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I once wrote a post about the korean chat. https://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/f5my8l/please_return_our_language/

And you guys upvoted my post more than 100 and left comments comforting us.

On this occasion, I want to say thanks to you guys.

After the interview with ArsheeTV about soltech outfit war, he gave me a chance to say whatever I want to Wrel

I said suggestions to Wrel including korean font problem.

After few weeks, korean font patch released. So we can finally type and read korean letters.

I really appreciate ArsheeTV gave me the chance, Wrel accepted my suggestion.

And I also appreciate RPG did the recent font patch that allows us to type and read korean things.

But there's still a serious bug that makes us hard to communicate.

When u keep typing korean letters in chat, the game often shuts down.

Idk why it happens but it've been years.

All I know about this bug is it happens randomly.

We koreans can't still use our language cuz of this bug.

Please fix this bug.

And please let us communicate in our language.

+ Russian fellows are also suffering from the same bug.

It really needs to be fixed.

And all people have rights to communicate in their own languages.

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21 days ago - /u/a_sites - Direct link

Our UI/UX Lead Designer and I are discussing right now.

He noticed that the current Korean font in PS2 is not commonly used, which might be the cause. We're considering changing fonts to see if it reduces or eliminates the crash you're encountering. Hope to have more details soon on how quickly this can be done.