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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s [tranquil music]
6s [gong rings]
7s [Kiriko] For generations,
10s my family has served and protected our city...
14s by following traditional paths.
21s My grandmother devoted herself to the Fox Spirit...
26s who taught her the ancient way of healing.
31s Whereas my mother has chosen the path of the blade...
39s ...passing down time-honored skills
42s through training and discipline.
47s I knew each of them wanted me to follow her path...
52s but... I couldn't choose.
56s Training quiets my mind
59s and opens me to the Fox Spirit's guidance.
64s And my bond with her lets me protect those who can't fight for themselves.
71s They both made me feel whole.
75s And they both felt like home.
77s [young Kiriko giggles]
80s For generations,
81s my family has served and protected our city...
85s by following traditional paths.
88s [glitchy electronic music]
90s Me? [chuckles]
92s I made my own.