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This is ignoring the huge glaring problems that you're killing in game communities that are based off of nso outfits.

  1. Membership is required to join an outfit as NSO

As said in the post, you need membership to assign a home faction. otherwise you'll be set as "freelance" which is unable to join outfits. This means that you won't be able to get merit rewards, outfit armory assets, or a community to play with unless you pay up.

  1. People who stop paying for membership have to get kicked from their outfits

There's no way around this. If you stop paying membership you need to be assigned as freelance. In which case you have to be kicked from the outfit, lest you have tr outfits suddenly capping bases for vs. You'll also lose your merit currency and rank if you don't keep paying. Also you just can't have nso outfit leaders since they can get kicked out at any time.

  1. There is no reason to play nso for community

We'll have our own weapons now but you removed one of the best aspects about nso. Being able to play on other empires with the same character. Now you'll be locked to one empire with no need to switch, and you'll be punished for leaving that empire by getting kicked from your outfit. why go through that trouble when you can just roll a tr or a vs??

Think hard on this RPG. This isn't even touching on possible bugs this causes that could be even more unfixable than the current ones.

Edit: 4. All NSO characters will lose their merit apon this update hitting. Since getting kicked from outfits causes merit to get wiped.

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Hey there. I'm paying attention to the feedback on this topic, and will weigh it in the balance.

To clarify some of the points, and share rationale behind the design.

Membership is required to join an outfit as NSO

This is true. On Live, you can't actually play your NSO character unless you have membership, so effectively nothing here changes for veterans.

People who stop paying for membership have to get kicked from their outfits

You do not get kicked from your outfit when your membership has ended, but currently lose access to outfit chat and war asset access. Losing access to the outfit coordination, basically putting you in robot jail, is to prevent players from playing for both teams at the same time. Example: You're in a TR outfit, but your outfitmates are fighting for NC. This doesn't represent the behavior we want to see in-game.

There is no reason to play nso for community

You can go Freelance at any time, regardless of which faction/outfit you're currently a part of. So this doesn't really resonate. What we see a lot of on Live are NSO players gaming the system to make sure they end up on the same faction so that they can play together, and allowing you to join up with a home faction (or float via Freelance contract,) solves both of those problems.

As for the dissolution of existing NSO outfits, we can continue to discuss.

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Originally posted by 66eclipse

I think the issue is the whole merit/outfit loyalty loss from leaving an outfit. Seeing as the outfit wars cycle is over, removing this would solve the NSO outfit issue of leaving outfits via NSO.

If you remove the outfit loyalty/merit loss upon leaving, I think the new system won't really have any flaws.

This is something to consider. Could be specific to NSO given the nature of the faction, if it came down to it.