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" a_z0_9 wrote: Either the skill description or its mechanics is wrong:

" Modifiers to the skill's duration will also affect the delay between these strikes.

The line makes me think the skill should perform 6/.25 + 1 = 25 instant hits against single target if its duration is scaled down to 0.

What is expected:
  100% reduced duration Vaal Storm Call hits target or a group of targets
  fixed amount of times (specifically 25 times per cast)
This should not be expected at all, because that is not how the skill works and absolutely nothing on the gem says anything about the number of strikes being fixed.

The skill has a duration, and it has a time between strikes, and modifiers to the duration also apply to the time between strikes. It "strikes random enemies around the marker repeatedly over the skill's duration".

If you scale both those values down to zero, then the skill's duration lasts 0 seconds, and it strikes an enemy every 0 seconds over that 0-second duration. Nothing about that indicates it would strike specifically 25 times, and it correctly does not.

A zero-second duration means nothing happens over that duration, because there is no time for it to happen (striking enemies an infinite number of times would technically be a legitimate reading, but for reasons of sanity that isn't what happens in-game), and then it does the big strike for end of duration. The behaviour is correct and does match what the description says.