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19 Jan


Originally posted by BigBob145

Does this mean the bug where deployable explosives don't disappear after detonation will be fixed? Pls help us Obi wan bishopi. You're our only hope

To be perfectly honest. I'd be shocked if this fixed it. But stranger things have happened.


Originally posted by PyroKnight

I had some time to re-make some assets for better performance and fidelity. Some of these assets haven't been touched since development.

These much nicer models run better somehow? If so, that's great. If not, they may still be worth a performance hit anyways, haha.

All of these assets were using their own unique textures. But after updating them, they use the same texture sheet as many of our newer assets and things like the Endeavor weapons.

Texture memory and calls are a huge performance problem, especially on lower end machines.

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