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This will be obvious to most of you, but sometimes it seems people forget that the fight between VS TR and NC isn't a real life thing. We are all the same and just pick different colours, many of us will pick all the colours over our playtime. To be more specific, there are hackers on all factions, there is no conspiracy within an entire faction's population. Worse/annoying people don't join specific factions, they are on all factions, there is no real life political implications behind what colour people choose, it's all make-believe. We all want the same thing, a fair and fun balanced experience. There's a difference between taking the piss out of another faction (sh*t posting, fun, conpetiveness) and genuinely thinking that another faction's playerbase is more of a problem than another when it's genuinely just a colour. Another thing that links to this, in game be nice to the other sides, they are the reason you are having fun and have people to shoot. A gg or nice shot goes a long way.

Again, sorry if this is obvious, just a little bit sick of people taking the teams in this game a little too seriously.

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That broke my nso heart. What is my purpose then D:

You pass butter.