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563s hey everyone welcome to the OverWatch 2
566s Dev chat we have a stacked lineup of
569s developers and Leadership from Team Four
571s here to talk about us about overwatch's
573s first anime collaboration ever one punch
576s man
577s I'm Jody from the OverWatch team and I'm
579s joined by my epic host Duo cusoe and
582s game director Aaron would y'all like to
584s introduce yourselves
586s yeah sure uh thank you so much Jody I am
589s so thrilled to be here with you today
591s and pick the developer's brain about
593s this super cool collaboration which uh
596s that that one took me by surprise it's
598s not gonna lie when I started popping up
600s on my time and I was like excuse me what
602s now yeah so I can't wait to dig into
604s this
605s yeah I can't wait to also this is a
608s pretty exciting moment to talk about
610s it's like a pretty exciting moment for
612s the team to be able to work with one
614s punch man
615s that's awesome
619s the OverWatch one punch man
621s collaboration uh so you can jump into
623s the game right now and experience it and
626s you know I think our trailer really said
628s it best so in case you missed the
631s YouTube Premiere let's have a look at
633s the OverWatch one punch Man trailer
644s thank you
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661s ready for a knockouts
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696s now that was a serious punch
699s well that was great and I'm so excited
702s to kick off the discussion and to dive
704s in a little deeper uh to where this
707s collaboration originated so Erin can you
710s walk us through kind of the original
712s idea for this collaboration with one
714s punch yeah I'd love to I mean
718s so the the whole team the OverWatch team
720s we we love our game we we love the
723s universe of OverWatch and and telling
725s the stories and showing the
727s personalities of the the different
728s Heroes that we have and the locations
730s that you go to but the OverWatch team
733s doesn't just love OverWatch where where
735s Geeks at heart there's all sorts of
737s other fictional worlds that we've fallen
740s in love with and one punch man it's at
742s the top of the the list for us and so we
746s we want to be able to celebrate other
749s other universes and other characters in
752s other worlds and for us like one of the
755s best ways to do that is to be able to
757s bring them in to our own world and and
761s um play with the characters that we love
764s from from um from one punch man
767s um and the the idea is when we started
769s talking about doing other collaborations
771s with um with other fictional universes
774s and we kind of started zeroing on on
777s anime one punch man and was just at the
779s top of the list because it's it's
782s um
782s it's so endearing to watch and the
785s characters feel like they're they're
788s their their own version of sort of
789s Larger than Life real characters just
791s like we have in OverWatch so it's just
793s like a really great natural fit for us
796s I I'd love to know though where this
799s kind of shift in The Stance is coming
801s from because historically uh the over
803s team was more or less I don't want to
805s say against bringing in other characters
807s or other universes but there's
808s definitely been pushback on that why why
810s does something change
812s yeah there there has been a change it
815s hasn't been overnight it's been it's
817s been a gradual change for the team and
820s when when we first released OverWatch we
822s wanted to be very protective of our
824s heroes and our and our universe and we
827s wanted to keep
829s um we wanted to give it as much space as
831s possible so that people could really
833s understand what our world was like this
836s like amazing inspirational near future
840s Earth with all these really cool heroes
842s in it we wanted people to understand who
844s all those Heroes were but over time we
847s started loosening that even the Skins we
849s started making for those Heroes we
851s started pushing them more we eventually
854s started doing skins of other blizzard
859s um um universes we even did a Bastion
861s skin a Lego Bastion skin at one point so
865s we started opening up once we felt like
868s the world of OverWatch was established
870s enough and then if you if you look at
873s the gaming landscape there's there's a
875s lot of collaborations happening out
877s there and it was really interesting for
880s us to watch some of that happening
883s because it let us analyze what we felt
887s comfortable with and what we wouldn't
888s feel comfortable with that other games
890s were doing so there was this great
892s lesson there was there is collabs out
895s there that that I could get really
896s excited about in other games and we
898s started to look at that and say like hey
900s we want some of that in OverWatch also
902s we want people to be able to look at our
904s game and see other really cool things in
907s it and be able to relate to those and
909s celebrate celebrate those other
911s universes yeah I mean I think the
914s reaction from the community speaks
916s volumes of just how excited everyone was
918s to see one punch man popping off in
921s OverWatch uh so I'm wondering what that
923s means for one punchman now what does it
925s mean for one punishment to exist in the
928s OverWatch Universe yeah okay so I love
931s one punch man watch the series like
933s multiple times and so like first and
936s foremost we just want to like celebrate
938s something that we love inside of our
941s game you know it's just like it's just
943s like pretty amazing the characters in
945s that world that they've developed are
947s are pretty amazing
949s um and so so to do it we we have like
952s our own take on what one punch man looks
955s like inside of OverWatch and it's this
957s take these values that we have will
960s probably bring these forward into the
962s future as we start looking at other
965s collaborations that that we could be
966s doing but first and foremost is is
969s OverWatch it's a it's a pretty
971s competitive very fast-paced game and so
974s at any moment you need to be able to
977s look at look at
979s um the screen in front of you and be
982s able to tell in a split second what your
985s team is doing what the enemy team is
987s doing who they're composed of and all of
990s the the silver wet the animation the VFX
994s the audio effects of all of our heroes
996s are a huge part in players being able to
1000s translate that visual information so
1003s even though we are dressing up
1006s um doomfist let's say as saitama we want
1009s people playing the game to be able to
1012s instantly say that's doomfist over there
1014s so it it's still using doomfist voice
1018s actor it's still using
1020s um the same visual effects or mostly the
1022s same visual effects but everyone will be
1024s able to look at it and be like this is
1026s doomfist running around and on top of
1029s that we we still think of the OverWatch
1032s universe as a cohesive space it it has
1035s its its own history its own lower its
1039s own characters and we want to preserve
1041s that as much as we can so as we bring
1044s the one punch Man characters into
1047s OverWatch
1048s um we're doing it almost as as costumes
1052s that it really are just skins for the
1055s heroes that we have but at the end of
1057s the day we want we want to be able to
1059s represent and celebrate the characters
1062s from one punch man but not to replace
1065s our own
1067s yeah absolutely it's it's kind of like
1069s when we say like doomfist doomfist is a
1072s fan of one punch man he's a fan of
1074s saitama and US putting that in the game
1076s is a reflection of us and like the
1079s OverWatch team like we're really big
1081s fans of one punch as well
1083s yeah you never suspect that doomfist
1086s would be such a fan of such a quirky
1088s character yeah
1091s this is really exciting though and you
1094s know what what does this really mean for
1096s OverWatch and like for the possibility
1099s of baby future collaborations oh okay
1103s um so I mean when we when we launched
1106s OverWatch 2 and we put as much effort as
1110s we could into supporting the game we've
1112s talked a lot about how we've grown the
1114s team a lot and reorganized the team and
1116s we have this this focus of trying to
1120s always be evolving the game to best suit
1123s like the needs and desires of the people
1125s playing it we we just want to always be
1128s making more OverWatch for people and and
1131s for people to see what we're coming out
1132s with and to be excited for it um that's
1136s what this the one punch man
1138s collaboration is about and and we can
1140s see
1141s um online that so far it feels like
1143s people have had like a really positive
1146s reaction to it and they're really
1148s excited about what we're doing and we
1149s even see them put putting out ideas of
1153s other collaborations we can do and
1154s matching Our Heroes up to characters and
1156s other universes and so I think if
1159s something like this goes well it will
1161s just give us the confidence that this is
1163s what players want from us and this is
1165s the sort of thing that we ought to we
1167s ought to keep doing I'm not sure if
1169s we'll ever get to the point where this
1170s is like something we do every single
1173s season we still want
1175s um we still want to push the the
1178s narrative in the world of OverWatch
1180s forward all on its own but this this
1182s could become a regular part of OverWatch
1186s in the future
1188s I mean I wouldn't want that to happen
1190s every season yeah like it should be a
1192s special treat we're getting with it I
1195s like the way you put that there you go
1196s that's that's going to go into the
1198s values it's a special perfect
1201s it's a it's a really cool way to show
1203s that like we're fans of the things that
1205s our community are fans of and you know
1208s we like to geek out over things too and
1211s one punch is really special
1213s relatable we loved it
1217s uh I'm wondering Erin for you or or your
1220s team was there like a really big fan boy
1222s or
1223s fangirlman stared at Cola
1226s okay so
1228s um I love the show there's a lot of
1230s people on the team that love the show
1231s and as we started talking about what it
1234s would mean to translate the show into
1237s OverWatch we had multiple brainstorming
1239s sessions over it and so that's like one
1242s of the funnest parts of this is just
1244s talking about
1246s um what what different characters we
1248s could use you know like tornado kariko
1251s like all of that stuff is really fun but
1254s there are so many different things we
1255s talked about that didn't make it you
1258s know like hey are we gonna be able to
1259s use Garros or sea king or is there some
1262s weird like censored version of like Puri
1265s Puri Reinhardt out there you know it's
1267s just like crazy stuff that we gotta that
1270s we gotta kind of like talk about and
1272s have fun with but um I think that once
1274s we started actually implementing a lot
1277s of this stuff there was there's two
1278s moments the the first was when they
1281s started getting the lobby together of
1283s just that sort of end joke of training
1287s with Hunter push-ups 100 squats you know
1289s the 10 kilometer run like it's a pretty
1292s amazing Lobby we've never really had
1293s something like that before but my
1296s favorite thing was the first time I saw
1298s the Justice crash highlight intro it's
1301s like such an amazing highlight intro and
1304s the funny thing is earlier in season
1306s three we released hanzo's Cupid kiss
1309s highlight intro which I just thought we
1311s would never be able to top right like
1314s that that is like s tier highlight intro
1316s it's so cool and then Justice crash
1319s comes along and it's like oh my God
1320s which one of these is better than the
1322s other so yeah it's just been fun like
1325s all the way around working on it
1328s it's so good soldier is movement writer
1330s makes me so happy like those those two
1332s are actually a match made in heaven
1335s yeah I love it yeah
1338s um not to speak about the balance of
1341s soldier 76 or anything like that you
1344s know maybe they're not a match made in
1346s heaven on that front but yeah maybe not
1348s so for the next balance practice all
1351s abilities
1355s exactly his new uh alternate ability is
1359s like bloody nose or something like that
1361s so there's a guy who helps out on the
1364s sidelines Ren that's it I actually love
1367s Moomin writer he okay this is just my
1369s own take but he feels like the real hero
1372s of that show so like like saitama has
1374s like these massive amazing abilities a
1378s movement Rider doesn't really have any
1379s but he's still like first on the scene
1382s he's always responding he's like the
1384s person that's really putting their life
1386s on the line to help other people even in
1388s like the face of like certain
1391s uh defeat you know yeah no he's showing
1395s up with courage uh so I I respect that
1398s not necessarily with any abilities or
1400s skills which that's unfortunate but a
1403s forever he's answering the call the
1406s world could always use more hero it
1408s really is I love that
1411s I'm so happy that we get to share this
1414s with players now and you know it was
1416s really incredible watching everything uh
1419s go from like that idea the brainstorming
1422s sessions and like becoming a reality and
1424s finally making it to the live game so
1426s everyone
1428s we're super amped we're super amph this
1430s is finally in game this collaboration's
1432s finally live so yep I I am too like
1435s cannot wait for to see people's
1437s reactions to all the things that we have
1439s in the game it's really exciting time
1441s for us
1442s absolutely well thank you Aaron thank
1445s you so much for joining us and giving us
1446s more of an insight into the
1448s collaboration
1449s um yeah this is a legendary moment for
1452s gym for one punch so we we really
1454s appreciate you being here to answer our
1455s questions yeah of course thank you for
1457s having me it was great yeah awesome
1459s thanks Aaron
1461s bye
1464s Zoe and I are joined but two of my
1466s incredible teammates to dive a little
1468s deeper into the development process of
1470s the one punch man collaboration so I'd
1473s love for you guys to introduce to
1475s yourselves and kind of give us a little
1476s insight onto your role in on this team
1479s uh do you mind kicking us off Dion yeah
1482s hey I'm Dion Rogers I'm the art director
1484s for OverWatch 2. uh my name is rakan
1486s kamash I'm a senior character artist on
1488s the OverWatch team I'm responsible for
1489s creating characters and skins that you
1491s guys see in the game awesome
1493s I'm so excited to be able to pick both
1496s of your brains today about this
1498s particular and collaboration so I want
1500s to run back to the very beginning of it
1502s and I want to hear from you why did we
1506s end up with those specific characters
1508s why those specific characters not just
1510s from one punchman but also from the
1512s OverWatch universe
1514s yeah when we first started to think
1516s about okay we're ready to do a
1518s collaboration with an uh an anime one
1521s punch man was a pretty big one for the
1524s team everyone was super excited and so
1527s as we were announcing it that's why
1528s Recon was just like literally like as we
1530s were telling the team this is what we're
1531s gonna do and and it's a go Recon started
1534s blocking out it was like crazy he's just
1537s like he grabbed defense started he was
1539s posting little images on our little
1541s slack Channel and we're just like whoa
1543s that actually looks pretty cool right
1546s so Doom was really the starting point
1547s like saitama was our yes right
1550s and every time feel free to jump in if
1553s there yeah I mean going back to that
1555s meeting I remember you know sitting in
1556s like every day meeting it's all going
1558s good and then boom one punch man collab
1560s like hold up wait a minute what is this
1562s I did I saw the concept shout out to
1565s kitchen for the awesome concept I was
1567s like I need I need to get on this like I
1569s need to work on it so I hit up my
1571s producer I'm like I don't know who's
1572s working on this I don't know if it's
1573s already a sign I need it needs to be
1575s mine I'm a huge fan of you know one
1577s punch man and yeah I stopped working on
1579s the blackout like Dion said just took it
1582s from there so it made sense that
1584s obviously saitama would be doomfist you
1586s know he's our basically our one punch
1588s man in our universe and um if you notice
1592s the heroes
1593s so we decided you know we learned Aaron
1596s Keller our game director is a big fan of
1598s one point so he knew the characters
1600s really well in a lot of their lore
1602s and so as the character team and the
1605s concept artist started to dig in we
1607s decided that's how we started to develop
1609s which which characters made sense to be
1611s who and we'll dig a little bit more into
1613s doomfist in just a moment but literally
1614s because Recon started to block out he
1616s has to station
1617s but Janelle's being Genji just made
1621s sense from a silhouette perspective and
1622s the way the characters look in in their
1624s combination from the show and then uh
1626s Moomin Rider 76 it just it was just so
1629s fun he's a kind of a fun character for
1631s us already so with Moomin Ryder becoming
1633s 76 was a a pretty awesome clap
1637s yeah and walk us through some of the the
1640s concept art or through some of the early
1642s development stages like you mentioned
1644s that like Genji and Jenna's they share
1646s similar Silhouettes like what what what
1649s does that mean
1651s so gameplay wise you know OverWatch is a
1654s very fast-paced game so we're gonna dig
1656s into uh doomfist here
1658s so Tama has a cape that's a pretty
1661s iconic look for this hero in one punch
1663s man so we needed to add a cape to
1666s doomfist
1667s which is a big deal this is changes
1669s doomfist silhouette significantly and so
1672s when you play in OverWatch tactically
1674s you're looking for certain Silhouettes
1675s we do a lot of work behind the scenes
1677s when we're developing a hero to they
1680s have a certain shape a certain size that
1681s that's eventually becomes recognizable
1683s to the players you can see the the
1685s original doomfist that you know the one
1687s that we already have in the game and the
1688s first thing like Dion said we need to
1690s test out the cape so I did a quick block
1693s out of that model and then I submitted
1694s to our Tech team that you know what we
1697s want to test out how how's that is going
1699s to work with this movement because again
1700s if you think about doomfist he's not
1702s like your average character just he
1704s walks straight or you know he's always
1706s jumping doing crazy moves so we did this
1708s uh lockout test and it was successful
1710s and then you know we got the green light
1712s to move with the other
1715s Parts here you can see uh more uh we
1717s call this a blackout stage because it's
1720s basically just throwing Big Blocks and
1722s making sure we we represent the concept
1724s in early stage to test out for example
1726s the belt needs to be smaller bigger we
1728s need to move parts around
1730s and so this is him going from like
1732s normal Doom to yeah we're dressing we're
1735s putting him in the block out for it
1737s exactly yeah we start to test out in the
1740s game too as well right now we get this
1742s block out in game and we get a feel for
1744s how fighting this hero now yeah feels
1748s here you can see I'm actually in game
1750s but again there there isn't much details
1752s going on just a quick color and the
1754s model and after you know everybody's
1757s like he's good to go we moved to the we
1759s called the high poly stage this is where
1761s we put all the details like you can see
1763s all the the pants they got the the seams
1766s on the sides he got the armor pieces and
1769s uh after that we go back to uh something
1772s we call the low poly which is like the
1774s clean mesh that you guys see in the in
1776s the engine and here you can see him with
1778s you know all the textures and the
1780s lighting uh in the engine
1782s much of the uh characters which were
1784s selected from the one punch Universe
1787s were selected based on their Silhouettes
1789s matching up with one of the Heroes and
1791s how much of it was just like well it's a
1793s favorite of ours so we have to present
1796s I think a lot of it came from a favorite
1798s of ours so we we have a pretty varied
1800s cast of characters so surprisingly a lot
1803s of people just fit automatically but a
1805s lot of it is mostly came from the team
1808s just that's their favorite characters
1809s from the show
1811s um and you can see that the characters
1813s are kind of cosplaying the heroes from
1816s one punch man it's not saitama's
1819s literally in the game it's doomfist
1820s wearing a costume that is uh very
1823s reflective of saitama he's a big fan
1825s himself so that's kind of our approach
1827s for um whenever we do a collab like this
1830s is that it's our heroes enjoy the
1832s universe just as much as we do in real
1834s life and they're kind of cosplaying as
1837s the heroes from that Universe it's
1838s actually so funny because if you're not
1840s thinking about kiriko cosplaying as uh
1842s tatsumaki tatsumaki being such a ancient
1845s words kind of character and certainly
1847s like arrogant kind of edgy person and
1849s kirika seems so wholesome and sweet so I
1852s love that she wants to cosplay as is a
1854s dark one yeah that's right yeah
1857s I actually want to talk about
1859s um something that young just mentioned
1860s is you know our characters are
1862s cosplaying you know the the one punch
1864s man right now so uh one of the
1866s challenges that uh we can run into is uh
1869s in the original concept that uh we did
1872s he had a lot of muscles and then if you
1874s look at you know cytom and the enemy is
1876s like super simple you know just a yellow
1878s shirt red gloves that's it like he
1879s doesn't have much going on so the the
1882s tricky part was to make sure we add
1884s enough details so it still looks like
1886s doomfist but at the same time you know
1888s you can tell it's aside from us so uh
1890s one way you know to go around these
1893s um challenges was like for the the shirt
1895s for example it's just yellow so we do
1897s something in our watch where we add
1898s gradients it's like a cool way of adding
1900s details without making something too
1902s noisy and same thing pretty much with
1904s the gloves and the boots we just added a
1907s little bit of gradients because again we
1908s we're trying to make it match the
1910s concept but at the same time still make
1912s it look like it's in the OverWatch world
1914s awesome you kind of went into uh some of
1918s the challenges for development I'm
1920s curious like from a design perspective
1921s what was it like putting like these
1923s color palettes in game or you know
1926s creating creating the meshes that you're
1928s talking about
1929s I mean it's it it was really awesome
1932s like to to see that concept and then uh
1934s you know figure out how how are we gonna
1936s make it work in our world because you
1937s know yeah we we don't we want to keep
1940s you know the IP looking like it is at
1942s the same time we still want to represent
1944s OverWatch language in our characters so
1946s uh we we did a couple of tests we
1948s changed a couple small parts here and
1950s there just so it kind of flows better
1952s and you know it's not as noisy and at
1954s the same time you look at it like uh
1956s from this it looks simple just like uh
1958s cytom is and I know finally seeing this
1961s in game was a really significant moment
1962s for our team and like when we're sharing
1965s that information internally with one
1967s another like it's very common for a zoom
1971s call to devolve into a twitch chat very
1973s quickly with how excited everyone is
1976s especially when they start hearing like
1978s that theme music things start coming
1980s together like at the trailers and you
1982s know everyone's just completely stoked
1984s for this
1986s we had a lot of fun uh because again we
1989s realized there were so many fans on the
1991s team that you just never knew until we
1993s started to talk about this
1995s um even the lobby we worked on for
1998s the scene is the one punch challenge
2002s where he's doing the under squats the
2004s hundred so that's
2005s and you literally doomfist does the
2007s entire exercise if you watch the yeah
2010s Lobby he will do every all 100 of each
2013s step and then walk off and do the
2015s running too but he comes back at the
2018s time of day change it it just it was so
2019s fun because at first we had like a
2021s truncated version of it but we felt
2023s pretty strongly to just pull this off he
2027s can actually do the full exercise so
2030s it's a fun thing if you want to watch
2032s it's like five minutes long yeah I
2034s remember you saying the original was
2036s like 30 seconds and then you're right
2037s now
2040s people who are not watching this right
2042s now who are just sitting in that screen
2045s trying to figure out if it's the whole
2047s sequence so some people were 100 just
2049s like wait it out and see yeah that's
2052s what we hope and people get the joke
2054s basically but I think that shows just
2056s how strong some of the fans on the team
2059s where the animation team really pushed
2060s for it actually took a little bit of
2062s tech adjustment to allow a Lobby to have
2064s this level of uh kind of uh
2067s keyframing that lasted so long
2070s uh because usually our lobbies are
2071s pretty quick and and they're beautiful
2074s but quick yeah this one is just awesome
2077s forever
2079s watching doofus do this amazing exercise
2082s that was a pretty awesome challenge in
2084s real life right it's a lot of people
2086s used to do this as a
2088s a great goal of theirs to be able to
2090s achieve this episode so exercise so
2092s doomfist to be in one of our strongest
2094s Heroes he could totally do it not to
2097s mention everybody on the team that
2098s worked on this collab had to do that
2100s workout
2101s of course it's a rite of passage
2106s now obviously like from from a viewer's
2109s perspective like love the anime or the
2111s manga we see it in one of our favorite
2113s games that's huge people get so excited
2115s about collaborations like that what was
2117s it like for you guys in the team because
2120s being able to work on something which is
2122s still within your you know day-to-day
2124s business it's OverWatch it's what you
2126s work on yeah but then you get to add
2128s like something you're a fan of what was
2131s that like
2133s uh yeah I feel uh I think both Khan and
2136s I can answer this but we actually wanted
2139s to do this for a long time it's just
2141s finding the right uh group to collab
2144s with working with Bandai has been super
2146s fun and we've wanted to figure out what
2149s it meant for OverWatch to take this step
2151s it's a pretty big step for us as an IP
2153s we already have this huge IP with
2155s amazing heroes in it but we're fans of
2157s these other groups that have amazing
2159s Heroes too how do we integrate those
2162s into our game
2164s and like to me personally I remember
2166s when I saw the concept like Dion said I
2168s I had the blackout ready in no time how
2171s excited I am and I had other stuff like
2174s going on I had to finish and I told the
2176s truth I will make it work you don't
2177s worry about that yeah
2179s and everybody on the team was like super
2182s excited about seeing the concept seeing
2183s the whole thing you know just in the in
2186s the engine and the custom stuff that we
2188s did it it just shows like how everybody
2190s on the team were like super excited and
2192s just happy like we're doing this kind of
2193s collapse now yeah
2196s and finding one punch as the first one
2198s was awesome you know
2200s I like saying that like this was really
2202s the you know right
2205s partnership for us in a sense because
2207s like their their IP and rip really go
2210s together really well and you know seeing
2213s Our Heroes come to life as their
2215s characters uh or like representing their
2218s characters is really it's really special
2220s were there any other moments uh like I
2224s know we've mentioned doomfist and uh
2226s kind of the blockout for his uh his
2229s saitama skin but were there any other
2231s moments with say the other skins genos
2234s or a tornado kiriko that really stood
2236s out to you guys
2237s uh I mean I can talk about uh Janice
2240s because my friend Val he worked on that
2242s skin and we were both geeking out the
2244s whole thing so much just when we saw the
2246s concept of like I gotta work on this and
2248s so I gotta work on doomfist and we both
2250s you know while working we kept sharing
2251s updates because we were just so happy
2254s about it and excited this one is
2255s basically because just how much I get
2257s excited about these things I decided
2259s that you know what just showing it in
2261s the engine is not enough I want to take
2263s it to the next level and I just throw
2264s this like cool cinematic rendering of it
2266s yeah just to show you guys like how
2268s excited and again while working on this
2270s we're not sure if we're like able to
2272s share it or not but to us just how
2275s excited we get about these things like
2277s we we try to do extra stuff just to get
2279s you know the whole team but like super
2281s excited about it too and hyped yeah I'm
2284s pretty sure at least 75 of our team has
2286s that as our background yeah sure it's a
2289s really popular yeah
2293s channels is interesting because during
2294s the concept and phase this is where we
2297s learned where too much he at one point
2300s he looked too much like Janos we've lost
2303s um uh the OverWatch hero and so we
2306s peeled it back a little just to find The
2308s Sweet Spot uh before we model we do a
2310s lot of testing with the just the concept
2312s the 2D drawing
2314s to make sure the OverWatch hero remains
2317s while still celebrating you know the uh
2319s genos as a character so he was one that
2322s in some of the concept of faces actually
2324s was pushed a little too far and then we
2326s kind of peel them back
2327s yeah that's that's really interesting
2330s and I'm I'm kind of curious about kiriko
2333s and Moomin writer if there were any
2335s highlights from working on either of
2337s those Heroes
2338s um I know for Moomin writer I'm probably
2340s just as excited for the Highlight intro
2343s as I am the skin itself
2346s um it's it's pretty pretty awesome
2349s yeah Moomin Rider it just makes sense
2352s because we had this kind of uh
2355s Sentai skin for 76 already and then the
2358s character the show is kind of like that
2361s he's like a play on this category of uh
2363s entertainment so it just felt even more
2366s funny that in game we were literally
2368s taking you know kind of an evolution of
2370s a model we already had made him look
2372s like movement and then we even did the
2373s Highlight Reel with the cool anime lines
2376s going behind it as he rides it just
2379s started to you could just see it we the
2382s whole team was just having fun with this
2383s one every there was much more we wanted
2386s to do but obviously time and production
2388s costs we just had to really focus on the
2391s the heroes that uh made sense but
2394s hopefully we do more in the future
2396s I really love that love that have fun
2398s with this and and probably
2400s one of the highlights
2401s I'm curious
2405s and Fanboy moments from working on this
2408s partnership any like uh highlights for
2411s either of you
2412s I mean I could say I've watched it again
2414s like 60 times after like I just had to
2417s watch it again yeah yeah because while
2419s watching it I wanted to pick up I don't
2422s know some some small thing that I can
2423s put on on the skin that kind of you know
2426s yeah so I I watched it again again just
2428s wanted to pick up you know some small
2430s details here and there that I can add to
2431s the skin and hopefully like fans will
2434s pick them up because they're not super
2435s you know just out there showing but
2437s they're like hidden so yeah I'm
2439s interested to see everybody's got a spot
2442s yeah I I just thought the fact that we
2445s were doing it in general I again I
2447s watched this series already but they
2449s started watching it again and again and
2451s again
2452s so it just it felt like
2455s okay we did find the right
2458s show to collab with
2460s absolutely I know that I'm gonna be in
2462s game looking for those details too uh I
2465s was new to the series but when I found
2467s out we were doing this collaboration I
2469s immediately watched it and like the
2471s intro song is what grabbed me from then
2474s I was like okay yeah this is my vibe I'm
2476s really gonna like this so
2478s um yeah I'm I'm you know really excited
2480s this is a game and I'm I know that our
2483s our community is too well I'm gonna say
2485s this now and I feel sorry for everybody
2487s that's going to be in my game I'm really
2489s bad with doomfist but I will be playing
2491s doofus because of this skin so just a
2493s heads up I'm not too bad a doofus I'm
2496s really excited to pick this game up it's
2499s so good yeah awesome well this is
2502s overwatch's you know first major anime
2504s collaboration and players can jump into
2507s the game it's live right now uh so
2510s whether you want to pick up the
2511s Cosmetics try your hand at doomfist or
2514s you know count count the Reps and Doom's
2517s workout
2518s um jumping game right now and
2521s uh have a blast
2524s thank you Dion and thank you Recon for
2526s joining us and sharing your thoughts and
2528s experiences you know it's always a joy
2530s talking to both of you and yeah we
2533s really appreciate you being here bye
2535s thank you thank you yeah thank you guys
2538s thank you bye no we have
2541s a topic lined up for this next segment
2543s that's a bit of conversation starter in
2545s the community but it's also something
2547s incredibly significant to our team
2550s we're joined by some really incredible
2552s folks on Team Four who are going to walk
2554s us through some of the competitive and
2556s matchmaking updates that we're going to
2557s see here in the mid-cycle patch Scott
2560s would you please kick off intros and
2562s give us a little overview on your role
2564s on the team
2565s sure thing Jody um hi everyone I'm Scott
2567s Mercer uh I'm the lead meta designer on
2570s OverWatch 2 and that doesn't mean I'm
2572s responsible for the hero meta nope
2574s that's not me not at all different meta
2576s it's different meta completely uh what I
2579s do on the team is work with Morgan on
2581s matchmaking I also work on competitive
2584s systems player interaction and Trust I
2586s interact with Esports teams uh and yeah
2589s I'm really excited to talk uh with
2591s Morgan today about matchmaking
2593s um yeah hi I'm Morgan I'm a senior
2595s engineer on the team four
2598s um I also mostly focus on matchmaking
2599s and ranked so I actually work with Scott
2601s kind of yeah yeah kind of an uncanny
2604s amount of but yeah that's me
2607s awesome welcome on in you guys and
2609s thanks for joining us on this again
2612s um so Morgan uh to kick us off will you
2615s kind of give us a recap on the
2618s matchmaking updates that went in at the
2620s beginning of season three uh what were
2622s those updates and kind of what are some
2624s of the things that were uh seeing in
2626s them serving so far yeah so um season
2630s three was really big for matchmaking
2632s um it was kind of so
2634s um right after OverWatch 2 launched
2636s actually we were kind of thinking about
2638s like what we wanted to prioritize next
2640s and um kind of the overwhelming thing
2642s that we wanted to do was
2645s um what we've called the the roll Delta
2647s change which is minimizing the roll
2649s Delta between the two teams and so what
2651s that means is
2652s you know um before any of these changes
2655s went live you know we were pretty
2657s willing to make a match that could have
2659s like a diamond level tank against a gold
2661s level tank say and even if the rest of
2664s the match was fairly balanced you know
2666s in terms of like the ratings of of the
2668s two teams
2669s that matchup just didn't feel very fun
2672s and so
2673s um you know those matches had a 50 win
2676s rate uh but like it still didn't feel
2679s like a good match and so
2681s um we kind of wanted to like
2683s you know see how how well we could
2686s minimize the Delta between the rolls and
2688s so we wanted to do that not just for the
2689s tanks but for all the roles on the on
2691s each team
2693s um and that actually took a really long
2695s time it was it was definitely the
2697s largest kind of architectural change
2699s that we've made to the Matchmaker since
2701s roll Q even uh back in 2019
2704s so um so we did that over a few stages
2708s uh we kind of got like an easy win and I
2711s think it was like the season two patch
2712s and then uh since that point we were
2715s kind of making iterative improvements
2717s and so season three is kind of the
2718s culmination of that work where
2721s um you know we've kind of like fully
2722s pivoted the the matchmaking architecture
2724s to be able to kind of like reason about
2728s um packing players into matches that in
2731s a way that minimizes this Delta and
2733s keeps it so that the teams have kind of
2735s like this balanced role
2737s um you know this property is kind of
2739s weird
2740s um it's not it's it's it's kind of hard
2742s to like get it for free
2745s um and so we actually kind of had to
2747s rethink a lot of the different
2749s components of the Matchmaker in order to
2752s to actually solve this problem well not
2754s just in the normal case but also kind of
2756s in the worst case be able to do this you
2760s know kind of in all cases so um so that
2764s was kind of the big thing that changed
2766s in season three
2768s um because of that uh you know there was
2771s a whole lot of um parts that we expected
2774s to get worse as a result of that
2778s um you know kind of like in in
2780s matchmaking you don't really get
2781s anything for free so by minimizing the
2784s roll Delta in these matches we've kind
2786s of
2786s um we've slightly impacted like other
2790s aspects of match quality that we're
2792s looking at
2794s um and some of that we kind of expected
2795s going into it because we just knew this
2797s was such a big change but at the same
2799s time you know there are some things that
2802s we were kind of surprised at like you
2804s know I was a little bit surprised at how
2807s our our expected win rate
2810s um you know normally we try to make
2811s matches that are 50 50.
2813s um our our average expected win rate got
2816s a little bit worse
2818s um by optimizing for role Delta and it's
2822s kind of unintuitive like you would think
2823s you know all of these these measures of
2825s of good matches would kind of like
2827s correlate together but they kind of
2829s don't um I mean you know if you make the
2832s one ideal match where everybody has the
2834s same exact rating you know then it's
2836s just a good match and we're willing to
2837s make it
2838s um but you know oftentimes we can't do
2840s that and so it's kind of like which
2842s thing do we give up on First and so
2845s um we've still been tuning the system a
2847s lot like ever since it launched I think
2849s we've we've probably made a tuning
2851s adjustment almost every day at this
2853s point yeah and we're still going you
2855s know like uh we're still learning
2858s um and a lot of of that has just been
2860s you know seeing what what goes wrong and
2862s seeing how we can kind of like tweak
2863s things to make things a little bit
2865s better so yeah that sounds like some
2867s huge infrastructure kind of challenges
2869s going on there right yeah so how was
2872s that perceived by the community like
2874s what was the how how did they react
2876s because you said it has a lot of side
2878s effects if you make such big changes
2880s like queue times are going to be
2881s affected What were what was the
2883s consensus uh and the feedback you were
2885s given after implementing such big
2886s changes that's a really good question
2889s um you know it's it's very hard to
2892s actually say with certainty like you
2894s know how much better things got you know
2897s we have measures that we look at that
2899s kind of ground us and like okay you know
2901s we
2902s um we did actually make you know most of
2904s our matches now have these very close
2905s role deltas and um and like you know
2909s we've seen a lot of community feedback I
2911s would say it's mostly been positive
2914s um I don't know it's a little it's a
2916s little hard to say for sure yeah it's
2918s when you think of all of OverWatch 2
2921s matchmaking there's a lot of different
2923s people that are affected by this
2925s um you know we're going to talk a lot
2926s about competitive play but like this
2928s change actually mostly affects quick
2931s play or effects quick play to an even
2933s larger degree because their groups can
2936s be
2937s even more different in terms of like the
2940s groups you can form and competitive play
2942s there are restrictions on who you can
2944s group with you can't group with you
2946s can't have like a bronze player group
2947s with a grand master player you just
2948s can't and quick play
2951s all those things are possible yeah you
2953s get some really and you get some really
2954s you get some really crazy groups and the
2956s Matchmaker has to do the best it can
2958s with it and it's all this new role dealt
2960s attack
2961s that allows us to
2963s you know create what we think are like
2965s overall like better matches for those
2968s groups and then they're absolute groups
2971s in competitive play too so yeah we get
2973s some benefits there but like for the
2975s people that do play in groups with like
2977s different with different skilled players
2979s and quick play
2981s all the feedback we've been getting
2982s beginning it's been great yeah um in
2985s some cases the queue times have been a
2986s little bit like longer because that's
2988s really the main the main downside that
2990s we've heard so far is especially for
2992s large groups their Q times have gotten a
2994s little worse and that was a little bit
2995s unexpected I was hoping that that
2997s wouldn't get bad
2999s um it didn't show up in the simulations
3001s that we did but um we have some ideas
3003s for how to how to improve that going
3005s forward it'll probably just take another
3006s patch to really get it good
3009s um but yeah it's kind of funny you know
3011s we get a lot of feedback we see the
3012s metrics and then we also play the game a
3014s lot right like you know ultimately
3016s that's kind of the best way to ground
3018s yourself in like what this change has
3020s done and you know I personally have been
3022s able to feel this change you know it's
3024s really interesting
3025s um you know especially when you're
3027s playing tank but even with the other
3028s roles you can kind of tell now like it
3031s who your rival is on the enemy team you
3034s know because we're really trying to
3035s match you with somebody who's very close
3036s to your skill level and you know now in
3039s the average case that person you know
3041s like in ranked for example is is like
3043s within one one division of you
3046s um you know so they're very very closely
3049s matched with you and so you can really
3050s kind of feel you know a little bit more
3053s of like that rivalry where it's like you
3055s know are you winning that matchup or
3056s losing that match up and it's like it's
3058s not like you're just gonna get stomped
3060s either way like that's going to be a
3062s pretty close match and if you know
3063s there's there's kind of a feel to it
3065s that um I've thought is really cool yeah
3068s of course you know know there's like the
3070s other areas where like
3071s you know we're making slightly wider
3074s matches now in terms of the you know if
3077s you look at like the best player minus
3079s the worst player that's gotten a little
3081s bit wider also kind of as a result of
3083s this change
3084s um and so like you know that's actually
3086s something that we're going to be trying
3088s to improve we actually anticipated that
3090s that would get worse as a result of the
3092s Roll Delta change and so in the
3095s mid-cycle in in the 2.3.1 patch we have
3098s some uh changes going that will actually
3101s help shrink that back down hopefully
3103s even to better than it was before uh
3106s we'll have to wait and see the
3108s simulations were very promising but you
3110s know the simulations don't don't usually
3112s end up like real life so no for sure we
3115s don't know what the system like seeing
3117s how like our players actually interact
3118s with the system is the best way like for
3122s us to learn and take things away from it
3124s and I really like the way that you
3126s framed it as a big architectural change
3128s to the system because like you tweak one
3131s thing and then you find out that one
3133s thing like you have a goal for what that
3136s thing is supposed to change but then it
3137s inadvertently affects these other
3139s variables as well and
3142s um so it's it really is a process
3144s getting to a place where
3146s that feels good for the people that are
3149s are playing yeah it's been it's been
3151s really interesting too like you know
3154s competitive queue times used to be
3156s longer and now they're shorter
3158s um and like in retrospect like the
3161s system maybe wasn't actually working as
3162s well like the new change
3165s um
3166s you know it's like we're still making
3167s very good matches but we kind of like
3169s for free almost got rid of a lot of the
3171s queue time just because you know the new
3173s system is like a lot smarter and and
3175s it's kind of this like foundational
3177s piece that um you know gives us like a
3180s lot more ability to build off of in the
3182s future too which is going to be really
3183s cool
3185s so what about players who queue into
3188s matches and they see this wide skill
3190s disparity like they're queuing in in
3192s their diamond and they see a golden or
3195s or even more so than that they're
3196s queuing in at GM and see like a plot
3199s player in their match like what's
3200s happening there
3202s yeah that's actually funny so after the
3204s the season three changes you know this
3207s is it was a really big change and so
3209s there were a lot of unintended
3210s consequences and one of them was we for
3213s a short period were making matches that
3214s were a lot like had a much wider skill
3217s disparity somebody uh sent uh us a match
3220s that was like a GM match with a gold
3223s level player it might have been two of
3225s your colleagues on the OverWatch League
3227s cast Zoe that sent us a match and they
3230s were like
3231s we were we were matched with this like
3233s with this gold player it's like what's
3235s up so we actually went and looked at it
3238s yeah we spent like a couple hours
3240s talking there was actually a lot of
3241s things where we talked about which is
3242s why again looked like pointed feedback
3244s about some of the things that's like so
3245s useful to us but like yeah we looked at
3247s it and it's like yeah there there was a
3249s gold
3250s um the other things about the match is
3252s like they didn't realize it's like oh
3254s the the role the role does stuff was
3256s actually working really well it had a
3258s gold on the other team as well no
3263s see that uh so that was like at the same
3267s time it's like oh this is bad but it was
3268s kind of good too it's like it's working
3270s yeah it was working in a way we didn't
3273s quite expect one of the three things
3275s about matchmakers is you know the
3276s matchmaker is like we put this
3278s constraint and it's like yeah you know
3280s it's thing was like all right push this
3281s down and like something comes up you
3284s know it's like you can't really push
3285s everything down all at the same time
3287s because you don't have enough hands
3289s so yeah it was uh it's definitely like
3291s something that uh we happen but we we
3294s know that we we know the players don't
3295s think that's that's a high quality match
3298s uh even if we make one
3300s asking yeah because it happened to me a
3303s bunch of times
3305s player I ended up with GM people and
3307s what I took from it was the game
3309s complementing my skill because I was
3311s unaware I was good to get back I was
3312s like oh you really think I'm that good
3314s so I should be playing with the Empire
3315s as well thank you so much yeah I I've
3318s seen feedback like on various like
3320s social platforms where it's like yeah
3322s there are a lot of people are like that
3323s or like I was super excited to play with
3325s these players yeah I never get to play
3326s with these players it's like you know
3328s because
3329s playing with players that are more
3331s skilled than you is actually an
3333s interesting learning opportunity yeah
3335s it's like how do these players play yeah
3338s yeah it makes me play better but
3340s obviously that's not how it yeah
3344s obviously it's like we're gonna like
3346s actually try to prevent that sort of
3348s thing from ever happening again
3351s I want to sneak through in a blue moon
3352s but like it's you know but it's yeah
3355s we're able to make some tuning changes
3358s like once we saw the problem because you
3360s know we add so much configurability into
3362s every change that we make so once we saw
3364s that problem we were able to make it
3366s better I mean it's we can never like
3369s have like a hard cons you know like some
3371s players will be like oh I only ever want
3373s to make you know I only ever want to
3374s play like these perfect matches or
3376s something like that and like you know we
3377s ultimately can't do that we have to kind
3379s of like eventually make a match right
3381s you know we can't just have somebody
3382s stay in queue for four hours
3385s um and so you know this was just one of
3387s the things where it was like you know we
3388s kind of hadn't tuned the system just
3390s right and so we were able to I think
3392s mostly fix this problem at least improve
3394s it
3395s um but it's still something we would
3396s like to improve even more like I think
3398s you know ideally as fun as it is for the
3401s gold player like you know we probably
3402s don't ultimately ever really want to
3405s make matches that have gold players and
3406s GM players together yeah
3409s um and yeah that sort of gets back to
3410s the point of like
3412s High Jam players
3414s they're they're always going to be a
3416s challenge for the Matchmaker just
3417s because there's not that many of you
3419s yeah sorry uh that was really just too
3422s good yeah it's so like trying to find
3426s like a perfect configuration of people
3428s at any one time you know it's just
3431s difficult so that's why I mean well
3434s again well we've had queue times come
3436s down we've able to make some adjustments
3437s there that I think have been really
3438s positive in that regard but it's always
3440s going to be more difficult than your
3443s gold or platinum game is where we
3444s literally have
3446s you know it's so many like different
3448s players and like it's it's very easy to
3451s come up with much more precise matches
3452s if you're you know silver to platinum
3454s you know you're getting kind of our the
3457s high population experience right you
3459s know that's like we have a whole lot of
3461s players there but you know once you get
3463s really high up once your Grand Master
3465s Level like you know the best way to
3468s increase match quality is not any change
3471s we can make it's like
3472s message your friends and tell them to
3474s get online because otherwise like
3476s there's just nobody to play against you
3479s know yeah it's just unique problems you
3482s need to solve in the different ranks
3483s then right I mean it's one system but it
3485s can't really fit all very much like hero
3487s balancing you have different balancing
3490s issues in bronze as you would have in a
3492s GM game yeah absolutely it's actually oh
3494s go ahead yeah we know that match quality
3496s High GM takes a nosedive whenever owl
3498s players are screaming yeah
3501s it's absolutely a thing
3504s um
3505s yeah but it's like once they're done
3506s with scrims and like you know start like
3507s you know hopping on and you know playing
3510s Solo or someone or someone else and yeah
3513s all of a sudden it's like wow badge
3514s quality is like so much better yeah
3517s it's really um it's really kind of
3519s interesting you know like at like gold
3522s level you know it's actually pretty easy
3524s to make good matches most of the time
3526s you know we still have edge cases
3528s sometimes but at you know that kind of
3530s like really high MMR
3533s um really the only way you know kind of
3535s is like this fundamental trade-off
3537s typical in match in matchmaking where
3540s it's like either you have better match
3541s quality or you have
3543s um and longer queue times or you have
3544s shorter queue times and worse match
3546s quality and like there's kind of this
3548s fundamental you know trade-off there
3550s like
3551s you know we could make match quality
3553s incrementally better by putting people
3556s in queue for twice as long like the
3559s relationship isn't exactly you know one
3561s to one right so like you know Pro
3563s players will sometimes tell us like I
3564s want you know better match quality and
3566s we'll be like well
3568s I could make your Q times twice as long
3571s but that doesn't sound very appealing
3573s right
3574s um but like there are some things you
3576s know long term that we're looking at
3578s where we can not just make matches you
3581s know better in One Way by pulling from
3584s the other one but we can actually be
3585s smarter and the problem there is it's
3588s just so hard like matchmaking at that
3590s high MMR it's like it's like this
3592s impossible problem but we can be more
3595s and more sophisticated you know like
3596s I've been you know kind of looking at it
3598s as like okay so if like if this is what
3600s the queue looks like and I was like a
3602s human trying to make a match what would
3604s I be trying to do it you know it's hard
3606s because it's like we have to encode kind
3607s of like the wisdom that we have into you
3611s know a computer program that's running
3612s that's making you know hundreds or
3614s thousands of matches a minute like you
3616s know in this real-time way but you know
3619s long term there are some things that we
3621s would love to do to try to kind of like
3624s start improving match quality at the
3626s High Mr it's just so hard and so
3628s experimental so like you can expect us
3630s to definitely definitely try you know
3632s over the next year or so some things
3634s that hopefully will help but I you know
3636s I can't actually make any promises
3638s because it's like I really have you know
3641s when before we we push like a change you
3644s know like the role Delta change was like
3645s I didn't actually expect the the queue
3649s types to get a lot faster I expected
3651s match quality to maybe get a little
3653s worse but you know it's like now I'm
3655s like okay it didn't exactly turn out
3657s that way
3658s so yeah there's a there's just a whole
3661s lot of work that has to go into really
3663s making match quality better at that
3665s crazy high MMR
3667s you can deal with
3669s with form uh matches then as well
3672s um so in uh ranked we just don't let
3675s players play cross-platform so like
3677s either you're playing uh you know mouse
3679s keyboard or you're playing in the you
3681s know console pool and those are just
3683s totally separated and and you have
3685s separate ranks too so if you're playing
3687s on the same account on both of those uh
3690s both of those ranks like you can you
3692s know in theory you can be like a gold
3693s level mouse keyboard player and a
3695s diamond level controller player
3698s that's me
3701s laughs
3703s I think it really speaks to how many
3706s different variables go into like our
3709s Matchmaker and making these like
3711s changing the system and the different
3713s things that the system can affect like
3714s just by one small little tweak so thank
3718s you for going into that and giving us a
3720s little more insight on that would this
3722s be a good time to kind of look at some
3724s of the data that we've observed from
3726s this roll Delta change and maybe how
3728s that's affected the game up into this
3729s point yeah sure so um so here's a chart
3733s you can see here's the here's the
3735s average uh Delta between
3738s um between two tanks in a match a
3741s typical match that we make and um damage
3744s and support we don't show them here but
3745s they're very similar same Dynamic so
3750s um you can see when when we shipped
3752s OverWatch to uh you know we were making
3754s very good matches in general but
3756s um you know we weren't really paying
3757s attention to this and like I said this
3759s isn't really something that kind of you
3761s don't naturally get matches that
3763s minimize this role Delta Without Really
3765s Trying for it so by default in
3769s competitive are
3772s you know we were making matches that
3774s were like uh the the average tank Delta
3778s was something like two uh divisions
3781s apart and in quick play it was three on
3783s average and you know average is like
3786s you know about half of the matches are
3788s better and about half the matches are
3789s worse and there was definitely like if
3792s you look at the worst matches you know
3793s you don't see them here but the worst
3795s matches were way way worse than this and
3798s so um
3800s you know at this point it's like the the
3802s teams are approximately balanced but um
3804s especially one of the things that we saw
3806s at ship was you know you might create a
3809s match where like the you know the tank
3812s on one team is the worst tank or the
3815s worst uh player in the match and the
3817s support player is the best player in the
3819s match and then on the other team it's
3820s swapped and so like that just felt kind
3823s of weird so
3824s um
3825s so we made a couple rounds of changes uh
3828s the first round came in the season one
3830s mid cycle and that got us a good chunk
3833s of the way there
3835s um but it wasn't until season three
3837s where we really uh were able to kind of
3839s like nail both the average case and also
3842s make the worst case quite a bit better
3844s too so you can see now
3846s um in competitive our average is is one
3849s division which is very very close
3852s um it you know that's really within the
3854s uh the bounds of you know are you at
3857s that point it's you know it's not really
3859s necessarily like an average skill
3861s difference it's like you know are you
3862s playing well today or you know did
3865s you know are you like exactly where
3868s you're supposed to be in terms of your
3869s MMR things like that so it's much it
3871s feels much much closer yeah
3874s of course
3875s um by minimizing this you know you don't
3877s really get anything for free in
3879s matchmaking so we can go to the next
3881s chart and you can see um
3883s by minimizing this roll Delta we
3886s actually uh made our expected win rate
3888s of our matches slightly more so ideally
3892s we like to make matches that are as
3895s close to 50 50 win rate as possible you
3897s know that's a really important uh
3899s principle for us of match fairness
3903s um and you know at OverWatch 2 ship we
3906s were very close to that
3907s um you know this is median so you can
3909s think you know 50 of your matches are
3912s better than this and 50 of them are
3914s worse and unfortunately there is kind of
3916s a tail a long tail here of of
3918s progressively worse
3921s um but you know we were very close to 50
3924s for most of our matches at ship
3928s um the first world Delta change we made
3930s it was actually a little bit unintended
3932s uh we didn't realize how much worse it
3935s was going to get so you can see in quick
3937s play especially in the season one
3939s mid-cycle
3940s um
3941s you know the median expected win rate
3943s went up to 55 55 from my perspective is
3946s still not horrible like you know a 55-45
3950s match
3951s the losing team or you know the the team
3953s that's not favored still wins 45 of the
3956s time so you know that's not really
3958s something that I think
3960s you know if you're playing a 45-55 match
3962s you probably won't feel like one side
3965s really has a noticeable Advantage
3969s um but like I said half of the matches
3972s are worse than that so it got worse um
3974s and you can see in season three we were
3976s able to somewhat
3978s um improve that you know once we saw the
3980s problem we were able to start kind of
3982s bending that curve back down and this is
3984s actually you know this is now a higher
3986s priority for us going forward like we're
3988s going to keep making changes to kind of
3989s minimize this even more because it's
3992s really important for us to to make
3994s matches that are really as Fair as
3995s possible the other weird thing about
3997s this is actually this expected win rate
4000s it it's role agnostic so that means it
4003s doesn't take into account the role mmrs
4005s that role Delta and so this measure
4008s getting worse is in a sense
4011s um it looks worse than maybe it is
4014s because by minimizing that difference
4016s between the rolls that's also increasing
4019s match fairness just in kind of a
4020s different dimension so you know it's
4023s it's a little bit hard to say you know
4024s did matches get significantly less fair
4027s I don't think so they might have gotten
4029s a little bit less Fair
4031s um and that's a trade-off that we're
4032s making in order to make each individual
4034s match up within the match feel more fair
4036s so you know when we talk about match
4038s fairness it's really hard you know it's
4040s kind of this holistic thing where we're
4042s looking at a lot of different factors
4043s and trying to balance them and it it's
4045s very hard to make this this balance you
4048s know ultimately we kind of have to
4049s decide which one wins sometimes and um
4052s you know we can't always make every
4054s match perfectly but at this point I
4057s think you know the world Delta changes
4059s seem like they're definitely making a
4061s positive impact on the game I mean when
4063s you're saying you know that the way it
4065s feels in the game if my individual
4067s matchup is closer as a tank uh and I'm
4070s not just being taken for a walk by the
4073s other tank and completely stunned even
4075s if I lose the entire match if the
4077s individual matchup feels closer then I
4079s don't feel like I'm getting the short
4081s end of the stick either right so yeah
4083s totally I think that it kind of makes a
4085s big difference but we're seeing in those
4087s graphs um the frequency going from like
4089s season to the next season uh what's the
4093s philosophy for the uh systems team here
4095s uh how often how frequent do you make
4099s changes bigger changes smaller changes
4101s any kind of changes to the matchmaking
4102s without disrupting too much yeah
4105s um so I mean going forward matchmaking
4108s is just a huge priority for us in
4110s general
4111s um you know with OverWatch 2 we we've
4113s kind of you know the team's larger we
4115s have more time and and energy to really
4118s devote to making matchmaking as good as
4119s it can be and also it's just been a
4121s learning opportunity for us too like
4124s honestly since we shipped roll Q back in
4127s 2019
4129s um at that point we had no idea what
4131s made roll cue matches really good you
4134s know we we had our intuitions from
4135s before roll q but it's a lot of that
4137s turned out to be wrong and so you know
4140s at this point I'd say you know we've
4143s really over the past several years
4144s really learned what makes OverWatch
4147s matches good and now that we have the
4151s time that we can really devote to doing
4153s the work I mean there's I would say we
4155s have probably like a Year's worth of
4157s work that we've talked about in terms of
4159s you know this road map of all of these
4161s things that we're aware of
4163s um so you know in the long term like
4165s this is going to be a huge Focus for us
4167s going forward is making large changes
4169s large improvements you know almost on a
4171s patch by patch basis and then even
4174s smaller than that like you know the
4175s season
4176s um three mid-cycle has I don't know
4179s maybe three or four kind of like smaller
4181s changes in it um including the one that
4184s I'm really excited about which will um
4187s it will shrink the you know the the gap
4191s between the best player and the worst
4193s player in the match
4194s um it'll shrink that somewhat
4197s um and the way that one works is
4198s actually very interesting because
4200s um what that change does is all it does
4204s is try to match parties that have a
4207s similar Delta with each other and you
4210s would say like oh you know that why do I
4212s care that only affects you know parties
4214s but it actually kind of shifts the
4216s entire curve of match quality in the
4218s direction in in a better Direction
4220s because it's like concentrating these
4223s parties that are a little bit wider
4225s together and then we can make more
4227s matches that have like only solos or you
4229s know uh you know Duos that are like well
4231s paired things like that
4238s I said it'll be more so in quick play
4239s but even in competitive like I think
4242s it's upsell what Diamond that we allow
4245s to like up matches up to two ranks so
4248s like you know if you're a gold level
4250s player you can play with your diamond
4251s level friend that's still a pretty large
4253s disparity you know that's a that's a
4255s much wider range than what I think what
4258s players would consider an ideal match
4260s right players definitely tell us like
4261s yeah
4263s sure they do and you know I I think
4266s ideally
4268s um you know we want to make matches that
4269s really have as as you know title abound
4273s as possible and so you know putting
4275s those parties together I think is going
4276s to do a lot to kind of improve
4279s um that average case yeah but that's you
4281s know that's an example of like I would
4282s say a smaller change that um you know
4285s we're thinking about those types of
4287s changes kind of constantly and um and
4290s then in addition to that we've got you
4292s know we have so many tunable parameters
4294s now on our Matchmaker you know you can
4296s kind of imagine it as like an instrument
4298s or something where like every little
4300s knob has to be kind of just right and so
4303s you know we've got probably hundreds of
4305s those at this point and we're kind of
4307s constantly adjusting those I would say
4309s you know last week we adjusted twice I
4312s think the week before it was like three
4313s times you know it's almost kind of like
4315s a daily uh thing sometimes especially
4318s you know after this the season three
4320s patch where we had a whole lot going in
4323s um and so there's kind of just like you
4325s know we really want you know every week
4327s matchmaking to get a little bit better
4329s and you know that's kind of the goal for
4331s for the foreseeable future yeah
4334s and I think one of the sort of important
4336s thing is
4337s we're not just looking at like the
4338s averages like it's very easy for us like
4340s from a data perspective to look at like
4342s hey here's what the average is but like
4344s the reality of matchmaking is something
4346s we've talked about together is
4348s the community's perception of
4349s matchmaking is usually defined by the
4351s absolute worst cases like those 95 those
4355s 99 percentile like cases and
4357s a lot of adjustments we're doing are
4359s just to the average but are just
4361s specifically like make those like worst
4363s cases better in fact you know we've
4365s talked about it how
4366s we're willing to give up a little bit of
4368s like quality for the average just to
4371s make those worst cases better so that's
4374s a lot of and that's like just one of the
4376s many things that we've been like trying
4377s to like tune around and
4379s this entire system is so complicated and
4381s we've added this like major third axis
4384s of quality not just in win expectation
4387s and uh actually that queue time but now
4390s there's this like a getting the roles to
4392s like you know match together like
4393s appropriately
4395s that finding the right knobs a lot of
4396s times we're like we'll make a change and
4398s we're like
4399s that didn't do exactly what we thought
4401s it does but it's like it's cool that we
4403s know that like if we mess with that knob
4404s but that's what it does because the
4407s system is so complex that like and
4409s there's just constraints everywhere
4410s inside by changing one constraint
4412s the thing you didn't think what that
4415s really meant something all of a sudden
4416s like become super important and like so
4420s but we're trying we're we're just like
4422s it's and a lot again it's just like
4425s almost daily like changes you know
4427s making sure it's like you know a lot you
4429s know we get immediate like responses
4431s from live Ops it's like uh we really
4433s mess with Cue times oops
4435s or or you know just we just get like a
4438s lot of like anecdotal feedback from
4439s everyone on the team and everyone on
4441s Reddit and like everyone like you know
4443s all the streamers like the entire
4445s community and all that feedback is super
4447s useful because again that's
4449s at the end of the day what we're really
4450s trying to do is just make these matches
4453s there's like the concept of mathematical
4455s absolute fairness
4457s which I think we we really like in
4458s OverWatch one like really concentrated
4460s on but like when OverWatch 2 we're
4462s really trying to say it's like all right
4463s there's more to match quality than just
4465s that
4467s and that's what you're seeing like you
4469s know with all these with these like roll
4470s Delta chaining out changes other changes
4473s that we're doing like in future like we
4475s know that
4476s you know there's a lot of like you know
4478s people saying it's like wow Q times an
4479s archaic can be really bad
4481s um yeah that's something we need to fix
4482s we're looking at that uh
4485s there's a lot there's like a there's
4487s there's other like things
4489s um we've been like sort of looking at
4491s it's like
4492s you know it's like if you play quick
4493s play and then go in competitive it's
4495s like the different like cues sometimes
4497s you have like different really different
4498s experiences and we want to make make
4499s them more holistic sort of view of like
4501s how skilled you are
4503s um there's a lot of things that we that
4505s we really want to improve going forward
4506s that again I think will no matter how
4508s you play OverWatch whether it's click
4510s play whether it's competitive whether
4511s it's whether you're in bronze whether
4513s you're in GM
4515s will give you a better experience
4516s through matchmaking yeah I really
4518s appreciate how uh your team seems to be
4522s taking like
4523s like a really analytical approach and
4525s part of that is the data that we see in
4528s simulations before things go live part
4530s of that is looking at data after things
4532s have gone live part of that is listening
4534s to community feedback and seeing what
4536s the player experiences part of that is
4539s US experiencing it ourselves it sounds
4541s like there's so many different routes
4544s and so many different avenues that
4546s affect our decision making and for me
4549s it's comforting to know that like this
4551s is a system that like we don't see
4553s ourselves like reaching the absolute
4556s perfect like this is something that
4558s we're going to continue to iterate on
4560s and will always be growing and
4562s developing as you said almost daily
4564s Matchmaker changes go in absolutely I
4568s think um you know like I I've thought of
4571s like what is the ideal you know
4573s Matchmaker honestly we are like so far
4577s away from from what that could be
4580s um you know it's really exciting because
4581s I think we just have you know we have
4584s like a road map that could span years
4586s that's like meaningful improvements
4588s every step of the way and and yeah you
4590s know it's really important to stay
4591s grounded I think
4593s you know like if you asked us a year ago
4595s what we thought would be important today
4598s in terms of matchmaking like we wouldn't
4600s have given the same answer
4602s um you know staying grounded like you're
4604s saying reading all the data
4606s um you know running hypotheses testing
4609s you know changes live
4611s um all of those are really good ways for
4613s us to you know test our theories you
4616s know we we um I I feel like our our hit
4620s rate on uh you know like if we make a
4622s guess of like oh we we think this is a
4624s good change I think maybe we get it
4627s right about 25 of the time or something
4630s like that
4631s um almost inevitably when we're when
4633s we're working on a change something
4635s about that is going to challenge our
4637s initial conception of of what we thought
4639s was going to happen and so
4642s um yeah very important to to yeah stay
4645s mindful of that it's part of the science
4647s right like Game Dev being like an art
4649s and a science like we're we're out here
4652s trying new things and not proving things
4654s to be true but finding out what's not
4655s true and then iterating off of that and
4657s I think that's really really neat and
4659s really interesting and
4661s um I also really appreciate you framing
4663s up Matchmaker from the perspective of
4665s different game modes
4667s um I know that for me when we first
4670s started having discussions about
4672s Matchmaker I was approaching almost all
4674s of those discussions from a competitive
4675s perspective but Matchmaker exists
4678s everywhere in OverWatch and I really
4680s appreciate you painting the different uh
4683s like places in game like how it affects
4686s quick play different than it affects
4687s competitive and
4689s um yeah that's that's really interesting
4692s for me just for the uh General
4694s understanding for everyone who might not
4696s be so familiar intimately familiar with
4698s all those different
4700s um systems in place for a Matchmaker how
4703s are you using the same system for each
4706s and every different mode or do you have
4708s to make different kind of systems or
4710s like cut something out of one to make it
4713s work for arcade to make it work for
4714s competitive Etc yeah that's actually
4716s that's a great question and actually
4718s that kind of speaks to kind of the
4721s complexity of the overall system so we
4723s do have a single converged architecture
4725s that runs across all of our cues the
4728s thing is you know because we want
4731s something different out of competitive
4733s role queue versus you know arcade
4736s um we have a lot of configuration that
4739s is kind of per queue and we're we're
4741s actually working on kind of a new layer
4743s of that even
4745s um that gives us even more fine-tuned
4747s control so
4749s um because yeah at the at the end of the
4750s day like there's some stuff that only
4752s runs for roll cue you know like
4755s ironically I made this roll Delta also
4758s work for non-roll cues because I really
4761s wanted to reuse the tech so the way it
4765s works for non-roll cues it's an
4766s interesting idea in roll cues you only
4769s ever have two of a single role on a
4771s given team at most but in non-roll cues
4774s you have you know five players of
4777s no role right
4779s um so I made the system care about the
4782s the highest and lowest MMR player of
4785s each team and and kind of in that way
4788s you can think of it as
4791s um you know a 5V it's like five of roll
4794s none versus five overall none and and
4797s you know we're still reusing the system
4798s it's it needs to be tuned differently
4800s but like we can kind of reuse some of
4802s the text so you know sometimes it's kind
4804s of like you know can we can we find a
4807s way to make the same system make sense
4809s across multiple cues because it you know
4812s there's kind of actually a
4813s configurability nightmare if we have to
4815s manage like 30 different cues all of
4818s which have subtly different Behavior
4820s it's like you know if there's a problem
4822s with one we're never even gonna find
4823s that because it's like a needle in a
4825s haystack at that point yeah so yeah it's
4827s it's a that's a great question and it's
4829s it's a major
4831s um it's something we think about a whole
4832s lot
4833s awesome if I'd love to hear like any
4836s final thoughts on matchmaking or if
4838s there are any other questions that you
4840s have Zoe um or anything that you you
4842s guys want to input otherwise I think I'm
4845s gonna shift gears and talk about
4847s competitive I I'd love to dive into
4850s competitive ones yeah because all right
4852s let's go um so yeah let's do it awesome
4856s so
4857s um first I'd like to do kind of like a
4860s retrospective on the season three
4862s updates that we saw and kind of explain
4863s like why uh we made those changes
4868s sure so season three
4871s uh sort of we've done a few things like
4874s for competitive play
4875s um you know we changed the UI a little
4877s bit we made the um we added specifically
4880s like well season three I guess
4882s this is where like
4884s so many patches
4885s almost right in my head we've uh added
4889s the ability to see
4890s um your competitive update screen at
4893s like any time uh and then the mid-cycle
4895s patch that we're adding in like newer
4897s buttons for that to make it like easier
4898s to get to like made that like you know
4901s really pretty
4902s um
4902s then
4904s sort of like we've also like made some
4906s changes in anticipation of what we're
4909s doing in season four
4910s where the seasonal rank Decay we didn't
4914s put as much decay in we yeah we nerfed
4917s it yeah it was Morgan said it best we
4918s basically nerfed it uh because in season
4921s four we're going to be removing that so
4925s we didn't want to make it as much of a
4928s you know what what just happened you
4930s know it's like one of the things that
4931s we've learned about like competitive
4932s play like an OverWatch 2. we made some
4934s pretty big changes
4936s and I honestly think we just didn't
4938s communicate those super well so like one
4941s of the big sort of takeaways from the
4944s competitive play leading up is just
4946s people don't understand how the system
4947s works so
4949s a lot of the changes that we're working
4950s towards especially like with season four
4952s is
4953s making things more clear for players
4956s um yeah getting you know
4958s because people want to have confidence
4960s in
4962s you know what what they're playing you
4964s know what they want to be able to set
4965s goals they want to be able there's all
4966s these things they want to do and when
4968s they don't understand how the system
4969s works it sort of works against all that
4971s so that's one of the big things oh and
4973s yes season three we also changed the
4975s number of like wins from seven to five
4977s right
4978s um which that wasn't that was an
4980s interesting change and that was
4982s something where it was originally seven
4983s for like a very interesting reason that
4985s we I think we really talked about too
4987s much what we shipped with as far as
4989s competitive play for OverWatch to wasn't
4992s everything that we wanted to ship with
4994s one of the major
4995s um features that we were looking forward
4997s to was this concept of being able to
4999s provide players with periodic
5002s uh information about how well they're
5004s performing
5005s even potentially like on a hero basis so
5007s the idea of like hey you have seven wins
5009s out of those seven wins you played like
5011s these Heroes hey look at these how well
5013s you performed on these Heroes let's say
5015s you played like
5016s um Soldier 76 you know Cassidy and
5019s sojourn well you played the you played
5022s those Heroes during those wins like
5024s let's look at your accuracy it's like
5026s are you preferring better or worse than
5028s your particular than like other players
5030s that you're like skill rank and we
5032s really like that concept because we want
5034s to provide information to players to
5036s help to help give them goals to provide
5039s them with like information about hey how
5041s do you get better at competitive at
5043s um you know competitive OverWatch too
5044s right because we went from like we went
5047s from Sr to something extremely granular
5050s to something that was a little more
5053s broader with the skill tier and division
5055s so it sounds like you really want to
5058s contextualize like not just take away
5060s that granularity for the sake of making
5062s it less granular but also it's very
5065s difficult or it was very difficult to
5067s contextualize Sr like what you're
5069s talking about with like how well am I
5071s performing compared to other Cassidy
5073s players like that that context it wasn't
5077s there for Sr and it sounds like that's
5080s something we're moving towards yeah and
5083s becoming better at over at OverWatch too
5086s like if you're the type of player who's
5088s actively trying to improve that's a
5090s long-term process
5091s and we really didn't feel like
5093s and that's our value that was changing
5094s after every game was really sort of
5096s setting the right signals like for that
5098s because
5099s when you think about it it's like
5101s you know if batch tracking is doing an
5102s awesome job you're going to win and lose
5104s about 50 of the time right and it's like
5107s if you're you know it's like if you're
5108s improving it's like that 50 50 will
5110s still sort of be there but you'll the
5112s quality of the teams that you're playing
5113s with like the quality of the opponents
5115s it sort of like goes up over time like
5117s as you've improved so
5119s that was another sort of big thing about
5121s sort of changing the entire like Sr
5124s change after rematch to this competitive
5125s update system is
5127s really just sort of like framing that in
5129s terms of
5131s a longer term Journey for for players
5134s not concentrating on like individual
5136s matches which are highly variable for a
5139s huge number of reasons I mean that's you
5142s know we talk about OverWatch 2
5144s competitive play there's just I think
5146s this idea that it's like oh I'm gold
5148s three so I'm going to play at a gold
5150s three like level whatever that is
5152s every single game and in reality it's
5155s like
5155s all right some games I like got super
5157s lucky hit a bunch of headshots other
5159s games it's like oh my goodness I made
5161s this most horrible misposition
5163s and it was just like we lost like we
5165s lost a team fight
5167s there's a lot of variation variation in
5169s that which is what I like which again we
5171s sort of just wanted to spread out like
5172s the updates because
5174s again recognizing that like any
5177s individual game
5178s doesn't actually mean that much really
5180s right yeah um so
5184s yeah I mean so that was sort of a big
5187s thing and again to get back to the like
5189s another question we get from the
5191s community is like why is it wins and not
5193s wins and losses well because we wanted
5195s to do this report
5196s one thing we know just from looking at
5199s Stats is the stats you have when
5201s whenever you win games are completely
5204s different than when you lose them
5205s and if we're going to do any kind of
5207s like apples to apples comparison you
5209s know because again these reports were
5210s like something that like over time you
5212s would see them change and you get you
5215s you get you know positive reinforcement
5217s saying it's like oh I'm getting better
5218s at this you know because the idea was
5220s you see this report it's like oh this is
5222s something I can get better at you
5224s actively try to get better at that you
5226s know you play not just to play but you
5228s play with like oh I'm gonna like work on
5231s my like my headshot accuracy or I'm
5233s going to work on you know particular
5235s like you know Sportability making sure
5237s that's more effective you know making my
5239s old support making my olds better
5241s um that I think was like interesting but
5243s unfortunately we didn't ship with that
5245s so that sort of like
5247s we had to like read it's like okay if
5249s we're not gonna do that even though we
5250s want to still do it in the future but
5252s like for now
5253s let's like me you know seven seven wins
5256s felt like too much
5257s so that's why I changed it to five right
5260s um and that's sort of where we are of
5262s season three
5264s and now season four
5266s we can start talking about that
5268s are you ready ah yes yes okay cool cool
5271s season four so season four the big
5274s change that we're doing there is we're
5276s going to be removing the seasonal rank
5277s Decay
5278s um
5279s so
5280s that was another aspect that we were
5282s trying to add in with OverWatch to
5286s um going back in time to OverWatch one
5288s um
5289s we gotta leave a lot of feedback from
5291s players like over time where they felt
5293s like there wasn't really that much
5294s changes between Seasons
5296s [Music]
5296s um
5297s there's a lot of like sort of pent-up
5299s demand for this idea of it's like I want
5302s sort of this
5303s I'm going to use a strange word because
5305s if I say if I say MMR reset Morgan will
5308s freak out because that's like an almost
5309s horrible idea ever don't do it but
5311s there's this idea of it's like
5313s a new season starts I want to like you
5315s know I want to refocus my efforts you
5318s know I want to like start this journey
5319s again towards working towards Greater
5321s Heights of my skill
5323s and there was no real way to do that
5326s because for most players what what
5328s actually happens is they reach a certain
5330s skill
5331s and then they'll just sort of change
5333s around like different like you know
5335s tiers or now sub you know divisions
5338s um
5339s so the idea was we're going to like
5341s lower your
5343s lower your division or your skill tier
5345s and division at the beginning of the
5346s season
5347s to provide that sort of moment of it's
5349s like oh I've got another goal to work
5350s towards I can start this journey again
5354s so that didn't quite out work the way we
5357s wanted to for a couple of big reasons
5360s um and this is the big Maya culpa moment
5362s of you know of what shoe competitive
5364s play one
5366s we didn't again we didn't explain what
5368s was happening
5369s uh and that was sort of like sort of a
5371s big thing people came away it's like
5373s wait a new season just started why is my
5375s ranks much lower did I suddenly get
5377s worse I don't I don't feel like I got
5379s any worse than like OverWatch why did
5381s this just go down and
5384s so we didn't communicate what it was
5385s trying to do and the other thing was for
5388s this sort of like system for to create
5390s that Journey
5392s have making doing this every two months
5394s is probably too short
5396s um we looked a lot of data with regards
5398s to like how many people how many games
5400s of competitive people play there's a lot
5402s of them that maybe only play like 15 or
5404s 20 games which isn't even like
5407s enough the way we tuned it it was going
5409s to take more than that to work your way
5411s back up to your quote-unquote real
5415s um skill skill level
5417s and because they didn't get back to that
5420s instead of this like virtuous journey of
5422s like hey I'm like gonna get back I'm
5424s gonna like restart I'm gonna like you
5426s know try hard this time I'm gonna get
5428s like so much better at OverWatch too it
5430s was like we lowered them back down they
5432s got back up a little bit and then we
5433s lowered it back down and got about it
5434s then we lowered it back down
5436s and it didn't feel virtuous it felt
5438s punitive which is like not at all we
5441s didn't want that at all
5442s um so
5444s for those reasons and again just to make
5446s just to make things clearer
5448s we're just removing it so
5450s when season four starts
5453s um when you first go to play competitive
5454s play there'll be a little there'll be a
5456s message uh that pops up saying hey we're
5458s removing this we're also just sort of
5460s removing like all the effects of it so
5462s we're like resetting everyone back to
5463s like what their quote unquote
5466s actual like skill is so we'll pop a
5469s little up dialogue indicating hey this
5470s is what your previous ranks were back in
5472s season three and here's your new ones in
5474s season four
5475s again with the idea that hey we need to
5478s fully explain what's happening because
5479s when we don't explain things uh
5482s it's not good I'm glad that you know you
5486s guys are here to talk to us about this
5488s like being here and communicating with
5490s with us and and the players is it means
5493s a lot yeah I mean same sentiment here
5495s like the transparency is really really
5497s so important especially with systems
5499s which are just so complicated so
5502s intricate and as you said you turn one
5504s knob and then everything else changes so
5505s like there is a lot of communication
5507s which needs to happen in order for the
5509s people who play the game to really
5510s understand why things are happening the
5513s way they are I do want to ask though
5516s why do people or shouldn't people want
5520s that full MMR reset because still like
5523s that that is what people like I see that
5525s so often in the community it's like why
5526s don't I just reset it please tell them
5528s why that's not what they want yeah
5531s that's a it's a good question so like
5533s you know I can understand the sentiment
5535s right it's like you know if you feel
5537s like your MMR is not where it should be
5540s or something like that you're like ah
5541s just reset it all right
5543s you know it's really actually kind of
5544s fascinating we have millions of players
5546s and if you think about it most of those
5549s players have never actually played each
5551s other right so
5553s um by default if we throw all of the
5558s ratings that we have out we're losing a
5561s whole lot of information like our
5563s current view of of everybody's skill you
5565s know your individual skill may not be
5567s calibrated but the system as a whole
5570s embeds a whole lot of knowledge about
5572s the relationship between all of these
5574s players most of whom who have never
5575s actually played against each other you
5577s know like in in chess we have you have
5579s like ELO or something
5581s and you know the community of chess
5583s players is somewhat small and like you
5586s know you'll go to these tournaments and
5587s like everybody's kind of playing each
5589s other and it you know it kind of makes
5591s sense
5592s um but in in OverWatch like we don't
5595s really have that like you know unless
5597s you're on top 500 or something then
5599s you're actually playing with with other
5600s you know all the other people
5602s um that's a separate problem but uh but
5605s generally with ratings it's like you
5607s know we really want to have some view of
5611s everybody's skill and even a rough view
5613s is much better than no information
5614s because what happens if we throw all of
5616s it out is you'll get games where like
5619s bronze players are playing against top
5622s 500 players
5623s and we've actually done that internally
5625s right because like we have bronze
5627s players on our team and top 500 players
5629s on our on on Team Four right and so like
5631s in those play tests like those are not
5633s fun to play tennis yeah uh it turns out
5636s that uh that matches only really feel
5639s fun in a very very narrow difference of
5643s of skill otherwise you know one team's
5645s just gonna Stomp the other team you know
5646s OverWatch is a very decisive game and
5649s being like Platinum versus gold like
5652s that's a very noticeable difference in
5654s skill
5655s um and so you know all of that
5656s information that the ratings have in
5658s aggregate it's extremely valuable like
5661s you know whenever somebody asks about
5663s MMR I feel like No don't touch the mmrs
5667s break the entire matchmaking if you
5669s if you throw out the enemy
5671s yeah because the information is not
5673s going to be there that means that the
5674s roll Delta graph is going to go all the
5676s way up again
5678s exactly but not in a good way yeah I
5681s think this sort of this there's a little
5683s bit of like misunderstanding about like
5684s how long it would take for the system to
5686s readjust
5688s um
5688s you know when these conversations come
5690s up the people will be like oh it'll just
5691s probably take a month and it's like
5693s no you don't understand like this months
5697s like years like yeah it's it's actually
5699s interesting in the sense of you know
5701s with OverWatch 2 coming out you know
5703s we're going free to play it's like all
5704s these like new players
5706s there is a little bit of like our
5707s matchmaking has been has technically
5710s gotten worse just because we have this
5712s mass number of people that we don't know
5714s much about them right
5717s you know people try to compare like how
5719s OverWatch one matchmaking was right
5721s before we shipped OverWatch too and
5723s that's where we had players who had
5726s played a ton of games they played a lot
5728s of Heroes they've played all the maps
5731s they've gone through like multiple metas
5732s they were all like very knowledgeable
5735s and like the matchmaker's view of their
5737s skill was
5739s reasonably accurate but when you bring
5742s in new players think about like all the
5743s things they potentially like have to
5745s have to learn again all the heroes on
5747s their particular role within just one
5748s role all the different Maps
5751s um again like they haven't been through
5752s like multiple different Meta Meta swings
5755s and
5756s when we talk about like what the
5758s matchmakers view of the skill is
5760s you know it's not
5762s it's not as simple as like hey I won
5764s game it like I get better I lose game it
5767s is but like the reality is the amount is
5770s like different but like the other thing
5771s is that like as a new player
5774s you know
5776s the Matchmaker can think you're of a
5778s certain skill because you've been
5779s playing let's say like you're you've
5781s been playing soldier 76 and you've been
5782s having a good amount of success right
5784s put your new player you're like all
5786s right I feel like I've I'm doing well on
5788s Soldier 76 I'm going to switch to
5790s Cassidy
5791s all right at that point the matchmaker's
5794s view of their skill is wrong again
5796s because you're on a completely like new
5798s hero right we also see other like sort
5800s of changes again and it's been great to
5803s see all this like we love it you know
5804s all these like new friends bringing
5806s other friends to play OverWatch to who
5808s hadn't played it before but when you
5810s play with like different groups of
5811s friends
5812s that can sort of change
5814s what your skill is because you might
5817s play with your friends differently than
5818s you would play like solo Warriors like
5820s super try Harding right yeah like the
5822s Matchmaker like all it really you know
5824s it really just has this like one view of
5826s what you are
5827s and with new players it's
5829s Lots can happen to that so
5832s that's again why we're like so scared
5834s with us about like you know like this
5837s talk of like MMR
5838s um MMR reset because
5841s it would just it would it would
5843s literally take like like
5845s you mentioned it years yeah really
5847s delicious build up this like combined
5849s knowledge about like all the players and
5852s when you think about like all the
5853s different accounts they have on all the
5854s different roles
5856s um it's yeah it's it's mind-boggling
5860s I'm not sure if we want to share
5862s information on this but I'm curious if
5864s you can give us a little more insight
5865s onto into like new players versus
5870s veteran players like you're mentioning
5872s like for OverWatch one we had all this
5874s like data and then we launched OverWatch
5876s too and a lot of these players carry
5878s over but we also have new maps we have a
5881s new game mode we have new Heroes and we
5883s have a lot of new players so I'm curious
5886s what your Insight is there yeah that's
5889s interesting like we definitely like some
5891s new players are something we've
5893s definitely like looked at pretty closely
5894s like we want to try to
5896s again because the Matchmaker has such a
5899s so little understanding of you know just
5901s how good they are and everything that
5903s matchmaker is based upon is this idea of
5905s like how good are you like so we can
5908s match you up with other people of that
5910s same like sort of skill
5911s and that's something where
5913s we've like try to do our best we've done
5916s things with regards to trying to like
5918s start them off at like a better place so
5920s they're not like like the situation we
5922s don't want is like hi I'm a new player
5923s OverWatch and we totally like
5925s misevaluate your skill and you lose a
5927s bunch of games because we think you're
5929s way better than you are so
5932s we've done work on that regard yeah we
5935s did a whole lot actually like you know
5937s when we were working on the launch of
5939s OverWatch 2 we knew you know that we
5941s were going to have a ton of new players
5943s show up and we also knew that we were
5944s going to have a ton of people who had
5945s like played OverWatch years ago come
5947s back and so you know we built systems
5950s specifically to
5953s um you know try to make those players
5954s experience as good as possible and you
5956s know as a result of that make everybody
5958s else's experience playing with those new
5960s players as good as possible too
5962s um so yeah we did the um you know we
5965s very carefully tuned you know kind of
5967s the new player experience in terms of
5969s like what their ratings look like when
5970s they enter the game kind of how much
5972s uncertainty we have about them how fast
5974s we move their ratings one one thing
5976s that's like the bane of my existence is
5978s when people do like unranked to GM you
5981s know like they make a fresh account and
5983s then like play to GM you know because
5985s like their first several matches are
5986s really bad so like we added a system to
5989s try to kind of like hey you're you're
5991s like on a win streak that we don't
5993s expect you to be on your MMR should
5996s probably be way different than what it
5997s is
5998s um so thankfully you know we've like
5999s Shrunk the number of matches that it
6002s takes for somebody to like kind of
6003s calibrate when they're just coming into
6005s the system by quite a bit
6015s yeah I
6017s yeah and then also like for returning
6020s players you know we um we did a lot of
6023s work to kind of model like we we kind of
6025s do Decay players when they come back if
6027s they've been gone for a really long time
6029s just to try to kind of like ease them a
6032s bit in and then also we we increase our
6034s uncertainty about them too so it's like
6036s we're kind of like much more willing I
6038s mean we treat them a little bit more
6039s like a new player because it's like you
6041s know we don't know what you've been
6042s doing for the past two years maybe
6043s you've been you know not playing video
6045s games at all maybe you've been like
6046s playing a different shooter and you're
6048s even better right so yeah a whole lot of
6051s work that went in kind of at launched to
6053s really try to get ahead of a lot of
6055s those things
6056s but you know still a whole lot of new
6058s players a whole lot of new uncertainty
6059s in the system yeah and we've been
6061s dealing with it I think um you know
6064s that's probably the type of thing
6065s that'll just get better over time
6069s just yeah it's uh the the answer to
6071s every question is always just play more
6073s games yeah
6074s yeah
6077s and to give the Matchmaker a better like
6078s view of like how good you are yeah it's
6080s like that's sort of like the two things
6082s that sort of solve all like you know
6083s matchmaking things like play more games
6085s and have more people playing games so we
6087s can there's even more people to
6088s potentially match you with yeah right
6091s I I was just wondering what the what the
6094s team's stance is on actually displaying
6096s uh
6097s the team ranks like we're heading into a
6100s game
6101s um in competitive like is that something
6104s discouraging because you know like very
6107s often uh back when there was like the
6110s team MMR in the versus screen right at
6111s the beginning uh your team immediately
6114s if they have a lower Sr would go like oh
6116s well we lose so like immediate defeat a
6119s kind of attitude
6121s um what's this the stands from your team
6123s about displaying uh those kind of sure
6126s mmrs so that brings us to another change
6129s in season four haha there he goes
6133s um not quite like everything you I think
6135s you're asked for but like we are going
6136s to display like
6138s um before like a competitive match and
6140s that likes our team screen at least what
6142s the average like for this particular
6144s like game is so you know you can see
6147s it's like hey this is a
6149s Platinum 4 match
6151s um it just to give you sort of like a
6154s better idea it's like am I maybe I'm a
6156s little bit better than everyone in here
6158s or maybe I'm a little bit worse you know
6159s it gives you some information about that
6161s um again like
6163s we definitely like seeing the feedback
6164s with regards to like hey I just want to
6166s see like what everyone's like sort of
6167s values are
6169s um
6169s some of that I think is is positive like
6172s we we do
6173s we do get very pointed feedback about
6176s the Matchmaker when that when that
6177s happens which that you know that doesn't
6180s necessarily that doesn't really bother
6182s us but I think it's more just that we
6185s don't want like players to necessarily
6186s like hone in on like
6189s precisely like what those like values
6191s are because a lot of times they'll sort
6193s of like they'll make judgments about the
6195s match before they've even played it yeah
6196s like a self-fulfilling prophecy right
6198s and that could be like that could be
6200s really negative right it's like because
6201s again like we're not going to put you in
6203s like a horrible like a super horrible
6205s match you know Morgan was talking
6206s earlier about it's like you know 55 45
6209s like it sounds horrible but it's like no
6211s you win 45 of the time right and it's
6213s like
6215s it's the kind of thing of like it's
6216s still work it's still worth going in and
6218s trying your hardest yeah right it's
6220s something that you know I think over
6221s time and especially like as we're making
6222s like all these like matchmaking changes
6224s you know and we're trying to do like all
6227s these like tuning things it's something
6228s that you know we might like put back
6230s like in the future like but for now
6232s um we're gonna like take you know baby
6234s steps which is like putting in the like
6236s you know what is the like sort of rank
6238s of this particular match yeah we've been
6240s talking about it a lot I mean we've
6242s there's a challenge because it's like we
6244s want to show players more about matches
6246s right like we want to kind of show you
6248s know how good these matches are but it's
6251s hard because it's like finding ways you
6253s know like the charts that I was showing
6254s earlier like those are kind of hard
6256s especially if like it's on a screen that
6258s you're just seeing for a few seconds
6260s like you know part kind of understanding
6263s some of that information can be
6264s difficult and also yeah like Scott was
6266s saying we don't want to create a
6268s situation where somebody's going to like
6270s you know not try their hardest because
6273s we've already lost
6275s like it's interesting like in in
6276s Starcraft actually they used to show
6278s this where it was like oh you know your
6280s your team or your you know you are
6282s favored to win or the enemy is favored
6284s to win and like that you know that kind
6286s of works in a 1v1 game where you can be
6288s like okay you know I might lose this
6290s match but in a team match where it's
6292s like your team is not favored to win you
6295s know then it's like well what you know
6297s are my teammates bad like
6303s though like that's a that's a Content
6306s booster yeah yeah
6308s so if we could only get the good the
6310s good side of it yeah if we can only get
6312s the positive without the negative then
6314s sure but yeah again it's it's hard to
6317s it's hard to it's hard to talk about a
6319s lot about like magic like this is the
6321s matchmaker's view of your quality and
6323s like
6324s we can't just hit you with a bunch of
6326s math and like weird numbers that you
6328s know like that we're looking at and
6330s because again like
6332s we really want to make competitive play
6334s understandable right you know
6336s so that's
6338s so we just have to like we were just
6339s we'd have to be like be very careful of
6341s what we display to players that they
6343s don't inadvertently
6345s you know take that information like the
6347s wrong way you know it's like yeah
6349s because so much of it needs to be
6350s contextualized right like it's so much
6353s information yeah and again it's like
6356s none of these numbers are absolute at
6358s the end of the day right it's like this
6361s is the matchmaker's current like best
6363s view of like what this match is but it's
6365s like
6366s who know it's like maybe like like once
6370s it makes the match what everyone plays
6372s has a way bigger effect than like just
6375s putting the people in it's like is
6378s everyone playing like the super like
6380s hard meta like picks what if someone's
6383s like trying something like different you
6385s know it's like there's all these like
6386s different effects that once you actually
6387s get into the match
6388s that yeah it's yeah yeah we've been
6391s trying to study that a lot lately
6392s actually yeah like what causes one-sided
6395s matches you know because it doesn't feel
6398s fun to like lose and you know you feel
6400s like you got stomped and people blame
6402s the Matchmaker for that yeah 100 and
6405s it's funny you know like we've been
6406s trying really hard to you know like
6408s really the problem there is like what
6410s signal can we see that is actually
6412s predictive of like a Stomp and so far we
6416s really haven't come up with a whole lot
6418s we found a few things you know that
6419s we've been able to kind of fix at the
6421s edges but kind of the core problem just
6423s seems you know like if if one person's
6425s like having an off day 45 is not you
6430s know you don't win a 4v5 so and even if
6433s and again even if it's not even if
6435s someone's not having a a bad day it's
6438s like
6438s you know it's like two teams trying
6440s their hardest like someone's gonna win
6441s that first team fight yeah you know and
6444s then I drove OverWatch it's like you win
6445s the first team fight that gives you a
6446s little bit of like you know ultimate
6448s economy Edge that potentially like gives
6450s you like an advantage like on the second
6451s you know on the second team fight like
6453s there's there's things
6456s that again the Matchmaker can't solve
6458s all those like kind of problems
6460s um it really can't unfortunately you can
6462s see it on like control Maps where like
6464s you know on on point on the first point
6466s like one team might just like roll the
6468s other team and it's like oh my God like
6470s this is such a one-sided match and then
6471s the you know the next point it happens
6474s the other way and it's like yeah okay
6475s wait you know that happens all the time
6477s and uh you know so it's like in that
6479s case that's probably actually a balanced
6481s match
6483s I mean you can only do so much math at
6485s the end of the day it's people playing
6487s right and it turns out humans are not
6489s super consistent no we're not robots
6492s right I think I am excited for it though
6494s I think yet oh my goodness
6498s um for season four aren't we providing
6500s more uh context to the competitive
6503s updates to kind of help people
6504s understand how they're doing
6508s thank you Jody yes we are
6511s uh so another thing we've been asked for
6514s is hey we show you how many wins you
6517s have give me see how many losses dies
6519s and we're gonna provide that so again
6522s and not providing that is one of the
6524s things that made it seem like you know
6527s it's like a competitive update happens
6528s and sometimes I went up a division
6531s sometimes I went down a division and a
6533s lot of that was confusing because we
6534s didn't actually show you like the losses
6536s and
6538s um yeah and again because because we're
6540s all human
6541s we sometimes forget about losses just
6544s like we forget about like that leave
6545s that we might have had because you know
6548s because I you know with family emergency
6550s or something like that you know and we
6552s do penalize for leaves as well
6554s um so
6555s yeah we're including like more
6557s information there specifically like the
6559s the losses and ties and the the
6562s breakdown of where you are oh yes well
6564s okay
6566s and specific not so much like so once
6568s you actually complete an update
6570s um
6571s again because like within a division
6573s there's actually like a there's a fair
6575s amount of wiggle room there we got
6577s feedback saying it's like hey I went
6580s I went five and four
6582s and I didn't go up I didn't go up a
6584s division it's like
6585s blizzard why
6587s um oh it's because it's like okay you
6589s were actually like just barely into one
6591s Division and like you actually like you
6592s did go up it's just it was in all within
6594s one division so again to try to make
6597s things like more clear about like what's
6599s going on and that like yes
6601s it's like your five and four record does
6603s mean it went up at the point where you
6606s actually get that like get that rank
6608s update after the five wins we will be
6610s showing you like where you are within
6613s that particular division
6614s and
6616s if you're someone who's between like gm1
6619s and like the bottom of top 500 because
6622s there's this point where it's like
6623s okay how far do I need to get before I'm
6626s actually in top 500 and that's a not a
6629s lot of people but it's like enough
6629s people we've definitely heard the
6630s feedback that's like I want to know like
6632s how close I am also indicating how close
6635s you are to achieving top 500 and I have
6638s three percentage so again more
6640s information about like your updates more
6643s clarity as far as
6645s here's how you played and these are the
6647s results
6649s I really appreciate that and and
6650s something else that we're doing for
6652s season four that I'm really excited
6654s about are the competitive reward changes
6659s um so can we talk a little bit about
6660s like what that's going to look like and
6663s why we made that decision to change
6665s competitive Rewards
6666s yeah so we're changing the competitive
6669s rewards uh and again to be specific here
6671s these are these uh competitive points
6673s that you're getting for playing
6674s competitive uh competitive OverWatch
6676s that you use to purchase the golden guns
6680s um this isn't anything with challenges
6681s uh specifically but like
6684s um one thing we've
6686s always noted is that like if you're
6688s playing in bronze we were like the
6691s difference between like how many
6692s competitive points we give you for like
6693s a bronze or even like a gold and like
6696s someone who's a grand master
6698s was really huge
6700s so a lot of what we're doing is just
6701s like providing uh more competitive
6703s points at the end of the season for
6706s everyone like up through like up through
6708s Grand Master Grand Master's going down a
6710s little bit like at the
6712s um at the end of the season but
6714s the flip side is we're also just we want
6716s to reward people who play more like
6718s during the season
6719s um and we definitely like saw sort of
6722s thing of it's like oh
6724s it's like I've got my like go three rank
6726s or I'm done like there's no real reason
6728s to play like competitive play anymore
6729s it's like hey
6731s um if you enjoy playing if you enjoy
6733s playing OverWatch it's like hey here's
6735s some more competitive points uh so we're
6737s upping the number of competitive points
6739s you get for a win and also Tai um
6743s because you do get a little you do get a
6745s little bit like for a tie we're upping
6746s that as well again just to
6749s um you know give people a little bit
6751s more hey if you're playing a lot we want
6753s to like respect the fact that you know
6755s you are playing a lot because hey by
6757s playing a lot you're making the
6759s Matchmaker better yeah
6764s that's awesome I know another thing
6766s that's coming in um
6769s actually this is the mid-cycle patch
6772s this is live right now but we also have
6774s competitive mystery Heroes coming to the
6777s game
6778s oh boy competitive Mr Heroes we are like
6781s yes we are really excited about this
6784s because
6786s um
6787s the chaos is going to be so Exquisite I
6791s know
6792s Scott to like explain competitive
6795s mystery Heroes and he just said it's
6798s chaos yeah it was just gonna be great
6800s you know it's the kind of thing of like
6802s you know it's like people like really
6804s like trying hard and like trying to win
6806s this but at the same time it's like
6808s they have no control over the heroes
6809s they have no control over there like um
6812s um their team compositions so in some
6815s ways it's actually the people who do
6816s well on competitive mystery Heroes we're
6819s gonna like Flex their like skill in a
6821s way that like actually normal
6822s competitive play doesn't because there's
6823s going to be super flexible and you gotta
6826s be good at everything you got to be good
6827s at everything in all situations
6829s all the heroes all the maps but that
6833s being said we are like doing something
6834s we do know that like competitive mystery
6836s Heroes like it's like we love chaos but
6838s like we don't like just there are limits
6840s to our like our levels of Chaos
6842s we did put another rule that basically
6844s says you can only like have as when it
6847s randomizes the heroes it's only going to
6849s create team composite like the maximum
6851s of three if any role
6853s um so that was again sort of like
6855s prevent some of the like the worst or
6857s weirdest compositions
6860s um and then also we are doing um because
6864s this isn't like a roll cue setup this is
6867s also going to have the change that we
6868s made with regards to tanks and open q or
6871s like non-roll cue cues that sounded
6875s weird but it's accurate uh it's like I
6877s have like lower health so again trying
6879s to make that like overall like
6881s it's like we want fair and balanced but
6883s chaotic crazy but crazy
6887s balance like in a competitive sense like
6890s mystery here is like how do you balance
6892s those teams from uh I can't like a very
6894s competitive standpoint I mean any
6896s individual game
6898s the result is going to be like even more
6899s like even more random right yeah in the
6901s sense of it's like yeah you'll have some
6902s total you have some games where someone
6906s happened to like you know roll into like
6908s their best hero
6909s and like you know they they play really
6911s well on it and maybe like dominate you
6913s know and like oh it's like oh all I got
6915s were my off-road Champions and so forth
6917s yeah that's fine but everyone's having
6919s that experience yeah
6921s so there will be there's always like
6923s some balancing out there and sort of
6925s It's actually kind of like sort of an
6927s interesting thing about like Mr Heroes
6928s it's like when you do lose
6931s it's like you can just blame it's like
6933s oh we just had bad cops yeah
6936s it's like you won't even blame the
6939s Matchmaker yeah right it's great you
6941s know it's like it's like yeah just like
6942s you know I didn't roll a great set of
6944s Heroes but if you play enough
6946s yeah they're like all that kind of
6948s variance right we'll balance out and the
6950s people that are better at playing more
6951s of the heroes should rise to the top of
6954s the leaderboards right that's the theory
6957s well and um also dealing with
6959s uncertainty like I I actually play Mr
6961s Heroes I love the mode it's such a fun
6963s mode
6963s um and one of the things that's really
6965s cool about mystery Heroes is so like
6967s normally in OverWatch it's very
6969s deterministic right like you're you have
6971s control over kind of everything or your
6973s team does at least
6974s except whether you win I guess so um you
6977s know like in games like HearthStone for
6979s example kind of like dealing with
6981s Randomness and uncertainty is like a
6983s very inherent part of the game and so
6984s you know that is is like a skill
6987s actually you know it's like if you roll
6990s um a mercy and your team already has
6993s three supports or something like
6995s like kind of like how do you play that
6998s do you like is it do you want to stay on
7000s Mercy yeah
7003s just jump it yeah so there's like a very
7007s interesting kind of like strategic layer
7010s that you know it is a little bit crazy
7011s but at the same time there's a lot of
7014s thought that you can kind of put in
7015s that's you know it's very dependent on
7016s like how good am I with this hero you
7018s know what's my my team's team comp
7020s what's the enemy team comp and kind of
7022s doing that whole like calculus to try to
7024s figure out like is this actually a good
7026s hero for me to like kind of try to hold
7028s on to or not
7030s or should I just yeah so we think at the
7032s end of that competitive season the
7033s people are at the top of the leaderboard
7035s they'll just don't deserve to be there
7036s yeah
7037s Swiss Army knives of OverWatch yes
7040s absolutely
7042s um
7043s so yeah we'll see we'll see we'll see
7044s how that uh we'll see how that goes like
7046s I said there's a lot of excitement about
7048s it I mean there's lots of fans of Mr
7049s Heroes on the team
7052s um it's I think it's it's still like our
7054s most favorite it's like our most players
7055s it's a really it's almost played our
7057s arcade
7058s yes
7061s yes embrace it this this might be a
7064s really stupid question uh the answer
7067s might be super obvious and I just don't
7068s know but
7073s uh like obviously that's locked on my
7076s account like that's my MMR for mystery
7078s Heroes does that bleed into other
7081s competitive uh like normal competitive
7083s play or like quick play so if I say like
7087s a really unlucky very often in mystery
7089s Heroes by Rolling off Heroes constantly
7092s and then obviously I'm losing all of
7094s those games but I technically do good in
7096s normal competitive play will the other
7099s MMR affect that MMR and my account
7102s overall that's a really good question so
7104s for competitive modes each each rating
7108s because it's tied to a rank
7111s um it's you know player visible those
7112s are very distinct so like you can do
7115s whatever you want in competitive mystery
7116s Heroes and it will not have any impact
7118s on the other game modes for unranked we
7121s do
7122s um have a little bit more kind of like
7124s of a of a you know shared understanding
7127s of your ratings
7129s um because you know in those modes we're
7130s really just trying to optimize for you
7132s know like Fair matches with a 50 percent
7134s win rate but for ranks you know we
7138s you know we're showing you those ranks
7139s you know we're not changing those out
7141s from underneath you so like that rank is
7143s you know just for competitive mystery
7145s Heroes yeah so when you lose a
7148s competitive Mr Heroes you're not gonna
7149s you're not gonna need to get upset and
7151s say like oh my am I going to lose you am
7153s I going to lose GM
7156s oh don't worry about that I don't have
7157s to worry about it yeah I'm pretty
7159s excited to try out competitive mystery
7161s Heroes here for the chaos so could we um
7165s could we have OverWatch League Play
7166s competitive Mr Heroes do you think just
7168s first I mean yes
7174s that idea that's I think that's that's
7177s gonna go down really well
7179s I'm excited
7180s awesome
7181s this has been this has been really
7183s helpful and you know we really
7185s appreciate the insight and I know uh
7189s throughout this we've kind of talked
7190s about how you know we should have
7192s communicated this or like we should have
7194s done this better and I just really
7196s appreciate you guys taking the time to
7198s be here and like really outline this for
7200s the community
7202s um and you know I'm really happy with
7205s everything that you guys said you know
7207s um I appreciate the insight and it's
7209s been epic talking with you guys these
7212s are really important topics to our
7213s community so yeah we should do this
7215s again yeah yeah absolutely thank you for
7218s joining thank you guys so much yeah and
7220s and sharing your thoughts and you know
7223s um
7224s we talked about all the factors that go
7227s into uh changing Matchmaker and like
7230s this is true for Matchmaker it's also
7232s true for our game but Community
7233s sentiment and Community feedback means a
7236s lot to us we see we hear you and we are
7240s implementing that into our plans and it
7242s helps us make decisions so you know
7245s please keep sharing your feedback
7248s um we're really happy to have these
7249s conversations with players and you know
7252s thank you guys so much for watching and
7254s we'll see you in the mid-cycle patch
7257s bye everyone thanks bye thanks
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