17 days ago - Mithril - Direct link
G15 errors: As of this update, all gateways will have received the modifications discussed in the recent dev letter. The G15 issues continue to be investigated, but they should be less frequent overall, and keep impacted players out of the game for less time as well.
7 days ago - Mithril - Direct link
Thank you everyone for your continued support in aiding us with this problem. Our previous updates are showing better results with fewer people experiencing severe G15 crashes. That being said we are aware that these crashes still exist and will be continuing to monitor and brainstorm further plans accordingly. I am going to unsticky this thread for now but may place a new one up once we have further information to reveal at a later time. Thank you very much for your feedback and feel free to continue to report your occurrences on the forums and via customer support tickets as needed.