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712s of course Ruby is there with the defense
715s Matrix to just eat up as much of that
718s barrage as possible that's how you
720s endure
726s it's a little bit too late the
729s animations startup finishes but the team
731s is already in pieces
733s [Music]
739s hello everyone and welcome back to the
742s calling all heroes Challengers cup I am
745s waffles for Sid and this is a thibodark
748s and we will be bringing you the initial
750s action for today Sybil how are you doing
754s dude going into today's matches and
757s after all of yesterday's action on top
758s of it yeah I mean we had such an
760s action-packed day yesterday and it's
762s really only going to go up from there
764s which is crazy in and of itself uh we've
767s got some bangers on our way already we
769s have a great really fun one to start us
771s off that we'll we'll get into here in
773s just a minute
774s um but yeah I mean there's there's so
776s much to look at here we've got 16 really
778s amazing teams we have highly competitive
781s pack especially up towards the top
784s um so let's take a look at the bracket
785s here for the day uh it is 16 teams
788s single elimination this is all seated
790s out and placed properly we've got some
793s bangers to get us started we have some
795s very interesting matchups and teams to
797s follow even just here in this first
799s round before we even move any further
800s into the bracket and then of course way
803s over there towards the end those top
805s four will be qualifying for our final
807s event in December so a lot on a line for
810s these teams and a lot to prove
813s definitely and I mean you can see
815s already there's some pretty tough
817s matchups starting off Dart monkey is
819s going to be going up against Vancouver
821s Titans blue there were some pretty Heavy
824s Hitters when we saw some of the
825s qualifiers yesterday altiora Nimbus
828s versus number one on over buff should
830s also be a pretty good one if you guys
832s see any uh you know opportunity to catch
834s other stream streams there that they
836s might be showing later but really going
839s into our matchup today we're going to
841s see an ironic versus a Mochi to kick off
844s the action and folks we've all seen
847s Mochi earlier in this tournament and
849s actually in the challengers cup one so
852s you know they've got a lot of pressure
854s on their shoulders to try and make it to
857s the top of this qualif of this
859s Challengers cup too versus you know
862s maybe being knocked out right at the
864s cusp of it right yeah I mean all these
866s teams are aiming as high as they can but
869s the reality is is that we're going to
871s lose quite a few of them quite early
872s this a single LM this is Do or Die it is
875s first to three so there's a little more
877s wiggle room than there has been the last
879s couple days of the qualifier but I mean
882s even a map an extra map can disappear
885s very quickly if you've let it so these
888s teams cannot slouch they cannot go oh
890s it's fine we've got time they need to
892s hit the ground running especially if
894s you're up against a tough opponent you
896s know like looking at the at the match at
898s the the very top of this bracket Dart
900s monkeys versus Vancouver Titans blue you
902s know Titan's blue we're looking great in
904s the last game that we casted them in
906s look like they were gaining some
907s momentum they were really getting a feel
908s for it and how they wanted to approach
910s the game
911s but dark monkeys are dark monkeys
913s they're our only undefeated team there's
915s some big veteran names and talents on
918s that team and this will absolutely be a
921s big test for them yeah um that's a
924s really tough first round yeah going into
926s the fine the playoffs here yeah yeah and
930s that's that's really feet first Into the
931s Fire you know but look at the lava
934s really yeah the fire perhaps is not
936s strong enough to describe what the heck
938s Vancouver Titans blue are about to go up
940s against
941s um but but looking at the match that we
943s have going on first here on stream uh on
946s ironic versus Mochi you know kind of a
948s middle of the pack match up here uh but
950s both teams looking strong coming out of
953s the qualifiers looking certainly capable
955s of punching in this weight class but of
958s course only one can move forward
960s and you know it's always tough to see
963s one of these teams have you know have to
965s say goodbye to them and see them off but
968s at the end of the day this is what
970s they've all been working and playing
972s towards right you mentioned the finals
974s in December and there's a 25
977s 000 prize pool on the line as a result
980s and maybe I mean arguably more
983s importantly the calling all heroes
986s initiative runs parallel to the path to
989s Pro so it's once again another Avenue to
993s allow more players that opportunity to
995s go pro and to be seen in the Pro leagues
998s and there's going to be a lot of eyes on
1001s the finals in December and that means
1004s there's going to be a lot of potential
1005s for these players to be scouted maybe
1007s discovered for people who haven't been
1010s in the scene quite as intensively or
1013s maybe they get to break out because this
1016s is their chance here under this
1017s marginalized gender tournament and
1020s you know there's a lot of uh scholarship
1023s opportunities also up and coming from
1025s many different schools and I really hope
1028s to see this really this take off and
1030s give a lot of players some unexpected
1032s opportunities
1034s yeah I mean we we talk about scouting I
1036s know for a fact ooh Rumor Mill here we
1039s go uh I hear some things I I hear that
1042s there are at least a couple OverWatch
1044s League teams actively reviewing the
1047s challengers cup scene and determining if
1050s they're going to start making any moves
1052s looking in this direction obviously the
1054s Vancouver Titans kind of got the jump on
1055s that got their pick of the litter first
1057s things change all the time so you really
1061s never know and eyes are on this
1064s tournament and on these players so yeah
1066s the pressure is here today certainly is
1069s the biggest day for these 16 teams to
1072s show what they can do until we get to
1073s the finals so let's look at our first
1076s roster here we have unironic coming
1077s online we have a zoo up top here in the
1080s tank roll actually a fairly well-known
1083s graphic designer in the tier 2 Community
1084s does some amazing work I will also shout
1087s out Nyan socks over on the other end in
1090s the support position uh she actually
1092s works for me as a tick tock freelancer
1094s she does good work she uh is a gremlin
1098s just an absolute meme Lord in the
1101s extreme check out her Twitter and Tick
1103s Tock because they're unhinged I frankly
1106s do not even feel comfortable describing
1108s to you some of the content I see on
1110s there but it's funny so these guys at
1114s the very least have you know that uh
1117s that Panache that Charisma that a good
1120s team needs you know they've got a bit of
1122s a London Spitfire effect going on
1124s um but but even so like regardless of
1127s that they've also made it to the top 16.
1129s so for all my joking about their meme
1130s capability they're also just damn good
1133s at the game speaking of we've got Mochi
1136s here on the other side you've got Claire
1137s you've got Harlequin you have this
1139s entire roster that has stepped up
1141s especially in the latter half of the
1144s Swiss rounds of the qualifiers to get
1145s here you know the some teams had a
1148s really strong start and some teams had a
1150s really slow start I believe Mochi was
1152s relatively towards the middle but may
1153s maintain their strength all the way
1155s through to the end which is the
1157s important part so now it's going to be a
1159s matter of can you maintain that momentum
1161s to make it past this first round of 16.
1164s yeah well that's definitely going to be
1167s a tall ask for all of these teams who
1170s are you know looking to progress through
1172s the playoffs right Mochi I uh you know
1176s they they were just under the cusp of
1178s actually making it to finals during the
1180s challengers cup too and an ironic also
1183s participated in our first Challenger's
1185s cup so both of these teams have a little
1188s bit to prove not just to us as the
1191s viewers but to themselves that they can
1193s make it here and they can actually
1195s continue to win and be consistent to
1197s make it to the finals right making it
1199s here into the playoffs a couple of times
1201s I would love to see that growth and
1205s development as they push through
1207s it's going to be tough saying goodbye to
1209s one of them at the end of the series but
1211s simple we're starting off of course on
1213s control but today on lijiang Tower so uh
1217s you know might head over to day market
1220s now uh
1223s I I've had many a very contentious
1226s discussion about whether or not to call
1228s it night market or day Market I I think
1230s the conclusion that I've heard that
1232s makes the most sense is that it's still
1234s a night market because the market part
1236s still happens at night which sure
1239s I you know something but we're not
1241s attending the night market right yeah
1243s yeah but I guess the truthful technique
1245s the arguments that I've heard for both
1248s sides of that discussion are heated
1250s people are taking that seriously or
1253s maybe it's just my weird friends who
1255s care that much I guess but regardless
1258s we're not even there right now we're at
1259s the Garden which is not the day Garden
1261s or the Night Garden it's just the garden
1264s um looking to be pretty standard
1266s compositions here we do see Claire on
1268s the erisa don't know if that one's gonna
1269s stick Sunshine probably staying on the
1271s symmetra just for the early TP so let's
1273s see what happens as we get online here
1275s Claire's staying on the erisa actually
1277s but otherwise looking at a mirror so as
1279s you want to run some player on the
1281s Alyssa see how those two tanks make the
1283s difference for their teeth
1285s already both of them engaging here off
1287s to the side gonna be Sunshine actually
1290s picked off first for the fight mochi's
1293s gonna be down a man but moving on to the
1294s point either way still trying to put
1297s pressure and recover even though they
1299s lost Sunshine early in the fight an
1301s ironic nose they have the advantage and
1303s continue pushing that's gonna be the
1305s nail in the coffin for them to be able
1307s to take this first point or this point
1309s first because without sneaky Kirby
1311s sustainability there it's gonna be tough
1313s for Mochi yeah I mean the character is
1315s so important to this composition uh
1317s especially with the orisa who's a maybe
1319s a bigger and less mobile Target who
1321s really needs that extra healing
1323s constantly unless they're managing their
1326s fortifies quite effectively which Claire
1328s was working on but that doesn't matter
1330s anymore hello there we've got a little
1333s piggy coming across our screens over
1336s towards the bridge or perhaps taking
1337s white room wanting to avoid the boot I
1339s respect it Yan socks is killer on police
1343s still a tricky position though you
1345s really want the early pick as that hook
1347s gets broken to try and make an advantage
1349s especially when you see the ultra on
1350s ironic here yeah that was a close hook
1353s there definitely knew he was sitting in
1355s the corner waiting a Boop and it doesn't
1357s actually push them off the edge just
1359s just yet Harlequin does go down as a
1362s result and well hooked and taken down
1365s reality is taken down by that punch
1367s Kitsune is committed here by sneaky
1370s Kirby and mochi does not want to be
1371s giving up this fight Azu uses the Primal
1374s Rage to stall out as long as they can
1375s but Claire's got them pushed in this
1378s corner using the whole hog they do
1381s manage to get away and the clutch Zuzu
1383s from whipped saves the life of a zoo
1385s just at the end yeah that that whole hog
1388s actually pushed azoo all the way up to
1391s like a high ground that I've never even
1392s seen before on that section of the map
1394s and they were able to jump back to the
1395s point and survived so cool map Tech I
1399s guess that's fun uh on ironic
1401s maintaining control as they crested 70
1403s still have the Kitsune Rush Mochi coming
1405s online with three ultimates looking like
1407s they have some solid tools but they got
1409s to avoid the early pick
1411s sound barrier here from Mochi going to
1413s keep them in this fight and well help
1415s them sustain through and allowed
1418s Harlequin to take down sheep on that
1420s death Blossom it's still an uphill
1422s battle for Mochi they've already lost a
1425s few people and unironic seems to be
1427s pretty calm handling the constant
1429s trickle of Mochi pushing this point
1431s we're at 95 percent now Moshi can barely
1434s touch the point at this at this time and
1437s well with overtime triggered
1439s they managed to take it at the last
1441s moment so the main advantage of mochi's
1444s composition over on ironics as we do see
1446s some swamps coming through that I will
1447s talk about is sustain the take a
1450s breather and the lifesteal from the
1452s reaper combined with the kind of cleave
1454s healing from sneaky Kirby in Vegas Sun
1456s means that if you're not getting picks
1458s fast enough Mochi will Whittle you down
1460s now that the orisa and the echo coming
1462s through the echo providing so much burst
1464s potential as well as the pick Potential
1466s from the duplicate you know you can take
1467s the sojourn we saw a kiriko duplication
1470s yesterday from the gym we can also see a
1472s road Hub uh duplication so many options
1474s there so let's see what they do
1476s Sunshine fell really low there for just
1479s a moment but is able to recover sound
1482s barrier from nine socks Gonna Keep On
1484s ironic in the fighting well it's not
1486s gonna be enough there's so much damage
1489s being output here by Mochi and it seems
1492s like Claire might have found her Rhythm
1494s on this roadhog we saw her bring this
1496s out yesterday as well and uh let's just
1499s looking more warmed up absolutely one
1502s thing that I really love about how
1503s roadhog has been changed in OverWatch 2
1505s is that his ultimate just last a set
1508s amount of time and during that you can
1509s still use your normal abilities so you
1511s saw Claire hook someone in and then keep
1514s ulting them anyways which frankly just
1516s feels unfair so 65 and Counting for
1519s Mochi here on ironic though coming
1520s online with a lot of openness a lot of
1522s impactful ultimate so they need to be
1524s smart about how they want to use those
1525s and they could take this round here we
1527s go biggest sun goes ahead uses the sound
1529s barrier as a counter from whips Kitsune
1533s rush and ironic wants to take this point
1535s they have it almost completely Captain a
1538s hook all the way from downtown can't
1540s quite find the kill they're looking for
1542s but there is so much damage being output
1543s she uses the duplicate and you go ahead
1546s goes ahead get the whole hog gets
1548s another hook on top of it and is just
1551s absolutely nasty here on this Echo
1553s outputting damage Mochi does not mind
1556s there's enough to go around and well it
1559s can out can they duke it out here with a
1561s zoo
1566s out a beautiful play
1572s kind ironic to try and come back touch
1574s but at 99.99 OT bar being triggered it
1578s is I mean it is a trickle game and it is
1580s a chaotic one symbol
1581s yeah I mean so back and forth here both
1583s teams just fighting for anything any
1585s pick any disruption at all you see
1587s people coming back from Spawn as quickly
1589s as they can on ironic so close to
1590s switching this up in reality gets to
1592s pick on the sneaky Kirby that could
1593s really make the difference Harlequin
1594s immediately trades it back zombie coming
1596s out from the end Sox and a zoo here on
1598s the doomfist coming up this is the only
1601s map where the trickle install game can
1602s end up like this for this amount of time
1605s you can be lined straight to the point
1607s and neither of these teams are giving up
1610s without a fight and this goes to show
1612s you exactly how competitive and
1614s committed they are to trying to stay in
1616s these playoffs here for the calling all
1618s heroes tournament this is still going on
1621s folks no one seems to be able to fully
1623s cap the point there is Vegas Sun going
1625s down here on the side and an overclock
1628s popped an ironic once to take this point
1630s and seal the deal but can reality hit
1632s their shots can reality actually put the
1635s nail in the coffin for an ironic to flip
1638s the point and win
1639s sure looks like a 3K there I saw a
1642s Minefield coming out from Claire Robin
1644s on side I think they got boobed because
1645s that did not really get much value it
1647s kind of choked off white room but no one
1649s was really coming through that area so
1652s that ultimate kind of going down in a
1653s rough spot followed by Claire
1654s immediately falling uh since sneaky
1657s Kirby got knocked out early in that well
1660s like that third section of one really
1662s long fight I guess
1664s um I mean that that was just kind of the
1666s beginning of the end there so all you
1668s saw at that point was a little bit of
1669s stall touch the point here touch the
1671s point there but unironic had that fight
1673s in the bag for a good 15 seconds or so
1675s but I mean winning it in the last 15
1678s seconds of like a two and a half minute
1680s fight woof
1682s minute overtime fight right where the
1685s spawns are you know that much more
1687s painfully long
1689s yeah we are in for a treat like this
1692s already is showing us how badly these
1694s teams want it the cement are coming out
1697s again from Mochi Claire sticking on that
1699s wrist again a zoo now meeting her on the
1702s mirror here
1704s it's gonna open up with a javelin
1706s straight into
1708s two cards but
1709s finding reality
1711s a gun in the back line now we see both
1713s tanks just going ahead and uh you know
1716s chipping away at each other another pick
1720s opening the fight from Sunshine once
1722s again and well simple this is a very
1725s classic sojourn play that we've seen
1727s before where the the pit comes through
1729s and the rest of the team continues to
1731s capitalize and that's actually the
1733s second time this map where sunshine has
1735s opened up the first fight on the control
1736s point to make the advantage for her team
1739s hitting us with a bit of an xqc Gregory
1741s Mouse flick at the end you know feeling
1743s herself after a solid fight coming out
1746s from that sojourn player now Mochi have
1748s the positional Advantage have the alt
1749s Advantage but on ironic this is going to
1751s be their best and earliest opportunity
1753s to take another neutral fight
1755s and that could be absolutely critical
1757s for them to act to take this point and
1760s win the map so far though Mochi has
1762s already been set up on this defensive
1764s point and pushing into them is going to
1766s be tough Claire fell very low for a
1768s moment but has the resources to stay
1770s alive in the fight the sustain is there
1773s but can they sustain through whips
1775s Kitsune sheep rolls through and it is an
1778s absolute nasty play here Reaper looks
1781s like he's pretty much shooting a
1782s submachine gun when he's rolling up
1784s death alley and well there is the cap
1787s for unironic to take the point for the
1789s first time this round
1790s socks with the poop I should have made a
1793s bet with her or something about boots
1795s I will get on that after the match in
1798s any case unironic taking control again
1800s 45 built up for Mochi which is certainly
1803s something but something unironic can
1805s recover from they have the sound barrier
1807s coming online which they could use
1808s offensively or defensively and that
1810s final to keep Azu in the fight after the
1812s sound barrier comes through early to
1814s counter the consumer restaurants
1816s which is still pushing in with now
1819s overclock here from Sunshine the bubble
1821s is let down right away and Tara surge
1824s thrown just afterwards Mochi continues
1826s to capitalize on the aggression taking
1829s down one after another I love that they
1832s were confident in giving a little bit of
1834s space and then I mean it kind of felt
1836s like they were casually walking up the
1838s main to take it back right yeah we talk
1840s about Mochi having the positional
1842s Advantage but unironics speed and
1844s aggression channeling the two-time
1846s really allowed them to just bowl over
1849s whatever sort of positioning mochi one
1851s or an ironic sorry wanted to establish
1853s so it's a quick Recon test for them the
1855s Terra surge doesn't get a ton of value
1857s maybe a little too much dip for Claire's
1859s chip there but even so the rest of the
1861s team was able to follow up off of the
1863s zoning that that actually provided
1865s column naults but they do something
1868s sound barrier popped in response to
1870s reality's overclock no kills off the
1873s back end of it yet as we see death
1875s Blossom used Harlequin doesn't find any
1877s kills but there's a lot of damage to be
1880s done and it does force unironic to have
1882s to give space now though a bit of a
1884s change of events as an ironic members
1886s popped off Mochi has quite the
1888s deficiency in players and now they need
1890s to stall out as long as they can symbol
1892s I mean they need to stall but as you
1894s fell off the map so literally unironic
1896s are popping this katsuna Russian walking
1898s in 4v4 uh which I mean I guess works out
1901s for them Mochi decides that is really
1902s not worth their time they've got 96
1904s they're close to a couple ultimates they
1906s pulled certainly a lot from Han ironic
1908s look at those low old charges for three
1910s of those members right now so on ironic
1913s yeah they've got control this is last
1915s fight territory and all they have is
1916s that sound Burger so you really need to
1918s make this stretch yeah mochi's probably
1920s pretty happy with giving that up after
1922s whips which uses the kisumi rush and
1924s honestly I don't blame them for making
1927s sure they want to secure the point I
1929s love the nine socks counters the Kitsune
1931s here with a sound barrier for their team
1933s the real question is which support alt
1936s will sustain the team longer there's the
1938s Terra Surge and it's thrown members of
1941s unironic cannot seem to get in to the
1943s point as a result and you've got to be
1945s careful those Lucio boops are constant
1947s we saw Claire almost get taken off
1949s multiple times and Sunshine says step
1952s out of the funnel and into the sight
1954s lines my eyes the DPR is so high
1958s um I I think Azu actually despite losing
1961s this round in a in a very close fashion
1963s which I love I love how contentious this
1965s is a zoo actually showed us a really key
1968s interaction in that last fight where
1970s Claire pop the terror surge actually
1973s pulled people in from outside of the
1975s point where they were trying to just
1976s like be cheeky and use the cover and the
1978s zoo just said yeah but I have a Winston
1980s bubble and when you block line of sight
1982s on terror surge it does nothing to the
1985s other side of the bubble so you can kind
1988s of you you know do the diva bomb special
1990s or completely negate that ultimate which
1993s doesn't seem to matter too much I don't
1995s think they're really looking to like get
1997s a huge 4K off of a Terra surge or
1999s anything like that the zoning component
2001s is almost more important to them which I
2004s completely respect it's just really
2006s interesting to kind of watch those
2007s interactions happen in real time and see
2009s kind of the mental calculus that goes
2011s into the management of cooldowns versus
2013s ultimates and everything like that in
2015s this like new adaptation of our
2017s established meta which I really enjoy
2019s here on control center especially well
2022s I'm excited to see this change up in
2023s meta as well because you know we had a
2025s lot of Winston yesterday and we saw on
2028s day one there's considerably more erisa
2031s and roadhog played from the teams
2033s including Mochi themselves and well so
2036s far unironic seems to be favoring that
2038s Winston comp we saw yesterday and I'm
2040s curious to see if Mochi is going to
2042s continue pushing with this erisa as a
2045s result or if maybe they'll want to try
2047s and match them later on I love that
2049s we're getting aggressive here as Mochi
2051s starts to gently push around the corner
2053s right forcing out those abilities
2055s disruptor shots chipping them away suzu
2057s has been forced out early for unironic
2060s and canned Mochi capitalize the Skirmish
2062s on the point has already engaged and
2064s there's the suzu there from sneaky Kirby
2067s can members of Eine ironic continue to
2069s push forward this is a really nice poke
2072s phase coming through and there is the
2075s kicker Sunshine once again taking down
2077s reality there's the sound barrier here
2079s from Nyan sucks to keep an ironic on
2082s this point they do not want to leave and
2084s well they've even though Claire has gone
2086s down Sunshine is unhindered on this High
2089s Ground here by the White Room you've got
2091s to make sure you're putting pressure on
2092s them
2093s Harlequin getting to pick there onto
2095s sheep as we keep this long fight going
2097s unironic at this point just stalling for
2099s time they used a couple ultimates but
2100s they have a few coming online so they're
2102s not too worried as they cross fifty
2104s percent ziki Kirby getting that pick
2105s finally under the ant Sox right as he
2107s walks up though not going to I'm not
2109s able frankly to invest the Primal before
2111s going down and now they have it for this
2113s next fight so I'm on ironic I'm not
2115s feeling too bad about that Mochi though
2118s with the ultimate they have they do have
2120s the opportunity to extend this control a
2122s good sound barrier to negate some of the
2124s effectiveness of reality sojourn could
2126s be great and Harlequin putting some
2128s Focus fire onto a zoo Primal or not if
2131s they do this right they could easily
2133s still win this fight even with the old
2135s Advantage but unironic of course
2137s probably thinking very hard about how
2139s they want to use these tools
2141s realities used overclock to instigate
2144s this fight Sunshine goes down and you
2147s know gets a taste of their own medicine
2148s now we can see an ironic continuing to
2151s push forward and well they want to take
2153s this point back it's Match Point here at
2155s lijong Tower and whoever wins this round
2157s is going to win the map an ironic coming
2159s back in full force here as multiple
2162s people filling the feed for the kills
2165s and that's going to be them taking the
2167s point back
2168s yeah and I mean really the thing that
2170s started that all was Vegas Sun was a
2171s little late on that sound barrier the
2173s pick coming through from reality the
2175s sound barrier doesn't bring anybody back
2176s you know like you probably want to pop
2178s that right when the overclock goes out
2180s because the burst potential is just too
2182s insane and the only thing that can fix
2183s that is more Health the katsune rush now
2186s coming through for sneaky Kirby they
2187s want to try and bust out of this choke
2189s they cannot get held here it's already
2191s 85 and counting but cheap stepping up I
2194s don't know if Mochi will be able to
2196s break through this choke point with a
2198s nice kill on an eye on sax though that
2200s is exactly what they are looking for we
2203s need sunshine to be making some hero
2205s plays especially now that Claire has
2206s been taken out of the equation over time
2208s bar has been triggered and at 32 Health
2210s the pressure is on the Kill from a zoo
2213s with the long range shot as the Winston
2216s taking down sunshine and now unironic
2218s have so many members on the table to
2220s continue holding this point couple more
2222s from Mochi are going down and thibble as
2226s well as Mochi plays this trickle game
2228s and unironic as well earlier in the
2230s match it's still gonna be unironic
2232s taking the win here on lijong Tower yeah
2235s I mean a contentious first Mountain
2237s really what we want to see to start off
2239s our round of 16 between number seven and
2241s number ten yeah pretty close in seating
2244s a middle of the pack sort of round that
2245s we've said but middle of the pack
2247s between teams that have obviously proven
2250s that they can reach the top of this
2252s tournament so I definitely wanted to see
2254s a map like this no Stompy 2-0 nonsense
2258s here on Legion I wanted to see it Go the
2260s Distance and it absolutely did so much
2262s overtime action so many little trickles
2265s and picks really deciding like key
2267s moments of this game
2269s um and I mean what more can you ask for
2271s off of a map like that
2273s well and lijong Tao Well Control in
2276s general has a lot more stall potential
2278s for many of the maps and that first
2281s lijong Tower Gardens map in particular
2283s is the the most all potential map
2286s possible I think maybe an all of
2288s OverWatch it's the straightest it's
2291s literally only a straight line to the
2294s point if you have a bit of Mobility to
2296s jump that the fish pond at the end uh
2299s but I gotta say I'm pretty I'm I'm
2302s pretty Blown Away by how well both of
2304s these teams continue to stay on the
2306s point and stall and unironic on that
2309s last round they they've brought out 62
2312s percent from the first point possession
2315s and they had maybe one or two players on
2317s it for maybe 15 to 20 percent of that at
2320s the end just from stalling and
2323s continuing to cycle those resources so I
2326s gotta say I was really impressed with
2328s that gameplay brought to the table yeah
2331s I mean it's really the little things
2333s that can make a difference on such a
2334s chaotic game mode like control we we see
2337s a lot of you know like just little bits
2340s here and there the reaper coming into
2341s wraith worm and the monkey jumping in
2343s right after you know just the layering
2344s and the layering from the communication
2346s that that obviously requires both of
2349s these teams definitely showed us that
2351s they've been doing their homework they
2352s know exactly how they want to approach
2355s this game and their composition and the
2357s style that they play in and I think both
2360s teams coming forward playing their own
2362s style and being really comfortable in
2365s their execution is always going to lead
2367s to some excellent OverWatch yeah I
2371s definitely agree with you there and you
2374s know there's still some room for Mochi
2376s to come back right it was not a very it
2378s was not just a one-sided stomp that we
2381s saw in our last match and I it does make
2384s me really excited to see where we moved
2386s for our hybrid map I know that with
2388s mochi's pick and with King's Row always
2391s on the table
2393s the guessing is a little bit removed but
2396s I am hopeful
2398s um I don't know exactly
2401s I don't know if we'll continue to see
2403s the erisa roadhog if we do go to King's
2407s Row they were playing that a lot in the
2410s first day and
2412s with the switch that Claire made to
2414s match the Winston from to unironic on
2416s that last round it makes me wonder
2419s what's their kind of plan of attack that
2420s they're thinking that they want to move
2422s into for hybrid and are they feeling
2425s like they can play the composition that
2427s they want to enforce the other team to
2430s copy them or you know take a adapt to
2435s them or are they wanting to you know
2438s play up to what the other team is
2439s bringing to the table and say yeah
2441s anything you can do I can do better
2444s right yeah and we saw actually some some
2446s roadhog and some erisa played yesterday
2448s on eichenwald so you know for all the
2451s jokes we make about like it's King's Row
2453s they're gonna pick King's Row it's not
2455s necessarily guaranteed show me graphic
2457s oh why is a noble graphic we're going to
2459s kingstrong never mind that's fine I do
2462s love Kingsville actually I have no
2464s problems with King's Row at all it's a
2465s fantastic map we've we've gone over this
2467s a billion times everybody loves King
2469s show if you don't love King's Row what
2470s are you doing here like go home I don't
2473s know these teams are gonna have fun with
2475s it either way I think there's still
2477s space for an erisa composition or a road
2480s hog especially as you're trying to kind
2482s of break the first Point open and you
2484s just need that that first potential or
2486s that burst of speed with the javelin
2488s spin to get you through the choke point
2490s into a more attackable position so we'll
2494s see right I mean at the round of 16 this
2496s is kind of where you want to see the
2498s team start pulling out their pocket
2499s strats where they go hey man The Meta is
2502s great the mirror blah blah
2504s loves or hates the mirror but we're
2507s going to do what we've been practicing
2509s the the little extra spice that we
2511s brought to the table so we see Mochi
2514s setting up on a similar composition but
2516s for attack so I won't settle on that one
2518s just yet and ironic coming out on the
2521s defense with exactly what we expect I
2523s think they are very comfortable in this
2525s composition they definitely have the
2528s skill and the time and the resources to
2530s have just ground this out and really
2532s learned the meta composition what makes
2535s it tick how they want to engage and
2537s position themselves with it you know
2539s this is a team that definitely does its
2542s homework and has a deep game knowledge a
2545s lot of these players have been around
2547s the OverWatch scene competitive or not
2549s for years for a very long time so their
2553s high level understanding of the game on
2555s both sides on both teams here is nothing
2557s to sneeze at
2560s Mochi opting to stay on that erisa
2563s composition with Claire once again
2565s leading the charge we're moving around
2568s the statue here to instigate that
2570s initial poke damage Force out resources
2573s and it's gonna be reality taking down
2575s Harlequin first more follow suit from
2578s Mochi as the kill feed floods with
2580s unironic and well that's a nice first
2582s hold
2584s right the the sojourn's really making
2586s such a difference we're talking about
2587s these tank differences here because I
2589s mean that is the one difference but
2590s Sunshine showing us again the sojourn
2594s the picks are what make the difference
2595s in this meta
2597s and we saw both a surgeons getting picks
2600s early in the fights during control but
2602s now that we're on a hybrid map it's very
2605s different when you get that first pick
2606s for your team right the Mochi instantly
2609s capitalizes push forward pushes forward
2611s and now well we've almost got two ticks
2613s in the back for them right I mean and
2615s this is looking just like an easy full
2617s point capture I don't think unironic
2619s really pressed up here I tell a lie they
2621s are smarter and stronger and braver than
2623s me but it doesn't matter uh Cloud9
2625s Esports folks they're here that much
2628s yeah yeah I mean I think that was
2629s actually a booth that kind of made the
2631s difference there there's just the
2632s beginnings of a touch uh and then Mochi
2636s said but no we really want this point
2638s the spirit rush just to get the heck out
2641s of there for whipped I feel you run so
2644s much space being taken by Mochi here
2646s stepping up up already you know an
2648s ironic thinking okay we're safe and
2650s sunshine just like The Shining with the
2653s ax through the door I I never actually
2655s watched The Shining I just remember that
2657s reference on ironic now stepping back a
2660s couple ultimates to come online here so
2662s Mochi do need to kind of pay their
2663s respects back up a little bit set up for
2665s a more standard fight sune rushes and
2668s overclocks coming up
2670s and it is a flashy chaotic fight here as
2674s a result reality was hunting for a
2676s victim with that overclock but a nice
2678s defense here presented by Mochi oh Vegas
2681s done goes down at the end of the day
2684s that means Mochi doesn't have the speed
2685s they need to really be aggressive and as
2688s a result I like that they back out and
2691s well they're gonna have sound barrier
2693s online with a couple other ultimates so
2695s probably feeling good right that full
2697s disengage wasn't just because they lost
2699s someone it was because they lost the
2701s person with a sound barrier which is
2703s probably going to be your initiation to
2704s a terror search coming out to counter
2705s Nance off the sound barrier as the zoo
2707s with the Primal just wreaks havoc in the
2709s backline Vegas then goes ahead and uses
2711s their own sound barrier as a result and
2714s now Mochi continues to push forward here
2717s on to unironic a zoo Falls low and is
2720s taken down at the end of the day and
2721s Harlequin pops the death blossom in the
2724s middle of an ironic more kills to follow
2727s up as a well went for the hat trick
2729s Vegas done gets the pun lunch kill at
2731s the end and Harlequin is so patient with
2734s these death blossoms you see a lot of
2737s times in this meta that ultimate which
2739s is normally so devastating getting
2741s nothing done because there's a suzu or a
2744s sound barrier or a bubble or a javelin
2746s spin or a wraith form there's so many
2747s tools to mitigate that ultimate and
2749s Harlequin weights them all out right at
2752s the end of the fight just clean it up
2754s just make sure you're getting it done
2755s just like Claire I guess decided to just
2758s delete sheep from the circle
2761s yeah you know uh needed a tasty snack
2764s and unfortunately sheep was the one on
2766s the menu reality is all alone there on
2770s the payload as Mochi continues to
2772s encircle them and take them down and now
2774s at a 420 time bank Sybil they are God
2778s they gotta be feeling good pushing into
2779s this third point oh they're feeling good
2781s Claire just maintaining just the
2785s just like spamming forward and screaming
2789s which I love like I love that that's
2791s what erisa does now there's none of this
2793s barrier stuff there's none of this
2794s standing around it's not dude I have
2796s like a jabber I'm gonna stop you with it
2799s ultimates now coming out on both sides
2800s the casino Rush is traded here all teams
2802s kind of staring at each other and
2803s looking for that opening the Souza comes
2805s out from sneaky Kirby reality and sheep
2808s walk forward and clean up
2810s that was a really nice job there by an
2813s ironic to just capitalize follow up with
2816s that death Blossom and send Mochi back
2818s to spawn and really establish themselves
2819s defensively yeah and you see that game
2822s of chicken that's been played out a
2823s couple times now where both teams pop
2825s their Kitsune Rush both teams are amped
2827s up and ready to fight but it's almost
2829s the mental game of like who's gonna move
2831s first who's gonna blow a cooldown first
2833s you know that is really the important
2835s thing this overclock coming through that
2838s might be pretty important too I love
2840s Sunshine trying to capitalize while Zion
2843s socks was in the air floating around and
2845s jumping Claire really vulnerable and
2847s deleted as a result during that Tara
2850s surge mochi's lost their tank and now
2852s they're going ahead and re gonna regroup
2854s again
2855s see I don't really like that move from
2857s Claire because the terror search does
2859s pull a bunch of people in but they
2860s immediately back off there's not much
2862s follow-up from Mochi no picks come out
2864s of that and Claire stays in the terror
2866s search you can cancel it early you don't
2868s need to stand there and let it go all
2869s the way through so by the time it
2871s actually just fully finished and timed
2873s out she got hit after that matters now
2875s of course because sunshine just walked
2876s up and right clicked Nancy face so yeah
2879s and we've seen the sojourns do that
2881s repeatedly right I mean we saw that all
2883s through OverWatch Grand finals this is
2885s the part of the name of the game of that
2888s sojourn composition and why you have to
2890s be so careful and so respectful of these
2893s players who are crack shot mochi's still
2896s pushing forward and even though they had
2897s a pick initially an ironic's gonna be
2899s evened up here uh for their player base
2902s there's still some pepper damage to be
2904s done and it's really going to be about
2906s who uses up those valuable resources and
2909s can Harlequin capitalize afterwards
2911s Kitsune Rush used by whipped and well
2913s Mochi goes ahead and bail out a fast
2917s bailout thanks to Vegas stun as well
2919s right and they have the time right
2921s that's fine that's totally fine for them
2923s yes whipped had the early Advantage with
2925s the Kitsune Rush coming online faster
2927s but if you just disengage and you lose
2928s no one and you just spend 10 seconds to
2930s avoid it now you get to come back in and
2932s run the show look at this position they
2934s are being overwhelmed for Ivana
2937s harlequin's still putting out
2943s taken down on the side I was surprised
2946s they didn't quite uh move over and oh
2949s see you later Claire an ironic bringing
2952s a great defense here right before the
2954s third point and
2955s well this is the new 2cp right right
2959s here at the end of third hybrid feels
2961s like you're definitely yeah all the all
2963s the Vietnam flashbacks are coming back
2965s in a big way I'm gonna call that a
2967s collab for reality because it just kind
2969s of looked like it at a kill feed and I
2970s think it's cool so congratulations uh
2972s sheep already going dangerously low
2974s there and yeah despite all of that
2976s aggressive positioning for Mochi just a
2978s pick completely breaks it open now
2979s though it's Sunshine's turn pop in the
2981s overclock foot a great sound barrier
2983s from Vegas Sun to kind of mitigate that
2984s effectiveness
2985s and nion socks also used their sound
2988s barrier on top of it so both these teams
2990s looking to be aggressive that is a sheep
2993s with the death Blossom and there are no
2995s support ultimates to try and respond a
2998s zoo fell very low even though they were
3000s Primal raging and at the end of the day
3002s unironic still holding this defensive
3005s line and now at 30 seconds left on the
3007s clock right we talked about Mochi having
3009s that big old two minute time bank oh
3010s it's no big deal if they back up a fight
3012s and a half later and suddenly you're in
3014s crunch time dude and there are no cheese
3015s at grooves in sight so Claire with this
3018s Terror surge is really going to have to
3019s make the difference you know the uh the
3021s katuna rush coming online in a second
3022s for sneaky curvy but whipped is still
3024s ahead of that game the terror surge gets
3026s nothing it did zone unironic out of the
3029s kitsume rush just a little bit which you
3032s know will help put create a bit more
3034s space for Mochi sneaky Kirby has their
3037s own kitsuni and there it is as the fox
3039s dashes across the screen now Mochi wants
3042s to try and close out this fight but
3043s unironic is not going down easily it is
3046s all on reality here once again to be
3048s looking to hit those rail gun shots
3050s Claire goes down and really can reality
3053s keep making these hero plays disruptor
3056s shot is nasty and azuzu keeps unironic
3059s in this fight that Boop was beautiful
3061s trying to push away Harlequin but at the
3063s end of the day unironic only has two
3065s players here left to stall out the sound
3068s barrier's been committed and mochi loses
3070s Harlequin that is devastating can they
3073s continue to fight and they managed to
3075s squeeze it out all the way to the third
3078s checkpoint yeah I mean Sunshine really
3080s put the nail on the coffin there with
3081s these last couple picks with the
3082s overclock I think that one on the sheep
3084s was already after uh time it expired
3086s slow-mo kills don't care sorry even if
3089s they look cool it's a quick Bastion swap
3091s from sheep I get it you're you're just
3093s going for some desperation stall at that
3095s point trying to make something happen
3096s there
3098s but even even so like I think holding
3101s Mochi to a finish with no time in the
3103s bank is pretty solid because if you can
3106s finish uh with over a minute in the bank
3109s for unironic the best mochi can hope for
3112s here is a draw
3113s so for unironic you really want to push
3116s this pace you want to have a great
3117s offense you we've seen teams finish this
3120s with one two three minutes in the bank
3123s Fuller hold yesterday yes yes of course
3127s that is still a possibility Mochi have
3129s all this space where if they can
3132s maintain a hold and have a stout defense
3134s and just prevent an ironic from
3136s finishing they're going to tie this
3137s series and have frankly a hell of a
3140s statement doing it so that's a
3142s possibility I think there's a risk of
3144s composition defensively is going to show
3146s us some really interesting looks I think
3149s the double sniper from unironic is just
3151s going to be like an opening pick
3152s situation yeah though we did see a
3155s little of it yesterday we saw Zelda on
3157s the Widow getting some work done but
3160s we'll see if that comes true or not in a
3164s longer term Sense on ironic scoping here
3166s just looking for the flick going right
3168s back
3169s well and you know we've also seen
3171s attackers maybe bring something or more
3173s unorthodox for their first push out of a
3177s close spawn gate here like King's Row
3179s but we're gonna run with uh you know
3181s your two more standard Reaper sojourn
3184s comp we've been consistently seeing
3187s Harley Quinn opens up The Kill feed with
3189s a kill onto their counterparts sheep and
3191s mochi's gonna be able to defensively
3193s hold as a result
3195s yeah I mean just that's one of those
3196s where it's like okay that pick comes
3198s through this fight is done don't worry
3199s about it socks with a bit of a stagger
3202s there but I mean the round is Young
3204s we're not panicking yet three minutes
3205s approaching here in the time bank Mochi
3208s was some marginal old advantages the
3210s terror surge coming online pretty
3211s quickly but whipped actually has been
3213s building these katsune rushes so
3215s effectively reality though keep your
3217s head low dude clear with those javelin
3219s [Laughter]
3224s be fast so far and well I'm curious to
3226s see when they're going to be using it
3228s mochi's still defensively holding but
3230s wanting to back off and give a little
3232s bit of space they did Force out the suzu
3235s here and there is the Kitsune online and
3237s ready they're looking to engage Into the
3240s Heart of Moshi as a result and it's all
3243s hands on deck as they aggress forward
3244s onto the point they haven't really taken
3247s down too many members of Mochi but the
3250s presence is there to keep them off and
3252s to keep capping the point Mochi Waits
3254s out their Kitsune and now sneaky Kirby
3256s uses their own they want to try and come
3258s back and prevent an ironic from
3260s capturing this point but Nyan socks's
3262s sound barrier is making it tough Vegas
3265s Sun joins them in the mix popping the
3267s own sound barrier in well Terra surge
3270s gonna Force unironic back to spawn and
3273s mochi holding defensively just before
3275s they capture that third tick I mean and
3278s that was just great awareness and old
3280s management and positioning actually for
3282s Mochi knowing whipped is going to come
3284s up with the early uh Kitsune rush I can
3287s already get back into another fight
3289s ultimates coming online on both sides
3290s here one more tick is all on ironic
3292s needs that's a lot of pressure and mochi
3295s needs to be more aggressive as a result
3298s they cannot be giving up space or time
3300s quite as easily as they did for those
3302s first two ticks and they know it
3305s unironic not able to fully get on the
3307s point yet and now it's a lot of pressure
3309s onto a zoo as a result it gets stunned
3312s out for just a quick moment doesn't
3314s happen too often in OverWatch too and oh
3317s she deleted as soon as they thought that
3320s they could even death Blossom not today
3322s my friend get out of town and now
3324s unironic on the back foot is mochi still
3327s being aggressive and you try not to let
3330s anyone Escape I almost wonder I almost
3332s worry if sheep is maybe starting to feel
3334s a little pressure there going for what
3336s looks to be a pretty desperate death
3338s Blossom standing directly in front of
3340s three people uh yeah dude that's how you
3342s get beamed in the face maybe you
3343s expected Isuzu there and again an ironic
3345s push forward but a zoo goes down so
3347s early and Harlequin has the perfect
3349s answer
3351s well and with uh Kitsune they're
3354s committed by an ironic it's got a
3356s mochi's got to be pretty happy with that
3358s right they're making sure that every
3360s time kitsunes are available they're
3363s pretty much waiting until whips Kitsune
3365s runs out to instigate their own and well
3368s capitalize afterwards as a result
3370s because unironic has instigated with a
3372s lot of their resources and abilities and
3374s mochi looks to to capitalize on that
3378s Claire's still holding the front line
3379s has Tara surge available look about
3382s looking here for some poke damage and
3384s sound barrier from Nyan socks is the
3386s initiator here for an ironic player
3389s takes down sheep as she tries to get
3391s aggressive and sunshine comes through
3393s Pops to people with the railgun over
3396s clock and mochi with six seconds left
3399s Holdings defensively strong holding the
3401s what is it closer defense here on King's
3405s Row
3406s Somewhere Out There Achilles just
3408s cracked the biggest grain of his life
3410s because that was a fuller hold and a
3413s half uh I mean just fantastic work there
3416s for Mochi on the defense there were so
3418s many moments where it looked like an
3420s ironic had a pretty reasonable Advantage
3422s maybe in terms of ultimates maybe in
3424s terms of aggression
3426s um you know I mean they took two ticks
3427s they very nearly had the first one
3429s captured in the first place called Mochi
3431s playing so patiently playing so smart
3433s utilizing their cooldowns following the
3436s old adage rule number three of the
3438s OverWatch code the later alt is the
3441s better alt so I mean great work from
3444s them this series is all tied up and
3447s we've we've got quite the game on our
3448s hands over here yeah it's definitely
3451s heating up and I'm happy to say to see
3454s that you know Mochi is kind of warming
3457s up a bit you know that first map was
3460s very much back and forth and mochi
3462s didn't do so hot for the first round of
3464s the control and uh well now that was a
3468s real that was a full first point hold on
3471s King's Row and I don't think unironic
3473s were ready for the shift in mental gears
3476s from Mochi to bring that level of
3478s intensity and honestly a level up from
3481s what they were playing on control to
3483s King's Row now I think an ironic had
3487s some really strong moments in their
3489s engagements and we saw how much faster
3492s they were charging some of their
3493s ultimates like Kitsune Rush
3496s yeah I mean just the the old generation
3498s in general was phenomenal like there
3501s were so many moments where it's like
3502s wait they're already halfway back to a
3504s kitsuna rush they already have all these
3507s tools ready to go like the the tempo
3509s that they were playing at was on another
3511s level
3513s um but even so I mean so back and forth
3515s all the way through like a lot of the
3516s time those alts were still getting
3518s traded back and forth like plenty of
3520s times where those timings were still
3521s sinking up and both teams were just like
3524s it was it was like an episode of JoJo's
3527s you know just like so many punches
3529s flying so fast you cannot track all the
3531s action you just have to kind of stare so
3534s yeah I think or you'll miss it yeah yeah
3536s yeah yeah it's just like oh whoa okay
3539s they're they like literally are just
3541s blinking behind each other honestly like
3543s nothing Personnel kid but yeah I mean
3546s that's the kind of like high octane that
3549s we want to see from these guys though
3551s right like this is a composition that
3553s really favors the in your face really
3555s favors the let's move quick like this is
3558s going to be the style that they need to
3561s play continuing through this tournament
3563s because the moment you let your foot off
3565s the gas you're gonna get run over right
3567s now neither of these teams are letting
3569s off the gas well and with Lucio as one
3572s of the linchpins of the composition
3574s controlling the speed and Tempo elements
3577s you're gonna get run over real fast as a
3580s result and you know I love to see the
3583s fact that you know Moshi as soon as they
3585s lose someone as critical as their Lucio
3588s they're already backing off and you know
3591s looking to regroup right we saw
3593s yesterday a few teams who you know
3595s giving given they maybe lost their first
3598s got the first pick on their team trying
3601s to recover giving more alts and
3603s resources but you know sometimes it's
3606s best to cut your losses and just come
3609s back with a fresh start and we'll have
3612s to see if that's what the mentality of
3614s unironic is after that King's Row map
3617s that first point defensive hold could be
3620s a bit of a mental game uh you know
3622s Shaker there
3624s so that is certainly true we have seen
3628s many a team get boomed by a full hold on
3630s King's Row uh Tale As Old As Time
3633s frankly
3634s um but for now the show goes on on
3637s ironic pick circuit Royale here for our
3639s third map we've seen uh like probably
3642s the most consistent shakeups in The Meta
3644s happen on this map a Topography of it
3647s really enables a lot of different picks
3649s we see the sigma we see Zen Bap in the
3651s back line we've seen double sniper
3652s coming out a lot so let's see what Mochi
3655s choose to start their defense with as we
3658s step forward here looking at some
3660s high-tech futuristic Formula One stuff
3663s uh I I've only recently started getting
3666s into Formula One it's insane it's it's
3669s rich people Sports which is always a
3671s good time Mochi here ooh okay so seeing
3676s a slight variation on some of the more
3679s standard circuit Royale comps we've seen
3681s Vegas Sun actually does go to the bath
3683s instead of the mercy I thought that was
3685s going to be an interesting wrinkle but I
3686s get it uh so we've got the double sniper
3688s we have the Zen Bap in the backline
3690s which help provide extra long range poke
3692s extra damage in general with a Discord
3694s and the sheer damage potential of a
3695s Batiste but instead of a sigma Claire is
3698s still opting for that erisa still really
3700s enjoys the potential the zoning that the
3703s Terra surge provides the in-your face
3705s potential that the javelin's been and
3707s the javelin throw provide meanwhile
3709s unironic
3711s looking to start I'd imagine uh with
3715s kind of the standard circuit Royale comp
3717s at the moment so a sigma instead of the
3719s erisa otherwise a mirror double sniper
3722s here the ansox over on the Zenyatta
3725s departure from the Lucio that we've been
3727s seeing Vegas Sun though on the Baptiste
3729s departures
3734s oh a nice little chip comes through but
3736s no kills off the end of either of those
3739s widowmakers pop shot oh mystery but
3742s that's okay you know always there in the
3744s books and can't hit them all Nyan socks
3748s moving the cart along and I love that on
3749s ironic is engaging after they've taken
3752s control of this High ground it's gonna
3755s be really tough for Mochi to handle the
3756s pressure but as they Round the Corner
3759s the advantage slowly starts to shift in
3761s favor of the defense so far on ironic
3764s damaging around this corner a huge pick
3767s there by reality as a result no sunshine
3770s on the table for Mochi and it's going to
3772s be a lot of more space for an ironic to
3775s continue free firing into them gotta be
3778s careful as you round the corner and this
3780s is this could be a good hold spot
3782s potential for Mochi I I think I'm maybe
3785s going to call this a fundamental flaw of
3787s the composition but I don't think Mochi
3789s have the Zone control and staying power
3791s that an ironic's composition does he
3794s because of the lack of a projected
3796s barrier I think the sigma is so key to
3798s denying sight lines from a sniper
3800s setting up at a corner or a choke point
3802s and with Claire only really having the
3805s javelin spin to mitigate any of that
3807s long-range poke I don't know if this
3809s composition is going to be as effective
3811s unless the rest of her team can really
3813s Step Up
3820s a Transcendence here committed by boat
3822s by uh sneaky Kirby keeping Mochi in this
3825s fight an ironic has to use their own
3828s Transcendence here on the retreat now an
3831s ironic looking to go ahead and push
3833s forward they've been topped off and
3835s really can reality take on this duel
3837s them and Harley Quinn have been going
3839s out of this whole round and so far it's
3842s kind of been uh you know nothing too
3844s flashy a lot of Chip damage and a lot of
3847s pressure which keeping people honest
3849s about those sight lines absolutely
3851s critical Claire and sunshine now taking
3854s away the kills in the feed as more seem
3857s to follow and mochi finding their
3859s footing defensively and looking to hold
3861s but now on ironic I mean at this point
3864s can you even get away a zoo looks to be
3866s getting out pretty well but the Stagger
3868s on the socks here is going to be rough
3870s you've got 80 seconds on the clock you
3872s have one ultimate uh whipped in a zoo or
3875s maybe coming online soon-ish within the
3878s next minute or so but there's hardly
3880s much more time than that on the clock
3882s period Mochi meanwhile have the ant
3884s Matrix that they can step forward with
3885s and put a ton of damage down on and they
3887s have the sights Advantage Harlequin
3889s popping that right away to take
3891s advantage in this fight and force
3893s reality onto the back foot
3895s with the sights online as well an ironic
3898s I mean look at them cowering in the
3900s buildings I would too great yeah
3903s absolutely and this is huge there's no
3905s time on the clock so that bolt just
3907s bought you 18 seconds Stellar
3909s combination that was awesome with the
3912s accretion combo and the follow-up shot
3914s there a nice removal of the enemy and
3918s now an ironic still pushing forward
3919s sheep uh a little in a little bit of a
3922s pickle there but manages to kite back
3924s and give the space and there's only 30
3927s seconds left the bull Mochi it looks
3929s like they're really comfortable on this
3931s defense yeah I mean they look to despite
3933s all of my complaints about the potential
3935s weakness of an erisa I think just the
3937s strategy that they've deployed has
3939s really enabled them to set up regardless
3941s of a barrier or not on ironic though
3944s coming online they have the gravitic
3946s flux they have the execution Matrix and
3949s sneaky Kirby has not built that
3950s Transcendence yet so Claire melts this
3953s is the opportunity for unironic to take
3956s the SEC this first checkpoint and try
3958s and continue their run on this map they
3961s have managed to take an advantage with
3963s Claire on the on the return but can they
3965s stay alive Transcendence being thrown
3967s here by sneaky Kirby and sunshine goes
3971s down there's the gravitic flux from a
3973s zoo and that is exactly what unironic
3976s needed to continue staying in this fight
3979s here they're gonna cap that first
3980s checkpoint and of course it's gonna
3983s refresh their time bank and a
3985s heartbreaker for Kirby there you pop
3986s that Transcendence just to stall just to
3988s get people in the fight and make sure
3990s they stay there and Asus says oh great I
3993s figured you were going to use that for
3994s my old yes you didn't and I still have
3997s it so immediately that pops out great
4000s timing from a zoo just shuts it down
4002s right there and like you said secures
4003s that cart secures that point keeps the
4005s time back moving and now on ironic
4007s stepping up they have the Transcendence
4008s Advantage they're tied on uh the infra
4011s sites both of those now coming out uh
4014s and otherwise pretty even on the field
4015s here Sunshine maybe though a little
4017s ahead uh in that overclocked building
4019s the terror surge but reality is so
4023s distracted by Harlequin they forgot
4025s there's two snipers on that team
4028s I mean that is the life of anyone
4031s running a sniper you get caught looking
4033s through your scope nothing new there a
4036s beautiful uh Transcendence from Nyan
4038s socks doesn't manage to save whipped
4041s through the Terra surge I am actually
4042s surprised by that I thought they were
4044s going to be able to sustain and well
4047s another defensive hold from Mochi as a
4050s result and this this could be a really
4052s tough position for unironic to actually
4054s breach because Mochi has this High
4056s Ground funnily enough I think they
4058s thought so too you saw them all just
4060s sitting there as sunshine gets another
4062s pick onto which further staggering this
4064s out a minute heading towards the clock
4065s now it was pretty clear that unironic
4068s figured the Transcendence was enough but
4070s a full charge Terror surge I don't
4072s remember the exact numbers but it's more
4074s than 200 hp so Transcendence or not
4077s you're gonna get burst down it will take
4079s you out if you just stand in it and wave
4081s and another pick Harlequin getting
4083s reality getting the counterpart out of
4085s the way this angle is disgusting I'm
4088s just gonna throw that one out there
4089s right now filthy illegal
4091s um Uber would be screaming at this point
4093s you can't do that it's not legal I I
4096s can't do it in Australian accent I'm so
4097s sorry I shouldn't have tried it ultimate
4099s Advantage is coming online here for
4100s Mochi there's 30 seconds on the clock
4102s Azu has the
4104s ultimate uh but not a lot of time to
4106s work with here
4108s oh a nice oh a nice Dodge out of the
4110s gravitic flux but a zoo
4116s send its quickly afterwards as a result
4118s topping off Mochi and well we can see
4121s sunshine just absolutely having a Heyday
4123s on this sojourn there's the response
4126s they were looking for though a couple of
4127s members of Mochi are taken down and well
4130s unironic although they had a bit of a
4132s back and forth they still don't have the
4134s spawn advantage to really get the
4136s numbers on the point and that's going to
4139s be a first round over for uh Emoji
4142s holding the second checkpoint
4144s yeah I mean so back and forth and again
4146s we are stopped early on a map the
4150s defense here coming through has been
4152s lights out so many great picks to
4154s stagger that out so many good ultimates
4156s getting value and countering things out
4158s maintaining a good economy like
4161s this has been a pretty Banner couple of
4164s maps for Mochi here really stepping up
4167s after control to show hey dude yeah
4170s control's crazy don't you hear all the
4172s casters always say that that one doesn't
4173s matter as much actually it's not fully
4176s what we mean but you know the outlier
4179s yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly like this
4182s this is showing us that you can
4185s definitely always bring it back there's
4187s never a moment too late to go
4191s ah right we need to win this series
4193s let's do that emoji right now showing us
4197s that they want it bad they want to make
4199s it out of here alive this erisa
4201s composition has been doing work for them
4203s you can tell on ironic you know they're
4205s playing to their strengths we talked
4207s about their their deep long-term
4209s knowledge of the game and the practice
4211s that I'm sure that they've had to really
4213s nail these things down but
4215s throwing out a curveball like this it
4218s tests you especially when the meta is
4221s this I guess stale or solved getting
4224s something outside of yeah yeah the words
4228s you want to use getting anything outside
4230s of that standard is really a mental test
4233s so while you're still having to just
4235s play the game unironic also need to
4237s figure out what the hell do we do about
4240s this now on the defense setting up
4242s Harlequin with an immediate pick onto
4244s socks socks you're gonna owe me a dollar
4246s for that one you already know my PayPal
4248s please make that happen by end of day
4251s and now an ironic Force to just step
4253s back back all the way up concede all of
4255s this space Mochi happy to just walk up
4257s set up in a great position here
4259s harlequin's got the angle
4262s though The Shield is helpful
4265s more exchanges rolling through and with
4267s all of the space Mochi is able to take
4270s as a result of that first pick an ironic
4272s gonna be in a tight spot right there's a
4275s lot of time on the board for Mochi to go
4278s ahead and push up to this first
4279s checkpoint and they are still whittling
4281s away at an ironic still a big sight line
4285s here we don't we got to be mindful of
4286s harlequin they have been absolutely
4289s lethal on this Widowmaker here on
4291s circuit Royale and you can see that
4293s Mochi is still looking to try and
4294s capitalize
4295s look at the encirclement that is slowly
4298s happening around unironic you've got
4300s friends on the stairs friends out wide
4302s on the side and now it's a little too
4305s much over extension an ironic sees that
4307s they've spread out there's no one to
4309s help reinforce their squishies on the
4311s side and well that is one after another
4314s getting deleted and mochi going to have
4317s to respawn socks in a zoo doing great
4319s work there in the kill feed even as
4320s Harley Quinn gets a one last rude
4323s gesture on the way out the door
4325s um what I actually want to point out
4327s though is the layering of defensives
4329s that unironic are really really good at
4332s managing the the barrier coming out from
4334s a zoo really helps to mitigate so much
4336s of the sight line and the Poke potential
4338s and as soon as that is gone Azu is ready
4340s with the kinetic grasp and whip then
4342s layers the immortality field so there's
4345s all this extra time to keep your tank
4346s alive against all this poke and it has
4349s been working really well for unironic
4351s it's the main reason they've been able
4353s to re-establish themselves after losing
4355s that first fight and they're putting up
4356s a great defense here on this corner
4358s oh an interesting unfolding of events
4362s there and honestly a huge big brain play
4364s by an ironic they were waiting to they
4367s were waiting until the gravitic flux was
4370s available when Mochi turned around the
4372s corner to engage and they were able to
4375s fend them off as a result
4377s yeah I mean just another defense there
4379s where stepping forward even we don't
4382s even just have to sit behind the barrier
4384s and do all the layering that I was
4385s talking about there is incredible burst
4387s potential on on ironic you still have
4389s the two snipers you still have the
4391s fraggers in the back line Yan socks has
4393s been consistently showing up in the kill
4395s feed if you get another opening pick
4396s socks you don't owe me that dollar so
4398s let's see what we can do we have sites
4400s coming online for Harlequin reality is
4402s at a disadvantage there's a few to force
4403s to play on the back foot until the
4405s accretion comes through and takes
4406s harlequin yeah crushed by the boulder
4409s himself from a zoo tough luck there for
4413s Mochi but they do have a handful of
4415s ultimates online and they're going to be
4417s looking to push here around this corner
4420s we talked about the Fuller hold and well
4422s Mochi brought it to the table for King's
4424s Row unironic has decided to up the ante
4427s and do the same for themselves there is
4430s a beautiful trance here from sneaky
4432s Kirby and Nyan everybody is topped off
4435s and the Terra surge rolls through Claire
4437s goes down at the end of the day but can
4440s the members of Mochi come back and turn
4442s this fight there's only 20 seconds left
4444s there's a pick on to Nyan socks and
4446s they're starting to feel hopeful
4447s Harlequin starting to clutch out their
4450s plays here on this Widowmaker with less
4452s people on the field from unironic that
4455s means there's more space for Harlequin
4457s to take these aggressive angles
4459s bombarding unironic up these long
4461s Alleyways there is so they are so close
4464s to touching this first checkpoint but
4466s just like on Iran they're going to be
4468s capping it in overtime if they want to
4470s stand a chance that's the gravitic flex
4472s rolling through and a nice immortality
4474s doesn't save everybody on the board but
4476s there is still plenty of damage to be
4478s going around better watch your head
4480s because harlequin's taking it off the
4483s board a nice pick onto sheep the point
4486s has been captured and the time has been
4488s refreshed Harlequin for president
4490s Harlequin for queen of the world
4492s Harlequin got easily five or six picks
4495s across the course of that long fight
4497s immediately steps up pop the eyes knows
4500s that she can keep setting up keep
4502s providing the space force unironic I
4504s mean look at him they're just standing
4506s still they know that the best answer
4508s here is just not walk up a zoo trying to
4510s establish some space here trying not to
4512s let Mochi take all of this for free
4514s they're already very nearly to the
4516s checkpoint they have no choice but to
4518s step into this two meters one meter 1.11
4522s meters before Mochi captured that
4524s Victory box now unironic has to stay
4527s aggressive on this front line a nice
4529s accretion straight into the face of
4531s Claire and that's going to be unironic
4533s fending off Mochi reality goes ahead and
4536s commits the sights on top of it all and
4539s that's going to be an easy nail in the
4540s coffin for unironic I mean but that
4542s margin was thin
4544s 1.11 meters a zoo stepping forward
4546s getting a nice stagger there onto Vegas
4549s Sun minute 15 here on the clock as the
4552s card starts making it making its way
4553s back on ironic close to a lot of tools
4556s but Mochi a little closer you have the
4560s overclock coming online very soon a
4563s Transcendence is basically there a
4565s terror Surge and the gravitic flux are
4567s both equal right now so with a minute
4569s left this is gonna really be the last
4572s and Best Shot for both of these teams
4574s but reality breaks it all open a nice
4577s opening pick that is critical for
4579s unironic to continue defending this
4581s second checkpoint just before sheep is
4584s absolutely popping off and where most
4587s she decided it was time to clutch it out
4589s here for the first point an ironic
4591s stepping up to the table
4594s for President Chief for queen of the
4595s world I'm just going to keep doing this
4597s great picks there I mean this is so
4599s crucial on this map in this composition
4601s the picks make the gamer Sunshine
4604s popping the overclock early reality
4605s forced to back up the jump shot coming
4607s through
4613s reality now there's another gravitic
4616s flux coming through here from a zoo on
4618s ironic does not want to go down without
4620s a fight and Claire Tara is surging it up
4623s 216 power takes down two mochi's
4627s clearing out unironic and they are
4629s taking our second map third map of
4632s circuit Royale their second win I do the
4635s exact same thing all the time I can't
4637s stand it I mean so many little things
4640s that went into that whim so contentious
4642s all the way through like a continuation
4645s really of what we've been seeing all
4647s series neither of these teams will give
4649s up neither of these teams will say uncle
4651s that right there that Tara search was
4654s beautiful probably one of the best
4657s Terror surges in Pro play that I've seen
4659s in this so yeah it Scoops up both of
4661s your supports it forces them to pay
4663s attention to you the Transcendence is
4664s already online you just wait for that
4666s thing to come off and they're done
4668s there's absolutely nothing there could
4670s do there and in that clutch moment that
4672s you know escapable force is exactly what
4675s Mochi ordered well I also like for Terra
4678s surge you can charge it Beyond 100 right
4681s so I'm like oh the anime heart in me
4684s goes yes surpass your limits kill them
4687s all bring them down you know
4690s um
4691s beyond all the references that we
4696s can that that was great circuit Royale
4697s is has really stepped up to be one of my
4700s favorite maps in Pro play strictly
4702s because it's one of those Maps where
4704s it's like well who's got the mechanics
4707s come on Step Up who's gonna get a pick
4708s who's going to you know step a little
4711s too far forward who's going to maintain
4713s their distance you know it's it's a game
4715s of chicken in the extreme without even
4717s the uh the dueling kiriko ultimates that
4719s we were talking about over on King's Row
4720s so now we've got a 2-1 Mochi approaching
4725s or at Match Point approaching a
4727s potential Victory here or we could see
4729s our first map five a bit of a bit of big
4732s hungry feel looking down on me
4735s [Music]
4737s um yeah I mean this is already
4739s delivering in such a big way for us this
4742s is really what we wanted and I very much
4743s hope that everyone watching at home is
4745s having a good time
4746s oh I uh I'm sure they are after those
4749s two beautiful defensive holds from Mochi
4752s and honestly a great performance for on
4755s from unironic just so close to really
4758s bringing it to the full hold there on
4761s circuit Royale a lot of time burned off
4763s I'm excited to see where we go for our
4767s uh push map following suit but folks
4770s we're gonna take a quick break so top
4771s off your drinks and we'll be back in the
4774s action
4782s [Music]
4799s thank you foreign
4805s [Music]
4824s [Music]
4843s foreign
4845s [Music]
4851s [Music]
4866s [Music]
4889s thank you
4890s [Music]
4905s [Music]
4912s thank you
4926s foreign
4929s [Music]
4936s [Music]
4956s foreign
4959s [Music]
4970s hello everyone and welcome back to the
4973s calling all heroes Challengers cup and a
4975s very special hello to all my family out
4978s there in Midwest City folks thanks for
4981s joining us we are in the midst of our
4983s matchup of unironic versus Mochi and
4986s thibil it's a 2-1 right now with Mochi
4990s at match point and their defense has
4993s been pretty pretty strong if that's
4996s maybe an understatement yeah yeah you
4999s could certainly say that and they're
5000s catching the attention of many a fine
5003s folk out there in the world the Outlaws
5005s even tweeting about the challengers Cup
5008s going on today shout out to them uh I
5011s mean I think it's great in general kind
5012s of seeing all the attention to
5014s subscribing especially considering we
5016s have such a fantastic series on our
5018s hands right now I mean this could easily
5019s go to a map five it's going to be
5021s contentious all the way through either
5023s way so just it's been great starting off
5027s the day like this because it's really
5029s showing like this this is not just going
5031s to be a bunch of Stomps what I said
5033s about a contentious top 16 is true all
5037s the way through so great stuff coming
5040s online as we approach our push map for
5043s the day not quite sure which one it is
5046s yet but I mean there's only two options
5047s so we'll see which of those unironic
5051s decide on as we head into map four and
5054s it's definitely going to provide us some
5056s interesting Insight we haven't at least
5058s you and I have not seen a push map in
5061s this tournament just yet it is the
5063s newest game mode sorry there are three
5065s how could I forget you know
5072s we're still adding new maps yeah yeah
5075s yeah yeah and I mean esperanca actually
5077s has seen quite a bit of play at the pro
5079s level so there's certainly options here
5082s very curious to see
5085s um you know have these teams really
5086s practice one specific map and strategy
5089s do the compositional wrinkles that we've
5091s seen throughout this series come through
5093s on push or is this kind of a game mode
5096s where the meta composition is going to
5098s rain Supreme you need that Winston to be
5101s effective to really provide you know the
5103s strong aggressive engages and clear
5106s space quickly
5108s um I mean loads of options here both of
5109s these teams clearly comfortable not only
5112s playing The Meta but playing what they
5115s have established as their comfort pick
5117s and it looks like we are heading to
5118s coliseo for push Oh indeed and well I
5124s want to go out on a limb here and guess
5126s that Mochi is going to opt for defense
5128s for first once again because
5131s both defenses that they had for Kings
5134s Row and circuit Royale were very very
5137s strong and oh actually they did defense
5139s second on King's Row
5141s yes they did so yeah they had them
5144s flipped for each one actually that is
5146s pretty surprising well and for push
5148s honestly it hardly matters you're always
5151s trying to you're always going to head
5152s towards the center point told me to put
5154s you on blast there but nope I need that
5156s sometimes okay all good I literally
5158s didn't realize there were three push
5160s maps for like 30 seconds ago yeah we're
5162s both over here yeah so I mean this is
5166s going to be interesting I I think again
5168s primarily due to the compositional
5171s potential that both of these teams have
5172s shown themselves to be capable of you
5175s know we can see more sniper we've seen
5177s like ash come out on here we've seen
5179s Echo we've seen Genji you've seen May
5182s we've seen some Reinhardt even though
5184s you know maybe just hottie running that
5187s unironic this is one of those where you
5190s can't talk too much about the
5191s composition before the game actually
5192s starts but a diva Sombra
5195s that's just my speed I would love to see
5197s something like that the Sombra would
5199s help provide some extra burst potential
5201s onto the orisa you know get that hack on
5203s for the extra percentage damage boost
5205s even against the fortify you know so
5207s many options here but it looks like an
5210s ironic are going to be running the tried
5212s and true Mochi running what they are
5214s most comfortable
5217s both teams
5220s of course they're
5221s I think of this long Alleyway everyone
5223s starts off with a poke phase forcing out
5226s those different abilities trying to
5228s create an advantage right ideally you're
5230s forcing out the suzu early and forcing
5234s one of the teams to have to give space
5235s as a result and well it's really a
5238s matter of time until someone gets this
5241s first opening pick and are we surprised
5243s that it's a sojourn civil because this
5245s seems to be pretty routine they charged
5248s up that railgun pop one in the face and
5251s then everyone else decides it's go time
5253s we're here to collapse push and that's
5255s another pick onto a zoo giving Mochi
5258s their advantage right and mochi I'm sure
5260s just going to capitalize capitalize
5262s capitalize you see Claire already just
5264s running forward and screaming I'm sure
5267s comms I I have to imagine are so much
5269s fun on both of these teams here the
5271s javelins already poking down this long
5274s Avenue here the bot is still pushing
5276s it's still well behind this so unironic
5278s looking maybe to cut that off but
5280s Sunshine with another open pick without
5282s sheep there what can an ironic really do
5284s except stall on the point
5287s cool and that is you know a little bit
5289s of time burned off clock but this
5292s aggression coming through from Mochi is
5294s going to make it almost impossible for
5295s unironic to really stay on the point for
5298s too long I think azu's doing a good job
5301s at continuing to try and keep a little
5303s bit of space but you have got to be
5305s fully regrouped if you want to be taking
5307s on a team like Mochi and with reality
5309s going down to a disrupter shot in the
5311s mix of all of this chaos sunshine just
5314s capitalizes pops the railgun gets
5317s another beautiful shot in the air and
5320s that is the kill feed and highlight reel
5323s for you yeah yeah I hit the DPI switch
5326s on that one that's fine I don't I do not
5328s mind that in the slightest that was
5329s disgusting uh now though an ironic you
5333s know you're you definitely maybe need to
5335s shake your head out a little bit get the
5337s cobwebs out of there at this point a
5339s reality immediately going to pop that
5340s overclock they are undaunted they know
5342s that they need the only way to bring
5343s this back right now and what is looking
5345s to be a dominant map is to just frag it
5347s out and speaking Kirby uses Kitsune with
5350s it layered on Vegas done and as a result
5353s Mochi has pretty much has to I mean they
5356s have to give they used two critical
5358s support ultimates and now they're gonna
5360s run
5362s right yeah I mean still on the back foot
5364s here but on ironic starting to
5367s Mount the beginnings of their counter
5369s Bush here the offensive sound barrier
5371s from the answer is just saying no guys
5372s we got to keep pushing the back we can't
5374s just get to the bot we also need to
5376s convincingly win a fight and give
5378s ourselves some time to push on Harlequin
5380s not getting much with that death Blossom
5382s there but Mochi starting to reagress
5383s well and sneaky Kirby was there with a
5386s suzu to follow up on the death Blossom
5389s there is an exchange now with Sunshine
5391s going down in for this fight there's
5394s Tara Surge and it takes down sheep
5397s Claire has been absolutely on point with
5400s these terrorist surges taking down
5401s members regardless of the support
5403s resources being thrown into them and now
5406s it's more clean up as Mochi continues to
5408s aggress forward battle cattle fully
5411s online drivers updated monitor turned on
5414s Claire has really been stepping up and
5416s being a bright spot for her team but
5418s scratch mode activated here and this is
5420s looking dominant from Mochi you have to
5423s feel if you're unironic what do we even
5425s do all they can do is walk up and try
5428s their best sheep stepping forward with
5430s the death Blossom and that suzu just
5431s barely keeps her alive
5433s Sunshine with
5435s an egg on
5439s cheetah push into the suzu of whipped
5441s but can they sustain there's a lot of
5443s damage and a knife Zuzu once again here
5446s from sneaky Kirby keeping their team in
5448s this fight the sound barrier from Vegas
5450s stunt means that Mochi wants to commit
5452s they're gonna stay aggressive and
5454s continue trying to force this payload
5456s forward but with the Primal Rage coming
5458s through from a zoo it's too much to
5461s handle moshi's gonna get taken down and
5463s unironic now have possession of the bot
5465s yeah and I mean in push we're starting
5469s to see different team fight dynamics
5471s that no other game mode has really ever
5473s provided because Mochi with a lead like
5476s this but even with you know five and a
5479s half minutes of the time they can
5480s completely change how they want to
5481s approach fights can be more aggressive
5483s or take fights in weirder spots because
5485s they have the time and the space to do
5487s so so watch for Mochi just consistently
5490s what they're doing Step Up press all
5492s your buttons don't be afraid to take a
5494s fight force cooldowns force ultimates
5496s like this because they have the ability
5498s to do so
5499s neon socks go ahead goes ahead and uses
5502s the sound barrier and as soon as it runs
5504s out Claire goes ahead capitalizes on
5506s sheep gets another kill with the Terra
5509s Surge and allows Mochi to continue
5511s taking space and moving forward yeah I
5515s mean and everyone on Mochi right now
5517s firing on all cylinders this has to be
5520s one of those games where you're just
5521s hooting and hollering the whole time
5522s you're having a good time you are so
5525s clearly in the lead that does not look
5527s to be changing anytime soon the bot is
5529s already sprinting back to the barricade
5532s they only have a death Blossom but they
5534s probably know that unironic has nothing
5536s on the other side a Kitsune Rush may be
5538s coming in here in a minute but
5540s there's not much time left it is getting
5542s dire at this point for an ironic yeah
5545s ready yep there it is in the heart of an
5549s ironic Harlequin just shreds them to
5552s bits so much damage being outputted by
5554s this Reaper and well there's the Kitsune
5557s here forced out from whipped Mochi is
5559s doing a great job at being aggressive
5561s and forcing an ironic to use resources
5564s even before they decide to give the
5567s space and bailout
5569s yeah I mean just happy to give a little
5572s space not too worried perhaps about
5574s losing this fight Mochi have a sound
5576s barrier they're close to the Kitsune
5578s rush and the overclock which Sunshine's
5581s been doing work with or without sheep
5583s stepping up with this death Blossom but
5584s that sound barrier immediately can Vape
5586s some perfectly placed and unironic I
5589s mean you're back at square one
5591s is a tough feeling
5598s a Heyday being a little bit aggressive
5601s and now Mochi has the bot and are
5603s looking to push it on forward they are
5606s going to have to push into a sound
5608s barrier but can Sunshine get the picks
5610s they're looking for with this overclock
5612s they've gotten one they're hunting for
5614s more
5616s and uh no one else quite on the menu
5618s they decide we're gonna respect that
5620s sight line and skill well sorry sorry
5624s Nan socks I just uh Caster Crews to do
5626s there my friend socks that would have
5628s been a dollar but that was absolutely
5629s Waffle's fault you're fine
5631s I mean at this point right unironic this
5634s is backs to the wall this was already
5636s pretty bad and we're looking at a
5637s potential full finish at this point with
5639s 245 on the clock you have a couple opens
5642s coming online but like you need that you
5644s need an opening pick you need a decisive
5646s Fight Win to immediately get this spot
5648s moving but even now mochi's stalling
5650s doing their best Claire still gets the
5652s pick on the sheep this fight is not over
5653s geez Claire how fast can you charge up
5657s this Terrace surge it seems like you are
5659s constantly using it to just take down
5661s members of an ironic there's the death
5664s Blossom and Harlequin gets a hat trick
5666s with it all
5668s I mean stepping up right feeling good
5671s this is when you start to make those
5672s just Brash confident plays because
5675s what's going to stop you why not just
5677s walk up and press cue a bunch you know
5679s and Harlequin as mentioned already in
5681s this series has been so good with the
5683s death blossoms one of the most
5684s consistent deliverers of death Blossom
5686s kills that we've seen this entire
5687s tournament you and I at least always
5689s getting picks out of it always waiting
5691s for the right moment to hit it on a zoo
5693s already ready to trade back oh but it's
5695s such a tall order even with an opening
5697s pick even with two I mean sure you're
5699s gonna get the bot moving at this point
5700s but is it going to be enough Sunshine
5703s already answering back and Harley
5704s Quinn's stepping right back up as well
5706s with how well Mochi is playing it's
5709s going to be really tough for unironic to
5711s come back and try and win this map look
5714s at how much distance Mochi has been able
5716s to push this robot objective-wise and as
5719s you said they're slowly approaching this
5720s third point but ironic are going to be
5723s spawning back very quickly they've
5725s already engaged to push back Mochi as a
5727s result and well Mochi wants to give a
5729s little room they know that they are
5731s sitting pretty as far as having the
5733s advantage and they do not need to over
5735s commit there's plenty of time and over
5736s time to choke and that's not what they
5739s want unfolding sneaky
5741s sneaky Kirby oh man uh so you said that
5746s Kitsune and well Mochi not actually
5749s getting as many kills as they were
5750s probably expecting there's a couple
5752s exchanges and sheep uses their own death
5755s Blossom there's 50 seconds left on the
5757s clock on ironic taking the bot back and
5760s still having Primal Rage and sound
5762s barrier available right they've still
5764s got some tools they do finally have have
5766s the bot moving out of this zone of just
5770s death and pain but now Mochi you've got
5773s 30 seconds to basically stop the bot
5776s once you have three ultimates coming
5778s online and with the advantage of the
5781s result it's hard not to assume that
5782s they've kind of got this in the bag but
5784s never say never right you never know as
5787s you stepping forward with the Primal
5788s here getting some major work done does
5790s take down Sunshine with the boom to stop
5792s here and get right back into the action
5794s a nice Primal Rage there from a zoo
5797s we've seen them use it pretty well
5799s earlier when they're closer to that edge
5801s but it is a tall order to ask pushing
5804s into Mochi reality is stepping up to the
5806s plate one pick here from the overclock
5809s another one following up these are the
5812s kind of hero plays that unironic is
5814s going to have to consistently make if
5816s they want to turn this map around I mean
5818s have to consistently make is an
5821s understatement have to perfectly make
5823s can only mix like two minutes with zero
5827s flaws is what they need to do they need
5829s to get this to the checkpoint have the
5831s bot exit butt scratch mode keep it going
5834s and the entire time you cannot leave the
5836s cart and you cannot lose a fight you
5838s cannot lose a player
5840s and the Harlequin has the death Blossom
5843s online sunshines already used their
5845s overclock from The High Ground putting
5847s on so much pressure and it's a matter of
5850s time who's gonna be the victim of the
5852s death Blossom there's so much damage
5854s potential get ready for the speed boost
5856s Into the Heart of the team of unironic
5858s player Tara surge 176 percent and
5862s Harlequin jumps in there Kitsune keeps
5865s them Speedy there's so much damage being
5867s outputted there's literally every
5868s resource from Mochi is thrown into that
5871s final fight and they take the series for
5873s themselves
5875s three to one Victory there for Mochi a
5877s dominant performance on push no real
5879s other way to put it on ironic starting
5882s to maybe bring that back starting to get
5884s some progress down and make it a closer
5886s round but that kind of needed to happen
5887s maybe four or five minutes
5890s so I mean like we said right Mochi
5893s really hit the gas after we jumped Tower
5895s they had the answer this composition
5897s with the orisa has been doing so much
5899s work for them despite not being The Meta
5902s Big Air quotes there
5904s um you know just such high consistent
5907s performance from them against a team
5909s that is very close to them in seating
5911s reminder this was this was a very close
5913s matchup overall out of our 16 teams this
5916s was not a one versus 16. we expected
5918s this to be contentious and it absolutely
5920s delivered so great job from both teams
5922s there but Mochi really stepping up and
5924s they're gonna make it to our top eight
5926s yeah and you know a big congratulations
5928s to both of these teams
5931s um unironic did a really good job and
5933s they were starting to find a bit of
5935s their Rhythm towards the end of that map
5937s but at the end of the day Mochi was here
5940s they were here to play and they are here
5942s to really redeem themselves from the
5944s first Challengers cup they just barely
5947s missed making it into the finals and
5950s make making it to the finals in December
5952s and well I think it's pretty clear to
5954s say that they have their sights set on
5957s continuing to ascend through this
5959s bracket now we are going to go to a
5962s quick break folks so we'll see if we can
5964s get anyone from Mochi in the interview
5966s booth and be right back
5985s [Music]
5991s thank you
5997s [Music]
6010s thank you
6013s [Music]
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6113s [Music]
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6131s [Music]
6159s [Music]
6173s hello everyone welcome back to the
6176s calling all heroes Challengers cup 2
6179s with us right now in the interview Booth
6182s we have Sunshine from the Victorious
6185s Mochi team sunshine thank you so much
6188s for joining us today and welcome to the
6191s interview booth yeah I'm back uh my team
6195s is very shy so I'm kind of like our
6196s spokesperson when we win games like this
6198s and your team needs one absolutely yeah
6201s everyone needs a front man there you
6203s know leading the crowd and getting
6205s everyone hyped
6207s so you guys are returning to the
6210s challengers cup as you know you're
6212s participated from the in the first one
6214s what have you guys been doing since that
6216s time you know as a team to refine what
6219s your play style is the meta has been
6221s shifted since that time as well what's
6223s been going on with mochi everyone's been
6226s grinding their butt off
6228s um during the World Cup we had a period
6230s where we weren't really screaming a lot
6231s but even then people were out like out
6233s of their house like say hotels and still
6235s like playing every day like from their
6237s computer
6238s um a lot of practice we have a lot of uh
6240s a couple like new members on the team
6243s um and luckily there's been like no
6245s challenge everyone gets along really
6246s well there's like great chemistry we
6248s have a really solid team uh for this
6250s tournament
6251s uh yeah really solid might be just a bit
6255s of an understatement uh you guys had
6258s some incredible defense for both Kings
6261s Row and circuit Royale holding really
6264s really close what's what's kind of the
6267s mindset of your team when you guys are
6269s either selecting defense or offense
6271s first and you know when it's that close
6274s to holding for the first point like
6276s what's going on through your guys's
6278s Minds
6279s um when we have the choice we always
6281s pick defense first and it's always an
6282s ego thing it's always let's end this
6284s match as fast as possible we're gonna
6286s full hold and we're gonna cap that's all
6288s that's response
6291s I love that I love that so much that's
6293s exactly the answer I want to hear
6294s anytime I ask about that it's just like
6296s we're just going to Eco them like this
6298s is what we're doing here speaking of you
6301s know we're we're talking about unique
6303s strategies and stuff like that kind of
6305s walk me through the the compositional
6307s choices you guys were making in this
6309s series and perhaps in this tournament I
6310s haven't seen too much of you guys
6311s outside of this but with the erisa and
6313s everything like what what's the move
6315s there
6317s um Claire is a really great Arisa player
6320s and right now obviously the meta is like
6322s hog and Winston
6323s um and so people have been playing
6325s against a lot of hog and Winston and so
6327s Arisa is kind of our Wild Card a little
6329s bit because Claire's really comfortable
6330s on her and we're really good at it and
6332s people don't really know how to respond
6334s um and I think it's kind of no offense
6336s to the enemy uh for that game but it
6338s kind of shows like who really
6340s understands how Winston comp works when
6341s they run it into Arisa
6344s um it's really punishing if you don't
6345s know exactly how to run the comp so it's
6347s been really good for us
6349s excellent I love that I'm glad you guys
6352s are feeling comfortable you know you
6353s guys are moving on to the top eight you
6355s only need one more win to qualify for
6357s the finals here what is what are kind of
6360s your your thoughts on the rest of the
6361s field and what it would mean for you
6363s guys to to qualify for that final event
6364s in December
6366s I mean it would definitely be amazing
6368s for all of us everybody works really
6369s hard on our team so I think we have a
6372s really good shot of making top four for
6374s sure
6375s um there are a lot of really good teams
6377s though uh that we're gonna be up against
6380s soon so everyone's very excited but
6384s okay yeah keep that ego going keep that
6386s work ethic moving I believe in you guys
6388s anything yeah
6390s Larissa is really throwing people for a
6392s loop right now yeah I think yeah with a
6395s solid wild card in hand like we've seen
6398s teams make runs like that relatively
6400s recently right you know this season of
6402s the OverWatch league and things like
6403s that so yeah for sure keep pushing uh we
6406s won't keep you any longer though before
6408s we let you go any any shout outs or
6410s thank yous that you'd like to throw out
6411s there messages to this uh big shout out
6414s wait to fans you said
6420s our coach really amazing coach just so
6424s much work for the team does a great job
6426s keeping our mental up
6427s oh you couldn't be here without him
6428s coaching us
6430s imagine that okay well shout outs to
6433s everyone except the fans thank you very
6435s much
6438s thank you for chatting with us good luck
6440s enjoy the victory here we'll see you in
6443s the next round and uh hopefully heading
6444s up towards that top four yeah see you
6447s soon thank you all right see ya oh see
6450s you soon you heard it folks
6453s implied
6455s and but that's exactly the energy you
6457s need to be bringing into this right you
6459s can't just be like well we have a lot of
6461s respect for everybody and there's so
6463s many big names it's like nah dude we've
6465s got a wild card orisa player who's just
6467s like unbeatable we literally try and ego
6471s every team on every map we do not care
6473s like that stuff is great and mochi
6477s already just feeling themselves calling
6479s it out shout out to big fan over there
6481s we do we do have some fans despite that
6483s reaction in the interview the fans are
6485s still holding strong you know it's it's
6488s a love hate it's it's a rough love sort
6490s of relationship but you can still see
6492s that some of the fans like getting beat
6493s up a little it's fair you know
6495s everyone's got their taste right yes
6496s they do yeah OverWatch fans especially
6499s are no strangers to a little punishment
6501s over the years but enough of that let's
6503s look at where the bracket is standing
6505s currently
6506s um we have seen uh Dart monkeys did come
6509s out over Vancouver Titans blue I believe
6511s I saw a tweet from the Titans about that
6513s yeah but no idea on the night witches
6515s and stepsisters match just yet moving
6518s forward though the ones we do have for
6520s sure altiora Nimbus and pursuit
6522s triumphing over number one on over buff
6525s and the lawnmowers and on chalky milk
6528s their name is still awful but boy did
6530s they win Road to Glory as well
6532s triumphing over the DU pioneers and then
6534s we got moochie ready to take on Timeless
6536s ethereal in our next match or in their
6540s next match I suppose it's a pretty
6541s interesting game yeah members of Mochi
6544s who were playing for the first
6546s Challengers cup and are now on Timeless
6548s ethereal so uh as friendly as everyone
6552s is I wonder how much uh you know there
6554s might be some underlying grudges or
6557s competition between the two
6560s and that's what I'm talking about man I
6561s want to see some spice I want to see
6563s some action there and maybe you know you
6565s you have this prior experience is that
6568s wild card as effective if you've kind of
6571s seen at this point what Mochi are trying
6573s to do if you had Synergy with them
6575s before is it as wild if you've worked
6578s with them before and you're used to
6579s that's exactly oh yeah and then there's
6581s some Theory there the further into this
6584s tournament we go the more time these
6586s other teams will have to even briefly
6588s look at what the other teams are doing
6590s and think about it uh yeah and that will
6592s really show like who can adapt on the
6595s Fly who's got the Strategic capability
6597s to really overcome what might otherwise
6600s be a total curveball like we saw just
6603s now but those are all questions for the
6606s very near future we are going to be
6610s broadcasting only one of those next uh
6613s games in the top eight it's looking like
6615s for you and me we are going to be
6616s looking at that altiora Nimbus versus
6618s Pursuit game
6620s very exciting I have not yet seen
6622s Pursuit here on broadcast with you and I
6624s we've seen all theora Nimbus they were
6626s our first game if I recall and they are
6629s definitely showing themselves to be a
6630s really strong contender in this
6632s tournament but yeah
6634s only one of these two teams is going to
6637s make it to the top four
6639s and only half of the now current field
6642s is going to qualify for the final event
6644s so we've we've got some real money on
6647s the line here you know 25 000 at play
6649s for those finals and a lot of bragging
6652s rights a lot of pride a lot of teams and
6655s big players in the scene watching this
6658s tournament very closely so
6661s pressure's on
6664s well then we saw the Houston Outlaws
6666s tweet earlier right that is just a
6668s primary example of how many people are
6670s watching this competition and how many
6672s people will be watching the final so
6674s once again these teams want to go all
6678s the way to the end here making it to
6680s that finals for that 25k prize pool and
6683s we'll have to see who wants it the most
6686s when we get back folks so don't go
6688s anywhere
6692s [Music]
6703s foreign
6705s [Music]
6733s [Music]
6739s [Music]
6747s thank you
6750s [Music]
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6774s [Music]
6826s foreign
6831s [Music]
6853s [Music]
6859s thank you
6863s [Music]
6892s [Music]
6899s thank you
6909s [Music]
6919s [Music]
6928s foreign
6936s [Music]
6953s [Music]
6965s foreign
6969s [Music]
6978s [Music]
6993s hello everyone and welcome back to the
6996s calling all heroes Challengers cup 2 for
7000s anyone just joining us for our second
7002s matchup of the day I am waffles for Sid
7004s this is civil dork and we are gonna be
7007s covering all the action Sybil we are
7010s about to move into our second matchup of
7012s the day we are once again getting to see
7015s altiora Nimbus but this time their
7018s opponent will be Pursuit and uh it's
7023s it's finals time here right well I'm
7024s sorry quarterfinals time single elim and
7027s it's all on the line yeah I was gonna
7029s say this is their final opportunity for
7032s one of these teams only one of these
7034s teams will be able to move forward and
7037s winning this does lock you for top four
7039s does qualify you for your spot at the
7042s finals event in December so more than
7046s ever I mean these have all been do or
7047s die this is all single album after the
7049s six rounds of Swiss but more than ever
7052s you need to step up here you cannot let
7054s yourself go altiora Nimbus stepping
7056s forward with the roster that we saw from
7058s them yesterday
7060s and Sewell was really impressing me has
7063s a decent hero pool there the only thing
7066s that they really struggled against as a
7068s team was maybe the echo from the gym yep
7071s Echoes for sure a wild card so I don't
7073s blame him for that and I like the
7074s different looks that essel can pull out
7076s specifically also shout out to kuropi
7078s it's the best Hello Kitty character just
7081s accept that now folks make your life
7083s better
7084s um me man as well I will say had some
7086s excellent just frag moments on the
7089s kiriko yesterday which is often kind of
7092s an overlooked part of the kit just the
7094s triple headshot damage from the kunai
7096s and everything it's so so impactful but
7099s on the other side for her suit there you
7101s go you get my one
7103s um this is a roster I do not personally
7105s yet know quite well however to have made
7108s it this far they have clearly shown
7110s themselves to be some of the top talent
7112s that we've got here in this tournament
7114s so far very excited to see how they
7117s approach The Meta if they have any
7118s wrinkles about this does Cora actually
7120s want to play Wrecking Ball or is that
7121s just like for funsies picture you know
7124s what we'll find out here in a moment as
7127s we head towards our first map which will
7129s be a control map of some sort
7132s Nepal Nepal will be our first one here
7135s for the quarterfinals
7138s um oh and we're going straight into it
7141s we got the nice drop off potential here
7143s and I love the the difference in the
7147s environment that that brings right
7148s sometimes we see a lot of roadhog
7150s brought to the table and it has been
7153s played over the last couple of days yeah
7155s and Nepal has such variance across its
7158s sub Maps where sanctum you know you've
7161s historically seen torb compositions
7163s Farah compositions Echo compositions Ash
7165s you know double sniper is not out of the
7168s question but in a metal like this no
7171s surprise to kind of see what we're
7172s seeing from alterior Nimbus for Pursuit
7175s who knows right or on the wrecking ball
7178s we were just talking about that sabotabi
7180s over on the Tracer as well these are
7182s options see if they stick with it it
7184s looks like they are very interesting
7186s here this is a different look this is
7188s not big quotes The Meta so I want to see
7192s what that Wrecking Ball can do
7193s immediately stepping forward and trying
7194s to provide some disruption
7196s gonna be gonna have to be really careful
7199s of that disruption especially on a map
7201s with so many Cliffside opportunities for
7204s core to go ahead and take people down
7206s zenzukt is the first victim as a result
7208s and Cora is absolutely all over this map
7212s and Untouchable as is the woes of anyone
7215s playing up against wrecking ball there
7217s there's still so much changes across the
7220s board and no one has quite capped it yet
7221s but as I say that altior Nimbus goes
7224s ahead takes possession for the opening
7227s fight and it's gonna be Pursuits going
7229s to have to back off just a little bit to
7232s regroup stepping back since immediately
7234s stepping forward again so much quick
7236s potential on that Sombra we saw them be
7238s really one of the standouts yesterday
7240s and I expect that to continue to
7242s continue today essel stepping up on the
7244s reaper as well getting that last parting
7246s blow onto K Pursuit really forced now to
7249s hang back try and take a little bit of
7251s space Cora maybe sneaking into the back
7253s line being a little cheeky cheeky and
7255s sabatabi as well on the Tracer looking
7257s for a pulse looking for somewhere to put
7259s it in Cora getting the sneaky frag over
7261s onto me now and that is a massive early
7264s pick there for altior and Nimbus right
7266s me man out of the picture or I'm sorry
7268s for Pursuit with Nieman out of the
7270s picture there are no there's less
7272s support available for them to sustain on
7274s this point and now we can see Pursuit
7276s going ahead and jumping on as a result
7278s they're starting to contest and well
7281s it's really going to be about who can
7282s continue to capitalize and take this
7285s point it looks like Pursuit was not fast
7287s enough to be able to jump on and push
7289s off all tierra Nimbus because nimba
7291s still has possession
7292s right I mean all the stall Potential
7294s from alterations composition no recall
7297s there for savitabi so an easy trip off
7299s actually knocked by the suzu according
7303s to the kill feed I don't know if that's
7304s even possible but looks cool uh zanzot
7306s also just stepping up again doing some
7308s things it's just what we expect from
7310s them at this point right full support
7312s ultimates online and an overclock soon
7314s to follow for Pursuit but altiora nib is
7316s pretty much in the same spot though they
7318s do have the death Blossom instead that
7320s zipper course will still feel better
7322s but Cora Cora just has to try and step
7325s forward and make these Quick Picks
7326s happen does manage to succeed but
7328s karaoke taking out his counterpart
7330s though
7332s with an absolute clutch death Blossom
7335s comboed with kuropi sound barrier there
7338s was no chance for Pursuit after that
7340s damage is he gonna make it
7342s to the edge just at the last moment nice
7346s job over to yesel absolutely clutch play
7350s and beautiful mechanics being executed
7352s always a nail biter as we see falling
7355s very fast a big pick comes through with
7357s two big picks Dominic here looking to
7359s try and turn the tide of the fight
7361s single-handedly almost takes down
7363s another one and that is Pursuit capping
7366s the point for themselves for the first
7368s time at the last possible second I mean
7370s Dominic just stepping up when he needs
7372s to you know getting the picks the only
7375s thing keeping them in this fight right
7377s now they must be perfect
7379s it's all they can do really at this
7381s point to maintain their control with 99
7383s for LTR Nimbus there is no margin for
7386s error savitabi let's see if you can get
7388s something with that pulse bomb perhaps a
7390s stick actually
7393s two kills from sabotabi right off the
7396s tail end of that pulse bomb they do go
7399s down in the end to essel but Pursuit has
7401s now set themselves up to prevent alteora
7404s from pushing through this choke
7405s right I mean and that's exactly you
7407s couldn't have asked for much better
7409s there the immediate Force into a retreat
7411s Pursuit being smart about their
7412s positioning you don't want to overextend
7414s you don't want to give this away for
7415s free want to use that long range and
7417s that flank potential to really Force
7419s alter your Nimbus to look in a bunch of
7421s different angles all at once and you can
7423s see they're taking their time they want
7425s to be very careful and very thorough
7427s about this wrapping all the way around
7428s for the rotation onto the back line but
7430s Noya and K already they know what's
7432s going on they know the deal signs Luke
7433s now on the Tracer as well
7436s I love this Primal Rage here from steady
7440s it made us so much space for Nimbus here
7443s to take this point they've almost
7444s recaptured it for themselves and pursuit
7446s knows they need to be there contesting
7448s it's already at 99 for El Fiora Nimbus
7452s and now they still have the pull spawn
7454s available
7454s Deja Vu is essel gets another big play
7458s here with the death Blossom and cool
7460s kids fall off the map sure yeah why not
7464s right or so self-destruct with the pulse
7467s bomb okay I would have accepted either
7468s from you zenzic
7471s do whatever's flashing us right that was
7473s a great round for them definitely
7474s feeling themselves after that managing
7476s to maintain their composure not letting
7479s kind of like a reverse a very mini mini
7481s reverse sweep happened there over on
7484s sanctum you know you have the control
7486s you have the percentage all you need to
7487s do is win one fight be smart about that
7490s one and you're good so all to your
7492s altiora Nimbus showing incredible
7495s presence of Mind against a very
7496s disruptive comp here from Pursuit it
7499s looks like for now they're going to
7501s maintain that current strategy you're on
7504s Village
7505s it's still viable I suppose the wrecking
7507s ball can always get around this point
7509s she has so many different options on
7510s where to go sabotabi as well on the
7512s Tracer can still do great things inside
7514s zuk do you see matching Matt Tracer
7516s wants to be able to basically keep Pace
7518s with someone who's moving so fast
7520s already wow just do in Wrecking Ball
7523s things just having fun an absolute
7528s altioronymus did you Essa went flying
7531s off of that High Ground as a result and
7533s if there was so much displacement caused
7536s doesn't seem to matter though ulti our
7538s Nimbus regroups very very quickly they
7541s know they do not want to be that
7542s separated from Cora's displacement and
7545s they go ahead and take the point for
7546s themselves first
7547s yeah I mean despite all the flashy Tech
7550s here from the wrecking ball Ultra and
7552s I'm able to still step up signs are
7554s still keeping Pace with that Tracer from
7556s savitabi as I mentioned you know an
7558s ultimate Advantage here already
7559s establishing itself for alterior Windows
7561s ahead on the pulse line by just a little
7563s ahead on the support over by how good
7565s that vessel as well on that Reaper
7568s cannot be ignored after that last round
7570s the knee man is the first to step up
7572s dominant trades right back
7575s regardless of all the trades here
7577s through this recent fight I am really
7579s impressed with how steady is playing on
7581s this Winston it's due to their really
7584s smart and tactical engagements in the
7586s placement of where they're actually
7588s jumping onto the team members of pursuit
7590s they're forcing out the suzu from K
7593s regularly and that is not a resource you
7595s want to have to use early or initially
7597s in a fight kuropi gets slammed into the
7601s dirt from Cora and there's the Minefield
7603s from Cora following after that they do
7606s go down at the end of the day and well
7608s it looks like Pursuit can't quite
7610s capitalize on the space created Nimbus
7612s is gonna hold strong and they're slowly
7615s approaching a handful of ultimates
7617s steady even hitting the minds to
7619s consistently provide old charge over uh
7622s to uh me man here on the kiriko
7625s providing towards 25 of that ultimate
7628s karope 80 and Counting uh tied up over
7631s with Noah K with a pretty distinct
7633s Advantage there though bolts are even
7635s but the control is what matters ultiora
7638s have the point they are not going to
7640s give this up for free
7641s Dominic has been constantly berated by
7645s Steady there as that Winston they felt
7647s very very low but of course with Primal
7649s Rage online that is the plan to engage
7652s in just at the last minute save yourself
7654s a sound barrier is Gonna Save steady and
7657s keep them in this fight SL is still
7660s trying to keep the fight alive here
7661s altiora Nimbus not wanting to give up
7664s any percentage of this point jumping
7666s into the death Blossom is a disaster and
7669s unfortunately for Pursuit essel seems to
7671s have it online all the time still a
7674s couple of stragglers coming through here
7676s from Pursuit but at the end of the day
7679s it's still altior and Nimbus well
7681s actually getting a little shaken up that
7683s Minefield was not what they were
7685s expecting and with the amount of time
7687s stalled here from Torah Kitsune is
7690s available and used up here by me man and
7693s well now Nimbus seems to really find
7695s their footing take away the in the kill
7697s feed and they're gonna go ahead and take
7700s this first map of Nepal
7702s and I mean what a performance there
7704s especially on Village really ready it
7707s seemed very quickly for an answer to
7710s this whole wrecking ball Tracer
7712s situation yeah I respect what you're
7714s going for there as Pursuit you know you
7717s want much like we saw in our last match
7719s right maybe you've got a wild card that
7721s you feel is really strong right now that
7723s is actually like shaking things up and
7724s giving him pause
7726s but also our Nimbus are are not those
7728s Gamers you know they had the answer
7730s ready essel doing so much work there on
7732s the reaper obviously loves to shoot at a
7735s big round ball full of hit points you
7737s know that's just like free lifesteal it
7739s looks like a pinata in their eyes yeah
7742s very much so it is literally just loot
7745s pinata just swing at that thing and
7747s watch it go so all to our Nimbus may be
7751s showing that that is not the way uh
7753s Pursuit now it's up to them do you
7755s change that up do you assume that that's
7757s still going to work perhaps on a
7758s different game mode as you go into
7760s hybrid and escort like is Wrecking Ball
7762s the answer there where it was not on
7764s control or do you maybe go back to
7767s something a little more conventional uh
7769s in the hopes of kind of bringing it to a
7770s standard mirror
7772s yeah it's really going to be about what
7775s Pursuit is feeling comfortable and
7777s confident on I do think push like I do
7781s think going up against altiora Nimbus
7783s for this quarterfinals might be a little
7786s bit more challenging because alteora we
7789s saw this mentioned earlier in our little
7791s fact chip they were here in the top
7794s eight already four Challengers cup one
7797s okay they're not trying to let history
7799s repeat itself they don't want Deja Vu
7802s occurring they want to win and they want
7804s to make it to the finals event in
7806s December they want to join the other two
7809s uh alteora teams that made it two grand
7812s finals which were Polaris and Artemis
7815s right Polaris knocked them out in the
7818s first Challengers cup and now they have
7820s this chance to come back and prove
7822s themselves here at the second
7824s Challengers cup to make it to Grand
7826s finals and maybe uh you know have
7830s another re-face-off against Polaris for
7833s the title yeah a little rematch there
7835s would probably do them just fine and if
7837s you're Nimbus as well you're looking at
7839s just this series and realizing you're
7841s two maps away from making it to the
7843s final event regardless of your grand
7845s final showing here or not regardless of
7847s how far you make it you are two maps out
7850s from pushing past potentially two maps
7853s potentially well two map victories out
7856s yes from taking this the furthest Annie
7861s altiora team has ever gone they might be
7864s joined by their their siblings I suppose
7867s their their sibling teams
7870s um but we will see we've got plenty of
7872s time left to kind of figure that one out
7874s and plenty of time still I will say for
7877s pursuit to try and bring this back you
7880s know it was a great showing from altiora
7881s and we've been talking them up here on
7882s this Nepal but control is control right
7885s we post a meme about control and we move
7888s on there are many opportunities and we
7891s have seen many examples in this term
7892s Tournament of a team stumbling pretty
7895s hard on control and then just
7897s immediately turning around and hitting
7899s the gas in a new way so I'm actually
7902s very excited to see what Pursuit try and
7905s do as we head into I can wall oh this is
7909s a map where some weird picks can reign
7911s supreme we've seen roadhog and erisa on
7914s this on this map we could see the
7916s Wrecking Ball come through again the
7917s choke is very punishing for a Wrecking
7919s Ball but there's also lots of High
7921s Ground grapple points to look through
7922s where you could maybe see about going on
7925s a very long flank heading all the way
7927s over to streets there are roll outs for
7929s that I have oh yeah why car q and all
7932s those guys are going to put it together
7933s shout out to Flats racquetball is insane
7936s and altiora you're just you just want to
7939s maintain your pace you just want to stay
7941s on course here you do not want to
7943s stumble you maybe expect something
7945s different or a little more of the same
7946s here for Pursuit so stick to the plan is
7950s the order of the day for altior number
7954s [Music]
7955s ready a lot on the line like I've
7958s mentioned earlier they've already been
7960s here quarterfinals and got knocked out
7962s by their sister team so it's make or
7965s break it here they want to get one more
7967s point and then they'll be at match point
7969s and
7971s that's definitely where you want to be
7972s sitting moving into the third round I
7975s don't want to talk about the offense
7977s quite yet I wonder if we will see Cora
7980s on that Hammond though that's definitely
7983s a showing that sounds a little cheeky
7985s right and this is but this is exactly
7987s what they just had this is exactly what
7989s they've been running so I'm almost
7990s inclined to say that they're going to
7992s keep this unless they're just faking us
7994s out in which case
7995s come on we're trying to help you out
7997s here but we'll see here in three two one
8001s they're going for it Cora immediately
8004s goes for the rollout just heads straight
8006s over the edge already making her way
8008s towards Point forcing all to our
8010s neighbors to pay attention hoop coming
8012s through denies the run through Solitaire
8014s trying to put some pressure here on
8015s steady kind of going for a pizza
8016s movement here asked to watch out though
8018s sometimes it will take her head off
8020s absolutely they will and there's still
8023s so much disruption being created here
8025s from Torah on Pursuit I love how much
8027s Focus fire was pulled back to the point
8029s their team charged through the choke and
8031s now it is an absolute chaotic fight here
8034s as they're trying to continue putting
8036s the pressure on to Nimbus who are a
8039s little low again and oh a nice attack
8041s there from steady trying to continue
8043s capitalizing on the low tank but at the
8046s end of the day Pursuit able to see and
8049s read give enough space and also top
8051s their health off as a result yeah and
8054s these neutral fights are all being
8055s favoring all through our members right
8057s you just maintain your position you're
8058s not worried about losing anything on the
8060s heart or whatever you can give them a
8062s little space his failure goes quite low
8063s Azalea by the way swapped in here and
8066s actually just disconnected I'm getting
8069s the pick so hard is knocked out of the
8071s server sabotabi takes down steady zanzuk
8074s trades back as we get into a pause
8078s ah well you know uh one for each day for
8082s us yeah you get one a day really I'm
8086s over here trying to take notes and
8087s you're gonna DC and put me back onto the
8089s camp I see how it is yeah I mean just
8092s pick so hard that their internet turned
8094s off you know you know what happens
8098s through for the finals right we got the
8100s DC
8101s the positive word yeah it's out of the
8103s system let's iron it out we don't want
8105s lemon kiwi and Dogman to have to deal
8107s with anything crazy yeah but you know
8110s with Nimbus uh the way they're playing
8112s hopefully they uh you know are gonna be
8115s getting those things in order won't be
8117s happening later down the road yeah yeah
8119s we we have some options to potentially
8121s talk about in terms of how we want to
8123s remake this I am sure uh the teams are
8126s currently discussing did we just throw
8128s it right back in as soon as we're
8129s reconnected you know how are we going to
8131s approach this they'll figure that out
8133s that's not up to us we don't have a big
8135s start the game button we're gonna let
8136s them do their thing
8138s um but I mean still plenty to talk about
8139s even without that right that fight was
8141s getting very Scrappy and very trady it's
8143s like nzuka was stepping up in a big way
8145s and starting to get picks onto the back
8147s line yeah um but at the same time
8149s Pursuit we're starting to make some
8151s Ingress they're starting to make some
8152s real Headway onto the point so this
8155s could be the opening they needed
8157s especially considering you know the DC
8160s had also just died
8164s yeah yeah so many different variables
8166s that we can't even possibly comprehend
8169s right now and a lot of it's personal too
8171s based off of the teams and you know what
8174s their own values and morals are around
8176s what happens when people disconnect and
8179s what their preferences are having your
8182s first choice of map kind of
8184s you know taken away from you but it's
8186s not taken away if they both agree but
8188s not getting to play on your first
8190s choices never anyone's ideal outcome but
8194s I gotta say I fully respect all the
8197s gamers who are like Fresh Start let's
8199s just go again either new map or same map
8203s um but either way you know it's not an
8205s easy decision for these teams to come to
8207s and well the rest of the staff also have
8211s to be there you know making sure that's
8212s what the coaches think is correct and
8214s the whole nine yards from there now we
8218s can keep theorizing about you know oh
8220s what we're gonna see or what they might
8222s choose and this and that but we also
8225s have a little bit of extra info about
8227s alteora we talked a little bit about
8229s yesterday about them yesterday as well
8232s and you know they do have a unique
8235s connection to this calling all heroes
8237s initiative overall
8240s um alteora was originally a women's and
8243s lgbtqia plus organization they were
8247s inclusive of everybody but definitely
8249s had a big focus on marginalized genders
8253s early on throughout their their creation
8256s right throughout their Inception of the
8259s org and you know as they have continued
8262s to progress we've seen the huge amount
8265s of altiora teams brought to the table
8267s here for the calling all heroes
8269s Challenger cups and
8271s it has been none other than Bailey AKA
8275s Pizza penguin who has started this
8278s calling all heroes initiative who runs
8281s this initiative as both the project
8282s manager and Project Lead
8285s turns out she was laying groundwork ages
8287s ago and helped found alteora all
8290s together so huge props and thanks out to
8293s Bailey Pizza penguin who has literally
8296s been laying the foundation for this
8299s scene for this initiative and honestly
8302s the fruits of your results have been
8305s awesome altr has been doing fantastic
8308s they have another team contending to
8310s join their already two teams in the
8312s finals and simple calling all heroes has
8316s been an absolute pleasure to be working
8318s on and with you in particular
8321s well thanks I also have to shout out the
8324s way that you described her as Bailey
8325s Pizza penguin as though that was her
8327s last name I would just love to see an
8330s idea like handing the ID to a bouncer at
8332s the airport or something and they're
8333s just like
8334s no that's how it's listed on her
8337s business card yeah this this absolutely
8339s cannot be real and she's just like I I
8341s promise it's a really long story yes my
8343s name is Bailey Pizza penguin please let
8346s me in my flight leaves in 20 minutes
8347s like God I could not imagine the horror
8350s it's bad enough because I have a Florida
8352s license so I already know I got so many
8354s I get so many McLovin comments I'm sure
8357s yeah yeah this is your your Florida ID
8359s nice try and I'm like well have you ever
8362s heard of this game called OverWatch
8363s because I used to work for the Mayhem
8365s and they were this whole team and we're
8367s gonna ignore that entirely because we're
8368s getting right back into the fight yeah
8373s okay everyone we got a cat Point here
8376s rolling through all right Pursuit has
8378s taken the first point we're catching up
8380s here on the game it looks like me man
8382s was actually brought back in with their
8385s ultimate uh it was it was Azalea that
8389s got DC oh you're right yes so Azalea
8392s stepping back in but I mean it's a
8394s tracer so already at 20 like it's one of
8397s the fastest building ultimates in the
8398s game immediately back into the action
8400s steady trying to just establish some
8402s point touches before this game even
8404s opens that Minefield is going to be some
8406s serious work and really force all to our
8407s Ninja's back
8408s on a rail gunshot to take down steady in
8412s this fight Pursuit really running away
8415s in the kill feed Dominic hitting a bit
8417s of that flow State while still retaining
8420s the overclock on on hand yeah I mean wow
8425s that that was a wacky kind of like
8427s turnaround towards the end there's been
8429s so much trading here in these last
8430s couple fights but that's going right now
8433s at least in terms of where they're at on
8434s the map that's going to favor Pursuit
8437s that spawn is so much closer they're
8439s more capable of running back especially
8441s with this high speed composition that
8442s they've got every hero on the team for
8445s Pursuit right now has insane Mobility so
8447s when you're looking at these long
8449s Scrappy recontest sort of fights you
8451s have to imagine that Pursuits are really
8453s going to be bringing the a game and
8455s keeping the pressure on
8457s benzoc just goes ahead deletes Noya
8460s right out of the gate and well the
8462s members of all fioric they know as soon
8465s as senzuk gets a pick you just kick hit
8468s the W key continue being aggressive and
8471s well it's another defensive hold right
8474s and this is a great decision to do it
8476s too because you can set up on The High
8477s Ground right above the cart as it's
8480s passing right under it here altiora
8482s Nimbus have all the sight lines in the
8484s world they can set up on the parapet
8485s they can set up on uh the crenellations
8487s using all my castle terminology I do
8490s have a degree in medieval European
8491s history but Pursuit hardly daunted by my
8495s knowledge of European architecture just
8497s gonna jump straight up and start
8499s building some pressure getting some
8501s pressure themselves for Dominic
8507s uh you know got a little bit faster
8509s getting booped off The High Ground into
8511s the middle of pursuit Zips out right at
8514s the end of the at the end of possible
8516s time and well now it is all Pursuit
8519s continuing to just roll this cart
8521s forward this momentum shift has been
8524s completely in there favor thibble yeah
8526s and you have to wonder if that DC maybe
8528s got in all Jordan in his head just a
8530s little Azalea kind of forced to get back
8532s in on the back foot definitely trying to
8534s reconbobulate themselves figure out
8537s exactly how they want to configure their
8539s engagement it's steady about being the
8541s Steady Hand and providing that little
8543s bit of stability to hopefully I'll throw
8545s into this back this cart has not been
8547s captured yet so they have the chance to
8549s reconstitute themselves well and this is
8551s a really nice stall coming through here
8553s from altiora Nimbus just at the accusp
8557s of the second checkpoint and you know I
8559s do think that they may not have been
8561s ready for I mean no one's ready for a
8563s disconnect to roll through a nice sound
8565s barrier from kuropi continuing to extend
8568s the lifeline here of Altera Nimbus
8570s before this second checkpoint and
8572s pursuit just Relentless in their
8575s bombardment it's aggressive time on this
8577s sound barrier and chorus gets the kill
8580s with another mine Dominic's popping off
8583s with this overclock and after a Boop off
8585s the edge all Fiora Nimbus still you know
8588s trickling in a bit but Pursuit captures
8590s that second checkpoint yeah I mean we
8592s talk about tradie but that was pretty
8594s clearly in Pursuits favor the entire
8596s time shout out to neuya who is providing
8598s incredible disruption and engage you
8600s know that the comms coming through there
8603s from a hero that is traditionally
8605s reserved for the igl had to been Super
8608s Active throughout that insanely
8610s contentious fight the boot to kind of
8612s top everything off the 2K in the middle
8614s of it all as well
8621s something we haven't seen much is Zen
8623s zipped on this Reaper instead you know
8626s we have the we had a change up in who
8628s was playing for Nimbus and now that
8631s Azalea is back in they're on that Tracer
8633s instead the cart almost there at the
8635s third checkpoint and pulse bomb Throne
8637s doesn't find a kill but it's okay it's
8640s still a little more stall trying to be
8642s brought to the table just 1.8 1.48
8646s meters before the point there's still
8648s more members of altiora nimbus trying to
8650s keep keep the time alive this Minefield
8652s is absolutely trouble for Nimbus to try
8655s and push in but a nice job here for
8658s Pursuit they will be they will not let
8660s anyone out of these corridors symbols no
8663s K dropping that katsune Rush is probably
8665s going to be the icing on the cake that
8667s they needed the Minefield was too
8669s oppressive nothing that steady could do
8671s on that roadhog swapping over to the
8673s diva to try and do some last minute
8674s stall it was not to be you have to
8677s wonder if one or more fights went
8679s another couple seconds another few
8682s ultimates there would have been online
8683s that it just did not come through there
8686s so a bit of a heartbreaker 144 in the
8689s clock here for uh Pursuit as we head
8692s into our round swap it's a respectable
8695s time bank it's not huge but it's
8696s certainly not small either
8699s um and now ulterior Nimbus it's going to
8701s be all they can do here to bring this
8703s back right you need that momentum to
8705s shift back you have to shake off that
8707s disconnect if they haven't already which
8709s they're professionals I generally assume
8711s they can just get right back to business
8713s but if if there's any discussion about
8716s that I imagine at this point you want to
8718s go all right guys it doesn't matter it's
8720s a new round it's a new day studies on
8722s the hog let's see what we can do with it
8725s Pursuit maintaining this composition as
8728s well offensive defense no matter the map
8730s type this seems to be what they are
8732s comfortable with so I'm just very
8734s interested to watch this every time see
8737s how they manage this Dynamic how
8739s disruptive they want to be how cheeky
8740s they want to be with these flanks the
8743s answer seems to be at least a little
8745s they're having fun with it you know
8747s we're we're just gonna go emo to the
8749s spawn door I'm playing wrecking ball
8751s what else do I have to do
8755s uh you know some uh intimidation or
8758s trash talk you can take your pick from
8760s the emotes
8762s the hog coming through there for study
8765s yeah this could be a trouble for Pursuit
8768s because uh well getting hooked by the
8771s hog and with how mobile Cora is that
8774s could be that could be big trouble for
8776s Pursuit right getting hooked right after
8778s the slam leaves you really really
8780s vulnerable oh Tabby is already out of
8783s the picture Nimbus is on a tear now and
8786s with steady continuing to lead the
8788s charge there they seem to be relentless
8791s here on the Forefront Pursuit finding
8793s those side angles putting in the damage
8795s and Dominic takes them down pushes back
8798s Nimbus and now Pursuit gonna hold this
8800s defensive point and I mean roadhog can
8802s provide so much presence in a Frontline
8805s brawl but he has not much else at his
8808s disposal if you're not getting the hooks
8810s and the picks like that and providing
8812s follow-up opportunities for your team
8813s you're really just a Walking Bolt
8815s battery as you often say there's no
8817s barrier there but the rest of the team
8820s doesn't seem to care altiora nimba
8822s saying don't worry dude we're going to
8823s step up Azalea is ready to bring this
8825s back
8825s be getting that clean up kill antonoia
8827s and this is looking like a pretty clean
8828s capture for nimbus
8831s study did a good job you know waiting
8833s for core to go ahead slam the ground
8835s pull use the hook afterwards and I mean
8839s you blink and you miss it the focus fire
8841s from Nimbus was there to take Cora out
8843s of the picture right and that's really
8844s the opportunity you need to wait for you
8846s need to whittle down that Wrecking Ball
8848s you need to find the moment where
8849s they're not sprinting through your
8850s entire team which helps having a roadhog
8853s you know you can really stop that in its
8855s tracks now alter aren't into stepping
8857s forward getting the car through the gate
8859s wrecking ball of starting the ultimate
8861s early which does provide quite a bit of
8863s damage but me-man is ready to attack
8865s sooner Rush that was one ambitious and
8869s cheeky hook there from steady Straight
8872s Into the Heart of Cora's Minefield goes
8874s ahead for the ambitious hook gets it and
8877s knows that their teammate has their back
8879s to finish off the kill
8880s yeah and just more and more progress
8882s here four and a half minutes on the
8884s clock to get through the streets phase
8885s steady now online with the whole hog
8887s both DPS ultimates coming online kuropi
8889s not far behind with that sound barrier
8891s meanwhile you also have both DPS
8894s ultimates as a hook comes through on the
8895s Cora Cora may be a little cut out here
8897s and Cora goes down oh this roadhog pick
8901s into the wrecking ball is something I am
8903s really enjoying and it seems like study
8906s is just able to slowly pick apart their
8908s team if not from just the shrapnel gun
8911s from the hooks themselves and they've
8913s had this whole hog for ages on Deck I
8917s mean you don't need it you don't need it
8919s steady's neutral game is fully online at
8921s this point you know steady has become
8924s the hog they are living the pig life
8926s another hook on Decor completely
8928s nullifying that adaptive Shield signs of
8930s finishing it off and now the whole hog
8932s comes through to Zone them away as the
8934s car pushes on a rare Miss hook there
8936s from steady but of course the mass here
8939s in this hallway is going to be tough for
8941s anyone to squeeze through little sojourn
8943s makes his Dash and well it's not gonna
8946s matter altior Nimbus still all in the
8948s kill feed and with a hearty time bank
8952s a Hardy time bank but an expensive bike
8954s there right you see the whole hog gone
8956s the sound barrier gone useful you know
8959s definitely not wasted ultimates and
8961s scientific with an overdock alone is
8963s great annoya with the sound error could
8965s be the beginnings of kind of a
8966s re-aggression suit as we see Cora now on
8969s the matching roadhog but who's who comes
8971s out to keep her alive
8972s sound barrier from Noya also pushing
8974s back altiora Nimbus they do not want any
8977s part of that engagement and they Cora
8980s turn her to even to pull her even more
8983s out of position and there is the kill as
8986s a result Azalea is taken down regardless
8988s and it looks like it's not gonna matter
8990s the rest of nimbus steps up to the plate
8993s to compensate and zenzukt is absolutely
8995s tearing them apart I mean we cannot
8998s understate how much Sunset has been
9000s integral to the performance of this team
9002s easily one of the best surgeons we've
9003s seen in the tournament so far and
9005s stepping up in such a big way Cora back
9007s onto the wrecking ball besides the
9008s honorable 1v1 is not for her she got
9011s gated steady as hottie RIT
9014s that's a nice play here from altiora
9016s Nimbus continuing to push back the
9019s members of pursuit the whole Hog's gonna
9021s be the one that takes Korra down and
9023s that's a 3-3 cap for both of these teams
9026s did I not say right Altura Nimbus need
9029s to shake off whatever kind of messed
9033s with that last round need to have a
9035s fantastic attack need to have a
9037s fantastic time big literally double the
9040s time damn near for Altura Nimbus Pursuit
9044s now get their opportunity for their
9045s extra rounds their time bank was lower
9047s so however far you can get off of 144
9050s and an overtime push
9052s that's gonna be all you've got to
9054s prevent yourself from going down O2 in
9057s this series and potentially losing out
9059s on your spot in the final event Altura
9062s Nimbus meanwhile on the other side they
9064s know they have the time make Advantage
9065s they know they just threw a wild
9067s Haymaker into Pursuit started to crack
9070s the armor started to pull Cora out of
9072s her comfort zone
9074s is that going to be enough can you
9076s maintain that momentum as you swap sides
9078s again
9080s I was really impressed with some of the
9084s coordination altronimbus was trying to
9086s execute with study and Azalea you know I
9089s saw the hook repeatedly hit Cora which
9092s you know is expected when they go ahead
9094s and use that slam but afterwards Azalea
9097s was there trying to throw the pulse bomb
9100s onto the Hook victim and make sure
9102s they're combining the damage to really
9104s solidify the kill onto onto the tank
9108s right a critical tank like Cora here and
9111s you know she's already moving around the
9113s side of the map we've seen we've seen
9115s this offense executed right they're
9117s going to take this space they're going
9118s to pull away altiora nimbus's fire so
9121s the rest of their team can push through
9123s the choke oh missed it by that much
9125s that's okay and uh oh K is actually the
9129s first one to go down the LCR nimb is
9132s going to try and hold this defensive
9133s choke and it's a tough one to push
9134s through thibil
9136s it absolutely is and you know you have
9138s these flanking attempts from Korra but
9140s you see Azalea something we haven't
9143s really talked about Azalea on the Tracer
9144s really matching the pace and really
9146s forcing Pursuit not to just be able to
9148s run straight in as savitabi gets caught
9150s out trying to pay attention to their
9151s counterpart you know Azalea has been
9153s such a huge strategic layer for Ultra
9155s Nimbus to be able to bring in a ringer
9157s on compositions like this where you know
9159s you're gonna need a tracer or a sniper
9161s on circuit Royale as we saw yesterday
9163s there's been a huge Boon for them suits
9166s are not deterred they immediately take
9168s out of there yeah sorry for the cash
9170s Checkers Dominic also stepping up in a
9172s big way
9173s I was in a comment on Azalea's pulse
9176s bomb charge and how it could be lethal
9177s but they were taken out of this picture
9179s and zenzuk now following suit her suit
9183s is having a great shift in momentum in
9186s their favor they want to take this first
9188s point and they are close to it they're
9190s continuing to apply this pressure is as
9192s Alias they want only one here continuing
9194s to contest now Pursuit has one tick in
9197s the bag and this is exactly the type of
9200s win condition they're wanting a full cap
9202s there and now it's overtime fibble right
9205s you got five seconds on the clock
9207s that'll be gone right about now and for
9209s the rest of this you must stay on that
9211s cart you must just walk it all the way
9213s through as far as you want you got to
9215s wait for this gate to come up and that
9216s whole time that's happening while Tiara
9218s Nimbus are going to try and set
9220s themselves up set up a nice defensive
9222s position bring their ultimates to Bear
9223s see if you can't really pick anything at
9226s this point will break this push or
9228s immediately to whip a wrecking ball
9232s kill there from Dominic on to me man as
9236s a result there is no Kitsune Rush
9237s available for altiora Nimbus for this
9240s fight all they can do is continue trying
9242s to stall out the point a study uses
9244s Whole Hog creating space trying to push
9247s back Pursuit then zupt is unchallenged
9250s up here on The High Ground and with so
9252s much lethality being output that's going
9254s to be over time burning down yeah and I
9257s mean that katsuna Rush hardly mattered
9259s at that point there was such a great
9261s position set up from Altura Nimbus where
9264s there's not a lot of long-range damage
9266s in a wrecking ball comp at least
9268s obviously from the tank right sure he's
9271s got the little machine guns but they
9272s don't do a ton of damage they're they're
9274s more an annoyance than anything else so
9277s when you've got the rest of your team
9279s really needing to step up into the face
9282s besides Dominic on the sojourn to really
9284s get your Damage Done
9286s it's not conducive when alternates are
9289s happy to Turtle up where this camera is
9290s right now in the lower level of the
9293s castle Yeah so great strategy there from
9296s outside Nimbus stepping up and planting
9298s their flag right where it will suit them
9300s best and now Pursuit had their work out
9303s for them that line is drawn in the sand
9305s the box of Victory is right there altior
9308s Nimbus all they got to do is cap that
9311s point and get it right past the gate
9313s well and they had a pretty first uh
9315s first point capture pretty fast first
9318s point capture uh during the round two
9322s when they attacked so I am a little
9325s worried for Pursuit it's gonna be you
9328s know all about making sure they're
9329s staying out of zenzok to sight line and
9332s not getting not allowing them to get
9334s that early sojourn pick to open up the
9336s fight right yeah you have to be really
9339s aware of those early picks they are so
9341s deadly both sojourn stepping up in a
9344s huge way this series and this tournament
9346s and one of those
9348s when the stakes are this high can make
9350s all the difference so I want to see very
9353s cautious positioning come out here boy
9355s you see already trying but already
9357s getting caught out that adaptive Shield
9359s gets her away she's gotta be careful
9361s here
9363s some beautiful roadhog play there from
9366s steady just continuing to whittle down
9368s the members of pursuit still an
9371s aggression coming through but there's
9372s plenty of time on the clock for them to
9374s work their way around this building
9376s Azalea is the first one to go down but
9378s Tabby follows them quickly no Zippy
9381s tracers available and Cora here is
9383s running rampant as a result almost boobs
9386s steady off the map and oh oh nice job by
9389s me man coming back to the edge thought
9391s they were also gone for a moment but at
9394s the end of the day Pursuit holding
9396s defensively strong and trying not to let
9398s history repeat itself from round two I
9401s mean you're gonna get some staggers here
9402s don't tell through our Nimbus or at the
9404s very least keep them on the back foot
9405s for another 30 seconds or so so for
9407s Pursuit this is starting off well you
9409s want to burn this time bake in this
9411s first phase if not full or hold already
9413s you see he's steady just yeah taking the
9416s damage that's fine seal me up build up
9418s that consumer Rush as fast as you can me
9420s man does have the advantage on that so
9422s if you can make the most of that lining
9424s you could pull out a decisive wind here
9428s and that's exactly what invisible
9432s once quarter final
9435s a nice hook but can't quite find the
9438s find the kill it doesn't matter Dominic
9440s goes down as a result and even though
9442s Cora was able to throw the mines it
9445s looks like Nimbus is still going to be
9447s able to cap this point they have them
9448s they have the team power there they've
9451s got the numbers and well Sybil it's
9454s about to be backs against the wall for
9456s Pursuits right and we see sensored in so
9459s much of the kill feed in that fight but
9460s honestly at least a couple of those were
9462s setups provided by me man hitting some
9465s amazing shots that triple headshot
9467s damage on the Kunis from kiriko makes
9470s any Target nice and Squishy especially
9472s when you have if you if you've got a
9474s tracer with 150 health and a kiriko
9476s headshot deal is 120 health
9478s you do the math because I'm not supposed
9480s to Dominic getting also the pick onto
9482s Azalea trying to re-establish a defense
9484s here because the margins now are thinner
9486s than they have ever been you do not want
9488s this series to go 0-2 we want to tie
9491s this up you've maybe got one or two
9493s shots left hook that was the long range
9498s sniper hook coming in from steady pull
9501s hog is thrown as a result and now the
9503s members of pursuit have been scattered
9505s Dominic's out of the picture with
9506s overclock online another hook comes
9509s through and it's neuya with the sound
9511s barrier keeping their team in this fight
9513s Corey gets to capitalize on kuropi as a
9516s result and you can see Nimbus giving a
9519s little bit of space they don't want to
9520s bite off more than they can shoot and
9522s they know that they have the time and if
9524s they can use these resources
9525s appropriately they're gonna take this
9528s win it's all about whittling down
9529s Pursuit as they're trying to make it
9531s back and continue to contest this point
9533s but at two meters left it is looking
9535s grim and that's Nimbus taking the win
9538s well uh congrats on advancing to the
9541s finals event I'll see our Olympus
9542s there's no way Pursuit comes back from
9544s an 0-2
9545s I had to it's it's still very possible
9548s folks that is a meme do not yell at me
9551s unless you want to okay with the play of
9553s the game here coming through but I also
9554s need to shout out man because I mean I
9557s think between the characters towards the
9559s end there amen was consistently showing
9561s up in the kill through consistently soft
9563s softening targets for Azalea and
9566s sansookt and I think yeah I've mentioned
9569s this a couple times at this point that
9570s is such an underrated part of her kit
9572s she is not just an insane healer with an
9574s immortality and a wacky old Flashlight
9578s insane damage because
9581s I think Jericho's a little broken folks
9583s let's be real she's real strong right
9586s now so if you're making a huge impact on
9588s that hero you're only going to maximize
9591s the potential of your team and right now
9593s all tour and Nimbus look to have their
9595s potential pretty maximized
9599s and I gotta say it is really nice to see
9601s that they're continually
9604s and as we saw them in our first day
9606s yesterday in our first match yesterday
9608s as well and I think Pursuit definitely
9611s is having a hard time combating the
9614s Synergy that Nimbus is able to bring to
9616s the table I like seeing study on that
9619s roadhog it's different from the Winston
9621s composition and you know that type of
9624s style of Engagement so you know I'm
9626s pretty excited to see where we go for
9628s our uh escort map next sorry reading the
9632s reading my Post-It note there on the top
9635s um
9636s with how the first two went I'm not
9639s really sure which one they would want to
9640s pick as a result but
9642s I was going to Route 66. I was gonna say
9645s Route 66 you know circuit Royale is many
9649s things but a wrecking ball map is not
9651s one of them
9652s Route 66 has many more hidey holes
9655s Caverns tunnels broken down motels you
9659s know places that hamsters love right
9662s those are all the places that I think
9663s gangsters love I know many things of
9665s course about him it's also dryer out
9668s there I'm pretty sure that's yes that's
9670s true I think even Hammond has a voice
9672s line for Route 66 as well as like Oasis
9675s these are ideal hamster conditions so
9678s you guys can you guys can look that one
9680s up I'm pretty sure that's true and if
9681s not I don't care it's it's technically
9684s true in my heart so Route 66 I think is
9687s a perfectly logical choice for the sort
9690s of compositions and the sort of styles
9691s the pursuit have been trying to show us
9693s it makes sense that this is a map that
9695s they would have practiced pretty
9697s extensively with this composition and
9700s frankly you need to be bringing your
9702s A-game at this point this is my point
9706s tournament point
9708s not tournament point I suppose
9709s qualification Point let's call it
9713s um
9714s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah your life is on
9717s the line here like you have no more room
9719s for error
9720s um not that you really had much to begin
9722s with but you want this is where the
9725s reverse sweep needs to start right and
9727s start in a big way you need to send a
9729s message straight back to alterior Nimbus
9732s that this series is not done yet I'll
9735s tear it in this currently maintaining
9737s the road hog I think it's a logical
9739s answer to the wrecking ball it's
9740s certainly been giving them value Azalea
9743s as well staying here on the Tracer knows
9746s that they have to answer sabotabi's
9748s Tracer which has been doing some pretty
9750s phenomenal work the Azalea is certainly
9752s keeping or honest
9756s oh I guess it's uh no surprise that the
9760s EU players of the OG per suit also
9764s formed the core of cat drinking soda aka
9768s the uh Pursuit EU team so uh yowdy to
9772s all you Pursuit players out there all
9774s right
9776s ooh this woman these teams cat lady in
9780s the house I I thought we would reach the
9782s peak of crazy with like old man strength
9784s and stuff but we are not there yet we
9786s will never perhaps get our Peak before
9788s immediately jumping in for an engage the
9790s Adaptive Shield popping down not able to
9792s get signed suit for as much as she tried
9796s Tracer brawl a little bit of 1v1 and
9799s well we're gonna bail out before anyone
9801s actually takes away the kill zapatabi
9804s absolutely pestering the members of
9807s nimbus here who are on top of Big Earl
9809s specific constant new Essence and well
9811s it seems to be looking for every single
9813s angle to be a mosquito bothering them at
9816s all times Azalea is gonna go down first
9819s as can as alteor continues to try and
9821s hold the top of big Earls
9823s it does a nice work here nice job here
9826s from sabotabi at continuing to displace
9828s them and Cora just launched the kuropi
9832s across the map right there so much space
9835s created for pursuit to continue
9836s capitalizing and there's another kill as
9839s a result space has been created and the
9841s car is rolling forward double right and
9844s these ultimates are coming online real
9846s quick for Pursuit you had the Minefield
9847s already could deny a potential recontest
9849s here onto the first capture point a
9851s steady just runs away not even gonna
9854s bother five minutes in the time bank
9856s here for Pursuit and you've got to be
9857s feeling good man well maybe you back up
9859s just a little bit here as neuya goes
9861s down through the good old one two hook
9864s combo
9867s right there in the heart of altiora
9870s nimbus two people go down right away as
9873s a result there's the pulse bomb to combo
9875s onto steady and now we can see Pursuit
9878s really running away in the kill feet and
9881s with the time bank
9882s killed there at the end but the damage
9884s has been done Cora absolutely tearing up
9887s the members of nimbus on that most
9889s recent push right and you still create a
9891s ton of space for this cart to move Coral
9893s is going to get right back into this
9894s fight but I mean all the members of all
9897s two are nivas are not particularly slow
9899s either they're going to immediately
9901s start to repotest this or they're really
9903s not going to give them a chance
9907s I don't know that doesn't typically
9910s happen when I'm hooked but there's a you
9913s know plenty of time on the board for
9915s them so far they'll study still hunting
9918s for another kill Azalea goes down in the
9921s midst of all the chaos and well it is
9923s still Nimbus looking to hold this
9926s defensive point they have The High
9927s Ground and they are leveraging it
9929s beautifully as a result right yeah
9932s another sort of fight win or at least a
9935s bit of a stall here for Altier Olympus
9937s as they're just re-establishing
9940s themselves getting everybody back online
9941s or are going to get the cart moving just
9943s a little bit but certainly can't
9945s overstay her welcome a steady prowling
9947s on The High Ground the Minefield
9949s immediately ended back line gets two
9951s oh my goodness no Escape for either
9955s supports and that means Nimbus has
9957s nothing to sustain them through this
9958s next fight they gotta run with their
9960s tail between their legs and regroup the
9961s ball yeah I mean that's pretty one and
9963s done right that's pretty quick and easy
9964s two and done oh sure oh my God you're on
9968s one okay yeah the Minefield was great
9970s right it gets the back line There Is No
9972s Escape for them just immediate death I
9975s will say altiora Nimbus didn't have to
9977s really invest anything to therefore have
9979s a lot of tools to try and make this more
9981s expensive and steady already doing it
9983s wow studies consistently consistency to
9986s perform on this roadhog and get the
9989s value that Nimbus needs and create the
9992s dispelt and stop the disruption from
9995s Pursuit has just been critical to their
9997s success and to them holding this
9999s defensive point here just before second
10002s yeah it's this is like when you're in
10004s driving school and the person the the
10006s trainer and the passenger seat has their
10007s own brake pedal they're like you don't
10009s get to I decide when you stop you know
10012s you're not breaking early enough yeah I
10013s am going to make sure you do not kill us
10016s both
10017s yeah that is this road hug right now
10019s that is steady to Cora you do not get to
10021s go as fast as you want except just
10023s kidding you did feel sensitive wow yeah
10026s I saw Cora jump on uh zenzuk there for
10029s that engagement flu essentially across
10031s the map like a shooting star now they
10034s drop the Minefield and Cora has stepped
10037s up to the plate really harnessed their
10039s Avatar State and has been bringing so
10041s much value for Pursuit on this route 66
10044s push it is arguably a different team
10047s than what we saw in our previous map and
10049s they have been consistently trying to
10052s make this space unfortunately the other
10054s members not able to follow up on the
10056s damage and Nimbus still gonna hold the
10058s defense yeah I mean it's one thing to
10060s provide all that disruption and to Zone
10062s off certain members of the team and
10063s everything but at the end of the day
10065s everyone you're not looking at is
10067s turning around and getting insane value
10070s and quora for all the work that she's
10072s putting in cannot be everywhere at once
10073s and only focus on so many targets at a
10076s time it certainly has plenty of
10077s attention on her herself so you're
10080s starting to see potentials flashes of
10083s Brilliance here but it needs to be way
10085s more consistent but all to our members
10086s are just kind of Hold the Line something
10088s like that from Dominic exactly what we
10090s need this is a whole different look from
10093s Pursuit they are looking confident they
10095s have the momentum and they look like
10097s they could potentially be in the running
10099s for a reverse sweep they have been this
10102s is a this is a great performance yeah I
10104s mean we're a long way away from uh
10107s looking at that 3-2 score line in either
10109s direction but I mean pulling this out
10112s and making some solid progress even if
10114s it takes you a couple fights is the way
10116s you start this Brick by Brick step by
10118s step you make your way
10124s yeah yeah this is why I don't play
10126s Wrecking Ball I don't I can't do the
10129s geometry it requires
10131s still the ultimate coming through right
10133s there Cora just trying to escape frankly
10135s at this point hoping perhaps that that
10137s Minefield was just zoning everybody off
10139s seems to work and uh Dominic is happy to
10141s take advantage of that disengage
10143s karopi hasn't that's not the first time
10145s karope has been deleted by Dominic with
10148s a railgun shot goes to show you how much
10151s Flow State they are in they're still
10154s continuing to aggress forward here but
10156s careful pulse bomb too close not enough
10159s to get you they do pop that overclock
10161s regardless of all the other team members
10163s they've lost in this fight and now they
10166s themselves go down altronimbus going to
10169s continue holding this defensive choke
10170s and feeling pretty good about it as a
10173s result I saw a steady hit a couple hooks
10175s in that fight that's not immediately
10177s compared to kills but it hardly mattered
10179s like it doesn't matter if you're getting
10181s like the full Perfect combo or whatever
10182s if the rest of your team can follow up
10184s and I think that's really the secret
10187s Edge secret Edge that you are Nimbus
10190s have right now is that the sense that
10191s they're all really talking this out they
10193s all know exactly how they want to focus
10195s where they want to be and Azalea also
10197s has no problems operating independently
10199s of all that still getting the support as
10201s the stick comes through but I think Asus
10203s there probably solved that problem yeah
10206s nice clutch play there from the kiriko
10209s to keep their team in this fight and
10211s with overclock available zenzooked is
10213s going to be happy with the 35 second
10215s time bank left
10217s right and you have the whole hog coming
10218s online and you've got the pulse ball not
10220s far behind Pursuit meanwhile yeah you've
10222s got the Kitsune Rush yeah you're close
10224s to the Minefield but that's kind of all
10226s you're gonna have unless you make a
10228s really concerted long-range overtime
10230s push so
10231s heat is on their feet are in the fire
10234s the Kitsune Rush here from Pursuit
10236s trying to help them instigate this last
10239s fight here 10 seconds left on the clock
10241s and studies already gotten a kill the
10243s Minefield all over the payload is
10245s definitely trouble Nimbus needs to watch
10247s their spacing her suit does not want to
10249s give up this fight easily and these
10251s Chasers are dueling it out on the side
10253s trying to consistently find Value
10255s Kitsune now for Nimbus reinforcing all
10258s of their attack and reload speed can
10261s Pursuit push into this a nice boot from
10264s Noya saving their teammate after they
10265s get hooked by Steady absolutely clutch
10268s Cora is so low and finally taken down
10271s overtime bar is absolutely critical and
10274s it will it'll it'll be gone in the blink
10276s of an eye more kills here for all theor
10279s and Nimbus in there is a round one
10282s completion for route 66.
10286s our first qualification condition has
10289s been decided
10292s 31.54 meters after the second checkpoint
10295s is all all to our Nimbus need just get
10299s the cart right there pull us a little
10301s bit and you are good
10303s if I'm them honestly I'm feeling pretty
10305s solid I think that defense was Stout it
10308s was not perfect but they pretty
10310s consistently had the answer in a lot of
10313s Team fights you really saw Cora and
10316s Dominic really trying to kind of make
10319s that difference and go for some really
10321s clutch plays which did lead to some
10324s Impressions but those moments are either
10327s you're gonna look really good or you're
10330s not going to get a ton out we do have a
10333s quick DC coming through one of the
10336s supports for Pursuit as you can probably
10338s see just fell off of the map uh except
10341s not not literary you know their internet
10343s so we're gonna see uh getting that
10345s sorted real quick and then we'll get
10346s back into the game thankfully though
10349s Sybil this is like
10352s and more a more ideal time for someone
10355s to disconnect or to have a technical
10357s pause or error whatever because no one's
10360s kicked off the action yet for the second
10362s round so we don't have to theorize about
10364s too many advantages or what's going on
10367s it's a nice clean spot to go ahead and
10370s jump back in when the teams are ready
10372s and with altiora Nimbus at match point
10376s the pressure is really on to Pursuit I
10379s think they started stepping up quite
10381s well during Route 66 and had a bit of
10384s momentum there especially after the
10386s second checkpoint started kind of
10388s rolling it through close to the third
10389s but at the end of the day it seems like
10393s Nimbus was able to collect their calm
10395s and really hold strong for that third
10397s point which we also saw them do
10400s yesterday in their game so right Maybe
10403s not maybe more of a pattern for them
10405s that they can always bring to the table
10406s versus these uh one-off type of
10409s scenarios right and having having that
10411s sort of like this is the place where
10413s we're no we know we're comfortable
10414s staging a defense where we know the buck
10417s will stop
10418s that's there's something to be said for
10420s that right where you know consistently
10422s how you want to approach a certain
10424s section of the map and if you have all
10426s the right conditions in terms of
10427s ultimates and time Banks and things like
10428s that you know you're going to be able to
10430s pull out the stop so alter your Nimbus
10432s stepping up perhaps setting up exactly
10434s as they had planned all along and now
10437s have a win condition Route 66 can be a
10440s bit tricky to attack on but teams do
10442s pretty consistently finish this map so
10444s this is a not a bad position for altior
10448s and Nimbus they have the option should
10451s they go for it hard enough to finish the
10454s series out here and now and I certainly
10457s hope as we're sitting here in this
10459s little Tech pause that both teams can
10461s kind of just take a moment and breathe
10463s realize their win condition because each
10465s of them has one now they know exactly
10468s how far they need to get or how far they
10470s need to hold and uh it looks like we've
10472s got an oil back online getting us back
10475s into welcome back yeah 30 seconds on the
10478s clock here as Pursuit establishes
10480s themselves same composition same sort of
10483s style LTR Nimbus Azalea on the
10485s Widowmaker probably just going for a
10487s quick cheeky peek to start things out
10489s did have a good game uh on the snipers
10492s yesterday though so it is a pretty
10494s consistent pick that can pull if they're
10496s feeling like it and could provide an
10498s interesting wrinkle to throw Pursuit off
10500s their game
10504s I'm excited to see these doors open and
10507s really about where Pursuit wants to
10509s continue pushing and engaging them right
10511s it's going to be tough because Cora's on
10513s that ball it's not nearly as much a
10516s front line presence that we uh typically
10519s see with some of the other tanks we
10521s mentioned it earlier as well that puts a
10523s lot of pressure on the other members of
10525s pursuit to be you know bringing a lot of
10528s value to the people but also staying
10530s behind plenty of cover definitely want
10533s to make sure you're mindful of the
10534s oncoming damage because you don't have
10536s your tank to Shield or bail you out
10538s steady still moving his car steadily and
10542s uh taking a little pepper damage hasn't
10544s quite found the hooks they're looking
10545s for yet thibil but card's still rolling
10548s right and just letting the cart move I I
10550s think kind of indicates a bit of a
10552s weakness to Pursuits composition at
10554s least right here in the sense that how
10556s do you really get an engagement on this
10558s right it's such a prickly thorn bush to
10560s have to try and hit but I guess sabotabi
10562s is the answer to that catching kuroki
10563s off guard with Cora's help from that
10566s body Stone so now there's an opportunity
10569s here to actually establish a defense
10571s really Force off during this all the way
10573s back but you needed this nice pipeline
10575s you cannot start trading this outfit
10577s poor kuropi I mean they have just been
10580s constantly tag teamed by Cora and
10584s sabotabi and they cannot seem to escape
10587s and catch a break it's a beautiful
10589s teamwork coming through and that Zuzu is
10592s Gonna Save Nimbus from the pulse bomb
10594s there's another one being thrown there
10596s as a resultant no kills off either of
10598s them just for show my friends so far
10601s sabotabi is still trying to put this
10603s pressure onto the members under big
10605s Earls but no kills as a result
10607s minefield's ready for Cora and we've
10609s seen how much damage these can do they
10612s get multiple kills repeatedly no one can
10614s approach the point and well a nice slam
10617s into Isuzu there Nieman goes ahead uses
10619s the Kitsune rush and unfortunately
10622s you're rushing straight into the
10624s Minefield of Cora a really nice negation
10627s of that space and that ability for them
10629s to continue capitalizing on those
10631s advantages Pursuit still trying to
10634s encircle altior nimbusin well Dominic's
10636s gonna free fire here as sojourn from The
10639s High Ground steady saved in the nick of
10641s time kuropi with a beautiful sound
10643s barrier stuck and kills your friend
10646s sorry buddy and pursuit now finding the
10650s momentum and the opportunity to take
10652s this back they are looking to continue
10654s holding in well that's a very good
10657s defense and a hectic fight
10661s great like dual effort from the DPS for
10664s Pursuit there consistently rotating
10667s around and around and around swapping
10669s between High ground and low you know
10671s where Dominic is standing right now
10673s versus the top of big Earls like alsoor
10675s Nimbus really had their heads on a
10678s forced swivel a very uncomfortable
10680s swivel throughout that entire fight had
10682s no idea really where to try and approach
10685s first and now they do they move so fast
10687s and take out K on the hybrid that was
10689s very fast with the speed boost there
10692s from kuropi there was no way K was ready
10694s to be collapsed upon that aggressively
10697s that quickly and I mean essentially
10699s looked like she was one shot because of
10701s how much damage was being output by
10703s altior and Nimbus they're still
10705s continuing to you know take down the
10707s members of pursuit and oh I'm gonna if
10711s we watch zenzuk too much I might get
10713s motion sick after all their kills oh no
10715s I know hey at the very least they don't
10717s do that when they're getting the frags
10718s just faster when they're feeling real
10720s good celebration spins yeah yeah exactly
10723s you see this this top down here both
10725s teams really trying to establish their
10728s favorable positions as we get into the
10730s streets phase if your Pursuit you're
10732s happy that you burned a lot of time off
10733s of a clock but at the same time you
10735s really wanted that defense to obviously
10737s last as long as possible and design is
10740s really putting a stop to that right now
10741s so many consistent picks coming through
10743s overwhelming suits it seems but also
10746s getting quickly chased out it's on the
10748s tubby saying hey dude we are overstage
10750s welcome
10751s okay he gets them in the end and well
10754s the card is still rolling forward symbol
10757s you mentioned that that's a little bit
10759s of a weakness of pursuit from our last
10761s or from our first checkpoint and I gotta
10764s say there's still a lot of free real
10766s estate being being acquired by Nimbus
10768s right and even with the engage right
10771s even getting that body sign the
10773s follow-up is not always there this is a
10775s very disjointed composition which in
10777s many ways can be a strength but in terms
10779s of set Focus fire a plaster getting
10782s pulse bomb sticks like that it can be
10784s tough Dominic of course looking to prove
10786s me wrong these guys just love showing my
10788s Caster curse is still online
10790s Azalea almost uh got the one clip there
10793s but man at the end of the day there's so
10796s much pressure from Pursuit around that
10798s side not a chance
10800s I mean and I think in addition to just
10802s making me look really silly I think the
10803s DPS from Pursuit are really showing the
10806s primary strength of this composition we
10808s look at the disruption from the wrecking
10810s ball and that's absolutely vital but the
10812s pick Potential from a good post bomb and
10815s a sojourn that's really just hitting the
10816s shots cannot be understated at very
10819s early defensive sound barrier coming out
10822s from Pursuit but I suppose it does save
10823s sabotage yeah hooked and uh shot in the
10827s face it's not often you as a tracer
10829s would survive that damage there's still
10831s more being output as we speak but
10834s honestly there's some a lot of exchanges
10836s back and forth steady taking a bit of
10839s damage the card still rolling in favor
10841s of nimbus and now there's only one
10843s minute left on the board for them to go
10845s ahead and keep this point the sound
10847s barriers been committed and oh a 1v1
10849s duel here from the supports you can't be
10852s taken on the kiriko sabotabi has it in
10855s the bag takes them down and now Nimbus a
10858s little bit on the back foot they're
10859s trying to capitalize on this Kitsune
10861s here from me man but there is a lot of
10864s free firing coming through here from
10866s Dominic on this High Ground can they
10868s slide up to put pressure on him a nice
10871s real gun shot gonna be taking down
10874s sabotabi early in this fight a Boop from
10877s kuropi pushes down the members of
10880s pursuit into the thick of alteora nimbus
10882s and now they're continuing to try and
10884s push forward and capitalize the bull
10886s it's a scrappy fight and members of
10889s nimbus are now going down as Pursuit
10891s seems like they're about to equalize
10892s there's only seven seconds left right
10894s yeah I was gonna say these trades are
10896s great and all if there was another
10897s minute or so on the time being but
10899s there's not and pursuit actually managed
10901s to hold this out establish themselves on
10904s the defense in the streets phase and say
10905s nah dude does not matter that you were
10907s up to oh we are maybe starting to bring
10910s this back
10911s well yeah that was a very different team
10915s from our first couple of maps in my
10918s opinion and I mean they won that map and
10921s the results speak for themselves I think
10924s Pursuit really took control of the tempo
10926s and pacing of this of Route 66
10929s comparatively to what we saw on our
10932s previous two matches it to me they
10934s looked really comfortable confident and
10937s kind of like they found their groove and
10939s this is the way we need to play this is
10941s the tempo and I think they also were
10945s adapting to the roadhog style Nimbus
10948s brought to the table beautifully so
10949s congratulations over to Pursuit for
10952s taking that map yeah and that was their
10954s map pick like we said kind of at the top
10957s of the map this obviously has to be
10958s something that they are confident
10960s picking versus any other escort map uh
10963s in terms of their their kind of uh
10966s curveball composition that we've been
10968s seeing but yeah they're they're
10970s rotations coming through in these like
10972s really hectic fights were obviously very
10974s well coordinated and obviously gave
10976s Ultra Nimbus a lot of pause you saw so
10979s many times where Nimbus were just kind
10981s of like
10982s where are we looking which one are we
10983s going for God they're everywhere yeah
10986s very disjointed and that was that's kind
10988s of always been really the strength of
10990s that composition now it's a matter of
10993s yeah you got your first map can you keep
10994s that going into push can you keep that
10996s going in a map five this is now going to
10999s become a bit of a slog because once
11001s again you still cannot let off this gas
11005s no it is all on the line here we're only
11008s at the quarterfinals and whoever wins
11010s this guarantees their spot in the finals
11013s in December so folks don't go anywhere
11015s we will be right back with our push map
11018s and we'll see can Nimbus take the win or
11021s is Pursuit about to start the reverse
11023s sweep
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11197s [Music]
11210s hello everyone and welcome back to the
11213s calling all heroes Challengers cup 2. we
11216s are in the midst of our second series of
11218s the day and Sybil it is 2-1 right now
11222s with altiora Nimbus at match point in
11226s Pursuit taking a map off of them just
11229s before here on Route 66 so a lot of
11232s pressure here for these teams to be
11234s making it to the finals nah no pressure
11237s the reverse sweep is already started you
11239s heard it here first we're already I mean
11242s the game is basically over at this point
11243s Pursuit has it in a bag I'm sure alter
11246s your Nimbus are just totally boomed I'm
11248s sure this is what a procedure trying to
11250s tell themselves after that Victory uh
11253s saying hey guys yeah we're not out of
11255s this yet we still have a chance and as
11257s we go to new Queen Street interesting so
11260s I I hear some scuttlebutt here and there
11263s from from Pro players and teams and
11265s managers and things like that and the
11267s general consensus is that they kind of
11269s hate new Queen Street
11271s and that it's not as not as enjoyable
11274s we'll say an experience as like Coliseum
11277s or even even Esperanza so I think
11283s I mean I guess this is just like what
11285s they're perhaps most practice on what
11287s they feel is maybe worst for the
11289s wrecking ball composition not the
11291s longest as well
11292s right yeah and they're they're a number
11295s of factors right that could go into
11296s choosing this specific map over perhaps
11299s perhaps one of our more uh common picks
11302s maybe they're just really appreciative
11303s of the aesthetic right or the two
11306s different types of crosswind that uh are
11308s blowing across this map you know
11311s snow falls straight down and the flag
11313s just Billows strongly in the window ruin
11317s this for me my degree is in history not
11320s physics I do not pay attention
11323s I mean it's game physics you know yeah I
11326s need you to stay on target because
11327s you're gonna break my brain with this
11329s stuff you cannot be having that I see I
11332s see some things I see all two are Nimbus
11335s I see Azalea on that song bro
11338s that's that's definitely a hay wrecking
11340s ball stop having fun
11342s sort of hero and it does look like
11345s that's what they're sticking with we've
11346s seen this actually a lot on new Queen
11348s Street we saw teams like the London
11349s Spitfire in the Atlanta rain pulling
11351s this out back towards the earlier part
11353s of the Season than this map was more
11354s consistently played steady immediately
11356s stepping forward onto that high ground
11358s and I think Pursuit probably realizing
11360s they might have a little bit of a
11362s problem
11365s it's more aggression coming through here
11367s from altiora damage to put down Pursuit
11370s but Azalea gonna get caught out taken
11373s out as a result steady though removed K
11376s from the equation that means Nimbus has
11379s a lot more sustainability because they
11381s have both supports available in this
11383s fight kuropi deleted though that's
11386s that's gonna be Nimbus with no Advantage
11389s anymore in Pursuit taking the point man
11392s Dominic and sabotabi really have just
11394s been coming further and further online
11396s as this Series has progressed we talked
11399s a lot at the beginning well deservedly
11401s of science being just like this dominant
11403s sojourn player who has been one of the
11405s best we've seen in the tournament so far
11407s and obviously has to kind of play the
11409s Tracer to match sabatavi and Azalea is
11412s is kind of relegated to this Flex role
11414s instead of like playing a standard like
11416s Reaper or what have you but without that
11419s sojourn if you're a nimbus in some ways
11422s have seen maybe a little uh maybe had
11424s their wings put
11426s fit steady there of course still always
11429s has the pick potential this is so back
11431s and forth let me finish a sentence guys
11435s well you mentioned earlier earlier that
11436s Dominic and savitabi really are coming
11439s online and hitting that flow State and
11442s getting those shots and oh a nice uh
11444s translocator out away from the pulse
11447s bomb how was K alive after a hook combo
11451s like that
11453s oh no me man okay I had my had my my
11456s wires crossed there you go no yeah I
11458s mean just RNG the spread of a roadhog is
11462s not fully consistent so you're not
11463s always going to get the amount of damage
11465s you need for a one shot which I'm sure
11467s to roadhog players is intensely
11469s frustrating we see though a swamp we see
11472s also our Nimbus minus the Sombra and the
11474s Tracer opting back into the for instance
11478s sort of meta composition stronger
11479s engaged potential for EMP coming out
11481s forcing Cora just to run waddle away on
11484s those little legs until that hatch falls
11487s off well and the Cora felt very low
11489s during that engagement but was not
11491s finished off then now pulse bomb Susan
11494s kitsunes all over the board we can see
11498s Pursuit finding that kill and neuya is
11500s just an absolute force to be reckoned
11502s with you know I heard Moxie and Dustin
11505s talking about this but the lucios aren't
11508s having a Heyday with this meta and
11510s composition it allows them to be so
11512s aggressive and okay that is a team a
11516s team culture thing there after you get a
11518s bunch of kills you just spin around
11520s victoriously oh yes okay I I see the
11524s swaps happening why they're happening
11526s sensuke says I've had enough of Tracer
11528s please I do not want to play this hero
11529s anymore Azalea says yeah dude I got you
11532s let's just ditch the Sombra so we see a
11535s Reaper coming through which is going to
11536s have plenty of fun with the Wrecking
11539s Ball online steady maintaining on the
11541s Winston you see a sound barrier coming
11543s out from Noya to start off this fights
11545s Dominic gets another pick
11547s there's an exchange though two DPS is
11549s taken out of the mix and now both sound
11552s barriers were committed that is a
11554s beautiful exchange and well it's really
11556s about who's going to be able to continue
11557s peppering each other down we're here in
11560s the lobby of the TMT hotel and well it
11563s is an absolute chaotic monkey Primal
11566s raging Festival there so much damage so
11569s much displacement and now the members of
11572s alteora is still not really pushing the
11574s cart that far they've lost even more
11577s players as they started to regroup and
11579s now it feels like Pursuit is running
11581s away in the kill feed and uh starting to
11583s kind of pick up their own tempo
11586s unfortunately backing directly into a
11588s barricade could not escape from the
11590s pulse Pawn Cora is so consistently never
11592s mind escaping with really low HP that
11595s was finally the one that got her now
11597s though they'll be coming back with the
11600s Minefield the overclock the Kitsune Rush
11602s altiora Nimbus close to a couple
11604s ultimates but not much else and they
11607s have so much ground to cover here they
11609s need to get to this next checkpoint as
11611s quickly as possible and activate that
11613s scratch mode and try and equalize right
11615s now this is very clearly guiding them
11617s Pursuit trailer
11620s yeah that is a that is the statement
11623s there of this current map and honestly
11625s since Route 66 Pursuit has once again
11628s taken control of the tempo and it seems
11631s like alteora have been knocked off of
11633s their balance and cannot seem to regain
11635s their footing
11637s yeah I mean momentum is a real thing and
11639s OverWatch and many teams are very
11640s dependent on it to bring about success
11643s and ideally to avoid being boom right
11646s some teams can you can watch them kind
11649s of start to crumble which I don't think
11651s is happening here by the Bible I will
11653s not say that but Pursuit clearly are
11655s hyping themselves up and are just
11657s burning burning earning through this
11659s push even as altronimbus take this fight
11662s plenty of opportunity for them to come
11663s back in they had a lot of ultimates
11665s coming in close
11667s this death Blossom and the pulse bomb
11668s here I could get a lot of work done if
11671s you're smart
11673s we've seen these pulse bombs with uh you
11676s know varying levels of success sound
11679s barrier from kuropi will be the first
11681s resource used and you can see Dominic
11683s trying to follow up and respond with
11685s their own overclock there's a good pulse
11688s bomb kill onto kuropi and altior Nimbus
11691s has a massive disadvantage as a result
11692s they did manage to take down Cora but is
11695s it going to be enough to be able to
11697s sustain them in this fight there's so
11700s much Zippy damage being thrown on the
11702s table oh that was close coming through
11705s there for Noya almost falling but there
11708s are no survivors as altior continues to
11710s be aggressive and push
11712s crucially crucially like I said at the
11714s start of the fight right all theoronymus
11716s need this checkpoint they need butt
11718s scratch and they're getting that and
11719s more the advantage is growing here even
11722s as Cora opens up with the Minefield the
11724s sound barrier also coming through
11725s Familia The Kills are coming yes but the
11728s bot has a long way to go at this point
11730s even to get back into a point where it
11733s can start making progress again alter
11735s your Nimbus on the other side you have
11737s that katsune Rush coming up Azalea
11739s basically has that pulse bomb and that
11740s Primal provides so much stall so much
11743s disruption like oh you think the
11745s wrecking ball can move people around
11746s watch steady go
11751s oh she's so low that was a Dominic was
11754s alive literally by the skin of their
11756s teeth right there Primal Rage is
11758s instigated shortly after and there are
11760s the couple of kills like you mentioned
11763s and some very very disruptive
11765s displacement boops
11767s that was a nice play and coming play
11770s coming through here from altiora
11772s especially from steady controlling that
11774s fight yeah I mean that was the steady
11776s show Bravo to The Observers for keeping
11778s us on the star of that particular action
11781s because that steadies primals throughout
11783s this tournament have frankly been some
11785s of the best that we've seen and even now
11787s like that Primal shirt is expended but
11790s Azalea and me man still hang on to their
11791s ultimate Pursuit just with the full
11793s spawn in the overthought close to online
11795s here oh but that pulse bomb does get
11797s some value okay
11799s well and regardless right now of all of
11802s the value Pursuit is able to get here
11806s to run this Robot vacuum you met last
11808s round and the unfortunate thing for them
11811s is is that alteora managed to take the
11814s lead just enough where now Pursuit is
11817s has on the back foot and has their
11819s backup against the wall it is all on the
11822s line here and if they do not play and
11824s win multiple fights in a row they're not
11826s even going to be able to get the robot
11827s into a spot where they can push to
11829s contest to retake the lead Minefield
11832s initiated here from Cora gonna be
11834s opening up the fight and man someone
11836s Dodges another pulse bomb just in the
11839s nick of time overclock finds two
11843s that's a massive four Pursuit and now
11846s the robot approaching this point here
11848s where they can start to look at retaking
11850s the lead and this is exactly what
11852s Pursuit needed now them getting their
11853s Perfect Storm with a minute 20 on the
11856s clock here about to take the lead it's
11857s going to be all alterior can do to get
11859s back to this point and if they lose the
11861s lead now it's gonna be disastrous less
11865s than a meter and a half separates at
11867s what 1.51 sorry for the math folks but
11871s still but still on siora maintain this
11873s lead all they want to do now is for the
11875s next minute keep that bot from pushing
11877s that barricade at all and they will take
11879s this series and will qualify for the
11881s main event for the pulse bomb but the
11883s death blossom
11884s that is so much damage being output from
11888s altiora nimbus's DPS team it is just
11891s enough to continue holding this point
11893s they they've made it to the bot in the
11896s nick of time to prevent the recontest
11898s and the overtake from Pursuit and this
11901s is looking good for all Tiara a meter
11903s and a half could be the decider to
11905s decide which of these teams makes it to
11907s the final event it could not be closer
11911s than this or supposed to force the map
11913s five to see who makes it but still it
11916s still feels like that last decider and
11918s it technically still is because altiora
11920s right now have their own destiny in
11922s their hands but Dominic Dominic
11924s answering back does not want to go
11925s quietly says that 1.5 meters is doable
11928s we just need to get the picks we just
11930s need to win these next couple fights
11931s savitabi says I'm right there with you
11933s we got some ultimates coming online here
11935s this is still possible for Pursuit
11938s goodness are they waiting until the last
11940s possible second to make it happen yeah
11942s anyone here cheering on her suit has
11945s their heart and their throat this is
11947s quite the nail biter if they want to
11949s stay here in calling all heroes they
11951s need to win now a massive sound barrier
11954s hits everybody Minds zone out the
11956s members of nimbusin
11957s what just happened there
11961s yeah I mean the the early pick onto
11963s steady right you lose your front line
11965s right away what are you going to do
11966s there push is a map or a game mode even
11970s where you are really forced to operate
11973s around your front line and kind of just
11975s orbit and run in and out and around the
11978s point as best you can and if you lose
11979s that front line in a moment like that
11981s where one and a half meters is all that
11983s separates you you're gonna have a bad
11985s time so excellent effort there for
11988s Pursuit really bringing it back in the
11990s final final moments forcing us to a map
11993s five
11994s waffles you and I are not done yet
12000s planing you said you said maybe closer
12003s and then you're like well
12005s well five and uh-huh here we go and
12007s behold
12008s Bingo yeah gotta love that
12012s self-fulfilling prophecy there yeah we
12014s we prayed earlier as well to uh big
12017s hungry Phil to bless us with our mouth
12019s not sweeps today and uh
12023s looks like we did all the right steps to
12026s create these uh great outcomes right
12028s yeah yeah I had some twinings this
12030s morning with breakfast so I'm sure he's
12032s smiling down upon me from Maryland
12037s wherever he is in the world
12039s um man wow what a series we got on our
12042s hands here right Pursuit bringing it
12044s back really Against All Odds it's very
12046s rare that you have a truly close and
12049s contentious push game you and I even
12052s across this tournament and what we see
12053s in Pro play you generally are like all
12055s right five or six minutes in we're
12057s pretty sure this is just how this is
12059s gonna go yeah um well you see the robot
12062s gets really heavily favored onto just
12064s one half of the map and it's really only
12066s making it maybe back to the middle point
12069s and then back over to the same half so
12072s right you know there was not there's not
12074s a lot of that going on we crossed that
12076s middle threshold repeatedly from both
12079s teams just pushing it what maybe a few
12081s extra meters each time time
12083s really nice back and forth performance
12086s and goes to show you both of these teams
12088s are pretty even and pursuit has been
12091s massively adapting to the strategy that
12094s Nimbus has brought to the table and I
12096s speaking of adaptations that we're
12098s seeing from Nimbus I actually just got
12100s word from our production team that we
12103s are doing another swap here for Nimbus
12105s since actually is stepping out an essel
12108s is jumping back in oh so essel Azalea
12112s stepping in which is not a Duo that at
12114s least you and I have seen coming through
12116s just yet but it speaks to me that
12119s they're going for like a tracer Genji
12122s sort of situation maybe stepping away
12124s from the sojourn for our final map here
12126s or at the maybe perhaps signs is just
12129s like
12131s get me out of here I don't feel like I'm
12133s you know maybe contributing the most to
12135s the victory which I'm not at all saying
12137s that science work does not been stepping
12139s up because I still consider her to be
12141s one of the best in this tournament
12144s period I think they have been doing
12145s phenomenal work but there are definitely
12147s some moments in a competitive matchup
12151s you know in a moment like this where
12153s you're like hey I'm fully ready to admit
12155s I'm not the person for this right now
12158s we know what we need to do here that
12160s does not necessarily involve me and I'm
12162s willing to take that hit so we obviously
12165s don't know if altriara happened to win
12168s this is certainly a question coming up
12169s in our interview because I'm fascinated
12171s to know more specifically what's going
12173s on but we are heading to Legion tower
12176s for our deciding map it is all here is
12180s all on the line
12181s well I also have to wonder you know if
12183s maybe alteora is you know has some
12186s coaching advice roll through for them uh
12189s this what is it the Nimbus team in
12191s particular they kind of run on their own
12195s player roster but as we heard from
12197s farron they also get help from their
12200s coaches that help with their contenders
12202s level team so I think having the
12205s experience there for them to refer to
12208s and to have someone be able to recognize
12210s hey you know you are crushing it you
12214s were in Flow State and something
12215s happened to kind of you know rock that
12218s confidence or rock that mindset and you
12221s know sometimes that's what teammates are
12223s for you're here to tag in to compensate
12225s and to help pick each other up and we're
12229s going back to Li Zhang Tower where we
12231s started off our day thibil and
12235s it's really up in the air who's going to
12237s win this series we saw Pursuit come back
12241s they're looking here to win for the
12243s reverse sweep altiora needs to close out
12245s their match point they've been sitting
12247s at already and it's all on the line do
12251s you want to make it to the December
12252s finals do you want a chance to compete
12255s for the 25 000 prize pool
12257s show us what you got yeah there it is I
12261s I will point out we started up this
12263s series on Nepal and altiora looked
12265s plenty comfortable oh so if they can
12269s kind of maintain that mojo on this mode
12272s they have a decent shot and if you're
12275s all to your Nimbus you certainly have to
12276s be hoping that that's going to be the
12278s case maybe just maybe you're wondering
12281s you have that thought wiggling in the
12283s back of your head man these guys are
12285s looking good these guys are getting the
12287s download these guys have the momentum
12289s and if you're Nimbus right now you you
12291s kind of have to get that out of your
12293s head and uh actually if I was Nimbus I'd
12296s be pretty happy we were going to control
12298s center first though personally I uh I
12302s think this is a little bit more
12303s difficult of a map for the wrecking ball
12306s and you know it's not like that's the
12309s market where you know you can swing
12312s around the point and there's a bunch of
12314s Windows and there's the ledge you can
12316s drop off to lose your opponent it's all
12319s in your face action here and altior has
12321s been really successful when that's the
12323s card's dealt yeah especially with the
12325s Winston I will point out excuse me for
12327s my typo on the substitution information
12329s we are swapping Azalea out for essel
12331s back to our normal Duo so the sojourn
12335s Reaper coming through the very standard
12336s meta composition Nimbus going we're not
12339s going to go for any tricks we already
12340s know what they want we're going to play
12341s what we are most practiced on what we
12343s know Works in this mode specifically
12346s because this is also how they started on
12347s the call right we are just going to give
12349s it to them the best we know how that's
12351s the duo they like for control on the
12353s defense lineup right they're like we got
12355s control Synergy here and uh well both
12359s teams have engaged right no one oh my
12361s gosh Dominic hi yeah we have the same
12364s thought right there buddy yeah
12371s out early of this fight the point has
12374s still not been capped by anybody Cora
12377s living their longest life possible
12379s doesn't make it out I thought they were
12381s going to but a nice follow-up and
12384s collapse from Nimbus to go ahead and
12386s take the point first yep the Lucio is
12388s providing some excellent stagger here as
12391s Nimbus established themselves got some
12393s positioning going not really going to go
12396s for the big forward hold that really
12398s denies a bunch of time Pursuit
12400s would be it'd frankly be too easy for
12402s them to kind of break that with the
12403s Wrecking Ball as you can already see
12405s already causing some Havoc the Adaptive
12407s Shield giving over a thousand HP to Cora
12409s and sabotabi happy to clean up on that
12411s Dominic following up as well excellent
12412s sent super down I'll do our Nimbus at
12415s this point it's a stall game
12416s man that equation of Cora and sabotabi
12420s on any squishy is not one I would like
12422s to be on the receiving end of and they
12424s have been constantly following up on
12427s each other's plays and areas of attack
12429s although nimba still has control of this
12432s point close bomb gets thrown and there's
12435s the sound barrier Nimbus doesn't want to
12437s relinquish any possession of this point
12440s Dominic is forced to go ahead and
12441s continue berating the members of
12443s nimbusin with Minefield online it's just
12447s a stall game for Nimbus to squeeze out a
12449s little more possession even 60 given
12451s that this fight was over 25 or 30 ago
12454s right that's pretty solid you only
12456s commit the sound barrier for that you're
12457s very conscious of all your other
12459s ultimates coming close to online you can
12462s open perhaps with the katsune rush
12463s probably trade that out with K Noya is
12466s going to have the advantage with the
12467s sound barrier here so maybe you just
12469s wait for that
12471s um and yeah K already uses theirs and
12472s Altura Nimbus just immediately be
12474s backing up you're fine and I think
12476s that's absolutely
12477s there's no need to push into Kitsune
12480s drop the bubble Retreat and then push in
12483s with your own there's the engagement
12485s early here and Newman goes ahead gets
12487s the kill onto sabotabi now that Nimbus
12490s is up they continue to aggress forward
12493s they took the point back really fast and
12495s oh that was close we saw this we saw the
12499s little uh
12500s Pico Edge good attempt and honestly a
12503s really nice uh reserved resource play
12507s from Nimbus yeah OverWatch top tip for
12510s you any of the heroes that can climb
12511s walls can only climb so much wall before
12514s they fall and we saw that limit actively
12518s applied that was uh that was pretty fun
12520s watching 4K it's like no please just
12522s another one more come on
12524s not to be great Primal they're from
12526s steady I mean it's the perfect place for
12528s it it's the one spot where a primal is
12529s really going to do something like that
12530s and another fight already breaking out
12532s roping something forward with the
12534s cleanup kill on tanoia the swap comes
12535s through the pursuit but it's not going
12537s to be very long-lived maybe
12540s we've seen them squeeze out a whole
12542s bunch of uh possession but you're right
12544s not too long lived they're now altri are
12547s now at 99 cap here her suit needs to be
12551s on this point and it is make or break it
12552s time for this first round can altiora
12555s pull away with an early lead here still
12559s to be seen sabotabi goes down first
12561s steady is following quickly and now that
12564s Nimbus doesn't have a tank available
12566s there is so much room for Cora to
12568s continue taking up this point zoning
12571s people away on top of the Minefield that
12573s they've already used Pursuit now has the
12576s player Advantage now gonna take this
12578s point and gonna look to try and continue
12580s to hold
12581s I mean but if you're Nimbus here you're
12584s not super worried you would love to
12585s finish this out right now deny the
12587s overtime All That Jazz but if you lose
12590s this fight that's okay they're not
12591s gaining progress right now they're still
12593s at 99 sure they're climbing up into the
12596s and yes they just use the Kitsune rush
12598s you have a 50 advantage on that you have
12601s a 50 Advantage under sound barrier
12602s you're pretty close in terms of your
12604s overclock percentages if you're smart
12606s about that and don't get picked you can
12608s definitely convert that into something
12609s you've got the time so if I'm Nimbus
12612s just breathe just be patient don't be
12615s too early and you can make this happen
12617s the sound barrier coming out right away
12619s for them trying to take that initiative
12620s Advantage oh and there's one
12623s oh my gosh noyo was blown two times in
12627s that fight does manage to escape with
12630s the skin of their teeth and now Dominic
12632s is absolutely unloading this railgun
12635s onto the members of altiora nimbus 80
12638s and can they contest can they pose a
12641s threat they have the time to get back to
12643s point they absolutely do there's a lot
12645s of equality here in terms of ultimates
12647s now but the big Advantage for altiora is
12649s going to be that katsune rush me man is
12651s well ahead of K you will be able to use
12654s it in this last fight assuming you don't
12655s see nine don't you do it unless you do
12658s it okay if they do it you cast your
12660s cursed then I'm calling it now and that
12662s would be a big one study's got the
12664s Primal Rage online but since I goes down
12667s early in this chaos it is going to be so
12671s much pressure here onto the back of
12672s essel and steady there's the death
12674s Blossom forcing out the recall not
12676s finding any kills there is so much
12679s pressure now that neuya has popped the
12681s sound barrier Pursuit has a lot more
12683s staying power and overtime spawns take
12685s ages to happen still more members of Nev
12689s Miss are just flirting on this point a
12691s nice Boop rolls through and regardless
12693s of how this unfolds Nimbus still needs
12696s to retake the point if they want to stay
12698s in this fight Pursuit looking to knock
12700s them off Cora going down is massive for
12703s Nimbus and there seems to be the cards
12705s falling into place for them taking this
12708s first round
12709s swapping over to over to there for that
12710s last second stall but it was essel who
12712s was the star of that show just
12715s consistent Point presence wraith forming
12717s the pulse bomb off to stay in the fight
12720s was massive and sure there was the
12724s opening pick uh frankly I think it was
12726s two for Pursuit but there was not enough
12729s follow-up to finish the job there was
12731s too much stall from Nimbus too much pick
12733s Potential from that Reaper and that was
12736s the perfect storm that Nimbus needed to
12738s maintain control of that first round now
12741s Garden is the potential last map
12745s to decide who is qualifying for our
12747s final event who is making it into the
12749s top four who is going home very upset
12752s those teams coming out on very similar
12755s compositions oh watch out for the edge
12757s yep Cora's still on the wrecking ball
12759s perhaps going for an early displacement
12760s besides against it goes for it again at
12762s this point you're probably not going to
12764s get it but I respect yourself no and
12766s there's plenty of respawn times to see
12767s if that unfold later in the fight esso's
12770s gonna be the first person to take down
12772s neuya and with no speed available
12774s Pursuit well it doesn't seem to mind I
12777s was a little worried for Nimbus when
12780s they were pushed to this map here for
12781s lijong because this is a Heyday map for
12785s the wrecking ball and Cora seems to be
12787s capitalizing on it easily yeah I mean so
12790s many options so many opportunities for
12791s displacement and some skills in
12793s particular look at this bridge look at
12796s white room look at the back Pagoda all
12798s of those spots where a wrecking ball can
12800s wreak havoc now all two are Nimbus
12803s definitely going to be taking the white
12804s room approach probably everything it's
12807s the sensible thing to do the old
12809s Advantage already though showing itself
12811s a Pursuit Korra close to that Minefield
12813s a powerful zoning tool zabatabi already
12816s doubling up on something's full charge
12817s for that post bomb you know this is a
12821s rough spot for all to our neighbors but
12823s it's not unbelievable
12824s suzu was huge
12828s field is just nasty to try and push into
12831s she had it ready so fast in this fight
12834s and Isuzu is a little too early kuropi
12838s manages or unfortunately receives the
12841s damage after all of that and pursuit
12843s still holding this defensive point
12846s strong this has been a great display of
12849s their performance and Nimbus hasn't even
12851s gotten one possession yet right and they
12854s have some ultimates coming online this
12855s is their first proper fight here but
12857s Pursuit have plenty of tools to answer
12859s as well yes they used the Minefield
12860s early they're already halfway there yes
12862s they use the pulse bomb they're 30 there
12864s the kitsunes can trade the sound barrier
12867s maybe in a longer fight Pursuit could
12869s come back with a later one from Moya but
12871s the DPS bolts and the Primal here
12873s Fernandez are where they're going to
12874s need to make the difference in a longer
12876s fight and in a longer hold too I have to
12878s be smart about their economy okay I like
12880s that you pushed into two Dominic's
12883s overclock with the suzu and Kitsune they
12886s were able to take them down as a result
12888s remove that very very big threat and now
12891s it's here it's all about taking Cora
12893s down right Cora's gonna stall out like
12895s we've seen wrecking balls do and with 90
12898s possession taken for Pursuit well and
12901s still Rising they gotta feel really
12903s happy about where they're sitting in
12904s this map absolutely this is this is far
12907s from over for Pursuit they have plenty
12908s of opportunities to bring this back and
12910s very little room for error for altiora I
12913s want to point out something you said
12914s though that jogged my memory a little
12915s bit the idea of we're just going to the
12918s moment the sojourn olds we're just going
12920s to throw everything at her and force her
12922s to basically get shut down one of our
12924s interviewers our interviewees yesterday
12926s talked about like the moment we spot
12928s that weakness we just blow them up I
12931s think that's kind of what we're seeing
12932s here and that could be a strategic
12934s adaptation that really converts well for
12937s all two Olympus
12939s I agree with you there and it seems like
12941s Nimbus just has a huge amount of focus
12945s and precision now that they've
12947s established their own footing
12949s right I mean having Point presence in
12952s control is I mean obviously vital that
12955s really gives you some time to breathe
12956s and think that steady oh my goodness
12958s getting melted has to pop the Primal
12960s really often he gets the Boop though
12961s onto Dominic Hello I'm old rage from
12964s steady has been consistently lethal and
12968s has been consistently brought in value I
12970s am really impressed with how much
12972s they've been bringing to the table no
12974s survivors as everyone from Pursuit is
12977s hunted down and Nimbus managing to
12980s defensively hold once again
12982s steady channeling their inner Goose
12984s right here the primals have been so
12986s solid all series all tournament long the
12989s Winston has been the Turning Point
12991s really for this composition for alterior
12993s nibs getting back into their comfort
12995s zone so many ultimates here for Ultra
12996s Nimbus the death Blossom might just be
12998s all they need
13000s yeah after AO death Blossom from Esso
13003s like that
13007s it kills Pursuit now has their back up
13010s against the wall we're at last fight
13012s territory and altior is at Match Point
13014s lots of ultimates to look at here but
13016s you need to look at Dominic's overclock
13018s coming online very soon and kuropi's
13020s sound barrier kuropi needs to pop that
13023s before Dominic can get any sort of pick
13025s K coming in with the early katsune rush
13027s me man holding there goes there's the
13030s later ultimate is generally the better
13031s one ah but who can continue to Output
13035s the value their team needs Pursuit needs
13038s to win this here if they want to stay in
13039s the fight but kiropi uses the sound
13042s barrier It's Gonna Keep Nimbus topped
13044s off and well not topped off enough they
13047s are deleted just as quickly from that
13049s overclock or from the railgun shot
13051s Pursuit still in this fight trying to
13054s stay alive and with the stall potential
13056s here on a map like Li Zhang Gardens
13059s there is absolutely all day they can
13061s stay here
13062s and this stall the stall is so huge it
13065s still hasn't even swapped yet altiora
13067s nib is able to come back with their
13068s response very quickly though kuropi
13071s already in a little bit of trouble
13072s manages to get away steady back on the
13074s point the stick comes through the
13075s savitabi and I imagine the suzu handles
13077s that pretty well overtime still has not
13079s swapped still has not ended Dominic
13080s getting to pick onto Roby steady though
13082s top in the primal
13087s pressure onto the members of pursuit
13089s noise goes down but with sabotabi also
13092s going down is that nimb is able to take
13094s the point no there are still more
13096s members of pursuit putting up this fight
13098s they will not go down easily Cora has
13101s been absolutely clutching it out for
13103s their team here on this wrecking ball
13105s Overtime Bar has been triggered for a
13108s good amount of time and this is the
13110s first time kuropi gets revenge on
13112s Dominic this round thou it is time for
13115s altiora to pull away for this win they
13118s do not want to let up on this aggression
13121s and now you can see zenzuk continuing to
13124s put the pressure on can you survive the
13126s death Blossom sure thing Noya goes ahead
13129s uses the sound barrier and thibil this
13131s fight is never ending as you can see
13133s alteora still handling the trickling
13136s members of pursuit on to this point it
13139s seems like we're whittling down and
13140s that's gonna be all Tiora as our winners
13144s here for the quarterfinals wow
13147s heartbreak maker for Pursuit but if
13148s you're all to your enemies you've got to
13150s be feeling real real good about that the
13153s consistent stall for two very nearly
13156s lost fights there that would have cost
13158s them that round and forced a decider
13160s just complete composure all the way
13163s through steady swapping over onto the
13165s ball Ethel coming back and immediately
13167s getting value me man getting a key pick
13169s in the back line when all Hoops seen
13172s lost that was everything that team
13174s needed in that moment and if I'm them
13176s right now I am going absolutely insane
13179s because you just qualified for the final
13181s event in December
13183s and if I am Pursuit man that one hurts
13186s that one hurts a lot because it was so
13188s close they were really to the last
13190s possible second well and they almost had
13193s that second round on lijong as well they
13196s had it there at 99 a 97 and they just
13200s couldn't quite punch through the altiora
13203s defense to you know come back and tie up
13205s that map but a really outstanding
13208s performance by Pursuit coming back to
13211s almost reverse sueief altiara
13215s um you know hopefully altioranimbus has
13216s a bit of a a check there on how relaxed
13220s you get going into the third map but
13222s we'll have to see you know what went
13224s through their minds we're gonna get an
13226s interview set up folks with uh someone
13228s from altiora Nimbus so we'll be right
13231s back
13242s thank you
13248s [Music]
13269s foreign
13294s [Music]
13330s foreign
13331s [Music]
13360s foreign
13362s [Music]
13384s [Music]
13394s foreign
13395s [Music]
13404s [Music]
13416s hello everyone and welcome back to the
13419s calling all heroes Challengers cup 2 we
13422s have just closed out our quarterfinals
13425s round watching altiora Nimbus go up
13427s against Pursuit and I am excited to be
13431s inviting memen from our altiora Nimbus
13435s team to be joining us here in the
13438s interview Booth Memon congratulations on
13441s your win and uh congratulations on
13444s making it to the finals in December dude
13446s how are you feeling
13448s I'm feeling fantastic
13451s I know that shaky laugh well
13455s oh yeah the entire okay like two people
13458s on my team had to pee the entirety of
13460s the last map and we were just struggling
13463s but the curse the curse of the small
13466s bladder it strikes us all in Arkansas
13469s I can't my bladder is iron I've had to
13472s pee for six hours
13475s uh well congratulations on your win
13478s obviously you know that was um quite the
13480s roller coaster for all parties involved
13484s you guys were so close to taking the
13486s Clean Sweep and then you know came back
13489s and won it there at the end for control
13491s again what's kind of the like energy and
13494s mindset of the team right now as you've
13497s just come off a fresh win you're going
13499s into another big match really soon as
13501s well
13503s uh we're very excited that we did this I
13506s think
13507s um the stall that we had on Li Zhang
13510s like was so insane I'm so proud of my
13514s team for that that was insane shout out
13516s to our Tracer player they did absolutely
13519s amazing
13521s oh yeah they uh had some clutch moments
13523s as a well during your new Queen Street
13526s matchup which you know had a lot of back
13529s and forth between both of your teams and
13532s you know it was really really close what
13535s were some of the the comms around those
13537s like last minute touches and pushes and
13540s how did that unfold for you guys
13542s it was definitely really stressful a lot
13545s of the the last minute touches we had to
13546s make we were either down players or you
13548s know we weren't able to take the fights
13550s full so it was a lot of just live live
13553s live you know so don't die don't die no
13558s laugh love we're only living yeah
13561s top top tips for your comms and your
13563s ranked games folks just tell everybody
13564s not to die I I think that'll actually
13566s take your shots yeah yeah please hit
13568s your shots and don't tie excellent so we
13571s obviously saw a bit of a curveball come
13574s out from Pursuit across the course of
13575s that Series right this wrecking ball
13576s coming through like this Tracer that you
13578s have to match kind of walk me through
13580s the team's like approach and
13582s understanding of that comp across the
13584s course of the series
13585s so I think we definitely didn't have a
13589s very good understanding going in at the
13592s beginning we did but on the maps where
13594s they could control High Ground we were
13595s struggling to force them out High Ground
13598s while also trying to move a point
13599s because people can stall forever so well
13601s with selling point
13602s uh but we were able to clutch it out
13606s with control because no payload but
13610s um seku is a really good ball and
13613s I think you definitely should respect
13614s them
13615s she's insane uh yeah
13618s yeah yeah she was absolutely doing work
13621s so now you've regardless of that though
13624s you overcome this curveball you overcome
13626s many a challenger on your way here and
13628s you have qualified for the final event
13629s taking place uh in the middle of
13631s December there how does how do you and
13634s the team kind of feel about that and
13635s what's your guys's game plan now that
13637s you know the path that is laid out
13639s before you
13641s we
13642s okay since the first qualifier to
13644s disqualifier we've either we've we've
13646s lost up to three players either on days
13649s of tournaments or a day before a
13651s tournament so we've had to make a lot of
13653s roster adjustments a lot of last minute
13655s decisions and it's been very hard on us
13657s and I think
13658s going into the final uh the finals we'll
13661s have a lot more time to
13664s you know have a actual solid roster so
13667s we could actually scrib and put in a lot
13669s of effort into being the best we can be
13673s right on well it sounds like you guys
13675s have that well in hand you know I I
13677s think it's pretty clear that you guys
13679s are stepping up as like one of the more
13681s like adaptable and capable teams here in
13683s this tournament which you're definitely
13685s going to need to be as we're heading
13686s into our top four and into the final
13689s event uh I I don't think I'll keep you
13691s any longer we have some technical
13692s difficulties happening on our end
13693s anyways uh but before we let you go do
13695s you have any uh shout outs or thank yous
13698s to give to friends fans family folks on
13701s the team
13702s I want to shout out Esau for agreeing to
13706s play with us three days before
13707s registration and I want to shout out our
13710s coaches again sort especially for this
13712s last like two weeks so it has been here
13714s a lot and a very good coach I'm thankful
13716s for everything they're doing for us
13719s right on good to see that the team is
13721s holding itself together despite all the
13723s usual adversities of the game that we
13726s play excellent work from you guys in the
13728s team congratulations again go enjoy your
13731s win and your qualification and we will
13732s see you later on in the tournament thank
13734s you so much
13735s thank you
13737s all right folks well as you can probably
13740s see it looks like we're having some
13741s technical difficulties on the old vmix
13743s feed here so it's just little old me and
13746s little old you uh even so uh at the
13749s moment we are going to uh just throw to
13751s a bit of a break here as we get that
13752s figured out and also work on getting in
13754s uh some new blood here to handle the
13757s rest of the day's games you've maybe
13758s heard of them there's some Citrus going
13760s on there I hear there's a dog or
13762s something I don't know anything about
13763s all that but you guys will probably
13764s figure it out here in a few minutes uh I
13767s think I will sign off for the moment for
13769s you guys thank you very much everyone
13771s for watching and for watching along with
13773s us we had a great time casting these
13775s events we had a fantastic day today
13778s these games were all great I know the
13780s fan energy and support has been amazing
13782s I believe we have waffles back I see her
13784s moving again which is a thing I haven't
13786s seen in a few minutes uh waffles if you
13788s have anything you'd like to say before I
13789s throw these fine people out well uh you
13792s know now that I'm back just a quick
13794s thank you all for joining us today for
13797s all of the action and all the support
13799s here as we push towards our finals I
13802s like to give a big thanks out to the
13804s production team who has really brought
13806s all this together and brings brings the
13809s magic you see and the game you see and
13812s uh you know special thanks over to
13814s Bailey AKA Pizza penguin cause without
13817s you there would be no calling all heroes
13820s and a big thank you to all the work you
13822s have done not just here but leading up
13825s to calling all heroes as a whole and for
13828s the community so you know thibil there's
13830s a lot of hard work being applied from so
13833s many different teams and I'm really glad
13836s that we got to be a part of it and to
13838s share it with everyone else here
13839s yeah yeah all these moments are so
13842s special and Hail to the Supreme
13843s contenders Overlord Bailey Pizza penguin
13845s good luck on your many ID problems that
13848s you will have for the rest of your life
13849s uh and and thank you again everyone who
13851s followed along we're going to throw it
13853s to a break and when we get back there
13855s will be some new action some new blood
13857s here in the booth and you guys are going
13858s to have a great rest of your day so
13860s cheers guys thank you very much
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13976s thank you
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14118s thank you
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14148s thank you
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14189s thank you
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14218s thank you
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14263s thank you
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14457s thank you
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14528s thank you
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14985s thank you
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15093s [Applause]
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15165s thank you
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15274s come on
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15348s [Music]
15367s welcome back everyone to the calling all
15370s heroes Challenger cuff and I can't
15372s believe I'm casting with the one and
15373s only Dustin man it's crazy you used to
15376s have glasses back in the day man you've
15377s changed you've grown up you've changed
15380s your Caster now we're starting out like
15382s this kid please don't roast me dude next
15384s thing you're gonna say I'm dog man and
15385s you're gonna start saying that I'm a
15387s feeder and stuff yeah I was waiting for
15389s the feeder I was like can you please
15390s call me a feeder I'm gonna like fan girl
15392s I think I'm your fan now to be honest if
15395s I'm gonna be real we're going into this
15396s Challengers cup and honestly lemon I
15398s dude this is so much fun honestly it's
15400s been it's it's gonna be a pleasure
15401s casting with you I'm sure because you
15403s know we both do similar I would say we
15405s like to Hype up the game right this is
15407s going to be the challengers Cup
15408s qualifier number two and coming into
15410s this we have some well-known players uh
15412s with specifically one of the teams
15413s they're gonna go watch it in Dart monkey
15415s with like this entire roster of
15417s star-studded streamers and players I
15420s mean we know pretty much everybody in
15421s this roster at this point
15423s oh my God like these are the biggest
15425s names I feel like in this tournament
15427s first barcode I worshiped the ground she
15431s walks on her Widow her hit scan is so so
15434s clean and she's been playing the game
15437s for so long Aspen literally cosplay
15439s kiriko at finals so you know she's good
15442s she's awesome with the Gladiators too
15444s making content there SK literally had a
15447s tweakle out where she's emoting on cart
15449s that's how chill this tournament has
15451s been for the dart monkeys and they're
15453s getting uh coached by the one and only
15455s Jake OverWatch so you know this team
15457s could be destined for Success oh for
15460s sure I mean definitely a favorites thus
15462s far in the tournament but they are going
15463s to have an opponent that is not going to
15465s be easy to take down whatsoever because
15468s it's another altiora team Ultra Nimbus
15471s specifically and in the last qualifiers
15473s they had two teams that qualified
15475s already for our final matches in
15478s December so this entire team you know
15481s it's been a little rough I would say for
15482s Nims compared to monkeys coming into the
15485s actual playoffs but they've been doing
15487s well they're slowly finding their form
15488s as they go on and altronomeas is
15491s definitely a team to be reckoned with
15492s I'm sure Dart monkeys is not going to
15494s take them lightly I'm sure they've been
15496s studying all of their all of their
15497s players their strategies with the with
15500s the tanks you know being changed so much
15502s in this current patch lemon I mean what
15504s do you think that Nimbus can even do
15505s here to maybe mix things up or maybe run
15508s that erisa or run that Winston right
15510s because we have so many different tanks
15512s that are now in The Meta that anything
15514s is possible right yeah I am definitely
15517s essel's number one fan I casted her I
15520s want to say she was on a co-ed team or
15521s something like that but her Genji was
15523s out of this world she was farming people
15526s left and right so you talk about the
15528s composition they could go for built
15530s around your best player is is not a bad
15532s strategy to go for so I I would say
15534s Genji is one of her best heroes so what
15536s would synergize around Genji is a ham
15538s and other dive Heroes even Tracer has
15541s pretty good range these days I heard so
15543s whatever you can do to kind of play Fast
15545s around her I think will be good and even
15547s if you want to stay back and have a more
15549s hybrid comp you don't have to all commit
15551s to dive just because you have a Genji
15552s and we've learned that through the metas
15554s so I'm just excited to see you know Esso
15556s versus barcode and if you're gonna have
15558s a sniper barcode how is essel going to
15561s want to deal with that on the Genji this
15562s is going to be the matchup to watch oh
15565s yeah for sure and I think that
15566s specifically I guess yesterday we
15568s watched our monkeys their team was very
15570s Dynamic and surprisingly they think they
15572s mentioned how two days ago I should say
15574s at this point they practice for like an
15576s hour before the actual matches so coming
15578s into this one now they have time to
15581s synergize and it's been working
15582s phenomenally for them obviously
15583s originally they've had maybe a little
15585s bit of rust maybe a little bit of
15586s synergistical issues uh because yeah
15588s like with barcode she likes to go for
15590s those aggressive pushes and to actually
15592s push forward and make sure that they
15594s find that opening pick but sometimes I
15596s can get you picked off right that over
15598s aggression playstyle can sometimes not
15600s pan out yeah and it's when you're on the
15603s a team in this I mean you know you got
15605s the player experience that when you lose
15607s well you gotta get together talk to
15609s yourselves get the mistakes through go
15611s to Jake OverWatch himself let him break
15613s down everything for you and I don't see
15615s a coach listen for all Tiora but a
15616s player-run team can also be managed very
15618s well and when you're on that high when
15620s you're at the top of the mound you call
15622s the other team feeders right you just
15624s gotta get into the spirit because I mean
15627s even in other games you see how Trash
15628s Talk kind of just helps the team really
15631s get them feeling powerful and confident
15632s confident because when you feel like you
15635s can beat any team if you can dream it it
15637s can happen yeah sunshine I think said
15639s that you need a little bit of that ego
15641s to actually ciao specifically maybe on
15643s that so Jordan stuff to actually feel
15644s like you can hit those shots and on the
15646s on the flip side right you do have a lot
15648s of the support we have some tweets
15649s actually coming out for some of these
15651s teams that have been phenomenal to see
15654s right we have one from arietta uh that
15657s says it says specifically now that on
15659s ironic is out I'm rooting for Dart
15660s monkeys to sweep for the hashtag calling
15662s all heroes good luck in your matches
15663s today it always makes you so happy to
15665s see players I've coached reached New
15666s Heights and on honestly with this
15668s matchup leading in to this series Dart
15671s monkeys like we mentioned is one of the
15673s favorites and that's across the border
15675s via social media via streams and stuff
15677s and they've lived up to the hype do you
15679s like what do you think lemon when we're
15681s talking about hype Behind these teams
15683s and like how much pressure is behind
15686s Dart monkeys at this point where pretty
15687s much everybody just expects them to
15689s qualify patch this qualifiers and make
15691s it to the uh the finals in December I
15693s think you're so chilling because uh top
15695s four qualify and everyone here that's
15698s from semis and Beyond is in the main
15700s event there's not like any prize pool
15702s for this qualifier it's just about
15704s getting the best seat that you can so if
15706s you get first in this qualifier then
15708s you're gonna face the fourth place of
15709s the first qualifier and you know the
15711s seating beyond that so you just want to
15713s set yourself up for the easiest matchup
15715s that you can but if you just stay with
15717s the mentality that you can beat any team
15719s maybe you don't find that at like the
15721s end of the world if you drop this game
15723s against Nemesis uh a single elimination
15726s I think you want to go all the way for
15728s the ego though we talked about that ego
15730s if you get first place to the qualifier
15731s man that feels so good I don't think
15734s there's that much trash talk in this
15735s tournament though everyone's been very
15736s wholesome from what I've seen unless
15738s there's some things being said behind
15740s closed doors but I think just having
15742s that chip on your shoulder getting first
15744s place in the qualifier going into the
15745s main event with I guess the quote
15747s weakest team from the other qualifier I
15749s think that's how you can get yourself a
15751s little bit further I think so as well
15752s yeah I think Dart monkey's probably like
15754s you mentioned gonna be a little bit more
15755s relaxed coming into this and you know
15758s seating still does mean a lot right
15759s coming into the finals in December I
15762s mean you can only place yes top uh five
15764s get the fifth seed leading into that but
15766s that leads you in a good spot right
15767s that's fighting maybe the middle of the
15769s pack team from the very first qualifier
15771s in which you never know how the teams
15773s from the first qualifier even gonna do
15775s in this entirely different meta right we
15777s have a different entire different tank
15779s we don't have that Zari anymore we don't
15780s have
15781s um even like way further back when
15783s people start to play doomfist maybe we
15784s don't have doomfist leading into this
15785s but coming into this meta you have a
15788s completely different shot a completely
15789s different chance so doing well in this
15790s qualifier I think sets you up to do even
15793s better leading into December because I
15795s doubt we see any patch changes coming
15797s into the actual finals and if you can
15799s actually get those scrim bucks like what
15801s do you think like it's spring bucks
15803s actually matter if we see this team with
15804s Jake with the dark monkeys perform even
15807s outperform some of the top LTR teams
15809s from the first qualifier we could see
15810s some real upsets leading into next month
15812s we're just right in the script it just
15814s writes itself you have a team full of
15817s big names of Dart monkeys and then they
15819s have Jake who's coaching them and who is
15821s of course part of the OverWatch league
15823s so knows what the best of the best knows
15824s how to analyze those mistakes and I've
15826s casted with Jake he's a smart guy and
15828s he's and he knows how to calm somebody
15830s down especially me when I was jumping up
15832s and down in that Stadium at BlizzCon
15834s Jake was doing meditation I could see I
15837s don't really know if Dart monkeys are
15838s maybe the Freak Out type of people if
15840s they drop a map but I could see Jake
15841s going all right everyone who saw let's
15843s count to ten let's do our breath let's
15845s get into the downward I I don't know
15847s what the positions are in yoga but I'm
15849s sure he knows and a lot of the streamers
15851s on this team they know how to have fun
15853s they know how to take losses they play
15854s ladder on stream for God's sakes so
15857s they're they're gonna be fine under this
15858s pressure if they're qualified for the
15860s main event so it's about really making a
15861s statement and the script can this like
15863s quote favorite team of dark monkeys go
15865s all the way or will The Gatekeepers of
15867s voltr nimbus hold them this series our
15870s first map has been decided it's actually
15872s predetermined Oasis as we can maybe
15874s break down some of these rounds I think
15876s the only one that's very different from
15877s all the other ones is University
15880s yeah University I think is going to be a
15882s little bit of a challenge for a lot of
15884s these teams considering Oasis I mean
15885s yeah University you have that inside
15887s area you can easily play like a tanky
15889s composition with that Reaper I mean
15891s especially I mean you've seen Reaper has
15893s been destructive on those inside like
15895s corridors and if you take those inside
15897s angles with that composition you can
15899s just run on through out rotate we call
15901s that I guess jungling I'm not sure if
15903s this is really an official term uh I I
15905s need to double check me here let me give
15906s you have you heard of jungling before I
15908s would like this but I get what you're
15909s saying like roaming around like yeah I
15912s would like to describe what it is for
15913s you actually real quick so a jungling
15914s basically is the epitome of you you
15916s rotate around right jungling when you
15918s when you jungle the entire point of
15920s jungling is there's say they have like a
15922s fair composition right say they're going
15924s to spam you out you want to avoid a lot
15926s of that damage coming in so what a lot
15927s of teams do is they jungle that's when
15929s you go inside to buildings to avoid
15932s taking extra poke damage maybe avoid
15934s getting picked from a Widowmaker and
15935s overall just using a ton of cover from
15937s just buildings and that's what we call
15939s jungling at the professional level I
15941s don't really know how many teams
15942s actually use that at least the Atlanta
15943s Reign they use it that way I don't know
15945s is that actually teaching anything or is
15946s that just coming with a fake term going
15948s in the forest staying under the
15950s under the building I'm kind of like
15952s visually seeing it I thought junglee met
15954s more like roaming around and trying to
15956s take those off angles of sure like a
15957s roadhog or something yeah I like that
15959s I'm getting kind of the expertise here
15962s as we'll be going into our first map
15964s shortly between the dark monkeys and
15965s alterior and Nimbus let us know which
15967s shot who you're cheering for type one
15969s for Dart monkeys and two for altiora
15972s again one for dark monkeys two for
15974s alteora as we'll see how correct your
15976s predictions really are and a big shout
15978s out to calling all heroes for this event
15980s it's so awesome to see it featured on
15982s the OverWatch League channel to just be
15985s the stepping stone in our players career
15987s to the next level if they even want to
15989s pursue that next level it's awesome to
15991s Showcase these marginalized genders as
15993s we'll be starting on Oasis City Center
15997s yeah and this map I think is going to
15998s lead to dark monkeys maybe playing that
16001s so Jordan yet again with that Winston
16003s this time whereas moving fish has proven
16005s they can maybe Flex over to that erisa
16007s Flex over to that roadhog as they are a
16010s versatile player as well but on the
16011s other side we talk about Dart monkeys
16013s Ultra Nimbus they're a team to be reckon
16015s with as well so I think it's gonna be a
16016s barn burner of the series so far and
16018s it's an amazing map to start off on
16020s honestly in lemon
16022s we're rolling out and
16025s maybe we'll see a sen loaded maybe not
16028s it's okay though 4v5 notepad
16033s but everyone's heading for that first
16035s teleport they just have Aspen with the
16037s Snipes the headshot on the me man that's
16041s just gonna send them back okay sen has
16042s spawned it now we're ready to play we
16044s might even get a recent to be honest I
16047s would not be surprised but we have to
16048s wait and see obviously that was a little
16050s bit of a maybe misplay or maybe
16052s miscommunication or something before
16053s games it always happens right you always
16054s have that one player that you know uses
16057s the restroom for a bit too long and then
16058s you're like wait where I thought they
16059s were you said R yeah you're like oh
16061s you're like panicking you go throughout
16064s the spawner like wait they're not here
16065s your heart Shanks your stomach I think
16068s that timer is like way longer than it
16070s actually is it's kind of shortened but
16072s we'll get sent in as I guess we're gonna
16075s go with sen we were wondering if it was
16076s gonna be AJ or sen and which tag they're
16078s gonna use but
16079s maybe some Soldier yeah I think well
16082s obviously right have you seen anything
16084s besides sojourned true to be honest have
16087s we seen anything besides sojour we got
16088s no it always loses right even in
16091s rankings it's pretty good I mean there's
16093s like uh a rally on social media to get
16097s her nerfed and maybe okay sen will make
16099s the case for us he got Reaper Soldier
16101s and Reaper so what you got mirror
16103s matchups
16104s yeah I mean it's a really good
16106s composition this Reaper sojourn
16107s composition and they already moved
16109s forward to the back side of the actual
16110s Coast it looks like here to get that
16112s plank position on The High Ground and
16114s with us High Ground I mean they just
16116s build up that old charge with the sojour
16117s to get those railgun shots and I'm sure
16119s it'll work wonders for all to our nimbus
16121s yeah that was a great first pick from
16123s Aspen you know before the the pause
16124s happened and I mean those pigs continue
16126s through head shots from barcode but you
16129s lost that spin
16131s but they think I think the moment to
16133s engage on the dart monkeys especially
16135s now that they don't have all the healing
16136s with Aspen gone so kind of a big
16138s turnaround for all to your after that
16140s yeah without your main support I mean
16142s it's gonna be hard to actually live here
16143s as dark monkeys put that full reset they
16145s did get time on the board however though
16147s going to all the way up at 36 it looks
16150s like and with that reset hopefully they
16151s can build some more charge next flight
16153s but Nimbus they're leading the old
16154s charge uh fight right now
16157s yeah engaging through here on Winston
16158s you really want to get through this kind
16160s of middle Corridor I don't know if they
16161s want to break through the right side or
16163s through the middle if he can jump on
16164s wins but you remember you're leaving her
16166s back line behind when you do jump in so
16168s I'm wondering how much poke moving fish
16170s is going to want to take what is going
16172s to be the sign to go in because I wonder
16174s if all two are just gonna walk past that
16176s Winston and go after the back line there
16179s is that first jump see Dart monkey's
16182s taking their time there is the Kitsune
16184s Rush from Aspen already mieman hasn't
16186s popped theirs yet alteora respecting
16188s that space Dart monkeys firing away with
16191s still no kills moving fish had to back
16193s away drop down to half health will heal
16195s back up has the Primal now they can play
16197s as aggressive as they can as the bear
16199s you're engaged from SK in response to
16201s the Kitsune Russia valtiora a lot of
16204s volts coming from that defending team as
16207s really on this point you could stall out
16208s forever
16210s now you have the overclock coming up as
16211s well after the Primal Rage for moving
16213s fish as they're trying to flip that
16214s point but send with that pick onto the
16216s sojour and a barcode on the other side
16218s is crucial and with that pick off as
16220s well I don't think that Dart monkey's
16222s too many delay because they have no more
16223s olds here lemon either and the moving
16225s fish did get sand but even off of that
16227s pick I don't think it's enough to
16228s sustain maybe they'll have that Reaper
16229s to come back in with but they're gonna
16232s have to give it up for now
16233s it's so painful for Dart monkeys to
16235s commit the way they did for that long
16237s and not even get a single flip through
16239s that whole Skirmish 75 plus now for all
16241s to your Nimbus it's coming down to last
16243s fight Dart monkeys I mean you got death
16246s Blossom you got an overclock but you got
16248s an overclock with barcode using it okay
16250s I have some Faith all tour they're gonna
16252s play their side of the post maybe deny
16254s some of that loss and moving fish has
16256s been bursted down that's not the story
16258s that dark monkeys needs and the death
16260s Blossom gets bubbled off by Steady and
16262s you're just down bad if you're Dart
16264s monkeys let's see how long they can
16265s stall for reinforcements but
16267s is making a miracle happen the Double K
16271s keeps them still competitive it's 99
16273s though throughout your Olympus and it's
16275s over time how will this end up moving
16278s fish had to come back on doomfist just
16280s for the speed see if they can disrupt
16282s them they've quite literally bullied
16283s alteora out of the point
16285s how did they do that barcode with the
16287s overclock to open it up get a nice
16289s little 3K and it looks like they're
16290s stabilizing here as well but that's that
16292s sojourn Factor right we talked about a
16294s lemon I mean the sojourn is just so
16296s deadly at every point in the fight when
16298s there's no sound barrier
16300s Dart monkeys I don't know how they
16302s salvaged that fight and it was they
16304s thank thank goodness removing fish to
16306s get back on the doomfist remember if you
16308s shoot that block the slow is even more
16310s painful and then barcode she's a
16313s magician on that sojourn I can't wait to
16314s watch her more and it's the overclock
16316s from Sen playing on their staircase
16319s dodging the Doom fish just narrowly as
16321s they Reaper rape from ZEM to just
16323s respect that and the engage punishes
16326s Aspen is altior used to Kitsune rush to
16329s finish what they've started man put the
16332s sound beer from SK how long will how
16334s much time will this really buy them well
16336s enough for barcode and friends to get
16338s some responding picks as altiora rushed
16340s in off the Kitsune rush and now we're
16342s really At Last by territory if you
16344s thought that was over for Dark Monkey
16345s after Aspen used that could soon a rush
16347s but now 90 of the board they've got that
16349s doomfist though the ultra Nimbus is
16351s going to have a Winston all to delay as
16352s well so this is going to easily go into
16354s overtime leading to next fight but with
16355s Altera Nimbus they're gonna have to get
16357s on that point now they do it's contested
16360s but with someone else Ultron Dart monkey
16361s side coming up soon it's going to be
16363s hard for El cure nimbus yeah the meteor
16366s strike is gonna be giving up some space
16367s well as the Primal Rage can occupy for
16369s so much longer steady is on top of Aspen
16372s and she backs away and altiora really
16375s utilizing their space dwell sound bear
16377s crawl tour they have just way more
16379s Health to work with barcode is in their
16381s dark monkeys is missing out on damage
16383s Aspen will teleport out of getting
16386s troubled from the Primal Rage as author
16387s and Nimbus are ahead but they need to
16390s remove dark monkeys completely to win
16392s this map and as the chaos ensues the
16395s dart monkeys you can never count them
16397s out somehow xamarin is just getting
16399s escorted around by SK and was able to
16402s just get all these kills including even
16403s even SK fragging out it was all to your
16406s that were at 99 and dark monkeys turn it
16409s around at the last second overtime goes
16412s away and City Center goes to Dart
16413s monkeys how do they keep doing it how
16416s does Dart monkeys keep coming back last
16418s second after losing one just
16420s continuously even though steady found
16422s that opening pick on the Winston it
16424s wasn't enough to stop like you mentioned
16426s SK and the rest of Team Dark monkeys
16428s coming back in a four versus five
16430s scenario and I mean it's been a lot more
16432s viable I think in five versus five to
16434s actually come back when you're down a
16436s member right in six versus six I mean it
16438s is pretty hard to lose a member but at
16441s the same time in four and four versus
16443s fives that's actually pretty rare I
16444s changed my mind here actually a little
16445s bit women I'm changing the analysis four
16447s versus five is actually really hard to
16449s win somehow dark monkeys winning two
16451s four versus fives in hindsight that's at
16454s the time I thought it wasn't that crazy
16455s now I'm looking back at it how did Dart
16457s monkey just win that round
16459s it's insane like sometimes they would
16461s get punished and but they were just way
16463s better at punishing all tour especially
16465s during the casino Rush of me man now
16466s it's the fight for The High Ground here
16467s on Oasis Gardens altiora's bubble has
16470s been popped physically and morally is 6
16472s hp barcode is punished by the disruptor
16475s shot by before valtiora as they have The
16477s High Ground Dart monkeys will hide in
16479s the corridor all to yourself to be
16480s careful how they enter this especially
16482s with the reaper of zamrit has been a
16484s real threat especially with the uh taxi
16486s of SK looks like the point will be
16488s capped in a second by altior as Dart
16490s monkeys wait for the reinforcements I
16492s loved how sen played that just tossing
16493s that disruptive shot at the staircase
16495s already early on in that fight really
16497s shut down Dart monkeys on the inside and
16499s moving fish taking a lot of poke coming
16501s in and using bubbles not good but off
16503s the back of a barcode pick that just
16505s enables our monkey to come to this point
16507s for free yeah as a sojourn you can build
16509s up a lot of energy off of these Winston
16511s Bubbles and not give him the attention
16513s but the people around him and that's how
16515s dark monkeys namely barcode got that
16517s first pick and now the second five feet
16519s three as Dart monkeys to send altiora
16522s packing after only giving up 30 to them
16525s not too bad you had a little Reaper to
16527s just delay the point for a bit sorry so
16529s you will go down but about 34 35 is 36
16532s again no but it's almost identical the
16535s first round where it went over to 36
16536s before the Point Flip but altiora a
16538s little bit behind in ultimates even
16539s though they had the Point Flip first
16540s dark monkeys did a great job farming up
16542s those ultimates they'll have like a
16544s two-head watch first they'll have a
16545s Primal Rage first up as well the both
16547s teams are totally fine taking this
16549s neutral game katune rush and we'll see
16551s if Aspen's 10 difference here is is
16553s going to make us flash this fight she's
16556s gonna be real close to it now has it in
16559s a second I wonder if it's just gonna be
16560s insta pop with that first pick do you
16562s need it both Reapers exchange for V4
16564s Dart monkeys just keeping all to your
16566s tracks in this hallway and carriage
16568s decides to invest the sound barrier in
16570s response to the Aspen kiriko uh tsune
16573s Rush SK sound Bearer second a lot more
16575s value Dart monkeys have the health
16577s they're gonna play aggressive and they
16579s even had the problem Rage of moving fish
16581s to assure how Fiora stay trapped now
16584s that the re-engage remote to your
16585s because they really didn't lose that
16586s many members could soon rush and the
16588s Primal Rage but as soon as they emerge
16590s barcode found the foreheads she might
16592s need to find some healers though she is
16594s very unhealthy and darmonkeys still have
16597s the point but for really how long I
16599s don't know it doesn't seem like they
16600s actually can get sustained on this point
16602s but they're actually doing so they had
16603s the Lucio Hills they had the kariko
16605s heals from Aspen who came back and off a
16607s barcode not dying there 5 HP at the
16609s staircase just phenomenal play from her
16611s and the rest of Dart monkeys to sustain
16613s their moving fish as well earlier on in
16616s that fight to not go down and even use a
16618s little bit suzu from Aspen Shore but to
16620s not die as fast as you were in previous
16621s rounds really enabled Dart monkeys to do
16624s work on the comeback barcode also trade
16626s back sensored was a huge pick that they
16628s found early on
16629s art monkeys one fight away from taking
16631s our first map it is a first to three all
16634s Tiora gonna see if they can get any pigs
16636s starting with these overclock they're
16637s gonna play really safe bubble placement
16639s from moving fish is fine but of course
16641s there's many doors send she's looking
16642s for any Targets on The High Ground it's
16644s a tough ankle to cut now that ultimate
16646s is done and all two door have already
16647s used a couple of important cooldowns
16649s including the raid from the reaper of
16650s essel will have to hang around a little
16652s bit more but somebody has to touch
16655s Around The High Ground but they forgot
16657s about the objective dark monkeys tank
16660s map number one I can't believe it nobody
16662s touched the point yet again I mean this
16665s always happens in OverWatch 2 with 5 vs
16667s five but at a certain point right in
16669s practice you would hope somebody would
16671s get there but unfortunately for them
16673s they will be going down 2-0 in this
16675s first round sorry losing one map in this
16677s first to three which can be absolutely
16679s crucial right dark monkeys you can't
16681s really give them any leeway you can't
16683s give them any ground because they'll
16685s just do what they did and they'll just
16686s they'll sweep you right there's a
16688s potential for a 3-0 over over Altura
16690s nimbusin Nemesis no team to mess around
16692s with but if they're gonna drop rounds to
16694s not even touching the point it's going
16695s to be rough for them lemon yeah I think
16698s it the job was a lot easier for Dart
16699s monkeys now that they were able to
16701s defend Oasis Gardens having that sojourn
16703s on The High Ground And also the way
16705s barcode player played her life the way
16707s that if they were ever pushed even
16708s slightly she sat in the hallway used the
16711s corners we saw how many times she got
16712s away with 5 HP sen who used her her
16715s overclock got bubbled off and that's
16718s just the nature of having to to uh
16720s attack from that point I think if they
16721s were gonna depend more on sojourn maybe
16723s use more of the middle of the map rather
16724s than the hallway I feel like they were a
16726s lot more accessible by the Winston
16728s rather if you play in the middle of the
16729s map then you have a lot more distance
16730s and I don't think a Reaper and a Winston
16732s would want to just jump out of the
16734s objective towards you if if
16737s um uh altior wanted to depend on that
16738s poke a little bit more yeah I mean they
16740s really have to figure out that play
16742s style and I guess to maybe turn things
16744s to a bit of a positive or dark monkeys I
16746s mean they're looking so much better I
16747s like how you mentioned barcode living
16748s with five HP there just so many times
16751s they've she's done such a good job with
16753s this team to actually revolutionize her
16755s play style and figure out a bit more and
16757s actually you know get those pick-offs
16759s and live in situations where they would
16760s have died earlier right maybe earlier on
16761s in the tournament they didn't actually
16763s live barcode unfortunately got picked
16765s off a few times earlier on in day number
16767s one but coming day number three as the
16770s tournament goes on as the stakes go
16771s higher it seems like barcode is just
16773s playing better and better playing their
16775s lives and getting pick-offs on the other
16777s sojourn that impact cannot be
16779s understated oh yeah a couple of first
16782s picks going to barcode I knew I didn't
16784s over hyper I knew she can deliver it and
16786s we've also delivered you a map pick all
16789s thanks to altior Nimbus after losing
16791s first map he decided to go to King's Row
16794s which is not too bad it's not the
16795s longest range of map except that first
16797s point it is very narrow so I wonder are
16799s we gonna stick to the Winston or go for
16801s something that has more Russian brawl
16803s potential that's a good point actually I
16805s don't know it's tough to say I mean I I
16807s hate to be that analyst doesn't tell you
16810s what like the thing is there's so many
16812s different options I think in this
16813s current meta right you could run that
16815s arrest so you could run the roadhog you
16817s could do a bunch when you run the
16818s Winston like we just saw on those Maps
16819s but King's Row specifically like you
16821s mentioned does enable those brawl
16823s compositions in which I would I would go
16825s to far go as far as say a few Group Me
16826s Lemon it seems like erisa has become
16829s that new Brawley character right where
16830s you kind of sustain you run into the
16832s other team and it's kind of like Jungle
16834s Queen where these fights last forever
16835s because of this uh this orisa shift she
16838s has so much health so much armor so much
16841s sustain and all you got to do you either
16842s put you put some sort of healer and
16844s kariko has been that healer to just
16845s sustain through these fights where they
16847s just last like five years and before you
16849s know it you see this fight's been
16850s happening and you look two minutes have
16852s passed three minutes have passed four
16853s minutes past you're like wait his first
16854s fight even ended so on a map like King's
16857s Row I wouldn't be surprised if we saw
16858s that Aristo composition like you saw
16860s like you said lemon yeah I think erisa
16862s really excels in the neutral game
16863s because her ultimate is just so weak
16865s it's like a budget kind of bad graviton
16868s surge where you're really using it for
16870s that initial pull and slow rather than
16873s really the damage you get out of it
16874s because things like a suzu from kiriko
16876s just kills that immediately
16879s um so I think erisa is really good at
16881s holding space especially with her
16882s Javelin spin just being able to bully a
16884s Winston is so powerful whenever like you
16887s kind of struggle in a tank if a wrist is
16889s always a good break glass bring out the
16891s erisa but both teams are going to stick
16893s to the Winston and that's fine it's just
16896s very narrow at certain points especially
16899s at point B where there's not a lot of
16900s high grounds to sit on what OverWatch
16902s players love to do this as well I mean
16903s we have to remember OverWatch players
16905s just like if we if there's a composition
16906s that thinks best they think nothing else
16908s is going to come close and it seems to
16910s be that every situation in the Pro play
16912s and also when it comes to calling all
16914s heroes as well in this qualifier number
16916s two both fights both teams taking that
16918s even fight towards the statue and
16920s already Isuzu used on Nimbus so look at
16921s this dark monkeys are trying to take
16922s advantage of that such a good engage
16924s from Dart monkeys altiora used their
16926s bubble first got immediately uh busted
16928s steady jump back and that's where dark
16930s monkeys identify that window of engage
16932s jumped on it found a pick into the back
16934s line and that's all she wrote Dart
16936s monkeys get the point first and I would
16937s have liked to see steady be in a in a
16940s less in a position of being in the way
16942s of fire if they took so much poke and
16944s had to use cooldowns without having any
16946s point to it the only understanding I
16948s could think of maybe is they want to
16949s hold that choke where they like play
16951s around the statue on the left side and
16952s push forward deep into enemy territory
16955s but dark monkeys it looks like you're
16956s well aware of that and just pushed the
16957s pace onto Altoona Nimbus before they can
16959s even set up their potential game plan
16961s and now that gives Dart monkey the cart
16963s and an ultimate Advantage coming up soon
16964s with Aspen's consumer Rush that I'm sure
16966s she's gonna pop early but actually on
16967s the other side sorry Neiman we're gonna
16969s have a continued rush so it's up to
16970s alter your Nimbus to fight this at the
16972s choke point which this point is really
16973s hard to fight for defense
16976s disgusting even with a disruptor shot
16978s you can line up those targets real nice
16980s and again you charge up so much of the
16982s sojourn energy off of that Winston
16984s bubble so you got to be careful if
16986s you're the enemy who has to duel a
16987s sojourn I mean really you can't stop a
16989s headshot of course it is a one shot but
16991s it's just about your jumps you know you
16992s don't want to move too predictably
16994s around the sojourn and you want to try
16996s and see if you see that sojourn charged
16998s up maybe use your wraith cooldown a
17000s little bit sooner to get out but you
17002s know it's sometimes it's just not lucky
17004s to be honest on that second Point uh and
17007s then that like choke point it's really
17009s hard to actually fight on defense it
17011s always just feels like that fight is
17012s unwinnable because you don't have a lot
17013s of cover the offense is going to have a
17015s lot of that payload cover a lot of that
17017s uh all potentially they can just go
17018s first so you kind of have to push into
17019s the enemy team spawn to get any value on
17021s defense but this point it should be a
17023s lot easier with all this cover with all
17024s this High Ground for this defensive team
17026s of all through our Nimbus yeah first
17027s bubble for all Tiora second from Dart
17029s monkeys that's out of the picture
17030s Kitsune Rush is ready rival from Dart
17033s monkeys I'm thinking they want to play
17034s aggressive and so they do defensive
17036s bubble place else you were respecting
17038s that space can shoot a rush first or
17040s Dart monkeys and me man just pop stairs
17042s now as altiora just want to punish Dart
17045s monkeys while they're in too deep see
17047s moving fish backed away not even using
17049s the Primal because they want to use it
17050s at the last second but xamarin gets head
17053s shot again and wow both sojourn's gone
17056s so dark monkeys really how far can they
17058s get this you see this Primal Rage is so
17061s close to killing this kiriko until the
17064s sound bear came out from care that was a
17066s massive save on the back line yeah now
17068s SK is gonna have theirs ready to go for
17070s next fight as well and if steady
17072s actually goes a little too far forward
17073s they could find their head ripped off
17074s but I did like how Ultra Nimbus played
17076s that I mean to fall back into the cover
17078s this is why we said on this point it's
17080s very easy it's easier for the defense to
17081s hold here because you have so much room
17083s to fall back you'll have a health pack
17084s to fall back to the map geometry really
17086s is a huge deal especially on King's Row
17088s where every piece of cover matters and
17091s every old you can actually waste out of
17092s the enemy team is really really
17094s important
17095s oh is it ending now sen you gotta prove
17098s it to me sound barrier early from SK oh
17101s the death blossom into them and Care is
17104s gone it's a four versus four as Dart
17106s monkeys still looking for the point B
17108s cap they got a lot of time to do it
17109s where is this that Blossom at Estill
17111s came from above I'll took a body shot
17114s from the sojourn not feeling too good
17116s gonna back away and I looked at all tour
17119s play safe they play him they disengage
17121s and dark monkeys got nothing done
17123s they're just playing these points so
17125s well I mean dark monkeys they have to
17126s rely on this kitsuna Rush next fight but
17128s to get no value out of sk's beat drop
17130s because they got picked off by sensuck
17131s who has been playing Amazing by the way
17133s has to be rough for sure but Dart
17136s monkeys at the same time they're gonna
17137s push him now with that katuni rush and
17138s the overclocked lemon it's terrifying
17140s for Nimbus oh for clocking consume Rush
17144s everyone run hide the kids hide the wife
17146s barcode is on the field a few more
17148s readers away and it's a five versus
17150s three all to your it's about dying on
17152s card you know what to do do the
17153s dance do the death one oh that's a cat
17156s for Dart monkeys and almost four minutes
17158s for C
17159s yeah really good time for Dart monkeys
17161s so far but Nimbus can't feel too bad I
17163s mean that street Space is really hard to
17165s hold on defense yes there are portions
17166s where it gets easier and easier as you
17168s go on through king's doors everybody
17169s knows third point this is gonna be the
17171s real test for dark monkeys now as they
17173s try to build ultimates in this spawn
17174s door oh I don't know about that gets
17177s Suite Rush dark monkeys were already
17178s leaving but with the speed of care maybe
17180s you can catch one person so close to
17182s killing barcode how does she keep living
17184s with 5 HP now that Kitsune Rush did
17187s nothing but scare them
17189s I mean no it's pretty much uh wasted uh
17191s continuing Rush there from even but I
17192s understand the point I guess to maybe
17194s create some space where you're getting
17195s worried that dark monkeys are gonna push
17196s a little too far forward
17198s but uh that's why they call it dog
17199s manual sometimes you don't really get
17200s good value out of your ultimates you
17201s know that's so mean don't bully my
17204s friend like that but they're monkeys
17206s they're the ones doing all the bullying
17207s they're probably raging and the spawns
17209s of altr can we chill out please sense
17211s like please I don't know where my spawn
17213s room is there's too many colors at this
17214s point Dart monkeys got all the kills
17216s they're wraith and back and they're a
17218s few meters away from having a huge time
17221s bank now they touch the payload they
17223s have that beat drop as well with the
17225s overclock how does art monkeys close out
17226s right here it's about it's a matter of
17228s looking for this back line I think and
17230s with that katsune Rush dark monkeys they
17232s have all of the four pressure on ascends
17234s sucked in that ultimate
17235s barcode is also on The High Ground you
17238s cannot let her live there sen has no
17240s angle to take a sound barrier from Dart
17242s monkeys they have the house so they have
17244s the Firepower and they try to deal with
17245s this Primal Rage of steady who has been
17247s at least removed temporarily got suited
17250s on the engage but it's the back line
17252s that's just crumbling for all Tiara dark
17254s monkeys haven't lost anyone on this
17256s engage wow what a performance two
17259s minutes and five seconds on this attack
17262s that's pretty good this team is looking
17264s so good I don't know if it's the power
17265s of Jay lolk but at the unit they've been
17268s doing a great job and specifically I
17270s guess moving fish too like this team as
17272s a whole just even two days ago they
17274s didn't look anything like they do right
17276s now they look like a force to be
17277s reckoned they look like a like a like a
17279s super team almost with moving fish with
17281s barcode and and you know I would say
17283s that in day one SK and Aspen and their
17285s back line took a lot of the uh the shine
17287s maybe away from the other members of
17289s dark monkeys not a anything due to the
17292s to their own skill but I would say like
17294s the team has been centered Rising so
17296s well where it allows the carries of this
17298s meta the Winston in the sojourn to truly
17300s pop off and moving fish and barcode
17302s really have been doing that thus far
17304s that's so fast dark monkeys they went
17307s under they went undefeated in the Swiss
17309s bracket altiora one of the few teams
17311s they lost to guess who it was dark
17314s monkeys so I mean the score is starting
17317s to be settled here both these teams have
17319s qualified into the main event so the
17321s script rights itself they might even
17322s meet again where the stakes are even
17324s higher where there's money on the line I
17326s mean thousands of thousands of dollars
17328s in the main event and seating matters so
17331s much this is what's being decided here
17333s today altiora down in the series they're
17336s not down too bad yet they gotta go and
17338s complete the map and with the snowball
17341s that you could create on King's role
17342s it's very possible to match that time
17344s bank well you know what's funny is that
17346s I believe both uh teams well I guess if
17348s you don't qualify or if rather if you
17350s get if you win the entire tournament you
17352s will be going against I believe another
17353s Altura team unless it's 130 time zone so
17356s we could see an ultra Nimbus versus
17358s altiora uh lineup in the actual finals
17361s in December oh moving fish is very low
17364s so was study which Reaper can really get
17366s the punish and wow we got a four versus
17369s four remember respawns are closer for
17371s all tiers so through every Skirmish of
17373s things are even they're gonna get the
17375s reinforcements back quicker and they're
17376s the ones that can take the point so Dart
17378s monkeys have to play this smart and play
17380s it disengage if things get a little
17382s hairy and I don't think they really know
17384s how to do that they are losing bodies
17386s left and right the attacking teams on
17388s the point s case somehow killing
17390s Winston's and dark monkeys are kind of
17392s coming back oh no it was a scrappy fight
17395s did not work out for Nimbus Nimbus were
17397s fully in control but mieman and kuropia
17400s I guess they were a little bit separated
17401s from each other and then also losing sen
17402s sucked early on they didn't have a lot
17404s of that damage that maybe they assumed
17406s they had and now moving fish is feeling
17408s confident enough to go all the way
17409s towards the spawn doors which is five
17410s members so that's how you know we're
17411s talking monkeys mental spaces at right
17413s now
17414s I'm just surprised alterior couldn't
17415s even get a single tick and I think he
17417s pointed it right right out it's they got
17419s split up and we're so close again that
17421s first 33 percent as K
17424s oh okay not getting avoided yet in this
17427s lobby but barcode gets the punish on
17428s five versus four for the defense
17431s oh they want more they got booped away
17433s or no they're just hanging around on the
17435s bus and Aspen's got to be very grateful
17437s for us but at this point those suzus
17438s have been crazy to actually land these
17440s to save their Lucio so many times you're
17442s not even seeing really I mean no like
17444s mieman hasn't been able to get that
17446s value to the suzu like Aspen has where
17447s Aspen just allowing their team to just
17449s play so aggressive and then bailing them
17451s out every time SUNY Rush from Dart
17453s monkeys on the defense
17455s AC Alto going through a hotel and they
17458s still get a jump on the care and well uh
17461s Hmong moving fish continues to move
17463s towards the squad room doors you want an
17466s ego check high five that spot room door
17468s that's when you're gonna get into the
17469s head of your opponent ultimate for some
17471s reason I imagine Winston is a flopping
17473s fish around now after you said that he's
17475s just flopping at you maybe maybe the
17476s devs will add a little game mode for
17478s that no I wish
17484s for this fight also the Primal Rage but
17486s Dart monkeys look how many olds they
17487s have here lemon they have four ultimates
17489s coming to this next fight
17490s how's this gonna work it's your day rush
17492s I think is the most important one for
17493s all tour they're gonna pop that
17494s immediately sound bear in response from
17496s SK but it doesn't hit zambrit so sen
17498s gets the punish five versus four for all
17501s to your when does care want to use the
17502s sound Berry well you don't even need it
17504s because the Primal Rage is steady is
17506s just doing so much work they've gotten
17508s the first take and maybe the second SK
17511s little demon has been removed from the
17514s lobby for now as altr will be capping
17517s I mean that's four minutes off the clock
17518s though so dark monkeys has to ask the
17519s good about that however they did commit
17521s a lot of ultimates to try to win they
17523s only the only thing they'll have is that
17524s Reaper ultimate so the thing they're
17526s relying on here is all through your
17527s enemies to actually maybe feed with some
17529s of these ultimates maybe disengage they
17531s could heavily but at the same time I
17533s imagine Dart monkeys they're just going
17534s to want to go fast with this Repro and
17535s try to cash Nimbus out of position and
17538s they're setting up for this corner just
17539s for that
17540s what kind of snowball can you create it
17543s starts with the overclock and might as
17545s well a spot spotted barcode and just
17546s kind of preemptively jumped it's all
17548s Tiora continuing to chase him but not
17551s really too aggressively because you just
17553s never know as you turn your head around
17554s the corner there could be a charge of
17556s sojourn and your fight's just so dead
17558s and that was a critical headshot on the
17560s barcode not enough to kill her that's
17561s moving first she's gonna jump in less
17563s than half Health the suzu has to be
17565s thrown
17569s and his Dart monkey's losing too but it
17573s was a critical sound beer from caraval
17575s to your to assure success to this
17577s attacking team unfortunately for uh for
17580s dark monkeys there that position that
17582s they wanted to fight is not optimal in
17583s King's Row usually you see people fight
17585s in the second phase more towards the
17586s beginning towards the arch or towards
17588s the end of the second phase and now
17590s they're the committed ultimates to come
17591s against the katune rush where Nimbus has
17593s all the space to work with here all they
17595s have to do is pop it early and just run
17597s on Dart monkeys as soon as they know
17598s their position
17599s oh they're gonna keep on running all
17601s right all Tiara is the snowball we were
17604s worried about could soon a rush they
17606s have it for the last fight of point B
17607s dark monkeys they're trying to hide but
17610s can they live and you don't have me man
17612s don't watch you or have such limited
17613s heals and they use the sound Bearer last
17615s fight so they don't have the the
17617s resources for an extended fight but
17619s steady might be able to just
17622s over and they kill two that is insane
17625s three and a half minutes for LT or for C
17628s it looked like dark monkeys wanted to
17630s win that fight but good for them to
17631s actually save those ultimates coming to
17632s this this fight it may be a blessing in
17634s disguise however Nimbus to just roll
17635s through their streets phase and have
17637s three minute time make on their point
17638s that's great for them however having
17640s this huge ultimate disadvantage is gonna
17642s be rough in less than so I can build
17644s that overclock
17646s altior I haven't lost a fight in a while
17649s since the start of the round Primal Rage
17652s available for Dart monkeys and an
17653s overclock combine that as a pain
17655s sandwich else here we're gonna be ready
17656s for this as uh oh that's all it's been
17659s separated from the in the bubble in
17661s the middle gets barcode all the streets
17662s in the world to take headshots into the
17664s backline of all tour that emerged to
17666s maybe help out Esso who was out of
17668s position Dark Monkey I think if you're
17670s all terror you're okay with this let
17671s them use olds it's okay
17673s yeah yeah this is totally fine for all
17675s two or Nimbus to just waste out that
17677s overclock because we have to bear in
17678s mind barcode has been dangerous like you
17680s mentioned with that overclock and then
17682s she's even been dangerous without
17683s overclock we're just having that railgun
17685s shot so it's always a fact that you have
17687s to look out for is this sojourn on dark
17689s monkeys and sensok's been doing kind of
17690s the same thing but only to an overly
17692s aggressive Lucio of SK sometimes
17694s overclock from sen is it over in the
17697s hallway oh no the probable rage you're
17699s getting tossed
17700s this is not gonna work out what shots
17702s can you take if you can't even see
17704s oh dark monkeys all right before you're
17706s not even let them go back to spawn the
17708s disrespect moving fish all right dark
17711s monkeys back to back
17713s moving fish has really revitalized
17715s themselves leading into Sunday into
17717s today and that's been really a factor
17719s for Dar monkeys to do as well as they
17721s have at the other side Nimbus use that
17722s overclock and not coming to his next
17724s fight they don't really have as big of
17725s it as an advantage as they once had they
17727s just have to reap rope that loose salt
17729s and that colico with dark monkeys I'm
17731s sure SK is gonna perfectly time their
17732s beat drop to counter Nimbus as planned
17734s yeah and then you just wait for The
17735s katuni Rush of me men and that's the big
17738s winning condition that ltora can work
17740s towards the time bank difference isn't
17742s too bad but if they lose this fight it's
17743s not too good sound beer is dropped care
17745s calls care calls for the fight engage
17748s but they they want to burst a bubble of
17750s moving fish first now the Kitsune Rush
17751s on top of that that sounds didn't really
17753s do much that's Blossom at the back from
17755s essel has been punished by Aspen you got
17758s a 4v4 and LTR just can't afford to lose
17760s anyone on these engages remember the
17763s respawn Advantage for the defense is so
17765s strong that if you just lose anyone on
17767s the attack you're just losing momentum
17769s Aspen somehow back in this fight though
17772s the Primal Rage has to be popped mistake
17773s they assumed they would kill moving fish
17774s there but Aspen is teleported right
17776s under the Winston to spawn they pop the
17778s reaper off to gain some space maybe for
17779s a steady to fall back hopefully they
17781s wish they got some ultimates or they got
17782s some kills there because now said he
17784s found SK they're down there Lucio
17786s against the katsune rush they do have
17788s that support now so Nimbus has to fall
17790s back even though they found that early
17791s pick oh you're so happy if you're all
17793s too or maybe not about this time bank
17795s but the fact you got so many important
17796s ultimates out salabear death Blossom
17798s katsune rush now all tioras don't have
17801s to worry about anything but the Primal
17802s Rage and maybe an overclive but then as
17805s soon as they approach they get stomped
17806s on by moving fish an actual bully in
17809s this Lobby by the way not even stopping
17811s as the Primal Rage you don't even need
17812s it because Kara was like one HP 13
17815s seconds left if all te or don't get
17817s something done dark monkeys are going to
17819s series point they have to swap to that
17821s Tracer to go touch that point can they
17823s really do so against moving fish no
17825s moving fish just jumps on the Tracer on
17827s the inside and it's only steady to touch
17829s the point over time takes down the
17831s Lucio's coming to touch but it's too
17832s little too late unfortunately all Tira
17835s Nimbus are gonna go down two in this
17837s series so far to Dart monkeys
17840s that is clinical just when you thought
17842s out your Nimbus for cooking up something
17845s good they hadn't lost a fight till Point
17848s C happened while till specifically
17850s moving fish happened that that Winston
17852s is scary aggressive and I would like to
17855s see essel shift her attention more
17858s towards punishing the Winston that's
17860s kind of like the best thing you can do
17862s burst the bubble quickly Force the
17865s Winston out and then kind of take it one
17867s step at a time I'm seeing maybe
17868s go for a lot of teleport plays kind of
17870s death blossoms out in the open and you
17872s really have to take like kind of go step
17874s by step make sure the surgeons out of
17876s the fight before that because you're
17877s just gonna get head shot make sure they
17879s don't have Primal didn't really wait for
17881s that
17882s um because s was getting punished a lot
17883s and I'd like to see them maybe just play
17885s more front to back
17886s I think it might be a bit of a team
17888s Synergy problem at the current moment
17890s for team Nimbus sadly I mean it seems
17892s like dark monkeys over the course of
17893s three days have progressed so much and
17895s Nimbus have kind of stagnated to some
17896s degree right it's a little bit hard for
17898s them to actually make these changes
17900s mid-tournament because not only are you
17902s making these mistakes in the tournament
17903s but also you have to think about fixing
17905s these mistakes mid matches in which
17907s sometimes lemon you could easily over
17909s overestimate what you got to do right
17910s maybe kill the Winston for example right
17912s but then what do you do you try to kill
17913s the Winston now you don't have any
17914s Frontline pressures so there's so many
17915s things you know going on in their minds
17917s I'm sure where it's very hard to
17919s actually make such huge changes so I
17921s guess like you mentioned go step by step
17923s try to do these things slowly and maybe
17925s eventually they could fix some of the
17927s problems they're having at the current
17928s moment
17929s I was I would say altiora and nimbus's
17931s best showing though like I I felt like
17934s it got away from them in terms of the
17936s coordination but King's Row it got that
17938s much better but when it comes to Synergy
17941s you can't deny what dark monkeys have
17942s done my favorite play of that entire map
17944s was when moving fish just placed a
17946s bubble like right in the middle of Point
17948s C Barco just sat in it popped overclock
17951s it started popping heads I was like oh
17953s man and I think um it was just an
17955s awkward position for all Tiora to be in
17957s because Esso had pushed in mega pack
17959s room and they were still heading back to
17961s spawns so the supports were like can we
17963s help her and then uh when they tried to
17966s do that they got head shot by barcode uh
17967s and there's nothing you could do about
17968s that because she's sitting in Winston
17970s bubble and if your Winston could set up
17972s your DPS like that that bubble is such
17974s an important safe space for your DPS to
17976s operate in yeah and barcode is one to
17979s take advantage of that there's not many
17980s sojourns that to be fair to the to other
17983s sojourns and other Winston players not
17984s many sojourns that could do uh what
17987s she's doing and she's been around in the
17988s scene for such a long time in the
17989s OverWatch Community to pop off as she's
17992s still doing after years of playing
17994s OverWatch is kind of it's kind of insane
17996s to be honest you have to play at a high
17998s level to continuously be able to do this
17999s well and continuously be one of the best
18002s sojourns that we have in the entirety of
18005s OverWatch because it's not very common
18006s to come across players that could do
18008s what barcode is doing right and and to
18010s be honest barcode as well is a pretty
18011s reasonable person to not actually maybe
18013s have a bit of an ego and do whatever
18015s some of these other surgeons are uh do
18016s at the overall scale when you have to
18018s hit those shots
18019s well we've hit our halftime point in our
18022s first semi-final of our calling all
18023s heroes Challenger Cup qualifier number
18025s two we're gonna take a quite a short
18027s break St Paul's tour can get their
18029s bearings Dart monkeys are gonna get Jake
18030s OverWatch on the phone and we'll see you
18032s after this
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18216s welcome back everybody to calling all
18218s heroes Challenger cup we're in the
18220s middle of a sizzling series between the
18222s dark monkeys and altiora Nimbus and our
18224s first semi-final to see who's going to
18226s the Grands and yeah dark monkey's kind
18230s of good yeah they do be kind of good
18232s though and I I think like overall they
18234s look really strong compared to like I
18237s said two days ago like the team looks
18239s almost like a completely different team
18240s lemon they're just doing everything
18242s right and coming into Route 66 that's
18244s another map where Winston's gonna be
18246s terrifying and moving fish the entire
18248s time has been popping off doing those
18250s getting getting huge value Primal Rage
18252s getting huge value to positioning
18253s getting huge even utility out of bubble
18256s which how often do you even see like you
18258s mentioned before we went to break how
18259s often do you see a Winston bubbling for
18261s sojourns to get value out of your
18263s sojourn railgun yeah and that also
18266s speaks to just the kind of difference in
18268s Winston play between moving fish and
18270s steady I would say I'd like to see and
18272s we already saw it apparently
18274s um on steady's defense where the they
18277s just kind of sat on Statue they put
18278s bubble down jumped away and then dark
18280s monkeys just chased after them you don't
18282s want to be the first to pop your very
18284s important cooldowns like your bubble
18286s that's like your get out of jail free
18288s card along with your Reaper wraith and
18290s stuff like that as casters we watch for
18291s that as players they do that even more
18294s as soon as you see that window of engage
18296s you see dark dark monkeys they
18297s immediately Dart after them so I want to
18299s see steady just be more conscientious of
18302s how they're using their bubble and what
18303s they're accomplishing with that bubble
18305s are you splitting up the fight are you
18307s defending for your sojourn are you
18309s creating a nice happy camp for your
18311s sojourn steady has to think of a lot of
18313s things yeah and I I want to just expand
18315s on it I guess a little bit like you
18316s mentioned that Reaper or sorry that
18318s Winston bubble there's so many other
18320s things like that as well that everybody
18321s all these players are looking for right
18323s it's that Winston bubble it's the kiriko
18325s uh suzu it's Reaper fade right all these
18328s things you see one of those they pounce
18330s on those things and it's kind of harder
18331s to tell I guess when we're watching the
18332s games you see like you like how often do
18335s you can see this half a second Zuzu
18336s right like you're just not it's not very
18338s odd like you see like them glow for a
18340s second like it's really hard to tell so
18341s a lot of the times if they if these
18343s players may be engaged too far for maybe
18345s your opinion and a lot of times because
18347s they're seeing some of these old or some
18348s of these abilities be used that can be
18350s totally fight winning and fight changing
18352s that's why kariko is even meta because
18354s who's been so damn strong to give you
18356s invulnerability and to also give her
18358s invulnerability on her teleporter kariko
18360s it just makes this character so damn
18362s strong and it really applies to every
18365s character in the cast of this current
18366s meta I just love her kit too I think the
18369s teleport is makes her completely
18372s undivable like you want to force that
18374s out early you want to notice um that
18376s teleport too especially if you're
18377s running a Winston Cup which we might be
18380s moving away from we'll see in a second
18381s of moving fish sticks to the Hammond or
18383s Winston but both kind of occupy the same
18386s type of dive-esque thing but I think
18388s having to get a lot more mobility and
18390s survivability while as Winston couldn't
18392s hold space for a lot longer oh yeah
18394s Winston pretty much the absolute uh I
18397s mean it's not even like overkid he's
18399s just such a good character in this
18400s current meta right just continuously
18402s like you said play them play their lives
18403s jump away on short cooldowns and have
18405s utility for their team I mean Winston's
18407s perfect for the current situation
18409s oh that's a first pig from the attack
18412s Dartmouth you're just playing in this
18415s Metro and they kind of stuck in the
18417s middle of Metro in the next corner and
18418s didn't really decide if they wanted to
18420s engage or disengage and send just falls
18423s off the map so clean fight for Dart
18425s monkeys is that what I am I allowed to
18427s call this out here yeah did I just see
18428s zamrit uh doing a little bit of Crouch
18430s motion detector and they fall off the
18433s map is that is that real can I do it you
18435s know it's yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it's
18437s Warrior One Warrior Two
18438s Mr Zen coming into uh well actually
18441s that's like the opposite isn't it it's a
18442s little bit of a I don't know they're
18444s doing some yoga you know that's my
18445s analysis here they're doing some yoga oh
18447s God a moving fish got so low jumps back
18450s to the card all Fiora have The High
18451s Ground but dark monkeys are playing on
18453s the other side of the sign not sure how
18454s long you want to stay there for but
18456s giving the sojourn The High Ground is
18457s where she could get so many better
18458s angles and send proves to be right
18460s Snipes SK down if your Dart monkeys
18463s though this isn't the worst position you
18464s could play Under big Earls have access
18465s to the mega and just play out a line of
18468s sight so the high you can avoid The High
18471s Ground and play smart but Dart monkey's
18473s got hosed on so not gonna happen now
18475s else you're actually doing a great job
18476s so far on this defensive side as Sen's
18479s trying to get value but it's just
18480s constantly feeling a moving fish jumping
18481s on that but now the adjustments easel's
18483s coming back for that Winston as SK did
18485s find sen finally but look how much
18487s pressure they're putting on the sand and
18489s they can't even set up the Sojourner
18490s shots on the barcode all two are trying
18492s to play safe because they lost sen and
18494s they re-engage with the katsune rush of
18496s me man and dark monkeys just Round the
18498s Corner every time you see a katsune rush
18500s a Baptist amplification Matrix don't
18503s fight into it you're gonna lose it 100
18505s of the time disengage respect it wait
18507s for it to leave and go back dark monkeys
18509s do just that back on The High Ground
18510s that Blossom from the defensive Altura
18513s they'll give even the sound barrier to
18515s give that sustain over as meters away
18517s dark monkeys will be sent away I'm
18519s liking this out here and Nimbus has been
18521s playing perfectly since suck is being
18523s hard focused start monkeys their main
18525s strategy their only strategy they've
18526s been doing is get rid of the soldiering
18528s of the side and now the out your Nimbus
18530s knows that it has taken them to Maps
18532s they're starting to counter by letting
18534s sen just continually run away eventually
18536s die but as long as they trade back and
18538s allow themselves to waste dark monkeys
18541s healing in the back line and allow them
18543s to actually waste their cooldowns that's
18545s how they find the kills here okay you
18546s force out the teleport of Aspen you see
18548s steady just looking for it but the sound
18550s barrier from SK buys them a lot of time
18553s Dart monkeys needing to figure out a
18555s plan see if they can burn now this
18556s Winston steady at 200 hp we'll jump back
18559s to the end right into the death Blossom
18562s of Severin 2K as dark monkeys head for
18566s the end of point a but it costs them a
18569s lot of time now on the offices side
18571s right the second bit okay send suck just
18573s nice little turning the DPI meter up is
18575s that a script or is that allowed here
18577s okay uh Dart monkeys though fantastic
18579s for them to finally cap out here but
18581s like you mentioned they only did it with
18582s a minute left now into the streets phase
18584s they can get this four positioning onto
18586s Ultra Nimbus so they could snowball past
18588s here and really they're hoping to
18590s capture out with three minutes in coming
18592s into third phase because this second
18594s phase it's so hard to come back on a
18595s defense because look at this they have
18597s to come to this tight choke versus so
18598s much spam
18599s well Tiara gonna see if they can push
18601s him off The High Ground they're
18602s successful at doing so and I think Dart
18604s monkey is disengaged because moving fish
18605s got their armor cracked and it's so
18608s important to play around your armor as a
18610s tank especially in OverWatch 2 as it's
18611s just that much stronger Dart monkeys are
18613s okay just getting some carp push getting
18615s a pathway through because that means if
18617s they win this next fight they'll pretty
18619s much Cap B can tune a rush activated
18621s from Aspen it's already a five on four
18623s after you picked off sen but moving fish
18626s didn't pop Primal that might have been
18629s just burst that overwhelm that they
18630s absolutely needed to use that Primal to
18632s survive in that moment and carry the
18633s momentum that Kitsune Rush provided them
18635s as a katune rush in response by the
18638s defense will clean up this fight for
18640s alteora and that's exactly what we were
18642s talking about before where altiora
18643s Nimbus are just trying to disengage they
18646s understand Zen suck is going to die
18647s because dark monkeys just want to take
18649s them out as long as easel can come back
18651s with the trades and kill one of Dart
18653s monkey Dart monkey doesn't know what to
18654s do after they kill sen suck they don't
18656s have any chain Focus after they get rid
18659s of the sojourn all they know is they got
18660s to take them out but since then Dart
18662s monkeys they're gonna have to elaborate
18664s on their playstyle maybe add some more
18666s to it after they get rid of sensuck
18668s so Dart monkeys go through cave just to
18670s deny some of the yellow West I think I
18672s just saw xamarin TP to the top of the
18674s bar and creatures in the back
18677s line and killed us Karen I know SKB
18679s skating around sometimes I don't know
18680s where she's at Dart monkeys they
18681s activate the Primal see how much space
18683s how much chaos can they produce well
18686s it's scared Alto enough to use the sound
18688s bear it's not like they're producing any
18689s kills out if it is almost the probable
18691s Rage of that Reaper off the map that
18693s still lives for now can't say this babe
18695s four Dart monkeys 3K for wrestle as Dart
18699s monkeys are gone again
18701s essel's been doing so well in this
18704s series thus far to counteract like we
18706s mentioned when dark monkeys have been
18707s doing they're just popping off killing
18709s SK early that's surprising actually what
18711s an opening pick for them on the top of
18713s that bar to get to get rid of SK who was
18715s going for that poop like you mentioned
18717s it's just so crucial and then they come
18719s back with that Reaper ultimate after the
18720s Zuzu was used with Aspen Chef gets
18723s perfectly timed
18724s another K push from Dart monkeys I think
18726s you could start the over clock as soon
18728s as you see anyone bar code what first
18730s pick can she get steady just moves past
18732s bubbles behind moving fish just realize
18735s this now drops to half Health sues you
18737s from Aspen assures their success now
18739s Dart monkeys use a sound bear to engage
18741s they'll see if they could burn down
18743s steady now they're gonna start to back
18744s away towards the end of point B they're
18746s getting really overwhelmed by the
18747s resource of Dart monkeys and of course
18749s they gotta respect that Kitsune Rush
18750s from Aspen still waiting for the DPS
18752s ultimates of Dartmouth monkeys but
18754s they're very far away overclocked being
18757s exchanged oh actually no uh now it is
18759s and said is getting pushed by a monkey
18762s and that's not gonna happen today Dart
18765s monkey though 15 seconds remaining and
18767s thank goodness they won this fight yeah
18770s they've committed pretty much every
18771s Ultimate there they're just gonna have
18772s that Pummel Ridge coming up in the next
18773s fight but with that with just that
18775s overclock steady was into the back line
18777s but unfortunately percent sucked you
18779s can't do much about barcode who has been
18781s just pumping in that damage even against
18784s steady on the Winston maybe steady would
18786s like a little bit more support from
18788s their team maybe Nimbus to actually push
18789s him with esol like they were doing
18791s before to allow steady to actually
18793s counter barcode but barcode has been
18795s doing a great job the team has been
18796s doing a great job of just peeling for
18797s barcode to find those gunshots in the
18800s overclock form oh they wanted to punish
18802s study there the armor is cracked they're
18804s very vulnerable they went to the top
18805s right but our monkey has still got a
18808s shot in so they'll kind of break through
18810s the start of Point C but you don't want
18812s to get too over eager here this is such
18814s a the most long-range part of the map so
18816s you can maybe start to think about how
18818s you want to establish yourselves on the
18819s top left of the American Truck
18822s to maybe set up over there would be
18824s crucial for Nimbus here to get that
18825s health pack especially since I've been
18826s low but no they came over to the left
18828s side flank to actually go early had to
18830s use their suzu pop the consume Rush it's
18833s in such an awkward position because now
18834s sen sucks inside of this Primal Rage and
18836s with them gone how does nimbus stabilize
18838s even with this katuni runs easel's being
18840s booped around as well in dark monkeys
18842s perfectly placed Primal Rage and a
18844s little bit of an aggressive Push by
18845s Nimbus oh I think moving fish wanted to
18848s grab Mega but it got stolen I think they
18850s might oh yeah they managed to survive I
18852s didn't like the start of that engage at
18853s all from all tour they had to move
18854s through a disruptor shot from uh sojourn
18856s so they all dropped down to half hell
18857s that's how dark monkeys got that first
18859s pick so Dart monkeys are a few meters
18861s away from capping this is last fight 12
18863s seconds left altiora have the ultimates
18866s and respawn Advantage surely you don't
18868s choke this right well all tours start to
18870s just at least Zone off the left Mecca
18872s packed side and the sound barrier from
18875s carrastrop but steady didn't get any of
18877s that sound beer a second from Dart
18878s monkeys as they only focus out the
18880s objective but moving fish is overwhelmed
18882s by a Reaper that was giving them
18885s the business four versus four overclock
18887s oh
18891s give her attention a lot sooner
18894s some on top and that's all she wrote for
18896s dark monkeys cap in the end of C
18899s I gotta feel for send sucked right now
18901s great job obviously from uh Dart monkeys
18903s but it looks like there's not getting
18904s enough support from their backline from
18906s their support right we notice on the
18908s other side barcode has been getting
18910s crazy heals from both SK yes you know SK
18912s is being that aggressive Lucio but SK is
18915s doing a great job at actually peeling
18916s for Barco when they need the heels Aspen
18918s immediately looking at barcode and
18920s barcode is low on the other side sadly
18922s sen sucked has been in a situation where
18924s they have to hide for cover because
18926s they're not really well obviously
18927s getting taken damages it's never gonna
18929s be good right so you have to go back and
18930s go back into cover but at the same time
18932s you're gonna need those heels
18934s immediately right as sojourn from your
18936s from your back line from your kariko
18937s from your Lucio and Neiman it's taking
18939s even that Split Second of hesitation
18941s where they're looking for maybe some um
18943s some kunai and actually looking for
18945s damage it's unfortunately leading
18947s sensuck into not having any positioning
18949s to deal with barcode because barcode
18951s popped that overclock over the top side
18952s sensex under in cover dude no sense
18954s that's gonna have to wait for those
18956s heels bar bug just or barcode just looks
18958s for that overclock headshot as soon as
18960s sensor piece that cover and it's just
18962s over for Altura nimbus
18964s I just
18965s started with a snowball and I saw
18968s tea put
18971s push and point C and altiora they got
18974s kind of had their momentum just so much
18976s stifled when they just rocked into that
18978s disruptor shot of barcode they had to
18980s play at the end of point B and dart
18981s monkeys they got to just control the
18983s pace of play as Dart monkeys going for a
18987s close hold the more fights you can force
18989s the more time it takes for all two or to
18991s cap no matter the no matter the result
18993s as to teleports to the actually
18997s bottom right side usually you want to
18998s kind of try to control the top left so
19000s the sojourn of AKA barcode isn't going
19003s to have too much freedom but they
19005s actually all all of LTR focused down the
19008s Winston and the people on the ground and
19010s dart monkeys well they're contesting but
19012s really not for much longer the dps's of
19015s nimbus have been absolutely putting
19016s their team on their Banks to send sucked
19018s to find that opening pick and ESO with
19020s that perfectly timed position you take
19021s care of moving fish and now you know
19024s nipis maybe they're finding their feet
19025s here at the at the current moment yes
19026s I'm sure isn't it like a flying cloud or
19028s something so yeah maybe they don't
19030s actually have feet but you know they're
19031s starting to find some positioning and
19033s actually take Dart monkeys back to the
19034s spawn door
19036s all right Dart monkey is just playing in
19038s cover trying to not take too much pope
19040s now they emerge moving fish Dives in
19042s takes Back The High Ground for the
19044s defense zaltiora again you can play
19046s under this roof into big Earls use the
19047s mega pack you don't it's not necessary
19050s to take The High Ground you just have to
19051s play around it now there are some car
19053s push but because of moving fish uh LTR
19056s get no progress so they have to take
19057s this fight Dart monkeys are not gonna
19060s allow them any progress but there hasn't
19062s been really any kills or anyone dropping
19064s too low all three before I get the
19066s punish on moving fish though and this is
19068s where the Avalanche starts once you find
19070s Morris Case High and she's been
19071s contesting the car for too long
19075s how is she still alive they're on this
19078s day look she Escapade is making a tank
19080s there just not dying at all dark monkeys
19082s are now back in this fight he even
19083s forces me back at me man to use their
19086s Kitsune rush but they have to get out of
19088s its range to deal with who barcode who
19089s was on the flank but now this is gonna
19091s allow Dart monkeys to regroup though
19093s that katuni rush and come into this next
19094s night for free
19097s at least the Altura getting this done a
19099s lot quicker than Dart monkeys have well
19100s at least we'll see the result of this
19101s fight good first bubble by Steady armor
19104s was there goes to grab Mega they're
19106s gonna take their time with this and get
19108s down it Restless that's awesome what a
19110s bear career prepared saves the entirety
19112s of all Tiora but here's the fight back
19114s here's the clap back out here with the
19117s Primal but they're taking so much damage
19119s I mean steady is about to get burned
19122s down waiting for the heels of me man and
19124s dark monkeys they know how to get their
19127s Revenge
19128s damn old hero nimbuses it's been rough
19130s for them honestly the supports are
19132s having a really hard time Neiman and
19134s both uh karampi but hopefully they can
19136s regroup re-synergize because they have
19138s that overclock they'll have the report
19139s for next fight yes they're going it's
19141s barcode with the overclock but moving
19142s fish is gonna have that primer rage
19143s however with sk's sound barrier I
19145s wouldn't be surprised if we see moving
19147s fish go extra aggressive on sensuck in
19149s the overclock overclock being exchanged
19152s sound barrier from SK and oh my God
19156s barcode register this study just I'm
19161s just done end it now dark monkeys back
19163s on the defense one minute left for all
19165s two are you cannot go down on a full
19167s hold I will not allow it
19169s recorded checkout just said are you just
19171s buying gift boxes are you not trying to
19173s win the 25 000 that's at stake because
19176s with those shots with those overclocks
19178s perfectly placed you know it allow us
19180s moving fish and I'll push forward onto
19182s this High ground and now they know ESO
19184s has his referral easel has been the
19186s Difference Maker so this could allow
19187s Nimbus to finally cap out this first
19189s point there's a Teleport at the back uh
19192s no that was maybe zamrit but also's now
19194s gonna get involved
19199s 27 seconds left it's going pretty okay
19202s they're gonna get on The High Ground
19203s dartmunk is gonna take their time and
19205s this is where altiora need to go for the
19207s punish they are ahead in kills and they
19209s need to chase down these last
19211s reinforcements not let Dart monkeys have
19213s another solid fight Aspen drops to suzu
19215s they see all Tiora approach Kitsune rush
19217s for me men altiora could absolutely send
19220s it but so is Aspen and her Merit
19222s ultimate three meters left and three
19225s seconds left altiora the series is on
19228s the line and Santa's found the first
19230s pick Dart monkeys are just panicking the
19233s Primal Rage is real nice for moving fish
19235s but there's no damage but there is a
19238s point cap in the weights for altiora who
19241s just got it now
19242s there we go miemann finally with a
19244s really good hitsune Rush maybe coming
19246s online in this series Point down two
19248s maps how does alter your Nimbus come
19250s back here they're gonna have that if I'm
19251s a range they'll have an overclock and a
19253s Beat Drop Dart monkeys they did commit a
19255s lot towards that fight with that Primal
19256s Rage skl be having that beat drop the
19258s Repro in just a second but as long as
19260s zermit is a little bit out of position
19261s here Nimbus should actually push forward
19263s and capture them but now dark monkeys
19265s have regrouped they're ready to fight on
19266s this payload and Nimbus they haven't
19268s even set up their game plan they have so
19270s many alts but they've been willing to go
19271s second too many times
19273s tell tioras to see if they can kind of
19275s soft dive this High Ground if they can
19277s set up sen for Success because companies
19279s get healed up though mieman must be
19280s having their hands tied but so they'll
19282s go for the health pack instead overclock
19285s sen wants to be as far away from this
19286s fight as possible almost got the pick
19289s onto one of the members of dark monkeys
19290s and the sound bear from SK saves them
19292s now the aggressive push from the defense
19294s steady gets out actually dark monkeys
19297s just kind of respect they're gonna poke
19298s them down here's the reaper from
19300s zeveritt who goes into the small room to
19303s avoid any kind of sojourned poke and
19305s Severance still delivers a 2K the dart
19308s monkeys are clinical
19311s close mommy just max volume honestly max
19314s volume of the beat drop Max value Repro
19316s right Nimbus they had all the advantage
19318s there but unfortunately they're not
19319s popping the ultimate soon enough now
19321s down to a minute left I can't help but
19322s think maybe there's some sort of mental
19324s crutch here where you realize you're
19325s playing against barcode Aspen SK some of
19327s the top you know talent that we have in
19329s the OverWatch scene maybe there's some
19330s sort of mental barrier here but they
19332s come to this fight now they pop the
19333s overclock this is 10 sucks time to do
19335s work against barcode who's overclocking
19337s their side the bubbles removing fish
19338s split up the sound bear from care so all
19341s two or only three members got hit by
19343s that and they kind of were too scared to
19345s move they had to pop the bubble first
19346s that Blossom from the suits are
19349s from Aspen saves them they get the
19351s punish it's a 5v4 for Dart monkeys and
19353s concerning rushes are exchanged and I'll
19356s see already taking way too much damage
19357s but it's all right I guess you got 31
19360s seconds so Tiora will have one last
19362s fight and dart monkeys are exhausted of
19364s all their ultimates Aspen has to be one
19367s of our best karikos in the entire game
19369s and I'm not even over exaggerating she
19370s has been playing amazing and honestly
19373s compared to a lot of pericos I've seen
19374s even in OverWatch League she is up there
19377s with the very best they're not coming
19379s his next fight Nimbus they have 83 of
19381s that Primal Rage that he's gonna have to
19382s go big with it they have done it before
19384s and against dark monkeys with no
19386s ultimates besides that beat drop coming
19387s up SK is gonna have to get picked early
19389s Altera on the cart overtime Starts Now a
19393s loss in this fight means altiora will be
19395s out of this qualifier but they'll still
19397s be at the main event but you don't want
19399s to drop three of us as Dart monkeys no
19401s sir but four versus four Aspen is gone a
19404s real chance for altiora to just extend
19406s this fight they have more heels and they
19409s sure are delivering in the damage Zamara
19411s with the death Blossom of well time
19412s susiemann saves themselves and Ultra
19415s just have to get this Winston off the
19417s cart but sk's a little demon herself she
19420s be she's healing moving fish they're
19422s staying safe in the bubble and SK has
19424s been uh deserted she's in a 1v2 and she
19428s just skates out they found easel though
19430s that could allow the them to actually
19431s finish on this payload moving fish jumps
19433s back drops the ball on the payload
19435s there's no tank here and tanks are so
19437s important because no more nobody could
19438s touch with a primal Wick or with a
19440s Winston in your face dark monkeys win
19443s 3-0
19444s what a series what a series and this is
19449s not the last you're gonna see if that
19451s both of these teams have qualified into
19452s our calling all heroes main event this
19455s is a 25 000 prize pool you set and then
19458s you get to play the game for barcode who
19460s else uh I feel like you should give it
19461s to her every single time and the way
19464s that they were able to burn down
19466s um burned down steady a lot I felt badge
19470s I would be panicking trying to Primal
19471s Rage you have the most help in the game
19473s and I I'd be scared to move around that
19474s sojourn you said you've been playing
19476s tank racially I mean let's see you in
19477s there lemon why don't you uh
19480s he can't do what steady could do I mean
19483s it's been hard right for seti I mean
19484s like you mentioned it's been a top
19486s series and I don't even think it's
19487s necessarily steady's fault it's just a
19489s as a team dark monkeys looks amazing
19492s they are amazing and guess what we talk
19494s to amazing people here we're gonna throw
19495s it to a break when we get back we're
19497s gonna have an interview with someone
19498s from Dart monkeys they're going to the
19500s Grand finals and after that interview
19502s we'll have our next semi-final you won't
19505s want to miss it keep those butts in
19506s those seats
19513s [Music]
19544s thank you
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19720s [Music]
19728s to the calling all heroes Challenger cup
19730s where we talk to winners here we have a
19733s very special interview
19734s with the legend the Winston Legend we
19737s have moving fish from Dart monkeys on
19740s the line hello congratulations on the on
19743s the win today
19744s thank you
19747s I didn't do the honors okay yeah so
19749s obviously moving Fisher Winston was
19751s amazing I mean I think that was on both
19752s of our minds if I'm gonna be honest your
19754s Winston was phenomenal positionally I
19756s mean you were incredibly aggressive is
19758s this because I mean over obviously over
19760s the past couple days would you guys feel
19761s or do you guys you feel that your team
19764s has maybe synergized around your
19765s aggressive play style and you guys feel
19767s a lot more comfortable right now
19770s oh yeah for sure
19772s um a lot of what we do is just based off
19773s of what me and my review does and we
19776s usually try and just be proactive uh
19778s make a lot of aggressive plays and stuff
19779s like that
19781s um and yeah basically that is just our
19784s place though that's kind of how we do it
19788s um y'all have a lot of
19789s bass on your team I would just love some
19791s insight on the comms going on right now
19793s like as everyone's screaming when
19795s barcode gets a shot is SK screaming when
19797s she's getting picked off the roof like
19799s what's just kind of The Vibes like
19801s without the two
19803s yeah if um if Parker gets a big react
19806s we're all kind of just like nice and
19807s then we start screaming um and we're
19809s just like going going
19811s and yeah sometimes the columns are a
19813s little messy you just like uh but we
19816s usually stay on the same Target
19818s um I think that's more just like passion
19822s well and I think you play like a very
19824s specific like utilitarian or utility
19826s kind of uh Winston right where we I
19828s think we noticed on King's role let me
19830s point it out you like bubbled for
19831s barcode at one point are these like set
19833s strategies that you guys have uh have
19835s come up with to maybe enable barcode a
19837s bit better
19839s uh sometimes yeah but I think most of
19842s the time I kind of just think of it on
19843s the Fly
19845s um I don't really use bubble for a lot
19847s of things so I kind of just save it for
19849s when um for plays like that I guess just
19851s like enable my team
19854s well speaking about the thinking of
19857s set plays or creating plays on the Fly I
19860s see y'all have Jake OverWatch as your
19862s coach I don't know if anyone's asked you
19864s this before but I'm very curious what to
19866s tell on the team what's he providing is
19868s there a level of Zen when he's on the
19870s team because he I feel like he might
19872s just kind of keep y'all focused or how
19874s did he help the team I'm curious
19876s oh I I think we're so lucky to have Jake
19879s um I think compared to our first day of
19881s the journey we've changed so much in
19883s terms of like how we played this column
19884s I think we've all improved a lot as
19887s players I know that personally my
19888s Winston has gotten so much better
19889s because of him
19890s uh I don't know he's just he's really
19893s giving us like all like the tips and
19894s tricks for like um just doing well in
19896s this meta and just playing proactive you
19898s know we all know what we
19900s we all have a better idea of what we can
19902s do because I'm very thankful
19905s that's awesome and this is such a cool
19907s initiative I mean the first for
19909s OverWatch to to to Really showcase
19912s marginalized genders
19914s um so do you have any words about kind
19916s of how this platform this showcase has
19918s has made you feel has made the team feel
19920s and given you a platform to perform on
19925s um yeah for sure I I think I've met a
19927s lot of really awesome people
19929s um and I'm really glad I've been able to
19931s play with them I've had a lot of fun
19932s personally
19934s um I think it's really cool competing
19936s against people uh I would not have
19938s necessarily have met a lot
19941s um a lot of new faces and I don't know
19943s it's just really cool seeing these
19945s really great players and just being able
19946s to play against them in this journey
19950s it's really awesome to hear and and we
19953s were kind of making jokes oh is there
19955s some trash talk but honestly it's been
19956s really wholesome to see how everyone is
19958s interacting getting to know each other
19960s and even getting coached by Owl level
19962s coaches so this has been an amazing
19964s opportunity I've had a lot of fun
19965s casting y'all and good luck in the
19967s finals thank you so much for the
19968s interview
19970s thank you
19973s that was moving Fish Everyone Winston
19975s extraordinaire from Dart monkeys going
19977s to the finals
19979s hey good good to talk to them honestly I
19981s mean what a great team and we're going
19982s to look at the brackets I guess for the
19984s overarching situation that we have in
19986s this qualifier number two Dart monkeys
19988s obviously moving forward in the next
19990s match that we have coming up is going to
19992s be a barn burner of a serious lemon we
19994s got ban on chunky milk versus Timeless
19997s ethereal and both of these themes have
19999s been competing tirelessly throughout the
20001s term and obviously tireless Timeless to
20003s take out Mochi earlier on and then most
20005s you take out on ironic as well I mean
20007s this has been a crazy crazy playoff so
20010s far and Moxie obviously between these
20013s two teams it's going to be a hard
20014s matchup of the grand finals for either
20016s of them versus Dart monkeys hello my
20019s friend Aaron Morris also on one of the
20021s teams I'm super excited because I
20023s recognize so many faces here and I also
20025s get to know the community that I'm part
20027s of and getting to put a showcase like we
20030s said on these marginalized genders on on
20032s the OverWatch League Channel like it
20034s doesn't get any better than this so we
20037s have one semi-final around the corner
20038s everybody go get your popcorn go get
20041s your friends go get the wife bear not
20043s chalky milk versus time a Timeless
20044s ethereal will be on stream next it's
20047s gonna be another best of five everyone's
20049s qualified from here on out it's about
20051s seating and it's about the ego and it's
20054s about you sticking in your seats because
20056s we'll be back after this break
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20069s thank you
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20241s [Music]
20245s to calling all heroes Challenger cup we
20248s have another semi-final around the
20250s corner
20251s ban on chalky milk that's a Vibe
20254s Timeless ethereal very nice name two
20256s different energies happening
20259s completely I'm kind of joking about it
20262s where it's like yeah maybe we aren't
20264s actually fully uh like in the position
20267s where we could say we're uh Timeless
20270s ethereal but anyways ban on chalky milk
20272s I think at the same time has been
20274s performing pretty well throughout this
20276s entire tournament and same with Timeless
20277s ethereal to be this far on the
20279s tournament to allow yourself as a
20280s position to be in the semi-final spot to
20282s not only already be qualified but also
20285s make it in high seating that's what
20287s you're going for and obviously with
20288s being on chocolate milk with Momo with
20290s with uh with open and a friend they have
20292s a very very strong support backline on
20295s top of a good DPS duo with a really
20297s strong tank player I I can see ban on
20299s chunky milk really performing incredibly
20301s strong versus Timeless ethereal however
20303s at the same time the other team they're
20304s going against it's gonna be so hard for
20306s Ben and chunky milk and here is timeless
20309s ethereal's roster I also have to pop
20311s this show is a friend and just the frame
20312s without the D I gotta find out they're
20314s on support though but I'd be looking at
20316s Thomas and ethereal you have the roster
20319s right here Jim jam oh that's gonna be a
20323s fun thing to mess up during the cast but
20325s maybe they'll play together so it's kind
20327s of like
20328s peanut butter and jelly and Jim's been
20330s so good really I mean maybe a gym Jam
20332s really is peanut butter and Joe you're
20333s right because Jim's been phenomenal in
20335s dust tournament so far and also in the
20337s uh the previous qualifiers I believe we
20339s saw them play before and Jim really is a
20342s star sort of DPS it's one of the best
20343s that we have in the challengers cup
20345s really performing uh continuously just
20348s that that consistent play style you
20350s would like to see out of your GPS
20351s players because you know a lot of time
20353s you may have some a little bit shaky
20355s stats a little shaky positioning for
20356s your dps's but not Jim Jim is Rock Solid
20359s Rocksteady and has been a consistent
20361s factor for Timeless ethereal
20364s I just love the logos
20367s Timeless ethereal you got The Hourglass
20369s it's Timeless then you got no chalky
20372s milk what is wrong with chalky milk if
20375s anything we should ban regular milk only
20378s chalky as we'll go to Busan let's settle
20380s on that
20381s I don't think that's a hot take I think
20383s actually people would agree with you
20384s surprisingly like I thought about it I
20386s was like wait is that like a hot take or
20388s is that no that's pretty reasonable I
20390s think I think people like chalky milk
20392s more than regular milk right what about
20393s strawberry milk than lemon oh that's
20395s that's kind of Niche I'm gonna go with
20397s chocolate it probably depends the
20398s strawberry though are you what Shake do
20400s you get if you get a shake it like a
20401s vanilla shake I'm very boring vanilla
20403s shake yes
20408s so with strawberry what do you mean oh
20410s by the way you know what's safe going to
20412s calling allheroes.gg if it's your first
20415s time here on the OverWatch League
20416s Channel you're wondering where your
20417s exclamation point tokens are we'll learn
20419s about this initiative it's all about
20421s showcasing our marginalized genders as
20423s we'll be featuring these two teams in
20424s our first semi-final or second
20425s semi-final
20426s yeah Timeless if they're rolling out on
20428s the right side they have the roadhog by
20430s the way and Tracer so a little bit of an
20432s off meta composition from them but Ruby
20434s already taking a crap ton of damage had
20436s to fall back out of that disruptor shot
20437s but God max value out of the uh breather
20441s but they're actually getting around this
20442s point on the banana chocolate milk who
20444s they're supposed to just fall back
20445s together but they're taking a lot of
20446s poke here lemon yeah Tracer now a poke
20449s hero I love to see it and roadhog is
20451s gonna be a great punish against this
20454s Winston I think zetsubou found that out
20456s the hard way Hook Line and Sinker
20459s Timeless ethereal you do not want to be
20461s anywhere near this hog and if you're not
20463s running an Anna it's gonna be very
20465s difficult to deal with this roadhog oh
20468s yeah I think that yeah you can get the
20469s anti-grenade maybe but in fact they
20471s could counter in that regard but they're
20472s gonna swap to make mirrors actually a
20474s mere composition running gory on Tracer
20476s instead of Reaper then zetsubou on the
20478s roadhog reaper has been a focus you
20480s would think that Reaper counter Road Hog
20481s but in a lot of situations it's the
20483s roadhog who counted the DPS is they
20485s trade out Ruby but for two isn't
20488s actually good for chalky milk no it's
20489s not they're gonna have to reset again
20491s oh boy and playing defense with a
20493s sojourn is so nice you can just take pot
20496s shots and not really be in a dangerous
20497s situation especially there's no Winston
20499s what are they gonna do walk towards you
20501s that's exactly what Timeless ethereal
20503s want oh yeah no Timeless ethereal want
20505s them to just run at them so they get
20507s those hooks off and the entire time
20508s they're building up the post bomb which
20509s Jim has already
20511s see how long this will work pulse bomb
20514s is a whiff Jim is on the hunt going
20516s towards the back line and Ruby just
20518s Waits two more seconds that hook is
20520s online and you're mine a friend is gone
20522s in Timeless ethereal are halfway to
20525s taking the round oh my God this metal
20527s really is so uh at least when you run
20529s roadhog mirror it's really dependent on
20531s your roadhog and Ruby's showing why
20533s roadhog is such a good character and
20535s these matchups you have to mechanically
20537s outplay the enemy roadhog but now with
20538s ultimates online chalky milk May counter
20541s Kyle's ethereal on the on their engage
20544s ban on chalky milk
20547s where is the fight with where are the
20549s kills it starts with the Kitsune rush
20551s and they're getting just pushed away by
20553s the
20554s but they'll get against the wall you
20555s can't Dodge it wait at least that's the
20557s hook that's the start of something good
20558s but never roadhog gaps Ruby popping off
20562s so is the rest of Timeless ethereal it's
20565s 85 Plus someone from panel chocolate
20568s milk has to think about touching the
20570s point
20571s no it doesn't look like they can 90
20573s they're gonna have ultimates but wait a
20575s second Zep zubu found Jim already early
20577s pick that could be crucial and they
20579s popped the early beat counter beat comes
20581s out from Afrin as well as they touch the
20582s point with the overclock oh that's an
20584s echoed Soldier an ultimate and Maca is
20587s missing not a lot of the heels
20593s gets the last kill okay Signs of Life
20596s from the chalky milks important bana
20598s chalky milk needed to win that fight
20600s obviously it's very self-explanatory but
20602s to get that early pick on the gym it was
20604s all set up from zetsubou so zetsu is
20606s probably gonna look for a lot of these
20607s early flanks to find the picks but
20609s that's gonna allow themselves to be out
20610s of position to be hooked by Ruby in that
20612s counter hook play
20614s all right ban on chalky milk has to play
20616s Perfect from here on out that's a whole
20618s hog from zetsubou right as Ruby went for
20621s the Hulk and you actually don't want to
20623s hook a hug whole thing in OverWatch 2
20625s because the alt doesn't get canceled
20627s anymore baby so Ruby probably glad they
20630s missed that as they're just getting
20631s hammered with damage and this is great
20633s for ban on shakimo because they kind of
20635s need to form some ultimate and zetsubou
20637s wanted the counter hook but the uh suzu
20640s from aramori ended up saving them now
20643s you got a whole hog from Ruby but it
20645s just pushes everyone to safety and yeah
20648s you can hook during the whole hog now
20649s roadhog is very good
20651s yeah really strong character now they
20653s push towards the point they have the
20654s full spawns have gets any rush if they
20656s want to pop it to try to win this fight
20657s because Ruby does want to win but out of
20659s position groovy winner on the backside
20661s they didn't have the Perico but Jim came
20663s back now it's kariko the student at
20664s Ranch versus tuna Rush Jim has that
20666s pulse bomb but can't just find out Lucio
20668s how did they what Jim just got hit by
20671s the train while being on the side of the
20672s map they were too close to the edge and
20674s it allows chalky milk to stabilize on
20676s the points how the Timeless material
20678s lose that while starting the Kitsune
20680s rush and you had your Tracer in it
20683s they just lost Ruby early and I think
20685s they got a little flustered then the
20686s second katsune Rush came much much later
20688s for Macabre and that's when banana
20690s shakima somehow saved that this is very
20692s Deja Vu from our last series to zero to
20694s 100 comeback is it happening ban on
20696s chalky milk they have the whole hog I
20698s would say just set up at the choke
20700s because what does Timeless gonna
20701s ethereal gonna do suzu I guess he could
20704s depend on Momo getting a first pick
20705s hunter charge ready Timeless ethereal
20707s have to touch soon you depend on Jim to
20710s do just that the whole hog starts from
20712s zetsubou and he could he and they can
20714s heal during this but the sound bear from
20716s a friend might just be enough the hook
20718s misses there's just so much going on ban
20720s on chalky milk just have to hold on a
20722s little bit longer is as a ray gets
20725s sniped by Momo and I think that is all
20728s Shiro Timeless ethereal all three on the
20730s point ban on chalky milk though they
20732s lost control of the objective and Ruby
20735s creates the roadhog Gap this is chaos
20737s the whole hog forces C9 and Timeless
20739s ethereal save the day oh my God Momo has
20742s was coming online line it's unfortunate
20744s at the last second to find that
20745s overclock pick but at the same time at
20747s the other end like you mentioned Ruby
20749s has been crew like too good on roadhog
20752s honestly just continually putting
20753s putting that aggression forward just one
20756s foot after the other running at zetsubou
20758s and zetsubou really doesn't have a
20759s counter they're trying to maybe like go
20762s for some hook hooks back but they're
20764s continually backing up so it kind of
20765s gives the positioning up to Ruby worse
20768s even if Ruby's low they always have to
20770s take a breather they always have the uh
20771s the suzu from the kariko and it just
20774s allows Ruby to live for so long even
20776s though they're pretty much constantly
20777s frontlining and putting pressure on
20778s chalky milk
20780s that was so incredibly close I mean 99
20783s to 99 in the first round are you kidding
20786s me and we go to Sanctuary this is a very
20788s open map so control of this bottom side
20791s drama is the safest place you can keep
20793s your supports and just keeping them out
20795s of loss from any type of hooks you want
20798s to respect that space you want to keep
20799s away from the hog until it's time to
20801s engage suzu usage very informed maybe
20804s for when the hook goes through you want
20805s to save someone from dying you
20807s absolutely send it you see you bet on
20809s chalky milk already posing themselves
20811s across from the drum to the point to go
20813s for the cap first Timeless ethereal
20815s maybe need to present themselves to try
20816s and deny this as a tracer duel from gym
20819s versus calorie will go down on the right
20820s side and the roadhog Gap still exists
20824s Ruby huge pick onto zetsubou now chalk
20827s banana chocolate milk they don't have
20829s their tank and Ruby's still alive in
20831s this fight would take a breather back to
20832s full HP that's just what tanks do in
20834s this game but Momo we have to mention
20836s they're also in the lobby this is really
20837s a show-off of the roadhog versus the
20840s sojourn carry and right now Momo is
20842s still alive somehow has a lot of Peel
20844s great movement as well but they're kind
20845s of getting at the point they have the
20846s Lucio on the point Jim's gonna get that
20848s pulse bomb in just a second but Amore
20850s found Momo as well early on and now they
20852s just have that feel but the trade-off
20853s they got rid of Ruby and they have their
20855s tank back wow that's a really Kitsune
20857s rush to a meromori and Timeless ethereal
20860s they've been so close to flipping the
20861s POI but they don't chalky milk I mean
20863s they started losing this pretty early it
20865s was just about living on the point and
20866s extending this to 38 Timeless interior
20869s had to use the Kitsune rush just to
20871s finally end this Espana chalky milk will
20873s have theirs and they'll be coming back
20874s with vengeance
20875s everybody's gonna have that whole hog
20877s pole spawn coming up overclock as well
20879s gory unfortunately is only gonna be 30
20881s on that pulse bomb after using it in the
20883s last five points yeah that katsune Rush
20885s big news last fight that was crucial for
20887s Timeless Eternal especially without that
20888s beat drop coming in as jockey milk uh
20891s re-engage
20892s all right now just sitting in the middle
20894s of the map is Bounce hockey milk
20896s especially that sojourn just seeing as
20899s Timeless ethereal play in the open what
20900s kind of first pick you can get that's
20902s kind of this dead space is you wait for
20905s the sojourns to do something now both
20907s Hogs dancing around this middle drum
20908s looking for any type of hooks and I
20911s think that was the first hook by seju
20913s who draws Ruby in but the whole hog for
20915s Ruby is activated they get suited by
20917s irimori and they finally finish off and
20920s the rest of Van on chalky milk that were
20922s even just still existing but at a
20924s distance a double kill and McIver with
20927s the third makes this actually even and
20929s winnable but you still need to flip the
20931s point of your band on chalky milk is
20933s timeless if their ethereal are reaching
20935s 60 uh Momo just can't seem to find this
20938s kiriko and the sounder from Jam is only
20941s hitting themselves and eramori I'm not
20944s sure about this one
20945s well at least they force both feet drops
20947s out but that's interesting to commit
20948s towards this fight as Jim drops the
20950s pulse bomb as well yet another whiff but
20952s that's fine for the Tracer because they
20953s build it up so fast on the other side
20954s Azure found the pick on a Corey as well
20957s and jam gets rid of momo so they
20959s actually made this fight work somehow
20960s lemon
20961s I don't know how it surely wasn't off
20965s the the two-person sound barrier but
20967s Timeless ethereal hold on it's 90 and a
20972s map went away ban on chalky milk it'll
20974s be up to calorie or a friend to touch
20976s the point it'll have to be soon
20979s yeah they're gonna touch 96 97 Ruby gets
20982s ridiculate nobody can touch now the
20984s Lucio tries
20986s oh no
20990s no map number one and yeah the two
20992s people that were supposed to start that
20994s overtime got
20995s I kind of crossed up in the process but
20999s good performance I mean that was fun and
21002s this this has been very very close
21003s rounds between these two teams
21006s oh yeah I mean it's a back and forth
21008s between both Momo and Ruby you wouldn't
21010s think that the sojourn player well
21012s actually the other side azerate played
21013s very well at the same time we can't
21015s really forget about them points you know
21016s what the other side you have that uh you
21019s have that sojour and that is incredibly
21020s talented you're gonna need to have that
21022s tank player right you would know as a
21024s tank player limit it just seems like
21026s pretty hard I would say as every other
21028s rule to do as much as these tanks do I
21030s think I mean as you know Siegel uh top
21032s OverWatch streamer and a Community
21034s member that we have he said you know
21036s OverWatch too it feels like you're
21037s seeing two Godzillas slamming at each
21039s other you know like constantly and at
21041s the same time that's what it felt like
21042s Ruby was just on a tear the entire match
21044s and I think Ruby played that really
21047s smart in terms of positioning too just
21049s dancing around the drum when they had
21050s Point control hooking people in it's
21053s kind of tough when you don't have the
21054s hook though to to find that consistent
21056s damage because of just the enormous
21058s spread of the primary fire the weird
21060s kind of rage you need to be for the
21062s alternate fire but Ruby never kind of
21064s pushed past that that halfway Mark of
21066s the drum you can play your side of the
21069s point and really just force them to get
21071s into your line of sight where you can
21073s hook them Hook Line and Sinker and the
21075s comms must have been crazy the fact that
21077s you call sound barriers and and katsune
21080s rushes when you're down a few members
21082s that's someone on the team that either
21084s has a lot of confidence in winning these
21086s fights or has some Next Level knowledge
21088s on how to turn these fights I think it's
21090s I think it's the latter I think it's
21092s what you said original
21093s a confident team I think you can tell in
21095s their game play because they know
21097s they've really taken it to every turn
21098s every team uh thus far I believe if I
21101s remember right the Timeless turtle
21103s versus Dart monkeys earlier on in the
21105s Swiss format even took a map off of Dart
21107s monkeys so you know Timeless uh Eternal
21109s or ethereal is one of the best teams
21112s that we have so far in Challengers club
21114s and have the best names too like you
21115s pointed out before we even started right
21116s I mean I would say Challengers cup and
21118s this is no exaggeration have the best
21120s team names in any OverWatch Sherman ever
21122s is that fair to say yeah it's been cool
21125s to see and there's some pretty decent
21127s branding I like that okay maybe I know
21129s it was it Liz posting and chat about
21131s being lactose and tolerant even though I
21133s don't know why that message didn't go
21134s through but I found that hilarious it
21136s must be some kind of lactose intolerance
21138s maybe that's why they have a ban on
21139s chalky milk but we do have a map Choice
21141s from uh chalk people speaking of which
21144s who want to go to King's Row no surprise
21146s everyone loves that map and and I mean
21149s they can utilize a lot of this roadhog I
21150s think that roadhog is a good character
21152s on King's Row right we saw Winston in
21155s the previous matchup with uh with dark
21157s monkeys versus Nimbus but in that
21159s situation right it was just a mere match
21161s up right I wonder if we get to the Grand
21162s finals like both of these teams like
21164s playing the road hog if we're going to
21165s see roadhog versus Winston on King's Row
21167s where I would feel I think that the road
21169s I actually does better on King's Row
21171s based on positioning right it can
21173s constantly like I said jungle it's gonna
21175s have a shotgun in your face with the
21176s reaper potentially instead of a tracer
21178s and you're just continually being ran
21179s out by a roadhog that is the equivalent
21181s of like two dps's so you know how can
21184s you deal with this roadhog if you're
21185s just a silly little Winston boy that's
21187s just trying to jump in and zap things
21188s yeah it was maybe expecting like more
21191s kirikos to be using suzu's uh like
21193s against the hooks to try and save
21194s somebody but I think it's hard to keep
21196s track of the entire fight while also
21198s having like a millisecond reaction of
21200s throwing because the suzu has to be
21201s thrown then there's like a small
21202s activation time so I think I'm noticing
21205s more that sisters are being used to
21206s protect the roadhog and assert their
21208s positioning on the map rather than use
21211s it uh kind of counteractively uh against
21214s the other roadhog it's the more to keep
21216s your own front line intact so I think
21218s that's why Ruby is looking just a little
21220s bit that much better they are receiving
21221s a lot of Susu love yeah exactly and
21224s that's just a great job from the
21225s supports of their team to keep their
21226s roadhog alive and Ruby knowing they're
21228s an aggressive player yeah it's to play
21231s around that play style you really have
21232s to have a lot of faith in your team and
21233s and how you mentioned I guess with the
21235s suzu I guess to the the experience I had
21238s on kariko yes we didn't play kariko
21239s professionally whatever but at the same
21241s time the suzu is really hard to hit on
21244s because the projectile is so slow right
21246s it's almost like roadhog's Hook is
21248s faster mesuzu couldn't even get there
21250s it's just too inconsistent and in
21252s OverWatch it's a game where you kind of
21253s have to play perfect as a team you don't
21255s want many outliers right as a team you
21257s want to have things be kind of like uh
21260s just continually moving forward right
21261s you want to have a consistent lineup of
21263s Heroes and to maybe go back when support
21266s players remember lemon when they had to
21267s play roadhog
21269s um Atlanta rain head coach Steffi uh he
21271s told me once he said because I try to go
21272s for crazy hooks on the Lucio those
21274s people that would flank and stuff but a
21276s lot of these hooks are hard to hit and
21277s they're not consistent so a lot of the
21279s time what you were seeing on in in game
21281s these warthogs are just going for
21282s consistent hooks either on the other
21283s roadhog or on a DPS that's really slow
21285s movement speed wise because without if
21288s you're going for these low percentage
21289s hooks as they call it you're gonna maybe
21291s put your team behind because you can
21292s just get a Pick Off very easy yeah and
21295s the best counter I like that we just
21296s immediately got off the Winston against
21298s the hog because the best counter to hog
21300s is just another hog and they get and
21302s they're gonna send it but I'm thinking
21303s Ruby's looking that much better and it's
21305s usually around I haven't seen like a big
21307s difference in mechanics maybe zetsubou
21309s has to be a little bit more careful on
21311s when to use the hook first
21313s um because you really want to use the
21314s hook first when maybe they're trying to
21316s use um their take a breather when
21318s they're low health and trying to escape
21320s never when they're really full at full
21322s health because then they'll counter hook
21323s you again it's like the number one rule
21325s in OverWatch is don't hook first going
21328s to King's Row shortly though
21329s oh yes and on Kings Row I think that you
21332s kind of have to maybe have that
21333s aggressive positioning that we've seen
21335s Timeless internal or sorry ethereal
21337s constantly push out and I mean like you
21340s mentioned it's you don't really want to
21341s hook first it's going to be really hard
21343s to actually get value out of your team
21345s to actually hook first now at the same
21347s time if the other roadhog is low you
21349s know like you you go for it right yeah
21354s no I'm not the friend I'm a friend ten
21357s times better
21359s I was just making a joke I know you're a
21361s hundred times better
21362s so yeah we'll have banana chocolate milk
21365s on the offense first and I don't know
21368s how I don't know I think you see that
21371s hog and you immediately swap off but
21373s Ruby is a different beast on this one
21376s yeah Ruby's been crazy and I like the
21379s new roadhog skin by the way the
21380s OverWatch 2 version he has like some
21382s chain on his shoulder it's kind of cool
21383s looking right
21384s super sick
21386s we're gonna stick oh I need a Reaper to
21388s bust up this roadhog maybe that's the
21389s answer well yeah I mean we're it's gonna
21392s work on King's Row I think because I
21394s mean it's a map where Reaper does well
21395s with these inside corridors and maybe
21398s with these flanks not being able to be
21401s committed on by tracers it could be good
21403s but no they're gonna get back to Tracer
21405s and I guess you called it before Tracer
21407s is a bit of a ranged DPS now right
21410s yes
21411s it looks the tracers are back you can
21414s have a no fall off within the 19 meters
21417s or less on Tracer so now we'll poke hero
21419s we'll see how that works the zombie is
21421s going to be playing very close to the
21423s team ban on chalky mode she's doing some
21425s scouting because they might have spotted
21427s Jim and aramore up on this top right
21429s side and they definitely want to
21430s dislodge them as zombie with 10 HP
21432s recalls the 60 needs some love from
21435s calorie as ban on chalky milk just head
21437s to the point
21438s and by the way Sabi now in the game Momo
21441s finds Jim as well the counter Hook by
21443s setsubu actually comes out on top but
21444s there we go both zuzu's on both sides
21446s however Ruby in the healthier State at
21449s the current moment Momo just farming off
21450s Ruby the entire time and eventually gets
21453s traded out
21454s yeah I guess you take those I was gonna
21456s say suchaboo was very low during that
21458s but ban on chalky mode they've gotten
21461s two ticks and they have a respawn
21463s Advantage so I don't doubt that they can
21465s keep taking this Timeless zero don't
21467s have a tank too to kind of soak up some
21469s damage at the front really create any
21470s space so it's up to the DPS to make a
21472s splash and Jim just does just that even
21476s looks into the camera with the face and
21478s everything like from the office and but
21480s two takes this whole band on chalky
21481s milk's gonna get all because of Jim
21483s yep Jim great work by them to move
21485s towards that clock tower on the inside
21486s allows them to build that pulse bomb up
21489s very very fast whilst they also have
21491s this overclock before Momo at 64 is a
21494s bit behind
21496s all right one tick you just need to push
21498s them off just a little just a little bit
21500s of bullying I'll allow it you gotta
21502s Kitsune Rush from Bano chalky Milgen
21504s there's a flank from Roofing through
21506s hotel and almost got a cheeky hook I
21509s think they missed and just got punished
21510s and that's a that's a feast or famine
21512s Play I Like It fan of chocolate milk are
21515s up by two and that should be enough to
21517s seal the deal
21518s finally Savvy if you actually come in
21521s and deal that damage but they only had
21522s to make a tune a rush whereas Timeless
21524s on the other side used their uh sojourn
21527s ultimate the overclock in that last
21529s fight and that now ban on chalky milk
21531s they're gonna have uh four ultimates
21533s coming to this next fight really good
21534s job by them to save up that old Bank
21536s ready to go into this Street's phase
21539s this is where the Road Hogs there's
21541s nowhere to hide this hog will own you if
21545s they get any type of hook on you so it's
21547s kind of the Mind Games between Ruby and
21549s zetsubou as I think because that's about
21550s who's got some kind of hook in yeah
21552s before we click their way it was R-rated
21554s we didn't want to show that kind of
21555s death We're not gonna do them dirty like
21557s that he got an overclocked through the
21559s hallway and Jim was playing Chicken on
21561s that one receives the tough end of the
21563s stick and oh my god Ruby just hooked in
21565s zetsubou but they both heal back up but
21568s the soldier damage from above from Momo
21570s is just simply gonna overwhelm Timeless
21572s ethereal as ban on chalky milk are
21574s halfway to beat yeah great job for them
21576s to push forward when they needed to and
21578s to actually push forward into the second
21580s phase over the old spawn of Timeless
21583s Eternal is perfectly positioned and this
21584s is what we were talking about in the
21585s previous Series where ban on chalky milk
21587s They're Gonna Wanna continue to put this
21588s pressure on the timeline so they can't
21590s even alt so timelessly gonna have to
21591s hold early to even have a chance to come
21593s back into this fight
21595s last fight for B Momos charged up ready
21598s to go who wants a hot shot you get a
21600s head shot you get a headshot but you're
21602s also getting the whole hog they've
21604s actually displaced Ruby but Ruby
21606s received the sound bear from Jam they
21608s really have to skate for that one as the
21609s katuni Russia Cavalry during that moment
21611s and the action sound barrier just
21613s evaporated so much damage came out of
21616s Timeless material and the whole hog and
21618s everything in between and such an
21620s important win from Timeless ethereal to
21622s stop that snowball
21624s yeah and Azure is taking a lot of uh or
21627s sorry I should say Ruby is taking a lot
21628s of the uh Limelight away from their team
21631s just because roadhog is that type of
21633s character where it's a little bit
21634s selfless and just pumps out that damage
21635s but Azure has been hitting shot after
21637s shot and has been a very consistent
21639s sojourn for Timeless ethereal when they
21641s need it most Ezra with a nice little 2K
21643s there has the overclock in the next
21645s fight against Momo where Momo's gonna
21646s have to build the overclock amidst the
21648s fight
21649s ban on chalky milk just looking for
21651s Hooks and it's where you got to be weary
21653s on the defensive flanks coming through
21654s the back alley and looks like zetsubou
21656s might be heading there with zombie and
21659s you could even split this and get
21660s attention from multiple sides zombie uh
21663s recruiting way too much attention on the
21665s left side and Jim not overextending
21667s through that meanwhile zetsubou is free
21668s to push up has Ruby in their path you
21671s have overclock ready I think Ruby just
21673s went for a hook and zetsubou got Suzuki
21675s by calorie and they're fine for now he
21678s jumped in front of the overclock of
21679s azaray and you just don't do that
21683s Unfortunately they were in a little bit
21684s of a sticky situation both Hogs using
21686s their e and they back up no without your
21688s social and you can't really do much but
21690s he did Force as a raise over block out
21692s Ruby's still here far forward missing
21694s the hook around the corner they're gonna
21696s have to back up for they get hooked back
21697s in oh that's where overextending you get
21700s punished by the hook especially when you
21703s miss there's this whole hog is going ham
21706s oh no the cherry on top the roadhog
21710s canyon is existing
21717s that was great from them honestly
21720s that was pretty safe you gotta hit him
21722s with the the one-two punch
21724s well there's only a minute left uh man
21726s it's been back-to-back lost fights yeah
21729s no it's gonna be rough now Momo's gonna
21731s come in with us overclock into this
21732s fight it's gonna be important that Jim
21734s lands a pulse bomb and he forces the
21736s suzu out until this overclock can get
21738s maximum value on the offensive side but
21740s no no
21741s there Jim with the pulse bomb bye-bye
21744s Momo and Ashen ah Jim just sent you back
21746s to the office bad on chunky milk you
21748s gotta reset real quick you got 40
21750s seconds don't worry about it no pull
21751s spawn don't worry about the back line is
21753s safe what can zombie do I want to see a
21756s zombie pulse bomb
21758s 80 they're gonna have to get this flank
21760s off though you know how does zazby I'm
21763s sorry zombie get this flank set up
21765s because on the offensive side you're
21766s always going to be called out on Tracer
21768s it's gonna be really hard to set up a
21769s flank
21770s and on chalky milk they got a kit for me
21773s this is not the best push especially
21776s when you're down in the series as zombie
21778s their flank is denying the healing is
21779s not coming fast enough calories not
21781s really using that teleport to get to
21782s zombie when they're on these off angles
21784s at least balance hockey milk are on the
21786s point Ashton drops the barrier to keep
21788s the front line on Timeless ethereal or
21791s kind of split on their approaches zombie
21793s gets the post moment I thought it was up
21794s to zenjabu but Jam must have been real
21796s close either way five versus three for
21799s the attack you gotta finish what you
21801s started the suzu just to kind of make
21803s them feel real safe what a hook goodbye
21805s aramori I'm sorry no heels for the
21808s defense for the moment it might just be
21810s about stalling things out but Jim ain't
21812s living much longer and ban on chalky
21815s milk just got pointy one minute in 30
21817s seconds now ban on chalky milk I like
21819s how you mentioned zombie maybe trying to
21820s pulse bomb Jim there or sorry Ruby but
21822s at a landing on Jam I think I don't know
21824s maybe it's just a little bit of a a
21826s prediction but I would assume I think
21828s coming over one too it feels like the
21829s pulse bomb AI is a little bit different
21830s they land kind of a bit differently so
21833s it kind of connects on maybe to like a
21835s small Target I'm not sure how exactly it
21836s works but zombie to open up what that
21838s pulse one was crucial for being on
21840s shocking mode to move to the third phase
21841s yeah I said I wanted to see a zombie
21843s pulse bomb and they sure delivered oh
21845s the they get ruby in a horrible
21848s position and now on this five on four
21850s yes send it oh Jim is in trouble oh they
21854s don't escape
21855s does it again katsuna Rush from the
21858s defense when you're down by two I don't
21860s know about this yeah battle chalky milk
21862s you just leave this maybe you couldn't
21864s even I don't know if you wanted to
21866s answer with that after he already backed
21867s away now at least he forced the
21869s Salisbury from Jam Timeless ethereal
21871s getting hit by a whole hog by setsubu
21874s just to Green real estate a nasty Hook
21877s from Ruby since zombie packing 25
21880s seconds left and banana chakimot doesn't
21882s have any ultimates for this next fight
21884s really
21885s nope they'd have nothing to go into this
21887s next fight they're gonna have that
21888s postponed from zombie they've done it
21890s before you can do it again Momo's gonna
21892s have the overclock they'll have a beat
21893s drop coming up but with 10 seconds left
21894s the time window it's not favoring them
21897s to touch this payload with ultimates
21899s and on chalky milk all they have I'm on
21901s The High Ground this is really good if
21903s they can get the overclock going but if
21904s Ruby's just walking
21908s up this this
21910s is the Hulk full spot thrown by zombies
21913s sound bear from action they're
21915s absolutely serving it they punished Ruby
21917s who escaped into Mega room when maybe we
21920s need to escape back to their spawn room
21922s doors bear no chalky milk are ahead for
21924s now they got the overclock harassing the
21926s left side and Nazareth has no space to
21928s work with has to go heel back up from
21930s Spawn as Timeless ethereal are
21932s contesting with everything they can the
21934s respawn Advantage just really doesn't
21936s matter and you have Ruby back on the
21939s Hammond but they know
21942s left oh my God Dustin what did we just
21947s see no way oh my God the Hammond it
21951s pooped them away I guess that's the only
21953s ah it just stinks because you know
21955s you're down without that member and
21956s OverWatch two five versus five they come
21958s back they just push them off the payload
21960s I don't even think they expected that
21961s you think you think that Jim and Ruby
21963s are like yes we're gonna Boop them off
21964s the payload this is perfectly timed our
21966s our play you know to stop ban on
21969s chalkimo from capping on a King's Row
21971s that is an egregious
21975s is
21976s so bad one left on left on that I'm
21979s trying I've imagined
21986s metal.jpeg fan on Chucky milk almost got
21989s the cap it's still fur far far they
21992s almost got held at B so there's like a
21995s silver lighting if you squint hard
21996s enough but time was ethereal they could
21998s go to Siri's point if they can go all
22000s the way to the end
22001s and maybe to give it a little bit of a
22003s analysis on that third point right it's
22005s just you need to kill things very very
22007s fast you saw kind of the panic in Momo's
22009s eyes when they noticed they didn't start
22011s killing things in the back line azaray
22013s was just avoiding the overclock and Momo
22015s kind of wasted the rest of it and after
22017s that there was a couple seconds of
22018s downtime where we saw no kills in the
22020s kill feed and that's always a bad sign I
22021s think every OverWatch player knows that
22023s when you're trying to cap out on King's
22024s Row you need to get kills as they come
22026s in as people move in but Ashton the
22028s merman the movement was perfect or sorry
22030s Jam boom was perfect and it prevented
22032s any kills from happening in quick
22034s succession
22036s uh the little snowball that I thought
22038s they could banana chocolate milk should
22039s have capped still mad about it but
22041s Timeless ethereal they're chilling with
22044s that they're like Ruby MVP hog Canyon
22047s there and you're forced the C9 you'll
22049s love to see it but we'll see if Timeless
22052s at zero can even get to Point C fan on
22054s chalky milk you can turn it around
22056s starting now with a hold tie the series
22058s oh Jim got the chase down of the zombie
22061s almost got the one click that was kind
22062s of nasty
22063s space battle happening on the inside Jim
22065s has the support though and zombie
22067s doesn't just shot around like a fish in
22069s a barrel Azure found the early pick on
22072s the offensive side of The High Ground
22073s and they're down a member in this fight
22075s maybe maybe it's not a canyon it's not a
22077s Grand Canyon anymore it's a mini Canyon
22078s zetsubou as just Ruby for that moment
22081s there's been on chalky milk hope they
22083s don't have zetsubou anymore it's trying
22085s to hide them up all right well you got
22086s no tanks so that means it's up to the
22088s DPS to shine and that's when you're
22090s using hotel for flanks it's very
22092s important for either side and keeping
22093s Intel there but zombie gets the dip on
22095s the gym and Timeless ethereal they don't
22098s really want a pressure point they don't
22100s have enough people to do so
22101s now they have to back up here but they
22103s have four members so they can continue
22105s to look for these opening picks with the
22106s railgun charge for Azure as long as
22108s they're all there as the ray is pretty
22109s safe to just look for the back line both
22111s teams calling out when both sojourns
22113s have that railgun shot because she has
22115s to charge it up as you see the visual
22117s indicator when that show Jordan's gun is
22119s really bright blue that's when you know
22121s they can just rip your head off it's a
22122s danger meters the opposite of red when
22124s that sojourn is nice and charged up that
22126s roadhog head real thick though it's
22127s gonna take a few more of those you
22129s definitely don't want to focus Down the
22131s Road Hogs if necessary you're just gonna
22133s give that team old charge and overclock
22135s from azaray getting harassed by action
22137s is that a is that an SK impression that
22139s I'm I'm seeing but no punish though has
22142s that Lucio from Ashton will escape
22144s Timeless ethereal oh they get dragged
22146s into the fight against their will
22147s kirikoult from Vanoss monkey Mills and
22150s the sound bear from Ash and I don't
22152s think hit everybody nonetheless the
22154s whole hog her movie made a ton of space
22156s gets them at least the first tick as
22158s they were kind of checking their back
22160s line there not sure who's knocking
22161s Timeless ethereal should be capping here
22164s I don't think bana chalky milk have so
22166s many wars going on and so many different
22168s parts of the map they can't contest
22170s I mean it's not the end of the world but
22173s like using the katsune rush after your
22175s Donna member and then using the bishop
22176s when you lose one more member is a bit
22178s of a mistake sure they did hold for
22181s about like three minutes that's very
22182s very good timing however coming to the
22184s streets phase Timeless ethereal if they
22186s snowball in the streets phase and not
22188s allow Balon chocolate milk to even win
22189s one team fight that should give them a
22192s very smooth transition into third phase
22193s the cap out which if we remember ban on
22195s chalky melted even full cap they see
22197s nined on the last point
22199s this Timeless material the snowball
22201s starts now but
22202s [Applause]
22204s shot in the face
22206s it ends that that's the sound you like
22210s to see if your time is ethereal well
22213s they could just keep spraying and
22215s praying because they have a charge up
22216s sojourn who don't give a damn and Jim
22219s was almost on a flank up to no good
22221s Timeless ethereal halfway to be in bed
22224s on Chucky mug it's so important for them
22225s to hold this uh the end of being it's a
22227s powerful position for the defense
22229s yeah very powerful indeed because they
22231s have this choke point Jim's trying to
22233s break it to the flank and on the front
22234s line they're losing a lot of members
22236s they have to use the beat drop early to
22238s sustain and make sure everybody's still
22239s alive but Jim through the top keeping
22241s their own life as they pop the tuning
22242s Rush on both side as the right did find
22244s zetsubou which allows Timeless Eternal
22247s to keep snow blowing lemon if you want a
22250s dopamine Rush uh put Kitsune Rush with a
22253s whole hog and you'll never go to any
22254s other game ever again you'll stick
22256s around for OverWatch 5 after you
22258s experience but that's like I got a 5k
22260s with that combo and I'm never going back
22262s it's Timeless ethereal though they're
22264s heading to be it must be why there's so
22266s many roadhog Mains they have the
22268s dopamines levels maxed out
22270s it's just rooting my games though
22272s there's no dopamine here okay as the ray
22274s found Ash in the early pick nice job
22276s from them
22277s still Madge yeah you can't be telling
22280s her because you're content creating now
22282s there's something on the line it's okay
22285s I still get pissed about roadhogs though
22286s yeah exactly right
22289s honestly in this game it's a viable
22291s character though right on both sides
22292s both roadhogs have been putting in so
22294s much work and it allows Jim to look for
22296s an early pulse bomb if he finds this
22298s pickoff it should be Hook Line and
22300s Sinker for ban on shocky milk what's Jim
22303s even doing up here what what is Ashton
22304s doing up here what is going on oh chip
22307s just finished off that zubu and this is
22309s how the the Avalanche starts Timeless
22311s ethereal 5v4 box of Victory there for
22315s the series point and battle chalky milk
22318s to try to sustain with the sound Bearer
22319s they have the respawn Advantage but
22322s really it's about this overclock from
22323s Momo and they've already caught Jam who
22326s else can you get can you get Jim and jam
22328s together and I'll talk emotes it's like
22330s they've weathered the storm for now
22332s yeah that payload almost gonna push in
22334s it's always intimidating to look at this
22336s but Jim how did he just find the back
22338s line recall is back up almost finds Momo
22341s MIM is feeling or Jim is feeling it
22343s today now they don't have to worry in
22345s this fight but Timeless they're a little
22346s bit too far back the respawns aren't in
22348s their favor and ban on chalky milk are
22350s still here zombie praying that his team
22352s stops getting picked off by a tracer 1v5
22356s yeah we've we've had enough c9s today
22357s thank you observers for making sure
22359s no one was sneaking on the payload for
22362s Timeless ethereal tsune Rush available
22365s this is gonna be a rap god of a fight no
22368s sound Bears Jam is real close consumera
22371s started so early from Calgary that if
22373s your time is ethereal you would
22374s completely avoid that fight and you take
22375s the guaranteed one next
22377s I mean it sounds simple and easy but
22379s yeah you take an ultimate you run away
22381s right it's as simple as that just make
22383s sure they waste their old and you get
22384s the positioning
22386s we just like disappear into the Shadows
22388s that was a super hook out of nowhere but
22390s it forces out the consume Rush from
22391s aramari and how about this for breakfast
22394s the whole hog against the wall Ruby is
22397s here to stay and that is a clean win
22400s from Timeless ethereal they go 2-0 in
22403s the series
22404s Timeless ethernet looking so good in
22407s this fight in this matchup I mean they
22409s just look absolutely dominant at the
22411s current moment they're firing on all
22413s cylinders and of course it's a replay of
22414s the game because who else would it be I
22416s mean Ruby has been a standout player on
22418s the roadhog it seems like in the roadhog
22420s matchups it's they kind of take the
22422s Forefront of uh of the game's lemon
22425s where we're just constantly talking
22426s about these roadhog players that are
22428s putting in work because it's kind of
22430s hard to focus on anyone else but these
22431s roadhogs are just doing so much me
22433s thinking roadhog was gonna get some like
22436s crazy rework all you needed to do to fix
22438s this hero was make it so his old didn't
22441s get canceled and maybe add you know it
22443s could soon a rush into the game and now
22445s wow roadhog dominates the field I I was
22448s expecting a rework maybe even him being
22450s I was like having these nice ideas and
22452s maybe roadhog could be a DPS you know he
22454s could just be a chunky one
22456s um and they just made him actually a
22457s very viable thing I'm excited for the
22459s upcoming OverWatch League Meadow or how
22461s the patches are gonna go but a roadhog
22463s meta we haven't seen that since like
22466s what would shock and super were running
22468s like at the finals it's been a while was
22471s that season three I guess OverWatch
22473s League I forgot yeah I think I think I
22476s think it was and I mean well now that
22477s you've mentioned like roadhog becoming a
22479s DPS I mean imagine like small teddy bear
22482s roadhog or something or and then that
22484s got me thinking like what are the next
22485s character maybe they're gonna add a
22486s shrink ray into the game and what if you
22487s shrink a tank and they become a DPS or
22489s something just making a sway in the back
22491s line yeah maybe something like that I
22494s don't know but like this makes people
22495s bigger you just do the opposite Yeah
22497s March them be great I mean if that's in
22501s the capabilities of the server who knows
22502s you know maybe we're maybe we're trying
22503s to shove on too many too many things
22505s onto this uh onto our development team
22508s it would just be like two meccas just
22510s like battling it'd be two super tanks
22512s and your thought tanks are strong now
22514s wait till we give them more bells and
22516s whistles oh God no please no yeah I'm
22519s good yeah the tanks are just so dang
22520s strong that's why it will honestly to
22521s flip it back on two more serious though
22523s I mean that's why roadhog is meta right
22525s I mean I mean that's why he's met us
22526s because the other tanks kind of got
22528s nerfed right I mean obviously Diva got
22530s nerfed zarya got nerfed and the tanks
22532s themselves are just in such a strong
22534s position where it's kind of you know you
22536s need some of the other tanks to get
22538s nerfed to see some of these other ones
22539s like roadhog uh like Winston like erisa
22542s kind of get the shine they deserve
22543s because you know tanks are in such a
22545s position where pretty much all of them
22546s are so strong but we just need a little
22549s bit of a Nerf to some of these stronger
22550s ones for uh others to shine and because
22553s there's so much crowd control that got
22554s taken out in OverWatch 2 that was one of
22556s the things that countered roadhog is if
22558s you could interrupt the the take a
22560s breather the healing that's when you
22562s could really punish a road dog or just
22564s throw an antionate at them I'm like
22565s insta swapping to on if I see a hog
22567s because that is just Kryptonite as we'll
22569s be going to Route 66 as chosen by uh
22573s timeline or Sorry by chalky milk ban on
22575s chalky milk in fact yeah careful careful
22577s I know I want that I want chalky milk
22580s reinstated okay I can tolerate lactose
22582s just fine
22583s just take a pill right I mean that's all
22585s you got to do to deal with the lactose
22586s it's that simple right I mean so modern
22588s yeah do you want friends to do that when
22590s you go to ice cream and then like like
22591s yeah I'm lactose intolerant but I don't
22592s care I'll have it you know
22594s he does yeah he pulls out his little
22597s purse full of lactose pills or whatever
22599s they take and I go ahead and expose my
22601s good friend he's hopefully he's not here
22603s yeah I have that for you
22606s it's okay heroics I'm sure I'll be fine
22607s he'll we know him as an ice cream lover
22609s is that really that bad
22610s you wouldn't be able to tell that
22612s lactose intolerant people are intolerant
22615s because they still eat it probably just
22617s as much they just regret it a lot more
22619s but we'll see if banana chocolate milk
22622s will regret circuit Royale that's
22624s different that's gonna be about the
22626s sojourns maybe even some Niche snipers
22628s coming in we could even see Sigma right
22631s we haven't seen Sigma in so long but at
22633s the same time right if you play that uh
22635s roadhog you don't give your team your
22637s backline those picks and I like how you
22639s mentioned snipers because he Widowmaker
22640s as well but with how strong sojour and
22643s has become lemon do you think that we
22644s actually see these people swap off a
22646s character that they're so amazing on
22648s these days
22649s it depends there's different style I
22651s definitely think the sojourn is the must
22652s pick it's what you kind of dance around
22654s the sojourn sometimes people will pick
22656s Hanzo just have the stormbow into the
22658s sigma Shield when the shield War if you
22660s want to just play around the shield and
22662s you play Widow and take off angles
22664s although it's it's gonna be tricky it's
22666s a rather narrow map or if you want a
22668s hybrid a front and back pressure then
22670s maybe even a Genji or a tracer Genji was
22673s very relevant in The Meta due to that
22675s the sojourn or really anyone could get a
22677s Target low and you had that finishing
22679s power of Genji dashing in but Genji I
22681s believe got nerfed a lot in his damage
22683s so I haven't really seen him since no
22686s yeah again she's not really to be seen
22688s because of those Nerfs sadly I mean
22690s those were huge Nerfs at the Beyond to
22691s be honest too if we don't if you don't
22693s know there's a lot of changes that
22694s happened recently zarya got changed and
22696s changed so she's not as good anymore
22698s same with Diva same with Genji I mean
22700s who else am I missing junkrat right the
22702s Trap was nerfed as well yeah why like
22705s why dude he's so annoying that's why the
22708s character itself you don't like running
22710s into those huge balls do you no no Jake
22713s is like punching air right now
22717s [Laughter]
22719s because I can come up and think about
22720s the XTC moment clunk clunk clunk clunk
22723s shakes takes Minds sometimes that's what
22726s the brain sounds like
22728s but got a widow and a sojourn and then
22730s the Hanzo SoJO so those are the kind of
22732s flavors of sniper you might see Hanzo is
22734s a lot more Shield pressure obviously but
22736s Widow finishing power a lot better
22739s a nice POV that's what you have to do is
22741s uh Widowmaker sadly just shoot the
22742s shield of Sigma when it's in your face
22744s but such an aggressive position from
22746s Timeless and it allows Momo and zetsubou
22749s to kind of get those two picks walking
22750s forward their Shield hey I'm surprised
22752s with Jim just being in the top left they
22755s couldn't do more than that chocolate
22757s milk didn't really Panic on trying to
22759s dislodge that they really just fought
22761s the 5v4 that was in front of them as Jim
22764s just became kind of irrelevant in that
22766s situation
22767s yeah unfortunately for Jim they are
22769s going to go down but now Ruby's going to
22770s swap over to that Sigma to take that
22772s trade off you kind of see that on
22773s circuit Royale but maybe that's why a
22775s lot of teams don't like playing it
22776s because they don't want to play this
22777s slower sniper Reliant composition when
22779s you could play the consistency that is
22781s roadhog or Winston which is funny to say
22783s these days but both teams longer snipers
22786s to get positioning and at the end of the
22787s day it's gonna be on who hits that
22788s railgun and asteroid does it first all
22790s right we got to keep track of the
22792s sojourn score that's one for azrae I
22795s think Moma had some nice ones I remember
22797s just wheezing and laughter on King's Row
22800s after Momoa cancels out the overclock
22803s but oh Jim gets one back okay
22806s all right Jim Jim may be coming online
22808s now and they have to right this map has
22810s so long sight lines this Widowmaker does
22813s work but there we go disrupt the shot
22814s from azerade and that's why they're up
22816s 2-0 and the series thus far is off the
22817s back of azarayan Ruby doing so much work
22820s on that tank in that sojourn roll
22824s I know this feels like
22825s it's like my but you
22830s but you use this aggressively although
22832s it's just safer to not but it's when you
22834s want to use it that matters and banana
22836s chocolate milk have established
22837s themselves into the well top left from
22839s their position top right from your
22840s perspective at the moment and a friend
22842s has been picked and so isabi the sniper
22846s dip is really strong at the moment oh my
22849s God Jim
22850s it's always been practicing in those
22852s like lobbies where you know you know
22853s they're doing a meme where it's like
22854s their new track in that uh in that
22856s training range when you go to an actual
22857s game and then you just don't do that at
22859s all training range pays off just
22861s shooting the sky for Jim it's hand it is
22864s I mean like he's looking on the ground
22865s so maybe he's not playing the training
22866s range right huh
22868s The Backs
22872s the quarter and
22874s all these random headshots happen you
22876s have to time it with your Sigma and
22879s they're dead already and really the
22881s sigma Shield is only so wide they can't
22883s cover every angle and existence it's not
22886s like older so it's like kind of like a
22887s half dome that's a crab flux I guess
22890s that was frustrating he's like I don't
22891s need a back uh they're like they don't
22893s need a back line they just need
22894s themselves and this kind of kicks off
22896s the fight in a good way for banana
22898s chalky milk although Momo is gonna get
22900s slammed down couldn't drop down into the
22902s immortality in time and that app Matrix
22904s from Jam just sprayed down and hosed
22907s down fan on chalky move they still
22909s somehow think it's horrible they're
22911s investing the Transcendence from kaori
22913s and you see Ruby's in the dangerous
22915s position and banana turkey milk couldn't
22917s even punish kind of the open Sidelines
22919s that they had
22921s this is Ross from calorie so far I mean
22923s I don't mean to uh pull them out a bit
22925s here but unfortunately the Zenyatta play
22927s hasn't been working out so smartly
22929s they're going to change to the koriko or
22931s intelligently to change it to kariko to
22932s allow them to have maybe a little more
22934s ability maybe maybe avoid getting that
22936s headshot from the Widowmaker but with
22938s Jim playing as well as they have been
22940s how what much can how much can you
22941s really do on this kirbyco
22943s and on chalky milk 15 seconds you can't
22946s get full health also is that a missed
22947s grapple from zombie while panicking now
22950s but chip has just been hard skunked on
22953s that corner and zombie is just having a
22955s hard time the sigma shield from zetsubou
22957s just wasn't there to even allow zombie
22959s to get into it any kind of position at
22961s all we'll have to swap to something else
22963s it's a actually a 4V or as the SRI just
22966s got picked beta chalky milk it's
22968s overtime they gotta stay on the card and
22970s you swap to a good Widow counter and
22972s it's the Tracer gym though if you pulled
22974s off the headshot I would have absolutely
22975s lost it bana Chucky move this could be a
22978s loss if they get off this car and
22980s they're gonna be physically removed the
22982s ground flux the Dodge of the accretion
22984s it's disgusting Timeless ethereal just a
22988s matter of time before they really send a
22990s band of chalky milk
22992s hacking
22994s you have a gym did find Momo at the
22995s other side and nobody can touch yet
22997s again shot ban on chalky milk and Jim
23000s really showing the Chomps that they have
23003s on Widowmaker and popping off as well as
23004s they have been I mean it felt like every
23006s pick or every every fight was just a
23008s pick for Jim it was just so hard for ban
23011s on chocolate milk to do anything when
23013s you know zabi is is getting it's a
23015s little bit of a diff you know and but
23017s not it's not a bad thing to get dipped
23019s on Widow it's just you're not really a
23020s widow man right
23022s it's not bad if you get just spoken like
23025s a card code
23028s but it's true like there's always other
23031s options like going with someone with a
23033s lot of Mobility like a tracer
23035s um we even see some hanzos where you can
23037s just focus on bursting down the shield
23039s that front and back War matters just as
23041s much because if there's no Sigma Shield
23042s there's no protection and I think that
23044s was the real issue it banned on chalky
23046s milk is there's a lot of just pressure
23048s on zetsubou to constantly maintain the
23050s shield look where Jim was look where Jam
23052s was look where everyone was
23055s and try to block all of that damage and
23057s battle chalky milk never had kind of a
23059s head start in these fights well here you
23062s go you got you got you got your winch
23063s lemon I mean they're gonna swap to that
23065s Winston composition to try to change
23067s things up because they realize they
23068s can't really fight against Jim's
23070s Widowmaker so they're going to try to
23071s take the even trade because that did go
23073s a little bit better for them on the
23075s previous two maps and uh maybe playing
23077s this composition could give them a
23078s little bit more uh leeway however
23080s Timeless ethereal I mean they're so used
23082s to putting Ruby on roadhog and just
23084s shutting down this Winston
23086s oh man that box of victory
23089s it's right at the end of point a
23092s Timeless ethereal on series point a
23095s grand finals ticket on the line to face
23098s the favorites of Dart monkeys and
23101s you know chocolate milk already lost a
23103s friend this is not good Jim
23105s kind of disgusting this Widow it doesn't
23108s really miss too often I like the
23110s creative angles they're taken though
23111s through the left doorways and if they
23112s ever get too close to a Winston they
23114s have the roof cover they're doing the
23115s jungling thing you talked about yeah
23117s they're doing a good job just staying
23119s inside towards the health pack and Momo
23121s did take down as the race so now that's
23123s a lot of damage gone but Jim's still in
23125s the field and can look for that back one
23126s but Momo just ran at them to make sure
23128s Jim couldn't get that one shot just got
23130s close range on them with that SMG you
23133s win in that trade versus Widowmaker
23135s unless Jim can hit those shots but so
23137s Jordan when she 8080 strafes it's very
23139s hard to hit that hitbox however Jim
23141s looks like he's gonna stay on that
23142s Widowmaker and just swap Ruby over the
23144s roadhog
23145s and the road hog is gonna be a solid
23147s counter and it already got zetsubou
23149s hooked in a little bit low and as long
23151s as zetsubou takes those hoax you're
23153s you're happier than anyone else taking
23155s that hook and zombie gets headshot by
23158s azerite through the right room and
23160s that's where the Avalanche could start
23161s Timeless ethereal well they actually get
23163s hit by a kazuni rush of Cavalry and this
23166s is how bana chalky they'll just rush
23167s into them a Timeless ethereal are caught
23169s without cooldowns they even have respawn
23172s Advantage but there hasn't been any
23173s traits favoring them so Timeless
23175s ethereal will have almost half their
23177s time being cut in half
23178s I like this from ban on chalky milk to
23180s maybe swap to that Winston and they're
23182s playing it well honestly just bubbling
23183s off the roadhog he can't kill the bubble
23186s in time and then eventually get the
23187s kills but now with Jim on the front line
23189s he found the early pick yet again
23192s okay yeah bring the 76 out oh what are
23195s you up to zombie this isn't Tracer what
23198s is mobile doing Momo you have shifted in
23200s see this is a prime lesson everybody of
23203s Shifting in and when and when not to do
23205s that but trades back and forth Timeless
23207s material they won the fight but the war
23210s still continues the box of Victory is
23211s around this corner one more fight I
23214s don't like this positioning for the
23215s payload though I mean it's in such a bad
23216s position for ban on chalky milk they can
23218s only win one fight here in this fight's
23220s only winnable if you have that bridge
23221s that now Timeless ethereal is passing so
23224s they don't even have good cover they're
23225s gonna have to play inside and Timeless
23227s is gonna be set up with a petunia blush
23228s and this sojourn ultimate yeah might as
23230s well just pop this early said to boo
23232s pops the Primal though see if they can
23233s toss the the back line or really even if
23236s you can get the soul short into a bad
23238s position they do just that they cancel
23239s the azeri overclock and Bano chalky milk
23242s have equalized even punishing Jim and
23247s they've established themselves back on
23248s this top bridge and if you can stagger
23251s Ruby again it's just more precious
23253s seconds back to ban on chalky milk
23256s wow I mean dude Jim is uh being
23258s countered by Momo and now he's gonna
23260s have to swap to Echo because of it not
23262s sure if I like that swap considering
23263s maybe you could play The Reaper or
23264s something to maybe mirror match them but
23266s maybe Jim feels a bit more comfortable
23267s on this Echo after his widow was a
23269s little bit countered
23272s try to play the key
23277s ston's punishing their movement as Ruby
23280s oh that hook was funny uh sounds barrier
23284s not funny we'll see how much beta chalky
23286s milk will be laughing the Sounder the
23288s consume Rush Timeless ethereal get hit
23291s by the bulldozer and banana chalky milk
23294s they've been able to get some trading
23296s blows they just want to play cart and
23298s live for now Timeless ethereal they only
23300s have 25 seconds left this might not be a
23303s 3-0 Dustin no it might not be in Ruby
23305s Ruby got uh sports car diff I think
23308s there by the tail end of that car he
23310s just got the hook but or they just got
23311s the hook but unfortunately we couldn't
23312s find the kill that was so important for
23315s Timeless to cap out
23316s last fight Timeless material they have
23319s the whole hog and almost a Kitsune rush
23322s I don't really mean rush I'm so ready
23323s for a gym also has duplicate we could
23325s see
23326s a lot of businesses
23329s the shopping spree has ended the whole
23333s hog activated and while roadhog might
23336s need to be nerfed after this Timeless
23338s ethereal and the last fight take the map
23341s and the series they're going to the
23343s Grand finals two three O's for our
23346s semi-finals and that you know what that
23347s means lemon we are gonna have an insane
23350s Series in our grand finals for the final
23352s spot for the fifth seed though
23354s everybody's been qualified but for the
23356s fifth seed it's gonna be a crazy Series
23358s in just a second because Jim was crazy
23361s on Widowmaker when he was on contested
23363s or sorry Jim was crazy now what about
23365s when they're uncontested however
23366s changing over to that roadhog really
23369s allowed them to finally cap out on that
23371s point even though they were running
23372s Sigma for the entire time I mean when a
23375s series from Timeless ethereal they
23377s played amazing versus ban on chocolate
23378s chalky milk well Bayonne chalky milk
23381s really made him sweat for it at the end
23383s I was thinking oh maybe this is not
23384s winnable maybe this could be not a 3-0
23387s they've really put them down to the wire
23389s almost an OT push at the end the
23391s weirdest hook I've ever seen on the race
23393s car as you pointed out
23395s um so yeah we have our grand finals
23396s Timeless ethereal versus Dart monkeys
23399s and you know we like to talk to winners
23402s here so after this break before we get
23404s to the finals we're gonna have an
23405s interview with someone from Timeless
23406s ethereal so excited to talk through this
23409s roadhog strategy that seems to be uh
23412s featured on our stream you won't want to
23414s miss it see you after the break everyone
23420s [Music]
23445s thank you
23448s foreign
23449s [Music]
23465s [Music]
23480s foreign
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23525s [Music]
23531s thank you
23533s [Music]
23547s [Music]
23559s thank you
23565s [Music]
23572s thank you
23585s [Music]
23595s [Music]
23598s welcome back everyone to calling all
23601s heroes we like to talk to winners here
23603s and I want to talk to the queen herself
23605s roadhog who Queen hog we have Ruby on
23609s the line from Timeless ethereal
23612s congratulations on the win
23615s are you on the line can you hear us
23618s thank you so much okay I can hear you
23621s now sweet yo your hog is insane how many
23623s hours do you have going on do you mean
23625s hog okay no so the funny thing is is
23628s like I haven't played a ton of hog the
23631s only time I really played hog was an
23632s erisa hogmetta forever ago
23635s um but because of OverWatch 2 and the
23637s fact that I'm an off tank player from
23638s OverWatch one mainly like a diva player
23640s I was like okay I'll start practicing a
23642s little hog but
23643s um I haven't really been able to scrim
23644s it much so it was kind of just like the
23646s pocket pick
23647s um but yeah I was honestly a little
23649s surprised myself
23650s [Laughter]
23652s were you surprised with how much you
23654s could get away with because it seems
23655s like your back line was doing a great
23657s job at uh keeping you nice and healthy
23658s when you were just constantly putting
23660s pressure you did a great job it was that
23662s was that cognitive of you just to
23663s continue pushing forward and making sure
23666s the other team felt your presence just
23667s by walking at them oh for sure
23670s um Armory and Jim I've been on a team
23672s with them for about a year so there's a
23674s lot of trust and Synergy between us
23676s three for sure so you know I I kind of
23679s just in and trust my back line to to
23681s back me up because I know they usually
23682s will
23684s um but yeah I'm still feeling out with
23685s feeling it out with the hog how much I
23687s can get away with you know limit testing
23689s a bit but if it wasn't for Aura and jam
23691s I definitely would be hard-enting
23694s it's been really cool to cast y'all and
23698s watch this roadhog meta this is my first
23701s time casting it and if you're kind of
23703s the demonstration of how this is gonna
23704s go I'm really excited and also scared at
23707s the same time but I want to get to know
23709s the personalities on your team y'all
23711s sound like a lot of fun uh tell me about
23713s the people on your team what are the
23715s comms like when you're getting these
23716s nasty hooks in oh wow yeah so our team's
23720s fairly new we were kind of just like
23721s half of one team and half of another
23724s kind of like Frankenstein together
23726s um last minute and we've just been
23728s scrimming like non-stop prepping for the
23730s tournament um I love this team we are
23733s pretty goofy I would say that um in our
23735s free time we're just like making jokes
23737s but um comms are pretty serious
23740s surprisingly
23741s um and uh when when you know when I'm
23744s playing the hog I I'm just trusting my
23745s team they call the cooldowns and I I
23747s just walk in and says I know they've
23749s used cooldowns I'm in there
23751s um but I love I love my team so much and
23755s it's a great group of people to play
23757s with
23758s y'all sound like you're having a blast I
23759s mean if I could watch you play hog I I'm
23761s sitting back and I'm watching the magic
23763s happen
23764s um how do you talk about that level of
23765s trust that you have in your team and I
23767s feel like that's really important
23768s between a hog and a kiriko so do you
23770s guys like communicate like maybe when
23772s you need suzu like help me help me like
23774s she's with me or like what's the way to
23776s play roadhog with a Kiri code these days
23779s oh absolutely there's a lot of comms we
23781s like to always call for the meat grinder
23783s that's the the kiriko and the and the
23785s Hoggle we call that the meat grinder
23787s um so we always calm that but um
23789s especially when I've noticed a lot um
23792s when playing against a Winston and a
23793s good Winston especially like the last
23794s team there there Winston on on circuit
23796s was making me sweat a bit because the
23798s bubbles were really good like I being
23800s vocal about you know like my team
23802s breaking the bubbles to my carico can
23804s like give me the resources that I need
23805s to you know kind of make some space was
23807s really important but
23808s um Ari and I definitely talk back and
23811s forth quite a bit to to make some plays
23814s and what worries you most when it comes
23816s to a DPS match-up are you worried about
23819s a Reaper being locked on the other team
23821s or a tracer because I feel like the
23823s silver and Platts in chat might be
23824s arguing like oh it Reapers the tank
23826s Buster but Tracer has more Mobility but
23828s she's hard to hit a hook on so what is
23830s the key to countering hog these days
23832s yeah I think for sure it depends on the
23834s TR like if it's a tracer player with
23836s like insane movement it can be pretty
23837s stressful as a hog because you know good
23840s tracers they can just be so
23841s unpredictable
23843s um but Reaper is really scary if you
23844s miss the hook if you missed the hook on
23846s Reaper and you're in there and you don't
23847s have like breather you kind of just kind
23850s of accept your fate at that point I
23852s think
23853s um I think it just really depends on the
23855s player I think both um have their their
23857s pros and cons to play against us hog
23860s I I feel you on both of those as me
23862s getting my hours up on roadhog I stress
23864s on if I miss any hook on anyone at all
23867s absolutely but um it's nerve-wracking
23869s for sure
23870s I'm excited to see you play in the
23872s finals soon but first I want to leave
23873s you with shout outs um calling all
23876s heroes this is such an amazing
23877s Initiative for marginalized genders and
23880s to give everyone a showcase and a
23881s platform on the OverWatch League channel
23883s so what is this platform this tournament
23885s mean to you and the team to to have a
23888s fun place to play with friends
23890s yeah absolutely I mean this tournament
23892s has meant a lot to me before this team I
23893s was actually on Mochi
23895s um which is a marginalized gender team
23896s and I've been on that team for over a
23898s year and so when this tournament was
23900s announced I was I was super excited um
23902s because I've competed in an open
23904s division in Collegiate and all of that
23905s but like this whole tournament feels so
23907s different to be in like it feels
23910s um just so much more wholesome like I
23912s just feel like I'm I'm playing against a
23914s lot of my friends like it just feels a
23916s lot more connected like there's a
23917s community there
23919s um but in terms of shout outs I mean I
23921s my whole team is great I'm very happy
23923s you know I was signed as the off tank
23925s player I know we've been playing a lot
23926s of Winston for most of the tournament
23928s but you know I changed they're like all
23929s right Ruby we see this chance let's put
23931s you in
23932s um so I just want to thank my coaches
23934s um they both have been super awesome
23935s just helping me improve in the short
23937s amount of time that I've been with them
23939s um ARA and jam my backline my supports
23942s just for dealing with my Shenanigans
23945s dealing with you a little bit Yeah by
23947s ending my DPS are just insane my DPS are
23950s crazy they're some of the most cracked
23951s DPS I've ever gotten to play with and of
23954s course my monkey for
23956s um teaching me how to play monkey
23957s because I I am not a main tank player
23959s and so the little bit of help I've
23961s Gotten from my Winston player uh has
23963s been very very helpful in me learning
23965s how to play main tank as well
23968s well you're doing incredible shout out
23970s to you Ruby you're making casting so
23972s easy when you just give us the content
23973s like that and make sure y'all check out
23976s Ruby see you Boulder and all the teams
23978s she plays in encourage her through open
23979s Division and encourage everyone through
23981s through their Endeavors thank you so
23983s much for the interview Ruby and good
23985s luck in the finals thank you so much
23987s thank you for bringing me on
23990s Dustin I know the ladies were having a
23993s chat you just have to sit there yeah no
23995s no you guys are vibing I like it I mean
23997s I listen I it makes my job easier yeah
23999s it makes my I mean listen she was saying
24000s a lot of good things that I think are
24002s incredibly valuable to you know people
24004s you know finding a team that can really
24006s support you on roadhog is incredibly
24008s important fighting a group of people
24009s like she said she plays against her
24011s friends basically in the challengers cup
24013s which is really cool to see honestly as
24015s a group I mean and speaking of friends I
24017s mean we're gonna see Dart monkey versus
24019s them in the grand finals lemon I mean
24021s that's gonna be a crazy Grand finals
24023s that we're gonna see in just a moment
24025s because Dart monkeys has been on a roll
24027s like we saw throughout the entire
24028s tournament and Timeless kind of running
24030s off that friend uh Vibes I guess through
24033s the throughout the entire tournament has
24035s allowed them to move forward to this
24036s Grand finals for that fifth and sixth
24038s seed and dart monkeys they haven't
24040s dropped a single game map whatever you
24043s want to call it today they are scary
24045s Timeless ethereal almost flawless I
24047s think they lost one map to Mochi we
24049s might have seen that on stream maybe
24051s either way this is going to be a finals
24054s for the books all top four are qualified
24056s by the way so Dart monkey's Timeless
24058s ethereal ban on chalky milk altior
24060s Nimbus you're gonna see them at the main
24062s event competing for a 25
24065s 000 prize pool if you like this
24067s initiative if you want to see it this
24070s platform grow for these marginalized
24071s genders these amazing talented people
24073s please just continue to watch tweet at
24077s us whatever you want to do let me know
24078s who you think is gonna win in the chat
24080s we're gonna throw a two-way break make
24082s sure our teams are ready to go Timeless
24084s ethereal versus Dart monkeys you won't
24086s want to miss it
24098s [Music]
24104s [Music]
24108s thank you
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24209s thank you
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24422s [Applause]
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24495s thank you
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24630s it's Grand finals time baby calling all
24633s heroes you heard it Heroes rise up it's
24636s time to get in the lobby cuz qualifier
24638s two who will be the best of the best is
24640s Dart monkeys it's Timeless ethereal and
24643s this is gonna be a banger
24645s oh yeah no this we are looking forward
24647s to this since the semi-finals obviously
24649s Dart monkeys we've been seeing the
24650s entire tournament just kind of dominate
24652s in qualifier number two but coming into
24655s this matchup this is gonna be the
24657s hardest test just yet obviously on the
24659s other side I mean in dark monkeys lineup
24661s they've got barcode which lemon we just
24663s saw barcode pop the heck off in the
24666s previous maps and then Aspen on on uh
24668s Perico has been very consistent and like
24670s I said one of the best kuricos I think
24672s in the game in its entirety
24674s yeah Aspen finds those like random head
24676s shots that's how she became that control
24678s map
24679s um in the semi-finals I'm I'm maybe
24681s slightly worried about if um moving fish
24683s is going to want to stick on Winston
24685s because Ruby or I wonder okay Ruby might
24688s not be starting for Timeless ethereal
24690s they're gonna have Santana which I
24692s believe is their Winston player Ruby was
24694s alluding to Santana being the main tank
24696s so we might just have that Winston
24698s mirror then huh interesting that it's
24700s actually sub back in Santana like we
24702s haven't seen on broadcast is quite the
24704s player at least in this specific time
24706s frame because coming into this map which
24708s is Busan it's gonna be a lot more hard I
24712s guess to maybe stick with that roadhog
24713s composition yes it's good on like
24715s certain Maps here maybe even this one
24716s that we're going to right now however
24718s Santana being subbed in when they know
24720s that dark monkey wants to play the
24721s Winston they just want that mirror match
24723s up right lemon they don't want to play
24724s that roadhog because they know you know
24726s maybe they're confident maybe we can
24727s beat them in the mirror mashup
24730s so I thought like roadhog would be such
24732s a good counter to Winston but you heard
24734s it even in the interview that Ruby said
24735s like the placement of the bubble was
24737s really can be the Kryptonite of roadhog
24739s cutting off those resources so we have
24741s the mirrored matchup and barcode versus
24744s Azure on Busan downtown all right or the
24747s Rough Side moving fish gonna play inside
24748s the health pack as well but look at this
24751s lemon they're in kind of the inside
24752s position and dark monkeys are looking
24754s for the Dive Right now onto the back
24755s line they're just waiting for that
24756s moment they're looking for that kariko
24758s to pop for Caesar early or to take the
24760s Winston trade like they are right now
24761s and these close range matchups this is
24763s where their Reapers can have some good
24764s punish on the winstons too and you have
24766s to be smart with your jumps when you're
24768s playing that main tank to just measure
24771s how much damage he could be taking so
24773s usually at half Health that's the
24774s threshold you'll see most winstons leave
24776s the fight and especially when that armor
24778s starts to crack it's very powerful in
24780s OverWatch Sherwin double kill for
24782s barcode she is truly the goddess of
24784s sojour in this calling all heroes
24786s tournament and we'll see if Azure can
24789s keep up another time time simplest
24791s ethereal might have gotten the point
24792s first but I'm not sure they can hold on
24794s much longer barcode is having a heck of
24796s a tournament I mean Here Comes Santana
24798s to delay for a bit longer but we've seen
24800s every team that drops first towards this
24802s point as zuray gets the pick onto moving
24804s fish this is actually doable here for
24806s Timeless they're still alive and they're
24808s actually trying to fight this as barcode
24810s tries to go for the plank in a one shot
24811s here
24813s somehow the flip goes through from Dart
24814s monkeys they don't have zemrick Reaper
24817s gone finish off by the Lucio and you got
24819s the Kitsune Rush from Aspen but you have
24821s no DPS guys so it'll just have to be up
24824s to Aspen all by herself and Timeless
24827s ethereal they use their Kitsune rushly
24829s and there's really only two people left
24831s from Dart monkeys so not necessary at
24834s all so dark monkeys might be happy after
24835s all yeah considering they use the beat
24837s drop early that's pretty rough however
24839s at the same time they do have the point
24840s control and dart monkey's not coming
24842s back into this they're gonna have to be
24844s the ones to go first with that beat drop
24846s and then also with that overclock as
24847s well but moving fish probably gonna go
24849s in with that with that Winston Primal
24851s Rage early on to distract as Ray the
24854s backline but ezrae wait a second to pick
24856s on Aspen what it does in fact end now as
24859s you're a massive pick on Aspen limited
24861s heals available from Dart monkeys they
24863s have to sustain with salivary from SK
24865s Only Hits themselves and barcode at
24867s least it keeps our code alive I guess
24869s moving fishing really need it they have
24871s Primal Rage but eventually gets burned
24872s down by Timeless ether and namely Jim on
24875s the reaper we go back to the point
24879s lots of toys
24882s ethereal you thought dark monkeys had it
24885s but ZEM wrote unfortunately the reaper
24887s just a little out of position as Santana
24889s was there with the Winston bubble to
24891s block off that damage and then
24893s immediately Jim sees that Asus would go
24894s down on the zemrent then immediately
24896s Winston or sorry uh Reaper ultimates on
24899s to the point and gets that huge Ace
24902s now 80 Timeless ethereal just have to
24904s hold on a little bit longer win this
24906s fight to take the round and that's a
24908s good dive from Santana to remove barcode
24910s from this fight she is a threat in five
24912s versus three dark monkeys they disengage
24915s they'll have a chance to touch this
24916s won't be ideal and that's no for
24918s extension from Jim a good punish you
24920s gotta look left and right before you
24921s cross the road Thomas ethereal 97
24924s someone has to touch from Dart monkeys
24926s and I think Aspen is heading to it has
24929s at least the Lucio of SK to teleport to
24931s and to keep the overtime Wick burning as
24934s everyone from time was either is
24935s focusing on this Lucio but they forgot
24938s about the rest of the team dark monkeys
24941s will be flipping the point and forcing
24943s more time on the map there we go dark
24945s monkeys now to have it back they did use
24947s the summer ultimates here and now
24948s they're on doomfist so moving finish
24950s probably gonna run back to spawn and
24951s change unless they tried to they
24954s actually want to play this doomfist it's
24956s gonna be interesting I think they
24957s continue to run this doomfist to look
24959s for some punches early but Timeless
24961s they're just gonna be a hero is because
24962s they have that Winston and doomfist is
24964s not really a meta for them unfortunately
24968s at doomfist is just a bully the Winston
24970s around and actually just jump past them
24973s as the Sounder dropped some Timeless
24974s ether and perfect timing because moving
24976s fish just load the entirety up that but
24978s really you don't slow down the pay train
24980s that is Jim it was a double kill but
24982s it's traded right back three versus
24983s three meteor strike to the point to stop
24985s the flip from Timeless Easter travel
24987s rage available from Santana moving fish
24989s if you don't move Santana's gonna move
24991s you for him Santana's actually going
24993s after the back line don't care about
24994s this doomfist whatsoever limited heals
24997s available now that Aspen is gone Santana
24999s returns to the point and just backhands
25002s barcode to death and dart monkeys it's
25004s about just stepping the bleeding putting
25006s a Band-Aid on the sinking ship but I
25008s think it's too little and it's too late
25010s Timeless ether will be flipping and
25013s there's no one else left to touch round
25015s one downtown goes to Timeless ethereal I
25018s mean sure we can like blame the doomfist
25020s there but you know moving fish to lock
25021s the doomfist that's why doomfist does
25024s get outmatched by Winston right the
25026s Primal Rage ultimate is just so strong
25028s from Winston it's why you partially play
25031s Winston because Primal Rage just does so
25033s much damage and disrupts at the same
25035s time meanwhile doomfist with his
25036s ultimate it's incredibly easy to dodge
25038s so all moving fish does is land on
25041s doomfist you walk out of the way and
25043s great that's the ultimate committed
25044s where in the meanwhile on the opposite
25046s side we saw Santana's POV I mean they
25048s were popping off getting a Boop off the
25050s map and an opening kill I mean that's
25052s just the equivalent uh in equivalent
25054s exchange for the Winston versus a
25056s doomfist matchup at the very end
25059s I think the doomfist was just to get
25061s back quick and then you're just stuck
25063s with it the reaper and all that is not
25065s fun to deal with I'm glad moving fish is
25067s not on Winston
25069s hmm that's where he is Santana's like
25072s all right Ruby tagging but we'll have to
25074s think about that next map this roadhog
25076s can be the Kryptonite of Santana really
25078s just anyone who gets close enough we'll
25081s see if moving fish is even a roadhog
25082s player well now they're hooking ghosts
25084s so maybe not looking for the back line
25086s maybe but unfortunately yeah they're not
25087s really close to anybody they're looking
25089s for a ghastly in this back line but
25091s unfortunately for them the hook is up
25092s now looks for support but unfortunately
25094s they're out of range Timeless ether or
25096s ethereal doing a great job at just
25098s ranging this road hook knowing how far
25100s away it is and it forces barcode it's
25103s like on this backside and maybe look for
25105s supports but doing a great job just
25106s playing this cover
25107s the Timeless cereal just took so much
25109s damage trying to stop the capture from
25111s Dart monkeys but now it's it's too late
25113s there it is and now moving fish can just
25115s play this point Timeless stereo has to
25117s all commit on this roadhog because
25119s usually the best kind of tour roadhog is
25121s another roadhog to force them in a bad
25122s position they just went for a hook onto
25124s a Susan Winston that gets negated and
25127s without that hook you heard it from Ruby
25129s in the interview you're just a Sitting
25131s Duck really not much you can do now that
25133s moving fish has removed harmless ether
25134s pressured the point to get the flip
25136s they've already sprayed down SK and
25138s there's no one much left to contest so
25140s Timeless either get the flip yeah I
25143s don't know what happened in the side of
25144s Dart monkeys moving fish trying to look
25146s for those hooks but just didn't hit them
25147s and without them getting a pick and also
25149s barcode it's hard to do anything there
25152s they were doing a good job coming into
25153s the point and abusing cover but
25156s unfortunately moving fish really
25157s couldn't find those one shots onto the
25159s back line of Timeless ether with jam and
25162s uh or Amore doing a good job just
25164s playing their lives
25166s where a sojourn pick would be big here
25168s for barcode or azaray the bubble is
25171s placed in the middle Santana barely gets
25172s away with their life Zuzu is being
25174s exchanged to keep those tanks sustained
25177s overclocked through the middle of the
25178s map to finish off moving fish he was
25181s just caught in the open with no
25182s cooldowns and you see Timeless either
25184s mainly Jam calls the speed they want
25187s more they found zemer in their hiding
25189s spot this is an over extension that's
25191s paying off staggering Dart monkeys here
25193s is so pivotal yeah it is now dark
25195s monkeys they're gonna have to come back
25197s into this with 50 already off the board
25199s that's half and Timeless doing a great
25201s job just keeping this point under
25203s control with this Winston composition
25205s because roadhog is never in position to
25207s find a hook there's just too much
25209s distance to close
25210s sound beer engaged from Timeless ether
25212s but they walk into a whole home but just
25214s couldn't get the right angle and the DPS
25217s holds from Timeless ether unleashed the
25219s prime will rage from Santana to preserve
25220s their own life it was an expense to
25222s fight with the 70 Timeless either are
25225s still happy they even still have the
25227s point and SK went for a barrier there in
25229s a lost fight so you're gonna kind of
25232s wish you had that one back so that you
25234s had some kind of tool for this last
25235s fight coming up Dart monkeys showing a
25238s little bit of indecisiveness now
25239s swapping back over to Winston in Reaper
25241s admitting to their mistake maybe and not
25244s wanting to opt and to run to that
25245s roadhog play but at this point you know
25248s they did get all the ultimates out of
25250s Timeless so this is gonna be even no alt
25252s versus no fight coming up next
25254s Timeless either just playing slow around
25258s the drum around the point bubble first
25261s from moving fish there's the pressure
25263s maybe the start of a flip from Dart
25265s monkeys Timeless ether trying to contest
25267s this suzu being used the front lines
25269s maintain as Jim is found on an island
25272s manages to race back to safety but is
25274s now completely surrounded by Dart
25276s monkeys and what could they possibly do
25278s there's no ultimates from Timeless ether
25280s it's just about surviving and finishing
25283s off Dart monkeys and without Aspen this
25285s is critical and aaromori actually gets
25287s traded out too very limited heals almost
25289s all damage is permanent and Dark Monkey
25292s strike through the hearts of Timeless
25294s ether and we'll get the flip at the last
25296s second and you wonder for tart monkeys
25298s you know maybe they should have been
25299s running this composition the entire time
25301s the roadhog comp it could have worked it
25303s was decent at the end of the day it
25305s wasn't a bad idea however moving fish
25308s couldn't find Value out of the road hog
25309s and they realized consistently
25311s consistency wise this Reaper Winston
25313s composition that allows them to take
25314s this mere fight and give barcode a bit
25317s more space
25319s Play Perfect here on out or map number
25321s one goes to Timeless ether in this Grand
25323s Final it's still the best of five first
25325s to three
25326s there's that small jump for moving fish
25328s just bubble placed right at the choke
25329s it's easily burned down overclocked from
25331s the defense of a bar code and Friends of
25334s Dart monkey as using already shift jump
25336s is a little sketchy and they got Sound
25338s Mirror from SK and the carry gold of
25340s Aspen dark monkeys just have all the
25341s ultimates but here's a responsive
25343s Timeless Easter Jim with the death
25345s Blossom it burns through the sound
25346s barrier and the finishing Blow from
25347s azeray
25350s clap back it gets barcode and the
25352s friends of Dart monkeys but no one was
25355s on the point so Timeless ether will take
25357s game number one great job from Azure
25360s with that overclock at the very end to
25362s closing out for Dart monkey for a
25364s Timeless ethereal and obviously the play
25366s of the game goes to the one of the best
25367s players in the lobby what an opening
25370s from them and really that's why you want
25372s to run this Winston composition is to
25374s give this sojourn so much space with
25376s that bubble with the beat drop that's
25377s also popped unfortunately for Dart
25379s monkeys they didn't get as much value
25380s out of theirs and then barcode as well
25383s on the opposite side to have to go down
25386s first to the enemy sojourn that's gotta
25388s feel rough
25389s oh we like to see a good sojourn matchup
25392s that's what we've been watching
25393s OverWatch league for so long and of
25396s course calling all heroes is gonna have
25397s the content too and this has been the
25400s first game first map that Dart monkeys
25403s has dropped all qualifier and Timeless
25405s ethereal the ones to do it and we said
25409s this final was gonna be sizzling hot and
25412s it already is it was a 2-0 but it was
25415s blow after blow it was shot after shot
25418s it really was I mean at the same time
25420s team Timeless ethereal they were the
25422s ones to get a map from Dart monkeys or I
25425s believe it was in a Swiss format rather
25427s to actually get a map over Dart monkeys
25430s earlier on and now to come back and take
25433s the very first map that might flip the
25435s cards that might change everything here
25437s at the end of the day because
25438s realistically you know Timeless they
25440s were definitely The Underdogs coming in
25441s here dark monkeys were on a roll but to
25443s make dark monkeys confused to change to
25446s get them out of their comfort zone to
25448s play to make force them to play roadhog
25449s and change up their compositions I mean
25451s it's just working out phenomenally for
25453s them right now
25454s so Timeless material will lead our
25456s series that means map choice to Dart
25458s monkeys and you heard it we always go to
25461s King's Row it's one of the best and you
25463s heard from Ruby during that interview
25465s that she learned a lot about how to play
25467s Winston from Santana and maybe Santana
25470s took a lesson or two of how to play
25471s roadoff for Ruby because like you said
25474s they were kind of off their maybe their
25476s main hero and they still won the map so
25479s it's cool to see just the Synergy within
25482s um Timeless material the trust Ruby
25484s already talked about the trust that they
25485s have they've been playing all together
25487s um like speaking of everyone else but
25488s Ruby because she was subbed out
25490s um it's important especially as a
25492s roadhog to depend on your supports and
25494s sometimes give a sorry here and there
25496s with what they have to be put through
25497s because the Hogs they do be extending
25500s and cost a lot of resources to maintain
25502s that's a great Point supports are at the
25505s current moment in this meta forced to do
25507s so much and that's why we see dark
25509s monkeys you know that's why we're
25510s praising so Aspen so much in the back
25511s line with SK as well and on the other
25513s side four timeless because they really
25515s do have a lot on their plate they have
25517s to not only hit the suzu but they also
25519s have to teleport towards their teammate
25520s to heal them up and keep them healthy
25522s whilst focusing on both tanks and dps's
25525s and sometimes the Lucio as well when you
25527s have the top of Papa suzu on them and
25529s then on top of that on top of everything
25530s that a kariko has to do then you have to
25533s have a good katsune Rush at the end of
25535s it so there's so many things so many
25537s things that a kariko has to do so many
25539s things a Lucio player has to do to make
25541s sure these win these they win these team
25542s fights because on both sides the back
25544s lines have been amazing and borderline
25546s flawless I mean Aspen doing great in
25549s their own right however on the opposite
25551s side Jim in a remote oramora have been
25554s doing amazing with our customers in suzu
25557s placement as well
25558s right even Jim had their own moment to
25561s shine like that Ace death Blossom on
25563s Busan downtown was so sick then you had
25566s azri almost getting an ace with an
25568s overclock on Sanctuary like they're
25571s putting in the work they're pulling
25573s their weight for sure and it makes
25575s playing tanks so easy when you have DPS
25577s that can kill things so we go to King's
25580s Row to see dark monkeys can tie the
25583s series
25583s yeah dark monkeys gonna lock that
25586s Winston composition on offense instead
25588s of locking more towards that roadhog
25590s they did attempt to try to run the
25592s roadhog on Busan obviously it didn't
25594s work out for them so coming into King's
25596s Row maybe they think the mirror matchup
25598s is in their cards because it didn't go
25600s it was close on Busan when they mirror
25602s match up but unfortunately Timeless
25603s ethereal they just had so much time on
25606s the clock on Busan
25608s you just have to be so careful how you
25611s use this bubble this is going to be the
25612s point of engage who's using bubble first
25614s on the winstons how is it getting popped
25616s what cooldowns are being used first suzu
25618s from the defensive Timeless ethereal
25620s Dart monkey this is not like a window of
25622s engage but just something to keep in
25623s mind on of how aggressive you want to
25625s play beyond that because there's no tool
25627s to save them small little jump for
25629s moving fish just inch by inch yeah maybe
25632s a punish onto Jam but barcode just
25635s didn't have the angle on it if force it
25637s time was ethereal to take a room in
25638s hotel dark monkeys have the first take
25640s and you can even give up a second if
25642s you're the defense but that's how you
25644s re-engage that matters and Santana went
25646s way too deep and moving fish place to
25648s Bubble between Santana and the rest of
25650s the team no heels for them and no
25652s defense allowed this is what you want to
25653s see as Dart monkeys to make sure the
25655s barcode is coming online on Kings or
25657s what's a bit more straightforward so
25658s maybe Busan not a map where barred code
25661s is allowed to pop off for a lot of
25662s fallback locations because it's a bit
25664s more linear but you're given more space
25665s to fall back and run backwards towards
25667s your team away from the enemy team when
25670s they're old thing or when the other team
25671s has overclock a railgun that can easily
25673s rip your head off because barcode now
25675s pretty much doubling as the Ray's old
25677s charge just showing complete dominance
25678s at the moment after first point
25680s I like the Observer had to give a shot
25683s of the payload because sk's been
25684s tweeting about how many times she's just
25686s straight up emoted on the car and that's
25688s how most of her gameplay has been on
25691s maps like this but she's gotta follow
25693s along with the push you never know
25694s what's gonna happen and the call is made
25695s Ashton foxy could suit a rush and
25697s aaramore Pops theirs too but Carlos
25700s ethereal lose the most important member
25702s you need in a Kitsune rush and why
25704s Reaper is meta in the first place Jim
25707s went down early and that's the rest of
25709s Timeless ethereal running for the hills
25711s after that and moving fish to play their
25713s lives at the end too perfectly
25714s transitioned for Dart monkeys to only
25716s use that getsune Rush against aramore's
25718s katsuni Rush as well coming into this
25720s fight they're gonna have all the
25721s positional Advantage playing towards the
25723s inside of that Subway playing in towards
25725s Maine and then they can set up this
25727s overclock with the Primal Rage maybe
25728s drop early as well
25730s there's a clock first from barcode you
25733s see that Santana just jumps and places
25735s the bubble right in her line of sight
25736s sound bear drops on both sides over
25739s clock still into effect but she doesn't
25741s have great silence not having to just
25742s disengage through um halfway to through
25745s streets no one actually died through all
25748s of that I mean Primal Rage is just now
25750s moving fish gets punished Santana also
25752s drops like 25 HP and not sure about that
25755s one zemrib but dark monkeys will be uh
25759s resetting anyway I mean there's so much
25761s damage on the field with this Winston
25763s with the sojourn with the reaper like
25765s you said you need the reaper in the
25766s katsune rush just to pump out that
25768s damage and it's true because at this
25770s meta you need to pop the sound barrier
25772s early to prevent any of the damage
25774s coming through the sound barrier was
25775s used just to prevent all of that damage
25777s like double HP of each character in that
25780s last fight until at the very last moment
25782s when the barrier is finally gone
25783s Timeless finally got the opening pick to
25785s win the pipe
25787s just a soft dive from Dart monkeys just
25789s to get kind of themselves established
25792s and to be timeless exteriorly into the
25794s concerning Rush of Aspen but they walk
25796s into the disruptor shot and took so
25798s image but the responding concerning Rush
25801s is truly the pain Timeless ethereal had
25804s a better responsibility they actually
25805s have no DPS remaining dark monkeys still
25808s have all the damage in the lobby and
25811s it's just a game of chess a back and
25813s forth the tangle that hurts at the end
25815s of the day dark monkeys they will get to
25818s point B and they'll have a ton of time
25820s for C now no wonder they chose this map
25822s I mean they did very well versus
25823s Timeless ethereal on this map as well in
25826s the best out of or the first to two
25827s rather earlier in the Swiss system and
25829s now that it's first to three they're
25831s giving a bit more leeway to come back
25832s from this one map deficit but how do
25834s they do so in this third phase they're
25836s gonna have to use this beat drop early
25837s to counteract the overclock on their
25839s side and then pop their own Prime on
25840s overclock later as well
25842s overclock from Azure sound Bearer and a
25845s Primal Rage star monkeys are going to
25847s deny that space from Azure and center
25848s right back where she came from in the
25850s spawn room doors and you're already
25852s halfway to see if your Dart monkeys a
25855s four minute time bake would just be
25856s insurmountable Timeless ethereal needs
25859s just a singular pick to slow them down
25862s but dark monkeys are so good at
25863s disengaging that's not good for dark
25865s monkeys to actually get no kill there
25867s because Jim on the other side found
25869s zemrott and now you have the overclock
25870s but now the beat drop counters hits and
25872s they're gonna just have to back up take
25874s that beat for overclock trade and
25876s there's gonna be no kills here it's
25877s really unfortunate they couldn't find it
25878s in the previous fight because it's led
25880s to them having a really rough second
25881s fight
25882s yeah at least we're happy Timeless
25884s ethereal got a punish because that was
25887s gonna be too much to have a four minute
25890s time bank it's soon a rush from Aspen
25892s but they lost the Winston of moving fish
25894s as they jumped in and that's the counter
25897s punish that Timeless ethereal just had
25899s it was the first pick on December last
25901s fight is the first pick on the moving
25903s fish but it's now equalized as Timeless
25906s ethereal lost some of their DPS with
25908s every spawn Advantage they can play
25909s things slow Dart monkeys I don't know if
25911s they know that definition they jump in
25913s they place the bubble right after the
25915s payload as Santana dives into the back
25917s with the Primal Rage it really wants to
25920s go after that Soldier to barcode and as
25922s successful has the follow-up of Jim and
25924s dart monkeys will have to reset again
25926s once more they're gonna have to back up
25928s the reaper roll is available for Dart
25930s monkeys however on the offense on the
25933s defense however as Rey is gonna have
25934s that overclock and usually the overclock
25936s is what deals with Reaper all very
25938s easily so is Emirates gonna be aware of
25939s that into this fight so he's probably
25941s gonna use his Repro late unless he wants
25943s to go early after he sees Ezra uses her
25945s shift to back up early
25948s oh yeah barcode is charged up took some
25950s poke looking for any Target is separate
25953s to teleported to the high Crown dropped
25955s with death Blossom and somehow had no
25957s effect Timeless ethereal must have sped
25959s away maybe there was a bubble I swear I
25961s saw Santana jump past it either way dark
25964s monkeys didn't get anything out of plan
25966s a Santana's still around the car
25968s Dartmouth bunkies can be looking to
25970s punish that as azri is safe in the back
25973s taking shots into Dart monkeys but no
25975s kills quite yet could soon but they walk
25978s into a gym death Blossom and they're not
25981s allowed to proceed any further no kills
25983s at all through these DPS ultimates until
25986s barcode hits the field it's one of the
25988s jam zembrick follows up Dart Monkey
25991s stuffed them back into the spot room
25993s doors and it's only a minute and a half
25995s minute and a half left to finish no can
25997s they even touch I mean against Escape
25999s perfect poop from them yet again but
26002s they touch but is it really doesn't
26003s really matter because barcode ripping
26005s the head out of everybody three kills
26007s for them in this fight is a doomfist
26009s delay but guess who gets the final blow
26011s on literally every character almost
26013s making it six for barcode and capping
26016s out with him in 12 seconds that's
26017s amazing for Dart monkeys
26020s Dart monkeys
26022s they had four minutes something like
26025s that got brought down the one tell 112.
26028s if you're a Timeless ethereal you're
26030s sponsored by Flex Seal because you
26032s stopped a sinking ship on that one
26035s there's a lot of holes in that boat and
26038s it was not looking good but bringing
26041s Dart monkeys down to a level of a minute
26043s it's respectable it's beatable Timeless
26046s ethereal though they gotta go all the
26048s way or Dart monkeys could be tying the
26050s series here there's one fight that
26052s sticks out for Timeless unfortunately
26054s for them where Jim saw that suzu was
26056s used by Aspen and he immediately noticed
26058s or sorry they immediately noticed that
26060s okay now it's time to use my death
26061s Blossom however on Dart monkey's side
26063s they know they just use suzu SK is like
26066s okay Jim's gonna come in for that reap
26067s world and then boops him away negates
26069s the entirety of the Repro also uses the
26071s beat to re-engage allowing Dart monkeys
26074s to push forward into this third point
26075s and is SK flexing right now did she just
26078s do a roll out underneath the map to land
26080s on that pole yet again like she just
26082s posted foreign
26087s this is why SK is just like an insane
26090s Lucio
26091s um I can't even do the rollout she just
26093s did now let alone going underneath the
26095s map I I would die every single time I
26097s would get avoided it is what it is you
26100s would but uh SK will SK still avoided so
26103s really it's honestly quite hard to be in
26105s that she misses those
26110s not on defense it looks like they're
26112s gonna play the sojourn though what do
26113s you think about the lemon so they're
26114s gonna play the sojourn mirror comp yet
26115s again at this choke point it's gonna be
26117s tough for them but look they had to use
26118s the bubble early like you called earlier
26120s yeah moving fish doesn't have armor too
26122s and they're still hanging around I'm
26124s surprised Jim and friends don't want to
26125s be a little more aggressive suzu's now
26127s been used by Aspen they really gotta
26129s back away
26131s backwards they went towards their dust
26134s the shadow realm without that Winston
26137s there's just no defending this you can
26139s give up a tick or two but if you get
26141s staggered yeah this is just chocked
26143s really good punished on Timeless
26144s material there yeah nice job to force
26147s moving fish's bubble out early I'm not
26148s sure what caused him to do it so early
26150s but maybe they want to go for the early
26152s fight yet again however we're seeing
26153s time and time again you can't really
26155s take that fight at the Statue it's been
26157s so hard for these teams but moving fish
26158s wants to hold this took point however we
26161s haven't seen too many teams lemon here
26162s hold this choke point it seems really
26164s hard on the defensive side to actually
26166s hold this archway
26168s yeah it's you kind of have this like
26170s hybrid setup where the reaper likes the
26172s whole chokes and sojour not so much
26174s barcode says I don't care if there's a
26177s choke point or who's on the other side
26178s azaray is dead and he absolutely send it
26181s if you're dark monkeys and as you crept
26183s through that choke point you hear the
26185s katsune rush amerimori and you just
26187s respect that you disengage Aspen now
26190s counter-attacks with her own Kitsune
26192s rush and that's gonna get a lot more
26193s value but neither team wants to
26195s overextend too much yeah they're happy
26197s with that trade-off could soon enough
26198s for katuna Rush you don't want to
26199s overextend and take an L to a reap World
26201s afterwards especially if you lose her
26203s early but Jim on the flank perfectly
26205s climbs the suzu to calf of the lines as
26207s well that's a 2K and opens things for
26209s Timeless ethereal oh Timothy popping off
26213s again
26215s I love to see it we need a gym Montage
26217s with the you know the office music and
26219s everything I want to see it Tyler's
26221s ethereal halfway to be that was a sickle
26224s yeah perfectly placed man through the
26225s window top side GP I mean that's just
26228s exactly what you want now they can go
26229s forward onto the streets phase they see
26232s that Aspen is teleporting forward but
26233s this kariko is almost impossible to kill
26235s and dart monkeys they're afforded all
26237s this space they're actually given a
26239s pretty good spot to hold in here maybe
26241s Timeless has something in plan here to
26242s take this fight early
26244s oh yeah these are free Dives for Santana
26246s but uh you wish you didn't have that
26248s Reaper in your face so Santana has to
26250s pop the Primal with a little bit scared
26252s popped to 50 HP sound bearing response
26255s from Dart monkeys and that's where
26256s Santana has to jump out maybe you can
26258s have a trading Blow from Azure now that
26260s the sound barrier is gone and it's
26262s working out zamrit finished off and so
26264s are the rest of Dart monkeys as time was
26266s ethereal a big cap here that is just
26269s gonna be an even bigger time being the
26271s dark monkeys had oh they you got they
26273s got out the beach for Dart monkeys they
26275s got the sojournal as well and the Primal
26277s Rage guard monkeys is in a rough
26280s position at the current moment as
26281s Winston's body moves along with the
26283s payload
26284s five minutes that's a minute more but
26288s the defense can really drain a lot of
26290s precious seconds here so Dart monkeys
26292s have to play smart
26293s and they have to I mean it's up to them
26295s to make sure they can win this fight off
26296s the back of X Emirates Repro maybe he
26298s goes in early and they pop that katsina
26299s rush but aramore on the other side pop
26301s their own and Jim with just his little
26304s blasters takes down SK as well now
26306s towards the health pack goes the other
26308s Reaper of zamrit and Jim mocks you call
26311s to get get everything for this person at
26313s the moment they are popping off
26315s yeah Dart monkeys are okay with that
26317s because that's the that's the fight to
26319s get halfway to B really you want to save
26321s your ultimates for the end of the point
26323s because if you reset the other team they
26325s have to create they have to run from so
26328s far back and Death monster from Severn
26330s and the consume Rush that is gonna be a
26333s lot of damage from Timeless cereal to
26334s deal with and yup called it exactly
26337s right that'll reset Timeless ethereal
26339s and dark monkeys are safe for now and
26341s just barely at that right it relied
26343s entirely off a barcode to hit those
26344s shots to stop that Reaper ultimate
26346s because that could have been devastating
26348s for them for Jim to hold on to the
26350s reaper against nothing on the other team
26352s yet with zero ultimates besides the
26354s kutsune rush barcode hits that shot and
26356s shuts down everything for Timeless
26357s ethereal
26360s lots of time Timeless ethereal even just
26362s getting two minutes or more I think
26365s that's the significant Advantage one
26366s minute or less is pretty insignificant
26368s that's enough for like half a rotation
26371s on a fight or one fight is is this is
26373s where Timeless ethereal they just need
26376s to take their time and use these
26378s ultimate smartly because the defense
26380s have respawn Advantage you have to kill
26383s the entirety of them without losing any
26385s of your members because the respawn
26386s Advantage is huge Choose You from the
26388s defense Timeless ethereal that's your
26390s window to engage they've gotten the
26392s defense off The High Ground azary could
26394s pop off here she's forced them to hide
26396s she has the overclock at Primal Rage
26398s from Santana is trying to move these
26400s Targets in the line of sight the
26402s Soundbar from SK was almost constantly
26405s it did hit barcode she's coming out of
26407s respawn shortly Timeless ethereal this
26409s is their real estate the Box the end of
26411s the map is in their sight but barcode is
26414s back from respawn and she has overclock
26417s azaray gets her revenge and now Timeless
26420s ethereal sending it right back to the
26422s payload kitsued a rush and the suzu to
26425s save Santana but the dart monkey's
26427s bubble keeps Emirates safe barcode is
26430s back on the fashion this is the burst
26432s damage that could overwhelm Timeless
26433s ethereal if they don't see this coming
26435s but I don't know how long they can keep
26437s this up wait they player on the left
26439s side though it's so smart to pop the
26440s bubble now they know the Bastion is here
26442s all they gotta do is kill the left side
26443s of the payload and they're doing so but
26445s no semra team back on the reaper doesn't
26448s even have to use Reaper at this point
26449s because now they're down Santana there's
26451s no main tank to finally close out on
26452s this point and it forced to suzu if
26454s ultimates are committed here from
26456s Timeless what are they doing it might be
26458s crucial for them to actually lose this
26460s but Ezra gets severe on the other side
26462s it allows time for the Winston to come
26464s back for the remore and the other side
26466s got two in the Winston's back santina's
26469s here but they have no damage in this
26471s fight
26472s Kitsune Rush is ready soon from eremore
26475s and that could be just what they need to
26477s Edge themselves to the end of the map
26478s but at this point the time dates are
26479s insignificant what's gonna be important
26481s is who is attacking first and who will
26483s set that pace as the Bastion shift from
26485s barcode is off on the right side you
26487s have the sound bear from the defense a
26489s soft disengage from Timeless keeps them
26490s alive as Azure shoots from a distance
26492s Aspen shouldn't have been on the car she
26495s was trying to hide as the Primal Rage
26497s from Santana is trying to force the C9
26499s it's one meter away and barcode went for
26502s the ultimate that just landed on the
26504s cart and Timeless material reacted
26506s perfectly they've removed her from the
26508s fight Timeless ethereal just need to
26510s finish this in aeromori's chasing down
26512s the backline dart monkeys they have the
26515s respawn Advantage but I don't think they
26516s have enough bodies to keep this
26517s contested it's just a Reaper and a Lucio
26520s there and this is truly the fight that
26522s never ends this is five minutes for C
26525s and it's shaved down to less than a
26528s minute surely This is the End right no
26531s no it's not moving
26533s oh they almost got off less than a meter
26536s but the suzu's here as well the katsune
26538s rushed to stabilize and Timeless they're
26540s still trying to fight it Aura Moray is
26543s tilted they did so much and yet it
26545s wasn't enough 35 seconds how long was
26547s that lemon two minutes two damn long I
26552s aged five years because of that fight 30
26555s seconds left I'm sure Timeless Theory
26556s will feel the same way oh must they well
26558s no they're Timeless right so maybe
26560s they're still in the moment 20 seconds
26562s left they're gonna have that overclock
26564s ready to go barcode's on Bastion now so
26566s no sojourn but you know blasting kind of
26568s soft counter sojour in the character at
26570s least because you have so much health
26571s and armor
26572s yeah I like that the barcode is playing
26574s the right side so that it's hard to get
26576s a good Los on her and she's just gonna
26578s Focus down that Winston I think too get
26580s that armor or not no longer Winston or
26582s actually Santana is still on it the
26584s doomfist is coming from moving fish dark
26586s monkeys they are holding on but no
26589s longer headshot after headshot azrae
26592s will end this once and for all but
26594s Timeless ethereal it was in overtime
26598s God what a map what a series we have on
26601s our hands you wouldn't think this is
26602s just proceeding because the grand finals
26604s of qualifier number two really is a
26607s banger of a series and you know just to
26609s go back to rehash what we talked about
26611s before lemon moving fish again locking
26614s was it was it was it them that were on
26616s the doomfist before and uh moving fish
26618s yeah like on on Busan and they were uh
26622s they were on the doomfist and they just
26623s stuck it and unfortunately didn't work
26624s out for them on the re-engage because
26626s you know as you saw Santana and Winston
26628s just so much value for Timeless to close
26630s out now they didn't do it any time right
26632s so now coming into first point Dart
26634s monkeys are allotted at least the draw
26637s for this map
26639s and colors were like blending together
26641s at that point we just casted like a five
26643s minute fight and
26644s I think the Bastion was interesting it's
26647s it's I don't I think you just don't
26649s bother with that ultimate to be honest
26650s but barcode thought she was safe at some
26652s point and quick reactions I love the
26654s bubble usage
26656s um from the defense of just placing it
26658s right on the car because that meant that
26659s everyone could contest and in a safe
26661s location and the people that were ranged
26663s like your sojourns like Azure wouldn't
26665s have an impact until that bubble was
26666s bursted because you either play in the
26668s bubble or you play Adeline aside from
26669s that sojour which is usually on that
26671s right side where uh barcode was minute
26674s 12 and only 33 is all they need that's
26677s how much 12 seconds made a difference
26679s yeah that's a huge deal now they're
26681s coming to the Statue Dart monkeys around
26683s the other side maybe they can punish
26685s like time listed on their attack right
26688s but no it's azaray builds up that
26690s railgun charge and gets rid of barcode
26693s I think yeah with a minute 12 you have
26695s time to kind of disengage here and you
26697s don't have to totally go back to spawn
26699s it's only azra you have to worry about
26700s with these one shots and who's gonna
26702s present themselves but you got one fight
26705s left and Timeless ethereal are playing
26707s for the drop
26708s that draws important for them to get
26710s because they need to keep up in this
26712s series however at the Statue they have
26715s to drop bubble early Jim's taking a lot
26716s of damage suzu forced Reaper fate about
26718s to be forced as well but at the
26720s offensive side moving fish taking a lot
26721s of damage
26723s oh
26726s God multiple first picks by the
26728s defensive Timeless ethereal and as long
26730s as you keep Jim up you're chilling you
26732s drop the suzu just in case and you
26735s stagger zamarin this is no bueno dark
26738s monkeys are gonna have to play without
26740s them someone has to touch SK I know
26742s she's skating around somewhere or I
26745s guess you just have moving fish Jump On
26746s In gonna be already Trump down to half
26748s Health Kitsune Rush from Aspen the last
26751s chance for Dart monkeys moving fish
26752s can't even build up to bribles the
26755s flight from Timeless ethereal through
26756s the hotel and the consume Rush of
26759s aramori behind is simply too much there
26762s is your draw in the Grand Final Timeless
26766s ethereal are still up in the series oh
26768s God King's Row is a 2cp already back in
26770s OverWatch one do we have Anubis Bank it
26772s really feels like a lemon because I mean
26774s what a last Point leading into this one
26776s as well and that's off the back of
26777s aramore right those picks on kariko they
26781s don't talk about them that much points
26783s it just keeps happening pick after pick
26785s from aramore bringing back their team in
26787s this series where they're up already a
26789s map in on kariko we talked about Aspen
26791s but aramori has been amazing to get
26794s those opening picks and give their team
26796s that edge that unfortunately for the
26798s opposite side hasn't been happening
26800s well you've hit our halfway point it's
26803s 1-0 for Timeless ethereal and Azure has
26806s been keeping toe-to-toe with barcode
26808s this has been the most exciting match of
26811s calling all heroes we hope you'll stick
26813s around grab some popcorn because we're
26816s not out of the woods yet let us know who
26818s you think is gonna take the series and
26820s we'll see you after this
26824s foreign
26834s [Music]
26855s foreign
26856s [Music]
26891s [Music]
26897s thank you
26898s [Music]
26915s thank you
26917s [Music]
26924s foreign
26925s [Music]
26947s [Music]
26953s [Music]
26968s thank you
26969s [Music]
26987s foreign
26992s foreign
26999s [Music]
27009s to calling all heroes we're calling you
27012s to help us figure out who's gonna take
27014s the series Thomas the deal are up but
27017s they also forced a tie or a draw on
27019s King's Row after a 12-second difference
27022s after a five minute Point C got brought
27025s down to under under a minute meant only
27028s a 33 cap on King's Row and then a draw
27030s this is wild Dustin yeah when was the
27032s last time you've seen a draw on King's
27033s Row I mean that never happens we haven't
27035s seen at least I haven't seen one I think
27037s every every cast I've done I've never
27039s seen a draw on King's Row even on hybrid
27042s I mean how often do you see a drawn
27043s hybrid on Peri so maybe like with first
27046s point boy I mean not on King's throw
27048s that's for sure
27050s well can't go to a draw at least very
27054s unlikely
27056s our next map is chosen by Dart monkeys
27059s they want to go to Route 66 I believe
27061s just like last time uh this is a great
27064s Winston map so I'm excited to see if
27066s they can actually tie it up this time
27068s they should kind of should have on
27070s King's Row but not a lot of time no yeah
27072s they couldn't I mean yeah with one
27073s minute and 12 seconds you lose first
27075s fight you're just done right like how do
27076s you win at that point I don't know and
27078s on Route I mean what's the how do you
27079s get a drawn route by the way like what
27081s do you have to do I just I've always
27082s wondered you just both teams not push at
27084s all yeah no either teams suck
27086s you have to do more than suck you have
27088s to throw I'm pretty sure at that point
27090s like there's no way you could draw on
27092s Route 66 or any uh any payload map
27095s that's not hybrid
27097s all right Chad we'll get your Clips
27098s ready he said it could never happen
27100s I have been jinxing it to be honest
27102s every time I say something's gonna
27103s happen in this series like the opposite
27104s happens I'm like oh yes a beat drop's
27106s gonna happen and the themes that the
27107s Beat Drops wins nope that doesn't happen
27109s other team just wins
27111s yeah I can't when I make a missed call
27113s like that like oh surely they're gonna
27114s do this like when I called the uh I
27116s thought this barcode was going to
27117s overclock once and she just like didn't
27119s I can't help that makes me just like
27123s the trick is the trick that I've
27125s realized you know after thousands of
27126s hours of playing professionally and
27128s playing this game uh all you gotta do is
27130s predict everything just uh there's three
27133s ultimates say there's always let's see
27134s the future yeah just see the future say
27135s there's overclock beat drop prequel as a
27137s Caster just say they're gonna use all of
27139s them and then you're not wrong right
27142s I mean think about it like at this point
27144s you know I can't be wrong if I say I was
27146s as Ray and Jim don't have ultimates
27148s because they don't
27152s along with this comp also is called
27155s apparently the banana Rush community has
27158s decided I know I don't know it's a
27159s banana with the Winston and then the
27161s rush with the kiriko I don't know I
27163s don't ask questions weird sometimes but
27166s it's a close hole from Timeless ethereal
27168s we'll see if dark monkeys how they want
27170s to get rid of this
27171s I mean they're gonna slowly work towards
27173s this payload and on the top side
27175s Timeless just sitting into that train
27177s but moving to face just taking a bunch
27179s of that damage making sure they can play
27180s their lives but the zuzu's forced
27182s already from Aspen and on the other side
27184s of trophy force in just a second but
27185s look at barcode's positioning just on
27187s this top train it's just railgun for
27189s free up here
27190s yeah the top left is such a good power
27192s position for offense or defense
27194s a good place for these sojourns to
27196s battle is somehow still there's a still
27198s a contest from Timeless ethereal denying
27201s the progress and really the more fights
27202s like I said you can force the more time
27204s you take away and moving fish is so
27206s incredibly low crouching behind me Jim
27208s can just shoot under it even and dart
27211s monkeys without that Winston you're just
27213s leaving it up to sojourns and fate at
27215s this point and what an aggressive hold
27216s we don't really see this happen too much
27218s besides when maybe you're smurfing on an
27220s opponent because at this moment Timeless
27221s ethereal holding incredibly close in
27224s such a dangerous position but it works
27226s out because moving fish they want to
27228s play aggressive but it's resulting in
27229s them getting taken out first
27232s all right Dart monkeys round number two
27234s don't lose your Winston challenge may be
27236s impossible Kitsune Rush already
27239s available who's gonna pop it first
27242s though oh Jim is kind of low heal him
27245s heal them back up a barrier two from SK
27248s champ doesn't have theirs yet Dart
27250s monkey
27255s and dart monkeys surely have to reset at
27258s this point wait what but no moving fish
27260s is still in this because they're on the
27262s payload and the beat drop was canceled
27264s what the heck James beats up he was
27266s killed mid beat dropped yesterday on the
27268s payload and delayed but the beat was
27271s canceled by was that was it Winston I
27272s think it was Reaper or something Jim
27274s almost brought it back but unfortunately
27276s it wasn't enough because Jam I mean SK
27279s just built the beat drop too fast
27280s comparatively and then Jam felt the
27281s pressure back but unfortunately got
27283s canceled
27285s oh I didn't expect to see an Ajax a C9
27288s five minute fight really calling all
27290s heroes has some good content today Dart
27292s monkeys how long are they gonna keep
27294s this High Ground they got the DPS
27295s ultimate zemrick could just absolutely
27297s send it with the death Blossom gotta
27299s wait for the bubble usage should be done
27300s first and maybe wait out this Primal too
27302s cause Santana's awesome people around
27304s and moving fish she's got bursted by the
27308s uh Soldier before they could pop Primal
27310s Rage and you absolutely want to use that
27312s this fight but just got overwhelmed so
27315s dark monkeys that just have to reset
27317s they do they don't have anything they
27318s couldn't use the promo rigs early and
27320s now one minute and 20 seconds left
27322s there's a reason why Timeless ethereal
27323s chose this map maybe they know something
27325s we don't against Dart monkeys because
27327s right now Timeless even though they lost
27329s the Series in the Swiss rounds dark
27331s monkeys even after a lot of practice it
27333s looks like Timeless is also gaining on
27335s them in terms of the overall skill
27336s because they're gonna have ultimates of
27338s this fight love reap world to have
27339s consume Rush dark monkeys they're gonna
27340s need to get massive value out of aspins
27342s and moving fish's ultimates
27344s I was going to pull the trigger first
27346s Aaron Mori Orr Aspen Primal Rage a
27350s little bit low but Aspen's been shot
27353s down and If You're Timeless ethereal you
27355s don't need to invest any other ultimates
27357s on unless you think this is getting
27359s dicey Aspen can teleport back to the
27361s fight soon so airmore thinks they might
27363s be back soon they bought the Kitsune
27364s rush they want to clean up and just
27366s clean up this fight they want to get
27368s dark monkeys out of their face before
27371s they strike back and they stagger them
27373s out too so it's worth it at the end and
27375s this is azure's coming out party what an
27377s insane shot from them to take out Aspen
27380s even with that final rage to avoid that
27382s katsune Rush that was bound to happen
27384s having their series of their life right
27386s now in the grand finals have to back up
27388s for heels and on the front line they've
27390s already committed bubble but they still
27391s have Zuzu ready to go oh Dart monkeys
27394s you can't be boomed not after how King's
27397s Row went five seconds left they gotta
27398s take the fight on the card at least
27400s somebody has to be there they're gonna
27402s take the cover under big girl sound bear
27404s from Jam doesn't hit gym or Santana so
27407s they gotta be careful they're gonna play
27408s around mega pack and see if they can
27410s sneak into Dart monkey's backline Aspen
27412s is gonna be in trouble has to wait for
27414s the teleport to keep themselves safe
27415s they even play The High Ground as azaray
27418s is waiting below the death Blossom from
27421s gym monkeys away but it's separate that
27424s fires back and Timeless ethereal could
27427s not get the full hole Dart monkey sail
27429s away to point a and over time as well
27432s zamarin what a huge report from them and
27434s Jim unfortunately Jim had the right idea
27437s right over time sticking down Reaper ult
27439s on the cart because they have to touch
27441s but unfortunately it's just too far away
27443s not enough speed boost or something when
27445s you start it all the way at the health
27447s pack it's unfortunately too far and you
27449s don't get the value of the reaper old
27450s allowing zemrott to then come in with
27452s theirs and it's just a back and forth
27454s trade it's just the heavy Heavy Hitters
27456s heavyweights back and forth to allow
27459s Dart monkeys to push forward on this
27460s overtime in second point
27462s making top bar or top Saloon control on
27465s this left building here is a power
27467s position on point B this is why you're
27469s going to see both teams dive this fight
27471s for it with everything they can it has
27472s access to the bridge and the back area
27474s where the sojourns like to hang out at
27476s they want to distance themselves from
27478s this fight and you have Azure striking
27480s through SK and the follow-up afterwards
27483s is deadly dark dark monkeys have already
27485s dropped too and it's fine because they
27487s just gotta leave quickly and not get
27489s staggered as the rent has been playing
27490s so well right now it's almost like
27492s they're cheating you see that shooting
27493s to the wall question mark 0.25 that
27495s kefri and on this side dark monkeys
27497s they're coming in with ultimates now
27498s lemon they're gonna have that Soldier
27500s and also have a Winston Primal they're
27501s gonna have a Kitsune rush and a Beat
27503s Drop Timeless is a little behind after
27505s using their overclock earlier
27511s they're just in there they got Primal
27513s Rage though at least they're able to pop
27515s it before the sojour in a barcode was
27516s gonna burst them down the overclock is
27519s only focused on that Winston and the
27522s Primal Rage that manages to get out
27524s safely okay oh moving fish got so close
27527s to dying I think the katsune rushed the
27529s extra the fast heals is what saved them
27531s at the end SK still has a sound bear
27533s this could be the nail in the coffin for
27535s Dart monkeys and point B to help them
27537s push them through the edge as Timeless
27540s ethereal just taking a break in Saloon a
27542s hidden place to stay safe and maybe
27544s access the back line oh hold the Cyber
27547s and the suzu to save Santana when they
27549s drop so low as Jim dropped the death
27552s Blossom to punish dark monkeys on the
27554s approach and it really gets no kills 31
27556s seconds left this is all benefiting
27558s Timeless ethereal to drain these
27560s precious seconds and several
27563s monkeys are ahead in this fight yeah 20
27566s seconds left now Dart monkey's gonna
27568s push finally into third point I really
27570s like the Timeless ethereal did there
27572s however at the beginning disengaging
27574s when they realized they were down to
27576s portals right Aspen Pops to katune rush
27578s and I think well they popped the beat
27579s drop later but Timeless just pushed
27581s inside they fell back even mid-fight
27583s when they thought they could win they
27584s still had to back up and wait out that
27586s dick sooner Rush inside because they
27588s know dark monkeys can't get inside with
27590s their own Reaper against another Reaper
27592s they have that positional Advantage with
27593s the doorway all he got to do is sit
27595s inside and let them push in you no
27596s matter how many ultimates you have it's
27597s always risky to go indoors versus a
27599s Reaper
27600s got to be careful of that Reaper and
27602s Silver Lining Dart monkeys almost had
27604s got full held on a and now they're
27607s making the push for C it's the katuni
27609s Rush from the defense debates that the
27611s overclock from azaray finds zemritt as
27614s they were just roaming around and
27617s that'll send Dart monkeys back but they
27618s still have an extra minute yeah nice
27620s shots are Mastery yet again I mean
27622s showing why they're one of the best
27623s sojourns going toe-to-toe with barcode I
27625s mean both of them have had their moments
27627s in the series thus far however as the
27629s ray coming out on top a lot of the times
27630s in xamar getting a little bit greedy
27632s using their shift earlier to fight Jim
27633s in the one versus one and then he
27635s blasted by the overclock on this side
27636s when they try to teleport
27638s now the katuni rushes are staggered too
27641s so it's just gonna be fight after fight
27642s Aspen has theirs wondering when they
27644s want to pop this and gonna see maybe
27646s what the overclock in Primal Rage does
27648s and if that doesn't get enough kills I
27649s could see the consuming
27652s it's jumping in misses that shot on the
27654s aramore and that's a block from Jam but
27658s Jim blocks that with his four with their
27660s forehead and dart monkeys halfway to Sea
27663s yeah Santana's gonna have that Primal
27665s Rage reproach coming up for Jim Jim
27667s gonna have that beat drop as well Aspen
27669s The katsune Rush with zemra can it be
27671s big like it was on first point yeah she
27673s is gonna have to get the beat drop mid
27674s fight as well
27675s SUNY Rush from Aspen waiting for the
27678s final moments this could push them to
27680s the end of sea Timeless ethereal
27682s starting the prime just to live and they
27685s barely do and they didn't receive the
27687s sound bear from Jam but maybe get the
27690s consume Rush his deathbots from
27692s Severance will split the Seas ethereal
27695s they try to hide it's three meters away
27697s and turn monkeys have the kills there's
27699s no more ultimates left aaramore he has
27702s the continent but it's just not enough
27704s you don't have time to build it and
27706s dermakis went from being almost full
27708s hell to finishing the map no way wanna
27713s play from Dart monkeys to close it out
27714s there and over time the clutch team
27716s third is clutch the god it's they got
27718s ice and they in their veins you know you
27719s got an escape probably pulling at their
27721s veins you know everybody's just like oh
27723s my God we're all that because they are
27724s I'm going to close out overtime first
27727s points was that overtime second Point as
27729s well it was it was pretty close right
27730s yeah very close third Point closing out
27733s in overtime I mean Dart monkey's expert
27735s plays to just you need to push forward
27736s and having the presence of mindless
27738s zamrit to do proactive reporos has been
27740s a a real thorn in Timeless ethereal side
27744s because Jim they don't really set up Jim
27747s to have aggressive reap Roots right
27748s they're just trying to counter zemrent
27750s bunts dark monkeys on the side right
27752s they have to deal with azerite hitting
27753s shots onto sojourn but that's about it
27756s right you only have to worry about Ezra
27758s and sojour and meanwhile Dart monkeys
27759s they have barcode on swords and they
27761s have zamaritz on Reaper and that DPS Duo
27763s has been deadly so it's on Jim though
27765s and this is on gym on this attacking
27767s side to allow Timeless some space to
27770s actually work with and finally close out
27772s on route 66.
27774s I also like that Dart monkeys they kept
27776s their support support ultimates for
27778s usually the end of Point pushes so the
27779s end of a the end of B the end of C so
27782s you just have that like guaranteed
27783s sustainability when you have most of the
27786s space because that usually at the end of
27787s those objectives the defense has like no
27789s space to operate and if you just Outlast
27791s them you'll take the fight and that's
27793s what really propelled Dart monkeys to
27795s the end of B and C especially although
27797s uh the a was a bit shaky being almost
27800s full held but Timeless ethereal they got
27802s the echo out oh they do gym on the echo
27805s that's interesting pick I mean we've
27806s seen them on it before after I believe
27809s it was a Widowmaker on uh circuit Royale
27811s then they swapped Echo here's why Jim
27813s early pick on his emerit that opens
27815s things for Timeless ethereal yeah this
27817s could just be a strategy just for out
27819s the gates because you're just gonna
27820s outrange The Reaper and if you hit all
27823s the stinky bombs on one person like
27825s almost nobody can survive that you'll
27827s get them to at least half Health if
27829s they're a tank and focus focusing being
27831s them down or DPS are just gonna fall
27833s over yeah I mean it's just going to be
27835s too much damage to deal with it sadly
27837s for Dart monkeys I wonder how they're
27839s going to change to deal with it it looks
27840s like they're not going to do anything
27841s but Echo has been known to be good on
27843s Roots the 66 similar to Pharaoh where
27845s you just abuse the Skybox right you can
27847s hold the cover over Big Earl's fall back
27849s over the top side where the bridge is
27852s and you're just continually safe because
27853s sojourn you can't really deal with that
27855s Gold without having that railgun charged
27856s up
27858s and Echo still has to play very soon
27860s because the hits get she got all the
27862s stickies on the barcode but the focusing
27864s beam just went slightly out of range and
27866s couldn't get that trade and I think
27867s without Santana that's gonna be really
27869s tough see moving Fishers dropped to like
27871s half HP focusing beam just not even on
27874s cooldown and the bubbles in the way too
27876s so moving fish has to be really careful
27879s with the amount of bursts that Timeless
27880s ethereal has and I'm sure every team
27882s that's already lost in this tournament
27883s or were qualified last week are watching
27886s in awe right now where Timeless ethereal
27888s and dart monkeys are playing flawlessly
27890s individually on both sides as Jim uses
27892s to copy early in this fight
27894s just more bubbles to split up this fight
27896s he got the katuni Rush from Aspen first
27898s aaromori used their second Jim is now
27900s out of the duplicate form as Timeless
27903s ethereal are so close to a but the sound
27906s Bearer re-engaged from Dart monkeys just
27909s made so much space didn't kill anything
27910s but it made some space it's pretty nice
27912s it's pretty nice I mean they have the
27914s space now to actually work with dart
27916s monkey he's gonna have that overclock
27918s for this fight no support alts is kind
27920s of a pain in this next fight because Jam
27922s has that beat drop as long as they don't
27924s age it again they have the ultimate
27926s advantage in this fight
27927s overclock from the defense barcode on
27930s The High Ground somewhere actually she
27931s got jumped up by Santana and that's the
27933s finishing blows you deny that overclock
27935s that's massive Primal rages from both
27937s sides and you want that onto the soldier
27940s and you're always going to chase that
27941s soldier with the Primal Rage the easiest
27942s Target to get to the rest of Dart
27945s monkeys finishing off the rest of the
27947s attack and Timeless ethereal left with
27949s only 90 seconds xamarin has been
27952s phenomenal on this Reaper one minute 20
27954s seconds and we see why maybe Dark Monkey
27956s struggled on first point because the uh
27959s map geometry doesn't really geometry
27961s doesn't really help you on the offensive
27963s side it's so hard to cap out not a lot
27965s of cover for the offensive sidebars the
27967s defense kinda has a little bit more easy
27969s rotations because you drop back his
27972s offense underneath the gas station it's
27973s just really obvious where you are and
27975s you get hunted down by the rest of Dart
27976s monkeys but as a ray not again
27979s I'm surprised it's just barcode got off
27982s of the soldier for the Cassidy
27984s yeah it's just a weird pick because
27987s usually you really only do that for me
27989s the Tracer that bothersome but sojourn
27990s is a hundred times better than Cassidy
27992s ever was wondering if they're just
27994s feeling off their game today as a ray is
27996s pounding this Lobby I feel off by game
27998s too Timeless ethereal 36 seconds left
28001s and they're about to Cafe and get extra
28002s time I don't like this I don't like this
28004s at all but Cassidy is not really
28006s unfortunately meta at the moment however
28008s barcode we've seen them do it before
28010s they're very comfortable on the Cassidy
28012s but now a little about a position hassle
28013s of this Echo however the cast does get
28015s that damage downrange toward this Echo
28017s that is the one trade-off you have
28018s whereas yes you can consistently pump in
28021s those head shots or those body shots
28023s versus sojourn you like you need to wait
28024s for that railgun but at the same time
28026s now azerage can be free on sojourn to do
28028s whatever they want
28029s good power position for Dart monkeys to
28032s hang around on
28033s and you don't have that first pick
28035s potential with the Cassidy anymore so
28037s it's I feel like a more wind conditions
28039s from Timeless ethereal katsune Rush from
28041s the defense still drop down try and
28043s Chase down Thomas ethereal and they
28045s don't get a single kill out of it as a
28047s ray is quite literally one HP and dart
28050s monkeys couldn't kill them no and now
28051s Timeless they're gonna come back in with
28053s their own katsune to rush sure they made
28054s them fall back didn't give up
28055s positioning but now they're at an old
28056s disadvantage the coffee's available they
28058s used it immediately to copy the reaper
28060s into the back line of the kasune rush
28061s it's gonna pump a lot of damage to the
28063s force to fade early now barcode low and
28065s the back line they just close them out
28067s now Dart monkeys has to reset see Jim
28070s can play Reaper after all they just have
28072s to copy and wait a little bit of time
28074s and they even build up to the death
28076s blossom
28077s so that's pretty nice they get halfway
28079s to point B Timeless ethereal have time
28082s on their side and dark monkeys don't
28084s have a tank right now no no he has to
28087s fall back reset once again barcode's
28088s gonna have the high noon but lemon you
28091s know even though High Noon was buffed he
28093s takes damage reduction yada yada High
28095s noon's still not a good ultimate is it
28096s nah unless you like catch Jim like
28099s mid-flight that's like the only time
28101s that would be worse so we'll see if they
28103s can do that
28105s um Dart monkey is just holding onto The
28106s High Ground but someone has to drop and
28108s contest and they managed to do so but
28110s Timeless ethereal they have Primal Rage
28113s they can force the C9 as moving fish
28115s primals into the back line forces out
28117s the sound beer from Jam heads back to
28120s the front and tries to displace and
28122s contests where moving fish can that's
28124s awesome and a dead eye dark monkeys are
28127s throwing everything but the kitchen sink
28129s and they might have just bought
28131s themselves some peace and quiet for now
28133s how did they do that how did they come
28135s back in that fight zamrat yet again with
28137s huge Reaper rolls they've committed the
28139s Primal Rage I mean that's everything
28140s right yeah they're gonna have the
28141s katsuna rush they're gonna have beat
28143s drop coming up but time was ethereal
28144s they've proven they can disengage these
28146s support ultimates it's just going to
28148s come down down to a matter of 36 seconds
28150s left SK has beat drop coming up way
28152s before Jam does so I think it comes down
28154s to these supporters for Dart monkey to
28155s hold in the second phase
28157s 30 seconds this is chokeable I'm sure
28160s you've heard this in OverWatch League
28162s this the bag can be fumbled here
28164s Timeless ethereal this is like King's
28167s Row all over again okay Kitsune Rush one
28171s of the best in the game Dart monkeys
28173s their backs against the wall moving fish
28175s jumps in Trump's a half Health Jim is
28177s dead on impact and as a rageous can't
28180s find a good line of sight with this
28181s bubble in their face then now that
28183s that's gone Targets target Rich
28186s environment dark monkeys bring back the
28188s bubble because it could soon a rush is
28190s also hazed you get your cooldowns back
28191s quicker an SK sound barrier just gave
28194s the help at the defense needed to live
28196s just that much longer Timeless ethereal
28199s don't have the bodies and you know I'm
28201s not gonna criticize barcode no more
28202s because the Cassidy got a game-winning
28205s double kill at the end Dart monkeys will
28208s tie the series one to one and we are
28211s going the distance dark monkeys to even
28213s on Route 66 and it really did come down
28216s to SK with that beat shop at the very
28218s unfortunately for Jam everything kinda
28220s was a little bit sidetracked since first
28222s point Route 66 where they beat dropping
28224s unfortunately not cancel but zembrick
28226s yet again I mean this is one of the
28228s players of the match for sure zemrott on
28230s Reaper has been a standout if I'm gonna
28232s be honest barcode played well on the
28234s Cassidy to counter that Echo I mean it
28236s forced them to zemit or Force Jim rather
28239s to swap back off the Echo and go back
28241s over towards Reaper and it really made
28244s things everything would work out for
28245s them right use the high noon use that
28246s reproach the high noon to Zone and then
28248s the reaper will come back in from the
28249s other side right I mean the strategies
28251s were amazing from dark monkeys to
28254s equalize it on such an important map
28256s where it looked like everything was lost
28257s on first point on their attacking side
28260s that was crazy and I think azri didn't
28262s have the impact that that they could
28264s have due to the bubble placements of
28266s moving fish and I think every time you
28268s you heard overclock it's ending now and
28271s you're like my check but where and it
28273s was because they had the tail with the
28275s Winston bubble on their way and then if
28277s you kind of take out that One-Shot
28279s potential of sojour and she's just kind
28281s of like a Cassidy where you just have
28282s this trickling damage if someone has to
28285s go in and finish it and that's where you
28287s know we question the the Cassidy but
28290s somehow barcode played around it and I'm
28293s not gonna argue with a win now am I no I
28295s mean it worked right I mean Cassidy is a
28297s kind of it is kind of underrated right I
28299s think a lot of people maybe give him a
28301s bit of a bad rep because you know we
28303s have Soldier and like you mentioned it's
28304s just such a strong character those
28306s opening picks are really really
28307s important and Incredibly crucial to
28310s opening things up because nobody else
28311s could do that besides Widowmaker but
28313s widowmakers charge up time just takes
28314s too much and then the damage output from
28316s sojourn is so much at the same time
28319s where it's like you put ass and you're
28320s just you're looking like a you're
28321s looking at a mutt in unevolved mutt
28324s versus a whole ass wolf right okay sorry
28326s I had to watch my language but it really
28328s is that okay sojourn just does so much
28330s damage and Cassidy at the same time you
28332s would think it's not that good of a
28334s character but barcode made it work
28336s yeah the mobility is but I like sojourn
28339s more I feel like you can just jump to
28341s Narnia on that carry on that hero and
28343s Cassidy just does this pathetic little
28345s flip and yeah it doesn't feel like you
28348s go that far but I'm sure somewhere all
28351s the Cassidy Mains are smiling like well
28353s barcode did it so can I well you're
28355s learning a whole bunch here on calling
28357s all heroes where this is an amazing
28359s platform that features marginalized
28360s genders and look at the talent that we
28363s have today I see y'all's tweets on the
28365s timeline this is an incredible final I'm
28368s having so much fun I mean my eyes are
28370s drying out for just not being able to
28372s Blink in these fights like they're crazy
28375s they are insane and yeah what a series I
28377s mean we know I I mean you know lemon it
28379s seems like every time there's a you know
28381s a complete stomp in the semifinals the
28384s finals are always a banger right I mean
28386s it's just every time right the
28387s semi-finals 3-0 on both sides it just
28390s means that both teams are so Above the
28393s Rest of Their pack right they're just
28394s such a dominant team as a unit it that
28397s of course when you go to the Grand
28398s finals you're gonna have a closed series
28400s unless of course this is the San
28401s Francisco shock or something like that
28402s then usually they'll roll them right I'd
28404s say 50 of the time or whatever right
28406s they only had they lost the Shanghai
28407s dragons and then just this last year
28409s right 50 for them but dark monkeys on
28411s the side they're looking to make a name
28413s for themselves right now because coming
28415s in after qualifiers number two lemon you
28418s know this really this putting them on
28420s the map you know dark monkeys already
28422s was in the map in terms of streaming but
28424s in the game in gameplay right in terms
28426s of Team environments you wouldn't expect
28427s such a team to do so well in the
28430s challengers cup especially versus teams
28432s that have been screaming
28433s well speaking of map Dustin great Segway
28435s we're going to our next one chosen by
28437s Timeless ethereal they want to go to new
28440s Queen Street push will be our next game
28442s type and this is yeah you said it
28444s exactly right I mean the fact that Dart
28446s monkeys went from almost getting full
28448s hell to a were like okay this could be a
28449s quick day I'm down whatever this is fun
28452s I'm having a great time to they almost
28454s got full health to pushing all the way
28456s to the end and then stopping them at B
28459s like that was incredible clutch factor
28462s and we go to new Queen Street where this
28465s is the name of the game is momentum how
28467s many fights in a row can you win I've
28469s always said that push the game type is
28471s kind of like assault but you both attack
28473s at once if you remember TCP yeah that's
28475s the analogy I like say it's pretty
28477s accurate I think that in both of these
28479s team situations they're going to like
28480s that as well right they're going to
28481s enjoy playing this push play style
28484s because it does match their team play as
28486s well right both teams love these fights
28488s that are just constantly going back and
28489s forth back and forth and with both teams
28491s being so evenly matched usually push new
28493s Queen entry specifically it's very hard
28495s to capture out the map right like
28497s generally you don't really see anybody
28499s cap out new Queen Street unless the team
28501s is just at dominant right however I mean
28503s maybe you can attest to this when you
28504s watched that Coliseum match right some
28507s of these first point first fights um
28509s especially in sojour metas can be
28511s incredibly long
28513s yeah I think that's what the community
28515s doesn't like like your average viewer
28517s just looks at teams they're shooting
28518s each other no one dying no one really
28519s moving as oh this is so boring but it's
28522s this chess match of who's gonna use
28524s their first important cooldown who's
28527s gonna realize it and punish you back and
28528s if no one wants to make that first move
28530s it's sometimes better to react than to
28533s be proactive and a lot of teams
28535s depending on their play style like to
28537s play reactively and you put two teams
28538s that are reactive against each other
28540s then No One's Gonna Move and you're
28542s waiting for sojourns to make that
28543s connection and sometimes it's not the
28545s first shot or the second or the third it
28547s takes a little maybe a first minute
28548s before you see that first kill but it's
28550s that tension at least I like watching it
28552s and it is it for in that kind of
28555s eagerness also Forces teams to make a
28556s mistake when you're that reactive team
28558s that is like well I'm tired of waiting
28560s here I want to jump in and you die
28561s that's how you force mistakes you get
28563s impatient yeah and we're seeing both
28565s sojourns react so well to each other's
28567s playstyles and especially the winstons
28569s as well right because it is a little bit
28570s different right in this meta it is white
28573s uh quite a bit faster you know where you
28575s have that Winston jump in onto the
28577s sojour and you're noticing these sojourn
28578s players like you said some of the you
28580s know worse off so Jordan's tend to
28582s actually use their shift very early they
28584s use it a little bit too quick and then
28585s the Winston's like okay now I can hunt
28587s you down you don't have any cooldown and
28588s you're dead on the opposite side we have
28590s both barcode and Azure and both of them
28593s waiting for that Winston to dive them
28594s waiting for ellucia waiting for that
28596s incredibly hard to push and then just
28598s run away they just book it every single
28600s time and it usually ends up where
28602s preserving their life maybe not going
28603s for that incredibly
28605s um deep and aggressive a little bit you
28607s know too risque damage allows them to
28610s actually get more damage in the long
28612s term because they're just preserving and
28613s playing their lives
28615s and shift jumping in is that's when you
28617s know the big difference between a casual
28619s and a pro is sojourns that know when to
28621s jump into the heat of the action and
28623s it's usually when they have an overclock
28625s they pop one hand they say who wants
28627s some put up the fist they jump in and
28629s usually they don't get called a feeder
28631s Dustin you you I don't think you've had
28633s to use that word today everyone's been
28635s playing really well we really have the
28638s peak of our calling all heroes and this
28640s is just our second and final qualifier
28642s by the way the main event is still uh
28645s far away and that has thousands of
28647s dollars on the line this is just for
28649s seating so if you thought you were
28650s entertained today wait until there's a
28653s lot more on the line and I would argue
28655s qualify number two the one we're in
28656s right now has been incredibly tense and
28658s even more tense than qualifier number
28660s one because it's like you said there is
28661s more on the line what was on the line
28663s today in this week rather and this
28665s weekend was that qualification into the
28668s final days in December and to actually
28671s make it all the way here and have final
28674s seeds has been very important for both
28676s Dart monkeys and Timeless right they
28678s both won an incredibly bad because
28680s without this final seed right they could
28682s end up facing one of the harder teams
28685s one of the hardest one of the harder
28686s altiorist teams which have been so
28688s dominant in the challengers are in in
28691s the scene in the Challenger's cup it's
28693s been so hard to compete with them dark
28695s monkeys don't want to fight one of the
28697s better ultiors teams you know maybe
28698s they'd uh be happy playing a team like
28700s shigigami coming into the finals in
28703s December
28705s oh that's in December oh
28707s it's the best time of the year for a
28709s reason I think had a big weekend calling
28713s all heroes I'm so excited to be involved
28715s they got a cool mentorship program
28719s um what was that website one more time
28720s calling all heroes.gg if you want to
28723s know what more this is about if the
28725s YouTube title doesn't tell you enough go
28728s through the vods go to the website or
28731s even you could be part of the community
28732s why not do you want to join up at some
28734s of our tournament tournaments you want
28736s to make some friends you want to be
28737s mentored on how to cast discord.gg
28739s calling all heroes
28741s objective in both teams you know are
28744s getting that mentorship as well through
28745s the likes of Jake I mean not every
28746s team's gonna have Jake on their coaching
28748s staff but Dart monkeys are incredibly
28750s fortunate to have such a uh top-tier
28752s Talent coaching them and thought with
28754s top tier Talent as well on the roster
28756s deserves to be coached by top deer
28758s Talent as both teams gonna stick to that
28760s mere confidence all right yet again
28762s early pick
28763s uncharacteristic usually it's Aspen who
28766s comes knocking in the night not her
28768s dying first
28770s still that just means that's right just
28772s warming up statue controlled pretty
28774s important for Timeless material of
28775s access to the robot you have a decent
28778s High ground and access to the top tunnel
28780s so we'll get an initial push going for
28782s Timeless ethereal
28783s and now they're going to push that cart
28785s Jim building up that ultimate as well as
28788s Azure is gonna be 50 of the overclock
28789s but it seems like teams on both sides
28792s have been building up those ultimates on
28793s the sides you see how eyes are raised 50
28794s SK on the other side built up a lot of
28797s healing charge as well however one thing
28799s that's not a dark monkey's favor is this
28801s car already 22 meters for Timeless
28803s eternal
28805s I like Thomas satero doing some
28807s top gym
28809s 30 meters now this is where the sojourns
28812s this is a pretty long distance part of
28814s the map lots of coverage for this
28816s defensive Dart monkeys around the car
28818s around the bend lots of places to
28820s disengage into speaking of which Santana
28821s just jumps out of there around the
28824s corner though Jim awaits a precious
28826s victim Dart monkeys don't want to
28828s overextend they might have even seen
28830s that Reaper and said no sir no ma'am no
28833s thank you at all but Timeless is zero
28836s still getting some good push going and
28837s now you're worried about these Kitsune
28839s rushes Furious from SK it only hits
28842s about three of them and did not save
28844s moving fish Jim responds with an even
28847s better death Blossom as the streak
28849s continues for Timeless and through
28850s ethereal and Jim actually calling all
28853s heroes right now calling it back and
28855s honestly on zamrit on the reaper because
28857s look at this just constantly running and
28859s moving fish moving fish just died yet
28861s again 57 meters the robot's stuck
28863s checking out the area doing a little bit
28865s of uh what his leg they call it the
28866s booty shank the booty scratch right the
28868s butt scratch
28872s he actually scratches his thigh but in
28874s that situation moving fish unfortunately
28876s getting picked off he's gonna have the
28877s Primal Rage this fight so maybe they're
28878s not going to die here as barcode from
28880s the opening thing uh Jim was hunting no
28883s more hunting season for them and you
28886s trade this four before Timeless ethereal
28888s can keep this going he asked me the
28890s Sound Mirror the Primal and the
28891s overclock they're using a lot just that
28893s they're at 70 meters and if they can get
28895s to 80 90 you put yourself in a great
28897s winning condition then you save your
28899s Olds just to push back Dart monkeys
28901s every time they get on the bot Timeless
28903s ethereal can give it up here you maybe
28905s wish she got more meterage out of all
28907s everything you just used but getting
28910s olds out of Dart monkeys is is perfectly
28912s fine If You're Timeless ethereal yeah
28914s that reaproll to close things up all
28916s those ultimates for Timeless are going
28917s to be happy with that for sure they're
28918s gonna be up on that Kitsune rush but SK
28921s is gonna have beat drop to also counter
28923s that on both sides in which I would say
28926s p-trop is a little bit better well in
28928s better at sustaining then Kitsune rushes
28930s however on the side it's just as good
28932s dark monkeys now a bit in the open here
28935s against the uh Timeless material at the
28937s bus area
28938s oh that's a good suzu from Aspen the
28941s safe moving fish and they still need to
28943s get yield back up that means SK might
28945s have a barrier soon that could be a win
28947s condition they're gonna drop it
28948s immediately and they're gonna Ascend it
28950s Timeless stereo running away but they
28952s fight back it's their time for
28953s inventions could soon a rush from
28955s aramori Dart monkeys they disengage they
28958s don't lose anyone
28966s we call it a pent kill can we call it a
28968s pen to kill for Jim whatever if you're
28970s old school yeah I think I think I am
28972s I'll subscribe to Boomer because I think
28975s pentakill sounds pretty freaking cool uh
28977s Aspen on the other side coming back with
28979s katsune Russian Jam's gonna have beat
28981s drop we saw continue Rush versus beat
28982s drop in the last fight and it ended up
28985s in a good situation where Timeless
28987s ethereal let's see if the same thing can
28988s happen for dark monkeys now Jim just
28990s needs to not over extend like they did
28993s last time they got so many good staggers
28995s on Dart monkeys that's why they're at 81
28997s meters you got to be really measured
28998s with your approach sound beer from Jam
29000s doesn't hit Santana but they do have a
29002s primal so they're gonna jump in and
29004s they're gonna toss Dart monkeys they
29007s don't have their sound bear they gotta
29008s rely on consume they rush and Aspen will
29010s teleport back to the fight just barely
29013s they almost got slapped to death
29015s Timeless ethereal not in a great spot
29017s either aeromori is dead and you just
29019s have no heels but you've got bought
29022s presents so you're able to get this to
29024s 85 Plus remember Dart monkeys have to
29027s match this in under five minutes
29030s yeah five minutes that's gonna be so
29031s much time to go by because now
29033s zembroke's down has to come back from
29035s Spawn and 88 meters is going to be a
29038s hill to climb for dark monkeys they're
29039s gonna have olts to come back into this
29041s fight we got about we gotta think about
29043s long term though maybe they win this
29044s fight but what about the next one
29046s all right everyone just died it's ever
29048s hit death Blossom right into them the
29050s overclock two had to use ultimates just
29053s to get out of your own base and Aaron
29055s Mori was able to get back to the fight
29057s very quickly just by getting picked
29058s first in the teleport maybe even a taxi
29060s from Jam got them like maybe maybe an
29063s extra 5-10 meters which is crucial in
29065s this game it is I mean that's true
29067s that's that's going to be a Difference
29068s Maker because that could end up being
29070s the home stretch for Timeless ethereal
29073s hey Rush Primera Mori SK with the
29075s Sounder hits everyone this time Timeless
29077s ethereal they got ta lie on the damage
29078s from Jim but Dar monkeys they just run
29081s away so quickly the sound bear wasn't
29084s you it was just used to survive and not
29085s really fight back as dark monkeys have
29088s established themselves back on the bot
29090s could soon Rush available from Aspen and
29093s this is the guaranteed fight they could
29094s take on this Timeless ethereal uh time
29096s they're disengaged properly to mustaf
29098s Blossom teleporting to the top Metro
29100s hoping to jump down the bubble's about
29102s to burst and oh
29105s hi Jim sends it with the deck Blossom
29108s dark monkeys are gone packing and
29111s Timeless ethereal looking to extend
29113s their lead to the triple digits and we
29115s called that Jim had to step up on this
29117s map on new Queen Street for Timeless
29118s ethereal to continue to snowball forward
29121s into Dart monkey and they have heavily
29124s zembroke is nowhere to be seen in
29125s comparison because look at that out of
29127s the server gym towards the what looks
29130s like the mini found the opening pick on
29132s zimmerit and now they can get close at
29133s this bus stop and get even more picks
29135s just got Goomba stomp there Dart monkeys
29139s no shot you get full cap done this just
29141s seems insurmountable with how much time
29144s you have left inside those ethereal have
29146s old cigar monkeys don't the respawn
29149s Advantage just doesn't really exist if
29152s Santana is probably raging your door
29154s it's time to wave the white flag and
29156s there is the full cap Timeless ethereal
29159s take new Queen Street and go to series
29162s Point what a surprising map I didn't
29165s expect this team to actually do so well
29168s I mean on this map specifically because
29169s it's been so close thus far but every
29171s team or each team just taking blow for
29173s blow right at the same time Dart monkeys
29175s getting that draw on King's throw was
29178s not something that I really wanted but
29180s at the next map they chose the map that
29182s was good for them and then they got the
29183s win there now coming into new Queen
29185s Street yet again uh the map was chosen
29189s by Timeless and it ended up being a win
29191s in a pretty surprising fashion I mean
29193s three minutes left over lemon that's
29195s insane that rarely happens on new Queen
29196s Street and Next Level understanding of
29199s push push is obviously winning
29200s back-to-back fights but how you do that
29202s is all about the old economy and I think
29205s um they just had a way better
29207s understanding of how to dagger out their
29209s ultimates saving the DPS ultimates for
29211s the end and even though the first picks
29213s went to maybe on era morish it was able
29216s to teleport back thanks to a taxi from
29218s the Lucio like
29220s that was just a complete team div and
29223s honestly a game type understanding
29225s different uh difference like the old
29227s economy was really well understood it
29229s really was I think that time was played
29231s it perfectly like you mentioned and it
29232s really was a map that they seemed very
29234s practiced on but everybody we were going
29236s to short break when we come back we're
29238s going to see more of this series in
29239s which you're not going to leave get more
29241s popcorn go refill your soda do whatever
29243s because you're going to want to see the
29244s conclusion of this series coming up
29246s after this short break
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29308s thank you
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29553s welcome back everyone to calling all
29554s heroes our second qualifier and our
29557s grand final underway series point for
29560s Timeless ethereal after uh full capping
29563s new Queen Street this was supposed to be
29566s closed Dustin what happened your eyes
29568s recovered yet lemon are you uh I'm okay
29572s my eyes are red it's just watching that
29575s map are you sure are you sure you're not
29577s a Timeless Eternal or well not Eternal
29580s Eternal Eternal see I got it stuck in
29582s your head now Vegas Eternal now oh God
29584s no is that hockey
29587s what is that oh no it's it's oh that's
29589s the OverWatch League they're just
29591s they're coming to Vegas baby not sure
29593s who's coming but I guess we'll find out
29595s after the off season yeah that's gonna
29596s be rough for them honestly but so I mean
29598s especially for the Europeans that
29599s potentially have to move that's going to
29600s be very interesting to see them at Vegas
29602s is great is it great don't hate it is it
29605s I mean it's like I mean listen I live in
29606s Arizona so it's quite similar but uh
29608s next map actually coming through I hope
29610s we get an Arizona map I guess I started
29611s Route 66 isn't it
29613s Route 66 already is the desert map we
29615s already have a representation we have
29616s like Oasis it's like a mix of both of
29618s ours it's actually my least favorite map
29620s because it is so beige I don't like this
29622s one either Nepal because it's snowy and
29624s I used to come from Canada and I I just
29626s can't stand the snow
29628s I agree
29630s I hate snow it's cold right you gotta
29633s shovel snow out the driveway you gotta
29636s dust off your eyelashes when you dip
29638s your head in water and you go outside
29639s and wait can't you get like uh if you go
29642s outside with your hair wet is that
29643s dangerous in the snow in like the winter
29646s it does yeah I've you know your nostrils
29647s even freeze if it's cold enough
29650s it's a really weird
29651s the Paul is dangerous okay don't go out
29653s in the Paw wear your jackets yeah wear
29655s your jackets I think is Winston wearing
29657s a jacket he probably is at this point if
29659s he's got space heaters suit on yeah yeah
29661s looking pretty clean but Dart monkey's
29663s gonna rock out with that symmetra TP
29665s both teams doing so to get out the spawn
29667s faster and reapers on both sides with
29669s sojourn top of this yet again
29672s and barcode is dead
29675s huh is the headshot disgusting
29679s like now you can just hold the choke
29681s with this Reaper which is great and you
29683s almost staggered out moving fish the
29684s point hasn't even been unlocked yet
29686s that's crazy that's an oofy situation
29688s honestly uh four minutes left or four
29691s seconds left now the point will unlock
29692s you think dark monkeys will have a Recon
29694s test here
29696s no they're trying
29698s wait they kind of missed the jump yeah
29700s the count goes through kind of a whiff
29702s it's fine dark monkeys might have just
29704s missed calmed through all the panic but
29706s it's about the war not just about the
29708s one fight how was Azuri dipping barcode
29711s so bad here they're just on the flank
29712s and I don't think anyone has noticed
29715s disruptors shot right in the middle of
29717s that fight and that is all she wrote for
29720s that Timeless ethereal definitely have
29721s the point now I was telling you I mean
29723s this is this is as a Ray's time to shine
29725s they've just come out in the series and
29727s yes they've been good thus far in the
29731s entire tournament but in the grand
29732s finals they've come online with all the
29734s pressure on their backs they say ice is
29736s in their veins in Timeless popping that
29739s tossing that de super shot at the very
29740s beginning they can't even come to the
29741s choker easily barcode being dolven
29743s already out there oh just Dart monkeys
29746s having issues getting through the choke
29748s and your Winston separated away from the
29750s crew and that's when you know you're in
29751s trouble dark monkeys aren't managing to
29753s keep themselves safe from azer Asians
29755s and apparently even Jim too no shut
29758s barcode is just open three right now I'm
29760s still in my hands and knees thinking
29762s she's gonna pop up but she's not this
29764s map yet everyone's getting their dig and
29767s barcode at the current moment sadly for
29769s her and it's got to feel rough and as a
29771s player in that situation right getting
29772s picked off early I am very well aware of
29775s how to do that so I understand where
29777s barcode's coming from and the only thing
29778s you could do is say it's not my fault
29779s it's just how we're playing at the
29781s current moment but they have ultimates
29782s coming in next fight so maybe that's
29784s some consolation prize for a dark monkey
29788s can they make this a Flawless Victory
29790s hurry up to find out they were trying to
29792s cut off those rotations they walk and
29795s they actually add the death Blossom of
29797s gym in that rotation a dart monkeys they
29800s actually Thrive through that they got
29801s around to the point dodged the initial
29803s damage of Jim and clap back even harder
29806s so no Flawless round for Timeless
29808s ethereal three percent four percent
29810s finally dark monkeys are on the board
29812s the percentages of their alt are also
29814s going up timeless Eternal only committed
29816s that report in the last fight so they're
29817s gonna have that beat drop for this fight
29819s but they also come into the continues as
29820s well with Aspen so coming to this fight
29822s Dart monkeys they're gonna look to play
29823s aggressive on this choke 87 is still
29826s enough time for a Recon test as well but
29827s Dart monkeys they're gonna want to win
29829s now
29830s and just holding on to the point where
29833s they can not giving up the contest over
29835s a clock from azeray slapped by the death
29838s Blossom of zembrit
29840s and that is all is there a beat drop
29843s yeah there was did that get ajaxed or
29846s what happened no he got or they got it
29847s off but it didn't land on anybody I
29850s think
29851s hey I wish we could do rewind that
29853s because I think Jam was like around the
29855s corner I think it's what you call it
29857s that's the Newfie
29858s yes
29861s well uh moving fish had a good bubble
29863s placement to cut off Timeless ethereal
29865s and Santana's thriving through that they
29867s have the Primal Rage and they're ready
29869s to break through by force he's gonna
29871s send it towards the point kind of need
29873s to keep in mind that the team needs to
29874s be behind them and Santana comes back
29877s for them heels that Primal Rage made
29879s some space it's not getting kills so
29881s overclock from Barco versus the Kitsune
29884s Rush of aramori and the dark monkeys
29887s have the sound beer on top so they can
29888s live through this for now and they have
29891s the point this is their safe space 75
29894s plus coming down the last fight and
29897s that's how you do it as a player that's
29898s how you combat a horrible start that
29900s barcode had to open it up with that
29901s overclock and allow your team the
29903s opportunity to win here now they fall
29905s back to point they dropped the katsune
29907s rush against Nova katsune Rush 80s
29908s hampers on the board the reeferal comes
29910s in but it's a not enough to do anything
29912s or sorry the Repro wasn't popped in fact
29914s it was just barcode to shut everything
29915s down with the rest of their team 94
29918s contain anybody in Timeless even touch
29921s nope
29922s that's it that's my turn dunzo all right
29925s all you no I'm just kidding
29927s uh spin like through the point and make
29930s sure moving fish was healed up and I
29933s just don't think dark monkeys had like
29934s enough value out of the old so you know
29936s like the Primal Rage just to like get
29938s out of a choke it's not as ideal as
29940s using a Primal Rage to go after uh let's
29943s say and kill a sojourn and this was uh
29946s azaray who was just bodying barcode in
29949s the neutral for the first 90 of that
29951s game so the fact that that they lost
29953s around is very surprising no I mean
29955s that's just that goes to show the
29956s rostler construction of Dart monkeys to
29958s build this team that can carry each
29960s other when somebody is down right
29961s barcode unfortunately starting off Owen
29963s three yet somehow they win the round
29964s it's because barcode got back into it
29966s right PMA mentality positive mental
29969s attitude allowed barcode to potentially
29971s come back you can't get too hard on
29972s yourself right you gotta you gotta
29973s maintain a little bit of the ego to come
29975s back on Nepal
29978s we're back final round can Dart monkeys
29982s Force to game six because yes we had a
29984s draw by the way uh moving fish is very
29987s low just trying to chill in the bubble
29988s that gets bursted morally and physically
29990s as dark monkeys are very low and finally
29992s get punished Jim extends finishes off
29996s the kill and dart monkey is trying to
29998s Dart away as fast as they can and that
30000s they do back to the point Timeless goes
30002s and now they're gonna cap that point out
30004s 40 on all charge right these neutral
30006s game fights can be so hard for Dart
30008s monkeys because now they got to come
30009s through a chunk
30011s all right at least our monkeys are in
30012s the safe space you don't have to worry
30014s about like a sojourn as much but they
30015s got to worry about Santana just dropping
30017s bubbling between them so dark monkeys
30018s fake it out they go towards the point
30020s where Santana wasn't there yet they
30021s don't find any kills and somehow barcode
30024s gets overwhelmed again five before for
30026s Timeless ethereal and 20 plus they'll be
30029s winning this fight how much all charge
30030s can they get because this next fight is
30033s gonna matter it's gonna have Kitsune
30034s rushes all over it yeah reproach coming
30036s up for Jim Asura will have the overclock
30039s Santana gonna have Primal Rage moving
30041s fish only 40 on their Primal Rage
30042s sojourn on the side of barcode and 47
30045s and now for Dart monkeys you're just
30046s gonna have to hope that it goes yet
30048s again to maybe 87 at best because coming
30051s into this next fight it's gonna be rough
30053s for dark monkeys without any ultimates
30057s yeah Kitsune rush but only SK is really
30060s close to a sound barrier and still you
30063s gotta wait for the kind of later parts
30064s of this fight so any Rush's exchange
30066s both teams are expecting it Zimmer gets
30068s a little too close and gets stomped on
30070s by Santana and that's Timeless ethereal
30072s starting out these fights with the first
30074s blood and that's why they've had a
30076s Flawless round so far and they're not
30078s even done yet they're chasing Dart
30080s monkeys and hoping to get staggers
30083s sounding from SK Only Hits three Clinton
30085s barcode and moving fish and they just
30087s really can't commit to this fight oh no
30090s that is that that's losing that's fight
30092s losing that's game losing you can't just
30094s use beat drop in that situation when you
30096s only have three members it's unfortunate
30098s for SK I mean maybe they assumed they
30099s could win but they gotta go desperation
30101s mode right they need to win this series
30103s if they lose now they can go to a third
30105s round and then maybe you lose on that
30107s one and your grand finals is a left a
30109s loss
30111s okay you got the overclock from Azure
30114s over on the coast or actually uh near
30116s the point it's the dark monkeys that
30118s we're trying to come out through the
30120s edge of the map and that's sketchy to do
30122s especially when Santana had the Primal
30124s and dart monkey is just living existing
30127s not really getting any kills as we're
30129s still waiting for kind of barcode to
30131s make a splash like she's done old
30133s tournament but I'm sure it's been a long
30134s day and you just can't keep it up for
30137s that long time was ethereal finally get
30139s the point flipped on them Darkness
30141s monkeys are okay they wraith away from
30143s the death Blossom of Jim and that's a
30145s good play from zamrit as they kind of
30147s give up some space it is moving fish
30150s trying to take up all the damages there
30152s is the barcode we know and love Now
30154s where's the second of the third kill
30155s though we'll wait to the next fight how
30158s many holes they commit there though they
30159s committed both that reaproll beat drop
30161s in the earlier fight sojourn uh as well
30164s I mean this is gonna be so hard for Dart
30166s monkeys now because Timeless they're
30167s building up the katsune rush beat drop
30169s coming up soon towards asking as well as
30172s the ray is going to have that overclock
30173s over barcode which is going to be
30174s massive
30177s to play Perfect from here on out
30182s Dartmouth Fury you're running for the
30184s hills and they couldn't get away fast
30186s enough you stagger azerite but that's
30188s only one kill so we still gotta wait
30191s that's the power of katsune Rush right
30192s now you use that with the other team not
30194s using one you can catch out anybody with
30196s how much damage everybody shuts down or
30198s pumps out with those with that attack
30199s speed buff and everybody just pumping
30202s out that damage the sojourn found the
30203s opening pick and this is looking oddly
30205s similar to the last round actually lemon
30208s yep Timeless ethereal is it gonna be a
30212s choke again don't let it happen Kitsune
30215s Rush from aramore and you have the
30217s overclock of azerite where are the
30219s targets though not check it is just the
30221s Winston and their way and they'll take
30222s that moving fish had to get out of Dodge
30224s was so so close to dying Timeless
30227s ethereal just have to Zone them off C9
30229s still available really and SK drops a
30232s sound beer gets dark monkeys involved
30234s into this point but the kills still
30236s aren't happening their monkeys are used
30237s to go to bed to nothing it's falling
30240s Timeless ethereal gotta think Jam for
30242s that what a well-timed sound beer to
30244s thrive through that to you being used
30246s from aramore too Timeless to serial
30249s finally our exhausted of ultimates at HP
30252s and it's barcode cleaning up the fight
30254s called it how do they choke yet again it
30257s keeps happening somehow time was
30259s ethereal you know what a good team
30261s they've been but in these clutch
30263s situations where they can finally close
30264s it on Dart monkeys Dart monkeys keeps
30266s coming back last moment 81 one percent
30269s now all they're going to have is that
30270s Primal Rage which could be big because
30272s that'll shut down the overclock in that
30274s katsune rush but what else can zamarit
30276s do when they build up the Reaper versus
30278s Jim
30279s let's fight for game six or a round
30282s three if Timeless ethereal can unchoke
30284s this not sure how Primal Rage from
30286s Santana has to absolutely send it
30288s because after the soldier and tries to
30290s make the environmental so close to
30292s getting barcode out of this fight
30294s surely finally successful that took so
30296s much time though meanwhile Dart monkeys
30298s didn't get a trade quite yet they're
30299s getting Timeless ethereal so low Focus
30301s fire important Jim Falls that spots are
30305s from zembrich
30308s back and forth
30311s 99-99 Timeless ethereal engine forward
30314s sound barrier from SK you just had to
30317s it's the last moments trying to buy time