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Suppose you place a ballista totem while you have zero frenzy charges. Let's call it Bob.

Suppose that while Bob is still alive, your stats somehow change. Do Bob's attacks reflect your changed stats? Or are they locked in at the time when Bob is created?

Presumably, the answer depends on exactly how your stats change.

For example, suppose "stats somehow change" is one of the following:

(a) You obtain (or lose) a frenzy charge.
(b) You receive a flask buff (or a flask buff expires). For example, the inc. crit. chance from a diamond flask.
(c) You remove or put on a piece of equipment that changes your stats.
(d) You get blinded after being hit by a monster attack (or a blind expires)
(e) You get cursed by an enemy (or a curse expires).

My guess is that the answer to (d) and (e) are "no, Bob's stats are unchanged". However, I have no idea about (a), (b), or (c).

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about 2 months ago - /u/Mark_GGG - Direct link

The question asked in the title is very different to the one asked in the post.

The totem's stats do not change when your stats do, other than when the stat that's changing is one that specifically affects totems, such as "x% increased Totem Life".

That is irrelevant to the effect of the totem attacking/casting something, because the totem is not using it's stats for that. Totems do not have their own skills separate from you, they use your skills. If your stats change in a way that affects your skills, it affects your skills regardless of whether you or the totem uses the skill.

So this has nothing at all to do with how your stats change, it matters which of your stats change. Stats which affect your skills will affect them, stats which affect you specifically will not affect the totem.