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I know there's still some form of maintenance going on, and I know some of you have been able to log in. But when I open the app on my iPad, it's just a black screen. Anyone else seeing this?

Edit: No pending update in the app store either

Edit 2: Not loading on Windows desktop either... Black screen there as well

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about 2 years ago - /u/WotC_Jay - Direct link

Originally posted by ngvaynshtok

not showing as pending an update

It can take a variable amount of time for the new build to become available to everyone on iOS. It is rolling out there, but may take some time to show up for you.

8 months ago - Dknighter - Direct link
Make sure you are not forcing directx10 as we no longer support it. If you are still having issues then please join our discord and ask for help in the tech support channels.

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