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Just wanted to vent a little frustration of my experience in getting Kirac's Vault Pass and also give some folks a warning.

I play hardcore exclusively (that's how I have fun with the game) and I'm a type that almost never gets to endgame. With the introduction of the Vault Pass, I thought I press a bit harder. Countless characters dead, one finally slipped through and I was able to get my atlas completed, thanks to some person on the Milan server who gave me a Mechanaruim.

117/117! Those fancy MTX were mine. In celebration, I gave away my currency to the person who gave me the map, and decided to try Cortex. I knew it was death, but you never know. (Thanks to that person on the Milan server, you rocked)

Big boom, character dead. At least my league goal was accomplished... except it wasn't. I guess you needed to click on the actual MTX in the Vault, despite the Atlas pass saying the MTX unlocks when you complete the Atlas. With no other character in maps, I was defeated. Thirty bucks down (with no MTX), and played the game far beyond enjoyability for the league.

So the warning is, if you are grinding out that Atlas (and you are Hardcore), click that vault so you don't miss out on the MTX. For me personally, I'm out 30 bucks, and don't really have the will to level another character. See you next league!

(Also, I did attempt to remedy this through GGG support, but they were unfortunately unable to assist)

EDIT: Someone was awesome enough to run me through, I got it! Still, I really hope GGG changes this behavior to unlock based on completion of the map, so no one gets stuck like this.

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We have a fail-safe built in for this that awards everyone their Vault Pass rewards at the end of the league even if they didn't physically claim them. However, that's not an ideal solution if you're wanting to use your microtransactions right away. We'll look into a better solution for this particular instance but there's no way that we'll leave those who purchased the pass without their earned microtransactions.

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did you ever try hiding new leage teasers in older reddit posts? like 6 months old posts?

Yeah :)