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05 Aug

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03 Aug

Originally posted by Bloodhit

Can we have NS weapons to have faction tilt for tracers and muzzle flash too? Since they are 3 different weapons per faction in data anyway.

NS infantry weapons are single weapon shared by all factions in data, so we'd need proper faction-tinting tracers before that gets changed. You might be thinking of vehicle weapons, which have a different set of issues and are broken out per-faction because of it.

Originally posted by 4wry_reddit

Interesting take, but it risks diluting faction flavor. In PS1 it was apparently a thing to collect other factions' gear, though.

It would be interesting if they were lore-wise considered 'illegal' or deprecated, and that the availability of other factions' gear was limited by availability and also by time, i.e. a rental of varying sets. This would keep things interesting/rotating, and give factions an impression of the other side.

This is one of the directions pitched for the Black market, rented cross-faction weaponry. You'd still want the weapon to have a faction tinge to it so that it's identifiable, along with tracers (and possibly muzzleflash) that tint based on the faction using the weapon. It's a lot of work, and may not be worth the effort, but the intent would be to add "evergreen" resource spend, alongside completeable directives and such that complement it. Honestly though, the point of Blackmarket currency altogether kind of gets outdated with the introduction of campaigns in the next update. So we'll have to see how that goes over before making any sort of decisions.

02 Aug

01 Aug

Thanks for all the work you put in, Deringer. I can sympathize with where you're coming from, and I'm sure there's plenty more thought and emotion yet left unsaid. So far as the game is concerned, it'll be here if/when you come back.

31 Jul

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