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  1. Does explosion damage benefit from generic increased/more damage bonus from trees and gears? Inpulsa description states that explosion equalling 5% of mob's max life goes off when it dies. That doesn't sound like a lot. In fact it sounds practically useless. You'll need 20 explosions to kill a single healthy mobs. Unless 5% of mob's max life works like a listed gem damage. So, it is better to think of an explosion as a triggered spell that goes off upon mob's death, with gem damage equaling x% of its life but with innate zero crit rate.

  2. Following (1), assuming that bonus applies, does that apply to conversion? Again, Inpulsa does lightning explosion and it cannot shock. But if its explosion damage converts to something else, say cold using Call of the Brotherhood, it will now shock via Shaper of Storms.

  3. To take it further, does separate elemental increase bonus apply at each stage of conversion where applicable? Specifically, when Inpulsa explodes, the increase lightning damage modifies the initial lightning explosion. The cold conversion, again via Call of the Brotherhood, then applies any cold damage increase to the portion of damage converted to cold. Does it work this way?

If (3) works, it would mean that damage conversions renders cross elemental bonus function multiplicatively. A total of 200% single elemental increase is weaker than 2x 100% dual elemental increase if all damages are converted to the second elements. This isn't free of course, since you need to expend tree notables or gear affixes to conversion properties.

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There's a fair number of mechanics at play here, so I'll try to be as thorough as possible. I'm going to assume we're talking about Inpulsa's explosions here, but most of this carries over to other similar effects.

  1. Yes, the explosion damage is "your damage". It benefits from modifiers to lightning damage, area damage, and generic damage, but it is not spell damage or attack damage, so won't be affected by those. It will also benefit from debuffs on enemies that reduces their resistances or causes them to take increased damage (such as curses, exposure, etc.). The damage has 0% base crit, but if, for example, an enemy is brittle or is cursed by Assassin's Mark, the damage can theoretically crit.

  2. Shaper of Storms will not let this damage shock, even if converted - the restriction on Inpulsa's isn't tied to the damage being lightning, and so it doesn't matter whether you convert it or not. If you want to have chaining explosions, you'll have to have some other effect shocking enemies, such as having Call of The Brotherhood and freezing enemies, and then having Herald of Ice explosions which shock.

  3. Damage modifiers will apply to converted damage (as per normal). If you convert some or all of the damage to e.g. cold, then modifiers to cold damage and modifiers to lightning damage will apply equally to the converted damage. It is not multiplicative. For example, if you have 100% increased cold damage and 100% increased lightning damage, then damage that is cold -> lightning converted will get increased by 200% (not multiplied by 4x).

This is all correct, but as an addendum to point 3, I'll point out also that modifiers to "elemental damage" or other modifiers that can apply to damage of multiple types don't apply more than once to converted damage.

Any given modifer in PoE either applies or doesn't, it never applies twice. If one thing is converted into another thing, any modifiers that apply to either or both of those things will apply to the converted value.

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Does Oriath’s end behave in the same way even though it’s a flask effect?