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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s pink Mercy is back in OverWatch and
2s here's everything you need to know about
3s Mercy For A Cause a limited time event
6s OverWatch has teamed up again with the
7s Breast Cancer Research Foundation
8s bringing back pink mercy and a new rose
10s gold Mercy bundle you can snag these
11s skins and fund life-saving breast cancer
13s research through these two options
14s there's the original Pink Mercy skin you
16s can get on its own and a new rose gold
18s variant of the classic skin that comes
19s bundled with three unique player icons
21s name cards and sprays with the rose gold
23s Mercy bundle you will also get a heroic
25s pink cadua staff that's equipable with
27s any Mercy skin so you can show off your
29s support with any style you can get one
31s the other or both plus 100% of the
33s purchase price excluding any applicable
35s platform fees and taxes will be donated
37s to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
38s allowing you to look your pink best and
40s support a great cause so be sure to jump
42s into OverWatch 2 on June 25th get your
44s pink on and combat breast cancer with
46s the pink mercy and rose gold Mercy
47s bundles and as always you can visit the
49s blog for more details