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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s [sinister orchestral music]
7s Hi, everyone.
8s I'm Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie,
9s Lead Narrative Designer
10s on the Overwatch team,
12s here to talk to you
13s about our newest tank hero, Ramattra.
15s [Ramattra] Ramattra at your side.
18s Ramattra we last saw at the end of the Storm Rising cinematic.
23s We've always been planning to bring him back,
26s and this is the moment of his ascension.
28s [Ramattra] You have my attention.
30s To understand Ramattra, we must return to the Omnic Crisis,
34s a global war fought between humanity and the omnics,
38s robots under the control of a rogue god program named Anubis.
43s Anubis designed a new kind of omnic meant to lead forces into battle.
48s These elite units programmed for tactical assessment
51s were called Ravagers.
52s Ramattra was one of these.
55s Humanity hated them.
57s And after the Omnic Crisis ended,
60s humanity hunted Ravagers almost to extinction.
64s Ramattra was lost.
67s He was adrift with feelings of confusion and rage.
72s In his search for purpose,
74s he traveled to Nepal
75s to learn under the Shambali monk Mondatta.
79s However, he saw how omnics were still suffering
82s at the hands of humans,
84s and he didn't believe Mondatta was doing enough,
87s so he left the monastery and began a movement of his own:
91s Null Sector.
93s [Ramattra] Together, we are unstoppable!
98s We, on the Narrative Design Team, like to write complicated heroes.
103s We wanted to show you someone that felt exciting,
105s felt understandable, dangerous,
108s and someone you wanted to get to know better.
111s [Ramattra] You are safe with me.
113s That's just the beginning of this story.
116s Check out the other Ramattra Dev Update videos
118s to learn more about his lore,
120s design, and gameplay.
122s Take care.