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Thanks for the report. We're currently investigating this.

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" SourWind wrote: I know this isn't related to the bug,
but since both deal x to Y damage, and deal base damage(base on missing mana) have the same lines, do they cancel eachother and only one applies?
No, both apply.


As a follow up to today's news, we are also making it easier to get more valuable unique items (like Headhunter) from Gwennen's gambling. We're hoping to deploy this as part of 3.15.1 or shortly after.


Thanks for your report, it's intended that Carcass Jack and Massive Shrine don't increase the area of effect of your Absolution minions.

"Fearsome Force" notable does seem to be increasing the area of effect of Absolution minions however because the base area is quite small it's hard to see the difference.

The Legion thing seems like a problem I'll pass this on.



" Archan111 wrote: Here is side-by-side comparison of basic and advanced descriptions of gem:

By some reason, other than "attack speed per trauma" it also has hidden "Take 1 Physical Damage per Trauma when you gain Trauma / Per 1% Quality" mod. Either it shouldn't be hidden, either it shouldn't present at all.

Thanks for your report, we'll look into this.


" neohongkong wrote: Old post regarding faster attack

Supported by Faster casting mod in glove is still missing gem mod tag as of 3.15


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" delasteve wrote: tl;dr Culling the boss with the purple aegis up (Voltage Surge) and 15+ flood orbs spawned results in a failed challenge.


At 75, 50, and 25% health, the boss will spawn between 4-8 Flood Orbs. Once all 15+ orbs have spawned, I will kite them away to a corner and trap them so they won't die when I cull the boss. The boss will get down to 1hp using Southbound and an Elemental Focus gem. I will run away from the boss to have it's shield go away. I will then run back in to the boss and wait for it to cast the shield again. Once it's cast, I will cast Bane to finish the boss off. This results...
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" HemiGeo426 wrote: Bug:
Migrating a character from Expedition SSF to Expedition League does not move contents or affinity of Expedition locker

Chose character to migrate from SSF to Trade league

Current result:
Character migrates all stash and gear successfully, however Expedition locker contents and affinity did not transfer over

Expected Results:
When a character is migrated, all current progress, gear and stashes should migrate successfully from SSF to Trade League

Thanks for your report, the contents of your Expediti... Read more

Break free from Wraeclast's darkness with these vibrant new skill effects that have just been released in the store! The Celestial Eye of Winter Effect transforms the regular look of the skill into a cosmic projectile that leaves a trail of stars in its wake. Check it out below or get yours here.

The Nightfall Spectral Helix Effect sends your weapons spiraling in a dark galactic swirl. Check it out below or get yours ... Read more

" boristheblade wrote: Supporter pack weapon effects apply to both weapons if dual wielding, since there is no way to buy a 2nd copy of these weapon effects. However, this does not apply to shields since the change to allow shields to have weapon effects applied to them. This seems like a bug, as I now have to try to match similarly-colored effects like Harvest+Atlas instead of just having one effect apply to both slots.


This was intentional, as we didn't have a way to specify if you wanted the weapon effect to apply to the shield or not.
We'll be adding a w... Read more
Later on today, we plan to deploy Patch 3.15.1 which includes a variety of fixes. To give you an idea of what to expect, we have prepared a preview of the patch notes for you! We've also noted what we're working on beyond the patch.

Please note that the patch notes may be changed prior to their deployment.

3.15.1 Patch Notes:


  • Added vendor recipes for converting Instilling Orbs to Enkindling Orbs and vice versa. You'll need to discover these recipes for yourself, but they're not hard to work out.
  • Quality on the Divergent Flamethrower Trap Skill Gem no longer grants 0-20% increased Cast Speed. It now grants 0-20% increased Trap Throwing Speed.
  • Quality on the Phantasmal Seismic Trap Skill Gem no longer grants 0-60% reduced Cast Speed. It now grants 0-60% reduced wave frequency.
  • Maven's Memory Game no longer restarts upon re-entering the area if you died and left the area durin...
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

" Tanamarumi wrote: Location: Dried Riverbed
Underground Area: Lost Sanctum
Monster Level:80
Time: 4:45PST

-This was a new area/underground hideout for me so it wasn't a logbook I received previously.

-Changing/dropping items(gear), swapping weapons/skills, and leaving/re-entering does not fix it either.

-Leaving the instance does not fix it either.

-This is just to show that the voice line is repeated.
-Uhtred repeats his death line over upon entering and re-entering the area.

Hey there,

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" Alfabetica wrote: The skill Druidic Dire Familiars use to summon 12 rats that can only be used once by default resets when you summon new Spectres or leave and re-enter the instance. These rats don't despawn. The 3.15.1 patch that just happened fixed this for one of the other expedition mobs that had a similar bug.

Anyway ...
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" Castnicke wrote: I recently started using the weapon Jack, The Axe which provides the ability Thirts for Blood. When you use this ability, it puts blood on your character/MTX.

It looks really terrible with some wings, in this case I have the Seraph Spirit Wings and as you can see from the attached pictures it looks terrible (looks worse when animated). The blood seems to be attached to some hidden model and it doesn't match with the particle effect of the wings at all.

Without Thirst for Blood

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