436s looser you remove no signs barrier you
10439s don't even chaos and I just have to try
10440s and beat as many ultimates from
10441s Oceanside as they can oh my God this
10443s Aristo looks so annoying to play against
10445s and if you don't know in OverWatch
10446s annoying is a compliment it's good to be
10448s annoying in this game sneaky Kirby gets
10450s Lee and also got in kingos fall and look
10453s at this time bank Monty five minutes and
10455s 12 seconds that's so much to capture
10458s Saga as well onto Kylie and wolf right
10462s as it is even more payload distance or
10466s Mochi and yeah we have a whole bunch of
10469s time coming in to be able to get this
10471s payload on to that finish line where
10473s you're looking to wrap up the series and
10475s I think girls however with forward
10476s spawns can still pull this off if
10479s anywhere you can slow a payload down for
10481s absolute eternity it's on a hybrid Point
10483s C so we see United and kill starting to
10485s move forward then not making the first
10487s move at the moment Mochi chunk down
10488s extremely low Vegas I'm still not
10490s actually using that sound bar not being
10492s baited into either
10503s here to keep harlequins Repro continuing
10506s to go forward and off the back of
10507s Sunshine's pick and harlequin's reap
10509s role Mochi looked to close out this map
10512s United chaos have to sustain their
10513s swapsody over to that erisa finally but
10516s it might be too little too late now rain
10517s has to look for the railgun to show the
10519s overclock shot but unfortunately Only
10521s Hits tanks only finds tanks and doesn't
10522s hit the shot on to Vegas then at the
10525s same time sunshine did fall at the same
10526s time so the katuna rushes pop for sneaky
10528s Kirby and wolf Raider this is even thus
10530s far however Mochi are down their sojourn
10533s still coming back into this fight and on
10535s the other side wolf Raider and Reign has
10538s that fully charged railgun shot doesn't
10540s find it just dead and the United cast
10541s want to go forward but both there is
10543s bought their ultimate and in fact it's
10545s sleet to find Vega but at the same time
10547s Sunshine with the overclock finds two
10549s kinetic and wolf Raider are both down
10551s both supports are missing they don't
10552s have those heels anymore and ladies and
10554s gentlemen we are now in The orisa Meta
10557s both arresters traded out one for one
10559s sleeve falls down late sunshine with a
10561s nice little four clay with the overclock
10563s and mochi clean up on pediiso with three
10566s minutes and 20 seconds at the 2-0 for
10568s Mochi over United and Chaos it's an
10571s admirable stall coming for from the
10573s United king carols but it really does
10575s just feel like it was mochi's series but
10578s unfortunately for their opponents Dan
10580s and Chaos were just having to constantly
10582s force to just play reactively on
10585s Claire's Arissa no one expects to have
10588s to go to a store with an erisa in this
10591s matter you look at every single tier
10592s list every single person really sort of
10594s putting that money without my business
10596s saying okay here's the best tanks in
10597s OverWatch I guarantee you you'll hear
10599s Diva you'll hear Winston and you would
10602s have previously heard zarya now you're
10604s probably gonna hear maybe roadhog Orissa
10606s was always towards the bottom end of the
10608s scale middling around with like doomfist
10610s with her Niche picks coming on for as
10612s opposed to someone like Reinhardt and
10614s Hammond who are a little bit lower
10615s towards the scale but arrested
10618s definitely was not considered to be
10619s number one however Claire making it look
10622s extremely as we pointed out annoying to
10625s play into Clarissa is extremely annoying
10627s in OverWatch 2 especially when you're on
10629s that roadhog as yet Javelin cancels out
10632s you'll take abreverability it's really
10635s hard as well to chunk through all of the
10636s armor that she has the fact that she can
10638s immediately get into your face with the
10640s javelin Spin and the movement that it
10642s affords as well as eating up all of
10643s those projectiles puts a lot of pressure
10645s onto the DPS as well to be able to chunk
10648s her down once the fortify runs out and
10650s clear off of all of the distraction that
10652s she was providing for her team was able
10654s to get everyone else so much space that
10656s it was essentially free reign for Mochi
10659s when everything was in their favor
10661s it's just so good the smart plays from
10663s them but guys we'll be going to short
10664s break when we come back we will have an
10666s interview after this so we will be back
10668s in just a moment see you guys shortly
10675s [Music]
10696s [Music]
10711s thank you
10716s [Music]
10736s thank you
10739s foreign
10741s [Music]
10766s [Music]
10779s foreign
10781s [Music]
10801s [Music]
10811s [Music]
10825s thank you
10827s [Music]
10841s [Music]
10850s thank you
10856s hello everyone and welcome back to the
10857s calling on Heroes Challenger cup and we
10859s just closed out the series of qualifier
10861s number two and with us we have one of
10863s the winners from team moch we have
10864s Sunshine with us how you doing Sun uh
10866s Sunshine congratulations on your win hi
10869s thank you uh I'm really good everyone
10871s was really really excited uh after the
10874s last match really loud even though it's
10876s kind of late for all of us live
10879s okay yeah first of all I have to ask
10881s Claire on the erosa
10884s how how exactly does the team make this
10887s work when every other team is just
10889s running Winston or roadhog
10891s um I'm not gonna lie to you I mostly
10894s just like click on them I don't do a lot
10895s of the like strategy uh but I see people
10899s go recent ranked a lot against roadhog
10901s so I don't know maybe maybe it works I
10904s think the javelin spin's pretty it's
10905s pretty powerful
10907s how do you feel as a soldier I'm playing
10909s against the roadhog is it just easy to
10910s build up that uh railgun shot yeah
10912s sojourn versus Hogg is really annoying
10915s for everybody except for me uh because I
10917s just get to farm infinite rails and no
10919s one gets to play the game until I hit a
10921s shot so
10923s so I was speaking then of the surgeon
10926s matchups obviously you were going to
10927s with rain and having to build up relgan
10929s Alpha as well as trying to keep Pace
10931s with overclock how exactly is the
10934s pressure of having to deal with an
10935s amount of damage that the surgeon can
10937s just burst through at any moment from
10938s the other side
10940s it's really important on sojun that you
10944s kind of like keep the enemy surgeon in
10945s check
10947s um and they like you're building real
10948s life as much as possible but before she
10950s can so that you can like have it and she
10952s can't peek you
10953s um but uh my team is really good at like
10956s helping me like calling when she has
10958s rail uh and being aware of that just
10960s makes my life like a lot easier on
10961s children
10962s oh you guys do that a lot you call when
10964s you have rail to make sure you know when
10965s the blue means she has rails she used
10968s she has real she used you share that
10969s every like like seven seconds because
10971s she builds it so fast but it's such an
10972s important call out
10974s yeah no it really is well in this meta
10977s specifically I guess like against the
10978s Warhawk are you guys trying to also be
10979s aware of when uh when that roadhog is
10982s maybe trying to go for a hook and stuff
10983s because I mean sometimes that roadhog
10985s was kind of a a thorn in your guy's side
10987s right absolutely yeah but we managed to
10990s make it work
10994s were you expecting as well the parariso
10997s pick to come on through because
10998s obviously we've seen King's Row you're
11000s the only map really picked on hybrid
11002s today
11003s yeah
11004s um
11005s I'm kind of sick of things bro I'm not
11007s gonna lie I'm a little bit glad it was a
11008s different amount of
11012s yeah I mean Petty so obviously worked
11014s out well for you and I guess in the
11016s sojour matchup specifically last
11017s question for you I mean how do you feel
11019s against the other sojourn you know
11020s taking those duels do you feel
11021s comfortable maybe later on because you
11023s guys are two and one now moving forward
11024s against maybe some of the alteora so
11027s Jordans and some of the other ones in
11028s the tournament
11029s I think I'd sojourn you kind of have no
11031s choice but to have like a living ego uh
11033s because it really is like your job to
11035s like you're the only one that can kill
11037s sojourn with that complim that's like a
11038s hawk gets a hook so I I'm pretty
11040s confident in the future and gapping like
11042s other players on surgeon I'm pretty good
11044s with it
11045s you type in DPS definition
11048s not like that because rain's really good
11050s but surgeon I played against but we were
11052s just better
11055s sounds about right well thank you
11056s sunshine for coming interview
11057s congratulations on your win you look
11059s phenomenal out there and uh thank you
11061s for stopping by
11062s yeah thank you so much have a good day
11065s uh Sunshine from Team Mochi and they
11068s played amazing right I mean that was
11069s such a good series from them against you
11071s know a team like done in chaos where
11072s they put up a fight right that's that
11074s roadhog was really hard to deal with yet
11076s they shut it down as a team Sunshine
11078s played amazing so did Claire on that
11080s orisa and as a team they did a great job
11082s at just countering maybe a little bit of
11084s that roadhog cheese not just the roadhog
11086s as well but like you heard from sunshine
11088s in the interview right they were keeping
11089s a track of Reigns progress making sure
11092s that when they knew that the Royal gun
11093s was ready to fight no one peaked and
11095s then the second they knew had been
11096s expanded that was when Sunshine was able
11098s to really make her move and we saw it
11100s most effectively and brutally I would
11102s say on Legion Gardens you really can see
11104s that they are keeping that surgeon's
11106s positioning in check everyone on the
11108s team is very much aware of Reigns
11110s positioning and then when you're firing
11112s into sleep on the rotor Coupe yeah she's
11114s hitting her hook she's doing a very good
11115s job especially on priority so but just
11118s like erisa you're a walking here box
11120s which means that the surgeon is
11122s constantly farming up all of that damage
11125s and because is always having to move
11126s forward and address in you always if
11129s your Sunshine get the opportunity to
11131s build railgun charge faster than rain
11133s which means as that surgeon defending
11135s not only are you keeping Rogue in charge
11137s from previous fights but you're also
11139s ramping Rogan up faster than your
11141s opponent in the current fight which
11143s allows you to have a lot more control of
11145s tempo it's just so clean from them as a
11147s team I mean what a series for Mochi but
11150s guys we have the standings and our
11152s schedule ready to go so we are going to
11153s swap on over to that as you can see
11155s Pursuit with the 3-0 on the day as are
11158s Dart monkeys but this is the top 16 in
11162s the challengers cup in the qualifiers
11163s number two leading into day two moxie
11166s what do you think we have to look
11167s forward to because obviously it's a bit
11169s of surprise Vancouver Titans blue they
11171s did drop a a a map or sorry a game
11174s earlier on yeah it's going to be a very
11177s close day two as you can see a lot of
11180s these teams Gonna Be Still drawing
11183s around that two wins one loss mark
11185s number one on over buff being one of
11188s those surprises I think they definitely
11190s had some really good chops Unfortunately
11192s they had a very strong matchup that they
11194s had to contest with all of our other
11196s teams sitting on those free back to back
11198s when so Pursuit dark monkeys Timeless
11200s ethereal and out your Nimbus definitely
11204s looking strong contenders to be finding
11206s their way into those top four spots and
11208s making it into the main event qualifying
11210s in December I know for sure dark monkeys
11213s have got to be a personal favorite
11216s oh yeah of course I mean they have some
11218s of the streamer talent that we all know
11219s and love in Aspen and SK and then
11221s barcode and I mean you can go off and
11223s name every person on the roster what a
11225s fantastic job by them but all these two
11228s one in one teams all these 3-0 teams who
11230s signed up for this week or for this
11232s qualifier it's amazing to see I mean
11234s this is going to be a hard top 16 to
11235s crack to make sure you guys can make it
11237s towards that playoff on the final day on
11240s Sunday yeah I mean even if you're not
11242s able to make it into the qualifiers you
11243s can see it means so much to these
11245s players just having this space to be
11247s able to safely build a community and be
11249s able to play at a competitive level so
11252s they can Branch off from here into
11254s places like open division with that
11255s experience in that Bell it really is
11258s great to see it starting to come into
11259s OverWatch 2 is we can have a look at the
11261s schedule because we're wrapping up today
11263s Dustin it is the first day of the free
11266s days in qualifiers number two we're
11268s gonna be back tomorrow though with again
11270s a return to the Swiss stage so same
11273s format formats only going to change on
11275s November 20th of which is when we hit
11277s playoffs and it really goes down to the
11280s wire as we narrow down all of our
11282s participants to the top 16 teams in a
11285s single elimination with the top four
11288s advancing to that Main Event in December
11291s to go alongside all of the teams already
11293s through from the qualifiers of the first
11296s part of calling all heroes and my
11298s goodness what teams are waiting to meet
11301s them on that stage yeah and twenty five
11303s thousand dollar primes pulls nothing to
11305s scoff at I mean that will be the final
11306s event in December and I think every team
11309s here is really fighting for those spots
11312s and I think you mentioned it I mean off
11314s broadcast monks we talked about it I
11316s mean it seems like there's a lot of
11316s teams who signed up on the calling all
11318s heroes.gg website to actually sign up
11321s for this tournament for not only for
11323s players but also for casters they can do
11325s you could do both of those things and
11326s sign up on the website and I think
11328s leading in to the finals in December and
11331s leading into Sunday even even tomorrow I
11333s mean it's such an exciting time because
11334s we have so many teams signing up for
11336s this tournament and are really joining
11338s the community and joining the Discord
11339s and making sure that they can be
11341s involved and actually participate in
11343s such a high quality competitive
11344s tournament we're seeing diversity as
11346s well in terms of hero picks like I am
11347s here to get to see these compositions
11350s come through because when we saw the
11352s finals coming from overshaken it was
11354s literally just a Winston and Winston and
11356s Winston I was like okay with Larry out
11359s of the matter Winston's probably just
11361s gonna be the most picked tanker and then
11364s Korean contenders starting to feel the
11366s roadhog from coming out we're seeing
11368s Claire as well on that last matchup
11370s showing that orisa against roadhog is
11372s still going to have a niche spot in meta
11375s I cannot wait to see what some of these
11377s players are able to come up with in
11379s terms of using all of these changes and
11381s the heroes that they're running up
11382s against to be able to pull some real
11384s curveballs and put a little bit of a
11386s spanner in the work so some of these
11387s teams planning everybody's doing a good
11390s job at just making sure they can regroup
11392s and and make sure they have different
11393s compositions for this week but uh guys
11395s that'll be it for all for us here for me
11397s Dustin in our prod and Moxie it's been a
11400s pleasure having you today and we will
11401s see you tomorrow for day number two of
11403s the Swiss tournament you're not going to
11405s miss it because those seatings matter
11407s for Sunday the final day for the last
11409s qualifiers before qualifier 2N so see
11412s you guys tomorrow this is Dustin and
11414s Moxie out
11421s thank you
11425s foreign
11455s [Music]