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Where to Find Info on Launch Day

Recently, we have been experimenting with some new post types that round up questions from the community. We are planning to try something similar to this for The Forbidden Sanctum's launch day and want to give you a heads up about what to expect.

Historically, we've done much of our live (non news-post) communications on Reddit which has worked pretty well for us for the better part of a decade. More recently, we have had requests from players who prefer not to be on reddit to have our primary communications elsewhere so that they can still keep up with relevant information. Though we will still post on Reddit from time to time, we are also ready to try something new.

So far, the recent FAQ posts that we've shared following game news or announcements have been working quite well as a means to consolidate information in one location that is accessible regardless of which social platform you prefer to be part of. We've also started the ongoing Recently Asked Questions post which we have been updating as we answer questions from elsewhere in the community or have updates that are noteworthy but not big enough to warrant an entire post.

We plan to continue with these round-up posts with the goal of making it possible for players to keep up with our communications without having to visit social platforms they don't like. As an example, for this recent announcement period, you can keep up with all official news about The Forbidden Sanctum by visiting the announcement forum to keep up with news posts, the teaser thread to keep up with new spoilers, or the Recently Asked Questions thread to get more minor updates that have been posted elsewhere.

On The Forbidden Sanctum's launch day, we will have a dedicated post in the announcement forum that we'll update live through the day. It should include answers to common questions or other issues we become aware of. We will also cross-post the headlines from this post on Twitter as backup in case the site is unavailable. We will still be tracking feedback from everywhere so there's no need to move platforms unless you want to but if you're looking to keep up with what's happening, you can find the information we're sharing in the aforementioned places.

After The Forbidden Sanctum's launch, we're planning to keep updating our Recently Asked Questions thread, and periodically round-up community questions that will appear in both the Recently Asked Questions thread and in their own news posts alongside our plans for upcoming patches etc.

All relevant posts will be in the announcement forum but for easy navigation, you can always access the Recently Asked Questions post by going to pathofexile.com/raq

We are still experimenting with how to best formulate these posts so it's a great time to let us know your experiences and any suggestions you may have for improving them.

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" Seproth25 wrote: Great news, i have always hated having to check multiple places and always wanted a single source of truth for information. Any chance of adding timestamps on each update so you can tell what is ew since you last checked?

On the RAQ post, we always reply to the thread when we add new information in order to bump it and have that information hit community trackers. From the announcement forum, you'll notice the colour next to the thread changing if there are new posts (green = new posts). When we bump the post with a new comment, that comment also include the new question/answer so it can be linked to directly elsewhere if wanted.

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" aLamew wrote: These types of threads are awesome for people that don't own/like to use other forums or social medias, but it would be nice to have them pinned somewhere or having easier access to them, since scrolling through the news archive can become quite tedious

The RAQ post and Teaser post stay pinned (though the Teaser post gets unpinned at launch). We'll keep the RAQ post up and also for easy navigation you can go to pathofexile.com/raq

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" Kraai1986 wrote: Please post approximate time server Wil go down and up for download tomorrow. I know it is useally two houers before launch. Just want to confirm that this is stil the case since we are starting earlier than usual

The server goes down for deployment three hours before the countdown ends.