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6s Hey, everyone. My name is Qiu Fang
7s and I'm the Lead Character Concept Artist on Overwatch 2.
9s Hi, everyone. My name is Kyungseo Min
11s and I'm an Associate Narrative Designer on Overwatch 2.
15s And today we are here to talk about Kiriko,
17s the newest support hero joining our roster.
21s Kiriko grew up in Kanezaka,
22s and she was raised by her mother and grandmother.
25s Her family has ancestral ties to the Kanezaka shrine,
28s which worships the fox spirit.
30s Her grandmother taught Kiriko
32s the responsibilities of taking care of the shrine,
34s the importance of traditions, rituals, and community.
38s Her mother, on the other hand, is a fierce ninja,
41s and believed in taking action, standing up for yourself,
44s and fighting for what's right.
46s We can see in Kiriko that she bridges these two sensibilities together,
49s the traditional and the modern, the fighting and the healing.
53s Kiriko is a strong, badass woman.
55s She will do anything to protect her family and her community,
58s even if that means she has to bend a few rules.
61s She's a trickster, like the fox spirit.
63s Kiriko grew up alongside Hanzo and Genji.
65s Her mother actually trained the Shimadas
67s and she was especially close to Genji,
69s since they're both on the mischievous kind of side.
72s Yeah, he would take her to the arcade on Hanamura
75s and they were definitely up to no good in and out of the Shimada castle.
81s [Kiriko] Carried on the wind!
82s Kiriko witnessed the fall of the Shimadas when she was young.
86s The assassination of the Shimada clan head left a power vacuum within the community.
91s A rival clan of the Hashimoto took advantage of that and took over.
95s They terrorized the community
97s and Kiriko saw all these injustices first-hand,
100s and they took her father as hostage.
102s To stop them, she joined a ragtag group of young women and men called the Yokai.
107s Coming from all walks of life,
109s they fight the Hashimoto and protect community members.
112s They're a small group, but with Kiriko's cunning personality,
115s they show that the youth of Kanezaka should not be underestimated.
119s So, Kiriko was developed really with 5v5 in mind.
122s She's high mobility. She's a single target hybrid healer.
125s She is fast.
126s She can get to your little skirmishes, which happens a lot more often in 5v5 now.
130s So, she's super effective.
132s Yeah, and she's very much like another battle healer.
134s She's in the action, jumps in and out,
138s not the kind of sit-back-and-heal type of hero.
140s [Kiriko] Shouldn't have put your head there!
142s I think a lot of experienced players will have fun with her,
144s and I think a lot of DPS players will love her.
147s [Kiriko] Underestimated me, ne?
149s From day one, really, her fox was there in the design.
154s It felt right.
155s It fit the character visually
157s and the fox was based on the Japanese Inari,
161s which is the fox spirit,
162s and it's a guardian protector kind of spirit.
165s In Japanese folklore, foxes are also known to represent cunning and smarts,
169s which matches Kiriko's personality.
171s [Kiriko] Now I'm having fun!
173s Kiriko actually started as an ecology boss unit
177s that was part of the ninja ecology.
180s Her hairband and bandana
182s come from classic depictions of ninjas in pop culture
187s and it's got a symbol on the top
189s that's basically the Kanji for kitsune, for fox,
193s turned diagonally, which is really cool.
196s The original design had a giant shuriken with ball bearings in it,
199s inspired by fidget spinners at the time,
202s but... we tried to maintain that as she became a support hero.
207s However, learning from past mistakes
208s when we tried to force a design and a concept together,
213s we ended up just retooling her to look more like a support hero.
218s [Kiriko] Some of the old, some of the new.
222s So, Kiriko's primary ability is this healing Ofuda.
225s Ofudas are these paper talismans believed to be imbued with powers.
229s When you do this ability,
231s you see these Ofuda paper slips firing in twos and they home in on allies.
235s They're a little slow, but you can use your ally teleport ability to offset that,
240s or you can use the slowness to your advantage
242s and you can preemptively shoot them
243s if you foresee that a teammate will need healing.
246s Her secondary fire is she throws out a Kunai,
249s and these are actually very fast, in contrast to the Ofuda.
253s There's low overall damage, but in crits it's a ton of damage.
257s Very, very powerful in the hands of an accurate player.
260s And the idea here was to split her abilities thematically
264s having half of her abilities being supportive with the healing Ofuda
268s and the other half is more about the offensive damage with Kunai.
272s And this honors the narrative elements
275s of her mother and grandmother at the same time.
277s Also, the first iteration of Genji had the Kunai,
280s so the team's really happy that we're bringing it back.
283s [Kiriko] Come on, Shimada.
284s [Kyungseo Min] One of her abilities is the Ally Teleport.
287s She can teleport directly to an ally. She can even teleport through walls.
291s And the distance is pretty generous.
293s So, you can travel across maps pretty far and pretty quickly.
298s This makes her a great support
299s because she can get to her teammates quickly
302s and provide the healing power that the team needs.
305s Her second ability is called the Protection Suzu.
308s Suzu are small bells and Kiriko throws them out
313s and it makes allies invulnerable briefly and they also cleanse debuffs.
317s This is great to combo with her teleport ability
319s to quickly get in there and support a teammate.
322s You can also throw it on yourself if you're in a sticky situation
326s and it kind of saves your hair.
328s But it does have a long cooldown, so it requires good judgement and timing.
333s [Qiu Fang] It's a good counter to sleep dart.
335s [Kyungseo Min] Yes, and Junker Queen's anti-heal.
337s [Kiriko in Japanese] I'll protect you!
338s [Kyungseo Min] Her passive ability is the wall climb.
341s She can scale walls like Genji and Hanzo.
343s Because they trained together, we just felt it was appropriate.
346s So, finally, Kiriko's ultimate is called the Kitsune Rush.
350s It's a huge buff that gives you a ton of movement speed, attack speed,
354s reload speed, and also cooldown reduction on your abilities
357s on all allies affected.
359s Very, very powerful. It's great for initiating an attack on an objective.
364s And actually, originally it was just going to be a fox,
366s but we found it hard to track where the fox was going,
369s so the Torii gates were more done out of just giving you a target
373s and seeing where the fox is going.
375s But it just ended up also looking absolutely beautiful.
377s [Kiriko] Let the Kitsune guide you!
379s Kiriko is voiced by Sally Amaki.
382s Sally did an amazing job bringing a cool girl energy to Kiriko.
385s Her voice is cool and wry,
388s and she has a wicked sense of humor that is dry as a desert.
391s She really sounds like the lone wolf, cool girl
395s that everyone at school respects.
396s And I'm really looking forward
398s to looking at the player's response at all of her digs,
402s because she will take a dig at anyone,
404s and especially the Genji and Hanzo conversations.
407s Keep an ear out for those because there's a lot inside jokes,
410s history, and humor there.
412s And that about wraps it up for Kiriko.
414s We can't wait for all of you to get a chance to play her.
417s See you next time!
418s [epic music]
418s [Kiriko] You can't change the world by following all the rules!