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Originally posted by jix1991

What about the huge amount of stealth nerfs to modifiers, crafts and items? We’re these intentionally left out of patchnotes to not make people angry? Rather just slide them in when people are already playing the league to not have another PR disaster and shitstorm? It’s really sad how you guys say you’re communicating better and then lying to our faces repeatedly.

If you check my post history, I’ve commented on both of these today and they’re included in tomorrow’s post too (and our post on Monday).


Originally posted by LMN0HP

This was an emergency Patch I hope we get a "what we're working on" soon...

Looks like we're should be able to post this tomorrow.


Originally posted by RannerBoss

Elemental overload keystone still not working................

Fixes are on the way.


Originally posted by screaminyetti

Impale mod on mastery's doesnt work alot of other masteries broken.... Please fix it legitimately breaking the game making my build 300x shittier cuz not being able to impale cap without support. This is sooooooooo massive considering u cant get enough from your tree anymore!!!!!!!!!

This is a display issue only where taking the Mastery doesn't show up on the character screen. It should still be functional and we have a fix on the way for the visual issue.


Originally posted by nuttz207

Hey it's nice to see you down in the trenches, it's appreciated! And while we have you here: any news on the "reduced mana reservation efficiency" mod issue?

That patch went out recently.


Originally posted by TheDravic

Any word about a fix for Automaton Divine Ire MTX hard crashing to desktop when you reach maximum channeling stages? I'm not the only one affected, I can't play my build unless I disable the cosmetic :|

That fix is included in the patch.



" lathis wrote: Hi,
So, I have a belt, which I appear to be getting 400% dexterity on, instead of 13% increase.

Belt has +34 Str and Dex. Without any quality on it.
Without the belt equipped I'm at 701 Dexterity.
With the belt equipped, I go to 837 Dexterity.
I have the +8% dexterity node, and the +5% attribute node. No other modifiers.

So, I'd expect to get 38 dex, instead of 136 dex from equipping the belt.

Spoiler ...
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It works for any skill type. It pauses for five seconds for every 5% of life lost by the boss - so at 95%, 90%, 85% etc. The pauses don't stack. So if for example you get the boss to 50% life very quickly, it would still only pause for 5 seconds rather than 50.


Originally posted by Citoahc

Do you know if its going to include a fix regarding balistas dying as soon as something look at them? It looks as if the damage reduction for totems doesnt apply to them.

It doesn't look like that's in this coming patch but it appears to be high on the list for coming fixes after that.


Originally posted by Djentist_Kvltist

Any updates on Conquerors not dropping their watchstones?

I believe there's a fix for this in 3.16.0b which is coming out hopefully today but maybe tomorrow.


Originally posted by Sharpcastle33

Heya Bex, when can we expect the "What we're working on" post that we usually get?

Aiming for tomorrow or the day after but there's a patch that's currently scheduled for today (maybe tomorrow) which includes improvements for a variety of key things.


We have a patch that's coming out soon (hopefully today) that includes a fix for this.

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From #3188785:
" Novynn wrote: This should be fixed now for newly listed items. We'll work on updating older items too.

Sorry for the trouble.

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.